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Top Customer Reviews: Gerber Paraframe ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this like the substitution partorisca another EDC-ish knife that TSA confiscated why have forgotten has attached it to my tones. RASGA.

Likes another has said, this knife is quell'has bitten hard to close, especially with just a hand. This part does not annoy me at all why are not never doing anything with him where has a delivery incapacitated but could be note-worthy partorisca another. I so only tried now still partorisca close with a delivery and while it is -able, looks the plot more takes with two hands I so that it will continue to do that.

Is the measures adds , a lot pocketable although so only uses house partorisca inaugural boxes and such. Has the clip of tape and is very light has has felt bent partorisca spend he with calm situates or always the spend around like this EDC. It does a lot sturdy this in spite of like this partorisca a purpose wants to use he partorisca, am very satisfied. The leaf is very acute and is the good mark . It is so only a tool an easy plus for me to use that the scissor the time and ossia that mainly uses stops.

USEFUL vote my description has helped the decision at all. I promote to maintain writing!
4 / 5
Has chosen this up for my edges. Imagined in his youth, this knife is the good measure for his hands. Has the slightly main version of this Gerber that has been using for the moment. And it has been the dependable and sturdy knife. Have shaved the something in my arm with a bit a legislation out of a container.
5 / 5
Ossia A knife 'very' . At all remarkable roughly the another quell'access in a pocket or calm can use a loop of tape.
A quality of leaf is a lot well, but Gerber would have to that be. This in spite of, is not hands it opener. I thought it it would not concern me , but I am bad.
Remington is a better creation of one 3 mini knives pictured but has the leaf of terrible quality.
A black Gerber has an excellent leaf and he is light like the feather. For real excellent but took the week to go down to 1 hand that opens.
My preferred of small knife, any mini, is a Smith&Wesson Executive (revised elsewhere) but prefers some minis for has dressed to spend.
5 / 5
A mechanism that locks a leaf in situating when his open is SÚPER rigid. To close a brotas has to that REALLY DIPPED some pressure in a lock. Almost it feels like the dangerous quantity to do for takes it has closed. As yours hand could slip and calm would cut you quite bad. Certainly it calms it could not operate a knife with a book so only. I have bought it likes a EDC and taking left in mine bedside to subject enough each one the pointless spent for me. It looks fresh and a leaf is good and acute. Certainly it can not contest with a prize. But it has been to him it expects it better quality of Gerber.
4 / 5
Is the good knife for low $ 10. A bit difficult to close because of his measure, and a type of steel is probably final quite down, but is the handy leaf to spend to owe light. The majority of that I is bonds of the cutting zip or ploughed it that ache in a a$ $ plastic packaging (the coincidentally ossia packaged in) as they are not never that goes to has beaten really one craps out of the knife. It is acute, and was able to do some sacrifices of small blood to a Dark Gentleman of a Room of Server so that it would owe that maintain my coverage on and when being announces the little while longer.
4 / 5
Another do another well for Gerber. I have possessed several Gerber knives and will stick with them. This one looks very solid and sturdy and looks well. A measure in another hand is a lot deceiving. A knife has bent is a measure of my indication of toe or more comparable it Chapstick container. It grieves access in my hand comfortably but so that I need he partorisca in the daily base is perfect. I wish this was in another thumb or two elder for me personally. Global I adds little knife of pocket if ossia that yours looking for
4 / 5
Luz, appeal, acute, looks to be able to resist a flange. This in spite of, with using very light, no longer closes after eight month. The claim of guarantee has filed. Update: Lifetime the guarantee does not comprise shipping costs to return an element to be fixed and has substituted. Besides, if taken the bad substitution , is also responsible for these costs.
5 / 5
Ossia That has been looking for! An I adds little knife of pocket. Ossia Light and comfortable in my pocket of trousers of the front. It is not very wide (around 1/2 thumb in a wider part, a clip of tape). When A leaf is bent inside a knife measures the little on 3 thumbs. Thickness forget has in my pocket. A leaf is the little on 2 long thumbs and a total knife is around 5 thumbs when long. A grip is appropriate for such the small knife with groves that your toes am returned to. A quality of looks of build notches upper . It does not feel economic like another knifes am gone in this row of prize.

My only two complaints are that a leaf is quite hard to bend behind in. Has a part of metal of a chance that flops in to maintain a leaf in the place but is quite difficult to this almost likes to take wedge for behind a leaf like opposed to so only that sustains a leaf like another knifes. Also, it likes him he serrated of flange in a fund of a leaf that this does not have .
4 / 5
Loves this knife! It is small, thin, light, and resists a flange well quite (for Stainless), and is quite antibala. I have been spending a for years now, and a clip has not broken never, one that resists is still good and smooth, and can still open and close he with a delivery. A liner-prójimo does not fail never to snap to plant with the in 'click' satisfactory, but is not too strong to press out of a way.

The majority of the knives of pocket am weighed much more and bulkier in a frame that requires to be which he his hard fact to spend and easy to something. Ossia Quite small to be legal almost anywhere, and although it slip up and accidently takes to somewhere does not have to that any person is likely to remark. It is quite small and quite a lot of light that can it you so only clip he in the tape/of pocket of tape/of loop and forget is there until calm the precise.

Seriously, this ticks all some boxes for me, he all require it to do in the quite small form that is not annoying to spend. And a better part is that it is quite economic that loses it to him, the failure, or has to that rid the on to TSA 'the cause has forgotten was in my stock exchange (sigh), simply can take another.

P.D.: Take a Simple/A lot edged knife, does not take any time at all to stress, and unless you are planning that short by means of stirs it of rope or webbing any precise it serrated flange.
4 / 5
Has looked for the small / tiny knife to buy and this has looked an attractive option in the good prize. They are conscious that Gerber has the mixed reputation for quality and in this point of the prize has not expected any a lot of. In the first place some positive - I am happy with a factor of form, a measure is which has loved. A clip is good works . A liner to the lock involves well and is sure (possibly also ensure like this sometimes takes more esforzo that half to disengage he). My main flu in this knife is that it has arrived so only moderately acute and has not been able to stress to a point where am satisfied with him. The utilisation Worksharp Onion of Knowledge sharpener and usually can take a effortless paper slicing level of acuteness in the knife downwards five minutes. In spite of spending on 30 minutes with this knife I so only can does not take to this level of acuteness. I am frustrated enough with that. Certainly it is quite acute for piece an apple and open containers. They are still happy with a factor of form and a global quality of build (especially for a prize), as they are by train of the give 4 stars, with the deduction one for a material of leaf because it is like this difficult to stress.

Top Customer Reviews: Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Left me in the first place say that I sell and work in of the knives partorisca the living, like six that am speaking roughly, are not so only expressing my opinion like the 'type of knife'.

Has chosen this up in the lark to the equal that have tried multiple appeal throughs, comprising more populate one is here on Amazon. This be has said, this little type is in fact better that any Lansky is or the current basic offerings of the smith, can believe concealed.

Used it so only partorisca stress the Kershaw Filter, and now my interior of sinister arm is cleaned shaven, without irritation. This impressed, as so only take roughly 5 minutes, and look for be dipped in the 20° corner correctly in both coarse options and ends.

Has not tried using a cane of iron combo, as it can not testify to the functionality of him. A whistle, this in spite of does quite well; my beagle dressed.

