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3 / 5
Update Under Original of Mate: 12/03/2015
Original of Mate: 10/04/2015
has wanted to to expect to bond the description in this bicycle until it goes to have the occasion in in fact develop a just opinion further an initial impression.

In the first place, the little more detail and fund.
IS the man in my mid 30s returns in cycling after the 15 hiatus of year. I am 6' the big feet and 220 lbs. I am coming from the very sedentary life, more than work of full time (work of desktop) and school of full time with four boys. I am very busy but does not have the very lifestyle 'active'. Only I am when finalising in student and decided to return in the cycling the help augments my level of activity.

Has begun to locate again in Work day 2015. Like the little the month and I have posed quite a lot of 240 miles in this bicycle. Any bad considers was down in total for quite a lot of two weeks that expects in the reparation (more on that in the bit).

Well, left to start with in a Delivery of principle...
Has chosen this up in some Roads of Amazon of a Day for the roads adds, $ 180. This prize is that touched some stairs for me in a twelfth average or like the bicycles have considered. This model finished to be strongly orderly and has taken the small less than the month to arrive. It was bundled well and undamaged when arrives.

Totalled A bicycle I; some the general instructions are quite imprecise due to the fact that generically has been written but avenges together. I consider me to be very handy and able when goes in this type of the work and he have taken enough 30-45 minutes for the take totalled...Even so the considerable quantity of adjustment has been required. So much a front and behind derailleurs has not been setup very in the hablador to fail when flavour to move or skipping the train when can in some pedals. So much some the wheels have required to be trued the plot, which has done for eye at the beginning and again later in a Tent of Local Bicycle (LBS). Some brake to be it required has adjusted considerably also and would say that in general it is spent 5-6 hours tinkering and well tune a first week. Retrospectively only it take he in a LBS of a principle a next time.

My first impression was that the assembly has not gone also bad, even so in a prjimo few weeks that has changed. I am happy with some states of global bicycles even so; a gearing is very useful to take through a diverse ups and downs while trace, some fenders is plastic but very effective, and a chair is big and quite comfortable (still am debating on in the now or updating). Some wheels and the tubes are final quite down, but served me well quite so far, only has had to to fix 1 flat wheel to arrive to this point. Some brakes are effective and a handgrip shifters is easy to use. A forward of fork and the suspension of chair is rigid and jerky, but research to be loosening in a plus strolls, as it can break other 200 miles in amiably. Some handlebars are very adjustable and took me some time to take some right adjustments for them so that it was so much quite big and in a right angle; I have adjusted included a rotation in a handgrips in better field my arms and wrists to be more directly while it locate to help a numbness has had in my hands. I have taken a time in tinker and adjust my height of chair and depth of saddle for the most comfortable walk (btw- listen this bicycle would be the good access for any one among 5'8' big and 6'3' big). It takes a time to adjust a gesture of some handlebars and saddle, really is worth it! There are some videos of Youtube adds for setup that very aided.

Some adicins/the main additions have done is, the light of cape and light of row, mirror of handlebar, mini bomb, box of tool and box of patch, stock exchanges of pannier strapless said-clips and pin and reflective adhesives that nude tape (voice a semi-detached photo original wheels).

Very is very happy with this bicycle even so has two things that has preoccupied me and is for these things that is gone down an indication.

In the first place, a bicycle is quite heavy, quite 40lbs. It IS the bit of the worry but no the breaker of roads in me. I seat what lugging the extra weight around helps to do you the rider the strong plus...Even so the part of this weight is been due to a robust that builds that is where my worry predominately resides does not take me wrong robust is well but some tubes of the frame in this bicycle is main that the majority and is more oval that round. In this way that trace usually the accessories in a bicycle can very always access. No the breaker of roads, only something to be conscious of before it purchases.

Segundo, and that is to say a big a, is a quality and building of some Rims of Rueda. This bicycle is come with the double wall 700c x 38mm, 24h rim of wheel of the Alloy with 4 gauge 278-280mm steel spokes. 24 spokes IS quite consider the lights is basically the standardly the rim has built. In my case has blown spoken he in 160 miles/ two weeks in. It maintains in importing that is to say miles of road or paved trails with only the few substantial swipes to speak of. Any big roads, has taken he in a LBS and has had substitutes them a spoken and some a wheel. Inside a prjimo 20 miles have blown two (2) more spokes and before it can his marks the house has finished to blow three (3) more!!! To arrive to this point a wheel was totally unstable and unusable; I have to walk a rest three house of miles. I have contacted my LBS and has been said to only buy new wheels. Final down 36 has spoken wheels in a same measure where goes to run me $ 70-$ 80 each what so, that is to say more concealed paid for a bicycle. This was in 195 miles and only down three weeks of use. Needless To say it has not been happy.

Has opted to contact Schwinn. After the brief conversation inform me that it issues goes it to me new backside in any additional cost. Nice, well?! An only subject was concealed has not had a wheel in stock in a system ( is a model an old plus , circa 2010-2013-ish). As we ask me to us to give them the few days to follow down the wheel, if it do not issue me the different model that would do with my bicycle. Two days more have taken late an email signify had shipped the container. They had been unable to find the wheel of the substitution for one discovers and had decided issue me the front and the back wheel posed of another model of a same measure to do sure there has been the party posed of wheels. They were to update also of the 24 has spoken the wheel in the 32 wheel spoken, again in any one additional slope in me. $ 55 Later for the full tune up in my LBS and my returns of bicycle, each setup with some new wheels and running softly.

Has finished only he 35 walk of mile this morning in some new wheels and was very pleased. Schwinn Very when being by behind his product.

An only another worry has for these rims, so much some original and a walnut ones, is a period of a root of tube has required. Some tubes this comes with having the root that is the sake 1/2' longer that the level 32mm root. Mina LBS said can very still finds tubes with the root that very time. But for the small $ 5 inversion has purchased the group of extensions to root that leave me to purchase a level 32mm measured of root in mine LBS or in Amazon without preoccupying in an extra period or purchasing tubes of speciality. Honestly You Can I take for without some extensions, but marks to change the tube bit it the fast and more smooth plus with them.

Has Had this bicycle until 42mph (that down the hill empinado long) and solid of sense of rock. Usually I half around 12-15 mph in of the good conditions and regularly tugs around 20-30 lbs of material of groceries/of extra/train.
In general would say that that is to say the solid bicycle that is done by the company these supports by behind his products. It IS the cruise of the functional hybrid that is to say solid and comfortable to locate. Some 21 speeds give it versatility to change terrain and levels of health, some fenders and the load racks to give it to the versatility in some uses that has and looks well. I recommend that this bicycle is looking .

Some elements have attached in a bicycle has been also revised calm has liked him his this description. You see my profile for these descriptions.

Will remark calm in an image has published that coated up everything of one eschwinn' logotypes in a bicycle with reflective tape. This had to to the fact that wants a tape to be in an effective location and for anti-purpose of flight only. I am very pleased with Schwinn products so far.

UPDATE: 12/03/2015
Only the fast update... I am quite 700 miles of use in now, quite 500 miles in some new together of wheels. In 100 miles of my change of wheel/ truing has broken another spoken in a back wheel, has has had to a front derailleur and a cape, because of subjects with him that rubs a canal, with so I and mine LBS flavour to take posed up properly and dialed in, but only maintains to slip behind...Also I am looking is to substitute a point of the canal posed while it has resulted slightly angled of use...All of my miles are road or trail paved. After a substitution of the point of the canal will be in a bicycle for almost so so spent on he in a first place...Still it thinks that that it is the reasonably acceptable bicycle for a prize, but would recommend it more for a casual rider against. Any concealed is looking to record some serious miles (recreational or commutate).

Additional recommendations:
would recommend to invert in of the tubes of fat wheel, self-sealing tubes or turn liners to help with the subjects of flat wheel patched quite 8 times and has changed was 3 tubes before invertingthis obviously depends to plot on where the mountain and some conditions concealed strolls calm in, but that changes the wheel in a side of a road is subjects adds in disorder in a otherwise good walk, (especially yes is touching).

Has installed also recently the set of aero fence in how mine so my morning and the evening commutate tends to be in the strong headwind every day for quite a lot of 14 miles of the 16.5 one thousand. I have found that my place of the organism for this walk is only too much whole for one headwinds has been that trace in regularly and has wanted an option to take me lower.

Will do another update laterbut has begun already to save and looking for another bicycle.
5 / 5
Perfecto and and is 4 be 11 inches! It can not think and it can locate this 29estrave of bicycle of inch, awesome
4 / 5
There is not locating the bicycle in of the a lot of years. The doctor has said that that has required to exert to go down triglycerides. I have purchased this bicycle so that I liked him to the of some opted that is coming with him, like the he behind storm and fenders. I have used mine 20yr prize of service of my master to do a compraventa. Some looks of sum of bicycle, but some wheels are also feeble. A spokes rubbed together cual has done a troubling sound. I have used the card of present of the Christmas and has purchased two new wheels that has had 36 spokes. A new rear wheel has the shimano freehub that an axial a strong plus and has the fast emission also. I have purchased then the shimano 7 cassette of speed with the spacer 4.5mm so that a back original derailleur still laws. I have exchanged a tape of rim, tubes,and wheels in some new wheels. A normal chair is pertinent, but has purchased a wide cloud 9 sound which are more comfortable for me. One updates does a bicycle so much calmer and some movements to chain more softly. I am picky quite that my carts and career of squad of the power and now also my new bicycle. One updates has not been necessary, but preferable in me. I am the mechanic of diesel , as it enjoys tinkering with mechanical things. A bicycle is the sum without any changes and a prize are well.
5 / 5
I want this bicycle, is an excellent hybrid in cruise and cycling. It see In the neighbourhood surrounded by neighbourhoods as it enjoy subjects around some trails.

Has wanted also the bicycle to take my boys to the long of and has to choose of the carrier or the trailer. A Schwinn Discovers 700c in a past has had problems with the coupler or included the hitch for trailers. Has not founding or bite of the information the help finds a right class that law for this bicycle. A schwinn coupler and angled coupler of the elbow no for this bicycle. It was preoccupied I no any option. But I have seen one hitch annexes and has bought the trailer those uses the hitch. Return like the charm, any one the adjustment has required to be has done. Abundance had of room for some nuts to tense behind in a back wheel. It was perfect!

Has bought one Copilot Model A double trailer and he come with one hitch annex. I so that far it has found it one hitch the trailers in fashion would do for this bicycle. It expects these helps!!!!
5 / 5
Initial description: it take a bicycle yesterday and a packaging was well, the bicycle was undamaged. The assembly was easy to imagine was, but as it has remarked very a manual is not the concrete model and has to a bit the polite suppositions are to continuation to the long of in a book. In spite of that, taken longer in unbox and finds my hex English tones that in in fact total.

HAS no bicycled of undergrad and has not been never in cycling, as my frame of reference is very narrow, but some looks of bicycle to be very built and robust, the chair is comfortable, the grips are comfortable, and is not heavy compared in my old highland bicycle. Has a mountain of chair was quite 1 inch and an access of bicycle me (am 5'-9' and there is appx 30-inch inseam).

After assembly, some wheels have required to be trued up and some brakes were out of the alignment and I has not been able in hurriedly adjust them, as I have taken a bicycle in a LBS to tune up. FAITHS CE if you are not the person of bicycle, although you are mechanically angled. Out of a box, a bicycle there has been or fashioning defect -- a steering the fork was very rigid to turn, LBS found that a holding has been installed the other way around. Easy fixed, but probably would have trace during the week or so that it thinks that a steering was only rigid and he loosen up like the bicycle was esmashed in'.

In general very pleased with a bicycle in the unit of day will update after posing the few miles in a bicycle.

UPDATE: I have posed quite a lot of 150 miles in a bicycle and any subject. Shouted A chair the few main inches that had it initially, so of the point of view to measure a bicycle of still access is the small further down that me (am 5'-9' and there is appx 30-inch inseam). But, I think that that a crossbar will be to take the small big is much lower. Mechanically, Any problem. So far, the bicycle of adds judge to start with concealed does not listen like the bicycle of judge of start for the new cyclist.

SECOND UPDATE: I am in 500 miles in a bicycle even so very happy with him. Here it is some subjects that has remarked through enough 6 month to locate:
1. Has the time takes concealed finds economic tubes with Schrader valves and long roots. Mina Walmart of the local raisin of the tubes with valves of loans for in $ 4 against. Some pertinent tubes that found in an internet that was around $ 20 as I use some loans are and has posed the little embroil fo electrical tape in a root to do a full root a wheel that opens that it is sized by Schrader. Any subject so far.
2. Without the valve extends, some roots of regular period are also down for my bomb of frame in latch in. I use it loans in scrader valve exenders without subjects.
3. I in torqued a shifter for a train of the crank and something have broken. A front derailleur has not been adjusted properly and tried to oblige he to move. Any one concealed.

