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1 first Syntech USB C to USB Adapter (2 Pack), Thunderbolt 3 to USB 3.0 Adapter Compatible with MacBook Pro 2019 and Before, MacBook Air 2019/2018, Dell XPS and More Type C Devices, Space Grey Syntech USB C to USB Adapter (2 Pack), Thunderbolt 3 to USB 3.0 Adapter Compatible with MacBook Pro 2019 and Before, MacBook Air 2019/2018, Dell XPS and More Type C Devices, Space Grey By Syntech
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2 nonda USB C to USB Adapter, USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter, USB Type-C to USB, Thunderbolt 3 to USB Female Adapter Otg for MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017, MacBook Air 2018, Surface Go, and More Type-C devices nonda USB C to USB Adapter, USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter, USB Type-C to USB, Thunderbolt 3 to USB Female Adapter Otg for MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017, MacBook Air 2018, Surface Go, and More Type-C devices By nonda
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3 best USB C Female to USB Male Adapter (Upgraded Version) (2-Packs), Basesailor Type C to USB A Adapter, Compatible with Laptops, Power Banks, Chargers, and More Devices with Standard USB A Ports (Gray) USB C Female to USB Male Adapter (Upgraded Version) (2-Packs), Basesailor Type C to USB A Adapter, Compatible with Laptops, Power Banks, Chargers, and More Devices with Standard USB A Ports (Gray) By Basesailor
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4 Syntech USB C to USB Adapter (2 Pack), Thunderbolt 3 to USB 3.0 Adapter Compatible with MacBook Pro 2019 and Before, MacBook Air 2019/2018, Dell XPS, ChromeBook and More Type C Devices, Gold Syntech USB C to USB Adapter (2 Pack), Thunderbolt 3 to USB 3.0 Adapter Compatible with MacBook Pro 2019 and Before, MacBook Air 2019/2018, Dell XPS, ChromeBook and More Type C Devices, Gold By Syntech
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5 Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter By Apple
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6 nonda USB C to USB Adapter(2 Pack),USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter,USB Type-C to USB,Thunderbolt 3 to USB Female Adapter OTG for MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017,MacBook Air 2018,Surface Go,and More Type-C Devices nonda USB C to USB Adapter(2 Pack),USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter,USB Type-C to USB,Thunderbolt 3 to USB Female Adapter OTG for MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017,MacBook Air 2018,Surface Go,and More Type-C Devices By nonda
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7 Syntech USB C to USB Adapter, (2 Pack) USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter,USB Type-C to USB,Thunderbolt 3 to USB Female Adapter OTG Cable Compatible with MacBook Pro 2018/2017, MacBook Air 2018 and More Syntech USB C to USB Adapter, (2 Pack) USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter,USB Type-C to USB,Thunderbolt 3 to USB Female Adapter OTG Cable Compatible with MacBook Pro 2018/2017, MacBook Air 2018 and More By Syntech
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8 Syntech USB C to USB Adapter (2 Pack), Thunderbolt 3 to USB 3.0 Adapter Compatible with MacBook Pro 2019 and Before, MacBook Air 2019/2018, Dell XPS and More Type C Devices, Space Grey (Renewed) Syntech USB C to USB Adapter (2 Pack), Thunderbolt 3 to USB 3.0 Adapter Compatible with MacBook Pro 2019 and Before, MacBook Air 2019/2018, Dell XPS and More Type C Devices, Space Grey (Renewed) By Syntech
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9 USB C to HDMI Adapter,MOKiN USB C(Type C) to HDMI Adapter Cable for MacBook Pro 2018/2017, iPad Pro/MacBook Air 2018, Samsung Galaxy S9/S8, Surface Go and More (Space Gray) USB C to HDMI Adapter,MOKiN USB C(Type C) to HDMI Adapter Cable for MacBook Pro 2018/2017, iPad Pro/MacBook Air 2018, Samsung Galaxy S9/S8, Surface Go and More (Space Gray) By MOKiN
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10 CY Thunderbolt Port to USB 3.0 Hard Disk Drive Adapter Dongle for Apple Mac Book iMac 2014 2015 CY Thunderbolt Port to USB 3.0 Hard Disk Drive Adapter Dongle for Apple Mac Book iMac 2014 2015 By chenyang
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Top Customer Reviews: Syntech USB C to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Nell
It IS a second time buys they. A product is durable and good-looking. I want his to design detailed also with small verge to the help unplugs softly. It has to done some room to improve or perhaps that is to say his characteristic . They it company and tight after plugging in my MacPro and can not limit so 2 adapters in a same side.
Even so, considering a prize, can very a lot of to ask more. His products are very durable. Included my cape of shabby official Apple, his cases of the cape still looked the unit of Wait of new mark that they can maintain a quality.
5 / 5 Ines
These adapters are very very designed and the law adds in my new 2018 MacBook Pro 13' After the purchase has read that the type has designed bad C the products can fry your laptops 'USB-These ports. I have contacted a Syntech Instruments in my worries
and the representative has contacted a next day with a following information........Salvation,

A 56k the resistor of ohm is tez in and is designed so USB-IF levels.

