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Top Customer Reviews: 5.11 Tactical Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
It is the solid tape . Thickness, any budge and dips partorisca walk against my hips. Any personally have the question with a buckle that takes the place. (Image of reference 2) Also, partorisca avert a be of tape saggy spends it like this a bit the nodule in a buckle faces an opposite way has feigned. He then laws like the grip that control a tape in his level ensured while you pull by means of a otherside of a buckle. (Image of reference 1, calm can does not see but a seal in a tape is facing outward) His quite strong to maintain my p320 in place, as it can not complain. Any to mention, a lustrous black tape is easy the fashion. I have ordered the half of measure, my waist was some chairs of the tape is roughly 33' as I have not required for the cut. I have had he for two years now, any pasts or loose at all. (The images are current)
5 / 5
does not like me when of the people give 1 star been due to logistical questions (likes subject of ship), as I am going in with the description in a REAL PRODUCT. I do not write of the descriptions, but this tape is really good... Also I am been spending he for four month and he is not so only when the people give the description with first use. I have not been paid neither given any product for this description. Ossia Directly-on my sincere experience.

Are the BMX rider of trick (to re-create, but locate the plot) and has loved the tape that was sturdy, has resisted well, and has not had the buckle that pinches or run. That interested in this tape was a prize , a system of buckle, a material and a buckle he - the there is not disappointed me!

Locates my bicycle, resists perfectly. After the week or like this to break in, a "bulkiness" - that some there is complained roughly - that a tape the material frames in a buckle is to go and dips to walk when fastened. A tape is súper light. I spend it casually, and it resists perfect. The any tuck in my shirt when I am random, but yes calm , looks so only well. It does not like a "tactical" look, but if ossia your jam - is thin.

Was skeptical of a plastic buckle, but are adds. It solves some subjects to pinch or that cut the buckle of metal can have, and is much lighter . It resists a lot well; I have not experienced any in slippery. A material of buckle is that of typical buckles and fasteners can find you in the z/in the rucksack or luggage (delrin?).

Travesía In Londra and Parigi for two weeks and there is not taking my tape by means of a detector of metal - does not have to that - is plastic! Like this ossia a profit added for any travellers.

Would owe that say that ossia my favourite tape , never. For any the one who any class of physical activity in tejanos - ossia a a to take - but for a random wearers, enjoy the light tape that control well. Also, I can see a practicality of survivalist material moreso with this tape that any another fixes of buckle. Prpers Be gone in camping of bicycle of adventures/of the long distance of cycling could see apply this tape to other uses. Some 511 bolt of name until a reputation of products of qualities.
4 / 5
The has not been until I have received a product that was able to discover the one who any east of measures esatte available. They are listed in a seal, and is as follows:

S 28-30'; M 32-34'; L 36-38'; XL 40-42'; 2XL 44-46'; 3XL 48-50'; 4XL 52-54'.

Has bought the too big measure, as I will do the one who another reviewer suggested -- cut of a surplus and burn an end with the lighter. Regarding a quality, looks to be rugged. I have bought also the little pouches to attach to a tape, how is something can build to.
4 / 5
Are a bit underwhelmed with this product. Like another reviewer pointed was. Some claves of the buckle exited of your belly for the good quantity, contributing to the little dorky look. Any estacas only was but a side is worse that another, as it sticks was more in a side. Also they are the lean doubt , with to 32 waist that sometimes goes to 34. I have chosen a half, that spends of longitude a map has resupplied. In my current 32 waist of thumb, once buckled one is roughly 5 thumbs of excess tape. The if it does not direct never dipped some weight has retreated on, thinks it will be a lot last the cinch on top of then will have any a lot of excess period. While a cloth will relax to the bit likes the buckle dips flatter. I think that that ossia more like this he 10 product of dollar, that 18.
4 / 5
Has spent this tape every day for four years. I have used previously tapes of skin with has holes of paste, tapes of cloth with buckles of two coverages, and tapes with a buckle of metal that presiona with the sliding bar.

A lot so only is this a tape has possessed better and a better fashion of the buckle has not used never, but both do both like this perfectly like the day has taken a tape and neither tip any byline to age or spending down (another that some very light fraying as attended will not be a real question by other five years or as).

I loosen my tape when I seat and it presionar when I stand up, and is very easy to do with this tape. The any needs to totally undo a buckle to take my trousers were; I can so only loosen to the majority of a way (my measure of waist is 35/34;). I spent it on tejanos, load of the trousers, and shorts. Hanged at all. I can not think of anything wrong with him. Appearance continue using this tape or of the identical substitutions of him for decades.

MODIFY: Two years later (total of six years of daily use), each word in this description is still true. A light fraying has mentioned shows any sign to result to the punctual question likes has suspected. Still a better tape has not possessed never, would buy it again in the heartbeat if this one has been flown or has lost.

MODIFY: In 2020 it is a year without transmissions later -- still use he every day, still has not considered changing or substituting he for some seven years spent it. It has dipped included on roughly 20 lbs! For a way, married me! It sees calm the year or two.
5 / 5
I honradamente does not see all a rave in this tape, in the first place is not fooled for marketing. They are big priced Condor equivalent train, done in Cina probably in a same factory. I have bought this tape after using Blackhawk tapes (facts in some the USA) for the years and I have loved so only the tape of profile more slender of both of the mine Blackhawk the tapes are riggers tapes that is bulkier.

One first what I aversion in this tape is that difficult is for the presionar. More than pulling an end that exited of a buckle for it presionar a tape so only takes stuck. I have had to appeal to it pulls it a buckle was and feeding a tape by means of and then pulling a slack.

A second what is relative to a prime minister, concealing with this tape sucks been due to as annoying is for presionar.

I supposition so that 17 bucks is not a terrible tape but I have had better regime with this obvious Chinese swipe of frames on amazon. I also a lot really like like this promotes like this when quell'being premiere mark of quality when his material is done in Cina.
4 / 5
Are the 34 ' encircled like this ordered a tape of the his sizing map to apt 32'-34' encircled. It was too small to the equal that have ordered one 36'-38' the encircled and returns the better way with approx 4' left on after spending an end by means of a buckle. I have read in the description that you can not regulate a tape once is on without unbuckling the all then regulating it but ossia a chance . Tape of good quality, very comfortable has spent with my tactical shorts or random daily shorts. LeGustado The one of way that has bought another after spending this one for the week !
5 / 5
Ossia Strictly an economic election. Utilisation this tape with a OWB holster this has TWO LOOP of tape. This leaves a holster to be resisted to situate well enough for the draw. This in spite of, a tape is flexible and like such, unless calm spend it a lot closely, a holster droop and unless has considerable stiffness in your trousers (those who there is concealed?), it Threatens to develop your weapon concealed. If for casualidad six in an open-spend situation, this can be more usable. Some laws of tape well and to use likes him the general tape also. More a nylon is quite strong that imagines it could be used like the tourniquet, for example, in a situation of emergency. This tape is also bit it uncomfortable the 'cinch'. I have it quell'has purchased of the strong 1/4' tape of gun of fat skin for pertinent spend which obviously does very better for the door concealed. This in spite of, this has a question to be too rigid, too fat to easily to manoeuvre a tape easily by means of a holster loop, for example. A bit negative and engaged with everything. Spent of good regime , but at least calms will not be was too many $ .
4 / 5
Ossia The very big-tape of quality. It returns exactly to the equal that has to that, and have ZERO REMORSES in the buy. It does not come free during a day at all. Step stirs it of EDC train in my pockets, and in my tape (Knife, Torch, fines-tool, telephone, gun, and more). The tape adds for application of law, army, firemen, and same use of civilian. It has not had never a lot of sagging of my same trousers with a weight added of my train. If you are looking for the fair priced big-quality EDC tape ossia a one for you!
5 / 5
Disappointed in still his cutbacks in these tapes. So only it has taken the tape of alike measure in the different colour and a tape is so only acceptable. Has a tape an old plus, has expected the alike tape, nope, more economic new a. Thinner, no like this fat, much shorter, this me prenderá to order the on-line cloths. If they have cut for behind this a lot in of the tapes no longer prpers confidences to rid dresses of qualities like some trousers. Cost of confidence of retailers, reason as it repeats it the client rid that attended. When Prenden to rid of the leaves of qualities to buy, investigation other sources. I have used to recommend these products, now I no. has bought recently the new tape and likes adds. It would have loved an old plus some. Decrease in quality, any decrease in prize.