Otherwise, The very good bicycle. Any subject of the entity and a bicycle maintain to locate well. Any subject with a durability of wheel ( has nailed a rim with the nail of fencing, the wheel has lined in final) and any problem with spokes breaking.
5 / 5
I want to this bicycle likes him to him the plot! During 3 month is to be my daily walk in some streets of the - robust through conditions of rough road, but able to handle ours (very little) hills. Lighter this has thought, can spend easily up and down some stairs, but any one when being any flimsy. The chair is quite comfortable - although at the end it can substitute. I have found the very-timed Groupon for the tent of local bicycle, as I have had the assembly but, for earnest be, looked on and listen like the power in me has done.

A bit those that complain smaller (which still does not take it down of 5 stars!)
- Some fenders is plastic - the small rattle-and and cheap, but certainly maintains one The ROAD grime has been.
- Some tubes of a frame of bicycle is weirdly shaped: oval in some places, very big in other places, odd divots, etc. Has been The delicate to imagine was concealed and where to attach things in a bicycle.

UPDATE: 2015.06.26
Almost the year and almost 1500 miles - am still very happy with this bicycle (his name is Sylvia , FYI)!

A chair is more comfy concealed thought and is lining was quite well. At the end it has taken on a fund in my studio those uses this Bicycle very fresh more hoist this clamps of Bar and only remarked for a first time that has the highland group in a underside of a frame (situates of voice). Mor What filthy the roads of Los Angeles are, is quite sure will not use never that, but perhaps more can?

Here is a rest of some things (mostly lights, so that I create some plus sews that it blinks and resplandores, they better!) It uses to rob my sweet walk!
- Green guru Dutchy Pannier - has bought 2 of them! Taken to locate in a bicycle - please pictures of view for how used the combination of hose and of D clamps of points :-)
- Kryptonite Or-Note to close that a weirdly shaped the marks to frame to locate situate very LIMITED (the voice fucks for my better solution)
- Ultra-that shines headlight - Ultra-that shines, not kidding .
- Rechargeable The clear row - This rechargeable light of row with soyarker of road' is in fact quite fresh
- Serfas Row of the Clear chair - 2 of these also, but using in any side of a frame in a front. Attached with games of mandate.
- Fiberoptic streamers - HAS this that 'row streamers' and takes descriptions of RADISH!
- The series has DIRECTED Light - My addition My late plus and I WANT TO it!
3 / 5
Of this bicycle is for my daughter to grow, has not wanted to spend a lot for the small service of years. I am an avid cyclist and I the majority of my own reparations and interview. Has the habit of components of the final of big plus. This bicycle requires the plot to take that it goes properly. A frame is heavy. Some wheels are far from tru what causes the problem with clearance of brake. Some crowbars of brake are very soft and would touch some handlebars before closing brake. A Revo of transfers of service shifters is a worse. The boys has the terrible time gripping a shifter quite tight to change train. I have opted to substitute so much a shifter and crowbar of brake with the Shimano trigger shifter/brakes combo the crowbar and everything are very now. A bicycle racks, chair, seatpost is each sake. A frame is quite big.
5 / 5
I have purchased recently and it take this bicycle of Amazon. I have not spent very time on he still (still tweaking and adjusting) but here is my first impressions - as the few other critics have commented, was reluctant to buy the view of bicycle-occult, but is better concealed has expected especially for a prize ($ 280). I the plot of road biking in mine 20s and 30s (the 1980s and '90s) but begun to have problems of the knee done ten years and has to hang my bicycle of old visit (literally - is been in slope in a garage for quite a lot of ten years). I have bought that the new bicycle in '88 and is maintaining he for sentimental reasons (also still have a ten speed has taken for Christmas of '73 - what the tank), but there is not any road can locate in this way of bicycle anymore with his place of aggressive chair.

Has wanted to to return in cycling for the moment, any country of cross of long distance this visits so much some old days, but the just horse mountain around a neighbourhood to remain form. Look and researched and considered for weeks and at the end decided to take it casualidad in this Schwinn Discovers 'hybrid/consolation' bicycle. Based in purchase of mine and investigation, has the plot of the generally found characteristic in addition to bicycles of expensive hybrids, like a frame of aluminium and full suspension, and the few things that is typically the extra cost attaches-ons, like the fenders and the storm of luggage.

The nave was hurriedly (less than the week in a Midwest) and the assembly was easy and uneventful. In fact, a bicycle was gesture more together that a manual of the instruction has expected, like several pages could be skipped. So far, I am impressed. It IS to well sure several pieces on tent of bicycles of typical big boxes. Also It likes Me one fixed - is like the clear weight, a lot-the suspension meshed, full interpretation , modern of the cruise of classical city.

Regarding a name, likes him more people my age has fond memories of Schwinn (normalised of Canguro of Captain in a '60s), but an old Schwinn the company has not existed for years and a company that marks one discovers does at all in common with an original Schwinn company. An original Schwinn the outsourcing begun his production in Japan and Taiwan (the same company that has done Giant) in a '80s in an endeavour to go down costs of production and remain competitive, but in 1992 exited of subject and at the end some rights to a Schwinn the name has been purchased by a same company of Canadian (Dorel Industries) that also possesses a Cannondale, GT, Mongoose, Caloi, IronHorse, SUGOI, Pacific, Dyno, RoadMaster, PowerLite, Halftone, and names of mark of the INSTEP. The production of one Discovers is in Changzhou, China. I comprise this information only for the who could be disappointed gives is not taking a real, esal' Schwinn the bicycle fashioned by a same company taking of his childhood. By everything means of a name, that is to say the bicycle adds especially for a prize.

Edits in 9/21/16: it has had a bicycle for the little the month now and has posed an increasing quantity of time and miles in the. So far have it the has not had any problem at all. The majority of mine adjusts and tweaking is done now, and has attached the group for a pannier, the mirror of back view, and since I the majority of my horse that mountains at night, front and lines and backwards lighting of reflective tape. It IS the very smooth, comfortable bicycle. It has remarked that that of today a prize is down in $ 50 less than that paid for him ($ 230 against $ 280 is), which he even more of the good roads.
5 / 5
A number is looking for is 35.2 in perhaps 35.4 lbs for a weight of this bicycle, that is to say so that near like my bath the digital stairs could take, and yes this bicycle has a frame of Aluminium. With this black painting and eschwinn' name in the, that is to say a definite sleeper bicycle, looking an of this cheap Chinese has done bicycles that weighs much more with the frame of steel, any one will guess that is to say in fact the good bicycle. So that is to say probably a bicycle of frame of only aluminium that not having esteal me' writes during the, and probably is that it goes to be still there when calms exited of a same tent with just the mid-lock of bicycle of the note in the. That is to say the prize adds for the bicycle of Aluminium of the low end and avenges with just some characteristic right.

Some twenty some speeds are directed with the left hand-held cape-grip to twist lined with three speeds for a front derailer, and the right hand-held cape-grip to twist lined for a backside derailer with 7 speeds. A bicycle has a fast emission in an advance of wheel.

A point for be conscious of, is that is to say the big bicycle , a chair is in a parameter a low plus, is 36 inches above an earth, is 5-10 and is to ail quite big to locate this bicycle. An accident that absorbs the clave to seat shouted a chair for an inch, as it can go down a chair bit it more to substitute a chair with the regular chair. But I like an accident that absorbs clave of chair and advances of fork, does not think some roads go to be taking smoother in a future with some things of road are headlining in a world. That is to say also the bicycle adds to tug things, recommends the pair of Cardiff of the Baskets of Backs of the basil that can he in a storm of back wheel. Any fenders is another characteristic of entity, since although Schwinn does not recommend to locate in a rain, (concealed ? But that will do?) He fenders In the bicycles have been designed to maintain a spray of water out of a rider, otherwise simply mountain in the water of wet surface of spray in a front and by behind a crouch of your paintings. That is to say why it insists in fenders, only imagines to walk in your venue grocery the tent those looks that it issues. One saves of looks of small canal to be quite big to maintain my paintings out of a canal. There it is reflecting in the each wheel and one in a back and or in a front. A bicycle of course very come with the light or it bell. A good light is the must you the arrival that has to marries of trace in a darkness, also very recommenced for Schwimn, and the horn or the the bell is the good idea locate where the walk of people as it can leave know them that is coming up by behind the so very unconsciously side of any by side in front of your bicycle in a last hour.

A bicycle is arrived quickly fat box, an era of inner box has beaten up with some holes while one another box was good form . It looks that Amazon or Schwinn has some bicycles have shipped in them, and after the fast look on, is planted in general box and shipped in a client. (Yours, Sears also spends one discovers bicycle)
1 / 5
Cairo Elsewhere - will have substituted almost each part but a frame and I have had he less than three month.

IS the 58 yr-old man, 6' big and weigh quite 290 - each muscle, strong like the slightly-chubby, the bull the old plus. A Schwinn Discovers the hybrid concealed bought in December 21, 2018, is coming with 700c wheels, and is the big bit for me, but is able to be with a half bar almost touching my boys (plus or 33 less' of earth to forbid). Quan First horse that mountains, the sense has been thank you to back advance too far and my upper organism was hurriedly fatigued and so substituted a handlebar with or that left wing me chair more totality. A front and by behind derailleurs so multiple of the adjustments required, and was very prende awhile, but now the constant adjustments required. I am considering to substitute one transfers shifters with trigger shifters, while it resolves it to him this odd problem, but probably will finish to substitute so much derailleurs also.

Update after 400 miles - a chainring assembly (the front three sprockets) wobbles and can not find info in those arrests to tense or substitute. It researches to be the problem without the solution and I are beginning to consider substitute an integer crankset.

Some pedals were knife -triple spiked pedals-of-hell. I have substituted some pedals with these old, slippery, classifies it very lethal.

PROS: Prize in $ 310 was less than more in this field of quality, quite stable and robust in general, wetted-chair and loaded fork (but this wet-the suspensions have uploaded is not very very the 'pro' - a tension of the suspension of the chair adjusts but some forks any one)
GILIPOLLAS: low quality wheels, mortal knife-pedals of spike-of-hell, craps brakes --- the pedals have substituted, chair, handlebars and tampons of brake --- plan on substituting gone back of transfer with turns of trigger, the plan in substitutes craps brakes with brakes of disk ... But I can finish substitute this dumpy bicycle with something better before it substitutes all one the below the quality separates that this bicycle is come with.

Substitution of chairs this bicycle comes with the chair that has the group of skilled assembly in a cup of a wet-root of loaded chair, no an adapter of axial of regular round, and this required me to take some components of assembly that is coming with a new chair to use a group and the part of assembly that has come he with an original chair. Access next Level, looks.

A Promax brakes of alloy of linear attraction, or V-brakes, is difficult to adjust, and a material of the contact of the brake is spending hurriedly (although it admits that I am the very-muscled person). I actuate There It go It a lot he with these craps brakes and is planning on in his substitute with brakes of disk. Some wheels are flimsy and both have been substituted inner the few walks because of taking the multiple front nailed of tubes and behind forms that a thickness of the wheel left in the to to the tiny objects like them to of them the seed of plant and the small bits of the glass have broken to nail some tubes. A chair was also rigid and slender and so purchased the Cloud9.

A root of handlebar is THREADLESS, any one quill, which the use of ways to ray shims (small, stacked cylinders) to adjust height of the handlebar and he have shipped with a maximum height of 3 shims (plus or 1 less' of adjustment of height of the root). I think a threadless the system of root is very stupid so that it does not have any road in simply create some handlebars several inches, but yes wants to more date with him threadless the system is my sympathetic concealed has to substitute you an assembly to integer of ray with the long plus one these covers this type of modification. And he so had any road to create some quite a lot of handlebars to leave me to locate at most comfortable place. I have adjusted also some handlebars that uses a 30 rotation of title of a root of clamp of handlebar, but this only attached in an inch of height and so purchased the truly swept-back handlebar of Walmart (through the 3 vendor of party), which has required also a compraventa of the half small handlebar-cylinder-shim to obtain complete to tense of a clamp of collar. Some grips of handlebar that shipped with a bicycle is very rigid and so also soft experience, deadened grips.

Has been that locates a bicycle almost every day for quite a lot of six weeks now, and another concealed that it substitutes some wheels, handlebars and pedals, all have been doing really, very good. Probably I will substitute one transfers-shifter with the turn of trigger-combination of sleeve of the punctual brake, of one transfers is taking annoying, especially some 3 advances of train, which require in the full a-the rotary inch that motion of transfers of a left hand, angling a left wrist awkwardly backward, which take five clicks to change of premier in second in some advances of train, but only other two clicks to go in a third, the train advances main. A back train is awesome after any adjustment, excepts one twisting of course.

