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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
So much, after comparing produced and reading descriptions, has bought is one. Here it is a hammer : some stays of bowl in a freezer, a stand freezer only. Our mix of Thursday, like this far of Peggy Fallon is A Cookbook of Costruttore of Better Ice cream Never. Taking stashed in a refrigerator at night. Tomorrow of Friday, a regime of bowl of a deep freezing, a mix goes to a costruttore of ice cream. When it Is done in a costruttore of ice cream goes to a freezer. Dessert at night of the Friday? Hiele Marries done. This car is utmost . So only a right measure partorisca one 2 of us, work well, a work. Any messing around with gel and rooms. According to a recipe done to to a same quantity likes 1 of regular box of ice cream of a tent. I take a guarantee partorisca 2 years, sure has done. Has has learnt to plot roughly hiela, has bet. Tips: if you have jumped partorisca this costruttore of ice cream, cradle partorisca fresh ingredients. He the rocky street with walnut of a backside of a cupboard, could say. Be patient. If yours want ice cream right now: it goes partorisca buy some. This car roughly is that it enjoys a creation, any gratification of instant. He one hiela buries the tent has bought? Any question. Has a car treated to the equal that has announced? Sure it has. It has been to good sure the joy.
5 / 5
Has read some attentively first descriptions to select this car. My car arrived in perfect condition and sooner that has expected. I have cleaned a drum and place he in a freezer 24 hours. It has been solid frozen when I used it and my ice cream is exited perfect. My husband could not leave raving roughly the and the one who better the tried that the tent has bought!

Has been estimated highly but has had some some indications partorisca star that has said has not gone quite powerful to thicken an ice cream and reason a drum has not taken quite cold to freeze an ice cream.

Churning @@Subject
think that the people that complains that it is not quite powerful to churn an ice cream has to that revisit his recipe. I have found that when I have dipped too heavy whipping cream to a mix, dense really quickly and the looks of car to be that it pulls. When I have used a pertinent mix of heavy whipping cream and tins, has not had this question and a hiela is exited well and smooth. Also, each costruttore of ice cream creates the soft to do lacking consistency of type. If it calms master that to box on, precise place he out of a drum and place he in a freezer for an hour or so much. Also he no dipped of the bits of fruit or dice to a mix to churn. Attentive until after an ice cream is finalised then fold that in my hand with which you empty to the bowl. A chunks will take taken among a paddle and drum and questions to cause add during a churn. Chunks Is meant to be addition later.

Questions of drum
can not submerge a drum in of waters he. Clearly it says like this in a manual. If you can not read a small impression, Google Cuisinart HIELE-21 Manuel and download a pdf for this unit. I concealed and it was way easier to read. I dip mine in a freezer in a whole place for 24 first hours to use it a first time. With which acted calm ice cream the half the fat discharge of ice cream welded to an interior of a drum. NO The scrapes was with utensils of metal. I so only mine of coverage with the paper towel and with which roughly 15-20 minutes scrape some sides with the soft pliable spatula. It does not line an interior, will cause questions later. Neither it dips a drum behind to a freezer until funds entirely was. After expecting a 15-20 and scrapping an interior, take my drum to a tank and the spray was with warm water, when being careful any for the submerge or line it. The Dry was with the paper towel and seat it on my counter in a whole place to finalise that it melts era. Then I dry of an excess condensation of an interior and external and dip the backside in a freezer in a whole place.
4 / 5
Has had this costruttore of ice cream for roughly 6 years. He still works and fantastic ice cream. A recipe in a manual of owners for the freezing of vanilla is HEAVEN. There is the few things in this costruttore of ice cream that thinks could be improved, and perhaps in of the newest models are, but these are that it reduces this description for one stars.

In the first place a bowl is not the sure dishwasher. I will say you that that has dipped he in a dishwasher once. A soap of dish has done the reaction to an aluminium in an interior of a bowl. If calm this, he drying down with peroxide of looks of hydrogen to help, and washed it manually never of then. I seat it likes him this day and of age, does not have any reason to not doing dishwasher of tools of the cookery sure. A paddle and the coverage can be washed in a dishwasher that me ameno to reason 2.

A coverage in a car is economic. The mine has the big crack up for a part. I can not take like this it is spent, are not he never fallen or anything, but is so only too thin as it treats it a lot of gingerly. This be has said, still does perfectly, is so only the little more than annoying now.

Those are really some so only two drawbacks in this particular car there is remarked. Calm now has to that freeze a bowl for roughly 24 hours for advanced, but ossia so only a type of costruttore of ice cream ossia. There is another refrigerated systems that does not require that, but is in the a lot of main prize row. Has the deep freezer to the equal that am really never cut in a space of freezer, but yes only calm the micro-refrigerator, this could be the breaker of extracted for you.

Some recipes tend to be too volume thus costruttore of ice cream. I always have roughly 1/2 cup of ice cream overflowing of a cup. It takes class of messy. If podes, frames some recipes in two separate batches or tries he the day when your humidity is non-existent. A big more a humidity a more he overflows.

In general am satisfied entirely with this compraventa. If this has not broken never down, probably would buy this one again. It is the costruttore of solid ice cream and a bit those that drawbacks is not the big I quite extracted that it would swing me to him to buy this throughout again yes has has had to that he on.
5 / 5
To be sincere one of mine buys better here. It loves it and that goes to buy 2 more like this present for my sister and partner!
In the first place considers my self and wifey is lover of ice cream and intoxicated sometimes!
We some flavours until now and will try more

Some commentaries before it buy it:
Noisy? Yes, but any to level concealed to annoy me.
Petit For big family? Perhaps! For two to do a bowl weekly (depends on feel and desire). You can buy according to bowl ( I has it but does not use never he)
Easy to use? Yes, using it easy. A delicate part is that has dipped in him! ( More it explains it that it will come)

the Useful tips have done and facts for us:
1- master the freezing heavy, hard, and the smooth texture (taste ), precise use heavy cream with your regular milk. If you are well with light soft servants, tins with meso and the averages will do a trick.
2- A lot on upload a bowl with the plot of addetive ingredients. His in disposal to be difficult to freeze and unit like a texture. It likes to add to plot of ships of chocolate or the plot of shredded coconut, ossia any no.
3- 20 -25 min Is pertinent time, Slightly less than this well has dipped less mix of total ice cream. It does not recommend going more than 30min! Reason? Reason a bowl frozen will not remain cold all time and your ice cream probably will melt down after the long time that maintains diagrams.
4- Do sure your bowl is frozen totally before starts, shakes it to do sure! I usually tents in freezer until the utilisation again, washes it a backside again to freezer.
5- Avert fill a bowl to a cup, the freezing grows main when place and on flow and will do for the lose and hard to clean.
6- I there is remarked that I can augment a hardness of the mine freezing for manually extending a mix of ice cream to touch everything inside surfaces of a bowl while still on to use spatula of hule. I that in a last 2-3min before it turns of a car. One hiela when beginning to the ice cream tends to take emotional or so only touch a zone inside a bowl and to extend plant faster.
7- I place in refrigerator for at least 2 hours before it uses it! My woman like soft and eat it immediately! :(
8- has said this? Dipped your mix of ice cream in refrigerator or freezer for 30-60 min. Before starts! A yours the cold plus mixes a fast and easy plus to dip and freezing inside a bowl
9- Prize of ingredients to do the freezing good? I say so only to good. As I have mentioned, heavy utilisation-cream for hard servants the freezing and I buy 1 chamber around $ 6 (and uses it 2 times or two bowls, 2 courts each). Calm also add a prize of regular tins and other flavours and ingredients to the equal that has preferred.
I hope has has not lost things. I have expected sometimes to revise this and try be useful! Everything on mentioned for an ice cream this in spite of enjoys it my ice cream that does for now. I will move to frozen yoghourt and will add more tips my description. Thank you

My woman helped with east and added some pictures!
Our ice cream that improves so that it sees pictures lol
4 / 5
has Received July 2017. I changed it on to verify operation - was A lot. The unit stored until today (November). When I have turned the unit on has done the HORRIBLE ratcheting noise (like the noisemaker in a game of football). I have called Cuisinart and has touched a noise in a telephone. It has been ready to ship the unit of substitution partorisca $ , and expected to ALSO cover a cost of a defective unit (probably bending a cost of turn). This was an only option has offered. CS rep opined That these police was normal in an industry of manufacture of the appliance. I beg to differ. Philips Has substituted defective elements (which is lasted to the longest plot that A useage) in ANY SIDE of MINA, one is the police that like and concealed to say me that of some stands of company for behind his products.
Has declined Cuisinart is 'offered'. I have opened a unit to verify a defect. It contains a train of pinion of metal (in an iron of walk of the engine) a rest is PLASTIC. A double train (scrolling) has had a pinion of big train and a small a (8 wheel of the tooth yes agrees). A tooth had been sheared was that it causes a failure. Plastic has is the uses but this was the very poor creation . Big stress in a wrong place.
Cuisinart THREE YEAR the guarantee has limited looks to be after the USELESS.
My global cost would have been augmented 50 because of his DEFECT of manufacture. I have opted to rubbishes a unit. I owe that say that that has there is has not had questions with Cuisinart produced in some spent - but his Service of Policemen of Client for STINKS of defective elements. I will be steering clear of Cusinart in future.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A gizmo has arrived yesterday, the bowl washed and place in a freezer, has then done prime minister of mine never homemade freezing 19 hours later. A moment it was a course a harder!

A video aims a progress in of the intervals of 5 minutes until 20 minutes. One first image aims a consistency of an ice cream when I have taken a paddle was. The majority of an ice cream was there, with only perhaps 2 tablespoons left in a bowl. A second image aims an ice cream in an add container.

A recipe I clue (of Joy to Bake put web) has done roughly .75 chambers But a bowl of costruttore looked almost full.

A bowl takes on upper of spatial in a freezer. I am tried to buy an extra a but a bulk is that it is by train to maintain me of the do. If so only it has the separate and removable freezer band, will not owe that stick a whole bowl to a freezer. Now ossia an idea ! I can buy mark and of the multiple bands more than an ice cream the day! For now so only they are that it goes to owe patience of practice.

Another note, when I have been done doing freezing, a bowl has felt still frozen. Any slushing. A sponge has used to wash tense grasped to the he and a spare water after rinsing quickly turned to gel, which is class of delicate, as I have had to rinse again and to dry drought immediately. It was so only after rinsing with the warm water listens slush of a bowl. Perhaps it would try to do two batches next time. Or at least I will not freeze it like this long first to do ice cream.

Finally, the desire has the timer and beeps when fact.

