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Top Customer Reviews: Feit Electric ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Kyoko
It is the good bulb with a retro, the colour of amber would expect of a Edison fashionable bulb. It looks that a tone of amber comes from/comes from the coating in a bulb, no of one has has DIRECTED filaments. It is the form partorisca please and the looks adds in my pendant of light of the industrial fashionable glass has in my tank of cookery. (Westinghouse 6100800 Industrial A-Light Adjustable Mini Pendant with Handblown the glass Claro has seeded, the oil Has arrived partorisca Bronze Rubbed
THIS In spite of here is why has taken of the star -- is not the 60w equivalent. So only it produce 400 lumens, which is more afterwards to a typical start of the 40 watt incandescent.

When Buying has has DIRECTED bulbs, is of entity partorisca look in a 'lumens' indication -- a measure of a real light start.
Partorisca Approximate purposes, when compraventas partorisca LEDs partorisca substitute your incandescents:
1600 lumens is roughly equivalen to a brightness of the 100 watt incandescent
1100 east in the 75watt
800 east in the 60 watt
and 450 lumens is in equal to the 40 watt.
4 / 5 Everette
Am converting all one lighting in my house of 2800K (warm aim) to 5000K (objective fresco but no quite daylight) with the big Colour Rendering Indication (CRY, 100 bad has all some colours in a spectre). There is the plot of 5000K the light bulbs have done of FEIT, resupplying a lot of ways and versions in 5000K with the big CRY. This calm leave you to have compatible lighting throughout all light fixtures. I appreciate FEIT that resupplies this election of product.

This bulb is announced to be 5000K. In reality, this bulb has two elements that is 2800K and two ossia 6500K. If all a light of everything takes has DIRECTED the elements were to land in a subject, can give an average of 5000K. This in spite of, this does not spend in reality. 2800K Is projected to a direction and 6500K another. So it is afterwards to the wall, a wall will have the different colour that yours another wall. And you look in a bulb, the looks is multicolored.

Now in truth, the majority will not see a difference. But you are critical and master a lot architectural lighting, which thinks is so that this bulb was creation for, then is not for you. For a money and for an open creation (clear glass), this would have to that have a pertinent 5000K elements throughout.

Otherwise, Is the a lot of treating and well looking bulb.
5 / 5 Johna
My HATES of woman have has DIRECTED bulbs and real MASTER Edison bulbs of vintage of the fashion. Has 4 lights with such bulbs in them. A semi-detached photo is of the light to subject that takes the maximum of the 40 bulb of watt. Alas, to 40 vintage of watt the bulb in was way too dim. This Feit the bulb of vintage FOCUSED dips was a lot of lighter that the 60 true watt incandescent Edison fashionable bulb, this in spite of like this have it a lot a half fashionable old. I think that that it leaves this bulb to be used in this light. It looks very happy with him. It likes that it uses much less you can and has of the longest life that incandescent bulbs.

People those who complain roughly he no when being any one quite brilliant is apparently not comparing he with real incandescent Edison fashionable bulbs. It is a lot of brilliant for his purpose has feigned.

Updates the day later: my woman has been nettled for like this brilliant these bulbs is. Been due to of the this, movement a light in another room where the will not be the distraction. Not to leave me use our tabletop dimmer reason hates bosses.
4 / 5 Matilde
Have four of these in mine living/dinning space, is the spatial the small plus . It gives of the warm boos. There is quite a lot of light for the general use but is the little dim to read light. It likes that of calm can not say with which is screwed in, that is DIRECTED. The good looks.

MODIFY: I have purchased this June 29th 2016, a year later, a burned bulb was. I am not sure that the times are supposed to last but the find the little lacking that so only a burned was and is all has connected to be turned in a same time. Also it looks different that some other three bulbs. This one has the white band in a base that can see you when it is screwed like some another Odd no., and there is not remarked until the long time later that one looked different. I thought it it has DIRECTED it the bulbs have been supposed to last longer that the year but I am not totally sure.
5 / 5 Shirlee
Has bought four of these bulbs. Reason has DIRECTED the chips of use of the companies of economic controller? With which 7 month some dead persons and another flickers on and era. Two series of LEDs filaments flicker the time to the equal that covers until it is entirely was the majority of a time. Some the light elements DIRECTED has DIRECTED the lights could last for the lifetime, almost. But they use such crappy components that some lights arrived to die. No of in some llamas was but of electronic failure.
4 / 5 Darwin
Has begun recently add some vintage “Edison” fashion LEDs my house, and has gone with Feit of a tent of local house. It liked really one looks (when of both on and was) and an action. I have required to add some smaller bulbs for the sconce, and tent of the house has not spent Feits in this measure, as I have tried some Phillips - and was terrible and ugly. Pulled went him and has ordered these, which are perfect.
4 / 5 Gilma
Is utmost. I have him on a front of my house. I have had a classical 60w Edison bulbs before but has not loved to squander like this electricity, especially of then have them in all 3 fixtures in a front of my house. These are a awesome substitution.
An only reason gives 4 stars in place of 5 is becuase allege to be 'fully dimmable' but his flicker when dimmed. Any subject when they are fully powered on this in spite of.
4 / 5 Gaynelle
These lights are well, but is to good sure warmer (yellower) and no like this brilliant likes 40 W incandescent lights. But, as seen in a specs, this run the 2200K temperature by heart, which is expected to be much yellower. Although they are listings likes 40 W bulbs of substitution, produced so only 210 lumens, which is quite the bit less than then 350 - 400 lumens another 40 W produced of bulbs of the substitution or one 450 lumens recommended by star of energy ( But, these bulbs use so only 2.5 watts, which is less than one 4 W used by these more brilliant bulbs. I think that that these bulbs would be perfect for the way that lights, anywhere love the really warm colour, but dim light, or anywhere loves that can bulb really low.

