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Top Customer Reviews: 4' Spring Assist ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
4 / 5
It is the very pleasant and sturdy knife, an only but of entity downside is a fact that once opened it in the first place, no longer could close partorisca do the the bit of the security hazard
4 / 5
So only like a description and is acute
is Coming kinda streaky but partorisca a prize is perfect would buy again in the box of different colours are gone in tape of the needs in a side like of the products will not exit in delivery
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. 10/10 it would recommend it to it. I do not go partorisca take never pulled up in 🔪🤪
5 / 5
has arrived in shape well, but is a lot difficult to open. All the world has asked the test has had question with him also.
4 / 5
When in the first place it has taken a knife and has taken he out of a box has looked for partorisca be covered in the to to some oil likes them the substance and after opening a knife of toe the little time there are them remarked has had the piece that was broken neither or place in bad so that the hardest fact partorisca close a knife has opened once. But otherwise a knife was in the good quality and I do not see a lot other questions.
5 / 5
ACUTE!!! I love the this in spite of his like this pleasant. 10/10 Recommend
5 / 5
is well.... But literally I have any idea like partorisca close he without cutting my open hand 😃 like the pleasure any help
4 / 5
Was hard to take a grove of him. But there is the witch of the transmission of the security is well. An only question is after the little time that opens it could does not close anymore reason the piece of movements of metal and stops he partorisca close like this has to it move every time I the in firm.
5 / 5
Has taken this partorisca my fiancée partorisca his only anniversary somethings could maintain in his purse that is also pleasant but is punctual as it opened it has taken has stuck now pode does not close he so that it is dangerous and has tried all is stuck so only open and unusable
4 / 5
is súper very partorisca his prize could does not open at the beginning Bc special lock have but with which I unlocked resulted the súper easy and partorisca the neighbour or has to that press the bar of metal has retreated the interior and is súper acute the to the cut of paper likes to butter

Top Customer Reviews: MARCOLO Tool with ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. They are honradamente like this impressed with quell'I has taken. I have it afterwards to the bear and edges. A kershaw Fights and Bradley kimura. It is it measures it it adds . Very other economic trainers are tiny and have any weight. This one is amused in fact to toe. Highly recommended
4 / 5
is solid, does not feel partorisca like goes partorisca fall avert, and has the lock of tension of the cradle - that can it you a lot easily find in of the trainers unless it begin partorisca peel out of multiple twenties. The mine is gone in súper rigid in a side, which is not a @@subject reason the tool and the hardware to spare have come with a product. A bit Superlube and some loosening and this thing is flying. Any worry on quality of build, as I am expecting partorisca take quite some use out of the this!
4 / 5
Has bought this Balisong trainer to take to tricks, goes never done the prime. I have been using this one for the week now, and is by train to stand up perfectly. A trainer comes with the tool to regulate some rays, as well as to disassemble and interview one all some pívot. All some joints have come pre-greased. A box also comes with extra bushings, rays, and the chance to spend the one who the has not expected. A anodized the arrival is resisting on really very like this far, and has been having some time adds global with this trainer! To good sure would recommend!
4 / 5
The knife of butterfly adds to practise tricks. It feels extremely sturdy and durable. Some frames of looks to draw far more expensive that is. A packaging is upper to that is typical amd has had the elegant spider thene this has done looks even more special. Shipped extremely still 48 hours of some times have situated an order til my edges enjoyed it.
5 / 5
For a prize, really does not think has the better option for the trainer. It has been expecting a typical low quality rebranded the material but this has blown my expectations out of a water. You take extra hardware (torx bit also!) And there bushings pre installed. It feels extremely solid while flipping. FOR The PRIZE does not think you can find very better.
5 / 5
This produces the look adds but is bad normal use (any accident) a spider in a side has broken to disappoint.
5 / 5
This trainer has surprised. It was a lot of sturdy and a weight of him has felt to surprise. It was very easy to learn with, and a model was very interesting to look in. In general, this product is cost each penny and would recommend it to them to any one looking to learn tricks with a knife of butterfly.
4 / 5
If you are the beginner the whose reccomend taking this knife im not saying his bad his just that his too small for the beginner
5 / 5
My edges have hated a tool after a week, is a lot feeble I to good sure does not recommend it . The rays have after broken so only a week.
4 / 5
A knife are adds out of a container. This knife extracted well. Sometimes some rays would unscrew while when be used, but this easily can be solved for screwing he in. A knife is lustrous, thin, durable, light and better that another knifes. In general, ossia the knife adds .

