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1 first Hyperikon PAR38 LED Bulb, 100 Watt (14W), Dimmable Flood Light, E26 Base, 4000K Daylight, CRI90, UL, Energy Star, 24 Pack Hyperikon PAR38 LED Bulb, 100 Watt (14W), Dimmable Flood Light, E26 Base, 4000K Daylight, CRI90, UL, Energy Star, 24 Pack By Hyperikon
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2 Fielect Silicon Rontrolled Rectifier Single-Phase Bridge Resin Electronic Silicon Diodes MDC200A/1600V 1Pcs Fielect Silicon Rontrolled Rectifier Single-Phase Bridge Resin Electronic Silicon Diodes MDC200A/1600V 1Pcs By Fielect
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3 best Hyperikon T8 T12 LED Bulbs 4 Foot, 40 Watt Replacement (18W), T10 Light Tube, 4000K Daylight, Dual End Ballast Bypass, UL, DLC, Clear, 24 Pack Hyperikon T8 T12 LED Bulbs 4 Foot, 40 Watt Replacement (18W), T10 Light Tube, 4000K Daylight, Dual End Ballast Bypass, UL, DLC, Clear, 24 Pack By Hyperikon
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4 Brightown 50 Pack C9 LED Replacement Christmas Light Bulb, C9 Shatterproof LED Bulb for Christmas String Light, E17 Intermediate Base, Commercial Grade Dimmable Bulbs, 2 Diode (LED's), Multicolor Brightown 50 Pack C9 LED Replacement Christmas Light Bulb, C9 Shatterproof LED Bulb for Christmas String Light, E17 Intermediate Base, Commercial Grade Dimmable Bulbs, 2 Diode (LED's), Multicolor By Brightown
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5 Brightown 50 Pack C7 LED Replacement Christmas Light Bulb, C7 Shatterproof LED Bulbs for Christmas String Lights, E12 Candelabra Base, Commercial Grade Dimmable Holiday Bulbs, Cool White Brightown 50 Pack C7 LED Replacement Christmas Light Bulb, C7 Shatterproof LED Bulbs for Christmas String Lights, E12 Candelabra Base, Commercial Grade Dimmable Holiday Bulbs, Cool White By Brightown
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6 Quantum 1000W Digital Ballast, 120/240V Dimmable Ballast Quantum 1000W Digital Ballast, 120/240V Dimmable Ballast By Hydrofarm
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7 Hyperikon T8 T12 LED Bulbs 4 Foot, 40 Watt Replacement (18W), T10 Light Tube, 6000k, UL, DLC, Dual End Ballast Bypass, Frosted, 24 Pack Hyperikon T8 T12 LED Bulbs 4 Foot, 40 Watt Replacement (18W), T10 Light Tube, 6000k, UL, DLC, Dual End Ballast Bypass, Frosted, 24 Pack By Hyperikon
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8 5W UV 395nm LED Black Light fixtures with Gooseneck and clamp for UV Black Paint and Ultraviolet Curing, Portable Ultra Violet Blacklight (Black 5W) 5W UV 395nm LED Black Light fixtures with Gooseneck and clamp for UV Black Paint and Ultraviolet Curing, Portable Ultra Violet Blacklight (Black 5W) By Prime
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9 Legrand - Pass & Seymour 276WHCC18 Phenolic Keyless Lamp Holder, Easy Installation Legrand - Pass & Seymour 276WHCC18 Phenolic Keyless Lamp Holder, Easy Installation By Pass & Seymour
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10 100pcs 12V 3mm red LED 9V Gauge Cluster Instrument Light Emitting diodes 100pcs 12V 3mm red LED 9V Gauge Cluster Instrument Light Emitting diodes By Bowerful
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Top Customer Reviews: Hyperikon PAR38 LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Paz
Update 06/28/2017:

So much, another unexpected update is. I have been contacted the few days done by another Hyperikon rep the one who volunteered in any @@subject the together new of lights or repayment some rests 50 of my price of compraventa. ( I have taken an option last of then already I any need any new bulbs.) They are quite happy with this result, like this in some interests of fairness, am adding another star my description. I can a lot in good conscience this to 5 description of star, but ascent any one considering doing the compraventa of Hyperikon to give his products all reasonable consideration -- so much is obvious mine that a company is for his products, and take some descriptions on Amazon seriously. In my chance, thinks so only taken miserable and has taken the bad batch of lights. Raisin.

Update 11/29/2016:

Of mine buys original, 11 out of 12 lights have failed interior 1 year or less. Surprisingly, Hyperikon department of the service of the client contacted on 11/21/2016 (commentaries that mine the original cost has been situated on 07/26/2015) and offered the repayment. Now, because of the mine own laziness and general annoyance, has had long of then simply eaten a loss, taken touched of of a product has failed, has moved on, and has bought another product of the different company. As it was the pleasant surprise to be offered the repayment unanticipated and unlooked stops. As of 11/29/2016, the amazon is accusing 50 repayment of my price of compraventa original -- no quell'I has expected, but still better that that there has been before, considering an only endeavour has had to dip in era 10 minutes for the call of telephone. It is also he validates that it comment that Hyperikon rep offered initially the full free substitution, but of then there is already is spent of the money in of the new lights, some offers has not gone really to use mine. With everything of an on in alcohol, am amending my original description and adding 2 stars for a service of unexpected good client.

In some interests of full disclosure, an original text of my description of late 2015 is comprised down:

am not happy with these lights. It has installed 10 of these during my cookery in recessed houses so only roughly done 3 month. A bulb has died already, and two has more headed flickering, like appearance lose this aim also. Some look of bulbs if to give of the just quantity of hot - perhaps is not feigned really for use in recessed houses, and a build to heat up are killing more collects that his expected lifespan. Perhaps it have to that it has done it more it researches before buying them. I will be to look to substitute these with something more.

Update - has has had now 3 out of 12 inner lights that lack 3 months of compraventas. ( I have bought 3 bands of 4 each one that that.)
5 / 5 Casandra
Order nine bulbs of the different company and was way too small. Sent this backside and has ordered these. The nave was quickly, the packaging was a lot of and all eight lights screwed in and has done. A light colour is white more bluish that has anticipated but with all the justice, is the very better products that some traditional bulbs these substituted. Has 8 'beat' recessed in a cookery that does not like heat of bulb and tend to take warm. With these, these days have gone. Has two bulbs more to install in a nook of desayunar but has left those in so that the users could see a difference in light. Some two has beaten further in a picture has conventional 75W bulbs of riada inner and a fixtures in a foreground is instrumented with these. Enough the bit of the difference and like them to us to plot.

Are taste and have of the hard time that imagines out of some dimensions of bulb, a number that follows some papers (i.et. PAR38) Has divided for 8 is some dimensions of type of the bulb. It say of another way,, the BR30 has to that type of bulb of thumbs (30 hendidos for 8). A PAR38 likes these is by means of a face of bulb. Need to be considered of that to ensure a bulb is returned amiably yes is installing . Lights in the recessed can.

After, are thoroughly pleased with these lights and a prize. If they have had to while appearance, will be tickled. To good sure recommend Hyperikon to the fellow and any the one who asks.

UPDATE 10 MONTH less TAKE - An of some bulbs has decided that it is too expensive to do. Tour in a light of cookery, has turned on and immediately starts. Swapped Receptacles to see if a condition has followed a bulb, fact. Total hours on bulb perhaps 1000, has has estimated hours in $ the bulb substitutes that has continued to do, 10,000+. I expect that this was the fluke but has ordered four substitutions because of sides of commitment. Taken some four substitutions (reorder) and supposition that, same specification, same indication, same container but the projection 'different' of light. Calm easily can determine an odd bulb was. Because of a cost of commitment and a big risk of incongruence, am not like this anxious to convert a rest of some fines-receptical bulbs in my house....
5 / 5 Cheryl
Has ordered eight of this September of bulbs 2015 for installation in outside fixtures (any writing to water). These bulbs were the colour adds and very brilliant, as there is almost has left the description of five stars shortly after purchase, but with bulbs, the descriptions would owe that be save until they have been used bit it.

Unfortunately, for December 2015, has had has substituted already four of some eight bulbs because of inner failures and no longer doing . Shortly after that, three another fails inside the pair of month. A last bulb subtracts there is hanged was for several months of plus but finally so only died less than the year with which installation. These fixtures is used roughly three hours for evening, each one another week -- like this included the normal incandescent the bulb does not have to that it has died during this time. Another substitution has DIRECTED the bulbs am lasted significantly longer in these same fixtures as well as CFLs and incandescent bulbs.

These bulbs are extremely down-qualities and no hard. I am comprising the picture of one of some bulbs that has take of the fixture with which die. I warn an extremely thin metal used for a base of these bulbs and remarks that a present condition is the potential fire hazard.