I very does not comprise why was unable to find the decent bicycle with brakes of disk in this field of prize, and a problem with a collar of the handlebar concealed has almost any one adjustment of the height only clashes my alcohol. An acute, protruding verges of some original pedals-of-us the looks of hell likes him has that were done for people that always is spending fat, plastic protectorsde low leg for some sport that involves opponents constantly kicking each another in some lower legs, and chair like these pedals do not have to never be near of the people left for any reason. Has the feeling that these types of dangerous and down-the parts of quality are being auctioned around among the group of trafficker of unwanted parts.

I the supposition is not returned this bicycle so that I have reasoned that has to it way that be very time (plus or fifteen years less) since I last experience a hybrid of economic Giant, that has been there joined by very when being significant changes, and more the bicycles have been probably to require many of these types of modifications. They listen it likes him probably it have to of him the a lot of modifications in any bicycle have bought. It can not comprise why the bicycles of Giant mark are so types now. They are quality very only bicycles 'a lot of', any one anything incredible.

Can take one wobbles out of one chainring assembly without substituting an integer crankset, then could maintain this Schwinn, otherwise would consider anything Schwinn the marks of here has been on to be mostly junk. And shame in Schwinn to pose joint the full bicycle of crappy parts.

Top Customer Reviews: sixthreezero ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
In the first place it was, my excuses partorisca a novel. With which TONNES of investigation, has decided in this Sixthreezero EVRYjourney cruiser in Cream.

My criteria:

1) Multiple train…Still although alive near of a very flat beach, to to the my husband likes to go biking wherever holidays of knots. A-the train has not looked partorisca do well in herb in time.

2) Mark of the aluminium was preferable partorisca lighter that weight and possibly better with an air of mar.

3) mark it concealed was comfortable for the longest legs. They are 5'6” with the longest legs and I felt smooshed in an Urban Lady.

4) Wider cruiser the handlebars felt more comfortable for me, like opposed to some hybrid bars.

5) At all-by means of frame. They are chunkier and, although my hope is to locate more to lose some of this weight, no very graceful…mine klutzy the ways could use an ease of a step a lower-this in spite of.

6) Shimano Components in this prize-the point is better that no-Shimano parts.

7) has facilitated of assembly…Very sure if my husband would be house to gather and REALLY has has not wanted to it spend to the tent of bicycle and lose everything of my savings with an assembly.

8) A rear bicycle has comprised racks would be the prime to the equal that would owe that add a later spends…added in all the chance.

9) And, honradamente, has loved the FUN bicycle! Although I have preferred a turquoise colour (or choral, which is not available in this model), “has solved ” in a cream with orange rims because it was $ 100 more economic…could not spend that up.

Has tried out of the Firmstrong Urban Lady and Firmstrong ANYjourney in the canal of venue of national sporty sakes. It liked a ANYjourney (has not known of that has existed) but some the hybrid handlebars were uncomfortable for my shoulders and of the wrists. It feels a lot of highland bicycle -ish and not relaxing. I have finalised to order a Firmstrong Boss of Lady for the main ladies (5'6” and on) but is returned he so that it was on 75” long. It would not be amused to locate in a backside of our vehicle.

I soooo LOVE this bicycle!!! After possessing he for the month, and quell'taking on A lot of outings, so only loves in this way of transport!! An emotional is AWESOME!!! Has has had always highland/bicycles of the hybrids or bicycles of street (still triathlons) with train of two towers of hands. This alone boss-the turn is very fluent. So only I move a crank behind and advance, with a delivery, transmissions among coaching amiably & quickly.

Is to good sure ANY ONE the light bicycle but anything after my bicycle of street is crazy weighed as it is not a subject…is in fact lighter that has expected. Can choose it up and load to a storm of bicycle or move it around a cochera without the question.

The assembly has taken my husband less than an hour. This was mainly be due to touches to look for a container of hardware. It was purportedly in the separate band, according to a manual of assembly, but all was in fact already IN A bicycle and he so only required to loosen, attach things, and then retighten. A chair has not been gathered…I so only looked on Youtube and found a video of assembly for Huffy…any worry.

Are sooooo HAPPY with this combination by heart!! Initially, I thought that it that it would be it boring (cream??) But it is in fact the very quite pale yellow that brightens with a sun. Some the orange rims add the FUN pop very by heart. It is the very happy “” cruiser! :) I look for to extend alone wherever go…and now have the happy little bicycle to take me there. It was amused also to accessorize! If any already live in a beach, to good sure would feel like a beach has come mine with this beach cruiser.

The bicycles of beach is also be the wonderful support. Still although a bicycle has been sold and stocked for Amazon, a support has come from/come from immediately Bicycles of Beach. It was that it blows alcohol that the support has resupplied of on 2500 miles was! I helped to good sure to feel comfortable in my decision to buy on-line. It was glued to one that follows, as I have bought a last bicycle in stock and was fearful that some numbers were was and would change to “Arrive interior 1-2 month”. It was very conscious of where a bicycle was during a week. Still although it was First, has declared that would take an additional 1-2 days…that the estimativa was attentive. It has taken the moment to ship was but has arrived punctually, for Fed Ex, rid well my door without the question. Any subject with USPS that waste to rid the bulky container, as some the recent descriptions have declared. I have spent easily an ENORMOUS container my cochera without any additional help… was “light”.

IN GENERAL… are sooooo happy with this compraventa on-line quite big. I do not have any question that change my description later, owe the subjects arrive.

Has possessed my bicycle for two month this in spite of that loves each walk!!! I want that the walks of bicycle familiarised am AMUSED again!! They are a a the one who people of begging to exit with me maintaining!
4 / 5
Is delicate buying on-line elements a lot especially more than another. I knew it it would be delicate with the bicycle, but does not have time to go the tents of bicycle to compare blah blah blah. Has read descriptions and has ordered this bicycle. My first disappointment was a bicycle there is stamped in the, soyade in Cina'. I call naive, but when I read tent of bicycle out of California, has thought fact in EUA. A second disappointment was that the paper was in a work of paper that says has given this bicycle 5 stars and has then notified a company, would take the free bell. Mina ossia all wrong, and I Amazon of the desire would not leave this. I depend to plot in the descriptions and the indications of the people, and expect them to be sincere. A third disappointment is that a fenders and devices to brake that spends for a fenders has not been regulated well which have not known, and a product in both fenders is lined already is gone in the something in 1 week. A fourth disappointment is that one reflecting in a rear wheel has maintained loosening and taking stuck in a spokes, and less than 1 week has broken. Also already I owe that regulate some train. It will not go to 7th. Now, for a bicycle, light weight, comfortable, and my husband the one who is not handy has said a booklet of instruction was fantastic. As I am happy with cost of mine, but the little bummed also. I really the wait resists on reason plans on in the quantity to plot.
4 / 5
Are the 38 and/or mother of the toddler the one who has been forced to the retreat in medical inability of my profession like the police agent. I have suffered it hurts that resulted in 5 surgeries of knee by means of out my career but he was the car accident while 8 pregnant month concealed ruined me. I have had the spinal fusion of L5/S1 month after giving birth. The recovery has been brutal a past 2 years but I was recently the backsides finalises AGAIN in another swipe and course.

Like my doctor basically say that my only hope to improve is among yoga, pilates or horse riding of bicycle. I have invested to good sure a more amused of one 3 with this bicycle.

I obsessively researched my options and beds like a lot of revise like this possible. After a lot of deliberation this beautiful bicycle has won was. I have been to several tents of the bicycle but the person has anything like this to try. I have had to that trust some opinions of mine fellow Amazonians and calm all did not leave me down. I LOVE this bicycle!!! Partorisca To the a lot likes me with of multiple harms and master reclaim his health while feeling likes is 12 again, here is your daily Zen.

Has taken a bicycle around my neighbourhood some last few days and my organism is not complaining according to which my harms are concerned. I can feel that mine quad, the hamstrings and the core have all state involved without annoying my knees or behind.

A bit those that things to remark:
has taken a teal version with an impression that some rims were brown chocolate but is really mauve. It has taken gorgeous rear double pannier stock exchanges (to the basil Flowers Gardenia Line) concealed active mauve and has ascended on the ones of way that did not annoy me at all. These stock exchanges help me to knots to choose among a teal frame in a blue with teal rims, also stunning. If you are big in the fashionable details ossia something to know.

Has gathered this in in an hour without leading knowledge of like this to do like this. When it has come for presionar a chair I so only could does not imagine era. My fiancé aimed that I have opened a clamp, has resisted a chair in situating then twirled a clamp around in a clockwise direction and reclamped the, all presionado in place.

Highly recommends this the bicycle to any one. Some 7 speeds are smooth and there is at all like a feeling to be the girl again.
5 / 5
Does not buy the on-line bicycle. So only... A lot he. Yes, this bicycle has the appeal of pleasant vintage. Yes, this bicycle has canal and of the guards of wheel. Yes, this bile has spatial in a backside for storage. MAY:

NO, this bicycle is not easy to gather. Some diagrams are small, and all of some illustrations are in of the blacks. Like Six supposition to differentiate parts when some pictures are all a same colour and way too small? Also, that spends if your starts of canal during shipping, and there is no clear instructions partorisca regarding the dipped behind on? (If this spends your, so only unscrew a guard of canal so that he loosens. Calm THEN can slip a canal has retreated on.)

ANY, this bicycle does not come with everything of one has required separates. If yours arrived in a mine of condition , will have to go the Imposición to House to buy some rays and the dice are missing.

NO, this bicycle has not gone attentively packaged. While everything of some parts have plásticoes or the foam that protects them, some cover plastic that protects roughly the holes owe that it has gone like this still hot. I have had to that exit an exact knife to dulcemente and attentively the cut was a plastic INTERIOR melted of my wheel before it could insert a bar of fast emission.

NO, your bicycle will not arrive unscratched. The mine there has been the bubble of big air down one paints as easily chipped was, like this now have a big chip, ugly in my mark new bicycle.

NO, does not have service of good client. In a pair spent of days, called him twice now the voices my worries before posting this description. I have left the message with diverse half to contact me. They have not chosen never up. They have not called never or emailed behind. That have had the serious question that to the left my bicycle unusable? In spite of some airmen that goes in a packaging, does not look committed to solve any question of measure.

Once finally was able to dip this bicycle has jointed, trace well. At all it adds. It is not one the majority of the comfortable bicycle is not never be on. It is also the very noisy bicycle.

Honradamente, Service of the client in fact had gone back mine, would have had less than a subject. I anger me to see them promoting his commitment to client when it can not take ahold of them. The desire had bought the bicycle in the tent because then at least could speak to any in my worries. It has dipped of my blood, sweat, and tears to gather this bicycle (and reason is like this big), can not be annoyed to imagine was yes or like that could return. Heed Look of mine: no spent of this company. Reasoning of mine for reason has like this five descriptions of star? As they declare in the airman that among a box: ' I will SEND YOU One BELL. We love our 5 indication of star. Please contribute the ours descriptions to grow... I will send you the bell. Easy.'
5 / 5
The bicycle is sum , almost 5 stars but has some much smaller questions.


-Gathers relatively easily still with some few tools comprised (has Taken me roughly an hour and the half)

-Circles, pedals and turns amiably. Everything is very smooth, and for me a bit the wheels were perfectly some

-I follows the man, but has taken a go through half to draw reason is easier. Please notes that an only difference among some men is and the bicycle of the women in this model is a colour and a placing of an upper bar. So much, they are not lying when they say that a thing will accommodate 6'4' women and honradamente, would not surprise me if the main women could locate. They are 6' same and have the abundance of period has left to regulate both a chair and some handlebars.

-A chair simply is in amazing. I love a thing. For a first time the very long time, does not feel to like a lot repeatedly falls kicked my ass with which trace. It is very wide and quite springy. Finally, the chair shaped for my wide ass!

-Some handlebars are utmost. They are quite wide and have them big place, as when they are trace are perfectly whole, arms any really widespread was a lot. Looks Very classical.


-An of some rays to attach a front fender somehow has come partially malformed. For a first neighbourhood of his period, lack of the edges. My supposition is has been situated in his hole and rasgó was during shipping, undressing some edges immediately that. He still works, but was the bear to start with been due to of the this.

-Both fulminas to resist a front fender on was EXTREMELY tight, to a point has thought that that it was crossthreading him. But no, ossia so only how is. Please notes that the tightest access is not always the best a (probably accounts for as the ray of prime minister has taken undressed in a first place). It would assume ossia reason these holes paints taken in them during manufacturing.

-Some brakes have not been to dip properly. Both have done well at the beginning but aim found some bosses have not been presionados down quite so it has slipped, doing a power to brake all but disappear. Now with all the justice, has rained was like this some bosses taken probably more slippery that his in a factory. Also I no really read some instructions he so that has the casualidad decent recommends presionar things down BEFORE it locate. But in any case, has has had to that the readjust.

