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Top Customer Reviews: Duracell - Ion ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
As my television far uses 4 AAA battery, has finalised partorisca order this element two times. One first order there has been a dead person (failure) battery in a container that would not take the load. I have verified he with the VOM metre and 3 of one 4 touched to 4.0 or 4.1 mine and has done well. Another so only would resist .65 vdc And 2.2 9max) mine. I thought that it that it was so only the quirk to the equal that orders another container and when I have taken have 2 bad (failure) battery in this container. When you Imagine that I am spent partorisca some two containers that has done each battery that was bad value each one that like this, or said of another way, has paid EACH ONE Regarding an a lot of some. Imposición Of house and Lowe is is more economic and have better battery. They are a lot disappointed in this compraventa and would not order him never again.
A second container that has had two bad battery so only would touch to roughly .55 vdc And 2.1 mine. I have tried several chargers partorisca verify and see was the defective to upload, two band chargers and the small 4 battery uploads. (I use the plot of battery). The same cycled one a battery and recharged he long. I have finalised partorisca launch his in some rubbishes because it is that it was.
In another hand a five a lot of some that has received is doing so only well, excepts that a working life of them is so only roughly 8 hours in the wireless television headset.
One is that I have purchased elsewhere is lasted two days +. These can be knockoffs.
5 / 5
Good battery that to good sure pound has described estimated, included in of the uses of big drain. It uses these in the very brilliant boss light to verify in a livestock around my park at night. Typically it burns to exhaust a together integer of battery every night. This in spite of, maintain my light brilliants during one whole download. These are estimated for 800mah but when I have tried his real capacity in my battery of hobby uploads, in fact have near of or more utmost that 1000mah capacity. It maintains it imports tho that like him NIMH battery, his self downloads enough bit it yes unused after touching. When I have tried his self download, there is remarked 12-15 loss of capacity 24hr with which uploads and roughly 20-25 loss of capacity 1 week after touching.

Importing!: You can so only any one uploads 2 battery or 4 battery a same time in one uploads resupplied. Calm can not touch so only one or so only three.
4 / 5
Is not gone in packaging that details. As some shows of picture. It do not have any guarantee. A last order is gone in the retail container , With to 5 guarantee of year and 50 long more than hard more durable. I have called Duracell, said that the people buy to the for elder, and dip a battery is in that not loving never sell. A battery is in a retail container was a prize still likes container a lot retail. I sent him behind.
5 / 5
Has purchased this Uploads to substitute an old Duracell upload which has begun to do noise during a process of load.

Unfortunately, does not touch my old Duracell NiMH battery (EA, AAA) informing them like this deserted, but which are still does properly when it is touched with an older unit.

Some batteries that has come with one load is doing properly, is for this that am offering 3 stars but based in my expectations, would give so only some stars... :(
5 / 5
These rechargeable the batteries are used in mine wireless rechargeable keyboard, and law superbly! With all 4 of them in a keyboard one hard load roughly 2 weeks with heavy use, or the month with light exploring. Once one load is down, covers my keyboard in and interior 20 minutes the already have 2 of three bars in a keyboard, as has the fast recharge time!

Perfects for any in a phase for the rechargeable battery, and of the name can trust.
5 / 5
Open container just cone but means to declare returned or messed with both is not that I payed where 2 1.2 v 2500 mag EA/2 900 mAh aaa. All four battery is is day of plenary changed to hold to receive any chagrin but to the equal that says before a container has been opened so much has fallen although this where used already
5 / 5
originally has bought these batteries in 2011, thinks that era. Still they are that they resist on enough well. Recently, I have received some same batteries to value. They are for real an examination' as that has ordered a lot of years? Frankly, I am not sure, but resist on as well as some another, then is durable and the good value. 5 stars for now, although I can go down my indication if his no as well as a previously purchased version over time.
5 / 5
Battery of cariche only when it feels like so! I am spent of the days that dipped in of the batteries, plugging in one load, then that finds the minute or like this later that some lights are blinking red. I have done this on and on and on with a lot of different EA battery, then all of the sudden, some battery was that it has not done yesterday will begin to touch. AAA Battery usually, but a lot always, a first time. It was not if so only it take the scaly unit or that.
5 / 5
Has tried this uploads to try and save a disposable battery. One load has declared some batteries have been ready and when I used him has had to that the half hour. I have tried recharge some batteries again and this uploads resulted extremely hot. Dreading the fire could result, am returned one load.
5 / 5
Totally a lot that has ordered, that has taken was last model of years and a lot that is to be aim in a picture. Mark sure uses a correct picture that split a product is selling in place of grabbing the photo of a web.

Top Customer Reviews: Duracell - ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
These batteries are fantastic to have. They have come fully touched and some the leading batteries of a same company am lasted partorisca years.
5 / 5
Will not resist the load. They are going directly to one recycles cube.

Top Customer Reviews: Amazon Basics Ni-MH ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
A AmazonBasics Neither-MH EA & AAA the battery Uploads with Port of USB is the reasonably good product . It offers to the a lot of figure likes:

1. It is the esmart' upload. Cela Means it in fact controls a profile of voltage of the battery during touching, and stops when the negative delta-the voltage is relieved. It contrasts, the 'Changed to upload to blind touch your number of battery sure of hours. These results in the touch in that it is bad partorisca battery lifespan

2. A current to the touch is 600mine (in fact pulsed of 0 to in 40 cycle partorisca have that) partorisca EA, 350mine partorisca AAA. The recharge the together of 2000mAh EA cells like a AmazonBasics EA Pre-has Touched the battery takes so only around 3.5 hours, less some batteries have not gone entirely there is exhausted. Ossia The good committed go in horter time of load' and 'the longest battery lifespan'.

3. Has a port of start of the USB, which can have the habit to be able to or recharge other devices of USB.

This in spite of, has one of entity drawback with this AmazonBasics upload: it can so only it uploads in of the pairs. Ossia, can a lot of recharge so only the alone cell, and can not group a EA with a AAA cell in the pair. Ossia A lot of problem has appliances that requires odd number of cells. Calm now rests with a cell that can you a lot of recharge. If it try to touch a cell exhausted together with a partially touched cell, one uploads no prenderá until both cells are full. But for then, a second cell will result toasty hot likes load against on 600mine.

Touching in the pairs is also bad for battery lifespan in a long career. Ossia Reason although starts with same mark of recharge battery, there is always some difference in his capacities. When you Touch two uneven cells in the pair, a one with capacity has arrived more drop to be touched-on, which further has reduced his capacity over time. Like your capacity of global battery will deteriorate much faster.