Calm the favour and go your tent of tent or local hardware of big box and purchase his in-house or mark of bulbs of name. These so only are not to value he.
5 / 5 Tracee
Am spent in $ 200 for 13 of these light bulbs in 2015. 4 Of them I have been to him it recess fixtures in my bath, and some other 9 are in the room to exercise to level lower. Some bulbs have generated the clean brilliant light, and any place out of the plot of hot, which is reason I has bought 13 of these. It is the year later now and 8 of one 13 has burned already go. All 4 of some bulbs of bath have burned was. I any which what time some lights of bath am turned in the each day, but a bath is not a more used room in a house. (My cookery and the living room are). An Amazon that writes on thus said 'With an indication of life that has surprised 45,000 hours, or 21 years with 3 hrs/day of use, that substitutes your bulbs is now the thing of a past.' They are not home at least 10 hours the day (working/commuting) and sleep 7-8 hours the day, so that leaves 6-7 hours the day that are home not sleeping on more days. Although I have maintained some lights of bath on everything of these 6 hours, which I no, these bulbs do not owe that the burn was for 10.5 years. It take the little on 1 use of years of these bulbs. A room of exercise takes used roughly 3 times the week for perhaps 2 hours or so many. 4 Of some 9 bulbs in a room of exercise has burned was. One has has not DIRECTED lights in a cookery and the living room am outlasted these Hyperikon lights, and these lights are on enough of some time takes house to do until I put to bed me like this 6-7 hours weekdays and all day in of the weekends, and there is not costing anywhere afterwards to $ 15 for bulb. I have substituted a burned out of Hyperikons with GE the daylight has DIRECTED the riada inner lights that I have bought in Aim partorisca for the half a prize of these. This claim 22.8 years of life with 3 hours of use for day. As I will be to follow how long his hard also.
4 / 5 Dong
Fences in a lot of - these are some the better bulbs have not used never or visas. I have ordered four 4-bands and immediately installed everything of them in mine beat old in a cookery (7), room familiarised (6 with the dimmer transmission), and dining zone (3). Our house has been built in 1991 and has been said by an electrician that would owe that update one lighting and install has beaten of unit and the new combination of bulb FOCUSED. I have said, 'Balderdash!' So only I can install new has has DIRECTED the bulbs in some beat old. The , and the wound up saves the cube of money. A light project fresco is easy in some eyes and all some colours in a pop of room. A light in a cookery is such the dramatic transmission of the ours old fluorescent floodlights that look remodeled a cookery! I have ordered so only other 16 bulbs and I plan the transition a whole house (67 beats total) more some lights of external perimeter (12). I can a lot of rave in these lights enough. They do not owe that layer and gradually take more brilliant likes some fluorescent lights and is a lot very looking included when they are was. It takes him - you do not complain it . Tip: Do your investigation in that 'PAIR' to take. The PAIR Is a diameter of a bulb in his his point wide plus - p. p.ej. PAIR 38 east of the thumbs external diameter. PAIR 36 east of the thumbs, and PAIR 30 east of the thumbs. You want to do sure a bulb properly returns yours can measured.
4 / 5 Jennell
Report of long term. Originally I have bought these bulbs 2 years ago and has substituted him already once and a second set is beginning to fail again. Once they take hot, some falls of life exponentially and his flicker like this he strobe light. Some bulbs of the main quality have the tank of heat of heavy metal to dissipate a heat. These bulbs are all plastic and have any tank of heat of any class. My original bulbs am lasted the year. I have contacted a company and they substituted immediately any question has asked. I give him 5 stars for service of client but 1 star for a product likes I averaged went it to 2 stars. Still with service of good client, really does not want to has to that annoyed to contact a company for substitutions every year. A murderous of FOCUSED is is hot, which is reason the majority has DIRECTED the lights specify that so only would owe that be on 3 hrs for day. They are an electrical engineer and I creation has DIRECTED to light for the living, as I can say you that a construction of these bulbs can never last. There are some good products there to Believe but is very expensive. The Value the to pay the few dollars more for better quality.

Does not critique it, but the value that the commentaries is that these bulbs have the textured lentil on the so many if these are installed in the big ceiling, a bulb of type of cup of suction changers will not resist to a this bulb. I have had to use duct tape to resist a bulb is place and beg that a tape is touched to lose with a pole but the little time sticks to a bulb that was the question.
5 / 5 Antonio
Has purchased four lights partorisca has beaten recessed in the very big vaulted ceiling to 1) saves money and 2), to avert a hassle/danger to locate the ladder to substitute burned out of bulbs. A rule halogen the bulbs have substituted is lasted typically the few years before it has had to substitute them and has been excited in bulbs that instead last in fact a lot of years. These bulbs am lasted, in mesos, less than 1 year. They begin for randomly flashing from time to time (annoying) to the plenaries-in strobe effect before his 'given' and simply glow dimly.

To his credit, a company there is quickly honored his guarantee of 5 years to ship out of the substitution (although a last substitution was DONA ). Oddly, has not asked some bulbs 'defective' behind to do marvel me or does not concern in QA or simply know his bulbs are has done bad. Perhaps they are like this cheaply that the substitutions of regular guarantee are simply the tolerable cost to do @@subject.

Would not purchase never these again and in some point (when a guarantee expíra, if any first) will substitute them with the name-mark.


Followup To an on. Shortly after writing an on description, another bulb has died. I am done with these in spite of some police of generous substitution how is the hassle and ridiculous. It comprises that, it likes like this here, of my initial description of these bulbs would have been order - was good and brilliant and looked utmost. But it is not deceived by some good descriptions; you have lived once with these bulbs for any period of time will find that his no last and arrival when being far more expensive that possess and operate that conventional bulbs. Shame on me partorisca buy 12(!) Of these pieces of junk partorisca has beaten during my house. They are in my way to the local tent to substitute these and I so only chock on a flushed cost to the experience to learn. It learns of me and avert squandering your time and money.
5 / 5 Shaunta
October 2016 - Hyperikon PAR38/E26 14W (100W) has has DIRECTED Bulbs &62; 24 hours of then installation
Hyperikon PAR38 the bulb FOCUSED, 14W (100W equivalent), 1240lm, 4000K (the White daylight), CRY 90+, Luz of Riada, Base of Half (E26), Dimmable, Incidents of Energy, Band of 4

has to that it weaves of 'beat' in my house. I have substituted one some in a cookery and is brilliant. A light is the little more directed that that of a incandescent bulbs that has substituted, is the little more courts also. I have had to regulate a fixtures down like this down to the equal that could go to do them well of look (Any one the question). There is some heat ... But a lot almost like this like this some original bulbs. Some users are declaring that a heat that is present is killing some bulbs, attended no. As I guess ossia a good.

A Bad:
has bought also 4 bulbs to substitute these in my room of means comunicacionales. In my room of means comunicacionales has the dimmer. Some lights DO not TURN ENTIRELY WAS that it uses mine Lutron the controller GONE. These am controllers very popular . I can send this backside if I can not remedy a subject. His DIM but any all a way was. I am posting some pics.

Has not turned of a Car White balance in some photos of cookery like transmission of the colour is not like this dramatic ... Some another has done.
Still would buy these to change only installations - this in spite of the time will say that one fails down heats buildup like this mentioned in other descriptions.

Update - I changed out of a Lutron Dimmer to the new plus Lutron Caseta Wireless with far Beak for $ 59. I have taken the casualidad and a dimmer law very better in this turned of one has DIRECTED lights... The difference of an old a . One has DIRECTED the lights are not linear in dimming likes the oldest controller. Line like this inferior ... If your controller is a model an old plus ... It can not turn your lights entirely was = to add $ $ $
4 / 5 Cody
Updated behind to 1 star. These bulbs are only quality very poor. Worse has not bought never. The service of client is good but enough would take the long durable bulb. They begin flickering and then go down with less than the year to use

Updated to 4 indication to star
A vendor contacted behind and informed that his tax of defect was a lot down. They are by train to send me Another bulb. I upgraded a product that the estimativas based in a quality of guarantee.


Indication 1 star because a prime minister the installed bulb is lasted so only 9 month. It begins flickering last week and has been died a week-final. Although I consider that I use him 8 hours the day (which are not ), then ossia less 2,500 hours versus some have announced 25,000 hours. I am using Philips has has DIRECTED bulbs also in a same location and continue doing well, included although some of them have been installed 4+ years ago. I so only installed another Hyperikon bulb to substitute one broken one and will see yes concealed a hard longer. In the positive side, a colour and brightness is announced like this.

Has contacted a vendor to see there is any form of guarantee. They allege 5 year unlimited guarantee in a box - will see.
4 / 5 Florene
The UPDATE that the estimativas further reduced of 3 stars to 1 star. After the year, 10 of some 12 bulbs have bought neither is blinking or dead. Disappointment of entity and the total waste of money. Now I have wrangle with Hyperikon to see yes will be for behind his guarantee. Ugh. You save a hassle and buy the mark of name likes Philips. A Philips has has DIRECTED bulbs I years installed still is doing perfectly.

Leading description:

has installed eight of these in recessed fixtures in our cookery a room familiarised. A quality of a light is exceptional. These bulbs are a next plus thinks has seen a bulb FOCUSED retorted a light of a incandescent or halogen bulb. It wins him.

Less than the year later, two has begun to blink. This would arrive with which had been on for an hour or so much. Lame and found the partorisca be quite hot, which bit it to me nervous roughly risk of fire.

Top Customer Reviews: Hyperikon T8 T12 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sixta
I have substituted everything of one can luzco in my house with LEDs a past year, as it has decided was finally time partorisca face some fluorescent tubes. During the mine can light project of substitution, had determined that the colour of 3-4k was appropriate partorisca this use. But of these are gone in 3k, 4k, 5k, and 6k the options And used them in the variety of places, has decided he behoove me partorisca try everything of them to maximizas my satisfaction. I share my results with you down to hopefully has taken calm in a process.

