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Top Customer Reviews: Philips Hue White ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Cleveland
Like this the start has left first has been with a light and no a technology. It is utmost wonderful colours that it can locate these bulbs and ossia a better course roughly that. Going down to probably that it is 2200 k Ossia the orange colour really warm that leave to really feel relaxed especially when dim down. And calm then can stairs that until to somewhere around 4,000 k or something the little more stimulating or yes really require some class of brilliant by heart brilliant turns all a way until 6500 k. I want that I expect in these bulbs and ossia a better thing roughly him.

Now is dive to reason this only takes three stars. First I almost want to give this 1 and 1/2 stars for some dud announcing. This no with an Assistant of Google that is to declare in this listing of Amazon as well as printed in a box. He no with an Assistant of Google. He so only works with a house of Google. Only way that these works with an Assistant of Google is to take a Philips hub. Any concealed is buying a Bluetooth is by train for the buy reason do not love a hub. So it can give this two and the half stars I reasons any advertising dud flavour and has bought these reasons have wanted to loved/it to it to do with my Assistant of Google and does not have to that take a hub.

According to multiple user setup is very complicated included partorisca to the a lot likes me that it runs of the mine undertaken of own technology that dips there is anticipated on coverages. There it is that it clashes information there and has has had to that in fact call Phillips to imagine this was reason still has to that ask a technology advanced reason had clashed information in an office.

The summarize, ossia the subpar produced of beta that does not have to that it never has been released to an audience. It does not announce that it does with something when he no. And for a prize of these better bulbs with an Assistant of Google and there is much more seamless setup. This has said, everything is in context and then a light world-wide loan there is not anything adds still so that it is to say reason has clashed he until three stars and reasons really likes me a colour and one lighting and ossia where Phillip is really comes by means of
5 / 5 Kara
has 2 for my cochera external, one for my porch and one for my living room. All 4 is paired with Alexa. I do not comprise reason the descriptions declare can any pair. Mark sure has 3rd generation and leave your echo discovers it. Mark sure comprises Alexa is all you HUB!
Dipped the in some routines to go in and of newspapers. The works perfect.
5 / 5 Susann
Has bought this on sale in first Day and was súper excited for them. Questions of a section of description and a description of element has declared that some lights were functional with Alexa skill so only, that a hub has not been necessary. This is not true. I think that a description of element has been updated of then to reflect a truth, but has loved so only reaffirm this in chance any one is mislead for this element.
4 / 5 Christi
Could not connect this element to the mine alexa is spent in an hour and some instructions that is coming with a product as well as a web of place has not done.
4 / 5 Phung
An only thing has to that complain in an integer phillips boos the line is the one who expensive is. We are dulcemente transitioning ours whole house to the ready lights and these are my gone to. Sadly so only I can resupply to buy the pair each month or so much. Like this far I maintain to buy more than forming that it would be necessary to say you something.
5 / 5 Numbers
On all my woman and I am happy with these. It has been it has convinced at all that is worth it, of here reason has not fallen of the extra cash for a hub - more a hub feels likes so only a plus bluetooth/wifi device to take sucked in the when these can connect directly to a point & of Echo. My woman has said that they were very simple to dip on road Alexa application in his telephone. Any @@subject - same with changing rooms in an of some bulbs. It was a lot one was the aim of has bitten more brilliant or at least some vs a yellow aim but perhaps ossia so only the @@subject to imagine was regarding the transmission. Any sure still. I will update a estaca imagines the to us was.
4 / 5 Chance
Update: Downgrading of 2 stars to 1. Has has ordered substitutions. I have taken all connected and has thought all was a lot; it is had to chalk he until bad regime with defective bulbs. Two weeks later, same question. Suddenly he prendió to answer to a google marries mini. I disconnected and reset all (like troubleshoot drive them suggested) and now can very included be found again. Exactly one same like first except this time takes an extra week for them to take working. Although I can take a reconnect, rejection to maintain that it goes this in spite of this in bases regulates so only to use.

Original description: Enormous waste of money. Way too difficult to dip up and then still with which finally taking them dipped on, there is prendido to answer in my House of Google Mini after the week. Disconnected His to try and reset, now will not connect again. Probably that goes to send them behind. Way more question that cost.

That when be said, a week has done was quite fresh. Nizza And brilliant in quickly but also dimmable; although a dimmest the setting could be the little dimmer still in my opinion. I Have liked him be able to control he with my voice and dip a “sweet “ awake” way that has augmented dulcemente a brightness in a first morning of my alarm. If they had fact so only for more than the week.
5 / 5 Tonie
The descripcion the containers Given of 4 light bulbs and recibi an alone light bulb pesimo shabby
Philips Boos - the container of 4 light bulbs has DIRECTED A19, compatible with Bluetooth and Zigbee (optional Boos Hub), actuated by voices with Alexa and Assistant of Google, 476861, 10watts
5 / 5 Nicole
Works well and as described but programming arrest brightness the levels is lost occasionally for any apparent reason. No like this easy or stable to program like this Lutron Caseta transmissions but considerably less expensive that Caseta. So only commenting in some warm white bulbs simple here like this is all has purchased like this far. Utilisation these with an included hub. Guessing these particular bulbs are making for stages was and substituted with some new Bluetooth the able bulbs but I doubt the different bulbs will affect my programming of software glitches.
4 / 5 Felton
Remained on until 4:30 I am looking for to imagine has been like this to do this new lightbulb with my Point of new Echo 3. In the first place, you have to ignore some directions that is coming with a bulb. They were useless and misleading and one of some reasons has been on means a night. No, calm does not need the pricey Boos hub. Calm does not need a google playstore or a tent of Apple to download an application. Calm does not require to select 'Boo' of a paper of Skills of Alexa and calm does not require to sign up for the boos counts it.

All is dipped on your Point to Echo if any already fact. Calm probably would owe that expect while it connects to the yours other devices. Then ray in a lightbulb and turn in a light/of light fixture. To arrive to this point, Alexa would owe that say the new light expósita, but he the no. has had to say 'Alexa discovers devices' Alexa has appointed a device 'First Light' Then was able to say turn on first light, the turn was before light , dim first light. There is the video in this page that calm say you a same thing esatta. Ossia A video to follow . The only desire has had has had directions with this lightbulb that has said like this to hook he up with Alexa device and I have had has not squandered hours of my time.