Recipe of ice cream of the vanilla:
2 heavy cup whipping cream
1 hoards whole milk
1.5 tsp extracted of vanilla
2/3 hoards sugar (the question of original recipe 3/4 cup)
2 tbsp powder of dry milk
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It has Had this of then July and now sounds like the cube of rocks tumbling. Material his fact.
4 / 5
Are extremely dissatisfaction with this product. When My unit has broken with which roughly ten, perhaps fifteen uses, a company has said that it would have to that paid to ship both ways of has it has substituted. In an end, like another reviewer said, will have to pay almost like this to ship he so that it would cost me to buy another of these things. Material perhaps could have been better to buy he in Bath of Bed and Further, where so only could be returned he in a tent. They are really disappointed with Cuisinart guarantee.
5 / 5
Is recently state Keto and has loved to be able to do my own ice cream with eyrithritol (sp?) In place of sugar.
Has not done never hiela before.
I some first investigation to purchase and this model there has been the descriptions add of has trusted of the sources have like this took a jump.
Are like this happy that has done!
This the incredibly easy fact to have the dessert frozen so only a way that calm the want.
An instruction is clear and concise. The recipes are has comprised.
Has to that it expects 24 hours for a bowl to freeze (I so only the maintain clean and in a spare freezer how is always ready).
Some looks of car to be solidly has built.

Remarce: Some needs of bowl to be whole and in a backside of a freezer for better results- the cup taken on of the good bit of spatial. Taken up in a same quantity of spatial like the tent goleada of the ice cream has bought, as it maintains this first import to purchase.

Once this is to do can have you soft servants to freeze in like this little like 15 minutes!
Loves that this is to go in red , included looks pleasant when into use.

Seats quite comfortable recommending this element.
4 / 5
In a last Pair of years has purchased three of these cars and at least two bowls of substitution. A gel in some bowls that the no hard freezings. A lot frustrating and is a lot of expensive result. The freezing frames add, but after my later experience with fault of product in the small dinner that grows-- I am done like this. Besides, I have purchased two cars for members familiarised like this of the presents and has not received never any feedbacks. I called him both and requests in his experiences. A schemes lasted by means of only two sessions and another by means of a hotter part of last state. Gone in Cuisinart--I seat rasgado was and bobo.

Top Customer Reviews: DASH My Pint ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
4 / 5
This pint sized the costruttore of ice cream is so only quite powerful to do 1-2 servings of ice cream the time. With the simple recipe of 2 cream of cups and a milk of cup or 2 half cup and means and a cream of cup with 1 vanilla of teaspoon and 3/4 hoards sugar, can pre-mark and cold a base to do 3 'pints' of ice cream. Just heat he until roughly 160 F and the maintain there for 10 minutes and has left the first quota of chilling.

I highly recommend fully freezing a chiller unit and also chilling a base of ice cream for at least 4 hours before using. For some better results, dipped the cup of a chilled bases of ice cream in a freezer for 30 minutes to take it like this near to freeze like this possible. This will result in the slightly final more frozen has produced.

Agrees, he hiela is not supposition to exit of a costruttore hard, some leaves could not turn and is so only a lot quite cold. With which conclusion, precise mix in your additives then pack he to the container and has left the hard freezing in a freezer.

If they are some instructions , will take the compatible and produced of quality every time.

Would have given it five stars, but for some following:

could be It to be slightly main. It calls a soyy pint' but can so only dipped in 1 cup of base of ice cream and with which fluffing to churn, can be 1.5 cups , if it conceal. It was a lot if a glass was 20 elder .

Also, unless calm properly fry a base of ice cream, does not have quite chilling power in a chillers. Also, although starts in the temperature of refrigerator of 40F, hardly has quite juice. Ossia Reason highly recommends to use a freezer to take the start of boss, but no the sinister freezings have included the little.

This device is perfect for any any one does the personnel sized batch of ice cream, but not resulting the glutton in the full chamber to batch of half chevron. Calm also give you an occasion to do the small batch every night and store them up in plastic containers for later eating. Cleanup Is really easy and rigging for a next batch is like this easy likes rinsing the out of, drying it was and refreezing.
4 / 5
Ossia The product of big quality , abordable, quickly, very easy to use, so only 1-3 any to do the hiela adds, sorbet and frozen yoghourt with the book of simple recipe. If I to to the one who does not like and can not follow of the instructions can use it, any one can, any assembly has required. And calm of then could control your own ingredients, calm could do was (or any) and is delicious and fresco. They are a lover of ice cream and looked to buy a costruttore of ice cream to the equal that can do he in in any for the moment home. You can do the smallest portion so only for calm or more servings to share with another. A lot enjoyable produced, highly would recommend it.

Kulanan Monroe
4 / 5
Helar Is not entirely solid result but I like an alone measure that do fault and so only takes the pocolos small to mix up.
5 / 5
It wins this like this well has bought one and has loved the like this well has bought the pair for friends. So only a right measure for those looking his weight.
5 / 5
Bought this like the present for my edges. It is easy to use and frames so only a right quantity for him. Also it say that cleanup was easy.

5 / 5
This does not act . I have followed some directions exactly. Any entirely freezes a liquid. After an hour to churn, was liquid still . It does not squander your money is.
4 / 5
It has not been that have expected paralizaciones. Ingredients of use of the main models and ice creams of mark or sorbet in roughly 30 minutes. This a lot
freezing on piece and add yours has prepared his ingredients, closing a lid, and feeble, plastic paddle whips he? Pleasant, Colour, and sized well, so only a lot he for me.
4 / 5
Some arrivals of consistency to be as the frappachino and a lot of hiela, but is cold and good.
5 / 5
This pint sized the costruttore of ice cream is so only quite powerful to do 1-2 servings of ice cream the time. With the simple recipe of 2 cream of cups and a milk of cup or 2 half cup and means and a cream of cup with 1 vanilla of teaspoon and 3/4 hoards sugar, can pre-mark and cold a base to do 3 'pints' of ice cream. Just heat he until roughly 160 F and the maintain there for 10 minutes and has left the first quota of chilling.

I highly recommend fully freezing a chiller unit and also chilling a base of ice cream for at least 4 hours before using. For some better results, dipped the cup of a chilled bases of ice cream in a freezer for 30 minutes to take it like this near to freeze like this possible. This will result in the slightly final more frozen has produced.

Agrees, he hiela is not supposition to exit of a costruttore hard, some leaves could not turn and is so only a lot quite cold. With which conclusion, precise mix in your additives then pack he to the container and has left the hard freezing in a freezer.

If they are some instructions , will take the compatible and produced of quality every time.

Would have given it five stars, but for some following:

could be It to be slightly main. It calls a soyy pint' but can so only dipped in 1 cup of base of ice cream and with which fluffing to churn, could be 1.5 cups , concealed . It would be a lot if a glass was 20 elder .

Also, unless calm properly fry a base of ice cream, does not have quite chilling power in a chillers. Also, although starts in the temperature of refrigerator of 40F, hardly has quite juice. Ossia Reason highly recommends to use a freezer to take the start of boss, but no the sinister freezings have included the little.

This device is perfect for any any one does the personnel sized batch of ice cream, but not resulting the glutton in the full chamber to batch of half chevron. Calm also give you an occasion to do the small batch every night and store them up in plastic containers for later eating. Cleanup Is really easy and rigging for a next batch is like this easy likes rinsing the out of, drying it was and refreezing.
5 / 5
Ossia The product of big quality , abordable, quickly, very easy to use, so only 1-3 any to do the freezing adds, sorbet and frozen yoghourt with the book of simple recipe. If I to to the one who does not like and can not follow of the instructions can use it, any one can, any assembly has required. And calm of then could control your own ingredients, calm could do is (or any) and is delicious and fresco. They are a lover of ice cream and looked to buy a costruttore of ice cream to the equal that can do he in in any for the moment home. You can do the smallest portion so only for calm or more servings to share with another. A lot enjoyable produced, highly would recommend it.

Kulanan Monroe

Top Customer Reviews: Cuisinart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The freezing very well car partorisca his class (use of house, bowl of freezer). It have possessed one 1 1/2 chamber Cusinart model and like the plot. Then any in my house dipped a drum in a dishwasher and I have discovered when I have tried to do the batch of ice cream that would not freeze . Using a 1 1/2 fourth model was always scaling down recipes or looking for in an ice cream like acted with the spoon, those flies partorisca freeze of the spoonfuls likes them to watchtower the overflow of a costruttore of freezing reason I overfilled the (any that has imported really this). It likes-I one 2 fourth measure partorisca these reasons,

has has not possessed never one of these types of costruttrici of first ice cream, here is an overview. There is two main part according to which that marks an ice cream. There is the paddle and the drum, aka a bowl of freezer. One prejudices before you feign partorisca do hiela (or sooner) estaciona your bowl of freezer cleaned in a colder part of the your freezer at night. Ossia Essential that a bowl be frozen by means of without sloshing sound. This drum is that fry an ice cream.

When you Are ready partorisca do an ice cream, dipped a bowl of the freezer frozen to a base of a car of ice cream, dipped a paddle in and dip an upper on, initiate a car and then touch your cold (repeats COLD) mix of ice cream to a bowl of freezer like short. A cold of some colds of bowl of the freezer a mix of ice cream, a paddle asks some sides of a bowl of freezer as it turns that it scrapes of a freezing ice cream that incorporates it behind to a mix of ice cream and air of churns to a mix. Left a car is announces 20ish small. It gives it the summit each one once in the moment because freezing looked never freezings ;). When it Is fact , will listen of the fights of engine bit it more been due to a thickness of an ice cream, an ice cream will be soft to do lacking consistency and will be done according to which his adventure with a car. Of calm here could eat like this soft servants, or excluyente out of an ice cream to the freezer that freezings and container sure he partorisca the few hours. Left a bowl of freezer covers the little, then washes manually with warm soapy water and the soft sponge or cloth.

Some negative commentaries that the presents actuate to the sinister looks mostly partorisca be due to not comprising like these works of the car or that have expected something different, or both. Yes, you have to freeze a bowl for prejudices he -- ossia like this type of ice cream of colds of car of ice cream. He doesnt have his own refridgeration unit. If you want that, then it pays 5x+ a prize partorisca the different type of car. No, this car does not produce solid hard ice cream -- the soft products do lacking consistency because acted and calm can not churn solid of freezing rock. And you HAVE TO THAT WASH The BOWL of FREEZER Manually. This is not the 'for the maintain looking is more ' to to the subject calm likes sneak your pots and casseroles in a dishwasher of still although I owe no -- a heat of a dishwasher will destroy a freezing liquid in a bowl and a bowl never ice cream partorisca mark again. You can say that the a lot of meaning relative dipped your bowl in a dishwasher reason a bowl still will touch sloshy still although it is been freezing partorisca days.

A does not freeze Never My commentaries of Freezing -- a neither dipped person his bowl of freezer in a dishwasher or a bowl has not gone quite cold. Or a bowl of freezer was defective.
A The any Ice cream Immediately, Soft -- ossia true, but ossia like these works of car.

