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1 first StarTech.com USB 3.0 to DVI / VGA Adapter - 2048x1152 - External Video & Graphics Card - Dual Monitor Display Adapter Cable - Supports Mac & Windows (USB32DVIPRO) StarTech.com USB 3.0 to DVI / VGA Adapter - 2048x1152 - External Video & Graphics Card - Dual Monitor Display Adapter Cable - Supports Mac & Windows (USB32DVIPRO) By StarTech
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2 StarTech.com 3ft Power Extension Cord (NEMA 5-15R to NEMA 5-15P) - Heavy Duty 16 AWG AC Power Cable - 125V, 13A (PAC1013) StarTech.com 3ft Power Extension Cord (NEMA 5-15R to NEMA 5-15P) - Heavy Duty 16 AWG AC Power Cable - 125V, 13A (PAC1013) By StarTech
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3 best StarTech.com Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter - 1080p - Single Link - Active - Mini DP (Thunderbolt) to DVI Monitor Adapter (MDP2DVIS) StarTech.com Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter - 1080p - Single Link - Active - Mini DP (Thunderbolt) to DVI Monitor Adapter (MDP2DVIS) By StarTech
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4 StarTech.com 20Gbps Thunderbolt 3 Cable - 3.3ft/1m - Black - 4k 60Hz - Certified TB3 USB-C to USB-C Charger Cord w/ 100W Power Delivery (TBLT3MM1M) StarTech.com 20Gbps Thunderbolt 3 Cable - 3.3ft/1m - Black - 4k 60Hz - Certified TB3 USB-C to USB-C Charger Cord w/ 100W Power Delivery (TBLT3MM1M) By StarTech
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5 StarTech.com 16.4ft Active USB 3.0 Extension Cable with AC Power Adapter - Shielded - Male to Female USB USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type A (5Gbps) Extender (USB3AAEXT5M) StarTech.com 16.4ft Active USB 3.0 Extension Cable with AC Power Adapter - Shielded - Male to Female USB USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type A (5Gbps) Extender (USB3AAEXT5M) By StarTech
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6 StarTech.com 30ft USB 3.0 USB-A to USB-B Cable - M/M - Active - USB Type-A to USB Type-B Cable - USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gbps) Cable (USB3SAB10M) StarTech.com 30ft USB 3.0 USB-A to USB-B Cable - M/M - Active - USB Type-A to USB Type-B Cable - USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gbps) Cable (USB3SAB10M) By StarTech
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7 StarTech.com 2m (6ft) Long Black Apple 8-pin Lightning Connector to USB Cable for iPhone / iPod / iPad - Charge and Sync Cable (USBLT2MB) StarTech.com 2m (6ft) Long Black Apple 8-pin Lightning Connector to USB Cable for iPhone / iPod / iPad - Charge and Sync Cable (USBLT2MB) By StarTech
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8 StarTech.com 3 ft. (0.9 m) USB to Mini USB Cable - USB 2.0 A to Mini B - White - Mini USB Cable (USB2HABM3) StarTech.com 3 ft. (0.9 m) USB to Mini USB Cable - USB 2.0 A to Mini B - White - Mini USB Cable (USB2HABM3) By StarTech
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9 StarTech.com 3 ft HDMI to DVI-D Cable - HDMI to DVI Adapter / Converter Cable - 1x DVI-D Male, 1x HDMI Male - Black, 3 feet (HDDVIMM3) StarTech.com 3 ft HDMI to DVI-D Cable - HDMI to DVI Adapter / Converter Cable - 1x DVI-D Male, 1x HDMI Male - Black, 3 feet (HDDVIMM3) By StarTech
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10 StarTech.com DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI Adapter - 4K 30Hz - Active Audio Video Converter for DP Laptop Computers and HDMI Monitor Displays (DP2HD4KS) StarTech.com DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI Adapter - 4K 30Hz - Active Audio Video Converter for DP Laptop Computers and HDMI Monitor Displays (DP2HD4KS) By StarTech
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Top Customer Reviews: StarTech.com USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Cassie
I have purchased this previously the Yosemite when it was on 10.9 and was fearful of upgrading to and no in that has some engine be compatible. I have bitten One bundle tonight and lucky that everything does like this first and feels slightly snappier.

Here is my current setup:
11' MacBook Air (Mid-2013) with 8GB RAM and Intel i7
(2) 30' Exposures in 2560x1600 resolution with DisplayPort
(1) CalTech ()

Of one 11' MacBook Airs so only has a Ray, but in concrete, a DisplayPort, has had to that buy this USB 3.0 adapter of video to run mine 3rd exposure. As has the boss of Ray that goes to a CalDigit Canal of Ray, then of there that, has the displayPort in disposal the Exposure 1 and an USB 3.0 to DisplayPort the adapter that goes the Exposure 2. I also run a MacBook the air has closed, but could use likes to 3rd exposure there is wanted .

To take things to do, has required to run a 2.3 Beta Mac Engine that was 2.3 Beta of the website of a costruttore while in 10.9 to take things to do. It is useable, while you have not required the frame has imposed a lot fast. Now that I upgraded to , all the work and my surprise, is noticeably faster that before. UI The transparency is not sustained well in a 2nd exposure with an engine of USB. In general, I am really happy, this in spite of reason some taxes of frame are quickly enough to explore a web, video of clock, and work. They are able to press some limits of one 11' MacBook the air until a day comes where begin of Apple with the new 11' MacBook Air that can he 2 DisplayPort the exposures without that have to that daisy canal.

So that they can ask reasons has not bought two exposures of Ray, has done and well of law for me, but no for my woman. It falls The Windows in his Mac for the work and some Exposures of Ray no consistently with his far terminal connection.

Here is some links to some engine:

UPDATE 2/12/16: I upgraded to an USB 3.0 to 4K DisplayPort the adapter and is much faster refresh for my setup now.
StarTech USB 3.0 To 4K DisplayPort Outside Fine Adapter of Map of Video of Monitor - USB 3.0 Paper of Video - Ultra HD 4K (USB32DP4K)
5 / 5 Mike
has bought this adapter reason require the economic way to add the second external monitor to the mine Macbook Pro, which so only has a port of Ray. They are a lot of satisified with this product. The installation of some engine was quickly and painless. An adapter has done immediately. When you Cover your monitor sees this adapter, has the momentary delay of probably the averages the second, then your external monitor comes the life. I connect my monitor DVI port to this thing, and take resolution of full screen . So only I have two quibbles, which joint to prevent me to give these 5 stars:
1) does not know reason but my Mac still looks retard down slightly while I am driving the second monitor has seen this adapter.
2) Different with an external monitor has connected has seen Ray/mini-DisplayPort, which agrees everything of some windows these 'alive' in this monitor' desk, this one forgets everything of some placings of window. Every time you unplug this of a port of USB of a laptop, everything of some windows in snapping behind to a screen of laptop and does not move behind to an external monitor automatically when you cover an adapter behind in.

