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5 / 5
Bought these partorisca my boys (11 & 13) as they could remain hydrated in our hikes vacacionales. I have appreciated that these were insulated (more than look in has not been) & can return 2L of water in them. It waters had calm previously bounced them and the slings but those go in your way when that traces in of the rocks and by means of grottos, etc. really appreciate some discharge in an end of a mouthpiece. When those Walk by means of Utah, taking really dusty and has seen another with hydration rucksacks that has had to that has the washed of fellow of the his mouthpiece previously to drink. It has given also my boys pertinent space for his containers of Order of the and/of the Young, pencil, telephone, sunglasses and chapstick. My only complaint is that we use a boat waters refillers to fill them up and has to resist them in the bit of a corner of an inaugural is the ray-in discharges he big in a side & has to that use your hand to 'actuate' a farce of water. We have seen another person that fill his stock exchange of a cup & was much easier. Of course, mine 11 &13 I can fill... Like this probably more any one can do like this also. ;) We have dipped gel in them each morning like his water was good and cool the majority of a day.
4 / 5
Has bought this to run long careers to spend. I have spent he for the 25k the race and he am exited really well. An abundance of controls of the bladder of liquid and has not had any @@subject running was during my race. We begin in 7I are and that day a big was 39. Had other corridors those who there have been subjects with his drinks that freezing in a tube but no. of the mine has not frozen in a bladder neither. All was very ensured but desire some pockets of waist were longer reason has to that to to the big telephone likes ( Samsung G8 Of Commentaries), does not return there. For me, ossia really of entity because also the taste to him the use Strava to follow my careers and I have to that dipped he in my rear band instead, which require me to have to that the take was and place behind on. It is not that a lot the hassle but loved it so only do the note for the people in chances want to know. ( I have had the Samsung Galaxy 7 that access so only well in some pockets of waist without a chance in the before it has taken my Note )
4 / 5
has Loved the light day, comfortable band with hydration. This was perfect & really done well for our National Park hopping holidays. It has had abundance of storage, has maintained my fresh water (the the ice has added to a bladder & has been cold still in an end of a day.) It was able to return bites, jacket, camera, medicine cabinet of helps of premiers, maps, booklets, etc. Everything without the question. To good sure would recommend.
5 / 5
This hydration the band has been purchased to substitute an identical unit that takes after 18 hard months long of 60-70 miles ran of week in anything of negative windchill, gel, snow, rain, thunderstorms and a past of heat of opposite end of 100 waves of terracings. You will remark that I have done some modifications, those are not shortcomings of a hydration sale, is the things have learnt to the long of a way, likes to add some extra reflectors, a blinking has DIRECTED lights, etc. A mobile phone holster is marks it new addition, law like this far adds and means a lot that has to that take a band down so only to grab my telephone (and means not spending a weight of my telephone in my jacket, trousers or the tape of Toe). Also it notes that have taped all of some free straps, is something has learnt behind my days of Army of them the EUA.

Usually fill a bladder the full capacity, and spends the slender stock exchange and tones in an of some pockets of waist, helar of energy in another pocket of waist. A bladder has not had a flavour of the bad chemical/smell usual, but has followed still his joint and has washed he with sweet soap, like this far can not try anything. The ones of way that far has dipped it roughly 60 his miles, 11-12 miles for courses with zero discomfort. Also it spends some material prime ministers of basic help and spare headphones and headlamp.

To That that does not like roughly that: the desire could move to some straps likes him the band seats more drop in mine behind, but is not the breaker to treat, and in this point of the prize am not concerned really roughly that.

Buys another? Absolutely.

If you are curious:

Mobile phone holster:
Blinking has DIRECTED lights:

Update: 6/14/2020 A bladder has developed the leak, has contacted Mubasel directly thru the amazon and his immediately send me the STOCK EXCHANGE of substitution and bladder, in place of just a bladder of substitution. Support of exceptional client.
4 / 5
Out of a box, this are adds! All has arrived bagged in plastic, cleaned and orderly. Obviously, I rinsed a bladder of water, (takes a tampon of thin foam in there) and hose. Pros Likes: big ploughing for waters he and the gel easily can be additions. The stock exchange has still reflective interior insulation. Tubing HAS his sleeve of own neoprene, for insulation. Tubing Click to plant, in a bladder, like this calm 'know' calm connected it correctly. There is the coverage of powder in a fashionable valve of the bite. And it is tethered. Any leak like this far. This pertinent measure for age of girls 8/10 and older. And adults. They are 5'3 and it is the small backside for behind bands on me. Exactly that there is wanted. The main pocket resists a bladder of water. Then another pocket has 2 small pockets like your material is organised. All the zips are sturdy, smooth and strong. Pockets lateralmente, strap of @@@cofre is adjustable in a vertical direction also. These are good touches , would expect to pay more paralizaciones. I will go back to modify, if I have found a lot of gilipollas, or subjects. Update of October: Used for 4-5 outside, activity of heat of the summer. It has resisted on adding, and waters has maintained cools all day - any leak. The wine of light plastic flavour thru on first or according to use, of a tubing, I suspect. Still it maintains 5 stars. Extremely pleased with this compraventa, for low $ 40. It is upper to my version of fellow frames more type of water in your rucksack. So more stable vs. Bounced in your backside.
4 / 5
Has used it so only once but are by train of the master. It looks material of good quality. Enough space for mine can of soda, telephone, inhaler, knife, bites, sunscreen and the little has bitten more. Access a lot around some behind and encircled. I exert to cushion In a backside. For a prize is awesome. If it finalises to suck in a prójimo 6 month will modify my description. Like this far BIG thumbs up!!!
4 / 5
Loves this rucksack like this far! I took it reason always forget to drink quite a lot of water and the hate that spends around the waters of boat. I have wanted also the little more spatial that store bites and supplies that another camelback has. It is still small and light. Thickness forget are by train of the spend. It has done wonderful last weekend that traces a trail. I used it also camping, around city, and hiking. Amur A colour and an access! I have taken the plot of compliments and the people that loves to know where has taken the. Sad history this in spite of...:( I accidentally has closed a door of truck in a piece of the mouth and he snapped was, as it marks sure calms no a same deception!!!
5 / 5
Has been surprised by this product in the good way. Like a miser alfresco person the one who walked the plot, has trusted always in mine Camelback band for long hikes & ultramarathons. I have bought this like my Camelback the band was situated accidentally in storage of Long term during the movement for 2yrs. I have required the band that was reasonably light weight to the equal that am quite small & thin as it is not wanted to to be spending around the brick together with 2-4L of water (to be clear, a bladder has comprised is 2L). I imagined it it would try for an interim as I have not wanted to spend a big quantity of money to buy another big quality, big side Camelback Band when I have had already one. Like this happy has bought this particular band. It is surprisingly light weight for all a storage & of pockets in a band + a thing I particularly likes like my very expensive mark does not have , is an inner insulator for behind a bladder of water. At present that bolt in the hot climate, humid, often that walked technical summits with a distance to hike btn 7-15 miles in any date of hike. Light flavour insulation in a compartment of bladder of the water to the equal that have found my water remains good and cold for the majority of a time am hiking compared to the no-insulated band, which is an excellent goodness in the long hike in the plot of heat. Some straps are easily adjustable to my small frame & also has regulated can be returned my husband the one who is much bigger that are. It likes him-me some widths of external and inner pockets, some with zips that leave to pack enough the bit to this stock exchange second small look that comprises extra water, lunch, small 1st box to help & the transmission of clothes + my night-light train together with even having a ploughing where can store my telephone inside a band & so only has a earphones exiting to maintain a sure telephone. Active Is SO ONLY BE of excursion 1x like this far with this band where has found the spending the rainstorm weighed (any uncommon in a zone/of tropical jungle I lives right now). It was happy that a band has on resisted well in a rain & has not taken anything wets inside my band - a heavy rain is lasted so only 30mins. It can not comment on to the equal that would stand up to the plus along rainfall up to now. It is the z/the light rucksack , no quite like this light like the camelback & is the comfortable band to spend with well behind cushioning. Obviously it would prefer the point that retreated against my stock exchange like the sale has not gone directly in contact with my backside for better breathability & the little less sweating, but for a prize of this band, are to good sure very impressed with a quality like this far with which 4mths to use & the plot of the hikes to that time & like them to them some ties of comfortable hip to create a weight of some things in my band. For a prize, has been to good sure a lot on & besides my expectations. Probably it will continue to use the on some longer hikes, has included once have my much more expensive mark band behind, quotes a capacity of storage for hikes of day along when spending all my crew, lunch & to water + a perk of a day insulation maintaining a water cools for the long period to time when those walk in the plot of heat. Excellent value for the money & would not count he out of your considerations to purchase simply based in a low prize.
5 / 5
Has to that admit that it was súper sceptic. I have used to spend some the EUA to treat real some Soldate Camelbak but the age and the abuse has taken his toll and he were finally be to take. So to the equal that have wanted that character Camelbak...
I like this more. I will say you precisely reason:
has there is recently headed hiked often, and all know some goodnesses of the hydration band. Well This thing has some same in a real shot.
1) Qualified to maintain cold of execution of water of characters. A pocket of storage that marries a bladder of water is lined in the reflective material. Sounds gimmicky but has said for years this would do the deep difference. It does. With which 8 hours with some real Camelbak (honradamente very before 8 hours) yours water has not been cold anymore. With this band, is. Surprisingly so much.
2) Insulated Tube of water - a Camelbak has had this also, but a a here in these looks of band to remain situate better. It is very effective also.
3) snake Of Cleansing - looks the small thing but a bit tube of snake of water of more cleaned is good to have. It is handy.
4) does not filter at all - my Camelbak had been by means of the hell and I have had has changed valves to bite the little time. A system to close in this band is quell'has bitten better and easier that execute operation in a movement.
5) Storage - has - in a same quantity of storage like my OG Camelbak with an execution of a fund. There is some the inferior side joins that Camelbak has not used and this packs done. Help to ensure a band when those careers and they was has zip pouches. Very good!
6) Waterproofing- This band is mostly looks for to water that it is impressive for a cost. It has taken taken in the torrential downpour and some contents of my band was roughly 95 dry like any complaint. This in spite of ossia where a Camelbak has the leg up. I have not had never infiltration of water in this band never.
7) Straps - some straps of shoulder are easy to regulate and is quite comfortable. The utilisation of D coverages the easy fact to attach another train like the vacuum insulated carabiner waters of boat of the girl for extra capacity. Only desire that had used metal D coverages for a band in place of plastic. I can modify this part I. But they have not broken still. If you are doing the serious hiking or other things know an importance of the band that is to modulate. Amiably fact.
8) Global Quality - a quality in general far surpasses a prize to sell. Again, it was skeptical but too satisfied with that has taken.

@In the rodeo would say that this band is an enormous value has compared to a Camelbak counterparts. Sure, you are doing some serious white water or things of the spiegamento perhaps would say neither modify the few portions of this band or buy a Camelbak. But for a random or even more hardcore hiker, ossia all calm never need.
5 / 5
Has researched to first plot to purchase two of these for my boys to hike. They looked mostly like this expected the delivery, excepts a loop that control of the propiciadas a piece of mouth has been broken well out of a box, does not treat it enormous, so only very convenient for girls, as it could take stray. His packed with all some things my girls have required for the hiking in Yosemite, and when we arrive in our hire, cleaned him like the directions instruct. When I have looked for to insert a tube to drink to a bladder, has found that a no returned at all! As it can see for my photo some pieces that connects some tubes to some bladders are different, and some bladders are some same! This has done an entirely unusable. I have moved on to a prójimo a, and a connector (resembled) contingent, as I have dipped he in a rucksack and fill up. Ossia When the water has TOUCHED was during a paving of house of the hire. Have pulled quickly he out of a rucksack and snapped the photo in a tank. You can see it waters it that it touches era. I have had more try it also, same result.

Would not recommend never this product to any one! I have left everything of our house of rucksacks regulates. I have used the CamelBak and my boys have had these. Felizmente, has had his water bounced in a car, but has had to that spend them in the each hike, in planting to store in the band to the equal that had done in a past. Súper Inconvenient for boys that loves to explore. I have had my own CamelBak partorisca almost 20 years with subjects of zeros. This company would owe that feel embarrassed to sell rubbish to the equal that will go directly to a landfill.
4 / 5
I have possessed this partorisca almost the year now and has experienced any subject. Light still very generous with a quantity of spatial of storage for the little hydration band! I can stick multiple bites and another interior of things of him. Included my telephone that's that and camera of shoot. Any question with evasion or condensation.

Has possessed multiple hydration bands and has experienced subject like this evasion, pieces of defective mouth, or a tube flopping during a place. Basically poor creations. This hydration the band has it all and is not overpriced.
5 / 5
Has ordered this product for the anniversary of my edges of six years. It had been asking the 'waters of boat bookbag' for month, and like this when his anniversary was around a corner, has think that this would be perfect for him. When I have opened a box of amazon with this element in him, an element was in the loosely there is sealed plastic stock exchange with interior of condensation he. When I have taken a product out of a plastic stock exchange, has given of the terrible, moldy/mildewy, penetrating smell. Some straps of blue waist has been covered in of the stains and something brown. Inside a stock exchange and inside a bladder of water was old, gritty water. A hose that a mouthpiece has been attached to had this black cloth in an outside that was also humid and odorato of mould/of mussel. It looked to a mouthpiece and there is remarked one same gritty inner of water. I rinsed a hose was, then has tried sipping of a mouthpiece. When I sucked Water in of a mouthpiece, has had the odd liquid that tried likes the decayed/fruit has fermented. I have then tried rinsing was and fill on a bladder of water, but resisted it once whole to dip he to a rear band, has begun to filter profusely of a zone where connects a mouthpiece hose to a bladder of water.
This was one the majority of the odd experience has not had never with an order of Amazon. Has does not have to that never ask the turn in the product-- same if it is not exactly that I pictured, takes he in stride and do a better of him. But this... Ossia Absolutely terrible and unacceptable.
4 / 5
Has ordered this rucksack and has been thrilled that is coming with a hydration band. I took it unfortunately it was that it hikes without the try in the first place, and could not take a water to exit. All the world-wide hiked with tried for the take to do. A tube fill with bubbles of air and any @@subject that water tried so only would not exit . As I have died of dehydration. It is returned and has ordered another because person more in some descriptions looked to have this question.

Wellllllllllllp Mina like an arrived and tried it this time!! The to good sure taken some water to exit (bubbles of minimum air) but was such the small quantity . The thought was crazy, and has not known regarding the use, so only to the left goes and continued to try that it hikes with him. My fellow hiked to the along lateralmente me with his hydration sale of Aim. LIKE the MAGIC water so only flowed out of his and was quite good to share. As I have launched the mine was and has taken one of Aim.

A rucksack is decent, but yes is taking this reason comprises it hydration the band would reconsider. If has has not used never quell'hydration sell before and think is supposition to suck water out of a straw until raisin was... Calm is not , probably is not doing correctly.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have purchased this band has based out of some descriptions. My old Camelback the band has seen better days. I have required something economic but sturdy, until it could substitute it. Based of some descriptions this stock exchange has been. Unfortunately any one a chance.
Has been excited when it has arrived. I opened it immediately it is returned a stock exchange to mine torso and has fill a bladder. I have connected a tube likes illustrated in a has has resupplied directions and has begun immediately to filter when the whole has resisted. I disconnected a tube that thinks perhaps has had an obstruction. I have verified a port then reconnected a tube again. Again a connection has begun to filter.
A lot disappointed and has frustrated. Some looks of band very like this far but has not been able to for real try it was because of a question of evasions.
4 / 5
Adds little band partorisca to hike of Day! Enough it has all precise . I love some few extra pockets in some straps of waist. Really frames for easy access to bites or telephone. The desire there was the second headphone jack hole in an of a pocket of waist so that it could have my telephone pocketed in front of me to access to calls, texts, or changing music. But a upside is that while I am hiking will not be like this easily prone the distractions of a modern world like any extracted big in an end.

An only defect that I can find is with a built-whistle to a strap of @@@cofre. A quantity of energy takes to take your lips have situated correctly in a whistle and swipe like hard as it has beaten calm to take the noise to whistle of a whistles is way too big! If I have been wounded or exhausted or meso dead, would have an extremely difficult time that takes to whistle the noises out of a whistle. Like this far like this well, it will update this description has any questions that takes is gone in my first hike.
4 / 5
Has bought this for the camp. Have takes he of a packaging. Beloved calm ails is exited! It was like this anxious to use it. I have fill a water up in a bladder, connected all my hoses. All was a lot. It has inserted a bladder in a rucksack and remarked some water exiting but has assumed has had perhaps overfilled or something and so only stuck in. After struggling to take a part to drink the closing of work, there is remarked a backside of a stock exchange that feels wetted. Small of interior a leak of small slime, had turned to the gushing leak that has fill a rucksack in the neighbourhood of a way with water. Felizmente Has not had anything those imports in there that the would have ruined it . It was the disorder so only included that tries to take a bladder was to imagine was where a water has catered/is come from. It has filtered of where a hose attaches to a bladder. When A hose is was? Any leak. Attach a hose this in spite of? And it waters it so only no partorisca.
4 / 5
Was pleasantly surprised with a quality of a rucksack- very a lot of fact with wide storage. A bladder of water, this in spite of, has had to be substituted with which 3d. I have planned it advances to order a upgraded bladder to water based in the descriptions that declares some bladders remain. The wise value? A rucksack so only I amour and has found to quite durable by means of his first season of highland use biking, those walk and rc crawling. A stock exchange has been very used & still looks new! A bladder of water? Slowly in the substitution. If a company has to that done upgraded some bladders have comprised to be of the main quality, gladly will change my description to all 5 stars.
5 / 5
A product has done adds a prime minister three times the used the. I have bought he for mountain biking. His spatial add taken for the little extra train (gloves, glasses, tool, and more than bar of the energy more). A hose to drink conventientantly spent in and era. This in spite of one 4th time has been them to use a bladder has begun to filter everywhere. Ive So only disconnected a hose while I fill a bladder. It appears a connection of the convenient hose no longer is sealing! Really bummed in of the this!
5 / 5
My woman and I were in a phase for the pair of hydration bands for our hikes of frequent day. A quite the known frames of hydration the bands is quite types, as we look for one was-stock exchange to mark that has had it well revises on Amazon. This a returned that description.

Has arrived yesterday, just in time for our hike of evening. It was really, really unimpressed. And no only reason look and feel súper economic.

A sale I ordered has not done at all. A valve where a tube the drink attaches to a bladder has been broken. It has filtered very bad, that does a band unusable. There is drenched mine behind mine low plus in roughly 30 seconds. My woman is, this in spite of, the water has resisted so only well, as we have decided so only would share a water in his band. Abundance had of water for two partorisca to hike of three miles.

Although a bladder in his band has resisted in fact a water without the leak, that tries to drink waters he by means of a tube has taken the WAY more try that has to that. You have had to suck really hard in a tube to take anything out of him, and that is exited has been mixed with like this air that has finalised drink like this air as of the water.

Has has had probably 5 or 6 hydration bands in a past, like six that reads. And I have read some directions have comprised for east a. This is not error of user. It is simply that ossia the economic feeling , economic looking, the piece has drawn bad of train. They do not treat . That his fact, as I have said in a headline of this description, basically rubbish.
4 / 5
Has taken this rucksack for the band of the smallest day and a quality for a prize is really impressive.

Has taken this hiking yesterday and was able to pack two double nets, his straps, quell'sandwich, the book, to full bladder and join the coverage to an outside with some elastic cords.

Pros: Light, small like calm is not tried treck with more than precise.
Insulated The pocket maintains the good and cold water for hours.
Pockets in a strap of the waist for small objects is well.
Gilipollas: One bites for a bladder is uncomfortable and has to that it bit it harder that take waters was that you do for the camelbak but when comparing his prize any the accident.
A wistle in a buckle of @@@cofre litterally at all very sure reason has annoyed to even dipped the on there.
5 / 5
Better hydration band Ive has purchased still! I have bought this partorisca music of Limits of Cities of Austin fest and the difference of a a has had them last year, this band is lasted a whole weekend without tears. And his insulated. A rucksack is 'BOUNCE TEST' and is comfortable to spend while when being active. An only downside is I didnt like a bladder of water but his a lot of I still access 2 water bounced and has been cold has maintained. I def recommend this to any one looking for the reasonably priced hydration band. Good quality. Thank you Mubasel Train partorisca help mark my festival expierience more comfortable!
4 / 5
This stock exchange is súper small. They allege has the big capacity but he does not resist any a lot of another that a bladder and the pocolos bites.

A comprised hydration the bladder tries gross. I cleaned it the little time, and still with which refilling in a mountain a water tried like plastic inside the pocolos small.

Finally, has not been able to comfortably the regular. They are quite short (5, 7') and to take a strap of the waist around my waist has meant that some tampons were almost entirely of my shoulders and some league undermined to my armpits.

Update: a hike was to 9 one thousand difficult hike the Sunday. It is now Wednesday and my shoulders still hurt where this packs undermined in.

Would not recommend this band.
4 / 5
Has taken this Mubasel Train hydration the band was for one 18 one thousand run this morning. I have possessed the big Invernadero hydration band for prójimo to ten years. When it Has come time for the substitute , was opened the different options. Given a number of good indications, felt comfortable ordering a Mubasel frames. While enough it would have had a fact of American mark, but has loved also save the little money. This Mubasel hydration the band has treated a lot well. It returns comfortably without chafing. It is adjustments is returned all but a big and more small plus that frames. I go to continue to use to this product likes to coach to run long distance, self-support of signal given to signal careers.
4 / 5
1st of this stock exchange is the good shot for a prize. Has several pockets and room for mine 1.os supplies of help, iPad, Mobile phone, Car Tones, Knife and more... But a badder flavour like hule / plastic. I washed it it was 4 times as well as a hose. He still tried likes hule... Then it decides to purchase to different bladder. Had a lot of on-line options but I finally found a Badlands version to hunt. I washed it it was and to a flavour of water likes waters it. Like this taken this stock exchange can expect has to that purchase to bladder to substitute to toxic in that comes with him. PS BPA Free is not a lot enough...

TIP: When looking for the yours to bladder that looks for BPA as well as PVC free in minimum. Unfortunately all the bladders are slightly harmful the health but agrees can tast the, is really bad.
4 / 5
Ossia otherwise The very good band, but has the defect of entity: A insulation the pocket is so only insulated in a front & behind and No a fund. To the long of a fund (roughly 2' of cloth - see pic on), has NO insulation, so only the thin discharge of cloth. It has dipped a band of gel in him to see that it was likes to remain cold, and an inferior cloth immediately is wet result. Of these yours touches encircled, am not happy roughly feeling dampness there. To compare, mine another half has bought another mark and a insulation the pocket has been sewed near around a subordinated and flanges lateralmente. Any sure yes to return it or figure out of the way to insulate a fund (perhaps with another insulation stock exchange). (Update: I have decided to sadly return it and maintain looking.)

A pink colour is the good magenta and has room for the bites of light/lunches and the small camera. It is not terribly roomy, but does not go in walked very long. Also, that can say (without fill he with water), can returned the plenary 2L of water in this bladder (I the comparison of bladders of water in a OlarHike 2L description, and has was more as the stock exchange).
5 / 5
There is insulation in a tube but concealed does not look to do, like your first pair of sips will be warm. I am not sure it has any way around that. Then a water is good and fresh. Of note, I so only dipped a bladder in a refrigerator at night. I have not added any cubes of geles, and he still lasted for hours. A prize added is a compartment with a bladder is quite big that can stick you some bites that need to be refrigerated in there. Once some bites have paste a fast emission and disconnected a tube, but any to the plot of water is start. A band was also comfortable to spend for the long time. It is the little elder that some of some bands there, but prefers a space of extra storage to have the measure of the global band smaller.
5 / 5
Pros: Abordable, Luz, HAS compartments, a work

Gilipollas: Petit, drawn for riders more courts, mediocre characteristics

Recommendation: Ossia the good hydration band. Not perfecting, any awesome, but good. In the first place it was, it resists 2L of water, comes with a bladder that/valve of drinks/of bite of the tube. It does not come w/ the hangar to dry out of your bladder after cleaning, but comes with the metal very along cleaner to pipe to clean your tube. A compartment that control a bladder is 'insulated' (thinks of a foil that retreated can find in the box of lunch of the cloth) and there is room for more than just a bladder of water. When Water or cold water with gel is in a bladder, founds waters it would condense to the long of a fund of a band. I have thought at the beginning that filtered but grieve a water was more after the temperature of room, a wetness has been gone. Ossia Something to maintain in mid has to that choose to dip something more behind there beside a bladder. Some other compartments of law of storage reasonably well. Some controls of compartment of the zip (when they are out of biking) the 29 innertube, my first box of help, stock exchange, telephone and could store the together spare of economic sunglasses (ZZTop.) There is the coverage of point in a fund of a band where can store eitehr the small shirt or something like the canal to close. There is the bungee system in a behind where can maintain you the main shirt/windbreaker or something more. Two compartments lateralmente to the long of a tape of waist resists mine fine-tool and crowbars in an and (occasionally) my telephone in another. It helps & straps of @@@cofre of the waist distributes a weight; there is the clip of hose in a strap of main rucksack legislation. There are reflective surfaces to the long of a backside also. It is the good band for a money. Things a lot really like to begin with a measure. It is drawn really for the shortest riders which can help many there. Personally they are 6'5' like strap of the waist usually goes in around ribs of mine. Loosening Some straps of helps of shoulder to the point, but when a strap of waist goes encircled of mine . . . A band is already half way down mine behind. There are some things would want to see in this band, comprising the chance of telephone consecrated and more room. It could not spend the helmet in a backside of this low a bungee system. A sweatshirt could do. A long sleeve Tee is in a limit uses a point pouch to supplement a bungee system. But these are more afterwards to nitpicks in this prize. In general, I think that that ossia the good compraventa. It resists 2L of H2O (primary work) and has quite soiled to spend a essentials . . . Included the pair other things. It is economic and is adds for use/of random beginner. He a work. Hope This has helped.

Has loved to add on something.

After taking this band, has purchased another that - while it has had more room and far more characteristic - has has had to that far worse bladder. Drinking of this one is easy.
4 / 5
Honradamente Does not comprise reason some descriptions for this band are like this good. A sale is quite decent. It is comparable to the name to mark hydration band, of a band feels likes is done less material durable. My question of mine the big plus is with a bladder to water which, of him, is near the useless. A bladder has received was complete junk. A mouthpiece the air has left in easily. When it calms it has not tried to drink, air of leaves in and while you have looked for to drink the air has left in, that means that the majority of your endeavour has been spent sucking in the air. I have finalised to purchase it mouthpiece meaning for the mark to appoint hydration band. After cutting of an old mouthpiece and installing the substitution has done adds.

A bladder is suspensa in a band for two tabs in a band that attaches by means of loop in a cup of a bladder. After taking a sale with me on he handful of careers, a plastic of some loops is rasgado almost a whole way by means of. It does not imagine that it goes to last much more at all. In this point will owe that purchase to new bladder to substitute a junk to the bladder has comprised with a band. In this point, also can be gone with the band much more writes so that it would not owe that treat all a hassle.
5 / 5
A sale adds it! A @@@cofre and buckles of the restrictions/of the weight give support added. A thing of mine gf has liked him more was some pockets of easy accesses in a strap of waist quite big for your mobile phone and stock exchange. Cela The fact so that everything of yours entity is well that it has to and for behind pack it that the zips have closed. A subject only was that a bladder has filtered enough severely. We could the to the knots have behind envoy for the new one but she has liked him a stock exchange like knots so only coughed on one $ 25 for him Camelback bladder. In general, it produces quite well minus a bladder of economic water (that in the bondadoso of expected).
5 / 5
Has purchased this rucksack to locate my bicycle here in Az how is hot and a boat of the bicycle has not been almost quite a lot of waters for long horse riding. A band is very done and comfortable to spend while it locates and can assumes will do well to hike and other external sports. I gave it 4 stars because while a bladder is need of good quality some redesign, comprising having the fund it flat plus and the cup in place of him when being 2 hot welded flat pieces. It is difficult to air dry likes capillary the action resists some 2 together sides and owe inner of paper towel of the material of him for the take to dry entirely. Doing an upper and the paving of funds will leave it to remain open while drying and also the leave to resist more water and gel. Also a bite and suck the device in an end to drink needs the pocola operates as well as calm really has to that toil to take any significant quantity of water out of him. On everything is the good product and with the little tweaking could be I really adds.
5 / 5
I want to go that it hikes with my dog and taken patient to spend the water bounced and my pockets that is all weighed to the equal that have bought this hydration sale partorisca doggie hikes.

I really loves that! The class to hate that a colour is like this brilliant and obnoxious but perhaps is so only better adapted to any down 50. They are 51 but I still dress like a imbecile as so only can grieve for the appeal was.

An ABUNDANCE of controls of stock exchange of water of water. The rinse was and change it every time uses it so that I am not drinking waters this has been seating around in plastic. Perhaps he no active BPA specifically, but all some other chemicals have used to do is the secret to trade so it does not smoke never that it is in him exactly. It likes I rinse. It is of entity after fill he with still fresh water suck and spit was all a water that has seated around in a tube. It sucks it Was all a water until you come from a cold, fresh water. Calm then is good to go.

Is class of the ache to take a bladder of water in & out a band partorisca rinsing and refilling, but taking easier with time.

When those Walk can situate a tube to drink in a side forward, has resisted down of the sturdy plastic clip, and waters is in mine beck and call. Like this easy to drink of!

A part of rucksack is very small but has the zipped inner pocket for my valuables, another pocket partorisca pens or anything, and enough space to resist the longitude leash and sometimes the harness although I really cram he in!

In a backside of a band is some zigzagged bungi cord. The mine has broken is gone in one finalises immediately but joined it and is still usable. They are able to stuff a sweatshirt discovers to a bungi to the equal that are really adds for when volume too hot and need to take the discharge.

All has said that ossia really the wonderful band for a prize. My only complaints are that that has not had the better selection of colours and that my bungi has broken. I have not annoyed returning/in the substitute because I have imagined that has taken the new band , a bungi in this one would be like this probably to the pause was.
5 / 5
Has given 4 stars for a prize but would give 3 there was side more.

A material is thin and rigid. I am concerned roughly that will spend a first time are snagged for stirs it or thorn shrub.

A bladder and a hose have the bad plastic flavour. I washed him before use. It looked well before I dipped it it was but once in a street, could try it. I go it to wash some plus and hope for a better. These things of the bladder often has this question.

Is light but no like this light to the equal that could be.

A insulation is the good touch.

Has bought this in another reason has pockets of waist. An earth of pockets in mine also this in spite of like this theyre more accessible that in my backside, but no like this accessible how were in mine front lol.

Bounced but very too much. A question is a sound of a water. I took it it was for 16k career/of walk. So only that listens that it waters sloshing around is enough to drive you crazy. The ones of the that knows a company can do anything in that but the next times take was, goes to try that it wraps a bladder in the sweatshirt or something to reduce a noise.

Some straps are well. But they do not seat quite well on me. I have had some harm of skin in mine behind. And under a band, is very hot. They are sure a band and will adapt over time. There have it always the breaking in period.

Feigns to use this to run and it hiking and material will do a trick. Like this if you are not looking to spend $ 100+ in a ultra sale, good option.
5 / 5
Has taken these for our travesía to Breckenridge which planned in those walk. It looked for it hydration bandage that could others things in a band besides just water. These have done utmost. I have bought 3 different for each that goes. A portion of bladder has done sum. Controls really roughly 2.5 litres. This was perfect for our 6 hike of now. It was able to go in the sandwich in with a bladder so that it was a lot of reason is been cold in there. In a pocket in front of a bladder has has had bites and gosh am sure there is had something more in there besides atascadas but cant agree, my telephone is gone in a pocket lateralmente. Mina another pocket lateralmente has resisted chapstick and licence of engine. It has dipped the waterproof mine among these bonds in a front. I have had sunglasses in pocket of point. Material clipped the small sunscreen to somewhere.

The subject only has been he was hard to exit your telephone of a pocket lateralmente. It was quite tight for that and a location he difficult but that really was a better option vs dipping your telephone in a backside because it concealed would be more be difficult every time wants to take pictures.

One the bad thing was that coverage that has resisted one covers to a straw in my band of husbands broke so many will have to that see can substitute concealed.

Otherwise This was the compraventa fantastic . Much more economic that a mark of upper name. Highly it recommends this band.
4 / 5
Are very happy with this band. It is prime minister of mine hydration band. I have bought he partorisca to 10 trail of one thousand race that I this weekend spent. I love a colour of a stock exchange and a fashion also. There is abundance of pockets, my two favourite pockets were in a strap of waist, was able to return some energy gummies and wafers in there. Mina samsung 9 access of telephone in there totally well, but there is of then in the different pocket in a stock exchange. A bladder was easy to clean, a stock exchange he with a full bladder was very light. It is remained the place took it the mine has regulated once. It would owe that be in accordance with another reviewers that is to do to return to plot of types of organism. Women like this smaller and the men will owe that it weaves of extra straps, this in spite of wrapped him so only around and his totally remained there while I have been announces miles. Also the people have said something roughly some air in an already has to that do once the plenary, is for presionar of the discharges, then so only slightly turn to loosen and one the air dulcemente will exit without losing any water. No the big shot at all. A water is remained quite fresh with a insulation. It liked that there is of the coverage for a piece of mouth how was in of the trails. It was very simple to drink and run a same time, again took it once all has regulated to do with me. It was the little concerned in a whole process to drink water amd that the careers is easy to take water out of a piece of the mouth did not think it was hard at all. They are súper happy with this stock exchange. I am thrilled of a prize and a quality of a stock exchange!! The cant expects to use it on my others runs, hikes, travesía, etc. Are very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Well has done! The shot adds for a prize. Bladder, And tube of drunk is a lot amiably fact, and have the heavy duty feels. Wine with the cleaner of long pipe to clean one drinking tube which is in good added prize . Pouch Partorisca To the bladder is decent in measure and could accommodate something tightened and moisture resistant beside a bladder fill like a measure of the small umbrella. A front pouch can accommodate the gone in upper of xxl hooded sweatshirt measure with room for some small bites, and it sunglasses chance. There is also an inner zip pouch quite big for the cellphone and some extras, and another slightly the main pocket with an elastic retainer inner a front pouch. A two strap lateralmente the pockets are main that has expected, can return an IPHONE XR in a, and the stock exchange of my men in another. An outside bungee the part is sum to ensure the discharge of rain. An outside pouch has an elastic retainer, and could accommodate something the little elder that the plenary-has measured 32oz Gatorade.

