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1 first Dolan-Jenner Industries Mi-LED-US-B1 Fiber-Lite Mi-LED Fiber Optic Illuminator with 15mm Fiber Input Diameter, 115V, 1" Height, 1" Wide, 1" Length, Borosilicate Glass Dolan-Jenner Industries Mi-LED-US-B1 Fiber-Lite Mi-LED Fiber Optic Illuminator with 15mm Fiber Input Diameter, 115V, 1" Height, 1" Wide, 1" Length, Borosilicate Glass By Dolan-Jenner Industries
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2 Morris 71425 LED Medium Wall Pack, 60W, 5211 lm, 120-277V, Bronze Morris 71425 LED Medium Wall Pack, 60W, 5211 lm, 120-277V, Bronze By Morris
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3 best RADWELL VERIFIED SUBSTITUTE IT23S-SUB Replacement of Banner Engineering IT23S, Fiber Optic Cable - 36" OAL Borosilicate Glass Cable.125 Diameter Bundle, 5/16-24 Threaded Brass Sensing END TIP, SS-SL RADWELL VERIFIED SUBSTITUTE IT23S-SUB Replacement of Banner Engineering IT23S, Fiber Optic Cable - 36" OAL Borosilicate Glass Cable.125 Diameter Bundle, 5/16-24 Threaded Brass Sensing END TIP, SS-SL By RADWELL VERIFIED SUBSTITUTE
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4 Osram Sylvania 64547 MP70/U/Med Metal Halide Lamp Osram Sylvania 64547 MP70/U/Med Metal Halide Lamp By Osram
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5 Lightolier 2090 3-3/4 Inch Flush Glass Trim Round Lytecaster Lightolier 2090 3-3/4 Inch Flush Glass Trim Round Lytecaster By Lightolier
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6 Hyperikon T8 4 Foot LED Tube, 40 Watt Replacement (18W) Glass T10 T12 Light Bulbs, 5000K, Clear, Single Ended Ballast Bypass, Direct Wire, UL, DLC, 24 Pack Hyperikon T8 4 Foot LED Tube, 40 Watt Replacement (18W) Glass T10 T12 Light Bulbs, 5000K, Clear, Single Ended Ballast Bypass, Direct Wire, UL, DLC, 24 Pack By Hyperikon
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7 PAR36 Aviation Grade LED Aircraft Landing or Taxi Light - Cone Beam - 2,300 Lumens from 18 LEDs in Shatter Resistant Glass Lens with Die-Cast Aluminum Housing PAR36 Aviation Grade LED Aircraft Landing or Taxi Light - Cone Beam - 2,300 Lumens from 18 LEDs in Shatter Resistant Glass Lens with Die-Cast Aluminum Housing By Crew Dog Electronics
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8 LED Flying Direct Glass Cover 100w LED Wall Pack Light, Security Light Outdoor LED Wallpack Lighting, 5000K Cool White, 11000 Lumens 400 Watt Equivalency ETL DLC (100 Watts) LED Flying Direct Glass Cover 100w LED Wall Pack Light, Security Light Outdoor LED Wallpack Lighting, 5000K Cool White, 11000 Lumens 400 Watt Equivalency ETL DLC (100 Watts) By LED Flying Direct
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9 Lightolier 1090 5 Inch Flush Glass Trim Round Lytecaster Lightolier 1090 5 Inch Flush Glass Trim Round Lytecaster By Lightolier
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10 500ml Lab Glass Soxhlet Extractor Condenser Set with 24/29 Flat Bottom Flask 305MM 45/40 Tube Lab Glassware Kit 500ml Lab Glass Soxhlet Extractor Condenser Set with 24/29 Flat Bottom Flask 305MM 45/40 Tube Lab Glassware Kit By Beizuu
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Top Customer Reviews: Osram Sylvania ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
5 / 5
Good quality in the reasonable prize for the properly fashioned the halide of the metal has protected. Packed Properly, and shipped hurriedly. That can go wrong? I expect this or in last for years only like his identical predecessor. That is to say probably or the majority of reliable mark of halide of metal.
3 / 5
It can not say it is one that lacking of the light bulb or a fixture is by train of gone bad but only lasted the day before the burn was. An anterior light bulb had been in less prendido that 3 years before the burn was also, which marvel them to me of nodes if it is not a fixture this goes bad. A fixture is less than 3 years I so that it doubts to blame it also.
5 / 5
Light of brilliant of the Good. Installed in my garage.
4 / 5
It controls up well. Any one so that shines how some of some another of same model and wattage.
5 / 5
Light bulbs of excellent substitution - has used the very good life and no out of some failures of boxes. Recommended
5 / 5
It researches to be a same light bulb like orginally is coming with a fixture, the light bulb has lasted 8 yrs. Prize very well in new light bulb.
5 / 5
Produced and excellent prize. The May can have It too many changes. It hate For my outlaying he these tez to be in a darkness.
5 / 5
Good quality in the reasonable prize partorisca manufactured it properly the halide of metal has protected. Packed Correctly, and has shipped quickly. That can go wrong? Appearance this one to last partorisca years so only like his identical predecessor. Ossia Probably one the majority of mark of confidence of halide of metal.
5 / 5
Can not say is a lack of bulb or a fixture is by train of gone bad but he so only lasted the day before the burns was. A leading bulb there was state paralizaciĂłn 3 years less before it burns was also, which marvel me if it is not a fixture in bad disposal. A fixture is 3 years less as I doubt partorisca the fault also.
5 / 5
Resists on well. No like this brilliant likes some of some another of same model and wattage.
4 / 5
Looks partorisca be a same bulb like orginally is coming with a fixture, the bulb is lasted 8 yrs. Prize really well in new bulb.
5 / 5
Bulbs Of excellent substitution - has used life very good and no out of some failures of boxes. Recommended
5 / 5
the bulb priced Reasonably. Priced lower that almost all the providers.