Amiable considerations,

Syntech no only has products of exceptional big quality, but also service of good client. I will not doubt to buy they
for my futures necessities.
4 / 5 Jolyn
I Like him his of a factor of form and what easily can remain attached in an end of the mouse/HD cape.
An only downside is these can any one when being no the side deployed-for-side in the Macbook Pro because of a width of a connector, and also with one and-Blason the case uses an adapter will not return in a drop of a two USB-C ports because of overlapping cloaks (pictured).

Would recommend this if the uses of plan with the HD/cape of Mouse and does not use the case of computer or has parallel USB-C ports (a port in the each side probably very subject).
4 / 5 Dorine
And Arrival to go with a two group in a case concealed and has required two devices immediately. Even so, in a recent macbook pros, poses both of a usb c ports afterwards in the each another, like both conversores will not return in a laptop!

The product is small and lustrous, and robust investigation quite be. It IS the road better election that goes with the dongle of apple thats three so much time, even so I see the access required in two ports immediately, only go with a group of one and take the dongle for another.
4 / 5 Corie
To be fair, these are solid connectors , with the quality of tez well, and they exactly that says in one focuses - taking it USB viril-Some covers and convert he in the USB viril-C covers. An accommodation is metal , when being very built, and taken two for a prize another come or pauses. No, the calm can not take two side by side in him MacBook Pro, but an USB-C the ports are so afterwards has any physical road to return two USB-A side of cover for side.

This has said, some smaller subjects:
- So another has mentioned, this is not an ash of spatial laptop. It IS darker, which can match one of an old plus tlphonique/iPods, only person MBP.
- Some ways of depth that the majority of USB-Some capes are by train to be proud the little. Any one a lot, around 2-3mm, but listen likes him these would have to has been done only slightly deeper to prevents concealed.

Still, in general, the compraventa solid to take calm through an USB-C transition.
5 / 5 Joie
In the principle has purchased the different mark because of a fact this has wanted a hub to connect on exhibition of Cinema of the Apple (thins or any one). Even so, that hub does not have to exit well. So much among a pletora of USB-C Hubs with similar functionality and price this or has taken always gone through big because of his name of funky (Totu). Even so, I have finished to follow a glowing the descriptions and the boy was this or the bookmark add. I used it a lot of time plugged in an USB-C beat while I TimeMachine backups (in cape of grandson) and hundreds yes gigabytes scrolling among two USB 3.0 devices and a hub ail covered. A speed of scrolling was always well. In general, this has entered the good packaging and a material of tez is to good sure of good quality. All some ports return closely and has the be robust in him. Three inches up!!!
5 / 5 Fay
An upper complaint in a new MacBook Pros is a lack of ports of legate to use all a calm squad already own and necessity. Has the very port adapter main with multiple USB1 and other ports, but is big and take to spend around. Often I need to connect the inch of USB-walk or another device of USB but does not want to spend a big adapter. A Syntech the adapter is a same measure like the exposure of metal inserts/inserts part of the USB1 connector. Tiny, light and easy to spend. Still it can you leave connected in a device of USB and covers only in a that exists USBc the connector built in a computer. They are also supremely economic and in $ 5 each which so or less. I have used the with almost each what so UBS1 the device has hard walks in of the devices like the Cricut manufacturer. Some works of adapter perfectly and power of passes in some devices that requires it. I plan to order the little more and only left his attached in some devices as it can use the so easily while I have done with my old MacBook Pro this has 3 USB1 connections.
3 / 5 Myesha
I very want to as these adapters, but is not sold.

IS of the substantial weight and look very well has built. Mays. I have connected an external hard walk in my new MacBook Pro 2018 using an of some adapters and my computer have frozen. I have expected the little bren to see if a subject would take orderly, but the arrival only takes of an adapter. In this point my MacBook Pro totally closed down and has restarts.

After a computer is returned up all looked well, but is not so sure that this will not spend again. It does not have confidence that the $ 2 adapter will not kill mine $ 2100 computer and I are not sure is has to take this bet.
5 / 5 Orpha
It take the pair of these for my new woman MacBook Pro. Only it has USB C formatted ports. To transfer his old files, has extracted a SSD of his unibody MBP and has inserted he in the USB 3 case, which has connected in a new MBP with the USB3 cape, which has connected in a road of new machine one of these conversores. It moves 200GB in 200-300MB/S. Any bad! It uploads the photo. I have purchased another pair already so that in this prize records one of this converted on in an end of the each of his USB peripheral capes for ease of use.
1 / 5 Raguel
Updated after the month or so of use. It does not act. Test touch my telephone. Any one impressed.
Routing His backside would not cost a money or time.

Original description:
Now included predominately use this to touch my telephone saw a computer. Quan My computer goes to sleep, a connection of the power in a telephone dies. Quan Awake in my computer, a load against a telephone does not begin up, as I require to unplug an adapter of USB and covers he behind in, then begins to touch again. Kinda The ache in a arse to have that does this every time.

Will see that it spends when use this adapter with other devices. Hopefully No a same subject.

Surrounds, is not impressed. Work? Yes. Work well? No really. I have begun only to use the, so perhaps will imagine something was where any one to touch.