In general, would have to recommend was looking for the attractive good by means of that the will not chew on your leaf. Good value for a money, also.
5 / 5
I have been the subscriber to a carbide of fixed corner sharpeners for the long time. Has bone of date some sincere shot- with oil, without oil, with water, without water, different corners, different shots- I has tried everything. In an end he always looked to take for ever and did not leave me never with an acuteness has loved. Some carbides could be the gross tactic by force, any refined enough for some, but for me his so only simple work. I take the súper acute leaf in of the seconds, and am ready to go. A drawback, this in spite of, is that poden easily oversharpen and take was too metal- especially is trying stress the leaf concealed is not exactly dull still, but that loves knife of acute mark. Well, sharpeners like this one solves that exact question for having a secondary final flange sharpener has built in. This one has fixed ceramic as well as the diamond rounded sharpener. A firestarter (the work adds yes calm use he properly) and a whistle (strong) is just icing in a cake. This tool has the build of big quality with the plot of functionality. I never listened of Sharpal before I have ordered this, as it was bit it skeptical, but am like this happy took it! I have ordered also his multipurpose stressing tool here on Amazon also (also big quality) to stress tools of the main leaf (also has the end honing flange that is done of carbide also, which would have to be the add to stress levels among some ceramic and a rough carbide. An only negative can see with this sharpener is that it does not have games of hule or the opposite feet some fixed sharpeners for the resist more firmly in the flat surface while stressing, but honradamente I never that with my carbide sharpeners in a past in all the chance. I have resisted a sharpener in a delivery and a knife in another without setting anything down. You can still dipped this a down- a flange is flat- the only is not rubberized there.
5 / 5
This little artilugio is the good-looking creation that incorporates very characteristic useful to a portable compact creation. A V stresses it the empty in fact does really well! Utilisation to maintain my knives of acute pocket. Really quickly to take the good flange. A diamond tapered works of good cane for resharpening serrated flanges and hooks of gut. It is long enough to give advantage into use. Some stays of the cane firmly situates when not using. Jueza Of the fire of start launches the plot of sparks! The whistle is very strong, adds for use of emergency. Awesome! I will buy more like the present.
4 / 5
A whistle is in fact strong. An iron the cane is a soft plus write which launches stirs it of molten metal. Highly it recommends this if an iron the cane has not been bolted in. Perhaps it is just mine .
Thanks the advantage does not come with a junk torch and compass of key. It is almost perfect for a tool of real survival with possibility of daily use. Mirror of signal, nah. Unless I am quite near to give a very on you.
May 17 update.
Has taken much more and has done well. A prime minister a dulcemente is breaking in. So only the fluke.
4 / 5
State mostly used like a whistle of emergency to take attention of mates of by means of a plot of estacionar law in. This in spite of, also spends the Condor Bushnecker knife of with the like both the tool of work and EDC knife. This sharpener is part of the mine EDC setup and uses it to give both my Bushnecker and my touch of flange of folding knife ups to the equal that has required. An only annoyance has had was difficulty looping paracord by means of a lanyard hole, necessitating an addition of the coverage of canal key to loop a cord by means of. This in spite of, still deserves to five star. It recommends it to another and I would buy it again. Down waiting for to see more than the SHARPAL has to that offered in a future.
4 / 5
Experience this tool, to spend with fishing and camping. It is the a lot compact tool as it returns adds any time of rear band or face box. Any need to spend the fire that begins tools more as this tool he everything. Perfecto to stress hooks and knifes when out of doors and deletes a need to spend multiple tools. A whistle of Emergency is the addition adds and a lot strong when it has used.
4 / 5
Service of excellent Client! I have ordered one of these this has taken lost to ship traffic. Any one the fault of a vendor and Amazon refunded my money to the equal that can order another. A bit those that the weeks later have taken the container of this vendor with the substitution for a stray Sharpener And the main version for knives, axes, etc. Both versions are excellent. The knife embroiders acute the very short time. Wine with the note that excuse for a question and offering an extra element for an inconvenience. This was with which have ordered already the substitution for a small one of Amazon. Like this now I have a pocket one in my box and in my truck and a big one in a tent. A small some are measured of perfect pocket , light, so only is the multiple use Sharpener, but also has whistles it, judge of fire of start and one something to annex to run the lanyard by means of or the good period of 550 paracord likes it has done.
Any to mention that everything has is the acute knife now. You LOVE it!
HIGHLY recommend!
5 / 5
Works really a lot stressing my knives, especially one some concealed has the serrated flange. Also like a fact that has a whistle of emergency and jueza of the fire of start has built in stops in chance perhaps. It likes that it go in of orange of security how is easy to something in calm chance falls it on an earth. Handy element to have for all the good or bad situations.
4 / 5
A buddy of ours is one In a Truck driver of street... Always asking me when it is in still stress his knives behind up for him. With a lot it likes me he do like this and complain roughly that economic his knives are of then his does not resist a flange. After seeing this I has taken for him so that that can do. When it Arrives to my place (as so only can election on when among) has tried was... Big deception! Now it possesses one, my Husband has one, and there is one in our drawer of knife of the cookery!

As well as it headed was like the present for any to stress his own knives when I have not been to present turned to like this more. There is also one in the each one of our camp that/hunts/stock exchanges also! My Husband still has a stashed is gone in his band to coach milite forget that the pocket dipped his EDC a to. The military cloths has more the pockets that calms can find for herb in the golf are!

A total number of this ordered like this far is 7! Any bad at all and his whip on a flange in the knife like this quickly that they are perfect to maintain around. Light weight, easy to use, quite small for every day spend, and perfect all the round. In the same uses him like the judge of fast fire of start in planting to undermine our mag. The claves were. Included that the sum of laws of the function after a protective coating is scrapped was!
4 / 5
Stress my knife, works of product to the equal that has announced. Anything has spent here will be me complaining.

Has ordered this new, defenitely had been used before. Both sharpeners has residue. Slightly lined up. The metallic part has been covered in greasy fingerprints. You take that paid for I supposition. Basically we send me the turn and has not verified he for harms or has not concerned. Works well but has annoyed that has paid full prize for something concealed had been used already.

Besides my complaints, is not anything special. Basic easy-to-use sharpener but some the characteristic extras are dumb, basically each one meme the tool of survival has the judge of fire of start and whistles it.

Top Customer Reviews: ALBATROSS Best ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
It looks very a lot of (partorisca a prize).
Partorisca A light to do - the mine has come with 4 battery. Attractive a light out of a knife ( is resisted in for the magnet - another description has said that the falls was but remains dipped partorisca me). The unscrew, bang An open tube in the table partorisca take a stack of 4 battery was, takes little plastic disk preventing contact of battery. Dipped some batteries behind in with a side a big plus that expensive to a tube (final of the smallest battery that faces up), light of ray behind partorisca tube. Light turns on for screwing further of tight, like this behind was when any into use. The clave of flint is in an opposite end, in a same part, like this light. The Access of embrague to a barrel of a knife.
4 / 5
The knife is hella well, and a light concentrated is súper well. Taken of a plastic and do a cradle in faces a smaller piece of metal of some 4 battery and you are well. The leaf is hella acute also. Sliced To to The Map likes them the butter. USMC Agrees 💁🏾‍♂️
4 / 5
On Needle. 7, 2018 I orderly and has received this 6 in 1 tactical knife. A knife there has been the annex of torch that has not done never. It has expected to receive the light of substitution but has not done never. Shortly I have after received in a topmast the box that contains the smallest box partorisca dip a knife in and the cloth sheath partorisca a knife. I am returned a knife but has not received never the credit or knife of substitution. If this can be corrected, well. @I give the plot of time is spent, as thank you any way.
4 / 5
Likes clave of looks of magnesium partorisca be one the majority of difficult part partorisca imagine was. If it has run one saws breakings of a leaf out of you on a clave of magnesium partorisca grind and applying pressure , will take the good spark. There it looks partorisca be the spent partorisca finalise on at the beginning to the looks like wouldnt of the work has bitten that quickly it spends era. A flashling gone back on and has gone by loosening and the only functions once take one covers small plastic. A fund of him is also magnetic to the equal that can situate a small light on something, leaves partorisca say yours using a broto under the tractor like the cutter of the boss and you require some light.
The bang Adds for your buck .
5 / 5
Knife of global pocket well for the smallest emergencies.
• One has received has the decently acute leaf.
• A tape to seat the cutting leaf was to dull. Ossia The shame , as when it spent the calm product expects it to be in some pertinent conditions.
• The torch has come with battery, good and brilliants also.
• Bottle opener.
• Breaker Of glass, work with ease.
• The clip Of tape takes good and tight.
• Has not had the occasion to use a flint still.
A knife has come complete, any missing course. Good global construction, ergonomic feel and control, no too heavy (I follows the woman with small hands), and it spending pouch also. Any bad prize for quality.
5 / 5
I really like this knife. I did not use it the plot, but suspect that will require to king-presionar some rays on he from time to time. Ossia That I expósito to be a chance in diverse other economic knives that there is on Amazon of experience. Any big shot takes loose rays in time. I have seen one the negative critique that complains could not take a torch that read. I also, has had the heck of the time that takes it to do. I have had to that take all 4 battery and dip his backside in (enough cries he), before it would do correctly. My main complaint is a horribly economic pouch. It is almost thin paper and too big for a knife. As I have bought a Red Deer that Knife of Folds of Pocket Genuine Skin Pouch Husband for $ 10 on Amazon and found the to return perfectly. Now I am VERY HAPPY with this knife and his new sheaf.
5 / 5
If so only a torch has done..... Have take a plastic piece likes remarked in a description of product but still does not operate. It will change a description to 5 stars if I do not imagine it never was.
5 / 5
Are very happy with a knife of Albatross to the equal that am beginning the collection of knife and especially like me a bit knives with LEDs in a direction of a leaf. This will come handy he chooses use this knife during season of deer. The majority of a deer that has arrived unexpectedly to die when it is dark. It is that it imports to the field has seen a like this collected deer how was possible to do sure that a flesh does not spoil . A FOCUSED will help (I also spend the headlight torch) with a cutting and help me see a knife so that no short . Also, when I have dipped a knife down, a DIRECTED will help me locate a knife quickly. I have been lucky to has not lost never the knife but usually when gutting the deer, the part of a time is locating a knife among a blood and guts. I am expecting that more manufacturers of the tool of the hand resupplies LEDs in his products like any that has to that spend the headlight torch or resist the torch is the big help . Also it likes the one who those shines of some CONCENTRATED this and how is removable. Ideally, A FOCUSED would be powered for the rechargeable the battery and ossia something that have still to find. A knife of the utility with the light FOCUSED clear in a direction of a knife would be the product adds but did not see it still. I recommend to all some vendors of knife that revises to draw the knife of utility with a FOCUSED light as I create it would be the big vendor, especially of a phase is wide open. A knife of only utility that has seen with one has DIRECTED has sold a knife with the red has DIRECTED. It would love the clear brilliant plus or the aim has DIRECTED. It would not have bought this knife that am revising if it has not had a FOCUSED. Still I have several knives in my collection but LEDs is the characteristic that looks for when compraventa.
5 / 5
I alive in the property that short all the types of rope a 1/4 to 1/2 thumb plastic straps. During some months of state is the company to tube (tubes of float of the client in the river). Now I can use a word squandered in of the considerations to squander the plot of money in knives of pocket for 13 years. Some were popular names . Any of them was this acute out of the boxes likes the ALBATROSS 6 more-in-1. A characteristic of the tape of the chair has done orders on some wise fat. This knife resembles another knife that has but has the different name. I will update this description with which Work day 2020. Appearance say you is still acute and run without question like a a concealed resembles an ALBATROSS 6 more-in-1. A prize for an ALBATROSS 6 more-in-1 is a lot abordable compared a lot on Amazon and in other places. Mina the knife would owe that be very acute out of a box, be careful using is one! It would recommend this the family, friends and any those who need the knife of pocket for work. Appearance resupply the description adds with which Work day in of the considerations to be durable this in spite of the having the very acute leaf.
5 / 5
Really like this knife. They are not the defender of an upper section that marries a judge of fire of start and light likes the fact feels bulkier. May... It costs it like this it concealed tiny little light is brilliant crazy . Seriously it wishes a lot so only it would sell those. It is a measure of roughly 5 smarties candy stacked together with half a thickness.