My only complaint is a white base that has shouted a bulb quite the ways of a base have compared to incandescent bulbs or included other bulbs of filament FOCUSED.
5 / 5 Marcela
1- Amazon Announces this that he 6.5 watt / 400 Lumens bulb. Ossia Bad! It is so only he 5.5 watt / 200 Lumens bulb. I have ordered this 2x of Amazon, while have had sent me so only one wrong a a first time. This in spite of, have received a bulb still again! I have contacted Feit Electrical, and any the brilliant plus one in this 200 Lumen in this model (smoke GREY FOCUSED Vintage ST19...) Has another concealed is more than shines in AMBER, any ash.
Hopefully, To the amazon will revise this and correct his web of place.
2- In spite of this I am using the FEIT has DIRECTED dimmer transmission, this bulb FLICKERS when initially turned on or yes has left down dimmer setting.
3- Another that any when being any one like this brilliant as wished, a bulb is well.
4 / 5 Karren
Like his interesting I has two of these - an I so only bought of the amazon and one have on elected on done the year of Lowes (does not spend FEIT anymore apparently). Exact same model but an old plus one has the white plastic base(house of electronic) among a glass and a edison socket - and a new plus some the no. A real photo at present aims it correctly - but a vendoer listing info low photos of shows of some models plus a lot old. A new plus some are 400 lumens(and dim almost silently) one old more any one 466 lumens(and has is buzz sound to them when dimmed). So to good sure an improvement - but the pocola less light and the light have bitten shorter.

...And yes these are quite yellow. They are by train to use them decoratively In him wicker lights (like the bulb of big filament) and is quite utmost. It thinks decorative light and no the primary light source and you will be a lot happy with them.

Top Customer Reviews: Pixi ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
I have substituted the pair two-light T12 light fixtures, with Pixi fixtures. A new fixtures is more attractive, in my opinion. Some looks of ceiling partorisca be bit it main, of a fixture is only enmedio and the fat thumb (like opposed to a 3'+ of an old fixtures). A light is uniform and flicker-free.

In that has been he of 2 x 40W T12 bulbs to the solos 46W CONCENTRATED, to good sure can say that a light start is the big improvement .

An installation of these light looks quite sincere. There is the connector of small boss that mates to a trace of connector inside a light. It averts of that, there there is also the dish that mountains to a ceiling (or probably, to wall). Of there that, a fixture attaches to a dish without an use of tools. Unfortunately, a dish deflects the bit under a weight of a fixture, which maintains a light to be entirely flush to a ceiling.
4 / 5
In general am very happy with this light. Like the number other descriptions has said, these hard no in an install where has to that return a light to his group... A lot of words of curse were uttered that takes that one in.