Top Customer Reviews: Philips Advance ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Vivien
These are the utmost and scarce finds. One 3-bulb 24 thumb T-8 fixture has to that be scarce, reason my venue of electrical provider a lot included has ballasts partorisca his, and had not left never me down in some 7-8 years have been going there. The cost is also better way. Has the commercial client with roughly 100 of these fixtures, like this calm the types really help me era. Thank you!
5 / 5 Keri
Is gone in fluorescent fixture with 3 T8 lights. Locating the ballast was the challenge likes fixture was the ad a (any usually in of the houses). Have takes once ballast, has known that the ballast has been required partorisca substitution and has ordered this. Among 2 days and in installed and works perfectly. Hopefully He outlive me! There is 3 more than these fixtures in a basement and I hope I wont be that it has to ballast of substitute on the but will know where to order of.
4 / 5 Blythe
Was easy to install and has solved my question.
5 / 5 Jamee
The utmost law and the very better estimates that a tent of improvement of local house, when you can evan find one for 3 lights...
5 / 5 Tiera
Good prize
4 / 5 Blair
to to the Works like to of him has to that. I owe constantly substitute an effective energy that luzca in my studio. I lose an old energy that the waste writes that it last for ten first years of fritzing was. A one that has substituted was roughly 4 years and alike branded. Appearance this last the little more the years the long plus. It is not economic. It has had to look for long and hard for the quite priced, part of correct model.
4 / 5 Tenisha
A lot of
4 / 5 Retta
has Done well. Good prize. Esperanza has had to that
4 / 5 Bobby
product A lot the one who installed a lot easily in mine retrofitting of two 2-light 4ft T-12 fixtures to T-8. The ballasts have done perfectly well of a box.
4 / 5 Juliann
The substitutions add for his yours begin of ballasts. Easy to wire in.

Top Customer Reviews: Philips Advance ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Used this partorisca substitute the T8 aquarius of light ballast that has had prisoner doing properly. A bit retro-the apt work that incorporates an use of the small invernadero and some Velcro and is like this very like this new and will be included easier that substitute next time. They are sure he is the main quality also. This version was roughly roughly 4x long and heavier that that originally is coming with my light box. Also paid roughly less 40 in the amazon that that would have paid in the retailer of big box, and has known that have bought.
5 / 5
After installed, flipped a transmission, some lights come on really quickly without flickering and hum buzzing, am running the quad configuration with 2 each level 48' 32 bulbs of the mercury of watt peels each light of ballast (ANY- .) He a lot deceive this look partorisca be quality to the point of just prize! Durability his Philips !! There is not a lot of @@subject on installing, the ray used even partorisca locate of old, is the simple to take and substitute, all lined on just well. At present it recommends this to another.
5 / 5
Has ordered 2 of these ballasts. A ballast is not gone in his packaging of cellophane. No the enormous shot but that included a fact the buzzing/rattling noise when first be has turned on. I marvel me it was returned partorisca a same reason and resold to , is hard to beat a prize.
5 / 5
Has used partorisca substitute a ballast maquinal old in the photographic light table. Very easy to install, and better work that an original ballast. Thank you Partorisca The good product.
4 / 5
Installed three of these and all are acting instant adds and prójimo light startup. The product there has been tabs of correct/holes that apt directly in the place of one has has failed ballasts-no hassle installation.
5 / 5
These ballasts are perfect. I have converted my whole house of T12 the T8 DIRECTED partorisca use them. I used him in only light fixtures as well as dual.
4 / 5
Smaller that original and still slides to some work and stock clips... That more can ask?
5 / 5
Fast service,
Works to the equal that has expected.
5 / 5
Arrives a lot quickly and was reasonably priced. This will do my transmission on to T8 the bulbs abordables. Now I can develop my project partorisca light
4 / 5
An element punctually and extracted exactly to the equal that have to that!

Top Customer Reviews: Advance ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Nerissa
Exactly that has required
5 / 5 Idell
bandage Very good.

Top Customer Reviews: Philips Advance ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5 Loreta
I have purchased Philip T8 has directed tubes to substitute a florescent T8 has had in a garage. With next winter I have wanted in SHOOTING FOCUSED to take drawee of a poor action florescent experience of light bulbs in a cold. Alas it have the 5 according to the delay in some lights has DIRECTED once I flipped a change. I have bought these ballasts so that Philip pdf of the on-line compatible ballast has aimed these to do. Partidrio And is calling on and brilliant! An only subject there has been was that a packaging was poor. One of some ballasts there has been the dent in the. Obviously only cosmetic so that law
5 / 5 Tasha
I have bought Philip T8 last week FOCUSED to substitute my current fluorescent light bulbs, only to discover that my light to exist the ballast has been supposed to be for T12 lights, and has not done at all with a walnut ones. My fixture is designed by 2 lights, and this new ballast there was the averages a number of capes that my original ballast, but a diagram to wire in a ballast has done one installs very easy. I am very happy with how that shines some new LEDs is, and especially with a fact that ignites instantly.
5 / 5 Kristyn
It take these electronic ballasts has Advanced punctually and has installed or this has done only like a one this was in him, any noise and ignites hurriedly without flicker. Highly it recommends these in any one requiring them. I have maintained another for my stock has listened of east the new electronic ballast no as well as some burn and the oldest ballasts out of faster if that is to say true. This fixture installed is only quite 2 yrs old and has not had never some light bulbs have substituted,as some accesses of ballast last while some light bulbs. A fixture has not had a ballast to Advance he so that it was happy to see that the amazon there has been the for sale. In fact this description is too punctual to leave us know will last longer that some original or no, but has not been fatality has arrived in that is very good.
5 / 5 Marcie
Substituted burned-was ballast in old fixture in the hire. Far cheaper of Amazon that my tent of local box of the canal of national hardware.

Could consider the Hyperikon the substitution HAS FINISHED Only DIRECTED a next time, when this measure results available, of the moment that it is which for the fixture of 4 feet in another hire. This would delete a necessity for the ballast, but only for this esingle-finished' type, and with some minor rewiring in a fixture to light.
5 / 5 Katheleen
Substituted 2 bad ballasts in my basement. It does not use to him stops to have clear down there. I can see things now! Cheap to substitute, and easy change.
5 / 5 Lora
Exactly cual required to substitute an old ICN2P32SC in an of my lights of the cookery concealed has not done has moved from marks 2 years. At the end taken around to try to fix a light and this Ballast was an entrance . The substitution has taken quite a lot of 15 minutes and now some works of light sum.
4 / 5 Elma
It enters totally the rusted. It has looked it it drenched the in watering. Water and electrical parts. No the sake combo. Anyways Inspected and has ensured that a ballast was dry in an interior. Then installed. Work. We will see for how long. The prize and the nave was utmost. More probably you are the fluke that the mine has taken put. I am sure the has not gone bad stored it. But only I docked or stars for that.
5 / 5 Piper
Bought this to substitute a ballast in my light, installed only take an old one and installing this, and powered retreated up.