Top Customer Reviews: JUKMO Tactical ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
I have had my doubts in this tape but legislation out of some the boxes has surpassed my expectations. It was fearful that a buckle would be weighed and bulky and would not return by means of my pant loop. I have dreaded also that a tape would not be ridged quite and too elastic to conceal spend my sidecar holster likes I door of apêndice. They are happy to inform you that this tape and work of buckle perfectly for my application. Of then I apêndice spends movement a buckle was to a left to reduce press, some chairs of buckle flush against me without undermining my hip. And a tape is abundance ridged the securely sustains my holster. It is also a lot too elastic that my holster droops or is flimsy in in all the chance. Has full row of motion and can seat comfortably without that has to that regulate a tape at all like other tapes have tried comprising of the new ratcheting tapes in a phase. It would have given this to five indication to star if it has not been for a fact that has ordered the small, has taken the small but an end of excess row is long enough to go halfway around me. I have solved this to run an excess in an interior this in spite of has not been that well or a lot the time will resist up. A creation is in general quite fresh and a lot so only, wait that continuous impress me and does not spend out of any punctual time. If it resists up for a year will buy another or two like backups.
5 / 5
Looks fresh but a tape loosen in his own when spending. Has has had to that the turn. Also the has not been the defender of a plastic buckle.
4 / 5
Tends The loosen up during a day. They are constantly that it has to that presionar up. It likes- one creation. I seat I need the majority of aggressive bite in a tape to maintain he to slip out of adjustment. Perhaps I am too active and big thus tape. It does not import an occasional regulating now that are to use his. It is the comfortable access and I like a buckle and like works. I wish it it could return by means of loop of tape without out that has to that take a buckle. I seat one could redesign a buckle bit it smaller that return. So only it has thought it to it in him. Still the good tape. It likes and spend it daily.
4 / 5
Thinks a box of present and pouch that this is to go in was far better that an interior of tape/of real product. It looks and it feels economic. I have ordered the small for mine 29' measured of waist and the small enormous appearance on me. A lot of slack in that felizmente was able to dip by means of the loop distributed in a tape. I have not been happy knowing the east has come from/China come from neither. The desire there was the way to discover where a costruttore of these products is coming from on Amazon, if in a page of product or a page of vendor. Nope. No where. I have suggested this to them many times but the supposition has fallen in of the deaf ears. You take your surprise when among a topmast.

That when be said, he that is supposition to do - supports my trousers around the mine waistline. I will mention two other things do not have me has concerned paralizaciones, 1) there is not coming with any instructions (words or illustrations) to say you like this to attach and detach the. Of then it is the only tape that reads in of the magnets are not cut necessarily dry & as to like this to open & the neighbour. I have had to go in-line to a page of product and click in a video to look like this is done. 2) it Was the bit of the challenge to loop a buckle around and by means of some loops of my trousers given measures it of a buckle. So only the little has bitten smaller would have been better. Once finally it had taken the fully around has has not wanted to it take was some trousers done once for a day given a time/of endeavour has taken to dip tape on in a first place. As it expects it to take the little longer that your half tape to dip on. Perhaps with which some time and practises it will be easier and faster that do like this.

Has aimed was all some deserts that there is remarked calm so can be conscious and do a right decision if for the take or no for calm. Material for a point of prize of $ 15 I has taken that have paid stops. In an end will maintain it but are not ecstatic in this compraventa. Justo WELL with him. I gave it 3 stars (just) for this reason.
4 / 5
This tape leave to regulate a tension to regulate a period. Calm a shorter he, a tight plus he snugs you. A plus along calm he, a More the free taking. Has not founding never the tape that control pieces stagnate and still to leave liberties of movement like this tape. I LOVE this tape. Some finals will return by means of some loops of tape besides tejanos has tried with the little coaxing but that takes an end is faster to edge by means of your loops of tape. I can regulate his tension in of the second while the step has required . Appeal a bit ripcord and is unfastened in the flash. A magnet in a latch is a lot handy and the helps vary some 2 together ends. I have had so many tapes that so only a thing although it has not expected any one a lot this but was very impressed with him. After several months of daily wear, still has not extended out of forming at all. In general, the very good tape for active people.
5 / 5
Is flat just Easy to use.
Has had subjects with spending my pistol each tape before has has had questions with.
This tape has done like this well purchase both black and brown.
4 / 5
Has looked for an adjustable tape to hike and every day wear, a concealed resisted in place and has not slipped. This tape is. I can cinch stagnate it still reason his elasticized material, leave me to move without feeling too tight. I cant commentary on like a tape will resist on like this ive so only has spent the two weeks. Some works of buckle well, easy to involve and disengage..... One draws behind, which feels them is not the 'breaker to treat' is one the no returned buckle easily by means of pant loop of tape. This in spite of, that takes an end of a buckle, looping a tape, then that substitutes some works of finals of the buckle well.
5 / 5
Probably a better value for a dollar are spent in the tape 'never' and am old.
Has been the poor excuse for the tape wearer my whole life, as I have been cursed with syndrome of flat ass.
Has has looked for years for the tape that reliably control on my trousers without a need for synching like this tight was uncomfortable. This $ 15 tape is doing that a lot of more expensive tapes have spent could no. So only quite piece to develop still consolation, this in spite of like this stay in place. A buckle of fast emission is the creation adds that he an emission rid the snap.

A critique SO ONLY has to that this tape is will require to take a fastener on one finalises the loop he by means of more than trousers. So only it takes the second and is easy to see where calm the the previously had regulated like any big shot. I so only mentioned like this another would be conscious of a requirement.
4 / 5
Usually, when I write the description of product on Amazon, goes to the quantity adds of detail and sustain my description with facts and data. This time goes to go so only directly to a heart of a subject. If you are looking for the TRUE tactical tape, absolutely deters calm to purchase this JUKMO Tactical Tape.
Calling this element the 'tactical tape' is one abuses the business that in fact manufacture and sell REAL tactical tapes.
This tape is cheaply woven, and there is so only a discharge of 'nylon'--if, in fact, a material duquel is manufactured is in fact 'nylon.'
He Elected purchases it, calm once takes of a box, will be stunned in his 'cheapness,' and global lack of rigidity.
A buckle of tape and latch is manufactured of the economic plastic, and the unlatch a buckle requires the 'lanyard' type of annex of cord, of a tape a lot of unlatch in a regular fashion found on almost all other tactical tapes--which is the simply of squeeze two tabs and release a latch of a buckle.
Is odd that JUKMO phase still this inferior product like the 'tactical tape'; I have been purchasing and using tactical tapes in fact a lot of years and one some have purchased and now own is strong, rigid, and durable--which is the mark of tactical tapes.
Use my tactical tapes like the 'third hand,' and join numerous elements to them: pedometers; holsters and sidearms; hunting knives; canteens; it prejudices-crew of vision; etc.
Has to that try this with a JUKMO 'tactical tape,' have little doubt that would fail he in the subject of hours. It is simply very drawn to resist until some rigours to spend crew.
Informing behind to a cheaply done tape buckle and latch, when he latch, does not have one feels of the put-type of lock of latching action. After latching and unlatching this tape two times, has been convinced this has repeated latching and unlatching in the normal way would cause this buckle and latch to fail of simple stress.
In the good faith can not recommend this tape to any one.
If you are investigations of the GOOD tactical tape, look elsewhere.
Has the number of companies on Amazon that sells TRUE tactical tapes--and JUKMO is not one of them.
5 / 5
Are to add but a subject obvious is that any buckle of tape with pieces in both sides of a tape is hard to edge by means of some loops of tape. This would have to that it has been obvious mine, but has not been. As such I am using this tape infrequently. A tape regulates well and has the quantity sã of elasticity also.