Top Customer Reviews: Mossy Oak Survival ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Very fresh and the cutter has built well. The cover was thinner that another more expensive bowie the cutter has but very a lot. It recommends in any one.
5 / 5
Excellent measure, function and leader my big hands perfectly sure use of this cutter! Active HAS PURCHASED recently 7 different desert the survival has related knifes and that is to say a better of them everything! It does not plan in of the rocks of rib or the low trees cut with a cutter! It have to last the lifetime and will be to buy varied more than these for presents that knows will be very appreciated! It say of another way,, will be proud to give these which present that easily it can help them save calm the presents' life!
5 / 5
There is the trip in Ecuador in Nov... It take this cutter there in case perhaps and has to struggle some wild life... But seriously... Very acute and robust... Fact very well that low cut shrubbery and included to do clave to walk... I plan on doin the punctual hunting and using it the skin... Also one sharpener and the the flint is the good addition also... Cutter Well in mine opionion
5 / 5
Very good and robust cutter. Wine with all so pointed and has described. A cover is supremely acute. Looking advances in using it while campig.
5 / 5
I actuate Already the used this cutter to cut in oakum to start with the fire. It IS acute and does a work is feigned to do.
5 / 5
Bought he for my insect was stock exchange. Good prize. It have to when being costs for my necessities.
5 / 5
It has to premier of return a so that the cover was defective and VERY loose... This be has said that a substitution is fantastic!! Well done with good big quality sheath (has not used judge of start of fire/ or sharpener even so) for so of presents in but recommend or controls on before giving!.. LOL
5 / 5
That is to say exactly that has looked for. An almost comically big bowie cutter (this could be the hatchet need to be) with the serrated back and the sake swoop in a point. A grip is comfortable and a sheath is better concealed has expected. A sharpener and judges of the start of the fire is attached prevails also, has begun to use a sharpener in but more than a verge in a has seen. There is the problem that takes a striker of magnesium to do at the beginning but yes attacks in a flat section of a backside among a serrated verge and some laws to twist very good.
4 / 5
I have ordered this cutter in the bit of the whim - looked would be the sake in from everywhere cutter to have. Quan A cutter arrived it has been missing a sharpener. While no the enormous roads, especially considering a modest prize of a cutter, has listened thank you to leave the amazon knows that an element was incomplete. It was pleasantly surprised when the complete new cutter is arrived today.
1 / 5
This cover of cutter has broken down the half in a first use.
A work of judge of start of the good fire but in general very cheep rob. It breaks where the cover of the satisfied cape. Calm save you money and for the usmc ontario.

Top Customer Reviews: Kershaw Clash ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I very usualy write the descriptions but I trust strongly in the. This cost of cutter that writes on.

The law as it can he lineman and in this trade almost always needs the acute cutter on you. Desprs Tries a lot of marks and the ways has been using this cutter for some last 3 years.

A better characteristic imo is a cutter is opened easily and closed with gloves on. I external and with big voltage so that has need to time to access a cutter hurriedly with gloves of big bulky rubber on. Some grips, assisted open and closing the mechanism done this easy cutter to use or rid with gloves on. It conceal only it is the enormous positive.

Also a cover takes. It remains acute long and is stressed easily or can issue behind and will stress it. Personally I have not required never there service of client but my coworker has had to a cutter behind and say that an interaction was upper notch .

I in fact life this better cutter that some models some expensive plus has possessed so that has the most metallic grips thin while this has some compound grips that it is main and apt better in your hand-/lined well with gloves on.

Everywhere excellent cutter and excellent company. The must buys totally estimates a prize in fact is the clothes.
5 / 5
I am writing any only to laud this cutter, but also a company that marks - and an a lot of another Kershaw folding cutters I own and has data like presents.

Some habladuras of cutter for him. It IS clear, but substantially has built. A Speed the clothes of mechanism Sure a show like an inaugural system - is simply a better a-rid to open of any cutter of folding there that it is legal.

A verge - so almost each critic will say calm - comes acute as it do not want to never yours to be. Anything more acute would be the cape-verge and also fragile to live.

IS a hell of the plot of tool for a money.

Here is which slays me: his service of client. As it IS very fulfilled, Kershaw retreated his cutters against of the failures of workmanship and material. It IS known also that stresses your cutter while it issues you in them, if or is not for service of guarantee.

But here is an example of the attitude of service of the client these rocks. I actuate Recently the changed my master of EDC, and has wanted a clip of pocket behind in this cutter. Quan Was to take it, could not find. I have had still some rays - is still in a cutter. But a clip has been gone.

I emailed KAI to order a part, those accounts that the was not broken or fraction or defective - I only misplaced the.

Expected to pay for a clip and for nave - any problem.

Kershaw Did not have It. It take the FAST response for email, saying me was happy the road me it clip of free substitution of load. Less than the week later, has a clip - And an additional together of rays.

Is not the big roads - just small piece of hardware. But an attitude is enormous. They are determined to do possessing the Kershaw produced the pleasure.

5 / 5
Awesome Cutter. Kershaw Has still to disappoint ( doubt never ) and this cutter is any exception . The cover has required stressed out of a box but a point was knife. Serration Was acute also. A fast raisin with the bone and this cutter down all launch in him. It IS robust, obviously a lot-fact, and for a point of the prize can not find anything to complain- quite. To well sure the purchase adds.
5 / 5
There is the Kershaw 'the necessities law' the cutter concealed and has bought the while he he. It IS the favourite !!! They have to it hangs 4 years. I lost it recently (well it has thought it to it to him and fact for the few weeks) and when and was to look to take another, has resulted that the particular model has not been done by Kershaw anymore and was now in the investigation to find or this was only like a one has had....I the plot to look for and wine in easterly unit..Desprs Reading a description and revises, and has been convinced has been a right unit
Arrives and thank you god, in my delight, sound the cutter adds....Good weight in him, sound any light and flimsy...And I Want a speedsafe beginning , which my old one has had. And this one has a capacity to move a clip of one finishes in another to pose he in a left pocket or right.
The cutter Adds....Highly it recommends
5 / 5
I have bought this cutter so that my old trusty Gerber the clip of tape has broken was. It was surprised immediately with this thing out of a box and I are very picky in my cutters that is acute like possible. It was acute knife out of a box and a quality of tez listens very better that wait. A hilt have surca well for grip and solid arrival. A linear lock is well and the cradle is tight and they in both look likes him will line until a test of time. I did not think it it was the cradle the speed has assisted open but oh well, his quite fresh. A clip of tape is down and fat rigid and heck, in that like him. A desire of only thing has was the knob of inch in prjimo...But I suppose that they delete those in a speed sure models. Awesome Quality of tez. It leaves to see how scratches until some abuse.
5 / 5
The cutter Adds!
The endways acute access snug in a cape any snag pockets
the clip of the clothes the big plus maintains cutter in my pocket of shorts
anything of circle of help of toe. Only easy road to take the era of cutter is one hastens a crowbar
the cape has some right grooves in some right places for inch and forefinger
all the black marks only look the good cutter...At all showy each what practical
the security maintains layer the open box want to afterwards. More pressure then earth but quite only to do load of chairs more sure then another knifes has handled
the cutter is only in right measure in period and width and weight. It has Had some this weight like the brick or is road to very time the practical raisin. This an also assembla any one when being any so wide listen likes him is compensating for something.
Quan retracts Listens smooth and taken to plant very good.