Top Customer Reviews: nonda USB C to USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Beverley
Colour: the White adapter was defective and no . The vendor required me paid to ship to return a defective element in them.
4 / 5 Jordan
Colour: Aim While I have mentioned in my description of video, has taken this so that I have required the road to touch photos of my telephone in the clave of USB while travelling abroad so that it was preoccupied that my storage would fill in my telephone. The law adds for that but has found in fact another use for has done of that video. Has USB gaming controller that now can use with emulators in my telephone. I have found he to be the plus responsive issues that some controllers of Bluetooth that had tried before. As this will serve to have that curve so that it helps to maintain me occupied in my long flight! To well sure recommend it this product in any looks to use the train of USB regulates with his tlphonique or compressed of Android.
5 / 5 Demarcus
Colour: Aim after taking the new laptop with only USB-C scrollings and that possess the plot of accessories of USB, these are incredibly handy. And they are so small. I have purchased very only it can them maintain attached in some external hard walks, keypad etc. That use more often. Each which so one has bought has done perfectly and access closely but any too closely in so much an end of USB and in an USB-C port in my laptop.
5 / 5 Zoila
Colour: Aim With a quantity of devices and artilugios I hook until my laptop these days, having the little of these few adapters that around the chair a lot enters handy! Quan Has my mouse or the keyboard of full measure plugged in still can use my microphone that has the USB or my walk of inch. Some works of connection perfectly with this adapter, and registers some devices in my laptop so hurriedly so usually the fact when limits an USB directly in. The works add!!
5 / 5 Donella
Colour: the aim personally uses my computer to design digitally, and has had some wait that this adapter would be perfect to do with the cape of my tablet to design. And sure enough, only it conceal. Also it does in my reader of external disk when posing CD is in my computer, and of course touching DVD also. In in any one of to the thing more likes him has posed of the walk to flash in and touching my telephone has done softly also. To well sure it recommends this adapter and he are prize. 5/5
5 / 5 Cleveland
Colour: the aim does not act. It IS returned and has ordered another. Hopefully These some works. Turbulent By an inconvenience.
4 / 5 Kara
Colour: it aims This little artilugio things of the plus only easy mark of only has or C adapter and and has had to the spend around to touch but now with this can use an a lot of another regulates chargers with him and does not have to spend around a C cord. It has remarked to the load is the small more dulcemente with him but no for a lot at all.
5 / 5 Susann
Colour: Aim I amour this adapter. It looks for something concealed would leave for me to store images and photos for a next trip in Japan. As I do not want to take my laptop. Some the only devices with me is my Galaxy of Samsung S8+, Kindle Paperwhite, and he 128GB USB 3.0 walk of flashes. It tries an adapter already and was able to find a walk to flash in a system of file of the Android those uses one IS application of Explorer of Lima, and some speeds of scrolling of the data to telephone to flash the walk was surprisingly hurriedly. This mark of adapter. I am impressed with this quality and flight some characteristic attached of is period of cape among a port of USB 3.0 and USB-C port, while it is more resistant to impact, swipes, and unexpected physical contact that would be it the dongle or the rigid port-in-port adapter.
5 / 5 Christi
Colour: Aim has very taken. It IS flexible, compatible with mine 3.0 walks of inch, and is quite minimalist to return two, side-for-side, in a two usb-c ports in mine 2017 MacBook Pro. BTW: It Like him very better that of a Sign dongle has bought earlier (revised in Amazon also).
5 / 5 Annie
Colour: Grey Spatial So much work exactly while it expect. They are not flush with a cup of case in a macbook pro 15' late 2017 and clave up enough to listen is also the small also long to return against a case. A second thing and I are not sure can do anything is that two will not return in a same side of my MacBook Pro of an USB C the ports are also afterwards together. Still I can limit in faculty or another usb c cords that is similar measure in a connector of original apple.

Top Customer Reviews: USB C Female to USB ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Antoine
Any consortium of utmost thinkers has created an USB-C the level has to each which be forbidden of functions of official engineering. Felizmente, can attach these adapters in normal usb ports to provide a mystic back compatibility these interfaces of USB usually has. It opens If it only can take the USB-C hub!

Uses this so that has the USB-C Yubikey, which records perfectly in PC and MAC. I used it also to connect my Pixel of Google, and work. Data, the taxes of loads are retarded down in USB 2.0 levels so that this adapter only has the USB of 4 pins-An interface. But I can handle that slowdown thanks to an occasion of any that has to buy another Yubikey.
4 / 5 Jonah
Compared in another way of USB C the adapters and these are upper. One 2.0 man has the tightest access. A C to final is in firm and some covers of company of rests of the cape. Using another way, a C the end angled and has broken. I have ordered the little of this fashionable adapter and recommends it.
5 / 5 Milan
So far it add. Bought the to use for the usb-c the cape has for my MacBook Pro so that it still can use he to touch/data in my Mac and load of my powerbank while in the business trip is on.

Any complaint so far.
5 / 5 Tim
After the disappointing purchase of another vendor (the description was same but the real product was wrong), has had down the expectations when posed in my mandate by so Basesailor USB C Woman in Adapter of USB Viril. A description and the picture looked the rights and a prize was very (2 for group) as although he no enough the work for concealed it has had in alcohol, still would be very if an element has done in general.

Felizmente, an adapter was exactly that has required. An adapter for the USB-C adapter as it can use it one USB-C adapter with the port of USB. Such the small element, but enough an impact. Suddenly, it can use an USB-C adapter with my laptop saw the port of USB regulates. Cela Developed as it can use my laptop and also an USB-C adapter. It has not limited in only or or two devices in a house but any device that has the port of USB regulates. As I am quite pleased with this product.