Top Customer Reviews: Chaoren 2 Pack Mens ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5
Before I have bought this together of tactical tape, had done some investigation roughly some others mark. Some reviewers find that that they have to take was a side of a buckle partorisca run a tape by means of some loops partorisca be disturbs it. This in spite of, this will not be the question partorisca this tactical tape like this the tape is easy to regulate and ensure some two finals. So only I need to open a side of a buckle without taking a buckle was and take by means of my trousers. Amur This idea, Chaoren the tactical tapes are much easier to regulate, only need partorisca dip a tape by means of and press it. Like this convenient!

A buckle of tape is strong and well-has built. Besides, they have taken more colours partorisca choose. This leave partorisca match the majority of my trousers. It is returned so much my wrangler and dickies tejanos as well as my work uploads of the trousers. They are light and rugged and does a work partorisca maintain my trousers up. Durable material and more way! They are happy that has bought these tactical tapes.

The Christmas is coming. I asked this the tactical tape could be the present adds partorisca my father. It is the worker , so need some buckles of tape are partorisca have that has weighed that it is quickly partorisca regulate and easy to take with one touches the type closes concealed is known partorisca be extremely upload tolerant but forgiving partorisca open. I have been surprised that this tactical tape is gone in the good box ! As this leave use this tape like the present perfectly. I create my father like this to to the tactical tape so only likes.
4 / 5
Adds EDC tape in the fraction of a cost of tapes of mark of the name. Very a lot stiffness partorisca partorisca sustain the door concealed pistol and included quite strong to resist on the duty of full measure pistol. Some buckles are durable and precise operate a device to close frequently to spend he in so that it is not to struggle to regulate a measure. The value adds. It will buy in of the different colours.
4 / 5
A tape is well for a money. Has the tape that cost twice so much and is essentially 2 of this sewed near. It will do for an interior a band of door of waist or the radios of hook and other small objects to. A construction of a buckle is all the metal. Also it has an elastic band to resist down some loose ends of a tape. If you are not careful when calm dipped that on a strap will be crooked.

My joint is to join a tip of outside to inner when that dipping on, this calm way does not have to that worry in the free end that among a way to the equal that will be to seat among your tape and of the trousers.
4 / 5
These are not to dress tapes that can be slid in and out of loops of tape with ease, concealed is not that these are has drawn stops. They are drawn for rugged use , has weighed. If I need to constantly take/substitute your tape, looks for something with the creation of traditional buckle.

This has said, these tapes me do fault well. I do in an industry of security and spend these tapes under my tape to owe. A functionality of the fast emission of some buckles is the goodness of entity when that has to that it instruments to fall quickly.

Some tapes are comfortable under a tape to have that and does not pinch. They resupply the rigid backing for a tape keepers to wrap around.

Very happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5
My fiancé loves these tactical tapes. It is happy that a together among two different colours and that some the tactical tapes are adjustable. Some tapes were easy to find his correct measure, and one 1.5' the thickness was a width has loved. Of my perspective, some look of tapes to touch on the and is fashionable and practical. Thank you!
4 / 5
A tape is done of qood material of quality and is described like this. That I not having @@give is the one who often and width a buckle is. Ossia The question with a lot of my tactical pant loop of tape. In planting to use a unbuckle latches has to that take a tape thru a zone of adjustment of a buckle.
5 / 5
This tape is sum . He doesnt loosen at all. Has my gun to hammer hangs it of him more a day and my trousers still remain up. It will purchase again.
4 / 5
Am impacted in fact for some reason that this tape returned and is comfortable and is like this easy to use. I want to as, it calms the the once put, can so only unhook the and leave it has dipped!! The wine averts once because quell'pulled too tight. It spends my gun in this side and after the week of use, has had selection of zero. My only complaint is that one classifies of part of the buckle of claves me in a belly... But then have the decent sized the belly eats! It inserts/ it inserts shrug here
5 / 5
the tapes Add, easy to use. Nizza For trousers any worry of the tape that comes free. They go in handy with trousers that you does not wash daily. It Only draw behind is is hard to take was has been situated. But ossia a purpose of not coming I free.
5 / 5
Has had to take buckle to take he by means of loop of mine of tape. Ossia Too question for me.
Amiably packaged and look to be a lot well has done.
Sad- I returned for credit.

Top Customer Reviews: CQR 1 or 2 Pack ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
It has taken this CQR tape been due to a width. It is so only 1.5 thumb. Any a lot of a thumb but the enormous difference when it comes for the on measured use of loop of different tape. And my telephone holster can unclip without that has to that unbuckle a tape.

Also a plastic buckle is sweet when walking by means of detectors of metal. It does not have to that it takes era! It loves it. Awesome Prize. Cant Has beaten down 10 bucks.

Like this far like this good but a tape feels a lot of flimsy. It does not feel like this rigid and big quality like rule @@subject one of an army. It feels still to limp and thin.

There is Tru Spec The tape of Same thumb likes army of @subject regulate one. A Tru Spec one feels more sturdy and more rigid that a CQR. Perhaps because sound .25 wide thumbs? Any sure
(Goes pics)

will update and the estaca remarks any fraying of abrasion of buckle.

after the little use of days, is too flimsy. It feels like the nylon ribbon around your waste. Unless it reward súper tight, I def would not join the gun holster on that. Any tactical in my opinion. Any rigid or sturdy enough.

But enough well for Daily wear.
4 / 5
Vet Here.
Leading Correctional Agent

In general a tape is adds. It is a lot near of that is to issue in an army. (I military tapes have metal fasteners, any plastic)
like me say this also... A tape is tactical... BUT NO PRACTICAL. The ANY fasten train or arms it to this tape. These are used usually for tactical versions of regular tapes. If it love the train dipped in the tape, wear this low version the TAPE to OWE REAL. If calm so only loves the crisp, military LOOK, then buy this. If it wants to ensure train to owe real to your organism properly, strongly recommends a tape to owe real and tape keepers!
5 / 5
In the first place, ossia exactly that is to describe, the metal free tactical tape of a width corrected and period. My subject only is a thickness . It is roughly 2/3 like fat like another 'name to mark the tactical tape has taken loaned of the partner. If calm so only loves raisin like the tape for travesía or random, thinks it will be well. If you want to spend to plot of train in your tape, will want to something fatter, more substantial, in my opinion.
5 / 5
Has been surprised by a same quality as or better hard and buckle of looks of sum of hard polymer and awsome seal of mark in inner side dosent look or feel economic very happy im 5'10' 240lbs and a L/XL perfect record defenitely recomend!!!!!
4 / 5
The tape adds! I have had already one of these, but could does not wash reason spent it.