Another that these two annoyances, work perfectly well. A prize is to good sure well.
5 / 5 Janean
The way adds to add an extra monitor... I have used this to add the third monitor to the mine mac mini.... My only complaint with this product is that I am exited of my way to take the USB 3.0 paper of video, reason have listened USB 2.0 is not really quickly enough to sustain video properly... These produced are announced like this fully compatible with both Mac YOU and Windows... This in spite of, when I have received a product there is remarked in a box has said that with Mac is not compatible with USB 3.0 and for this careers in 2.0 speeds.
5 / 5 Whitley
Another adds Startech has produced. I am using this to connect an old plus Samsung 24' monitor to the mine MacBook Air (2013). Has the Dell 24' connected by means of a port of exposure and a Samsung using a Startech USB 3 adapter. This give the three monitor (counting a MacBook exposed he) setup and a lot spatial of screen. An adapter is quickly in a connection of USB. I am experiencing a lot of noticeable lag--included touching video. I have tried this same setup using an older USB 2 video (VGA) adapter but a lag was too annoying to be useful. Upgrading To this new USB 3 adapter has done all a difference!

The installation was quite easy. You owe that install an engine a late plus of a Startech put for an adapter to do. Ossia Easy to do and there are directions has comprised in a packaging.
5 / 5 Dusty
Is recently state has issued one of these 'ultrabook' portable the fashionable and no longer can use my port of laptop replicator. With a port-rep, has used the two monitor setup and has does not have to that never open a screen of laptop. A ultrabook can not be used in this way. Has not founding the way to maintain a screen of laptop has closed, but am using to to this product likes him to him the paper of video for monitor two. An action with my Dell Ultrasharp the monitor has been súper. Any one questions of video at all. Easy installs; on and that careers in just the pocolos small. It was the little nervous roughly he because of a canal of signal am using. Monitor the paper of video to USB 3.0 four-port hub to a laptop. Like this far, everything is well. (Also, three other devices are plugged to a hub.) An only reason are not that giving to 5 indication of star is that I have had to that unplug/replug he of an USB hub the little time for the take to wake up. If I discover it conceal it is really one the fault of a hub or a laptop, will change to 5 stars. To good sure buy this produces again.
4 / 5 Timothy
Are the leading owner of the .SEE2 Xtreme UV200 Paper of Video of Adapter of Eclipse and external USB SEE2 UV150 VGA Paper of External Video (TRI904050001/04/1) of Tritton. Any of them correctly with OSX (highland Lion). From time to time they would freeze a screen.

There is like this ordered a DVI version and took it installed in mine Macbook Pro Collects 2011 and work perfectly with the 24 monitor of thumb in 1920x1200.

A time of response is quite well for the external paper (hardly note a difference when tugging windows), probably because of a USB3.

Has downloaded some new engine of his web of place. Using he for the week with my LG Electronic 24.ºB23PY-B 24 thumb Widescreen 5,000,000:1 5ms VGA/DVI/DisplayPort/USB has DIRECTED LCD
5 / 5 Shante
am using this with the 2016 MacBook Air 13' with 8RAM of Action.

Is doing really well. I give an extra external monitor when in my office, and is awesome. Lag Is like this minimum any one I same see it. Still no tests to look a HD film by means of him, but extremely quickly a lot-the-less.

- Economic
- Light-hanged (easy to take with me)
- Simple - just requires an open USB 2 or 3 port (USB 3 goes to treat much better).

- Has to that find one downloads the piece of software ( the engine in still a Pref Bread in MacOS) to do do. I have not been conscious of that, neither expecting it, like this for a prime minister little has bitten thought that quell'was defective.
4 / 5 Lucilla
Downloads of authorship- I am using this with a HP slender cradle. This leave to drive the third HDMI exposure. It looks to have @@subject after the cold boot in time. And if the unplug and replug can he also scaly was. They are sure ossia the subject of the engine but a costruttore does not have to that fix he that can say.

In no way the breaker to treat and in all other appearances these works to the equal that has feigned. Quality of picture and action (of applications of light office) is a lot of snappy.
5 / 5 Byron
Ossia The product adds , but are quell'has bitten disappointed for a big more CPU use. Has the laptop with the only VGA start, but has required the 2nd true monitor (any one so only an exposure of laptop). If the activity spends in a monitor, a DisplayLinkManagerApplication can run a lot big and included take a full resource of the alone core that dips my CPU uses in 25.

Require this for the 2nd monitor that is used slightly (email, windows of browsers, etc.), Work well.

Does not plan to use exposure like this primary. Every time a laptop goes to sleep and an USB is disconnected, everything of icons and desks transmission of settings to a true primary monitor.
4 / 5 Brandon
The product adds! I have had another usb 3.0 to dvi/hdmi the adapters and has had visible lag in action, has compared my entrance of ray. This in spite of, with east, has no visible lag, but adds performace. I am not touching games, but I conference of video gives and such and the law ADDS for that. Thank you.

Top Customer Reviews: StarTech.com 3ft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Shasta
A Startech 6ft the cord of Extension is exactly that has required. It is partorisca have that heavy and has utmost connectors that it is a lot has done. There is empty polarised partorisca 2 prong devices. It is estimated in 13 Amps in 125 Volts or 1626 Watts.

Sometimes the shortest cord is better that having the plot of unneeded the boss that hangs around and 6 ft. It is perfect partorisca my project. Startech Resupplies the variety of period in this listing of product. Nizza.

A cord of the extension is not science of rocket. It is not something wants to think too roughly. Startech HAS the very done cord and now that is still to deploy and has written this description are sure I will not require to think or worry roughly he again. Perfecto!

UPDATE Jan 24, 2018:
A tent lights this cord of has beaten of the extension has propiciado the death has substituted like this he with the FOCUS of model. While it installs a new light has been adapted that credit has done this cord of extension is. Still with which more than the year and the half is so only like new. Well, it has had some powder and the cobweb have cleared out of my zone of work of the basement :-) I have bought another of then for another purpose. I am satisfied fully and reaffirm that I think that that ossia to 5 extension of star.
4 / 5 Allison
I to good sure voided a guarantee is one . The hood Of row has bought in an economic required the box to run electrical, but these boxes sides so as a hood of row has done and is still to wire it directly to a wall. Instead, it take this . I have cut of a fine female, undressed an interior of bosses, has looked the little youtube video to result the master electrician and wired he to a hood of row. A plastic is good and thickness and a lot of insulated. Some bosses of interior are also a lot of insulated but has no inner structure to prevent bunching and a twisties that the cords take when any those who does not know like this still to coil the boss you favour and ruins your boss. Ossia The sturdy boss that will last you the long time while you do not go chopping the all up. Calm can trust me, are the youtube electrician.
4 / 5 Nettie
Has bought this cord of extension to have my microwave in a part of my counter that loved it on. Reason a outlet was further that a 3ft cord of microwave, has had to that take the cord of extension of big quality that can manage a draw of power of the microwave. This cord has done adds and some indications easily microwaves of discharge of conventional house. Mark so only sure yours the microwave will not draw spent that 13 amps of a wall.

This cord to be able to is in fact 6 feet long.

the voltage Adds and amperage indications
the period is announced like this


Additional Considerations:
Marks sure pay next attention the voltage and amperage requirements.