Before it takes to a specifics, please comprise that our alcohols (or at least mine) attended and associate the sure colour when treating fluorescent lights. Specifically, 5k. Even 4k Is the piece. As first time I installed one of other colours, my alcohol has struggled partorisca comprise and accept that sees. A point is, so only reason is different any one (necessarily) means is bad. More roughly that down...

One semi-detached (certainly terrible) the image down the tip in colour of decreasing of accident to right (i.et., A 6k is in an accident, then a 5k, 4k, and finally a 3k).

A 3k the colour is almost orange. They are personally hard-pressed to come up with any good use thus colour, and is returned everything of them. It seats it likes sundown the day of fall and left feeling melancholic.

A 4k the colour is effectively to slightly version less brilliant of a 5k. I have used this in our room/of art of the office and resupplies the good soft light with the good balance among some white colours and of the oranges. Ossia The good 'typical application' election.

A 5k colour, like this previously mentioned, is that it is associated typically with fluorescent lights. It is quite white and clean without bleaching the things was. It say that this 5k CONCENTRATED is slightly more than shining/whiter that a fluorescent equivalent. I have used this colour in our cupboard, laundry room, and cochera. If you are looking to do the simple substitution and maintain a same effective colour as yours that exists fluorescent lights, goes with east.

A 6k the light is EXTREMELY BLANCA. Aim / of office of dentist of operating theatre. I have tried initially this in ours laundry room, but although the application is not until state a power of these bulbs. The things almost have it blueish the boos roughly join light is brilliant like this white/. We love me really like for use in my cochera, but a colour so only is that it overwhelms, included in such an open space. I gave it to a lot of-test of day, but finally could not grow for the pleasure and a 5k was so only the better election.

In that said that all of that, these are the simple and economic way to convert that they exist fixtures the DIRECTED without that has to that substitute an integer fixture.

Unfortunately, ballasts of mine have not been compatible to the equal that have had to treat a bypass. This in spite of, is the trivial procedure that after completing a prime minister a to learn that I have required to do, was able to complete each rest bypass less than five minutes apiece.
5 / 5 Simon
Has been looking to change my fluorescent tubes were with directed for the year but resisted of been due to a cost and general WHISTLES to do a transmission.

In all the chance there is remarked a cost of them Hyperikon was reasonable to the equal that have been he advances and has bought 4 of a 5000k clear tubes and 4 of a 4000k freezing tubes to try am gone in my house. It was really easy to bypass a ballast in both an alone ballast double ballast fixtures have. In a ballast so only fixtures a side there has been blue bosses and of the red and another side has had yellow bosses. I have connected a black boss to some red/blue bosses and a white boss to a yellow. Followed a same model in a dual ballast fixtures... Black to red/blue and aim to yellow. My sympathetic is can go any way but he have done for me on a prime minister fixture as because transmission?

Now a part of entity, a light was fantastic, IMO upper to one fluorescent. Originally I have bought both a 4000K and 5000K to try was around home to see which have preferred before moving on and redoing my edifice of office. It does not think one could go wrong with any in a setting of the office but I has liked him really a 5000K.

The next step was to order to 10 band and try it is gone in my office (has 2 - 4 tube fixtures) in the 15'X15' space. It is brilliant, but I any one last at all, lights a lot good to do all day down. I will not go back to fluorescent again. To to I My employees liked also go so that it redoes of a whole office... 160 total of tubes duquel has ordered 90 of like this far.


has installed 98 tubes like this far, no the bad one in a lot. I have taken also a lot quickly in a changeover, approx 10 min for the ballast fixture and 20 min for the 2 ballast fixture. Time to order more.


has uploaded the picture of all some the old tubes substituted (164) and the picture of one of some offices with some have substituted LEDs. Been using them for 4 weeks or so many and can not say quite on to that I likes him. No a light of bad substitution in a lot of.

Now that is to do I to good sure would recommend bypassing a ballast yes requires to or no. Any one the difficult labour abundance of youtube resorted on regarding the do. Also you recommend to use a Wago connectors of boss, has used mostly one 6 boss and 4 variety of boss but has used occasionally one 2 boss some when I have had to joint the boss for the more along, much better that some connectors of boss of the transfer.

The hips would owe that be remarked has bought all some on sale tubes to the for minors fill on Amazon, has not been one of a lucky some to take the product has discounted to revise.
4 / 5 Shanna
Has ordered these bulbs to substitute some bulbs in our cochera fixtures. Arrived quickly and packaged a lot well. Had the little question with the installation and some bulbs no when rewired according to some instructions have comprised. After reading other here external descriptions those who there have been some same subjects, was able to wire them correctly and law fantastically. Coming on instantly and good and brilliant!
Has had to contact to to a costruttore likes him a bulb has not done, and was incredibly aim with the response and extremely useful substitute a bad bulb. A bulb of substitution has sent has had some correct instructions and wiring diagram. They are posting the picture in chance can help another the one who has run to some subjects of same installation have had.
5 / 5 Jona
Reasonably happy with these tubes. It takes some ballasts has not been difficult for me, although I accustom to undress bosses and doing electrical connections. It was a lot happy that are to go with a version to be able to dual finishing, like mine fixtures he difficult to access a tombstones directly to ensure pertinent electrical connection. In my chance was able to connect a side of tombstones to nuetral, and another to be able to, and some lights have done perfectly. Please verify your fixtures first to order to save some degradation.

A light resupplied for a wattage used is a lot well, although I desire had tried the little of this prime minister. I have purchased 2700k warm of white lights in the majority of my house, as I have chosen these 3000k FOCUSED tubes to try to maintain an alike colour, but this look to be significantly more 'yellow' that a 2700k FOCUSED lights elsewhere in my house. The desire had gone with a 4000k tubes to the equal that thinks that that those would be more be afterwards to a colour has wished.

Some the clear tubes also done well for my application because has the diffuser in the each light, this in spite of installing without the diffuser would recommend some freezing bulbs in place of some clear bulbs like each individual CONCENTRATED in a tube done a light no continuous without diffusion.

Like being a lot cautious duquel of some following options have chosen takes your application:
1) Can Finalised Dual vs has beaten Finalise So only - really depends in yours fixture like this to the how is easier.
2) Light Colour: 3k (a lot yellow), 4k (soft aim), 5k (white), or 6k (aim of dental office) light - I would recommend 4k for the softest light, 5k for when the whitest light is required.
3) has cleared/Freezing - I would recommend freezing glass if you do not have the diffuser that has spent some lights, if has the then clear diffuser are likely well.
4 / 5 Johnna
Has bought two bands of four oft white' 3k bulbs. Easy to install. So only bypass some ballasts that use in existent bosses and fixture, then twist some bulbs to some sockets. Bam! It can not take any easy plus that concealed. I included installed four in the house of my edges. This was August 2017. Now it is February 2018 and one of a four has failed. I swapped bulbs to do sure has not been some connections of socket. Another work of bulbs in is the place and this bulb no in any one other sockets.
I emailed a vendor after this original (3 star) description and hours of inner had received an email with the person of real contact to speak with in a telephone. A very pleasant client the assistant of service has appointed Mary, ensured that the new bulb was subject that takes. Two more received days that late and has been of tower in business with the fully lit breeze way. My faith in this company and is the employees is 100 satisfaction . I plan to order more than these bulbs for an interior retrofit using his 'white of glass' 5k bulbs afterwards. The a lot of special thank again for Mary :)
4 / 5 Mikki
has installed 4 of these 6000K (clear bulb), together with 4 of a same with a freezing bulb (Hyperikon Freezing Coverage ) in the workshop of basement. Have take and rewired each one which fixture, some fixtures was has has purchased used that has had already bad ballasts, like this more to so only take them all was. The wiring is a lot easy to continue using the discharge comprised or referencing a PDF in a description. I have taken each one that like this fixture down, rewired in labour bank, and reinstalled, this in spite of does not have any reason has to that take a fixtures down.

The light start has compared to some the freezing bulbs looks to be slightly more utmost under a bulb; some the freezing bulbs could disperse light the few improvements and resupply the little less directly down (that would have sense). In general a difference is not a lot a lot of, and would base your decision on yes or no your fixture is covered or has the diffuser. If they are it tends to regulate lights 'open', would purchase a version of freezing lentil. If some lights are opened and more than 3-4' or like this on your line of view, could be better (tent of cochera/of big/ceiling, 10-14'+ ceiling). If your fixture has an additional diffusing coverage these probably would be perfect.

Yours that exists fixture a lot necessarily require the reflector on to to some bulbs like to them so only emit the light was a side , in the 160° propagation. Reflectors That play to lose the little in a side could help house or cut of extra light. I have had the mix of both, and has used one some without fixtures quotes of ceiling (8.5') with clear bulbs, and one reflecting fixtures hangs it down 1' in zones of work with freezing bulbs.

First addition, without ballast these will do in cold extreme. I will be to order more for a cochera punctual.