-During this process, has found some few rays in some subordinated this dips what tension to jump does to return a caliper the arms have not been to dip properly neither, as I have had to that regulate those. Quell'Concealed that has not been very amused with a bit crappy the screwdriver of the (note: The no really alcohols that a screwdriver has comprised is not very good. Some tools have comprised with flatpack mobile and such is not never well. It can a lot of he really lacking them still that)

-Some bosses of skin are loose. It looks he likes has not been glued in place or yes was, no very well. Again, I have been that traces in to a rain like them some bars has taken slippery. Still, it is not pleasant that has to concern me roughly his sliding around until I can take some glue of grip.

@In rodeo, the very good bicycle. So only some slightly control of the tightest quality out of a plant could help things.
4 / 5
Has received my first bicycle the week with three holes in a box. I have wanted to it loved/ It To it to me really gathers, likes I , although some instructions are not of sound. Immediately, they say to turn some directly first handlebars to install a wheel forward. Well, some bars of the boss is not installed still, as I that without directions, so only to find them later on. Also he t specific to use fat of bicycle for some handlebars, but a video for Sixthreezero uses it.
A seatpost would not move once would dip in, as I have required my husband to strongarm the backside was for me.
Has finalised to gather a bicycle, almost everything for me, so only to discover some train has not changed at all. Still with some instructions, could not comprise like this to fix a cassette or derailleur.. I have known a box there has been the big hole right there, as I assumed it has suffered harm. To arrive to this point, has read my help to offer of friendly postcard with anything: “Any question is too big or too small for knots to fix...”. I have called a number and has taken that registers that they were all too busy and would have to that leave the message. I have called a lot it times on 4 hours and has not taken never the alive person. I also and-mailed his, two times. And I NEVER, NEVER, has LISTENED FOR BEHIND The COMPANY.
To the amazon was a lot enough to choose on a bicycle gathered and send me the new a, which has has had to that also be gathered. I mention they are the woman of 63 years with arthritis in my hands and behind? But I have decided to do the again. This time, has found the free ray in a fund of a box, and a chair has not been gathered. There is not ANY DIRECTION to gather a chair, but has found the video adds on Youtube/of Youtube and has imagined was. I have had some challenges, but I he, and has taken today out of my good-looking new bicycle to locate.
Gives a real bicycle 5 stars: it is comfy, enough, and me smiled. Have not locating the bicycle on 10 years. But that in the earth can Sixthreezero brag roughly that friendly and useful is, still be totally absentee for a client?
4 / 5
Update : a geometry of walk of a bicycle has not been adapted my woman. Tried to return it down a 365test of day the walk has announced on put web. Sixthreezero Refused to honour his guarantee of satisfaction and would not take a bicycle retreated has been of then purchased of Amazon. To the amazon has given a very on and has offered the repayment. Buyer beware

This was the present for my woman to give the most whole walk. The bicycle arrived in two days, was a lot of packaged and has gathered partially. The bicycle is done in Cina. The assembly is the simple process , with some tools have comprised. Some brakes and derailleur has been dipped on, any one the adjustment has required. It Beginning the arrival was 30 minutes less. Quality of the build and the produced are excellent how is a quality of components. A place of horse riding is whole and has behind dipped, with hand-held grips of together widths, doing for the walk relaxed and comfortable. Wheels of easy rolling and hubs the frames that cruise the like. It has not tried any hard band still. It comes with kickstand but any headline of boat.
5 / 5
Has had this for the week and already know I amour has compared my old bicycle. The one who has decided to take was fenders and guard of canal? I did not have him of then it was the boy ! Like this happy to have them behind; no longer I owe that use pant clips of leg and can locate in the wet street without taking the shot on the rear mine. They are 58 and have some subjects with my arms and of the hands (surgeries of recent elbow); these handlebars are wide and my hands rest on the without any pressure. An only work mine arm/rids need to do is steer and brake. It is like this good to be seating whole in the wide saddle and have a chair and the pedals he after plus to an earth. No longer I seat that they are to risk when I require to dip my feet in an earth. I have been able to create some the hills empinados and 7th train is like this quickly as it would not want never go. It would prefer the fashionable train of the crowbar shifter, but moving has been smooth.
The assembly was A lot of- especially yes know the bicycle and he is component. Had a vendor any like this accessible and useful state, can have given 4 stars. It felt as if some instructions have required some updating to reflect that the be be require. The instructions have been given for any that was to do already, and has not had any instruction for other parts that has not been gathered (my hardware of saddle-was quite the puzzle). This in spite of, am spent to be doing this in the evening of Saturday in oriental time, as I am sure I would have had better access in the weekday. It was able to solve all my first own questions of his response. I have not required to do anything with some rear brakes and train- the bicycle has perfectly first fact walk of test. I am spent some time fiddling with an advance of brake until there is @@give a wheel has not been centred- has regulated easily. Some instructions ask the fats and is not comprised (recommended but any required, but chair and roots of handlebar any slide easily without him- I has used any 3 in 1 oil). Mina fenders has has had dents, and is sending substitutions. Some any active wheel psi in a sidewalls, and has had to that ask help; a recommended psi is 30-50. Fat Very bouncy wheels.
Does not have the beach, but plan to use this thickness to locate the city in errands as well as 3 miles in countries of @subject to visit my edges. There are any holes of annex for the headline to bounce water (although a photo aims them). I bought it Topeak Mountain of Cage and has finalised to install the in a fork forward, reason a frame is too big and some bars of boss too small. Any easy to ensure the mirror neither- have bought like this the helmet is trace one instead. Abundance of room to hang the basket in a front- morning of coming mine.
4 / 5
Has had the bicycle for 25 years and decided to buy the new one in 2016. Compraventa Big for me like this like this I the tonne of investigation and has taken my time. A year of investigation as @it subjects in fact. Has has visited tents, has tried plot of frames, has has asked ignored in a street the one who there has been the bicycles as it has them legustado him. I have maintained to return to this bicycle. One looks is exactly that there is wanted. It was the little nervous buying without trying but has said that it could return it. It likes 12 month of the investigation and I am pulled finally a trigger and has bought this bicycle. I love it. It is beautiful, walks like the sleep and is comfortable. It has taken some time to regulate to seat whole to the equal that opone to sustain advance in my old highland bicycle. Prpers Having said that .. It is better for the rear mine.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my woman for his anniversary, something had chosen was and has has wanted to one looks, way and colour of. The weeks displaced had that do investigation and reading some first descriptions to decide is one. A bicycle is beautiful and has the sum of visual appeal, at least of the distance. Ossia Where a happiness, emotion and final of positive critiques. If you are the buyer to discern the one who expects to take that it has paid it takes or a type or person that is has had to that to pay more for the product of quality that will last reason cure things, then strongly would consider other options. I have begun to take to to pictures likes them-me unwrapped and has gathered a bicycle because I have begun to remark the things had found odd but has expected was fixable or that 630 service of client would substitute. Left me preface this with saying that they are an engineer the one who has grown on working in of the cars and of the trucks, setting, breaking and fixing my own bicycles. My years of mine the young plus was an avid mountain biker and have the decent quantity of experiences to gather and fixing bicycles as well as it marks it is good and which are not . So that the be has said that has found a process of easy assembly, intuitive and took roughly an hour in mine living room while it looked television. As it is not postponed for other descriptions that says that it is complicated, while has some the skill maquinal would have to that be well. Ossia If the bears bet in this bicycle. In the first place some tugs of canal against one rear fender (left me state that this description is for a 21 version of speed, another can not have this @@subject). I have seen once this would have to that there is prendido and packaged a bicycle has retreated up and is returned. To the left say before it thinks that that ossia that the assembler/of owner issues a backside of a bicycle minus, the pedals and the chair gather of a factory like any subjects have been done for some 'Professionals.' I have assumed that some adjustments could be facts to solve this but after completing some results of bicycle clear ossia the defect to draw . A question is that an interior the majority of cogs of a front and the cassettes of rear train form the line (concealed a canal will follow) ossia so only roughly 1/8- 3/16' of a outermost leaves of a main flange of a rear wheel. For this one rear fender in this zone can realistically be any wide plus that a wheel and certainly any more than 1/16th of a thumb a wide plus. This in spite of concealed is not a chance, a fender does to paste but is afterwards to 1/2' a thumb a wide plus. Still with a fender pressed and ensured like this far to another side like possible the contacts stop a canal. As this leaves calm with the bicycle concealed any to to the only sounds likes him to him calm has the caffè can fill rocks in some backsides spokes but a lot quickly nude a product out of one rear fender. Some only options that sees partorisca east is the new more tightened fender, regulating any (or both) a group inferior or behind cog the place he far the plus was to a legislation which can not be possible in this bicycle. Frankly I do not have any desire neither has to that it has to that this in the $ 450 bicycle. Besides an arm of the crank lateralmente well has several scratches and to gouge in him, one rear fender has several scratches, chips of multiple product and the boss of ray has broken. For the comparison has seen quality and controls of better quality in of the bicycles of girls that cost less than $ 100. I outrage all of this a lot of of some parts are economic looking Chinese swipe offs. A backside cog the neighbour is the decent quality Shimano place but a together of looks of crank to be some $ 5 asks that has to that state launched in the mould of sand. Some wheels are some any name Chinese imitation. His is the annex and the numerous rays signals that has to that have nylon washers or something of this character to prevent produced of metal of metal have painted on contact. This bicycle has any and I suspect will be full of chips to paint, corrosion etc the short time according to use. For the comparison has it Fuji hybrid which cost in a same but according to which the quality goes this bicycle does not approach. Too bad Fuji or more any this looks this . Initially I thought 'a lot the service of client can find the solution for a subject of canal, send the new for behind fender and to crank together with a fixed canal and will be good to go.' I have read now to other descriptions roughly likes them unresponsive this support of companies is so that it does not go me to squander time. Happy has taken by means of Amazon.
Have several pictures and will update this when I can take him has uploaded. Until then 'Buyer Beware', this bicycle is going back.

Top Customer Reviews: Schwinn Wayfarer ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
If it could give this bicycle 0 accident . We gather a bicycle according to some instructions has comprised. I outrage this bicycle has had has purchased also the bicycle racks partorisca our car partorisca $ 70. In mine first walk in this bicycle a backside derailleur rasgó of a bicycle while emotional train. A bicycle has come to the screeching stops. It was 5 miles of my car with the bicycle broken. It spent it afterwards to the tent of the bicycle where has said will cost it to me like this a lot partorisca repair a bicycle like initially paid partorisca of him. So that I maintaining rest with the useless bicycle and the bicycle rack. Very a lot disappointed! Like the response of Amazon or Schwinn.
5 / 5
Has finalised so only gather this bicycle and has taken he partorisca move it around a neighbourhood. I owe that say that this bicycle has surpassed my expectations besides each respect.
To the left initiate me partorisca say that this a ninth bicycle in my current stable and a less expensive for far; has has has possessed dozens of bicycles on some years. Two of my current bicycles cost in $ 3k. I have been the bicycle friki my whole life and done like the mechanic of professional bicycle in of the youngest years. I seat like this it has the good perspective that partorisca judge quality of bicycle. I have been attracted to the apparent value of this bicycle and traditional styling, and has not been disappointed.
A bicycle is the frame of steel , seven speed derailleur bicycle with a place of whole horse riding. Has no -components- of name, except a Shimano derailleur and freewheel. Parts that saves side partorisca comprise a Ashtabula (a mould of steel of piece) crank and chainring, the steel seatpost and chair clamp, and handlebars of steel. A root of generic quill, rims, hubs, brakes of linear appeal, and the crowbars of brake are league of aluminium . A Shimano derailleur looks partorisca be patterned steel, although I have not confirmed sure. A comprised racks is also chromed steel. A sturdy fenders look partorisca be the aluminium brushed with group of steel. Still with these components of heavy steel, a bicycle does not feel particularly heavy. A frame of steel is cleanly welded, with the diameter regulates that tubes on everything except the slightly oversized downtube. Has the a lot of looking work partorisca paint and he still has some subtiles pinstriping and lettering in a cup of an upper tube. A wheel forward has the fast emission, while a backside hub is ray-on.
Although they call this the hybrid bicycle, looks of mine partorisca be the classical English visiting bicycle, well down to a chair of cradle of the coil and swept-rear handlebars. A seven speed gearing covers the moderate row, appropriate to plan the moderately hilly terrain. It does not expect highland bicycle gearing. A freewheel is 14-28 teeth, no the súper-wide but pertinent row partorisca the random cycling on paved streets or firmly has packed trails. I have not counted a chainring teeth. A so only nod to the hybrid elements is the slightly sloping upper tube the one who belies a frame is origins more modern . Otherwise A creation and the walk is a lot like this English visiting the bicycles of one 1960 east and 1970 is (thinks black Raleigh three speed, but with some updates of league).
A bicycle was gathered easily, but has had the pocolos adjustments has required that it can befuddle or evades any without experience. A group inferior bearings was way too tight, a headset was slightly free, a need of wheel of the front some minor truing, and some brakes of linear appeal have required some typical adjustments - centring, regulating alignment of tampon of the brake, tension of boss. It contrasts, a gearing and hubs in my unit has not required any adjustment out of a box. If you do not have the experience that gathers bicycles, recommends to pay the professional to gather a bicycle partorisca he partorisca achieve his full potential. Some brakes soft celery compared to brakes of modern big quality of hydraulic disk, but once has regulated properly has not had any one concludes of difficulty on a rear wheel or quickly prendiendo a bicycle. In this row of prize thinks that some brakes are on means. A grip-turn, seven-accelerate gearing was crisp and calm.
Once gathered, a bicycle has the solid, smooth walk , calm, if a bit 'vintage' in the sound feels. A place of horse riding is very whole with just roughly before very light lean. There is not to plot of spatial among a chair and a backswept handlebars, which is a lot if you are not expecting the place to run. Some looks of bicycle to promote that it takes a time and looking around partorisca enjoy a walk. It feels effective, and ensure this in spite of any one which would call 'agile.' I think that that this would do the bicycle adds for the university campus, paved trails, and urban commuting for courts to moderate distances. This has said, has seen the people locate all the classes of bicycles on all the classes of surfaces and terrain.
Are 6' 0' big and weigh 195 pounds. A bicycle was very comfortable for me, and have a bicycle in in a half of his row of adjustment of the height. I estimate a bicycle would be own for people around 5'9' to 6' 2' with adjustments to a root and height of chair. Stored with protecting reasonable of a time, and basic regular interview (adjustment, air in some wheels, regular lubing a canal and points of pívot), this bicycle would owe that last a lot of, a lot of years.
5 / 5
My husband and I have done to plot of investigation in of the bicycles and we finally solved on two Schwinn bicycles. It has purchased the cruiser, and has chosen this hybrid. I have used to locate the beach cruiser in university and was awesome. It has had train and is trace smoothly, but was quite difficult to locate in hills been due to his heavy weight and the fattest wheels. The to plot of distance biking, and although I have loved mine cruiser, has not been feasible for distance.