Top Customer Reviews: Hyperikon T8 4 Foot ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Kattie
In the first place it has been it will declare I have bought this element with one comprising has required to rewire my fixtures. I have had several fixtures with bad ballasts and several different types of fixtures. With east comprising has considered value of the money has saved in another has has DIRECTED substitutions. A rewiring was simple likes quota fixtures I so only tucked one finalises of an old tombstones to a fixture and all have has had to that it was can of movement on to a new tombstones some tubes come with. I also bought some new economic T-12 lights of tent in the local tent partorisca the piece and partorisca these I simply tucked a wiring and one finalise of a tombstones to a fixture and wired another end directly partorisca line voltage once again using a tombstones to the equal that is coming with some tubes of substitution.
One tubes them is excellent and look partorisca be right in a 5000k lumens alleges is. The light start is excellent. I have comprised also these are tubes of clear glass and have the ceiling the big plus tubes like this clear has not been a subject. A packaging was of the good quality and all the tubes have installed like this has had far a lot of @@subject. I have bought 28 tubes like this far and so only have a box of plus partorisca install. When I have joined other stops in a Tent to good sure will be partorisca buy more than these.

These lights have pins in both side and a side is so only partorisca locate and another east a powered side. Material if a description has been modified and the little more the pictures have added a vendor would see the plot more the people that buys this product. Really it thinks sound the product adds and could not be happier with cost of mine.

Pros -
Packaged A lot of
Very Built
colour and utmost start
the prize is unbeatable partorisca a quality of light

has to that rewire partorisca his - but knowing is going in a lot really thinks was the minus of some savings of sides more than offset a quantity of time am spent in a project.

Like the note lateralmente has to that declare ossia one first description thinks has not written never and this has been spurred reason there was so only one revises of a product that was negative based in an add how has been changed because of a way was announced originally and has not contained any information in a product he. For a money thinks sound an excellent product and would advise any the one who is not annoyed by a smaller rewiring to buy this product.