Some the light products are adds. It is very brilliant and cleaned. It is in fact too brilliant likes the calm sure mark connect it to the dimmer. Pixi Loans everything of an agreed dimmers in his place. I am not using an agreed dimmer. I am using the GE ready dimmer that can control with Alexa and automation of house. Work but volume the light buzzing noise.
Last suggestion, has on dipped some basic white forest trim around a light and really pop. The only perfect looks.
4 / 5
Adds fluorescent fixture substitution in our cookery. Very brilliant! Súper Low profile that it is well for an older cookery with low ceilings. Instant on, and a lot of flickering. It has not installed the dimmer transmission still but can, is dimmable. So only the light hair warmer that our old fluorescent was but still aim enough for use of cookery. My handyman the husband there has been this installed in 15 minutes, with my help. It can require 2 people because a period of some light marks snaps it he to a group a delicate plus.
5 / 5
This light was a woman contrives it and loves it ....Easy to install ....Although I have not used some rays of the mountain distributed and past $ for toggle the type that fulmine of trace as I have not trusted a type of still expandable has distributed to resist in a sheetrock ceiling ...... Very brilliant and instant on .... Improvement very big in a flourescent fixture substitutes ....
5 / 5
Can' t has beaten a quality of this light. He s modern , lustrous , awesome brilliant daylight , and he s thin .....Thin ....Thin ! Shopping again. + Calm also can buy the compatible dimmer !
4 / 5
Very brilliant beautiful light I like a dimming characteristic.
Was a better option for my chamber of edges will be to buy more than of the this for my fourth Loft and the chamber of my daughter also. A flatlight the fact of low profile opticallythe room much bigger.
5 / 5
Like this lights in general, MAY...
Had bought two of these. An installed well, but another has been walk bent and no apt against a ceiling. For some times of one install was spent a period of turn.
5 / 5
Seats a need to update my description.
The half of a light has died in Leaves 24, 2019. Far of a declared 50,000 hours, but the things can spend. It has filed the guarantee alleges a same day, the little later day has been them asked to send the picture of a lot of number that is in a backside. I have taken a light down and has sent the picture of a sticker with a lot of number info. It maintains to import ossia my only light in a cookery, when it took it to them down is them remained in a darkness. I emailed a lot of picture in Leaves 31st, his summer 17 business days, Am still in the moment To the LIGHT to SHIP OUT OF HIS WARE HOUSE. Every time the limestone is another day or two, this Friday, next Monday. I am done while.
DOES not BUY THIS COMPANY, there is like this other products backed up for business those who estimate his client and his guarantee means something.
4 / 5
Echoes all has joined other good descriptions. Some elements are really a lot of packaged like tip a company is thoughtful roughly is produced (I has had to buy directly of company because I have required 26 lights and his have not been in stock saws amazon). Curiously a container has been missing a bit harness to wire but will call pixi and go will send me another. A physical quality of some lights is order although with a groups comprised and method to hang them his droop of a ceiling roughly 1/4 of a thumb. A luminary quality of a light (i.et Hot, colour rendering etc) is also very good. His add that his whose hum likes one 4 bulb T12 fixtures am substituting. A the appearance of the entity the note is that they do not have spatial for an electrical connection in a light to the equal that have had to install old-law-electrical boxes in the each location of some old lights there has been a connection done in a light without the separate box.

Is also after the impossible to hang with only a person because some tabs am very difficult to line up in some groups to mount while maintaining an electrical connection. The way has better found to do is this to have the second person then situates your sinister hand and right indication of toe around a cup of a light and in a hole for a group highland, then stimulates a light to plant and feel a tab in a highland dish with toe same indication and drives well to a space in a light fixture.
4 / 5
The quality adds in general and good colour rendering and temperatures, and same light dispersion. Experience been due to a grandson minimalistic mark it and the square flange surround, and any projection or external engine. I have installed a lot of a lot of measure several years. But flush highland installation of the ceiling always hangs well down surface of ceiling that creates empty big of wide variable everywhere. An organism of a light flexes of course reasons are thin, while a groups of the mountain of the surface is heavy gauge and rigid. But a tolerance and clearances of some tabs and spaces in a fixture and the movement of leaves of the group too down. Probably for removability. And when fixture the organism is bent is exaggerated.

Some fixtures unpack slightly warped and no flat and require careful bending to regulate behind to 'walk' (faces up in the table in the thin book). Bending A fixture organism behind to the light increasing curve is risked but helps some but is very easy to on-of curve and kink some sides to frame permanently. There is any way to draw a fixture tight to a ceiling, as fixtures look to be that it hangs down and is physically free.

Can The To you presiona until touching a space in an organism of metal of the discharge with the screwdriver to slightly bend it inward that will create a fixture when it drives in a tab grupal. Maintain a main flange how is and do a period of empty down slightly. If double too far can be pulled behind up, quite easy. If some tabs of the group will not take , can be filed more to the point like the tiny ramp in his main tips to take a fixture space and the create on, but is the most difficult modification. This modification done a fixture very difficult to take like the trade was. A costruttore would have to improve some tabs grupal of the mountain to comprise this corner bent and travels longer that draw a fixture on more so much is driven laterally to a place to close. With that, a side of ceiling of a flange of the frame of the metal would conform easily to a ceiling, and some spaces of inner organism could deform yes has required without accidents when it drives on to leave to close and stagnate it is returned on all the sides.