In general this band is very done, and for a prize a big and better plus that has expected. Can see it when being used to walked of day, running, travesías of day while travelling, and a beach. It would purchase again.
4 / 5
A perfect little stock exchange of Hike of the Day! It has looked for something to spend in some trails (I are the newbie when it comes to hiking) during the recent vacay to hot North Carolina (time in a 80s/90s). This stock exchange was perfect! Has the small inner compartment to resist cash/of papers crediticios/of tones in an interior zipped on pocket, more a smaller pocket opened for fast essentials like chapstick or an inhaler. A a main compartment can return it handful of bars of protein and quell'sandwich also. A insulated the compartment for a stock exchange of water has maintained 2L gel cold for 6h+. A fund 2” to the long of a period of a rucksack is not insulated, this in spite of, so that it is where some condensation is spent. On Day 2, I so only dipped the hotel has taken loaned washcloth down there and has solved a subject. For cold water all day, a tone is to fill a stock exchange with geles in a hotel then adds water in a boss of trail has the ways to drive pre-walked. Be sure some edges return together, and there is zero filtering. It is easy to fill with gel of the dispenser of car of gel of the hotel of then there is the wide mouth. One 2 smaller side the pockets of zip were utmost to resist my iPhone in a side for easy pics, and another for a band of load of extra battery and boss. It has taken a “lived “” as there is matched some photos and is more like this to raspberry/fuschia/rose (which is exactly that has wanted to). Highly recommend!
5 / 5
Like the band is done out of the material of quality, a bladder resisted until me crawling during the shoot of photograph of the sports where am dipping in a band, tugging he by means of muck, and generally abusing it. A insulated the in fact done portion the quite good work that maintains a cold of water. I have found that a fast disconnect to the bladder has not touched a water when you disconnected a hose. I have fill a bladder fill of water and has stuck he in my refrigerator for prejudices he that was kinda has ordered. I accustom a lot when being pas able to disconnect a hose without touching whats in a bladder, and this was the very characteristic . A band was quite comfortable and has had quite a lot of pockets of spare/room that could shove the wireless mine earbud touching chance and some bars of protein in to eat in a gone. With an entirely full bladder, was still able to stuff other waters of boat in a insulated leaves, and geles to pour to a stock exchange around a bladder. A piece of mouth was quite easy to operate and wine with the one of leftover 'or' coverage in chance that a prime minister a has not taken never stray ( has dipped he in an of some 5 pockets has located in this thing).

An ONLY reason could does not give the plenary 5 stars is that I have run 5 full bladders value of water by means of this thing and when it tries to drink water out of him, takes to plot of air. It would expect the good quantity of flow of water, but is likes there is a bit type of pocket of massive air in a fund of a bladder... You could drink a whole bladder and still is taking air in a line somehow. It has not been if it is air taking syphoned in a piece of mouth a way is drawn. When you have dipped the pressure in a bladder takes a firehose of the waters would expect. It would be interested to see if any one has experienced this question...

In general, would recommend it to friends and family.
5 / 5
Well, tends to be quite abusive in crew of sport and seldom leave feedback unless I have used an element (assuming hard) for six month or more. This thing is the beast ! I took it DEEP to a pre-season of forest to Hunt of the Deer without any questions, has taken was when he was stalking and driving deer and hogs, has taken he to a fat plus under/overgrowth that Florida WMA is could launch in him, washed it repeatedly, and still is going strong.

The difference of the plot of 'presupposed' hydration packs this says 2 litres, this one MEANS 2L. There is quite storage in this concealed using he for cycling leave to even the external use to hunt also.
5 / 5
Gives this product he 3. It looks to add but an ad of raincoat is dud, absolutely dud! There is two empty in a cup of each bows of shoulder ventilation concealed of leaves of an element to cool to ! A stock exchange is light and access like the glove. The colour is well, stitching would owe that be double stitched does not look quite rugged. I can return two sells my gloves and the pair of shoes is ! Also I have the speaker, load, auricular and cellphone in there concealed for real is in amazing! Props So that it would recommend a thumb of plus of spatial of storage for a small pocket in a cup of a insulated pocket of storage. Ossia Like this brutally sincere to the equal that can be. It is afterwards to be good. It marks these recommendations and calm have the winner of sure fire!
4 / 5
Like this far, like this good. I have it that has not used still he to hike so it will update later. For now, I really like a flow of water of a bladder - go in easy and strong. Mina, ossia one the majority of characteristic of entity . Also I like a wide mouth in a bladder. I can return my hand he in the easily cleaned and dry. A colour is good and a rucksack is light.
To the Some only things do not like is that a whistles no a lot of - of the sound of the whistles so only exits occasionally. A bladder so only floats around in a rucksack, so only hangs it on for two Velcro launches in a cup. Mine another band there has been the good pouch roughly 1/3 a measure of a bladder to the equal that has has seated snugly in that. Although some pockets lateralmente are good to have is too small to return my telephone (iPhone XR). The telephones are so only bit it big now like this this has to that be an older creation . So that it means I have to that spend some class of band of waist for my telephone, which mainly uses to take photo in the hike. Of of the this is measures it to him return all rucksack, with which regulate some straps have A lot of excess strap dangling everywhere. I so only twirl his around other straps but he would be well a creation there is accommodated smaller sized people!

Update - I has used a rucksack and he was terrific! It waters it quell'is remained fresco and has flowed freely. A rucksack was roomy enough to apt all have required partorisca to hike. Some pockets lateralmente were still too small to records my iPhone XR with the chance, so that it is remained a subject significant only .
4 / 5
This band has the slender profile and is has built amiably. Some pockets return the just quantity of bites, the first box of small help, the telephone and the stock exchange. My iPhone 6 (measured regulate) in a otterbox access of chance of the defender snuggly to a pocket of waist. A drawback is some pockets of waist cause it partorisca be hotter of one without them. They are thin likes some pockets cover the good portion of my sides and stomach, which resists heat in. Also, there is any headline of cup of the side. You can it waters dipped so only in a bladder, like this yes loves to something likes Gatorade has to that it has to that he in bouncing it. There is the pocket of good point in a backside, but is difficult to access while walking.
Am returning mine because have @to @give first of the take is gone in the hike that is not ideal for me for some aforesaid reasons, but is the a lot of well, durable, the sale has built well.
4 / 5
Has ordered because of prize and descriptions in other places.
Appreciates a generous 2L bladder. Any leak, but can sweat inside waterproof sleeve in days really hot, if it waters are cold (beware which more dipped you in a big pocket to use a bladder)
the capacity is small for the band of day, especially if the train or the extra discharges are necessary. I estimate qualified on 6L, and will lose described and flexibility to some big 2L bladder.
Has ordered on its own name, May... In 6'3' I can not spend this. Some careers of strap of the @@@cofre in collarbone level and can not be gone down further. Some careers of strap of the waist on my key of belly, with the straps of shoulder have extended fully. I do not have the longitude torso, like this the band probably does not return a lot on 5'10' comfortably.
This in spite of, my woman (in 5') loves it, and cinched down returns our 9 old year well. One 7 old year spends this each one casualidad taking, although it is the little along (walks of strap of the waist down in his also)

Tldr, my main self will move on to another band, but for a prize ossia the band to owe light sum for any-like this-big adults and younger hikers.
5 / 5
At all is perfect, like this seldom gives 5 stars, but would be bent to attribute 4.5 stars yes was possible.
A band will resist 2 hydration bladders, 2 litres each, and resupplies Velcro straps to resist some whole bladders. A band is exited for some tubes to drink. Some starts are in accidents and upper upper rights likes to tube to the drink will run to approach down a strap of shoulder in planting to rub against your with the. A tube the drink comes with black insulation material around the to absorb heat. Without a insulation, a water in an exposed part of a tube can take a lot of tibia during state. Usually it spends so only a bladder, and circle a tube by means of a ploughing in an upper left, down by means of the loop in a strap of sinister shoulder. There is the clip in a strap of the right shoulder and I have dipped a thin plastic band, this attaches one covers to an end of a tube to drink, under a clip to resist a tube to drink in place for easy access. A sale is light. Has the looks of good storage to comprise pockets of zip in a tape of waist, and a tip of adjustable/cord on the pocket of point in a backside of a band. It has dipped my poncho of rain in a pocket of the point with a cup has ensured down some cords. Has the 'fanny' fashionable band, the plenary sized rear band, and a Mubasel band and has used each one that like this of them to hike of day. My preferred is a Mubasel. There is so only some measure and characteristic rights to hike of day and a hydration fixes it leave to drink without that has to that take hiking.
5 / 5
Are quite happy with this band. Utilisation for hikes of day or any excursions that requires gone light and that door the bladder of water (“the bladder” touches gross. Sad!)
Has used the separate mark for a stock exchange of water but returns well in this band. It likes-I one two Velcro straps to resist the variety of fashions of stock exchange of the water. It likes-me a fresh plus liner that the helps maintain some happy frescos. Some start of tube is easy to use and is dipped in a cup of some straps in both sides. There is the clip in a strap to resist a tube to drink in place. I love a functionality of a tape of waist. It is adjustable and has pockets in both sides.
Like a bit organisers and extra pockets in an advance of compartment and a cord of piece and pocket of point in a front. ( It resists the 2nd pair of shoes or my jacket of rain.)
A lot of things of sound in this stock exchange!
Have known was small when I have bought concealed was one of some reasons has taken is a -but still find me in that loves it to be bit it main. My own failure, knows.
4 / 5
These days of influencers and has sponsored descriptions, to the left say me that they are not a flu. They are not sponsored. I have not received this product for free NEITHER are I when be paid for my description. LOL. So much with that out of a way...

Has bought this to run. Taking extremely hot where alive and is easy to take dehydrated. I have purchased a Mubasel Train Insulated Hydration Rucksack after reading some descriptions for almost all a -2L hydration rucksacks on Amazon with to 4+ indication of star. Some descriptions and the cost have informed spent of mine.

Pros: A bladder of water is a perfect measure . It adds the mix of water and gel, and directs to remain cold for hours. I did not use it while it hikes still, but has the plot of spatial of storage in a rucksack. To spare room for my telephone, goes, bites, etc. Spend the small women, and has been concerned in a rucksack that bounces too much during my careers. But with some adjustable straps can take the really good access. Also, it does not feel weighed at all. Very light.

Gilipollas: Still although a sale remains dipped, can listen a water sloshing around. BUT the mine concealed is not to treat it big. Drying a bladder is bothersome, but think that is quite common thus type of product.

Inferior line: it does not complain buying this element. I buy it again? Yes. It recommends this to the partner? Yes.
4 / 5
Has bought this to substitute the camel packs this has gone missing. I have read all some descriptions in varied and has chosen this reason some descriptions have done looks resembled a an I misplaced.
Unfortunately, is much smaller that has been expecting and is not quite big to spend extra dresses, but has room to GO, tones, etc. will continue to look for the band to hike of the substitution, but used it while they are in the mine stands up paddle near.

PRO: Light weight, a water remains fresh, and there is quite spatial to add the few alimentary elements in a fresher part. I maintain chapstick and go in some pockets forward.
Returns amiably, are 5'3 approx 130 lbs but very short waisted so that it likes me a shortness.
Perfecto for when they are in mine paddle near to the equal that can maintain hydrated without taking. It will be a lot of partorisca to light hike. Has several hooks that use manually of whistle of the clip sanitizer etc.
good Prize.
WITH: smaller that has expected. The compartments are not quite big for cloths or included my toe flops.
The builds of bladder on condensation to the equal that will take a humid band.
Some pockets forward do not resist my telephone which have been disappointed to learn ( I has the samsung s10e).

In general, recommends while you comprise is not the 'daypack' except it hydration band.
5 / 5
Has purchased two of these for my Fiancé and I to take hiking. We are amateur alfresco people and does not hike a lot, but has loved to hike a Rockies in the recent holidays. I have known we would require water the calmest water bounced then could spend have dipped like this was to find functional hydration the bands concealed there is not costing the fortune and found these.
For a prize, was excellent. You a work and has spent our water, the few small supplies, and some bites. They were comfortable for our four hike of now. Has-liked me a pocket on in a hip, perfect place for the map. My fiancé has used included his, without a bladder, like the stock exchange of personal element in an airport and he have done well to spend his iPad and another small belonging for a flight and returns easily under a chair. I have appreciated also that is coming with the esnake' paintbrush to clean a straw.
My only complaint is that a straw for a bladder was difficult to suck by means of. Has has had to that really suck hard and annoyed to try to do this and hike a same time. I have verified to do sure a tubing has not been kinked and was still delicate. Included Has thinks that has cleaned some first bladders to fill, has had still the residual plastic flavour. The image that would go was with more than use. There is no separate compartments in a rucksack he neither. All so only remains near. No the big shot, but would concern me has had something acute in there and to full bladder. It looked resistant water , but would not want to be taken with my electronic outside of the dry back in the storm of rain in a band. It was quite cold when I have been of excursion, like our water is remained fresh. I can any one really commentary in a insulation.
For a prize, included considering a subject of straw, still thinks is the sale adds . If I have been of excursion more, probably would substitute a bladder with another mark, but continue use a stock exchange. It is the perfect stock exchange for people that loves walked in the holidays or is beginning was, but is not serious hikers and wants to spend $ 70 in the mark of competitor. If you are the serious hiker or camp, would consider the stock exchange of better quality.
5 / 5
At the beginning looks ossia add it hydration rucksack. It resists a lot of material in some varied pockets and was with a water is not very heavy. Some first time used it, to add until I disconnected a hose change it he. It has begun to filter and to any subject like him fiddled without prendería . I have had to empty the. Now it is spent a 30 window of day to return and am stuck with the product can use very same for a purpose has bought partorisca. I have seen some questionable descriptions but has thought perhaps so only has taken to uselessness. If taken that casualidad in these products to be sure to thoroughly try it calm as soon as I receive it. The desire has had.
4 / 5
Has received a rucksack of Olive today after ordering two rucksacks. Looking in some descriptions and a feedback that is to be receive thus produced, looked the good election. Some pictures are hard to judge the measure and this rucksack have finalised to be smaller that has anticipated. Near, but too small for our needs. Like the reference, has two pockets. A main big pocket resists a stock exchange of water and one with a thermal insulation. A pocket forward smaller (for use of storage) is around 13'L x 7'W. Enough to resist to to the few small elements like sunscreen, of glasses, stock exchange of small bite, but a lot much more. Tried returning in the sweater (Big) and was the a lot of gone. Some materials looked well for a rucksack and I has liked him one feels of a strap of waist when that trying on. In general, it looks some descriptions is in good when being, but is not returned a class of measure has required. My description would not owe that be counted against quality, but hopefully these helps for the future people that looks for a measure of a pocket of storage of the front he. Thank you!
4 / 5
Are not an avaricious biker hiker or corridor (still) and simply has not loved to spend $ 150+ in the load/hydration band until I have tried that I can justify a cost. I instead decided to purchase this rucksack for a be of time.

This product is quality adds according to which have seen like this far, and stood up to several uses in of the walks of bicycle of long distance. There is abundance of room in a pouches, and everything is very accessible and adjustable. An access of hip pouches are adds.

Has used some bands of cariche of first main quality, and some main things I opinions is a global weight of a band, and a quality of a hydration tube.

This band is the just quantity heavier that an alternative more type, how is something to consider if the weight is the primary worry . In general still it is not "heavy" just heavier.

A bladder and the tube are both fact with material of the quality and I have experienced any leak. A piece of mouth is quell'has bitten finicky and sometimes takes some touching with to take full flow (especially is still in a movement), but work so only well.

My only real complaint is that there is such an excess of adjustability, those arrive with tonnes of dangling the straps yes are the smallest person . Obviously this can be managed easily with some bands of hule, scissors, or so only joining on an excess, but found that the bit to annoy to treat.

In general, ossia more than has expected to take for a row of prize, a quality of an element stands up well to a rigour of my formation, and am very happy with a compraventa.

Top Customer Reviews: TETON Sports Oasis ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have had this band partorisca two years and I used it enough bit it. Has the ridiculous quantity of stock exchanges and rucksacks that use for different external activities. Ossia Really my “gone the” rucksack to hike of day. It is really comfortable to spend and is the measures adds . A “Camelback” way pouch is the good measure and the law adds. A rucksack is quite big to spend my feed and some first supplies of help without being like this big that is burdensome. It does not spend camping train in this rucksack. Has the main bands, also Teton, those use am spending train.

In general, is the sturdy, light and comfortable rucksack. It would purchase again.

Confidences of the descriptions when I purchase to having dipped like this the plot to time the reviewing all purchase on Amazon for personnel and my subject. Please aim your recognition for clicking a 'useful' down when it asks if a description is useful!!!
5 / 5
Has chosen on this TETON Oasis of Sport 1100 Hydration band to substitute the z/the regular rucksack bulkier, and could not be pleased more with his action, capacity, and looks.

Like an archaeologist, subject my train the very hard conditions and use. They are sure this band will resist up for parco a lot of--- there is already weathered a lot of gnarly briar patches and 'contact of involuntary earth' incidents unscathed! Outrage to be robust, is also deceptively capacious. I have comprised an image that aims all I band in my daily hikes, and there is still room in a band for more than coaching that so only occasionally require like him 4' Marshalltown trowel, the file, bounced small of incidentals (Technu, peroxide, and calamine lotion), as well as it has to that found machineries. I imagine it it could resist even more it was a bladder has takes, but a hydration the system is the must for me!

After the pair of good washes, a no active bladder a lot an aftertaste, some works of valve of the bite well, and a tube is to spare yearn my needs. A period of a tube is, in fact, my only qualm with this band how is perhaps bit it too long and does not remain tucked to a pocket of bladder a lot well. A small quibble, knows.

Also, a sale is not quite like this brilliant to the equal that appears in an image (at least to the equal that appears in my screen). It is the more subdued seed of squash-colour of type more than blaze/orange of hunter. I have chosen this colour based in a desire for the band of big visibility and was the tad disappointed for a colour, but still would owe that do well with other measures of big visibility in of the situations where one wants to be seen.

Like the quite big man (6'2', 210), has been pleased that all some straps were more than pertinent for my frame. Some chairs of band well in a backside, and some tampons to signal leave for some airflow and consolation while maintaining a heat of organism to cover a water too much.

Ossia The alternative sum to a much more expensive Camelbak bands (any one the commentary in the quality of this mark, so only the subject of comparison).

Addendum: While there is the kitty in an image, is not comprised in fact in a cast of elements spends daily. This in spite of, she probably returned in a band with a pictured train comfortably! ( It pleases it does not dip your cat in your rucksack.)
5 / 5
Has required the hydration sale that would be adds for long hikes, the abundance storage had to for the little survival essentials and not taking the place because has the small frame of the organism. He also required to be light reason have loved to be able to run with him for my longer careers and having not hanged down. Has has had to that also be economic. It was able to find bands that has offered at least one of these criteria, but that has has wanted to was a whole container. It looked in a measure, was in a measure that has loved, and has offered pertinent storage for my needs. It looked in a prize and was in my row of estimativa. Has-liked me everything in this band and solved follows advance and the buy.

A band has four zippered pockets a big plus used for a hydration the bladder and has the Velcro strap to resist a bladder in place. There is also two beginning near of a cup in a start of some straps of shoulder for a tube of bladder to achieve by means of. A second zippered the pocket is so only the pocket of normal storage. You can dip your workout dresses, lunch, and electronic; so only roughly anything, could require for the career or walked long. The utilisation to maintain an extra bladder in chance perhaps could be was for the time the long plus. A next pocket is quite big for your stock exchange, tones, bar of protein, mix to drink flavoured p.ej. A last pocket is main that a smaller pocket and he can have the habit to maintain you mobile phone or electronic small in place. There is two elastic pouches as well as the clip in this pocket. In an outside of this pocket there is clean fact of elastic bungee cord that can have the habit to resist several objects in place.
Has a pocket of more that contains the guard of rain for a band. It is located in a fund of a band labeled 'RAINCOVER'. It is the Velcro the pocket and is easy to lose if I do not know that to look for. This are in fact adds reason does not draw attention out of a band.

A band comes with two side titled of the boat waters elastic. Has several clips that can have the habit for presionar or loosen a band to help the mark that spends many objects the breeze. There is the clip that have used that it can unfold a last pocket. I have used to maintain my towel in place. It can have the habit of rope to trace of the tent or other elements. A backside of a band has two sturdy 1-Centimetre the fat foam cushions that it pursues down to the long of a band. They are covered in breathable material in a form of structure of clean type. Some straps of shoulder are really thin and have thin foam with zone of big surface to leave breathability. There are two straps of stabilities. A short to the long of the your @@@cofre is and an orange buckle has used to ensure a strap has the built in the whistles of survival how is quite strong. Some second careers to tie to the long of your waist and ahs generous quantity of slack to accommodate diverse measured of waist. There is also the strap in an a lot of upper of a band that can have the habit to hang a band. A pocola what that a lot of people do not know roughly is in an a lot of inferior of a band there is the 'You shaped hole. It is in a pocket that control a bladder of water. Ossia There to leave for drainage to water if your results of band have wetted.

A stitches:
am spent for and there is remarked a stitching in this band and I without accidents can say is really a lot of fact. A stitches is hardly visible and use an edge by heart according to a colour of band has chosen. It is in fact a lot beautiful.

A verdict:
I my best to resupply the useful descriptions and I look for to go the like this detail like possible. The the the point to be unbiased and all my descriptions are writings and redrafted to ensure give one the majority of information of update. I have ordered and it has tried this band in the pocolas walk as well as that career and found the to be one of a better economic hydration the bands am gone in a phase. I have ordered a green band because the green Is my preferred colure and a sale is fantastically has built.
Am bent to order another band if anything spends prime minister of mine an as well as recommending it to friends and family. Have enjoyed this produced and I the full harm five stars.
4 / 5
Love preface this description to say that it is scarce that writes the description. This in spite of, seat necessary in this chance so that any client knows that it is purchasing.

Has taken this packs no done along been due to a fact that has an old plus camelbak that slowly to give to my edges. It looked to substitute he with something comparable, but has not loved to spend one $ 150 that has done in a camelbak.

Has taken this band and is gone in the a lot of well. And for a prize, does not think that you can find anything better. These rivals of band if it does not surpass a camelbak that has.

On to my next point, a service of client. An experience of service of the client that has had is that signalled to write this description. The week with which has taken a band , had used a sale once and cleaned it. Well, a connection among a tube and a bladder (ray in) has broken. This was probably my failure, as I have imagined that it was ALONE . I have contacted the service of the client saws the email and the hours of interior has received the response. Calm import, this was the night of Sunday . And in the morning of the Monday has had to tube and new bladder in my way with the number to follow.

Now, the mine that breaks a tube is in no way the reflection of a quality. A course where some rays to tube to a band is done a lot well , and in my opinion, the wonderful characteristic. It is much better that a click in fashion that camelbak offered. I seat it is much less prone the evasions.

In all the chance, ossia the product adds backed up for closing of service of better client. These rivals of band that costing three times a quantity, and think that Teton has the new client of for life.
5 / 5
Smaller that has loved, but is the stock exchange adds for a prize, and I really like a bladder. It has given a water the little plasticy the flavour but am sure that will turn. I have bought this the all arisen band, school, those walk and camping. I think it that it will be it the little by little for pupil, but will give it shot it. Anyways, All some pictures have been taken with a bladder has fill to a 2l the mark and I have launched in the picture of all could comfortably returned in a stock exchange.

Some whistles are not to add, but does not concern me too much in that and has hated bungee the bow has taken him like this was.
5 / 5
Adds hydration band with pockets of accessory. I love a measure for hikes of day but know you will not be able to pack for a Pacific trail of Rim (or same pupil realistically) with this creature. Has quite soiled for lunch for two and the few supplies but your promise will have that spends a laptop firepit. Like a deployable fly of rain and whistles of emergency thus 'taken with trousers down' moments. Cushioned In of the thoughtful zones in the chances are not . Helps of the strap of the waist maintains band in planting to run of cougars, real or has involved. Bears of the help of reflective band finds calm in of the decreases of conditions read. The valve of bite requires the commitment of full mouth to the equal that chooses to hike partner attentively!
4 / 5
Are busty, short, and have wide shoulders. It does not think this rucksack has been drawn for women. The longest period of a strap of @@@cofre is still too short to comfortably add support to the mine rear and chair on my hearts. He one stirs of straps of the shoulder on and there is the empty among a band and my behind. If I move a strap down, hurts my hearts. My fiancé loves his Teton rucksack, but the mine has annoyed my behind so much that has bought a rucksack of KING to substitute he with. 🤷🏻‍♀️
5 / 5
Ossia My second compraventa . I have bought one and has had to take another for my husband because we like him so many. An only downside is a quality of zip. Some zips take easily and is not a lot smooth to operate. A mouthpiece does not leave was so to the water like them to them some another that has used but he still works. Otherwise Is a stock exchange of hike of perfect day . I want that I can have my camera, map, jacket, water, bites, those poles of hike, first box of help, etc everything in a stock exchange that access comfortably in the prize adds.

Update after possessing for the year
A zip in a course of main compartment averts to do the useless. I emailed the photo to Teton service of client of the Sports and inside the few days, has received the free substitution. AWESOME Service of client. Also it took it casualidad to try out of a coverage of rain in the 6 hike of now with out and on rain and can say that my stock exchange was perfectly dry in an end. Very impressed with this stock exchange for a prize. An only thing would add is storage in a tape of waist for fast access the things like chapstick or the mobile phone.
5 / 5
Has bought 2 of these for the travesía to San Francisco and Rey/of Sequoia Canyon. They were perfect for both. Of then, I have bought 3 plus (I now have one of each colour) as a whole familiar has one. We love him to knots. You can it is returned in fact to plot in them, and a bungee the law of straps to touch to ensure hiking poles, etc ( has added some D clips of Coverage). You can also synch a tight stock exchange if you are not spending a lot. A hydration the stock exchange is perfect, although in 2L, spends extra water for the longest hikes.

Has used a lot of stock exchanges like this, the majority of frames more expensive, and these are like this good or better that anything has tried more. Highly I recommend him. We do not have any complaint.
4 / 5
Has bought this rucksack the little month , but has used so only he for a first time this week. I have been in the travesía to Badlands and has loved this stock exchange to hike. Of the a lot of first time have used a hydration the band has filtered during my stock exchange. Today when I have been for the band up for my flight there is remarked for behind the hole of measure of the neighbourhood in a cloth near of a zip and some of a stitching around a zip that comes free. This the enormous disappointment like the measure of a stock exchange was perfect for my needs. But I volume of supposition that stops of has paid. It would not recommend this produces at all, is the piece of junk concealed any one last by means of four days of activity a lot light.
5 / 5
I am redrafting my description of this product like my first impression has not been sum and has seen the one who the a lot of people am complained roughly but here is a excluyente. Some the main complaints with this product are a bladder of waters partorisca filter, one registers no quite strong, a hose is difficult to drink of and some zips are feeble and will break. I go to be using this hydration sale for the R2R2R (look he on) like his intense and need the rugged band thats a lot too big but has a hydration bladder and quite a lot of pockets to spend the 46 travesía of one thousand. It has a lot of bands and a lot of frames as they are not the neophyte.

Originally has thought a bladder filtered in a something of connector of the hose in inferior, sees another revises the one who has said what same. A question is a hose wasnt screwed all a way in and his threaded with one or-coverage like his easy to fix. Once I screwed he in better that is to arrive mine , he hasnt filtered at all. Another subject is some zips , the people am complained has broken easily, can foresee is that it spends but have known this and was careful and havent has had subject. Now that it could be it raisin is does the tendency to overstuff some pockets(this band isnt big as if too small, need the sale the big) to the equal that has begun to and pull a zip on stuffed pockets, yes, see them breaking easily. Of the that cram More than can manage and calm think you will be well.

A Good: (1)the band is access and fantastic measure for the hike of long day. (2)Some cords in a backside is good touch, a lot of pockets and good creation. (3) A bladder of water is easy to fill, different any better some ossia flush creation, much more last to take some edges to line on where this one east covers it and easy to fill. (4)Some available chairs in mine behind comfortably and a strap of tape is a lot has required, some these measures of those who has it. (5)A prize is value adds and has researched everything of them like this you cant has beaten he so that it sees.

A Bad: (1)A subject Big here is which another has declared, puling waters he of a hose is very difficult. Calm has it that expresses horizontally or at all will exit and pull a mouthpiece until flowing a water but still very difficult compared to other bladders have used. ( It thinks to try to drink the milkshake by means of the straw, sweats that difficult).His quite bad that I can opt to use one of the mine others bladders but ther the sale is which was paralizaciones. ( 2) A strap of interior of bladder isnt very strong but I of the that thinks it really subject, I didnt uses it and didnt affect his use. (3) A Bladder feels economic and doesnt feel like this as well as my Osprey but has tried manhandling the the bit and any leak or subjects still. No the field has tried still averts of the fast declares walked.

@In rodeo: My buddy has bought a same band esatta, which is reason I folds verified reason the originally filtered mine and his didnt. Both of is satisfied at present that do a work for our hike of intense day that will try his limits. When the turn will update my description but the interior a moment am thrilled with cost of mine and I am scrutinized this strongly first band of risks my excursion with him.
4 / 5
Add little band, has not had any subjects used it of then once, in the 6 hike of one thousand travesía of round, on 2,000 feet. Fully loaded. It is also my EDC stock exchange as I will maintain you posted on to the equal that resists on, in the first place run has done a lot well. It is a 18L stock exchange TETON OASIS of SPORTS 1100. They are 6,2 and 240LBS return me a lot well.


°A lot of cushioning

°Abundance of room

° the quality adds for a prize.

° insulated hydration Pocket.

°ambidextrous For hydration tube

° the butterfly adds pouch for the jacket or of the gloves ect.

° Compression steaps

°straps of hip

°straps of @@@cofre


°way of the pockets of boat Waters too small, more like pockets of bite.

°Does not like a period of bladder. Substituted he with the Condor 2.5 litre with coverage of piece of the mouth and tube main,So only fill he until 2L or goes to take all your space.
5 / 5
Has had this band for roughly 3 month and there is no really found anything to complain roughly, especially for a prize.

Are probably like the majority of you and have way too many bands and behind. It looks he taste there is the band or stock exchange for each occasion. Has rule sized rucksacks of Dakine and Bridge of Londra that Trades, some big plus 3 bands of day of several costruttrici, a Eberlestock Gunslinger to pack rifle and train, as well as a lot among and the full cupboard of some this has some uses in his never to having seen again.

Does several months dawned on me that has required to relieve on mine uploads for fast hikes like this shopped for the substitution the small more than spent that this. For judges of start, a lot so that it attracts to our future ex women, this thing is attractive. It is so only the a lot of looking band.

Are so only on 6' big and so only on 300lbs and return me well. Anything much smaller could be goofy but does not have any question with this band. Some adjustments of consolation are good and run . This is not the big band for any half but can spend abundance. If it was any big more the hips could be the regular sized rucksack. I usually dipped in the chevron of water in a bladder (any one this is coming with him). In a main compartment maintains Fuji X-T1 w lentil, an extra lentil, first box of small help, box of filter of the lentil, and the small microfiber rag. There is generally still abundance of the room yes has loved to stuff more in there but like the main thing am packing is the camera tends to just access that in there. Some works of upper small compartment well for my stock exchange, battery of extra camera, and mobile phone if it does not love in my pocket. I also maintenances the little another misc small things in there. A small compartment under usually has the knife of pocket and the pistol. Usually so only it launches the Glock 43 in there with the Taran Tactical mag extension but has launched yesterday the Glock 19 with Surefire XC-1 in there and is not returned any question. There is also the little lanyard that I hook my tones to in there with the little room has left on has loved to return more.

Am spending The tripod, which often does, so only dipped the down a lower pocket and is class of clipped in place with some 3 buckles. Hard to explain but has seen a do one felt. I think that that ossia in fact to store the jacket but I have been that dipped my tripod of travesía in there without @@subject. He never the slides was and run.

Has it casualidad of rain I usually launch the light windbreaker jacket of type under a cord of incident and cinch he in. The real works well.

Some pockets to signal lateralmente the small hole the small boot to water if I do not want to use a bladder. I have tried to dip my leg of tripod in there and ensure to a side with the strap but he no really laws well. These pockets lateralmente are well for materials of fast access in a trail. I often dipped my wrappers or small rubbishes in them and when I go back to the rubbishes can is real fast to situate of.

Has used it probably on 10 or like this hikes without any subjects. My edges and I am spent 9 days in the travesía/of street of the camping of Portland, Or Montana centrical this summer and this was my main band. Any time leave a truck for any reason I generally grabbed this band and has known has has had to that has required. Have Also the time has take a bladder and dip my small laptop in this part. It is so only the Dell 11' portable, quite small, but apt add in there and has had the little protect. I have done in fact that enough the bit and then dipped my lunch in a main part and has used this band in an office.

In general am really happy with him. My edges has the resemblances sized band of the company of mark of the name that is doing really well. In fact it is the sale has bought he on done 15 years and has used to plot snowboarding I. He still the look adds, looks modern, and extracted well, but if it does not die never probably will substitute with one of these. Really hard to beat for a money.
5 / 5
Have several rucksacks in of the different measures, this a when being a late plus has added my collection. It is turning to the mine favourite. It has a lot of room for material I need and some material could require. It does not use a hydration bladder reason generally does not concern me for a flavour of water of the funky. Any @@subject that the times wash my hydration bladders, a water still takes on an unpleasant flavour after the day to hike. As I am using that compartment for extra storage and there is stuffed my tampon of chair in there. Another big compartment resists miscellaneous elements like the shell of light rain, hand sanitizer, cloths, spray of pepper, etc. As well as my lunch when I take one. An elder of advance of the pocket resists my bites and of the small more a resist my micro lines, stock exchange, tones, etc. has used a front to develop section several times when it spills it my external discharge of clothes. I can return the plot of material in this band and although it can feel heavy when I choose it on, does not look like this once the have on and has regulated appropriately. It seats and good walks and is very comfortable. All the straps look sturdy and is easy to do and regulate. I spent it recently in the 4-1/2 now walked and has not had any subjects with him at all. This is to result my 'gone there band and will be to accompany me on a lot hikes this year.
5 / 5
Any one has thought that this taken such good descriptions ! I have ordered one for me and one for my husband but has ordered mine 7 old year the different mark that has had the small plus sized one. This HORRIBLE flavour!! Like this disappointing. I washed him 3 times. First in soap, then juice of lemon and then vinegar. I have left a vinegar drenches for an hour. Terrible! My daughters of another company have had any flavour at all. As it is not that all the bladders are some same. If you want to it thinks that it that it has taken the bad batch, researches it on the flavour and calm will see a lot of other descriptions that dressed.
5 / 5
Has used this stock exchange for a first time yesterday. A storage is in his point for to hike of day. This in spite of, my hydrating the band has filtered a whole time. It could not say yes so only it could not resist to a condensation of a stock exchange or has had the small puncture, and there is drenched my backside during use. Quite disappointed of then was excited like this to take the new band, my old EcoGear the band lasted 4 years and has taken the PLOT of wear. It could try and scrolling out of hydration bands, of then like a bit aesthetic of a stock exchange and he was comfortable. This in spite of, that bolt and when being recreational to Arizona, confidence the storage of the good water and this have not fulfilled pair.
5 / 5
Has bought this specifically for a rucksack to ski in (as far it has it skiid for the week directly with him). I have had multiple wipeouts in the terrain empinado and a rucksack does not have the scratch. Súper Waters resistant and remains dry. I will be to use the all the winter for skiing. It resists the plot of material, can included apt sandwiches, bladder of water, flask, stock exchange, auricular, etc. is not heavy and perfect for skiing as it imagines it will be the hiking adds. Some straps of @@@cofre thinks is one the majority of characteristic of entity and gain. It is the big reason bought it. Some the good descriptions have spoken a truth. I will say this in spite of, fall and a clip of strap takes gel/of snow in him and of the freezings, is impossible to leave until deep. This is to spend mine .