The knife is very acute and sturdy, but amour really so only that torch. My primary EDC is the Kershaw with some annexes of screwdriver, but ossia my second .

The knife adds especially for a prize

Top Customer Reviews: RoverTac Pocket ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
4 / 5
I have had a knife partorisca the months of pair but so only used twice. A plier the boss has broken was when short the hook partorisca fish. A piler the boss has broken was has dipped grieves little pressure to a boss. Poor material.

The vendor send a version improved of this knife. It looks he is a same knife. This in spite of, have tried the boss and he is much stronger that a leading knife. Thank you Vendor
5 / 5
are the party planner and there is sure necessities partorisca comprise in mine toolkit. Has screwdrivers and scissors and knives. Heavy and heavy taking when has all these in my stock exchange. Ossia One of my new favourite tools partorisca comprise in mine toolkit. I have substituted now all my individual pieces with this a piece. Although I still have my scissors preferred in there. My stock exchange is like this lighter and can find this tool like this easily. I want to that has so many different bosses partorisca an option of screwdriver. Also like me that has access to all my tools in one situate now. My only desire is that it comprises the hammer. If for real it was a definite tool partorisca my toolkit. Some tools included am very stable and no flimsy. A quality is excellent. Highly it recommends this fine tool.
4 / 5
Has been doing with enough the few knives and multitools, and this one for a prize is very a lot one.
Looks to be a lot strong built, an adapter of precise tools quite the plot of torsion before starts to feel torsion in a boss.
A pliers laws well for works of emergency and a leaf of full measure together with a bulky boss the a lot cosy fact while doing, and sure thanks to a liner mechanism to conclude
All is ensured to the nylon sheath concealed the very easy fact to maintain constantly in your tape.
4 / 5
This rovertac the knife of pocket is awesome! To be like this compact has so many different uses. Ossia Perfect to maintain around a house in place of multiple tools! Of some annexes of screwdriver to a nose of needle pliers this will go in handy. All the world requires one or two of these. Also it likes that it comes with of the little chance to maintain he in. A knife is very acute and looks to be of quality adds. To good sure will be to order roughly for presents and another on its own name to maintain in a car.
5 / 5
Like my husband has lost his knife of pocket there is partorisca always.... I have decided to surprise and take this for one of his presents of anniversaries. At all like an extremely upgraded knife of pocket to do the happy man. A leaf is the little on 3' long, and all some tools are easily accessible. Ive Managed fine the tools in some this past was hard to open some of some components but this one is the easiest plot . Some annexes of screwdriver am returned inside a pouch with a knife that is the very characteristic. What only would change them is to do the annex of tape. Global impressive little tool.
5 / 5
Has received these knives of pocket to try of a vendor. I have been surprised in a quality of has built. It feels solid and sturdy. An only reason I desire Plier the boss can be bit it stronger. For any bad feels sturdy but very sure pleasure boss down the pressure and the use have repeated. A book the grip is flat and no like this fat likes another. A construction is innovative but think it would undermine your hand in a long career.
I like a fact that has the full selection of the engine of ray dips this in spite of a creation to resist an adapter can be improved. Tent to slip out of a base easily while it resists some bits of engine of the ray in place with magnetic. Use to wish some ball that resists of some class to maintain an adapter in place snuggly.
A chance is drawn amiably to resist everything in place but has used then a flimsy hule to resist some bits of engine of the ray.
Ossia So only my two cents.
4 / 5
In the first place, ossia the multitool knife of pocket that in fact has the pliers in him, has left so only to plot other tools. To the as really it likes me roughly the, is is measured- is small but does of a work. I want to this, reason does not like to be weighted down. A product comes with the creation of quality a lot nylon pouch, inside a nylon pouch, has the little mini the pocket where can maintain you a together of utility. The big plus for that.

A bit the place are really adds, and a whole element is very strong, and have found dozens of ways to use he in just a last week. A thing wants to add on is is not so only cater for men, but find it very practical for women also. To all the inner or external cost, ossia practise it multitool knife.
4 / 5
This knife of pocket is surprising! I have bought he for our adventures of new hiking. I have required something durable. Of all the cup of wash of the durability of things has required. I have had the few knives of the utility but any one have taken. It is light and is gone in is suitable pouch. A knife on is flawless! Lustrous black metal and finely there is stressed. He easily cut by means of paintbrush and small twigs for fire. Also I LOVE a fact that this knife of pocket is coming with different bosses for the engine of ray! This thing is perfect to camp, those walked or has included so only a car for emergencies! Highly it recommends this knife to any one has interested.
5 / 5
My woman had been thinking roughly taking the knife of utility like this for the moment. It have been looking in Leatherman this but is like this expensive. When I have found this knife, has decided to give comes from it. It is the presents of Navidad so that not to use it still, but opened it to verify was all some characteristics. A knife looks acute and is a lot of sturdy. A built in pliers is character! Desire a bit the annex looked more snug returning, but the suspect will do well. A chance is good and will protect a good knife. In general, the extracted well for a prize!
4 / 5
This knife of pocket was the perfect present for my husband. It has used he in of the so many different capacities. A knife is fact of the stainless steel and says that it is very strong and acute and does really well. There it is built in pliers the one who use quite often, calm can use likes the screwdriver, cutters of of boss, bottle opener and more.

A quality is very good and avenges with the pouch where can store you he in and spend in your tape. Ossia The present adds for any man.

Top Customer Reviews: ALBATROSS EDC Cool ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
It was jumped so only for 7 people in a Philly canal of train. It was able to take this knife was and open he with the alone hand while when being paste in a face.

Without this knife has not been that would have spent.

Beware Has been this in spite of said for cops with which was illegal and has confiscated.

Now am purchasing two more. The sure stay. The stay has protected.
4 / 5
Very happy with my knife! I have bought partorisca take camping and partorisca maintain in car like an emergency with a seatbelt breaker/of window of the cutter. A colour was described like this, colour “of unicorn” of the rainbow. I have tried a cutter of strap of tape of chair in the boss of fat stock exchange with tension in my shoulder like the tape of chair. At the beginning a cutter of the tape of the chair resembled not doing. With which I angled the correctly, has cut by means of liking butter. Obviously it is not a same material like the seatbelt. I am unsure of like this will cut in a tape of real chair, but sure very partorisca material of type of wise cutting. A knife opens easily, will have to take used partorisca open with a delivery. Light weight, acute flat leaf. Well partorisca peel kindling the forest yes needs to begin the fire. I took it it was some stars partorisca a clip of tape, is not sure the clip in your trousers partorisca a risk of accidentally sustaining to a crowbar and stabbing calm in a stomach. A pocket of shirt would be surer, this in spite of any personally take a risk of then there was any way to take a knife of inaugural quite pressure is in an inaugural crowbar. It would be better been a crowbar there has been the little hole the loop in the clip of paper like the security. In general, excellent quality. My alternate the option was a Tac marks by force
5 / 5
the Worse knife has has not bought never. One a lot before time to time that I flicked the open and has begun to try has been has @to @give that a knife has begun to close without me doing so much, for this verified it and there is @@give that I have not had to use a mechanism to close for the neighbour. Only calm simply resists a leaf and close it. Now, if your knife is not closing properly then this can/ could cause hurt yours, as it can come up for him and ran to cause your hand!! Place on that an Albatross of vendors EDC has any class, has reluctant look to accept his disorder and now on four days will not answer to the mine email. In general a quality is pathetic! Please does not buy this crappy knife!
5 / 5
Alot Of beautiful bad descriptions in a knife. I comprise reason, like the mine there has been a subject for the while also. Alot Of the people say that a leaf doesnt the park has opened. I have had also this subject, but after opens it and has closed to plot a burr that resists a mechanism to take under a leaf has spent properly was and now does well.

Touches the good acute utilitarian leaf. His taken the good peener in the to break windshields and has the good seatbelt slicer (which is his own independent leaf ). It is gone in good condition with the little nylon pouch. A clip of looks of the halfway decent tape in the May I of the one who use those.

Has loved the economic leaf to learn like this to stress and this one has has surpassed far my expecations so that I have paid for him.
4 / 5
A knife is:
-No light and heavier that looks.
-Very easy to open
-Surprisingly difficult to close a once open knife
-Horrible Grip
-inner of cradle of metal Petit requires lubrication, and will rust
-Touch the small knife and I have small hands

buying this knife is launching your money in some rubbishes.
5 / 5
Has had the few knives and the plot of economic to to like him to them these is better that a type am gone in an army . It has taken this to protect personal (of the people are driving mad these days that habituáis). A leaf is short and quite fat for normal use. It is not too big, small, or thin. My subject only is that cradle loaded action. If you pull a knife opens manually then can close he without any subjects. But utilisations a cradle to press an open knife, is almost impossible to close he without using the pair of scissors, knife of butter, or flathead screwdriver. You owe that burst a crowbar behind in his original place so only to close a knife. I love this knife in general and a breaker of glass is that it does to want to me that more... But that cradle... If you want to use a knife daily then manually open your knife. But I need it protects, it will be to struggle that cradle to burst an open knife and struggling even more with a longitude of the prójimo.
5 / 5
Ossia The decent knife so that it is. I maintain material of emergency in my vehicles, and, recently, has @to @give , one of these vehicles have not had it seatbelt cutter, or knife. Well, this knife has solved all these subjects. Seatbelt Cutter, Knife, and, is the breaker of window .

Like this far, has tried a seatbelt cutter and a leaf of knife on some that the fat packaging has had around, and, is quite acute out of a box.