These am still very better that other frames in general and continue use them; I so only caulk a gapped flanges strongly with to plot of caulk. It is understandable that his east of primary phase (or was) commercial installations and dipped-in of the ceilings (tiles) or colgantes, which fantastically and for the character has any subjects of empty. A flush-to-ceiling the residential phase was an after thought likes phase ramped on quickly of to the people likes them-. Prime minister of mine PIXI the cost has been to turn when had any groups of ceiling, then avenges for separate has added side, then was modified, and now comes already packaged. A good evolution; so only please improve a mechanic grupal (period grupal and form of tab) to promote the vertical increase of an organism for the true 'flush' installation for DIYers.

Top Customer Reviews: Feit Electric White ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Emerita
I so only installed these and wants to him. These have substituted two Boos white bulbs because of an upper Colour Rendering Indication (CRY) of these bulbs (>90). While Phillips is the player that imports in HomeKit bulbs (I has the dozen or as), still have INFERIOR CRY (>80). While both frames of bulb are supposed to be 2700K for the soft white light, a Feit the bulb is quell'has bitten warmer. A lot it prefers this look. I can not speak to a longevity of some bulbs still. Setup Was súper easy and has taken <5 total of minutes for two bulbs.
5 / 5 Rodney
If you are the HomeKit only person, and wants to trust totally in a TV of Apple or HomePod like your House of Apple 'bases' only device, ossia an easier option . These do not require the bridge, and a lot included require the Feit application. It covers so only the in, use a iOS application to House to scan a HomeKit the code and you am done less than 2 minutes.

Can not speak the reliability, as I so only dipped his up. Description of update later has subject.
5 / 5 Kevin
I use Siri to control and dim my light of the mine telephone or iPad. Bluetooth Works of control of well on 50 feet were. When Using iPhone when out of home the remotely controls a bulb, an iPad has to that remain house and has left on and plugged to upload with lock of car disabled on exhibition & brightness dipped to do like the hub. A bulb also will save his last dim frame when that turning on a transmission in a light he. It does not lose Bluetooth connection with which can he outage.
5 / 5 Venus
Any pair with HomeKit. For a record, has 30 or like this accessories paired so many are familiarised with a process. I have had abundance of pair of accessories, then disappear and no ANIMAL-link the HomeKit but this so only is not exited of a box. Bought 2 of these and neither a pair.
5 / 5 Tambra
Ossia A 3rd mark has tried for HomeKit the bulbs and is my preferred. First Bluetooth the device has added in my ready house setup has to that way that be concerned roughly connectivity and row but has connected all the zones of my house. The time of response is to good sure slower of wi-fi devices to the equal that have seen another informs but is not the enormous delay. Setup Was quickly and easy and these are more brilliant that any one other ready bulbs I own (800 lumens vs 650 and less).
The only complaint is a firmware updating process by means of an application. Apparently my devices were behind for two updates already owe that way that has had to that upgrade but in planting to jump to a late plus has has had to that incrementally upgrade. And among upgrades I reset in fact has my bulbs because of some “read/ writes” error. I think that it that it can be estaca with Feit bulbs from now on. Included that can sell my another I so that it can substitute him with these!
4 / 5 Deane
Adds punctual lightbulb. Some issues to connect the HomeKit. Required to update a firmware first.

Instructions to upgrade firmware like this of Nov 2019:
- Tour in a bulb. The light would owe that turn on. It can flash the little time.
-Download “FEIT OTA” of a Tent of Application.
- In an application selects “More” then “Instruments upgrade GATT”
- Touch an icon of bulb in an application. It have to that call to the to Something likes “FEIT A19”
- Of Click upgrade firmware
- would have to that take 5 minutes or so many. Leave a telephone on. Down you leave a turn of telephone was automatically.
- All does
4 / 5 Alfredia
Like the light bulbs are well but a pint of the his east HomeKit has the certificate are spent roughly 2 useless hours that tries sync his May could the no. Has the house fill with Ready bulbs that it is synced to the mine SmartThing hub and has been that uses that of then are the kickstarter done of the years. You recommend ANY to buy these join you to use them like the HomeKit enables bulb
5 / 5 Grant
together Easy on and works well with Apple HomeKit
4 / 5 Franklin
Easy to dip up. The works add with Siri and produced of apple.
4 / 5 Lore
Produced well like this far, but has tried pair he 6 times and he have maintained boxed the on and was all the place for the turn when has thinks that would go to his web of place and read a troubleshooting FAQ. Sure enough, his was special instructions for iOS 13. I updated it OTA and do a lot well.

Top Customer Reviews: Feit Electric Smart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Ezequiel
If you are the HomeKit only person, and wants to trust totally in a TV of Apple or HomePod like your House of Apple 'bases' only device, ossia an easier option . These do not require the bridge, and a lot included require the Feit application. It covers so only the in, use a iOS application to House still to scan a HomeKit the code and you am done less than 2 minutes.