Am informing to a fashion that is the plastic loop squared with the bar by means of a half. A webbing is rigid, some flanges am not too rough, and he NEVER slips. A buckle is extremely sturdy, and does not take on material and come waste, which is more than can say for more other types of buckles. Neither it has to that the components confine triple to gradually shred a webbing - my old a mark of the same looks close informative although I have been doing in him years, or to the to something likes concealed.
5 / 5
Adds partorisca to to the people like to of them with allergies of skin to buckles/of tape of steel of metal. It used it velcro tape of skin of the type, but finally a velcro has spent was, and was hard to maintain tight. They are 2 month in, using a CQR Tactical Tape for work and random wear, and so only are in that wants to him(for a prize, had ordered 2 in of the different colours)! With pertinent use, this lock of tapes and control solidly w/ is no-bulky, hard plastic buckle(think Glock) A nylon webbing is fat and quite rigid to easily of stitch by means of some loops of tape, flex with your movements of the organism and bounce it behind ready without undermining in or chaffing yours peel.
5 / 5
Had surprised enough. These tapes look good and the better returns included.
Included Although they are class of thin, still would use him like the tape of gun. So only it does not join in the eagle of Desert or the For double stack 1911.
Spends he Glock 17, the double mag carrier w/2 mags, cuffs and the Streamlight Protac HL without any subject real. Spent his quite all day today and has on resisted perfectly. Any sag a lot, if at all. To the buckle is very comfortable, also. You know, in the chance has had the accident of mobiles where your @@@cofre has fallen to your drawers.
To the buckle has resisted securely but was quickly to take was when required.
In general, my initial impression is creates has taken more for my money that has thought I .
Hopefully Have a same experience.
5 / 5
Spends to 32 encircled pant, but could according to access of mark in the 31 or 30 waist. Any that wants to take the tape that was too short, has finalised to take a half (32-34), which returns perfect with the little extra period in an end that access by means of my secondary pant loop without flopping around. Any that would do like this, which is another reason I a lot like this tape. It does not fold on like the cloth or tape of type of the cloth. It remains directly, without folding in that maintains comfortable encircled mine without going and resultant is also much lighter of a tape of weapon to write to control when I am not spending mine sidearm but loves seeds rigid tape. In general, the good tape that will finalise other colours also.
5 / 5
Would have preferred the 2' tape, but have known that has taken here. They are not bad for a money, although it would not import an extra 3-4 thumbs, no for a belly, but to give you the better control when cinching the down. It is longer that a comparable tape for the good 2-3 thumbs, which is reason I does not spend a anymore. Encircled of mine is 36, I wear 36 tejanos, ossia he 36 -38 tape and is the little short for mine in pleasant. You could consider sizing up likes -you the little extra tape.
4 / 5
Has had the appearance of yard so only another day... Has has had to that the take was practically all so only to take by means of security. When I have walked by means of, it has dipped of a beeper. A guard has said, 'is probably your tape.' I have answered... 'It can not be, it has done of plastic.' I verified again and I have found the thin to say me that has had inadvertently left in another pocket... Gone through half of the security without that has to that take of my tape! Wonderful sense! A tape is a lot of-fact, sturdy, easy to regulate and does not slip and maintains is form . Also, it does not join , pinch, or chafe... The appearance will last longer that other tapes of skin that has had.

Top Customer Reviews: Propper Tactical ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
They are in accordance with that revises that the point was that this tape is way longer, as shipped, that a esizing' would indicate. I have ordered the 40-42, that thinks that could be roughly a period of a tape he and could extracted (I wear measures it 32 encircled). A tape that has received has measured 51 thumbs. Any question, also adapted that it is quite easy the trim down a period. I recommend to cut a tape to a period loves the more can 1/4 thumb; you will take to fray; then use the torch to solder (or gas stovetop, or something), and dulcemente, equally melt a shabby end; you will take class of the globbed to the final has melted up; then take a Knife of X Laws or knife, and trim a glob attentively, dulcemente, to the recta of court even; then run the very slightly in a llama again so only the company on a clean yard. It sees pics.

Also, does not think has any question in this when being the genuine Propper tape. Has a focus, comprising in a buckle, and is weighed-has to that nylon. Good tape for a prize and I have has not imported trimming the. An only downside is, lose a good angled, hardened arrive him concealed goes in the, but concealed is not the breaker of extracted for me.
5 / 5
Has purchased this element in both persimmon and black. As some other descriptions have questioned an authenticity of some tapes was skeptical to order, but has imagined that a prize was quite economic that although they were fake more than just leftover the old stock still would do tapes like this random.

A nylon is well. It does not look like this durable like my tapes or propper the tapes have seen in a past. A buckle is to good short insurance to measure up. A plastic feels economic and easily flexes when squeezing with my coffins hands. Real tactical tapes that is supposition to be of decent quality a lot this. Also, a buckle is being missing of a propper distinctive. Regarding a tape he, a stitching looks sloppy compared to the true tapes and a focus of costruttore is noticeably crooked..
If ossia the real propper tape then the control of quality has taken the serious decrease.. They are almost positive that both some black tapes and the persimmons have received is counterfeit.
5 / 5
Are happy with several Propper the shirts and I have the pocolas other frames of the plastic tapes woven with the plastic buckles have tried like this this Propper tape.
A tape is 1 5/8 wide thumb and a buckle is 2 1/4 wide thumbs. The mine labelled for 52 to 54 encircled was 64 thumbs of a centre of a buckle to an end. But easy to trim to a period loves with shears and seal an end with the llama. Always it orders long how it is easy to cut and impossible to add.
Has compared to other plastic tapes woven there is ossia to plot of tight plus , thinner, more rigid and more slippery.
A stiffness frames behave more like the tape of heavy skin - resist his flange to form of flange, not bending like some have. Stiffness Is also useful to feed by means of tape of type of loop of long tunnel.
Some controls of buckle perfectly without slipping and a tape does not extend - not regulating required during a day. But a slipperiness of a tape weaves bad can slide a tape to regulate place of buckle when a tape is on and stagnate so only to press a side of the next buckle.
Has done well and looks a lot in the majority of trousers of mine but one warning. Has a pair of soft cloth shorts with small and loop of big tape and the measure of free waist. Probably reason a plot is that it slips a waistband has slipped out of low a tape among some loops - any the good look. But for all mine other uniform and random trousers the works and he look adds.
Has has had so only this for the pair of month but mine another Propper the train is hard spending and looks well after long use. I have ordered 3 more tapes.
4 / 5
Like this far like this well with this tape, to be sincere has not listened never of or has used it PROPPER tape as I do not have ANY CLUE is some or counterift. A tape is adapted for on or off duty use, a PROPPER Nylon Tape to Have that is to draw to resupply utility in any half. A molded buckle of leaves of tape for the easy adjustments still resists tight when uploaded down. It has to that it weighed it 1.5 wide thumb nylon can withstand constant term and long use.

Has taken the 32 -34 tape of waist and are 33 encircled and returns perfectly in trousers of mine or be shorts. The tape is sturdy but has to that well sure sturdier tapes (this costs more). The utilisation to resist mine holster for mine PPQ or GLOCK 23 and the work adds and maintains it up in my tape with ease. Also it joins my knife and spray to pepper to a tape.

- Nylon webbing
- has imported
- has to that it has weighed nylon webbing
- wide of Tape - 1.5 Thumb
- Characteristic PROPPER name and logo in a buckle of tape

- Sturdy
- estimate Very Crazy
- 1.5' Wide
- Global Good Quality
- the access likes Expected (32-34 Encircled)
- Versatile

- Could be sturdier
- Plastic Buckle
- the tape is Rigid - Hard of Presionar
4 / 5
Update: well with all honesty if ossia mark that pertinent tapes now that it is rubbishes . I will maintain it like this I need the tape. But ossia pure junk and súper bad does so that it can do more money of some people.
Which is sad reason all is manufactured in china in all the chance and hardly costs him the say me. I am done with propper produced. Going back to truspec.