After substituting some bulbs in a prime minister fixture (2 4'ft T12'tandard' light of tent, without reflectors) has been of 230-350 lux to 800-1050 lux in worksurface 50' down some bulbs. This is to be measure a lot roughly with the telephone application has based, can not be a lot attentive, but still useful in comparison.
5 / 5 Annis
These have done perfect. I have bought these to substitute some old fluorescent lights in a cochera that buzzed and flickered. I have loved a capacity to dim these in the zwave. Neither I want never the ballast in my life. These are simple to install calm once comprise them. There is to plot of options there. It has taken the moment to research. These simply have 120v by means of them to do. Hot in a side, neutral in another. I simply cut some bosses of some connectors to exist, aka toumbstones, like this near of some old ballasts like possible and bundled a side to aim, another to black using given of big red boss. Then dipped some bulbs in and fixture for behind neighbouring. I have opted for 5000k how is in a white end of a spectre for the look of cleaner of operating theatre to a cochera. I have not gone after the way that lights. A specs the claim can dim of the 80-100 flicker free which is true. Also I can go lower to 20 but he flickers the little. I have used it zwave ready dimmer and now can turn in some lights of cocheras for Iphone application, manual change, time of day or mine gps the one of then comes house. Quite sweet. The prize was quite good. You can take more economic but give on dimming and has to that treat compatibility of ballast. The lights are way more brilliant then one 2 x 4 fluorescent bulbs. They are the series of the brilliants have DIRECTED is but look a lot behind some diffusers. I have added Sound pics.
4 / 5 Floy
Has been surprised to discover that this Hyperikon the tube FOCUSED eats 42 now/of watts, as measured for Murder-A-Watt. Then I rewired and was relief to find a power is gone down to 18W like this alleged that. Like this still although some works of bulb with a ballast to exist in a flourescent light fixture, has any saving to be able to the not being that rewired. A light start is one same in both chances. Any one pleases double control my finding.

Has to that focus in a tube that says it will do although a ballast to do. It conceal it is not true for me neither. Ballast of mine is having question and he shutts was randomly sometimes. It closes a tube has DIRECTED down with him.

Roughly wiring instruction, has taken bad to one like me to him the a lot of people has informed, where an attacker and after the diagrams are some same. I took it to do the photo of Karin follower, and has done also the his small transmission like this aimed with red lines in my picture. A reason for a transmission is because mine a light fixture has 2 bosses that exited of the each final. It is sure to combine them they so that it is connected internally anyways. If quite calm does not combine him , then agree to dip the die of discharges of boss he of unused boss to prevent accident.

A tube FOCUSED will leave reverse polarity, meaning you can toe a tube has left to legislation or legislation to the the left with which rewiring, without the pause. So only it does not wire both hot and neutral to a same end of a tube.
5 / 5 Josefa
Update: it has bought so only 4 more tubes and installed 2 yesterday. Same terrific product and action. It liked Particularly of a paper to follow to a first order and an equally thoughtful paper that follows a second order. These folks maintain the clue of the that shabby that, imagines concealed!

There is retrofitted all three of my fluorescent dual tube fixtures. Now, I am looking for the 'junker' to take my remaining pair of light tubes so that I can enjoy an illumination added in my cochera/of workshop. Rasgando Old fixtures averts is amused in fact and in undressing out of some guts, take the feeling for some varied types of technology concealed has gone to do the practical fluorescent tubes. With Hyperikon in business, to the simplicity is elegant. It classifies to like replaceing all some rubbishes of GELES in the car with an elegance of the Tesla drivetrain. For DIY'ers, a future is here!

Original description:

Any need to repeat that all another reviewers has declared already in a propiciado by instruction. Look In some diagrams and neglect a rest.

This light tube is a lot very built, using 5050 SMD elements and he solidly the aluminium has drawn heatsink to the long of a period learns of a rear half of a tube. A warm aim 3000K the colour is appropriately amber, more than yellow, that resembles incandescent tungsten, and a CRY is correctly unstated, in that is not the point to sell. Ossia, a CRY is no better or worse that a incandescent bulb. In fact, a colour is quite pleasing attended a ambience resembled incandescent lighting and has been (unsucessfully) that looks for to obtain he by means of installing 'warm aim' flourescent tubes in your altos fixtures.

Brightness Is more than pertinent, the little more than fresh aim , warm, flourescent tubes, and (although the only time will say) when being fresh FOCUSED technology, a device ought the neither of decrease in beginning neither change to the sickly yellow-green colour, like this flourescent phosphors characteristically do.

Some requirements to be able to is 100-277 VAC in the nominal 200 mine. This specification almost certainly indicates the a lot of-common regulated , constant , changing supply to be able to drawn for world-wide width useability. THIS In spite of, heed an opinion and DOES not USE A lot of DIMMER. While 'universal' changing supplies to be able to beat tolerate less-that-sinusoidal ideals waveforms, and that ASSUMES that ossia the properly supply constant drawn , current, trying estarve' a variety FOCUSED to reduce an entrance of power under one 100 volt, 200 mine. It limits lower, probably adversly affect the action and the longevity of a device. It say of another way,, Has not GONE DIMMABLE, folks. WELL?

The one who dims he shoplight in all the chance? These are not of the lights of way. You want to dimmable, compraventa dimmable bulbs. It has said enough!

A row of wide entrance means that it is difficult to overvoltage these tubes in the domestic installation. You can 'accidentally' hook the until he 220V circuit and they will do perfectly well. Also, and this is to spend mine , if any or something interrupts a turn 'leg' of your house distributes electrical, a half of your house the electrical load will be situated effectively in series with another half, and a whole system situated by means of some 240 volts that come from your transformer of pole. This means that some the electrical appliances feebler that is to change 'on' will have 240 volts by means of his 110-125 entrances of volt and will burn was, swipe on, fries, anything. Your Hyperikon the light tubes will be a lot this in spite of, like your mobile phone uploads and anything more using the 90-270 volt that supply of transmissions to be able to. So much, that can look to be the disadvantage, is in fact the advantage of security of long term.

Now, roughly that it play or bypassing a ballast. Your 125 volt, flourescent fixture has the ballast. Ossia In fact the transformer of minimum quality and is the one who buzzes, creates hot, drips potting tar, hanged so as a rest of a fixture and usually causes your fluorescent tubes to gasp his last. He also costs more than some original fixture to substitute - go figure. Hardly any one uses fixtures requiring estarters' anymore but these also can be 'converted.' While has your fixture open and in a table, just gut he and to the launch was all except some sockets (and his bosses), a cord of line (yes use a) and a transmission (again, use a). Washed a carcass and dip the together backside that use a diagram to wire. It is that simple, and have the lifetime lightolier.

A side of one 125 supply goes to an END of a tube and another side goes to another END. It does not import the one who FINAL. Utilisation one or both of some pins to do ONE FINALISES connection. Utilisation both bosses because esdundancy reliabilities of increases' and is there in all the chance. Boss two or more tubes in parallel to the each one like this another. If has the earth of green security has to that be fastened to a frame of metal (Good idea and required for Code. Also, it blows a breaker if foolishly you connect a frame to a hot side of a line). It tries this puppy in a bank before you scrape you he behind to a ceiling or the hang in the reef.

5 / 5 Juliet
Has had one 3 year he the old electronic ballast fails in the 4-tube 48 fluorescent thumb light fixture (T8 is) in my cookery. Researching the ballast of substitution headed to a conclusion that has bought the ballast of substitution, could expect it to fail in 2 to 4 years. I have decided to so only bypass a ballast and place in these Hyperikon tubes. Bypassing Means to connect a neutral boss (white) to a 4 tombstones in a side of a fixture and connecting a hot boss (black) to a 4 tombstones in another side of a fixture has seen dice of boss. It Side chooses to run one his hot line does not import , neither does a type of tombstone subject (shunted or no-shunted) in spite of some consultor wrong in a feedback. It listens to a costruttore. Mark so only sure a side of some tubes has all of the his tombstones wired the heat and another side (48 thumbs was) has all of the his tombstones wired to neutral. It is in fact easier to bypass a ballast that is for the substitute. I have cut some bosses close to a ballast and has left so only he in place. A neutral aim incoming the boss has taken a die of bosses to connect it to some two yellow bosses that goes to a place of 4 tombstones. I have used the die of yellow boss that assumes one 14 gauge and two 18 gauge bosses. A hot black incoming the boss has taken a die of bosses to connect it to a 4 (2 blue and 2 red) bosses to go to another together of 4 tombstones. I have used the die of red boss to connect these 5 bosses. It is slightly main that a die of yellow boss. A new has DIRECTED the look of lights and law adds. Abundance of light, quite comparable to an original 32 fluorescent watt but a much less common draw. One the old electronic ballast was hot to a touch, like this hot did not like me leaving of a light on when any one was in a cookery. A new has DIRECTED the tubes are lukewarm to a touch, any heat at all. They come on essentially instantly. They were very packed, all four tubes have done. I recommend that these have DIRECTED tubes.

Top Customer Reviews: Brightown 50 Pack ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Darius
Excellent just installed 500 of these (Each one which was that it Shines) has done with the strong bulb and 5 diodes.. It can not have done the compraventa better
4 / 5 Beula
turn and light as announced
5 / 5 Meta
Some lights are exactly that has looked for a warm white colour is the party adds the traditional lights. They have come amiably organised in the box with dividers partorisca each individual bulb. Very satisfied with these bulbs and to good sure would recommend him. I have ordered 100 of a warm whit and 100 of a red has tried everything of them partorisca do sure his all was functional and all 200 lights have done. Highly it recommends these lights.
5 / 5 Carrol
These bulbs do fantastically!!! I used him partorisca substitute a incandescent bulbs in a together light older. I have required partorisca regulate some contacts in the little of some sockets but another that that any question. These lights look awesome!!
4 / 5 Evelia
These bulbs have done utmost. A colour was more afterwards to ours bulbs older, as it was the good party . A pair has not done (DONA), and a vendor was a lot quickly partorisca answer and have sent 4 substitutions. We are partorisca please.
5 / 5 Yvone
Bulb Of good substitution partorisca C9.
4 / 5 Eldora
Taste of a toned down objective/brilliant of this bulb. 100' value. It looks sturdy.
5 / 5 Barry
Produced excellent
4 / 5 Curt
If yours looking for the bulb priced reasonable of the substitution concentrated partorisca yours exposures vacacionales looks no further. The colour was a lot of and brilliant. Out of one 100 I has ordered partorisca have still partorisca have any subjects with some bulbs.
5 / 5 Tuan
The quality adds. Some lights are brilliant!