Some have commented that they have to that leave a freezing finishing (after being I a freezer) chairs in a counter for 15 minutes until poden excluyentes he. My suggestions are: 1. The fattest use in your recipe, 2. Sinister churns more air like some careers of car, 3. It knows that helar more commercial have the tonne that called 'tall' that is basically air in an ice cream. You can remark that a same volume of two different frames of ice cream weigh differently. Ultra Marcos of prize like Haagen Daaz actuate little high compared to, says more grocery frames of tent. The ice creams of qualities go down also have thickeners and stabilizers that control an ice cream near but maintain he of really forming solid. Never leave the bowl of ice cream in a counter at night and a next day is the little melted but mostly in a same form? Ossia Some stabilizers . Everything of these frames the freezing commercial soft and easy the same excluyente although it is frozen. It takes heart that freezing of better quality like a one is doing is of course harder when frozen, and therefore it can take the sturdy excluyente of ice cream and perhaps the little muscle the excluyente. On have it properly he freezing (quite fat, quite churning) has has not done never the too hard batch the excluyente directly of a freezer.

In short, these works of car fantastically and his ice cream of quality of the mark. They are very happy with him.
5 / 5
Ossia My first costruttore of ice cream . It have been looking to take a for the moment and was suckered to take this one of everything of some positive critiques. They are happy to inform that I have not been disappointed. A car is the little noisy, but ossia an only drawback that really can think of. A first ice cream has tried to the mark was movement he on Ben n the freezing of Garcia of the Cherry of Jerry done of chip and real cherries of dark chocolate. An ice cream has frozen well and was absolutely delicious. Of then we have also he cranberry cheesecake with the graham cracker move it that careers by means of him and the chocolate brownie concealed any last two nights! Usually we store an ice cream in the glass loaf casserole for easy scooping or in recycling Talents pack for control of easy portion. Any way, fantastic ice cream that can do you so it is (or unhealthy!) To the equal that want, and in general is much more economic that constantly buying pints of ice cream in a tent. To good sure value a prize and I to good sure would recommend it.
5 / 5
I have purchased this in August and tried to do ice cream. Never it move the past cold liquid and I have assumed perhaps I something wrong, included although I have followed all the directions to a paper. I have tried again on Thanksgiving and liquid again cold. Both times once a liquid is in a freezer, he in fact freezings. One has has thought arrived and I lifted on a bowl of freezer and has shaken he - still although a liquid interior is frozen solid , a liquid in a bowl is still sloshing around after the WEEK to be in mine deep freezer. Bowl Of defective freezer, I supposition. I have tried that it contact a company by means of his on-line form and has listened at all behind. I will update I listen more. I so only like the bowl of new freezer that works!
4 / 5
It has finalised so only (and eating!) Two batches of ice cream. Consistency And excellent flavour! I have bought a container of extra/freezer and, after a first batch has been done (25 minutes), has situated a bowl of next freezer in a mixer and has added some second ingredients. A chevron of delicious ice cream in roughly an hour! Has has wanted a lot that has to that buy gel, rooms of rock, etc. Your ice cream will be slightly creamy (any mecer hard), but quickly can be 'cured' and harder that situate in yours freezer for the moment. I have loved also the one who calmer this car is compared with our costruttore of regular ice cream. As the one who durability, looks very done, but the time will say like this resists up. When we Finalise to transfer an ice cream the plastic containers, immediately clean some bowls of ice creams (soap and warm water), dried them, and has situated his backside in a freezer ready to do another batch. Amur This car.
5 / 5
I am not never state disappointed in the Cuisinart produced until this costruttore of ice cream. I have had a small one for years and used it multiple time and was enamoured totally. They are sure I has done gel at least once the week that hangs hot months (and sometimes cold months) with some small a. I have decided that it would like me the freezing for the group the big plus so has has had to that well sure a big one would be different that a small a. I have been bad. It is so only he does not give the very freezing. Yes, he sloppy freezing can poor to the container and complete an ice cream but that it is a purpose , Calm can not eat the very custard likes well of ice cream with which some 25 minutes has promised that that taken to do ice cream. I have tried all, comprising moving a freezer to my yard when you are 37or has been to see if this has done the difference. Even piled Cubes of geles in of the plastic stock exchanges around a freezer to see an ice cream would freeze solid. AT ALL do. I will continue to use my small freezer and love the but could a lot me more disappointed in this Cuisinart has produced. It would be necessary has it gone back a first time does not freeze solid.
4 / 5
Desire that could this the bookmark the low plus that a star. We follow an ice cream that does instructions and of the recipes exactly and with which 5 test an ice cream never solidifies in a churn. I can you do not say those that tins, cream, and fruit was launch. Some last time tries to do the ice leaves a canister in a freezer for 5 leading days so only to do sure that it was frozen really. Besides, a car is extremely strong to a point that you can not listen a television while it is running. I have called Cuisinart support of Client and has expected on control partorisca in an hour so only to be hailed by the representative of company that knows at all in this product. Cuisinart Has used to be the company adds with products of qualities very good. Cuisinart Now economic fact throwaway junk. It is the a lot of looking car, but ossia roughly all can say well roughly that. This car does not do like this announced that. We are by train to send it Behind. It does not squander your money or time in this worthless piece of junk. In a positive side, the support of Amazon was to add, and took it behind and have given the full repayment.
4 / 5
It is almost like this as well as they say in a description, adds frozen extracted, an only discrepancy is a time . It looks to be in double that says, usually looks to take 45-60 minutes to do. It likes that it is enough of easy, does not have to that worry in a gel and rooms of rock, calm so only has to that I advance to plan so that a container is frozen (but concealed is not the surprise). A car is surprisingly calm, first time used it, has done freezing while we eat to dine, and there was running so only the few feet out of a table, and hardly in the same the commentaries that run. I clean up it is the little more difficult that has thought a first time (character of a beast) reason have has wanted to me haste and clean a legislation of the cube after an ice cream has been done, and dip the backside in a freezer, but a water would freeze to an interior of a cube before that can dry was, as have has had to that the washed only, and has left the drip dry/defrost first of the place behind in a freezer.
In general, any remorse that buys this product, and would recommend it .
4 / 5
We buy this costruttore of freezing reason have loved freezing comma of better quality without all one has has added ingredients and sugar to store the freezing has bought. We have done 3 different batches (vanilla, cranberry, and strawberry) and has resulted utmost.
A thing to remark - a tub has to that be in a freezer for several hours with a freezer dipped in 0 terracings. Any big plus and no hiela, more than the slush.
Has learnt also that a car would owe that be turned on while it touches in some ingredients. If takings too long to take a mixer that movements a cream can freeze to a tub and things of difficult mark.
First batch - a car has done so only the light hum, easily covered for volume of normal TV. Hiela Of excellent vanilla.
According to batch - STRONG. Touched like a bearings in a car has been ready to exit bad. Cuba takes and has left the course without load and still strong. Finalised the in all the chance and there is enjoyed.
Third batch - has Begun was with the light hum again, but has taken the little stronger like the time has been in. Odd.... Also reason 4 stars in place of 5. Some cars' lifespan can not be very long if his already doing noise.
Doing your own ice cream is more expensive that that buys the tent has bought, but create concealed having control in that is dipped in a final product is a lot of value a small extra cost. I think that that this was the compraventa well. The toes have crossed in a subject of noise.
4 / 5
Hiela Of the chocolate adds done one very first batch has tried. (Of book of the recipe comprised). It has taken a joint other people those who had purchased this costruttore of ice cream and dip my mix in a refrigerator to cold before it has dipped he to a car. Mark sure has your mix ready and chilled before it takes a bowl to mix out of a freezer. This car is a bit noisy but how is my dishwasher . Only look a TV and will be well. It has taken 35 minutes to do this batch and I modified it and he down carb. The perfect and delicious start. This freezing is the little more in bylines then exert to do fault but no like this in firm like the tent has bought that it is so only well. If you want to freeze the just scrolling harder to the tupperware bowl and place he in a freezer. Im Looking forward to doing fruit gelatos, yoghourt, slushies and sorbet.
4 / 5
I have purchased this car the few years does. It has done always well. This in spite of, have used yesterday a car to do ice cream, and a 'on/Was' the @@@knob has broken. Bummer. But I have not been concerned reason Cuisinart stands for behind his products, and has parts of substitution for them. As you look in his place of web for him @@@knob of substitution, and was a lot of unpleasantly has surprised to find that a @@@knob is not available like the part of substitution. As I have called Cuisinart service of client today, and has confirmed that a @@@knob is not available like the part of substitution. Ossia asinine Reason each one other breakings of a car is available for substitution EXCEPT a 'On/Was' @@@knob. A course a more economic, easier to the substitute Is not AVAILABLE FOR SUBSTITUTION??? They would have it that has has expected the substitutions would be required, of a course is done of plastic. They are a lot disappointed that I will have to that always have the pair of pliers available to use mine Cuisinart diagrams of ice cream. When The people see that, probably will not be that they rush was to buy one. They are a lot disappointed in Cuisinart.

Top Customer Reviews: Hamilton Beach ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Certainly it has been it looking in $ 300 cars of ice cream. There is remarked the majority of them has done a chamber the time. Neither I have wanted to be divorced to buy a more expensive cookery artilugio shortly after buying the very expensive mixer and then the alimentary processor. As I have remarked this a said that does the chevron and would save me $ 270. Two days later the arrived and has done our chevron of prime minister of ice cream. It has taken roughly 40 minutes to touch ingredients to stuff it up. Fed the enormous family with friends and some extra for a freezer. We have done four chevrons one before week! Oh, And it have to that mention eat ketogenic (any sugar or grains) and done some free excellent sugar under carb freezing that the better flavours that included a sugary the chemical has fill junk of a tent. Included better, any of our guests there has been the clue that has eaten the freezing is.

This little car is to win it! It have not imagined it never I have been it is it adds for a paid of low cost.
4 / 5
No SHABBY!!! Need of amazon to give a capacity to estimate something accident of zeros.

Like an engineer, am perhaps more critical that bad drawing that some, but ossia one of a worse drawn and engineered produced has not seen never.

A root (square iron in picture) in a dasher (paddle inside an ice cream canister that control still while a canister gone back around he) is aluminium and too short. If it was more along (and it could be for 3/8' of a thumb), would have engaged more like this probably does not destroy a cup of receiver quite like this quickly. A patterned square receiver is also aluminium (small cup in picture). With which ONE uses an end of a root is finalising, a cup of aluminium is rounded was and the shavings of aluminium was in an ice cream. One uses. And in this use, no properly reason one hiela has not gone properly has churned. Little to any air has taken blended in, which is essential the texture of pertinent ice cream.

An engine looks very powerful, one housing durable, but for another dollar in manufacturing cost this possibly could be the good product. If a dasher the root and a cup has been done of steel, this probably would do well. But then a cup would owe that be machined, any patterned and that pence of costs. How it is, ossia the piece of junk and need to be averted or is launching was your money and probably will not take a batch of ice cream.