Leading report.
In all the photos my originals propper the tape is up.
A new tape is way thinner, a buckle looks more economic and also thinner.
I seats ossia genuine ? Possibly

like a fact a new buckle is crazy in place of lustrous.
But the time will say if ossia of confidence.
My original tape has had for roughly 6-7 years and of last month a buckle has broken.
Will try and attach the photo of as a buckle has broken. It is still wearable but no of confidence.
4 / 5
Propper Tape to Have to that Brown of tactical Coyote
I like this tape. It would love the if a buckle has not left unwanted slippage while regulating. I had it roughly three month. I had it it has purchased it previously a Spec-Ops mark and has loved to compare. A Spec-Ops to the buckle is better; his tape is slightly fatter and resists better. Has four Spec-Ops in of the different colours and two widths; this is likely an only Propper will purchase.

Pros. It looks well. A heat that focus and angled the yard in an end the very easy fact to edge by means of loop of tape. It maintains trousers of mine up without doing mine waistline uncomfortable. It is thinner that a Spec-Ops and some loops of tape of the rear centre already is creating the permanent wrinkle in this something in a tape. I have bought the little big and any trim the; an end wraps loop of past mine of tape of the side - much more that it would be it to it permitted included in an Army - but taste in of this period.

Gilipollas. It is thinner that Spec-Ops. This remained with a creation of looks of buckle to leave unwanted slippage when regulating so much has declared previously. With Spec-Ops I control an end of a buckle was to maintain pressure - no slippage. Trying one same with this buckle/of tape - slips.
4 / 5
No a mark that is to be announce.

Possesses several Pertinent tapes, this is not one of them. A buckle and webbing is both much thinner that a version of mark and there is not of the frames to mark anywhere. His buckles of pertinent frames clearly (sees photo)

Still the decent tape for a prize but his some obvious tears out of a Pertinent mark.

Update: a tape is not even decent. It is very thin and will not remain tight. He loosens up in his own. I will be tossing he in some rubbishes and that buy a mark of name of the some place another that Amazon.
4 / 5
Is my new favourite tape ! Has had spent my subject of the old army black webbing tape after a lot of years of service and has seen this fine element whilst patrolling the a lot of offerings of the amazon. A period is perfect for me (48 to 50 waist of thumb), a buckle is sure, any-slip and low profile. And an element is very strong and hanged light. A colour still goes amiably with all mine shorts. My thing preferred in a tape is, does not go in so it sustains mine holster and Colt Diamondback as well as my knife of Swiss Army pouch and my diverse speed loader pouches I wear when the occasion suggests them. My another thing preferred is; a tape any 'take the neighbour' after when be spent in an orientation or another. Ossia, buckle in an accident or a legislation. Sometimes the curve will form or eset' to a backside of a tape. This tape a lot that.
To the M., Hawaii
5 / 5
tape Very good. Rigid Plastic buckle, and a tape is rigid nylon. Enough well for daily wear, and will do likes to spend the tape for more compact and subcompact handguns. Mayor and heavier handguns is likely to overwhelm this tape, this in spite of. The stays stagnate, and that need to do. If yours so only loadout in this tape is the keychain, small tool holster or chance of mobile phone, go you to do fault so only well. This is not he riggers the tape or anything close his, or any class of soldato of fashionable tape for anything another those parades or garrison has to that.

Has been of then spent up like the question...

The mine there has been a correct Propper inner of seal, as unless it is the very good clone , is legitimate.
5 / 5
Has bought this tape for two reasons; one, has has wanted to one 'all plastic' tape because we travel internationally and has loved to avert that it has to that take my tape in the each control of security. It was perfect partorisca east. As, it has loved the durable and seeds-rigid tape for trousers of mine to hike that no loosen up. He also done perfectly in this consideration. If it has had to 4.5 indication of the star would have gone main that 4. An only reduction in marker comes from/comes from a fact that found last it of presionar. You owe that pull a free end of a tape behind out of a buckle to be able of the tightest appeal and, once in place, controls with a delivery while pulling it behind by means of a buckle with another hand. A paid was is that calm once the the where calm the want, will not slip .

I wear 36 encircled tejanos has bought like this one 36-38 tape and was in perfect. If you have taken one this was more along, this in spite of, calm would have any question at all for the cut was to the period wished and apply the little heat to slightly melt an end to prevent that it frays. Good tape. It buys it.

Top Customer Reviews: Ginsco 6.5ft x 10ft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
It was really while more past, has bought this partorisca go around my blind bond. I dipped it/ I dipped It on roughly 4 weeks before estaciona like the deer could take used his, this in spite of a first week has begun partorisca seat in a invidente there is remarked a deer would be and look me never relaxing. One of my friends could see my invidentes of the his and has said could see my plain of silhouette likes day. I took it it was and dip the discharge of burlap cammo first and has dipped then this an on that. In an end was more expensive that I active has used so only 2 spend of burlap partorisca begin with.
Ossia partorisca Uses of decoration, no in a field.
5 / 5
Has researched different options partorisca fix a canopy in the boys swingset. This was for far a more economic option and has resisted already until some rain and serious wind. They are not that leaving up during a winter because probably it will not resist until feet of snow. A lot economic fijamente probably will not last the few seasons but is quite economic to substitute. I think that that I am spent around 15 bucks for him.
5 / 5
Pros: Very light. It looks to do well a time. The colour is excellent - did not bite it also hiney'. I am expecting with using & to age that yours down. The measure is perfect
Gilipollas: two things are easily apparent.
1. His no the unit to have that has weighed. The ones of the one who expects it will take a lot of abuse or hard use.
2. A netting is afixed to A SIDE of a camo knitted. It thinks of him it likes camo of model with the grandson layed on like concealed. These frames for the good coverage in a side, but the snagging disorder in another. This is not to like some one thousand camo cleaned that has a clean series interwoven inside a camo he.
For a prize this in spite of, his a lot of value he, so only know the one who calm' is more importantly, which he isnt.
4 / 5
Loves this camouflage netting. They are the professional photographer and spend the plot to time is gone in a thicket and marsh in Florida and this netting leave me to dip on the fast, light invidente súper fast. It is also perfect the drape in my Jeep Wrangler while I require it the blend in better my location.
HAS some 'noise' when some swipes of wind, but sounds so only like a rustling of leaves and palmera fronds like this in fact help me blend in even more.
More the to good sure recommend this product to hunt, camping, photograph and anything more alfresco.
4 / 5
This has 4x4 fines netting covered for plastic cloth and with cords of bond of the cotton in the each corner. I used it to resupply the sun that shadows for the young tree that has encircled with fencing of metal to maintain a deer in bay. Some cords of the bond in the each one corners to do very easy to attach a material. With some cords of bond that is the fact of the cotton is likely to the rot is gone in the years of pair but concealed is not of a lot of worry. Any one creates what time a plastic coverage will last but yes last for 2 years will be very happy.