In general good bade.
3 / 5
After the month or two to have this cutter, actuate only the few complaints... One, a torx the rays that winery a clip in the mine is coming loose... Any problem, in looks them to him 90% of my cutters , only tensed the up and now is perfect.

Segundo, tried to use an end of a cutter like the screwdriver and finishing to break one a lot of the tip was... Any sure if that is to say stupidity on my part or feeble steel. It looks he like me subject break it too easily, but of bad is an end of a cutter as it suppose does not have to has used that subjects.

Pros Is A cutter came sper acute and is quite durable, likes him toe, another then a tip, use he daily, probably 10 times the day to cut bonds/of zip of the boxes etc and is lined always until then.
5 / 5
The better cutter for a money can buy. I have wanted the good cutter but has not wanted to spend the plot of money. This cutter is also and in the PLOT of the better cases that the cutters that cost 4 or 5 so much time. But, if you loose this cutter, is not crying enough the, only jump in Amazon and orders another! I have had seriously the partner tries to buy he of me, has said Any one, goes to order your own! I possess 2 of these cutters and spend 1 with me daily, everywhere!
4 / 5
A pros: Perfect measure and the comfortable access in a hand like a EDC for any sex. One has assisted open is a perfect smooth speed. A lock on once opens, is absolute. Quite easy for women with hands smaller to learn to close or has rid. Raisin very discreet in pocket of Tejanos. I want to one any black reflective cover. A retreated serrated the verge of a cover is acute knife .. That take me in the
Gilipollas: A cutter the knife is arrived acute directly out of a box. It can not leave well quite only.. Have had to can it the to him more acute. This is not the cover that can stress calm with the attraction thru. It was better that dulls it cover, but the be has advised.. It buys a Spyderco sharpmaster, or learn to use bone. The cutters of cookery are well with the attraction thru so that they are hurriedly and handy and can do it daily, but very all left of the cutter takes amiably in them, and has attraction very good thru sharpeners. In my opinion, this knife of acute cover or no, is the small also down to have a serrated verge in the. Admitted, the fact more each purpose, which are why I has opted for the buy. Only it prefers the portion of the most straight cover very time. I will launch this in my rucksack once is resharpened properly, and probably buys the full right bladed blurs or another Kershaw of similar type like my EDC. Also I need to move a clip in an another end of a cutter and necessity to buy a tool for that.
IS the back woman I supposition so that it was easier for me, although I am very rid, to have an option of a be of clip in a side an opposite plus that only an opposite end. I think that that this has more to do with having low toes that anything, but any positive.
Like my only gilipollas for this cutter is all the personal preferences . It IS the fantastic cutter , is the Kershaw, and would be to take to beat in the quite more price big. For a EDC, is the election adds .
5 / 5
State that spends this Kershaw for the year- sound the cutter adds
has descended small trees, well for self the yes precise defence:

hurriedly opens is a better function of this that it is cutter like his the cover of change opens so hurriedly:
when being adds in a hand-- the stress adds: out of a box his wicked acute

has purchased already more two: one for my cart and another concealed will maintain new in a box so that has an extra one in case that I any one loose never my primary a: I actuate also the bought a lot for familiar members- all fly the

wants a serrated verges- especailly for self chair of defence that this cutter would be the good weapon require calm since protect what serrations rasgar someones the nose and the lips clear

Top Customer Reviews: Outdoor Edge 3.0' ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
Has the collection of knives of the pocket and ossia more often in my pocket. I have bought 3 more like this present. I prefer the partial serrated leaf partorisca the day to the day spends, but ossia like this acute does not concern me so much. I think that that it resists a flange quite well for random use, and yes, no for heavy work reason the leaf is brittle and thin. But for cutting, opening containers, etc. Is adds. Note lateralmente, have gone to a MLB game, has had he in my pocket. The guard in a door loves it confiscate, included although it have taken the the local audience before without hassle. More than losing my quota (and on-line place), I so only burst out of a leaf, has launched a leaf in some rubbishes, dipped a boss behind in mine one has frustrated soytodo cop' in a door...
5 / 5
As of this writing has had a knife for the pair of month. The pair of notes regarding same.
Hanged very light. It has taken some taking used to as mine another EDC is weighed much more. I have sacrificed a tip to break of the glass when I have changed, although this knife is literally acute knife, a flange will spend down quickly with common use. This is to expect with disposable cartridges of knife. When Used to cut liquids that dry sticky, likes a bit orange or blood, some needs of leaf to be take and thoroughly rinsed to avert gluing a leaf in place. Although I am not convinced of a reliability of term along, like this far is tried to do all like this announced that.