Regarding a bladder to water that comes with him, has bought separate better some. This an east bit it economic, is not like this easy to suck out of a water, and has filtered the fair has bitten. Yes, I have done sure all has been put together right . Bladder Of water of the lowest quality, rucksack of big quality. The desire could have paid less for just a rucksack. I recommend to buy the bladder of separate water with good descriptions on amazon. It likes the use a Hydration Bladder 2 Leak of Reservoir of Litre of Water of the Test, Bladder of Storage of Stock exchange of Military Water, BPA Free Hydration Substitution of Band.
4 / 5
Am obsessed with my Oasis 1100 hydration rucksack!! I have taken this in Hawaii and am enamoured. There are two straps for you to use like the z/the rucksack is sure to your organism. I am obsessed with a different quantity of compartments has. 4 zips & Two point pouches in each side. Like a miser hiker, this rucksack is my gone to! I love a 2 bladder of discharge. More, is BPA FREE. Calm really can do very bad with this rear band. Hanged very light & súper comfortable. It recommends this to any concealed loves one alfresco and alive an active lifestyle.
4 / 5
Like the complete novice the hiking,
Further aesthetically pleasing, so only feels likes quality and know goes to be durable.
I recently roughly moderated to hard hiking in Maine. Hours and hours the day.. Some any trail marked a lot at all and Literally that traces in boulders, and scaling mountains to a summit- @give you that of the entity is to have included a simple plus of train/ of help of the survival as I whistle it. This band incorporates in a clip forward!
HAS abundance of spatial- especially know like this to pack a lot of (has had to them learn) to the equal that has the one who precise but is not weighed too much.
A bladder feels flimsy at the beginning but @give has the bit of elasticity like this to do it the little more resilient.
There has quite spatial to substitute he with the big plus a but the never included has approached to run was 2L, (I are in shape decent and probably does not drink quite a lot of water, this in spite of)
Any one a partidário a big plus of a piece of bite for a water of then to have that but an a lot of tip of him in place of where is marked- but that the piece is removable .
Also, the question has had to washes a straw until there are them @@give a mechanism to close in fact exited, also! Haha
4 / 5
Welp, Was a lot of while it is lasted. Has possess this rucksack for 7 month after my hike has decided yesterday take this and buy the stock exchange of the entirely different company. For one the majority of part, a stock exchange has done well although I never taken to try out of a fly of rain or his durability that survives to courses and to sew them to to him like him to them concealed.

Included Before yesterday catastrophic failure, a zip has maintained to open up and has done like this in a prime minister one thousand of the 15 one thousand hike done the week.

To the equal that can see in a semi-detached photo, a closure of zip has broken entirely. The thought 'hey, has two of them. Still I can close my stock exchange with one.' Except it still failed like the stock exchange has maintained unzipping in my hike. Mina Ultra the lentil of Wide Corner has fallen out of my rucksack and has fallen in the rock and the muddy earth. My lentil has survived felizmente. Also, it looks a 'Limited Lifetime Guaranteeed' does not cover is spending.

Be mindful of these zips yes take this stock exchange .
4 / 5
I give an initial product to 4 star with an exception. It concealed when being a description of the product in the amazon has failed partorisca identify that a bladder of the water and the nozzle is done of latex. They are deathly allergic the latex and not knowing a bladder and the latex of nozzle has contained the travesías was partorisca to 3 hike of one thousand. Halfway by means of it hikes I have begun wheezing any conscious of a dangerous chance that has been for raisin. 3/4 Of the mile of a car park. I have been the anaphylaxis blown full. It thanks God spends a epi the handy pen. A next day has called Teton Sport to inquire roughly the one who a bladder has been done of. A like this useful compass
A remarked that it had purchased 2 Teton 1100 of Amazon that the latex has contained still. A year or like this aho, Teton the sports have changed some bladders and nozzles the silicone because of the allergies of the people the latex. They have declared the amazon still has sold a latex some. Teton The sports has promptly bladders of the substitution sent and nozzles free of load. They appear to be the sum of responsible company. Need of amazon to be more afterwards in your descriptions of product and when the substitutes of company faulty or the precise dangerous parts do like this also to maintain up with one yours the company that sells his products. They are wary now and probably will go directly to a real company to buy produced from now on!
4 / 5
Alternative sum to the majority of bands of types of day. I took it camping this weekend that has involved some long hikes with my boy scouts, comprising taking taken in the tonne of rain. It was súper-prepared with my TETON stock exchange of Oasis, and looked well while doing it! It has taken the tonne of compliments in a stock exchange. It was able the band on the shabby knee, stop the blister is clues , the bust was spent of rain for me and mine 2 edges is when required(the coverage to rain comprised is exited in a flash and the fact adds!), Maintain me and my boys hydrated, and the room had included for bites partorisca a bit some in some longer hikes. Some pockets of the point of the side is returned extra water bounced perfectly to spend to the long of still a less poised, or the smallest elements like this of the torches. Tonnes of pockets, and tonnes to regulate-capacities.

Has bought the slightly big 3 bladder of the litre and he am returned perfectly and the black hose help an aesthetic bit it! :)
5 / 5
A lot hydro rucksack of band!
A value adds down $ 40
Msrp in a seal is $ 80

Like this far a big plus gilipollas is the smallest capacity that has expected takes, there is not founding a fir of right place a hose to comfortably so only be, can be bit it hard to take the good drink, ossia better that filtering.
Also some straps have minimum cushioning.

In another hand some straps are wide and is cushioned some, feels well, a strap of @@@cofre has tram to help resists yours drinker and ensure a band.
A tape of waist is enormous (60”) but when ensured a band is then very sure!
Solid for the walk of good bicycle or the hike of day, but calm no quite returned in there partorisca be you the primary band.

Is a lot of fact, but has to that strappy “tacticool “ look, any to my flavour, but is not bad, this in spite of the straps take snagged in materials!
Some straps in this help to compress or develop a band, but is essential, calm can no to take totally.
Has wide out of pockets that is easy to access.
A bungee bond downs is the good touch!
Will be still to stuff a lot of dresses in there in of the travesías sweet
will be to use he partorisca biking mostly, are fearful is the strappy and no quite durable to manage my hikes, but for more mortals would be necessary that the charm
5 / 5
has used this rucksack for 3.5 years almost every time so only go to one alfresco, if the be hiking, camping, snowboarding, etc. Treated It perfectly, especially when calm @give you that has paid so only $40 for him. A capacity of big rucksack among extremely handy when it can lug or spend big quantities of train - a built-in the coverage of rain is convenient, a bungie the storage are adds for auxiliary cloths, some works of bladder well, and no still prpers give that has had the built-whistles!!!

A subject only has with east a bladder - a creation of the bladder is not too much adds, in spite of being effective into use, but for $40 with a band he, can not complain, as it has generally done a lot (like this, this produces still takes 5 stars of me). I write this description mainly to give feedback in a creation of bladder, reason enjoys a product this has been rid and would want to buy a bladder improved of a company also.

Some subjects have seen is (1) a valve of bite will filter the open rests, without being bitten at all, (2) a still connector tube to a bladder is the screwing-in mechanism, which is frankly well, but require you to good sure ray he in perfectly (any hard) to avert evasion, and (3) treating drying of a bladder is weighed quite - been due to an excess space among a bladder that opens and a cup of a bladder, can very so only easily stick the bladder-hanger inside a bladder and turn to the rovescio to dry - a water will accrue in this excess space, and it having the plot of crevices, that causes difficulty in drying that spatial.

Any of these subjects is breakers of extracted especially when that consider those that paid for him, but (3) really take me to use to to a bladder so to the equal that would like to like this of the his weighed to dry a bladder.
4 / 5
Was pleasantly surprised reason really loves this hydration rucksack. I have looked for awhile to find the z/the rucksack with exactly some right specifications for my needs. Has has wanted to something concealed would resist of the so much water like possible that also do fault to have that curve like the decently sized rucksack for travesías of day and bouncing around city the normal day. I have bought this mainly for hikes of drunk the PLOT of the water and are dulcemente venturing is gone in the longest hikes. It is it adds to have my hands free in a trail of then are not a plus graceful in my feet and I often require the grab things to sustain while trace on/down things. A bladder is quite well although I have struggled with ensuring a tube to drink a first time of pair. I in fact so only gone back of the travesía of slow week in Hawaii and I have finalised to use this plus like the daypack daily because it was perfect for holding all require for the day was and roughly. If taken a bladder out of a main pocket can included dipped the 40L boat in there if you do not want to use a bladder and have a tube that the estacas was all day. I have used this like my spend on rucksack and was able to express the plenary outfit, bites, load and stirs it of miscellaneous small stock exchanges in there. Oh And I clipped mine 40L water bounces to a side. In general, the stock exchange adds for hydration and all more.
4 / 5
Ossia Far and was my band of favourite day. Has another Teton sell ossia the little elder for these occasions when some times can turn and am preparing for cold, but does not like me of so much. It would be ecstatic if this exact creation was available in a main measure.

Some locations of pocket are perfect. It is comfortable and durable (I follows quite rough in my train) and a hydration the valves have has not filtered never.

On some hikes with friends has begun to rain slightly. I have covered a band with a built-in the coverage and my mates were impressed like this (and envious 😁). There is like this insanely expensive bands there. It would dip this up against any of them any day now.
5 / 5
Has had the plot of hydration rucksacks on some years but has has wanted to one with the main bladder. Current one this 1 Litre . This one has said 2 and has had the plot of good descriptions, has imagined would give it shot it. First of a good: a lot of pockets, two pockets lateralmente for the water bounced. The pocket with a bladder is separated of a rest, ossia good but usually door and band of gel to maintain the fresh things but a strap to resist on a boat was something had not seen before. Finally, a brilliant colour. If those walk with the group or has extended was in a zone would be easy to something this rucksack. I have purchased a blue for this reason and has been said, when that hikes at night, that has been even more visible that other bands.

Now a bad. It could any one, for a life of me, takes water to exit of a bladder. For all ready $ there, yes I unlocked the, has had yes waters in him. It has taken an extreme quantity to try to take so only the small to exit. An only way could take waters was was to sustain the advance and the gravity have left to do a trick. Once it has taken to a cup of a mountain, has finalised to unscrew an upper and fill on my water bounced.

Any one hikes in the place of downward dog? Any one me. The the 7 one thousand, 4300 ft walked of profit of the elevation. Near of a half I has wanted to take the weight out of my shoulder like clipped in some straps of waist. They are thin straps that then undermined to my sides. I have finalised hiking the majority of a time with my arms has bent behind me lifting my band.

In spite of some descriptions have not gone too pleased with this band. Perhaps it would be good for the shortest hike, not spending the plot.
5 / 5
Are not one to write long descriptions on Amazon, spent to many and took too long, has left expensive he poptarts is poptarts, the straws are straws , etc.

That when be said as I am preparing the upgrade my bands ( has AT ALL BAD functionally with these 2 bands) has imagined would seat and write the description in these and explain reasons are upgrading to a Teton Scout 3400 (also in green and orange)

has possessed these stock exchanges of then 8/25/2020 and is now 2/11/2021, these bands have me very do fault well and follows the form adds without subjects, the tears rasga etc. Has been used daily and there is a bit All the data of trails to aim that, has been used the minimum of 4-7 miles the day by means of a forest. They are not the big to camp, perhaps once the year, but that bolt in Maine creates them to be poised when I hike in a forest.
Some of a train spends in here...
In an outside, blocking bowl of water for my dog, bounces water, gatorade boat, band/of battery of the torch, spray of pepper, paracord compass, paracord hangers, knife.
In an interior, First box of help (after an accident in the trail in NH has been upgraded to spend bands of trauma, tampons of extra gauze, the extra gauze on, extra tape, and stop bleed more in this late plus) the cups to curve has seen, toallitas humid for creatures, hand sanitizer ( is Covid estaciona after all) bladder of water, paper towel, lighter, judge of fire of start, fine tool, headlamp, battery, gel grippers, claves of glow, coverages of extra foil, paracord, stock exchanges of compraventa plastic (useful to spend the rubbishes was), plans of weights (I maintains my band around 30 pounds) and am sure am forgetting the tonne. These stock exchanges are stuffings . Has 2 joint on exactly equally like travesía to do I so that maintenances an in my truck and one in a house. I can not stress enough these stock exchanges, neither one or another has been used daily took him of then and does not aim any wear.
My held abuts to 77 earth of acre the stock exchange and are there daily with my dog, I help maintains some trails. One invernadero is gone in handy for the trees fallen/limbs
I the m ONLY upgrading to be able to spend some extra train, poles of Hike, spare jackets, socks, shoes, etc.
These bands have more than has to do fault his purpose and has on resisted like this well, in fact are in his transeúnte on to friends for his use.
An only GILIPOLLAS have for these bands is pocket to bounce water , a lot last to take to with packing on and impossible to dip bounce behind in, has done the little hook of paracord this goes in a front to resist of bounced them empty, calm can see him on some straps of an orange band, a lot last to use bladder with the full band (full disclosure has used them perhaps some bladders the total of 3 times) Any pockets of band of the waste for small elements (new band a lot neither but has ordered to add on)
A lot much more is bad with these.

These bands have on resisted, is comfortable, has spent 30 pounds daily, and yes adds dishes of weights my band to take it to 30.

A upgraded first box of help has been recommended in the hike in NH when I cam by means of a wounded hiker. A ER the nurse was also near for, am not very medical pro but likes to be poised, a nurse there is taken on with first help, was the quite deep yard to the boss and knee, has run quickly out of gauze. In a joint of a nurse spends extra of these 'In chance that'

really can not say quite a lot of good thing in these, taste to him has said that that am ordering two elder more some and the hope have a same regime

Attack this help a lot of
5 / 5
are the biologist of field and has purchased this for use during work of field and also for hikes while camping.

1. A bladder is extremely difficult to drink of. A quantity of suction has required to take water to a mouthpiece is exhausting. A mouthpiece neither closes in an open place and a force of a water in a tube consistently pulls has closed.
2. A tube also has to that be screwed to an extremely tight bladder as it will unscrew slightly and leak to the equal that situates in a band and feed a tube by means of a shoulder.
3. A bladder fill also seriously has reduced your space of storage for bites and another train. I will not be using a bladder again.

1. It averts of a bladder is drawn well. Nizza That cushions in a backside, sturdy material, buckles around your waist and @@@cofre to take a weight of your shoulders a bit.
2. A whistle of emergency has built to a buckle of @@@cofre in fact works and good works.
3. It comes with the coverage of rain and pocket of storage which can be used like extra storage a coverage of the rain is not required.
4. Selection by heart well. I have been with orange and is very pleasant.
5 / 5
This rucksack is spent for like this walked and trace of rock with me!!! No the alone tear!! And I bad , have scooted down he empinado the mountain was extremely acute free rocks in my ass this in spite of my rucksack there has not been any tear. And I have it that has not had never any subjects with a bladder to water that it filter. Ossia My rucksack of hiking preferred never. Hands down.
4 / 5
Bandage very well partorisca a prize. Very light, well has done. Some people complained in a bladder.

The mine does not filter , but a hose is the little a lot to time likes another has mentioned. A solution is simple.

Remains a hose attentively with an exact leaf to the long of a mouthpiece. Appeal a hose of a piece of mouth and yard 6' out of him. Warm An end of a hose up with steaming hot water partorisca soften it. The hose of the slide retreated in the piece of mouth.


Also, some there is complained roughly a lot when being pas able to take water out of a piece of mouth. I need to 1) sure it is open and 2) bites down in an a lot of tip of him. There is little mark there partorisca your teeth. If you have bitten too much far back you will not take anything.

Expects these helps!
5 / 5
Although it enjoys to hike and when the be is gone in character, are in no way a miser outdoorsmen. I mention calm so that it knows are the just time regarding the person of free air (hehe). Prpers Having said that, are any the one who qualities of estimates and prize to all the cost if his sportive sakes, dresses, mobile, lunches, etc I so that the chair can resupply the good description of this perspective.

Last week has been to a Adirondacks with friends and hiked partorisca roughly 3 hours, his all there have been the rucksacks the small plus and I has liked him an idea of having something smaller partorisca the shortest hikes that that spends my elder 36L rucksack. I thought it that it would be it good to have the band of day that could partorisca both hiking and partorisca when I locate my bicycle. After revising roughly twenty 18L or the smallest rucksacks has solved in this TETON 1100 backside.

The Literally arrived today and all have done is opens it but here is my description like this far: WOW, the stock exchange adds and exceptional prize partorisca kick! As this is to do that it feels like the good quality nylon (not thinning like something could abuse up but like the stock exchange of gymnasium of quality a lot). It likes that it is of the compact stock exchange , quite big to dip the pair of shoes, some bars of energy, the mesh or thin pullover, bounce it water, the pocola another room to exit hiking for several hours or object even around the city for the half day. More has the 2L hydration the band has comprised concealed is supposition to maintain a fresh liquid for until 4 hrs (TBD). If it do not use a hydration the sale there is additional storage for an iPad or book, etc.

In spite of his small plus 18L measure (which is that it has wanted to) 18.5' x 10' x 7', has a lot of compartments of storage - of a backside to a front of a stock exchange there is a hydration band zippered zone (2L bladder has comprised, any device of more cleaned), a big plus zippered compartment, the small plus zippered compartment, an open zone that that can be has regulated to use some straps of attractive, another zippered pocket (with 2 small compartments and the small clip for tones, etc), a bungy section on front, and 2 side of compartments of point (the picture aims the 21oz camelback insulated boat of squeeze). A fresh characteristic is a coverage of semi-detached rain in an inferior front of a rucksack in the velcro little pocket - is attached - to a stock exchange as it will not be able to take fallen or soufflé was. Going back to a bungy leaves, have never really know that a heck ossia partorisca, perhaps to dip material wetted to dry? I have seen in stock transmissions of bicycle his used to store your helmet when calm is not that it locates. In all the chance, if you do not know the whole plot roughly like this to use to to the rucksacks like to of them there are the ideas of pair. Besides when being able of presionar/loosen a bungy cord, has the removable clip that I supposition would resupply even more room for him to extend and controls down something main closing against a stock exchange.

Again, has not used still but some straps of look of shoulder to be quite sturdy for a measure of a stock exchange - take notes that although some straps of look of shoulder sturdy and very built, does not have the whole plot to cushion to them, perhaps one 1/8' (run orange in picture) has surrounded of a point and then additional nylon and more stitching. A backside of a rucksack has 2 vertical part amiably cushioned to help with ventilation. There is the strap of sleeve in an upper to easily grab a stock exchange, hydration ports in both sides of some upper to the equal that can choose the side loves a hose of a hydration bladder to exit of, and the drain drip hole in a fund of a hydration compartment (assuming paralización moisture or filters the drip out of and reduce a stock exchange to take too wet otherwise). A strap of horizontal @@@cofre is the 2 -way adjustable strap - no only to go around you @@@cofre (ossia the no brainer) but also can be moved up or down roughly 8' in an ash of strap to regulate where around the your @@@cofre loves. Also it has another adjustable strap in a fund of a stock exchange to go around the yours mid section.

Has purchased a green colour (nylon has the model of the his honeycomb) and am very happy with him. There look to be 2 reflective pieces small to a fund of a stock exchange and you could be able to clip something to them so that it is roughly 2' in period and stitched to a stock exchange although probably it would refrain to do like this. Some attractive of zip are good - have the good creation and done of the hule hard with the light tactile feels. Although I did not take it it is gone in some trails, am very pleased with an initial quality, creation, look, and prize! It does not think calm would be disappointed.
5 / 5
A rucksack is quite good. It would like to be like 15 elder for load. A main version this in spite of has so many erroneous straps and the stabilizers do not love it . I love this rear band, so only the little elder.

A band of bladder this in spite of.. It sucks. Hard. It is one of some worse creations have seen. A way some rays of tube in virtually of guarantees that will begin it filter because a tube can not turn freely, moving a tube around will cause it to unscrew, and owed in his place will not remark until it is filtering down yours butt and looking you has suffered a unfortunate incident.

The hips has to that be take entirely the transmission he, which also means entirely emptying a rest of a rear band. Altogether, Is so only does not add .

The construction of a rucksack is well, engineering of a whole container, and bladder especially, resembles has been done for 5th graders.
4 / 5
First impressions: Well built, the smallest plot that has expected but was the pleasant surprise and of the good works for the daypack (photo for the reference when loaded)

has finalised upgrading to a WACOOL 3L Bladder that was significantly better quality and has been using this in several hikes of day (Letchworth, very any and moderate trails) and walked normal just in of the local parks. It is comfortable, remains dipped well and some links of absorber of the accident in a @@@cofre is one of a fresh plus and very thought out of the pieces have not used never in the band and of the helps with some of a cushioning. Some photos have uploaded is a plenary to pack which comprises:

spray of Bug
200G Frisbee (use this constantly haha)
First box to help
3L WACOOL bladder (recommended upgrade with cleaning box)
band of bosses and Solar battery

There has a lot much more room but for just a basics of the band of day, is perfect. To good sure would recommend.
5 / 5
Has bought this stock exchange like the present navideño for the partner in December and likes has bought so much one in of proper name for this mountain biking season. Like the stock exchange I varieties of AMUR of compartments, amour a built in of the points for of hook that attaches things, and a 'by means of storage' the zone among a main and secondary compartment is perfect to dip aditional spent in.

THIS In spite of, like the container of water is terrible. My stock exchange does not filter any @@subject that presiona everything. Some first time has thought that that it was the 'the things there is not tieed up enough in a factory' extracted how is spent for and screwed down a connector among a stock exchange and tube and has done sure all more was snug. Any @@subject that tries a stock exchange still filters to leave my stock exchange (comprising contents) and there is drenched behind. Has the soyel the ark is' stock exchange like this one that has used for 10 years and never filtered once. While some responses of company my message and will update with resolutions to this question. 5 stars for a stock exchange he, 1 star for a container of water.
5 / 5
Start of a fund of a stock exchange (that follows some pictures): there is the small velcro pocket that control a fly of brilliant yellow rain that control closely around a band with elastic band and is resisted to a stock exchange with an elastic strap that is sewed to a pocket.

The reflective tape is used in a subordinated and for behind a band for easy visibility at night and a bungee has both the hook and key to press retainer to store elements of the main light weights like the jacket.

A pocket a lower has the double zip and comprises the hook key and two pockets of point. This he estaciona also creates a space of additional storage for A Helmet of Bicycle or sleeping circle of the stock exchange resisted in place with clips some adjustable straps on three sides.

A smaller pocket is quite big for the mobile phone or other small elements. There is also two small point pockets in any side of a stock exchange perfects to resist a boat waters extra or cooking crew.

A main pocket is quite big for at least a day cost of clothes and crew. This band in fact could be used for one at night backpacking travesía.

A compartment for some waters of boat is cushioned in both sides and a bladder of water is resisted in place with velcro. A pocket is quite big to resist the bladder at least 5 besides long and a thumb or two width more.

A bladder of water is done out of the soft rubbery material and some detachable hoses to unscrew he of a base of a bladder. A detachable hose will do it easier that the clean was. A mouthpieces way of the fight and the attractive calm was the unlock the

Some straps are done out of the rigid foam with point in any side for easy breathability. Some straps of @@@cofre is adjustable on and down and fully surround some straps of shoulder. Some straps of shoulder have an elastic band by means of the each one to hang the torch or other tools. A waist wraps is adjustable and has elastic bands to resist an excess strap situates
4 / 5
This has to that be any one is idea of the ailing joke. Ossia A world-wide rucksack tinier.

Does not have the plot to stuff to pack. Has the girl, as has the folding changing tampon (the measure of the small clutch), bounces he of sunscreen, bounces he of spray of bug, two tones and two stock exchanges. This has to that EASILY RETURNED in any rucksack. Some only things that returned in this TINY rucksack, is some tones and of the stock exchanges. And ossia with a bladder to drink empty. I mean, I trust, calm does not go to be able to pack lunch in this thing.

Hahahahaha! I will be to return this POS!

Reason has 5 descriptions of star? I do not take it !
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have had one covers like tight like possible when using east. It took it on the little mix and the pocolas 10 one thousand hikes am gone in glacier, shortly after taking of my discharge of rain and situating to one of some compartments of storage, my butt has begun to take quite wet. With the first box of help, spent of rain, and pocolos bites packed in, a bladder has not been able to resist water. In a video, looks entirely full. To shorten a video has not comprised a part where the only air was seeping was. Besides, in a video are by train of the take a bit closely, I that assuming the person has interest in looking the 30 video of minute of me applying his sweet pressure.

Some of you can be thought 'well is so only the little water', but over time calm guarantee that your hip will result strongly saturated. Also I will say that I can buy the 99 boat of cent of water and squeeze it to the mine contained of hearts without loosing the drop, would expect one covers equally returned to be situated in this bladder.

Ossia The very strongly recommended element, was surprised extremely to see failure. Felizmente Was able to drink water of my reservation of mates of the hiking during a travesía, as well as my MSR filter of water. That was a lot of gain because I have found another character in a trail having the shot of hot and has had to give them water and take them 5 miles to boss of different trail for extraction.

In short, waters is the lovely resource when you are is gone in a half of nowhere. If it thinks that that it is where will find you to you, please does not purchase this element.

More than regime!
5 / 5
Has bought these years been due to some descriptions and prizes. It wounds on taking dipped up and took it behind out the few months does so it has begun to hike more.

Ossia The good stock exchange so that it is. It is the material to have to that heavier and add to spend basics (some bounced of pair of water, bites, first box of help, etc.).

The ventilation is quite good. Straps quite comfortable. Has the waist and strap of sternum. The compression is well. I imagine with a material this will resist on for the moment. It likes- one coverage to rain although has does not have to that the never use. The looks of construction to be decent quality also.

Some pockets to bounce waters is quell'has bitten short considering has the transmission to some bounced ready water this in spite of there is the strap on some pockets to resist them down. Neither there is the good place to hike poles that is the bit to annoy. A material is quite fat can be the little rigid while packing.

Has learnt, this in spite of, that prefers material thinner and a drawstring upper main compartment in my stock exchanges to the equal that has moved already on to a Flash 22 of KING for enough a prize still like this on-line. It is something calms can not know sure which prefer until you come from a like this mostly am changing because of personal preference.

In general the band of good day for short hikes for a basics. The the suspect will resist on enough well. If calm think you could take to the longest hikes could wants to go advance and cradle for something the little elder unless you are the real so only coffins necessities person.
4 / 5
Has bought this almost 6 me the fact to use like the band of hike of the day that also could spend odds and final this in spite of maintains mine 10 Yr old Camelbak Mule stocked for mountain biking. I have used this in some Saws, Mohave, in a heat, rain, snow and throughout go in, there is simply result my gone to pack. It has been rugged , any tear and comfortable. It was to estimate this in the 4.5 reason some straps are not like this comfortable in my frame of organism (5'10' 200lbs) like the CamelBak this in spite of is like this versatile and durable. Also there is it never has used it some straps of waist, is returned properly a strap of @@@cofre maintains it near and attached for a rough plus MTB adventure. The pockets are utmost and a lot usable, the zips am lasted well, a work of external cord adds for train of rain, wise and cordage or the bell of bear. I have changed out of a bladder immediately this in spite of so only reason has the habit of CB and has had an extra a. If I remember a one this is coming with him has not been ideal for me but would be functional for another.
5 / 5
I have used this partorisca the few days of 10 walked of thousands. In general, it does not recommend . Pro And Gilipollas down.

Quite well for a prize. It waters it remains cold surprisingly long same when I have been of excursion in the 90-deg day. Enough space for the band of day, can take 12 hours of materials for bugs, alone, bars of protein and an apple and miscellaneous small train. Straps of shoulder and behind cushioning is comfortable for long wear while sweating.

- (Minor) lack of places to hook on more train, and an elastic strapping to resist objects in the place is not a lot of useable in my experience with them

- (of entities) a hose the drunk is long, and loop by means of your @@@cofre. You owe that tuck fallen an elastic in an opposite has to that when you are hiking, or he toes around. When you Want to drunk, calm has to that take he out of this start, then dipped the backside with which (a two operation rid ... When you Are dirty and have the clave to walk in your hand, two rid is not ideal).

- (Importing) does not have any discharge or coverage to protect a mouthpiece to litter . The sweat and the muck and anything is in some leaves of some trees are to walk past (and some web of spider that is everything by means of trails) so only stick to his forest everything, or has to that use your soiled hand or soiled boss for the dry was.

After looking in a tent of venue of external enthusiast, see reason some stock exchanges of mark of the name cost more. You take the better neighbour until resisting train, and a hose of water is shorter (stays in a side, with the legislation-corner mouthpiece, an operation rid) and has a semi-detached coverage to maintain it clean among sips.
4 / 5
Love this company! His train to hike is my preferred . I have had my rear band forward for on 4 years. It has been still in absolutely of the perfect form inclusa after all an aggressive hiking has done. An only reason has required has substituted was reason has been flown of my car.
Has bought the new one the days of the pair done. When I opened It, a bladder has not been with a rucksack. I have contacted Teton on around 10 or 11pm. Alexandra has answered on for some time has wake up. It has shipped already a bladder my direction and excusado for a subject. A service of client is surprising and was very useful. I more to good sure continuous purchase they.
5 / 5
I like this rucksack the plot(so only a rucksack, no a bladder), is really comfortable of the have in my backside while I am running. A stock exchange so only does not bounce around in my backside while I am running. This in spite of, a water inside a bladder bounces around has bitten it.

A bladder of water is bad drawn, my prime minister one has broken in mine third career and I have received the substitution. Here it is that hate in a creation. A half hoop in a need of rucksack to spend for a half circle to ensure one the bladder of the water but one is so only the fragile to sustain a bladder fill with water. There very tried to do a hole a strong plus for simply adding some hard plastic around a hole. There are two small holes in some sides basically doing at all, there is at all in a rucksack that these two holes in some sides can attach to and distribute a wright. An interior of water some shoes of bladder around to the equal that am running and finally rasga a bladder(in a third use). I do not know reason leave waters it goes around a half hole, once a half hole is teared, everything of some starts of water and flood a rucksack. A water will filter to a discharge of main storage of a rucksack, would suggest uses plastic stock exchange to wrap around a material that has dipped you in a discharge of storage if any one calm want to bear take wet.
A tube the drunk is hard to drink of the the principle, but has taken has used his. A water has some plastic flavour.
4 / 5
This stock exchange is not big. If precise band more than the sweater, lunch, and the little odds and finals (more the litres of pair of water), skip this stock exchange.

But for hikes of day, this stock exchange is unbeatable for a prize. It is light, comfortable, and use a bladder has come with in place of a camelbak to the bladder has. It is easy to take on the plan and quite small to return under a chair as it will not count likes to spend he-on. A coverage of rain has is thin (would be likely rasgar pressing by means of heavy paintbrush or something), but work like the charm and folds easily out of a way.

Has bought these years of stock exchange does reason have required something economic and functional. Years later, has has not felt never a need to spend more in the daypack.
4 / 5
Has bought this packs done several years when it has had them the bit of sticker-incident in a prize of some of some bands of water of mark of name. Also, for some reason has liked him to them an orange colour. Odd.
This band do fault well for on 5 years. Walks of a lot of day of long highland bicycle, spending a lot of water, lunch, tools and the waterproof light. This band the work adds, has not moved around in the rear mine, did not fail me once. It likes-I one the whistle has built to a strap of sternum. I have it that has not scared never the bear to eat me.
Now that it has substituted them mine mtb available waters, this band is mine the officious hiking sells, and raisin all a junk the needs partorisca to hike of now of the pair, more the hydro boss for water. It has been the sale adds .
UPDATE: For these pilgrims there those who do not undermine a hydration bladder, has forgotten them to mention that a first sew the do with this @@subject daypacks is to substitute at least a mouthpiece with a Camelbak valve of bite. They run in $ 6 and the really smartens on a whole sip of the tube while yours in a movement-surca. 'nuff Has said.
5 / 5
The one who the waste of time and money. This bladder is the complete joke . Surprising as it can announce like quell'hydration rucksack and can a lot of he same figure out of a hydration breakings.

Filters well out of a container. Any hand-held piece to fill (a solid $ .30 ask) that does to fill the annoying, and a mouthpiece is the joke.

One $ 10 economic knockoffs have the better creation that this.

Is going back. Wow. Where it is a QA/QC with this thing? It has done a lot a folks that manufactures this same thing tries it?

You would not have to It buy hydration rucksack to so only has to that substitute a hydration breakings.

Requires to substitute these bladders with something functional. Smh
5 / 5
My only complaint is that some straps of the shoulder dipped odd in a zone of upper @@@cofre, and class of chaffed my @@@cofre the little when I have spent he with the cup of tank. Solution, wear the better shirt.
Honradamente, Love this band. Spending waters it has felt always like this quell'hassle and really appreciates a way that an abundance of controls of bladder of water of water partorisca to long hike, and he also access in the band in the no intrusive way, leaving room for enough bit it more. A piece of mouth is also easy to use to fill the dish of dog. My dog is the geriatric and precise a lot of pauses of water. I have more than enough water on its own name and him.
Has bought one for my daughter and I. Among a two of knots, easily can pack first help, and all some bites for the small group. There is also a lot of pockets, and plants the things of clip. There is the clip for car tones that it is biggie for me. Absolutely it would recommend this stock exchange to a lot of that wants to sell all require partorisca to hike in the convenient way.
5 / 5
One first disappointment was in a that announces that to the free bladder has been comprised. This has not been true. Any one the bladder has been comprised with this band.

Secondly, A measure and storage of this useless band for anything except the day-walked. These produced is not for serious campers/hikers/climbers. A space of the storage in this band is like this small that you would have to spend another band in all the chance. Once to the full bladder is dipped in, this would limit a same storage further.

My deception for not doing the deepest investigation to hydration bands. These produced is useless for my needs, but this in spite of, an ad of the free bladder that is included would have to that be take so that the buyers know to purchase to bladder.
5 / 5
First was: the stock exchange adds! Quality of looks to build well, the straps are comfortable and regulate a lot well, strap of @@@cofre can be bit it big for any shorter (Im 6'1').

Im Returning reason a compartment of primary storage is quell'has bitten smaller that that has been expecting. Some 18L looks to comprise a main pouch and a much smaller out of pouch which is ensured to a stock exchange in a subordinated and resisted in place for some 3 straps (2 in of the sides, 1 arrive). His only no quite big for my purpose has feigned. A poncho of rain are add, and a backside that download the tampons are dense, which has ventilation of date really excellent.
Gives this stock exchange 5 is and would recommend to any,.
5 / 5
Has purchased this band in June 2016. It loves it. Used every day for work, those walk and mountain biking. Only calm recently has joined zips like this undressed in a half compartment. I have tried for better to reset and king-row-with some teeth, but some teeth have suffered harm also. It was like this sad reason love this band and he really is built to last but can have in the stuffing and zippered the when it would not owe that have . It likes I email Teton service of client today, comprising photo of zone of zip and inside an hour has an email has retreated to declare is substituting he with the new a. Any BS, no other questions, not requiring to expect for a RA and sending another retreated etc. so only has to that say the service of the client of this company is exceptional! They are happy I so only a lot toss the and say to to ray likes usually .