Ploughing a knife is quite smooth, this in spite of, has the habit of the lock of leaf that fallen more to plant. Yes, a lock of leaf is there, and closes a leaf, but, is quite easy to press a lock out of a way. Ossia Just preference for any folks. I prefer the brota closes that really jam to plant, and has to that it bit it more to unlock a leaf. I prefer when I open the knife, to feel this lock of leaf, 'TAKEN' to plant. This knife, has had to look in him, after the open, to do sure a lock of leaf has involved.

For a prize, and some characteristic, am happy with this knife. It will not be something has used daily, but, if I the precise, will have it around.
5 / 5
My first impression of this knife has been he was very better the quality that has expected for $ 10. It is sturdy and second looks well has built. It comes acute but any one my preference , but ossia the subject of my personal opinion. Quell'Stressed the little more I and resists a flange amiably. A mechanism of cradle is very smooth and linear. An only drawback is when you plough a knife with a toe, i.et Your toe short indication to the long of a rear side of an organism of knife, so that any one jumps the knife has assisted would do. An only question is a rear side of a knife is the little in an acute side he. It does not take Me bad he wont included approached to cut you but is the little uncomfortable. Easy fijamente is to take some 220 paper of sand to a backside and soften out of some flanges. Highly it would recommend this knife and would buy it again in the second!
5 / 5
Loves a fact that WAS very easy to open. I have had to stress it means the time or two before use. This in spite of a ray that maintains a leaf in a boss there is already come unscrewed almost entirely. Now I can not use my NEW knife until lame of the money to buy Alan new tone to fix my new knife. Not recommending this knife unless the present of the just plans to to maintain he for looks.
4 / 5
Are Like this happy has purchased this knife. Originally it has taken for a car; but I want to another to substitute mine Kershaw in purse of mine. My same mamma master one! It will be to order more. Thank you So much, the preferred/of Better knife has possessed like this far. The prize adds. Amur An action of cradle! It buys it! 😊

Top Customer Reviews: Work Sharp Guided ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
3 / 5
Good product, but does not add . A unit is robust and very done with several witty characteristic, as some interns broadhead wrenches (expsitos behind some stuffs to stress). I Like him his of a compact measure and tez solid. A rotating ceramic hone is a better characteristic in my view and does the terrific work of honing a verge. For a road, a ceramic hone can be take to direct out of a pin to retain only in front of a cape to turn. A diamond that emphasis the dishes are lined in place with powerful magnets and can be take and has substituted. I am not the enormous adherent of these dishes; a coarse an only having the habit of reparation the bad verge fraction and an a lot of one is still coarse mass for to mine likes him; personally, a lot it prefers to stress bone while they generate the same plus verge. A acuesta strop is the good touch. I have used a ceramic hone and strop in hurriedly restore the to shave acute verge in ENZO 95 trapper. Inferior line, good tool to maintain yours functional cutter in the trip that cart of camps, or to touch in your broadheads in the trip to hunt, but also weighed for a trip of canoe of back country or backpacking. Calm import, will be to take a ceramic hone and take that with me in a back country while it is terrific and also has grooves to stress hooks of fish. To maintain the very enthusiastic verge, even so, bond in in the use that bone of emphasis.
5 / 5
That is to say the cutter adds sharpener. I possess a lot of multiple marks, and that is to say the mine goes in sharpener. Taking dulls it spent in or that is to say acute knife in the subject of minutes. Honestly A better sharpener has not used never or has possessed.
HAS the coarse side, the fine side, the diamond honing cane with coarse sides and until, as well as the rind strop. You can stress fishhooks with him surca in a cane, and apresamiento broadheads with a 'wrench' integrated by behind one of a poster.
IS quite small to launch in the rucksack or box of glove to maintain you acute in a field.

The Field of Acute laws Guided Sharpener, Designed for Sportsmen in a Field, or in a vain, with the dishes of Diamante, Ceramic Canes, Skin Strop, and Guides of Stress for Quickly, Easy, and Verge of Compatible Cutting
4 / 5
These acts well and is some instructions do your very acute cutters.
A dish of the coarsest diamond will take the significant quantity of material out of a cover as it can change you an angle relatively hurriedly.
Some dishes are replaceable.
Very compact and portable.

Has very little in grip and a beginning of hands in clashing after it bit it.
Is not a better measure for the main cutters and in the smallest cutters a cape of a cutter can prevent you to stress a part of a more next cover in him.
Litters hurriedly With powder of metal and any come with the case.

has no very taken to try this but for serations has only the honing the cane and I are not sure that would be it very effective.
This am adds to maintain in your rucksack, but would suggest the different setup for your counter or house.
Would have appreciated the cape of folding/coverage the cover a soiled surface of one when the thing posed was since is done to be portable and would go in your stock exchange with yours another material, and can give you bit it more to line so using it.
5 / 5
While it can he take it has maintained my cutters with the EZ diamond of foothills hone and the CASE MoonStick (ceramic) has tried a keychain has crossed ceramic and carbide sharpeners but never very liked those and the year or two has taken behind he Lansky/fashionable pocket of the Ferrer sharpener a type with the toe out of clave of conic diamond, Those were good but no so intuitive like the Acute work GFS. It comprises it does not use any powered sharpeners while I am not the manufacturer of cutter or any low east slivers of paper all day. I have required the reasonably portable solution to return in my toolbag and this was. It opens My clave of CASE and EZlap chair in the drawer so that these instruments takes it fact and offers the few new tricks also. I quite brag in this compraventa in any one concealed will listen and in my low evaluation of my coverages of axe all my another requires, as it takes my council saves some wear in your covers buys an Acute Work GFS and uses a ceramic hone so so it was possible, is almost tries of idiot.
5 / 5
For a money, thinks this sharpener has the plot to offer. That is to say the premier does not add for people that is new to stress and wants to begin learn to stress in bone in place of guided sharpeners, crock-way of clave sharpeners, or included simply a lousy attraction-through way sharpeners.

This sharpener is very well has thought was and provides an user with basically everything would require to stress the setup to take the cutter of blunt fatality in the hair that shaves acute! Besides, they have designed also this sharpener with integrated 20 angle to guide to title to help this new to stress to maintain his angle and achieves better results. Included a strop has integrated 25 angle to guide to title to assist an user in apresamiento a burr when finishing. A versatility is only further exemplified for a fact that also provides the cane of fine ceramics to do serrations, and grooves to fish of hook to stress the hooks and other tools have aimed. If that the has not gone enough, has comprised also an integrated some wrenches of arrow of wide cape in a sharpener for hunters in a field. A folks on in acting acute clearly thought when is coming up with this concept. Like the big inches up there!

With this sharpener taken:
1) Coarse Extra grit bone of diamond for supremely dull or broke cutters
2) Very grit bone of diamond to stress general and interview
3) Ceramic cane for arrivals to stress and honing
4) Rind strop for burr apresamiento and achieving the shaved acute verge
5) Thinned ceramic cane for serrations and well stressing necessities
6) hook of groves of Peix for hooks and has aimed tools
7) wrench of arrow of Wide cape to maintain capes of arrow in a field

Something to maintain that it imports when possess and using this sharpener:

is very very advisable to use any lubricador with this system to stress, while I do not want to take a rind strop place. Althought IS recommends in simply attach the drop or two of oil in a rind strop each what so once in the while only to prevents a rind to dry was.
This system to stress has been designed to be used dry. Calm once is stressing the cane and the bones of diamond begin to upload and the decree that down efficiently, simply rubs a cane and low bone with the pencil/of rubber of the polymer eraser to take everything of a built above particles of steel of some bones and ceramic cane. After the long period to time you also can wants to consider attaching the rouge of plus of bit of oxide of the chrome in a rind strop also. But that is to say optional, and works of mere rind only very also.


to well sure would recommend this in of the people. The to thing liked him really in this sharpener is that each what so the emphases implements in of this device is replaceable. Bronzed when Or laps the wears was, simply can buy the bone of substitution; any one necessity to buy the new integer sharpener! The creation adds and very well has thought was! Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Desprs Buying this sharpener liked me so much bought or for of my threads and daughter. Has the collection of big cutter, At least 200 cutters. They vary of some volume of Chinese junk specials in customs of big dollar. I actuate Always the maintained my acute cutters while I have been taught by my grandfather that dulls it the cutter is a one concealed will bite you. That is to say a premier sharpener with the rind strop this has possessed. I have had never the sense has required the strop the boy was bad. I can not think what the marks of difference. It opens, ail the new cutter goes in my collection takes the worksharp touch up.

A workshop is easy to use and provides the wide variety to stress coarseness for each cutter. A steel of course included done the good work in hatchets and machetes.
5 / 5
I have chosen in the few new cutters in some holidays and decided to look for something to maintain them acute. My anterior bones have spent enough so while doing a bit looking for around found a Work of the Acute tools. It considers moments to purchase his to bank his more upper version big, has remarked that there is this small plus or this has looked for the be better adapted by out in a field. It looks an ideal tool to take has been with me while it hikes or camping so decided to purchase easterly the unit There is on-line numerous videos these shows these individual sharpener and what sold me on was a system has guided these helps line a cover in a correct angle while running he through a bone. I Liked him also His of a fact that has had two different bones (some heavy grit and or clearer) for several applications. Also have the honing cane, rind strop, and a capacity to stress serrated cutters everything in a device.