Can not speak the reliability, as I so only dipped his up. Description of update later has subject.
4 / 5 Rodger
The lights no at all with Alexa and bad work with application of house of the apples. Has five of a Feit the lights bet up by means of house. This in spite of, anytime a telephone goes to sleep, an application loses connection with some lights until a telephone is closed entirely he was and has restarts. So much partorisca loans to light. Our Philips the law of lights without the failure that connects by means of Alexa or applications of house.
4 / 5 Boris
Easily connected to the mine HomeKit coverage and add to mine timers of automation. I have used also a separate “FEIT OTA” application of a Tent of Application to update a firmware in a bulb. This process done also to the equal that has expected. Like this far I do not have any complaint with this bulb and would recommend it to any one looking for the HomeKit able bulb.
4 / 5 Clarinda
Has behind turned in. They are spotlights but a company said no out of

Top Customer Reviews: Feit Electric RGBW ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Janis
has bought multiple of bulbs like deals of warehouse partorisca like $ 12 or like the piece that is the entirely ridiculous prize partorisca homekit colour ready bulbs. They do not interact well with a homekit goes by heart, but Siri can do him some correct colours when requests and a FEIT the common colours of the electrical application can also. Has the enormous delay when caused on, was or any transmission at all. His no with any dimmer transmission that has been able to find, and law with homekit. In spite of complaints, will connect. But calm has to him update. Instructions down. In general I am satisfied with a product partorisca this very economic prize aim it but I would not pay a lot much more that that, and because of a delay and lack of integrations according to which the physical transmissions go, would not recommend this like the whole house that solution of lights in a less.

To break it down the little further

Ease to plant on 2/5:

these bulbs connect. BUT calm HAS TO HIM UPDATE!!! Because of a required updates this process is long and Heavy! I am spent for a lot of these unable bulbs to connect them to homekit and almost has given on first to contact Feit electrical.. And I am happy has done reason that has said me on a telephone is that the apple has update a HomeKit software with iOS 13, a plus has released recently one, and to take some bulbs to connect to a new operating system have to that be update by means of A “Feit OTA“ application. With which has update some bulbs, which has taken the long time, has has had to that do each an individually and each one which so one has has had to that do two updates, law perfectly with HomeKit and has connected immediately.. And with extreme ease. Here instructions:

1. Power a bulb so only. Any one has.
2. Download “feit ota” of a Tent of Application
3. Opened an application
4. Click on “more” in the right hand-held corner subordinated
5. Click one first Crew “ of option upgrade GATT“
6. Click in yours bulb (of calm only powered a, so only one would have to that look).
7. Centres of clicks of big Key to ask you to upgrade your firmware.
8. Mark sure yours remains of screen of the telephone on or can time was. They are in fact be to mine brightness settings in mine telephone and has turned was the transports closes so that there is not had to that seat there for ever looking my telephone. It takes the moment to update.
9. After this update is complete, near out of an application and beginning behind in any three again to see has another update. Each one that like this of mine bulbs has required two updates to take them to do with boxes of house.
10. After all some updates are complete. It have to that say “any need to update”
11. It tries to connect to HomeKit. It have to that connect without @@subject. Included if it does not connect , test resetting to settings of factory that use a manual of instruction that is coming with a bulb. This would not owe that erase your update but simply reset he in the chance there is something messed up.

An end, would have to be connected yay!
Him him Any question, called feit electrical. His service of client was very friendly and useful and helped figure out of a subject without failure and now my work of bulbs. For this reason..

Functionality: 3/5
law like this feigned but no without caveats. As I have mentioned a delay is quite bad. Sometimes 5 to 6 seconds. Sometimes 1 to 2. Hardly ever instant. Ossia The drastic downfall when compared to Phillips boos which there is almost any delay at all but a delay in these bulbs is sometimes delays mine like this bad homekit scenes. He always works, but can take the second.. Or 6. It creates and walk you in the room without lights on, account to six and then gone back in your light. The common of the people already would be in the room all a way.. And perhaps still out of him also (I.et. grabbing The spent really quickly or something?) Before 6 seconds is up. If this class of the delay is not functional for you, which seat to like would annoy more than people, then this does not go to do for you.