Top Customer Reviews: WACOOL 3L 3Liter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Has thinks that that the mine was the good shot : A bladder of water with the box of more cleaned partorisca $ 23. It can not be a better in a world, but is looking for something these works and does not import yes calm lost that neither, ossia the good election . The mine has not filtered at all and a hose has done.

-A material of bladder is done of light but hule hard. It does not think it it would nail that easily.
-An interior has the very smooth, the fashionable glass feels. I think that it that it would clean easily.
-His service of client is SURPRISING. Presents of sound.

- Has the plastic coverage where a hose and a mouthpiece fulfils that slides on and down partorisca close/unlock flow of water. It is quell'has bitten stubborn at the beginning, but move it the little time and he loosens up. It is not broken. And you have to that bite a nozzle partorisca take flow of water.

-Be conscious that a cup is opened and has bent on, and ensured by the plastic clip. Be sure to slide a piece of white core of a clip AMONG a fold, or will slip was and waters it will be everywhere ( will see when calm take it and discover reason say this). It is well that a cup is opened for extremely of easy cleaner (better that trying the paintbrush by means of some full discharges), but is another inaugural and concealed can be a subject for some people. But like this far, it does not filter around a fold and a clip resists a whole weight w/or that the slips was.

Has had doubt in an open upper creation, but work. If anything, has a profit to be able to stick your whole hand in him partorisca complete cleaner. In fact I am thinking roughly taking another pleasure the transmission.
4 / 5
Are upgrading my initial description of 1 to 4 stars. Here it is reason:

1) Initially, has given this hydration bladder so only 1 star because it has failed in a basic purpose of a product is feigned use; specifically, to maintain water in. The mine has filtered well out of a zone of discharges of the farce a first time I water dipped in him, and was has disappointed obviously. If it has filtered, any of some another characteristic like a hose to close or a mouthpiece covers it has imported really.

2) WACOOL the service of client has achieved was mine because it has looked for the way of the turn and did not send me so only the new a, but also offered to repayment my money. It concealed there it has included it is service of EXCELLENT client, give it another stars simply based in a support and when being for behind his train 100. Although I decided it no it liked me to him a bladder partorisca of some reason, side me at all for the give the second try, likes 2nd star I automatically attributed partorisca WACOOL the service of client adds.

3) One 3rd sent the new substitution and I tried it also filtered, although no quite like this bad as first a. [Note: it has not tried these bladders entirely neither to arrive to this point, neither was I dipping significant pressure in a bladder he, as it could be experienced when in the camelback or rucksack.] I have touched around with different quantities of water in a bladder, and one the next plus has taken the 'capacity', a more was prone to filter the little around the discharges. Again, no quite like this noticeable like this first one, but enough to be annoying and knowing my train would take wetted finally. HERE It Is WHERE has FOUND The SOLUTION!! As I have finalised to spend the averages an hour that does the disorder in a counter again and has been for gives on, has done one more tentativa: I have taken of the discharges was one of mine old Nalgene bounced and tried it on a hydration bladder. Result: NO MORE FILTERING!!! To arrive to this point, mine Nalgene is now without the lid, but of a point of me buying it hydration sale to start with with era to augment my capacity to spend and movement out of the hard plastic container in east of mine the sacrifice thinks that that they are has had to that do. To arrive to this point, some to other characteristic the gustanuno running of the bulls-hose, mouthpiece discharges, can take a same hose while to the bladder is full, a slide opens/next access in an upper has begun in fact to import now that a hydration to the bladder has not filtered on is all has won a product to 3rd star.

4) A 4th star is attributed reason have found once that he Nalgene access of lid and has solved a subject of leak, fill all a way entirely and has begun for the give the test of real life with the little bit of , was probably embroider-lines to abuse a hydration bladder to arrive to this point that tries to see what pressure would take his no. A lot so only that, but has not had never a subject with any one filtering at all out of a slide opens/next fold in a cup, which is quite that impresses right there. Again, it has dipped he by means of a ringer this confidence obtained in a material of bladder and seams and has been impressed with that pressure was does not know exactly the rid of the pressure has dipped in the, but was at least 10-15 in a conservative side, and this was with a bladder maxed entirely.

) Did not give It a 5th star for some following reasons: I have had to sacrifice it Nalgene boot to take the lid that has not filtered. Also, a measure markings in a bladder is slightly was, and he a lot for real control 3L in a bladder: I have measured exactly 3L in 1L increments and could not take 3L to return without that has to that touch some were to close a bladder.

IN GENERAL: it is the good hydration bladder. They are happy with him now that I swapped a lid, and WACOOL the support of client was adds. Probably I will buy another WACOOL bladder simply reason his service was adds.
4 / 5
Has used these in multiple hikes now without subjects. Very reasonable pricing compared to other frames and qualities of good build. To clean, I usually just rinse he with water, entirely opens to take a plastic clamp and ploughs it a lid of round. Then I dry some interiors like this so it was possible using the paper towel, insert bounce it plastic water in of an inaugural big plus and leave it was to dry for the day or two (sees picture). Without inserting something in to separate some inner surfaces, is very difficult to do some interiors dry entirely. For a hose, I so only rotate his with all the ploughed of valves to leave a water was so much to the equal that was possible and then to the left airs dry. I think that a box of more cleaned that comes with this product (extra $ ) is not significantly useful. A longitude cabled the paintbrush can have the habit to clean some interiors of a hose, this in spite of, does not find me using some other elements of this box.
4 / 5
Has to that say in this way better treaty that has described! I one a lot on try them simply reason could and was pleasantly has surprised. No the leak to be found! I have bought two of these, one for my husband and one on its own name reason we to plot to hike that/ it explores! We are both leading army and has has wanted to something concealed would resist on as well as he Camelback bladder in the fraction of a cost. Everything of some bladders has used in a past has filtered, some of them with one very first use! It was the little leery roughly trusting a plus.
These bladders have to do fault very like this far and has been by means of transmissions and of the numerous cleaners of then buy. Still any leak! A sliding start was where I has thought any leaks would begin. As of still, swimming. Dry like the bone. Ossia After refilling and drying of an outside. LOL Is easy to clean and easy to dry among uses. If you buy this bladder, will not be disappointed!
5 / 5
This hydration ass of kicks of the bladder! It is better that of the last 3 have possessed, has purchased a 3L. A question a big plus with bladders for me in a past is a nipple, does not see this'll will have subject with east a. Ossia A creation has better seen to date. Highly I recommend it. Thank you wacool!
4 / 5
Has been able to use this in the pocolos travel (5 short hike/travesías of camp) maintaining and really like this bladder. I have had this less than the year and will update if a life of these transmissions of product. Having an upper piece that is quite easy to dip on and take was to clean a bladder is sum and does not filter . Really It likes Me a mouthpiece dipped up. A straw is the perfect period to incorporate to the big band and attaching in of the ways that is more take yours personal preference. A mouthpiece is the 'attractive and bite' -- like this pulled to open a straw (likes burst on a mouthpiece of the waters of boat) and then bites down to open a flow. Flow to water easily that considers a period of a straw. If calm uses it that some instructions indicate (which is one same like the majority other bladders) would not owe that have any questions (and.G maintains of rot of alone, cleaned with sweet products, use to water so only, cleaned and dry immediately with which use).
4 / 5
The looks of product to be quite very done, and well-engineered. It was the little concerned after reading the leading description that informs the leaks in one covers, but has thought would take a casualidad, as they also found fixed he for a subject. I have tried he with water, after doing a saltwater rinse has suggested. I fill so partially and very full, and the pressure dipped on he under both conditions. At the beginning, of the discharges has filtered, but afterwards researches further, has @to @give there was not presionado one covers fully. There is the beveled inner of bordos of the discharges that contact a with the one of farce inside an inaugural, and I so only presionado to a first control, any fully seating of the discharges. I have turned once one covers another 1/4 (ish) turn, was seated fully and leak-free. I have not had any subject with any focus upper, neither a fast-disconnect. As the one who a insulated the sleeve goes, Arizona Of the sud alive. Any water spends, unless it is vacuum insulated, goes to take warm. I have not had any expectation of magically the cold water that advance of games of my stock exchange of water, but a sleeve done the work adds to maintain a sun (the ultraviolet light work here) to break a tube to drink, as I am happy.
4 / 5
Returns perfectly in mine Teton Oasis of Sport 1100 2 litre hydration band. It has purchased recently both for the 2 hiking of day travel it and this have done add! Any odd flavour to a water and any leak. A black coverage in some helps of hose protects it, and simply looks better that a clear tube that my stock exchange originally has come with. The flow of water is well, and is quite easy to suck that my edges of 6 years has not had any question that takes the drink in our hikes. They are happy has decided to do a small upgrade to go with a WACOOL hydration bladder - more water, any fuss, any disorder. A valve of looks to bite well has drawn.
5 / 5
Ossia To good bladder for a money. Not filtering. Flow of good water of mouthpiece. The width that ploughed to fill. Quickly disconnect in the hose does not filter , included with has fill fully with water. He in fact transfers and locks to plant. Also it comes with to hanger and cleaning tools. My only real compliant is a black slider piece up. You fold A stock exchange and a slider basically pinches a stock exchange partorisca seal it. It does not filter at all. My worry is does at all that really it maintains it there. There is the small potential could the slide was partly or entirely. Any one filtering or losing entirely all some contents. I did not have it raisin concealed. There is the little control to a mechanism of slide. Ive Also fill up and hanged that to try this. Now I have not beaten a snow out of him or go for the stock exchange that mecer 10k the highland trace. But the slapped around the bit to kinda simulate a newspaper strolls in the pack it he no the free slide. This be say YMMV.
4 / 5
Ossia To utmost bladder . I used it roughly 5 times now and do like this expected without any leaks. It is really easy to fill of then has the plastic boss around a ploughing where you gone in a water. The helps maintain this stable of bladder while you are by train of the fill up. A bladder also really easy to clean of then can unclip an upper and unhook a bladder totally.

Also are really enjoying a fast disconnect of a tube of a stock exchange. It does not filter any water and he the a lot of easier fact while cleaning a stock exchange and fill on a bladder of water. I will buy more than these when they are of tower in a phase. Like this happy has taken this !
4 / 5
Ossia The product adds partorisca the prize adds. Utilisation in my rucksack partorisca drink water while I commute to and of work. A bit those that characteristic foundation that really taste in east of one has compared to other products looked in a phase.
1. It likes-me that has an upper and the side that opens/closure.
2. It likes-me that has a coverage of neoprene in a hose, maintains a water in the slightly better temperature. Usually, when you drink the beverage by means of one of these, a water in a hose is hot and gross because it seats exposed, like your prime minister little mouthfuls is gross. This does not delete a question, but help.
3. Also a spout in an end of a hose is a lot easy to use with gloves (I commute in the motorcycle).
4. A short of a spout has an easy to burst was coverage of powder.
5. Partorisca Open on a spout you attractive just (a lot other models owe that turn).
To good sure would recommend this, especially partorisca a prize.
5 / 5
Has received so only this product and decided partorisca the try was and see regarding the operate. Fill he until 3L and has begun partorisca situate the to the rovescio or with one covers partorisca down. You grieve about the discharges is down any pressure of a water, begins partorisca filter of one covers. I have tried to do one covers like tight like possible and at all! It filters every time. Also, a focus in an upper ploughing of a bladder is kinda flimsy, and in some signals that was it able to entirely open a focuses with forcing very small. It would imagine a focus does not take any a lot of hanged before he loosens up. It does not buy this product! This need of company partorisca try his products before they sell!

A big question Am remarking them with this listing, is some descriptions of a product. To blind has bought this, reason was in the haste partorisca take a partorisca a upcoming travesía and also, reason a global indication is 4 stars . As I have not annoyed partorisca read some bad descriptions and do my investigation (taste usually ). Wow! That the deception! A lot of some 4 descriptions of star are essentially misleading and entirely useless (that looks for to be educated here). If in fact taken a time partorisca read them, many of these 4 descriptions of star are basically clients those who there have been some same subjects esatti (leaks and such), this in spite of a commercial client resupplied 'a lot of' service to the equal that have decided to change his original indication of 1-2 stars to 4 ?!!! I comprise the service of good client is of entity and I commend the partorisca offer that, but changing your indication to 4 because of service of client and no a quality of product is misleading to say a less. The descriptions would owe that be in of the considerations to a product and no the service of client of a company these products would have been max the 2 stars and probably less.

Calm the favour and stay out of this product!
5 / 5
Has not had a lot of experience with bladders of water, as I am not able to compare this element to other bladders of water. But, I can say that it was very pleased with cost of mine. When being able to access a bladder by means of is the upper start he easy to clean and dry. It was easy to fill, and has not filtered. I have not had it bonafide boss of bladder, like the cost added was more than could resupply. I have found this in spite of these bosses of the wine of the neoprene has done to resist two wine bounced could be modified to resist and protect a bladder while it was in rucksack of mine. And a lot especially, this bladder resupplied with a hydration has required without a hassle to spend the water bounced while out of rockhounding/hunts of fossil and traipsing around a Chihuahuan Empty! Very happy has done this compraventa!
5 / 5
Has taken two of these (green and blue) for my woman and I to have in 3 day backpacking travesía. They were awesome.


-Any leak. Deliberately I have taken an upper ploughing of severally time to see yes could take a lot of drips out of him because this there has been the state the complaint has read roughly. Has has had no such subject, included when it was full and has resisted to the rovescio.

-Detachable hose. This he easier that fill and was able of the maintain clean/out of a way.

-Spent in a hose. Wow, when I opened It in the first place I have to it think that has shot like this heck, but oh the man was I happy was the! (I am apparently clumsier that has thought).

-3 bladder Of litre. As To plot of water, although I have had to that go in a ray on lid to take 3 litres of water in there. No the with reason is still to plot of water for the economic prize.


-Annoying to clean. This a lot warrant the star was reason has has not had never an easy to clean bladder. But a insulated(?) Cushioning Is around some frames of hose remains humid and taking dusty/dirty. The smallest nuisance.

In general, According to durability, would purchase these again and again.
4 / 5
In every aspect except one, this bladder deserves to 5 indication of star. A reason because they are by train of the give 2 stars, is reason a mouthpiece is incredibly difficult to use. Adding insult to hurt, does not have any instruction that explains regarding the use properly. When I used It in the first place the very hot day, could not imagine was as to unlock a mouthpiece. Like the result, has finalised to pull a whole end of a hose, which is resulted in a mouthpiece falls off it, and water gushing during a place. A pertinent way to use this, is the closely resist a zone of the hule of the narrow round has located under a mouthpiece. A same time, controls one averts plastic portion of a mouthpiece and appeal until open, and appeal down to close. If a company has has resupplied simply instructions on like this to do is, would not have presented the question for me. Sadly, You any and has had to that substitute a hose discovers. Ossia The chance of sheer stupidity in a part of a costruttore, as I owe that well sure that another has found a subject same. There is the figure of the lock in a plastic piece, but of then is a same colour to the equal that embezzles of a mouthpiece, is virtually impossible to see. With this said, the instructions would have gone the long way is an excellent product , in place of an accident that expects to spend.
4 / 5
Has used this product in a course of three weeks in Palau. A measure 3 litres was utmost to use on 4 to 6 jungle of hikes of hours. I need to remain you hydrated in the warm/humid conditions and this have done a lot well. It likes-me a fact that has the coverage for a piece of mouth for the maintain clean (and also protects against those contact plant very poisonous is done easily in of the zones of sure jungle). Some focus of filters to tube at all. As I have used this in multiple weeks, has maintained so only a bladder fill of clean water (with some powder of electrolyte added) and has maintained he inside the refrigerator when I have not been in a field (the decrease a casualidad of growth of bacteria - a lot of @@subject at all that uses this technician). They are very pleased with this product!
4 / 5
Has taken this to take on to hike to Half Dome, Yosemite. They have recommended 4L, this resist 3L. It has taken this more additional 1L bounced. I washed it and it fill a day before to verify for leaks and take a hangs of him.

I really liked likes some starts of cup until I have looked for to imagine was regarding the ensure behind on. It has maintained sliding was and has not felt to ensure any @@subject that the times have tried to bend a first first stock exchange of sliding ity on. Finally found the description that the fold has said an upper on once and the full mark sure all a way to a cup of a slide (if this note) and ensured it well! I any recommended trying llevarprpers or hang he for a cup with water in him but is quite sure to situate in the z/in the rucksack.

A bladder is fatter that any another has seen and feels very durable. I fill and situated in 2 zip of stock exchange of chevron of lock and place he in rucksack of mine and the place am gone in one all day walked. A straw in the LIKE THIS EASY to use compared to another camelbacks and has the coverage in a tube which is a lot also.

Waters it is remained fresco in mine insulated rucksack during a day and this really is work ! I go it to take on a upcoming cruise and to good sure will be to use for future hikes!!
5 / 5
Originally has bought this to dip to my sale of KING that has the pocket of bladder. I have bought this thing during the sale of lightning and was quite economic compared the others bladders of his measure..
Has wanted to use the in hikes of mine of the day where has not concerned me roughly hanged... But once I have headed backpacking, this weight is resulted the real factor . This thing hanged the averages he lb without a water in him. The averages the pound is in PLOT when that goes in overnights and that tries to dip in some miles..
Does not comprise a insulation in a straw of a real bladder is not insulated... If a water takes warm, the one who concern if a straw is insulated, are them still sipping warm water... It is hanged has added so only ..
I the test to spend an exact same weight in of waters he with the ready water bounced and was such the significant difference that could not help but cut this bladder out of my train... In comparison the boot the ready water is likes 1.2 oz for boat of litre emptied.. Compared to 8+ ozs to spend a same weight in of waters he, cut it that hanged for the half so only in storage... I can say that a straw of bladder is súper convenient when that hikes cuz so only can take a straw and have the drink without taking... But I have learnt that a water loans the smallest boats come with him spout that that can be substituted in a big plus 1L bounced. As taking out of a kick and taking the sip is any question while in a movement, and once or arrived a boat, can exchanges a cup with another boat.
The ready water bounced is something spends always together with a bladder in all the chance because of this facilitated of use with mine sawyer the filters to water so that it is something concealed will not leave never my band... This be has said.. Enough it would spend an extra boot or two (altho takes on more spatial that to bladder).
Is the backpacker that also is counting some ounces... skip This bladder and opt for the ready water bounced, or perhaps the lighter of platypus (the does not like platypus reason has filtered on me with 2 different versions of his bladders, a main reason reason has been for something heavier-has to that or substantial to resist on more than 2L)
is using for the day-walked, this thing is awesome if not to impose you a weight... But for backpacking, is the no-go is trying relieve yours uploads.
5 / 5
Has used this bladder of water for the backpacking travesía to Havasupai.

-Utmost measure: easily enough it waters for my ten hike of one thousand in 80 times of terracing.
-Easy to fill, especially with a plastic boss up.
-The works add with one in-filter of line (Sawyer mini). I have had to that cut a tube to drink, and then is returned a tube in a filter. I have been concerned would filter it, but has done to surprise well.
-The long tube has meant could maintain a bladder in rucksack of mine and easily drink while walking

-A piece to the drink has not closed properly, as I have filtered water, especially when I have dipped a bladder down.
-A propiciadas a piece to the drink is not remained on, as I have dipped my stock exchange down, a piece to drink often has littered .
4 / 5
Ossia The investment adds . I have bought he in Feb to prepare for season of festival and am like this happy has done. It is hard to find 3L bands that of those who pauses a bank. I have been concerned would filter it but no anywhere.

Has taken this to scamp when it was súper hot (90+ terracings) and sunny. With which 5 hours was even more fresh that some external temperatures. It likes +1 it takes insulation. Material to dip it gel in him will maintain it cold All day. I go to try this for both weekends of EF coming up.

Has been concerned that would be weighed too much for the rear mine after a lot of hours but was not even with bites and extra dresses. They are small placed woman and are not a ossia particularly active.

Has taken was a star because a coverage in a hose is the smallest annoyance reason maintains to slip down and a lot that remains dipped. And one covers to fill is the little tricker to take closed closely that another hydration the bands have used in a past (camlebak, Walmart, etc). Accidentally it has taken my stock exchange discovers wet reason do not have prendido attention once when it closed it to them. But so only it requires extra attention, any extracted big.
4 / 5
To the left go me to of the east to say the this is my prime minister hydration bladder. They have not looked practical to use with the filter, and spending almost the chevron to water looked to be excessive mine. A prize has taken my eye, has bought recently the new band with the pocket of convenient bladder, and is gone in the walk of long bicycle, as some stars varied and looked the perfect occasion for the try was.

My first use of this hydration the bladder was in 52 bicycle of one thousand walk, with 3L to water to start with a travesía. Here it is my findings :

-fill is the breeze. A cup has the slide that begin and calm leave you to open a bladder fully of a cup, and fill he with clean water. If you do not want to spend for which hassle, has the big ray-on lid that can fill you by means of. A lot of a negative critique is mentioned these discharges has filtered, and this was one first what I tried when it has taken this . Has not founding ANY LEAK, included fill up to a max.

-A hose is one of some better parts of this thing. It attaches to a bladder with the class of 'push in and turn' system, like this once his in does not filter , and taken a hose was the only use a bladder, does not filter neither. With a hose that is detachable, this also the Very easy fact to clean. A nozzle in a hose has the coverage of powder (of course) to protect a real piece has dipped in your mouth of any insects of muck/of/bad powder/pterodactyls. A good part in a coverage of powder is that you CAN use your teeth to pull he out of a nozzle. This has done to add when I have required to maintain the hand in my handlebar.

-Rear to a nozzle/of hose, once taken a coverage of powder was has the 'lock/unlock' system for a nozzle so much water doesnt accidentally the filters was. Calm simply appeal in a nozzle the 'unlock' he, and push behind up the the 'lock' he. Basically it would use my teeth to pull a coverage of powder was, bite a nozzle, quell'pulls the 'unlock the', and then suck to take water. Then it would bite a nozzle and push to a hose the 'lock' he, use my teeth to dip a coverage to powder retreated on, and be in my way.

This really impressed me, and while it was in my bicycle for a whole time in the trail paved, a bladder has not taken a lot of abuse. Fully it plans on taking this with me on my long hike prójima, and will update my description based in mine hiking of experience.

Like this far, this thing is sum !
4 / 5
WACOOL The service of client was súper awesome in offering me the substitution for my leaky Hydration bladder. A new hydration the bladder acts quite well.

Original description ' am giving a product two stars because he really filtered during a place. I have substituted included of the discharges in a bladder with the Nalgeen covers it and has filtered still.'
4 / 5
This bladder and that clean the box is a better a has not seen never or has used. I have used 3 first bladders of east an and this a this boss and better shoulders that a rest. Easy open cup to clean. Some utensils of cleaners is solid quality , big , and of wide period to clean each millimetro of this element. A beauty of this stock exchange is that a hole to fill is compatible with a lot of systems of filter of the water. His ray a lot on as no the drop is spilt or has squandered.
3L in the hike or the hard career for several hours. A insulated the hose maintains a sun of quickly that soul a water in a hose. A hanger of stock exchange is perfect to maintain a wallsnofnyhe the stock exchange opened so that the mould and the mould can not grow inside a stock exchange.
Is hiking , backpacking, the long distance that cut or included boating for a day, ossia an election of bladder for you.
Element to notch upper. 5 Stars!
5 / 5
Has used this legislation with which have bought he for one for prejudices trips to George Washington Drinks National. I washed it it was with soap to stuff first to use it and an open-the upper creation has done that easy.

I like a fact that an open-upper and ray the upper port is both a lot of-fact, he doing easy to fill and cleaned as well as easy the transmission.

A tube has the good connector that so only opens a port when calm properly connect a line.

A insulated tube and bite very drawn the valve is also very characteristic. It was warm when I have been of excursion (sunny) but a water in a section of tube (indistinto to 1-2 sips) is remained quite fresh, which attribute to a insulation.

Has had this in a Osprey Atmos 60 band of the litre and he return without question. A stock exchange is to good durable insurance. I have taken the tumble touching to lose the slippery slope, empinada and a stock exchange have come by means of him well.

This was the good compraventa . It is possible will develop the pinhole leak or bust the seam in some point in a future but ossia the possibility of low risk that are not turbulent stops.

For me, this stock exchange has done exactly that it required it to do and plan for the use in mine next excursion.
5 / 5
Has used so only a bladder for a time of firs partorisca to 8 hike of one thousand and was very good. One of the some things likes them more is that it is in fact material of the looks and the good quality goes to last the long time. ( I hope are well...)
Is easy to fill and easy to clean like the bladder opens entirely in a cup.
Also, a tube attaches to a bladder with the valve, which the very easy fact to attach and prevent leanings
Probably an only thing has said not liking a lot is that when cleaning, is hard to see when a tube is entirely dry he so that it is covered with material black this prevents calm of seen by means of a tube.
Gives 5 stars because it has fulfilled entirely my expectations
5 / 5
has bought this behind in 2018 but never really fill up the up to now.
If the plenary on more than 1/2 of a stock exchange, or a level of one covers, leaks of the water by means of one covers a fast plus that by means of a mouthpiece!
A lot @@subject that I saw, has tried included dipped the band of interior of hule some edges, he didnt work.
So only filtered throughout.
Am not sure that it has to that the like this positive critic. Perhaps it has taken one of a bad some.

Will say that a quality is good but the bladder of water is useless can not resist water.
A lot disappointed. So only I can use he for <1L of water. otherwise Filters everything of him by means of one covers.
4 / 5
Has bought my woman the glorious hydration band that has had an inferior bladder to the equal that have decided to buy a upgrade. Camelbak Loves $ 65 for the 100oz bladder that is ridiculous to the equal that have found this one instead. Less than the third a prize, has very characteristic excellent.

1. Entrance by means of an upper leaving easy insertion of cubes of geles and cleaners
2. The entrance by means of the transfer was covers it that the easy fact to fill of the tap
3. Insulated Tube
4. Locks of valve of the bite to press in, unlocks to pull out of
5. The valve of bite has covers it protective to protect of muck and prevent accidentel spillage
6. The bladder has no plastic flavour.
7. The tube can be take of a bladder to be cleaned with paintbrush to bounce
8. The bladder is done of plastic to have that has weighed.

Has substituted an original bladder easily. My woman used it two times and loves it. They are like this happy has bought he for his.
5 / 5
This hydration bladder that says your water. I have not had any questions with evasions. This in spite of, be wary with any company that alleges that his product is FDA has agreed. Soyisuse Of FDA the logo can rape federal law. FDA The logo is for use of official government so only. FDA The logo would not owe that have the habit of misrepresent an agency or to suggest that FDA lumbers with any particular establishment, produced, or service.' -

Also, has researched a company that mark these products, of the like this called 'WACOOL,' and does not have any company. A mark belong to the Jian Lino in Fuzhou, Cina. Ossia An only information will take on a product. I do not know roughly you, but I do not want to be drinking out of just anything and would like me more verification regarding the type of material is used and the one who is by train of the sell. $ It is way to economic for the legit bladder. Of course a vendor will have think that a prize has been reduced of $ so only to do look more legit. To arrive to this point will launch a bladder in some rubbishes and buy of the reputable undertaken and I joint all the world-wide more to do one same. CamelBak And Osprey is so only two examples of legit companies.
5 / 5
Has tried the few tricks to clear a plastic flavour and is finally state was. Rinse He with salt water for the clear quickly. Also, I need the pertinent annex to do with rucksack has found is frustrating of another come with him and a insulated the line does not return by means of a lot of bands the straps and he would swing when walking. A coverage of valve is good and found the handy when crawling in of the rocks but can be clunky. In general it is the product adds for a prize.

Has changed my description after using it more at length during the travesía of national park. A company has achieved was and has offered the repayment but I have not required an after dipped this thing by means of the decent quantity of abuse. Kudos The WACOOL for service of client
5 / 5
has Used once like this far but is the enormous improvement in an usual fashion with one covers. I have had 2 of those and has finalised to take bad in an interior and I am not founding the way to easily the cleaned was thoroughly. This fashion in another hand opens on really wide. It resists 3 litres, so much had left after the longitude thirsty the walk has been impacted. Usually it would finalise some 2 litres in an end of a walk that is a bit careful and this walk has drunk the plot deliberately and the abundance there was still. A hose is insulated which aim that well it has thought it was is, in another fashion has had one waters room of paste temp quickly and has to that drink that first to take to a quota refreshing water. A insulation really helps with east. You bite An end to take waters it and flows quickly!
The subject only can see is that an end where folds it on to seal it on and enclosed could spend was after the moment. The this in spite of there is so only used it once in the so many will see what hard time .
4 / 5
Our family has used 5 of these bladders in our recent holidays to Glacier Parco National. We are hikers and has used this like our source of main water partorisca the walked that diverse of 17 to 10 miles.

Some bladders were easy to fill and any mould during our travesía of week. They return perfectly in ours daypacks and a coverage in a tubing was the good touch during some days some cold plus.

A star has been take because of one of a baldders when being very difficult to close. My husband was a so only a quite strong to pull a sealing plastic bar by means of. Been due to of the this, has had the leak of this discovery of bladder in a plot of estacionar previously to the hike. It is resulted by train wet and of the stray water. Because of a temperature, if we had not had train of backup, would have has had to that annul this hike.

Has had an accident where a valve of final explosion of resultant in some loss of water. This arrived when a valve was still very new. Open and close a valve the little time to loosen the to prevent pulling he of a tubing.

In general the utmost bladder for a prize. I consider him the plus 'disposable' element and will substitute to begin to the mould more than me can clean.
4 / 5
Ossia Really easy to clean, which is reason I bought it. I always dipped some class of powder of electrolyte in him, as if any maintenance cleans it mould. I had it raisin concealed with another, but no east a. It is súper easy to clean without anything in him is way to clean an interior.

I amour that can fill he of an upper or for a part. I have not had any question with him that filters a way that some people have said.

In general, is my preferred hydration bladder, and possesses enough the little. It is really fat, as it will not nail neither.
5 / 5
Left beginning to say that ossia a lovely bladder has possessed better. There it would be it given 5 stars but I have three smaller improvements.

1. A quickly connect concern me to me that can exit accidentally reason so only requires the turn of neighbourhood without mechanism to conclude real. There is no, but is in my alcohol.
2. It would be well a house was slightly longer. 4-6 thumbs.
3. A heat shrinks this resists a insulation in a tube is the little release but is fixed easily with the lighter in roughly 30 seconds.

Ossia, another that that they are adds! It resists of the a lot of water, is easy to clean and fill. It likes him-me some multiple locks in a valve of bite, any something more wetted in my shirt.
5 / 5
Has taken this in the cross-the street of country trips this summer while it hikes in of the National Parks. Although it has done decently for the majority of a travesía, then had/developed some following subjects:

1) One covers protective there is prendido to remain on, which is not I so that it adds when you are hiking in really dusty/sandy areas reason a mouthpiece layers really easily.

2) A mouthpiece has the 'failure' closure of two click. That calm direct to believe is closed after a first click when it is in fact no. This can head to unexpected filtering.

3) A mouthpiece is impossible to close a-rid, especially to do sure have a closure of double click. So you are hiking with hiking poles in each hand, this the even more heavy fact. Especially in of the Arches Parcos National in August, when often you are requiring to take the sip of water.
5 / 5
Ossia The add hydration sale for one the majority of part. Has 2 another some of a same mark. So only 1 vendar could not take a bad flavour to mark new band was. A piece of mouth of one of some hoses has come entirely averts multiple time during a first use (has not taken for the use until with which one 30 turn of window of day because of subjects of health). Unfortunately, when I have contacted a company has said does not sell some hoses individually owe that way that has had to that buy the whole new band (which is wasteful and question of a second sale so only will seat around a house any when being pas used). If it calms no the alcohol that has to that take the new integer hydration band when something goes bad with your hose, then take is one. But if it does not like to create more than waste and/or does not have extra room to store an extra band, then choose another mark that sells hoses of substitution!
5 / 5
Used it on to hike of 7 miles in Lassen National Park, to hike of 5 miles in Basin Adds National Park, and to hike of 7 miles to the long of a rim of the sud of a Glorious Canyon, and has done perfectly. I thought it at the beginning it had filtered, because trousers of mine and the shirt was wetted enough and has had to that take mine billfold out of my rear pocket; this in spite of, could not find any water that evasions of anywhere, as it thinks that was simply condensation of a gel has added to a water. To confirm this, more has fill late a bladder with lukewarm water and has tried again; any evasions.

Does not think a tube insulation a lot well. With which so only the pocolos small an interior of water was no longer fresh, but with which two sucks, take a fresh water of a bladder. There is the light flavour of water in a tube, but almost any of a bladder.

Would recommend this by all the world, with a suggestion that some class of clamp can require have the habit to ensure a hose to a mouthpiece. Every time I have pulled in a mouthpiece to open it, a hose slid slightly; this in spite of, was so only roughly 1/8', never enough to cause to the slide was.

Ossia Add it hydration bladder, suitable for any purpose.
4 / 5
Like this happy has taken this . I have packed This with roughly 2 to 2.5 L of water with pills of electrolyte. For mine and a fam to drink while it hikes. All has had ours bounced own water, but of and spending train of camera, of the waters of boot was the bit of inconvenience. A neoprene the tube has covered was awesome likes water the same quota remained while in a tube.

Was súper easy to fill. I have wanted to be able to disconnect a stock exchange of a hose to fill a stock exchange without that has to that take everything of a stock exchange. The my chance, has had an interior of dry bladder stock exchange, like other contents in rucksack of mine were train of camera.

Washing was súper easy for sliding a crimping upper and take one arrests quickly drying.

An additional note, because of one covers (outrage an upper to fill crimp) was able to fill roughly 1L of water and situate it dish in a freezer at night. For morning, would add another 1 to water and has maintained a cold to water all day, with a profit added of having the quota behind all day long too much.

To the bladder Adds!
5 / 5
Four questions with a creation of a mouthpiece:
1) A tax of the flow of water is abysmal compared to another hydration bladders. Taking the drink will take a lot the longest time accustoms it .
2) A mouthpiece has to that be closed every time with which use, or waters it will flow freely of him. This is not the requirement with, says, he CamelBak.
3) Still when it Is securely concluded, still filters the quite significant quantity.
4) After the week of use, a mouthpiece has begun entirely exiting when I have tried unlock the. I have not gone I particularly last in the, neither. Felizmente, can be reattached, but is not exactly easy. This past question with more and more frequency until I have taken finally fallido and has given up.