Some other smaller subjects would have to that know in this AmazonBasics upload:

1. It can a lot recharge battery and also power his port of USB a same time. Hardly you cover a device of USB to a port of USB, the battery that the touches is terminated.

2. An USB the port power is so only available when one load is plugged in the 100-240V AC. It can not be powered using rechargeable the batteries in one upload.

3. A current of start of port of USB is estimated in just 500mine. Ossia Unsuitable partorisca has beaten a lot-of the devices of hungry USB, like some mobile phones and of the pills. Note that in the real testing am able to draw of a port, but can not say if this will cause thermal harm in a long career.

[Inferior line]
all your appliances use number even of rechargeable cells so only, then these cariche is the still value that considers. Otherwise, Chooses a Panasonic K-KJ17MCA4BA container instead. For a prize still like this AmazonBasics upload so only, take an individual-the cell uploads (BQ-CC17), four more eneloop EA battery.

Require the load of better battery with a port of USB, considers a Duracell the mobile Load CEF23DX4N container. One uploads boss each cell individually, can operate of 12V car battery, and his port of USB can be powered for interior 4x EA rechargeable battery.
5 / 5
Does his work of recharging a battery, this in spite of suddenly began it to smoke and that burns on when it has not gone included touching. Some batteries were simply in a chance and he have begun to smoke of of to swimming. It gives the thanks to the god has odorato one in of the llamas or more my house could have taken fire. For real aghast.
4 / 5
One load has begun to melt while ANY plugged in. Some batteries have not been in one load. But felizmente was home for odorare a smoke. Ossia The very dangerous product . Some battery any last more than 5 hours anyways.
4 / 5
Produced very disappointing. They are typically the defender of Amazon Basics side/of profit but this unit after the little operation of decree of months - red same blikining the subject light informed for diverse other clients. The desire had read his first descriptions to buy it.
5 / 5
Has bought this uploads with Amazon Basic AAA rechargeable battery. Some batteries recharged once without questions, this in spite of, when I have tried recharge some batteries again, this uploads would not touch them . Maintaining one load flashes red with all 8 battery and I can a lot of recharge his, which then also done some battery pointless.
4 / 5
Amazon of mine basics the load has burned by means of a plastic while Not touching /plugged in. I do not have any idea how is spent, seated in a drawer of my office and I did not discover it until I have seen smoked to come by means of a forest.
4 / 5
FIRE HAZARD!!!!!!! It gives the thanks to the god was home. I have possessed this for month, has used exactly 3 times to touch a together same of AAA battery in everything of some far controls until him overheated and headed smoldering.
5 / 5
A lot slick looking, solid and well has built. Has some lights of usual indicator to say you if some batteries are touched or no, as well as the USB jack which is the really good touch .

An only thing there is remarked is that I run my battery of Amazon all a way down to zero (likes his drain entirely), one load thinks is bad and will not touch him . If these discharges of raisin /unplugs one uploads several times with some batteries in him and finally will begin to touch them. ( I have thought at the beginning that has had bad battery).
5 / 5
Was lucky. It was in walk of mine when this is to spend. It has had I any state, am quite sure this would have begun the fire. It was recharging two of an Amazon rechargable battery. Headed odorando likes something burned. It results, something was. Continuous read this Amazon will sell anything to all the cost of quality or authenticity because any subject like bad a product is wins money. It is both disturbing and reckless.

Given his measure and dominance in a warehouse, has to in fact behave like worry in his clients. Such is life.
4 / 5
Has possessed this element for 2 years and last night my husband there is remarked a plastic burning smell odd. Awake until the help finds in 1am. At all the smoked but something sure odorato likes. Without the regime unplugs everything in living room, has taken some external dogs, cats in crates, has wrapped 4 months on, has called 911 and expected for his control. They have looked for everywhere and it has concluded our air purifier was a @@subject like knots tossed quell'has been and has left. 30 minutes later my husband the smells again... It is looking for everywhere. It results this that touches the box that dips UNPLUGGED with BATTERY of ZEROS in him on our table of caffè has melted was. Like this happy find it to knots before it has worsened. Obviously, of the that recommends to purchase the.

Top Customer Reviews: EBL Smart Battery ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Nowhere in the place of the amazon declares a Time of Guarantee partorisca EBL Battery. Maintaining I'v read in another client' commentary that is SO ONLY 30 Days !! For a time the needs of consumer to “1st RECHARGE” his afterwards uses so only 1 times, can very a lot of be ON 30 DAYS. As that is to draw to !! In roughly $ apiece partorisca EBL D-Measure Rechargeables, so only 30 Days is a UNJUST TIME partorisca GUARANTEE to his Clients !!
UPDATE: On IMMEDIATELY (& A lot Helpfully & Politely) Emailed me roughly his “Time of Guarantee”. Obviously, a commentary of Client of the Amazon I referenced partorisca a “30 Guarantee of Day the time” is bad. EBL Has declared: 1) has the 30 Day “RETURNABLE TIME”. 2) Has the TIME “of GUARANTEE of the YEAR”. They are at present still in processing to take the this “has solved entirely. But I have wanted quickly notify Clients of Amazon of this error of Time of the Guarantee. As I will update further after my subject is has solved entirely.
UPDATE: On I very sent me quickly (2) free Substitution of D has measured Battery. Included this in spite of technically his so only required to send (1). They were both Recharged in mine EBL Load. But any until I have had to that maintain changing some “Port” locations to delete a “ERROR” that has maintained boat of Port to Port every time relocated some Battery in of the different Ports. With which contacts ANIMAL EBL immediately send me the Load of new Substitution. Now, I am Happy to inform that everything is doing adds !!
EBL All any Reasonable Client could ask to remedy my question. “Thank you EBL” Still all some endeavours & time you dipped to satisfy the Client !!
4 / 5
Easy slide , so only your rechargeable battery to the each empty and can on. C load will inspect a battery, if at all possible revive a battery has fallen to 0V. It can exited until 1000still mine AAA/EA/C/D battery and 30mine for 9v battery, which will determine a speed of yours uploads. You can also it downloads in 30mine. Some transmissions of blue key among one load and function of download.

Can touch different types of battery a same time, as each one which so that it touches the space is independent of the each one another. A LCD poster shows a state of the each cell to touch. More than everything transports it to him in bylines was and trickle load. Trickle The load resupplies the low touching amperage, sometimes informed to like this automatic “” or “aim” trickle chargers, to contrast with manual chargers. C load is able to automatically the transmissions was, and sometimes behind on, according to a level of load of a battery. Ossia The characteristic good to have want to maintain a level of load of the battery that does not go to be into use for enough some time.