Please listen free to ask any question can have, flavours to do mine that earnest descriptions and through so possible, so that another person can know exactly that would take.
5 / 5 Mac
These were the perfect substitution , perfect and easy access in cape with wiring know very basic. I have substituted three of a ballast in a dispatch and everything are doing well.
5 / 5 Tatiana
The prize done adds and add. Less than half a prize in some tents of improvement of big house.
5 / 5 Erwin
I have purchased Philips T8 has directed tubes partorisca substitute a florescent T8 has had in a cochera. With next winter it has it has wanted the transmission to DIRECTED lighting partorisca take touched of of a poor action florescent experience of bulbs in a cold. Unfortunately it have the 5 according to delay in a FOCUSED lights once I flipped a transmission. I have bought these ballasts because a Philips pdf of on-line compatible ballast has aimed these partorisca do. They do and they are instant on and brilliant! A subject only has had was that a packaging was poor. One of some ballasts there has been the dent in them. Obviously cosmetic so only reason he
5 / 5 Linda
can very really say if ossia a true Philips has produced. I can say that a listing of product and a focus in a photo partorisca list said 'Philips' and 'NEMA Prevailed. A product there is rid says neither things. A product there is rid is not packaged with a propiciado by instruction — is usually quite useless, but look always to be comprised with electrical parts to be installed. A pigtail the bosses are not conventionally marked (i.et. Type of boss and gauge) — but am not sure ossia the requirement for preattached and fixed bosses.

In all the chance, is an electronic ballast of some class, done by any one. It looks to be silent. It looks to do — in 50degF tent directly after the installation takes 20 minutes to cover the pair of 32w T8 fluorescent to something closes the normal brightness, but in of the look of subsequent days to come on quite near of full brightness quite quickly. Esperanza maintains installed — acting inside the ceiling fixture is quite the ache for us DIY electricians.
5 / 5 Glenna
There is retrofitted 8 fluorescent T8 lights with 8 has DIRECTED T8 lights. Partorisca East, has bought also 8 ballasts. (Note: I have validated that my new has DIRECTED light (also Phillips mark) was compatible with some ballasts).
In a start, all was a lot. A bit those that the ballast there has been the little tone, but has not paid a lot of attention.
2 weeks later, 2 of some ballasts had died. ( I have tried a T8 CONCENTRATED in another fixtures and law well, as this has had to be due to some ballasts). In planting to buy new ballasts, I that decides to select new T8 FOCUSED the lights concealed has has not required ballasts, and simply bypassed a ballast. This law of new lights of sound.
1 1/2 months after an initial 8 T8 retrofit project, another light dead, and listens another ballast pitching the main volume when powered up. There is another light this goes to die punctual.
Like this, for me, if you are retrofitting T8 fluorescent tubes to T8 has DIRECTED tubes, any one annoy buying tubes that requires ballast, goes directly to tubes that no precise ballast and bypass ballasts.
4 / 5 Erik
These ballasts have done as it has expected. I used him to substitute some ballasts in some Fluorescent lights in my coverage. Some lights would not begin when turned in a coverage is past cold. Frustrating for a travesía fast to grab something. I have substituted some ballasts with these and some lights come on instantly included in of the cold days.

The installation has not gone totally sincere like these wired differently of some ballasts to exist. A diagram to wire on a ballast helped to felizmente substitute an old, and do a first time.

Highly recommends these are tired of flipping a light transmission and having any light comes on in of the cold days.
4 / 5 Nathanial
Perfect and easy substitution to install.

Has had 4' florescent blubs in my cookery. From time to time they would do up. So many, changed him with FEIT 'spent and played LEDs of Costco.

Has done utmost for roughly 2 hours, then would exit.

Reading other descriptions and investigation of Google the ballast has said was one the majority of likely culprit .

Has substituted also a tombstones also.

Economic and easy on all the levels.
4 / 5 Renea
Has bought Philips T8 LEDs last week to substitute my current fluorescent bulbs, so only to discover that my light to exist the ballast has been supposition to be for T12 lights, and has not done at all with a new some. Mina fixture is drawn for 2 lights, and this new ballast has had the averages a number of bosses that mine original ballast, but a diagram to wire in a ballast has done one installs very easy. They are very happy with like this brilliant a new LEDs is, and especially with a fact that turn on instantly.
5 / 5 Darin
Has purchased so only this element and installed does not have any experience with what do what the looks are done well and like this far to the equal that has used some products for advanced before and has treated % to ship the costs are the big in the order and ossia my only complaint.....
5 / 5 Terri
Has received these there is Anticipated electronic ballasts punctually and has installed one this has done so only like a one this was in him, any noise and lights quickly without flicker. Highly it recommends these to any requiring them. I have maintained another for my stock has listened of this new electronic ballast no as well as some ballasts plus very old and burn out of faster conceals is true. This fixture installed is him so only roughly 2 yrs old and has not had never some bulbs have substituted,likes ballast any last while some bulbs. A fixture has not had a ballast for advanced to the equal that was happy to see this Amazon had him for sale. In fact this description is too much punctual to leave know will last longer that some original or no, but has not died on has arrived that it is very good.
5 / 5 Lani
Substituted burned-was ballast in old fixture in the hire. Far more economic that Amazon that my tent of local box of the canal of national hardware.

Could consider the Hyperikon has FINALISED the Only substitution has DIRECTED a next time, when this measure results available, of of the east is that it has done it for the 4-feet fixture in another hire. This would delete a need for the ballast, but so only for this esingle-finalised' type, and with some minor rewiring inner one lighting fixture.
4 / 5 Donita
Has purchased this ballast because to the plot of people has said was the good party for a Phillips T8 the instant is returned has DIRECTED tubes. Work but he flickers/arisen in an initial startup. With which looks to do well but still the little disappointing. You do not recommend this interior a moment.
4 / 5 Salena
Read other descriptions and convinced. A bit longer that mine original as I have had to that move a ray to ensure, Clipped an original 2 blue and 1 red boss, his jointed together with a new one and looked. It has taken the little time, but perfect fact.
4 / 5 Audry
Has substituted 2 bad ballasts in my basement. Any used to have light down there. I can see things now! Economic to substitute, and easy transmission.
4 / 5 Hisako
Is gone in entirely rusted. You look drenched he in of waters he. Water and electrical parts. No the good combo. Anyways Has inspected and has ensured that a ballast was dry in an interior. Then installed. Law. We will see for what time. The prize and the nave was utmost. More probably it was the fluke that the mine has taken wet. They are sure he has not gone bad has tent. But I so only docked some stars for that.
5 / 5 Reid
Exactly that has required to substitute an old ICN2P32SC in an of my cookery lights concealed has not done has moved of then in fact 2 years. Finally taken around to try to fix a light and this Ballast was an entrance . The substitution has taken roughly 15 minutes and now some the works read are.
5 / 5 Giovanni
Perfect access, installs easily, work well. Good value, the averages a prize of tent of local hardware.
5 / 5 Ali
Has substituted the comparable ballast in the tent of big box fixture. The wiring was bit it different of an original like each bulb is on he is own supply vs an original this there has been some bulbs in series.
4 / 5 Brittny
A fact of good ballast for the company of quality with the good reputation in an excellent prize
4 / 5 Francesco
Easy to use and install. Bulbs A lot flicker more. Changed to FOCUSED tubes
5 / 5 Andree
has Bought this to substitute a ballast in my light, installed so only take an old one and installing this, and he powered behind up.