The arrival, my bicycle was in the condition adds. There at all it has lost, neither broken spokes, any one the rim dented. I have not experienced any one subjects. I took and my husband perhaps 20 minutes to dip near (with two toddlers running around!). The assembly is easy peasy. Also, they are 5'2 and 125lbs partorisca reference.

A bit those that the determinate factors reasons have chosen this hybrid bicycle.

Train: this bicycle has 7 train. It is enough to take me on heels more empinados, as well as trace comfortably or with control in flat earth. This train has stuck so only the little time when it is in the first place locates behind. After the little time scaling rear-and-advance with some train, there is prendido to stick and now changes smoothly and quickly.

Marco: this bicycle is light weight . It is not like this light to the equal that locates bicycle, but is to good sure the lighter of plot that the cruiser. They are able to easily spend my bicycle, if it has required. While trace, his frame of light weight enable me to the trace bit it faster and smoothly with less than same…endeavour with my train up. A chair is adjustable to the equal that can go down or the create like this required. They are short, as I like him remain me more afterwards to an earth.

Wheels: Some wheels are quite thin. It would say in the third of a thickness of the cruiser. Some wheels are thin, but bicycles of different street, is full to air so many can so only dipped the in some bombs yes has required. Some the thin wheels leave me to locate faster and turn easier.

Brakes: Some brakes forward simply retard you down. Any I really uses him, but could be handy. Some the rear brakes are that I use and do a lot well. Admitted, if you disorder with them then could no properly. Some brakes are in some bars of boss, and ossia adds. Any like him To You the pedal brakes.

Fenders: It comes with the front and for behind fender to protect calm to litter !

A bicycle has the flat surface in a behind where can dip you the basket or something to store your material. No the necessity, but ossia good and convenient. I love a colour. I have anticipated a colour to be the little darker, but a mint is for real enough. I love a white chair and grips of bar of the boss. This in spite of, a chair is one of some the majority of the uncomfortable chairs there is not locating never on. It is the hard rock under your butt. It is terrible. I really precise substitutes he with something with more cushion. I hate a chair!

In general, love my bicycle and am pleased like this with him…excepts a chair. This bicycle gave that it has required it among the bicycle of street and my old beloved cruiser. It would recommend to purchase this bicycle…and purchasing the different chair.
5 / 5
Love a bicycle! Súper Pleasant. Basically it looks white. I suggest to take the to the tent of bicycle to have it gathered reason took awhile to regulate all mine in pleasant and precise has some pertinent tools to properly ensure everything.
4 / 5
Has been rid punctually, but this bicycle is manufactured for both Schwinnn and pacific bicycle, which are root of a question:
the pictures (and corresponding text) is partorisca Schwinn bicycle, and does not match a material contained in a box(i.et. A real bicycle has taken, apparently VERY MANUFACTURED for schwinn), and included does not have the cast that are supposes to take. I took the pair of hours to imagine was like this to dip them near, without matching instructions.
A service of client is quite well, go me to ship some manuals and another missing part.
Does not seat good in this bicycle like this far, hope a manual can help me he better
5 / 5
Ossia the fantastic little bicycle yes is looking for good value, the look/of bicycle of city of vintage, and the good whole walk. I locate this like the short distance commuter bicycle (4 miles the day and some entertainment of weekend), likes fenders, the storm of rear bicycle, and the guard of canal was my main requirements to protect my cloths of work. It finds this the comfortable and easy walk without subjects of entities.

Has had several people compliment a bicycle and in my opinion this looks like this ready like several bicycles looked other frames that initiates in $ 400. At the same time of cost of mine there was 2 options by heart for this bicycle and some points of prizes were among $ 160-$ 190 doing is the fantastic value.

After the week to locate, has had to presionar the few elements - mostly advance of handlebars and advance of brakes (things that had gathered, as no the failure in Schwinn). With which three weeks to trace am going to tweak some coach bit it; I have been in his quantity his so that it was out of a box and is roughly 95 legislation. Some the manual instructions concealed comes with a bicycle is quite well with details and of the illustrations, if I can not take this totally well among a manual and an a lot of Youtube to the equal that to video there, will take it my tent of local bicycle. Although you owe that take this bicycle for the tune-arrive or help of assembly, this bicycle is still the value really well has compared to very other bicycles of alike city.

Nave and packaging: I have bought a bicycle of Amazon (any one the third trader of party), a bicycle is to come shipped is to have to that heavy Schwinn packaging and a box of amazon in a cup of that; the good movement of an external box was dinged the bit but a Schwinn the packaging was has protected totally. The nave was fast and punctually.

Assembly: Some main things that will have to gather is 1) saddle in a estaca of saddle, 2) wheel facing a fork forward, and 3) handlebars to a root of handlebar. I have had to regulate a front brakes the small to take a wheel facing a fork forward. Of a rear wheel is already in situating you has to that it does not have to that disorder with that, some train, or a rear storm. The elements of the smallest assembly is a front fender, reflector forward, Some the main tools will require is 5mm and 6mm Allen tones, the Phillips screwdriver of boss, and the leaf of acute/knife for a lot of bonds of zip of the packaging.
5 / 5
1. The wheels have had 0 air in them, in the retard me the pair of days while I have ordered the bomb..
2. The product has been shabby is gone in several parts before I have taken included he out of a box :(
3. GOD a lot some instructions!!! They are generic some reasons Schwinn, fine it-fine-million company of dollar cheaped was. My fiancé has taken a totally different model and both have received some same instructions. So many, launches him was and save you a headache (and shave was at least an hour partorisca time the past has thought is crazy). Instead, look in of the photos and look the video. You will save SOUND long.
4. It does not trust that a pre-has gathered the parts are gathered correctly. Probably they are not .
5. A chair is class of likes seat in the rock. So much, if you have been expecting something comfy, would have to buy the coverage of chair.
5 / 5
Like another reviewers has declared, a colour is not the pale teal/ to to the mint likes in of a photo, but more than the pale sage almost white. A look of numbers there is rubbed out of a train moves the little has bitten. I have ordered a bicycle the Wednesday and has received he for Friday. A chair and coverages of the bar of the boss is layer and brilliant aims easily, but is a lot of-well cushioned. Some pedals are more than the colour was objective/ creamy and is class of the economic plastic, but is well.
Would recommend having the tent of bicycle builds it or do to dip ready up. I have built mine, but has had the die that has been undressed that would have done some pedals fall off, and was bent slightly in the pocolos put (fenders, spokes, etc.) to ship. It took it it has dipped it ready up and varied in the tent of local bicycle for $ 60. It took him roughly 1.5 hours.
(Up to date description with which 2 weeks)
So that they want to know:
has purchased a 'Firmstrong Classical Beach Cruiser Bicycle Bell' in chrome arrival. It is not too strong, which are to add have that strolls in a footpath, but does not love people of fright.
Also have a 'BV Luz of Bicycle has Place Súper that Shines 5 has DIRECTED Headlight, 3 has DIRECTED Taillight, Quickly-Liberties. A headlight are really add-- I like a second setting partorisca flash more. A light of row is fallen off a second day used it, this in spite of, and is lost for ever.
Has purchased also a 'Nantucket the basket of Bicycle has Sawed Chica' Lightship Classical Basket Stained' for a front, and two 'Nantucket the basket of Bicycle has Sawed the Classical adult Lightship Collection Stained Baskets of Bicycle' for a backside. They are awesome! Ossia A first day that used him and has received to plot of compliments. I have taken a bicycle with baskets to the phase of my local farmer today and was súper handy (photo).
An only thing that any returned in some baskets is mine 17 ' portable the. My helmet of bicycle, box of lunch, purse, and other elements are returned add! It is quell'has bitten expensive, this in spite of, but very good.

Attended everything of these helps of information!
5 / 5
Is thinking Roughly taking this bicycle read this. It is height of the chair esatta goes of 32” to 38”. It can resist the basket that hangs of a backside, and a kickstand well of law. A chair is uncomfortable for more than people, for me is well. The colour is lighter that pictured. Assembly if you do not know like this is very hard, but wants to try The VIDEO under these helps ALOT. It is the good-looking and wonderful bicycle , highly would recommend it. This in spite of, when it does to gather you to good sure would have to that it takes to the tent to take the security has verified. It does not believe some other descriptions, so only will break yes calms he bad. Any dent, scratches, broken separates is all the mailing subject, any one some vendors. Again, take it verified in the tent and does not trust any one other descriptions, is purely the bad regime comes fraction, the mine is well, but does not say another any for the take if any one fell it while shipping. In all the chance, here is a link for assembly, good regime- UPDATE: 2 Month with which shabby, this bicycle is wonderful! Except a chair, ordering the cushion now. It was lucky and my bicycle is perfect. That are has followed a video (is slightly different but took it still I hover) then for only 10 dollars took it to the tent and took it the SECURITY has VERIFIED. They looked in some train, some wheels, some brakes, etc. This ensures that calm has dipped joint correctly and will not break when calm uses it, again, so only 10 bucks. OF THE ONE WHO BELIEVE The BAD DESCRIPTIONS, this goes for almost all the things on amazon, these people have taken miserable, CELA Is. Taken the bet on all purchase roughly qualities to ship, and when it has while broken trace, sweats because they did not take it the security checked and that a ray or the ray did not break it well, so that it is, Ive remarked a prize is trace of when I took it, but is still DEFINENTLY value he
5 / 5
would buy this bicycle again, although it would not purchase he by means of Amazon. This product is quickly state changing prize ( has bought around 180, was 160 a next day and they have refused the party of prize), Then looks behind and has been of tower to 180, and now 200.

This in spite of, uses a bicycle to commute daily and are adds. It is the bit has weighed compared to some pricier bicycles, as really it feels your legs that reads to pedal the although it locates a lot of smoothly. The assembly was extracted no big , took 1.5 hours and I am not the pro in a whole shot... I have had a pause of canal for the half while trace, but took it to a tent of the local bicycle and they have fixed he in roughly 5 minutes. An aim pleather is quell'has bitten dangerous if regularly steps tejanos, mine stained one first week.

Top Customer Reviews: Schwinn 700c ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
The bicycle is partorisca come fraction. Front mudflap severely dented. It paints of frame of advance of Rueda chipped. It goes forward it it would not line up with a frame although two people have tried to express the. A hook in a frame where a league of advance of the wheel was crooked. The canal of bicycle is coming free and has broken a spokes. Any instructions of installation. No shabby.
5 / 5
When I have received this a container was very broken. I have been concerned in a bicycle but has come felizmente unharmed . A Bicycle looks good and solid and I like a look. Some assembly required but has not been difficult, is coming with the book and all so only follow some directions and you will be well. It would have given to five star but has not been trace still and a packaging was bad.

