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1 first HUANUO Monitor Stand - Premium Gas Spring Single Arm Monitor Desk Mount Fits 17 to 32 Inch Computer Screens, Height Adjustable Aluminum VESA Bracket with C Clamp and Grommet Kit HUANUO Monitor Stand - Premium Gas Spring Single Arm Monitor Desk Mount Fits 17 to 32 Inch Computer Screens, Height Adjustable Aluminum VESA Bracket with C Clamp and Grommet Kit By HUANUO
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2 HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand - Aluminum Gas Spring Arm Height Adjustable Monitor Desk Mount VESA Bracket for 2 17 to 32 Inch LCD Computer Screens with C Clamp, Grommet Base HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand - Aluminum Gas Spring Arm Height Adjustable Monitor Desk Mount VESA Bracket for 2 17 to 32 Inch LCD Computer Screens with C Clamp, Grommet Base By HUANUO
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3 best HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand - Aluminum Gas Spring Monitor Arm Desk Mount Full Motion Adjustable VESA Bracket for 2 13 to 32 Inch Computer Screen with Clamp, Grommet Base HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand - Aluminum Gas Spring Monitor Arm Desk Mount Full Motion Adjustable VESA Bracket for 2 13 to 32 Inch Computer Screen with Clamp, Grommet Base By HUANUO
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4 HUANUO  Dual Monitor Mount, Full Motion Monitor Arm Stand, Height Adjustable Computer Monitor Riser with Gas Spring, C Clamp, Cable Management for Two 15 to 27 Inch LCD Screens HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount, Full Motion Monitor Arm Stand, Height Adjustable Computer Monitor Riser with Gas Spring, C Clamp, Cable Management for Two 15 to 27 Inch LCD Screens By HUANUO
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5 HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand Mount - Height Adjustable Aluminum Gas Spring 3 Monitor Arm Desk Stand, Full Motion Articulating VESA Bracket Fits 13 to 32 Inch Screens with Clamp Grommet Mounting Base HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand Mount - Height Adjustable Aluminum Gas Spring 3 Monitor Arm Desk Stand, Full Motion Articulating VESA Bracket Fits 13 to 32 Inch Screens with Clamp Grommet Mounting Base By HUANUO
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6 IMtKotW Single Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand, Height Adjustable Full Motion Gas Spring Monitor Mount Riser with C Clamp/Grommet Base Fits 17"-32" LCD LED Computer Screens Hold up to 17.6lbs IMtKotW Single Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand, Height Adjustable Full Motion Gas Spring Monitor Mount Riser with C Clamp/Grommet Base Fits 17"-32" LCD LED Computer Screens Hold up to 17.6lbs By IMtKotW
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7 HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand - Free Standing Monitor Desk Mount Fully Adjustable for 3 Computer Screens up to 27 Inch Support Clamp, Grommet Mounting, Heavy Duty VESA Mount Hold up to 17.6lbs Each Arm HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand - Free Standing Monitor Desk Mount Fully Adjustable for 3 Computer Screens up to 27 Inch Support Clamp, Grommet Mounting, Heavy Duty VESA Mount Hold up to 17.6lbs Each Arm By HUANUO
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8 Dual Arm Monitor Stand, Full Motion Adjustable Gas Spring Monitor Mount Riser with C Clamp/Grommet Base for Two 17 to 32 inch LCD Computer Screens, Each Arm Holds up to 17.6lbs, Bonus HDMI Cable Dual Arm Monitor Stand, Full Motion Adjustable Gas Spring Monitor Mount Riser with C Clamp/Grommet Base for Two 17 to 32 inch LCD Computer Screens, Each Arm Holds up to 17.6lbs, Bonus HDMI Cable By HUANUO
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9 Single Arm Monitor Stand - Premium Aluminum Gas Spring Monitor Desk Mount, Adjustable Computer Riser with Clamp, Grommet Mounting Base for 13 to 32 Inch Screens VESA 75X75 100X100 Single Arm Monitor Stand - Premium Aluminum Gas Spring Monitor Desk Mount, Adjustable Computer Riser with Clamp, Grommet Mounting Base for 13 to 32 Inch Screens VESA 75X75 100X100 By HUANUO
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10 HUANUO Universal VESA Bracket Mount Adapter Kit Fits Most 13 to 27 Inch LCD LED - Convert Non VESA Monitor Screens to 75x75 and 100x100 HUANUO Universal VESA Bracket Mount Adapter Kit Fits Most 13 to 27 Inch LCD LED - Convert Non VESA Monitor Screens to 75x75 and 100x100 By HUANUO
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Top Customer Reviews: HUANUO Monitor ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Angie
I have used to to have the only arm Siig mountain of desktop for the 27 monitor of inch. I have bought this so that it take it a LG 34GK950F, which has entered under a limit of weight. A better part in this mountain of desktop, for me, is a fast emission in a part that attaches a poster in an arm. You locate a group of fast emission in a monitor, then fallen in a void in an arm to locate. Mere as it concealed. An arm has the tonne of motion, much more that precise, but is sper strong, heavy, and in to the the chair likes him could line of the tonne. It IS sper adjustable to do a height, pvot, curves, and swivel loose or tight. It takes mine in the in the to to something where likes him and tensed each envelope of the bit to do that it move it a poster the small defiant. There is absolutely any one wobbles with this arm. You can write, movement your mouse strenuously, only quite anything and some remains to control totally still.

Bought it once, would recommend in any one, would buy again.
5 / 5 By Slyvia
That is to say the mountain adds . It IS very easy the total. I have not required to change a tension, but some instructions have declared clearly so to do so need . It IS hesitant while it does not have any a lot of descriptions, but any lament purchase of mine at all. Highly recommended. Has the 27 Dell of inch the monitor has attached.
5 / 5 By Enrique
This mountain attaches the very clean look in my desktop. It IS also a lot of studio and durable and was very easy to install. Even so the plot of the rays and other things were routed this has caused the small bit of confusion when initially posing together. In general it is the product adds .
5 / 5 By Dorathy
Only it installs the yesterday with the 32' monitor. It IS it adds it conceal it takes an option in clamp in side of desktop, through the grommet hole, or creates can included mountain of wall. There is the plot of extra parts so necessity to revise some instructions the total he properly, or at least required in. Impressed with a quality. My only complaint is that there is not any tunnel in an upper arm to capes of the goes. Otherwise The laws add.
5 / 5 By Rosamond
Flexible and easy place to install. Amur This for mine 34 inch flat screen 4k controls and can buy another and attaches the second. Amur Some a lot of offers of place.
5 / 5 By Zandra
This mountain of the monitor of the arm is perfect for mine 27' monitor.
Opens HAS more spatial in my pc desktop. Everything is organised more. A highland process was easy and a material is strong. I recommend!
5 / 5 By Ed
A lot of support of studio. Required the mountain that has qualified to take monitor and bass because of subjects of collar. Creation of Good lustrous and very functional also. The mark is very well, also has a support of dual monitor that the works add also....
5 / 5 By Alton
This has been an amazing support for my monitor. State using he for the week now and has has not had any subjects, was very easy to pose up also. A field of motion is sum and has very be robust so far. To well sure buy it again.
4 / 5 By Golden
Crossing some instructions was the bit takes but in general a product that has been supposition to do . An only reason why has not given the to 5 star was so that a monitor has bent the bit in a side what turbulent me in time.
5 / 5 By Elfrieda
This support of monitor was easy to pose up and is doing very well so far. It IS robust and easy to adjust, doing it convenient for the desktop/of chair of support with more than flexibility to move around. It buys this again!

Top Customer Reviews: HUANUO Dual Monitor ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Halley
Has the monitor in my desktop, and uses that with my laptop. I am using a Desktop of Support of Monitor Riser with Pulling Was Drawer of Metal of Mesh of the Storage Tabletop Riser for Computers, Portable, Printers - Control until 44 lbs - the marks of Accesses is The majority of support of the Computer in 'race' my portable' screen as it is level with an external monitor. I have done any one give that this would improve my workspace ergonomics, or would have done this much more punctual.

His attraction-was the flat line my knick-nacks, and there has quite a lot of rooms under a tray to accommodate my CODE of mechanical keyboard 87-the nail Illuminated the Mechanical keyboard with Aiming DIRECTED Backlighting - Cirera MX Claro. This leave me stash my keyboard was when needs extra room (p. p.ej.: To read material form).

Also the value that mentions: this thing is finished-a lot of -- very acute verge, any place that loses, and some works of the tray as well as it can be expected by something without elegant balloon bearings. And any assembly has required.

Very the interesting purchase for me.
5 / 5 By Lane
The cradle of gas is very easy to operate. Calm only need to adjust for apropiar- tension according to a real weight of your monitors. If I also loose while a too much heavy monitor, can not create an arm. Val To remark that some two arms are planted or in another, which save some zone of desktop but do a product any one so symmetric.

Will take calm In him the moment to imagine out of a tension but of then on, everything is very earnest. You could insert all the cords to group attached in an arm, and all hdmi/cords to be able is well has organised. Ovreall, does not have any subject after using a product during the month.
5 / 5 By Jann
Mina substituted 2 support of monitor with in this way of clamp unit A forget was concealed has not considered was a depth that a lip of some necessities of desktop to be for a clamp in firmly attaches in a verge of a desktop. It was with a 2 highland option to drill the hole through my desktop and doing a grommet mountain through a desktop. Very robust, a lot of field of the motion and they are quite easy to move without sagging or bending afterwards have the where amours.
5 / 5 By Keitha
Robust, I like a built in drawer and a creation of black cape. The utmost looks in my desktop. Easy to clean. It does not generate heat of my laptop
5 / 5 By Kelly
This has done perfectly to create in the printer of big heavy Brother to leave use under a support. I ordered it based in measuring only, descriptions more anterior, and is only a right structure. Very robust.
5 / 5 By Parthenia
Liking a tez and obliges of the arm am add can adjust you a tension in in any for the moment. And HAS mine in the 1/4' desktop of thickness of glass revenido
5 / 5 By Hildegarde
I use it to pose my printer on. I maintain my papers and iPad in a lower shelf. The law adds and provides spatial for other things. I go to order another punctual for my monitor.
4 / 5 By Lavera
Mina sags the small in a left wing. I can not find an adjustment for side to sustain curves
5 / 5 By Charlesetta
I have purchased two, right out of an easy box the total and situate up, took me quite 15 minutes to pose up with the installed monitors and hooked up.
Produced of solid of big quality that highly would recommend in any look to organise your desktop for the desktop has organised clean.
5 / 5 By Lelia
Robust support. Only a right measure to line the computer of the main laptop. The attraction was the basket down is roomy.

Top Customer Reviews: HUANUO Dual Monitor ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Kirstie
I am not sure like any one takes one of these in-touch, so that it was not bundled well and does not look for when being very durable. A plastic casings to line some cords have been broken in both arms, and the pair of some stock exchanges that winery the parts have been cut open and missing rays .

Edita: the service of Client was very sympathetic and issue me pieces of substitution ASAP. Very happy with service of the client and his desire to do sure have had the good experience. The support now is doing while it expect.
4 / 5 By Archie
A support, for a prize, is the option adds. It was able to line 2 32' HP controls to weigh 19lbs each what what. An only subject has is that, likes him the majority of arms of monitor, there is too game in some adjustments. Taking 2 monitors to vary amiably in a same height and the curves is quite defiant when has slop in some adjustments. A knuckle these covers a monitor to bend advance backward is not quite tight. I have to take a washers to take some extra bite how a lot fails all a forward of road. I have used tape temporally to line some together monitors to take the perfect flush alignment in another. The moment with some time is spent to do on is sure could yours take well and flush a second movement one will have to throughout again. If some adjustments were able of the basses tensed to be mecer solids this would be in perfect.
5 / 5 By Candi
Following some instructions, this device installed easily. Works while it expect. Functions easily. Each sake. Dependable.
5 / 5 By Adrianna
I am using this to line two 27' BenQ monitors. It IS very robust, and a field of motion is sum.
5 / 5 By Gearldine
Perfecto for me.
While the ad.
Easy in assembly (comprises some same tools)
Good creation and tez strong.