Please free seat to ask any calm question can have, tries to do my descriptions like sincere and by means of like this possible, so that another person can know exactly that would take.
4 / 5 Kemberly
Easy to install, especially yes video of use of Youtube to the equal that drives.

Top Customer Reviews: Philips Hue Single ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Janette
I have purchased only my second light bulb by heart. Calm also the two half aim in a chamber and two white lights in a room of television. In the first place, you have to buy the Bridge of Boo to take these to do. A Bridge is the time purchases that it retreats until 50 lights. According to these is expensive but giving a product the bad description because of a prize is ridiculous while it is giving the bad description so that the Bridge is required. At the end it has to have a signal of internet in a light for him to do.
The ploughs For some light the. Has these in of the multiple rooms, has moved lights around, and facts of the multiple changes in a road have grouped these in an application. All of mine have done perfectly. We use a Point of Echo during our house and some lights are mere to control Alexa subject while you use a correct name (takes the light of table and the light of table is different in Alexa).
So that it can do with some lights of Boos? Of the service ignites on/of remotely of your telephone. The dye posed in emphasis the room (adds for games of football these colours of use of squad). The gesture ignites to come on when yours house to turn so that it does not have the dark house - has gone back of mine when my shows of tlphonique is in the mile was and limit to turn in only after decadence. Only it purchase it the $ 2 application that has had the fireworks program and changes some lights in your musician. It adjusts some colours, shadows of aims, and brilliance of an application or through Alexa.
My suggestion is to choose a zone wants flavour and take the box of judge of start with the pair of lights. If you are I how me, hurriedly will come up with new ideas to attach more lights in other rooms.
1 / 5 Juanita
I the hate gives to 1 description of star for the product I amour. I want a familiar Boo, has the plot of his light bulbs in my house. Even so, his service of the client for defective devices is TERRIBLE.

Has nicknamed to rid the recovery of the guarantee after this light bulb is died after 2 month. In the first place, I have called, and spoken with the useful person, this has taken my email and said begins a recovery. It requires pictures of a number of serial, and a light bulb and they issue me to focus to ship to return. As Expected, an email has asked pictures of a number of serial and the number duquel product routed. 3 days later took another email that more information of question, was an inner light bulb used/alfresco (inner), has been used in the dimmer (any one), has been used in the light or permanent fixture (light). I have answered all the questions, while to focus to ship. Instead, it take ANOTHER Email of support. That type of material was a light launched of? That type of material was a fixture has launched of? How many hours the day was a product has used? It can have pictures of a light in question?

Does not comprise why this process has to be so complicated only to return the defective light bulb. Phillips Boo IS the line adds of product, Phillips the backwards of the client is TERRIBLE.
5 / 5 Geraldine
I have begun it go with just that it wants to have a IKEA the tower of able light to be dimmed and then decided to fill he with the by heart vain lights. Very happy has done. Early it results the bit of an obsession, where now each light in my floor is Boo, which are in 50 lights. For my bath and dispatch, has not been with light bulbs coloreadas. It have tried colored ones in a bath at the beginning but found has not wanted never the he so movement those in other rooms. There are fun applications that my niece and amour of nephews to touch with these shows of light (OnSwitch is his favourite). It attaches an image would pose together when in the first place begun to touch with them. I combine the with Philip Boo Changes to Touch this maintains for a sofa like hurriedly can change a room in presets. Has sensors of motion in hallways (so that it conceal has not said never a clear on then has entered behind an another end?) And have the posed to change in dimmer at night to find my road in a bath without blinding me. It attaches roughly say examples but the majority of a time only has some paints posed in a decadence to be of autumn, no quite so dramatic. It Likes him that during a day, can change of a temperature to paint to match only like your lights match a light of outside, almost like skylights.
5 / 5 Kiera
I have expected in these has been since fallen. It can not see why it want to it buy the at all. Until, it take the aim one with some roads of container of Echo of Amazon.....

One can of the new echo serves like the hub......And control these light bulbs......A bit. I have read that some Boos the hub has done more......And a container for four of these light bulbs and the hub was for sale.

Opens is accruing light bulbs. I am embarrassed in how much money is spent to ignite my house. He the zero has listened economic......

But, WOW! Has scenes for Morning that arouse me up softly and turn in an energise bluish light. Has glows of soft red fo night of film. My turn of colours in less blue in an evening.......And honestly it thinks that that it is improved my sleep .

Gives the zero has thought in the this wasted in these light bulbs. They improve my life in of the multiple roads. My boys simply ADORES the, and game with his creation of own scene. Included my clear change shutoff compulsion is better.....So that they closed it it was automatically when left.
5 / 5 Jannie
Good lights. Has 8 around a room and cookery. Me And a woman has box-the nights where take a boo-the application of boxes has shot up and boogie in bohemian the rhapsody has looked STRONG. We live subject enter it a bit clave and has little other options of entertainment.
5 / 5 Lenard
Val. This is coming from the total geek perspective. I am the techie, wants to automate things via frescos artilugios. At the end it has saved it his quite a lot of money to purchase the set of lights of boos... Has 4 light bulbs, 2 band and 3 flowers. And wow! It is changed my half integer ... It IS the bit pricey but yes is to create some road for your house, Phillips the boos is a better.
4 / 5 Ja
So far so good but think that it took it a model a new plus - 9290012575An in place of 9290012575 (remarks an addition 'A'). This model this new plus is slightly main (big plus) and when being significantly cheapened so that a weight has been significantly he has reduced. It IS also plastic in place of glass. A yellow plastic over time (glass any one)? The only time will say.

A specs looks for to be a same (lumens, colour temp field, wattage) excepts a new plus 'A' version that says this 110mine in place of 135mine. Both are done in China and both are UL has listed.

Voices my photos of comparison.