Follows has on dated 02/20/2018.
The Sad sound. Taken my leaf to find a clip of tape had snapped was and some rests of a knife were in my pocket.
Has called service of client and has been said to send email with pix. I have done so much and expect answered.
02/23/2018. Email of service of client that declares the substitution will be envoy was. Impressed like this far.
03/01/2018. Clip Of arrival of new tape with 3 new rays to the equal that has promised. I am pleased with service of client and recommend spent of mine to any the one who concerns to listen. Thank you, Knife Lite. BTW While in Menards, has found changes of leaf, which have purchased of course with the smile.
5 / 5
When I in the first place seen these was the sceptic of has bitten in just like durable a flange would resist up and a replaceable the leaves would require to be has changed constantly. I have been this in spite of tried wrong and now mine of amour, these things resist a flange long quite to the dress was two that it has to of bull and the after the season was on I uses likes the knife of the pocket regulates with a same leaf has used in these three and is even more acute that my knife of pocket. To good sure buy again and does not doubt to recommend.
4 / 5
I really like this knife. It spends the big measure in the gloves and is well in the smallest measure likes in of my hand. The leaves are extremely treble out of a container and very easy to the transmission was. The mine also has the clip of pocket of the metal that am guessing has been upgrade in a plastic version. To close the good and tight looks, and easy to deploy one there is rid.
Thinks this knife easily peels the deer out of better then a havalon have now.
Has come with 1 leaf in a knife and 3 backups in of him abonos plastic protectors.
This knife is to good sure the good adds.
4 / 5
The knife adds. Súper Acute and easy to change a leaf. Mark sure clean a knife after each use. Once the dry blood in a knife, results after the impossible to take a leaf was. Need to drench in plan and of the soap of the hot water first takes brota if any one calms that can clean immediately with which use. I sliced my really good toe that tries to take a brota was after any when washing . Learnt my lesson sure.
5 / 5
The knife adds, amour a convienence to be able change it so only out of a leaf. So only drawback is to dull really fast and a lot easily. They are more than the "Brota of Knife" in both acuteness and thickness. If you are using this like this the knife to hunt, which is the one who his meaning partorisca will want to the one who acute is. If yours looking for the everywhere knife to cut harder material would take them something more.
4 / 5
Ossia Perfect! Utilisation this mainly to dress of field and quartering was game in a field. If the leaf takes dulls, the launch in the new one and are behind to cut precisely surgical. The leaves are súper the triple and a knife is a lot of sturdy. A grip of hule is perfect when your hands are wetted. It do not suggest this knife for skinning yes plans on maintaining a boss how is VERY ACUTE the doing easy to cut to a hide
5 / 5
has Compared to a Havalon line of knives a Knife of External Flange -Lite is the Career of House ! It feels well in a Hand, the neighbour really well up with flush clip of pocket ( could be happier with the metal a lot one ) like him lefty a clip any when being no the able movement to another side is well, has dipped it lanyard the hole in a knife is the plus ,hule as it swings r adds ,to close retreated the emission is very sure and can be the spark has used the iron-cane ( I he , the spark adds!!! ) Any to forget some crazy acute leaves, easy to change without tools ! With, any sheath (the Havalon sheath for a Piranta the model can hols extra leaves and the cane of iron ) recommends this for Adults to Treble for boys. ( It have to that be maintained was to achieve of a last )
4 / 5
Ossia my second external flange knife of knife. This new one will be my newspaper spends the knife and I can not say enough in these knives. He he havalon the knife of knife feels like the toy. An only negative thing could say them roughly is fat and the sometimes low hair in a base of a headline of leaf, but the so only take a leaf and run the down a period of a base and is ready to go again. Some leaves are súper hard and fatter that another. Mina in the first place one has accused any 15 deer and pigs with bad swimming to inform. This new one east súper light and the like an addition of a clip of pocket. I in fact run my old leaf in the steel and he spends for behind it surgical acute flange wonderful in just the pocolas raisins!
Buys one calms will not be disappointed
4 / 5
For those of you interested in this knife but is resisting behind been due to a plastic clip, rejoice a knife has received has the clip of metal! Classical drawn knife, any-boss of slip, and a clip in fact adds to some characteristic to manage of a knife. Thoroughly It Enjoys to stress my knives, this in spite of having this like this the gone to the knife or the backup done this handy knife.

Top Customer Reviews: Smith & Wesson ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
It does not forget to buy testicles, or the mark sure has some extras around a house.

Include Some cutters come unsharp. As it take it your grinder to angle and grind some acute tips at least.

Include Some verges of a cape has a verge in them. Any one does not go to cut your hand. I have wanted the grip of small extra in all the case. It takes some rind, paracord, or series of just cotton or anything yarn of the hook exerts has rid sissies has posed around. Nothing special in a technician to wrap, only the maintain tight like the tiger. It will be necessary to redo it when finalising use and other cutters possibly slicing.

The small cutters have amused. To well sure it beat it to launch another has did not mean cutters to launch. I only begun, practises perhaps once the week. Already improving and choosing arrives objective and trying some launches sideways.

A cape and has posed on to good sure helps with how when being in some hands. He he tighter in a sheath even so, and can not join each 3 in, and difficult to join 2 and then takes one 3 has seated all a road in. It can take easier and sheath pauses in.