Top Customer Reviews: sixthreezero ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this partorisca my woman because it has loved the quota retro fashionable bicycle. This thing has verified all some boxes. I have not been to leave down. Some looks of bicycle to surprise! We buy a Nantucket basket for a backside and that really has arrived was and will be adds for hauling to six sale behind in a house :). I want a bit handlebars of wide propagation and a global creation of a bicycle leave the good whole stance ossia well for a backside. It loves it! As the one who assembly, was the breeze . It has taken the little in an hour and I have had absolutely any question. At all it has been missing quell'or required to be substituted. The work adds SixThreeZero! This bicycle is the value adds for a money and in the highly would recommend it.
5 / 5
Has taken this of my family like the present of anniversary! My husband has taken an hour to gather a bicycle. Any part has been he has taken the moment to take a bicycle has jointed. I love a colour and a skin stitching. I have loved the cruiser with coaching reason the majority is weighed too much to pedal this bicycle to good sure returns a bill.

UPDATE: after my description, has taken a free or any bell and basket liner! Amur He like this!!!
4 / 5
Update: I have had all some boxes, so only has not been labeled correctly. Has has had to that still assume the person to dip the joint of then has had a subject with some brakes. Well, it has treated so only the a lot good Amazon type of service of the client but still are having questions with this bicycle. I seat bad complaining roughly this during this pandemic but here goes- I has taken this bicycle because it have been in lockdown still prójimos to the month and is all taking fever of cabin. My husband and the edges have tried to dip are near for me today but a lacking big box 'the BOX NUMBERS ONE' and some instructions., As they are unable to dip a together bicycle. I guess I will try to contact a costruttore later but ossia A lot FRUSTRATING. I have been said an only thing can do is gone back a bicycle to take the repayment. So only I need the small box of part and some instructions! Thank you. Obviously it will change a description /when in fact I can experience that it locates this bicycle.
4 / 5
The bicycle adds and the value adds

First, assembly: for a time has taken a bicycle 90 has gathered, have of then add to look this bicycle was and has has wanted to do sure is trace as well as it looked. This was some presents of the anniversaries have loved like this the be optimum. After taking a majority of a bicycle has gathered, has taken a bicycle until a unit of mobile bicycle that insiemi on tent in my hole to water every night of Friday; the wonderful pair that on some years has dipped ready has repaired on my bicycles of street. First to regulate and has done sure some brakes were well, they both asks where has taken “this awesome, beautiful bicycle of.” Both have said that it was a lot has built. Another in a bar has thought a gaze of utmost bicycle.

Could have done some brakes? Yes, but I do not love casualidad he. I cost an extra $ 30 bucks to leave a pros service he. Well currency he.

Looks: it Sees on. It is the beautiful bicycle —a artful blend of comfortable old school that traces/hipster grace.

Consuelo: For some last few years have done walk of bicycle for charity. I want to it issues/bicycles of flat bars. I have been that takes my woman to locate, which want, but some bicycles of street/the flat bars have not felt totally comfortable his, like this there is for behind subject. It loves this bicycle; with his whole place, has said that the trace adds without rear stress. Agreement; when tentativa with which inflate wheels, is smooth walk , well .

Highly recommended.

5 / 5
Has debated the plot on taking a Navy or a Teal colour. I have read that some rims in a Teal the bicycle has not been brown like a chair but the purplish-brown, any sure reason would not have split a chair and grips of sleeve. I have finalised to go with a Navy because of a teal rims and some species navy produced. It is like this pleasant in person!

Any have @@give the until AFTERWARDS it has dipped my together bicycle that sixthreezero the web of place has instructions of video that would be more be easy to follow. I have directed to gather this for me, but to good sure would recommend having another person to help you, use your own tools calm his the and to good sure go with a video vs a manual of instruction that is coming with a bicycle.

The mine has come with some separates concealed has been lined slightly ( verified takes to break so that it was unwrapping) and a wheel has not looked the new mark, perhaps was the turn . I have found a bicycle seats the little odd, perhaps is so only me but think his raven or main a side that another lol. Still with some smaller subjects, still has taken the treat well and will maintain it. I have contacted a company on some subjects and will be to send calm joined the things have required to fix a bicycle.
5 / 5
I like this bicycle, but is has not been a totally smooth experience. I know at all roughly gathering bicycles, but usually can follow some instructions have comprised with some things buy. These instructions are not of sound. Had the pair to time when have has had to that so only touches around until I have imagined was reason some instructions so only have not been to clear. But I took it near like yay.

There was once together, is resulted a guard of canal has been bent such rubbed it. I emailed bear help, which was the experience adds . They have answered quickly, they were educated and useful, and has sent the part of substitution immediately. Unfortunately, a course has sent is not for a bicycle has bought. I have finalised to bend one saves of original canal until no longer rubbed . Some group that control a fenders on wants to rub against some wheels. I have finalised to take roughly of an air out of some wheels to correct concealed.

Now that has everything of this exited, enjoys to locate a bicycle. It likes- one whole dipped, this was one of some main reasons have chosen this particular bicycle. It is also darn pleasant. Have has wanted really a navy, but finalising with a teal (navy was out of stock)... A teal is still really pleasant this in spite of. Also I like him a bit you go plus a lot wide.

In general, like a bicycle and would recommend it.
4 / 5
Recently lame was and has loved entertainment, comfortable bicycle that it could uploads in the bicycle rack me, and this was a perfect bicycle for me. After looking for the few months, has found exactly that there is wanted.
A sixthreezero EVRYjourney the Hybrid bicycle of the women of Steel was stylish, comfortable, & the decent weight for me. It was easy to gather, but in a process found the front dented fender. I have sent an email and he was solved quickly and the new one has arrived interior 5 days. I have received several emails for a company that does sure was happy with a bicycle and to leave them know has had any one subject. I have very appreciated knows it has concerned roughly satisfaction of client -

has purchased a Navy colour and has added a Nantucket basket for walks of long country. Well looking and a lot of compliments.
In that had it behind surgery several years, has been concerned roughly that the time could be in the, but any one @subjects here - like this a lot comfortable! It could not be happier with a compraventa of this beautiful retro-fashionable bicycle. The value adds for a money also.
5 / 5
My woman has bought one of these bicycles and after taking it camping and that tries to maintain up with his in my daughters 21 speeds mt. The bicycle has decided takes one on its own name. It locates like this smooth and cost fantastically. Some the next times have been to camp my woman and I were side for side and having the time adds that it is near feeling a wind in our faces. Thank you, Sixthreezero, to do feel youngster again.
5 / 5
After the brief period of panic in a thought to gather the bicycle for a first time, has opened a box and has gone his. Once you unwrap some parts and take stocks of a fact that comes 85 has gathered is really so only @subjects to dip some joints of missing pieces. It has taken the well has bitten to time to complete so that I am a lot easily distracts this in spite of! A chair is one the majority of what comfortable has had a pleasure to dip my subordinated on in awhile, a go through half of creation leaves something I never expected to experience again with mine stumpy 5 person of feet the legs and concealed in fact is when being able to remain seated in this little piece of heaven calls the chair with my feet in an earth! The life that change, has not fallen once! Has Have the subject light with some brake grinds it in a rear wheel to all the cost of adjustment, and has has a lot of. The chalk that until inexperience in my final this in spite of and the arrival that takes it to somewhere. If you are in a fence in this bicycle so only he!
5 / 5
Ossia Exactly a bicycle has been looking for for years. I want it like this! It is súper pleasant, súper comfy and has a security/of functionality of some hand-held brakes and train. Finally I can go in of the walks of bicycle with my girls and backside of mine does not tire was, and can manage hills with small question. Had the places of pair in some instructions for assembly where you could not see exactly like some pieces are returned together, but with the little common sense, and looking advances the steps of pair sometimes, has imagined was. I have built a bicycle for me in the hour or like this, comprising adjustments. Some steps to regulate the brakes and the train were really useful. Material one of mine fenders, with which trace for the moment, has begun to rub a wheel advance so only bit it. Has no quite imagined was like this to regulate this - probably just need to loosen the ray the small or something.

Top Customer Reviews: Schwinn 700c ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Order very smooth a product and his hips regulated and refunded of the money also!!!
4 / 5
Like this the bicycle looks really good and is comfortable to use. An only question is a quality of the build is absolutely terrible. Like the university student I so only locate this bicycle around my flat campus. Inner some first five weeks of a semester have had to that have my canal substituted reason a metal snapped and has had to that have my brakes have substituted reasons are such poor quality . Has has had to that also substitute a chair of bicycle because a plastic beginning that cracks on that. On all a lot disappointed in this bicycle

Top Customer Reviews: 700c Royce Union ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
There is abundance of well some also, but does not comprise that there are Any negative critiques partorisca this bicycle. Perhaps it is reason there are several different models down one listing, but an aim 17' women' the bicycle is awesome! It likes-it has bought me so much another partorisca my daughter!

Parts of big and material quality, comfy chair, brakes and smooth turns, light, and súper stylish! A lot of compliments and asks roughly where has taken him. The assembly takes the little time but is not that bad, and once has this awesome diagrams of cycling!

I bicycle everywhere. I have done the plot of biking in a lot of different bicycles my day and with abundance of miles in this I confidently can say is a More there are them never has possessed. Any economic, but value and big quality. Calm will not complain it !
4 / 5
Took 2 days partorisca dip 90 pre-the together bicycle has gathered. Ossia Partly been due to unsuitable instructions, which look for to be writings so only so that they already know like this to dip the together bicycles. It is also partly been due to a lot sloppy preassembly. A pre-installed backside fender was was centre and pressing against a wheel in a side. A fender the suspenders have been inserted in an interior of a spokes. I take easily and reattached him. I have tried to take a fender to centre it correctly, but a ray had been he has presionado on. This time I still has not been able the loosen that. Neither I will owe that find the special tool or any the one who is a lot strong to do a work. One , the one who the disorder. Some tampons were pressed closely against a rim in a side and too much far of a rim in another side. This was a chance in both wheels. It would owe that it has been it an easy fijamente, but when I have tried to move a tampon a next plus to a rim in a wheel, a ray of the adjustment and a die has fallen so much was. A die is located in an enclosed, seemingly inaccessible little box. Using my torch was able to find the tiny little slit in the very uncomfortable place. I am not sure state, but have think that that it has to be where a die sees. Like this after a lot of test, has directed to force a bit given to a slit and has fallen to plant. There is remarked then a boot of the brake of the hule has been taken in a ray of drive of the boss. I do not comprise like this it could spend. A person the one who pre-has gathered this bicycle has had to that have dress that . Like this when I loosened a ray to release a boot (that it was it shredded in an end), a coverage of metal in an end of a boss is fallen off! And to my horror, some bosses of wry metal have begun the unwind! I grabbed my pliers and frenetically twisted him near but I hardly the leaves goes has begun to unwind again. But I have persisted and miraculously directed to take a coverage has retreated on. Honradamente, the desire had received this bicycle entirely unassembled. They are sure he could have done the better work with him. After all the be be do has of a chair is lopsided. Any sure he quell'concealed can be fixed. They are angry and unbalanced reasons this has not been the economic bicycle and after all a time is spent in the, are certainly not going for the pause down and the send behind. But now it does not trust Royce the union and am concerned in the future the questions can have with this bicycle. It could not find any Royce sustain of Union. The manual of an owner said for service of client, contact HUFFY!
4 / 5
WOW I are like this disappointed with this bicycle. I have bought I last the summer and he have arrived fraction, both brakes have been broken. A bicycle is also EXTREMELY HEAVY and question for horse riding of city. Some wheels do not resist to air a lot at all, has been for the walk this morning to take the lunch of dog and transmission has owed my wheels, is accidentally be in the hole and my wheels were instantly deflated again. I owe that buy the new bicycle this one is horribly no SHABBY.
5 / 5
Are 6'9”. The to plot of investigation. Some bicycles go in to to the measures Like L, XL, XXL. According to the web of place of the hike, he XXL would return me. His bicycle would be in $ 500_ Other bicycles say the 24 in frame is equivelant to xxl.
This listing of the amazon says that it is the 21 in frame, but continuous in to say this measure so only returns ppl with a inseam longer that 38.5. Has the inseam. I have decided that tries the.
Has had my tent of local bicycle gathers for me.
Returns well. It is tad short.
Is the heavy bicycle, solid . It locates a lot of smoothely.
Some gilipollas
the handlebars are very hard, palmeras of mine hurt after ashort walk
the chairs is narrow and hard
the wheels are very tightened
Still, for a prize, am happy.
5 / 5
Some instructions are worthless. They appear to be for another bicycle. It is not súper complex, but will have to that imagine was like this to gather this for your account. Some tools comes with east craps. I have broken a wrench in the ray.