In a half fixture all have to that do is slide a together of tombstones inside a fixture and reroute can of a ballast to a new tombstones. You can leave your original tombstones and wiring another that the intact power. If lame time to the equal that finalise my projects will try and estaca some photos.
5 / 5 Korey
Produced excellent.
Installation for a prime minister one has taken more time that necessary for a wiring but once volume to know a procedure, a work can be like this little like this in 5 minutes.
Has attached a photo(CONCENTRATED in an accident) comparing this to 34 side of watt of fluorescent light for side. A photo any justice and a FOCUSED looks much more brilliant in real life. For some reason, the bulb has DIRECTED always looks dimmer(against incandescent or fluorescent in a data equivalency) in a photo that in real life in my experience.
Am planning to substitute all the fluorescent tubes in my house to the equal that burn was(or perhaps sooner find a right prize).

had used these bulbs for the moment and found a colour to be merrier of some the fluorescent bulbs have substituted. Some colours of this red of the mark of the bulbs looks more brilliant(more saturated) and looks more natural. If you are planning to substitute some bulbs where an accuracy by heart is of entity, the room said of trick, this will give a lot of look more afterwards to a light low colour of natural sun.
If you are class of person the one who takes accuracy to paint seriously, likes photographer or painter(drawing), would have to consider DIRECTED in fluorescent bulbs.
5 / 5 Ashanti
Has bought 24 of these bulbs in July 2019 and installed so only well, although I have had to that order new sockets for a business end where the power is connected. Selecting 4K the colour was a way to go and love a big-brilliant of white technology after living with our gradually dulling 3500 fluorescent bulbs for 20+ years. Also it appreciates an idea that can never again require substitute the $ 20 ballast because these lights are direct-boss. Like this, each burns of bulb well in of means it a power of an old system.

But this batch that takes this month , November 2019 is the new creation and have the enormous question: they are 1/8' more courts. Some discharge of finals of the new metal and a focus are some only apparent differences except this horribly the also short situation. Take the look in my picture and see a reality for calm. For some fixtures, as one some in my house, ossia the breaker to treat total reason the pins of some light any nest against a socket prongs low pertinent tension. A system is drawn so that a socket, aka tombstone, resists some pins in the horizontal place with some pins in that has been turned against a flange of a prongs so that they are cradle -uploaded in snug contact with some pins. Instead, some pins in mine fixtures was loosely resting against a side of a prongs and like this has not been in solid contact, light. In fact, you could wiggle a light horizontally behind and advance, was that free.

Is a thing more transmissions imaginable for the company to do the production to run transmission and to the left take all a way to stage without trying he in of the typical installations.

Felizmente, class of, has found that a fixtures in my tent was so only the little has bitten shorter and have so it takes out of a batch of the July sooner of Hyperikon tubes that previously had installed and was able to use a new short some in his place. Now this means that I am no longer able to continue relamping my house with a November has DIRECTED tubes, which really sucks reason ossia where our eyes to age require some have improved to light a plus.

Remarce: Hyperikon Has applied the new focus in this batch this late plus of faulty tubes, but a part- and SKU- the numbers are identical among his deliveries & of November of the July. Like this now everything of knots is gone in a field is stuck because it looks that we can not specify some old part that read correctly in the variety of fixtures. I guess I will require the tent for another mark for a house.

Sometimes commentary a unfortunate disconnect among designer and distribution of production of the company and some clients. As I have mentioned in another description (also in Chinese-has done light) memory a bit of Cadillac odd has heated steering wheels. Cadillac Has drawn the good-looking wheel for a Climbing​ but then inlaid a certainly very attractive stainless band around a wheel but he never heated up. Like your hands gripped a gel-cold metal together with a wheel of forest & of warm skin. There is remarked this in the test of 5 minutes has driven in the chilly day of Seattle and refused to consider a vehicle for compraventa. Any engineer could have never has used possibly this accessory in his fashion feigned after the design, and ditto any of one trying or department of marketing neither. Perhaps some exec have it remarked a lot the time after the production has begun. But sure, Each OWNER SO ONLY sure has known roughly the and was has disgusted absolutely. It is quite like this with probably half or more than some buyers of these Hyperikon tubes.
4 / 5 Hugo
Has ordered these to substitute 40 watt flourescent bulbes in my cochera. I have required king boss to exist fixtures, but was the snap with some clear instructions have resupplied. Have takes a ballast, but can so only snip some bosses and leave some ballasts in situating likes . It has been expecting a shipment to comprise new T8 titled of light, but has not received any one. Any question this in spite of; old some have done so only well with one has DIRECTED tubes. There is three fixtures (are total of tubes) in my cochera. When I have finalised one installs and flipped a transmission in 9 pm, was amazing -- to to appearance likes was in of the mine go in big midday. Amur These lights. They use less the averages a power used for a flourescent the tubes have substituted, come on instantly when a transmission is flipped, resupplies the most brilliant way, flicker-free light, has any ballast hum, has the guarantee of 5 years, and included of the expected 22 life of year has turned. That the treat!
5 / 5 Elenora
Easy installation.
Luz good-looking.
Almost instant-on - perhaps 0.5 behind like this - just grieves noticeable.
Luz with plastic tube (any glass).
Very happy has substituted my ugly fluorescent tubes.