HAS the proportionate diverse of cutters that rotate around to take with me on camping/trips to hike. A volume of the main cutter with me is the Buck 119 (6 cover of inch) and the majority is pocket sized. Giving them the 'tune up' with this individual sharpener has tried to be very easy and effective. A angled 'the system guided' really help in maintaing the compatible shot through a bone. Any one of my cutters was bad form, like light plus grit the bone has done to take well by behind the acute plus verge. Has three that hunts cutters that belonged in my father that to the era is desperate necessity of the stress even so. Posing a verge in these has taken the moment and has begun a process in a corse bone. It takes some time, but at the end has taken these forms the good good cutters. Ironically, I Have discovered that my brother has chosen one of these up too much in some holidays and he have taken also some good results with some cutters these uses. In general, I am quite happy with a device and I still are considering that they take a main version that is better adapted for your counter. Some diverse descriptions and on-line videos here very aided and adoptive you to verify them has been since you. The amazon to well sure has a better prize by so individual sharpener when compared in some other retailers in my zone.
5 / 5
Far upper in the attraction through sharpener, and much easier that free hand in the whetstone. Some guide cost his weight in gold. This tool leave me to stress everything of my fiskars X7 in my full serrated SAR cutter of rescue. If you are new in the cutter that emphasis or in the estimativa that is to say a value has found better. The only real complaint is that it is the heavy bit (even so it has compared at all he in the bone) for real use of field. I spend the attraction through sharpener and the bone of pocket to take my verges in servicability in the backpacking the trip really has to dull or things of piece up, but for each More i uses a worksharp the field has guided sharpener. Highly recommended !
5 / 5
The Acute work is guided field sharpener works excellently; in just the pair of the minutes there has been the acute next knife verges in two cutters of pocket. Any curve/to learn of the practice was necessary. A company Darex, which the Acute law is the part of, specialises in the tool that emphasis. I use his elegant/expensive hammer sharpener, which are designed to leave relatively untrained hard-working in easily take excellent results in that is usually the quite defiant precision task. His experience in doing the process the looks of natural/easy plus in his creation of the same mere, laptop/packable cutter sharpener. It IS test of idiot? No. Even so, a lot is very easy to use and take the excellent results immediately are included slightly wise, clue some instructions, and to continuation well to maintain that they line a cover of the cutter in an angle still begins with in a guide. Incidentally, some instructions are in a unit, in the closely gone tube, below one of some dishes of diamond. Although that is to say to declare in the adhesive in a plastic coverage a unit, is possible to lose this you the open piece and discards a plastic coverage (how me ). It produces very good; a better portable cutter sharpener has used, for has shot it very time.
4 / 5
Fixed a bevel in my Gerber Strongarm that was the little closely of a tip, stresses my Ferrer&Wesson ExtremeOps cutter of pocket that in the principle is coming to dull right out of a box. It stresses a verge apropa a tip of my Mossy Oak bowie cutter that was slightly dull after use. For a rest of my only required spent to use a ceramic cane to touch in a verge bit it. An only complaint has so far is a rind strop seating afterwards in a dish of diamond, is preoccupied could slip and take the piece of this rind. Also I think that that they would have to do some mangos of inch bit it the long plus, so the averages of an inch a long plus perhaps. A broadhead the wrench is the good characteristic could use need in, and also like me that I am able to take a ceramic cane that it is a course mostly uses. So much, in general I think that that that is to say the multipurpose field adds sharpener that to well sure would recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: MTECH USA Spring ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Ossia One 3rd (well 4th technically) Mtech the knife has purchased in roughly 2 month. Has 2 of his knives of with the already and is well, was able to dip the flange of next knife on the with the economic bone and piece of skin the strop on. It has taken this knife another day and when it has opened them a container, a blue in a leaf has been lined bad, has had a very deep scratch down a half also. I have contacted the amazon and they have squandered any time in substituting a knife, sent it nave inclusa of next day partorisca free so kudos the Amazon so that it has cured of the client adds. A knife of substitution, pictured on, creates, is that it represents that the majority of some knives is like, so only well. These knives are very built, is has bitten it hefty in weight because of being all the metal with frn scales in some bosses. A knife is very built and very solid, a flipper the action is fantastic and any hurt to to your toe to involve like him to him some of other knives have bought (Olera so that flipper, so only painful). In general for a small asking his prize a lot of value he, can spend the knife in work, or in of the half urban means with out taking a swat the crew has called on me partorisca inaugural the container. It chooses a (or a lot) on, go in all the classes of colours and would do the present adds.
Downloads of authorship: I have purchased this knife with my own money, the has not received anything of Mtech or Amazon to leave the positive critique. I like this knife and will spend it often. Any bought revises here, just honesty.
4 / 5
A measure of this knife is utmost for EDC. There is the pocola characteristic to to that did not like, but was felizmente of able to modify a knife for my needs.
Some pictures aim a thickness of a knife.
A period of an enclosed knife.
A period of a leaf.
A location of a Torx rays that control a together knife in a side with a coverage of plastic/sleeve.
A location of a Torx rays that control a together knife in a side with a clip of pocket.
A view disassembled that the aims like a cradle has taken work of system (the pen is signalling to hole where access to jump to).
Like A liner (or frame) need to close to be pressed to a side to close a knife.

For my own needs, I earth of a bottle opener, drilled and new holes have touched to touch down spend, and animal-has gathered a knife with blue loctite. If a big (Torx 8) ray of pívot is presionado on, will join a cradle has taken, and a knife will not burst opened. After doing everything of this work, has @to @give has had bondadoso of has bent a liner lock as it has not resisted an open leaf. As I have had to that take a whole thing averts again, sure mark a lock has done properly, and dip the all back together.

Some small rays that control a fund of a boss on is Torx 6 bosses, and a measure of edge is M2.5. A soyango' the rays lateralmente are long (under a boss of a ray). A 'clip' the rays lateralmente are long. Some rays of the clip of the pocket is also Torx 6 bosses, but use the M3.5 edge (the edge of same measure likes pin of pívot)
5 / 5
- is quite small that your coworkers probably will not call a SWAT instruments when you whip this was to open the box in an office.
- Ploughed in the flash with the a lot of that satisfies witchblade' click.
- Some grooves and ridges mark for the still grip reassure.
- The mine has arrived quite acute shaving hair.

- A surca of the thumb is the risk and finds it after the impossible to use to open a knife. But it concealed it is not that it has bought these stops of knife!
- A crowbar in a backside is the little strong and can be painful to operate reason a nub is like this small. Appeal of help down, to a bottle opener, more than trying press he in, to a boss. Probably I will develop player of electrical guitar callouses to touch with this too much. But calm does not love a knife that opens in your pocket... Like this ossia probably the PRO.
- A blockade of metal that comprises a bottle opener is very fat. Perhaps more than necessary. It adds heft and width to a knife.
- A clip is aggressive. Also probably more than necessary. But it could he bends was the small to relax it. As any big shot.

Resumid: Fun. Useful. Any scary enough to take calm in question. I love it.
4 / 5
Has bought this knife for a characteristic of bottle opener. I have bought this colour because it is spent to be a more economic option a day ordered it.
Pros: This knife has the flashy coating of leaf, and quell'bottle opener. An apt & arrival is decent, and some ploughs of knife and near likes likes is supposed to, without game of leaf. It is cost less than $ 7. It is a lot rust resistant, and a leaf is súper easy to king-stress.
Gilipollas: A liner claves of lock out of the bit, and is the little rough in my toes. A brota does not centre when I the in bylines (does not affect an inaugural or closing operation of a leaf). There is also the little game of leaf, both vertical and horizontal, but with all the justice, has not tried to regulate a ray of tension of the man still. A basic 440Some need to armour plate to be stressed more often. This knife does not feel like this well in a hand like my alike Kershaw Shuffle knife (Mine Kershaw cost two times so much, and a bottle opener does not do very a lot).
In general: I like this cheapy little knife. It is the subject of good conversation with the mine has sawed-hard-working, and am not scared for the lose. Also, a bottle opener in this knife does really well. It would not doubt to purchase this knife another time in the $ 7 point of prize.
Update 1/8/20: I have bought two more than these knives in of the different colours, and his leaves have been centred, and was able to take them for less than $ 5 the piece. They are heavy small knives , but has not been able to break them, and is all the good bottle opener .
4 / 5
Has been looking for the knife of new small pocket. Has two small Gerbers now that likes but there is wanted to so only of something different. I have ordered a MT-A705 (2 in fact!) But it was way too big to maintain in my pocket all a time how is resulted my gone the knife for things and inaugural containers around a house. The knife adds.
To the equal that have ordered this knife to substitute it that thinks that that it was much smaller. It is not . It is so only the little in a thumb a small plus and looks to weigh in some same. Unfortunately it thinks that that it is still too big to spend daily.
Opens a lot easily and quickly with a flick of the toe. It has not looked to want to close open when I used it in the first place. But with which opened it several times, has begun to close. It is also easy to close when you want to. And I do not know in a rest of them but the mine was ACUTE! I ran it on a cushioned envelope is gone in and sliced by means of a paper and two discharges of band of bubble with almost any pressure at all. Acute! And I like a creation and colour. It has taken a black and blue.
Want a MTech the knives and is “unfortunate” that will have that maintains to order the until I take a ossia well for my needs of pocket.
For a tiny prize has paid, this little type is the keeper and am sure will find the house to somewhere in a house. I recommend it.
4 / 5
Ossia The add little knife. Some toes of leaf am gone in a, locks and easy motion in place (to the equal that has to that). I have tried another, alike knives, but any of those never done well. Neither they do not plough entirely, or effectively require two hands to open, or would not close to situate has opened once. My only complaint in this knife is that a grip is so only textured in a side. If you take a clip of tape was, is so only smooth metal down. It does not effect a functionality - is so only a lot as 'beautiful' to the equal that could be. To good sure for a prize, calm can any gone bad with this knife.
4 / 5
A Knife has arrived acute but ran it thru mine sharpener in all the chance. A leaf is free to wobble . It opens with the bit of endeavour has seen a toe of thump in a backside of a knife and am happy with this reason I'm sorry will not open for accident. But it opens fully and quickly with smooth action. Some works of lock of the good side and closes with the bit of the endeavour because of a tension Polished SS ARRIVAL, any closure accidentelle.