While mentioned in another revise, varying some two monitors require patience but can be it has done.
Recommends this product.
5 / 5 By Raelene
This mountain of dual monitor is built well and can line up both of mine 27' controls without the problem.
5 / 5 By Christena
The product was easy the total, easy to install, and easy in dial in for exactly a configuration has looked for.
5 / 5 By Laree
Sake of look and to do so was supposes in. Monitor adjustment very smooth once a tension is correct
5 / 5 By Stefania
The flight. It lines my two (2) 32' control any problem. The adjustable tension for the monitors the heavy plus. Easy the total. Even so, I suggest that you ask the fellow to assist trace some monitors. It can be the small bit of the ache for you. But it is possible. I he. When being the cause is stubborn. But they are utmost even so. Highly it suggests in any one looks to fall for on room of desktop. And to do your look of lustrous desktop. Or Felizmente the mine has the bouquet to crap throughout he thanks to all a spatial extra lol! Ohh And has forgotten. In some arms of a support those sustains some monitors and to the left them prende change, swivel, creature and drop does to protect of guides / of the cape to maintain each together he and when some monitors are moved or only to maintain each orderly and orderly. Ohh And another thing. My wall is skewed. Has one 2 background chamber and this help weaves it to me with my spatial subjects. Really I maximiza a zone / of spatial desktop has.
5 / 5 By Jay
It has Had a pleasure to buy of HUANUO EUA. I am supremely happy with some products that experiences of them (a highland system of the monitor) big quality, just prize. Besides, month after I have done a compraventa, the assistance asked with an element that was clearly out of a period of guarantee, and in planting to say me was out of guarantee and an usual response after an initial sale has been done, has jumped immediately in the action that asks what my necessities was and took me that required in time of record! I am so appreciated for an extensive courtesy in me and and listen estimated like the client. It opens I consider me the client for all the life and has wanted with a community that that is to say the vendor of big quality that value his clients.

Top Customer Reviews: HUANUO Dual ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5 By
I have bought this to locate two monitors, one in another. Still although it is to record for until 27', is trace the 29' ultra wide monitor in the 34' ultra width. A monitor a big plus weighs 14 lbs, which are under an indication of 17+ lbs. I am not sure it accommodates two 34' monitors without extending a back clave. One 29' could go an inch a big plus, but can do not promoting an assembly and retighten all for me.

Pro: A sake of looks of the hardware and is well has done. Some adjustments are easy to do. A cell of gas is work . An adjustment does not have to be critical, so that I do not have to change, and has two different measure the controls concealed is different weight . I think that that it is the good value for a prize.

With: it is to take to create an assembly in a back clave. It IS better to pose that in front of some monitors are trace . This would not be the problem, but try difficult to take some monitors because of a next access in a joint of pvot. Once a weight of a monitor is in an upper arm is to take to find a magic has posed these covers a slide of upper arm.

A smaller subject is that some monitors are the tad wobbly. Into use normal a there only chair sake, but yes the clashes bounce them the small.

Has required another would purchase this again.
4 / 5 By
This look adds, even so, there is only the pair of subjects has with these. I have weighed out of a pros and with east and exited if to maintain them. In an end has decided to maintain them. Here they are:

- the order Adds
- Attaches records of utmost Desktop
- Easy Assembly
- Easy to adjust

- has your desktop in a wall then that has so much an arm to adjust and poses he of extension some screens in your face(with 24' Screens)
- A tension adjusters is the small finicky, has to achieve the something sweet that is to say very sensitive in tense or down tensing
- Any place of real sake to pose capes in some arms to be low profile

In an end, these were the roads adds for a prize. I probably wont purchase another set but, in a while well of look and function only well.
5 / 5 By
I am using this mountain with 2 Samsung C27F398 27-the inch has Twisted Monitor (Sper Slender Creation) and is that it wants to it. A mountain was very easy in setup, research to be very durable and built enough well. Some trace left you to move a screen in a X, And and Z the dimensions more curve and rotate. Once taken some controls exactly that it wants to can use the hex wrench in prjimo he in place. My laptop was only able to direct 1 external monitor the time as I have bought this to direct both monitor through 1 usb3 port: USB of Dell 3.0 Ultra HD/4K the Triple exposure that Canal of Cradles (D3100).

Commentaries, this mountain no in the each desktop. A mountain comes with the C clamp and will return the desktop this has the horizontal helve' until 3 fat inches. My individual desktop is a Ikea without the shelves of real horizontal to attach a C clamp in. I have finished that it has to run the leg of a mountain around back and then changes that a C the clamp attaches in a vertical pole to take a system to locate to connect in my desktop (photo of views). To do that it was able to move a vertical pole retreated the small bit, which has given a C clamp quite spatial to attach in a desktop.

That is to say the product adds in my opinion, even so some designers would have to take the next look in a clamping system to see yes can develop a number of desktops that will do with this product.
5 / 5 By
You are the suspect of bit in a twelfth initial or as it revises of 5 star and 1-3 descriptions to do except has given this element the casualidad anyways. I want to it. Very adjustable and robust. I am by train to use it to line two 27 inch control with just a first part of some arms (has taken second piece was). My weight of monitors 8 lbs each which so and this investigation be that it marks well in backing them. Very stable when tensed after you find some the right adjustments for your monitor have posed up.

Was able to take my two 27 inch the controls landscaped side by side ('frame of Steel of stain S271HL GBIX); even so this configuration was totally flat and was unable to angle them in in a wall the small bit; this was with one of some two installed arms in both sides. With some two installed arms some monitors are exited the too many bit far to take them afterwards in the each another landscaped but angled in a wall. I have decided to try the way of portrait for now with one of some monitors, but there is the plot of flexibility with this mountain and I expect can try the little variac. Out of still until it finds something perfect. Very pleased with this compraventa! The pictures aim my configuration with just one of some two installed arms in both sides.
5 / 5 By
Good works. A bit wobbly even so. My big worry even so it comes with a fact that a support assembla bends same advance after the pose directly. Some looks of clamp in the slides and you can see in some pictures that a clamp the ray is for the curve while it is a support . Has both of them situate died directly up and down and at the end resolved in a gesture is in some pictures. I have tried to turn a clamp in very posed even so any help. Some monitors are way down below a limit of weight for a support for 5 lbs each what what. If any one has any suggestions on that to fix this bends the subject would want to listen it .

The vendor has done good things. The stars fixed!
5 / 5 By
Robust And has done exactly as it required he in still although you are not concretely designed for the do. A fund is the 34 ' 21:9 and a cup is to 27 ' 21:16
5 / 5 By
They are so announced
was preoccupied in a load posed in the glass upper table... I so that it has simply posed the money of the piece to paint of forest under a table where a point of annex is, to extend a load was. With this I am sure will save
3 / 5 By
These are quite well if only go the to pose and left them.

How M movement of mine around enough controls the bit, and with these arms are not very easy. Before attaching monitors in them, movement very fluidly and easily. Desprs Attaching weight even so, is VERY DIFFICULT to take some arms in pvot to reposition. Taking enough bit it by force. So much force, that rotate a support the bit in front of some weapon in fact pvot to start with.

Besides a backside of motion/and bad forward/by left right, one above low/ the movement is very well, rotating some monitors in in the place of portrait is very fluent, and bend the roads/behind is well. Adjusting a tensioning the rays have aided the bit, but can not take each what so fluent while it would like him.

For a half user, these are probably utmost. For me, they are less than ideals and probably will substitute the at the end, but is quite sure with them that will maintain the around for awhile.
5 / 5 By
I am only in general incredibly impressed for a quality of this element. Has reservations because of a relatively low prize but has taken the casualidad and is happy has done. Any remorse anything. Very easy to install. The installation does not take any time. Taken longer for me to plan so to plant a monitor and weapon. Has all some characteristic has looked for, capacity and full hinge to plant side of monitors to sustain or stacked upper/subordinated config. A tension of arm is perfect. At present have only only Steel 27' controls of Predator trace (used some spacers scrape comprised and long) but feigned to take the second monitor.

An only nitpick the flus have is concealed:
1. Some arms are painted the white enamel . I wish a colour was black.
2. A clamping piece that goes under a desktop is not the rubber cushioned (has the one of forest desktop).
3. A column of head office fastener is plastic and when being the bit flimsy.
4. I wish some clips to the road of the cape was slightly main the road more capes. Has the multiple peripherals they plugged in a monitor.

Notes that some monitors do not have a depth of hole of the pertinent ray for some band comprised. An alignment of ray is correct but will have to take yours possess rays way down below. This is not fault of this product. I have run in this subject when trying trace the secondary monitor (one of this cheap Korean was-monitors of mark).

Remonta of excellent arm, can not say quite a lot of good things. Still it can take or for a woman and/or work.
5 / 5 By
For a prize am adds. I have not been sure that an aim of meso half the black/chrome would look, at the beginning was kinda likes him soyeh' but after taking posed up, yes, in fact likes him in me enough bit it.

My desktop has the very small lip on all the sides but a front, as I have to install see grommet (that requires an extra part, available in amazon). I crude that'd be well, but sadly has any road for the do quite tight so that he any one 'transfer' slightly when adjust some monitors (has 2x 27' 14lb the installed controls). The tan basically when adjusts a monitor, other movements the bit, so then has to adjust that or behind, which then SLIGHTLY movements another again.. Etc etc. So that class of obnoxious. It does not adjust the too often run so long the very when being no the enormous roads, but obviously is trying takes the things have posed up properly at the beginning.

UPDATE: Applied the tiny quantity of WD-40 in some 4 joints and this have done a trick. It opens it Adjusts very easy and can move or controls with or pound without affecting another at all.
5 / 5 By
They are so only in general incredibly impressed for a quality of this element. Has has had reservations been due to a relatively low prize but has taken the casualidad and am happy has done. Any remorse anything. Very easy to install. The installation does not take any time. Taking longer for me to plan like this to situate a monitor and arm. Has all some characteristics have looked for, capacities and hinge fill to situate side of monitors for side or stacked upper/subordinated config. A tension of arm is perfect. At present have so only only Acer 27' Predator controls trace (used some spacers scrape comprised and long) but feign take the second monitor.

An only nitpick the flus has is concealed:
1. Some arms are painted the white enamel . I wish a colour was black.
2. A clamping piece that goes under an office is not the hule cushioned (I has the office of forest).
3. A column of centre fastener is plastic and feels the bit flimsy.
4. I wish some clips of the routing of the boss was slightly main the street more bosses. Has multiple peripheral plugged to a monitor.

Remarks that some monitors do not have a depth of hole of the pertinent ray for some rays has comprised. An alignment of ray is corrected but will have to that take yours to possess fulmine really courts. This is not fault of this product. I have run to the respect when that tries to locate the secondary monitor (one of this economic Korean was-monitors of mark).

Remonta of excellent arm, can not say quite a lot of good thing. Included that can take one for a woman and/or work.
5 / 5 By
For a prize are adds. I have not been sure like a black of half half aim/chrome would look, at the beginning was kinda likes soyeh' but after the take place on, yeah, in fact likes to of me enough bit it.

My office has the very small lip on all the sides but a front, as I have had to that install see grommet (that requires an extra part, available on amazon). The crude that'd be well, but sadly has any way of the do quite tight so that he I any 'turn ' slightly when it regulate some monitors (I has 2x 27' 14lb the installed monitors). Like this basically when I regulate a monitor, some other movements the bit, like this then has to that regulate that a backside, which then SLIGHTLY moves another again.. Etc etc. So that class of obnoxious. I do not regulate him too often like this long run the will not be to treat it enormous, but obviously are that it tries to take the things bet on correctly at the beginning.

UPDATE: Applied the tiny quantity of WD-40 to some 4 joints and this have done a trick. Now they regulate a lot easy and can move some controls with a delivery without affecting another at all.
5 / 5 By
Ossia The add to buy if you do not have the main screens. Has one 27' Asus monitor (link down) and these mountains of arms/of the monitor is not quite strong to resist on screens effectively. A question is with some joint that the free result over time. My screen can easily stay in place for the few months but I have to that be súper careful to not moving my office around too much. A moment a screen begins to move (still slightly), ossia when it takes scared. I had him simply it falls atasca down reason was slightly jostled. Sometimes it is so only a light movement of me writing in my keyboard that weakens a joint and causes my screen to fall atasca down.

Some neighbour never 'lock' to plant. You so only stay in situating like that tight screwed in some rays of tension. A reason I still am writing this estaca is reason a box of empty small map (5x5x5 thumbs) has fallen in a monitor of 1 feet was and my screen has fallen atasca down and has broken a HDMI boss. I mean, it is An EMPTY BOX !!! This was somehow enough to weaken some joints and swipe down my screen.