Also aims of premiums in that hurriedly entered. Has Has delays in other elements (not judging a USPS or Amazon while it has been the hard season ), but this was to take the good time and this was the good surprise.
5 / 5 Derrick
Works while I have required he in - something to connect my Yubikey USB-C in the machine with only USB-Some available ports. So far look it to do perfectly.
1 / 5 Jaqueline
Lamentably, this product has failed to do while it announces. Both adapters in a container have failed. Used in the recent model HP Envies 17' portable, this adapter has failed to rid OTC the data synchronises qualified; in fact, a HP portable of the desire has failed to detect any device connected saw this adapter. Thinking it can be a HP lacking of the laptop, has tried each what so of some two adapters in two another (different) computers, with a same effect: Any Data Synchronises OTG connectivity! It looks, even so, it conceal that it touches the connectivity/of capacity exists . . . But that very is not that bought some decrees of adapter. Returning this in Basesailor via Amazon for the repayment. I will look for the better solution of another vendor.
5 / 5 Kent
For some reason, any one does the USB C Hub.
Goes forward, investigation. I will expect.
The TAN easily can do your own using this element and a AmazonBasics USB 3.1 Types-C in 4-Hub of Port Aluminium, Negre (or something with the little emptier ( />
Bang - the 4 port USB C hub for low $ 30.

IS welcome.
5 / 5 Leann
Perfecto for my laptop that does not have the micro usb outlet. As and it can use my type c devices in my laptop. It limits and it touches any subject.
2 / 5 Nolan
I have ordered this adapter so that has devices I extreme for a MBP 2018 that now wants use for/in my MBP 2011.

Voice here, connecting it to walk of USB with the USB-C the cord has done adds.... Until a cord has been clashed very slightly for a walking of stops of cat. It opens A dreaded 'Drivee disconnected improperly message of error.

Has tried to revoke an adapter in a cord, any work. I have tried a second adapter, Abakan some same results.

More probably be returning some pieces of cp and taking a bit that it is more expensive but very less cheaply has built.

IS curious quite each a raving descriptions for this product! We take the different a?
1 / 5 Deon
This sake of looks of the adapter and has matched an ash of spatial colour of Apple - even so, down backwards yours connection of USB. In the connected 1 Gbps interface of Ethernet, my throughput with this adapter is 40 Mbps. With another measure of adapter 160 Mbps, and with an USB of same Ethernet-C adapter in an iPad Pro, wide measure of full band. He seams to be the general problem that this USB-C in USB-An adapter sews to retard down. Predominately Uses for capes of serial and any subject there.

Top Customer Reviews: Apple Lightning to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Boys, ossia a real shot . Entertainment of mark of the people of Apple and his overpriced dongles, but this thing is magic. No really, I can not think of another tiny piece of hardware that has like this drastically has developed that I can do with the alone port.

This dongle hides for behind a name 'Adapter of Camera', as be the simple tool partorisca enthusiastic of camera. No respecto on cameras at all, has used this to:

- Attach the keyboard of USB partorisca use with my iPad Pro
- Connect the Blue Yeti Microphone of USB my iPad and record vocals
- Attach the Controller of MIDDAY of the USB that then seamlessly hooks the Garageband Synth instruments
- Connect to the USB-the-Ethernet hub and material to download my iPad/of iPhone on Ethernet
- Oh, for a way, that hub has mentioned has 3 put you of USB in the, can connect material to all three of them and download on Ethernet a same time.
- And yeah, perhaps will try it was with the camera someday when I am done mecer was with all these other peripherals... I ask it can it covers in a Tram-electrical Guitar-to-adapter of USB...

In all the chance, this thing is insane. You could have a awesome iPad, but until I take this , calm is not quell'using well.

Accepts any substitute.
5 / 5
Am returned to the mine iPad Pro 9.7 an adapter could not read any walks of USB or adapters partorisca papers by heart. An iPad informs an error that says it can not resupply quite can. It likes capacity to locate the walk of the thumb to access is possible content is not possible.

To use this felizmente precise use the USB hub covers it to, among an iPad and walk of thumb... The Bondadoso of defeats a small character and laptop of an iPad like the computer of substitution. There is another boss/dongle option of Apple this has the second adapter to be able to in the which can do better while you cover that to the source to be able to (or beat) but to arrive to this point, is Apple calms quite clear want to you partorisca bounce everything by means of iCloud. It have expected to use this to modify video of flight in mine iPad of a micro SD paper of my dron, but concealed does not go to spend, will have to use the laptop instead.
5 / 5
The work adds! Utilisation with my Audioquest Red of Dragonfly.
4 / 5
Has bought this specifically so that it can register use my blue yeti. I have tried of of this economic plus knockoffs and was the waste of time. So only spend of the money. This has done well out of a box.
5 / 5
To the credit of Apple, a questionable action of in this way overpriced the adapter is a lot has documented. They have done in fact his part that explains a tin-has related the behaviours could find. Still, they are by train of the give three stars been due to a insanely the big prize remained with a fact that the so only does not do a lot well for him in my Air of iPad 2.