All a lot like this far, directs to touch 4 D battery in roughly 2 hours. It is moderately animate after one load. I will inform behind in a state anything changes.

Regarding a battery, has been using rechargeable battery some last 30 years. Of an introduction of Eneloop, Amazon Basics and 18650, has converted 70 of our batteries to rechargeable so it does not tend to filter in storage. They are still cycling this new EBL 10000 mAh D battery and will inform behind. With the down self imposed of download, rest waiting for seeing like these 10000 mAh controls up. Among the container of good plastic storage. Here it is some photos of him.

Has found this useful extra video, please take the moment to click YES down. Thank you.
5 / 5
[This description is for a EBL 5000mAh C sized battery, any EBL charges. Unfortunately Amazon often descriptions of pieces of has related the together products. I have paid thus produced, my description is unsolicited.]

Update 1 (3/29/2016):
has not used any of some four battery of initial testing but instead dipped averts him for term along self trying of download. With which three month has tried two battery previously had analysed and has touched to use one have opposite BT-C2400. I have found they have had both were -81 touched (downloaded -19). Considering those that self download has arrived in just three month, is very unlikely these will resist 75 of his uploads for three years to the equal that has announced. I will touch these on and try them again in a future, as well as another two concealed still is seating to take the pair further of points of data in self download.

Original description:
A EBL 'This rechargeable the batteries have arrived quickly and was a lot of packaged. They have come it likes two pairs, each pair in the chance of plastic storage. A measure the measure was inside a level for C (LR14) battery and would not owe that have a subject with them physically returning of more than devices. Any look of battery to be a lot has built.

With rechargeable battery an information key is qualified , self prices of download, and number of cycles. The capacity is what can (in milliamp-hours) a battery can resist, self the prices of download is what can is lost in a unused the battery touched with which some period, typically 1 year. The cycles is a number to time a battery can be downloaded down to the sure quantity then recharged. With a right crew, the capacity can be has measured easily. Self Prices of download can not be measured in the new battery like the time has to spend it before the measures can be done. The cycles is hard to measure without special crew.

A EBL C battery are announced as having the 5000mAh capacity, 25 self prices to download with which 3 years, and 1200 recharge cycles. The majority 'This alkalines will maintain the capacity &62;7000 mAh during some premiers few years with which manufacture. It does not expect any NiMh battery to treat one same likes some alcaline differences, intrinsic in a chemistry so only any possible east.

Can not try one 3 year self tax to download now, neither a number of cycles, but has tried one initial load and capacity. NiMh Need of battery to be 'conditioned' when new and periodically to achieve maximum capacity. My measures and the conditioning have used one have opposite BT-C2400. It has treated three deep cycles to condition.

Uploads initial to the equal that has received: 4086, 3012, 3001, 2788 mAh (when new, the less than the full load is normal)
Qualified after conditioning: 4247, 4275, 4284, 4321 mAh (this would have to that be &62;5000)

Unfortunately in my analysis, a capacity has declared, or still 90 of has not been fulfilled. The furthest conditioning could give light profits, but is unlikely to achieve even 4500mAh. It have preferred to see his spec these in 4000mAh and on rid in place of down ridding.

Plan to dip averts two of these for at least three months then measure those that uploads rest. Quell'Conceals will not resupply one 3 year self tax of download, but gives some idea of a self characteristic of download. I am interested particularly in this compared to regulate NiMh battery which can lose 30 or more in 3 months and eneloops that loose less than 10.

To all the cost of mark or measure, taking one the majority of out rechargeable NiMh the batteries is highly addicted in a person that uses them. On downloading your battery and using low quality 'dumb' chargers is the sure way to the very short battery life.

Please click Yes this description was useful. Also I will try to answer to any questions.
5 / 5
Has ordered one of these upload to substitute mine 10+ old years GE upload. An old GE upload the still works but taking 12 hours more to touch the together of 4 EA, AAA, C or D has measured battery of big capacity to plenary. Of the majority of a rechargeable battery of Energizer, Duracell is now NiMH in place of NiCad, resists much more uploads that 10 years ago, an old load does not feed quite DC power to some batteries. It was the able to touch the together of 4 EA NiMH battery less than 3 hours, the big improvement. Besides, I like a fact that has the works to download concealed leaves a battery to entirely downloads before recharging, useful for older NiCad battery but also partorisca NiMH to restore full capacity. I also like a fact that touches each battery for separate, as any to overcharge a battery the difference of an old GE battery of load in pair. A LCD exposed is useful to determine a level to touch and I can estimate what time takes to top a battery was when they are downloaded partially once have the baseline time of empty. One load will resist 4 AAA, AAA, C or D more than measures 2 9V rechargeable battery when you touch some batteries to measure smaller. In another word, can so only uploads 4 D has measured battery, any 9V unless you are touching the smallest batteries in some 4 spaces.
5 / 5
Has purchased a EBL-906 Universal Upload because of this claim to touch basically all a generally has used NiMH/Neither-Cd rechargeable battery I use. I have expected a LCD screen to aim a state of the each battery is touching process. He no! For chance, a 9V battery the state is so only the red light when it covers you in a battery, recognises a battery at all. Has some old plus 9VNiMH Battery of Data of Hard mark that this uploads a lot included recognise, while my another uploads done. I have bought some EBL Neither-MH 280mAH battery to see like mania of sweats. 36hrs Later a light focused red was still on for both of some 9V spaces with at all never in a LCD screen. Tip the state to touch in a LCD screen for my C & D cell battery. I achieved it it was in service of client with EBL official in of the multiple occasions for assistance so only to be fulfilled with cryptic the absurd question for things likes esnos finalised the picture of your battery', or, 'this is not Read he-in the battery uploads', which is not never be a subject in a first place, and averting to the a lot to questions like if of one uploads done properly the details sent. You do not recommend this company or the products of this company. A lot frustrating treating undertaken has taken.
Update - With which posting this description EBL has achieved was mine and has sent the substitution uploads. This was a first positive gesture has received they. For this I changed 2 star that estimativas to 3 star. Rey-Reading a info concealed is coming with a worry of load 9v the battery that touches, ossia that says 'touching 9V Neither-MH Neither-CD rechargeable battery: a FOCUSED always will maintain to light. Be due to calculate his time to touch, here is a formula: Qualified of 9V battery/30mA1.2 General touching time for 9v battery (for the only reference): 150-300mAh roughly 6-14 hours' has think that this has been supposition to be one uploads of intelligent battery where there is not had to that calculate what time to touch my battery for maximum profit. Also, to EBL, would be happy to assist in king-writing your instructions in English for you.
4 / 5
Sucks, After a first use in the each one 3rd or 4th battery any recharge in my Image to exist more Acute or mine aftermarket the battery uploads. They are certainly not going to buy the load of special cement for each mark of battery buys. Having a same question with One east EA C east and D is of this mark. Launching each 3rd or 4th battery was bad in fact spent more money in planting to save. Never the has not had never the question with mine Panasonic/Enerloop rechargeable battery so the supposition will owe that pay of the extra money to take this mark again instead.
4 / 5
Well... It have gone back to this product and revise it again. These batteries are AWESOME. Has the battery has operated Cuckoo clock. Last year (2014) has changed some batteries at least once the month. Like this in 2015 I decided to buy 4 rechargeable battery and rotate the like this required and save some money. Well This has not spent. Although it does not spend for the reason. I have not had to that change some batteries in 5 months! Highly you recommend these batteries to any one.
5 / 5
Note: to the amazon looks for having combined EBL D & C NiMH revises near to the equal that will do commentaries in both.