Besides, does not like me that alive to dread that they are 'writing of too much lasted and could cause a monitor to fall. As they are to take my mountain of the arm and that goes back an old fashionable way.

Again, this could be perfectly well has the a lot of the smallest screen, as he 15'-20'. But that also finally can fall reason some weapon never closes to plant. You tension to the place and the tension always takes feebler over time. As his always so only the subject of the first time of a monitor will fall.

4 / 5 By
Was to expect the year to use until writing this description but suddenly my unit there is prendido to do properly, aiming me to write the description bit it after 8 month of use.

This arm is versatile and can sustain 2 monitors in any corner. Unfortunately in my chance, with which 8 month of use, an arm to control no longer could sustain a weight of the mine monitor and begun to droop. I everything in mine can to try for the fix, but to any avail, now have the arm of useless dual monitor.

Has to that add, I work in the middle of the busy office and a monitor is used often, and changed to corners of different viewing, but ossia still any one excuse for some weapon any when being pas able to manage tear and basic wear with which 8 month.

Update 11/24/18
the service of Client is a lot of responsive. If anything goes bad, is not fearful to contact them!
My product is spent to be defective and has shipped immediately the new an out to our subject. A new a does not have any sign of drooping still and works to the equal that has feigned.
5 / 5 By
Some states of description:

▶ COMPATIBILITY - Amply returns 15' to 27' monitors of the computer of different frames likes Dell, AOC, Acer, LG, HP, ViewSonic, BenQ, Lenovo, ASUS etc. With VESA 75x75 and 100x100. Each controls of arms

Know that it buy this stand of monitor, has not been able to in fact spend two heavy monitors. Has a 11lb the monitor and one control with less than weight in the configuration + of landscape of the portrait, and this stand to control frankly is terrifying to use.

A mountain is bending, a clave is sustaining slightly to the mine monitor of landscape. It feels like a whole thing could fall averts in any second.

A quantity of the force in some joints means that I can a lot freely regulate my monitors without using my others three hands to resist a rest of a mountain of monitor in place.

Does not think that is to say the product of good quality and will be to return the to maintain my sure monitors.
5 / 5 By
My monitors weigh less than 13 lbs. Each one that like this still when I locate in this group, of then apparently is not perfectly has balanced/centred in a mountain, a side a heavy plus would fall reason an annex in a highland dish of these arms has not gone enough lake and has had no obvious way to regulate this part. It say of another way,, a stuffs to mount loosely transfer without way of the presionar. Odd, of then has like this other adjustments in this mountain, that is to spend for big this.

If any one knows like this to fix this pleases left to know me I so that it is still in a process of the turn.
4 / 5 By
Twitch Streamer, Has been 8 to 9 month in and still is that it resists strong in the table of glass, has an old heavy 27inch LCD monitor that is the most weighed way that a new 27SMELL of thumb 144hz Curve that has required reason I so only upgraded to the Nvidia GTX 1070 You Paper. Women or men that does not have to that the muscles or endurance please to have any calm help you it wont the wheel was on you when doing some final adjustments. It does not leave this untighten or the risks break some circles, those are not of the very strong metals he like this the calm mark sure exactly to the equal that says in some instructions. I finally dipped some Propiciado by aesthetics on some holes today, calm can leave him finally and a lot simple to ray in. I have had at the beginning a monitor totaly in a base not using a pole, today has shouted a whole unit up. Yes it is shaky he clashes a table, am using the glass L table of Form hoards of Imposición of the office built with aluminium, has situated the half thumb the joint of forest and there is not broken a glass. Some legs of foundation are really wide and quite sturdy. Physicist of just use and common senses! Knowing a force, the weight and the durability of your table will help. If it likes flipping subjects of this is not for you! Like this far a a negative is a headline of Cord. Has 5 cords that exited of the mine monitor and he can so only control 3 in an organiser of arm, included with three if it is not quite free and move an arm some explosion of tabs was, has given quite slack for some cords in some elbows like this when I create a monitor on or down I of the that has a subject. I have used my toe in a picture to the equal that can see a measure. It is the mountain of regular monitor , has holes of different measure I supposition for the mac? Perhaps but works for both mine Lenovo, and HNC LCD monitors. There is the limit of weight. It does not go further 27inch. If has two 24 thumb these arms are perfect and calm could not require one extends. I have begun without a extenders and is really sturdy. It can go back the so only an arm. Yes it calms so only it can use one or a two, using two do two shakes more, but ossia so only has people in impactante yours office all a time then any whose uses a has extended weapon. If has extra anything saves a box and his components because you move or sell these yours that goes to require them. Thank you And it has estimated this 5 star! 5 star because his lasted me almost the year and some adjustments and the tools of adjustment have come with him. It is two different measure hex tools and they a work. The notice needs the engine of ray of Philip to regulate a radio to turn of a monitor of horizontal the vertical or goes to be floping behind and advance.
4 / 5 By
This mountain to control leave me orient my monitors in enough any orientation I desire. This in spite of, are delicate to take to plant and takes time to take them well with each movement. Some joints are a lot sticky, especially a monitor tilt. A tension can be regulated, but any one some monitors are difficult to move and jerk spent a place wished or is too free some controls randomly advances of fall and face an office. A clamp that control an assembly to some slides of office around slightly when some monitors are has moved advance or backward. It is not really in danger to fall off an office immediately, but dulcemente is that he his way to a flange. In a tentativa to correct this sliding, the maintenances presionan a clamp, but an organism of metal has begun to bend under a force, which loosens a record.
4 / 5 By
Has not installed this or hanged and exposed of him still but after the dipped near and it inspecting, to the chair likes is decently of the piece has built. It is weighed amiably and looks to be a lot has done. A thing that annoyed is that any spent that it spent it some points of pívot are done plastics that has the rays with cradles have attached concealed to go in of a fund to some discharge. To to These looks like potentially could be of the idea of bad drawing. But a good informative is that although these pauses to cover plastic or some falls of the ray of the cradle was, some parts will remain together unless an exposure is lifted directly up. This is due to a way some parts are drawn. Like this for now I am giving these 5 stars and will update like this required yes has required.

UPDATE: have setup and installed a unit and an exposure that traces the rays and the very returned mine spacers Acer exposed. Without the spacers were all too long. With some spacers some longer rays were too many long and of course the a short rays were too many courts. But I am leaving this in 5 stars because I am taking 2 matching punctual monitors and will update again in this point.
4 / 5 By
Require the attentively consider your creation has wished to go to buy this. This model can technically sustains two 27' monitors in the format of landscape, a stacked on another, without occluding any of some screens, but a monitor a lower basically will be pressed directly against your office and you wont has a lot of room to move any of them to regulate for ergonomic purposes. More, need to take quite creative with like this some arms are trace and rotated to fulfil this.

See a success a big plus with two 27' (or smaller!), 16:9 side of trace of monitors for side, or with one in the landscape directly in front of calm with another monitor in the way of portrait was to a side. For ergonomic reasons, recommends a last. Be advised that calm of then is in increasing monitors in of the arms with the pair of points of contact of a mountain of office to a VESA mountain in a monitor, these small motions in an office can do some monitors wobble the little. Personally it considers this the small prize to pay for a quantity of the urban nails of the office was able to release until using this mountain setup.
5 / 5 By
I have bought this partorisca locate two monitors, an on another. Still although it is tax partorisca until 27', are trace the 29' ultra wide monitor on the 34' ultra width. A monitor a big plus hanged 14 lbs, which is under an indication of 17+ lbs. I am not sure you accommodate two 34' monitors without extending a estaca rear. One 29' could go a thumb a big plus, but can does not stimulate an assembly and retighten all for me.

Pro: A hardware looks good and is a lot has done. Some adjustments are easy to do. A gas cell is work . An adjustment does not have to that be critical, reason has did not have to it change, and have two different measure the controls concealed is different weight . I think that that it is the good value for a prize.

With: it is hard to create an assembly in a estaca rear. It is better to dip that before some monitors are trace . This would not be the question, but difficult test to take some monitors because of a next access in a joint of pívot. Once a weight of a monitor is in an upper arm is hard to find a magic place that leaves a slide of upper arm.

A subject smaller is that some monitors are the tad wobbly. Into use normal one seats there so only well, but yes calm clashes him bounce the little.

Has required another would purchase this again.
4 / 5 By
These look utmost, this in spite of, there is so only the pair of subjects has with these. I have weighed out of a pros and with east and exited if to maintain them. In an end has decided to maintain him. Here they are:

- Add styling
- the annex of the laws of Office adds
- Easy Assembly
- Easy to regulate

- Him him yours office to a wall then having both an arm to regulate and the extension dips some screens in your face(with 24' Screens)
- A tension adjusters is the little finicky, has to achieve the something sweet that is a lot sensitive calm in invernaderos or down presionar
- No real good place to dip bosses in some arms to be low profile

in an end, these were the shot adds for a prize. I probably wont buy another together but, in a moment looks well and function so only well.
4 / 5 By
Am using this mountain with 2 Samsung C27F398 27-the thumb has Twisted Monitor (Súper Slender Creation) and are by train of the master. A mountain was a lot of easy the setup, looks to be a lot durable and engineered quite well. Some mountains leave you to move a screen in a X, And and Z dimensions more tilt and rotate. Calm once take some controls exactly that calms want to can use him a hex English tone to close he in place. My laptop was so only able to drive 1 external monitor the time to the equal that have bought this to drive both monitor by means of 1 usb3 port: Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD/4K Triple Exposure Docking Canal (D3100) .

Commentaries, this mountain no in the each office. A mountain comes with the C clamp and will return the office that has the horizontal helve' until 3 fat thumbs. My particular office is a Ikea without the real horizontal shelves to attach a C clamp to. I have finalised that it has to that run the leg of a mountain around behind and then transmission like a C clamp attaches to a vertical pole to take a system to mount to connect to my office (sees photo). To do that it was able to move a vertical pole has retreated the little bit, which has given a C clamp quite spatial to attach to an office.

Ossia The product adds in my opinion, this in spite of some designers would owe that take the next look in a clamping system to see yes can develop a number of offices that will do with this product.
4 / 5 By
Sturdy And has done exactly as it has required the to still although it was not drawn specifically for the do. A fund is the 34 ' 21:9 and a cup is to 27 ' 21:16
4 / 5 By
well of Law. A bit wobbly this in spite of. My big worry this in spite of comes with a fact that a stand looks the tilt same advance after the dipped directly. A clamp looks to the slide and you can see in some pictures that a clamp the ray is in the tilt how is a stand . I have had both of them the places are died directly on and down and finally solved to a place is in some pictures. I have tried to turn a clamp in diverse place this in spite of any help. Some monitors am a lot I under a limit of weight for a stand for 5 lbs each one that that. If any one has any one suggestions on like this to fix this tilting the subject would want to listen it .

The vendor has done good things. Fixed stars!
4 / 5 By
Am writing this after admitting waste to match that two basic monitor the stands could do: it controls my monitors directly, in the comfortable height, and directly adjacent an another.

These produced is not to value a frustration. Probably value of the money, but saying something fulfils the level 'economic' is not the compliment.

He, control two monitors. Calm can move him around, but ANY can not find the comfortable solution.

The assembly is quite easy, but class of nonsensical. Screwing Some weapon on of down while they resist to some monitors for security is uncomfortable and ailing-there is advised. Any to mention that that has to resist it to some controls at all during an assembly of an assembly of arm is unnecessary. This creation would cost another $ 50 for having pertinent VESA trace that lock some monitors WITH WHICH have articulated some arms and fastened an assembly to an office.

Loves two monitors of landscape to seat afterwards to the each one like this another, be prepared to neither have some controls 2.ºn Of your face (assuming calm does not have the 4ft deep office), or 3ft on that it is comfortable to look in. Some weapon so only is not some right period to do the pertinent work. While some monitors can be situated in a lot of ways, some arms are A lot of clunky and never look to do that it loves. A process for presionar is also A lot frustrating because sound like juggling 8 different balls of measures and different weights simultaneously.

Better solution (which there is still to admit to do) is that you will want to ensure some controls in way of portrait and another in landscape, BUT move a control too far of axial, some weapon then begins to tilt a whole assembly like this BOTH of yours monitors are crooked. A weakness of some joint here almost want to me take one or both of a monitor to extend arms and have the plant it simple plus up.

Setup Continuous be the chance to fix the question, creates another. I comprise now reason one some of HumanScale be announce $ 500+ - cost a lack of headache.