In my Air of iPad 2 a prime minister two (MIDDAY) the devices have looked for to use with this like this failed adapter with the message in a Semi-detached Accessory that the uses Also Can. A fast recognition to a page of the support of the Apple has suggested an use of an additional powered USB hub, then that connects that hub to an USB jack in an Adapter of Camera. You look! iOS Has then recognised my devices of MIDDAY perfectly leaving causing of applications of the music of professional quality likes DM-1 for Fingerlab. This type of the FUNCTIONALITY of MIDDAY requires that your wished iOS the application sustains MIDDAY, like this applications like iMaschine for the Native instruments no . The majority of a mainstream the applications of music sustain MIDDAY (pianos, synths, and the majority of cars of drum).

For an use a typical plus stages your device of USB could do so only well without requiring the powered USB hub, like some typical cameras and flash the devices of storage have based.

Finally am also a bit annoyed in a name of this product. Calling it the 'adapter of camera' is downright confusing to the basic user concealed has all the types of devices of different USB that can do with iOS. Also it looks he 'fragmentation' regarding an action of this element; older iPads look to be less finicky roughly the subjects to be able to concealed looks to be the question in a new plus iPads. An underlying message is that Apple is trying to do the like this difficult, expensive, and confusing like this possible to connect your devices of USB to the yours iPad. All this has said, can use a workarounds, is able to buy the powered USB hub require, and comprise some the subjects to be able to that it could it to it come on this can be the useful element .
4 / 5
Like these works of device well with devices of USB, resupplies some things am taken the account :

usb3 the devices have big drain.. And no reliably work. If has the hub among an adapter and a device, can do of clashes he down.
powered USB hub Acts well with devices of USB.
Only devices iOS the supports will do.

The things have tried:
blue USB yeti microphone. The fact adds directly with an adapter.
transcend usb3 Reader of paper of the memory: it has not done directly. Work with hub(powered and unpowered)
1/4' to adapter of the electrical guitar of the USB has done directly and has done well with band of cochera.
USB flashes Walks: the majority has not done directly, all done with hub.

This is to be use with an iPad Pro 9.7' and iPad mini.
5 / 5
Has used this to connect the USB mic (AT2020) my iphone and the work adds. Well a prize, apparently. Not annoying with swipe-offs. I say that grudgingly, but a truth is the money spent has not required to in economic workarounds that has thought could do and no, reason are an idiot and has to that have has chosen so only this on a start. It is not to to an idiot like him; it learns of my remorse.
4 / 5
A main reason has has wanted to this was so that it can use the keyboard maquinal with my iPhone 6S + or my iPad Mini. Has the bluetooth keyboard, but when I am doing serious writing, prefers to use the keyboard maquinal. I have read on-line that if the draws of the keyboard maquinal also can does no with this accessory. My keyboard maquinal is a lot, very basic and imagine any whistle and extra bells (LEDs, backlit tones, etc.), As I have not had any questions that use with my iPad. They are happy with cost of mine, although I am using he for the a bit tightened purpose.
5 / 5
After returning an ash-Omar any white keyboard of lightning, and the used Macally white-but-keyboard any working (ebay), has decided to see can use one of my white/aluminium-money the keyboards maquinales with my iPad have seen this connector. Work! And it is awesome to write in full-measured-heaven of keyboard in of the tones maquinales (And-Element z-77 of Amazon) to take notes in OneNote, writes email, quickly-enter the Omnifocus, etc. With complete kinetic consolation!

Even Better, has tried it also on iPhone 5s and iPhone 8 More - sucedido!

The Hips hooks to a dome of the hule older usb keyboard and does well with all three devices also.

An only @@subject - and thinks that ossia true by means of a joint - is that when some devices' drops of life of the battery to 60 row, is apt to turn of a keyboard to draw also can. I have found that unplugged and replugged he in, and writes more dulcemente, could continue use he to 50 row at least. I did not press it further, I have finalised usually that has done and has not required to go further (courtesy of entrance of the fastest data with the keyboard and the touch that writes skills).
Will be to try the powered hub situation after, and the splitter.

For people those who require to use electronic, but love the little less EMF/less Bluetooth, having the way to enjoy a functionality of laptop iOS devices with some búfer distance, this adapter more the keyboard is really good.
5 / 5
Has purchased this to transfer photo and video of my telephone of android to the mine ipad Air 3 (ipad you 13.2 installed) , using this usb 3 walk: />
has maintained to take a message of error that a bit walk of uses of the thumb also can. I am returning east.

Has purchased this connector: />
has Tried so only plugging my usb walk to a Henkur, but still has taken a 'any quite can' message. I have tried then add the big Anker band of battery to a Henkur. Still any regime. That finally the fact is plugging a Henkur to AC wall outlet. It conceal finally it was quite juice to take a bit usb the walk that read and read by mine ipad Air 3.