Possesses to plot of NiMH battery ... Mostly AAs & AAAs, but have the just quantity of C, D and 9V. A EBL D Cells resupply a better action that has experienced in NiMH Ds - the swipe was a rechargeable Energizers with his ultra-big 10,000 mAh capacity. (4) EBL Ds Last the VERY long time in mine Sangean ARE Dx Radii. Highly I recommend him. Has prize-the clocks have put & tentativa value these saw Deals of Lightning of the Amazon - this resupplies and same value More adds them.

Rey: A NiMH C Cells ... Of my experience, would estimate one 5000 mAh EBL NiMH C & a 4000 mAh Tenergy LSD/Down Self Downloads NiMH C cells like better in class (of all NiMH C cells). Calm can any gone bad with any - and both EBL And Tenergy a lot outperform a Energizer rechargeable C cells NiMHs.

Also, any underestimate an importance of having the Battery of Load of good quality. Typically it uses the Tenergy T9688 the battery Uploads & to have an identical C. Crane-branded to to Model likes T9688. If you do not have the decent to upload, will not take satisfactory action of Any NiMH battery! Choose upload it that (1) Reconditions battery; and (2) it can identify battery with bad cells that needs to be discarded (recycled).
5 / 5
I just desire there is more bays so that it can upload against less 8 battery in a. Another that that quite a lot

(Update 9-22-28) with which so only extremely east of load of light use there is prendido working. Have Probably has used so only to touch perhaps 30 times in better The literally remained in a situates a whole time that has had it like this is not for the pleasure the band taken around. As of now it has included you do not recommend this load is want to one to last.

Has inserted the alone battery to one load and a LCD entirely blanked was on me. So only it seats there and it flashes like this light to ail you can see it. I have tried the cord of different power of the mine another EBL upload and any regime. They are a lot disappointed to the equal that liked really of one load.
5 / 5
Has used EBL D battery in two portable defenders new has bought recently. A reason a defender uses D battery is so that hard longer of the regular EA the defender and excepts no for a lot. This battery take almost the whole day to touch or at least feels to like and has used of these leaves is says has used some defenders of morning until late and then begins to touch some batteries in 3pm is more often that any fully touched for some time goes to sleep and reason is the new product does not love him leave touching in prejudices. Like this to the left it is it says almost touched when I unplug one load, when awake on immediately covers one uploads behind in to touch of a rest of one load and a battery have almost lost the averages of this load in some 8 hours have slept without inclusos when being into use. I think that that I will have to return everything. Smh

Top Customer Reviews: POWEROWL 8 Bay AA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5
The cost has checked is the very good aaa and aa uploadand also purchase aaa same mark . They are doing excellent. They touch 4-5 hours , my aaa battery and a green of light turns. An use of battery to my far control and keyboard with Bluetooth has smiled.
5 / 5
The cost has verified So only has taken the sailboat has controlled radio that use 4 EA battery partorisca a transmitter (Unit of Control) and another 4 EA battery in a boat. It is the piece of cake partorisca touch all eight a same time when I am finalised navigation .

The battery do well in a r/c operation, abundance partorisca be able to and long that last.
5 / 5
The cost checked there is Neither-MH Neither-CD, EA and/or AAA this will touch him. It is simple, and economic to touch (8) the batteries in one time. Some battery touch quickly, at least like this quickly like any another load has had. I think that that it save the plot of money because it is so only one load and the boss of USB is purchasing. It does not come with cover he of wall. Has so much discharge partorisca wall in all the chance. I can use one of them (outlet discharges he of USB), or my USB of computer, or also have a telephone uploads that it also has the USB outlet. Work with this upload also. In all the chance, spent this uploads again.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) C load is perfect partorisca my radios, an only complaint has like this far is that it is the little difficult to take some batteries of him but I think that is partorisca say more than is new mine that anything, as I can a lot of ding a product. I will take used his finally but touches quickly, there is not timed but works so that I need! It returns 8 EA or AAA easily so much am happy with a capacity also.
5 / 5
The cost has checked are very happy with this compraventa. This loan uploads works of usb has beaten. It touches fast and leave me know a state of my batteries. The money is very displaced.
4 / 5
Works partorisca Purchase checked well, USB of uses partorisca touch eight battery the time. Petit , light, and very portable, the difference of the mine old 110 V chargers.
4 / 5
The cost has verified can touch alot of battery immediately. It takes the moment BUT have remarked he to his key fully and some battery last longer that with another chargers has used. Taking Duracell rechargeable battery. He EA and AAA. In any mandate. When it Turns green, volume that the battery was. Any hot taking at all! Alot Of another chargers has used has had to that question. These one is not even a slightest has bitten warm. We are really happy with him.
5 / 5
The cost has verified My description is partorisca a Powerowl ZN825E 8-bay EA/AAA the battery uploads.

C load is the basic to upload without any elegant function. If there is not any battery in a space, the turn in a green has directed. If I have dipped the battery to a space, the turn in a red has directed. When it Is done that touches a battery, the turn in a green has directed again. If to any one likes him to him a battery, flash a red has directed.

Has very different new and old EA and AAA batteries. C load can touch many of my newer battery. Any copper a lot of my older battery. Neither it flash a red focused or begins partorisca touch my older battery partorisca small of pair and stop. Sometime it flash both some greens and the red has directed together partorisca my older battery. I can touch these older batteries with mine The Cross BC900 and Sanyo NC-MQN06U without any question.