Presionará Again all and find some interesting solution, will update with pictures.

TL,Dr.: no shabby, unless you are coaching to wrestle robot, or one of your ears is much more has weighed that another and your boss already tilts to a side of course. It finds something with better creation.
5 / 5 By
Was the suspect of has bitten in an initial dozen or like this descriptions of 5 star and 1-3 descriptions of work but has given this element the casualidad anyways. I love it. A lot adjustable and sturdy. They are by train to use it to resist two 27 thumb monitors with just one first splits of some arms (has taken according to piece was). My weight of monitors 8 lbs each one which so and this looks to be doing well in to sustain them. A lot stable when presionado with which find some right adjustments for your monitor dipped up.

Was able to take my two 27 thumb control landscaped side for side ('frame of zero' Acer S271HL GBIX); this in spite of this configuration was entirely flat and was unable to bend them in the walls the little has bitten; this was with one of some two installed arms in both sides. With some two installed arms some monitors are exited bit it too far to take them afterwards to the each one which as another landscaped but bent to a wall. I have decided to try the fashion of portrait for now with one of some monitors, but there is to plot of flexibilities with this mountain and I expect can try the little variac. Out of closing until it finds something perfect. Very pleased with this compraventa! The pictures aim my configuration with just one of some two installed arms in both sides.
5 / 5 By
Is announced like this
has been concerned in one load has put to the glass upper table... As I simply dipped the piece of money of the forest painted drop a table where a point of annex is, to extend one load was. With this I am sure will save
4 / 5 By
These am quite a lot of calms so only go them to dip and leave them.

Like move my monitors around enough the bit, and with these arms is not a lot easy. First to add monitors to them, movement a lot of fluidly and easily. After adding hanged this in spite of, is A lot DIFFICULT to take some weapon to pívot still reposition. Quite taken bit it by force. So much force, concealed I rotate one is the bit before some weapon in fact pívot to start with.

Besides a backside of bad/forward and sinister/right motion, an on/down the movement is a lot well, rotating some monitors in to plant of the portrait is a lot flowed, and tilting sends/ behind is well. Regulating a tensioning the rays has helped the bit, but can not take all that flowed to the equal that would like.

For a half user, these are probably utmost. For me, they are less than ideals and probably will substitute him finally, but am quite sure with them that will maintain him around partorisca awhile.
5 / 5 By
Has chosen this arm to control reason was an only one was able to find this would do for my office. My office has the backside like this clamping was out of a question. The majority other units when using a grommet the leaves of installation scrapes it that claves down which would prevent me to close drawer of mine of keyboard. This was quite a perfect solution for me, another that that has to drill it the hole in my office (that there are them wanted really avert).

After installing a base has tried out of one 1st arm (it doesnt resist a monitor). Movement smoothly and easily. They are once it locates behind one 1st monitor (27.ºn) thats When I have begun to have my doubts in this element. Some no longer have moved arms smoothly and when regulating a monitor to the place has wished a base would move. I have decided to locate one 2nd monitor in of the hopes that would solve it one bases down the bit, he didnt. Emotional some on and down the facts controls utmost, but that tries to move a monitor with out affecting another monitor was impossible. My chance of the use for these arms was to centre a monitor has wished based in my need. A control is the 4 K exposure, another he 1440 G-Sync exposure for PC gaming. I have wanted to be able to centre which does not control never there are them wanted mainly uses at the same time and any one moves one 2nd a to a side or on easily. To regulate a control has to that resist another arm down like this he doesnt movement.

On all this was the disappointing element , especially has had of big hopes for him and there is drilled included the hole in my office for him.

Will be to return this element .
4 / 5 By
The base that movements around been due to the arms are unable to move smoothly when loaded with weights of some monitors; a tiny hex the tone can not resist one bases in the place is the defect of enormous drawing. The things maintain to fall avert, likes boss and of the organiser of plastic coverages. inconveniently Need to maintain a hex yours around because you require contently regulate a tension of all a hex rays. These produced is the complete disaster .
5 / 5 By
wants to begin to say some weapon squeaked noisily when I in the first place dipped this on when moving some arms up and down.
This was a lot of that worsens to have to that way that be to buy wd-40 and sprayed he in the pair of something then silence.

A next question was some arms was difficult to move without another emotional.
Meaning you can setup a weapon without emotional another like this basically has to that maintain readjusting them.

Of entity: for a second day has done more adjustments and now both of one on the subjects are solved.

I really love the, some arms movement independently for one the majority of part. One bases still moves any @@subject that closely quell'one to an office moves the little if some arms are moved dramatically to some lefts or legislations. But have A lot of VERY BETTER CORNERS for working in my computer. I WANT THAT it LEAVES, FOR REAL I CAN RELAX NOW Or WORK AGGRESSIVELY ON LEGISLATION. Total control on to the equal that see your monitor of computer. Sometimes his angled likes am doing of the laptop adds tilting characteristic. Another time has arrive so only in front of the mine expensive while coding. Other times have angled so that it can sustain behind and relax and dip my feet in an office.

His really adds!

A lot very pleased in this part.

The sound adds for a prize.
5 / 5 By
I has another mark in the office of my emprendedor. Decided has required one of this house. Ossia Like this easy as possibly it can be. Main beam apresamientos out of a box and presionar in an office. Has some mountains already in a main beam. Calm then add a first piece of extension and presionar. 15 seconds. Calm after locating a second extension to a monitor. 4 rays Owe that take of a monitor, besiege a second group of arm in a monitor, and king-install some rays. Probably a course a harder. I besiege a second extension of arm in a prime minister a. Presiona. Fact.
A second arm has clips to resist some bosses. First arm has the place that prints a boss to, this resists some bosses there. A main beam has he clamp that slides on and down with the boss to loosen and presionar. Then a piece that control each arm has the ray that presiona to resist in place. On a knuckle is the hex ray that regulates a tension to create and goes down it some monitors. The mine has come súper tight as it have to that be backed of the long ways before it can move some controls up and down easily. Loosen To many and some controls slip down. It finds one something sweet to regulate and not falling. It runs this can be regulated for a weight of a monitor. Works really well, as I am not sure reason I any five stars. A group of the monitor can be rotated partorisca vertical viewing. And then behind.
4 / 5 By
This dual setup rocks!
I stand 6'3'. Reason my monitors seat down, my place is terrible. At all 10 to 14 hours the day with my monitors. I have tried several stands and shelves to try and take my monitors to seat main. But at all do well or look well. This stand resists him on big, works with 2 monitors, look adds, but costs LESS then some of some mountains that control a!! Now that some monitors are on big, my place has very improved! It recommends this for any the one who seats on big and is tired to look down in yours monitor(s).
5 / 5 By
In general LOVE this mountain of monitor of the duel but he take me some time to take used to. Ossia To good sure one of these products that learns to want the More than way that imagines was like this to regulate and the use. This mountain is resisting my two dell S2318HN control which has required a compraventa of two VESA highland adapters that has purchased on amazon also.

A product is done a lot well and was súper easy to install. I have had to that regulate a characteristic of tension to be able to have my screens move up and down perfectly with a push of the toe but now that I have it absolutely loves it. My office is not enormous to the equal that have taken a half of an arm was for one of some monitors so that it is not obnoxiously sticking was and is perfect now. I want that it is built in the way where can the to you customises to the your workspace and need.

Has finalised included purchase the black and aim FDW running chair to match a mountain like my office looks really sportive and chic now. Also they are that it loves a capacity to quickly swing my monitor around to aim the people that chair in another side of my office that is in an of my screens. Ossia The product adds that highly it recommend.

5 / 5 By
stand of monitor of Decent duel with good row of motion. Has the hard time with two 27 thumb monitors (the monitors are not in a recommended weight I checked). One of a mountain swivels this tilts a monitor on and down will not remain tight. I think that that I will maintain it and the use my room of the daughters but I would not purchase this again in a future.

Like this of today both of a swivel hinges that leave to tilt some monitors are resulted like this loose that included on two 24 thumb the monitor is will not remain in a calm place dipped it. I have presionado an adjustment like this stagnate that they are fearful that it can break he tries them presionar he anymore.
Has decided to send a unit behind and has downgraded my original 3 stars to 1 stars. The motion adds but no very built and in my opinion any value a headache.
4 / 5 By
I installed this in the office of glass. I have used two a together thumb in some upper and funds of where has attached a clamp. An upper joint was to 1 ' x 4' roughly 18 thumbs long. An inferior joint was roughly 6' long. Has two monitors, he 24' Hanns G and he 27' Ben Q. The hook on my laptop in a centre and a adjustability of some arms leave me to situate some controls a lot well. A mountain of arm was a lot of easy to install. It has taken less than 1/2 now that comprises rummaging around and finding a forest. A mountain has flexible options in that that can install you with or without an arm of half connector. I have installed a whole unit. Also it looks a lot a lot (although this means at all) but to to my woman likes.
5 / 5 By
I has gone back to see if any more had remarked this (which have had). For some reason a smell of atrocious packaging. Knots mistook a smell for the dead mouse or something, and rasgó a better part of meso ours house averts to look for the. Until I am spent to walk spent this box again and odorare a smell. I have taken the plus of approximations whiff and, sure enough, a smell has catered/is come from a packaging that this stand of monitor is gone in (any one the amazons that band, a packaging of product). Has has not had never this experiences before this in spite of can not take a smell out of our house. One produces has been a lot this in spite of, as I am not really sure like the appropriately estimate this.
5 / 5 By
Yeah, Can take the headline of dual exposure that is crazy beefy this'll is side prójimo to $ 300 but do already really the require. Has thinks so, researched hella the stands have wanted to take one of an expensive plus some but has @@give then has has had to that more the money to build of mine of PC has to that way that has wanted to cut some corners. It has been concerned that doing it here was to bite me, has taken a casualidades and am happy has done. It has dipped this thing in a side for side and upper/subordinated configs., Any way is done perfectly with mine 27.ºn ultra wides. This thing is sum
Apresamiento of the extra money and dip your CPU or estimativa of paper of the map, Or go to buy that ridiculous chance that saw you on Youtube THIS COVERAGE, idk, is your extra hun-do.
4 / 5 By
Ossia A mountain of the monitor has had better. I have bought these to do lame reasons headaches of tension of craning my with the. These lifted some monitors of an office and dip his a lot of on-line for me to see them. They can be places to him automatically jumps behind on or can regulate a cradle for the leave to remain in place. Some highland group is fully mobile and can rotate second the one who your cords can leave. Has the space for cord managenemt, the mine spends to be too big to access to some spaces in a together prime minister of arms. In a second dipped of the arms there are plastic tabs that exited to dip your cords to. These were the bit to confuse at the beginning because it seats like went him to break after trying to take, but a plastic is more resilient that feels. Sometimes it likes to be in my office and these leaves for that to manage without questions, only movement some screens on and is ready to go.
5 / 5 By
Looks durable (mostly construction of metal, but there has been so only partorisca the few days)
easy installs
options very flexible partorisca adjustment, can basically dipped my monitors wherever want to now, and if my partner wants to use a computer, also can be comfortable with some easy adjustments.
To have accesses to a full row of motion and also use a c clamp to install, a clave of arms out of a backside of my office, which has required that I the pulled out of a wall for roughly 6 thumbs.
He Uses a management of boss has comprised, a period of boss is eaten quickly up for some transfers and of the turns. According to some bosses, this is not a subject, but my bosses of the power for my monitors is quite courts, which has meant that has had to locate a legislation of the game of the extra power falls this mountain to control so only so much could him cover in. Has has had to that also do sure to use my plus along (6ft) hdmi bosses. This is not one the fault of this product, as any one clashes was, has loved so only be clear.
4 / 5 By
Perfecto if the two different mark/models! Has two SAME mark/monitors of model this in spite of there is the pair of difference of years in that has the light difference in an exposure that, if taken the dual monitor frames concealed does not leave independent on/down functionality, a monitor is roughly 3 main CM that one east annoying. I love this type in that, has independent on/down as well as the row lateralmente/lateralmente enormous. A tilt the characteristic is smooth and can be closed. Some the pneumatic arms are of good quality this in spite of, are not him moving around at all. Has the mine regulated and clamped is another fresh characteristic of this model!
4 / 5 By
TLDR: Some of some joints are extremely rigid, as no the compraventa the well is looking to regulate your setup frequently.