Touches the very small knife with any heft and will know is in your pocket. A bottle opener is solid how is a clip of tape which can be take and do a knife a thin plus. It Likes him a lanyard loop and probably will attach one to prevent me of the lose.

Recessed rays With hex the bosses resist this together in place of kerbs, (that it can it loosen over time and can not be presionado). There is no acute flanges anywhere in a manage which is often a chance with economic knives. This feels likes the quality and something concealed would have to that last (the time will say).

I need to order another with the different boss like this is too good to leave in slope in a cochera for cutting opened stock exchanges of fertilizante, earth, rooms of rock, etc. Excellent Value for a money and would do the good present.

2nd DAY has found a main ray that a brota rotates around, the result loses. A little lock of edge would owe that it help.
4 / 5
Really love this knife but he am gone in has lived no pink how is described. If you can take spent a colour this in spite of... A knife comes acute and one took it quickly! His pleasant and tiny but packed to attack when the explosions was. A weight is like this to be expected with the knife of this measure and a grip in a boss can help also. A colour is my only complaint . It would recommend this knife to any
4 / 5
has wanted to try an open knife has assisted likes mine EDC. This knife was the economic way to try like a function and feel of the flipper in my hole of usual thumb EDC knives. It was pleasantly he surprised it that for down 10 bucks this knife was like this solid like east. And when being the economic knife has not been concerned in messing he on the small to see could do is returned my needs.

- I does not like clips of pocket, and spend mine EDC in a pocket of clock of mine tejanos. So many, require the knife that is short... This type is ' a lot the time when concluded, and access well in my pocket. (It has not been that have come up with one '3-the Enclosed thumb' in a description... It is not even near.)

- Take a clip of pocket was simply two rays and fact. This has developed a lock of frame and a smooth side of a frame without textured stairs. This was Well for me when being a lot of rid reason my thumb would be in a textured side, and that still gives a knife quite gription. A lefty gription mileage can vary.

- With a lock of exposed frame there is remarked a canal of a lock felt the little too square. It does not have acute sense, but has not been comfortable that careers my toe on that. So much, I have rounded some flanges bit it... And it has given a backside the small 'the frames of character in a process. Now a canal feels like this smooth pleasure all other flanges in a frame.

- I has added it pigtail lanyard to do it easy to pull a knife out of my pocket of clock.

- I has been concerned that a bottle opener could take in my pocket or poke my hand when using a knife. But, an opener is not gone in never a way. More work adds bounced!

- A leaf flipper the work adds, and a solid of locks of the knife. They are very happy with his function. But, an emission of the lock of the frame was the bit of the challenge to the master for an operation of book. It has taken some time, to plot of repetitions, and the bit of the still sore thumb soften out of a point to close and find so only a right corner to press and release a leaf. It is doing well now... And my thumb has recovered.

- A leaf is WELL for the daily tasks EDC. It has not been all this acute out of a box. So much, I reprofiled the to a 20 corner of terracing there is wanted, and there is stressed he until the hair that takes flange. It does not resist the flange adds; but again for down 10 bucks takes a work done. One a thing loves the clock in a leaf is a torsion of a T8 ray that control a leaf and controls an assisted open. He loosens up over time and a leaf takes the little wobbly when open. It invests in the T8 English tone to maintain to a quite tight ray likes brota a lot wiggle left to legislation; but no like this I stagnate that interferes with a capacity to toe a brota all an open way and lock. (Also it could it take T6 English tone for some other rays while you are in him.)

Like this, taste spending of this knife in the daily base. I have done it looks the quite ugly few culos to take it to do a way loves; but any one the pleasant knife in all the chance? 👍
4 / 5
Has purchased a turquoise knife and quite honradamente was a lot of disappointed. A picture aims that it is in fact turquoise but is in fact more than the shinny green colour. On that, it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to open and close a knife. Now, has the small hands and my toes am not a lot strong considering me was extremely difficult but was much easier for my fiancé. It has adapted that it was rigid but still was very. It was in fact a lot jealous that it was mine to the equal that have finalised to order another for him. This order to time so only of the normal money a. A colour of a knife of money were expected like this that. His is in fact Very better that mine. His a lot of was smoother that open and near that turquoise of mine a. In fact I can it takes to open and close with relieving the difference of turquoise of mine a. In general it is the knife a lot well so only be conscious that some colours are not they so that it looks and a functionality can differ.

Top Customer Reviews: Lansky Deluxe ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
4 / 5
This thing , with time and cure (this in spite of any probably so as required in the traditional whet bones) has dipped the wicked flange in your knives/of knife.

This has said, here is the pocolos indicators have imagined was while it uses my box:

goes partorisca buy the stand/of base together with him, cradle of the extra money and take a metal a. A plastic a strong east and I does not add . Has one, does not use it never. So only it resists an integer setup in my no dominant hand.

Uses the toe (I use the indication of toe of my sinister hand) partorisca maintain a cane of drives in a same zone of an empty to drive throughout. So only I he so that some rests of cane on my toe, among one 2nd and 3.os knuckles. This deletes any extra 'wiggle' in a corner of a hones.

Spends the majority of my time that use a coarse and more final plus hones, but has had the few knives that has required some work of serious flange. This has done a trick, although it imagines a together of diamond could be bit it faster. Has a time, and does not import the committing, to take utmost results out of this box.

First of transitioning to a fineness of next note of hone, sure mark that you can not see any scratches of some forwards coarseness. So many, if you are in 2nd-coarser (120 'grit'), before prendes to use the and transmission to a 280/half, ensures that it calms can not see the scratch only has left of one 70/coarse extra. Doing this, together with maintaining your corners to attack like this tight like possible, will ensure fantastic results.

When that Locates the leaf to a headline, follows Lansky drive. It have to that be roughly 5/8'/11 mm of a flange of some jaws to a leaf. Also, and ossia more than entity in my experience, sure mark that centre a leaf to the long of him is inner of cutting flange some jaws, or the take like this near like podes. This ensures that a corner of attack of a hones rests like prójimos to some same to the long of a whole flange like possible.

To the long of these same lines, the look of leaves longer to offer the bit of the challenge, especially around a tip, he twist at all. It finds that I will do my BK7 in of the sections roughly 4'/100 mm long, and do a tip last. The shortest leaves are not like this finicky in of the this. But think roughly he in this way. If a corner of a hone is in 20° so only in front of a clamp (approx. 5/8' it Was), then when it is 4' it was, that does a tip, is the corner goes to be more superficial.

So much, finally, this system is not to perfect. Has the character, and can be the little wonky. But, you are had to to spend a time in prep, and attention to arrest while stressing, can take some fantastic results. Some results of show of the photos, and my technicians for pertinent setup and holding.

Of course, that master. Ossia So only which has found work for me. :D
4 / 5
I has several Lansky boxes, 2 another a model still like this one. Some box 'new' have the headline of leaf in them concealed is some of a poorer quality has not seen never of Lansky. In fact a lot of years, Lansky was my gone to. A headline of new leaf is patterned and bent, an old one was machined and a lot of stout. An old one there is clearly the marked marked inclinations in the, a new fashion is in a wrong and hard side to read. A main torsion scrapes for presionar a leaf to a headline has not been threaded all a way by means of and therefore it could not be presionado. Has the together of tap and has finalised to touch a hole by means of a headline. A torsion the ray has been forced to an incomplete hole, breaking an iron of ray. I have had the 10-24T ray in mine junk box, as I have used that. One of some legs of drives was overbent so that it does not resist the correct corner. Felizmente, does not break when I have corrected a corner. Like this before it buy another Lansky, apresamiento heed that knows that it join him to him the oldest box, does not expect a new one to look, feels or do one same. A quality so only is not there anymore. The pictures are attached. An old headline (obviously) is a one in an accident.
5 / 5
After looking the video of multiple of Youtube has seated with roughly 5 knives that was in desperate need of the stress. Some knives have varied of the big end Benchmade, the S30V Spyderco, the 'free knife with compraventa of knife of affiliation and the roughly 10' knife of expensive professional bosses(the mark with Japanese papers and he visably the hammer has arrived to draw/dented). After an hour, perhaps more afterwards to 2 I had finalised all some knives. His all was acute knife and is spent each one tries a fact to verify acuteness(shaving hair, those slips by means of flimsy phonebook paper etc).

A Lansky is not to perfect. It can be improved in the few zones but in general think that is a lot of value a prize and I have zero desire to buy anything more $ $ or 'better'. One issues was an inability to close a knife in a clamp perfectly. On occaision a knife he pívot and the need is remounted. I found it you love it mainly move when using the rough grit and to to the the heavy shot likes would use when reprofiling of a flange. It is not really the big shot and so only takes the pocolos second to dip a knife behind in place. I also found a clamp to have some acute flanges and after the knife or two my hand has taken is when quell'using in a table clamp mountain. Still in a calm mountain still requires the closely resist a clamp to maintain he of emotional and to maintain some canes of drives have pressed to a cup of some holes(a good method to be like this precise and compatible with each shot, another is an oil is to CLEAN some bones, any partorisca lubricate them during use). I have finalised with glove in my sinister hand for the small cushioning.

Further of this place has purchased also a table clamp mountain, a súper bone of sapphire and a skin strop also. All good and a bit necessary products in my yes calm opinion REALLY loves your knife like acute like possible. Both a bone of sapphire and skin strop investigation be required to spend a flange to the mirror likes the free surface of scratches.

To the equal that has said before I am pleased with a Lansky box. My knives have been of a lot dull after years to use to the acute knife. Some bosses the knife was the macizo improvment and a transmission in action has surprised. Previously partorisca stress it would tend partorisca run over vegetal and has required the real invernadero like cutting fashion to take by means of. After stressing it cut thru veggies like this of the tomatoes and jalapeños that has the bit of the fattest skin. It buys it again without hesitation.
5 / 5
All have loved in the life was the good way to take and maintain my knives to hunt, dossiers of pocket and cutlery of acute cookery. This has been the much more the travesía that has not imagined never. It has progressed of my youth that thinks that a lot a fast stressing the tools would give me a flange that was 'quite a lot of', the today where this is resulting near of an obsession.