Some wheels comes with this worthless. I am gone through three tubes down the first month of a wheel has developed the 3 centimetre or like this gash to paste the small and blunt rock in low speed. These will require to be substituted and substituted him on mine. Has there is has not had questions with pavings of then. A front derailleur is for far harder that regulate that have never messed with. A canal has broken quickly. I have it quell'has substituted of then he with the better quality a.

Some rims were a lot of untrue. You will require the rim has spoken wrench and flathead screwdriver to fix it. Those are not comprised. Calm also will require the bomb of bicycle, which is not comprised. You will require crowbars of wheel to easily substitute a tube/of wheel.

A bicycle is weighed enough for somehting this is to mean to be aluminium.

In general, would save the bit of money and take something better. If I need the bicycle, these works like the bicycle. You have had so only he better learns assembly of bicycle and reparation.
4 / 5
Feels too weighed for a bicycle of aluminium. Any headline of boat , not even in increasing holes like pointed in a web of place. Any kickstand. A bicycle in this row of prize would owe that have these things.
5 / 5
UPS Rid a bicycle in around 3pm today. It has dipped prime minister of mine one thousand or like this on he for 4:30pm. They are then he has spent the little less than some fines of now to dip ready. Prpers Having fact likes Saint helper a lot the time are a lot familiar with assembly of bicycle. This has said, if I have had to that depend in some instructions that is coming with him, still could be that it lines my boss. Trying use a manual of same instruction for different models, without illustrations that show some differences, is the volume of has bitten.

A bicycle was very good packaged and arrived with just the pair of chips much smaller in a product. Some tools that has been comprised has required so only an addition of the screwdriver to complete of Phillip a work. A lack of a comprised kickstand bit it more difficult when doing adjustments. I consider the kickstand he necessity that a costruttore would have to comprise.

A last nit is that some wheels are not quite some. It results obvious when slightly applying some brakes. It prevents to regulate some brakes neighbouring to some rims. A bit time with spoke it wrench, or the travesía to a tent of local bicycle would owe that it cures of him.

A negatives mentioned is smaller, but cumulatively lose a bicycle the star. To locate around a neighbourhood or the travesía the city considers this bicycle the good election.

Last point! There is no positive stops when that moves a canal among a front three sprockets. Ossia New mine . It has not taken long to @give that some laws of way leaves a lot of dipping ready a place of canal in a gone for the travelling sale smoother and calmer.

Is the keeper!
5 / 5
Was súper excited to take this bicycle for my husband and he looked as I add it compraventa, this in spite of afterwards so only 3 walks, some back the open tired explosion. Any value of the money. I have it quell'has asked of the new wheel and that the rim of a rim has taken bent reason a wheel burst while it locates subject of normal terrain.
5 / 5
Happy with a product and the place on has not been bad to know like this to dip near the bicycle. The directions were abysmal but after buying 3 bicycles in 2 years, these looks to be look for a course. The common sense and the skills maquinales sweet would owe that take a work done. Produced excellent global.
5 / 5
Has dipped this together bicycle, together with 3 another (different mark). Some other bicycles are doing well. This one.

These wheels of bicycles have blown. Yes, it has blown it is first walk of test . Yes, we inflate to recommend psi.
These bicycles brakes neither does not involve or the stay has involved. Any @subject like the rule to knots.


Top Customer Reviews: sixthreezero Reach ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
First of all his really pleasant. Estacionamos Out of the tent of sandwich a day and looked the people admired it. Sound the bicycle of quality this in spite of. Before buying is one, has purchased the version of some men of this bicycle and has has had to that fact has verified is gone in the tent of bicycle. An owner was unfamiliar with a mark and in fact spent roughly 10 minutes in the and has taken the magnet to several parts partorisca see that it was steel and that it was aluminium. His opinion was that I touch the good bicycle done without tricks partorisca take a prize down. Partorisca Chance, a axels is aluminium (a lot) in place of steel (bad), fenders is steel in place of plastic. Handlebar Of quality. It has said that some grips of sleeve are the skin-like vinyl where the bicycle the economic plus would have used foam. It had not listened of a mark but has said obviously is trying dipped out of the product of quality.

Has taken roughly 90 minutes partorisca gather, and comes with some precise tools. Everything is gathered really, his just that some of some big parts are disassembled so that it ships slowly. Easy to do.
4 / 5
Has bought this bicycle partorisca my woman. We look for the practices still comfortable bicycle partorisca casually that traces around a neighbourhood and also taking partorisca signal One to B.

Among the box and calm has to that dip the together. This taken at most an hour. It felt he likes to gather the piece of Ikea mobile. All some pieces of entity were together, and calm has had to connect them. Some instructions were easy to follow and has felt in fact reward to dip the bit of his work to take the loan-the-bicycle of walk.

A bicycle is very comfortable and easy to regulate to adapt your frame and place of favourite horse riding. It is a whole bicycle that gives it the feeling to be fun and random to locate.

The complaint of my woman in his last bicycle was that it was uncomfortable and too bent on. This one east an opposite of that.

Is the sturdy bicycle that goes in the light cost: it is weighed more than the bicycle of normal street, but resembled another cruisers. My woman has not had the question that spends it up and down some stairs to our paving.

Has had some friends another day and to the left stroll them. All the really liked world the.

Would recommend this bicycle is looking for the no-too-serious bicycle to locate around a neighbourhood. It looks well, it locates smooth, and is amused to cruise.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. My fiancé and I have decided to look to take the pair of bicycles during this stay for order of house. We live in Vega and has loved the beach cruiser lol goes read in the vision of a company that considers to draw the bicycle that will return your daily lifestyle and personality, any to mention in the now abordable! Up to now, still I can not find any bad feedback or negation to give regarding SixThreeZero. Some bicycles were packaged a lot well with paddings likes like this would pack your valuables. A bicycle was 85 gathered and some instructions was very easy to follow on like this to finalise setting.

My fiancé has taken one Achieves your Fate 28 Hybrid of thumb 7-accelerate Teal colour. It is to good sure the boss turner! Very comfortable & some train is easy to regulate. I have chosen a Walk in Some men of Parco 3-speed in ash. An only remorse that has is that I have chosen one 3-speed in place of one 7-speed.

Has a small thing can suggest, could has to that spend your bicycle to the tent of local bicycle to take a spokes has regulated in your wheel of bicycle to balance or calms that can look for on Youtube on like paralizaciones for the do to you. I am not sure he SixThreeZero done some adjustments for you first to ship a bicycle.

I hope this description will help to relieve your decision in taking your next bicycle with SixThreeZero.

PS: We drive de Vega to Huntington Beach each one that 2 weeks so only to locate our bicycles now!
5 / 5
Has been having the experience adds with an Amazon during a pandemic time. I love my new bicycle! A lot please with cost of mine. Comfortable horse riding. Really like this pleasant and the quality adds.
4 / 5
First... Missing harware. To his credit sixthreezero overnighted a missing hardware. This in spite of, this was a smaller question . When finalising on top of the assembly discovers that a tube of chair returns like this closely in a frame that the can not be moved included with grips of addiction. Service of the client called in 6-3-0 and loved to us to take a partially gathered bicycle to the tent of local bicycle. It has him try fix a question, pays a bill and then rid partorisca reimbursement. Not going to spend. We said me to us to return a bicycle to Amazon as it has not been the fixable question. A frame and/or a tube of the chair has not been machined correctly. Now a lot present navideño unless I can buy the bicycle locally.

Rests out of this mark!
5 / 5
The bicycle is very done with part of quality. It has taken this bicycle for my daughter. A bicycle is packaged well to prevent harm of transport and some instructions come with the quite fresh little multipurpose tool.

Has given a bicycle 4-to the stars like them some of some instructions were unclear in a manual. A bit those that more pictures of like this some rays and the dice are suppositions to be gathered for a front fender would have saved the good 20minutes of a time of assembly. Also, a behind fender has maintained to paste of the wheels that have taken the slow time in troubleshoot.

This bicycle can be built for a person but is much easier with two.
4 / 5
Has purchased a bicycle for my daughter the one who is 5 ft. It returns perfectly with a chair in a lower place. It is able of the trace easily and comfortably. A fenders are adds for rainy days. We love a colour also!!!

Spent an assembly of bicycle when we buy a bicycle. Wow, HAS Be worth it. It has dipped a together bicycle quickly and has done sure done properly.
4 / 5
The assembly was smooth, if it did not bite it more along that has expected. The parts are big quality and all return well. All the flawless work on first walk. Place of comfortable whole horse riding. More expensive That some of some bicycles of phase of the mass, but well currency he. To good sure would buy it again.
5 / 5
When I have purchased was bit it concerned reason am spent more than me usually does in the bicycle, but is totally currency he. It is gorgeous, very comfortable and like this good to locate. Like this far I am like this happy! My husband was a a the one who gathered it and has not had any question but is a lot handy. My daughter has taken moves it and now loves one for his, could say a difference with other bicycles possesses.
5 / 5
Has bought this bicycle for my woman and loves it. A colour is exactly like this pictured and some bars of sleeve of the skin and the chair are utmost details. It has loved also the seats of width like this has and a beach cruiser look without some bars of wide sleeve. It has had to that dent smaller that ship but a service of client is excellent like this far.

Top Customer Reviews: Schwinn GTX Comfort ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
I have read some descriptions of Amazon before I have purchased a Schwinn GTX 2. The majority of complaints and negative commentaries seamed partorisca be attributed the assembly or a result of improper assembly. If you are not a lot handy, probably would do better to pay an additional partorisca an expert assembly.

If you are handy and sure chair in your skills of basic tool (together with a capacity and patience partorisca follow assembly just look in some pictures) then this project is a lot doable partorisca you. Take your time that gathers a security depends on that. This bicycle was available in the tent of venue of Big Boxes partorisca slightly more money, but after seeing a lack of the priest and the quality of some bicycles has launched joint for a tent associates, decided he. The time of total assembly was roughly 45 minutes.

A bicycle has been rid in the box that was a bit beats-up in traffic. This in spite of, a bicycle was like this well has packed that has had any subjects of harm. Styrofoam Packing And wrap, bonds of zip, plastic hub and rim protectors and the bubble on has maintained all very protected and unscratched.

A fork forward is rid in the place revoked. It pays next attention to instructional/descriptive stickers in a fork, cranks and pedals. I turn a fork around and presionar a two hex the rays once is properly has varied.

Some handlebars are quite directly-advances. If some look of bosses to be complicated or crusaders, try the different orientation of a bar. It is useful to know that a Right side of a control of handlebar rear and rear pauses derailleur (Rear = Legislations) and a sinister side of a pause at the head of controls of handlebar and front derailleur (Sinister = Front).

Has seen comments regarding flat wheels and broken chains. I fill some wheels dulcemente, control an account to ensure an interior-the tube is not pinched against a first rim of followers to some pertinent psi has listed in a side of a wheel. The canals would owe that last for several miles of hundred with priest and pertinent interview. Control for any snags or first subjects of the yours first walk. Mark takes a canal is properly oiled (manufactures it the installed canal can have the coating to protect against rust and a lot necessarily lubricated). Also, some investigation in the cross can add years to the life of your canal.

A need of pedals to be matched to a crank corrected. It begins to edge manually (Right pedal = in a clockwise direction and pedal counter = Accident in a clockwise direction). Complete for presionar with 15mm wrench. A mismatched the pedal means undressed the edges and the pedals that falls off.

Any tuning of this bicycle has been required. The train and the pauses have done as they owe that.

Found it a lot of gain to look a the Schwinn video of assembly jointly with some instructions in a Schwinn manual of owners.

Consuelo: it has given a Schwinn GTX 2 four stars been due to a capacity have limited to move a chair fore and aft. A place of a chair will not leave me to take a correct access (for knees in a crank) to the equal that will owe that find another chair. They are upgrading of the highland bicycle, then , in comparison, a GTX is an improvement in consolation.

Hanged light: Again, I am giving a GTX 2, five stars because it is lighter that the highland bicycle. They are not the pro the rider of competition likes hanged of a bicycle (+or- 10 lbs) has not been that of entity of mine.

In general, a Schwinn GTX 2 is the good bicycle for a prize. Hope These helps.
4 / 5
Would owe that begin with a fact that are a rider experienced in that possessed quell'roughly 10 bicycles thru some years. My first light bicycle was the Schwinn LeTour the luxury creates, in roughly 1979. A Schwinn GTX2 has been boxed to ship better mediates it in my experience. All some parts were present. A rotor forward was installed already and runs true with which assembly in a fork of suspension/caliper, which was regulated already to match. I simply tweaked a boss to obtain 1/32 clearance. The assembly of flat bar was level so only installs/ presiona. Both rims am a lot of neighbour the trued, no the value that regulates further. A backside caliper/the rotor has required tweaking, easy. Then a surprised, both rear & front that the movements was well in a money, softens to move out of a box. Some pedals are marked clearly for R/L as well as in some cranks. I can not imagine PC that dips a wrong measure estaca pedal in there but all the world is experience is so only I supposition. A chair is on half quality, would not change it era.