Pros: This would be good for the permanent setup, or yes so only is looking to turn some exposures among portrait and landscape. Calm also help you reclaim space of office. I can not be too hard in this mountain because for a prize, is the option adds if you are not looking for something to regulate often.

With: Be careful is buying this mountain while be able to regulate it easily. Calm really has to that take behind some exposures and grab an arm a low plus (links it that it exits of a table clamp) to change his orientation. A weight of an exposure is enough to close on this joint. This question is worse fact reason a groups that it control some arms turns quite easily.
5 / 5 By
Master. It is weighed like heck. But it is sturdy. Easy to dip near and up. I have it clamped to a IKEA office (which are empty) and has no warping in a cup of an office. Has two 24 thumb screens. One to to a thing did not like but has taken used to of this that far of a chair to wall when calm his the afterwards to the each one like this another. Can press him behind against a wall (arisen) but some screens will be far averts. It has very taken has used his, this in spite of, and @give now was against a wall probably would be two far of some screens. My office is small thorough but was able to do was. Now on 6 month in, loves it and ossia exactly that has required. An only reason would substitute is has found mountains of fresh wall instead but am not looking so much.... :) You take this!!!
4 / 5 By
Is a lot of fact and reasonably priced. It take an arm of dual monitor , and each arm looks 2 pieces . Calm so only can attach a piece of the each arm if your monitor is quite small (likes 24', any big plus and can require both ask to articulate an arm so that the monitors can be place further averts without clashing to the each one which another) and if it do not plan on in that extend them that far it advances. You try to choose among the gas cradle and a class owe the ray/unscrews to regulate. If it calms that can resupply, would suggest gas cradles. He the life done so only the little less complicated when podes grab a monitor and simply the movement around until a corner, tilt, rotation, height, anything is in his point. A build is is sturdy, expect it to last the long time or for ever, is 100 value that considers.
4 / 5 By
Are very impressed and pleased with this mountain of dual monitor. At present I have installed he in work. Before, has has had to that always looks 'down,' but now some monitors are in level of eye, which dips less stress in the rear mine. A construction is to have that heavy and sustains my two 24' monitors easily. Highly you recommend that this loves the mountain of monitor of the quality. I plan on taking a for my office of house.
5 / 5 By
Has taken these he so that it can be comfortably in my office without hurting my with the. Has 27 controls of thumb so that no really prpers the confidences on seat it to be office. These are utmost. Has the cubicle, and although a clamp could a lot of returned in a start (because of the bar of support), I only slid among my office and a wall of the cubicle and he have done. It is to good sure any one an easier thing to dip joint. You can very really see where is screwing, and are having subject with one of them falling directly down. We have tried presionándolo a allen the wrench but a ray is just turning. I have asked my boss for the help and he have said that probably we require another allen wrench of a same measure to resist a corresponding ray, reason when we have tried presiona one, his like this gone back. For now, one of mine monitors is resisted up for some books.

Goes to maintain messing around with him, but think once the take entirely dipped on, goes to be add and do exactly that I require it to.
5 / 5 By
LOVES THIS! I have required enough the bit to help dipped the neighbour and taking all the place to resist my two monitors and be able to move them easily, but still maintain them in bylines. Once this is to be fulfil, ossia one of some compraventa of the better work has has not done never. After our L the technology and I took it together place and all trace and regulated, one 2 other daughters in my department ordered and also has wanted to the one who easy is to use. Have So more room in my office to corner smaller. I have purchased the pocolos other elements that has helped me also organise files for some different tasks I daily. This element was for real value each cent.
5 / 5 By
Has finalised so only take my two new monitors plant up in this system. I have been said last year that my frequent boss and the aches of with the has been caused for some phases to start with of arthritis in mine with the. They are 6'3', and spend to PLOT of time in front of the computer. Like this yeah, this means no the majority of my day that looks DOWN in my screens.

This system is packaged well, is simple to gather, and mountains easily to any office with the ledge overhang. A system of the mountain of dual screen leave to create my two new 24' monitors until the much more ergonomic place. As you can see in a picture, has a screen has turned vertical, and a horizontal. A mountain leave to change them with him pívot simple. Calm give you full tilt, pívot, advance and backward, and adjustment of height, as well as built-in management of boss.

Really the desires had done these years.
4 / 5 By
Has ordered a highland stand of dual monitor with arms of gas mainstay and a pole to centre that attaches to a table.
Was very satisfied with a quality of build. This thing is the tank . A lot it has to that heavier that some look of pictures.

Some points of the adjustment on is awesome also. Any time can so only grab one of mine monitors and the movement around to wherever the want. Everything has the rays of fixation except some gas mainstays that has the adjustment of cradle.
At present are that it resists on the big samsung monitor and he mid-sized hp monitor

A process of construction is relatively quickly, any a lot of to gather but expect follow some instructions of assembly.

Has ordered this, and 3 other people pour it, and now has ordered neither a themself or is planning to.
5 / 5 By
These help me to us take lovely spatial backside in my office. His that is to describe partorisca do except any like this easily how is alleged. I guess if I loosened some of some rays some arms would move more freely but then would be partorisca move too much. There is the delicate balance partorisca be done reason calms does not love a sinister arm to cause a right arm to move when you are doing adjustments. Some instructions were the small confusing in that cause me to have the bed the little Q&As and the commentaries have done on Amazon. The mine also has lost a allen English tone. It avenges with 2 but the think required 3 reason some other 2 wrenches am returned to some rays avenges with. Some rays in some joints of cradle have required is adapted allen wrench. Like this if you do not have the hex tone or allen together of wrench, can require take one. It have to that have a black fashion reason the mine looks the pair of storm trooper arms.
5 / 5 By
Well, was very skeptical at the beginning, but the boy is this the compraventa very good. I have possessed the 2 27 is (a dell g sync S2716DG another benq freesync xl2730z). There is to plot to situate you can do with him if you are creative and patient. It was able the horizontal mountain both of these (upper and inferior place), but a corner to see was very uncomfortable for me, partorisca was too down for me. So much the now have in side for side and lifted to the place of perfect viewing for me. Some arms are sturdy enough to resist both of this two monitor, so only find quell'adjustment of the perfect tension and you am dipped. Have Still to touch some adjustments and still is that they resist up. You are the together very easy on global time , so only to eat on doing perfect adjustments. I def recommend this to any one is in a phase for one.
4 / 5 By
Has bought these to use with 2x27' LG 4K monitors, and concealed to good sure is that it presses a limit in of the terms of weights. With an extension arms installed, some monitors are slightly sagging to some sides, creating the empty small in a mesos the one who has had to them use tape to spend some closely together monitors. In general, it is the decent mountain for a prize, and he to good sure done an office much more aesthetically pleasing to look in and resupplying space more usable now that two stands of monitor are out of a way.
5 / 5 By
This was the bit of the stuggle to take. I ordered it in the first place and it has had the date of delivery of 5 days. With which 3 days an element has aimed like this backordered. This was of the different vendor. I have found this vendor that was so only the few dollars more. I have ordered thru him. The element has been rid punctually. Some stands are the plot sturdier that has been expecting. I have used a clamp in rear flange of my office to locate these. Had some extra arms to extend this product. I have not required these pieces. It avenges with eveything has required. They are trace 2x 24 thumb Ben Q monitors, the utmost look. It has had a lot @@subject at all. Amur Some clues of boss to maintain all looking orderly.
5 / 5 By
This thing is honradamente terrible. Has two main subjects with this stand of monitor.

Mobility: Some joints “of arms” are really hard to move in a way loves, included when a tension is loosened according to which go. Any time try to regulate a place of the monitor tries rotate around a pole more than in some joints. Every time you move a calm control will require to regulate another.

Quality of build: Some joints are connected for screwing to plastic economic. These results of the poor drawing in any neighbouring having to that it weaves to wobble . If your office is not incredibly solid your monitors will bounce every time touch your office.
5 / 5 By
Possesses a Asus 27 monitor of thumb and a Asus 24 monitor of thumb. After gathering a stand and connecting some two monitors to a stand, could very really take them to line on side for the side without a control neither sticking was like the sore thumb. Also he some controls the crooked look and shaped like the 'You in place of the straight line.
Still am using to to a stand for now like him to him two monitors is not side for side, quite one east the little more angled to a side and the party averts for roughly 24 thumbs been due to my office setup.
4 / 5 By
Has bought 6 of these like this far for my office and ossia for far a mountain of the better monitor has not gathered never and has used. One first assembly can be delicate because of some rays that you need to ray in of down, but so only use the normal sized engine of the ray and he will take easier after the moment. A mountain is súper sturdy and offers the wide row of motion to turn and flex your monitors in of the different directions. Also it looks very good and gives your working space learns the look cleaned and modern.
5 / 5 By
This has done the enormous difference for me operates. When being able to regulate monitors to a perfect height to avert slouching and the ache of with the sound adds. A better part for me this in spite of is when being able to obtain the tonne of spatial of extra work reason do not have stands of monitor in a way. Utilisation the laptop and two 3xtra big monitors, ossia perfect. Easy to dip near for calm but bit it weighed and uncomfortable when two monitors are trace I so that it recommends having another person with you to resist while you are presionando and ensuring situates to an office.
5 / 5 By
These utmost with mine 2 27' monitors. An only thing would change is that a plastic in some drive of boss in an arm a lower is not quite flexible to press bosses by means of. I owe that take a plastic and then can flex the enough to press some bosses by means of.

Has not been able to use a clamp like the office is glass - can take a course a lower with a clamp the ray that leaves a L shaped group with two holes that can use you to ray the to a side of an office. Probably very recommended for a costruttore but was the solution that done for me.
5 / 5 By
This was the big swipe for my promise the one who spends the majority of his life behind some monitors of computers. The installation was easy, quality very good. Has not founding any need for some extensions of arms, without his cries some controls on roughly 4 thumbs of some stock stands, with them have bred on roughly 8 thumbs, probably would have been too big then. Correctly for 24' final of monitors to finalise, would use some extensions for the main monitors also.
Very especially all this office added space, together with a versatility of emotional your monitors to in any place has wished.

Top Customer Reviews: HUANUO Triple ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Maira
An element was quality very better then expected for a prize paid (was for sale). Some elements are done of metal very fat. Setup Was easy. Only a downfall is a group of the centre there has been the time takes these wineries my monitor directly. It want to advance slightly. As I have adjusted a clamp so that it was bent slightly up and leaves a gravity of a monitor spends it directly. I try any one to touch a monitor of head office or slightly bends again. Still with a group what tight while it can take it, still look to have that touch around with him for the take behind in perfect, but work in an end. My monitor of centre is Dell 27' weighting (10LBs)

A workings of moving some utmost monitors. Has my Samsung endwise has twisted to control which are 12lbs and some accidents line the perfectly and left me to move them freely need .

Also a description says it will return three 32' monitors. It pays next attention in a fact that his three 32' the monitors has the each in the straight line. Has my monitor of head office 27' and two has twisted 32' monitors and same in fully extended some monitors in some external flange fully the attractions was quite for the look of complete curve (the side of monitors by side angled in me that does the wry form). If it was to have say three 27' the monitors think it would have been perfect for in the to to my angles likes them-them it. ( He the square of road for example of the side of monitors by the side slightly sees to be tucked by behind half monitor)

Minus a subject with a mountain grupal/of the centrical and'the happy state goes with this element.
5 / 5 By Jeffry
It IS incredibly heavy and no for any one without a title of engineering so that when being crocked.

can not say how long has has treated vendors that will promise you a world-wide only amend or descend your negative critic but I have to say that HUANUO EUA, is not that type of vendor! Still although a description was quite old has achieved has been in me and he well without hesitation. With the flavour a lot will do the shopping of them again!!!
5 / 5 By Oswaldo
So far so good.
Very very done, robust and easy to use/together place.
IS trace three 27disturbances BenQ control any problem.
5 / 5 By Azzie
There is the very mere two-arm setup before. Moure IS has been an amazing change . A hydrolics marks so much easier to adjust, and with the fast turn of the wrench can undertaken an arm on way that does not move on is pertinent.
5 / 5 By Tammera
Wow! Why time of waste and money at most expensive options. This one east awesome. Very robust and the field of motion is excellent. If you are having the subjects with some weapon that movement, necessity to adjust some accidents. It buys this one again requires another.
5 / 5 By Shayla
I have chosen in this mountain to take my monitors in of the adjustable mountains. Has two 34 inch LG ultrawides and access in this mountain without problems. A material is robust and a box comes with literally of rays for days. I have taken the shot in this compraventa and literally could not being any happier. Down waiting for to take more mountains of HUANUO EUA!!
5 / 5 By Jeanne
Very heavy and barn. The directions are clear and easily understandable. This will finish was all had left to build for my simulator to run setup. It lines each what 3 27 monitors in planting necessity to do some adjustments but that it is has done easily.
5 / 5 By Lura
Strong And flexible. A half a does not move up and down. Even so an angle for a half can adjust unit Very cual some left wing and right arms. Can be it it move it basically everywhere.
5 / 5 By Javier
It IS robust and does a right of work. Setup IS quite easy but only takes very time because of a management of cape has to do afterwards.
5 / 5 By Altagracia
The support adds. Controls 34 Alienware ultra widths and two 21.n 1080p monitors ( vertical) without subject.