At all to have the dasher of the manufacturer of leading ice cream that access perfectly (I thinks was a Rival version , so beware of of the east an also). This dasher the root is steel , as I go to do the cup to armour plate to do this usable whole thing, as unless has yours go back own and milling car and the one of leftover dasher with the iron of steel, the stay was, far was.
5 / 5
I have it quell'has had so only these 3 days and has done 1 batch of ice cream, but is AWESOME!!!! It is LIKE THIS EASY! My favourite ice cream has been always Breyers Natural Vanilla, as it chooses the recipe without eggs of the the usual, sugar, heavy cream, tins and vanilla. Heated that in a stove (excepts vanilla) so only until the z/the sugar has been dissolved. Pulled went it a stove, has added a vanilla and has burst he in a refrigerator for roughly 6 hours. It has touched then that mixes in a canister. Put a canister in a cube, dipped a paddle in, has ensured a lid and turned it on for the pair of small (recommended). My recipe has asked so only 3 cups of liquids, as this was the quite small batch . I then dipped 2 in of gel, then sprinkled 1/2 cup exited of rock. Layered Likes that until the pair of thumbs on where felt a liquid would be in a canister. To the left it is state announces roughly 35 minutes and BINGO! It was PERFECTO !! And WOW! Never it is well! I will not buy never the tent has bought again! Another reviewers has commented in a noise, well, is after all the engine. Noise of mark of the blenders, noise of mark of alimentary processors and in my opinion, a level of the noise of this car is less than that of the blender or alimentary processor. I gave it so only 4 stars because we will see like this resists up. It can not be happier with like this easy is to use and some wonderful results takings. I produce it adds.

UPDATE: I have had to that update this description tonight. It is been the year and master this car!! I have purchased this type without a canister calm any place in a freezer reason not wanting to uses on a space in freezer of mine all a time and although calm so only is gone in a freezer when it calms that wants to use, has to attended for a cube to freeze calm so much has to that I advance of slowly. These few diagrams does not require any planning excepts apresamiento roughly 30 to 40 minutes to do ice cream. Of that spent this car has not purchased has cream. I have done French Vanilla, fashionable vanilla of Philadelphia, strawberry, delay, chocolate and it citrus sherbet and have all has resulted beautiful. I have chosen it retards last week and retard fact tonight. It is LIKE THIS luscious!! You owe that be patient. Any scrimp in a salt and gel. Calm the favour and buy the big 50 stock exchange of book of rooms of rock of a tent of hardware. I do not know reason but looks to do better that one clean quite a lot of rooms of mecer buy in a grocery tent. Has bits more final in him, perhaps thats reason. Mark takes a liquid you he in is a lot of chilled. FOLLOW the recipe! Recognition he on and the churn has left so only until it closes was, for me concealed is roughly 40 minutes. If your ice cream is not that it results, is neither a lot that follows a recipe, scrimping on rooms/of geles, or any when churning long enough. Ossia AWESOME! Highly recommend it!! Calm will ask you as it has eaten that scrappy commercial ice cream all these years!!

To plan advance.
4 / 5
It begins to take noisy with which 5 batches and entirely died with which around one 10th batch. I suppose that it take my cost of money but some investigation, save your money and buy the very built car or buy one of these each one that 4-5 month. Law a lot while hard.
5 / 5
Bought this in Feb 2017, die inside the month. Taken the substitution of free guarantee of Hamilton Spiaggia, given in 8 month. The use was so only once or two times the month. Both have failed a same way. The starts that do the noise to grind, then to churn, a continuous engine the careers.

Some investigation,while for an easy fijamente. I have found an interior of train undressed. They are train of metal , but a pause of low teeth one load. Some train looks quite big, methods like this suspects of economic manufacture. They are using the economic poor / quality armours plate that no hard. Too bad, work well while hard.
4 / 5
A lot of people have alleged his canister has had to that dent, but think that is so only a creation. The mine there has been one same indention and fact of looks and purposeful factory. I have done snickerdoodle ice cream last night. It was perfect. Has does not have to that it freezing after, was formed already well and solid in a costruttore. I have done my batch and stuck in a refrigerator for 2 hours, then dipped he in a costruttore of ice cream. Fill a cube with gel and mortons salts of rock. It has taken roughly 8 pounds of geles and 3 pounds of rooms of mecer to do 2 chambers of icecream. It was perfect. It takes 40 mins to go of the liquid to ice cream and has been ready to eat immediately. The whole process was easy. It has dipped he in a tank of cookery to relieve to drain. It was not too strong, but need the listen calm so much can say when it takes. Def Value he!!!
4 / 5
1st, the value adds. If you take cream in the bulk tent, 6 bucks partorisca to 50 stock exchange of book of rooms of rock, geles of the your freezer, and the pocolos pence for some other ingredients (sugar and vanilla), is looking in the chevron of ice cream of big quality for 5 bucks or less. The figure is saving 5-7 bucks the use. This means these paid of units for him use 6 times, perhaps 10-20 times are spending to the plot has added in ingredients.

2nd. Simple to use. Really you draw it well. It can any one for a life of me comprises the people that band of estaca of part of orange juice plastic to 'fix' he. If it does not act, the spend behind! Otherwise, The short only continuous in a way, and there is the characteristic to close that it means that a unit has to that be gathered properly to apt correctly.

3rd. For the people that says ' uses to plot of geles, and has had to that run to a tent . . . ' My people of ladies, is this helpless? You possess the freezer, well? It marks your gel own. All apresamiento is so only the bit to plan. So only the people of has bitten, not invading -planning of level of Russia Soviet. If has a costruttore of gel of the car in yours freezer, so only empty he to the very big zip lock 2 or 3 times and you am good to go.

4th. A unit to turn when an ice cream achieves to date of viscosity. I have done several batches of several different types and an only time an ice cream was 'runny' was when I have not broken on some cookies and his clogged a mixer holes and has caused a unit to take prematurely - my failure. Some other batches all is exited in a same - as the very fat yoghourt consistency. The freezer, and the day later is taking there and 2 days later is a same consistency like the tent has bought. If you are taking runny ice cream, is doing something wrong. BTW - Use gel more run over and/or rooms, a mix takes colder faster, and will take more-crystally ice cream. If it use gel regulate and/or fewer rooms, one mixing taken more along and takings the creamiest texture - regulate to the consistency has wished!

5th. Considering using the recipes of Ben and Jerry, be conscious that this can affect a mixer. Perhaps BandJ the recipes require the torsion of big plus motora. We have done several types of ice cream of some instructions that is coming with a mixer, and his all utmost . If it uploads an ice cream with pretzels and the one who any, this could not be the quite powerful mixer.

The unit adds. Highly recommended.

MODIFY - is now late July and has used this mixer an or two times the week of then spent in March, which mean has done roughly 30 batches (fellow and a lot of boys and such). Still in a same 8 stock exchange of dollar of rooms of rock. It has done the dozen or like this of some recipes that is coming with a book. You love it, recommend it even more that I the few months does.

2nd Update - is now November, 2012, and a mixer the engine still is going strong. Alas! A plastic cube has to that crack in him because the freezing a lot jealous that any pounded in the to try to take some sticking the rock/of rooms was after the career (argghh!). A new unit has has arrived so only. Any one @subjects anything with a unit - do the fantastic batch of vanilla with chip of chocolate and walnut very first of his cube has been wounded. I suppose that it can have tried seal a crack, but in this prize, I so only decided to take the new one and use an old engine like the backside up.

Considering roughly of some negative commentaries, is very clear that some folks have expectations pocolas realistic of this car. ' It is done out of plastic, how is economic.' A spatial season has to that it weaves of plastic in the, as Mercedes transport. ' It is too big.' Really? A volume of ice cream has produced has not been concealed! 'It does not freeze never a mix.' You are neither not using a quite a lot of rock of rooms and geles, or is dipping warm ingredients in - all has to that be very cold previously to dip them to a mixer (cream, tins and mix of egg, and like this on). 'A paddle did not stir reason has to that be firmly pressed to an engine.' True. A paddle does not stir using magic - has to be it fixed to an engine. 'Helar Has not gone entirely frozen.' Corrected - is slurry to a bit solid when it is done. The mix bit it manually, then dipped in freezer until solid! 'He no the flavours of Ben and Jerry.' Also material in a mix will hamper a mixer - go to buy Ben and Jerry is. These works of car well, but is not a costruttore of industrial ice cream, neither is feigned to be. Used properly, resupplies calm with the chevrons of freezing house done with some ingredients chosen and without chemical preservatives! The shot adds.
4 / 5
Alive in the place where is difficult to take good ice cream that it is kosher enough for my levels. And some companies that the mark that freezes done well, but is not freezing of gourmet. As I have bought some costruttrici of ice cream and has begun to do my own ice cream. (I own three to the equal that can do several different flavours quickly.

Has bought several types of costruttrici of ice cream. It is been my experience that calm the the hundred or like this batches of ice cream with any class of costruttore, an engine goes to die. Like this the description is not roughly that time the hard car. I go to speak facilitated of use.

First, prefers this type of manufacturer maquinal reason some classes where use the container and plant them in a freezer does not do like this hiela like the big family, busy can eat. A type am revising frames in the chevron the time.

Prime minister of mine is of the costruttrici of ice cream have been like this done by the different company. I found him harder that use and significantly more expensive that Hamilton Spiaggia. For a thing, a container-beater-the car that attaches much easier. All some the apt parts joint a lot - easy to gather and enough in bylines to remain gathered.

Another advantage to draw this costruttore of ice cream has in another class has used is that an external container has gone . A lot other costruttrici have containers shaped in ovals. Around the external containers he easier that add gel and rooms.

So that it is to say my second set of costruttrici of ice cream of Beach of Hamilton. I have paid around $ 20 each one that like this in place of in $ 30-40. Any one concerns for some sweet of chip of tins of white chocolate ultra-kosher ice cream?
4 / 5
I have been that looks forward to that it tries this freezing of recipe of extra of special and orderly coconut all some pertinent ingredients (sees down) to look first right of the mine Costruttore of Ice cream of Hamilton. I prepped some ingredients. Chilled At night in a refrigerator and has despertador up in 4 are to dip he in mine costruttore of ice cream! This didnt laws. Engine any same movement. Support of the client called and has said his manual to lean has had so only 2 questions in him. Unfortunately, a concoction so only maintains two days in a refrigerator. That the waste.

1, 4 stock exchange of book of rooms of mecer = $
3 minimum of boxes A-Royo D Cream - $
1 can of Chaokoh Tins of Coco = $
1, 10 stock exchange of book of gel = $
5 / 5
use this for a thing so only. To do ice cream.
Has seen recipes in a book that is coming with east and the on-line recipes for this car for sherbet etc. This in spite of, can not comment in that.

Ossia The car of traditional ice cream . It is extremely easy to use. You can dip some ingredients in a tub, toss in a gel and rooms around a tub, discharges in a car and to the left go. With five members familiarised and of the boys closely of the incirca, requires to big tub and ossia in a big plus can buy you for a money. He a bit the freezing adds.

Which have found is that it calms can not overburden a car of ice cream with to plot of extra, ossia, a lot of dice, fruits, and pieces of candies. If it has dipped too much in there it does not do a lot well. Has has discovered also that the helps can use cold ingredients and to the tub frozen.

Ossia Ours second car has taken. One of some commentary of things with our last an era that take stronger over time. I have not remarked this a when being particularly strong. Ossia An engine is not strong. We find this to be a bit strong with a gel that movements around in a tub. Our solution was to dip he in a room of utility out of our cookery and living room.