Unfortunately can not look to find any dimmer transmission that reads with these bulbs. There is enough the little in some options of wall for Phillips boos which are adds. Ossia That has for the majority of our interior of lights a moment. But you have expected the easily be able to dim these bulbs then look elsewhere. NOW.. So only reason calms can not it find dimmer does not mean you can do not to use them with one in a transmission of wall. A Phillips boos four key dimmer will do, can reprogram a far by means of HomeKit to control any HomeKit accessory (like these bulbs are) or scene (like these bulbs can be programmed to). But I can not find the way to use a dimmer keys to so only dim some bulbs or brighten him. That can do is dipped a dimmer key to control the scene where some bulbs dim to the closely sure value (says 10 percent or
Something.) But you are not one same as when being able to dim his and brighten like them the normal dimmer transmission. Besides it calms also it can it buy homekit ready key. Material Logitech has one has called a pop or something. And with that could you to it turn on or of any homekit device. But obviously again a lot of dimming.

Look to do well with a Phillips bulbs of boos (besides a delay) and yes asks Siri to turn all green of bulbs or red or anything both Phillips and feit tower of bulbs voters in some boos was.

According to that the colours go. An Apple HomeKit goes by the terrible heart with these. He basically skips in red, but Siri was in fact able to do some bulbs any colour asked to.
Also can select the colours that use a “feit ota” the application but his wheel by heart is so only roughly like this useless. You select them by heart of his laws of application well although (so only he handful of preselected common colours, comprising red).

A last caveat, first on duty aim of a last on paint when they lose and recovers can. With a Phillips the bulbs of boos can select the colour or the scene love your bulbs to go to in a chance that loses can, or calm included can select so only a “last in state“. I can not find in all the chance to change that in a feit bulbs voters, resembles incumplimiento to a last in state, but no without turning first soft aim, which in a chance of the can outage in a half of a night that could be the little obnoxious. Felizmente Have these installed bulbs in the place, no the chamber, where concealed any really @@subject.

Estimativa 5/5:
Really, $ 13 (deals of warehouse) for him homekit the bulb by heart is entirely unheard of. It boos Bulbs (Which are arguably more realistically functional and easier that dip on) cost 3 + times that the new mark, and one the economic plus has not seen never boos bulbs (deal of warehouse or the multipack) was $ 30 the bulb. Calm so only can has not beaten the. You do not recommend in of reward of full payment this in spite of reason in $ 25 is quite near of a shot a lot Phillips boo the bulbs and is the better way.

Way 5/5:

look so only like this to the light bulb focused normal. Even more so much that a Phillips boos. If you are looking for the together discreet on the this is the good option .

Service of client 5/5:
Friendly, quickly, effective, connoisseur, helped to take some bulbs up with homekit immediately. Has faith that have anymore the subjects will be able to fix a question.

Durability of long term ?/5:
will update my description has any subjects but they have been doing well like this far so only a day the installation.

Ossia So only roughly he for now. In general I am satisfied enough thus point of prize. As I have mentioned they are not really functional for the whole house that luzca because of a delay and inability to integrate with dimmer transmissions, but if this material does not annoy you then can do. Also a neighbour up is heavy and has to that update each bulb individually, possibly same multiple time for the take to hook on a HomeKit but when updated his hook on a HomeKit. I love boss and installed these in of the places where any I still needs the transmission, I so only dipped the in the light and the room to dine buffet that have scened to our neighbour up. They will not require never be changed with the transmission because they turn was when I do not require him and turn on when I require him automatically. In an end has decided to maintain these bulbs, and yes finds some plant some discreet plus to dip them probably will buy more there is available extracted warehouse.
4 / 5 Martina
This has been my light of fourth (in fact have two of these) and law well. They are very brilliant and wants to be able to change colours with application of house of the Apple!

One a thing will say that ossia the little disappointing is an accuracy by heart, but can see like this would be hard for any light. It says it that it can do it the million colours but is not a lot well has defined. Still it can take all want to and loves that some paints to choose of of the this the broken to paint that can move you around on.

My light takes the little has bitten to answer sometimes but the suppositions concealed is probably bluetooths failure. My supposition is ossia like this as well as philips bulb of boos. Save your money and buy is one.
5 / 5 Mercedes
The product adds, the prize adds! Avert a deal of Warehouse of the Amazon! Any one is returning these with dumb bulbs and no-HomeKit bulbs. To the amazon is not verifying these containers when refurbing.
4 / 5 Doretta
Was optimist in this product, as it promise an easy hub-free connection the Apple HomeKit. That is to be fulfil with era an exercise in frustration. It can not take HomeKit to recognise these and has had to that return them.
5 / 5 Eugena
Has chosen on the pair of these and has to that say I desire has finalised to stick with mine Kasa or Lifx WiFi bulbs. A Siri Apple intgration is good but some bulbs are not utmost for long distances. In general it marries or in my chance a neighbour for barn I has wanted to light and control of a house. These so only no well. Besides, I have had this mark of flourescent bulbs that was short lived and the sound regulates simple old has directed the bulbs have tried a poor quality and short life feit is known stops.