Hopefully A new 'A' the version will be at least also like the oldest version same although it listen it cheaper.
1 / 5 Rozanne
Amused to have light bulbs to paint this can control with Alexa or house of Google. This has said, is the bit dim Far worse, only discovered only has to 2 guarantee of year. I have been surprised to discover one of my light bulbs has failed. It have bought he in October of Compraventa Better 2016 and has not saved a receipt so that this saves taken of light bulb? I have imagined GE would know when use directed to the of his connected in the grandson hub and has the number of serial. In any case, they have said that it was fashioned out of an extraordinarily brief 2 guarantee of year and would not substitute it . That is to say his election . My election is not to buy 50 $ more light bulbs that only last 2 years. That is to say $ 2 the month for the only light bulb. I have bought alas a lot others except at least bought through Amazon as I can try date of mine of compraventa. If you buy one, saves a receipt.
1 / 5 Ralph
They have changed a creation of light bulb in the lowest quality plastic lentil, concealed does not match a creation of the glass the old plus.
In my opinion that is to say no longer the value of light bulb $ 50. It IS it would have to be done with materials of premium in this prize. Quan Has done a plastic of the light bulbs of basic aim have stabbed a prize down the half, as well as clearly that aims a creation of the product changed in a box. Still they aim a light bulb of glass in a walnut until boxes of date! You can say of a plastic light bulb has two cloaks; or aim, or clear. It does not recommend buying them right now, probably will take two different ways of light bulbs that will look terrible some light bulbs are exposed. Also the piece of prize could be imminent is cutting the corners have taken.
(Some the plastic light bulbs have a one in an end of a number of model, can use this to identify them before opening a box.)
1 / 5 Bong
A light bulb in a left wing is a one has purchased here in amazon. A light bulb in a right is an example of my original light bulbs that experiences of Compraventa Better. They are law and generation 3 utmost. I possess 10 of them without problems never. EVEN SO this light bulb does not answer to like some another. He doesnt colour of change with some another and some painting whose looks a same. A one took is not until an ones purchased of Compraventa Better. I create a one took is 4 generation, even so in the some place in a listing or in a FAQ declares that that is to say to 3 light bulb of generation . Horrible light bulb! It IS by train to cause me The plot of the frustration and the part of me thinks his the light bulb of fake. I of the that has time to exchange or call philips boos so that has a boy and the things are hectic, so that it has of course lost a window of tower. Very unhappy with purchase of mine.

Top Customer Reviews: Philips Advance ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Debrah
A product is so only that is to be require partorisca our fluorescent alto lights which are four bulbs and partorisca our chances of refrigeration and coolers which are 3 bulbs .
5 / 5 Noemi
upgrade Of T12 the T8 partorisca use the tube FOCUSED, a wiring is simple and orderly result and easy to install. It saves the on cost plot of energy. A new setup is much fresher and more brilliant.
4 / 5 Mikaela
Laws of ballast of the theses well with any he 3 tube or 4 tube fixture.
4 / 5 Lewis
Has installed a prime minister of five that has required at present. All look partorisca be a lot like this far. Option of good prize when it advances partorisca look to a rest of some ballasts that apparently will require partorisca be substituted in a - 15 fluorescent fixtures this is to be install when my house has been built in 2003.
4 / 5 Shiloh
Extracted better. If need of ballast then ossia perfect. They are not individually packaged.
5 / 5 Monnie
That attended and has required. It has come promptly and a lot of packaged.
5 / 5 Rosenda
Produced excellent. Thank you
5 / 5 Dawn
Mark of the products of new quality in the very competitive prize.
D.J. Sexton
Sexton Lighting Creation
4 / 5 Keith
the prize Adds, fast delivery
4 / 5 Gabriella
A work of ballast adds.

Top Customer Reviews: PHILIPS LIGHTING ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Bertie
This ballast is electrically noisy. It is noisier that a AccuPro the substitutes of ballast. If has sensitive radio headphones in your house, or near that you can, look elsewhere.

A spec layer partorisca a ballast (which has not been distributed) said ' Ballast comply with applicable requirements of a Commission of Federal Communications (FCC) principles and controls, Title 47 CFR leaves 18, partorisca Any-of crew of Consumer.'

'Any-Consumer' the half is not estimated partorisca residential use because of emitted radio interference. It sees
4 / 5 Roselle
This has been to send was mine in súper-fast order !!! I have ordered this for the big high flourescent 4-light in a cookery. I have known something was bad when all 4 bulbs are exited of the same times and there was at all bad with a breaker or the light transmission that goes to this light. Any that there is never has substituted the ballast before (but that has listened of a term), has decided to try to substitute me the. Has some formation of electronics, but are on inabilities to the equal that took the little longer that any better fitness that I, but has taken a work done after looking instructions in the youtube video. One the majority of the what of entity is to remark some connections of boss and draw the diagram to follow afterwards takes a ballast. Calm in fact cut some bosses if a ballast has not been substituted before has any present of connectors of the boss. I have had some wires concealed has not been to cut and another concealed had been cut and has connected. Some of another difficulty was to take some clips and tall lid to open and snap behind in place. Take a flourescent the bulbs were also the little delicate because of the his prójimos proximity placing to a ballast and backplate. I have used some bonds to transfer to join all some first together bosses to situate them inner a half coverage - this was also bit it difficult when doing with hands up in an air and in the step-stool. Probably at all at all to do fo any younger and used to do this class of what. It was relieved like this when I have had all has connected, turned in a light had! It agrees to verify for a light to be working first to dip all the coverages behind in place; calm does not want to has to that undo all has had the wrong or bad connection. Ossia The whole project is in a category of moderate difficulty.
5 / 5 Dimple
So only installed in an old plus 4 bulb (4 ft) system that has had two ballasts. These ballasts will drive T8-32W well. You will owe that dismantle a fixture groups of socket and pops out of some white bosses for animal-wire still to match wiring diagram in backside of ballast. Also recommend you painting of the sand was the coffins metal in clips in both ends of ballast where mate to fixture house. This will ensure a lot of grounding of ballast to house. Once installed this new ballast has done adds. Far faster ignition that older 2 system of ballast. Illumination more uniform of bulbs.
5 / 5 Kena
The part esatta has ordered, has arrived quickly the form adds.

I really like these few ballasts. They do not take too hot like old some and a diagram to cable is printed clearly a lot on him. Abundance to wire to achieve where required and easy to hook up.

One one has had to that substitute was so only two years, but has found that an electrician that has done one installs left the very old jumper boss in situating that shorted when a insulation is fallen off. It does not blame a ballast for one installs work. Has another 20+ of these in service without subjects.
4 / 5 Cecelia
These utmost ballasts. Experiences 4 double-ballast 4-bulb fixtures of Habitat for Humanity. Installed and, as expected, bulbs flickered. Orderly 4 of these ballasts . They are not an electrician, as all some bosses in a fixture has daunted. Has poor next vision and could not read and interpret a diagram to wire in a ballast. Like this usual, a web has helped was. A place [...] It has answered my exact question of as the rewire of two-ballasts for light to the alone ballast. In a place, one of a responders has resupplied the clear, big painted picture of installation, doing it easy for me to take all four lights and that goes. The cochera is awash in light and am looking forward to wrenching was all the winter.
4 / 5 Jacqualine
Substitution directed for mine 4xT8 light fixture, comes with all some bosses have required, looks to be a lot has built. Works well with Philips T8 has has DIRECTED bulbs. Reliably Light up in 1 according to any time of a year (installed in a cochera).
4 / 5 Dinah
Has received this in fast order. Remarked out of a box this is not the Phillips ballast to the equal that has announced. Some with which marks of phase I never listened of. Installed quickly with only the pair of has bent flanges that straightened. Wire fence and has turned a transmission on. At all. After substituting the pair of bulbs avenges on instantly and is doing well. I said that when an old ballast has failed taking out of some bulbs also. We will see what time these hard now. Compraventa But of those who think yours taking the Phillips.
5 / 5 Claudio
The ballast was easy to install and works perfectly. I do not know a first what roughly electricity, as I have looked the little youtube video on like this to substitute ballast. A thing that was useful has been has taken the picture in my telephone of an old ballast has connected he so that it was able to inform behind and sure mark all some bosses were in a right place. Changing the ballast is the most sinister work to any with electrical experience to the equal that are treating bosses and electricities.
4 / 5 Gladys
Could not find the substitution directed for an originally installed ballast in 4 tube, 48' residential fixture. This ballast was a Transformer for advanced REL-4P32-RRHH-TP and is no longer has done. I some undermining by means of a Phillips drive of specification and expósitos that this unit is identical so many measures and function. An only difference is that a esL' the version is 120VAC gone in so only and a 'ICN' the version has the 120-277VAC row of voltage of the entrance. (This universal entrance the easy fact to interview folks the stock so only a model of ballast for several types of installations. The residences have left generally-phase 240VAC (120VAC phase-to-neutral) while a lot the industrial plants have 480VAC three-phase (277VAC phase-to-neutral) has distributed.)
4 / 5 Georgeann
This has been to send was mine in súper-fast order !!! I have ordered this for the big high flourescent 4-light in sotre. I have known something was bad when all 4 bulbs are exited of the same times and there was at all bad with a breaker or the light transmission that goes to this light. Any that there is never has substituted the ballast before (but that has listened of a term), has decided to try to substitute me the. Ossia The whole project is in a category of moderate difficulty.