When A Powerowl can touch my battery, facts clicking noises. If I am touching 3 battery done 3 clicking noises while touching. If I am touching 8 battery, facts 8 clicking noises. It touches it likes him he is changing one load to the each one like this of some spaces with the relay one the time.

A Powerowl use micro usb adapter of power to take a power. It does not run heat. So much, I think that that my battery are sure. Utilisation Klein Tools ET900 partorisca see those that amp draws of mine 2Amp the mobile phone uploads. It draws among 1 - 1.5 Amp. I do not have any rule to change ac adapter to verify what Amp the real draw. A description says it exited in 300mine. A focuses in a backside of one uploads said in 250mine. I think that that I can it has to that use the clock to stop to see what in fact is touching my batteries. I can require run some batteries in mine The Cross to see if this uploads fully can touch my battery or no.

C load is not UL has Listed. A focuses no tip a UL logo. Control with your marshal to shoot to see yes can use this uploads in your office.

Attended this description is useful.
5 / 5
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) I have bought this and a basic Amazon rechargeable EA battery partorisca use in the one of hand Midland CB irradiates. CB Can be old technology but can be useful partorisca walks of motorcycle of the group when any all the world-wide uses the helmet Bluetooth unit. Some batteries have touched quickly but has not been able to dip everything to the full test still reason does not use a CB that regularly.

Still, partorisca of the money, this looks the good investment . Nave, like this always, was very punctual.
5 / 5
The cost has verified Some light indicators are inefficient Green the orange, the fact of green meaning. Burst the in-any fact. Recharge Green the orange and behind the green. Some indicators of light system require partorisca regulate.

Update- A company fully refunded me, as I have added another star according to which the service of client is concerned. They are for mine 3 description of star of a product, this in spite of.

Top Customer Reviews: EBL LCD Universal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia The good unit , especially partorisca a prize. The quality of build is well, a creation is well, and some characteristics are appreciated. A capacity to touch 1-8 battery immediately is the plus, A speed of this upload is reasonable compared the resemblance chargers. Battery like this well upload for me.
4 / 5
The battery adds partorisca upload, comes with the USB that cord of touches. A precise only thing is covers it he partorisca wall outlet or usb adapter partorisca be able to. One uploads also has the type of backup c entrance. Very convenient. Has so much discharge partorisca wall in all the chance. It is the a lot of good aa and aaa load. It touches quickly around three hours, and to the left know me a state of my batteries. Shopping this uploads again.
4 / 5
The defective element the arrival with first tentativa in touching 8 new EA would beat - the repayment the paper of present of Amazon of mystery is $ vs prize of element of the cost of $ , option partorisca substitute with even craps is available - this load is done apparently for the costruttore and sold under several different names - is trusting the pro the quality uploads then this is not he - some bays of battery are flimsy and planting of the batteries without spaces is finicky in better. - Aller For the build of confidence/more robust - no recommended.
4 / 5
Be genetically predisposed to listen the loss required to begin to use helps of listened, has amplified telephones, and headphones of television. Of some telephones and auricular so that it requires rechargeable AAA battery, has had to that look for the reasonably priced load and battery that could on.
C load is so only that has required. An interesting prize is that one uploads also powers on EA C D battery. Simple creation, versatile, a lot-built, and easy to use.
5 / 5
One load has 8 individual spaces, can touch different types of battery a same time and without finding another battery to touch in pair. It has put EA and AAA rechargeable battery, all some batteries are done inner few hours, the load of fast battery, fulfil my needs.
4 / 5
Has Had this has saved my inbox of then last Christmas! The sure desire had purchased more collected. Now I can leave tossing all one has has used battery to our waste and so only recharge. I produce it adds.
4 / 5
Ossia The good to upload, touches some batteries some fast plus that a one has had before. It likes-I use it to me rechargeable battery, practically all this can take the rechargeable the battery has one. I have used this the plot. Attended hard the long time.
5 / 5
Ossia The wonderful to upload has possessed. It likes-me his LCD function. Tip one state to touch, ''CHG'' indicates to touch. ''DISCHG'' Indicate dicharge. Also, ''ERROR'' indicates the battery broken or error of installation, function of reparation of battery of support. C load can touch freely or in pair, like this good. That is more, a prize is lower that other frames, saves money. I need this load.
4 / 5
C load is perfect for my radios, touches quickly, there is not timed but works so that I need! It returns 8 EA or AAA and C D battery so much are happy with a capacity also.
5 / 5
I have had the question ( has thought) with one uploads when I in the first place tried partorisca the use. It has Dipped 8 battery in him and plugged a boss of USB to my wall uploads spent. Both exposures have declared takes partorisca flash and does not look partorisca be touching. I have called his number of the service and he have said his mailbox has not been well. Imagine my surprise, when the pocolos small have behind called! I have explained my question and has been said any one would take rectum on that.

After speaking to service and king-reading a manual, has discovered that they are serious on some requirements of starts of the power of some Volts of wall 2 Maximum of Amperes. The no dipped mine out of prójimo that a lot dips was 5 Volts (the levels) and so only in some means of 1 amp. With these discharges of wall of the measure so only can touch average of a number estimated of battery the time... 4 In place of 8. But he that perfectly, any question at all.

So only the few hours after this I have received an email of Jackson, a EBL technology of service that explains a very same thing has found my wall uploads has not gone quite big. These days of self distancing, a service of client has received was flat out of amazing! They have behind called almost immediately, and have had my response in of the hours any day now.

Ossia The add to upload, so only does sure yours cover of the wall is until him.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
A Bonai the battery uploads is described like this. Load quickly. Easy to operate. A connection of USB would have to that leave this uploads partorisca do with a small solar chargers available in chance partorisca be able to era. Nizza partorisca Have the available batteries without regularly trashing has has downloaded battery and buying new. The prizes add partorisca all is drawn partorisca do. I recommend that one load and a vendor.
5 / 5
Touches quite quickly, does not come with discharges he of wall, only USB. A metal that touches the group is the little economic. Has has had to that the curve slightly to leave EA battery stacked to touch.
5 / 5
I amour has to that holidays flameless has not loved to launch the battery upload the work adds!
Loves effective battery and any deaths in some rubbishes!
5 / 5
The product was announced like this that. They are to please with cost of mine and would consider to buy again or give like the present.
4 / 5
Awesome Uploads So only one of some ports of touch there is prendido to do
4 / 5
has Finalised to send the backside as it has not been a product has thought that that it was
5 / 5
LOOKS to BE EXACTLY THAT has LOOKED FOR, BUT Is A XMAS PRESENT... AS have has not TRIED the obligations of the State WAS STILL.
4 / 5
Ossia One first battery uploads has not used never or has purchased. The batteries are very easy to insert to one load and load on quickly. Very pleased with an action of this product.
5 / 5
Like a character has DIRECTED touch gauges. Also, a capacity the recharge battery of 9 volts. The fast or quite fast works.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Measure: 8 vendar has been dulcemente changing to rechargeable batteries and has seen this one with the quite big MAH of 2800. One load is simple of lustrous with the creation of spatial saving, and load until 8 battery, that comes with! We maintain this down to touch my trains of daughters and cars. Some Batteries are touched for a morning and last all day running (leaves him on).