Also, a bladder has the strong plastic flavour that any never fully go was, included after drenching in the salt water like some instructions suggests.
5 / 5
Have hiked long with to rucksack and has used always plastic water bounced of a grocery tent. According to a period of hike of mine would spend 3, 4... Until 8 pint bounced of measure in my band.
Reason is hydration to upper bladder for a hike?
Does not have to that take of your rucksack to pull out of the waters of boat or awkwardly achieve behind you partorisca pull bounce he of a pocket lateralmente in your band. Calm instead can drink of a “straw” that is exited a cup of your band and in your shoulder. A bladder fill on easily with a big ploughing. A company recommends that it reward one covers securely so that it does not filter . You focus of mine perfectly without leaks. Rucksack of mine is drawn with the interior of pocket to accept to bladder. This bladder has the good 2” hanger under one covers that hooks on to a cup of a pocket in my band.
A bladder takes on less space and is calm. Calm bounced them the plásticoes creak and crackle against each another in the band. I have accepted so only that during hikes of mine, but the one who an unexpected difference, any noise with to bladder.
All this be has said, will spend to the long of 1 refillable bounce so that when I take rucksack of mine to the rest does not have to that use a “straw”, instead can be “unattached” of my band.
Has found this bladder to be of the good quality and he will be it necessity for me on long hikes especially.
4 / 5
Can not take any water out of him. Fill the plenary of water. I bite In a valve of bite and feel it emotional - and at all starts. Also it filters slightly. I have bought this in 2017 and has tried so only he for a first time here in 2020 and does not operate. I jammed another end like hard as it could to a hole that goes to bladder and looks to be has seated well. The desire would have tried it well when I took it. I do not see any information roughly like this to contact Wacool here or in a web roughly this to see yes am doing something wrong - but does not think so ..
5 / 5
There is at all bad with this product, was easy to use, easy to clean, has not filtered at all.

My only complaint is that he no really returned my needs. I have bought he partorisca backpacking, and wasnt ideal partorisca me.

Requiring taking waters was partorisca do the lunch was difficult or the time that eats. Calm neither is that it touches out of the flexible stock exchange or trickling out of a piece of mouth.

Is uncomfortable to spend love band of drop partorisca the eside researches'

has the wide space partorisca hang, and has found a loop in my stock exchange of filter of the returns to water amiably thru there, as it would spend likes that when that goes partorisca take waters it but is not ideal and arrival that has to that the juggle things around while taking water.

Can touch around with doing the strap or something, but interior a moment, am going back the bounced.
5 / 5
Ossia My first time that uses the hydration bladder, how is possible I are so only an idiot, but has had the hard time with this thing. Part of a question also can be a band of day am trying to return this to, as no among easily.

In all the chance, these leaks of what. It has not been that. I have tried he of the each corner, swashing waters around, and looked to be well. Then when I have dipped he in my band and has begun to use the, with which roughly 10 minutes could feel a water that builds up in a fund of my band. I emptied a water roughly (probably the good cup of water or as) and has tried again, thinking perhaps was the condensation or something has left on when I fill. Nope, 10 minutes later there is another cup of water in mine behind. My backside taken wet and hot.

My better supposition is a connection of hose because it looks quite free. Any concealed or there is the microscopic leak in an of some corners. Had the concrete zone that looked to be where a water emanated of.
5 / 5
Has bought this bladder to substitute a bladder that is coming with another band. My main aim was to have a lid of ray how is easier that fill and would not owe that spend for a process with a longitude partorisca pull a stock exchange discovers out of a band. These works of part.

My favourite part of this bladder is an excellent flow this in spite of. I am used to that it has to suck hard in a hose (with each band has tried) but this is not the question here. A flow is likes drunk by means of the wide straw, giving so much water to the equal that want.

Only possible drawback is that I have used to be able to ration my water simply for a fact could not take enough, now will owe that be mindful of a quantity of waters am drinking.
4 / 5
Some works of reservoir perfectly well. After the thorough washing and drying (the box of more cleaned is a lot handy) fill up and place he in my band and has taken was for the walk/of bicycle of the hike. All has done to add a first time was and a water there has been no pleasant flavour. It likes that a hose is easy to take was and of clean. It likes that of a stock exchange has upper access and the ray capped hole in a front.
Am giving this product 2/5 stars and the any recommendation because there is no angled mouthpiece and a costruttore does not have an available. Admitted, would have to has researched that first to situate my mandate. When A band of water is tucked my stock exchange are designated pocket of bladder of the water , and a hose run by means of some holes of accesses and out of a cup, there is almost any slack has left in a hose that cause his almost has to that kink a hose to take a nozzle in my mouth. Poor creation there and the fatal defect for me. It will owe that look for the substitution how is money down a drain.
4 / 5
Has received my WACOOL 3L bladder today and has has followed instructions to clean it before use. Ossia The bladder of water of the quality ! I have fill entirely and first to dip in my band has tried his operation. It does not filter the drop of any one fill port, or a connection of hose when I have shaken, smushed, or there is it bounced around. It likes- one fast connection for a hose, in place of a lot of another compression fittings has used of other costruttrici. A hose spout is triple protected to filter also. Coverage of powder, shutoff valve for press/partorisca pull a mouthpiece, and valve of jumps of loaded push that need to be pressed takes to water to flow.
Very very drawn and sturdy stock exchange of water, with abundance of available spending capacity. I will be to buy more for friends!
5 / 5
Has purchased this bladder for the use in my bands of hunting how is used typically of September in January every year. A thing I really like in this bladder is a insulated line of water of a bladder to a piece of mouth. I know ossia any guarantee that the will not freeze the extreme time but resupplies that much more I protect when you are spending the day cold longitude in a stand. More is soft and done any noise and is comfortable.

To to A second thing likes on this bladder is of a lip or boss in a front. It leaves a bladder to be resisted in interior of the place of a stock exchange am using he for and he the convenient fact to spend and impulse out of my band partorisca refilling or cleaner.
5 / 5
Has ordered this like the class of water supply of backup that can drink of when my careers of boat out of water. I have been concerned in evasions that have read roughly but after having he in my stock exchange (and inside the plastic stock exchange in chance that) for the few weeks on campus, my worries were unfounded. It resists on well, it does not filter according to which can say, and has been the good source to water when I do not have a time to exit.

Easy to clean too much! Some starts of cup so only well and there is spatial to slide your hand-held legislation in and the give the first good net of rinsing.
5 / 5
A bladder is the shot adds for a prize. It has looked for the bladder of substitution for my Camelbak 3L Antitode. This one has taken my eye. It has had all has looked for. A prize was something on.

When it has taken my bladder , one first what was for the cleaned obviously. This in spite of, when I have been done the cleansing, has run he by means of some tests of leak. Ossia Where has had the question. You would think that that a leak would come from any neighbour of hose or of a cup. Those were both utmost, and any leak.

This in spite of, of the discharges... It has filtered like the banshee!! An only way could take he to filter, was for presionar one covers like this closely that has had an incredible time loosening he behind. They are not it characterises lean at all. If I have bought this for my woman and there is it sealed, would have any way would be able to unscrew it. Of more than investigation, thinks that has found a question. It looks one covers carece of the gasket (or Or Coverage) which would cost less than 10 cents. I am not sure if ossia on purpose, or so only a forget. This in spite of, am sure ossia the one who other people have meant for 'filtering'.

An only reason can not give this bladder a star is for 2 reasons. In the first place, I know so only I can seal one covers he really well, and never use the opened again. I can use an upper so only. This in spite of, this attacks a purpose of having of the discharges in a first place, more could direct the mussel. As, included with this subject of discharge, a bladder is an amazing bladder for a prize. Has some characteristic is, calm once takes spent a leaky discharges.
4 / 5
Has used he for 3 month in the Teton Browser 4000 rucksack, horse riding 20 miles the day, 3-5 days the week in the 21-accelerate Schwinn commuter bicycle. The law adds. With a plenary 3 litres will feel a weight, but calms that can maintain to 2 litres and he will be noticeably lighter. Some the only subjects have is with a mouthpiece. It was having question with a mouthpiece discharges to powder snagging things and facilitating leaks (of a mouthpiece). I finally cut one covers of the powder was, and now presses a mouthpiece in to close of a flow, And the RESTS have CLOSED WAS. A mouthpiece discharges to powder fact like the hook and snagging all, then a mouthpiece would take pulled was, for this ploughs it a valve. So only cut of one covers of powder, sure mark to press a mouthpiece in, and no more leaks. A stock exchange and work of hose perfectly. Big capacity, any leak.
5 / 5
MODIFICATION: August 2020. I have not received Never a substitution slider. The vendor is poor on informant. I have required really this for work and will have to that compraventa of another vendor.
Has bought this the while it does to do Joshua has been of excursion Albero next. It is difficult maintaining powder out of a piece of mouth, but some helps of coverage, and is had to more to my half that a product. I have lost an upper slider piece the little while fact, has imagined was like this to contact a vendor, and is by train to send me the substitution for free! Bought this in Seven 2019. Very happy with east.

Modify: the vendor contacted in May 2020, the one who has said that would send the substitution slider. It is now July and did not receive it. Perhaps with all that goes in, something is to spend.

Top Customer Reviews: KUYOU Hydration ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
This hydration the band is useful in general especially partorisca mine 11 old year. Two litres of water is abundance partorisca he. It is light and for this he no complaim in the sore back after the moment partorisca locate his bicycle. It is to good sure adds compraventa partorisca of the money. There is figure concealed is of the entity to signal is gone in his efficiency.

1. Width of inaugural lid: An inaugural is good but no quite wide.
2. BPA-Free 2L Waters Bladder: Ossia an appearance that looks for. It does not use anything concealed is not BPA Free when it comes for the use to drink and eating of.
3. Extra of multiple pockets: there is a deep pocket that that can be has used. I do not see of the multiple pockets. Although ossia the minimalist the creation and sence any to have too many pockets. It was wide space for my edges to fill with his little necessities.
4. Reflective loop: I have tried it is an appearance at night and a reflective loop is not too visible of my perspective. I recommend that any one uses this feauture to locate the bicycle at night, that has the number of reflective points on his and his bicycle. We do not locate never the bicycle at night without doing sure that has reflective train on and around a bicycle.
5. Resistant material water: The tossed waters in the and looks to be the resistant water. Very good!
6. Adjustable bungee Correa: in my opinion, a bungee the strap is quite adjustable considering a width of a hydration band.
7. Correa of breathable shoulder: it was very impressed with this characteristic. I have been horse riding of bicycle in the park of next river and these straps of shoulder have maintained the shoulders of my edges of the overheating that considers that we live in an of the sud where the heat and the big humidity is in daily fight.
8. Comfortable rear poster: A rear poster is leaves comfortable of the account of my edges.
9. Minimalist Creation: Ossia truely the minimalist creation. My edges is the little type and has feigned to buy the hydration sale that would be compact and light. If this characteristic is of yours entity, ossia a hydration stock exchange for you.
10. Correa of adjustable @@@cofre: This band does not offer the adjustable @@@cofre joins as it leaves it to ensure a band to an organism. He no realy affect the horse riding of bicycle of my edges but, would have been the plus .
11. Test to filter that technology of focus: it is test to filter while one transports-shutoff the valve is closed. Easily I can blow a water of a tube behind inside a bladder that is a lot wants to drink cold water but, if a tube is full of the water and I do not blow it behind sometimes the filters was.
4 / 5
Has bought for my stepdaughter for our holidays to hike. It has done I add! The z/The rucksack does not resist a lot much more that a reservoir of water, but as that am concerned is the product adds for some others produced is triple a prize or more. It has used this almost every day in disposal of excursion for the week and has had any complaint.
4 / 5
With all honesty, has taken that have paid stops. This band resists big quantities of water, and has not had any question to filter. Ossia Basically that. A rucksack that control a bladder, does not have any hooks down a strap to resist a line in place. It does not have any hook inside a band he, to maintain a bladder to slip to a fund; and finally, it does not have the strap of @@@cofre, to maintain a band in situating like this walked long distances. A fact that a prize was like this reasonable is an only for real redeeming factor here. It has taken that have paid partorisca, and ossia. They are not unsatisfied with cost of mine, but am also a lot for real happy. I will be to purchase the better band in the near future, and I so only transpose a bladder. Hopefully Last the year or so much.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Amur This hydration rucksack! Really abordable for a prize!

1. Comfortable straps
2. It comes with it waters it it packs no bad
3. Uses a strap of rope to close a rucksack
4. Uses the rope to join a waterpack ( the desire there was the clip or something to resist a waterpack instead)
5 / 5
the product Adds. I have used he for a Spartan Race to Chicago. Controls the little on 2 L of fluids and does not feel never heavy. It was able to stick yacido and atascadas inside a band (any external pocket). It has taken muddy to the equal that has dipped he in a washing machine and the dryer and was cleaned perfectly. An only complaint (although it could be the preference ) is that some atenga approximation some shoulders are plastic-like like this hot and sticky takings and is in coffins skin, could take annoying, but ossia like this smaller. Otherwise, has loved That.
5 / 5
Likes hike to a wilderness does not have any idea the one who the demons will face. The cities are empty, the parks are abandoned but have to it that do to a grocery tent in a piece. The one who know when I will be of tower.

With my rear band fill with water I adventure outwards. I kiss my woman and kids a lot the goodbye to the equal that knows a travesía will be the hard a. With a last suck to water a door in bylines behind me. T-minus 24 hours of water supply is all I took and concealed is enough for any trec will be of tower.

Are not the professional, are so only the man the one who loves groceries. Appearance in the line of a trader Joe and goes much faster that has expected. Full on my basket with a necessities, butter of cookie and all bagel seasoning.

In my house to trip takes another swig to water so only to @give this stock exchange has the plot more can that expected it.
5 / 5
Súper Handy for biking, hiking, or pursue really long. I have taken my girls to the local parade for bicycle, with me pulling two girls in the trailer of bicycle. It was hot and has known has required some water, but I any active anywhere to store it on my bicycle. With which are to go back, has looked for this type of product so that I will be has prepared better. This are adds! It is like the z/the rucksack for water. It is easy to use and has compartments of extra storage for tones, sunscreen, etc. like me some big ploughing for a bladder to water reason is easy to fill and cleaned. Has the data tries he in the short jog and the walk of the short bicycle and he have done utmost. An only thing will say is that a colour is not quite like this brilliant likes picture, but any way, I like a green. We are ready to take our walk of long bicycle prójima!
5 / 5
Thinks that ossia the add hydration sale for a prize. It resists 2 litres. I have spent this band for several different hikes and adds. It was able to store the few things in an extra pocket as well as an extra of waters of the boot in an outside with a drawstrings. It recommends!
4 / 5
The z/The rucksack was a lot. A water resavior has had the small hole in him. My woman fill up for a first time to the equal that could use he for the work and she have dipped he in a refrigerator to the equal that would be good and cold, (I starts of landscaping Arizona). It has been to take he of a water of refrigerator everywhere in my refrigerator. It has come that way to reason any acute object has had the habit of opens a container is entrance . The company contacted to substitute element that was defective. It has very appreciated.
5 / 5
Has Purchased 2 of these Hydration Bands for our travesías to hike with my woman,
the stock exchanges is in fact well, can say them his quite ergonomic to use,
4 / 5
It has taken these partorisca my edges because it have been to the weeklong camp familiarised this summer and I have wanted to him partorisca remain hydrated and know water that bulky bounced them can be. They enjoyed them really and my scout the edges took it inclusos in the scout travesía.


Some stock exchanges are well has done so much a plastic bladder and a carrier of rucksack. They are light. We save in a cabin when we were thirsty at night. And it was also he adds partorisca ours travesía.

A prize was the prize .

A green by heart and blue was true to paint of photo of the Amazon.

Has not looked partorisca import spending them. I think that that one measures waters is in his point for the (and probably more adults).

Is the ACHE partorisca wash ... In this I has any quite a lot of figure was like this to take a stock exchange to remain opened while drying. I guess an economic-skate in me need to purchase the box of more cleaned so that the plastic mouth can be propped in there (but is welcome to leave me some drying ideas!:) So only it is that I need to be something plastic in there while drying so that it will not rust.

I STRAPS were slightly different. A blue was more cushioned and with the better point. A green was the more plastically point. It has not been the question for us- but yes calm spend it against your skin could annoy you. Here it is the few photos of him use while we the project of service to paint and cleaning for an elderly widowed woman, and such...

Am not sure can resist a quantity esatta of litres (but are well with losing the cup).
5 / 5
Has bought this to hike. Hard to fill been due to covers and the thin bladder of east of low profile is hard to the grip and that could not open with the wet hand. It waters it there is the same plastic flavour afterwards pre-drenching 24hrs. The harness has any strap of @@@cofre, like this slides of shoulders with normal movement. A lot disappointing.
5 / 5
Heed to all the world-wide more revises that a rucksack has the @@subject to filter. I have thought perhaps it would be an exception likes some of some other descriptions that has not had any @subject. Unfortunately quell'concealed that has not been a chance.

Tried included it was before I have left to hike of mine and he looked well. I have been in my hike and has prepared a stock exchange and place he in a rucksack. Not even 5 mins to a hike seats my behind has wetted ...
Would ask my money behind but has launched is gone in one beats of the most next rubbish. It has not been to treat a hassle ...
Sucks But volume that paid partorisca, oh a lot of

Buy in your own risk.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Like this far we are that they love this hydration band! My familiar is recently be in the travesía to hike and was such the ache to spend around 5 water bounced. This hydration the band spends quite a lot of waters for us everything to share and a rucksack is really slender and comfortable. I took the second to imagine was like this to open a valve of mouth to the equal that have taken the little video to aim as and was really easy with which have imagined was. I can not comment in a longevity or durability, but looks really good and was easy to fill. My only worry is that mine 3 old year will bite by means of a hule that drunk spout, but go to maintain my eye in lucido.
4 / 5
This element are adds yes calms so only is using the little time. While running boot around the plot. There is not the way to ensure an inferior half of a rucksack and some straps of the shoulder so only can go like this tight. Well for horse riding of bicycle. Well to walk and hiking.

Has gone back after using this stock exchange for 3 month to go down description. I used it roughly 3 times the week for horse riding of trail and a loop in a second coverage( has some those zips and another concealed sees in a prime minister did not conceal any zip) entirely has spent and is non-existent. It has used that loop to hook he around the bungie strap in an outside. Some swipes of upper flap in a wind and slaps a backside of your boss constantly if it is not ensured somehow to a rest of a stock exchange. It takes old quickly.

In an interior there is elastic in a cup of one divide, ossia entirely spent and rest with the stringy disorder.

A work for an occasional rider, no for any the one who goes it to use to plot
4 / 5
has used a rucksack for the few long careers, and is returned already with the mine there is drenched behind. It has not been a sweat so only this has done my behind has wetted. Some leaks of rucksack and is not helped with a motion to run (those looks to worsen one @subjects more). His filtered so much that a water drips down and can feel it on my ankle/of shoes while they run. A subject is not like this bad when a bladder of water is less than 1L full. I have had to dip my telephone in the ziploc the stock exchange likes done snot takes soggy wet when in a rucksack.
Has been that looks for to identify where a leak is coming from. I have it narrowed down to a lid that/opens where fill in of waters he. I fill so only up with water and has shaken likes around would be when of those careers and has seen waters to filter.

Very sure if ossia a subject with an element I receipt or touches an endemic question. But if he fact snot do fault a primary purpose, can not give he more than 1 indication of star. :( Other people could have better regime with taking the no-leaky element. Another those some looks to filter to be that it resists on quite good.
4 / 5
Has has wanted to really like this produced reasons was the prize adds , but unfortunately, has to send it behind. It felt stupid that looks for to imagine was that a heck forest of him. Bitting A valve any one can be it. My teeth hurt now and does not have any way of mine 5I goes to be able of the use. Usually I not annoying with descriptions, but my hope is that the vendor will comprise clear directions in a packaging that advance of movements. While some looks of product directly advances, clearly is not . I expect that they fix a @@subject reason are everything in small subject that does his thing on Amazon, this in spite of, today has to that the turn is one . More than regime all the world!
4 / 5
Has bought this for man In of the llamas. It looked light and easy to spend around. When I have used he for a first time in a Beach has filtered. Squandering waters in general is the any a lot of but is gone in a dessert of black rock is the sin . When I Say filtered means the fast current to water as if a bladder there was state nailed. I have assumed he something wrong question and shooting begun. It could not find one @subjects another then one covers not sealing correctly. I have begun to ask around for the help and several people said me to the knots have had a same question with this exact product. It thanks God has packed a one has had to REY for years. It has done like the field. An only reason has clashes of data was reason a stock exchange is very light and with some laws of KING of bladder well. It is also cheep quite that has has not felt rasgado was. When Compraventa cheep volume cheep material. The lesson has learnt.
5 / 5
Included Although there is at all for the compare too much so that it is to say prime minister of mine hydration rucksack. I love this product, his a lot to build and the work adds. It was a lot of next to spend like this $ 60 in another mark to appoint that some of my friends have, but happy the has not been this street. They are the seasonal mountain biker and at present when be stuck in home the majority of a his day in an only workout am doing, these accesses of rucksack well, work perfectly. An only thing a lot of minor would say concealed did not admit me to take was the star of this the calm literally need learn like this to use a system to pull a water (suck). It would say some another law a same way, with the days that takes warmer, with which press a bomb with your mouth, drunk precise all a water in a first tube of calm the in firm otherwise yes pulls again will have covered the little, does not treat it big. For a way are able to quickly unlock and the drink that use so only a book I so that it follows that it locates. In fact I am recommending mine another highland Bicycle buddies, like this ossia the a lot of produced of build with good materials. Some have another mark and is taking this one for his boys. They are not the person of mark like any precise to aim toys, these produced is reasonably priced and works. It would say to give it shot it to him. For a way, my boy of 7 years uses he without questions, is the bit in a big side but loves it.
5 / 5
I to the equal that has loved this product . Still I have sent like this of the mines behind. I have done like this reason a stitching on 1 of some straps of the tube of the water is coming averts. I have used edge to sew it behind on but felt likes would require to redo this thickness. Another that that, a product was hanged very light & has loved that it could comprise my tones & of telephone in a pocket. I can repurchase..

Has taken the star was been due to a stitching.

Update : 8/9/20
there is repurchased this produces on 8/2/20 & I has used he for one 1 st time on 8/9/20 . A question still has arrived. A stitching the wine averts in this zone. I am not happy in this reason like this first have a
election to sew this on or returning a product.
To be sincere would not owe that require sew anything on something new & after the use 1 times.
Like this with this be has said. I will be to return this product once again. I have fallen also my indication for 3 stars of of the this is the current question .
Another that this subject , like this has produced.

I so only use this product to walk.
As they are not that it dips any tension on that.
Which have me puzzled reasons this maintains to spend.
5 / 5
I have hiked with this three times now. It filters bad. A first time, has thought that was something I wrong. A second time, has @to @give filtered of a base of a bladder where that bequeaths. A third time, thought that it had taken the to take. Wrong again. At all fijamente this filtering subject, and has finalised drenched in the each hike has used this on. Unfortunately I am external of a window of turn, as I have squandered my money. Now I see reason the people go with known frames, included although I am cost the plot.
4 / 5
Has ordered the blue one on its own name and the black a partorisca my daughter. They have arrived so only partorisca time partorisca some holidays required paralizaciones. One 2 or the has not been THE SAME!!! Some annexes of hose are different, one fill the closures were different. A black one has done perfectly. A blue a FILTERED and a lot so only the little has bitten. I fill, and place he in a refrigerator. In a morning was half empty and a fund of a refrigerator has been flooded. I refilled again and hose presionada and inaugural and has situated he in a refrigerator in the bowl, like the band was whole in a refrigerator. It has filtered still!
4 / 5
Copies very poor of another rucksack of better water.

A green of upper flap is the useless piece of the cloth where could have it been the pocket partorisca store tones, etc.
A Green colour is at all likes has described. It is partorisca dull it ugly dark green.
Water he still horrible test after multiple washes
Any clip partorisca ensure a tube partorisca drink
Any instruction

Any one. Kinda Economic.. Any value he this in spite of...
4 / 5
Has taken this rucksack partorisca water to run. It has looked for the z/the green rucksack that the way would be easy partorisca engine partorisca see me. It is light and a water pouch controls 2 litres of water. Partorisca me Is to spare water to take me by means of 5.5 miles that careers. It does not have the strap partorisca connect in a front so much partorisca stop of a rear band partorisca move around while it runs has to that presionar some straps quite lake but is not uncomfortable. One critical so only that has is that while it runs a valve of the bite does not have to that seal entirely reason the air will go back down a tube like this while running I basically has to that suck was all an air and I then takes to a water to take drunk. This cause to have air in my stomach to the equal that am running over time. It is class of annoying but in this prize says his acceptable. In general it is the good product , I just desire that a valve of bite there is prendido an air to go in.
4 / 5
Am surprised in credit it these works for such the economic product. I knew it it has taken the risk when I ordered it, but a risk looks for having paid was. A mouthpiece the enclosed locks to press he in. Calm besides has to that slightly apply pressure to a hule gasket around a piece of mouth to draw the current in firm of fluid. If a mouthpiece is concluded, any water drips was.
Has expected this product to neither not having the flow in bylines, or be filtering. It is neither. Work perfectly.
A stock exchange are not to add, and is obviously cheaply has done. Some straps are quell'has bitten thin and in the long hike this could cause some discomfort. But in general it is the surprisingly good and functional product for a prize.
4 / 5
Has gone back so only to leave this description after spending almost the year with a product and then buying a 'upgraded' hydration stock exchange that cost more but has not been like this of confidence like this a here. I will say, a rucksack he isnt manufactured a lot well but is not to like yours that goes to be spending he for 16 hours the day and are will leave knows is not a one for a work so only reason is not very durable, a cloth is quite thin in some something and some bands of adjustment have begun takes for rasgar. But the used a hell outta this thing. If calm so only is looking for lil piece to launch on and go for the course ossia - very light and he so only done a work. I am impressed more with a real hydration bladder that is to be comprise with a rucksack. Has his good build, a hose doesnt take taken up and has twisted.
4 / 5
Has used this band of water for two travesías of bicycle in 3 weeks, and like this far and has done well. A atasca to fill is very big as fill with out that loss is easy. It is quite big to launch gel in there also. It resists 2 in litres. Abundance of water for the walk of day. There is separates concealed is reflrctive of is trace at night. A value is removable his is easy to clean. I recommend to leave that some ploughs of bladder when storing so that the mould and the mould does not grow .

A band has to that way that has expected without surprises. A hair and the zips of only compartment have closed so that it can be the storage for your tones.

Would recommend this for any corridor/hiker or rider.
5 / 5
This hydration the band is for real to saver of life. It is like this useful to walk, running, hiking, biking, or camping. Leave your house of waters of the boat and have yours two hands free while when being active in an alfresco. Of then having this hydration sale, used it many times the week and has not experienced escapes it. First to use it, the fold verified with water in a tank to do sure there was any one escapes anywhere in a bladder. A water spout has spent he in the, so he calm does not need never take of a band to seat and rest, a spout where forest of the water of does not take tugged in muck. A backside of a rucksack has to that cushion and spacing to leave airflow, which is very still when the sweat is produced slope of the activities.
5 / 5
Ossia Very comfortable and easy to drink of. My thing preferred roughly is a space of storage . They are able to take touched of of an extra stock exchange in the shortest hikes to store everything in my band of camel. A zip maintains a bladder and the sure pocket. A flap is the little that annoying reason calms can does not ensure. There are cords to hang things of a backside with the clip but I did not use still. I have used some loops in some straps to hang the materials and is a lot of convienent.
4 / 5
Was trepidatious roughly included to small rucksack without of tape of waist, is not even the little question. Some stays of band in situating even while mixing up and down boulders. I have had the question with a tube of drink, how was in a half of the hike, could not take any water. I do not want stop and when it has taken home a tube of drunk has there was kinked. An only little question that has are would like me the little pouch/pocket for the tone. There are two compartments, one for a reservoir of water and another for other things, if you have dipped your tones in them would go directly to some subordinated and be hard to exit. It would purchase again and it would recommend to my friends.
4 / 5
It has taken this partorisca my husband. Has the small park, but takes the plot of upkeep; a lot of mowing, trimming, the canal that saws etc. Now, with this Camelback-like me produced (in the prize Much more abordable!) That can remain was partorisca much more of periods of time and take more the work done (which are ALL takes, LOL!). A bladder has the big quite inaugural to fill with abundance of gel to maintain a cold of the water and a creation is slender and low profile so as to not being weighed to spend while doing. It loves it and it was like this happy that has taken for him!
4 / 5
So only has begun recently the hike. Has the habit of always spend bounce it water with me but so only would be weighed too much with which two or 3 miles. Any to mention sense like my need of hands to be able to resist other things. Or take me has thought LOL. I have purchased this hydration sale with the bladder of water. It is easy access to drink like this walking. I know longer has to that take to drink water. Has big storage I so only has begun recently the hike. Has the habit of always spend bowl of water with me but so only would be weighed too much with which two or 3 miles. Any to mention sense like my need of hands to be able to resist other things. Or take me fall LOL. I have purchased this hydration sale with the bladder of water. It is easy access to drink like this walking. I know longer has to that take to drink water. Has big storage Coppell capacity. Easy to use. I add for people that exited for people like this of the long walks. Light and perfect to hike or daily use. Also it would be he adds for the corridors are people that strolls.
4 / 5
Salvation All the world, has spent this reason are to be announce some last 6 years and spent to bounce it small water while it runs but when I have seen this product has thought to substitute this with some waters of boat and has to that 2L capacity that is spare so that short longitude to maintain you hydrated. Also it uses this to hike and walks of trail in of the weekends. They are very pertinent and smooth to spend while they run. There is any question to escape still. It liked Really of this product and my friends also take to hike. The nave and the delivery were quite fast and punctually. I can suggest this to any thus produced. 5 stars.
5 / 5
He Goes to hike or to somewhere where fresh drinking waters is not available, will recommend this hydration sale strongly.  
Are very interested to exit with my friends especially that walked to spend some time of quality. While doing the hiking is a lot last to spend waters manually is very difficult and will drain your a lot prompt energy. So much, to win this Hydration the band is a better substitution . They have done with materials of big quality, the light where can spend like the z/the rucksack, of the poster of breathable point retreated and big quality nylon knitted that it is comfortable and durable. A capacity of the stock exchange of the water is 2L and simple way to drink water. A rucksack is very drawn slender and small perfectly returned in your backside also perfect form of container of water. Calm will not feel at all waring the z/the rucksack. 
5 / 5
This company has resupplied service of excellent client! I will be to order again. Thank you!
Liked a band, liked there is had a compartment of extra to store elements like this of the bites, tones, etc. Without being the z/the bulky rucksack. It liked that a mouthpiece of ploughs and conclude (in place of just pinching with teeth the sip, which find leaks throughout when any into use). I wish a tube disconnected of a bladder that would do for more cleaned easier. A an I had had the subject small and a company done with me easily and quickly to solve he so that it could order another. WONDERFUL!
5 / 5
Looked in hydration bands for the few weeks and am happy has solved them is one. A rucksack is small as it does not annoy me a lot a lot of in long hikes. It likes that I can dip of my tones and stock exchange to a rucksack together with a water packs that has the separate compartment. For a hydration band and rucksack combo is a lot of value a prize. For just a hydration sells looked to spend around $ 18 for him like this the little bucks more for a rucksack is the shot adds . An only thing is that it wishes a band of water was easier that clean and drought.
5 / 5
Has has wanted to really like this, but unfortunately are so only any sure goes to last. Some straps are plastic point , which has finalised to be the little uncomfortable when a day is really hot. Ossia One 3rd hydration the band there is compraventa and a less than impressing a. Has one in the elder of rear band, another concealed is like this one, small and light weight but very better the quality and has the little extra room/pockets for things like your telephone and first box of small help, but this one goes to be so only a water. Also, you join a band in, which is well, but no like this sure as mine other bands that has more fat Velcro straps for a hydration bladders.
In general, will do a work and he is green, which was my daughter reports so only, and has used, as we will maintain it to us, but is better was that it pays 2-3 more dollars for the little better quality a.
5 / 5
Am surprised this hydration the band is like this good-has revised. There is the number of questions with him. First of all, has any straps forward in some upper or fund, as so only hangs in your shoulders. One fill the hole for a bladder is also very small, he doing difficult to upload with gel and of the water. This in spite of, a worse part is a flimsy valve of bite, which has an inner plastic piece that is mine-molded and bent, and leaks after a first use. I have paid less for hydration bands with any of a negatives of this element. I will be to buy more those.
5 / 5
Has bought this the few weeks does to have something to drink among paintball games more than spending the water bounced. It has looked for something very simple that it could spend, and this product returns a bill. Fill a bladder is quite easy, around one fill the hole is the hard plastic coverage to resist while fill. A coverage left also to ray a lid has retreated on without spilling a liquid. Drinking out of a band is quell'has bitten uncomfortable, but will not deter me to use he in a future. You pull a nozzle with your teeth and suck by means of a tube to drink, then press it behind to situate when you are finalised. Of a nozzle is done of a lot of pliable hule, has had to regulate my grip the little time to take to focus good. A band is very light and while there is a lot of insulation, has found a water is remained fresh in a bladder a whole day during a summer.
4 / 5
Has been meaning to write this description every time tries to fill a hydration sale with water. Ossia Literally a defect of worse drawing never. It is impossible to fully fill a bladder and take one covers screwed on with out that loss a water everywhere. Has another hydropack where one covers of the ray is in the CUP of a bladder ANY in the SIDE so that in fact I can fill plenary and ray he on without the riada. It has taken that have paid stops. I have bought these for my two 8& 10 year old boys those who for some reason can not pull a blue nipple was to drink without the appeal entirely of a tube. Again, flooding water everywhere. If I have had any to write his nomination on the with the sharpie before ours first hike would be him to them returned..
4 / 5
I have been looking for the z/the rucksack of water partorisca the long time. In the first place it was, but to very comfortable to spend and easy to take in and era. Refilling Is seeds-difficult but manageable. It is very easy to have a water of loss of the during calm nozzle. A subject of only entity has had/has is a flavour of water. I not having well water so that it is not that a water is hard. A subject is does the “rubbery” “chemical” flavour. I washed it roughly the time of dozen but he still rests. Although, I will say it that it began it the minorado. I use it on the bicycle locates the plot and find it very easy to use, in spite of one escapes water. Also the utilisation while I mow a gram while seating in mine mower (he really do this) and is very comfortable.
5 / 5
A good the product & has taken here quickly EXCEPTS that some leaks of valve on mine. It has begun partorisca filter some first time fill. Some attractive of valve and pushes partorisca open and next and filters among some two pieces of a valve. It has dipped in rear of mine car & all has been drenched when it has taken was. May so only be is one. Among 2 pieces; A rucksack that is well for a prize. Then it has one the bladder to water w valve & of hose. I fill a then dipped bladder he to a little rear band after fill. This one there is dripped of day 1.
5 / 5
For a prize this band is fantastic. Easy to clean, a valve of bite can be taken has completed averts and a hose has the fast disconnect of a bladder. A ploughing to a bladder is quite big to take the paintbrush of boat to to clean. Hanged very light, sweat to plot when I locate and this dry thing a lot quickly after the walks. My only complaint is that a tube hangs free, but is not never really gone in a way of anything I so that the supposition does not concern me enough to deduct any stars. Also it returns mine 7 old year, as they are by train to take one for Christmas for when we locate neighbouring.
4 / 5
A lot of- I has not bought this thing because I enjoy long-distance biking, hiking, or any one another physical activity. I have bought this for an only purpose of having the z/the rucksack for festival and of the external concerts! A trick is spending he to an empty place the comply with some principles of an ease jointly, and it fill up in your source your next plus. It is small and able to resist the decent quantity to drink, but no bulky and annoying to spend around. I call the little old lady to be like this odd, but will be hydrated while all the world-wide more is that it pays $ 12 partorisca sodas!!!!
4 / 5
Really like this light hydration band! Has the big plus, full-measure hydration band, which are adds for hikes/of winter of the fall when precise band spent extra. I have loved the sale the smallest for the warmest months and this was so only that has required. It wishes a zone of the pocket of the front was the little elder, so that there has not been a lot of room for the stock exchange of small paper, tones, and clif the bar afterwards has dipped my chance of glasses in and a bladder is full. Still really happy with him, this in spite of!
5 / 5
Of the that Spent this an interior rasgó after liking 5 uses. And yesterday for a first time never of has bought them has loved them the cleaned and wash a tube the very softly and meticulously has taken averts to clean and when it snapped them a tube behind has maintained to filter! When A thbe is to take a stock exchange doesnt filter so only when a tube is napped bck in the tried for hours the gix the and any use! That the waste of money
4 / 5
has used this the rave. AVG Storage for a stock exchange of water, but sure mark to clean it to take a plastic flavour was. It was light, but has scared to the straps rasgarían but they the no. has maintained my Anker portable upload in here also. It would filter out of a tube occasionally I a lot relock a piece of mouth. A water is not exited but has not had any direction to such me roughly like this to close and unlock a mouthpiece, so that there is at the beginning has thought that a stock exchange there was rasgado. Well you are looking for the economic stock exchange, fast in looking short.
4 / 5
Has taken this rucksack to water so that it could go in of the long walks without any worry abut that careers out of water and when in the first place it has taken this is to be concern that it would be weighed too much or that would launch he of my balance like path. After active used he for the solid week can say with certainty that is not so only light and any disorder with my balance, but also resists the plot of water and dipped hiela cold water in him, the work like the way adds to maintain calm of overheating while external in of the hot days. To good sure would recommend this product for this lover of character or jogger in your family!
4 / 5
Has taken this for when I go to hike or camping. I have been looking to take a concealed is not too big reason always finalises to pack stirs it partorisca stuff like this the z/the rucksack is a perfect measure . It comes with the stock exchange of water and the hose to drink but calm can takes was the paralización when it calms does not love uses. A quality of cloth is quite well like this calm does not have to that concern roughly breaking anytime punctual. For a prize, am really happy has taken this stock exchange . It recommends this to any one looking for the z/the small rucksack.
4 / 5
These works of product to resist the good quantity of water. There is quite a lot of room has left on for the small bite and light train. This in spite of, this product CAN FILTER!!! It will be very you checks ALL SOME ANNEXES every time. This means a mouthpiece, a full valve, and a fund of a bladder of water he where a hose connects. If utilisations the camera as the gone pro or another camera of the sports does not store your products in this stock exchange, like this potentially can take wet. I recommend? Yes reason is economic and the work yes has used properly and verified first to fill.