Edita; a doubt that has broken a tip has to has been using the concrete aim. Key other cutters, and folds some tips, but the era of only file. Any big roads, although some for endways, grind it behind, still see very big. Damn The flannel that spends bun of the bearded man hipsters.
5 / 5
Taken to beat a prize in these although you have tried to do them. These cutters are soft to armour plate that axes of covers any kinks can enter you an era of cover has to ones left the paste something apresamiento and the mark that spends to the fresh point hurriedly and easy that uses the file.
Some cutters come unsharpened so precise the cheap file or included only some 60grit paper of sand and the flat surface to pose the point in the, the fully stressed verge is unnecessary and does to the majority of difficult bit in sleeve. I have ordered two sets and both are come with the cutters have weighed bit it more in a point and slightly uneven measure. An uneven sizing isnt a subject unless it wants precision very big and when being weighed in some ways endways that you of those who has to preoccupy quite launch of rhe salda also has ro grinds the plot was.
Ive Mostly been using these for any one transfers that launches around 12ft but good law for traditional mainstay also.
To well sure would recommend for the first timer, or any one that only wants to srock up in cutters, and would warn even so this painting thwm the majority of the visible colour will do yours A lot of easier life.
5 / 5
Has the pair of hours with these cutters to launch. The May HAS LAUNCHED before, as we no in that have any a lot of to compare in. Some three cutters are come with a sheath. All three is quite near in identical, even so perhaps 100%. Quan stacked In the each another, they any one all have a same profile. One could be slightly main or smaller that an another, but only for the mm.
Launches against the backstop has done of untreated pasador(?) 2x6s And has had the little bounce behind when a cutter hilt paste a joint in place of a tip, but the launcher is fun and defiant.
In spite of our lack to coach, some active cutters withstood a beaten has given the so far.
5 / 5
These are my premiers 'cutters to launch , in that have the update of the diverse plastic has handled cutters of cheap cookery that is coming free of when opened the account of bank. It conceal to be said, can appreciate like a point is designed, almost like the spike... Apresamiento... Fat and strong point that bonds very enough. My launch mamma in better but can exit in 4m the good day, any technician to twist this band backhand, in a cup, and soyexican side by side' (mine the majority of mortal method, taught by the real Mexican). Launching the Mexican side by side is my method of field of the half... Also mine more taking launch method, and often times a cutter entered in the odd angle, lotta beat... And that is to say where all other cutters has failed with angled/tips of fraction. There is the little Budweisers yesterday and is exited there by behind a grill of barbecue and leave this joint of forest has it, asking if these $ 4 apiece cutters withstand an abuse.... Yes Some signals lined in just sake. And this joint of forest has been launching in... It is far from ideal... Surface very hard, hardwood objective. So far so good. The active cutters very weight, spear well, like me. Description of update with how scratches up over time. Amn. Mexican side by side.
5 / 5
Prpers In that Was used still like my husband has taken them prende Xmas and is still snowing here so when a snow is gone will be external launching them but likes him that it looks and be. I will update once take used!!

a lot enjoys the! It Likes him his of a point of the blatantly marked balance to teach some boys and to line them properly and launch without preoccupying in a balance right now! Considering him, think that it liked him something better (never say concealed but fulfil him haha) but like an activity for him to do with some boys, is very happy with east and enjoys to spend this time with them alfresco
5 / 5
They are balanced well enough.
These are cutters to practise so while distinguished some verges is blunt. Tips for beginners:
Practical to fall in a same angle and force (doesnt takes a lot of) beginning in 5ft. Calm once have the compatible emission can attach distance and augment a force of emission. Until you master an angle to fall there is any reason to augment distance. Launching the cutters take practical and discipline. This isnt Hollywood where only take of a container and fling he through a yard that paste an aim without thought in a process.

The element has the balance adds for the set of practice, decent material that isnt all distorted after the launches of pair.
4 / 5
Has acute points but a rest of some verges is flattened was. It was not anything quite launching them still, but listen well in my hand. It directs the drink of bond quite 4 times and some signals no the angle or the pause was. A colour very easily takes lost in long herb . A sheath the durable looks, the difference of the plot to crap these days. They are on packed in an of those totally unnecessary environmentally ravaging the plastic turns concealed requires other tools to take a product of.
5 / 5
State launching for a past three years more, day after day after day... The sad tan like this goes to sound, is a truth . I consider me among the beginner and the novice. As to say that calm only can imagine that I am not that I add the launch cutters. A time although it was necessary to say you that it was the cutter of quality... lol And these cutters here are of good quality. When being a crumby the launcher of cutter is, these windy has very taken dingers in a short time this there has been the and they still marks of new look! Also I like him his attach that or a thing has learnt is that a clear more a cutter a more afterwards has to take in an aim, for me at least... And it likes him to him he touches of him of the good distance. So much, I go to bond any one of them of a distance want launch, a weight of these cutters has to be more weighed then an others 8 Perfect Points I own. I warn one 8 and any one 9 (the perfect points enter the set of 3) any one attacking some Perfect Points have possessed the for a majority of one 3 more the years and I have broken only one and concealed was has launched the afterwards the mine more taking and paste a bone that backed an aim. lol I digress, These cutters in fact are heavier which left me to pose that good distance among me and an aim. I am more it conceal happy with a quality as well as a point of prize in these cutters. Def The must compraventa!!!
2 / 5
I use the 'any one transfers' spear. I Like him his of a form of some cutters, but after launching the little. Some cutters develop supremely triple burrs when the paste of cutters something slightly takes (like another cutter). Some sides are not gone at all, as I have fixed that , but because of the soft steel develops nicks and burrs and will cut you quite bad in a burrs when launch some cutters.
5 / 5
My together premier of knifes and learnt to launch at the beginning day after the 15 minutes of practice.

Top Customer Reviews: 12' Tactical Bowie ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Forest of worlds partorisca tinder a lot well. Nizza And acute. A wry yard is gone in some lateralmente rear laws partorisca surprise against the cane of iron or steel of fire. Fat leaf and will not bend or the pause but a boss can easily. Already breaking and a holding of ray is falling was immediately. Construction very economic

Update: my partner launched it mine in a sheath and has paste the rock and a sheath there is shattered. Also a boss has been breaking of then before the
5 / 5
would give it the averages the star could .
The leaf arrived and was partorisca dull enough that that would be likely gives to to the my dog likes to chew the toy and any to concern roughly the in him cutting. It is Spent of the hours sharpenning so that would have the half way bordos decent, and a flange still will not resist to the rib. Like the metal is not to heat treaty. A flange is also way was to centre to a point has had to them rework the in my tape sander for the take centred for the pertinent flange.