Also would owe that say that one 30' the measure is attentive and translated to this' to the equal that has announced. Some insiemi of handlebar roughly 2' big that my personal bicycle been due to a fork of suspension, that does a bar feels the pocola main when a height of chair is way down. Personally it would not like that of way. When I tried It I have dipped a chair 6-7' and was happy with him considering a handlebar. A seatpost is no-adjustable and a chair is angled rearward, as in the substitute.

Now for some transmissions of what has bought a wrong measure, that feigns to surprise my woman. As I resell & try again, so only 'XS' the hybrid is scarce on Amazon. As 'extreme the Amazon, Better on selection perhaps?
4 / 5
Element: GTX Elite
M: Viril, 5'5' and 150 pounds, 30 years

This bicycle is enough adds for a point of prize. Without any experience of assembly of leading bicycle, took roughly an hour the unbox and dip near, so only sure has the together of Allen wrenches ready. One the majority of what of entity when that dipping near is to do followers of insurances some wheels to some pertinent psi. I thought that it that it could use the small hand-held bomb, and has done totally some premiers pocolos walks the most difficult plot that would have to been by any to inflate them to some corrected psi (roughly 70 for the hybrid bicycle like this a). I have finalised to buy a Schwinn More than Centre of Air and has discovered that in mine premiers few walks some wheels were down 40 psi, took them once until 70 a bicycle locates the fastest plot, smoother, and with less than trying for my part. A chair is not ultra comfortable, but work so only well so that they are probably not going for the transmission. For my measure a 18frame of thumb is perfect, if you are down 5'3 that could be the little big for you. The ones of way that far has dipped it roughly 50 miles in the, in the quantity to and to do that it is 8 miles out of my house and taken 30-35 minutes. Like this far this bicycle has been order , and does a newspaper commute to do the majority of fun plot.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. As I have loved this bicycle, are trace a hell out of him stops.. 2 days

Then have me almost sent under the bus when a pedal has broken is gone in traffic. It has taken to clock less than 15 miles in this before it is spent, and trace on mostly earth of level.

Some pedal and the pedal arms are both aluminium and extremely prone to spend for embrague with which some pedals .. Fall off because it does not have any edge has left. Unluckily This is to spend mine while it locates afterwards to the truck and I almost finalised down that.

Schwinn Has cut corners on this, to do the transmission to manufacture that could no very cost more than $ 15. Fusion Or pressing some parts of steel, Or rovescio included threading in both sides to prevent some pedals that comes free. This transmission would have meant that they could no any reuse a mould of fusion for some pedals and would require one for each pedal and for this reason a decision has been done to drastically reduce a life of a bicycle.

This bicycle suffers avidity for imposiciones in a cost of an end-user. This bicycle could have state that surprised and would have been the description of 5 stars.

The avidity for the margin of profit there is ruined this bicycle and I can any one in the good faith recommends this same to a worse of enemies.
4 / 5
Has purchased this bicycle for my woman in April of 2020. It is been in a tent of local bicycle two times in two month. A front derailleur is like this bad some big rays and the basses moved when a bicycle was use in of the streets! It had regulated that and has continued to spend. It has taken like this bad that we could train very same of tower. According to travesía in me there has been a front derailleur substituted and trigger shifters has installed. Maintaining type the slightly bent front crank that mark a canal rubs with each turn of a pedal. I have contacted OJCommerce the one who was a vendor in the amazon and his politely blow me era. As I have purchased a bicycle and has invested an additional $ for the take rideable this in spite of sound having subject. My next call will be the Schwinn. So only I can not believe Schwinn would use such unreliable parts and that OJCommerce would sell this and that the amazon would leave this to spend.

Learns of my deception. Spent of the local tent and agree, calm always takes which pays stops!
5 / 5
Are very very annoyed with this compraventa . These claims to be the small frame and he is not . It is gone through all a question of the gather and is the main plot that the typical small frame. No spent is not that it alleges to be
4 / 5
are trace my fellow $ 750 Scott hybrid 700c and has loved that, but has not had this type of key dipped around. Has has looked for days and of the days for the hybrid with shock forward, 21 speed, and pauses of disk for less than $ 400. Almost it has given on until I have found this type! Fantastic bicycle, another active griped in a product of wheel, thinks that is well. A chair is very comfortable, impacts forward delete some attacks well, his movement of the smooth train and some wheels are the perfect balance among street and muck. My ONLY TWO SUBJECTS were during assembly: 1. One of a handlebar of factory clamp allen the rays of wrench was very hard the loosen/presiona likes is was misthreaded. 2. Pay attention a lot near of a rear pause caliper, mine of a factory flexed (while a level has been pulled) a disk to stop on to a side for as he 1/2', thats the enormous flex in a disk! I have regulated a caliper on with the metric allen wrench so that perfectly it applies pressure to a disk. I will say a rear pause is not like this forceful like other bicycles are trace , but a front toss you 55 on hoards of has beaten if yours any one careful ;-) attended this helps types!! It BUYS IT!!!
4 / 5
Ossia My second Schwinn the bicycle and has looked for to be seriously in disappointing. A Saddle is class of good but a wheel and the quality of tube is a worse. Both bicycles have had to have some tubes have substituted without any filling of air/ of rough use. All 4 tubes are a mark of same Chinese factory and there is not escaping of that. While it substitutes some wheels there is remarked that all 4 wheels have had signals of small metallic point poking a tube of a a costruttore skimped in an use of hule. A disappointing part is Schwinn has ANY CONTROL of QUALITY anymore and just horse riding in his name of hard defeated mark. To good sure very expected of an expensive bicycle. Finally I am forced now to buy new to tire which is adding the extra $ 200 to a cost of a point of the metal in an interior there is nailed some tubes 4 times. An option of plus has considered was Kevlar lines like the interior liner but can also so only take new wheels.
5 / 5
Out of a box, front derailleur does not operate. No the smallest adjustment, substitution of reparation/of the needs.

For behind derailleur works for 1-5, any 1-7.

Need of brake of reparation of advance of the disk, again, directly out of boxes. Works of rear brake, but has terrible screeching sound.

I bosses were all my-routed. Boss of the brake of the front has crossed on, Around a root a backside on and down. The handlebar Restricts literally movement - right out of boxes.

Hates A chair and in the increasing dipped. The new chair has helped, but that locates the place calls a eshwinn dips'. It is calm place you down with too much of weight in of the wrists, like the bicycle of street.

Loves the hybrid for the most whole horse riding mass, does not buy the Schwinn! The desire has known that sooner....
5 / 5
In general thinks that ossia the bicycle adds for a prize. A bicycle was packaged really well and at all has suffered harm the arrival. The assembly was quite quickly and easy. They are not one experienced biker so that I am not totally sure, but taste of the looks can require have some train of the bicycle and the brakes have dipped ready in the tent of bicycle because moving does not look like this smooth to the equal that would have expected, and a canal snapped in mine first walk.

A canal snapped during my first walk, which required to purchase the $ 12 substitution of canal: KMC Canal of Bicycle (1/2 x 3/32-Thumb, 116L, Money) . A saddle was quite hard and uncomfortable to the equal that have substituted he with Bicycle of Planet . Seat of classical bicycle - the men is (black) has Based in other descriptions looks probably that will require to substitute some wheels early too many. I am planning on taking kevlar twists like recommended for my biker partner.

Some other accessories have added:
Venstar S404 Wireless Bluetooth Deports Portable Speaker
Topeak 60102538 Hexus II Fines-tool
Kryptonite 2079 New-Or Evolution Mini-7 Has to that Heavy Or Together Bicycle W/4' KryptoFlex Boss of Bicycle of Double Loop

Top Customer Reviews: Kent International ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5
This bicycle is perfect so that I need. I have been in the travesía of loss of the weight (100 down and counting). I have begun partorisca walk, then running, and then I the plot of HIIT workouts. I have taken used partorisca be physically actuate every day, but felt likes the paste has had the plateau.

Had not had the bicycle in a lot of years, and was nervous roughly taking a. I have been concerned roughly found something comfortable and abordable. One of my big worries was sturdiness. They are still the big man, and there is roughly 40-60 lbs would like me the trim. In 285, they are technically in a declared max hanged of rider of 275lbs. After taking a bicycle has gathered, a subject only has had was that a chair has not gone quite presionada, as I have used my hammer with the annex of socket (and the little glue among some dice to close) to fix concealed.

Now, a bicycle is all had expected partorisca. It moves easily, it feels sturdy under my weight. Some pauses are to good able insurances of insurances deceleration and prendiendo.

And some handlebars... They are big quite so that it does not have to that stoop the grab his, leaving me to locate more along and more comfortably.

Has taken he by means of trails of the past bicycle in a herb, in streets of cities, cleaned and rough, and is was trace in some streets of county among some fields of corns.

While I am sure is the limitations can be more noticeable seasoned it riders, this bicycle is perfect to locate around city, or is gone in a country. I will take Austin L, once the things settle down again.

4 / 5
Has required the bicycle but has not been has had to that spend too much money, neither was I looking for to out bicycle of street. Found this on-line and has loved a styling, agreed bicycles of my youth! Alike bicycles, in other places were for much more. Decided is one and happy has done!! Arrival of a bicycle in my house has been retarded the week, does not blame a shipper but UPS, was in my city for the first week of the be has rid. It was quite easy to gather, ossia has some skills maquinales! I have had the hang-up while dipping it near, no because of some instructions, but my own personal failure. I have had a chair I too free and while regulating it on a bicycle, a slip of estaca of the chair down to a frame of a bicycle, has taken the day to take it was. After an assembly of a bicycle, took it on the walk of test likes a bit the instructions indicates, @fare pocolos adjustments smaller and a bicycle is perfect for my needs!! I mainly walk in of the footpaths or of the streets so that it has not required on-sized wheels for my daily horse riding. The bicycle adds for the prize adds!! And a styling of this fantastic !! To good sure would recommend and buy again!!
4 / 5
Dipped of comfortable whole horse riding with 21 train and caliper front of rear/brakes. It has been rid with all some the difficult parts have gathered already. It goes forward, fenders, the chair and the handlebars were installed easily. Book of generic instruction Kent different models, but have known as to do all some necessary adjustments very pointed (brakes). If you do not know it likes to look for that-to video on Youtube. The wheels were bent slightly to ship and managing (common question), as some wheels am rubbed some tampons of brake in an or more something when rotated. I have regulated a spokes to some some wheels. I recommend to buy it that it spoke it wrench and regulating a spokes to some some wheels - that-to video on Youtube/of Youtube. Very pleased with a bicycle!
5 / 5
Taken To him an hour for the gather and then I street for an hour. The utmost walks. The works find.
5 / 5
Has bought a bicycle in a start of a Pandemic. It has had not gathering a bicycle until 6 month later. The garbled and no useful instruction. In an end, has taken a Bicycle has built. The brakes have not done properly, and a wheel forward was totally not gathering (of a factory) right. A wheel wobbles until a thumb, and could any one not being varied to regulate an axial placing. A boss spokes is not tension properly. Included A ray that ensures a backside fender to a frame has broken/sheared was. He maintaining has taken the ray stuck in a threaded hole without the boss.

Now are out of a window of turn, goes to be the piece of metal . It could be of some use takes the advance of new wheel ossia has varied properly.

Never buy this Marks again.
4 / 5
Has purchased this bicycle he roughly done 3 weeks and is an absolute pos. Please does not buy this bicycle!!! I have not expected to take to 1000 bicycle of dollar for 250 but has expected to take some reasonable use out of him. The history is one to crank bearings is shot with which 55 miles of light horse riding. I am leaving walley world now still with two times a bicycle for 50 bucks less!
5 / 5
A bicycle has arrived directly of Kent. Front fender has been missing some rays. A rim forward has been bent and the bicycle has not been usable. Service of the client called and with which to 45 wait of minute there is hanged.
4 / 5
Calm the favour and buy the gel chair for this bicycle when situating your order. Incredibly one the majority of painful experience with a chair that comes with him. Another that that, is the decent bicycle so that cost.
4 / 5
Any joke, one 3rd time a bicycle has been used the train has broken of the half and has fallen in an earth WHILE The BICYCLE has SEATED. It has not been used in any abusive way, took it to us to locate around to cut paved streets with our girls when my husband has the pause of work. They are like this fallido... Like the repayment.
5 / 5
The product already has subject maquinales, to the amazon sold the 'lemon' the looks of bicycle dope but interior 2 cranks of weeks squeaking noise, finally was able of the do the tent of bicycle, has thought they so only required to be tighter, the tent of bicycle say the question is inner, a wheel bearings is messed on, can require new crank, all inside the month that shabby, horrible. And to the amazon does not offer link or any way to fix question

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