Top Customer Reviews: Philips Hue White ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Reginald
Works exactly 'as it has announced.' Near easy up. Easy to control out of house with an application partorisca my iPhone. I add partorisca mimicking witnesses while out of cities. You can dip the schedule when you will be was, and dip a time partorisca come on and was, while adding some random transmission to a time. My 'complaint' so only would be wish it has has offered bulbs partorisca begin main, likes 75w equivalent or 100w equivalent, and no only 60w equivalent (840 lumens).
4 / 5 Debbie
Has purchased this judge partorisca begin sell (required, as you require a hub yes wants to take these to do with Alexa) of a Truck of Property recently and has discovered my amour and need for internet-has connected lights! These things are of sound for all the classes of uses, and has included experience additional bulbs of then purchasing this judge of band is exited.

In the first place was, these lights are not to WET ESTIMATED, but has taken a risk to dip them in the each one of my lights of porch. Like this far my experience has been well, but has very liked little of then install. Using an application of Boos, was able to dip some lights to automatically turns on in decadence and is gone in sunrise, which is something I fight with. It agrees to turn some lights of the porch on law, but forget to turn them was when awake. These he for me, which are adds.

I also situated on in mine hallway to use like the nightlight. A brightness can regulate of 1 - 100 of an application or street Alexa, and is the prejudices adds light substitution. My girls prefer this light in the traditional nightlight because of a light that the emits in a whole zone versus the small zone against partorisca wall.

Some lights are white soft , as any overpowering, but is quite brilliant. They look utmost in some porches and is the addition adds in my ready house.

A setup of a hub is easy, and is included easier that the place up with Alexa! It is easy to then control your lights of your telephone, by means of Alexa, and still Xfinity application to House if Security of the ones of House.
5 / 5 Matt
The reality is, want these bulbs. A quality is exceptional. There are wide applications to do with his hips. And I have bought these and I have bought a Phillips bulbs of boos of the colour. As there is enough the little... Of the each one in fact.

A pros: A quality in obvious when it chooses an on, and law well. A light is well, and a colour is pleasant in both some bulbs by heart and an aim. Some bulbs use the hub. A hub is in fact the good thing to the equal that maintains your wifi traffic down and improves your speed of coverage for any bogging the down with light bulbs and outlets. But it is quite an end of a pros.

A gilipollas: 1. They are main that teeth of giraffe. Phillips Apparently thinks his craps does not stink when it comes to these bulbs. But my main flu for far is that I buy to four band to take discount it, phillips force me to buy another hub. A hub supports until FIFTY DEVICES. FIFTY_!!!! Reason require the dozen hubs to be able to purchase fifty bulbs? The No. And ossia sucks it in these bulbs to any end. Calm can not exit the advance that buys him to the for elder and goes to cause Phillips the finally has to that terminate this product because of insanely big costs to purchase. There are A lot of more economic bulbs now available that will do exactly like these . This in spite of, almost everything to touch wifi bulbs that does not use the hub and concealed is not a lot neither.

2. Alexa sustains Him. Oh Joy! (ANY ONE) As declared Phillips rams a hubs down your throat. Like this calm once the the hub and device of Alexa of the cost that sustains them, Alexa application now aims multiple devices for each bulb. Tip a one in a hub, and a an Alex the device has on elected and calm can no to take.

3. Alexa devices that sustains these bulbs use the spoilt hub. So many applications that loves use with some bulbs no reasons some applications all the use some Boos hub and can not connect to Alexa to do. It is the question without solution another that not using Alexa. >:( Amazon, Phillips, is listening?
4 / 5 Cleotilde
In pertinent no-dimmable, light 'changed, these are life changing. I have looked and read roughly these for on 2 first years to take a submerges. And still after this hype and expectations, me and my woman is blown was. Like this simple and easy to use with orders of voices or application of telephone. Still also it can create commanded complexes, like some timers, alarms, sync with music/of television, IFTTT, etc. calms will not be disappointed!

-- Precise dimming (much more flexible that typical 3 lights of phase)
-- Works with Siri, Google, and Alexa!
-- For real easy to setup, 1 key to press to sync all
-- Expandability and ecosystem, can not expect add the colour Boos this, light band, and portable lights

A lot Utmost:
-- Much more expensive that regular bulbs, and will want to buy more over time
-- Philips has to that continue software to update to maintain these bulbs and the pertinent ecosystem some coming years
5 / 5 Valentina
These are mine together prime minister of has automated lights. They were the little difficult to dip up at the beginning but imagined it finally out of on-line resources. They are, to say a less, very impressed. They are generally quite technology savvy like this when a Boo Pont, ST and Echo of the amazon has not done to take going, was has confused slightly. I finally read an on-line piece concealed took up and that careers. I am enamoured with these things! A colour is more than the soft aim that white. A dimming the effect is so only that has been looking for. I have him with Smartthings and Alexa so that it imagine it once all was, is quite good and convenient and a hub is not longer has required. Some scenes, dimmers, grouping and all are quite easy to take used to and having some lights come in the time dates or has gone with the sentence is excellent. My woman, the one who is techno-the illiterate still loves him. One first tomorrow avenges in a living room with his full hands and so only gave 'Alexa, the turn in a living room lights' has fallen immediately enamoured with these. I am pleased to say that I have ordered 4 more bulbs and can not expect take everything of my house dipped up. Well value of the money partorisca consolation, efficiency lateralmente and facilitated of use.
5 / 5 Alease
The one who the fraud. If rings to go to a Philips Put web of Boo and support of contact, hardly transmissions of Company the person, some rests of form, but one sends the key disappears.