4 / 5 Rex
Has written the plus in-description of depth in a solid white version of these bulbs. I have bought it is while for different functionality, but alas, these suffer some same subjects and will be returned. One brief rodeo:

is incredibly slow to answer. In meso taking 2-5 seconds in all a short chance to answer street HomeKit or Siri. Ossia Crazy a lot the time has compared to other bulbs. A firmware the updates have not solved a @@subject and ossia another history in him. An application is clunky and terrible. Firmware The updates take me any less than 15 minutes for bulb because of them constantly disconnecting during an update. Some bulbs by heart have a touch added good to flash green all has been a lot or the red fails . This was a lot. A row by heart in these was in fact really well, but because of responsiveness and subjects of the connectivity will not be using them.

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5 / 5 Mechelle
I have had the Feit the colour that bulb of transmissions with RF far that has bought in Menards done of the years (the white setting has not been very brilliant, but WELL). It fails recently and I shopped Amazon partorisca the substitution. These produced (also Feit mark but with the much bigger lumen and indication of watt that my old a - meaning at least an aim would be more brilliant) enticed me partorisca spend an extra $ 5 or like this partorisca a WiFi/loan of bulb, vs the products of another costruttore that was RF far in the place of the application there is enabled WiFi bulbs like a Feit transmission by heart.

These works of bulb so only on 2.4 ghz WiFi band. My subject is dipped to intelligently transmission among 2.4 and 5 ghz with a name of coverage. I have not had any question that connects any new or old WiFi the device owes a coverage with these settings). Still, it can not take a bulb to relieve/league with an application and my subject in this setting of @subject. I have had to reprogram my @subject to separate 2.4 and 5 ghz bands (with different names for each) to connect a bulb (the meaning would owe that reconnect my myriad of WiFi has enabled devices to an or another of the mine now separate and for separate has appointed 2.4 and 5 ghz WiFi coverages). I have completed once that extracted, an easily connected bulb to a 2.4 ghz the coverage has created.

This in spite of, to do all this work, and then touching with an application that bulb of controls, found can you so only dipped the to the static colour, or white (note: there are notes of different/options of aims; of soft, the daylight, etc, which was well, and an aim was amiably that shines in any white setting).

My complaint is that the difference of the mine old RF far controlled Feit the colour that bulb of transmissions, this bulb there has not been an option to dip to a rotation of car of some colours so that he cycles by means of the each colour, it turn of one to a prójimo. It can choose of the a lot of gradients by heart different, but so only a colour the time, although I have chosen of an offered main ROYBGV offerings in planting to customise a colour that use a “120 gradient” of products to trace of selection.

Considering my old bulb could do this with the push of simple far key, was clear that this bulb would be able of him, but an application does not offer that like the option to dip. Imagining I, perhaps, so only has not found a right setting in an application, has called Feit service of client. My call has been chosen on quickly, and after explaining my question- can have plant to cycle by means of colours automatically- I has been said would be “transferred to this department” (that never that half). After remaining on control for 10+ minutes (causing my process of turn of the Amazon while moment) so only to be said that it already has known really (that it can it that the any one), there is hanged and is returned.

Has bought instead another RF the bulb controlled of another costruttore (Sunnest), which cycle by means of colours. Lame that bulb today, and an aim is brilliant abundance , very better that a bulb has substituted. I can choose the static colour, or three different ways of cycling by means of colours (a characteristic I use frequently), among others characteristic, likes, some two more recent colours, timers, and also many, a lot of by heart static variants different (120, like a Feit WiFi the colour that bulb of transmissions, to be esatti). Cost $ 5 less, and am very happy with a Sunnest bulb (Sunnest 120 by heart DIRECTED bulb) has substituted he with.

PROS In a Feit WiFi the colour that bulb of transmissions: aim very brilliant, with the white fashionable options a lot of; 120 different colour settings to choose to use a disk of the application of gradient has controlled. Described like this control of anywhere (once connected, if in your WiFi or any): to to the options likes them-him the turn on or was, dimming (only aims), planning on/was, and choosing aim/by heart - all of the yours telephone or a partner has authorised/the telephone of the member familiarised.

Gilipollas: Inability to connect to the loan that change 2.4/5ghz WiFi subject, like this necessitating a need to reprogram subject to leave bands and redo all another WiFi devices to connect to an or another band; inability to dip bulb to automatically of cycle by means of colours; service of poor client of costruttore of product.