In of the terms by heart is one the majority of the cloth of natural camouflage has seen for my zone that looks of coastal oaks and an usual collection of plants of coverage, oak of poison, mimulus, ferns, etc.). Of the distance of 20 course a cloth blends in his half 100. If I signalled it it was to any still would have the difficulty that he the fact out of some background plants.
4 / 5
Has been looking adds another camo coverage to hide the hunting of duck of the boat. I am taking three weeks and going paralizaciones to fish and the goose/of duck hunts in north Saskatchewan and will have to that hide the 14 ft boat camo boat in time. Later in a fall there is the 10 travesía of day to some Dakotas. This netting looks well, in fact better that the majority, but is still way too shiny, although given a bath of the extreme vase is not that it loves to take camo if a sun is was. Any to say you will not shoot the ducks that uses it, so only a lot almost like quota like this any without shiny camo the sunny day. It could be used for curves to hunt yes calm already was careful to use shadows to help hide you. It gave it five stars because there is at all bad with him, so only a lot well for my application, if the calm use could think of to him likes him the tool of good conservation, or could perk an interest of deer to come on and see the one who a shiny thing is.
4 / 5
Has ordered this like the backdrop for the party of anniversary of my edges. Quell'Spaced was wider that cover some rear windows but doing so many, creates to start with in him. It can easily blend well if any one decides to add the solid piece to a backside of him, but I class of has liked them a light this is coming by means of him. Some pieces are all joined together with to to the the fat rope likes them the serious and calm also can join some sides of him so that it comes with 2-3 extra bonds in some sides. It is very light although it bit it bulky. I received it vacuum sealed and am not sure will return in a same stock exchange are gone in . In general well a prize although there is still to think of anything More will use them stops.
4 / 5
For my veterans of friends of old timer... This is not our camo-netting. It has been expecting something line more than fashion has agreed like this of my military service. This was more plastic that lines. It looks that a material 'new' would resist on besides long and better under conditions of field. We do not use he in a field. It has been used like this splits of the together for the soldato-themed game. It looked excellent under theatrical lighting, has on resisted well, and has covered a zone has required easily. It was also a lot impossible to bend on when it has been done. A photo any one the justice... Very pleased with him in general.
5 / 5
My boys are in the bed of the bunk and an inferior bunk is in fact so only the mattress in a paving of this boy is the toddler. Has the question with some dogs constantly that tries to dip in his bed. Any exactly a @@subject but a dog is waters it that it loves the German shepherd and she will take bad wet and sneak inner to dip in his bed. I EAT. I have measured a height of upper bunk down to a paving. And it has measured a distance all a way around totally. This coverage of measure charges it all and leaves extra netting in a paving. It was simple using bonds of zip to attach it to a bed of bunk. Easily it could gather and layer some of a netting to look really fresh but am big pregnant and does not have an energy to move up and down that a lot of. With a fully closed grandson he so only impulses on an excess coverage in a subordinated and crawls right in. It gives him the strong to touch that it hangs a day also.
In my daughters' soiled my daughter in a fund there has been a subject same with some dogs and is obsessed at present with mermaids likes I a same method with some decorative fish netting. It maintains some dogs was and touch in him during a day also.

So that it is for some ideas... For a quality will say that this was incredibly easy to dip up. My edges my old plus is 11, is loved always camo anything. We were the military family for 8.5 years and camo so only infiltrates is house in some point. Especially in an infantry for an army. We live a life of homestead now and try hunt in a backside of a property... camo The coverage so only has to that spend... The plot. So much with those that different types of camo netting has used: an economic material of the tents to a material have had in service, this netting is not bad at all and some colours are not caseous. It is economic netting but would use it for real applications of life also, likes hide the things am gone in a forest or resupplying the camouflaged spent like my poultry is not seen like this easily for birds predadores. It likes him-me my neighbours but I part of desire of the mine porch forward there has been some extra coverage in a side when so only want to seat external and not being seen. I can order more than this coverage for this application until we do transmissions of structural house to a porch. It would be effective, economic, and a lot quickly. My husband is speaking roughly building some boys the treehouse this year and already can listen ask me to order some plus for the too.

Too long, any bed? Buy a coverage.
5 / 5
This access of thing in mine Kamprite Cot Tent perfectly. He a whole thing looks the big shrub .

Has on resisted well in wind and rain during the a lot rough camping season. I have not had any question with folding or maintaining he on two weeks of the constant use in some signals.

Still after the hard season in serious time, he still fooled my sheep. When it has taken home after a session of camping along and sinister drought to pack wet, my sheep was fooled to try for the eat. Fact for the humorous pocolos small to the equal that have pursued the ram around a pasture that tries cogerprpers for the give up. It has been convinced HAS TO be it edible to somewhere to the long of a period.

Top Customer Reviews: Fairwin Tactical ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Good tape, well with the buckle in the each side, he a lot of slide by means of some loops around trousers. Partorisca Dip it on, need to take a buckle, or perhaps clasp would be appropriate more, then dipped the backside on after wrapping he by means of some loops in your trousers. It is the ache in a butt partorisca dip on or take was. Probably I do not use it never or in better, seldom the use. It would not buy it again and it would be necessary returns it. It has not been that any one could have taken tape unless some loops on all your trousers are very big. To good sure can not use he with tejanos. I gave it in the first place a star, but of a material is sturdy and his a lot of fact, will go four. Really I want to it likes tape.
5 / 5
Has not been sure exactly like partorisca think when I ordered it. My first thought was 'that the ache partorisca have to that the undo each one which as pant changed. It says that they are quite picky in my tapes and has has spent tapes of skin of Harley for years. But with my weight to fluctuate I hove 6 different skin tapes.
This tape here. I speak for east a. Any one another concealed looks this one. This tape here included there is now result my preferred and probably last tape buys unless it is another .
In the first place, a buckle. The the Flawless. Extremely sturdy and not raising likes can look. But it is notch upper . Smooth action. Súper Easy to take on and was but no for deception. A engraving and look of name of the mark awesome and professional.
A tape. A period of tape is well in a money. I leave some changes I needs for transmission of weight. Underclothing During a winter etc. A sale of leaves of hule to resist any extra can have strongly in place and does not change one looks of a tape at all. (Ossia For some writes that an order of tape is in a main measure of a waist) QUALITY. This nylon is a stronger quality and I better there is never has possessed. Clips A lot snag in of the edges for example.
Like this for him living room tape that is súper comfortable or yes partorisca reason tactical. They are very satisfied with both one tape and a prize. This was so only an extra last min compraventa and be finalised one of mine buys favourite of everything.
Thank you For the product of quality
5 / 5
A nylon is thin but comfortabe. The averages a buckle has to that exited to feed a tape thru some loops of your trousers. MAY...
That the be has said..... A buckle will not pull for behind thru some loops when they take your trousers. They are the paramedic and create several times during a night. A weight of some things spends in my tape has used to pull a tape for behind thru some loops and goes has it that fixed every time. If yours looking for the tape to have that has weighed that maintains his form... This is not your tape. I like this one but use the different tape for SWAT work.
4 / 5
Takes to plot of some military tapes but they has to that it does not resist by means of a day and my arrival of trousers to fall, but no this tape resists all day long absolutely. So only snap and go.
4 / 5
Has had the few different tapes like my weight has changed over time. Poor quality bonded tapes of skin that has fallen averts. Tapes of skin of good quality with alignment of hole that has not done well for me.

This tape cinches exactly to where the precise and stays. It is easy to regulate. A material is light (at least has compared my tape of heavy skin) and strong. A buckle feels strong and has the little his weight.

Mina a complaint is that some 2 components of buckle are too big to spend for loops of tape. So I need to take your tape is the little bit of the ache. The any needs to, as this does not affect me .
4 / 5
This tape is quality very good . A buckle fastens easily the difference of an old fashion military tapes where has to that slide an end by means of a buckle that is very noisy. An attachable Keychain the clip is good and easy to take when any required. A so only downside that has is some finals of buckle are big and any returned by means of some loops of tape of blue tejanos a lot easily, as I owe that take a buckle out of an adjustable end to feed a tape by means of some loops of tape then reattach a buckle. It is very comfortable to spend to a point that you almost forget is by train of the spend, different some old military tapes where some looks of buckle to pinch your skin when advance of supports.
4 / 5
Has looked in other tapes like this of manufacturers 'tactical', and is often 3-4 times a prize, and is really very different. In fact, I am convinced the majority of them are done probably in a same factory like this one, so only with different mark.

Has bought a version of tan of this tape done the month, and was impressed like this with him, that has ordered the second an in black. Comfortable, easy to regulate, and when calm take it regulated, closing in and does not slip or tug free while calm the doors. My work have kneeling and bending and walking all day, and this tape remains tight and comfortable by means of 8-10 turns of now without questions. Step to pill to scan that details in my tape (a big cell-device of type of the telephone), as well as the small radio communicator, and the knife of utility, and this tape resists all well. Still with all this extra weight, does not slip or loosen in a course of an active work day.