A car prenderá when an ice cream is so only roughly like this fat to the equal that calms that can take, this in spite of, was quite soft to stir in extra. Calm then can dip he in a freezer for the hardest master . Mostly, so only we eat in that then and loves that.

One another clue is that I need to find the bowl with the lid to dip an extra ice cream in. We have found that we have dipped seran wrap legislation in an ice cream and then dipped a lid in a bowl, hard longer that way. In chance that calms does not eat it well go.


Top Customer Reviews: Cuisinart ICE-70 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
When it Was recently in a phase partorisca a costruttore of ice cream, has learnt that there is no longer a lot of election in of the costruttrici of ice cream without the compressor. Cuisinart HAS a whole phase in some the EUA, and four models. I have refused a GEL-21 because of his more small and general capacity flimsiness. The narrowed down to any one a GEL-60W (Gelateria) or a GEL-70, in a GEL a simple plus-30BC (Pure Indulgence), reason asked having three settings would be advantageous. I have opted for a GEL-70, reason take registers it any more than a GEL-60W, and has think that the timer of the account behind would be convenient. A car measures 'W X 9.5'D x 'H with a lid on. A bowl of freezer has the 2-fourth described and measure ' in diameter and 6.5' big.

Has used a GEL-70 to do sorbet, ice cream, and several batches of ice cream like this far. A bowl of freezer has to that be frozen at least 24 first hours to do your dessert frozen. The majority of the weight of a car is in a bowl of freezer. It is light and mostly empty without a bowl. A bowl is frozen when a liquid inside his wall is solid and no slosh. To turn a car on, cover he in. Some lights of exposure. Dipped a bowl frozen to a car, doing sure chairs securely in a wheel down and does not move around. Dipped a lid in a car. This is not like this easy to the equal that touches. A lid does not return well; so only it seats up. Mark takes a side of a lid with a plus along overhang is situated in front of a car, dipped the on slightly raven to a legislation, then gone back to an accident.

Chooses your speed (sorbet, ice cream, or ice cream), and dip a timer. It chooses 'freezing' for frozen yoghourt. A incumplimiento the times are 40 minutes for sorbet, 30 minutes for ice cream, and 25 minutes for ice cream. This does not import , this in spite of, as each timer can be regulated until 60 minutes that use some tones of arrow. Cuisinart Offers any joint punctually in one drives of user. It finds that 25 works of minutes for 1 chamber of ice cream or ice cream. For a pint, a time is in a row of 15-20 minutes. I have done so only the small batch of sorbet, as I am hesitant to do recommendations, but looks to freeze faster that some big-fat desserts. It is more the err in a big side with a timer, as I can take a car in any point. It is more the question finalises punctual, and has to that program and the begin again.

The @@@Tart like this,' and touch your ingredients by means of a hole in a lid. A soyixing arm' of a GEL-70 does not move . Some movements of bowl, powered for the engine down. An arm the mix is stationary, and some contents of a flow of bowl in the diagonal of plastic piece that constitutes a 'arm'. If calm so only is doing the pint, some contents of a bowl hardly achieves an arm. This does not look to import. If a dessert frozen taking quite hard that estacas in an arm, a bowl can shake. Utilisation the spoon to dislodge a custard of an arm. This probably means that your dessert is ready to go to a freezer. You can take one covers circulates in a lid to add solid ingredients 5 minutes of an end of a cycle. When Some careers of timer down, a unit beeps each one that 5 minutes for 30 minutes, until the management was.

These frames of car perfectly the desserts frozen well. It is strong -roughly like this strong like the mixer, no like this strong like the blender. It is wider, deeper, and big that a GEL-30BC (Pure Indulgence) model, probably partorisca accommodate an electronics for some digital timers. A GEL-70 is announced as having 'three settings with multiple speeds.' This he , but does not have 3 speed. A sorbet and dipping of the ice cream is both 50 revolutions by minute. An ice cream the setting is 30 revolutions by minute. It is for this that estimate a GEL-70 give. It does not have any value More adds them that a GEL an economic plus-30BC. A sorbet and the settings of ice cream differ so only in a incumplimiento time. An ice cream the setting is significantly slower, but there is not any difference in a volume of the dessert frozen that produced.

Theoretically, a setting of the fastest ice cream would beat more air to a dessert frozen that a freezing setting. But they are not that seeing. A timer of the account behind is well, but, If I had it to do on, would take a GEL-30BC. It is smaller and more economic. I can use mine own timer. Offering the 'freezing' speed that mark any difference is the empty gimmick. But I think that an inclusion of 3 settings for only 2 speeds is deliberately misleading. And I have been frustrated with one drives of user. It does not give any guidance anything like this still time. Any point of start. Any joint on like this to regulate for the smallest quantities. He any one mention differences among some settings or reasons would choose an on another. Well, perhaps reason has any reason to choose an on another. And a lid is has drawn bad.
4 / 5
I have done champagne sorbet, ice cream of vanilla, ice cream of chocolate, and caffè freezing. All was delicious and is done a lot quickly. They are in accordance with another reviewers that is very strong. But he damn good ice cream, ice cream, and sorbet. Some tips for optimum use:
1) To good sure freeze a first inner container to use, and still then, is better has dipped a product in a freezer after doing it but first of the eat. It calms that can eat immediately with which is fact , but better to the freezing bit it.
2) A timer is the good addition in a model of big final, but probably any value an extra cost. If appearances 15-20 min while it is doing is magic, will listen a beeps and know when for the take. I made a mistake to step external while he a vanilla, and run too long. You could burn out of an engine that way. Not to burn it was, but the fights and the freezing was in some sides when they are inner entrance . So only be near of the turn was, and everything will do well.
4 / 5
Update . With which have called Cuisinart, arrives mine to the equal that has caused a question. A question was that I have situated a costruttore of the ice cream in the cup to counter concealed has had the pair of towel to stuff that overlapped, which has done a costruttore of uneven ice cream (any in the surface of level). A prójimo two batches of ice cream that has done, has situated a costruttore of ice cream in the surface of level and has not had any question with a lid. So much in this chance, a question has been caused for me any when dipping in the surface of level. They are very happy with a costruttore of ice cream and am happy that has imagined out of a cause and solution. Also, a representative one a Cuisinart the centres of Service was very friendly and useful. Offered to send me the new lid; to the equal that results did not require it. Highly it recommends this costruttore of ice cream. Work a lot well and easy to use and cleaned.

Update: . They are today be to do another batch of ice cream and now a lid will not close down. It was not that it is bad with him. I have tried for 15 minutes and a lid so only do not close on so it can any ice cream . Ossia The mystery because all some the leading times have used a lot has had the question. I will call Cuisinart Centres of Service tomorrow and sees can help . I will update this description with which have spoken to them.

Has done four batches of the ice cream of then has taken this costruttore of ice cream in January 2018. The law adds. I have not had any questions that other people have had with a unit. Some people have declared that has has had questions with a lid, but access of mine well and has not had any questions with him. He freezing in roughly 20 minutes. It is also easy to clean some components. Be sure to freeze a container for 24 first hours to do any ice cream. Esperanza enjoys so as do.
4 / 5
It CAN not ASK An APPLIANCE of the FRESHEST COOKERY! I am enamoured! These works of the what well is directions ! I have it quell'has done already an ice cream of vanilla (simple) of a book of the recipe and he have tried likes the whipped cream frozen that a whole family has wanted to (especially a kiddos). We have after fact to the raspberry frozen yoghourt and type PERFECTO. Lame that recipe of the cookbook of Real Lunch. Now included I am doing the boss sorbet of another cookbook. While they are some directions of normal recipe and have the entirely frozen bowl (in a freezer for 24 hours) there will be freezing amazing ready to eat immediately. Always it transfers an ice cream to another bowl and then leave a bowl frozen in a counter to esweat was' how is easy to clean (handwash, the dry hand and tent behind in a freezer for 24 first hours of next use). Highly it recommends that this wants to do ice cream. My family can no to thank me enough for all a yummy the things that exited of him!
4 / 5
Really we want a GEL-70, in that used that the roughly are time now. Very easy to clean, and very easy to use, and frames correctly quantities. At all really negative to say in this car at all. Every time we have done ice cream went it the big swipe with any the one who comes on to visit and his well for parties or so only socializing. :)

Also, really does not take that long to do to line calm once take some technicians down, and a better thing is that you know that it is eating of then buy some ingredients.

The only things would spend on to the future owners are:

1. Be sure to use the spoon of forest when taking hiela/freezing/sorbet/frozen yoghourt out of a bowl of freezer, likes the spoon of metal will line an arrival (be very some instructions have said this).

2. It considers to buy the second bowl of the freezer yes loves frames more than a batch the time. It is worth it to avert that it has to that treat trying king-freezing a bowl, and that asks that the frozen long enough, etc. Also, goes to spend for a question to do some ingredients, calm then can also marks two batches (any of a same flavour, or two different flavours).

(And likes freezing, considers to take Ciao Good-looking freezing book of of recipe! -- Although a car comes with some good recipes also)
5 / 5
has had a Cuisinart 1 1/2 fourth manufacturer of ice cream but found recipes to try this was more than him could manage. It enters one 2-fourth Cuisinart Manufacturer of programmable Ice cream. That the sleep!!! If you are in to do homemade freezing, this car has your name on that. Easy to operate and cleaned and a product of final that have asking reason calms a lot he more collected. I have bought also the second container of freezer to the equal that can do 2 different flavours rear-the-rear.
4 / 5
We use this product for a first time last night. We follow some directions and has used the recipe of a book that comes with him. A schemes overflowed like the book of recipe is the a lot of for a car! As have have to that the to paralización of knots 15 minutes in in planting to expect 25 minutes -- but he still quite tried darn well.
4 / 5
This element is awesome!! It has done 2 batches and one 1st has resulted perfect, one 2nd has not been like this frozen. A thing has learnt are precise the second bowl of freezer to do one 2nd batch a same day. And a bowl of the freezer to good sure require at least 18 to 24 hours in a freezer to be frozen solid before use. This in spite of this car is AWESOME. I have used a freezing judge of is exited bands of William Sonoma. LIKE THIS YUMMY. A vanilla is to die stops! To good sure recommended for any to to which likes homemade freezing! Another note, use a Tevolo containers of storage of double wall , one is a perfect measure and when fact, ice cream of ice cream at night to dip to the very hard but scoopable icecream.
4 / 5
I have bought 3 cars of ice cream: This a, in $ 109, and two another around $ 35. FAR it prefers an economic plus some. His best , and a construction is far upper. I have tried to return this and has taken HOURS of courses around a type of Amazon the one who speaks a lot of little English. We connect me to knots to Cuisinart those who has said has not had any reason that to the amazon has to that no only to give me the repayment, and that would not owe never has called, but still any help of Amazon. It does not spend of the extra money that thinks it will be main is in fact the low quality car. I am disappointed in Cuisinart thus produced, and in Amazon for his POOR client ervice'.
4 / 5
More yield this summer has used a GEL-30 in my parents' wife. After doing roughly 7 batches of ice cream, has known has loved the costruttore in my own house. The active past time that uses a GEL-30, has had the better idea the one who characteristic looked for and finalising with a GEL-70 after considering a GEL-30, GEL-60, and GEL-70. Here it is some reasons that headed to this decision:

Noise: Both a GEL-30 and GEL-70 is strong, but a GEL-70 is less strong. Noticeable, But no substantial. Still I do not want to be in a same room while churning, but a GEL-30 was quite strong that any included wants to be in an adjacent room.