Top Customer Reviews: Brightown 50 Pack ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Jacki
Súper Happy with these. I have loved transmission out of my incandescent still bulbs LEDs to save money in my electrical bill and does not have to that bulbs of substitute anymore. My hesitation to move the CONCENTRATED is in a past is is generally dimmer the lights have compared the incandescent. Like this when I have dipped these my series, has tried his brightness against a incandescent bulbs. They are súper happy that has burned like this brightly. It can not be happier, and with which tried him was, has bought another band to use them on more than just a ceiling. 5 stars
5 / 5 Margeret
after paying more than $ 2 each one regarding bulbs looked in the tent of big boxes, has known has required to find an alternative for all my electrical Christmas sails. As with everything has has DIRECTED bulbs, these do not produce any heat and am happy with a colour of some lights. During some holidays this year, has left one 'go them' those burns in all my windows day and night without fear of hot and no guilt roughly that uses the plot of electricity.
5 / 5 Jin
Perfecto. Exactly like this announced and has expected. I have used these like the substitution for some bulbs in my edifices of village of the Christmas. Now it does not import leaving them on more along, with a more energy effective bulbs. The better thing is that they are all plugged in the outlet without questions.
4 / 5 Judith
Utmost bulbs For decades-sails of old or serious window light.
A colour and brightness is compatible and all 25 exited of a box.

A colour is the rich average to dark blue.
4 / 5 Taylor
Perfects to substitute incandescent bulbs in yours goes him of Window of the Christmas. So only a legislation brightness, and colour.
4 / 5 Raye
Slightly main that one some have been that substitutes but have all apt, work well and am very pleased with them.

I highly recommend this product and vendor.

Thank you.
4 / 5 Sebrina
Has used these bulbs to substitute a incandescent versions of a C7s that has had in my light serious Christmas. One has DIRECTED the bulbs am a lot quite and appeals. They are not quite like this brilliant like incandescent counterparts but is sufficiently brilliant for us. 45 it DIRECT IT the lights take so only 24 watts have compared to 225 watts for one 45 incandescent bulbs. A bulb casing looks to be strong although I can not say is plastic or glass. As to prize, some bulbs run fresh, am no hot perceivable.
5 / 5 Dalene
Looked to dip on an old series of small, discharges in FOCUSED X-but the lights concealed was so only the old year and supposition so only seating in a box for the year the in. So many with being tired to repurchase cheepo the big box has DIRECTED x-but every year, has decided to with the old socketed way seriáis light and has purchased these bulbs to go with him. All the bulbs were amiably packaged and all has done once screwed in. I found him to be sufficiently brilliant and vibrant. This in spite of did not take him purchased in timing still hang in a house this x-but to the equal that have to that attended until next x-May.
5 / 5 Lesia
Has had big hopes for these to reduce a consumption of power in mine (quite big) village navideño. With -45 bulbs that burn in 5-7W each one that like this, some the electrical costs have added on the each season. This in spite of, when I have begun to install have been disappointed that this new has DIRECTED the lights have not been some announced 'warm aim' of a 2700K colour. Instead, they were probably at least 4000K objective brilliant, trending to the 5000K boos of daylight. For the effect of warm glow in the setting of village of the Christmas, some lights of boos of the quota is not acceptable. Also it is quell'has bitten dimmer that mine another incandescent bulbs, but easily could have lived with a slightly dimmer exited if a colour was that I expected it to be. So much, time to return these and try the costruttore different is DIRECTED C7 bulbs that is a warm white colour real.
4 / 5 Junie
These am far more brilliant that has thinks that that they would be in such basses wattage. It take these to substitute incandescent 7 lights of watt in two lights of table. They resupply wide light for lights at night. Green is also the colour to cure.

Top Customer Reviews: Quantum 1000W ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Addie
Behind in the 2010 I has bought three 1000 watt NEXTGEN ballasts partorisca $ 399 each one that that. It is surprising the one who these things cost now. In all the chance. I have begun recently grow again and with weeks an of a nextgens leaves partorisca do. As I some fast investigation and decided in a What 1000 watters. No appearances any very reasons quell'economic these are now but when they have arrived was pleasantly has surprised. I have bought two of his reason likes having the backside on when it comes to the mine that lights and of garden. First what was fire both of them on and try them before trace. All was a lot. First impression is that this ballast is the good value . And they come with the three guarantee of year. They look for partorisca be built like this of the tanks, well of look, is almost entirely silent and run fresher the one who that has substituted. They are dimmable (which does not concern me roughly) as if yours to this class of the laws of what adds. Another good thing is comes with both 120 and 240 cords of volt. I will go back and give another description afterwards has dipped some hours in these. But for $ 150 with the three guarantee of the year does not see like this can go wrong.
4 / 5 Elicia
Has bought 4 of these ballasts the little on done the year and am happy for one the majority of the part with a product excepts some defenders to cool on 2 of them are quite noisy. My question of mine the big plus with them is a guarantee, has had some starts in a 29th December and mine a year to return to a vendor was up in an ironic to the equal that have tried What of contact but has been bought has gone by HYDROFARM an only way to contact thier service of client dept is for email. I have sent a first email out of Dec 29th has taken the few days to go back mine and the little more days for them to revise a test of compraventa agreed quell'then and sent the permission of the turn and to the focuses of turn have fed ex chose it he on fact 3 days like this has sent them another email that asks one state and ossia an answered 'at present is looking to the east for you, will try to solve any like this collected subjects to the equal that was possible.' As Im very sure when I will take my unit behind knows will not buy HYDROFARM has produced again
4 / 5 Stephany
has bought this like the substitution for the most economic mark that am gone in the combo extracted that with which the little the month had finalised dying and odorando electronic burned. This runs quite fresh for the ballast of partidário so only cooled, runs quite calm, has multiple dimming settings and has the quite good guarantee. To good sure cost again like this far, but the time will say the one who durable this mark is second the one who the failures gone. I will update if anything changes
4 / 5 Desire
has used Quantum ballasts for five years. One What 2 is calmer. But a last FOUR That 2 Amazon of ballasts sent does not act. Each possible combination has been tried repeatedly in the fully working system. It have expected to substitute the rear mine-on Quantum A, but still is fill in still another That dead Two. Four Those that of not doing in the row... That this raisin?!
5 / 5 Sonny
The new mark 1000w HPS the bulbs and any one will shoot up. It is there the cement HPS bulb a has to that compraventa? If there is, has not had any indication of a costruttore, a box, neither some instructions. I have expected at least 20 minutes to still each bulb to shoot, to any avail. So only a MH works, and am assuming that it shoots a MH reason each MH has his own built in ignition inside a bulb. Two marks worse quantity, has bought two of these. A heat, drought, and that worries a ballast will burn down a house, am done with HIDs taking LEDs.
5 / 5 Len
DONA. These digital ballasts are a main fraud in disposal. The what has been purchased for hydrofarm and now his perhaps 50/50 casualidad to take join these starts of a box, has left so only 6 month.
4 / 5 Jordon
Has bought this and when turned on all these works is a defender of strong cooling . It DOES not ATTACK BULBS! WORTHLESS. You PLAN ON RETURNING BUT AFTER The POLICE And RESTOCKING COSTS, ALSO COULD SAVE MY TIME B/C I will BE OUT OF I MONEY ANY ONE @SUBJECTS THAT! No SPENT Unless it calms DOES not PLAN NEVER ON FACT USING IT!
4 / 5 Daniel
Has used Quantum ballasts for three or four years. While I have not given technician, can say that his outlast economic ballast. Like this far, I have not had any burn was. Also, they do not have any question with black-outs and brown-outs. Where Alive, takes to arise and roughly 300 spikes or brown-outs the years. These ballasts maintain ticking.
4 / 5 Trudi
Has had the light delay manually,and when I have opened a box and looked in him,does not have all three settings of 50,75,and a100%,so only has 75 and 100,This me very concerned roughly using is takes quantities ignored to time to in fact of work,sometimes begins on a lot sometimes takes 20 minutes before some light turns on,are not that it pays for electricity for a light to not being working but still that runs an electrical bill for these rubbishes.
4 / 5 August
A do one for the moment, then leave working. It substitutes with another ballast, which will leave to do after the moment. Then substitute with first ballast, which now does for the moment and he then leaves, and like this on and like this on.

Top Customer Reviews: Hyperikon T8 T12 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Corie
is been the few years of then installing these, and has wanted to leave all the world knows, still is doing perfectly!
Has DIRECTED MORE the lights have has not had never!