Has purchased a A19 two judge of the bulb of boxes is exited. Installed the in two identical lights in any side of a bed. Aimed my husband as to do sound. It thinks that that a light was more brilliant the one who quell'use to have in there he so that it asks can be dimmed. We have tried Alexa at all porcentuales of 10-90. Unless you have had he in 100 he flickers. I assumed it it was so only a bulb. But tonight Alexa was having @the subject to the equal that has been to an application of Boos to turn of mine light and has found some three scenes - the light night - dimmer and normal. I have turned in light at night and looking in a light in my side of a bed was lovely. But it has turned mine to head to go my side of husbands and has a flicker. Like this apparently it is so only his bulb that is defective.

Has been to costruttore to ask a question and see roughly that substitutes a defective bulb of then really does not want to return a whole box has purchased with a Point of Echo and Pont that have already setup.
4 / 5 Linwood
That'd has the thought Has to that spent in the boss of Ethernet to the WiFi device? Ossia That he the reduced to 4 stars. There is the little annoying glitches with him sometimes, worthy swimming of deducting the star for, but to the things likes them occasionally on duty of some lights and at all spends, or calm turns him down and at all spends. But ossia infrequent and can blame the good chunk of that in mine crappy provider of internet. That annoy one the majority is that a hub has to that be plugged in thru a boss of Ethernet. The tongue to some lights has seen mine Wifi, but can a lot of course in Wifi. As has an additional white box that persists around with my Airport of Apple that that the look collects small white plastic boxes like this of the decorations... Meh. Technology huh.
5 / 5 Monroe
Some bulbs are magic, but ossia more for a bridge. A bridge is súper easy to dip up. It is literally 'spent and played and all precise is an application.

A bridge is to sew - press a giant key (goes pic) - then ray in some bulbs.

An application 'discover' some bulbs and then apply some updates. THIS will TAKE ROUGHLY 1 NOW FOR BULB!!! Now, this part has taken to annoy have required like this to maintain my telephone on partorisca east, but ossia the quite small annoyance for some results of end how is better light , in my schedule, discharges and easy touch, with the soft glow in a morning that is the voice has actuated. A prize are always adds reason to the amazon always is having SOME AVAILABLE CLASS in these things.
4 / 5 Angelo
Has purchased this start of available judge of Amazon for my parents for Christmass. They have had already an Echo like this the element was logical to develop a functionality. A question that has is that they both use Kindle compressed of Fire and when we look for to install a Boos application in some pills to Shoot to control some lights, an application no (will not recognise a Boos bridge). With which a lot the time that researches, finds that ossia the subject known and a Philips Boos the application no on compressed of Fire. Called Philips sustain of technology and has confirmed some estacas regarding a subject. Having the oldest parents that does not have smartphone and is happy with Kindle compressed of Fire, this compraventa has not been the a lot of one. It has installed a Boos application in mine iPhone and place on his lights to arrive to this point, but some developers would owe that look to have an application that is compatible with a Kindle the fire or To the amazon would owe that consider some products stage that no with his own ready devices. Also curious reason to the amazon has a Boos application in his Tent of Application of the Amazon if he no with his devices.
4 / 5 Shona
Has opened finally a box last week and has taken plant up. It is a lot easy to dip up and an application like this far looks well. I wish a unit was wireless in place of the in in front of having connected via Ethernet to a subject. Prefer to have dipped a unit until to somewhere more than next right to a subject. Downloaded an application and connecting a bridge and the bulbs was a lot of he directly advance and quickly. I think that that I took perhaps 6 or 7 minutes to connect and dip the up. I have not had the occasion to delve to all some options in a IOS application, but is a lot easy to use. It was able to turn some lights on and was quite quickly that use an application. There is all the classes of routines, timers, etc to dip up. It has had to that update a bridge and software of bulb, but this was quickly and easy to. To good sure value a cost and facilitated to plant up.

Top Customer Reviews: Philips Hue White ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jan
At the beginning I have not been sold in a cast of what light. I have bought the House of Google with interest in taking to some BEES, and decided partorisca try Boo, which had listened roughly for the moment, reason Marie of Google integrates with him. An integration is quell'has bitten immature, but concealed is not that this description is roughly.

These bulbs draw the little more can that my forward CONCENTRATED A19/E26 bulbs, but a quantity is not a lot a lot of. Any enough to concern . They are still substantially more the effective energy that incandescent bulbs. A fact that can dip you ready a white colour to the yours that likes bad there is not any question in those bulbs to take, the difference of CFL and aim any ready/normal has has DIRECTED bulbs.

A form is not A19, although a type of socket is E26. In spite of any when being any A19 forms, his measure does not inhibit his installation. A dome of glass is drawn such light east radiates in the model almost like this as well as any A19 bulb. There is the something dark in a side of socket that is main that the typical A19, but concealed is not the subject enormous.

A colour of a generation 3 bulbs are quite rich. They create you see deep, red, and blues without @@subject. Some colours go in is also quite good. This in spite of, my House of Google does not look to be able to do the good yellow as it looks the sickly green. This in spite of, these looks to be a subject with House of Google to the equal that can use an application of Boos to generate good yellows.

Using a loan hub is quite easy. With the connection wired, while has the good cortafuego setup in your connection of internet, taking it dipped up is sure and easy. Devices of the pairing and the applications require physical access to a hub, doing it relatively difficult for an external forward to fly controls on that. An application is quite basic, but there is third applications of party that extends a functionality quite the plot. Some are free, some are not . An only extra application has taken really to extend the functionality was Boo Pro.

While it loves this system and he probably will result even more embedded in my life of house, especially with an integration of assistant of the house, has his defects. There are two defects of entities, a duquel thinks can be solved, and some other I do not know of the solution that Philips would have to that actuate.

Defect 1: Some bulbs have the incumplimiento in state when pode die. When The light transmission is flipped on for the bulb, turn on. If the power fails, although a light was was previously to one the fault to be able to, a light will return to on when the power is restored. That this means is has dipped a bulb in the socket with intention to leave the always applied power, if it can the to him unstable, could find randomly turns on. Philips Is conscious of of the this and has any solution. They feign to leave he in incumplimiento in state for purpose of emergency. To do around the this, for the lights where could have some sensibility to this question (ie: island at night), just turn of a socket to prevent he of randomly turning on when it was inconvenient. To the point, he negates some of some ready characteristics, but can leave a socket in another time to take this advantage.