In general: 5/5 stars (&62;=.5 round on, &60;.5 round down) =&62; 5 stars

He has any further questions regarding a product in my description pleases to leave the commentary down and will go back your like this collected to the equal that was possible.
5 / 5 Aileen
Am worsened like this. While this cord of looks of extension to be durable, has squandered some of my points of reward is and is not 6 feet in period. It can me 5 ft 9 has been pulled to the equal that stagnate like possible and is speaking of extreme end of the each prong and no a real boss. While measuring he me @give that it was necessary order he one 8 cord is not 6 feet.
4 / 5 Brigid
Good fact and very flexible, ossia a sturdy can of 25 cord of feet of extension of the house. It is load specs is more than perfect for all the classes of around a house and uses of cocheras. Will have this cord in fact a lot of years and hundreds of uses for simply any when abusing . It is black colour is the plus. It hides all an usual scuff frames and smudges this is to choose-up during normal use, especially when you are in hurray. It coils Amiably for storage and no kink. WELL, you have found a cord of extension of the precise power. Now the buy and traces it with these electrical projects has expect! Calm will not take the better prize in your tent of centre or local hardware of house. I know, I have tried. Compraventa Amazon and ship with Cousins. (UPDATE: 6/3/'17). I so only orderly and has received one 10-ft version of this cord of same power for when I need the career of the shortest connection. Hooked Together, of course, will have the 35-ft capacity of extension--more than has to that never need around a house or cochera. A control of quality in a 10-footer was identical to a 25-footer. Both measures are recommended to everything.
5 / 5 Tobi
Has bought all the classes of cabling to the for elder of this costruttore for years for my subject (I is still in he) as I have not had any worry when situating this order for my house. I refaced my chimney and there is hanged my TV out of him, and a cord to be able to (4' longitude) will not achieve a power outlet in my cupboard of means comunicacionales without when the be has extended. It is the SÚPER tight access as I have had to that press hard to take he in there, which is fantastic. A insulation of a boss is fat and feels very durable. Thank you!
5 / 5 Sibyl
I noq has two cords of extension of this mark. Both accustom to be able the recliners in mine living room.

My living room so only has 4 outlets concealed is not controlled by light transmissions. 6 total. As I owe that extend sure things.

This cord of extension returns some accesses a bill. They look sturdy and long that last. It does not feel economic for any half.

Has decided to go with startech again. Especially of a an I already had is almost 3 years and has done perfectly.

Marie on the dot, well compraventa the need extends the powered device. It looks forward to to use this in fact a lot of years to come.
4 / 5 Landon
Has done the office done of commission and has bosses of career by means of my wall, has required the little more feet for my bosses of power of the monitors. In planting to buy 10ft bosses to be able to having bought these 6ft and 3ft cords of extension. They are cords very good to have those heavy and the fact has required him like this.

Leaves 17th 2019 (1 update of year): orderly 3 more for several projects and one to continue hand. Some originals have ordered still is going strong also. The appearance will last for ever.
5 / 5 Vina
Has bought 6 to have manually for projects, reparations, ect... Have At all negative to say in this cord. A prime minister two I has used, some the female final has been cut was for some purposes of hard wiring. Has has had to that done 16 AWG Boss of Copper Edge For behind a prize with shipping taking my stupid economic arrive and to to the boss likes him half calm in these prizes
5 / 5 Nelda
has bought the few cords/of bosses of StarTech now, and can not be beat-- have a bit few perfect measures, rugged cords, and in the plus of reasonable prize. Thus cement 3 ft cord of extension at the same time to write is, could not find the better prize for fewer still cords of qualities anywhere. StarTech I products are recommended highly!

Top Customer Reviews: StarTech.com Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Altha
The works add with my R9 295x2 and three monitors. I am using these partorisca my surround monitors while a monitor of centre is using an only DVI connector in a paper. He so only works. Plugged He in partorisca my triple monitor setup and he so only works. Has all three monitors that career in 1080p and have setup eyefinity partorisca gaming and that it can say, he so only works. If you are looking for an ACTIVE adapter partorisca be able to connect your DVI monitors to the yours mini the exposure exited of paper of port video, ossia a one that you need. Ossia Something more. It has been expecting the economic little flimsy piece of plastic... But this chair of what as it can launch them he by means of a room and he would cause any harm. Definately Recommends this to any the one who needs an active adapter. The works add and is durable.

A MDP2DVIS Mini DisplayPort to DVI Active Adapter (only-link) the leaves connect your Mini-DisplayPort source of video to the DVI-D exposure, comprising TVs and Cinemas of Apple Esposto HD, that deletes a side that has to that quell'upgrade to the DisplayPort able monitor.

The difference of adapters of passive video, this Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter offers an active conversion partorisca use with any Mini DisplayPort start - ideal partorisca papers of maps that is not able of outputting fine-way DP++ signal (p. p.ej. ATUVE Eyefinity).

Resolutions partorisca sustain until 1920x1200, this compact device resupplies the simple solution partorisca adapt PC or Mac® Mini-DisplayPort exited partorisca DVI monitors, TVs or projectors.

A Mini DP to DVI adapter is compatible with Intel® Ray™, when connected directly to the partorisca sustain DisplayPort on Scrape™ I/Or port.

Backed For the guarantee of 2 years and free lifetime technical support.

An Advantage
This Mini DisplayPort to DVI adaptadora conversion of offers of active signal, which help won a limitation of any Mini DisplayPort papers of video any when being pas able to begin the DP++ (multimode) signals
Simple to use, small form-frames of conversor of the factor Mini-DisplayPort for behind compatible with your DVI-D exposed links only
5 / 5 Roxy
has bought two of these partorisca mine XFXAMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB GDDR5 2.ºVI/HDMI/2 Mini Port of Exposure PCI-Express Paper of Video FX787ACNFC partorisca drive 2 of one 3 Samsung S23C350H Screen of 23 Thumbs DIRECTED-Monitor has lit .

Has wanted to touch around with AMD Eyefinity like this with which dipped him on, law PERFECTLY. Some houses in some adapters are solid. There it does not look to be any one aim to break where some bosses fulfil with him final of adapter.

These adapters are 100 Eyefitniy lean die, and the work adds!

My subject only with them is that a taisl in some cords are quell'has bitten short, and mine Desk (because of his measure) has to that chair out of my office. (Master fresher Haf Stacker Mod-Tour Stackable Marco "Prod. Type: If & Power Distribuisce/Atx If W/Or P.D." And have an additional Coolermaster - Master Fresher Haf Stacker 915R "Category of Product: If & Power Distribuisce/Mini Itx If" in a fund. (My chance is 4 ft big)
4 / 5 Fredric
2 or 3 years down a line would have said 5 stars, but the mine so only died after so only roughly 7 month. Unfortunately it is too late to return he for the substitution.

This has said, law like the sleep, when adapters a lot active no, reasons try to drive three monitors in a paper.