Top Customer Reviews: nonda USB C to USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Retta
Both does exactly as it has expected. They are not flush with a cup of chance in a macbook pro 15' late 2017 and clave on enough to feel is also the little too long to return against a chance. A second what and am not sure anything can be done is that two will not return in a same side of the mine MacBook Pro of an USB C put you are too prójimos together. I can still it covers in faculty or another usb c cords that is measure resembled a connector of original apple.
5 / 5 Tenisha
Has looked for the product that has resupplied the half faster comunicacional to my hand-held device and I was very satisfied. My telephone now touches for the half some time takes me for the touch that use the USB rule. This adapter of USB is also compact, durable, and versatile.
4 / 5 Jeanett
Well, so that they can ask , a port of main USB rule is opened on some arrivals of this adapter that, will convert or adapt a signal thru to a built in Type of USB of final viril- C in another end so that it covers you in any precise .
Has taken a pair to adapt my defenders of USB, and other devices of USB regulate as it has required. Handy elements. I add to relieve Compraventa!!
4 / 5 Ebonie
Has dipped this in my motorcycle x4 scrollings of file and using discharge and devices of game. Extremely happy with a product, has had any question that use my wireless mouse and other discharges and devices of game. All this is to be promise lol, and is the prize adds for two adapters!!! As any worry I misplace a!

Has come also with the guaranteeed of year with an optional +2yr guaranteeed upgrade.
Nonda Has has taken to good sure my eye <3
5 / 5 Terry
has required this covers it the device of USB my mac. I have had each one another dongle but a one has required, as I have found this 2 band and bought them. They are the quite colour , but law and has saved the meeting.
5 / 5 Alisia
Ossia So only that has required. Changed to the MacBook with 0 put you of only USB USBC. This are adds for travelling. Works perfectly. Saved the plot of money to maintain my old crew.
4 / 5 Violet
Returns perfect, distributes the bridge required for my numerous usb flashes walks that has not built in port in new macs. Priced Well!
5 / 5 Karey
Had bought the new computer that there is not coming with adapters for my old crew. This work perfectly!!
4 / 5 Min
Has used to convert one of an USB C outlet of the mine MacBook Pro the USB A. Left some spatial ash perfectly
4 / 5 Lili
Some adapters of USB have been rid quickly. Work well and is the nifty device. It is it helps it it adds with interfacing with devices of computers that requires the Type-C USB.

Top Customer Reviews: Syntech USB C to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Bridget
Mina 2011 MacBook Pro has the data finally goes. I have decided to be finally time the upgrade so much my MacBook Pro and iMac. They are the photographer and use the plot of portable hard walks as well as readers of paper. This USB-C to the adapters of USB are especially necessary in a new plus MacBook Pros so that has any ports of USB. I have debated it takes sometime if partorisca go with a Mark of Apple or this container. It was so only $ 10 partorisca two unit (this band) versus almost $ 20 for one (Apple is). Have Absolutely any remorse. I can it covers in my hard walk and reader of paper a same time. I have been using some adapters daily for the pair of weeks without subjects. Obviously, with a help of this adapter these ports are like this faster that the ports of old USB of mine 2011. Save your money and go with these. At all it is bad with saving the few dollars in this chance!

Has found my useful description pleases the click/touches one he icon. Thank you So many!
5 / 5 Angelika
UP TO DATE (Original 3 Description to Star Down)

After my initial description, Sytech has achieved was mine that says that has the new batch of bosses with has improved the house that the will not affect the 2.4 GHz wifi signal. They have sent some new bosses and his perfectly. They are sturdy and work perfectly on all wifi canals.

That it is really impressive is that wonderful his service of client is. They are friendly, courteous, and has had to that do with you. Travesía Some the USA to an Or.K. Around the times still likes the book has expected. Syntec Was able to rush an order to do sure that some bosses have arrived while it has been still in some the EUA

In courts, Syntech behaved exactly like appearances . They have recognised an element has not adapted my needs, the authorship has accepted, and freely offered for the do well.

Ossia More than has expected for the pair of $ 10 bosses.

Thank you, Syntech. Has the client of for life.

(Original description)
has loved Syntech,
While it likes-me your product for speed of connectivity and is solid craftsmanship, has found the quite hefty defect. My main use for a boss is to connect my outside Seagate hard drive which use the USB 3 my Mac which use the USB C, but when I do like this and are in 2.4 GHz wifi connection, the volume kicked of a wifi. I have tried this in my house and in my office with some same results. In troubleshooting this @@subject, has found some information that a noise of USB 3.0 spectre of data can be big (in a row). Any effect this would have in 2.4 wifi is usually nullified for the house of a boss.

HAS has received 2 faulty bosses, or is this simply the defect to draw?

Also would owe that mention that while in the 5 GHz wifi connection, some do any well and there is not any interference. Again, I think that that some bosses are utmost in the another respect.

Accepts the turn or transmission without an original packaging? You will be out of the box of map, but will have the client of for life!
4 / 5 Sam
Ossia The highly robust product this has to do lacking all of the mine usb c to usb 3 has related needs for my macbook pro with an odd exception; Because of a construction of metal of these dongles, freely transmit the signal that interferes with my macbook pro wifi the connectivity when connected to usb 3.0 hard walks outsides. If you feign to use these bosses mainly for walks last in the macbook pro, could wants to consider the plastic option. otherwise These bosses are surprising.
5 / 5 Toi
I have bought the Macbook Pro for work to draw. I have purchased these adapters in of the hopes to connect everything of mine peripheral necessary but has discovered one of entities caveat... With the monitor plugged in street hdmi + usb c & the Wacom pill, is impossible to touch a laptop and like this, has not been able to use my monitor of a MBP has to that be powered.