Defect 2: Some lights have the incumplimiento white state that can not be modified. Like a incumplimiento in state, a incumplimiento the white state is for purpose of emergency. This in spite of, hate a by heart white temperature has chosen like this incumplimiento. I comprise reason would prefer any to return to the forward RGB state by heart and brightness in chance of emergency, but would want to be able to dip a incumplimiento the by heart white temperature in a much less. Appearance Philips active at least this a lot of control.
5 / 5 Shakita
Some products are a lot so many of lights; this in spite of, some 'Updates' repeated repeatedly break any and all the integration, one has repeated that it has to that king-appoint some lights in an application, in google marries etc. And some excessive DINNERS ' for each room that looks an object that creates 40 bulbs to 200 objects inside ready house integraiton the applications is ridiculous.

Besides when some lights to do lacking a Service of Client of draws of Boos out of any guarantee for month in final. Has 3 lights (out of 40) that fails (repeatedly turns on, and will not turn never was) in an of some the majority of common failures (youtube full of video). There is to 2 guarantee of year, perhaps design out of a longer conversation that 2 years can deny a claim of guarantee? I have been of tower and advance via email for 3 month with them. Has 45+ lights and his wont has guaranteeed 3..

With which 31 emails and 3 months, has received 3 bulbs of substitution so that it was guaranteeed down. Unfortunately any BOOS has come up with a brilliant idea that the controls of Waste of Quality is adapted for the Waste of guarantee. A molding of bulbs has suffered harm or discolored.

Way to go Boos.
5 / 5 Ghislaine
Ossia My first time to take the "Ready House" devices. It take this together with SmartThings, Harmony, House of Google like the mine Extracted 'I self 2016 ( is The BETTER DAY OF THE YEAR!). I am enamoured absolutely with this device. My paving has not seen never this a lot of colour has added of then some simple products when I have moved in here behind in 2012.

Of then I so only changed of House of Google to Echo Point after a sale in Compraventa Better is trace and has taken 3 Points for a prize of the House has discounted. A Difference among Philips integration of Boos of voice for Home vs Echo at the same time of this description is House CAN change colours for the bulb without IFTTT, This in spite of can any him the group again is already in a group, while the echo can group your calm lights this in spite of master, but calm can not change colours... Still. I wish this comes punctual.

There is had so only this for 2 weeks and still am discovering to the things like that it can it to it do and am thoroughly has impressed. I so only discovered today that it can it you to him dipped a IFTTT trigger when any one opens your door forward has connected to SmartThings Fine-the sensor of purpose can blink any of your lights neither the room or all the rooms. There are applications there that it will be it to it the good mate with Philips Boos. They can you dye of loops of all your lights or places he until loop so only the sure lights with your room dipped up.

Has bought this on Amazon, but has has had to that the turn because I found it more economic in my local tents. This in spite of, if the prize is a lot while you are looking in this product, ossia the add judge of start for Home Environmental lighting or Ready devices in general

Before any one asks, A one those lights for behind my TV is not Philips Boos. Some images are strictly for some bulbs
5 / 5 Shawnda
This work adds with my Echo of Amazon.

Has taken a bulb in mine light to walk after my bed and another east in the light of table in my room of daughters.

His favourite colour is green and loves it see green in his room. So much variac. Of colours to choose of and amour that that can be dimmed also for the wise percentage. It is quell'has bitten pricey, but still value he to all the cost.
5 / 5 Araceli
A product for one the majority of separates does like this expected, and am pleased with an ease of setup. Expensive. It would like to fully automate of my house but no in these prizes.
Unfortunately one of some three bulbs has shipped has arrived busted. This is disturbing reason a ' pack dip' a bulb has been packed in era mangled like me to him has been run over for the impulse to fork while some other bulbs were a lot. That has done this never spends some form of inspection of packaging or test of guarantee of the quality? I have contacted Philips Boos to substitute and has been said that any usually substitute the bulb (like this was MY FAILURE?) But decided to do an exception. Tour around the time is 10-21 days.
4 / 5 Shin
He Loves total control on yours lighting, as well as a capacity to take creative, ossia exactly the one who precise! Some colours are vibrant and can create any half with them. A Philips offered of application some good utilities, likes dipped on routines and same conscious location to turn some lights on/was when you enter/to leave a house. Some pairs of system well with House of Google for control of voice in basic functions. I have it quell'has used also IFTTT to create commanded of the voice done of commission (as 'Go to go artilugio luzca for our setting preferred or esd Alert' to turn all a red of lights)...Any he necessity, but the trick of the saver and the fun party of time for frequently the light settings have used. Philips Took it to good sure a lot when they have decided to leave 3.as applications of party. I have used also On Transmission for some additional functions and Boo the camera can create light effects during the film. This system was easy to dip up and there is without final possibilities, very pleased with him!
5 / 5 Ewa
Are in general happy with a product, but Philips need to do in his application and resupply additional functionality to an application. Also a gps for a 'gone back in of the lights when I come house' the function does not act. His is third applications of party to supplement, but does not seat that like the client thus type of product would owe that be required to use third applications of party of developer ignored the one who then typically permission to demand to access to my whole telephone.
5 / 5 Burl
Philips Boos The lights are awesome! So only be warned that this product is addicting, can not find quite a lot of zones of a house that can environmental lighting. It have to that say that my favourite application like this far is a light band that has on dipped for behind my TV. I also like a fact that these lights integrate with Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT. If you are beginning to take the automation of house, Philips Boos the lights are the must has! Some applications for these neighbours up is limitless. It has dipped he on forming that some colours of transmission of the lights when a woman comes house :)
4 / 5 Theressa
These are utmost!! A bit pricey, but expects it to them will last the moment and save me some $ in a long career - has compared the normal, energy-in of the llamas GE bulbs. There is an application that the leaves save your light settings, gives that dipping the name (as soyovie Time'), and then so only ask Alexa to turn in your lights of Time of the Film. EARLY! Your lights all dim to dip this film-way at night, and avert the bad glare in your screen. Calm still will require to create you to do a popcorn, tho :(
4 / 5 Retha
has bought this for 2016 hoiday the season and he have done utmost. I outfitted my whole house with lights of boos, and has has automated routines during some holidays. My girls have loved the (3, & 2yrs old). Unfortunately a boos bridge unexpectedly disconnected done 4 month and are so only now dipping some time averts to diagnose a subject. Sadly It Looks that a bridge is acting bad he so that there is so only a light of activity on out of three in a bridge (the light to be able to). There is is any activity of the coverage of one boos to my subject (ethernet). I have changed ethernet bosses and ports without successes. One issues the look of ports to be that they do well with other devices. I have done a tentativa to reset a bridge of boos to stick the pin in a key of hole/of the reset and resisted for 20 second but of the light to be able to any included blink. It does not look that anything is spent. They are then exited and has purchased the substitution 5v/1a spent of power to govern out of the dysfunction to be able to, and am producing some same results. It is so only to say that my Boos the bridge has there is prendido simply law. Like this unless I exit and buy another bridge I simply have expensive on priced lights:(

To the equal that are by train of the give two star of then would imagine that some lights would owe that the first swipe of a bridge fails. At least my lights still are doing like this change regular lights.