Has to that take an adjustable buckle was the threat this tape by means of some loops further of trousers--comprising bluejeans. But a webbing eset' folds it where spends it with which the few hours, as that taking regulated is fast and easy. Highly recommended--the value adds.
4 / 5
Easy to dip in any trousers. Works like him stylish and functional tape. They are an on-call súper he so that it is perfect to resist tones and other small tools or objects.
5 / 5
At the beginning look to to these looks like could be of the ache in a with the to use reason calms am likely to love edge a tape by means of yours loop of tape with a separate buckle with half in the each final of a tape. Any this. It thinks of him it likes him he BDU of tape or he riggers tape that has to that threaded by means of a buckle and cinched tight every time wants to undo your trousers. With this calm tape thought so only has to that that a first time. With which that can undo you a buckle and an adjustment remain one same. He unfastens And refastens quickly and easily. You was to give you the loop of web of elastic tape to maintain a row in place. It comes with the Velcro loop of tape with the snap fastener and coverage for tones, the very good extra. There are several models to choose of of a same creation. There are the folds of spent double stitched model for tapes of gun. An alone discharge has taken would do well for more smaller spend guns like PM9 or Glock 43 without @@subject.
5 / 5
This tape is like this substantial I follows in fact concerned roughly falling it on my foot.

My complaint is that a mechanism occasionally jams. I have SOLVED this question to rub any soap of bar in an end of connection and doing a soap to a mechanism. It has been several months without another jam.

Another question has had was that an end of a nylon the tape has begun paralizaciones to fray. I have SOLVED this question for ATTENTIVELY that runs a frayed parts of a tape in the llama. This has melted a frayed parts, for this solving a question and preventing further fraying.

These were questions smaller , and just part of interview.

Top Customer Reviews: Ginwee 3-Pack ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
5 / 5
Honradamente Has taken this mostly partorisca a tone of title. It has been surprised that some tapes felt like this solid and decent to the equal that have done. I do not expect to in fact do rigging with them, will update there is the transmission in perception.
5 / 5
I tapes add! And they return by means of the majority of loop of tape.
4 / 5
Loves these tactical tapes! They are of the quality adds and very durable!
4 / 5
A material is strong and a seams is a lot of stitched . A buckel is very drawn and strong.
5 / 5
Train to notch upper, highly recommends these in a field. You go partorisca require loop of big tape partorisca this buckle this in spite of. The majority of him those my external trousers any likes him to them to a buckle likes I edge a tape by means of a night before and can forget take a tape quickly. A well alternate is the ratcheting tape and buckle.
4 / 5
To That that did not like on some tapes is that they are not fat partorisca sturdiness. Or it can attach the pair of tones or the small but at all heavy torch. I am using some tapes partorisca go with my trousers and bdu is. Has the tactical look is for this that purchased it.
5 / 5
Tape quite solid for a money. Works as well as the tape of regular trousers. Has the question with my tape of tool that attractive my trousers down but this tape does not come never free. Used the like this the tactical tape with guns and ammo but a fast emission latch the leaves is goes easily of has touched.
5 / 5
A construction is WELL, look sturdy enough, but a tape maintains to slip by means of a buckle, and is not very easy to regulate while you are by train of the spend. I will use these, but the any reorder him.
4 / 5
Is sturdy and controls on well. A prize is very too much.
5 / 5
My husband loves these tapes. I have imagined he so only use of some tapes but uses him everything. The quality adds!

Top Customer Reviews: Rhino Blinds R150 3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this invidente because of good descriptions. I have bought probably 10 invidente in mine lifetime. They are a lot familiar with bursting was creation. I love him for near easy up. This an arrived with some poles of support have on twisted terribly. It is like the supposition to look but was besides so only packing subject. I have HAD TO THAT TAKE I POLES WAS And TWIST I CONNECTORS 5 Or ARE TIME Each LIKE THIS!!! THIS WAS MY ONLY DAY to HUNT WITH MY DAUGHTER. It WAS The HUNTING of the WORSE DAY has HAD IN of the YEARS. It was SPENT And FALLIDO WHEN He 2 SMALL has ON DIPPED TURNED To 45 MINUTES. RUINED THE WHOLE DAY!!! IF they GO to COME PACKED LIKE THIS, THIS will BE MY LAST BLIND RHINOCEROS !!
4 / 5
Has bought this invidente after doing long investigation in an available -$ 100 invidente in a phase. This looked to have all some characteristics am wanted but without that has to that spend more afterwards to -$ 200. Ossia My third pop on, but first Rhinoceros. I have not hunted out of him, still, but has some thoughts after the dipped up. In the first place, a gilipollas. Some other descriptions are attentive in that a packaging and the control of quality is being missing of. They are no odder to setting on the pop on and can confirm this was to complicate. Have has had to that derrumbar some poles for the take untangled. Some bet comprised, as expected, is economic and no very long - but will find that in just roughly all burst ups, as you can a lot really say many. Last with east a door. Certainly, they are the type the big plus but that the door is small. The desire was bit it main, but is manageable.

Now for a pros... Calm once volume to a invidente, a door is silent to close and does to focus quite well in spite of any in that has the zip. Some windows are good and big and his operation is like this silent to the equal that allege. I appreciate a double bread so that I can use a blackout to regulate your view has wished. For my invidente, some butts lateralmente a lot up against the thicket, as I entirely blacked went it. Characteristic spouse very good, especially considering more in this row of uses of prize velcro and zips. Once untangled, some poles and hubs look to be to draw of quality. This, of course, will be more than the time will say situation, but looks to be better that some of some another frame has seated in.

In general, would recommend this invidente so that it is looking for the abonos 2 man (is not the 3 man in spite of marketing) or for the good and roomy 1 man. For a prize, takings the plot of good characteristics. So only be prepared for a neighbour annoying up. If has an occasion, dipped the up in home before exiting to a field.
5 / 5
Has purchased like the present for my husband. It could it does not burst it it was after inaugural. It is apparent result that this was a turn of Amazon before sending to the long of the ours. It has been twisted and the poles were out of place. Our crafty the son-in-law disassembled and reassembled which has taken roughly 1 now so only to learn that one spends latch has been worn/rasgado entirely was. We contact a costruttore, OPI Alfresco, more than taking it casualidad with the amazon that sends another faulty a. His, a costruttore, was excellent! We send the new (the new mark!) Intoxicated of focus the partorisca return to send for behind a faulty a. A quality of a invidente is unbelievable for a prize. We can it is returned easily 3 big people comfortably in some invidentes.

Bursting on a blind apresamiento practical, but is so only roughly 5 minutes when some stars are varied! My husband proclaims that yours in question takings has twisted this in spite of.

Gives some invidentes 5 stars for qualities and engineering, but give Amazon 1 star to send the used and broken invidente this is to be open on tomorrow navideño. It is unfortunate that can not estimate a two for separate.
4 / 5
Has received the used invidente that is already be to dip up and has broken. One falls poles out of some pocolos there the bosses supposed to remain in. For a prize would owe that be the best invidente. It dips up in living room. Ploughing on a invidente some poles where poking by means of a material (holes). Shame in a place that shipped out of the used has broken invidente.
5 / 5
Well, to start with was, ossia my first blind earth . The time is the little difficult to dip up and included harder that go down even when doing likes a instructional the video has said. Some plastic pieces that is connected to a point and cammo the screens exit easily if you are not careful. As the one who when being to 3 blind person. Sure, if you are behind partorisca back really after or scrawny and short and does not want to be able to move around a lot at all. There are hundreds of tiny holes in him where all is sewed near.