So only has taken a 4 band and king-wired my light of cookery. WOW! That the wonderful difference!!! A light is like this brilliant, if no the little more, that some old lights. And it is the a lot of target, any one blue, yellow, or green maintained, diffused light start. Any sure pleasure some clear looks, has has wanted to do sure some lights where diffused. I king wired to take touched of of some ballasts, one was bad. But a main reason is reason because spend such money on extremely energy conservative bulbs, without taking an energy that ballast to squander also? It is that I disturb touching the Prius and paste a band of tug.
Has given so only 4 stars, because of some instructions of installation. I have read a lot of descriptions, give the graces for some responses add, this says some 3 insiemi of instructions, which any one explains a pertinent way to install a system when bypassing a ballast.
Well, Hyperikon is trying. It take a place of instructions. The question is, no tip like this to bypass a Ballast. And some states of diagram of the wiring that you so only substitute a florescent the bulbs with some FOCUSED this and is good to go. They are an electrician , and can say you that you hook on the ballast to the short dead person, have fireworks! To install these lights to a ballast likes them still wire fences florescent bulbs, is shorting out of the each final that goes to a ballast. I have not treated inductive ballasts so that I am not sure is wired differently. Can say you that the boss of ballast regulates would cause the enormous fireworks the show yes so only installs these and toe a transmission.
There where any instruction in bypassing a ballast to be found, thank the advantage has read some descriptions, reasons have wired to Like I the different mark the moment for behind quell'wired for the partner. Some aim of only instructions to substitute some bulbs, ossia everything ! And according to a description of laws of product with soyost' ballasts. It have to that declare work with soyost' inductive ballasts. In all the chance, A thing of ballast would owe that be the moot point in all the chance. If it love savings of true money, taking rid of a ballast! And dipped some instructions that show a simple way of the , LOL!
Is also be in his place of web, and could not see any of some instructions has had on there...
Has added the modified pic that some the correct instructions would have that resembles bypass a ballast. It is a lot easy, only fact of the turn sure a breaker was before facing this like this the DIY project. I took everything of 20 minutes...
5 / 5 Joie
When Finally installed these lights look of sound, brilliant and amiably warm. I recommend to take one hiela some for the regular decor.
Expected to lazy is gone in these and like this bought 'the Compatible ballast' version... Which has not done at all.(At least with ballasts of mine, which are quite modern). If you are in the alike place, can DIY install them. It sees down:
0) are not an electrician, comes from in your own risk
1) will be to do with electricity, probably in the ladder. As I will need some common sense and preferably train of security to survive a work:
- does not trust the light transmission - has closed down a pertinent braker, any one could walk on you and toe he on so only when you are resisting a &60;hot final&62;...
- Safety goggles of use and gloves when doing with fluorescent bulbs, when mishandled swipe on spectacularly, but does not love it to be a last what sees.
- Also will require these: IRWIN Boss Stripper and these fellas: Terminals of Ray of the Connectors,with Dice to Transfer
does not ask me the one who is coming up with these names. It would like to know a history also.
2) Ploughs a fixture and look in a ballast (what black big in a half). You hopefully see something like the blacks&of white bosses that goes in and some the bosses coloreados that exited of him. Yard 'in everything free near of an organism of ballast. ( You could it wants to it take a ballast was to arrive to this point, or leave it there, any)
3) Band and given-connect the white boss to a colour has released bosses to go to some left of you fixture, connects black to one some that goes to some legislations. See a semi-detached image to take the better idea.
To be sincere sometimes also forgets that the side is well, but in this chance is totally fresh - the alternating current does not concern (the difference of a significant another of mine)
4) Attentively tuck all behind, dipped a coverage on and click a new has DIRECTED lights in.
Turns a braker retreated on, toe a light transmission and yes was lucky will see a light.

5) If on the instructions are too hard... Call your association of electrician or at least film the one who does to take to the to some like onr youtube. Good regime!
5 / 5 Fay
UPDATE 2015-12-09 - These bulbs have been in still on 6 months in my tent and has been brilliant and the free question. I recommend Not using these bulbs with the ballast, bypass a ballast or the appeal was entirely. It sees down. To good sure go with a 4000K the bulbs like this is still in a blue side of aim and does not have any idea because any one would want to included bluer 5000K how is like this the freshest colour of light that any normal inner type to light. The majority of the good interior that the lights in your house is in fact roughly 2700K.

UPDATE 2015-04-10: After my initial glowing description, two of these burned bulbs was after less than 2 hours. It was not it was the question with a ballast in a fixture, this in spite of was the new mark fixture. I have finalised to pull a ballast and rewiring for direct AC to these bulbs. I recommend that any one although at all possible. I know these say that they are compatible ballast . . . But all the ballasts result the question finally and I now the chairs is the very better idea for rasgarles was now and be fact with him, take a question mark. This promise of bulbs to be like this effective that are to return a defective some and animal-has ordered. I will update my stars that resupplies there is not any question further.

has bought one 4,000K version of freezing diffuser, this in spite of has had few descriptions of these particular tubes. A lot good. I am comparing this to an installation of the two old year a lot modern T8 big bay fixture with big efficiency, polished to reflect, and the conventional fluorescent tubes new, and these Hyperikons is upper in the each way LIKE THIS FAR. The longevity is an only thing can not have any idea roughly to arrive to this point. A light colour thinks is quite well for my studio of art of the workshop. My fluorescent tubes are all more blue. Brightness Is roughly like this well like 32W T8 fluorescent, and in only 18W ossia the saver of big energy . A big advantage with a FOCUSED is that some light so only begins a side more than emanating everywhere a tube. For this calms does not have to that worry in a quality of a rear reflector of a fixture - a lot included need the reflector behind.
Has dipped four of these to the new Lithonia 4-tube fixture, which being nothing special . I have feigned to bypass that fixture ballast entirely, but result to be devilishly difficult to take in him. Felizmente Calms does not have to that bypass at all with these bulbs like the tones that sells the point is that they do with or without ballasts. Calm purportedly obtain some efficiency without ballast, and does not have to that concern roughly that the burns was. But obviously it is simpler further of chance so only to burst some tubes in without rewiring to the equal that are adds to be able to do that here.
You so only reason I deduct the star is that some instructions of paper that coming with some tubes are confusing and in fact dangerous. There it is that it clashes and unclear pages, a duquel declares that there ought to be still to focus or sticker that shows an end of some tubes as having the neutral and hot pin in a same side and which is that. THIS Is not The CHANCE. Some two pins in the each one of some finals of tube are together wire fences in some tubes have received, as one finalises of a tube would be a side of AC and a far end of a tube would owe that be another end (and does not look to import the one who final is hot or neutral.) Perhaps some of his tubes come of the wire fences and labeled differently, does not know . But there is of then paper in isolation and tried to wire the arrivals of only the heats and neutral would have you the direct short circuit in your hands, how is the dangerous authorship quite stupid to dip to to the the page likes that in of a box.
I tubes have been packed amiably in the foams box returned and has arrived quickly and without harm. The tubes look probably a lot like this fragile like fluorescent glass and probably any such one environmental worry with the components of bad powder break .
A lot economic, but yes burn these lights for 8 hrs the day will see payback in your electrical bill inside the pair, 3-4 years would think. Also when being LEDs would have to that be able to flick his on and has gone with the transmission of wall or with the motion that fixes of commentaries to save even more energy, without concerning in a longevity to tube like this with fluorescent.
Buying 4 more.
4 / 5 Myesha
Are any electrician , but can rewire the light or the transmission of wall. If you are upgrading an old fluorescent fixture to take to a modern age with this beautiful has has DIRECTED lights, and SO ONLY feel sure that it can you to it do a rewiring correctly so that it calms a lot neither electrocute calm or burn your house down ( there is any question in your alcohol, takes to the electrician has authorised to do this work), then rewire this old fixtures, takes a ballast and enjoy these lights. I took hours to look video of Youtube ridiculous that spends 10 minutes that objective any one fights with bosses to undress and three seconds that gloss in that in fact I need to rewire a fixtures. If, I like him, of calm does not have does this prime with the fluorescent fixture, ossia the one who precise knows: it Finds a breaker of pertinent circuit in your poster and enclosed quell'has been before calm anything, and the leave was until all more is completed. A need of old bulbs to be rotated 90 terracings (protects of eye of the wear so that you shatter you will not suffer some ocular disaster) and there is pulled directly down to take them out of a fixture. It takes a long dish of a fixture (usually resisted in place for the pair of tabs of metal.) You will see the jumble of bosses and the black, oblong inner of boxes. A black box is a BALLAST that is the current regulator and the necessary component of the fluorescent light. It is not required with LEDs. It fails over time and continuous squander energy (money) leaves in place. And substantially it adds to a weight of a fixture. Exiting of a ceiling is a wiring of house , which would have to have the black boss 'hot', the white boss 'neutral', and the coffins spent grounding boss. Mark sure a grounding the boss is attached to a ray in a house of a fixture. Cut some bosses that goes to a ballast with the cutter of boss, and that uses the wrench of socket, undo a die this is resisting to ballast to a fixture. It takes a ballast and the launch was. Some bulbs am revising is a DUAL-has has FINALISED bulbs, in those common flows the arrivals of a bulb, by means of a circuitry and LEDs and out of another end of a bulb. A fixture would owe that have several bosses have attached to an end, and the different-colored dipped of the bosses have attached to another end. Precise gathers on all some bosses in an arrival and ensure with the die of boss to any of some bosses that exited of a ceiling. Some bosses have attached to another end of a fixture is ensured to another boss that exited of a ceiling with the die of boss. In mine five fixtures, has had the yellow bosses in some arrivals of a fixture that has attached to a white boss in a ceiling, and blue and red bosses have attached to another end of a fixture which have attached to a black boss in a ceiling. Mina fixtures is on 30 years and I have broken three tombstones (these connectors in a fixture that controls a bulb) on take some old fluorescent bulbs, but these are replaceable (door one broken one to the tent of hardware if this spends your, and take the new one of a same measure.) I all a wiring before some the new bulbs is looked of Amazon, and is ten minutes to install 7 of them in a rewired fixtures. They are good-looking. A plus sews -- I place the big sign in the each one fixture -- 'ANY INTERIOR of BALLAST'-- like this any in a future does not decide to dip the backside of fluorescent bulb in there. Although it is highly unlikely that any one .
4 / 5 Orpha
Has has not had never he florescent substitution of bulb this good. A colour is perfect. A quality is exceptional. I have been concerned to be necessary rewire some of mine fixtures reason a lot of sound T12 (and say you could has to that rewire T12 is). This in spite of, calm only need to bypass MAGNETIC ballasts and many new T12 fixtures uses an ELECTRONIC ballast. But to the equal that know how is that? Simple, take the picture of the yours light to exist with your mobile phone. Zoom In the bit and the tap in a bulb likes to take an exposure a possible fast plus ( has to that darkness of look out of a zone of bulb). If a bulb is lit equally, has the big frequency the electronic ballast newer and a lot of rewiring is necessary. It sees pic1 vs pic2. If you see waves or of the bands, calm then has an older frequency, under magnetic ballast and will require to cut some bosses and bypass he (which is not hard!). My workshop is almost 3x brilliant And am using less electricity. I WANT these bulbs. They are which has been moment to. :D I like a freezing version reason has a less quantity of glare.
5 / 5 Raguel
First, aims it; you recommend having the bulb only fixture seating around that you hard boss to be able covers it to a outlet. When you are buying these things in 20+ bands, he casualidad is goes to have some bulbs of not doing; I have been averaging roughly a failure for twenty bulbs. I have been trying them they so that it arrives so that I am able to file the claim immediately, and Hyperikon has managed it always properly, but am not sure like this would do yes calms had them seating in the shelf for the first year of prpers prpers gives has had the bad a.