Top Customer Reviews: CamelBak Kids ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
Excellent substitutions partorisca a camelbak has produced of eddies! Unfortunately I owe that no @to @give until WITH WHICH have purchased these two substitutions of band that Camelbak has an amazing taken your guarantee of Rear guarantee! So you possess A lot of camelbak produced, so only go to a web of place and fill out of the very fast form partorisca take the piece of substitution ( partorisca me was a piece of mouth of the valve , I mine nailed somehow!) And literally it was easy as it can be ! I have not required partorisca resupply any test of compraventa or anything of a such, so only choose a product or require a substitution partorisca, then choose some the courses require have substituted, and enter your mailing info. Camelbak Sends yours the days of pair! Of course, if so only it likes him he has to that you join few extra pieces, goes partorisca these!
4 / 5
Has used these partorisca substitute some straws in my girls camelbak bottles this there is roughly 3 years, concealed has not been a new more insulated model of Eddy. In a backside of a container, tip some two different period of straws that this product is done partorisca to the equal that drives of where partorisca cut, and some straws can be cut with just the knife of acute cookery. Alternatively, if has any straw of ones bounced that has, calm so only can use these as yours drive partorisca cut these some down partorisca measure yes has required. Has has had to that so only the cut was in the thumb of neighbourhood partorisca do them returned like new.

Has found this useful description, please click a key 'useful' down. Thank you!
4 / 5
A straw of substitution is 5/8' also long. It is included longer that a map in a backside of a packaging! WTF?! Reason sell parts in a wrong measure?

Am returning. I have bought a combo the eddies and parts of substitution of girl of band partorisca substitute the missing straw in another boat has. I have assumed partorisca buy joint them of camelbak would ensure the access. It was BAD. Camelbak Need to fix this. Leaks of cause of long straws and give you of the bad descriptions. Improvement QC.
5 / 5
A piece of sum of returns of the mouth partorisca some girls camelbak but some straws are too long. We possess 10 of a 12oz boys camelbaks and does not return in any of them. It is too a lot the time has compared to some the normal straws come with. A “normal” straw is in an accident and a new one east in a legislation, slightly longer. Felizmente, has bought he partorisca a piece of mouth but has wanted to share for another. I guess it is possible of the cut has required to but ossia until you.
5 / 5
Purchases the boy CamelBak boat of the a lot of reputable sporty tent. My mother in law has lost a straw to the equal that require the substitution. It liked that of a valve of bite could be substituted of the mould and the germs are always the worry. This in spite of afterwards substitute all and that tries to close a lid there is @@give a lid would not twist on easily. A question was that a period of a straw was much more that a boat. For presionar a lid some needs of straw to be angled and he always twenty up in a far end of a valve (valve in a fund, straw angled partorisca on). This perhaps is not the question for a boy an old plus, but mine 2 old year the results have frustrated that it can not take to everything of a water. For me it is so only the ache to have to that slant a straw every time I ray in a cup. It would expect this was an out of frames, but to the chair likes is responsible to love of some pocolos marks and produced to match.
4 / 5
Some straws are longer that some the original straws for ones bounced boys. They touch a fund, is harder that dip near and leaks more than with some original straws. Odd. Some parts of bite are so it was with an original boat.
4 / 5
My kiddo is 3 & in 1/2 the year has chewed/rasgado a breaking in a cup of a spout. It is been roughly 3 month & there is not any sign of wear in a spout. It could be deceived, but feel like these is stronger that one some concealed is coming with a cup. It would buy him again (but appearance do not need to still the awhile). I have not had any subject with them that return a cup. The works add to like some originals.
4 / 5
Perfects to substitute chewed on valves or valves that the loss was water when the girl is done (does not know reason but when the valves spend down, his backflow and will filter around the boats yes calm any latch mouthpiece closed). I have been using some bounced with the few valves of substitution for the few years. Amur That some valves are easy to find on Amazon the difference other frames where has to that call a company (any mamma has time to seat on resists for ever to take the valve of term of substitution).
4 / 5
I supposition are by train to use them so it can not complain too much but some straws are clearly longer and fatter that some straws of leading eddies have had. It is not the enormous shot but is quite that now is paste a subordinated and My boys complain when some swipes of straw directly down and does not have suction reason is stuck to a paving of a cup. Oh Well. The next time so only will buy whole new cup.
5 / 5
These are listed like the substitution for a water bounced of Girls of Eddies. A spout is right but some straws are also yearn some bounced. They are the good thumb longer that some straws that originally is coming with of bounced them. Has has had to that the cut to do them work. It has not been it has taken the messed on stir or that but was the way also anxiety some cups. Otherwise Is well. A spout is exactly one same like original.
4 / 5
I have bought these reasons my only drunk daughter of a Camelback cups. These extra straws are fantastic because they are in fact longer that a some a Camelback comes with in a cup. In this way my daughter can drink to one a lot inferior. The values of extra bite are also utmost because my daughter tends partorisca bite holes in his.
4 / 5
The element was totally well, but description of the product has not indicated (at least a lot a lot clearly) that this was partorisca a big more insulated boat. An inner straw does not return inner a rule CamelBak bounced Boys.
5 / 5
Love a camelbaks partorisca our boys, but these straws are also yearn some cups. He still laws and after, but a straw will seat lateralmente in place of legislation.
5 / 5
Perfect substitution partorisca the girls of my edges camelbak. It tends partorisca chew in a valve to the equal that need to substitute them more often that no. Ossia like this more economic that that buys the whole new cup! They are easy to clean but sure mark you really the air the dry. The mould wants to all of these valves of bite! I washed him in a dishwasher without any subjects also but then has left his the dry air afterwards.
4 / 5
Has purchased these like extras to a valve of bite and straws that is coming with an Eddy of Boys that already have but some straws are too long. Calm would not think that is to say too big of the shot until it takes stuck against a fund of a boat, not leaving any drink to exit and your toddler launches an absolute access. We plan to cut these to a measure of some another but would have been utmost to know that these would be the different measure .
5 / 5
My woman and I love a camelback bounced boys and each one that like this of ours three boys has his own. Although each cup has been significantly abused, still does not filter (while some lids and the straws are in shape decent), and is mostly in a piece. This has said, our girls, never some adventurers some, has taken to a habit to stick things to some valves of bite, like some forks, and pieces of alimentary. Has has had also the launches of boy some plastic straws in our backyard fences in never to having seen again. Been due to of the this is to appreciate for a band of accessory that was able to purchase here. They return perfectly, and maintain some cups of girls that reads like new again. Some cup is relatively expensive, how is good to be able to use them partorisca to the long of to the the year likes him everything of our another childrens the cups have tended to die an early death.
5 / 5
Wishes these were more durable. My boys use on his water bounced and some valves to bite never last more than the month or two before rasgan. For something concealed is done for boys, would find it would be more durable. Perhaps CamelBak could use the plastic the durable plus? It would love it so much if I do not owe that rebuy this each little month.
5 / 5
Has bought two insiemi of these values of bite of the substitution for my boys Camelbak. Very easy to substitute and access perfectly. An old straw is not to warn was still but well that has this new some for backsides up. The desire could take these in other colours like this of the oranges or green of file as it came it with an original Camelbak.
4 / 5
Some straws are also yearn my boy 4 camelbak bounced boys. They are at least 3/4 a thumb a plus along that some straws that is coming with ones bounced, like this calm can not bend a mouthpiece on to a place of lock, that does a leak to bounce water. It would be he adds to take the repayment, or a straw of right measure.
5 / 5
Like another reviewers has said, HE a bit the straws are longer but in my BETTER same opinion that one some concealed is coming with a Camelbaks. The reason is an original some have not achieved some subordinated and on more than an occasion would slip a grip of hule and surrender a boot unusable like the straw floated around free. With this straw, a straw achieves a boat without extra room the skip was. Yes, calm still can suck on a water this in spite of presiona a lid has retreated on. A hule mouthpiece is like an original some like the perfect substitution in chance there is kiddos this has chewed on an original some.
4 / 5
This gone back perfectly in a measure of girls CamelBak the water bounced. Easy to substitute. A silicone is soft and easy to use for small some, but also easy partorisca his partorisca bite holes in. Partorisca Clean, everything has to that be taken averts and the paintbrush of special straw is necessary. An assembly of whole straw can be inner pressed of an upper and leaks partorisca water everywhere. It did not think it it could spend, but leave to my grandson of 3 years! They love a CamelBaks bought him, for this that substitutes a mouthpiece and the straw and any bounce whole water.
4 / 5
Has a CamelBak bounced boys. I have lost some straws, etc have ordered like this these substitutions. They do not return in some boys camelbak. Some straws are too long. I think that that these can be the fakes or are just mislabled. They are longer that some original straws that is coming with a Camelbaks has bought. They are like this calm a lot the times can any ray an upper behind on. Some valves neither return properly. When I used Him with an original straw, has filtered everywhere. I have bought these reasons says that they come directly of camelbak, but I marvel if in fact they do.
4 / 5
Are add partorisca have this straw of valve & of the substitutions like this of the girls tends partorisca bite in a piece of mouth and finally breaking the tight focus of a slit-open section where the liquid flows was.
Thinks partorisca substitute mouthpiece & the straw will maintain the girls use the same water bounced in fact a lot of years. The only complaint of this product would be a piece of mouth (valve of bite) need by means of cleaning with pipe of straw/of paintbrush of small pipe of type of the most cleaned to take all some slimes that could built on inner.
5 / 5
These produced returns/done with our boys camelback the water bounced. Some straws are the tad longer that some original some, but does not import reason think that that they can take more out of a cup that with some original straws.
4 / 5
Ossia Ours second time that purchases parts of substitution. One first order was the perfect party . East times some straws are also yearn some reason.
4 / 5
The substitutions add partorisca camelbak waters of boat of eddy of boys. My edges chew and game with a spouts, likes rasgan, and these substitutions are better that substituting a whole boat. They love these bounced, so that it is adds. Really easy to take avert and cleaned, also.
4 / 5
I like an option partorisca purchase straws and new valves, and am pleased with them. My original valves have been chewed and has broken finally opened after the few years of use, as it waters it has filtered easily. These valves and the straws are of sound.
5 / 5
Likes another has said these do not return some boys camelbak the water bounced and does not know reason a title declares that it does?! Has not reading some first descriptions to purchase and the desire has done.
A straw is too long. In planting to seat directly up has to that be bent to a side partorisca return. If any one annoying likes to annoy me guesses reads?
4 / 5
Easy to take and substitute. It has him that shabby reason my boys chew a piece of mouth until ploughs a slit too and leaks. Some straws of substitution this in spite of do not return to a cup as well as some original straws. With a straw of substitution, chair in a corner in a cup partorisca apt. It does not affect an use or cause any leaks so it does not import .
4 / 5
Usually take a guard of bite for to them like him my edges chews him up but has thought them could use new straws this time. Some straws are to the courts that leaves roughly 1/2 to 3/4 thumb of a bottem of some boys camelbak bounced.

Top Customer Reviews: G-Run Hydration ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
The tape adds and very durable. It uses this tape in the another day in the six career of one thousand and there is still partorisca have any subjects of entities. I can spend my telephone, Epi Pen, two small protien bars, and included has the small space partorisca yours GO. Also like me that has the little extra “bond downs” like this always can add something extra has required. A prize are adds also and a stay to water bounced in place with the simple strap.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This hydration the tape is simply awesome. It returns partorisca perfect all precise partorisca any external activities. Fact of the material of quality, the looks goes partorisca last the long time. They are by train partorisca use it A lot so only partorisca run but in my travesías partorisca fish also. Amiably fact! Very satisfied with this tape partorisca run!
5 / 5
Partorisca Begin, has purchased this partorisca some looks and hope of a quality and use of a product. I have received he without questions and in the reasonable prize. I have maintained he in a car for the moment before in fact trying it was in a course because of him looked and felt well. I initially like a slimness of him and that has had two water bounced with him. My first career of trail of a year and in the first place go in this new tape left stressed out of legislation out of a door. One a thing that hate to do during the career is trying to regulate or maintain readjust something that fall off maintaining of any and good rhythm. Immediately a bat, could does not maintain regulated and has maintained to come free, then further in a buckle has maintained to burst free trying mantenerprpers tight as it would not fall .
Together with that, has had my telephone and key fob with me in a pouch pocket. A telephone was tight, and a key fob has added his was just way also. Always it likes to have my telephone, your, and any one the paper or cash in chance of emergency when it was are that it runs and because of a measure and creation, this left unimpressed. Where Has been bad for me was that a way is built a side forward is stronger and tighter that an interior that leaves the bulge to your side more than the bulge to an outside. Another stress has added has has had to that my career. Halfway by means of him, I have finalised to use crossways in mine has to that, which has done well has taken once has used his. For a water bounced, was well with been due to a lot regularly uses the whole plot of water and was spare for me.

In an end, has left the description of one stars and some the main subjects have had. Reading on some of some descriptions, has found that another has had a same question together with people that felt was perfect for them. I have been contacted two times for some owners in a description concerned with a satisfaction that has had. Now looking in an on-line product sees that they offer 100% satisfaction to a product. They have more than enough I have resupplied this with taking the Graces and excuse handwritten paper in a topmast that impressed.

So much, finally, is looking to purchase this, the would repurchase that it knows that it likes him the company is upper-notch to of service of client and will resupply 100 satisfaction that alleges. With the so many people the in the pleasant and like this types of corridor there, these products can be some legislations a for you, and so only spends to be no a legislation one for me.
5 / 5
Has has wanted to really like this tape. I have it that has not had never a before and are wanting to having water appearance and the place to resist my telephone. Unfortunately same in an absolute tighter I follows constantly king regulating it :(

Update: I achieved it it was Susan and Mary roughly taking the tape done of commission of another was so only a lot quite tight. Inside an hour had answered and offered to send me the tape done new a next day. I took it so only in a 11 career of one thousand and was perfect! Not bouncing at all. Ossia The perfect product and service of amazing client. Thank you So many!
4 / 5
First of all to the left say this company is legit! I have bought my tape and after the few weeks to run with him on, one of some little record that control some waters of boat has broken.
Coincidentally Some owners of a company, Susan and Mary had sent to join me email that ask like this has liked him to it me my tape. It said him that a bit strap there has been has broken. Have excusado And less than the week sent the new mark a. Now ossia service !

A tape is comfortable, easy to regulate, does not slip and resists an iPhone XS Max with the chance, any question. Also it has the pouch inside a pouch to resist your to GO or papers crediticios. Some waters it bounced resists so only a right quantity of water and is easy to take was and place behind in.

There is logged quite the pocolas miles with this tape. They are 6'1” big with to 36” encircled and a tape returns perfect.

Thank you Susan and Mary to draw the tape that reads to run! Has the client of for life!
4 / 5
Has loved this tape when I saw it in the first place and read all some descriptions have bought it like this.

Has used he for the pair of the careers and I love a measure of a real band to be able to return all I need and I likes him that has pockets to dip my tone in or chap clave (things that would go in a way usually).

My @@subject my big plus was so only a fact that has had the plot to bounce of a tape is more stops to 30” waist +. My measure of waist is to 27 .

When I have received a tape has seen the paper that says if it is not returned legislation to send an email Susan and Mary and they would do the tape done of commission. I thought that it that it was too good to be true until it has taken the fast response and today has received so only my new tape that access soooo well!!!

These gals is surprising and am blown like this has gone by a level of priest of client. Highly recommend this tape and company!
5 / 5
1/24/21 update: I have received my tape of substitution and this one are ADDS! I have been for the course this morning and my water there is not spilt at all. Has update my description to 5 stars!

Original: I have used this tape two times now and has had the question with ones bounced that they filter throughout me while they run. Both times have tried moving a tape around (thinking perhaps rubbed against my front or behind, that causes one covers to open). I have it quell'has tried also turn of bounced them around, thinking some same, but any regime. A first time, has done sure has fill to a 10oz line and for some times have been to grab the drink, was down to a 4-5 oz line in both bounced! I have been for my second pursues this morning and could feel a water that drenches down my pant legs. The same what is spent, have gone to grab the drink and I was down to a 4 oz line.
A vendor comprises the paper with contacting info, but my husband has launched a paper was. I have tried google a company to see yes could find contact info, but any regime.
If a vendor could contact, this would be adds. A bad time, am returning this tape.
5 / 5
When Walking or that runs my dog often takes thirsty before I do like this of the dogs , as having this water bottles handy can give his water when any water is available and can continue on without taking. It is so only that has required takes short daily careers ours. It is hanged quite light also, although I remark the little more hanged on me when some bounced is both full but to be expected.

Looks to be very very done also and an extra pouch is perfect for this paper of identification or mobile phone requires with us. It would buy again for the present or if the mine does not spend never was which will not be for the data of long time this quality.

Highly would recommend for any corridor or start of sessions !
5 / 5
Has used this tape to run a time like this far and found the perfect. I spent it on to 12 formation of one thousand career, in 30 times of terracing, and a quantity to water some two bounced has resisted was a perfect quantity. A pouch is the very good measure, and would resist my telephone, excepts that I have found a the majority of comfortable way to spend a tape was with a pouch in my right side, and a boat of waters in mine front and one in my backside. With this place, a pouch could not accommodate my telephone, as I have chosen to spend that in a band of arm.
Are the slender 5'5', 122lb woman, and a small measure was absolutely the perfect access. It was very concerned roughly he jiggling on and down, but it spending fleece spent of base, and the streaky running spent, he no budge at all and felt. I can not speak to the well will remain in place in a summer, with only the tshirt or cup of tank.
In general this was the product adds .
5 / 5
Really Liked Me this tape! It has been it bit it weighed but ossia to be expected with both water bottles full-like this forest a light more some results of tape. It liked that it was of able of presionar a tape for the do the sure access & was easy to turn of the the reverse to access a pouch. A pouch feels ensures & not liking inner of things jostle around. I have used this for a first time today in the 5 one thousand career & has not felt never inconvenienced for him. It likes that it has it bungees partorisca of some cups of some bounced to be ensured ( has had another water/of tapes bottles concealed & would not fall out of his holster during the career-kinda swipe a purpose of having some waters of the boat yes goes to fall so only was) is in accordance with some of some descriptions that some waters it bounced is quell'has bitten difficult to go in & out of his pouch but is simply bc is ensures & not bouncing around that I for one thinks is a goodness more than the defect.

In general very impressed & happy with this tape!
4 / 5
Loving this hydration tape partorisca the long distance that cut. I have bought a small which is perfect. I prefer my hydration tapes partorisca seat down in my hips. My measure of hip is 30 thumbs . I have been concerned a tape would not return , seats snug in my hips with some room partorisca do a tape a small plus this in spite of no the plot. It does not slip up or down when I circulate. Has the something partorisca my mace/spray of bear. I can return my telephone, gel bands, and chap clave in a zone of pocket. This has more room that Nathan Hydration the tape has had. Some waters of returns of sure boat and does not join him down during my careers and his do not fall era. It would recommend and buy this again in a future.
4 / 5
Has been that careers with the fanny sale partorisca age and decided to finally buy the tape partorisca run that it has had it the water bounced. Scanning by means of some options on Amazon, this one has taken my eye. It has had images of the people that spends these tapes with a pouch in his back (to to the way likes to situate my band) as decided partorisca give tries it. Work perfectly in this place and I can still grab a water bounced and situate them behind enough easily. Some chairs of the way in my waist is perfect also - some straps are quite wide to not moving around or appeal in clothes. I also concerned roughly yes or no my telephone in his life-the chance of test would return in a pocket. It does with spare room. To good sure would recommend.

One another thing - I follows really impressed with his service of client. I am gone in and besides expectations to achieve was and sure mark all is doing well. Some tapes have the guarantee of time of the life and has the question to return the mark done to commission one for you.
5 / 5
Does not like Me having to that anything in my hands or on me (like the z/the rucksack) while it runs. So only it feels heavy mine . This in spite of, now that has been running the longest distances in a summer, has @to @give has required something to spend water with me while I have run. This tape has done to good sure a trick! Once it is on, he no really movement on me. I have found some pieces of band out of the little, but has regulated so only a tape for the tightest. It is comfortable and really forget is there. I can return my iPhone 11 and your of house in a pouch with abundance of spare room for the pocolos other small elements. I think that that ossia the tape adds, comfortable that to good sure returns my needs.
4 / 5
Has taken this to spend water in my longer careers.

The tape is has bitten often and heavy. The pocket is very big. You bounced it waters it it is tiny.

The @@subject the big plus for me was that it seats well in my hip, with bounced squarely in a side where my elbow usually would be. Any to clash my elbow to a boat, has to create a shoulder and clave out of my elbow that is a lot that annoying especially when when being in poster a lot of hours.

Can not press a tape causes more the drop would fall off or interfere with my movements of leg. Moving it big would do a worse question.
5 / 5
Is not sure state one 10 oz bounced them would be enough for my career, but is perfect. There is the pocket for my telephone, and 2 small pockets interior to gum, tones, chapstick or small elements. I any one need anything in my pockets or of the hands.
A big quality of this tape surpasses a cost, am like this happy has had the partner recommends this tape.
Has the paper in a pocket that asks the direct contact there is the question like that can do well; I seat estimated. I want that this product means enough to a costruttore that is has had to that to be a direct contact. Enough it would sustain the family has possessed business that the big company where are so only the drop in the barrel of consumers. Kudos To a familiar this has created a tape. It is perfect for me!
5 / 5
Are quite new in running (6 diverse month times the week). I require water when I circulate it and ossia perfect! I can vary the mine GOES key and
Telephones comfortably and some waters it bounced is well. A cup has to that be lifted opens manually, which is better that one some have tried that automatically open when it sucks on him. These have tended to filter when it has run. These do not filter at all. Discontent to Drink out of plastic but ossia my only complaint . A tape has 2 different places can be presionados, which enough maintains to bounce around while I am running. In general, I like this the plot. I spend it every time I career and am happy purchased it.
5 / 5
Loves this needs to be tight to avert jiggling. I wish some waters it bounced has had the with the the big plus to the equal that could add cubes of geles to a boat. Instead, I fill partially and freezing. I add it waters it to a partially frozen boot. Good measure zippered ploughing for mine 6.5' for 3.5' telephone with spare room for gloss of lip and cloths. Clasps Is the bit has to that shove near. Attended this to take easier with use. Well it has thought it to it in him was, functional creation. Leave the feeblest of the drawing is some two elastic bands that control a cup of some waters it bounced expects everything to treat well for the long time. It recommends.
4 / 5
Has taken this was for a first time for my half prime minister-marathon. Calm know you would have to that do the test run of crew, but my normal hydration has not been an option, as it has taken this last now . It is true to a description and exactly that has expected. It could easily it is returned my papers and your car in some pockets of small interior (two of them!) And dip my sugars, the bar of small protein, and my ear further of the telephone buds. It felt comfortable, remained in place, was perfect. It has felt the little weighed in a start with both bounced full, but concealed is so only reason waters is 't the transmissions concealed!
5 / 5
Is hydration the tape is comfortable, and taste that a zippered pouch has to that abundance of room for my telephone, tones, and the energy chews. Also it appreciates some elastic loops that goes around your cups to bounce water to resist them situates better. My waist is small, and when I have presionado a tape all a way, he still bounced on and down bit it. The service of client had comprised his email address with a product, and when I contacted him roughly a subject, has written well behind and offered to facts of commission-do the tape the small plus for me for any one load! His this for me immediately, and unfortunately USPS has lost a container. Susan and Mary have discovered has been lost before I have known the included, and has done and has sent another promptly, this time that comprises an information to follow. Cela One has arrived quickly, and returns very better! It was very impressed with the service of client of Susan and Mary and wanting to be sure his product done for me.
5 / 5
Has loved really love this element - I has looked for the trail that careers hydration tape to use on 30–careers of 60 minutes with spatial to spend to the long of the telephone and auricular. This was perfect, but is not never able state of the take quite tight to not slipping down which means that each pocolos small have to that pull a tape and some bows for the regular. Some clips that the control in some waters it bounced is also flimsy, and both have broken in my tape. Ossia An example to take which pays stops.

No a deception included - return this product before it breaks in calm also.
4 / 5
It had been looking for the fanny sale with headlines partorisca bounce water partorisca the while now, and am very pleased with cost of mine! It seats snugly in my waist and hardly moves at all, included in of the long careers. I prefer an access when I turn it around, like a water bounced and fanny is in mine behind, more than mine front - something in an impact so only feels surer, but is quite easy to whip he around to grab the drink from time to time. These looks to be clearly drawn for corridors - each one to which likes the small detail, of some waters of boat bungies to some pockets inside a fanny sale, is a lot thoughtful. I recommend this band sure!
5 / 5
Has has had dozens of hydration in common tapes- ossia of the best for far. Material quality very big and creation, súper light and breathable weight. The wide tape does not slip or bounce. Really big pouch returns my iPhone 11 ProMax with inside pockets to resist tones and other elements. It has not tried he in a rain, but looks waterproof. Waters of boot has the little elastic band to maintain he in place, but does not use him - does not look necessary. I prefer 2 you bounced smaller (10 oz each one which as) for balance. There is some another very small characteristic has not imagined was like this to use still!
4 / 5
Has bought this during Covid to maintain my masks and hand sanitizer like that goes for my walks of morning. The maintaining uses has included when walking a dog. It was also able to return in a pouch my telephone granola bar, first box of small help, licence of engine, money, sunscreen, gloves of hule, band of hair and Chapstick. In a side is elastic bands that use to help ensure the reusable grocery stock exchange. They are really happy bought it. An access is perfect to the equal that are the main measure . It does not move around while I am walking. Once it has taken it is returned has to that any to found me the regulating at all. Highly it would recommend it.
5 / 5
Has used this yesterday partorisca to 7 trail of one thousand career and am very impressed. I have fill both 10 bounced of the entirely full ounce and there is has not had subjects with them when being too bulky or loose. Some elastic hooks to a cup of a water bounced to maintain them has ensured. It was able to maintain my spray of pepper, iPhone, and car tones in a pocket also. A construction of a tape he, the pocket and waters bounced is big quality . A tape is quality softer and big that has been waiting for a prize. They are the women has measured 8, the waist is roughly 29' and has has had to that do slightly smaller. To good sure would purchase this one again!
5 / 5
Has had big hopes thus tape that experience for my woman to use while running, first time used it a tab that continuous in a cup of some waters of boat to help the control in place has broken immediately. Any sure if this will import a lot to use some bounced but surely does not have to that it has broken in a first use. A lot disappointed in this compraventa.
5 / 5
A tape is súper comfortable and stays in situating yes is running or walking. Light and has the component adds for telephone and of the tones. I have had the subject small with one of some pockets that control some waters of boat where a stitching is coming partly undone but after emailing the service of client has received once the punctual response the tape of substitution has been sent was without hesitation. The service adds and very friendly! Highly it recommends.
4 / 5
Likes walk an average of 8-12 miles out of newspapers on 5 days the week or more. But when it was a heat of the summit of summer has taken like this dehydrated that has taken to ail, and is resulted severely limited in my walks. It has had to remain me prójimo home so much could take pauses of water, and was unable to walk like this far. This tape has been life changing helped it so much. Any so only was that it remain hydrated, but could spend mine uploads portable, cloths, has included the cloth to dry I, and confidently could walk knows would not be taking dehydrated. This tape is very comfortable. I can regulate a width has based on where am spending a tape (encircled or also, front or behind). Have has wanted really a touch added of a note that has said was has had to that to customise for free! I am appreciated like this to these two women that decided to do these available tapes to an audience. Material of you every time am walking.
4 / 5
Has taken this to move it this the weekend spent and I have loved that! Has not running never with anything another that mine big smartphone (iPhone 8+) manually before. My formation I maintaining have running 1+ hours have like this decided to take something could spend hydration with me. They are the big type , 6'4' 260lbs and are in Florida so hot and sap of energy of humidity a lot quickly, so hydration the frames differentiate enormous. With zero adjustment out of boxes, the sum of returns of the tape. Calm bounced them there is does not have to that any smell his strong likes another has informed. Tape didnt really jiggle while running at all and the telephone turn adds in front of pocket. Very happy with compraventa, highly recommend.
5 / 5
Has had to order this tape to run like the backside-arrive reason a an I usually the use is remained in my house of parents. It is resulted to be the cost adds! A pocket of zip is big, has the google pixel and there was still abundance of spatial, and the returns is encircled of mine well.
4 / 5
These stays of what have dipped. Has does not have to that the regulate once in the 10 one thousand empinada, mountainous trail , rocky career. Mina, ossia a so only the majority of appearance of entity of the tape. Has a Amphipod and while it prefers some bounced, holster and pouch in that, can not be that he constantly turns. A G-Run does not locate on on also of mine, he never rotated around me. And calm does not have to that cinch he súper crazy closely to do this raisin.

Has to that break your stride to take of bounced them was or to access a pouch, but are well with that that knows that some you bounced does not fly never was and never bounce regarding my organism.
5 / 5
With which a lot research has solved in this hydration tape. It could not be happier. I have run 2 half marathons with him. Some bounced and the places of rests of the tape and no half. A pouch is quite big to return in mine Samsung Commentaries of galaxy 10 more with the chance, can dip in my car tones in the separate section in a pouch so as to not lining my telephone together with GOING etc. Because of a big measure of a telephone, does not think that quite a lot of spaces has left to return in pouches of helar. In general I am happy with a tape. It would recommend this tape to avid corridors.
5 / 5
-HAS room to resist money, GOES, etc

-Can does not take to remain in my same waist when presionando all a way. Literally I owe that it spends in a corner with a front on my @@@cofre for a backside to remain in my waist.

-Bounce odorato like plásticoes. Has has followed instructions to use soap/of vinegar to clean but a smell of the vinegar now does not go era. I have had to order Nathan 10oz bounced to use instead. An access is not to perfect but at least does not seat to like am drinking plastic or vinegar.

Unfortunately, my window of turn there is expired. I will be to look substitute this element.
5 / 5
Loves this in common tape. It returns securely around my waist, this in spite of himself was more slender, bet would fall it bit it. I have had absolutely it issues to run and no in that has quite hydration and really despises to resist bounce it water and my telephone a same time. With this tape has waters bottles ossia easy the unlatch and easy to drink while run without taking, and my telephone has the headphone jack that slips by means of the hole that opens in a pocket forward. I owe that oversized Iphone and returns in a long pocket. For a first time am running the free hands and taking to hydrate much more. Amur This produced - has obliged!
5 / 5
Is like this hot this and humid this time of year and water is an absolute necessity in the careers that have had to more than an hour. I hate to resist to a water bounced of the hand when I am already hot and tired in the long career, only look to do the worst. I have used to have another tape of water but hated to spend the reason he slide on and bounce around a whole time.

No like this with this tape! It remains where has dipped the, with a legislation of band under my bones of hip. Marcos for the comfortable career where forget same has this on! Also it has the good pouch in a front that easily returns my telephone and the band of has shot bloks. They are typically a XS/S in running shorts and this tape returned well and have in another thumb for the presionar has required.
5 / 5
My prime minister has thought out of a box was roughly which well has built this tape feels. To good sure looks likes is fact of the trough and durable material. The time will say, but for now, very happy with a material and feel.

Now, ossia my prime minister and the only tape has purchased, but after my first career with him, has to say, am very pleased. At the beginning a tape looked to like it would bounce and perhaps begin to locate on, but, after the minutes of pair to my course the solved and did not annoy me again.

Has thought also was súper easy to take a water bounced out of some pockets while they run. This part was probably a better, that could take the drink without retarding mine a lot down too much.