Will look for to update this era of burn of the description.

Each box of 4 comprises four new 'tombstones' (shaken a box).
Did not require Him he so that it was able to use one that exists tombstones.
Ballast of mine to exist was electronic, as I so only required to cut the few bosses and reconnect.
Relatively easy - only slightly more complicated that that substitutes the light to regulate fixture.
Has left ballast of mine where was still although it is no longer powered - more buzzing.
Has had also exist plásticoes clear diffusers, although it thinks that that these lights would look well without diffusers so that has like this tiny LEDs in the each tube.
4 / 5 Lezlie
Fantastic products. Almost it has installed it 50 of these and has substituted each florescent bulb in my house and barn. Perfect results every time. A silence is surprising... Has no @to @give never that noise everything of AC the ballasts have done.

Shining, cleaned, and flicker-free economic lighting. Quickly install with which a prime minister a.

My process of installation:

1) Yard AC power to florescent fixture
2) Taking florescent bulbs; discard
3) Takes protective ballast and wiring coverage of fixture
4) bosses of Yard of any side of unit of ballast (any need to dismount ballast unless the another use for him elsewhere)
5) bosses of Yard out of tombstones in some arrivals of fixture
6) Joint AC Line (black boss) to a side of the each tombstone using given of boss
7) Near AC Neutral (white boss) to another side of the each tombstone using given of boss
8) Attentively tuck bosses behind to fixture and coverage of substitute of ballast
9) Installs new Ballast-Free has DIRECTED tubes
10) Restores can and lights to try

Ossia the quite simple procedure that any with electrical skills and of the basic mechanics can fulfil.

Has tried a 4000K and 5000k lights. 4000k bulbs of Looks of daylight and is more pleasing in of the living spaces. 5000k Is lights very white more brilliant and can be desirable in an office or cochera.
5 / 5 Latasha
Luis of sound! They are not 100 instant - there is probably he noticeable 1/2 according to delay but is not bad at all calms once take used his. Installing some lights were the bit of work. Some lights do not require any type of ballast and is wired directly to 120v. You will require to take your ballasts and install one has comprised group to wire some tubes directly to the yours 120v lines.

Is not terribly hard, but if it is not has bent the technically could be bit it a lot to do you. It says quell'have has not substituted never cover it or transmission in your first house of calm am likely to imagine this was. It comes with beautiful clear instructions.