Two pluses, can touch a battery, or until 8 without having all 8 in immediately. Another east an USB that cord of touches. Any bulky discharge ins, and can cover them he mine fine load down. Control out of a video partorisca on prójimo and personal worh a device.
5 / 5
Measure: 8 packAt first was skeptical if some batteries were for real big capacity. I tried him against mine 2000mAh amazonbasics EA is and blew them was a water. I have tried each battery in a EA torch and a POWEROWL EA has produced the beam slightly more brilliant and is lasted the little on two hours before it die while a amazonbasics the battery is lasted so only down one and the first half hours to die. So you are buying these for the torch I highly recommend them the utmost law and the look adds. Some cariche is a lot too many touches until 8 EA/AAA battery the times and calm do not owe that dipped the in some pairs can touch the alone battery for example. I have tried one uploads out of the handful to time before posting this description and is doing utmost. It is not one uploads of fast plus but has no overcharged any of my battery so only can him leave in at night to touch fully without concerning roughly quebrándoles. The only explosion went in them a morning and calm is ready to go. An indicator late will change of red the green when they are has touched fully.

Also almost has forgotten another thing ossia well is everything of this battery has the flat fund. Some of the mine amazonbasics the battery have the wry inferior and no with the torch that has the flat connection in a tailcap (Energizer 1200lm torch for example). I posted the picture of a fund of a battery of Amazon to detail that I am informing to.
4 / 5
Measure: 8 packI taken patient and tired that it has to buy battery for my devices. Rechargeable The batteries are a solution to my question. But sometimes, rechargeable the batteries can be the bit am speaking in a name branded some see in your tents of department. I foudn these on Amazon for almost the fraction of some prizes of new mark, and do like this well. It is one 8 space uploads this comes with 8 EA battery. Probably I will buy a AAA some, which will do with this upload also! It gives the graces to read my description, and has found my useful description, please click a “” key!
5 / 5
Measure: 8 packI has tried a lot of frames of rechargeable battery that tries to find one the plus along found it! These 2800mah Powerowls is a response has been looking for! Have outperformed Some frames of big name for jumps and bounds and happy discovered him! Highly it recommends for any electronics of heavy use! A prime minister two is lasted the week after the hours of game of game in his, is awesome! Appearance these helps of description and thank you Powerowl for finally that do the battery that withstands my game of heavy game! Tyler F.
5 / 5
Measure: 8 Prize╔ ■ of Value of band / of Point: 4/5
╠ ■ Quality: 4.5/5
╠ ■ Recommendation: 4.5/5
╠ ☼ In general: 4.5/5
╠ ►Need of Product: 8x EA/AAA the battery uploads
╠ ►Produces Pros: USB powered, qualified of big battery incl.
╠ ►Considerations: EA/AAA so only, socket of wall of the USB
╠ ►My Description: dulcemente are that it converts my house to rechargeable battery, and found a majority of some use of battery is a EA type. It take this as the consecrated recharge for them. I can cycle among east and the different mark has or so only leave them in there. I wish this has comprised the socket of wall for some lack of reason and has had to undermine up. It likes to go in of the container and precharged ready to use with each battery a capacity of big battery has compared to another there. In general for a prize, the batteries of big capacity have comprised, and the reliability would recommend a Measure
5 / 5
of element: 8 packI am like this happy has decided to do one changes to rechargeable battery. My toys of boys eat by means of to the the batteries like theres of any mornings. His well to be able covers it the in and recharge his vs that has to that buy new battery all a time. This battery touch quickly and is like this effective like some batteries of type of alone use. I go to purchase the together of just battery for when some girls forget to dip some batteries behind in one load. Happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Measure: 8 packComes in sure packaging and touches really fast. If utilisations EA battery to plot, save you to plot of money in a long career bc ossia to the most economic plot that buying any rechargeable battery. Has no compaints another that that wishes it lasted and could recharge for the lifetime, but no such battery exists! I will continue to use these batteries and once can not be recharged will purchase again!
4 / 5
Measure: 8 packI sent feeds behind that pause roughly 7 battery that has not touched. Have Finally excepts takes three long times that a rest of some batteries has done in a prime minister that touches in all the chance. As all is good and they all has on touched. Considering as it resists on down a street is still to be seen. Like this far like this good.
4 / 5
Measure: 8 packI has received so only this uploads done 2 days. Work well when using only USB to touch and also when plugged directly to a power. He the sound when touching some batteries, which does not annoy me . I will update this description finds any one subject.
4 / 5
Measure: 8 packI has been spending plot of money to buy frequent battery for daily use, but with which have purchased this, a stay to touch for the long time, easy to use, and cost-effective.

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4 / 5
I have bought this uploads so that the line so stacks immediately. A clear groove walks a dog by prejudices he those uses 8 EA stacks. Quan Took it in the first place this load, has remarked that takes the LONG time - almost 24 hours - for him to touch all 8 stacks immediately. It was not sure cual to do of him but the left wing go so that I required it. For an end of a month, does not touch some stacks at all. Some lights are come to say that it bakes but has not touched never. I am returned in a small 4 covers of bay-in walling to upload had been using for years. Taking twice so long to touch some stacks but at least records. That is to say only my experience so YMMV. It have to have he routed behind but posed the eschew and forgot it until it ask it this description. Side of note by side: I use some stacks this is coming with and acts only sake.

Has DESCRIPTION of UPDATE 06/26/16: A substitution uploads was routed in me recently and has at the end has had the occasion for the try was fully in a weekend. I have uploaded up 8 EA stacks this has required full loads on everything of them. A load has done to like it has been supposed in and has touched everything of them in the 10-12 early period of time. It does not know if a period of time is typical but that is that apresamiento to touch them everything. The desire was faster likes him stacks of the mobile phone but I suppose that it is a difference among stacks of ion of the lithium and NiMH stacks. While a load continues to do, is well with him. THANKS TO Zena, a taken of EBL, the road a substitution uploads.
4 / 5
If you are looking for the rechargeable the stack bands that is to say a group of the better value can take you right now.