This required the forego these alone adapters & buy the usb-c hub... A compraventa quite useless but at least can use these adapters when I any precise to use an external monitor.
5 / 5 Erline
This work adds in my new mark MacBook Pro 15' portable. They are strong, compact, and work perfectly connecting my USB C the lines of USB. Shopping another container of two. Now it has included I am using a to connect my office of laptop with cooling and touch my laptop and another to maintain my iPhone has touched when necessary. This connector also does well in my hard walk outside older.
My new MacBook Pro uses Four Ray 3 (USB-C) ports with stops of support: touching, DisplayPort,Ray (until 40 Gbps), and USB 3.1 Gene 2 (until 10 Gbps). I can connect anything loves my laptop with these connectors. Happy I has him.
5 / 5 Lamont
So only it take the new 13” Macbook portable and has has required adapters for plugging in mine iphone or flashdrive or walk of disk. This work adds and pode discharges in 2 things in timing although I need to. Any long boss to treat! Utmost cost!
5 / 5 Angelita
I have bought these of then would owe that be easier to see in my stock exchange of portable (white) and harder to free that so only the small rigid USB C to USB 3.0 adapter. Has the plot of them I like this looks to go where the stray average goes. This work likes expected and taste that has to that my laptop in my lap is not dipping any stress in a connection to my PC.
4 / 5 Deb
Unfortunately, it has had to return this adapter. Reason? Every time I have connected usb flash walks to mine 2017 MacBook Pro my Wifi the connection has died. Ossia The subject known if an adapter is not properly state shielded. Both Intel and the apple has posted pieces in this question.

Has tried multiple frames of adapter that tries to find a concealed has not interfered with wifi. Like this far an only adapter that has found that always the works is some adaptadoras of Apple .

4 / 5 Elliot
Very pleased with these bosses of adapter. This adapter has done to transfer pictures of mine telephone to an external hard walk the breeze! Helped to release on the tonne of room in my telephone.

Corded Bosses
Flexible cord
connector of the league of the Aluminium begins
Two band
Discharges and touch
the requests of scrolling to 5 Gbps (the addicted device)

6' boss (would have liked me in double a period so only for a sake of consolation)

Global 2 USB adds C to adapters of USB in the utmost pricepoint. His utmost and assist with speedy scrollings of data. Quite small to record in the stock exchange of work or rucksack although it have preferred the boss the long plus.

A lot recommend this 2 band of adapters!

Find an useful information? Please click Yes down. Thank you!
4 / 5 Lekisha
You take that paid partorisca, well? These were such the subject adds , until they have arrived and has not done. An USB C finals a lot easily returned to a receptor in mine MacBook Air, and just simple old does not act. I have tried so many of the discharges in of the places with both of some bosses have sent, has then tried my backside on external walk, a DVD of NEW/CD strolls, and the flash walk. At all done with these bosses. Today an adapter has ordered of the apple arrived and works like the charm. $ 5 versus $ , That attended, really? My joint, so only buy he of Apple and save you time and frustration.

Top Customer Reviews: USB C to HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Bethanie
Has the Note of Galaxy 9 and has has wanted to something could use to launch of the mine telephone my TV. I do not have internet like my chromecast no . I have been of more buy and has had an element like this stops . I have paid less than still east and work perfectly! I plugged he to my telephone has used then a hdmi cord of another end of him to my TV and he mirrored my perfect screen. It was simple, economic and exactly that has required. I have bought the cordless phone uploads (sees my description on he) so that my telephone can remain touched to the equal that have looked TV. Any the one who says this element doesnt the one who Ive so only described is the fibber. I add partorisca buy and am buying another partorisca my wifes telephone as we can use he in my room of girls
5 / 5 Darell
has required this partorisca the presentations and he have done utmost with my iPad new 11. Usually it uses my MacBook Pro but my iPad Pro 11 is backup if a computer would develop the question. A law of device adds!
5 / 5 Willian
Has bought this again partorisca connect my Chromebook to mine monitor partorisca be able to use two screens. Simple picture , good quality! defiantly Recommends!
4 / 5 Santos
Are not technology savvy enough to say yes diminishes a quality of picture (and probably depend in the monitor is using), but if he , can not be for a lot. It returns closely with both my HDMI cord and to the mine portable. The discharges and unplug it long the week and he still does utmost.
5 / 5 Royal
Has required the fast way to connect my MacBook Pro with his misbegotten USB-C put you to a HDMI monitor. Apple has loved the rescue of the King for one, and was big that requires to be, uglier.
Ossia Perfect. It is quite small to launch in my newspaper-spend rucksack, and work perfectly. The fresh careers, and absolutely any flicker or very other questions of exposure, in FHD resolution.
4 / 5 Regina
This work adds, is exactly that it love and work súper reliably and perfectly. Also, arrivals really quickly, and was packaged a lot amiably in the box of small map, sealed, with an adapter he inside in the small protective stock exchange. I seat it likes it to me I am not that describing a lot well but really a packaging was to add reason protects an adapter a lot well but was also very easy to open - very happy with cost of mine, to good sure would recommend to buy of this vendor is thinking roughly that.
5 / 5 Shelby
LEADING: A subject only has, But DOES not BLAME OF THE ADAPTER is that it is not covers it simple and game. That I bad with east is that the colours of a computer and a TV is does not match . You owe that aforar a television to match some colours of a computer. I am connecting a iMac with Consent it. I am not sure if ossia a result of Mac using his usual that goes against all the world-wide and creating his own level. Perhaps it is something all the world has to that that also can comprise. Also, after connecting a screen to a computer an also has to that go under the settings of EXPOSURE of a computer and dip the to mirror. It likes me quell'has said in a title, he a work but calm has to that a bit do to take some good colours. Perhaps it has an easier way, I just need to do some investigation in the options of my computer to connect external monitors.