So only maintain in alcohol, calm once takes your ballasts and boss in some new group, will be stuck using a same type of has DIRECTED tubes of this advance of point. No the big shot at all seeing like these tubes probably last for the a lot, time very long - but well consider.
5 / 5 Dena
Dips was slightly lighter that fluorescent, but a light is harder. It launches shadows while the fluorescent light is more diffuse. Precise fixtures with diffusers if no his the. Also, a claim ' is compatible with existing T8, T10, and T12 fluorescent fixtures' can not be totally corrected. If your tombstones (headlines of light bulb) is estácazado,' that is, so only have a boss (hot or neutral) that direct when titling so only, then will require to buy no-shunted (two-boss) tombstones. This can be the hassle, reason has two different ways that tombstones is trace in fixtures (clip-in and slide-in) and the 'profiles' varied different -- a distance a tombstone resists a bulb out of a fixture. It can be the real education matching a tombstones to a fixtures. We find a changeover to be more the money and the endeavour that is to be direct to believe, and a quality of light no like this suitable for a work that do.
4 / 5 Tomiko
If I do not know some terms in my title of description, does not buy these (until calm comprise them). These are well, a lot labeled, very done retrofit has DIRECTED tube still T8/T10/T12 4' lights of fluorescent tube (p. p.ej. Lights of office or typical work flourescents). These, this in spite of, is not the directed retrofit reason require rewire a light house, takes a ballast and connecting 110V AC hot and neutral directly to opposite sides of the each unshunted tombstone in only an end of a fixture. Tombstones In another end does not have any wiring and so only sustain some tubes. Calm absolutely can any one this rewire laws with shunted tombstones. Some two managers inside the each tombstone does not have to that be connected. One spends 110V AC heat, another neutral or common. You OWE THAT verify your tombstones is unshunted to verify any continuity among some two managers in a tombstones (once is released of a fixture is wiring). If there is continuity, will require to substitute your tombstones without-shunted unit (or it beginning that it looks for type A T8 has DIRECTED tube [that reads with dual-to beat finishing and shunted tombstones, included some electronic ballasts]).

Look On the type B, that finalises so only rewire setup in an Internet. It is not very complicated. With which a rewire, so only try each together of tombstones with one of some new tubes and a fixture plugged to the circuit can blow and reset without disturbing anything critical (in chance you messed on a wiring).
5 / 5 Alyse
Well, as to be sincere, I so only installed his (likes 5 minutes ago), as this does not go to be the description detailed of a product, so only a process of installation and initial opinion. I will update this with which take roughly real mileage out of them.

Some lights have come with connectors of new end for a side to be able to (so only a side of some bulbs takes can), what good reason in my chance required him. An end to be able to require two power of the isolated connections, the mine there has been both sides of a connector have linked together, using them there would be shorted out of a fixture.

So much, a procedure of installation is this :
1. Tour of one can (breaker), takes old bulbs and open a fixture.
2. Disconnect A ballast and take ( has agreed to turn of a breaker, well?).
3. It chooses some arrivals that will resist it a bit clip and new connectors some bosses of another end (is no longer required).
4. It take some old connectors and install a new some.
5. It connects some lines of power of some new connectors to some semence to be able to (blacks to black, red to aim).
6. Near a fixture behind on, installs some new bulbs, turn in a power. Fact.

Law perfectly, and is like this more brilliant that some old bulbs.

Top Customer Reviews: PAR36 Aviation ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Berta
This PAR36 has DIRECTED partorisca land the light has been received quickly, a lot of packaged. A sum of looks of the construction and turn perfectly in an assembly that has resisted an old incandescent light, that requires any modification. Although I have bought 2 of them with an intention partorisca substitute both some burned was and functional levels closings incandescent lights, has think that this would be the occasion adds partorisca the comparison and expected partorisca nightfall partorisca light a FOCUSED (port) & incandescent (starboard) first to substitute a still a lot of incandescent. A FOCUSED was much whiter and looked partorisca launch the lightest plot. I have taken the shot in a wing of each side and shot it taken when being in a nose of a plan. If you look closely in a nose has shot, will remark that there is the sĂşper the shadow imposed of me in a incandescent light that is to be launch of a light scattered of a FOCUSED. This machinery illustrates so only that more brilliant that the part of a beam is launched for a FOCUSED. There is remarked that a incandescent is directed much more closely that a FOCUSED, but a DIRECTED the centrical zone still looked at least like this brilliant like incandescent. One something wider that a FOCUSED would be advantageous in aiding recognition for another aircraft, when landing at night with the crosswind, and could leave the casualidad better to see the deer in bylines to a runway. My old incandescents draws quite amperage that mine 60 amp the alternator can not maintain on when that turns both lights to land on with all avionics on. This will not be the question with an east FOCUSED. A life of service has improved also would owe that be the enormous plus. An old incandescents have the habit to exit when calm really require them (likes in mine last night landing). Although they are significantly less than FOCUSED' DIRECTED is will exit more economic when I factor in an additional cost to pay my mechanic to substitute a incandescents the little time. They are happy with these lights, and VERY HAPPY with a prize. It was not that these would compare to other lights to land REBELLIONS in a phase but I suspect that they would compare some of his competitors are more than 3X a prize.
4 / 5 Pete
Buys these in place of some expensive competitors' version - really. The support of client was upper notch . Quickly, attentive response , complete to the only client has consulted his engineer for me. It installs it was easy and self evident. I have purchased 2 x bulbs and 2 x flashers for a cost of a bulb of competitor. Shabby reason anywhere more?