After trying myriad of economic devices, and some free hand-held bones, everything with variable terracings of failure, an advantage of street to the east Lansky system... And it looks to plot of work. But when being stubborn and taking exasperated to find the manual solution where control of senses of a process, has researched a system. I have read it stirs it of descriptions and has looked stirs it of video. (Which highly recommends to do reason choose on the plot of tips and technical... Well and bad. Mina thanks to all some people that has taken a time to do these descriptions.) It take a system and has done some of a setup the transmissions have suggested. (It likes him the use the electrical tape in a leaf clamp, and transmission out of some rays of thumb in a clamp and hones with rays of fixation) Follows then gone down to practise stressing OLD knives that has not CONCERNED me IF I MESSED ON SOME... Reason have done. I have learnt of some deceptions, and as to fix some deceptions. It take the technician and stressing marks the rhythm down with practice. It can see, and feel, some differences in a leaf like the I fact partorisca lap partorisca lap. And finally when it go down to one ceramic hone has been surprised to see an impulse of haze of a flange of a knife! (And, thank you again to revise tips, could say where and to the equal that to go back and touch on something 'rough') My knives were now really acute, likes the lack pronounced of the hair in my sinister arm will testify to. I king-profiled and there is stressed each knife could find in a house. So much, I like a system because it produces acute results. But, I do not love the reason owe that be sooo careful and has had to change was some of some separates accionarías for the do more useful.

And ossia where would have to that there is prendido... But, no.

has taken a skin strop hone and some see chrome the rouge of jeweller of oxide. Now my flanges have taken the arrival of mirror. With the little more the investigations have discovered people that far take this 'further stressing' obsession. This really is to to the the cult likes him the society. You owe that be careful any to take tugged to a dark side. Well, I so that perhaps it has taken it some full skin strops reason thought that it could do the pocola operates better that a skin strop hone has done... oh, And pair other rouges. But, ossia! They are WELL... For now.
5 / 5
My knives are more acute that is not never state. I have had the tri hone and the pair another end grit bone for years. These have done passably well to dip the working flange in my pocket and of the knives of cookery.

Has bought this box together with one 2000 grit “bone” of sapphire for lansky (yeah right, is ceramic and all the world knows it, but is quality to all the cost). I have taken the good hour to dip a flange in an old Kershaw KAI 3000 pocket knive which was not never be properly stressed or honed. This old Japanese steel is hard and has taken to plot of work with one 70 and 120 grit bone, but once a flange has been dipped was smooth navigation with a rest of some bones.

A result after the fast strop was quite dang acute. I have not expected for real the acute knife, these are not 10000 grit whetstones..... But it grieve cut the Kleenex unassisted.... Enough well for the pocket knive and suspect a lot enough for my knives of cookery. A better strop (the mine is so only homemade out of skin of cow of the piece) with any rouge probably would take this thing for real the acute knife.

In an end, ossia a lot of value he for less than $ 100.
5 / 5
I have listened some good things in this sharpener so it takes a pleasure the present navideño. It was unusable of a knife clamp has not had threaded hole for a clamp to ray to so much was aimed. So much, when being Amazon, has shipped the new an immediately which have received today. Supposition that?? Same defective rubbish!! It have contacted Lansky this past week and ZERO COMMUNICATION of them. Stay out of the east a folks, to to looks like has to that dread big with Chineses commies doing this crap.
5 / 5
After doing a lot looking for, has loved the very economic judge of boxes is exited partorisca stress my knives of pocket and knives of cookery. I have used he for a first time today and WOW!!! I have followed all the managers when dipping arrive (any that ossia very hard but doing sure some canes are same with some bones is of entity) and there is stressed my knife of economic pocket. This thing is now acute knife and has begun in a coarse bone and fact to one ceramic honing bone. Taking roughly 20 minutes to take by means of them all and hone he properly.

This knife is extremely acute and spends a test of paper with ease. System and amazing results very robust. I want that it was economic and some bones would owe that last quite the moment because they are fat in comparison to some other bones have seen.

I products add and highly would recommend this for the DIYer or knife of occasional cookery sharpener!!
4 / 5
I have bought this system to take exact control in corners of bevel for all my knives, especially one 17 corner of terracing, as it do not line my knives so many in a corner a low plus. Mina benchmade osborne would not stress in this corner because a paste of bone one the clamp. Need the knife with the very wide leaf to clear a clamp. How it is possible to stress the leaf of knife (as announced) in a 17 corner of terracing. I do not see it spending. Also, it is very difficult to take a osborne to resist stable in a clamp because of a configuration of leaf. Material there is to plot of my knives that no with this system, especially in 17 terracings. Also, need he phillips and the screwdriver of flat boss to use some rays that leaves a corner a low plus. I have taken finally mine osborne stressed and he the very good work. The knife was very acute, but using this system is the hassle and any a lot of stops to plot of folding knives. imoa
5 / 5
Very Like this has looked for them to use this setup grieve took it to them. It has Taken 15 minutes and has run by means of 4 of some 5 bones in mine kershaw the leek of cradle has assisted. It has Ordered a c-clamp stand, but he hasnt arrived the resisted some groups.

Has Dipped some electrical tape in an interior of a knife clamp (to the equal that has been suggested for multiple youtube deonstrators like this to not lining some leaves.

With which 15 minutes (that resists a clamp manually) my knife was MARKEDLY more acute that my hand was bit it cramped. thw The system has done enough well without even trying the good work.

I cant Attended to in fact take a time and do a process for real.

pros - Works well. The creation is quite decent. It takes a work done very taken your time. Easy to dip on heading to them he is folowed.

gilipollas - I material looks bit it economic. I can see some holes of ray of groups he do not last it also long and undressing. The group will line your yes calm knives any tape an interior of a knofe title (has used them electrical tape). The bones are quite small, would like me to them see the tiny has bitten more along and the little has bitten wider. The chance is quirky to close
5 / 5
A lot cheaply fact but for a prize is WELL, although I have sent mine behind. I can choose on a diamond dipped likes bone and clamp in the mine was poor quality . A box has the 1 booklet of page for a manual of instruction and is easy to use but the time that eats (sees down). A plus end hones has taken has not been plan but was flattened in the dish partorisca lap. Although I release you some height of bone before one 1st use but calm has to that have flat bones. Some bones have taken does not have on resisted well in good steel and has taken for ever to cut, included with an oil. This means is using this box in the steel of quality goes to require lapping often so only spending them was included faster. For occasional use or in armouring plate more economic this will not be like this of a subject.
Mina clamp was machined uneven, an upper flange was longer that a fund. This would not cause any a lot of the question in of the main knives, but smaller some can eats cutout for them was mismatched enough to be unusable. A clamp does not resist still 4' good leaves was when presionas so to the equal that was possible without undressing an aluminium likes mentioned in a booklet. With any pressure in some bones to a tip or the base of a leaf will move a knife in a clamp. Still with tape or tubing. A clamp drive them a lot in fact match your corner of leaves on virtually any knife will stress in a Lansky so it will owe that dip a bevel (this takes to plot of time, and will have to that it initiates in 70 grit), but once put, later stressing will not take near like this long.

Top Customer Reviews: GVDV Pocket Folding ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Well Ossia the big ol deception partorisca the knife. I have required the junky knife of pocket, yard twine in a cochera, fishing of gel ..So only the simple knife. This knife after inaugural is is there is detailed incredibly .. They are by train of the maintain And spoiling I with this leaf. Bosses of forests , the finely detailed and gorgeous etching in a leaf. Extremely durable inaugural and enclosed is done with ease. A mechanism partorisca close is very drawn with zero worry of accidentally closing it. A main characteristic is a leaf .. It is ultra ultra acute. And after beating this knife on , has comprised the bone partorisca stress !
Has impressed for real with creation , the weight and the global quality like this is the knife are sure will last me the longitude of long time
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It could not find and good descriptions on Youtube, like appearance these helps. A leaf comes from/comes from a quite acute factory, but can be stressed more with a comprised stressing bone. A bone is not a better but can take a work done. On all a knife are adds for a prize. Any slop in a mechanism and a boss feels quite good. A brota is not real Damascus for any one asks . It is likely a etched has normalised of a factory. It has taken some breaking in still a knife to open easily, but think that ossia also be expected. A clip is a lot of sturdy, but finds sometimes is quell'has bitten uncomfortable to resist. Finally the knife adds for a money. A form and the function is of sound.
4 / 5
This knife was the present of surprise for my husband. We were both has surprised. It has been surprised to receive a present. We were both surprised in a quality and integrity of a knife. Has the a lot of durable feel and is quite stunning. Appearance. A leaf is acute and of the as my husband can say to arrive to this point is that it will maintain his flange with pertinent care and the occasional knife that emphasis. It has had a lot it comments done his roughly a knife of then is possessed the and enjoys to the aim went it. I leave it knows that it was appreciated really and likes of a lot.
5 / 5
This knife is súper knives of the amour and this goes to be one of mine favourite. It looks at the beginning to the equal that has one has taken to open, but an only tab ameno out of a leaf like calm can open it on a rest of a calm way. No a assistive inaugural knife that is illegal in some states, as no the question. Damascus BONITA LOOKS to the equal that comprises a leaf And a boss of a knife. Also I love a forest that is attached to both sides of a boss of knife. It is the good forest and has the good arrival in the, adding to a beauty of this knife. When Open, calm will not owe that look for a bit piece of metal to press down on to release a lock of leaf - this has the wonderful bloated piece that you simply presses down on with your thumb and this releases a mechanism to close. It is a thing more order thinks has not seen never in the knife! Any remorse on buying this knife; well each penny and then more.
5 / 5
Acute and elegant knife with estimativa small.