Although this usually would go against my principles, so only go to peel was for another and hope for better regime, as I am spent really for the rigamarole to take something that in fact done for me.
4 / 5 Ronnie
A prime minister an I has ordered wine and I hooked he until my monitor and he have recognised my monitor like the fake with the 640x400 resolution. It can a lot of anything with him and concealed me think that mine mini displayport bad. Plugged In the mini port of exposure to HDMI boss to see yes was my port and a thing has recognised my monitor. I ask a RMA for another reason clearly this adapter was defective. Taken my second an in an interior of topmast 3 days and I hooked that an up. Second unit a lot included recognises my monitor. Any there is the big defective batch or this adapter is not compatible with my paper of map. A product is listing likes a Eyefinity compatible active adapter in a AMD put web but clearly this thing has not done. I have ordered a Accell active adapter an and that the thing done like the charm. The lesson has learnt to spend 4 more dollars and take it well a first time.
5 / 5 Charisse
Before it use it MiniDisplay to VGA adapter and has had several subjects with him taking to do with my system. After changing to this adapter has had subjects of zeros. My only complaint would be with MiniDisplay connectors in general in this they no securely returned to the socket like VGA and DVI ports leave an user a ray some together connectors, as MiniDisplay the boss can burst was with the little wiggling.
4 / 5 Edgar
Using this with the 2013 Mac Pro to connect three exposures - two DVI (a street mini Displayport to DVI boss, a street this adapter) and a street HDMI. To to The Works so only like is supposed to. Perfecto!
5 / 5 Nicol
Has done well with Surface of Microsoft new
4 / 5 Cesar
Have the 2 x 24' setup the house with a TV FOCUSED hanged in a wall on that. It has loved the he so that it can use all three like the independent monitors and this leave me to knots for the do! A control is hooked up by means of this adapter, another legislation DVI, then a TV is linked by means of the mini-show port to HDMI boss. The cost of mark takes an active adapter, is for this that costs more than the passive a. Utmost cost.
4 / 5 Claire
Has done well out of a box. It is spent for three another active mini displayport to DVI adapters that has not done with a Surface Pro 2 docking canal, all varying in a same prize. Although it is DVI-D and has required an additional DVI-I to DIV-D adapter, finally can see my Surface Pro 2 showed in mine BIG monitor. Microsoft has wished has there was so only any screwed me on to announce a Surface Pro 3 3 month with which have bought one 2.
5 / 5 Eliana
Has after discovered a lot that looks for that need an Active adapter like this to setup the second monitor in a new more iMac port of Ray. I have bought so only an adapter locally some first time and he have not done. I have received once this of Amazon, I plugged he my iMac, the street and a screen has lit well up.

A lot Happy like this far.

Top Customer Reviews: StarTech.com 20Gbps ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Lavone
As the one who reliably ridding the signal of Ray in the plus along-that-distancie typical partorisca Ray has seen the sturdy boss, ossia perfectly well. That me little bite uneasy is that a soyating' of a boss to one of my Ray 3 devices was extremely feeble -- like any 'grab on' all a way. It was able of the take the loosely connect and stay in, but if a boss is disturbed substantially or has included slightly tugged on, start.

A device has had the question with east an Apple the sonnet of Boxes of Developer of External Map branded external GPU chance. I am not sure if some lies of failure with Sonnet or StarTech, but would think the simple physical subjects like correct connectivity would have been solved with to the levels of new generation likes them the ray 3.
4 / 5 Dannette
Wants the 40 Gb/s 6ft boss, pickings is slender and ossia one . It is managing 40 Gb/s well for my Dell XPS 15 7590 and dual DP docking canal hooked to two 4k exposures. It is the light bit loses in a connector for a Dell XPS 15. For a Lenovo T580 and T590 the cars tried it on, is really lose and the connectivity results the bit of the question. Then again Lenovo has has fallen really a ball in of the multiple ways when it comes the TB3. Some examples of pair are a T590 so only has 2 of some 4 routes hooked on, a T580 only looks to have 2 routes hooked up in his fine-port and USB 3 for another USB-C fashionable port (generally used to touch), as it can a lot of dual 4k exposures by means of a boss. Also some fines-port in a T580 and T590 is súper lose. Included when I take a boss situated like the video is not that short was, are having the plot of questions with a keyboard and the mouse that freezings up for the pair of as the time once each pocolos second, like this has to that connect a keyboard and directory of mouse to a Lenvovo portable to have the usable experience. More a Lenovo is will not kick with a docking canal plugging in, so that it has to that cover he in with which some boots of laptop. A Dell XPS 15 7590 in another hand is smooth navigation in all the orders have listed here, as it is not a subject with a boss I so much thinks so Lenovo has fallen a ball in his portable.

While my docking the canal is estimated partorisca 85W in TB3, my Dell XPS 15 7590 reports 65W max delivery, which is less than a 130W is is estimated to spend in his port of load has consecrated. Then again for more portable the the majority of a time 65W is well. I have directed to take the to draw some of a battery while maxing out of a TB3 link, but a laptop was also maxing out of his temperature, which is not the good way to treat the laptop calm loves it last the moment. Has side of the computers of office have cooled liquids, as my plan is to maintain heavy lifting to these boxes anyways, likes 65W is well.

A verdict of final is with a right laptop, this boss is well of abundance for a work. I mainly swipe of the star because it is the little in a free returning side to a point to cause questions where another USB-C fashionable connectors do well enough. It resembles so only be a chance of where a connector in a device / of computer is already the bit in a loses side with other connectors this one presses it on a flange to be problematic. In of the places where is usually the tight access, an extra looseness in stationary the use resembles not being a subject.

My aim with this boss is in hook on the laptop that is was to a side to the docking canal that is too far has been for the passive TB3 to achieve.
4 / 5 Keren
Has required the Ray 3 boss to connect my MacBook Pro to the 4K the monitor invernadero USB-C (the this comes with a MBP of a factory does not spend audio and video, just power). Works the boss adds , so only spends 4K video, audio and can of the mine MacBook Pro to this badass 43' 4K monitor (does not buy an apple a. This one east a same prize , mark included - LG - and two times a measure) LG Electronic 42.5' the screen FOCUSED-the controls lit (43UD79-B)
5 / 5 Shawnna
He no the work adds of rest in a socket. I have not taken a glass to augment was, but am assuming careciendo of the mechanism of retention that mine another type of USB-c the bosses have. It is possible ossia the characteristic and no the bug; like the boss is quite long and is more probably to take kicked or has given a very on. This has said, has few options are looking for the boss in this period. One do one technically laws, but the movements calm also can lose connection for now. It manages displayport on type of USB C, so he has confused as well as the looks of industry to be on as it type of USB c do of boss with that, concealed can help you ;D.
4 / 5 Liberty
A boss is súper quickly. Pay attention to take one 40 gHz boss any to a 20 likes the a lot of vendors try and sell. The technology of star is the company adds and has bought a lot of different elements of them in a past. There the support of technology is out of this world!. The boss has done adds so only like each product buys they. A cost is the little big for the boss but value he. The technology to star has had a better prize for a boss that has found vendors of Amazon for the 6 Ray of Feet 3 boss.
4 / 5 Gaye
Modification 7/15: it looks this boss Is in fact and-marked! A person has spoken to in a telephone in Startech was deceived! I have resupplied the sample the Benson Leung to examine and this boss has one and-the bookmark that informs a following: I have augmented an indication to 4 stars. Minus 1 So only for any when being any USB-HE CERTIFICATE in a eMarker.

'&62; tw sendprime 1 0x104f ff008001
has SENT CC1 104f + 1 = 381
&62; SRC/0 [514f]VDM Vff00:DISCID,ACK:ff008041 1c002b1d 00000000 12010310 11082032
VDM Hdr GO Hdr CertStat Boss of Product

Boss VDO decoded : HW Version 1 / FW Version 1 / Type-C boss / &60;10ns latency / Vconn very required / Vbus that careers 3A / Vbus by means of boss, yes. / Gene 1 and Gene 2 USB 3.1 support.

In general looks well. Any CertStat this in spite of, like this the boss has not been certified for USB-HE.'