Although this rechargeable group of the stack does not have a name to mark this backwards of Duracell or Energizer work also if any better in the much better value.

That comes included is 4 EA stacks and 4 AAA stacks together with a main stack upload. The law adds for me. These stacks last the relatively long time, perhaps very so so stacks of conventional big quality like Duracell and Energizer stacks, but last at least 3/4 as long.

Can not touch some stacks individually. This load of stacks in of the pairs of two, for any reason, and that is to say common for a lot stack upload marks besides this unit is not of a lot of worry while posing these stacks in a load included when fill does not cause never any subjects and car-in loads.

Has remarked that a EA the stacks is not qualified like big like conventional stacks. I use 2 EA stacks to power my Logitech G602 and a software of the mouse for my mouse aims the indicator of stack very totally filled, down for 1 bar, included when poses in two stacks that is to say has touched fully.

Has remarked that a AAA the stacks is slightly main this regulates AAA stacks. This has caused some subjects for me so these slightly main AAA the very stacks of access in some products for to me likes him my pen to design of the tablet likes dressed in some low pictures.

In spite of the few odd anomalies and these stacks no in that have the big capacity like conventional stacks thinks that that is to say the value add you run through EA and AAA stacks often.
5 / 5
Some boys for him always is that it runs through stacks for this toy, or that controller. I fulfil it is spent the small fortune in disposable stacks! He thank you advantage for rechrgeables! Quan Looked in how much stacks has had to to buy this last Christmas for some new toys, and artilugios could not think! Buying the new stacks was the weekly occurrence here already, as we begin to look in rechargeables. These were by far one of one the majority of abordable, as we have given tries it to them.

2 month later, and wr is very happy with them! Included one 8 old year is touching his stacks for his sake. Quan Some stacks is died, or open rooms where any stack is installed - a light is red, and when has touched fully a green of clear turns. Easy, peasy!
IS only the shame we no this more harvest! Oh And For a road - go to require extra stacks, as it was not wait for some stacks to touch. Especially for some boys. We have found to do it easy (any time to expect) as possible is teaching our boys the good habit!
Some stacks last so long, if no longer that some names of big mark are to coach to ask you.

These stacks has surpassed our expectations, and absolutely recommends the! It has saved organism the ray!

Expects that our description was useful!
5 / 5
The update HAS WANTED only an update and or that is detailed more. CONSTANTLY the run out of stacks and spending ridiculous quantities of money in the. Quan Has seen this element was the quite sceptical so that it was so cheap for all comprise. In one another hand, imagined, why no. For a cheap prize, if he no that add, has not been the big hole in my pocket. I am included happier now with a product that was 5 month ago when experience it.
Quan Has taken in the first place he, was to advance and situate them everything in a load and has touched that it hang them 24 hours, so that some of some descriptions have said that some stacks has not gone fully touched on arrived, which can comprise so that although they were touched fully in front of original packaging, this knows how long seated around before any one has purchased the. Anyways, Comes with 4 EA stacks and 4 AAA stacks. For his touch, has to have at least 2 of a same class of the stack these loads. It returns to bake 1 the time and he no the touch has posed in 1 EA stack and 1 AAA stack. Desprs Touching some stacks has posed 2 AAA stacks in my far television and 1 EA stack in my wireless mouse. I have purchased this produces 5 month ago and only changed out of a stack in my wireless mouse. It opens it Maintains in alcohol, is the professor as I use my computer the plot for prep work, is going in on-line student as I am constantly in a laptop for that, and then when has low time and does not listen likes him go anywhere I games of game in the. Tan needless to say use my computer and an A lot of mouse. Also I have the bad habit of not changing a button has entered a mouse to preserve a stack, as I am sure has done that more often, has lasted longer that 5 month. It opens One 2 AAA the stacks posed in my far television, still is doing very well after 5 month!!
So considering a prize of this container, all this is included, and a quality adds of some stacks, HIGHLY recommends this compraventa!! :-)

The law adds!!! It has had a same stack in my wireless mouse during 4 month now, even so it has not killed a stack. Very happy with this compraventa. :-)
4 / 5
Amur Some stacks. State using rechargeable stacks for some last 15 years. They pay for them. A load is soyeh'. Only it uploads against 80%. This lessens a life of some stacks.

Has changed my indication! Some investigation in stacks, chargers, and concretely, EBL.

His people of support of the product (graces, Tina) contacted me enough my description that question after ? It goes to leave my description while it is until it was in his place.

Had said me that a load has uploaded against 80%. It thinks with memory of stack, is the diminishing turn . I will be lucky can take 10 recharges out of these stacks in the sound uploads. Then... It was in his place and has discovered that after it touches he in 80% go in trickle load for a rest of a cycle. He no overcharge, undercharge or overheat!

So much, finally, 8 stacks and a 8 bay recharger for some same signals to price so May-ready with only 4 stacks and to 4 bay recharger. Enormous value!
5 / 5
That is to say the followup descriptions. It have published in received of an element and touching it a lot of time that some stacks has not looked to line the load. A touch of vendor enters quickly with me and said me would substitute some stacks with walnut ones. It take some new stacks only the few days after a contact of vendor me. A service of the client of this company is point and averts. Some stacks touched quite hurriedly and has done well. I have posed the in the torch that use frequently to take my dogs have been to go when is dark. My husband has verified a load after using it quite 5 times and he are in the full load. As it look it a problem is resolved. I use this vendor again and buy this product? ABSOLUTELY!!! In my opinion goes in and on to do the sure his clients are happy. Thank you To do me the very happy client!!! One++++++++++++
1 / 5
Quan Opened it in the first place up has remarked that a physicist uploads looked to have the piece broken was inner while it can listen it going around. I have not thought enough he also and plugged in a load with 4 EA and 4 AAA after in an hour a AAA is signified green as I have taken to era. I have left a EA is on there during other hours without change (red still) has changed one 4 EA is in another available void and left for in an hour without changing still. It was the road this behind. ALSO there it do not deaden in a box as it can have it taken has attacked up in traffic.
4 / 5
I have purchased these stacks to use in my far control for or diverse electronic around a house, keyboards, smiled, etc.
Some stacks has done well, only or has failed. But one uploads looked flimsy in me. I imagined it it conceal it is why a low cost. And it was very. Used enough four times purchased it since. Any value a prize has to purchase another load! In that in this mark of case.

Any stacks for the this has used the for the good fact but now purchasing the new to load me think, has to has bought duracells?
A star for any stacks and hopefully continues to the law has had only the the pair of month.