Top Customer Reviews: IMtKotW Single Arm ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Lavon
I have tried it install the my daughter is This desktop of arrivals of pasador solid, and a lip in an end of a desktop simply was also small. No the problem, has drilled the few holes in a highland dish and screwed directly in a table.

A result of final is very stable for the clear monitor. Has the quite old 27 monitor of LCD, and is too much for this support. Some the monitors the new plus is probably 4 lighter of time, and plan to take or to locate here.

- the table has done Well mountain. Also it can the be disassembled to be directly attached in a table.
- Economic
- manual of Readable instruction
- the covers of Manual adjustment to augment the rigidity jointed for the monitors the heavy plus
- Stable for the monitor of modern light

- OKAY management of cape
- the the tones of Allen have comprised in a box was a wrong measured

5/14/19 update: I have finished to install a heavy monitor in this arm at the end. If it rests a part near of a monitor in a vertical piece, can back the plot of weight, but a height is no longer adjustable. It conceal it is not the problem even so, finished to be the good height.
5 / 5 By Florida
This was only that has looked for. It IS very exited well. It IS very easy the total and mountain. And it looks also with my desktop. I am thinking that that I can take another he so that it can have four 32.n Of the monitors in my desktop.
5 / 5 By Maida
I do to contain and begun to do a be of integer that/his desktop. Under my time 75 chair (am kinda loafer) and 25% be. State researching gesture/of organism of the place and distance of height/of the monitor. Very I can not have a better ergonomics without adjusting a monitor more precisely that it is possible with a support of factory. Using this arm can adjust a height easily to be and again hurriedly for my chair has posed up. When being down slightly etc. Does the big difference. Another thing is taking in (would not judge he of some pictures) is management of cord. So dang cords with all some devices that pode of necessity from time to time. Built in an arm is a capacity the tuck was some cords and free spatial envelope under a monitor that used to be where a support of factory would have been . A clamp in a desktop takes up significantly less room in my massive oversized desktop. Leaving me have it squared more inches to fill with stuffing that it is unimpeded for cords so a lot of :) I have found some builds/of trace/of an arm to be incredibly easy. I have not required some directions and he are mostly preassembled. You will want to have Phillips engine of the ray of the handy cape comes with a allen English tones. A tension of an arm can be easily tight. I recommend to tense the before bolding in a monitor and later adjust in your preference. That is to say one has used more / is while. Sense well.

5 / 5 By Sage
Mere to install, only find the stud and subjects. The good prize so that the research is the robust mountain . It gives the abundance of angles can move a monitor in. The instructions were quite mere to comprise.
5 / 5 By Miss
It was investigation of the mountain to control this would be able in impulse of mine 29' Ultrawide monitor for better productivity and while a support that is coming with my LG Ultrawide the monitor was decent for a time of the property expsita that while have wanted to to use my desktop for the documentation would have to move a keyboard and smile in an earth. It opens Cela has this left wing to locate me to tuck my keyboard and mouse under a monitor. The A lot of help with in a minimalist to look especially likes him a student of Architecture. It was amiable of the impact goes that these products has not been inner any first few pages, while it has been the tendency to grow monitors. While my keyboard and the capes of mice are still apparent, Monitor is an arm has the road to tuck some capes to control to do the donor of invisible look that minimalist look. As Seen in some looks of premiers of picture as if he wad afloat, very good.... For a prize is one of one goes down there and a unit that is incredibly robust and concealed to give me confidence that will be it able in withstand my monitor with ease. Also they offer 2 class to locate solution, chosen a a where you clamp the bass, even so at the end it drill the hole under my desktop to take a better same mountain that mark my integers desktop incredibly minimalist.
5 / 5 By Jillian
In the first place when I git this was the small nervus to pose my expensive monitor in this arm of extension. But it is sure and lining a montor tight. An installation was amiable of earnest.
5 / 5 By Shasta
The works add for my purposes with two 27' monitors. My desktop is not very deep, and required more spatial. It has Had one of some monitors in the program created that the left wing sew me of tent under the, but some integers setup still used too much room of desktop.

This has been an excellent solution .

The Also leave me impulse or controls quite big to do a desktop to be thing to use a program of old monitor for my keyboard and mouse.

Some two weapon that control some monitors are semi-detached, or in another, in a clave still these mountains in a desktop. Like both monitor can be in a height although you are by train to maintain them in an amply overlapping field of his heights of different potential, or or the controls can be planted in another.

But they no both achieve a same maximum or minimum height. While his place of the annex in a highland clave is adjustable, a clave isnt quite big to take them so much quite big to use while when being. I require at least another 6-8 inches for that. No the problem for me personally but is in a piece for something can use for the conversion/of chair of support with two monitors, this probably isnt that it is looking for (unless you go the to locate in the desktop/of chair of support).

The edifice is sper robust. A system of cradle of gas am adds. I have adjusted a ray of tension when in the first place totalled the and having has to touch it since. I can create or go down in any height and some controls stay exactly where posed the. The mine is so horizontal , but also rotate easily yes youre in this kinda thing.

Has also rays of tension to line one bends monitors. I have to adjust those the time of pair to find one something sweet. But I have taken of the properly, I having has to touch the again. Can bend me some few screens up or down (using two hands to eschew unnecessary torsion in some monitors) without adjusting some rays, and the winery has posed until I move to again.

Very happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5 By Allison
My dad an installation for me, as I can not speak a lot in this piece, but was able to have arrive and current in less than thirty minutes to start with. You can move a monitor up and down, as well as gone back he 90 titles, which are utmost so that that the has not been the characteristic of my monitor only. Look last it the long time
5 / 5 By Nettie
That is to say the very solid monitor the weapon concealed is not too difficult to adjust. I have bought this arm of monitor for mine 15-inch MBP so that I want to maintain my grandson desktop and uncluttered. I have chosen this one in a AMZ Basic mostly because of a difference in tax. With a AMZ Basic a matched with the mountain of the easily cost laptop in $ 120. Matching this with some highland costs of the half of laptop a prize as it was the no-brainer for me. Even so, this is not the model of cradle of gas as it is the hard plus bit to move an arm but once takes used his has not been so difficult while has thinks that that it was. I want a colour and what solid listen in a hand. One bases does not have any logotypes or mark in that absolutely like him. With this prize, can not find anything to complain-, really.
5 / 5 By Aileen
This two monitor to arm the support was exactly cual required to take drawee of some supports and the backside to benefit my room of desktop. It is launched of metal to have that heavy and a management of cape is very good to maintain clutter down in a minimum. It does not have adjustments of gas, but adjusting some arms are quite easy with the few turns of ray. A perfect addition in any desktop of dispatch.

Top Customer Reviews: HUANUO Triple ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Brigid
Easy to install
Read some instructions and look in some pictures and mark sure yours not posing anything on the other way around (I the the small time and has to loosen some rays and the change everywhere). I have had to to use an annex for my HP monitor that does not have some mountains of ray for some dual screens. An annex has done perfect and all was easy to pose together. I all only, took me awhile to take each joint bc has posed things in back or the other way around but once all was together was easy mountain in my desktop, I any ray he in desktop, has used only a c-clamp and is lining my two monitors only well!
I def recommends this in any one looking for dual monitors
5 / 5 By Tobi
To arrive to this point of prize, the support like this is the no-brainer. It offers two options of trace and they both a lot of law ( opted to drill the small hole in my desktop), while another has remarked a support is heavy and robust. Some instructions are clear and easy to follow, although that locates a monitor is easier with two people (a the tense while some another lines an angle).
Personally, has taken of the section of one of some arms so that a monitor will pose near in a wall and was the very mere process. An only complaint is that some organisers of cape were very difficult to open (using Allen tones comprised in pry his mark has opened one very the easiest process).
5 / 5 By Sibyl
These products is surprising and the must has for any raisin concealed very time in the desktop. We are result used to gaze down in our laptops but require to be looking straight ahead way down below. As such, when in my desktop I connector my laptop and uses two protects attached in this support. A support lines the big plus that his feet comprised and left me to look straight ahead while law. A prize is compared at all in a harm has continued mark if we did not create our exposures up.
5 / 5 By Landon
Has has not had this to the long but so far very subject at all. The installation was mere. It is not very meant to be or in swivel around in esliebre yours screen' with people in a dispatch etc. Can do concealed but probably one of an impulse of gas ones could be better for that. This a semence so much monitor in the road abordable mere. When being very robust and sold, any mecer backwards and advance or in anything him and concealed. Support to control adds for a prize.
5 / 5 By Vina
It conceal you do not want the goid roads? As it was attarct in him for a prize and of course has had of course my doubts quite the. Fast delivery, easy to pose up.
For this note of product thats work more only plant some monitors in or plant and does not move the.
5 / 5 By Nelda
For a prize of $ has not expected a lot, A base of a clamp has not looked almost quite wide in properly sustain some monitors with some full arms have extended.
Thought it could wants to touch there is the monitor the heavy plus or one in vertical orientation in a side, and could has to weigh to counter the to maintain he to back. It craps that concealed.

But this thing is done of some edifice to armour plate to have that has weighed! There is any one wobbles or game AT ALL!
Only to do a bit trying has connected only my old and heavy 23' in a side and the thing of thing is the big support! Included with me flavour in impulse in a subordinated or press down in a cup.

Some 'complaints' only has is very smaller. One fences in a fund of one clamp is in 45 title in place of the 90 in a beak that the fact slightly more taken in a lot of torsion one that tight clamp while has wanted to it. It was also he touches it low plus in that has liked him doing taking to take the good grip. And, this part has known to enter he so that it is very any one the complaint only returns the up, there is not any one adjustment of individual height, so yes has two different monitors the can not adjust to have a height although one vesa the party of mountains.
5 / 5 By Dollie
More weighed this has expected so it can do not promoting anything more concealed 30 LBS suggests that sure it has help before total. The works add, can tense and loosen together for better movement that access your way and easy the total. Mark Only the sure controls are VESA Compatible. My Monitors are a BenQ GW2270 that can buy you here in Amazon also.
5 / 5 By Sidney
I want like the extra room obtained in my desktop a support of the anterior duel seated in a desktop and caused me to lose quite 8 inches of a backside of my desktop. In general I am supremely happy with this compraventa. I recomend this in any one concealed is looking for the support with two monitors
5 / 5 By Raymon
It supposes these works of product well, some look of pieces to be of good quality. It has not had any instruction in a box on regarding the together pose, as I will not know to like work or does until I imagine is.

EDITA: Egg in my face! I have found some instructions down roughly another packaging. That is to say the fine product and an only problem is having with him maintaining has more to do with a quality of my desktop and at all to do with a quality of a product, which are very quite that buys again.
4 / 5 By Eldridge
Works while it announces. Trace two monitors in my desktop with easterly and is pleased enough with a setup.

Has run in a emits, which when discovered has not been bad, but has taken literally averts a whole mountain that flavours corregirprpers before seeing that one of some mountains in an arm had been totalled the other way around. This has caused a monitor (both monitor is some same) to seat in 1/4 lower that an another. I have taken once it averts an arm and flipped a then diverse piece perfectly. For a prize is to take any one to recommend this mountain. Especially since he always me in toe my monitors in road of portrait very hurriedly and easily. I calm precaution for careful the be with Allen yours has distributed what torquing too much in some rays can cause the to undress in a hex hole. The packaging was very and any oversized. The clear instructions have comprised as well as more the rays that will use you. Also it has spacers to help that trace to group very that trace of wall of the television. I have finished to be able to use some rays in a backside of my monitor, although it is always well to have rays of backup. Also, where he clamps in a desktop a part has turned prende to tense it was lower then was easier to locate and tense. It has to locate quite halfway to be flush so that that is to say so far as it can go because of a cape now rubs in back of desktop when turn. The arrival that tense where was and then that uses the rubber mallet for the touch softly a rest of a road. This took it flush against a desktop. Each desktop is different even so like your mileage can vary.