Has run also this by means of mine uploads declare and the tomb has found .01V in 3A, which compares favorably to another eMarked bosses. This could be due to his quite short period, this in spite of. (50cm, Some another sound )

anchors It does not spend 100W, but there is another model that does:
JUCX01 USB 3.1 Type-C to Write-C Coaxial Boss

Original description:

Ossia resemble any one looking this is an equivalent of the boss of passive USB. Do not pay attention to a wording in StarTech saying of plant 'until 100W'! Ossia Deceive it and has said that they go it to correct.

Has had to ask StarTech support of technology for explanation to need an active and-marked boss (EMCA), and has explained that ossia the passive boss , and can be reason a career of boss is like this short (50cm). It maintains in alcohol mechanically, ossia IDENTICAL when regulating (USB-C 'full looked' 3.1) boss. At most StarTech can have run these in 40Gbit to do sure does WELL, and has a logo of lightning, this testing is that it is paying paralizaciones.

Is looking for A EMCA for an application that requires it, Pluggable and Belkin is an only 2 I am conscious of. StarTech Has said person in the industry done the 100W boss still. I will owe that maintain looking.

Running (60W only) EMCA and-marked bosses:
[Certificate] Plugable USB-C the USB-C Boss (3.3 ft / 1 m, USB 3.1 Gene 2 Type-C, 3A)
Belkin USB- has Certified 3-Feet 3.1 Type of USB C (USB-C) to Write of USB C Boss

Google 'Characterises of USB-C specification of Authentication' for details
4 / 5 Christa
Abonos looking boss. Same thickness like original LG boss that is coming with a monitor, but no with the LG 38UC99-W 37.5' 21:9 WQHD monitor and he 2017 or 2018 Macbook Pro. A Macbook recognises a boss and will resupply power of a monitor to a Macbook, but does not recognise an exposure of the perspective of video. Neither it recognises any peripherals (webcam, mic) this is to connect to a monitor. It has been expecting this boss this long plus to do like an original LG boss as well as a description of product, but he no.

If you are conscious of an alternative solution, please the action..
5 / 5 Kirby
Has done as it has expected. Mac Informs 40GB/s how is which has loved to see.
5 / 5 Tayna
According to the boss has tried. It was to buy an apple and he 20gbs boss to try. Like this far a too small 1.5 ft boss that is coming with a aorus well of law.
4 / 5 Lakisha
The global quality is quite well, although they are not quite adolescent-try (any that Anything is, calm alcohol). They offer value and excellent quality for a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: StarTech.com 16.4ft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jeanie
Has has had questions with some outsides SSD and some outsides HDD. Has culprit some devices of storage, but both of these questions in fact were caused by bosses of the extension of economic USB there has been plugged the hubs. Has thinks that that some bosses were a lot of reason other peripherals, like the webcam, has done well.

I some investigation and expósito that the bosses actuate are required in period on 3 metres (9 feet) partorisca maintain a digital signal. I have bought these bosses instead and law well with HDD and SDD. If storage of precise career via boss of extension partorisca 10 feet or more, does not go partorisca economic bosses, take this active some instead.
4 / 5 Sheridan
Bought this with which having subject of connection with my Phase a IQ160 rear digital. A boss has been recommended to mine for Digital Transitions in NYC. This has solved a question and left partorisca add the 15' extension of his USB, leaving me brotad tethered 30' out of my Macbook pro... I have bought so only 2 more than these bosses.
5 / 5 Beata
Has the KDLinks USB 3 Adapter plugged to this thing with him that careers in another room where my HTPC is so that has USB hookups in mine couch / table of caffè.

Uses it so that pode games by means of my television then unplugs all when they are not quell'using. It maintains a happy woman.

The only question has with this occasionally my hub does not recognise anything. Although I unplug a hub and discharges directly in a boss sews even, as I unplug a boss of a computer and discharges he behind in. Fixed a lot up. So only I am using this boss once the week or so much and has had a question once or two times, as it can or can not have more questions partorisca another.
4 / 5 Amina
I wish these were USB 3.1. But I suppose that you obtain reliability in these distances partorisca give on some speed. Like this far like this good! My walks of RAID are 33 feet out of mine iMac, and is like having extra of inner walks. Recommended!
5 / 5 Sparkle
Tried very other active bosses that has not done at all partorisca my application. They were all he súper frustrating waste of time. With a StarTech was able to take the signal of clean full resolution of mine 4k same webcam without using an adapter partorisca be able to comprised. If it calms master that the 'acts just' this is a a.
5 / 5 Tabitha
I have bought this reason AC powered the connection is supposed to ask scrolling of the camera to computer. Any only is AC cord to be able to any where prójimo while a cord of USB that plugging he in restrictive of a useable period of a cord of USB, but a powered the connection has not improved speed. Honradamente This cord one same if any slower of the $ 6 monoprice USB extends.
5 / 5 Wilda
These are one the majority of the extensions of USB of confidence has used, powered or otherwise, and uses him with finicky big-finalise still cameras. Some connectors of finals is quell'has bitten fragile, but global value he.
5 / 5 Margene
I have substituted the 30' boss of passive USB with this one for Audio of mine of Discreet Antelope 8 professional audio interface. It was having subject with latency and sluggish behaviour with a passive boss and this boss solved. Thank you!!
4 / 5 Kendal
Had the career of USB along, when I upgraded the mine there is PRENDIDO The To you reads. With this StarTech powered extension, now fact.
5 / 5 Graig
It have read report other a lot of more economic bosses not doing or dying shortly after cost. This law of boss adds, is robustly fact and comprises the supply of power for these devices that requires more common that the USB 3.0 port can source.

Top Customer Reviews: StarTech.com 30ft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Candida
Quality very poor partorisca a prize. In-signal of line boosters has begun partorisca fall avert with which first use. I have had to that tape the with electrical tape. Finally, a boss fracasado in - 10 month to use very light.
4 / 5 Evon
Good product and that says.
5 / 5 Zora
Has time where precise use my laptop in a lot of cramped spaces this in spite of has accesses to my external walk. In a past, has tried a lot of solutions but these works of boss perfectly for me. It was able to use my MacBook Pro in current in a battery and there is so only a 10m the boss of extension has attached. I have had it accelerates of the scrolling adds among a system and an external USB 3.0 variety of RAID.

The quality of build is a lot very in general. A boss is fatter that an old USB 2.0 rule of then has 9 interior of managers more than some 4 bosses has used for an old plus specs. A cost is main that other bosses been due to an active electronics inside a boss. It is in fact $ 10 more economic that an active USB 2.0 boss has has bought years, as it looks the quite just prize when you take inflation the consideration. An extra speed is the sure prize.

Be conscious that this boss so only can be used on USB 3.0 devices. Of the'B' the end of a boss has an extra section, itwill only work in the USB 3.0 'B' socket. A 'A side that covers him to your computer will do with any level of USB, but so only will give you a speed of a level of USB is connecting to. It say of another way,, will take maximum speed in the USB 3.0 or port main in your computer.

Although any precise to use this boss in the daily base, has the permanent house in my stock exchange of laptop.
4 / 5 Dayna
These produced has not done as it has described. It has not been able to relieve usb the devices have connected to a boss. Suspect an or more than a repeaters is not doing.