Another pours further of this is can find that some employees complain in a barren colour in 5000K, or wants to complain but to no. Personally likes 5of k in my office, but has found that in my office, there has to that well sure the sprain of more the personnel that prefers a 4000K colour temp has begun once ask; they did not have on spoken. So many, deploying in the middle of work, can wants to try both times by heart and ask around more than assuming all the world loves the if they have not said otherwise. 4k Is to good sure dramatically warmer that 5k, but games to lose the personal preference.
4 / 5 Noelle
Has tired ballasts and fluorescent tubes quitting or that requires to cover in our cochera and a flickering light. Also IT HATES to treat old fluorescent tubes. They have come a lot very packed and has protected. As it take these. I have had to that have some ballasts take or some lights a lot always come on. Now I have light of instant of better quality. The installation was quite easy - husband he. Oh And a company emailed special instructions on like this to take ballasts and properly boss - real easy. BUT now our radio of cochera old has the terrible buzz. Ossia The surprise . It can require to king-read some instructions that was emailed ours. Resisting behind in the star for durability ignored and one thus RF interference. It does not listen a lot of buzz of one lights him and love a light.
4 / 5 Yasuko
Ours cochera has the very big ceiling. You trace in this ceiling is 3 4-light, 4 fluorescent foot fixtures. They have not done entirely we have moved of then in. Each one which so it has had the bad ballast ( there is 2 for fixture) as so only 2 lights would light in the each one. Really I have it has not wanted the substitute some ballasts and maintain touching taking up with fluorescent bulbs. They are amused any to install in all the chance. I have looked in new CONCENTRATED fixtures but would not have a same impression, is quite expensive and unwieldy to install for calm.
Has begun to look in retrofitting with has has DIRECTED bulbs - but more retrofit LEDs use some ballasts in a fixture so it has been of tower in squared one facing an unpleasant task to substitute some ballasts and then some bulbs.
After researching a subject has found this direct boss LEDs (yes, these will leave you to maintain some ballasts in master but that mark little sense) that access in a space for the T8 or T12 bulb. All have to that do is bypass and take some ballasts and calm arrival with brilliants, energy effective bulbs with some enormous lifespan.
When Lame house of the travesía business, one 12 I had ordered was while mine. 2 1/2 hours later, all 6 ballasts are in some rubbishes, a fixtures is king wired and some new bulbs in place. For some first time have moved of then here, has full light in a cochera.

Bypassing Some ballasts was sincere and some easy instructions to follow.

Has added a freezing version to my master and more small cupboard 2ft versions to other cupboards. It can not be pleased more with some results.
4 / 5 Leena
Have are fluorescent fixtures in basement of mine. On done the year some ballasts are exited in two of a fixtures. I have contacted a company, and unless it was the perfectionist , would not sell me him! Really? So many, any light in mine fixtures until I have discovered the one who easy is to rewire mine fixtures! It take some lights today and plant them in. Mina fixtures use 4 tubes, has dipped two of one 4000 lumen tubes in the each one of a some I rewired. Wow, Enough it bite it more brilliant that some another. It can have put one in the each one, but loved him to look symmetrical. Has 8 more T-8 bulbs have left. When they burn it has been it will be to substitute his with these! Has two fixtures this uses a T-12s and I not having more than them, like this hopefully for this summer will be changed on.

Is thinking Roughly changing your fixtures on, these are utmost bulbs . I will be to go back here to buy 8 more bulbs for basement of mine. I probably transmission out of my bulbs in my cochera in my cabin also!


Mina flourescent the tubes are exited in a last of mine fixtures in a basement. These times have been with one 5,000 lumen bulbs. Wished had used the ones of a start. To good sure taking 5,000s for my cochera in my cabin!

A picture is for a T-8 fixtures I rewired. A T-12s is the little different. I have had more bosses. The inferior line is all some bosses of one finalises of some sockets go to aims and all some bosses of another end goes to black. Not going to expect for my bulbs the burn is gone in a cabin to substitute them. I go him to substitute with which opens on my cabin in a cradle.
4 / 5 Emogene
Has read to plot of some descriptions of one star and find that many some subjects can be the result of a claim that is compatible ballast. Simple and simple is better of bypassing a ballast. There are different classes of the ballast and some lights are not compatible with everything. Ossia An only reason for 4 stars more than 5.

Pros- Some instructions are in fact quite good. Mark so only takes a variety be able to you to an or to both. Ossia Key. They are labeled. They say 'AC Gone in' and yes is in some arrivals then a side of some bosses to the each bulb go to neutral (white) and some other 2 bosses (one of the each tombstone) the heat (black).
He Goes 'AC Gone in' in BOTH THEN the PLACE FINALISES the neutral to 2 bosses in an end and a hot boss to two bosses in another end. Each tombstone active neither one or 2 bosses. If there are two bosses in a tombstone then covers one of them with the die of boss. Calm of only precise boss to a boss in the each one tombstone.
Am guessing the majority of one in of the llamas on and smoking etc. has been due to wrong wiring.
2. Has thinks that that they were packaged well. Each bulb in the box with plastic protectors in a prongs and then everything in another box and finally a box of Amazon. If any ship has abused would owe that be well.
3. It likes-me an aluminium that backs that it maintain him of sagging. They look sturdy compared to some another FOCUSED the tubes have bought.
4. A light is well and corrected so that it has ordered. It take one HIELA reason likes him a reviewer does not want to see of a brilliant light of a FOCUSED. Nizza And brilliant.

Gilipollas: So only that is to list so that the compatible ballast and can not be at any rate . I have ordered reason have had hard wire fence fixtures with the DEAD ballast to the equal that have has wanted to something concealed bypass.

Top Customer Reviews: 5W UV 395nm LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Ona
I have used this partorisca cure touch on produced in the rim of car wheel in the 12 hr period. Fact perfectly partorisca that.

This in spite of doubt this would resist on the long term has regulated repeatedly a gooseneck. No a subject in this point of prize, but is not the five product of star.

In general am pleased with him, and probably will use it partorisca cure UV the clear DISCHARGE has actuated, produced, and other materials partorisca small projects in a future.
4 / 5 Lonnie
Uv Utmost of works read partorisca cure Resins. But a point a toneless plus of this product is a clip. I clipped the to my office and no along with which a clip has broken. See a picture. Has has had to that also do the stabilizer partorisca a flexible arm. Maintain partorisca fall on do to remain where has required quell' does not want to annoy with the turn but he so only found haha..
4 / 5 Aimee
I amour that can clip this anywhere and take a right corner I need. Utilisation this to cure UV to resin and work perfectly. Súper Brilliant, compatible, strong flexible root, solid build, strong clamp with cushioning. The value adds for a prize, highly recommend.
4 / 5 Juliana
Uses this partorisca flash cure apres gel X nails . Also he very still flash curing version to sew of nail excluyente of full coverage gel tips of nail.
4 / 5 Danilo
Luz adds, the works perfect partorisca uv felt of knot I use in my knots to fish.
4 / 5 Silva
Uses this product to cure resin for my fly that bank of bows. A clamp ensures a light to my office and a flexibility of a light leave me to situate a light wherever can require it to cure resin in my flies.
5 / 5 Willette
Took it so only. How it is a lot like this far.
5 / 5 Arnita
Done well,clamp is strong, lite is adiquate
5 / 5 Cassandra
A usb discharges to be able to and instead of the power of the line is very convenient. An only thing that loses is the timer to cure glues and resins.