Speed: A GEL-70 is noticeably faster. I have read other descriptions that a GEL-70 on 45 turns or 55 rpm (adjustable on 2 settings) vs. A GEL-30 on 22 turns RPM. A faster speed purportedly aerates a better ice cream for the better consistency. I think that that an ice takes of mine GEL-70 is slightly airier, and of a GEL-30 slightly denser, but no the value of difference that discounts a GEL-30 on. Also having to that find a faster speed an ice cream dipped on besides quickly. It take the pocolos batches to result familiar with that is well, but calm once the see, is quite clear. (Additional note: I have had more oft' batches of a GEL-30, but those were punctual on, and has not been if this was reason turns slower, or so only reason have not gone still familiar with when a batch has been ready still - in both chances, still the precise transfer calms an ice cream to the container and tent in a freezer for the take to till on entirely).

Mixing Paddle: Cuisinart has update a mixing paddle for a GEL-60 and GEL-70. It looks to mix an ice cream slightly differently and is slightly easier that take an ice cream was and to clean. No the substantial difference. I create a GEL-70 paddle is available partorisca in $ 10, and looks it also is returned a GEL-30 mixer - but does not quote me on concealed. Appearance try this in some point.

Lid/Spout/Coverage: in the first place I will remark that a GEL-30 has the full big plus spout to touch in your cream and of the ingredients, but is opened also. A GEL-70 has the slightly smaller full spout but comes with the coverage. We use the dish to cover a spout while mixing in a GEL-30 to maintain the bugs/of powder was reason use in a basement (because of a noise!) To the equal that appreciate a built in spout spent in a GEL-70. Some users there is complained a Lid does not remain in a GEL-70. Certainly, a creation is probably better and surer in a GEL-30. With a GEL-70 small ingredients spout in a lid, is trying to touch some ingredients to a bowl of first freezer to begin a mixer. This no well reason some freezings of cream to a fund of a bowl and then one mixing paddle does not seat properly in a subordinated and a lid does not seat right and a lid will not close in and the stay has ensured. I have found that begin a mixer with a game and empty bowl in some ingredients by means of a spout in a GEL-70, some stays of lid have closed firmly in place.

Other differences: Honradamente, have chosen a GEL-70 in a GEL-60 so only reason a GEL-70 was stainless steel colored, how is all of the mine other small appliances. A GEL-70 has an automatic timer, but really is not necessary likes the look needs a consistency and controls in the each pocolos small in all the chance. Also it calms it does not want to forget (although it was not like this it can with a noise) and gone back to the ice cream has melted. A GEL-30 has the simple on/was transmission. A GEL-60 has to that look to be some settings of same speed likes them GEL-70, but no automatic timer.

All three mixers uses a bowl of same freezer, although a a marketed for a GEL-70 costs twice so as a one for a GEL-30. An external colour could be different.

In general: it thinks some differences among a GEL-30, GEL-60 and GEL-70 is minimum, but is quite substantial to differentiate them. Mina, thinks a GEL-70 is cost a difference of prize for a upgrade, but if a cost is the factor that would discourage calm to jump in to buy one, then would not discourage any to buy a GEL-30 for the friendly option more has presupposed.

Top Customer Reviews: Cuisinart ICE-45P1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
Prpers Having used a Cuisinart the diagrams of ice cream regulate partorisca years, has been excited partorisca try a Mix He In Soft Servants. I have begun partorisca question my decision when I have had to that wash all some first components to use. Wow, Has the plot of small pieces. I have prepared my mix of ice cream and has begun a process to churn. I have had two little some anxiously while to try his never soft prime minister servants to freeze. I have begun to dispense an ice cream and he 'blopped' is gone in 1 1/2 thumb x 1/2 thumb. It does not flow of a car smoothly, and has taken for ever to fill the cone of ice cream of regular measure. We have had sprinkles and mini chip of chocolate to mix in. His clogged immediately and has had to that add them afterwards. After this disaster, has had to that take a whole thing averts again, and the hand washes all these pieces again!
Has tried to do the bowl of ice cream likes aimed in a product that is exited in the first place will be melted LONG before you take the measure to do fault that big!
4 / 5
I have had the variety of costruttrici of ice cream on some years, but there is so only uses limited of them because of a hassle that has to cook it the custard has done with eggs, tins, sugar, and cream; and that it has to expect for a custard to cold; and then that it has to that treat a salt of rock and founding gel while an ice cream has churned. This costruttore of the ice cream dramatically changes all conceal. This turns hiela doing to the fast activity, familiar amused with the plot less cleanup.

- Not cooking the custard, significantly less prep time. The freezing is ready less than 25 minutes to start with to finalise (the time of churn is 10-12 minutes)
- the Handy unit comprises a bowl to churn, dispenser all in a unit
- the hips has the 3 dispenser of compartment for chip of chocolate, sprinkles, or another toppings
- disorder very small to clean up has compared the churns of traditional ice cream

- a cube of freezer is the pro and the with. It is the pro reason so only taken he out of your freezer, games in your ingredients, and the turn on. Any messy gel or rooms of rock. It is also small compared to the manufacturer of traditional ice cream. This characteristic is also a reason owe that maintain a cube in yours freezer to the equal that is ready , likes to take on spatial of freezer. Because of his small measure, he realistically only frames less than the chamber of ice cream. Then again, it is easy to so only wash a bowl of freezer, referees, and do more freezing (or sorbet) a next day.
- A bowl of the freezer is not quite school the really left an ice cream dips on enough to a consistency of soft servants helar would buy, and this the easy fact to on churn an ice cream and he buttery textured. Some directions say to verify an ice cream in 10-12 minutes. My experience is that 12 minutes is too many and some turns of ice cream to the buttery the consistency and the mouth feel, but is dipped properly until dispensing to the cone. Like this, 10 minutes is too many short for an ice cream to dip up and is still too soft, but has a right consistency. I have been that transfers an ice cream out of a bowl of freezer on 11 minutes and then dipping he to a freezer to the equal that dips up like regular ice cream. I go to try that it reduces a quantity of cream for 1/3 cup and adding 1/3 hoards milks more integer instead.
- A dispenser for a sprinkles has the small start, use like this precise mini chip of chocolate or mini M&Lady in planting to regulate some.
- Has the little disorder when you take a bowl of freezer of a unit. Has one opening in a fund for an ice cream to go to a dispenser, as when you stimulate a bowl out of a unit, some of an ice cream will fall to a cup of a unit and to yours contadora, although it is reasonably easy to clean up.
- A prize has augmented significantly of then last been. It is almost bend a cost has bought now a Cuisinart GEL-45 Mix He In Soft Do lacking car for an only purpose to do Disney possesses Hurts house of Whips. With which some investigation, has found that a Hurts the Soft pineapple Servants the mix is a material esatta that Disney use in some parks. An only question is that a stock exchange are feigned to be mixed all immediately and no in of the small portions. I have used 2 1/3 cups of water and 1 1/3 cup to mix to do the chamber of Hurts Whip that access so only to this car. Mix of cold for 30 first minutes to touch to a soft do lacking car. For optimum freezing, maintenances a bowl of freezer in mine freezing deep and leave it there until I am ready to do some ice cream. The refrigerators Of freezer/regulate does not take like this cold like some deep freezings. With which 20-25 minutes in a Cuisinart - I has a perfect texture for soft servants to freeze. I made a mistake of the turn was once and an ice cream has taken like this last that a schemes would not restart . I have tried also a Frostline the chocolate and The soft Vanilla do fault and was very impressed with these mixes (1 mix of cup, 1 3/4 hoards water). It have to that try my recipe of own house one of these days but some mixes are economic and very easy. No respecto to use a soyix he in' characteristic of this car. Work, but his easier to just sprinkle toppings manually and some toppings take too hard to eat.
5 / 5
I have not been happy with this at all. The concept adds, but there has been sprinkles during a counter and walk. So only for the half a sprinkles has finalised in a cone of ice cream. Filter. I clean up it was the nightmare to have that does every time for a small quantity of ice cream has taken of use. I basically so only like sprinkles in mine freezing, but so only one of some containers can resist sprinkles. I have tried to dip different colored sprinkles, glasses of sugar and balls of money in other containers, this in spite of, his both have the main dispensers, as all a sprinkles in these two containers are exited almost immediately when I have begun to dispense an ice cream. Two of some containers are meanings partorisca to to the main additives so only like perhaps of of the chips of chocolate. With which 2 uses in the subject of 4 days has known could not maintain this. Included trying cogerprpers ready partorisca turn, still the freezing blue found of when I used it a first time that obviously has not taken. There is like this nooks and crannies where the freezing can finalise, can not imagine doing freezing in him more than 2 times.
5 / 5
This car is awesome! My fiancée and I am both boys, or grandkids, anywhere to be found, but do ice cream usually two times the week! Work perfectly everytime! The better way that any freezing tent has bought. Easy to clean and recommend to any to this likes the freezing!
5 / 5
Had a factory there has been the email directed in his page of the amazon so only there is emailed him. Of then I have not wanted to speak to any in a telephone and did not love me the emai the I juat stick the description.

Saves your money. Buy the costruttore of traditional ice cream. He the fact the manual crank your familiar is big and all the world wants to mediate or go all tram of engine. But this freezes the bowl and expect your recipe undertaken on top of the time is expensive for like this often to the equal that fail. Too much expensive Test and error. If you really freezing of mark and another frozen empty, will save money in a long career in the model with the compressor. Spend of the extra money arrives front and save you an ache and shame of the desert of participation of the group gone lateralmente.
5 / 5
I have bought this once first of the years done and during our movement was has lost situated. This year I have decided to give that it present it to us navideño familiar. We have had like this entertainment while and doing freezing. It tries delicious and a lot of entertainment.