Has substituted he with the newnex the boss and all the work well. It is quell'has bitten more economic that newnex, but newnex has the record of the clue tried and has saved me in fact time and money to so only go with newnex right of a start.
5 / 5 Elease
Ossia The loooooooooooong USB of 30 feet-3 boss. Ossia A type of boss that could use you in the room of the conference and one likes him. I will say on ninety-five bucks, is certainly very economic. . . . And perhaps another extenders could do and be less expensive. . . May. . . For the alone boss, this a law adds. I have not had any subjects with speeds of scrolling, connectivity and such. Any one another StarTech the bosses have the lifetime guaranteeed and this a tip two-years.
4 / 5 Gerri
Uses this to connect the PC in a basement to the powered hub upstairs and a reliability (antibala) and speed (identical to the setup with the 1m boss down) is that I expect. A boss is in a side a fat plus, but at all this unusual. Like this some connectors are 'chunky' except any too extraordinarily big. In general I am very satisfied.

Has admitted ossia the good solution , but so that they require the computer in a place with I/Or in another, ossia the solid solution .
5 / 5 Hedy
Wow 30 feet and I see any loss of speed or loss of data. Quite amazing, leave me add walks and USB 3 devices in another side of my studio. Look beefy And run as well as any boss, in the better prize. These are excellent bosses , is always state. They do as well as one the majority of expensive boss there, am sold!
4 / 5 Carter
Startech 30ft USB 3.0 USB-A the USB-B the boss is the option adds when I need to connect devices by means of a room. A boss is very drawn and thickness. I do not have remarked any subjects of connectivities or questions to accelerate when connecting with this boss. All has done properly. Startech Some awesome bosses and this one is no different.
4 / 5 Latoyia
Hard to say a lot in the boss of USB. Frankly, ossia my USB of prime minister 3.0 boss. An only thing that has this uses this connection is the Microsoft Kinect partorisca Xbox A. With a form of adapter of the PC, this boss resupplies more period of a PC. A quality of boss is utmost and an interface to cover well with a crew.
5 / 5 Lorie
This pricey boss of well of the yes precise money maintains peripheral the long distance of a computer. I have tried he with two USB hubs and his hardware connected and there have been excellent results.

Top Customer Reviews: StarTech.com 2m ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Harley
ENORMOUS decrease in quality. I have ordered this boss the multiple time and a quality has been sum. Unfortunately in this order a company has has actuated obviously some sides partorisca save practices. A boss is of the much smaller gauge with much less sustains around USB and adapter of lightning. Like this far, some works of good boss but have questions roughly durability. This boss would owe that cost much less
See semi-detached photo partorisca comparison
4 / 5 Bunny
At the beginning liked really of a creation. Look the logical solution to a kinked and broken iphone bosses. Unfortunately, you are not the durable and durable creation like thought bear it be. Last no longer that a rest of an economic relieving bosses... It has included I can go like this far partorisca say, is a less durable. I have tried always maintain a boss directly and has it signal down when a telephone is in a side and signalling was when a telephone has been resisted usually, that averts partorisca bend a boss in a connector. Alas, a boss bent and has broken in all the chance. Partorisca A prize could buy the together of 3 bosses in the amazon and would last like this long, if no longer.
4 / 5 Deandre
Down is my description of an original version of this product. My woman has taken loaned one of an old some and lost it, and substituted with the new of a description of same exact element and number of element, but a new version is flimsy crap compared to an old. The thinnest boss for almost the averages, with the majority of a cord directly and so only the few thumbs coiled. I will not be buying these again unless they go back to an original version. Which is the shame because an old some utmost after several years.

Has been using this boss for the year now. I use it on my motorcycle to maintain a telephone touched while it uses a characteristic of GPS and transmitting music to a bluetooth speakers in my helmet. The cord coiled a short is perfect for not creating the tangling hazard around my handlebars. I have had it results a lot well with this cord. I have not tried using he for connection of data to my computer, so only touching, and for this work adds and there is survived well in the rough half with a sun that beaten down in the, which the economic bosses dry was and crack (any used during rain).
5 / 5 Lissa
Has purchased this for my woman to use in his car. Of then it has the coil, he no dangle during a place, still develops in period enough for the fast gaze when unemployed. Note lateralmente: it is the very sure engine . In all the chance, these leaves to use an Apple CarPlay function easily. It looks that the majority of some negative critiques has come from people those who has purchased one 90° corner finalises concealed has broken/has spent was quickly. I have bought one 1-ft with regular finals and there is not remarked any subjects for 2 months. And I have to that say again, that this creation deletes the excess cord that dips around a car. Highly it recommends this boss thus concrete purpose, included although I know there would be a lot of advantages to this creation. It takes it!
4 / 5 Karima
Ossia For a Lightning to boss of USB with a angled connector - when it operates, are add, but with which five month of normal use a boss broken where fulfils a angled breakings. Before this has used a StarTech angled USB to connector of 30 pins in mine iPhone leading, and he never broken, included after the year and the half of use. Die the one who other people have mentioned this exact same question, would not recommend buying this particular boss until StarTech redesigns he.
5 / 5 Charley
This boss lasted roughly 4 first month to fray and finally not touching . Appearances a right corner would prevent this to spend he so that it likes me to him the other my telephone in mine @@@cofre while I read it at night one load. No appearance these bosses to last for ever, but when they are a bit expensive likes these, I eclectic bit it more quality. A boss was perfect for my needs, but so only does not have the longitude lifespan with normal use. This boss has not travelled with me, so only remained in mine nightstand. As it was not stuffed in the stock exchange or has managed roughly.
5 / 5 Geri
Has purchased this element two times now. Both the time has broken faster that would have expected. A first time last for 9 month. A second time last paralizaciones so only 3 month. Both times, a connector of hule to a angled the section has begun to expose some bosses down. It is used so only for my woman in our bed. I subtract his telephone in some coverages while using it. Ossia Reason took one 90 corner of cord of terracing (so that it can rest in a flat part of a corner. Always he sure that a cord is plugged in so that it extends to a outlet and does not have to that curve. Then, dipped quell'on his nightstand when it goes to sleep. Ossia An only use that this boss takes and has more past fast that some cords that use to use without one 90 corner of terracing. To arrive to this point, would not order this again unless they improve a quality in this joint.
5 / 5 Manuel
' USB To Boss of Lightning - 2m / 6 ft -Apple MFi Certified - Angled - Black - iPhone Uploads Boss - Apple has Certified Boss of Lightning'
has been using this boss purchased in 5/2017 and in 11/2017. Both continue to do well, BUT has had to take measures to ensure a portion of relief of the tension any 'pause' a boss. I have tried so only both of these bosses, and both still are doing utmost. I am posting this description now reason have been still VERY ABLE to find the better boss on Amazon to substitute he with(as sad). (And I so only now required to order another for use in the different zone.)
My first boss has begun to separate in a connector of Lightning of right corner refinada, in a flange of a relief of tension (as a lot another active already posted).
The mine still is doing WELL SO ONLY reason have directed to direct a defect in a relief of tension.
To maintain to break a connector further, in a first boss, has looked for to wrap some electrical tape in a relief of tension, and a boss. ( It can have used better tape, and is coming free and sticky. I will be to take it quell'has been to king-do.) In a second boss, has tried any Silcone tape. ( I have had some had repaired the hose of shower with for the moment.)
/>See a picture. Now it is beginning to slip down, and need to be king-has applied. I think loop a prime minister wraps around an end of a connector to maintain he to slip down again. It is tape any sticky , and applies for a lot of extending it calm so that the sobres, and he then “his” bonds. I can dip the “bond wraps ” in an end on, of these looks to separate to come free.
Regarding a wiring of boss he, test a lot well. (Or as well as it can be expected for a boss gauge has used):
My voltage of source of power of USB fallen of the with the 2 amp uploads on that.
My Boss is then fallen that voltage down to in , in an end of a boss
can calculate my voltage finds a period of boss: minus = .46V fall to the long of a period of a boss.
Using law of Ohms: R=And/I, (.46V/) tip the total of the control of this boss is Ohms (in the neighbourhood of an ohm).
(Any bad, mine 6'6” longitude StarTech “connector of Lightning of right corner” the boss is - 2 years and is taking quite shabby)
has tried mine 2nd Startech 6' the boss and he have fallen to