NEW: Some TV touches the enormous circle in one covers and process of game. I plugged this bad boy in mine Samsung and he automatically read he without me that goes to some preferences of system of mine iMac. A @subject to paint that has had with mine Consent does not look in mine Samsung. It is it covers it true and game. A difference could be that mine Samsung the TV has a HDMI port labeled DVI and this could be a reason because it does not have any subject with him. I CONSENT HAS regulate HDMI and this could be because it has to that it marks configs.
4 / 5 Chasidy
Has purchased this unit like the substitution for fine it-port HDMI with USB and SD unit of reader of the paper that so only has not done never. No a just same mark FYI. After reading some descriptions in this Mokin unit that was positive The really so only a thing but he he well, league in an external monitor. With a forward fine-the port unit would have to that unplug a unit every time like the laptop would read it like result tiresome and probably is not well for a usb C port in a long career. In general a unit is very built, his quell'has bitten big but hey work like this has to that. Good value for a unit.
5 / 5 Shirely
Havent There was long like this cant speak the durability of term along, but the looks has built well. Didnt Needs the clave of fire or roku solution, has loved so only the way to show content of telephone (pics, streaming mesos comunicacionales, etc) in the slightly older flatscreen without wifi capacity. This returns a bill. The works add and more priced there. Fast nave also!
4 / 5 Graham
Avenges quickly. I have bought two Mokin produced. One is a usb-c to vga the adapter and another is a usb-c to hdmi adapter. Utilisations these adapters for 13" Macbook Pro 2016 with my monitor. I add cystal picture in my TV.
Does perfectly. It covers and game. Any subject like this far!

Top Customer Reviews: CY Thunderbolt Port ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Sophie
Has the mid 2011 iMac quell'only USB 2 put you and 2 put you of Ray. Has thinks that would try an USB of Ray 3 adapter partorisca see yes could take the fastest connection partorisca transfer files and possibly add some USB 3.0 put you my car. An adapter of Ray is connected to the Pluggable USB 3.0, 7 port hub. I have used Pluggable USB 2 hubs in a past and always does perfectly.

Trying a scrolling of the main files founds the speed of scrolling has been of 21 MB/s on USB 2 and augmented to 98 MB/s using an adapter of Ray. While no like this quickly like the USB rule 3.0 connection I now have 7 additional USB 3.0 put you in my computer and couldnt be pleased more with a result.
5 / 5 Lance
I need partorisca save USB3 ports in mine new iMac, and does not have any devices of Ray. Have Here, has found this! Well value of the money because mine 4TB the device of backup is USB3. I eat ... I scrape the USB3 partorisca my twice daily backups. That can be better? There is so only 4 USB3 ports in a iMac, like starts the freak was until I have found this handy device. Of then they are in pertinent bad Windoze and the program of proprietary backup, is the for real wonderful message partorisca see: YOU X asking me wants to use a disk for backups of Car of the Time, if I want to encrypt it, decides later ... wow, That takes would not spend with Windoze.

So that he precise converts Ray the USB3 for anything, ossia yours response . It can buy another, is like this handy!
4 / 5 Jospeh
This does well and is to good sure faster that USB2. It is the bit pricey for the port adapter only, as I have opted to return take it a Thunderdock AKiTiO Thunder2 Cradle for roughly two times a prize, but with six connections of big speed (2 UBS3, 2 eSATA, 1 Firewire 800, and 1 additional Ray partorisca monitor or of the devices of Ray).

A speed of connection with a Thunderdock is faster roughly more 50 fast, which is reason I has given this conversor three stars. An adapter has consecrated would owe that be faster, any slower of the six port hub. A speed so only justifies a Thunderdock the main prize (plus 6x more ports) requires the cradle of big speed.

Has comprised Blackmagic the speed tries to compare a CY adapter (slow plus) to a Thunderdock (faster)
4 / 5 Leilani
Ossia the good product with the chance of concrete use: ports of ray in the macbook or mac pro with the a lot of main data has imposed that a built-in usb backplane.

Had expected that it can use this for my external walks, but a tax of data is spent for the averages.
5 / 5 Lasandra
Works. Very expensive but so only one has seen.
5 / 5 Ernest
The fact adds in mine imac and my mac mini 2011. I have been stuck in usb 2 and not having @@give the one who fast using the usb 3 era. Really happy with him and the recommend highly
5 / 5 Humberto
work in a morning, has walked out of my office and when I have gone back my screen has not taken the signal. I substituted it and all has done again.
5 / 5 Lajuana
Him him An old plus iMac with the precise ray has this to take an USB 3.0 big speed
5 / 5 Janet
am using this to connect the USB 3 external walk to the mine Mac mini (2011).
4 / 5 Frederick
Wonderful. Now I have four USB 3.0 put you in mine 2013 MacBook Pro. The solution adds if it do not love the crummy inconsistent Lexar gone back, so only buy two of these and take to four paper of empty option of reader.