The sheath has no direct way to close a leaf in and instead trusts the system of buckle that is like this behind him doesnt same lock. And theres any easy way to ensure to the tape or leg without buying extra straps of walmart.

And a brota isnt properly balanced to save his life, a point of balance of the centre in a leaf is almost a thumb in front of a boss.

Goes Says some things this leaf has go for him, is look fresh and is economic... But in this chance still an age old saying ' takings which pays for' doesnt describes this leaf... ive Has bought $ 5 leaves of walmart concealed arrived in shape better then this thing.

I supposition could give it your 5 fresh year out of a box for him to go armed of game with and know he wont be able to hurt any one...
4 / 5
Is well. It is economic. But maintain volume of imports that paid for…

Plastic sheath this feels more like the Halloween accessory. The same it feels to a boss. It has arrived extremely dull. It tried it in the first place it is gone in the piece of paper. It has not done the mark. Then I whacked my arm with a leaf several times. Again, no the mark. Bought the sharpener, has done hardly the difference. Whacked My arm again - which is not an official test of acuteness - and no the mark. Another Reviewers the one who took it more acute that there is rid has said the would not resist .

Am returning and that buys the leaf of quality, as he Buck Heritage. It does not love quell'be is gone in a wilderness and has to that cut something and have a ineffectual leaf. Or have a pause of plastic sleeve. Or have to it that launch (like another Reviewers has declared, there is zero balance).
4 / 5
This knife is the measure adds for open-spend in California (except Los Angeles, San Francisco, and perhaps other concrete states). This in spite of, is the little weighed for my preference like amena down trousers of mine that has to me uncomfortably presionar my tape. It is well for chopping, slicing, that short rope, etc. A worse thing was that a backside of a tip of a leaf was not even. Also, it is acute in a side but a lot another when that runs my thumb horizontally by means of a leaf to try acuteness. Have has loved a grip, is class of rough but returns comfortable and me sure in not losing grip of mine on that. A sheath was also the little too bulky and would have to that it has come with straps of leg to ensure that it does not move around when walking or a be of final in a way that/clash the things when seating. For the Bowie (also bondadoso of the kukri shaped knife), is the prize adds . I actuate Still for the try chopping forest. I love a way a sheath can be dipped on and of my tape with ease, but a mechanism of clip that control a knife in place takes some taking used too drawing it was quickly.
5 / 5
Decent knives for a prize, is not the Buck Comes with the seeds embroiders acute, but does knife on amiably with the good bone. The one leading investigation, as I have known that have ordered... Well to do fast work of the big fish and stir to shoot on camping travesía.
5 / 5
Is the decent knife for a prize. Grip Well, a lot of sheath. A leaf has had almost zero acuteness - that goes for the take to take stressed.
5 / 5
Any one fond of a three lock of point. A lot I last to quickly of access. It looks quite durable for the economic knife. It has done well like this far. prolly Recommend
4 / 5
A reason this takes 5 star is a protective sheath. More come with nylon and economic velcro. No east a. His heavy and feels well in your hand. Experience 4 of these knives for each member familiarised. We hunt alot and this knife is part of our train.
4 / 5
Has bought like the present. It would be it returned but my edges already had looked for to stress the before I have valued. I say tried reason is not possible to stress using normal methods. And yes, I know the thing or two roughly stressing knives. We finalise that they have to that use the grinder to take the a bit serviceable flange in a leaf.
Principle of thumb to agree when buying knives--If a costruttore can not dip a flange in the, calm does not love it .
At least was economic but ossia still any excuse. It does not buy this.
4 / 5
This 12 thumb the tactical knife a lot of the money. I upgraded of the knife of pocket to this knife for self purpose of defence. A leaf comes class to dull like this calm to good sure will love emphasis. A grip in a boss is good but there is the lil hanged to a knife. A strap for your tape in a knife holster is the good characteristic and among handy when your hands are occupied. Ossia My first tactical knife the compraventa and can a lot really complain. Has-liked me a calm product think although yours looking for the decent knife.

Top Customer Reviews: Kershaw Brawler ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
For I surround it down skip in a fund. If you want the just evaluation of a quality/of acuteness of a cutter that reads some the whole things would be better.

For one can of records not attacking . It IS smooth when opens and fence, has the sake albeit small clip that is not too tight, and comes decently acute. This be has said some subjects. For example, opened with a 'flipper' nub is smooth and has the click to satisfy, but using an inch tacks is not quite so easy or smooth and does not open with a same click. As it look it a hinge is not reinforced very good. While a cape has the good grip is not the enormous adherent of a 'edgy' master, but can not take was points for that so that I have known that the look when bought the. It is not also heavy but any one when being pas cheap or. Down, for the small in twenty bucks that is to say the good cutter . I took he for rasgar mark and low boxes in in to to the another basic work likes him that, and is to act amiably. I can not speak with a longevity of this cover or that well lines his verge, but very when it can expect arrive the to this point of prize?