Thinks that 15 minutes was to perfect the perfect time to stir an ice cream, any more along will take it the thickness to exit.
5 / 5
I produce it adds! 1st batch was the total success and to the simple vanilla has tried excellent. I have read some descriptions and has followed another joint. I have frozen a bowl partorisca on 48 hours and he have taken roughly 25 minutes to take the perfect cone. The next time will freeze my mix for 20 minutes to see asks a process some. Down waiting for to try some other recipes.
A chocolate was also awesome! Ice cream some leftovers in yours packs own and enjoy! They are almost as the freezing, love a texture! It is among the freezing hard and soft servants.
Freezing or cold your ingredients to reduce your time to expect
5 / 5
read all some descriptions before I have bought this. My first batch has not done reason have tried to do too immediately. A second batch has done perfectly! An only thing can critique is a three that dispensers of cups. They are like this easily it attack it was when king that boxes a car, and found the quite useless in all the chance. Mini I chip of chocolate have dispensed like this little the time was far easier to so only dipped his on a stock exchange.
5 / 5
Take the costruttore of simple ice cream instead. This one is very difficult to clean like this to the plot of an ice cream takes stuck in a complicated dasher and arrivals to lose a lot that down a drain when the cleaned, which especially is annoying is using to to the expensive ingredients like to them the grain of vanilla. A soft do fault the dispenser was pleasant, I supposition, for the girls but is much easier to simply excluyente an ice cream to the cone or dish. Calm then can like this easily mixes in dice, sprinkles, or another toppings with your spoon. A mix the device and the reservoirs so only adds more to clean time. Finally, it does not squander your money in this artilugio and instead buy the simple plus a.
4 / 5
Prpers Having used a Cuisinart the diagrams of ice cream regulate partorisca years, has been excited partorisca try a Mix He In Soft Servants. I have begun partorisca question my decision when I have had to that wash all some first components to use. Wow, Has the plot of small pieces. I have prepared my mix of ice cream and has begun a process to churn. I have had two little some anxiously while to try his never soft prime minister servants to freeze. I have begun to dispense an ice cream and he 'blopped' is gone in 1 1/2 thumb x 1/2 thumb. It has not flowed of a car smoothly, and has taken for ever to fill the cone of ice cream of regular measure. We have had sprinkles and mini chip of chocolate to mix in. His clogged immediately and has had to that add them afterwards. After this disaster, has had to that take a whole thing averts again, and the hand washes all these pieces again!
Has tried to do the bowl of ice cream likes aimed in a product that is exited in the first place will be melted LONG before you take the measure to do fault that big!

Top Customer Reviews: Yonanas 988 Deluxe ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
When I have received an element and I have opened on a box, everything in there looked dirty, with toe smudges and when I have taken everything out of a box could say a product has been used and returned and then king-the mine has sold like this new... Alimentary particles had in some leaves and the fungus that grows in a focuses of silicon... Quite foul
5 / 5
This product is absolute rubbishes . It would owe that it has been it suspicious when a box has not been sealed when I received it, but has ignored some red flags and has opened he anyways. I have followed some instructions to the tea and has taken my bananas out of a freezer to melt 7-10 minutes previously to use. When I turned It on, it has TOUCHED like an engine has run, but a brota has not turned and some bananas would not come by means of one shoots. Picture that tries to force these bananas frozen by means of this rinky dink car that has assumed would do properly well out of a box. WRONG! With which inspection further, an engine has touched for likes it was free, as has thinks that would open on a backside, ensures an engine, and frames some ice cream of banana. Some pictures have attached is that it has discovered. This car has to that it has been returned like defective, dipped behind the bad joints with train of rubbish lube, and has launched behind to a shelf. Incident of zeros, two thumbs down, súper disappoints it, absolute rubbishes.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. 10 Out of 5 Stars - Estadas: Legendary!

Is the true marvel of science, magically producing perfect frozen yoghourt of fruit, yes ossia well, magic.
Has blown my alcohol like resemblance is the freezing real. If it had situated the bowl in front of me, the bear has said would not recognise his true composition of pure fruit. Magic frozen yoghourt which are now guiltlessly eating so that it transcribes this a lot of description.

Can say with confidence, this magic frozen yoghourt leave you feeling is, full, and likes there is has had so only the bowl of ice cream.. For desayunar.
Which will admit without the shame is my breakfast of sleep , but the breakfast has resisted was on for a sheer sake of dignity, up to now my friends.

Besides, nomination some creators of this glorious feat of engineering for a Edison Prize, or a prize of comparable recognition in some categories of invention and nutrition.

Bravo! Yonanas Inventors, Bravo! .
5 / 5
This deserves 50 stars! Oh My gosh reason take me like this long to find this amazing artilugio! Lovers of ice cream, lovers of fruit, sorbet lovers - OSSIA The BETTER INVENTION ! Like this easy, quickly, delicious and magic!!
5 / 5
Ossia The quite amazing car . I can not explain the one who skeptical was of a Yonana. Neither I can explain so only that the harm was. A better car that could have has not imagined never. In fact it finds a product of final to be more like this hiela that some of some basses-helar compraventas fat in a tent. It is delicious. A fact that can have you empty without any sugar added and the fat is so only total prize.
Like clear arrives few errors have found in other descriptions.
1) Is strong - He. It is strong. But calm literally can do a whole bowl of 'freezing' in roughly 15 seconds. Those who concern if it is strong for 15 seconds?
2) A fruit of waste of the car - Ossia so only ridiculous. A schemes does not squander any fruit. A schemes always has in the value of bananas of the ice cream in an interior grinds, but believe me, a fruit is not disappeared to thin air. You can easily recoup 100 of your fruit for inaugural on a unit to grind and scooping was.
3) is not quite powerful - I follows sure an elite is quite awesome, but for $ 41 he a work so only well. A product of final could not be smoother. You can buy 2 of these cars in place of 1 elite.

Likes to eat is or is in the diet, this car is for you. It is so only the brilliant idea. I can it does not recommend enough.
Btw, My favourite recipe is PB&J - add the bananas frozen, raspberries, and butter of peanut. Yum.
4 / 5
Has bought this like the present for mine 12 old year any one is smoothies and the fruit frozen extracted. Ossia The together simple on, and a lot easy and sure for his to use. The fruits frozen, without has has added sugars or additives, exited a lot creamy as the freezing or sorbet according to some uses of fruit. An only downside - is súper . Wake a strong dead person.
5 / 5
A schemes done the delicious dessert but he leaves LIKE THIS INNER of WASTE! It is at least 2 excluyentes of ice cream that exited of him when the volume averts to clean. If no this question, would be the perfect car. Two things more than especially like roughly is that it is of easy to clean and is hanged very light , easy to move around countering to counter.
5 / 5
Am enamoured with this element. If it calms not having never does whip of banana or soyock freezing' in the blender, probably will want to this also. A bit those that the points of the tones of negative critics are as follows, and will direct these with my experience:
1. Yonanas Has not tried to like to the soft/vanilla servants to freeze. -Well, it is not the rainbows and the unicorns done, like the logic has said that it has dipped you the banana in, and no other ingredients, the one who begin him flavour more probably like this that banana. Perhaps it will do some day the magic Yonanas car and a universe rejoice.
2. It is strong. -Yup, Is. But how it is to blender , alimentary processor, blender of clave, etc. A fact is, has not been deaf or bleed of my ears in some 2 minutes take me to do the full container of cranberry-banana Yonanas.
3. He a lot of rinse immediately. -Yeah, Fact. I have undone my car a lot afterwards finalise a whip and rinsed he in a tank. Everything of a fruit is coming immediately. I have had to apply the little soap to the sponge and move my hand behind and advances in a car for the second or two to take all some seeds of strawberry out of some teeth, but this was hardly traumatizing. An only thing can think of with folks no in that has successful granddaughter-up is that it is not rinsed immediately.
4. It leaves the half to do fault in a car. -Yup, Fact. I have taken mine Yonanas averts to rinse he, and has used so only the spoon to scrape a bit left in a bowl of mine of the car. This was also a lot of traumatizing.
5. I have had to call in of the reinforcements (probably bodybuilders) to help me push some bananas in and take a schemes averts. -Really? They are the regular crown with small spider-arms of ape, and does not have to that called in of the big people , strong to help me push some bananas in or take a schemes averts.
6. It takes the tonne of bananas to do that the do fault. -No, no really. Mina Yonanas is coming with to plastic tub to maintain in a freezer. So only today, everything for me, without friends of bodybuilder, any bleeding of some ears, and any dishpan hands, has fill a tub that use so only 4 whole bananas and 2 cups of the cranberries frozen. This looks reasonable mine .
I like some bananas, like whips of banana, like the fruit, and I that Yonanas.
5 / 5
Game to change. This has been the compraventa adds . Mina toddler the amours that look a transmission of bananas to ice cream. I have begun doing batches because I hate to clean the. It is one of my favourite appliances.
5 / 5
The left is to be sincere; 2020 it has been terrible, unless it is billionaire doing record of profit. I have bought this product based in the recommendation of a fellow on-line, and there is not disappointed. I do not know exactly that is spending inside this little worker of miracle, but the one who begin him is the delight .

Some things have learnt: the fruit sure goring longer that melt that other fruits. For example, I am using strawberries, requires to melt mine partorisca to meso-now. Ten minutes is not quite time and leaves frozen chunks. If ossia your thing , calms that will want to, but I like a texture to be smoother. In another hand, the bananas melt quite quickly, as so only leaves those were for roughly 15 minutes.

A combination has better fact, like this far, has been banana, boss, and pineapple. Thaw all except some bananas for roughly 20 minutes for advanced, and that takings will surprise you. Also, a harvest is quite big; always it does more the product that am expecting, especially with which scooping was anything stuck in a car.

This really is my thing preferred has bought in 2020, and has bought to PLOT to crap this year.

Top Customer Reviews: Nostalgia WICM4L ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
We buy the complete new mark electrical unit, 4 qt., Because I have read a lot of subjects with one 6 qt and is dasher not returning correctly and therefore not doing as well as one 4 qt.
1. We receive it to us the day sooner that has expected... It prevails
2. All this has been supposition partorisca be in a box was there and in excellent mark new condition - a lot of harms of nave.
3. I have washed unit to the equal that has instructed.
4. We have chosen to do a recipe of Ice cream of the Easy vanilla listed in a manual has comprised. We follow some the easy instructions and he have done perfectly. Prendemos A unit exactly in 30 min and... Perfection.
5. An hour later, has done another recipe has comprised, Ice cream of Easy Chocolate. Again, exactly 30 min later... Perfection.
6. Absolutely any disorder. Used a unit in my table of cookery in the small towel in chance that, but any leak that like this never.
7. Net very easy up. Any hassles, small parts, or hard to clean zones.
8. An only question does not think of band of era partorisca dip an ice cream in when storing in a freezer. But it concealed it is not partorisca touch .
Both were like this delicious and has did not have to me ask where has been done and is sure partorisca eat. Some boys (13 & 8) says does not love never freezing the tent has bought never again. HIGHLY it would recommend this unit to any and all the world.
5 / 5
This churn of the work of freezing tram adds. According to a recipe, acted an ice cream to the state slightly in bylines in roughly 20 minutes. I have it it used it already 5 times, and every time, some results were perfect. Like the professor takes, there is enjoyed a an error that is to be do during assembly. So only the appearance the has not been one of students of mine the one who has dipped a nametag in a front.
4 / 5
I utmost looks, amiably facts, like an effect of nostalgia. The question was, any place a together engine something wrong. When You plugged he in, ready partorisca do ice cream, dipped a paddles in, connects to an engine, gone back he on, a canister the turning headed, any paddles!!! It could it does not believe! I left it run until there is prendido with which 30 minutes, but had had not mixing of a mix of ice cream, any aeration like necessary to do ice cream. Like this disappointing with the group familiarised of eight partorisca dine and dessert. I am taking the substitution and crossing my toes that will be it well, mostly been due to like this leading good descriptions (and I like one looks).