Cycling of the colour is not the characteristic wished for you, and only calm the 2.4 ghz WiFi subject, already have them left, or does not import reprogramming the subject and all yours another WiFi the devices and that choose manually that the band loves these devices to connect to, then for everything means, spent this. Otherwise, Choose an option with a RF far, or go way more expensive and spend $ 100+ (when being very conservative here) in the box that requires the ready house hub, like a Phillp box of ready bulb.
5 / 5 Lucrecia
Although this product has a potential to be the value adds, still has the long way to come. Initial setup is the breeze; a difficulty, this in spite of, is that you have to that maintain that it spends for a intial setup. After installing some lights, which is like this easy like those substitutes the lightbulb, downloads a FEIT Electrical application to finalise a work. A difficulty is that you have to that maintain reinstalling some lights and when some lights result “uninstalled” flash in the way that is sure to give a lot of predisposed to attack, the siezure.
5 / 5 Hester
If any one uses a light transmission in your house in place of a Feit Application to control some lights, has to reinstall some light intermittently. Ossia Entirely unrealistic for any the one who no alive so only and/or does not have his cellphone has attached to them 24 hours the day.

Some bulbs are utmost when his , but is extremely that induces stress when you walk in your house, gone back a light transmission on to be fulfilled with chaotic, strobe lights until I can obtain your talents roughly you and reinstall his again. And for reinstall, this half has to that re-create any one group you can have created to control the multiple lights/describes immediately, and has to that king-share some lights with more in your house like my husband in this chance.

Ossia Unacceptable for when have the visitatore and in the is not in a house the reinstall.
5 / 5 Jalisa
Had been debating in that class of ready bulbs has loved to use in my house and then I stumbled to these bulbs. Compared of more A19 the bulbs are more economic and have the most characteristic plot.

Has the little booklet of instruction that comes with each bulb and does setup the breeze. A main thing the note is that you will require to download a FEIT Electrical application for your ready device and create an account that is very simple. Of calm there install the bulb turns it on and treat the fast setup to connect his. Once a bulb is connected can the to you renames to the to anything would like and beginning to direct a plethora of of settings that rows of the variety of white elections to the variety of colours. Also they are having the dimming characteristic that can use it you with any colour choose.

Have several devices of Echo in my house, all have has had to that it was to open Alexa application goes to the skills look for Feit voters and link my account. Of calm there is able to look for the new devices and he have found some bulbs without any subjects.

Am purchasing more these to finalise my house and highly would recommend these bulbs to any concealed is in a phase for house and automation of ready bulbs.
4 / 5 Caroyln
Had excited really to try these. Not buying again. So only 2/4 of them they look to be discoverable at the same time. I purchased him to go with Mina something of the echo and he can any never operate everything of them immediately been due to of the this. Some colours are well, but no very brilliant when in a colored way. Well for the light at night or a lot down light situation. When in white way, is the good aim .
5 / 5 Yasmine
The application grieves works. It does not connect never. Returning.
5 / 5 Sadie
Setup And the installation is the breeze . If you are installing multiple to the only fixture is easier that twist a bulb on and has gone to take he to the his setup the way that is to turn a transmission on and era.

Integrates well with Alexa and House of Google. Also it can be attributed the rooms, like this in planting to say 'Hey Google, the turn of a fourth light' is in a chamber, calm simply can say 'Hey Google, the turn of some light' to turn of only some lights in this room. Or you can turn on/ it was all has connected lights, turn of individual lights, colour of transmission, temperature by heart of the transmission, time of schedule, etc.

A Feit the application is quite a lot of-frills, but same work if you are not connected to a same local WiFi like bulbs.

There is six of these bulbs like this far, and am planning in that spent the dozen of pair more.
5 / 5 Arnulfo
Has bought these after returning varied other frames been due to lack of brightness more an unnecessarily big measure of some lights. It has had for the pair of weeks without any questions. Any hub has required, 800 lumens, and tunable the aim is all the characteristic is . An only complaint has is a lack of configurable dinners' in an application (which is a reason gave it 4 stars) as compared with some others mark. But that when be said, would buy these again on some other lights had received leading. Ready bulbs add!
4 / 5 Jc
A bit clunky in a setup process but in general very easy to take connected to an application. I appreciate all some earlier commentaries that adapted to use the connection for my iPhone ( is also in some instructions). I so only moved to an end of mine WiFi row, a telephone has transmission to 2.4 and with which setup was a lot quickly. Connecting via Amazon Alexa has taken less still time and do a lot well. It suggest the setting of decadence likes a Belkin the products owe that dip the time but ossia to minor inconvenience.
5 / 5 Lavern
Has not had any subject a lot never. It take this for my lights of porch so that that can dip on the schedule. I have been tired of coming house after dark and any when being pas able to see! I want that this has DIRECTED the light has a capacity to be the good warm light that the natural looks - I are not the blue-light class of daughter. Also I want a bit it supervises in general! Easy to dip up and use. I dipped it/ I dipped It and forget external, but will be to take another for my chamber.