Would not BUY AGAIN

This can be the house of external game well for boys
5 / 5
Ossia a second 5-hub the blind fashion has taken of you concealed is DEFECTIVE. I have looked your video in the easy is is to dip-up. Has some canes that is burst free and there looks to be movement he in your cloth will be to return this one for the full repayment and doing spent of mine of another company. That really sucks is, has had plans to dip this up in mine something to hunt today.
Recommends my fellow hunters to NOT buying this product. Perhaps these needs of company to do the testing of better drug of his assemblers?
4 / 5
I claims of Blind rhinoceros to be an earth a hard plus invidente in a phase. I have bought mine in Oct and dip the up in the Fresh nov. out of a box one of a hub the poles were broken Already. Now the month and the half after the dipped calm up can see the daylight that goes in of any of dozens of holes in a material. It does not look to be test to rain at all. Ossia The subject big for the blind earth. They are like this disappointed in this product. Thought to use some Flex Focus in the like this at least will do by means of an end of a season.
4 / 5
This can have been the good product but obviously any one sent it behind and has been the mine has shipped then. Any instruction. The average of some canes was in an interior and the average was. There is taken on an hour to straighten it was and take it up. It has had then the plot of tears of estréses in him. Too much question to take it down and send behind. It could be the good product but will not order never anything like this on-line.
4 / 5
Once take it the place near is well. BUT when I have opened a container, as to plot of another reviewers on here, some of some canes were out of place and took 45 minutes to untangle and take near. Enough it whistles it.

But once is taken the abundance of room and field adds of view.
4 / 5
This blind earth was the nightmare to dip especially of the canes are not lined on legislations of a start. Has has had to that the appeal all avert and the redo. I took the good hour and the half to take this thing on although it is supposition to burst legislation up. Has the tonne of holes in him where a stitching is and filters. It would send it behind but I do not want to dip another has retreated up. I took it once on and minus a hose is the decent earth invidente like a fact that calms does not have zips that noise of Mark

Top Customer Reviews: WOLF TACTICAL ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Has two of a heavy duty riggers' Wolf Tactical Tapes of a costruttore same, both half, and both the perfect access. Has the 34' encircled and always take the half rigger tape, to all the cost of a costruttore. I have read a map of measure partorisca this tape, and although it has said, has gone with the half. Has has had to that cut it down the bit and remelt some flanges. It runs big, has included main that a map of measure. All my failure, but be conscious in the most done chance a same thing.
There is remarked also, that a width, thumbs, is not quite attentive. It is quell'has bitten shy of that, which the easiest fact to return to the majority of loop of tape of the civil. He this without sacrificing rigidity or sturdiness. This goes for both this and a have to weighed a. In general, probably a better tape around for a money.
5 / 5
In that purchased those several tapes and always when being disappointed, this riggers the tape has to that be one the majority of sturdy, comfortable, and the tape sure has possessed. It resists clips of tape, tac train, tools, etc tighter that anything has tried more. It would like to take the second a for the transmission, but the doubt will not require never another. The materials of qualities will last the lifetime.
4 / 5
Has done operates it that it inspects harm to seeds trailers, which required to locate to and down mediate it to them a day while seating in the office another half. I have required the tape that has maintained my tejanos in place, as I do not have the data was . Ossia A perfect tape .

A material to have that heavy resupplies good and same structure, comfortable pressure, included when pulled more closely. I have had question fastening down my loop of prime minister of tape at the beginning, quotes a Velcro, but there is @@give quickly was better the fasten the in a loop of tape in mine tejanos to maintain a whole thing to move together side.

A prize added was the second small band of Velcro in an opposite side, attached to a D-coverage that the very easy fact to ensure the tactical light, pouch, or knife of utility for easy access. Work perfectly in a sheath of the mine CRKT Hammered, which is resulted the gone the EDC.

For reference, spends the measure 31 or 32 encircled pant, and a small tape returns some to measure.

An initial only drawback was that a buckle juts out of the little when fastened, but given a thickness and sturdiness of a tape, would have to have it has expected.

Goes to buy finally the measure until tape my discharge of trench, once go back to a cold and rainy season.
5 / 5
Does a bit those that the years have had the tape very resembled this. It has been situated of with some cloths contaminated (I work with fuel of jet). I did not substitute it never until I have found this tape entirely for accident. It is almost identical for the half a prize and is DONE still IN You The EUA. I love it. I can not spend (I are of NJ) but does not find any reason can not sustain the holster. I spend he 3-D cell Maglite in a work and he do not deform under a weight. I have not used a rigger loop still but has to that well sure required it to him to anchor something would do well until the few pounds of hundred. It would not bet my life in the but does not see any reason because no .
5 / 5
Honradamente Surprised in credit it this tape is fact and dip near. The material celery to have that heavy but a lot in fact weighed when that spending. His flexable enough to move with you but still rigid and quite fat that would use them this with a IWB holster when required. As the one who using a loop to rig, the used the partorisca ensure me when that has to that locate to some big rafters for the fast reparation and he have sustained my whole weight without flinching. My only complaint with a whole tape is a velcro in an end to ensure an end/of free seal. While his add and quite strong to resist on the trousers without that have to that rig an integer clasp, the the desires was the but more with a longitude to take around some of my loops of tape. This be has said the ones of fact prefer this tape in mine trayvax slender tape and probably will buy another.
4 / 5
Likes everything in this tape, and have any aversion. When it Was in some instruments of TOUCH in the prison of maximum security, these are some use of tapes . When I have left it has had to turn my tape in. I have found these on Amazon and has had to have both colours. They are in the place of Application of the Law workplace and has spent one or another newspaper took of then. They are a lot strong, stitching is good and strong, and is in general the sum of tactical tape.
4 / 5
Was very pleased with cost of mine. Controls my FNH 40 a lot sure and rule quite easily. I have ordered big riggers tape with him and was a lot of big, but has done. Perhaps I maintain to eat doughnuts he better record. It could have ordered the half with mine 36-38 waist in of the trousers with shirt tucked in.
5 / 5
Experiences this to substitute my generic tape has used the paralizaciones spends concealed. My tape of old skin was quite fat and quite wide to spend, but is so only would not stand up to a weight and was constantly uncomfortable. I have bought this in the whim fallido and are súper happy with him. It returns a lot comfortably and although it bit it thinner that my old skin a, this control of tape until a weight without any questions a lot. And I mention it is súper-comfortable? Compared to the mine old a, almost forget I still are when spending. Any complaint of me and I would recommend to friends.
5 / 5
Is rigid? No more than him it would be to take the look in Hillary Clinton in of the skins the cold day.

Resists your trousers up? Yes.

Resists your trousers and weapon on top of a same time? Yes.

Retains holster for the weapon has said? Meh No like this well.

How is a buckle? Any one bad and velcro is decent like this slippage is minimum.

Is returned overweight surgical? Yes. 6'3 320 And step measures it 42 pant with the kydex IWB have enough the tab subtracts to almost achieve behind to a loop of prime minister of tape.

Resuman: It is the good tape for down twenty bucks. The the the tape of gun has consecrated?To good sure no. I order again was so only in need of the tape? Yes. Webbing Is strong stitching and the buckle looks decent.
Likes would do the stiffened 2 version of discharge.
5 / 5
Likes that they powder coated all a metal that is an improvement of Black Hawk.
A down the sides are his Thinner metal (possibly Aluminium), and a Stitching is not like this sturdy to the equal that would owe that be. One spends any one control to help yes calms in fact has to that repel with this tape. The fold of need stitching or a X normalised to reinforce and strengthen it incase of an emergency. The way 220 lbs and would require to repel with the 40 lbs stock exchange of rescue.
Would not trust this to resist me up.
Justo that it use he for mine regulates to exit. Otherwise Still use my Black Hawk CQB tape of real emergencies and anything risky.

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