Update: I am returned this element and has taken the duplicate reason have thought a prime minister one was defective like paddle a lot of rotate, a canister has done. Any where in a manual sees anything to say me this was like them has done now. In a past, manufacturers of freezing had used has had a paddles rotate, any canister. My ice cream did not congeal to having said like this on and is them returned a product. Another arrived with one same canister motion, as I have researched on-line and found this was normal operation for this unit. I gave it another goes, east times a schemes never stopped, has has had to that that lame with which 45 minutes to the equal that have been concerned in global consistency after ice cream. An ice cream is exited awesome! Learning curve for an old bird, but a result was adds. So much, I am modifying my description to reflect my new indication.
5 / 5
I havent the house has done ice cream of the era 8 years in grandmas of mine. Im 39 Now My brother and I have chosen some peaches. It has done then a mix. Me And my brother has taken turns to churn. Tonight the fact hiela the house done for a first time I. My daughter estada in the stool and has helped. It is exited teriffic. So that the car cost each penny. The few weeks of mine the peaches will be mature and went it to do again.
4 / 5
Am unbalanced result when it has followed all the directions except has not left one freezing quite fresh first to dip he in a cube. In the frustration has stuck this in mine big freezer while in operation and my surprised has managed a 0 terracing Fahrenheit temperature and on 8 hours of continuous operation in this temperature. They are sure I mistreated this device, but have wake until incredibly tasty freezing and the car that continued to do. For him managing an abuse this in spite of operand, the give 5 stars.
5 / 5
To At all likes having a costruttore of ice cream! My old a dead east, and like this one has agreed me of a one my parents have had when it was the boy has been for him. I love it! It has done so only the batch of the mine freezing vegan & is exited perfectly! A partner was here while he he & after trying an ice cream has begun to ask me all the classes of things in this costruttore.
5 / 5
Does not have any complaint on that. One the external basin is of the forest but an interior is lined with plastic- I amour that reason the fact so easier that clean a salt was. An engine is quite like this using he in a house is not one @subject
4 / 5
Ordered for final-of-batches of ice cream of the summer. It has done two batches like this far and is doing well. Any subject. There is remarked on some revises had mentions of the unit that slime/of filters. There is full he-the calm stain is not supposed to stack gel and spent of rooms, folks. Reading one a simple page of directions can help avert some things, yep. I concur that a costruttore of the ice cream is not built how were in a past. Yes, material more economic and he like this advance, to good sure. The time will say that well this costruttore hard.
5 / 5
Love this costruttore of ice cream! It is surprising. First batch of ice cream has been ready in 35 minutes. A cube is seamless!! No more put for a gel to hang on or a paddle. Smooth Likes glass!!! We love it to knots!!!
5 / 5
Still although some reviewers has said that this costruttore of ice cream is has arrived covered in mould, liked one looks of of him and decided to expect for a better. Ploughing the box of a product has tried my hopes were in choking the smell of mussel is arisen. I have taken a costruttore of the ice cream out of a stock exchange to verify it was, and the number of slats has been covered in green-blue blurred mould. I create like this another has said that that is to cause for condensation inside a stock exchange that surrounds a costruttore of ice cream, but to all the cost, has done a product unusable for knots. We are returning he for a ossia all plastic.

Top Customer Reviews: Nostalgia Electric ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 54 ratings
5 / 5
They are no newbie the costruttrici of ice cream. Has A lot in home, and a lot in my restaurant, hand-held-cranks to compressor-ways. I have ordered it is a because I have required the 6-fourth unseasonably, and this was an only model could find on Amazon. I have thought, partorisca $ 80, have to that do well. Had so only 4 other descriptions, all positive, how is totally possibly a unit has shipped the mine was defective, but this was my experience :

Like another has mentioned, a cube is good and an engine is quite calm (although it contains plastic train). My question is with a creation of a dasher. A dasher is supposed the rotate to the long of a wall of interior of a glass of ice cream so near (ie, 1-2mm) scrapes it of a freezing ice cream, leaving new base to contact a wall, the then be scraped was again in a dasher spends afterwards. My pinch was like this small that leaves roughly 1/2' of spatial among a wall, that means a base of ice cream could freeze like this firmly and THICKLY that a dasher would take stuck. With which 15-20 minutes, an engine prendería, would have 1/2' of solidly hiela frozen to the long of some wall, with a rest of a still liquid base. It have to that take a glass, scrapes some wall, whisk some bits frozen behind to a base, substitute a dasher, initiates a schemes again, and treat a question still again in 10 minutes.

For my next batch, has tried behind is gone in a salt of rock-the-proportion of gel, leaving lame the warmest time, but a same thing is spent. I have churned 6 separate batches of ice cream in this first car to give up. All some batches have bases of result down frozen with some really hard chunks of ice cream throughout.

If a dasher was the millimetri the big plus, this question would not arrive . The creation maquinal poor is that they are chalking he until. Returning a unit.
5 / 5
I have bought this the few months does for my husband that does an ice cream in a house. We use it to us 3 times and one 4th time begins to take in a churn. We have had a Easter gathering like this boys of paid to be there and turn it every time take stuck. That the bummer! An ice cream is delicious but ossia mine hubby. This company obviously has some subject with a manufacture and of course are out of a term of the time of the money😞 of turn has squandered...
4 / 5
The engine to turn half way by means of doing ice cream. You finalise with Ice cream in fact half. Has has followed instructions, produces used likes focused and would not treat . Turns the element but the window of turn has closed. Those times can do freezing in 3 month? There is the guarantee of the reason expíra like this quickly. This element is junk. The paralización of plastic parts to treat after as use. It does not purchase . Find another mark and car!!!
5 / 5
I have used this freezer of ice cream at the side 2 other freezers of ice cream of a same measure and this one has treated was some another. A unit was lighter that some another, he doing easier that spend around and was really good to have a plastic liner inside a freezer. Clean on much easier. They are sooo happy has bought this freezer. It have been delegated to take loaned one of some another in some futures and after seeing those that more along taking them to do an ice cream would have been disappointed of this freezer has augmented my expectations. To good sure recommend and has not been given discount it instead for east of mine for real the good, produced of quality.
4 / 5
We to plot of homemade freezing. We use to have the 6 qt but all the world has had was done in fact of the forest and he would filter. As I have been to the 4 qt and then has used also he 2 qt Cuisinart also to take our 6 qts. When I have found it is one , has decided to try the. It looks forest but is plastic and does not filter . One hiela does not look to freeze like this solid to the equal that likes but has found has dipped of him in the plastic container and place he in a freezer for roughly 3 hours and the stir each hour, an ice cream is perfect. It is easier that do fault in this way in all the chance in place of out a costruttore of ice cream.
5 / 5
A plastic paddle thingy is too small. It does not scrape a side of a canister. So much, so only it turns around and around and never freezings. For, we loosen a gel and begins on again. After an hour, touches all a liquid to the our old freezer. I sent it behind, looking for my repayment. Appearance find the punctual new freezer. Our old one there is roughly 30 years. It can leave on in in any for the moment.
4 / 5
Some first time have used this product a plastic paddle has broken. I can not find the part of substitution to order and has not saved a packaging for the turn. No very happy in this
5 / 5
I has used this for one 2nd time today, maintains to run and running, verified it, a hiela has not been frozen, reason a paddle has not turned and a paddle the cup has been undressed, has had the horrible time that takes an upper was but has done finally, will be happy to send the photo of this
Can not use again, like this ossia so only one 2nd time to use it would like me to them gone back for the repayment
Please consultor
4 / 5
has used these plots in a last little month (state in Az) loves a capacity of a cube of ice cream. Turned was automatically when fact. A plastic lining inside a cube of forest protects of corrosion and to filter. Very easy to clean up. Good boss to spend. The engine snaps to close. Highly recommended!! Value each cent
5 / 5
Perhaps would owe that expect until in fact we use rhe produced, but so only avenges yesterday. We take out of a box and his has beaten all up. Scratches During the and the hunk outta a fund.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
4 / 5
Extremely wonderful little device partorisca do almost ice creams of instant. It was able to do two hiela delicious flavours for my interior of dinner familiarised less than 30 mins.

His extremely easy to use, almost any brainer, but has read book of recipe for inspirations.

For interview, some parts are easy to take and is súper easy to clean also.

An only with felt was his too light weight felt, scare fallen of cookery slab!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. My daughter and I were able to use this together and the roughly delicious mark dairy-freezing free. It has dipped everything on, eaten, and for some times have been to do that they eat an ice cream has been ready! Tip, calm hardly plough a pop of container he in a freezer before it use it. It does not have @to @give that as we could any hiela that first day but value a wait.
4 / 5
I like this manufacturer of freezing reason so only need to be maintained in freezer and does not have the system of refrigeration, which can be prone for failer. Very easy to use out of a box.
5 / 5
Loves this little very precise gel or rooms! So only it perfects to freeze fact every time. It is calm and súper easy to use.
5 / 5
Has loved always do my own and finally he. So much entertainment with some girls and easy to use and try add!!!
4 / 5
Am intolerance of lactose and ice cream of amour. Bought this car to the equal that can do my own ice cream with tins of almond and also can do sorbet. I love it! It is easy to use, easy to clean, and a flavour of ice cream that has surprised. I recommend it.
5 / 5
The quarantine gave really time too free, as I have decided that that has loved to learn like this to do ice cream to fill my boredom with which inspiration of one of the mine favourite youtubers(inga lam of tasty).
Has not looked for anything too pricy in a phase and stumbled to the east. An only complaint there is on homemade the freezing is really that owe that fry a bowl for such the long time, but has included concealed is not fault of a product, so only like the costruttrici of Ice cream are drawn.
One Hiela that does the process is súper simple, calm so only fries a bowl for 8-12 hours. While you are while to a bowl to cold, my recipe for the freezing of vanilla has taken 3/4 cups of sugar, 1 cup of heavy whipping cream, and 2 and 1/4 cups of tins, boiling that in the casserole until a fund of sugar, then mixing in 2 teaspoons of extract of vanilla, and then chilling this mix at night in a refrigerator. Then, all has to that do is to gather a costruttore of ice cream and game in my mix at night. Start a car, and in 25 minutes or like this, his facts!
Is so better then some freezing volume of mine grocery tent, any to mention more economic(but to good sure require me to plan advance or be patient!)

In general, amour a simplicity of a creation of a product!
5 / 5
Adds nd easy to do ice cream with good quantity for girls and character. It comes up with manual of Instruction and receipe book. So only follow a procedure to prepare a delicious ice cream. A storage in container has included the fact awesome to maintain a texture and density during ice cream. It is airtight and easy to wash and cleaned after using.
5 / 5
Easy to use, averts to maintain he in freezer for all a night or 12 hours, all was a lot. I have required to move an ice cream to the freezer after a car is done with him. But a fund of car was strong and spends a coldness after storing he in a freezer for 12 hours. Well one for some basic judges to start with to give tries it.
5 / 5
This was in plot of fun to use with my boy! It was easy to clean, easy to use, and some possibilities are without finals. We have done boss and ice cream of strawberry like this far!

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