For hardware of USB spec info:
Configuration of Devices and down-functions to be able to have that acts down to V in a hub port for USB 2.0 and that configuration of devices, down-can, and the functions of BIG POWER owe that operate down to in a port of device (=final of connector of the lightning of a boss) for USB 3.0.
Personally, enough does not see a drop of voltage down entering a device plugged to a boss. – The ones of way that am satisfied.
Here some link is interested in that I used to try with:
DROK Upload Electronic
MakerHawk usb Jointed of Conversor
MakerHawk USB 3 metre
5 / 5 Janett
has uploaded the picture that shows a StarTech boss in an accident and a boss of Apple in a legislation. A StarTech the boss is quell'has bitten thinner and more rigid. A course thickened in a base of some connectors is more rigid in a StarTech. Any sure as, if any, the effect concealed has in that time a boss will remain attached. This can be the question with some bosses. Like this far, any sign of the question. If the question develops, will update this description.
Basically, ossia the functional boss that is the reasonable substitution for a boss of original Apple. Belkin And AmazonBasics also bosses of substitution of the offer and I have had excellent regime with these frames also. If it was to require another boss of substitution, would choose whichever was more economic that these 4 frames.
4 / 5 Maile
This boss is a lot of fact and to the chair likes will resist up for enough of some time. This in spite of it sturdiness also the cause to coil far too closely and a weight of an iPod Nano 7th Gene, which is that it has bought this partorisca, is not anywhere quite near for resists it has extended included a slightest has bitten. It has attached this boss and Nano and then tried to dip Nano where has had it previously with another boss in mine 4Corridor. Nope! Nano Has not gone quite weighed to maintain a boss to snap behind as well as the arrival to result to hang there like some bizarro has fished.

I disconnected a boss and has extended was manually to his full discharge and resisted it there for roughly 30 seconds that expects that he he more pliable. Nope! Like this then I one same for the minute. Nope! Now included a boss is hanging of a cane of our cupboard of discharge. One finalises taped the cane, another taped to an old 2.5' the hard walk in some wait that over time the extend enough to be useful.

Has given a boss 3 stars because it is a lot of fact, but IMO some needs of costruttore to do on doing it more flexible. @I give an iPod Nano no hanged very a lot, but does not think a passage of iPhone a lot differently with this boss.

Top Customer Reviews: StarTech.com 3 ft. ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Some works of boss of Technology of Estrella, and is well. I use it partorisca touch a battery of the pill of PC. A period of the longest boss is comfort it partorisca have .
But a description of product declares that a boss comes with the limited lifetime has guaranteeed. Ossia One of some reasons, that has purchased this. When I Have been to a StarTech put web. An information there declares that this guarantee will be honored if a product of the technology of the Star is purchased of his web of place. If the product of the technology of the Star is purchased of another vendor. Then a buyer is out of the regime according to which follows it on on coverage of guarantee. Ossia misleading Information.
5 / 5
Has bought this 6' mini cord of USB to power the little defender in mine countertop. Look forward to partorisca take to this cord likes the mine StarTech micro USB to mini aims it of adapter of USB bent after the pair of uses. I have imagined six reasons a defender is tiny & appearance partorisca bend/press a cord against a counter when tilted up. Has has thought having the cord plugged directly to a do one better & a RT 90° connector would be partorisca add so it was 'flush' with a backside of him.

Was bad. Some looks of cord partorisca have any one the short or a connector is faulty. Some partidário only careers if a cord is situated in an uncomfortable place & clash, has to fiddle with a damned thing still again. 😟

Like any sure he so only has taken the bad cord or yes StarTech the products so only suck....

Please note: A defender is not a subject. It runs it adds with a cord has distributed, but has required the plus along a.
4 / 5
A description said 'Compatible with diverse Mini USB to to mobile devices likes him to him a bit devices of Garmin of FOLLOWING GPS Nuvi 2XX SERIOUS'

Ossia the boss of works and USB regulate partorisca data partorisca Garmin Nuvi 2XX SERIOUS GPS the devices like any USB regulate mini B boss , but does not like the boss partorisca touch. If you are looking for the boss partorisca touch your Nuvi GPS in your vehicle this boss no . A device of GPS goes likes the boss of data and thinks is connected to the computer.
4 / 5
Has not thought Never would write the description partorisca the mini boss of USB, but are by train of the do. Mina Sr-Audio Keystation Mini 32 keyboard can on with other bosses, but not being recognised in any PC is or mine MacBook. A midday the keyboard was class compliant and has to that it is automatically state installed once I plugged in a boss of USB. I have tried the numerous bosses have had without success. They can arrive lights of a keyboard, but not looking in a computer. After reading the few estacas of forum that has suggested that that comes from bosses, has purchased this boss and miraculously laws! Has like this mini and micro bosses of USB these days that takes him to knots partorisca admitted and was hesitant roughly buying the boss that is like this generally available partorisca free these days.
4 / 5
Has purchased this in fact partorisca update some maps in mine Garvin Nuvi. Purchased in 2016 and of the still works, has update only maps again yesterday. Ossia The boss of data , no the boss partorisca touch. If has the vehicle he new plus but without the GPS (my truck) and one of some ports is the data /touching port, plugging this boss will aim in your screen of data that has the boss of data plugged in. Or enough, it have to that say that it does in my vehicle. And it covers like any boss, but a lot very a lot of dulcemente.

But touching is not reason has purchased the and he exactly that has purchased he partorisca and two later continuous years to work of the same.

Does perfectly in the Nuvi for plugging to the computer and updating maps.
5 / 5
A Backstory:
has taken the TomTom GPS of almost done 10 years partorisca in $ 30. It is not never up to date state and taken for ever to start with that when be said, is taken me it both cost and a lot of places go in with minimum difficulty, as when I thought that it that the data was almost heart my stock exchange was similarly has concerned. I have thought felizmente to try a supply to be able to. I have connected so only of the mine old mini-usb to usb 2.0 bosses to a device and and the adapter to be able to and has jumped behind the life! This in spite of, a right boss had hanged annoyingly see while driving. As I have begun my look for a fashion of right corner like an original boss that has had an adapter to be able to has connected. I have found it is one . In spite of my worries of as the turn and it celery that is point of the prize can mean the data in two days tried it. Turn perfectly! And I have been using it felizmente for just the year.

A Point:
is the product adds presuming find the need for him, and is reasonably priced (for me even more like this reason was neither the $ 3 boss or the $ 100+ GPS). Highly it recommends this product.
4 / 5
Has bought this to substitute Garmin of mine the load goes car. I create it originally it avenges with the boss of data also, but are not an originally proprietary. I have loved the usb, no another car uploads, reason my car so only has 1 touching port and has loved to have an option to touch multiple things immediately. Garmin of mine is several old years , like this there is roughly 30dry of power of battery, so need to be plugged in still continuous use.