Has done the side for side cutting comparison with GVDV, Travesía of cold steel and morakniv. GVDV Is quite acute , softens enough in a level looked like morakniv. Die morakniv is a benchmark of knife of estimativa, GVDV the action is quite good. Also, a fashion is a lot is more acute that Cold steel.
4 / 5
Knife very beautiful. It is heavy more that thought it would be which is the good thing . It is not cheaply the fact and the looks will last the moment. To to I Looks so only like to them the photo and sharpener comes with him. I will update later on to the equal that resists on
4 / 5
This knife feels like the knife of luxury without breaking your account of bank.
Loves a cost of a forest but that I amour the majority is a sturdy feel of a real knife. A creation is good and appeal. Always volume compliments and the people think that that I am spent the plot of money on that. One low crowbar or a black part that leaves a knife situates again also is the good easy characteristic that does not hurt your toes to close.
4 / 5
Chosen on this knife to the equal that presents he in my dad but I wound up in the now I haha. It is quell'has bitten more weighed that has been expecting but I an entirely well with that. A leaf has the very interesting texture his and my promise has said that a material was Steel of Damascus . It concealed it does not mean too much mine but looks well. It comes with the blockade to stress also. Nizza Little addition. They are sure I will enjoy this knife for years to come.
4 / 5
Mina takes today (15/04/20) and am quite happy with him. It feels quite heavy and sturdy. Any free ray, but still would suggest to dip the clear hardener around the ones of way that does not undo over time. It comes really acute out of a box and a whetstone well of law. I did not use it on a GVDV but have the Gerber paraframe knife that used it to stress and has done enough well. I have loved really a creation on that. It is not to armour plate of Damascus (I doubt would take thus prize in all the chance) but will update a wear in a model over time. Some complained in inaugural he with a-use it rid and fulfilling any question with him. If this knife has been done under the name the big plus, would be way more expensive. The quality adds, that goes to choose on another for my dad.
4 / 5
A knife was much more has weighed that has expected. My edges of 25 years was emotion and is looked forward to to have he to hunt season.

Top Customer Reviews: Smith & Wesson ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
A bit those that expect aventajados partorisca the well has deserved 5 product of star. 1.) This Knife is an extremely effectivly weapon of the self-defense done. 2.) A Clip is extraordinarily durable and highly adaptable the preference, doing placing on Tape, Boot, or coach an easy task.
3.) Effortless Spiegamento With Pause of Thumb (down key clasp) partorisca fast emission with indication of toe/of thumb.
4.) A Boss is Rubberized/Ridged with the on call Double Width partorisca prevent hand partorisca slip down.
5.) It comprises the tube of small Brass lanyard hole partorisca paralización-the cord or anything prefer.

When it Comes to any negative commentaries regarding a SWHRT9B, so only would suggest some do any his planned diligence before they the compraventa. I see to to the commentaries like, “No of the knife of a Better Collector,” “the boss is too Short,” “Cut my Leg.” I owe that promote a cynics partorisca @give the few things:
1.) More time that no, the knife in this point of the prize does not go partorisca be the element of the collector.
2.) A Boss is not “too Short,” is so only too short partorisca your use feigned or of the defective expectations.
3.) It does not buy the knife that boasts the Duel Edged Leaf of Point of Spear if I do not know regarding the mango.
An Inferior Line: If one east using this leaf partorisca his purpose has feigned, specifically, self defended, think that fulfil all the levels and could very a lot of be the saver of life.
5 / 5
Has bought this knife partorisca substitute a no longer easy to find, Kershaw Amphibious. Like this far it is until my levels, and would not change the thing.
After reading to some descriptions like the commentary that this type of knife is illegal to conceal in state of Washington. This in spite of, any a lot of a hilt need to be visible for him to be legal. An agent of local police aimed the trick for tape wearers to do this legal to spend and extremely fast to deploy. The prize added calm grieves that can see.
Usually with a way a clip of tape is, this clipped to the trace of big tape on encircled and also he illegal to spend and frankly last to deploy. This in spite of for flipping a point of knife on and clipping the to a tape. ( I have dipped an integer sheath among tape and of the trousers with clip facing outward.) A hilt is visible doing it legal, and when that requires partorisca deploy touch the grab and the click was. Basically almost it falls your hand.
Only draw behind with this knife is by train of the place behind in a sheath. Something the does not import , as no the deploy unless it has required.
5 / 5
Was very excited to take this knife and he have surpassed my expectations. In the first place to the left take me this there: I am sure a lot you think that that ossia the economic entrance-knife of level and calm is titled to this opinion but to the left ensure ossia quite the good knife. It comes the acute knife in both embroider, a centre of balance is a lot where would be necessary to be it, and a sheath is very sure, all the skin, a snap is tight, and is quite has done well.

Pro Tip: Maintain your toes in your hand to maintain them out of a leaf when you sheath this knife.

Modifications: An only thing has done with this knife is to wrap a boss with 550 pc. It does not think anything more is necessary until a coating of powder in some starts of leaf to exit.
5 / 5
Has purchased this knife to see the look and YES, is the knife of dollar but seriously the question is value although ...
A knife has to that the rough black arrived ( the sand mixed with painting?) That a lot of companies of knife are coating his knives with now.
Still with this 'texture' added a leaf is Grieves on 1/8th of a fat thumb.
A boss is some type of hule hard that feels slightly slimy/slick mine.... This could be helped to dip roughly Or-coverages in some grooves of a boss.
A sheath is formed amiably and 'proudly' has a Smith & Wesson logo and name in a clip but is sub-regulate in that a leaf of knife could be slipped accidentally to any of a TWO slits in a cup of a sheath.
A snap to resist a knife in a sheath is well... Ossia A high point of this whole element.
…………….IN GENERAL...………….
If it was 12 or 14 years, can be happy to possess this May of knife... Like an adult that use, and yes, sometimes abuses his knives would not spend this knife or depend in the to do anything another that looks well.... It say of another way,, would not bet my lunch has left so only my life of this knife not snapping during uses inclusos moderate or same sweet.
4 / 5
So only has taken a knife today and loves some few leaves. Read roughly the descriptions and I dipped it down in my more next lap to my knee and to the equal that have done the movement for the choose or, a brota grieve whisped for knee to the equal that can see in a pic! Acute little bugger.
5 / 5
My four indication of star is based in my expectations of qualities for a prize of a knife. You take that paid for and the chair has taken my cost of money... Obviously, I have not expected a quality of the cup of a line, $ 500 knife. The leaf has the coarse arrival and is not particularly acute. I do not have a lot of past augments still, but stressing a flange looks difficult and slow in disposal. A grip has the good feeling, sure texture, but is quite thin for my average of hand-held measure. It does not think calm would be disappointed in a knife; but a smaller flu is that a snap that fastens a strap partorisca retain in a sheath is flimsy and does not remain fastened a lot well. Any biggie, I supposition, in these some accesses of knife snugly enough in a sheath that a strap partorisca retain probably is not even necessary unless you want to spend a knife to the rovescio.
5 / 5
Possess several S&W Knives, and does not disappoint never. Because of spinal questions, my husband no longer spends tejanos, or trousers with the tape, as it loves something strong, but light to spend in his trousers of clue or boot. This full knife so many functions perfectly. Comfortable in both boot, and inner wasteband. Real skin sheath and the black powdercoated the leaf is the good touch .

Doing the 3ft tries of drop, this knife has penetrated entirely a box goes in his hilt.
4 / 5
Has bought this knife in the impulse/of whim compraventa with which feels in mine wishlist for the moment. It is the good knife , solid and acute although any well the launcher or anything also 'hardcore'. I have not used he among a field still except the little box that opens and cutting things around a house.

Little know after days to receive he by means of Prime minister, there is remarked that Nikita of 'Nikita' (show of television add) uses this exact same knife when it look an episode . It was the very interesting coincidence and enough hilarious that knows that a show has decided to use the Smith & Wesson knife.
5 / 5
Ossia The very solid knife . It resists the decent flange but no the flange of knife. Of then I do not feign in shaving with him, does not import . Ossia Basically the last solves self knife of defence, but already will know concealed. As with any weapon can spend, the mark sure is according to a law.
A sheath has the clip of solid tape and resists in place. The sleeve of knife locates the little big when spending concealed, another that that it is all was drawn to be. The works add like the knife partorisca kick also. More is so only the good knife to possess.
4 / 5
These costs of knife $ 16. To the left so only it takes that out of a way. Has the knives of two collector and has not been $ 16. Also, so only the little tip to that is prone to cut they with east, slide a knife to a sheath until all a sharpity sharpy the bits are covered then pull a key thingy around a hilt and snap it. It is it has called the hilt in of the knives? It was not and no respecto . In all the chance, 7Cr17MoV is not partorisca top of a steel of line. If it likes and buy of the knives know this. It is basically the sub half steel that emphasis on amiably but looses his flange quite quickly. It is not so only to compare this at the end main knife Benchmade or Spyderco reason is not trying to be concealed and is unapologetic do like this. This is not a EDC the knife used for the boxes that cut or Shrub crafting or any do any or the work has related. It is to take “ a f out of this sh” knife. It is incredibly light and very balanced like another reviewers there is remarked. It is acute and comes with the quality sheath. You recommend that it likes me to him the knife of boot more than the knife of leaf fijamente continuous yours tape. I maintain the Fallkniven F1 in my tape for cutting flesh or general shrub crafting, the Spyderco knife of pen of the United Kingdom with S110V steel in my pocket for work and this wonderful pocola dagger joined in my ankle to take it a F out of this Sh situation if one arises. It is $ 16. Negative reviewers, taking on it.

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