Top Customer Reviews: Legrand - Pass ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5
The cost verified has ordered 6 of these partorisca see the one who a quality was as I am modifying 8- 4 ft florescent fixtures in slope in the height of ceiling of 11 ft partorisca 60 equivalent of watt has DIRECTED lights. They are too Shakey partorisca use the ladder a lot to often partorisca change some tube more a LEDs will rid lighter in 50 of a power. I have ordered 10 more. Also they will be easier that powder in my tent of forest that means more day partorisca light of day.
4 / 5
The cost verified has very required these partorisca the project. It can not find a lot of pics of a backside, as it has known does not have terminal of ray, or the short bosses have attached. ( I have required a type of ray) HE these have rays in a backside, 2 of the each one in fact. It looks very built partorisca a price. Shopping again.
5 / 5
Quality of Production partorisca Purchase checked looks well, and a price is unbeatable ... The question is, this headline of light no dipped to walk in the box to cross of octagon rule (he 'rocks', no in the good way). I have improvised to situate a inverted coverage of vase among a box and title of light to take the stable base for a headline of light to rest on ( does not know he - a coverage of the vase cost more than a headline of light he).
4 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia the substitution adds partorisca a headline of light of the cochera, but calm has to use you own bosses to connect to a headline of light. This is not pre-wired to connect to one that exists box of main electrical light with one in existent electrical bosses. I have had to take some bosses of a light title no working to a headline of new light, and work. I have finalised also use some old rays, in the place of some new rays has distributed with this headline of light, reason some rays have distributed to this headline of light is too short for my application.
5 / 5
The cost verified has done of my God has to that be careful with them. A frail the grandma of 106 years can run over these in his boss and any flinch.....
4 / 5
The cost has verified This is to be build like this economic that pauses so only screwing in the light bulb.
5 / 5
Spent the creation has checked Quite simple. There is not coming with rays of trace (but yes is doing work in other places you prob have other 20 insiemi). Right of ray of the bulbs in and is was. This is to use with a ultra the cochera focused brilliant lights so it does not anticipate the changing punctual ... But the does not see a subject has has had to that!
4 / 5
Spent the look has checked likes will be enough of of confidence for a cost. It can not be a better in the zone of the substitution of bulb has weighed, thinks the plot of has repeated the transmissions and would fall to avert but the work adds in my tent or any where in my house.
4 / 5
The cost has checked Plastic base. Two rays of money partorisca aims of neural bosses and two gold partorisca black. I have used partorisca electrical testing to deternines like some the old transmissions in my house have been wired Partorisca $ these creatures are a lot of value a price and perfect so that it has required.
4 / 5
The shabby use checked these simple lights in mine outbuilding, economic and easy to install and any needs partorisca special bulbs- just use a regular CONCENTRATED or CFL the for all more.
5 / 5
I have very required these partorisca the project. It can not find a lot of pics of a backside, as it has known does not have terminal of ray, or the short bosses have attached. ( I have required a type of ray) HE these have rays in a backside, 2 of the each one in fact. It looks very built partorisca a prize. Shopping again.
4 / 5
Has ordered 6 of these partorisca see the one who a quality was as I am modifying 8- 4 ft florescent fixtures in slope in the height of ceiling of 11 ft partorisca 60 equivalent of watt has DIRECTED lights. They are too Shakey partorisca use the ladder a lot to often partorisca change some tube more a LEDs will rid lighter in 50 of a power. I have ordered 10 more. Also they will be easier that powder in my tent of forest that means more day partorisca light of day.
5 / 5
Be conscious, if you are in EUA, where the electrical bosses are fat and rigid, will find partorisca attach bosses to this really defiant socket.
Comes with round rays, in place of plans, as when you tight a boss with a ray in fact slips the result concealed quite free and for a press to time everything inside a box, so only unplug, with a risk of a hot boss that touches something more and go short circuit.
Are sure if you do not have any thinner/boss rigid, this will do perfectly, so only giving 1 accident of then is selling in EUA and his has rounded the rays are unsuitable here to maintain a boss firmly in place.
4 / 5
Quality of looks of production well, and a prize is unbeatable ... The question is, this headline of light no dipped to walk in the box to cross of octagon rule (he 'rocks', no in the good way). I have improvised to situate a inverted coverage of vase among a box and title of light to take the stable base for a headline of light to rest on ( does not know he - a coverage of the vase cost more than a headline of light he).
5 / 5
Ossia The substitution adds for a headline of light of the cochera, but calm has to use you own bosses to connect to a headline of light. This is not pre-wired to connect to one that exists box of main electrical light with one in existent electrical bosses. I have had to take some bosses of a light title no working to a headline of new light, and work. I have finalised also use some old rays, in the place of some new rays has distributed with this headline of light, reason some rays have distributed to this headline of light is too short for my application.
5 / 5
Laws a lot well! Pefect So that I require it to them to do. Easy to install!
4 / 5
Ossia The quite sturdy fixture has done out of plastic, but does not have the connection of earth. Any one the dice of boss am required like the terminals have rays for installation. I have been required the paste out of an interior that tabs of trace to locate to my ceiling, some tabs to exist were too wide, but has burst was quite easily. I have installed the low light of Amazon his this has 5 has DIRECTED lights in the, 1 descendants that accosts and 4 poster lateralmente that rule, and now my office is really brilliant! Utmost cost for the Economic Prize!
5 / 5
This is to be build like this economic that pauses so only screwing in the light bulb.
4 / 5
Likes another has declared this can empty with installation in boxes to cross of octagon of metal. A plastic does not have the flat connection to a box to cross and has the empty light. A quality of plastic mussel is decent for a prize. Connecting a level 14 awg the wiring give worry with a type of rays of round of the sides of the lore has used in a underside to a socket of bulb. These have been purchased he so that it can install these deformable lights in a cochera.
4 / 5
For the $ 1 these mountains are utmost. Especially for installations read new. If utilisations Corncob Bulbs, the regular bulbs or a 3 leaf have DIRECTED is taste to him has used in this install in my cochera of Sisters. Easy installs use 'yellow fork lugs' to do your connections.. Fact of the hard Plastic. Any Ceramic, as any need to concern roughly breaking or busting he up. I call these 'Edison Remonta' to the equal that could be wrong but good sounds.
5 / 5
It does not have very expected with him when being plastic and ossia exactly that has taken. It is economic but also cheaply has done. I have ordered two of them and one of them a contact has while broken tries presionar a ray. Any big shot because I have had the different one that has had to that seat around. Ossia One of those “ takings like stops of pay”. If you are looking for basic fixture for your cochera or nave, ossia. So only be sweet while installing.
5 / 5
Has done of my God has to that be careful with them. A frail the grandma of 106 years can run over these in his boss and any flinch.....
4 / 5
Plastic economic with 4 rays and no green ray for boss of earth. The same instructions say the neutral hook (green) boss to green ray. With which a lot times partorisca trip a breaker and changing the bosses around took it finally with which accuse of the elimination that bosses of transmissions of some 4 rays in backsides. It has done his does like this far but one installs was the ache.
4 / 5
Has had this installed in my cochera for the week. It adjust a bulb and as I turned it a coverage of the interior of a connector rasgó free. Basically that means any way to ray anything his now. It have not applied a lot of force. It feels like a creation was very bad fact. A lot of dissatisfaction.
5 / 5
Ossia The product adds for a prize. I have attacked of the star for sturdiness reason have had one of a pause of mountains of the ray and another have had a metal prong come free with which 14 AWG the boss has been dipped in place. In this point of prize although I can not complain a lot. They treat well.
5 / 5
Again, taste to him has explained in a last Keyless Headline of Light to please accept the recommendations of the amazon when purchasing a defender of 3 fashions luzco of the cochera adjustable FOCUSED. For following some recommendations all will come near a lot easily and work amiably. Thank you.
4 / 5
Draws quite simple. There is not coming with rays of trace (but yes is doing work in other places you prob have other 20 insiemi). Right of ray of the bulbs in and is was. This is to use with a ultra the cochera focused brilliant lights so it does not anticipate the changing punctual ... But the does not see a @@subject has has had to that!
4 / 5
All will say in this product is that I installed it quickly and his creation has left that process to be quite easy. Any look of materials to be solid and more probably last in fact a lot of years. Shopping another of these when a time comes.
5 / 5
Has been SURPRISED of eas of installation and a aussum quantity of light entirely
Lit on mine 2 cochera car ADDS more than
I I was able to use my power to exist supply of mine florescent lite
Now in of the rubbishes
5 / 5
to to look likes will be enough of of confidence for a cost. It can not be a better in the zone of the substitution of bulb has weighed, pensa in plot of has repeated the transmissions and would fall to avert but the work adds in my tent or any where in my house.

Top Customer Reviews: 100pcs 12V 3mm red ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Ines
Blinking After the week. Going partorisca have to that the transmission was and is the ache !
4 / 5 Jolyn
Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Dorine
Extremely brilliant light. A lot too brilliant partorisca use in the control of transmission of street of poster of model.