Update in subject of mine on. Today it is 9/11/17
Apparently read these descriptions, a company (EBL) as well as Amazon emailed me concerning my dilemma. I have not written or call any one of them.
Any stacks sake of still law so anteriorly has mentioned. A one has said failed was to do in a defective load. It bakes properly. They quickly mailed the new upload and has to give the 3.5 stars for one upload the cause that inserts/inserts AC cord yes the abuses will break a female connector of a joint of the circuit has printed.
5 stars for any stacks so that they do so far while they have to, and 10 stars for his service of client. They achieve to go in you and do his best. Like the client has to appreciate concealed and mark.
P.D. It have purchased the small EBL 4 stack uploads in Amazon a day still has written a first description of AC covers it has been trace and would not move around. The The plus has required to upload it. Unbeknown In me that would take the substitution of a company. It expects this aided any one
4 / 5
A EBL-808 Stack Uploads is the solid interpreter.

For a prize (at the same time of a description) 16.99 and a fact that this also comes with 4 AAA and 4 EA the stacks is record very good wise.

A quality of tez is solid with 4 banks of 2 leaving you to touch until 8 stacks the time ( has to uploads 2 minimum of stacks, basically fill a bank)

Some have comprised the stacks touched in any subject and considering longevity , the time will say.


the quality of Tez is the solid in a load
Can touch until 8 stacks the time
EBL give you 4 AAA and 4 EA stacks with your compraventa

Any one for this description.

Control out of my video for more.

Luke - Informs of Technology of the Galaxy
5 / 5
UPDATE: I have been maintaining a load into use during several months, change out of stacks while precise. Still doing well, any overheating or another glitches. EXCELLENT VALUE! Original description: Some stacks returns more firmly in this upload for two reasons: it can pose plan and does not need carried he of wall, and some contacts flex slightly to line some stacks the better plant that my outlet to wall upload of the mark of of entity stack (which has bought of a light/of red green is big and folds like the light at night). It upload each of some stacks at night, apresamiento, then substituted and load again if the return of lights in red (he comprise a rechargeable technology of stack, will know why). It comprises the reusable case so much can rotate the supply easily. It do not have to any idea like him to them some stacks compare in of other marks (those times can cycle the), but will require rechargables to substitute one ones in daylights (usually without the screwdriver) in place of trashing some lights. It reduces, reuse, then recycles.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
So that I left so only say you, this saved like this money. Originally I have bought he partorisca mine 18650 battery and I was curious would touch my triple the batteries also and does. It uses the plot of battery partorisca my lights of cupboard of the cookery (three for light), remotes, and some other things. So many partorisca the big band of triple one east, would go although his the month and has to that spend usually )13 to 20 dollars the band.

Ossia To good sure values he. It is economic and of confidence. Some jumps of course is rigid in a start, but his loosen on overtime. To good sure recommend
5 / 5
A bit those that months behind, has purchased two small torches that has used the no conventional type of battery. They have come with basic chargers concealed lasted partorisca a key and has broken then. Ossia The load much more of confidence. It has touched my battery perfectly, included those that have thought was bad. They are very pleased with this compraventa.

Does not expect the fast load. Ossia The very sure trickle upload which, has bitten for has bitten, restores an inner chemist of some battery so much resist the load. Like the result, can take almost the complete full load, likes opposed to the fast upload which so only can give 80. A very exhausted battery could take days the recharge, so only insert some batteries and the walk were. Finally, a light will turn green.
5 / 5
Has the battery powered the portable defender & will use one uploads to touch battery for him. I have seen 2 description in that the be be declare that one uploads the light would not change never the green, that indicates the full load. I have experienced this in a 1st load but when I have moved some batteries slightly while in one load, a light of indicator has turned the green. I do not know a technical explanation partorisca east but apparently a navigation of some batteries in one upload is of entity for a light of indicator to do properly. I have situated attentively 2 more the batteries in one upload & has touched & a light of the green indicator turned without question.
5 / 5
Has touched felizmente the pair of 18650; has the second pair of the batteries that touch now. Mina 18650 battery are to walk in a negative end and have the estoallita humid' in a positive end. For the sure contact, one load would owe that be an opposite: swipe in a negative end and walk in a positive end. C load has swipes in BOTH some negative and positive terminals. When A battery is installed, a positive end is swipe -to-clash which is not the big-confidence, contact of confidence. An indicator to touch calm to say you a battery is touching but the light movement could cause a battery to lose contact with a positive touching dish. Or, a battery could move out of place because of a force of a cradle that control a battery in place. It would have been the better creation to have the FLAT dish in a positive knot of a battery uploads.
4 / 5
Two leading chargers so only uploads a battery the time and both dead persons after using so only one of two times.
Ossia Faster, sturdier and more than confidence.
Connects to his supply of own power or any connector of USB.
4 / 5
Pros: Very light and easy to use. Very portable. It covers so only to the USB and your together. AAA, EA, 18650 rechargable Laws of battery.

Gilipollas: Some batteries are quell'has bitten difficult to take to. It went it also taking the long time to touch any of my batteries. Finally a green of light turns but with which almost 12 hours.

Be well to have the guage indicator of battery to know the one who far to the long of mine uploads is.

Update: after using this upload still to the long of the week. It has been touching my battery efficiently. For a prize of one load and saving money in of the battery has be worth it.
5 / 5
Looks the good value. An only thing is looks to take the long time to touch some batteries. Generally it takes roughly 10 hours to touch my batteries. Also installing some batteries is the bit to nettle , has to press some goodnesses for behind the east is loaded cradle and install some batteries. But in general it would recommend that this load, has has wanted to $ 30 to upload he in a vape tent. This was the prize adds and looks to be that they his work.
4 / 5
Well, Tecla. Ossia In an only positive. It is hard to take some batteries in, because of some rigid cradles. And then, with a swipe in a positive end ossia there for trays of upper battery, for the very maintained contact this is to lose easily -- that me ameno to a reason for a low indication -- extremely poor creation in some indicators to touch: some lights are always see unless touching, meaning, any battery in: green. The battery has touched fully: green. Battery not doing good contact: green. That basically means, when you see green, calm does not know if a battery is touched fully or if any one calm has seated him to him properly. And you go it was and go back later and see green, again, calm does not know is done touching or has lost good connection -- which is way too easy to spend, especially with key upper battery (sees 1 complaint on). Any thought has been dipped to this creation!
5 / 5
The load of bad ass for some batteries for one has DIRECTED the torches and ossia able to touch battery of different measure!
5 / 5
C load will touch to 14500 battery (well 2 of them). In roughly 2hours. The works add!

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