Has loved the legislation angled mini-usb final, as one original load, as it dip amiably when it traces in a windshield. It results, these corners of cord to an engine (the original corners was), but has been able to loop he behind to a passenger, and is not that big of the extracted in all the chance.

Be advised, ossia the boss of data , no the boss to touch, as while it touches so only well, also takes roughly 10 dry every time is plugged in to try to find the computer before it leaves access to the screen of a Garmin.

If any one is curious, covers he to the east:
4 / 5
the quality of Build is sum, the connections are solid, work well and is economic muck; that is not to love? Utilisation this to touch my units of GPS of cycling of Garmin, but he also works in of the traditional bosses on units of GPS, some cameras, telephones and more anything more concealed apresamiento mini USB.

Look, when you are buying bosses on Amazon, further of chances, unless you require something to be quality very big, the majority to go like this gone economic as we can escape with. I seat a lot sure it is it is so only roughly like this economic like calm possibly can go in this type of boss and have something concealed will resist on for the moment. I recommend it.

Has has had now this still well the month and used it at least 50 times. Still it looks the new mark and has experienced absolutely any subject with him in any way. I still enthusiastically recommend this.
5 / 5
This boss has very poor shielding and is @@@subject the interference. It uses it to connect to Raspberry Pi to the 3D printer and an engine and that the heater generates any RF interference that a boss is not properly shielded of - doing it disconnect frequently - totally useless. Ordered another mark for the dollar more - and so the far excellent action.
4 / 5
Perfecto for my application. 3 period of feet is so only enough to wrap around handlebar once and achieve lighter of mine of discharge of the cigarette usb device to be able to. Good quality sturdy boss and connectors. Like a fact that could the legislation or has left 90 turn of terracing in a mini usb propiciado by uses the powerful magnet to attach a mobius mini to the rovescio after attaching the dish of metal to a cup of him. In this way some highland locations of the ray is not coverages ( help to dissipate a heat generated for a camera circuitry).

Top Customer Reviews: StarTech.com 3 ft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Cythia
Rings the boss with the male HDMI and the woman DVI. When This produces looked in my investigation of Amazon, a description has not gone totally clear, like I clicked partorisca the order. Felizmente, when this boss has arrived, has had enough time to order the transmission of gender for a DVI well before my use has required.
Beware When Ordering bosses on Amazon. Often some results of investigation will list produced that is opposite that is looking for and is until a buyer the squint in a picture and try discern one has required details.
These looks of boss to be of good quality and is doing for my use.
4 / 5 Emerald
I am using this to connect my desk (HDMI connection) to mine monitor (DVD-D connection). Apparently this boss is bidirectional also, how is able to transmit another way if your connections have been revoked. I mention this reason have discovered recently that this bidirectional capacity is not for all the bosses! Some points of connection are perfectly snug - I am not concerning me roughly he potentially taking dislodged. They are happy with some results.
5 / 5 Larissa
Some looks of boss to be fact well and of good quality. Good works to connect to a monitor an old plus.

Has not tried to use a boss in FHD or 4K resolutions.

Has has had always the good experience with this mark.

Has recommended. Shopping again.
4 / 5 Karrie
Boss of rock of solid quality, has bought the new 31' the monitor has had only vga and hdmi connections , my paper of the video so only there is dvi .As I have purchased this boss .. It was skeptical that properly convert .. It was happy to see he , but StarTech the products have been my gone to still years.. It have to that it has had it any doubt. Again the consumer satisfies
4 / 5 Margherita
has bought the new computer and one covers that it is coming with him would not return my printer. This was so only a thing has required. Now I have my printer that read.
4 / 5 Amos
It was harder that take an old cord of a computer that was to install a new a. A new one was very easy to install. The picture adds in a monitor.
4 / 5 Marinda
Ossia Of the money has better spent to help me take my system of computer on and that careers.
Thank you
4 / 5 Karole
The fact adds to hook on monitor. The quality of picture is utmost.
5 / 5 Somer
The boss adds, has has is lasted years!

Has purchased this boss in 2008 and has not seen never the subject with only that he.

Propiciado By use he in mine television to my desk when I have used he for dual monitor when edting video and when that uses my PS3 with the monitor of laptop.

Maintains to import this any tranfer his of then concealed is not that DVI ports do.

Good Solid build, highly recomended.
5 / 5 Moira
My cat has chewed an old boss to the equal that have bought the new a.

Top Customer Reviews: StarTech.com ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Ted
I finally traded out of this adapter partorisca a Club3D DisplayPort to HDMI adapter Club3D Displayport 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 UHD (CAC-1070) . A StarTech the adapter leaves 2160p (4K) full UHD resolution, but so only in 30Hz, which is partorisca go down the one who that is supported by the majority of papers of maps and UHD has exposed. Also, a StarTech the adaptadora lack of discharges the partorisca close, as I found it record to the slip was if I accidentally pulled in a cord. I have had also intermittent questions with HDCP spends-by means of, especially with my Blue-player of Ray. (In my opinion, HDCP is one especially unfriendly form of DRM, as you are not never guaranteed that it goes partorisca do.) Partorisca Only the few dollars more, can take the better adapter with better creation (i.et. -- It cover it partorisca close).
5 / 5 Curtis
After messing with bosses of economic adapter partorisca dip the monitor of screen of the touch, and the HD monitor in a HP Flag, finally splurged a taken this boss. Boom, Fixed, with which hours of fights of engine. Projecting in any HD the monitor requires the 4K adapter, as it spends an around! Startech HAS the line partorisca sustain that can converse you too much, and will do sure recommend a right boss.
4 / 5 Ardath
Would be to 5 star if it do not fail - has died. Substituted with Amazon Basics boss. Tried again partorisca do sure has not been the connection. At all.
4 / 5 Eryn
Has taken this device partorisca connect my PC to the mine HDTV. When I have installed a device, has taken the video adds and any audio. It results that I need to click in your icon of the speaker in a drop of right corner of your screen of PC. Transmission a incumplimiento device of audio of your speakers (the likely majority) to the your HDTV and then an audio goes to a HDTV and everything is calm so that it love it to product.
4 / 5 Ernie
The covert of 2560x1440 monitor to computer with Intel HD4400. The picture are adds.
4 / 5 Dovie
He a work. But he cant really controls too many of the load of the paper of map of big final.
4 / 5 Tiffani
The law how is supposition partorisca do when it operates. Partorisca me, usually take more along partorisca he partorisca begin the signal to my TV more than just directly plugging in a boss. Also while it is plugged in, an occasionally black screen was partorisca small periods of time, and a lot occasionally a whole screen will be distorted, fixable partorisca unplug and king-plugging in a boss.
5 / 5 Cheri
One is an adapter 'actuated
5 / 5 Arlie
My adapter is now the averages broken. It loses a signal each one that 5 to 10 minutes and my monitor goes spatial. I have touched seldom an adapter while it was plugged to my PC. Somehow it deteriorates in his own without me plugging he in and was constantly.

Could do not taking to do 4K 60Hz in the ATUVE R9 290X video paper.
4 / 5 Robbyn
Good quality like this always of Startech.