Top Customer Reviews: Dual Arm Monitor ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Merri
I the plot to research to choose the mountain of dual monitor. It was sceptical of this mountain because of some of some descriptions and so that it is almost 1/3 a cost of an Amazon Basics mountain of dual monitor. I have decided to give that this tries it and is doing adds for me. I am trace two 27' Samsung control (8.58 and 7.93 lbs) and has used a grommet mountain in a IKEA Galant desktop. It IS the solid mountain , a pole of the mountain does not move like other descriptions signify. I do not see so it can it break my desktop so that has feet of rubber under a highland pole. I will say that one bases highland is only quite 1/4 big inch that a grommet hole in my desktop. Cela He preoccupied me it small, but after I have ensured a pole was tight and exactly centred no longer preoccupy me quite the. During the assembly could not take an arm to line mine 7.93 lb monitor up, maintains drooping down in a desktop. But I have read then some instructions again and found an adjustment for tension in a cradle of gas. It opens The work well and the stays where posed the. Several descriptions mention in wobbling when shaking a desktop... Yes, this spends with this mountain, but think in that is spending. You are suspending 16 lbs (in my case) up in the pole those augments a pole of advantage has said on. If it shakes it, if it wobble. But that his in his desktop and shakes it while doing? In all the case, has shaken mine hard plus desktop that the casual swipes with my arm of chair and yes wobble. But we are speaking quite +- 1/4 of an inch. That is to say well for me.
5 / 5 By Ninfa
It looks very good to be a low plus priced on under stacking 2 monitor of arm of exposure. An installation is easier, and more importantly surer for a monitor, this has expected.

A support of vertical round is installed in a desktop and ensured, one can verify if his able to line the good weight. I have shaken to till my desktop was in danger to break, some looks of vertical pole very strong.

Then some arms enter for them, these covers to verify a gesture whence a monitor will be centred before commit to install some monitors. I have verified also a quite and rigidity of some arms to arrive to this point, and look quite strong to moderate monitor sized. I have bought only he 4k Dell 27' and was the bit preoccupied quite listens it sure to sound a new creature. I think his insurance after the press and tension and simulating load of weights in some arms.

At the end a slide of monitors on with dishes of adapter, and those are ensured with the sake sized ray with the nuts of plastic of covers of the inch. A dish of the steel angled some adapters are done of this totally quite strong, and his powder coated VAL and will not look horrible him it expensive of the monitors in the room likes him in some desktops.

A pvot is the rigid small bit, compared in something these hundreds of costs of dollars, the perfectly acceptable look for $ 80. Some looks of solids of global edifice. Has machined the few things of steel and aluminium and can imagine the fault of part because of physicist quite well, and is quite happy with this arm of dual monitor setup. It is not sper elegant, but is totally functional and the very good value for a dollar.

Edita: Enough not leaving , oops!
5 / 5 By Cori
A Sake: Very very done and quite solid. Once clamped down in a desktop, some bases does not move . Also, once taken a place of arms of the monitor, places of stays, only takes the small time to adjust some weapon that wants to it. An assembly has taken enough 15-20 minutes and some instructions were a lot of.

A Bad: taken two containers of rays (for different monitors) and any explanation that roughly of is. It IS quite obvious once begin the total, but has to try each which or to determine that it ensure a group.

In general: I am taking two additional monitors aim and will be to purchase another .
5 / 5 By Leonel
I have wanted the mountain that has had the grommet option and dual arms. This a fact a work. Has the 27' Asus on he without problems. VESA Hurriedly-The group of emission is the good touch , while it is a trims dish that maintains a base of a mountain coated in a desktop. The adjustment was easy. A lot of rays/washers/spacers to match your monitor VESA group, depth of rays, nuts, and included spacers if your highland rays are recessed (the mine is; some spacers have done utmost). It recommends this. I can not say it is more to have 2 monitors in a same level of horizontal, as some mountains , or this writes that need or weapon stacked in another. Has both type and I do not know concealed has an absolute preference for any one. I am guessing a stacked-way like this or could give you of more flexibility of bit.
5 / 5 By Necole
So far also with these. I run he 27' and 28' dual monitor setup. They have taken subject he also spaces in my desktop, as I have ordered these. I have been excited to take this beside recovering that realestate in my desktop. Setup Was mere. Some instructions very directly advances. There are different roads to locate and/or attach in a desktop. I have chosen to drill the hole in an upper and trace that subjects. Some arms were quite mere to manipulate to take them in some have posed that has wanted. A management of cape is orders also. To finish to finish, there is both monitor in planting in 45 minutes. It avenges with support-offs and all a necessary hardware to do east an easy setup. If I come to require another dual monitor setup, more to well sure go with these again.
3 / 5 By Deloris
I will be to update this so time while entered or the problems arrive. It IS one of these products where the chronology is in fact necessary in gauge the.

7/19/2018 - products of Initial look (3/5 indication)
Took a support. The box has not been contained in container of nave (like a box of amazon) and the harm has suffered. Plastic components of a support (Like a canal of cape casings in some arms) has suffered warping. No the first impression of sake.

The assembly was quite mere but any seamless and included that aggravates in time. Felizmente All the pieces were has represented prendido. A pole in a base is the bit wobbly, but is tolerable for now. My subject of entity with an initial together was that it was difficult to adjust some arms. For both arms, was also rigid in some signals of hinge that rotates 135 titles and 180 titles. My current necessities requires that my monitors be able to move, and that rigidity almost marred a support for me. I thought it the has not been feigned to be changed because of a hex the tones comprised, has not had one this accesses these points. Felizmente, is able to change a tension in these points yes has a tone of right measure. Alas, some rays were far in of the tight and has broken in fact one of my hex tones (this loss loosened a ray up for another hex tones even so).

At present has each pose on, but some looks of whole thing clunky. My solution of the arm of anterior monitor was much smoother that this in $ 36 (VonHaus First Mountain of Monitor Sol this / Articulates the arm of Controls With 2 Ports of USB - Groups of LCD FOCUSED highland For 13-27' Technology / of Screen of Gas Change For 360 Rotation). Changed in this Huanuo because of taking another monitor and requiring them in stacked posed horizontal more concealed.

Goes to opt to bond with him so that it was (at the end and in some sacrifice) able in loosen some arms to take passable mobility. According to your case of use, will say so far although a support is limiting among mediocre and problem. The only recommended plan has your side of monitors has aimed ONLY for side. Even so, if that is to say a case , would have to opt for the support the mere plus and saves your money. Huanuo In fact has or in $ 28 (the support of Dual Monitor, when being Hand the Adjustable height Two highland Monitor of Arm for Two 13 in 32 LCDs of the inch Protects with Swivel and Curve, 17.6lbs for Arm for HUANUO) that is to say quite well.

1/10/2019 - Around 6 update of month later (3.5/5)
Any inadmissible subject around 6 month later. Adjusting some arms are now very so bad as it describe it initially. An only thing to look has been arrests is some joint to arm to connect in a pole of basses of sliding base the bit to arrive to this point. No the breaker of roads while you are supposition to verify up in these things each 3 month and I probably expedited this process given my case to use the necessity to move my monitors. There also it looks to be any subject with my desktop or. Adjusting my bookmark in the positive direction but I are still not discounting my initial impressions. Update further in a prjimo 6 update of month.
5 / 5 By Britta
Setup Was easy.
A clamp the method is quite he directly advances, im using a IKEA desktop.
Some grips of individual arm that enters a clave is lining some good arms.

EVEN SO, mine 10 lb 27 monitor of inch is apparently too much for a tension of arm.
He droops, and falls all a road in a place a low plus.
This is not ideal, but and that ails the supposition has to move an arm highger in to a clave likes him control isnt only chair in a desktop.
Will be to update this description once and takes my second 27 inch monitor of STEEL

has not lined any monitor in any arm.
Downgrading This in the only star so that the does not live until a specs has provided . Or the monitor weighs anywhere afterwards 17 lbs .
A ray of the only tense tension a horizontal pvot basically , a vertical movement of an arm can very a lot of to be adjusted .

Has tried to pose some weapon all a road in a clave to see yes can live with that , but no . It IS ridiculous . Returning east.

A vendor contacted me. We leave me to us they know that my experience was unusual for his product and in fact routed me the substitution. Desprs The few emails that information of change and took an element again. Once again, and to contrariedad poses the together. In my surprise, This times all has done. A tensioner the rays done and and now has the net of dual monitor setup. It was able to adjust some arms so that they are so much same. Supremely Happy with an action of this element. It IS also well to learn a company is aiming to please his costumers.
1 / 5 By Caron
There are so many problems with this support is quite upper in inferior terrible.

A tube that the so many controls the arms are flimsy and does not attach firmly in a base of a C clamp.

Some arms have rays to adjust tension and curves , in an of some weapon these rays a lot anything, an arm is collapses like feeble with the monitor any subject as it adjust it. There are other rays of adjustment so that easily and softly some arms will move in his joint, that is to say the different measure hex ray that does not comprise in a box. One bends the ray of adjustment is so tight can he any one be adjusted in any arm, has included the angled washer prevents any adjustment in an of some arms.

A whole support wobbles and the curves every time move the monitor. This thing is the disaster expects to spend. It sees update

An only pro can list is that a C the clamp any precise he very soiled to take a verge of the desktop, which are well.

8 days was all apresamiento for an unavoidable. A second arm to control failed in a half of a night, felizmente a monitor was down in my desktop and undamaged. The support hurriedly has has offered substitutions and of the repayments instead to edit my description, which are there was little to do. His support is fast and responses in of the emails quickly, but my description is of an element and no of a vendor.
3 / 5 By Palma
I have chosen this up after taking my hands in the pair of Dell 27' widescreen monitors (P2717H) with an intention to pose on some monitors with or in another. Quan Took a container, a first thing has remarked was that a pole some mountains connect is quite down. It IS only 14.5' big and an arm, fully vertically widespread, only attaches in other 10 inches in this height. It suffices it to say, two 27' monitors in or another using these ways to locate that an inferior monitor is resting in a cup of a desktop and an upper monitor is hardly able to return on. There is not any road could with two 32' monitors in this configuration. I think that that it take lucky in that at least can take two 27' the monitors the law has taken.

External of an on, a box is quite decent. A lot it wants a grommet mountain, and this was one of some reasons chosen this mountain. After installation, a pole is quite robust and has any reason to think some arms of monitor will fail in any subjects. It researches quite be has built well.

- Solid edifice
- cost Under
- management of Cape

- the pole is has cut much more that expected
- the looks of Vertical place to prefer when being fully up or fully down (almost breaks to situate)
5 / 5 By Adalberto
I have bought two of these supports. I took me an hour to locate four monitors (situates voices) - two 34' monitors in some subordinated and two 24' monitors in a cup. A system will move yes calm clash quite take, but for one the majority to separate all remain exactly where planted the. Only very accidentally physically it clashes the monitor and the things will remain where posed the. A setup pictured is the PC shared and Mac Mini, which use to to write and purposes of photograph. I use the product has nicknamed ShareMouse in seamless mouse of action and keyboard among some screens of PC in a subordinated and a Mac protects in a cup.

For me, a support of monitor is the value adds . It does not have any remorse in purchase of mine.

Top Customer Reviews: Single Arm Monitor ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Krishna
Low description: they are utmost, adjusts easily once has the dialed in for a weight of your monitor, and is discreet.

Informs very time:
Rationale: it takes 2 of this support (more than the mountain of dual arm) so that my room of desktop has the small cupboard and room of shelf, like this does not accommodate the dual arm. Has two Steel XB271HU control that comes with supports of pointy red grain. A Steel is is adds functionally that pause, but is big and obtrusive in creation.

Installation: I am trace a weapon to use a way of clamp and or using a grommet way. I have not required to open any one of some containers of ray so that my Steel the monitors are come with VESA rays preinstalled. Everything has had to was to take some rays, poses a VESA dish that comes with some arms in place, and rays the in. That is to say for monitor prep.

A clamp the method was sper easy to install. Only it fix a module of clamp in a base of an arm with band comprised a bit. Clamp The Where thinks that to want the and is done. Please note: One bases of an arm will not be centred in your monitor when an arm is in an enclosed gesture. Probably it was necessary I movement some bases in a left/right according to a road orients the elbow of an arm, to centre your real screen. You see my semi-detached picture for reference.