In general, the product adds! Thank you!
5 / 5
Are an avid corridor the one who bolt in Arizona, as I have required the hydration in common tape that is light and comfortable. Honradamente, Now I hardly ever run now without this tape! Has the a lot of-sized pocket that access my iPhone, tones, and chapstick. I usually run with Bluetooth auricular, but has the little socket for traditional headphones that can you loop by means of a tape. A tape also spends two water bounced, which is LIKE THIS GOOD to have in these longer careers or of the careers of trail. It is very light and comfortable. The no really included remark it now and has spent he in of the races. You can regulate a tape to returned your measure of waist. They are in a small side and was able of the quite tight appeal. I want to this in common tape so much, and highly recommend to any corridors or hikers there!
5 / 5
Has tried diverse different hydration in common tapes in a pair spent of years, and each one which so it spent it quickly or broken inside the year. This G-the Career of tape is done of súper sturdy neoprene and has the strong tape that pieces slightly he like this turn snugly but comfortably. A stitching is much stronger that other frames, and a zippered pouch access my Samsung S9 telephones easily, together with Chapstick, your of house and small container of Kleenex. Some bounced is resisted firmly in place for a neoprene pouches, and also have an elastic band to resist of bounced them to situate yes loved, but is to good sure any one has required. One of some characteristic more is of this tape is that it is available in 3 different measures. A small turn perfectly (I has the 25 in. Encircled), Like the majority other frames were way the big for me still when I cinched a tape to the equal that stagnate as it would go. Highly it recommends this tape to be in poster any, and for multiple sports! Thank you, G-Be announce doing the súper tape of the big quality with characteristics is!
4 / 5
Has an iPhone 11 Pro Max and returns so only well. A material is is quite fat. Almost like the rubbery feel which assume is a waterproof appearance. Some bounced is not very big but is that announces. This can touch bobo but freezing some water in mine bounced and then fill a rest with watering when it uses him. Once a water is to go, a chunk of the gel has left in a boat is really strong when path. I think that that it is reason some bounced is more than the hard plastic. But they do!
4 / 5
Seldom write the descriptions but this tape cost my time. No half, some bounced is 10 ounces any 6 or 8 which means the little extra water. Some three pockets are ready and perfect. My iPhone 11 in the chance of test of the life returned in a big pocket. I have spent he in 73 times of terracings and has run 4 miles and any smell of funky of sweat. They are extremely picky and have the harm of hip am recovering with so that it has not loved any pressure in hip of mine. This tape was perfect everywhere. The better thing has been he was quite economic he taking smelly or something can take another. For a way, has ordered the transmission for future races. Very impressed and happy to have this of the family has course undertaken of corridors. Glorious
5 / 5
has purchased this product to continue mine in current during a oppressive hot of July and some careers of the longest weekend. Of a moment I have taken out of a box, could say that a product was exactly that has loved. Some accesses of tape comfortably around your waist with an adjustable tape, complete with hule dimples to limit in slippery. With some bounced full water (which has been comprised), there was little to a movement and a tape felt sure. A pouch for your telephone is perfectly sized and comprises the port for your cover-in of the telephones of ear. All fact to the equal that owes A special cry was the company as I wrote them roughly he leaky boot; they have answered behind interiors 12 hours and to the left know me had shipped me substitution, which have received interior 3 days. The wonderful service and the produced add. Some bounced to resist your fluids closely and is twisted slightly to relieve to drink while it runs. ANY LEAK!
4 / 5
I have used this tape partorisca my prime minister 5k this weekend. At the beginning I didnt thinks it would return why was was second that would go but was elastic to the equal that has finalised partorisca return and when being quite comfortable. He didnt bounce around at all while it runs. It was very light like this really didnt remark it a lot. Amado a measure of a water bounced. It has resisted my galaxy 8 more but has had to take my chance that was it a lot of reason a pocket was amiably cushioned. In general it would recommend this to be announces sure. I love it.. cant Expects to use it on my next career..
5 / 5
This work adds for a lot of activity. It spent it white water rafting and has maintained my dry telephone. According to the activity has spent bounced waters that has to that quell'or in rear.
Followup: I have lost one of some bounced while rafting - I there is not dipping a strap around a cup, clearly my failure. I have asked it it could for you bounced them additional and send me to us 2 bounced FREE! WOW! Ossia Service of AMAZING client , especially for such the low cost element. Seldom I write descriptions, but these folks deserve a better description could give.
Also, a law of product adds to run, hiking, rafting, etc. Resists some bounced snug, resists the big telephone (I-Telephone 10X), tones, papers crediticios, etc. In a pocket of centre. Nizza That has 3 compartments in there to maintain the things have organised.
Like me another has mentioned, where some bounced in front of when those careers to maintain them to bounce. It can spend in a backside for other activities likes .
5 / 5
This hydration the tape is sum for corridors that does not wish to spend bounce it manually. I spent it on to 12 trail of one thousand course in a touching down rain, was comfortable and a pocket of tape has maintained my dry telephone. In hot and humid days, can not spend quite fluent so that they are running long distances ( but these days is difficult to spend quite flowed in all the chance without the band and bladder of water). It would be well a tape could be the tad has bitten smaller around to the equal that likes the snug of apt, but are the thin person and is difficult to find hydration tapes quite small. This tape is a lot of value of the money is past.
5 / 5
Has purchased this he so that it is taking hot was and does not like me to rid spend of water in my long careers. In the first place it has been it appears to be the product adds. And I gave it the little tries to see if some subjects solve. Has no. of Mina @mine @subject the big plus is that it does not remain dipped. It spends the majority of my career that tries apretarprpers like this to bounce and loosening up. When Presionas a tape does not remain in place. So only continuous bounce and loosens up... Calm once drinks some of a water of some bounced the A bit better rests but still... They are in a point where any I same wants to spends annoying reason that constantly is pulling tighter as I am running. Mina, this attacks a purpose of having a tape to do free delivery.
4 / 5
Has not loved never use the hydration tape. Ever. Has thinks that that they were overrated. This in spite of, have run recently and coached for the virtual half marathon. This was my first half marathon , and my first formation of time partorisca east with a longitude of the race, as I have known would require fuel and hydration during him. I have found this on-line and honradamente do fault well. To good sure a lot of-fact and materials of qualities. A pouch is returned my iPhone 8 and the stock exchange of sandwich with crackers (can not tolerate helar), and has interior of multiple pockets smaller that organise the things has required . A tape is stretchy material, as it does not dig. It exchanges some bounced 8 miles in, but was the hot day . An only thing would say is that it has to that the smallest waist, can require the measure done of commission. Has the 27.ºn To the natural waist and I have had a tape there is pulled like this tight as it could to start with (the adjusters has moved the small and loosen he), as any with to the waist significantly smaller can require the different option. I do not have experience with another, but recommend east a!
5 / 5
Has bought this tape to walk. Path 3-4 miles each morning and need to maintain the accessible water and wants to be hands-free. This tape is amazing -- good fact, and extremely has thought well was. Usually filler so only a boot and use a space for another bounce to resist my mask (when any one is near) and sometimes my iPhone. Several people have fulfilled in the walks have come up and asked where to take this. To good sure the ready cost.
4 / 5
This product is awesome. I have been in the 2 career of one thousand and was perfect. Have enjoyed really having the easily accessible water but a lot that has to that spend manually or rucksack. Some waters it bounced is the little hard to exit a prime minister little time but with using think loosen up. In general I am pleased, some have said a flavour of terrible boat but has forgotten to wash first mine to use and has not been unbearable. I have bed any one has said to drench pickled and lemon?? For 30 minutes and he would help but are not 100 insurance.

Estimated it hanged like this light reason a sale is light. You can regulate a global weight for a quantity has dipped in him.
4 / 5
Corridors, bikers, hikers, and a lot of other types of profit of adventurers of a G-Run Hydration in common Tape. A durable fitness, practical the tape maintains yours running essentials manually in his zippered storage pouch and two water-headline of boat.

A hydration the tape possesses all that an adventurer would require. It does not comprise any annexes pocolos practical. A tape of activity ensures around the waist of an adventurer with the plastic buckle and is extremely light. Calm grieve the will remark perched in your waist!

A workout the tape has the storage pouch ossia spacious enough to returned the plus-sized telephone, tones, papers, money, and any one another necessities. A pouch looks of stretchy material that can resist bulky necessities, but a material is strong and quite durable that will not feel everything of your essential elements that bounces around. Calm included will remark that some material fights against moisture. If his to plot, your necessities in a pouch will not be struck.

A two water-bounced that coming with a tape of fitness is drawn to be effective and quickly to use. Some discharge of boat is in the corner of 130 terracings, is test of leak , and each boat resists 10 fluent ounces (20 total of ounces). Calm does not have to that concern roughly that spends a water-bounced reason a tape of fitness has the water-headline of boat in each side of a storage pouch. A water-calm bounced them is ensured with straps that goes around the discharges of a water-bounced.

Decides to purchase a hydration tape, will remark that there is gel aim in an interior of a tape of fitness to prevent he of emotional during your activities. This gel the points can result the question if you are that it loves movement or regulate a tape to run around your waist. A gel the points will pull and tug in your shirt, as it recommends to choose a tape on and of your cloths to do for an easier adjustment.

In general, a G-Run Hydration that Runs the tape is one of some tapes of the most economic fitness in a phase. So only it costs $ and all another hydration tapes of fitness in a row to stage anywhere of $ 13 to $ 60. This tape of fitness servants like an extremely durable and practical way to spend necessary elements in your adventures.
4 / 5
Has purchased recently this tape to enable me to take more water for long careers. A pocket was abundance quite big for my iPhone 11 in the chance, and has 2 extra pockets inside a big plus a. A 2 water-calm bounced them is a lot sure - there is the strap that loop in a cup of each to maintain them in place, but I didnt uses it, was well without him and the easiest to the appeal was while it runs. A tape felt sure during a course without a lot of movement, elastic strap for easy adjustment, also. An only downside is a piece of the zip in a pocket is little, as his very exactly easy to take & zip while running, he attractive precise out of the gel or something.
5 / 5
This tape with hydration bounced them is awesome to spend in of the hot days. It deserves five stars except a smell bounced of persistent/gas oil. Ossia An only defect this comfortable tape has. It would pay more a quality of some bounced was to change. I have tried soap flatly, baking soda/of vinegar, freezing water in some bounced and like this on. After several weeks, a smell still persists. It would be happy if this question is solved and has had a capacity to have some you bounced has exchanged, included in one additional load. Spending a tape is almost unnoticeable still with bounced full in some headlines.

Top Customer Reviews: MARCHWAY Tactical ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I go it partorisca give a global 5 stars because he perfectly and is a lot comfortable. It remains snug in your backside partorisca maximum mobility and is light with a lot of storage partorisca his measure. Also it has some loops can clip all the classes partorisca coach on.

- An only thing would have to that be conscious of is necessary of the give the washed well before use. It is recently he produces calm so need to take all the residue out of an interior of a bladder of water and a straw also. I this for softly rubs it the soapy sponge around an interior, clue partorisca dip the little bit of soap of dish in a bladder, and it fill up with water and it leaving drain out of a straw. Then fill once again with just water and draining entirely by means of a straw. It looks the small prize partorisca pay to have the a lot of hydro sell mine this in spite of.

Thinks that will be term along happy with this band and I seat it can last the very long time am careful with a boss and lid when managing. If has any one subjects will update this estaca. - Thank you
4 / 5
A good band partorisca of the money. It has taken this partorisca the longest careers and coaching walked some months of hot summer. I am taking older and where has used partorisca be able to escape with to 12 career of one thousand or walked in time of humid summer without taking water and losing 5 lbs of weight of water, has found that last summer has gone back nauseous and dizzy then eating 2 litres of water. It sank finally in that has developed the bad habit that I can no longer just bull my way by means of now that they are the geezer. Also, with which decades partorisca run, my right knee is aiming some signs of wear.

Like these days, has takes partorisca hike the longest distances (12 miles) with a lot of profit of elevation (roughly 1,500 ft) more than running the majority of a time. I have tried to run / hiking and that resists the light disposable waters of boat but ossia so only the ache when they are there partorisca three hours. It has thought that the tapes of hip would be like this uncomfortable. As it looked around partorisca the hydration band and decided partorisca try this.

Could not be happier. It returns my good frame. Creation, material, and the construction is everything well. And a together of characteristic adapted my needs. I can spend all a water I need and not even feel a weight. My stock exchange, tones, sunglass chances, the hat, and iPhone all return in a pocket a lower as there is at all in my pockets that marks that the much more comfortable hike. A band leaves a lot near of your organism with the very low profile and any characteristic of annoying drawing and is a lot easy to locate or was quickly. A backside and strap of shoulder that the cushions is the very light foam but ossia appropriate for the band that typically will see less than 10 lbs of weight. And with a Molle system, this can be developed for the travesía of the day yes wants to spend feed and the first box of help or train of rain.

A bladder is the good creation for this band. In 3 litres, is the little big for this class of the band but a simple solution is the so only fill he with of the so much water like precise. A welded partition in a half of a bladder his work of limiting a capacity of a bladder the bulge was and maintains a profile to the slender 3'. He also the helps limit a sloshing of water in the average of full bladder. To the Two things do not like on this bladder is that 1.) It does not have an upper ploughing with to closure of clip. This leaves full a stock exchange of an upper or achieve all a way in still the cleaned. 2.) A wide mouth that opens will not leave me to ray my First Needs XLE filter to water to the together of Nalgene compatible edges as mine others bladders. Ossia Really handy to fill the bladder in a field.

Regarding a tube to drink, is really good. It snaps On and of a bladder with the key to press fast emission without filtering. Like this a valve of bite snaps on and has gone with the key to press fast emission. This does to clean and flushing a tube to drink much easier. It was the little concerned in a complexity of this tube to drink with two quickly connects, and angled valve of bite, and the separate thumb has operated on / was the valve looked the little too on fact. Usually I go with the simplest creation with a connection to a bladder and the right push, simple / valve of bite of the attractive that it can operate one there is rid. I experimented with this tube in mine first hike (12 miles) with him yesterday and am happy to say that with which the little experimentation also can be used one there is rid. It is so only the different method. It was comfortable with him with which roughly 20 minutes to touch around. It is the big shot wants to spend the personnel to hike or hiking poles to locate and down in roots of tree, rocks, and currents.

The looks are the entirely subjective thing . I have not loved black because any band with the black interior the hard fact to find inner of material. Especially in a shadow or in dusk / nighttime. Black also means it will be the little hotter a time of state where feigns the use. I have not loved a camouflage because I am not going hunting with east and frankly am not trying to hide of any in a trail like thought that so only looked bobo. This has left a version of tan like this, ossia that has bought. It is lighter in colour that a black to the equal that would owe that be the little less than the tank of heat. A colour of tan the easiest fact to interior of material of the something. And some parties to paint on enough well with another train there is concealed is described so that the khaki desert, bronzed of desert, the brown coyote, sand, etc. Another profit lateralmente is some buckles , zips, and the straps are easier that see in this version of tan. It has to that also muck of sleeve and powder of better trail that a black cloth. But in the what adds in the small nylon the band is that it can go legislation in a washer yes takes too grimy.

Finally, here is some numbers in this band that is missing of a listing of product.

Period: 19 thumbs
Widths: 9' in an upper and inferior tapering to 8' in a half among some pockets
Thickness: 4' with to material and full bladder in some pockets
Weights: Bandage so only 568 grams , 20 oz, lbs
Weights: Bladder so only 153 grams, 5.4 oz, .34 lbs
Weights: drinking tube 83 grams, 2.9 oz, .18 lbs
Total Weight: 804 grams, oz, lbs
Waters of weight Max 3 litres: 3,000 grams, 6.6 lbs
Band of weight and waters of Max: 3,804 grams, lbs

Modify 5/6/2018: I have been that uses this band for roughly 2 weeks now to coach hikes and careers of 8-12 miles and profits of elevation of until 750 feet. Any one annoying obvious is surfaced. Of the leaves of band without chafing. He hugs my backside and stays in situating when I am jumping registers and boulders. There are 2 things has there is enjoyed really. 1.) Having my empty pockets is much more comfortable in a trail. 2.) Having an available water has done to the enormous difference likes teh the time begins to locate. It could bull my way by means of 12 miles in 90 terracings but I would finalise mine workout nauseous and then down massive quantities to water while I have recovered for an hour or so much. With watering available during a workout am taking the best workout and does not have any nausea or time of recovery where only collapse with which 12 miles. It is so only sooner to spend a water in planting to leave me to lose 5 lbs of weight of water in two hours.

Also, has added two Molle pouches this gives this little sale a capacity to be it passable sale of day. One spends my first train of help and some second controls a ultralight stove and cookset. Cela Leave me quite soiled to feed and ultralight stock exchange further of train of rain, car tones, sunglasses, and aim it and camera of shoot.
5 / 5
Has read some descriptions, calm especially joined some descriptions of star. Absolutely I surprise that the adults do not think to wash some cloths spends, the glasses and the dishes eat and drunk of. A main complaint was in a flavour having the chemical component, reason any one properly wash his crew before use. I have used so only partorisca pinch to dawn soap of dish and warm water, I swished around for 1 small has connected then a hose and drained by means of a hose. I have closed a valve in an end to try it and swish a soapy solution in a tube for 1 minute. I drained A water out of a stock exchange and rinsed two times with cold water. I sterilized a piece of mouth with rubbing alchohol and situated some lemon of file and fresh yard wedges in a stock exchange fill of cold water. Swished For 2 minutes and drained. Have hanged all to dry and the paper towel situated in a stock exchange to drench on any moisture. Mark sure is dry bone before it situate a stock exchange to water behind in a band. It has taken 30 minutes less. To stop that costruttrici of faults for your incompetence and laziness. Ossia He damn good product and yes has taken a time to cure of your train then would aim. If I need to learn like this to join your shoes, has video of Youtube for that. Paz
5 / 5
An appearance more adds of this hydration the unit is a Molle system. Originally it has looked for an old plus Camelbak Ambush that this stock exchange have been drawn with which until I have found this stock exchange. Practically a same creation and an older version with one cushioned straps and a molle webbing in an upper compartment also.

A molle the system is probably one the majority of underutilized breakings of this stock exchange, but when used properly fact partorisca to plot of fast access more than undermining in your stock exchange. It does not import all some annexes because I am not using this stock exchange to be hanged light but maximizing mine uploads with the factor of small form.

-A lot of webbing
- big spacious compartments

-the valve of Bite has the small ploughing so that it waters is restricted

Fast tip: if any like him to them some league of the waist is the secret compartment to resist them in for behind a lumbar tampon. It is a lot well it has hid!
5 / 5
This hydration the band is life changing. Honradamente. It does not go with Camelback bs if you are serious roughly that walked or really anything alfresco goes with this rucksack. A molle the straps are to have to that durable and heavy and easily can accommodate additional weighted stock exchanges. A insulated tubing with a valve of the flow of the stop is awesome to have in hikes because when I owe that morph your organism in the odd corners there is absolutely worse swimming that taking drenched of the filter mouthpiece. Some the separate compartments are awesome to have. I have it that has not had never he hydration bandage that chairs firmly against my behind without movement and of the movements with me. I usually walked with hatchet, spray of bear, first helps, and atascadas reason that alive in Alaska does not know never that the fauna and the flora will find or accidentally leaving the trailhead. This band resists a spray to hold firmly against a stock exchange to use carabineers with a molle straps so many are adds to be able to slide of a stock exchange ole blackie has decided was too close up. Foam By heart in some shoulder pads (thin) this in spite of is BREATHABLE.

An only with and the suggestion would have for this stock exchange is if some buckles have been done of buckles of the metal of fast emission rule. A oopsie the accident of car door there is shattered one of buckles of mine of waist that is done of black plastic. Otherwise A quality of this stock exchange can take has beaten the.
4 / 5
The far military note has surpassed Camelback has been flown and has bought this that one 'abordable' the innovations subtiles has done this the joy to use....
A lot slender still has wide storage...
To the equal that has announced ....Perfecto for motorcycling...
Need to dip hot water with baking soda at night and rinse with cold water befor in the first place have the chemical flavour on first use....
Any instruction comprised but maintain touching with him and has imagined was all some characteristics quite easily..
A spent is the turn of neighbourhood in a clockwise direction to close and has indicayer notch...
5 / 5
Has bought this for the different reason that more people. I exit in the park that chooses vegetable I so that volume quite thirsty. I tired me that it has to leave my canal to grab the drink, and always has run out of water, as has thinks that that this stock exchange would be the good solution . They are to good sure a lot happy that has done this compraventa! Will fill roughly half full with gel and of the half water. A water remains quite fresh for more along that has expected, especially of my stock exchange is black and are in direct sun for sometimes while 8 hours. I used it also like my source to water when volunteering for the 12 turn of now in a State Fair, where the time was in 90s.

To good sure recommends this element to any compraventa has interested this or to to something likes. Ossia Prime minister of mine hydration band, as I can does not compare to other ways, but are to good sure impressed with this product.
5 / 5
Want to this so that it is. I have had he for the month and the multiple of use time each weeks partorisca to trail that careers and serious hiking. It is been by means of 95 + days and of the downpours and rough managing. I maintain first material of help in an upper compartment and stock exchange/of tones/of the telephone/multitool in a fund with spare room. A so only think I desire was different was had the hole in a subordinated the street a tube under my arm and on liking one bites it the valve was in level of mouth and a velcro patch is sized to patch it moral, no for the tape of name. Neither it is or it would have to that be breakers of extracted. I abuse it and it loves that.
4 / 5
Sturdy Rucksack. Hydration The band has fulfilled our expectation.

So only complains was that a 'on-was' the transmission is like this rigid and a insulation the discharge is exited in fact a tube. It is troublesome that tries to change 'on' a flow of the water and that resists to a insulation to prevent he of sliding is gone in a same time and everything.

Also a mouthpiece rotated 90° of a headline in some point. Because of that, has not left a protective coverage to snap behind properly. After washing and drying it, orders of estágirado in next original order' although a still can say that it is not varied anymore.
5 / 5
Bought for my husband, for the day of the father, the one who read alfresco. 1 what better in of the this is that it resists 3L of water and is still compact. I have bought this to substitute his band of leading camel that has resisted so only 2L. Maintain hydrated in our summers to Knit is of entity and has discovered that has run out of watering the half of route by means of his day. This has helped to take by means of without that has to that go back to his truck to fill up. It resists all his supplies for easy access and is light and durable. Material of good quality.

Is recently be in the travesía and was able to to use likes to spend the on for a plan and was able to spend enough bit it that it was impressive. Global adds the cost loves it. It maintains hydrated and concealed me happy.
4 / 5
It has Washed one the bladder with water 5 times has tried to run water thru partorisca see like this has tried it cause there are them remarked partorisca filter the descriptions have imagined the still try. With which 5 times of running water thru this packs a water that has tried them that is to exit of the system of prize spout, this bladder likes done like chemical soup. I then washed with soap partorisca stuff a continued the washing was with cold water atleast another 5 times. A still tried horrible less will admit them the little less but never a less foul. The one who any never this would have to that be disappointed that they was to sell these.
5 / 5
Has has not possessed never the real CamelBak, but believes there is not any need! I have bought this out of curiosity, partorisca see would like having the z/the rucksack while it locates of my bicycle. All can say is, wow! Having abundance partorisca water the cold of stays during the 2 walk of now is awesome. Some the extra pockets resist my tones, stock exchange, telephone, and atascadas easily. Still it has some tools of emergency in an of some pockets. Now I do not owe that spend the stock exchange of saddle, and disorder on some clean lines of my bicycle. For a way, are trace takes almost 2 hours another day, is coming home liked and chnaged, and has gone to another commitment. It has come home roughly 8 hours later to find a remaining water in a still fresh stock exchange. It can not be that impressive to some, but some 2 hours in a heat to Knit, is more than would have expected, has left so only a rest of a day in my paving.
4 / 5
This thing has storage very minimum. After fill he with water (I has a 3L inner bladder that is the tight access when full) does not have any a lot of space in a pocket for a lot. Perhaps a 2L bladder there would be this question like this noticeably.

Looks to be a lot has built. And it is comfortable. It spends a weight of 3 litres (3 kilos/ roughly 6.6 lbs) well. Utilisation this band in acting while I am doing in of the ceilings in a summer of desert of Arizona. I drink far more water when that uses that when it has to bounce it lying to somewhere in a ceiling or when it has to that go down to an edifice to drink.

A hydration bladder. It is the good bladder . A insulation in a hose- unless you soke he with waters is quite useless to maintain a water inside a fresh tube. It likes a insulation in like this far as it looks more finalised. And having to that buy some bladders that has a insulation for this reason. No for any effect that isolates. Reason, with which ten minutes in a sun of desert, a water in a tube is quite warm. This prime minister little mouthfuls is warm. Calm then begin to take some water roughly fresher that a bladder.

There is refilled This sews countless time, this in spite of, when it waters is seating in a tube for the bit, has had to flavour of chemical. Once volume by means of a water this is been seating in a tube, does not remark any flavour. Another alleges to no for the have after using the solution of soap, after the mix of water and baking soda. But still it has in the each bladder of this fashion that has. Of this company and an another. As it is not to like is the concrete question to this vendor.

The chairs like this was the compraventa interesting.
4 / 5
In the first place, master habladuría on some good points of this stock exchange. I took it on to two bicycle of now strolls today. Further to resist 3 litres of water of gel, has resisted also mine Taurus G3 pistol in an upper compartment, and mine Samsung S9+ (with chance) and stock exchange in an inferior compartment. One waters the ice remained-cold a whole walk, included although it is late July . Also, it has spent the cup of tank, and a lot of chafing has arrived. Ossia Quite very partorisca to 2 bicycle of now strolls.

Now for a negatives. Ossia My first delivery of system of the water has not purchased never, but simply does not rid quite a lot of waters quickly enough to drink while it locates. You owe that bite in a soft plastic and suck a same time for the pocolos second to take water, and when calm , is in the middle of that that could exit you out of the source of water. I found that careers out of breath quite quickly. But, looking in a physics of a system, are literally that it has to that suck water on 36' down my mouth, like this perhaps ossia a more can expect stops.

For the band that spends that very hanged, is súper comfortable. It has maintained mine gel of water-cold and has had included it clip to resist a nozzle of water approaches my mouth. Any chafing, resists mine cellphone and pistol while it locates, and require to drink to plot, I only stop and take the pause. In general, it would recommend.
5 / 5
A band is quite that has looked for wrt qualified. I have tried a bladder to water last night, and has two that the imports have failed:
1. A hule camelbak valve of the bite of the type is against the coverage of shell of hard plastic powder. Every time so only it has bitten a valve, any one @subjects that far it has situated for behind my teeth, my lips have finalised to take pinched likes the bar of bite is returned the normal form and has taken my lip to a hard plastic shell. Unusable, Unless it wish to torture the people that quotes of is.
2. I have washed a stock exchange with sweet soap, rinsed he bajillion time, and filled with water. Less than 24 hours later, a water has left in a stock exchange there has been the horrid detergent/chemical flavour. That a frack is leeching out of this 'BPA free' stock exchange?! A water was to perfect some first few hours, how was to good sure leeching versus (has not cleaned a stock exchange'. And those who more dips the 24 limit of now in waters in a stock exchange?! This company knows a stock exchange is rubbishes , and potentially dangerous.
2.5. One covers of stock exchange in bylines amiably with the 1/4 turn, characteristic very decent. But I will say that ossia a plastic a thin plus, more economic has not seen never in the bladder of water.

Now has to that decide are of train of the maintain. I can for the much better $ 17 bladder, but then am tugging me until a class of money that could buy the real camelbak. A bladder, how is, is entirely useless.
5 / 5
Shabby of mine of this stock exchange has been due to this affordability and is measure . MARCHWAY Resupplies a product adds global. His service of client is better also. In that taken my first bladder has filtered. This in spite of, MARCHWAY has done sure to substitute a bladder to the equal that could have the experience of client adds. Like the result, a second bladder has done sum. An only thing has changed was a valve that distributes a water. Otherwise, A sum of tents of the water in there, included after the few weeks.

Regarding a rucksack. I love it! I can return my spikes of shoe, bars of energy, telephone, tones, and he lifestraw everything in some stock exchanges has resupplied. If I require additional room, a stock exchange has a molly system to add attaches further. An only thing I desire a stock exchange would do better with this which snug some accesses of bladder to a stock exchange. This in spite of, once a stock exchange is on partorisca to hike, does not note to like the stock exchange gives the comfortable access. With my rear questions are particular and these accesses of good stock exchange.
4 / 5
This stock exchange is surprising! I ordered it reason have been in mine first hike this past Sunday. I ordered it the Friday and he have come tomorrow of Saturday. They are more in a side an interior of plus has weighed a moment (2X) as when I have dipped this stock exchange on felt well and light, any included feels to like spent to rucksack that was adds.

A container of water has the boss that hangs on one inserts of a stock exchange that was to add reason was like this easy that fill a water while a stock exchange of water was inside a rucksack and he have not slipped or tank to a fund, this was place very near . A hose is has covered/protected with the nylon material which is awesome also, and a piece of mouth has the coverage and the transmission for out/on. A mouthpiece also has the piece of hule that feels like this it nipple of the boat of creature with the slit, has pressed my teeth down for some pressure and a water have flowed wonderfully. It was overbearing, in fact can control a quantity to water this exits a hose with your mouth.

The hips has several compartments he so that it was able to slide two regular stock exchanges of beef jerkeys right for behind a stock exchange of water, the stock exchange of dice in an external flap of a stock exchange and I have situated some bath toallitas humid and hand bacterial in a pocket of a stock exchange in a fund.

This stock exchange besides is astounding, am pleased like this has chosen to add quell'hydration bandage like my first compraventa and has said everything of my friends in this little saviour. My first hike was 4.4 miles and has had still quite of the water has left , COMPRAVENTA, BUY YOU will not be disappointed!
4 / 5
Originally has ordered one for a Lady like that can take that it hikes or that careers... It was impressed extremely with this product, his functions, and durability... He a lot the slide was or to to the movement around likes more hydration of systems, and a clip of hose is extremely useful!!! Comparing this product to mine Camelbak this one east for far better that mine $ 100 Camelbak... I have finalised to buy another of these on its own name =]
4 / 5
has bought this hydration rucksack with a full intention to drink water without using these heavy hands that the god cursed me with. I have seen you grieve this rucksack, ordered it immediately and prepared to kiss these two overgrown spider-goodbye of dogs.
Has opened to grieve a box, have @@give an error of my ways. I have opened a door, a box, and a stock exchange with my hands. I yelled in desesperanza to the equal that have @to @give that, any one @subjects that waters this could spend, inevitably would require to be refilled has seen my headlines of toe of the known funky like my hands.
I sleeps there is run over, am returned a probably final rucksack and cried to a more hated part of my organism.
4 / 5
Has bought this for 2 uses; the holidays daypack partorisca to 10 excursion of day to Europe, and the Mountain biking hydration band partorisca in some trails. This band is absolutely fantastic! There are a lot of zips and piece to signal pouches to apt a lot of elements. Some jackets of leaves of external buckle of pillows of rain of travesía/of extra clothes to be attached with ease. Pictured Is all was able to spend, the quantity adds with absolutely any tension in mine behind anything. Some rests of big band enough to not being in your butt, and in general am very very satisfied with this band. If calm at all is when considering, will be satisfied also.
5 / 5
ive Has Had he partorisca the months of pair now and his cup partorisca hold on to adds. The Amour that can spend them to spare waters on its own name and my dog and theres room to spare partorisca my knife, torch, bluetooth speaker, and tones. Still it has these elastic bands partorisca resist down free straps like this his arent flying everywhere or loosening they. In mine his still better opinion then a camelbacks subject behind in a body.

If my description helped to please paste a key 'useful'
4 / 5
has loved a stock exchange in theory but has had three main subjects:

(1) has Limited spatial to fill a bladder entirely,
(2) A hose included is acute and pinches your mouth when using
(3) LAST BUT To good sure MUCH LESS, while you have fill a bladder entirely, a bladder<>point of the connection of the hose has filtered EVERYWHERE. It was a lot of frustrating and unfortunately maintain me to recommend this to any any one trusts a storage to water that ready in an element.

MODIFY: the substitution of Vendor has sent immediately bladder. Still for the try was but upgrading indication in a moment.
4 / 5
Has had 'to another mark' for the years and do fault well, but those are expensive and has looked for something with pockets/pouches and quite a lot of waters to last all day. This one impressed in the each way. A storage of water is drawn well so that it does not stick was too far when you are trying to upload he to a band or while spending it on yours behind. There is abundance of pockets and space of storage, which is fantastic. They are able the apt two slender bands of peanuts, look it granola bars, the hand-held towel, it poncho of rain, and travel it sized sunscreen and rid sanitizer to the east without that has to that squish all near to take some zips to close. I can it is it is returned even quell'small umbrella in an outside under one the big clip when required. Some tampons maintain a band of your backside enough to leave some airflow, this in spite of still can take sweaty where some tampons touch your organism. There is to buckle by means of a @@@cofre and around a waist to maintain a sure band while I move around. My old a has not had a clip of waist, which was unhelpful. Also it likes like this of a tube is insulated to help maintain a water the little fresher among drinks. There is remarked when you drain a tube among drinks, a water tries the little ape when you go to drink again. To avert that, maintain a water in a tube in planting to leave drains behind down... Help with a flavour. I am not sure reason he that, but something to maintain in alcohol. Also IT LOVES that a mouthpiece has the coverage for the maintain clean. Utmost idea! I also like a system of valve to maintain water in a bladder if a tube is takes. An only way would see to improve this would be a capacity to change the side maintains a tube on. A clip to maintain he of wagging around is so only in a sinister side and is not drawn to be to take. It would prefer to have the in a legislation. It is not the big shot, so only the personal preference. In general I am very happy with east a!
4 / 5
UPDATE: A company has achieved was mine and has sent 2 mouth of the substitution titled of piece for free! Service of exceptional client!!!

Bought this hydration sale for his look and characteristic. I used it in the first place in EDC Vega and fact a lot well, any leak and was very comfortable.

Unfortunately, a headline of piece of the mouth(goes pic) has taken taken on any one is sample while walking by means of a crowd and has broken. A lot he in any lack of a company but all the mines.

Ask there is the part of substitution for him because like the compraventa himself available.
4 / 5
Experience for man in of the llamas. The fact adds for water and to stop them small elements.

Observations - When fully fill up there is almost room a lot remaining for another interior of elements although there is enough the few straps to connect other things to in some outsides. A flavour another has mentioned has been was after the pocolos use. I cycled a bladder five times with some súper hot warm waters first of used it to them. Still for a tube to drink. Also I have @to @give quickly a bladder there has been a volume a big plus when any when be pas fill in a band.

Last note... Has not founding a insulative quality of a band to be a better but has not been bad. A condition in BM is extreme and has spent a sale all day almost every day. It has washed well once it marries and almost it looks new.
4 / 5
A subject with east is that some leaks of bladder for me in a lid.

When The diverse like this indicated to line on arrows and rotating in a clockwise direction, filter. This in spite of, randomly, when I on purpose misalign some arrows and transfer he in (eats having an arrow in a lid that signal to a fund of a ladder), does not filter .

This so only is the second small looks but are in fact, can result the @@subject the big plus reason could finalise with the stock exchange wetted and loss of water, although they are some directions on use.

A stock exchange is done of decent quite quality, a compartment a big plus in a fund is main that has thought.