My main motivation to write this clave was to clear above that acute a cover is. Some say that it is acute likes him hell, another says that it is incredibly dulls, but a lot a truth is is or. The enthusiasts will attack a cover to be dull so that they know so properly stress the cutter and purchase the most expensive cutters. For the the one who purchases this like his cutter of premier will say that it is acute while it can be so that low sake. But I want to pose this in perspective. This easily can cut through goleada, the thin rope that considers cord, and in other things 'typical' like those that with the small bit by force, but at all too excessive.
But wants to compare this cover in a spyderco tenacious to do the point. These covers are launched of a same steel, but one tenacious was to bend a prize. This cover, of the amazon without any one stresses, can shave hair of arm (with bit it by force, but at all too crazy) and easily piece through paper when doing a 'test of paper'. Down through some same materials have listed on with sensibly more facilitated. But again, it is to bend a prize for a same steel. Or you can stress this calm cover, or take he in any concealed stresses spent in some cheap and these cutters would be mostly the same in of the nicknames of one verge. But calm a lot of raisins 5-10 bucks to have any emphasis he $ 20ish spent?

Down: For a prize am adds. It can any one complain. It IS quite acute so that it is not the problem, and a quality of tez surpasses that it expect with the cutter of this prize. But has cash to burn and wants to something concealed comes very acute of a factory then looks at most expensive cutters, and perhaps other marks. Only it take, taken that decrees of paid. Fully I expect this cutter to have the low life because of him is prize, especially use it to him while camping. But it breaks , salvation, was only $ 20ish bucks.
1 / 5
I have purchased this for EDC in my warehouse. In 6 low weeks, some containers of terrible daily tasks that inaugural, that short the few pieces of goleada and coring an apple has destroyed totally an arrival in a cover and all the metallic bits in a cape.

A cutter was a compraventa of impulse . For low $ 25 has shipped, as it can go bad? It was my premier Kershaw, and I any same notes to mark that this model is done in China. Once arrive remarked that a flipper the mechanism was much more rigid that another Kershaws had used in a past, even so a cover was decent and a prize was a lot.

All changed in a course of the few weeks when an arrival has begun to exit a cover. I have commented enough this in the buddy with one all-Porro black, and compare his Porro of 5 years with mine 2 old week Brawler. My cutter looked it had been through hell, and his much older EDC Porro (with the arrival of oxide of true black, suspect) looked practically new.

While it comprises why Kershaw would create the fact serially of China of cutters - and included comprises that the quality could be slightly different - my example is the poor case of control of bad quality, and an user of final not taking an element while it is specified by Kershaw description.

Would not suggest this cutter in any one. It spends the small extra bucks and takes the pertinent Fact in EUA Kershaw and will be much happier in a long career.
1 / 5
Some looks of grinder in having the form had the habit of an only form of a cutter of more that listens nogging. A cover that afterwards the mechanism hangs and bonds. A frame of the also black sums thinner and painted, while a frame of original cutter is fatter and unpainted. I am not convinced that is to say an original and can be the uselessness.
5 / 5
This cutter is awesome. It say out of fast and there is absolutely zero 'wiggle' of a cover a the cape when is opened. Very robust. This was my premier kershaw. In fact, I like this so much Brawler this has bought the 'Kershaw 1555YOUR Cryo SpeedSafe Folding Cutter' the week later. I have finished to give a brawler in my fiance as has the handy cover to open boxes or the sum of defensive weapon if the precise, the heaven forbidden. I have maintained a Cryo because of a sper slender handle which prefer in my pocket. A brawler is fatter and has the stock exchange for him. I want to both of them even so. This cutter is to take, acute likes hell, opens hurriedly, and when being awesome in your hand. Highly I recommend it. It collects a lot of different cutters some years and Kershaw hurriedly is resulting my favourite mark.
5 / 5
The cutter has done well in the prize adds. Usually it does not spend the cutter begun since in some half of dispatch, but has found lately a desire to spend again. It prefers the smallest cutter, but this cutter is very fun and do very good.

Kershaw IS done by a same company that marks a famed (western world-wide famed) Shuns cutters. Has the reputation to be the cutter of the quality and I have had a pleasure to possess varied some years. This cutter is any exception in a regular quality that kershaw the marks for newspapers spends cutter.

I any class this cutter like excellent quality, but is to well sure the robust and the piece has built although it provide it years of use without subject. A cover is well and will serve all my purposes and is very acute like new. Has has not had an occasion for the use enough for the dull up, and neither has had to the stress.

A lock of cover is linear and works while it expect. A grip is well, but personally prefers the different grip for the cutter of pocket. I seat like a grip is smaller that my hand and I spend the glove sized big.

A monkey the cover of toe deploys am to add and do very well, taking easier with use (any easy plus so that a cover is taking loose). It can be operated with a toe of indication or an inch, whereas comfortable chair.

Some sleeves is sudden and listen what plastic very hard, but no cheap in any subjects. It rubs, streaky, and scraped in the without marks afterwards.

A clip of pocket is small, very small, doing it all except very-for-swimming for me. More probably it opts to take a clip totally, although you also could change in any side to go left and the people have rid well equally.
4 / 5
It IS the Kershaw cutter...

IS the very done cutter with some heft. When being well in a hand and an assisted open is one of a more has not used never (note: I am biased in Kershaw -- has possessed uncountable Kershaw cutters). It IS the cutter adds for the prize adds. Coast to take.

REMARCE: Quan Took a cutter, was a duller these cutters have used to pending month without stressing. Necessity To be has stressed. -- That is to say a-typical for Kershaw. All another Kershaw the cutters have not purchased never has been more acute that acute and easily spends a test of paper.
5 / 5
It has Had this cutter for the small in 2 years now at the same time to write this description. It spends it and use it daily. I have stressed he in the bones put occasionally but the maintain the acute knife for simply stropping he once the week. Very seldom pose it bone with weekly stropping. In the each 2-3 month, pose two drops of hoppes oil of pistol where a pvot of the cover and a cutter the still plough with a cart has taken so marks when was new. I see some revise to declare that a cart has assisted to open prisoner to do very when all the need is the drops of pair of oil to fix. I add cheap EDC cutter that does not have any complaint enough.
5 / 5
As I am not that it goes in lie, quite 90% of why bought this cutter is state because of a asthetics (fashionable/look) but a global quality and the cutting use also surpass my expectations. I take a clip to hang in a side and applied some rays of change in a fund in the each side for better symmetry and in any disorder in a normal flow of an emission of the cover and he look and the law adds.
3 / 5

This cutter goes to have some of some same pros list for a Kershaw Confrontation that I previewed here, but will go to advance and list all was. Only like a Confrontation, a Brawler looks a SpeedSafe has assisted to open mechanism that really enjoys to deploy. Besides some scales is very comfortable in your hand. I am also the big adherent of covers so fashionable for some reason. It is not that they are more useful in my life I only like a look of a cover.