A grommet the method was so easy, provided this has the grommet hole already. I the no. Has the grommet bit to hammer and is gone in city in my desktop. The measure was delicate so that while I have declared earlier, some bases will not be centred in your monitor. In this way it has had to to attach an arm in a monitor and control that whole thing up while my woman localised an outline of one bases in a desktop those uses the sharpie. (95% alcohol takes was all of a sharpie in case perhaps is asking calm) Once some bases was localised. I have measured where a hole would have to be and has drilled was. A minute more has had late the grommet the hole and the mountain was easy. They comprise the dish of the mountain with the ray of long place headlined. A dial to tense nuts softly and tense a dish of metal firmly. Or the monitor wobbles.

Function: A Steel XB271HU is the quite heavy monitor. At the beginning you are fearful an arm would not line he cual the monitor maintains drooping same after turning a ray of tension. Well, it maintains to turn the and is not fearful. While your monitor is in a tolerance of the weight has listed, will be well. My stays of height of the monitor in planting I impulse he or the go down. An action in the each direction is half smooth and/clear weight. The calm does not have to be strong to move some monitors, but will not change posed with a lighter to touch.

A routing of the management of the cape is very good. I have not been able to use an upper the majority of the canal like my wiring is down and down in a monitor. I will be to order the capes the long plus he so that it can pull some controls further up.

One only two annoying parts of this arm are some curves and functions of rotation. The fold IS directed by the ray this has to when being tensed all one issues once the have dondequiera the. He no left for easy adjustment once his bolted in place. I have tried in slightly loosen this ray and a monitor would find his road that curves . I think that that that is to say the place the and the forget adjustment. Once have level in yours likes him, the tense and does not look never behind. The action of rotation is sper soften after it is committed. But there is the small bit to touch/wiggle before it engage it. As to take a level of pose of rotation properly, has to compensate for a minor bit to touch

Conclusion: These arms of monitor are robust and smooth. It Utmost look, does not see any one of an elbow/of rear arm of a monitor. That with the majority of arms of monitor, this will fall for on room of desktop that has to and under your monitors. Thoroughly I am enjoying my current setup. I will update this description if anything would have to come up. As it IS, highly recommend this arm.
5 / 5 By Celestine
Good prize for the arm of piston of gas and a lot appreciates some highland options.

My monitor weighs almost 20 pounds so that the majority of the mountains do not comport well with him. Felizmente, is or has the adjustable control that goes big quite that easily can move and the fulfils will remain gesture.

An only problem expsito is that there is the bit in wobbling in a swivel and bend the most next joint in a monitor. But for a prize, considers that forgivable.
5 / 5 By Francesca
UPDATE: Awesome support of client! Without aiming a company has achieved has been in me and routed arm me of new monitor to correct a problem. I am happy to inform that some works of new arm perfectly! The amour that has more room of desktop.

That is to say the arm of good monitor . It looks to add and is easy to install, but a point to locate where a dish of monitor hangs or the alloy in an arm am very loose. There is plot of extra game when moving an arm that the difficult fact of the plant so that it is level . Softly I Have to the embezzle against mine another monitor to maintain he to bend left or right.
5 / 5 By Isis
This mountain of monitor is doing well for mine 32 LG control. The assembly and the installation have taken quite a lot of 10 minutes; it comes with rays of different measure to return several monitors. A vesa the mountain has attached easily, and is to premium to be able in hurriedly drop a monitor of an arm for just depressing the tab. There are a lot of adjustments to take a tension properly for the weight of your monitor. There is the full field of motion while it describe. Some strong material looks, and looks so pictured. It Liked him enough to buy of the second unit
5 / 5 By Leeanne
Opened has been it using an adjustable support during several months that winery in the 32' monitor that weighs 16 lbs and is has very wanted with his' action. An aluminium and other pieces of metal are very done and prevails it these looks, a weight that adjusts mechanism to compensate for weight of work of different exposure perfectly. Highly it recommends.
5 / 5 By Karen
I want to it. Easy to install, and robust. Buying the second a now to take my second monitor of a desktop. It chooses to do mountains of only arm so that this so much race the different systems and I as to separate my screens.
5 / 5 By Floyd
Very happy with a stability. I have drilled the hole done in the particleboard motorised motorised desktop, using some directions given.
5 / 5 By Alda
Work perfectly, and a better thing in this model is a fast emission where can you slide a monitor in and was so fast and easy. Highly recommend it.
2 / 5 By Wilbur
A lot you want the like this arm of monitor but still although some arms are done solid , a base of joints is flimsy. The movements to base left or right ( can see it impulse slightly of a surface of desktop, and that is to say with a knob fully tensed. Also a together premier more afterwards in some turns of base, again, included although have tense on and on. It looks to come to lose after beginning swiveling. It included they go for other joints. A worse is a dish of fast emission by behind a monitor, once he slide in, has game of entity, in that he the the ache to level a monitor.
2 / 5 By Modesto
It IS very excited in this support of monitor. It looks fresh and very durable. But at the end an assembly, gives could not line mine 7.3 monitor at all. Still I give it two stars because of a quality of well has done. Very disappointed.

Top Customer Reviews: HUANUO Universal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Halina
Horrible. It does not trust this same with the $ 20 monitor has done unit One the good breeze could attack a monitor of this thing. Only it recommend it this in my worse enemy.

Edita: in the first place it would like me to him his apology in a vendor for my incompetence. I have installed some pegs that control a monitor a wrong road. That is to say in fact the very good adapter. Opened has learnt it never to do something like this in front of bed.
5 / 5 By Micaela
This group is only a thing to leave you to use your Cintiq 13HD (or similar-exposure sized of pen) with VESA-highland arms. Just pair this groups up with this handy Ergotron-fashionable arm () and looked - mini Ergotron-exposure of pen of the way setup without a uber life-measure. You will require a Cintiq the semi-detached support in his backside to give it some extra weights, as well as to to the law likes him fill, for a group of easel is esayuda'. So much for fifty bucks, has the usable Ergotron-way setup in a cheap for exposures of the smallest pen. Three of us in our use of studio this setup and swear for his sake. I will upload the beaks when poden. For extra tension, and some deadening, also uses the adhesive listened little in in to to the disks like them to them the in them the use for chairs or of the cupboards. Justo FYI.
4 / 5 By Kathi
These laws of Adapter, even so has a emits that is more the monitor the cement more than adapter.

Has purchased a LG 24MP59HT of Compraventa Better (concealed is not Vesa compatible) and has bought this box to try to rectify this error. Alas, I have not been able in totally take a support of a monitor (the only road to do so that it was to take bezel and go behind poster - really, LG?). As such, one of some arms of the adapter of the covers of metal a VGA has entered. This is not the big roads in me since I only use HDMI has entered, even so it can be problematic for another.

In general although it was pleased enough with an adapter. A metal that is solid and all some separates entered my box. Setup Was quite easy and an only difficulty has adjusted a monitor in an adapter.
3 / 5 By Tonya
Some works of adapter, my half indication is so that some looks of big prize for just 4 bars and some rays have provided. A leader of ray would have to when being wider in grip some better bars, the plan attached washers under a ray directs to provide the better grip in a bar when that locates a bar in a VESA mountain.

I like a twisted the better bars that joins other marks that is just fund. Has two no-VESA the control concealed protruding behind in a plus down 1/3 of a monitor or in a half horizontal of a backside. A curve in some bars leaves a bar to return around a protrusion, and take an end of a more next bar in an upper verge of a monitor. Some clips to retain and finals of the bar now is pressing against a front and by behind a monitor. (Photos of voices)

has used rays in so much a 75 and 100mm highland holes. This left wing me to close some bars in a pertinent gesture.
Has posed some bars in an approximate gesture, Besieges inferior clips in place and rests a monitor in an inferior clip.

Broken An upper cli in some upper verges, and tense arrive all some rays.
Then installs all some capes

A prize looks the big small for some 4 bars. For the little more dollars, was able to purchase the complete air-support of desktop of the piston of monitor for VESA mountain. An only subject was that my old monitors were no-VESA mountain so that a reason to purchase these adapters.
4 / 5 By Estella
Had the defect of manufacture in some highland rays. Any one has forgotten to take an excess material in a leader of a ray, and since has not had any extra in a stock exchange of hardware, only could attach three of some wings in place of the each four. Then it has a problem that one North Bayou F-80 VESA mountain of gas this is using does not have some holes of ray of same measure in both slopes of a mountain. Some the proportionate rays are too small and there is any sure road to attach some wings in these oversize holes. I have tried to use washers but could not take the stable connection. It does not recommend this adapter unless has studio your VESA mountain in detail to ensure you that it will do it to it he with some limits of hardware provide. Also it suggests that a vendor or inspections of laws of better part or provides spare parts in a container.

Update 5/19/2019- revised my description, augmenting a global indication of 2 stars in 4 stars. While a subject with some rests of bad ray, was able to attach some small parts, comprising plans washers and conclude washers, to leave me to attach some highland arms in a NB-F80 VESA Mountain snugly, included although some holes are also big for some rays that was to provide for an adapter. I have used two weapon has extended in such the road to provide access in some connectors in a backside while leaving room in a front to access some controls in some rights-the plus under verge. I have used the arm only for a cup, which has attached in a centre of an arm. I swing An around quite monitor frequently, and has have the tone of loosening, and has had any one the additional interview has required. I am now very pleased with an adapter and will continue to trust the. It buys this adapter again of a same vendor. Even more i adoptive inspection or the extra hardware that is provided to eschew a subject that has had with a defective ray.
3 / 5 By Lauryn
A R240HY bidx does not have VESA mountains so that it was to look for alternatives. (Some the real adapters for some mountains me nervous with how looks the weight is distributed in a back) A R240HY bidx has an almost very-existent upper besal, but another description there has been the picture of his monitor with the similar upper besal so decided to give tries it.

Tries it taken this together thing was the nightmare . And I am not sure it is my monitor or has been the nightmare any subject that tried for the pose on.

-A main problem was that some rays a lot tighen easily that does the test taken some arms in some posed rights of crazy levels the thwart.
-A second problem is a R240HY bidx subject. A small upper besel and an odd form of a fund has done to try to find the sure gesture for some arms to go afterwards in impossible.
-Some instructions are questionsable. ( He the square of road) cual the small more information that the few small pictures.
-Directed me in, sortof, taking to fall out of immediatly, but had the subjects also gives when and chosen the up for a vesa mountain that me in him nervous, and legitimately so much... It have taken the picute of that, but does not remain on among a room where totalled the and a room of computer.

This can do fantastically for another monitor, but would not recommend at all for a Steel R240HY bidx.
5 / 5 By Loria
These were the lifesaver!

After taking two has used slightly the controls like the present was really sceptical would be able to locate them - is not VESA-compliant, is rounded in a backside, and has the tiny 1/16' upper bezel (Dell 27 SE2719H). Voice here this trace has done in fact a trick! They were relatively easy to install and is much more robust that look - some upper clamps is not so precarious while they look, promise.

Some controls undertaken of the scratch in the each direction has rotated comprising them the 90 turn to title to design of portrait. They require to be moved more gingerly that the traditional VESA mountain but otherwise do a trick only well. To well sure recommend it.
5 / 5 By Tommy
It is not enough, but he a work. Has an old plus 27' Samsung controls without VESA highland provision. I have wanted the mountain that is more versatile that one 4' the book had it seating on. At the beginning go it to buy the new monitor, then found this adapter. Much cheaper that the monitor! Any one very problem that joints of poses, or.
5 / 5 By Darcey
When being used in the 22' monitor and he 27' monitor.
- Easy instructions to follow
- Locates without any help
- Comes with all some need of tools

- No a subject of an element he, but the place averts 1 in 2 hours to pose everything in
- Some coverages of the pop of ray was really easily, and could be the choking peril he fallen. The desire could remain in the small more firmly.
5 / 5 By Angeline
The woman has taken the all in 1 dell pc (any new, but awesome for an aunt in only give his) of his aunt. We choose in the mountain of double monitor and another 24.n Monitor like another pc in a house has spoilt organism with twin 24 east. It IS it bit it nettled in a dell mountain of exposure setup (Idiot dell setup, but brink be disturbed too much while it was the free pc). Works, there is two little small semi to to the the circles likes them-them the monitor has the thin frame in a cup.

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