But again, those evasions of bladder me sad. It is such the good stock exchange for a capacity but a mechanism to seal some needs of bladder so only the little has bitten more work.
5 / 5
This hydration the stock exchange is exactly the one who my husband and I have looked for. A bladder resists 3 litres of water. Included when fill with watering a stock exchange a lot slush around to the equal that has the strap of waist to maintain he in place. A stock exchange is a lot cushioned still consolation and ensuring rests in place. A stock exchange has a lot of pockets and of the elastic straps to resist elements in some outsides. They are able to spend required first supplies of help and bites that it is required also also 😉. I want that a mouthpiece has the coverage to the equal that hike in really muddy and dusty zones. A bladder maintains a cold of water for the long time. 😲 I have bought two stock exchanges and one of them there has been to defective bladder, was able of the transmission and has received my substitution without any subjects🙃. They are súper happy with cost of mine and can see take a lot of uses out of him.
5 / 5
So only has taken this recently to camp. Going in of the trails and wooded describes that the decent hydration the band would be good to have. Like this far a band returns all the descriptions. Very typical denier stitching and MOLLE cost. The band is small and compress with zones of good storage for the little extra in any walk together with a main bladder. To the bladder looks durable, but the cure of chair is required always to preserve functionality in a long term. I go to run this band by means of some punctual works to see $ 40 has paid was vs. He Camelback or Maxpedition variant.
4 / 5
Originally has bought another rear band. I have required the small band to do to local hike. This band was perfect for a hike. It resists abundance of water! I chilled a bladder in a first refrigerator of a hike. A sleeve of the neoprene in a tube has done orders to maintain a water to take hot. An external temperature was a lot on 90 terracings.

Stains of sure mark on some frames in some widths sized fill lid. When you are trying to close the. Otherwise Filter. One the ploughed full is perfect and still has the boss to do the full and emptying easy. Mark sure leaves a bladder to fully drain. It does not leave any moisture inner a boat. Or you risk growth of bacteria. Time of first diverse rinse of each use. I use sweet soap to clean has required . For a prize, an external material is sturdy. With minimum storage and surprisingly wide zones to hang Molle train of type of.
5 / 5
Up to date has purchased like this this but did not try it was until after my period of turn there was caducado. In general it resists to plot of water 3L (more besides some another which is reason I has purchased he). There is to small rucksack for some bars of reef or your telephone, but does not take too excited, is small.
First bladder there has been his foul flavour and hurt my throat, like the company sent the second bladder. Still it nettles my throat ( has has not used never the band of first camel) but has asked my edges for the try and loves it, not annoying his throat at all. As I guess a question can be been quirky organism all to the long of. Like this still although I can it does not use, I am changing my description to the 5 star because his support of client has been that surprises to try and solve my subject.
4 / 5
Enough frankly, they are the hard man to impress . I have used/ it it has had roughly 4 or 5 camelbacks ( I thinks is 4 forsure but the saying of my alcohol 5) and this one blew was. A stitching, some details in a velcro-lining, some zips/of pockets, an interior to signal some pockets with dividers for notebooks/of bites/of the pens. A lot of spacious, very cleaned. A sale has the coverage for a water pouch with separate zip 'that honradamente is surprising maintains muck to form around a with the/of farce of the coverage' some functions of fast emission that the breeze to take to clean and the butter softens the reassemble. A hose, a hose of water that you drunk out of this wrapped in the cloth/of line and maintains to bend or rasgando easily and gives it the good weight. Help to swing during a place when yours running, biking, or ruck marching (soldato material) in general: 10/10. Calm will not buy never another camelback. You will be impressed, was. I have gone back the month later and now am writing this description, helps of hope!!!
4 / 5
Resists 3 litres. Fact very good and comfortable. Bought for travesías of motorcycle. Whish Has had neither a bite additional legislation that returns or was adjustable. It comes with the 90 deg returning so only and is enormous!!! Very hard to use with helmet of the full face but he can be facts.

Washed it before the use and one first full bladder was quite plasticy test, but with which was quite good. While it locates a water in a hose takes warm, but once take spent that a water in some stays of the stock exchange mostly fries still while it locates in direct sun. If I have dipped gel 8n the probably would maintain all day while it locates.
4 / 5
Solid product, the quality adds. The straps are quell'has bitten rough feigns on spending this without the shirt.

The @subject so only has is with a quality of one covers of bladder. It remains on when it is screwed on, but be careful when it is opened with the fill. My headline of discharges has burst out of a stock exchange of bladder when I filling. They are unsure if ossia the defect , but can not fill a stock exchange to resist a boss so only. I require to pinch a stock exchange with a boss like plenary. The needs covers he of better quality to a bladder.
5 / 5
This rucksack/of bladder is quite a lot of orders. A quality is well, a bladder has detachable hose and mouthpiece, and after the washed once does not look to have a lot the plastic flavour has left on. A flow of a mouthpiece has been topped for some another I own, but is still a lot bad at all.
A sale has the decent quantity of spatial calm afterwards is storing small things (tones, telephone, etc.), And am satisfied really with him. So only downside is a buckle maintains calm of inaugural a pocket a lower, but still then is not the downside for more than uses, so only the smallest annoyance. Still 5 easy stars dates a prize and quality.
5 / 5
A plastic flavour is real. I have been 3 days rinsing and that washes this bladder successfully a lot of minimum. Like this far I have....
1. Rinsed At night with bleaching
2. Sinister chairs for 8 hours with juice of Lemon and Baking soda
3. Scrubbed An interior with soap and of the water
4. Another at night rinse with juice of Lemon and Baking soda.
5. 8 rinse Of now with 2 cups of vinegar and filled with water.
6. Another for prejudices the the bleach drenches.

The smells Fermi strong of plásticoes and waters he out of him is disgusting.

Will say that a carrier is fresh. Probably they are that it goes to so only buy the Camelbak bladder.

UPDATE: Marchway has achieved was and sent the new bladder. It has it that gives to 5 star now. A new bladder is like this very like this Camelbak. It is it rigs it is the shot Adds .
5 / 5
This band is way too small to be usable with an installed bladder. It has been expecting a bladder to take on some room inside a main zone and for me to have room to stuff inner of extra elements.

Has storage very small in this stock exchange. If you are looking for the slender band with the bladder that will resist your tones and the clave to gum, this could do for you. It has expected for something that could take on the travesía of day that would resist my jacket and the few extras. Some two pockets forward are the good touch , but does not resist any a lot of. Calm perhaps could take bit it more spatial with molle add-in of the bands, but is bobo that would owe that that to do this usable band

A bladder is good quality without leaks, so that it is the plus . I have bought in fact the alike bladder and the z/the main rucksack.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I really like this produced, is to good sure value a prize like this far. I have purchased this on July 17 (today is Aug 13th) is gone in bicycle and of the walks of multiple walks with him on and feels well. It is in fact really comfortable in your backside, so only the negative feedback would be that some the adjustable straps brush up in my elbow when walking the doing a bit uncomfortable. But another that that, I really like a stock exchange and is crazy quantity of spatial for things.

Suggests to wash a bad and the straw when calm take it, if it calms does not finalise to try roughly chemicals of when a stock exchange was has done. I trust... My fiancé washed it and was very ignored 😅 that and has finalised to try them.
4 / 5
A product is lustrous and a creation are enough adds to maintain all nettle yours to peel around your shoulders go shirtless in a festival that 9/10 you but touch the small prize to pay for the stock exchange concealed lasted me 7 festival or 2-3 days each. To good sure recommend substitute a bladder each use of festival because it leaves to be real. ANY lava some bladders after the rave.

A lot durable
left with anything ( has chosen black colour)
Big 3L capacity for less than travesías to some canal of transmission of the water
small and the pockets of means/ can resist things where to the bladder goes also.

3L bladder can do it the little more weighed for some people
will nettle your shoulders spend cup of tank or go shirtless
will not resist things a lot big
5 / 5
are 5'10” the good day, and this band feels taste am spending to rucksack of the girl. A “cushions of the breathable foam” in a fund feels like the ball of basket in yours mid behind. It was included worse with a bladder has fill. If calm the comfortable places in some shoulders, a ball is far too big. But you situate a ball in yours behind arching much more under still consolation, way of trace too down in your shoulders. Causing the hurt for behind any way. Has the short torso and has found this band to be wildly too small.
4 / 5
The quality adds Hydration Rucksack/of Band. To good sure wash out of a bladder, hose, and mouthpiece before it uses.. If it concealed it is not obvious with the majority sews 'new'. We use warm water and the bit of soap of the dish and the knots have not experienced any class of chemical flavour anything. A rucksack is comfortable. Some straps and appropriately has situated. There it is qualified of minimum storage but some the available compartments have resisted our telephones, first box of help, tones, and it small bite so only well. Really I love a corner of a mouthpiece, also.
4 / 5
No a stock exchange partorisca me, included although it loved it really partorisca be. It took it on to 12 hike of one thousand. Hydration The system has done well. It was a last an in my group partorisca run out of watering of then all the world-wide has had 2 bands more than litre. But man, any @subject to the equal that has regulated a stock exchange was murderous in my shoulders. And a strap by means of a @@@cofre felt partorisca like it was constricting me (I follows the woman with the 38D bust). Perhaps it is so only any fact partorisca any with my proportions. Now I am looking in the stock exchanges have done specifically partorisca the women while has better regime.
5 / 5
Has been surprised in the very this stock exchange was partorisca a point of prize. To the bladder has done well, and there looks partorisca be some insulation builds to a stock exchange, as it waters was still cool with which 3 hours in a sun (hose insulation looks pointless this in spite of, and a lot really maintain any fresh plus that the no insulated hose). The pockets resupply the good quantity of room partorisca spend extra supplies without being too bulky. The only desire is that it would have had the small cushioning in some lower straps, but partorisca a prize, am really happy with this stock exchange.
4 / 5
Does not buy this product unless a vendor can guarantee a bladder partorisca be free of a foul toxic flavour. I have used soap flatly, vinegar, and bleach, this in spite of, a toxic flavour almost invokes a gag reflex. A chemical quickly is filtering to a water of a plastic. It has not been that it is but never I have left my boy drinks a water of this bladder. A rucksack is very built and the returns add but a ladder, IMHO, is useless and enough possibly breaking your health.
UPDATE: 2-17-21
Based in my original description, a vendor sent an up to date version of a bladder. I am pleased to inform that it is both big quality and the free smell. I think that this answered my original description represents service of exceptional client.
4 / 5
When I recieved this is to be excite in a slender profile and but when it is coming time to drink water of him, was terrible.

Had fill the on and with which have gone back 1 now more has had late the horrible chemical flavour and I has had to leave a water was immediately.

Has tried washed the 3 times and a time with vinegar, rinsed the multiple time and again after leaving was for 30 minutes have tried to drink and again has has had to that spit out of a water immediately and has continued to have the hule/plastic after test the few hours with which. I highly discousage these produced reasons ossia yours health and is so only ingesting chemicals

had changed my description to 3 stars because his hard support has achieved was mine multiple time to try to remedy a situation but I have had has purchased already he camelbak
5 / 5
the straps are not same, which does to regulate difficult. It likes him to him a side will be to to a period still likes him another but will have more slack, dipping the weight of a band was centre. A mouthpiece does not leave any one a lot by means of any one; calm so only take it trickle of water. Another that that, are adds. Some pockets are roomy, some straps are comfortable, and he his does. The prize adds for the decent product. If it love perfect, you gotta pay more for something that Camelbak.
5 / 5
Has left accidentally an assembly of valve of the bite that is coming with this band in home have chosen like this on the CamelBak tube of substitution in the venue outfitter. While a CamelBak adapter (where he atascamos to a bladder) LOOK IDENTICAL to a one in a tube that is coming with a band, and he clicked amiably to a valve in a fund of a bladder, a valve has filtered bad. With which varied behind and tests of advances, has confirmed a valve in a bladder is not broken ... It does not filter when an original tube is used, but filters when a CamelBak the tube is used. They look identical but is not . It is otherwise the good band, but resembles a tube & of the bladder is not field-serviceable because of incompatibility with had been the shelf CamelBak
4 / 5
Quite a same thing a Body Marino issue, so only a piece of mouth 'up to date'. It does not have the clip in a hose, but has the hook in your strap of sinister shoulder, as dipped a tube of a bladder by means of a hole lateralmente right and drape a tube by means of your @@@cofre to clip a sinister side ( will see) for a less quantity of slack. Preference really.

3L of the water is sum for as this small .
Stomach and lateral @@@cofre the straps are not to upload that they resist, but I like an option to use to maintain a mine of tight band torso.
Two pouches: 7-8 diameter of thumb each one that that.
Did not use It enough, but seat a mouthpiece will burst was if they are rough with him. Like this far like this good.
4 / 5
UPDATES a vendor has achieved was and sent to new bladder for my band. Any one @subjects w/ the and a lot happy with him. It comprises the deceptions can spend. All more in this band is sum ! It will buy again!!

Likes everything in this product, but took it so only and when it has washed a bladder was for a first time, has begun to filter. It would like to go in the touch with a vendor, but could not find they option.. For this my description.
4 / 5
Like this far, like this good. Mainly it has taken this like the way to resist hydration, medkit, extra ammo and material to match with rigs of mine of @@@cofre for days of row.
Was initially dissapointed like having think that a hose so only could be clipped to a side. This in spite of afterwards the little more messing discovered it around a clip can go in any side! Amur This cause of characteristic are the lefty and rifle of shoulder of the mine in a sinister side, and a hose kinda is gone in a way. Now with him on a law lateralmente right adds!
My only complaint is a valve of the bite in a bladder is quite restrictive and hard to take water was. But it will return more bladders, a bladder was so only to prize for the quite good stock exchange in general.
4 / 5
Used it the little time of then buying. It returns well in mine rear and raisin more the things love clave in him when they are biking. It is a lot comfortable to spend. Ossia A prime minister waterpack has not taken never, as you take this with the grain of rooms - I am finding that a tube is the little has bitten long and has to that loop of use in my strap to resist an end, more than a clip has built to a strap of shoulder. A bladder also takes the moment to dry was, usually requiring me to use paper towel. But I imagine it concealed it is one same with any bladder. It likes- one valve and a capacity to disconnect all some separates to tube for storage and cleaner. And, the difference of the different mark of the partner, this a does not filter on me of a value or neighbour.

In a whole, quite happy with him.

Top Customer Reviews: Mothybot Hydration ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have purchased this Mothybot rucksack partorisca hike with bladder partorisca water to use while touching with my external dogs in of the hot days, and partorisca take on the hikes when they go in vacacionales. It is easy to fill a bladder with 2 litres partorisca water why a mouth is wide. It concealed also the easy fact partorisca clean. A bladder hangs inside a rucksack has seen two velcro the bow concealed feels economic and flimsy. Ossia An only part of this product that does not have to note a lot of-fact, as the other of some materials is fat and look durable, and a seams does not aim any signs partorisca fray. A nozzle of water spends for the hole in a strap of shoulder and can be fixed to a strap of @@@cofre in a side, then up by means of a hole in a strap in another side, how is always approach your mouth. Usually I have the questions that bladders of use of water like these reasons have dentures, as has zero force of bite, but was able to drink of a Mothybot rucksack without questions, as it does not think you will have any question neither. So only agree that you have to that pull up in a mouthpiece to unlock the prime minister.

Has abundance of room in a rucksack partorisca hike essentials like this of the bites and the first box of help. There are pockets in a strap of waist partorisca store small elements like IDs and cash of emergency. Some straps of shoulder, straps of @@@cofre, and the straps of waist distribute a weight of a rucksack well, how is comfortable to spend.

In general, this Mothybot rucksack partorisca hike with the bladder treated to the equal that had expected the , and there is not founding any defects with him, as I give it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend calm give tries it.
4 / 5
Has bought a 10L version. It is a perfect measure partorisca mine 5'4” frame. I recommend partorisca any with the small to frame of half. Also it recommends partorisca any the one who is normal weight . Some straps are not partorisca big frames. If you are main or heavy, recommends a measure an elder. Otherwise Is the z/the rucksack adds partorisca the prize adds. I can not speak so his durability reason did not possess it long but looks partorisca be facts of fat and solid cloth stitching. It has not filtered on . Some straps of hip add his comfortable creation.
5 / 5
External work partorisca 8-10 hours the day that extracted clients and has required something partorisca struggle a Midwestern hot of state. Explored Around moment and decided in a Mothybot. His very light and some straps are comfortable. A clip that control a straw on prójimo your expensive is useful, need be seeds hands-free.
After using paralizaciones east in the chair of comfortable month with leaving the description:

TLDR: shabby partorisca travesías of day or walks of fast bicycle, but spend extra cold bands partorisca longer that the hours of pair. Any fully insulated!

╚A room partorisca storage is utmost. If you are hiking, horse riding, or so only doing the day of a time this band has quite soiled to resist all a essentials.
╚Some straps of active waist fanny-sale like pouches where could store you a bit money or perhaps the knife. They are not quite big for telephones, but is well for extra pockets.
╚ Has the headphone port of boss in a band. Of then I am external with my telephone and an iPad, maintenances to 20,000 battery in the storage of my band and routed a legislation of the boss to the long of to a street likes them the straw. He to good sure the easiest fact to take by means of a day when it calms does not have to that find the way to touch your devices.
╚An inaugural bladder is quite big could fill he with enormous chunks of gel and to the left founds all day like the way to preserve a fresh drink on tap.

1) A compartment where a bladder is resisted is BAD insulated. There is the very thin discharge of insulation in a front and for behind a compartment, but some sides and the fund are material coffins. You are lucky to resist the temperature for roughly 2-3 hours without the plot of support of cold band.
To maintain a past band fry a 4 mark of now (more afterwards to 6 hours) adds the cold band for behind a bladder, the cold band to a front of a bladder, and 2 frozen bottles of water in each side.

2) A 2 capacity of the litre is not exactly a truth. 2-I litres of water is roughly 67 ounces. An average of waters of the boat in north Amsterdam is 16.9 oz to the equal that would owe that be able to touch almost 4 bounced full. While when being in final, like calm spent it, a bladder only control 3 water bounced. If you have taken he out of a band, dipped the plan, and attentively maneuvered a bladder as it fill to him, could take a lot near of a plenary 2 litres, but 'is not to time of the person taken fo'this'
5 / 5
My daughter (17) has bought this for camp and master all some pockets and that has quite spatial for a bladder to water as well as some other elements wants to spend in his hikes of day. My younger daughter (14) saw it and like enough of that has bought one same a, of the different colour for his. His both dipped to a test while camping according to which the durability goes, but in a taken goes, this bladder to water retreated the bands are of sound!

Update: Mina 17 old year has used his camping for the moment, and he maintaining uses it multiple time the week when that goes to marching practical of band. Work a lot well. My younger daughter (15), has used his camping for the moment and a plastic band that has connected a coverage of a mouthpiece to a straw has broken. Of then, a vendor has a lot of be useful, in that sends the bladder of water of the substitution, as it can be ready for his travesía of next camping. His to good sure stand for behind his product.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Have Always bondadoso of has has wanted to one of these types of stock exchanges. I think that that they call bands of camel or hydration rucksacks. It camps the plot in a summer to the equal that have taken always to have water on me while I am camping climbing to hike or anything a chance is. This stock exchange comes with to 2L bladder that is enough for just roughly in the hike that do. A material in some looks of stock exchange put very near and is not deceived easily for an animal in chance are in the permitted zone to hunt. In general it would suggest this stock exchange or one like it to any one some plans in that spend some time of a grille.
4 / 5
Has bought Emerald an and has expected would be more aquamarine or teal, but looks blue mine. A bladder of water is well, cleaned easy and drys is gone in the day, has dipped a container of seeds of empty sunflower in him, for the resist opened to dry was. A stock exchange is a perfect measure for water, perhaps the little other few elements. 2 pockets of zip in a side that can access you while spending it. They are too small for sunglasses, but will resist tones and chap clave. There is remarked some of some other bands say to have behind ventilation, this a no, which is a lot maintains the base of a cost like any typically takes on 75, but was 95 today and really felt a heat in mine behind.
5 / 5
Mina 8 old years so only loves it, does not leave a house these days without him.
Very easy to substitute water, and a sale is big quality , and has a lot of spare pockets.
5 / 5
Has bought this for hydration when those careers. It is an adjustment spending it on your backside and listening water sloshing inside a band. This in spite of, have it quell'has run now 18 miles on three careers and he is going well. It is good to have a weight distributed and some pockets are utmost. In general I recommend it..

Update: As I have used this in the half marathon and unfortunately has taken some quite bad skin irritations of some buckles in a underside of my arms. Any @subject to the equal that has regulated the, so only any prendería . To arrive to this point, will owe that returns he so that it is inefficient for short longitude that it is that it has purchased partorisca.
4 / 5
Ossia My second time to purchase this stock exchange of estada. It has to that way that be useful when we go external to hike, activities of water and walking the hot day or regulate/warm. hydrating During the activities is like this of entity but usually any takes attention to what drunk or sometimes does not want to spend bounce it water. This rucksack is really well for us. A way has used this behind is to dip the cube of helar all a way up with watering first to take was yes like this, is able to drink cold water 5-6 hours. Like this comfortable to spend, a lot of space to store small elements.
5 / 5
This rucksack was comfortable and easy to ensure are like this trace behind some risky Angels that trail of earth in Zion National Park. I have not loved steps hanged too many excessive in some already arduous curves, like the smallest band was key, but there was still room for my bites, and some pockets in some straps of waist were brilliant - mine chapstick, telephone and hand sanitizer was inside easy achieves! And I adore a colour.
4 / 5
In the first place it was, I LOVE this rucksack. I have hunted partorisca age on Amazon and has finalised partorisca buy is one. It is a perfect measure partorisca the mini band of day and has been spending it nonstop partorisca 2 weeks! I know this band says the resistant water but one first what was spray he down with the resistant water can of walmart. An encircled and the clips of control are awesome and feels súper sure. Alive in Hawaii and ossia one the majority of ideal band Of. Everything. Time.

Oh, Are also really happy with a clean pocket outside. Marcos partorisca some easy the grab likes telephone or sunglasses.

1. Some zips have begun partorisca fray rights after opening a box. It is not the big shot but was suprising.
2. An interior the material the fresco more a lot entirely covers that big pocket. Some sides and the fund is a thin green material like pointed in a photo. I have taken the photo of an external & interior with beat it cold has on pressed against that.
3. A headphone the space is something I of to which like him so that it is waters it will go in begins partorisca rain. Probably the will patch in the chance perhaps takes taken some time.

A photo looks the brilliant worry , is the dark olive paints really good .
5 / 5
Loves my mothybot. Full with gel like plenary as then I can add cold water. I spend it on my careers, usually around 5-7 miles. A water in some heats of tube on same although his insulated, but I only spit was and take another drink. Still I have it waters it and the gel left when it finalises them my career. You can regulate straps so that it does not slip or bounce during the career. The small pockets leave me to us dipped my tones and a bar of energy. There is extra room in a band for extra material if your hiking, so only does sure his no acute or can burst a bladder. Can see me using he to hike and that dips my hydroflask and the water bounced extra frozen in him. Obviously a more dipped you in him one east of heavy plus but when so only fill a bladder and run any included the commentaries. He his more where his against your backside but any I really the commentary until the volume was and @give that has wetted my shirt is. To good sure a lot of course without him now that I tried it. Very better then spending the waters of boot. Alive in Vega and any course in a súper hot hot as there is so only tries a 80 row of early terracing in a morning.
4 / 5
Has purchased two of these stock exchanges for my travesía to Moab, UT. It was a height of summer and having water with you at all times is extremely of entity. Together with some 2 litres to water that some controls of stock exchange confine, has had quite soiled in a stock exchange to spend bites, an extra 40 oz insulated hydro flask, my stock exchange, suntan lotion, lip balm and telephone. This band has been trace of rock, repelling, hiking, white water rafting, ATV that traces and to a group. All my elements am remained dry and my water is remained cold. It would fill a 2 stock exchange of litre with gel and of the water and still although a gel has melted a water is remained fresh and refreshing a whole evening. Moab Ut The time has VARIED of 98 to 105 during some hours of daylight. We were extremely happy with as this stock exchange has treated.
4 / 5
Really band very small, comes with the bladder of water adds. I took it like this mine 5 old year could use it on hikes with us- return enough very regulate it to him to a possible level tighter but can also returned or my husband. Very comfortable and hanged light. The element adds for a low prize!
4 / 5
This rucksack is perfectly quality balanced and extremely well for a prize. We use it to us camping two times and on two really long hikes. It is easy to fill, some straps distribute to the weights likes him feigned, and all of some pockets are fully functional and of easy to access. For a prize, included would buy the second a reason my daughter maintains to fly mine.
4 / 5
An element has received has the quality adds. It is a lot of fact and will be totally that satisfies yes calms so only is looking for hydration band. Has has wanted to something with more than room in him so that he no for me but the service of client was utmost to direct my worries and I highly would recommend a stock exchange and undertaken if ossia that is looking for.
4 / 5
Has received so only this in a topmast and have the travesía to hike of the morning in the few hours. I have followed some instructions to clean a bladder and prep the to be fill. So only I have fill now he with waters he and is filtering under a lock. It is not nailed but a blue lock that is supposition to prevent he to the filter is not that he that is to suppose to. I seat it likes him to me he has squandered my money and now does not have to that bladder for my travesía. That a heck? They are like this disappointed with this product would not recommend he in spite of some other positive critics. It has had it it has done properly it would be to add but a big sell in this rear band is his bladder of water . Enormous letdown!
4 / 5
This stock exchange is well, but was in general there is disappointed. Out of a box a band there has been free and in pending edges in of the multiple zones that required to be the cut was. This probably will cause it to the fall averts after the pocolos use. Also, I have ordered to the emerald kills like result so only to be green of forest.
Has taken a sale on me partorisca one 8 hiking of day travel it and he have done well. You take like stops of pays. If it plan on using your band to the plot so only would pay an extra quantity and go with the better mark.
5 / 5
Really liked me this mothybot stock exchange - but has a @@subject - a insulation the interior a lot also covers a fund of a stock exchange (seen in pic), as any sweat of a stock exchange exits a subordinated and on to your backside. This could not be the enormous shot for some, but was the bit to frustrate. A storage in this stock exchange is a lot this in spite of, has loved of another compartment. I am returned our sandwiches and the chance with binoculars in an external pocket.
4 / 5
Ossia Perfect for my program of summer loves a colour.
So only a right measure.
4 / 5
This hydration the z/the rucksack has comprised 70 ounce bpa free & alimentary note hydration bladder. Easy to use, convenient the transmission. It is really useful partorisca external. Awesome!!!
5 / 5
A lot of -
insulation layer:
has taken this stock exchange to the travesía of ski. A temprature is been cold (among 5 to minus 10 terracings), and a water inside a stock exchange has not been has frozen (I assumes reason a stock exchange there is insulation spent).
A water inside a straw has frozen when a temprature was very cold (in minus 5 terracings), but yes has dipped a straw inside your jacket of ski, his defroster a straw to the equal that can drink.
Waterproof (At least for snow, when gone skiing).
Bad -
Cleaner: any easy, reason is hard to take a water out of him (I hangs for two days, and some drop to water still in there, because of a creation of a stock exchange of water).
A stock exchange of the water has not connected to a stock exchange, as you can buy the stock exchange of place and better water he inside a stock exchange. I think that that ossia an ideal.

In general, was a lot well for 1 travesía of ski, a prójimo a thinks them will buy them the stock exchange of new water, or learn regarding the cleaned.
4 / 5
Was skeptical in this stock exchange of then had not listened never of this mark. But after trying it on mine 13 walk of one thousand today, can say that absolutely I LOVE it!! It is a same measure like my leading CamelBak hydration stock exchange, but in the fraction of a cost and has characteristic more functional with good quality stitching. It would not doubt to purchase this stock exchange again in a future and now am thinking to buy another to present in the partner. 💕
5 / 5
Has taken this for the travesía to hike and has done utmost! I have read some descriptions that the does not maintain like this fresco to the equal that to to one would like, as of me heeded that warning and spent some bands of geles to dip in a compartment with a water for the maintain fresher longer and has done! An only down the side is that it takes the moment to dry in an interior, but another concealed it, is the fantastic little rucksack to hike travesía! In general very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Has taken this for the present to the equal that can does not use and can so only partially the revise. It looks to the z/to the good rucksack and a colour is well. It is not heavy and all the parts have come amiably situated inside a stock exchange. I have had the resemblance one in a past and has so only done a lot I so that it follows while this will do to. Like this far I can give to 5 star for a material quality and looks of a rucksack.
5 / 5
Has has wanted to really like this rucksack, but a bladder of water has filtered constantly , included with which have disassembled and has gathered again. I have tried to comprise as and the one who a question is but is the mystery of mine. In general it returns a good quantity further of small material is returned mine 13” laptop any question. Pockets of telephone is the joke - can you a lot easily dipped the telephone and take it was. It could it is returned so only the @@@chopstick comfortably and has has had to that still break my arms to do like this. Any súper happy with a compraventa and has maintained partorisca ruin walked of mine with a water to filter bladder . It wishes pocket of telephone was in an of some straps . In general... meh
4 / 5
Have gone back to biking. It could any fathom that pay $ 80 paralizaciones camelback. I have had a before have decided like this to try this mark and I love it. A lot very he he. A lot of pockets and able to resist my tools of bicycle, lock of bicycle and bosses and box of medical help. A bladder of water is easy to install and take and Easy to clean. To good sure recommend
5 / 5
Ossia like this easy to spend, a compartment for his bladder of water is insulated maintaining your cold to water all day. I had it on it hikes concealed to take me until 13,500 feet and has not been disappointed in a function of my band. Also it was able to situate some lunch in a compartment although it maintains it cold also.
4 / 5
Lacking Covid to do my familiar the plus Outgoing and alfresco write familiar. Up to now it was so only my woman and me. I have bought this for my daughter and loves it. Has results more adventurous and has been exiting hiking and now looking for more reasons to pack up and start. So only it wishes now it was the 3 ltr. Bladder.
4 / 5
Thinks for a prize, calm can not ask too much but in this chance, has to weaves of good things to say in this stock exchange.
Amur That has some straps in some upper and funds for the spend around more easily. Good quantity of pockets.
When I have dipped the bulky element in a rear pocket (which is shared with a bladder, which is quell'has bitten unfortunate, but any the breaker to treat), a stock exchange takes and feel has bitten poofy but finally will solve to your organism.

To bladder any giant and bit it difficult to fill on if any one the the big tank or has to that go of dispenser of water of the refrigerator.

Material a lot in general.
4 / 5
I find it a lot I last to in fact take waters was if this while it hikes or the a lot of class of activity. I have thought the hands free would be the good way to go but this was so only the waste of money. I can not recommend this to any one. 2 stars because it likes-me a colour.
4 / 5
I really like a look and feel of this rucksack. Has sure clips around a waist that remain of helps in place. Also really it likes that there is insulation around a bladder partorisca water that the helps maintain cold to water when it was in a heat. They are curious to the equal that will resist up in a cold when skiing, if a insulation will help partorisca maintain my water of ice cream.
5 / 5
This hydration the band is done of militay-grad material of durability. A quality is like this well, has multiple pockets, can store a lot of necessities in him. It is very appropriate to any in outside, love this creation. Nizza Purchase.
5 / 5
Has purchased two of these same bands. It is the sum of compact band partorisca cycling or walked fast; very comfortable. This in spite of, each bladder of water has been used two first times to jump the interior of leak 1 month of compraventa. It would not recommend it is a bladder of the water is really looking for. If it likes- you join sale and will buy or use your bladders of own water of the different mark, goes partorisca he!
4 / 5
Is like this difficult to drink a water of reservoir. Still with valve of flow 100 open, has to use two together hands partorisca press a water of him. As it Can six human to drink a water with him? I have read so many good descriptions and the majority of a reviewers that pause in a product but swimming of user and experience of real use. It will be necessary returns it. These produced is useless to hike and external activities.
4 / 5
Am pleased with quell'I has taken. Looks Exactly like this pictured and a bladder of water is sum. A big downfall is that included this in spite of has two compartments, one resists a bladder of the water and one is the smidge smaller. This is not an on walked at night or rucksack of camp. Utilisation for hikes of day and would pack the main band behind to camp or walked long. This be has said, resists all some basic needs and perhaps some extra hoodie. In general I am happy.
4 / 5
Has bought this for mine 11 old year. It loves it. My husband has has used also this in our hikes. Compared to a Camelbak the mark is surprising. I recommended it.
5 / 5
Has had one of these on its own name for awhile but this one was for my daughter and loves it. To good sure quite big for enough of lunch and of water for the hike of day and am included able to spend the first box of SMALL help
4 / 5
love this band! It is perfect measure for the travesía to hike of the cold and a band of water maintains to feed cold which is in prize a lot still considers! Utmost measure, a lot of comfy and def value your money!

Will update if anything significant raisin.
4 / 5
This hydration the band has had ALL SOME CHARACTERISTICS that requires! And it is gone in the plot of fun colours for some boys and he is done well. A insulated waters pouch maintains your cold of water and a tubing is insulated to maintain your cold prime minister of sip and help in of waters he of decreasing that the freezings that use in a cold. Some controls of band so only quite train to be poised but is not bulky. Has has used really this band on everything of last walks of ours long bicycle and that aventure of hike!
5 / 5
Utilisation this stock exchange daily partorisca biking. Transmission out of a hydration bladder because I have had one is him better liked, but a stock exchange that is coming with has done well. It is of entity partorisca do sure a lid is sealed properly this in spite of. It had fill the and has stuck he in a refrigerator to cold and water filtered because there is not sealed the good.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. First time that uses it and has had the giant leak in a bladder. Waste of money.
4 / 5
Works and good value well. No the tonne of storage as it does not plan partorisca spend a lot is using a bladder of water. Perfecto partorisca mountain biking. At all roughly it feels economic. Perhaps he no last years and the years but is the good unit.
4 / 5
RUCKSACK of BETTER HIKING NEVER!! I have included run with him sometimes. Amazing quality and resists all some things I needs. Amur All some pockets, and a big bladder is well. No too big and still hanged like this light. Absolutely it would recommend!!
4 / 5
Awesome hydration Sale partorisca a prize! Bought this like the present partorisca any one. According to them it has it so only he quite soiled for bites and the pair other elements. A sum of laws of the bladder! Any one escapes but gives a water the plastic flavour. It goes it was after the pair of uses. Would have has loved some straps of shoulder to have so only bit it more cushioning but ossia still the band adds.
5 / 5
Poor quality, stitching in the buckle has broken when regulating some straps of rucksack for one 1st time. Piece of the tube of the mouth has broken also on 1st use. It does not recommend .
4 / 5
Really likes to of me. Doesnt Maintains a water like this long the people say but is well. It adds gel to a water and is the little small to spend other things but is light and a lot handy
4 / 5
This little band is perfect for me. During a pandemic my husband and I have been that does the plot to hike with our dog and this was perfect for last 4 hike of now ours. The colour adds, resists all a material I need, and the stays ensure while they locate. For a prize to good sure would buy again.
4 / 5
My husband spends this in a heat of state when it goes for his 12 hikes of thousands. Work well and maintains a cold of water. Can regulate it to the comfortable place and access a spout easily. A lot happy with this creation , work well.
5 / 5
Was smaller that has expected but maintained it reason a insulation zone of bladder. I didnt warn a lot of difference in the maintain fresco. I will maintain to go to the external chances of then is like this light and comfortable

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