HAS the few complaints in this cover that a bit in me disappointing. An in the first place is a location of a flipper tab. It IS localised way down below fell it small has entered a cup of a cape. This causes your toe to take a cape during deployment of cover in addition to occasions. In no way I am rasgando my toe was but that is to say to well sure the election to design this puzzle me so looks to serve any purpose. Speech before in a fact that I in fact what liner locks. Even so, more the cutters look the opposite small notch of a lock these covers your inch in hurriedly achieve and actuate a lock. This cutter is different and a cape of integer is flush that enough tea to insert your inch in a desert and wedge a free lock. There is has not had any problems with cutting my inch but he are an uncomfortable manoeuvre.


This cutter is in no way a worse thing has not spent never, but has some serious defects. I think that that my subject my big plus is that Kershaw has not done the pair of elections that excels on I very like this cutter. I am only he chooses happy he up in the very good sale.
4 / 5
I have bought this cual the substitution for mine $ 400 benchmade edition so special that has had during 10 years and now stray, and no this model anymore. Work well for the month, then a clip that comes loose. It has to it pose it you loctite in some rays and situates the backside in. It controls some costs of verge, is the decent measure for every day spends. A thumbscrew is nonsensical while it do not open it very good and is the too small bit to do a work, but a crowbar in a backside a cover a good work.

Top Customer Reviews: MARCOLO Training ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5
Experience this knife of practice of the butterfly partorisca my grandson. Ossia The knife adds partorisca coach, practical and learning tricks. A knife of the quality well has built that it is sure partorisca boys. An action of butterfly is right and smooth toes adds out of a box. I am impressed with a quality of this knife and highly would recommend it to any one looking for the knife of practice. Games of grandchildren with this constantly and there is not partorisca the dipped down partorisca days. Well value a cost so only in an entertainment that has generated he partorisca he. To good sure would purchase another of this company.
5 / 5
Pros: It looks fresh and I like a green in stainless.

Gilipollas: I have received this practise flipper and has had well of poor functionality out of a box. Some sleeves were too tight against some pívot and has movement so there has been very restricted. He also squeaked when I have tried toe he around. I have tried to take some time partorisca break he in and do not help. I have tried also use the light quantity of knife lube and has not helped. I can any a lot of adjustments reason does not have any ray. It looks other people has taken the usable product - I so that it follows one of one of concealed them is the victim of control of poor quality.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca my edges that has wanted to learn more roughly knives of butterfly and technical of practice.
This knife to learn, the fat blunt leaf is like this far that resists up.
Some sleeves were very rigid to a point to be unusable but some squirts of WD40 and doing some sleeves and loosening rays for moving some bosses have done around a trick.
A subject only really is when a tentativa is done to close a knife and toe a latch has closed. A leaf, when being fatter for the security is wider that the real leaf like any really goes flush to some bosses when I concluded. As to close he to an enclosed place with a latch has to that you he really forces and squeeze some together bosses. Ossia The point of possible stress and that latch could easily pause.
5 / 5
HAS his decent weight to do feels like a real knife. More is built in a form esatta of a calm so that it takes one that comprises duquel the side is a cutting flange , etc. When I compare It my real knife, is very together, with my real leaf when being the different form and so only the little has bitten heavier. But I practise it it is of entity in both one leaf of the practice and a real leaf to ensure you can do by means of some differences.
5 / 5
My opinions:
Pros: it likes- one creation of a colour, a period, an organism.
Moves smooth, flexible. Suitable for tricks of beginner
Gilipollas: for me, I can not it treat there is anticipated more tricks because a weight of a leaf is too light (the line out of a leaf is steel but an interior is placstic) comprises can not do to the to leaf him him like that been due to of a security.
Conclusion: this balisong is not to value of the money wants to learn there is anticipated more movements.
Sad for my bad english
4 / 5
has bought this after a one takes like the present has broken with which one uses. This one has good weight but no too heavy. Well he he. Of then it purchases it is state fallen long but good works. An economic plus some have the tiny pins will burst was and impossible to substitute/fix.
5 / 5
Awesome Knife of butterfly of the practice. Easy to use for my boy of better friends loves it like this. It would say commanded of first double control to finalise, has selected “orange” and has taken red “envoy” and am very positive has not been my final of deception. But it is happy ossia the one who @@subject. Thank you Red looks awesome also means of present fresco stuffers or to maintain some boys there is distracted for the few hours
4 / 5
So only recieved the knife of butterfly of the formation of my edges of Marcolo.
Very solid feels, amour a distribution of the weight balanced of a product.
Marcolo Has taken has included ours the day sooner that has promised. With the service of client adds.
To good sure would recommend this company.
Thank you
Richard Christman
5 / 5
any toe like the knife of butterfly
Very rigid , my edges was a lot of disappointed 😞
5 / 5
Big quality and stable balance. A latch would not close in mine first order. Marcolo Has substituted he promptly. Highly recommend this product.

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