More brilliant that has imagined. Flasher Enables daytime recognition, and light in bylines for landings at night and taxis. A lot that takes eye and the improvement of definite security. I plan to leave these lights on 100 of a time day and night. It goes to take some and install them. Simple, quickly, easy, surer.
5 / 5 Pasquale
These have DIRECTED the lights are fantastic. Like this incredibly brilliant that I anxiously expected for nightfall to exit and give them the whirl. I have substituted two incandescent GE lights, both duquel there was so only two years and both have been broken and burned was. This two PAIR 36 Note of Aviation the aircraft that Lights of Earths together with some suggested flasher the transmission is a perfect substitution ! One installs was incredibly easy, although it has had any install the instructions have comprised. I am impressed with a prize, a product, and a support of Are in Electronic of the dog of the Crew was glorious. It has communicated with you are it invernadero email and text to confirm install the instructions and he was excellent and immediately responsive. It is it has been it adds to help and ensure my satisfaction.

My suggestions that could a product or yours install even better would be:

1) Comprises written to install instructions with simple diagram, comprising the boss that crimps the instructions purchase of the optional goodie flasher transmission.

2) Some positive terminals and negations in a backside of each bulb is not identified, which would have been useful knowing exactly which is which of calm will not have any election but to experience for the take right (of imports for has DIRECTED the lights and he does not import with some old incandescent bulbs).

3) spent a goodie light flasher transmission with your bulb, installs with the simple industrial force Velcro tab. This has not been comprised but could have been and was extremely simple and the perfect solution more than the trace that uses some tabs of ray.

In general, am totally happy with these lights and flasher transmissions like this far. A claim of lights to have to that 50,000+ life of now. As Any one could try concealed is further me, but hopefully will not require never substitute his again in mine lifetime. We will see!
4 / 5 Anjelica
Installed a bulb CONCENTRATED and flasher in my Bonanza so only yesterday - an installs was the breeze, all have required has been comprised and work perfectly - couldnt' be happier! The bulb that Shines that far surpasses an old fashionable offering, and does not draw anything of the can standpoint. An addition adds, the provider adds, could not be happier!
4 / 5 Ellen
Easy install and the perfect returned in my Bonanza . Reasonable prize also. They are happy!
4 / 5 Afton
8 brilliant times that my old incandescents.
Has Had one of two concealed any lit, CrewDog Inc has had the substitution in my interior of door 3 days of notifications.
4 / 5 Tia
The accesses add, easy installs, launches a lot of light. It can very included see a movement of needle of the ammeter when you turn it on, draws like this little current. It is protected, as you hook he on backward (50/50 casualidad) a first times no the hurt, so only any light . I exchange some connectors around and looked.
5 / 5 Zoraida
This was a plus upgrade to my helicopter. I can see fold a destance now for prejudices he also a flasher upgrade helps down vizability, more than has thought it ! I add compraventa!
5 / 5 Rosamaria
The saint cow is brilliant!

Has used likes the light taxi that it is my failure because it is the beam lights no the light of riada. But you light on a ramp!
5 / 5 Buena
A lot amiably built,very tight be instaling in the Varga with flasher.

Top Customer Reviews: LED Flying Direct ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Osvaldo
Has adds light brightness & easy to install !! You love it !! def Buys again !! Law R. Services of Interview to KNIT

Top Customer Reviews: 500ml Lab Glass ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Cleveland
They have sent the free unit partorisca do on partorisca his deception.