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1 first REAL USA Professional Grade Gaffer Tape By Gaffer Power, Made in the USA, Heavy Duty Gaffers Tape, Non-Reflective, Multipurpose. (2 Inches x 30 Yards, Black) REAL USA Professional Grade Gaffer Tape By Gaffer Power, Made in the USA, Heavy Duty Gaffers Tape, Non-Reflective, Multipurpose. (2 Inches x 30 Yards, Black) By Gaffer Power
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2 Gaffer Power Power Patch Clear Tape - All Weather Seal Tape | Flexible Sealing Tape for Peel and Seal Roofing, Waterproof Tape for Pipes | Patch Holes & Cracks | Butyl Seal Tape 4 inch x 5 feet Gaffer Power Power Patch Clear Tape - All Weather Seal Tape | Flexible Sealing Tape for Peel and Seal Roofing, Waterproof Tape for Pipes | Patch Holes & Cracks | Butyl Seal Tape 4 inch x 5 feet By Gaffer Power
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3 best 2" Width ProTapes Pro Gaff Premium Matte Cloth Gaffer's Tape With Rubber Adhesive, 11 mils Thick, 55 yds Length, Black (Pack of 24) 2" Width ProTapes Pro Gaff Premium Matte Cloth Gaffer's Tape With Rubber Adhesive, 11 mils Thick, 55 yds Length, Black (Pack of 24) By Pro Tapes
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4 Professional Grade White Gaffers Tape 2×30 Yards 11 mils Waterproof for pro Photography, Filming Backdrop, Production Equipment, Easy to Tear Non-Reflective and Leaves No Sticky Residue. Professional Grade White Gaffers Tape 2×30 Yards 11 mils Waterproof for pro Photography, Filming Backdrop, Production Equipment, Easy to Tear Non-Reflective and Leaves No Sticky Residue. By Cindy's Tape
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5 Black Gaffers Tape - 3 Pack, 30 Yards and 2 inch Wide- 3 roll Bulk Set Refills case. Multi-Pack Waterproof Gaffer Matte Cloth Fabric for pro Photography, Filming Backdrop, Production Equipment Black Gaffers Tape - 3 Pack, 30 Yards and 2 inch Wide- 3 roll Bulk Set Refills case. Multi-Pack Waterproof Gaffer Matte Cloth Fabric for pro Photography, Filming Backdrop, Production Equipment By Lockport
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6 3M Premium Matte Cloth (Gaffers) Tape GT2, Black, 48 mm x 50 m, 11 mil 3M Premium Matte Cloth (Gaffers) Tape GT2, Black, 48 mm x 50 m, 11 mil By 3M
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7 XFasten Professional Grade Gaffer Tape, 2 Inch x 30 Yards (Blue), Colored Gaffer Floor Tape for Cables, Photography, Stage Arrangement, and Interior Design XFasten Professional Grade Gaffer Tape, 2 Inch x 30 Yards (Blue), Colored Gaffer Floor Tape for Cables, Photography, Stage Arrangement, and Interior Design By XFasten
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8 Mini Pocket Real Gaffers Tape Fabric Tape Natural Rubber 1 inch x 11 yards -Pack of 4 Rolls Black,13 Mils Thickness Heavy Duty, Strong Tough Compact Lightweight, Multipurpose Better than Duct Tape Mini Pocket Real Gaffers Tape Fabric Tape Natural Rubber 1 inch x 11 yards -Pack of 4 Rolls Black,13 Mils Thickness Heavy Duty, Strong Tough Compact Lightweight, Multipurpose Better than Duct Tape By Cindy's Tape
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9 WOD CGT-665C Premium Grade Multipurpose Gray Gaffer Tape, Residue Free, Non Reflective, Easy to Tear - Better than Duct Tape (Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors): 2 in. X 50 yds. (1-Roll) WOD CGT-665C Premium Grade Multipurpose Gray Gaffer Tape, Residue Free, Non Reflective, Easy to Tear - Better than Duct Tape (Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors): 2 in. X 50 yds. (1-Roll) By WOD Tape
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10 Gaffers Tape - 2 inch by 60 Yard Roll - Black - Bulk Cloth Gaffer Tape, Main Stage Gaff Tape Gaffers Tape - 2 inch by 60 Yard Roll - Black - Bulk Cloth Gaffer Tape, Main Stage Gaff Tape By Main Stage Gaff Tape
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5 / 5 Lennie
Ladies, this description is since you.

Likes quite garment with of low piece, backless pieces, has the boob solution that is better that any esticky bra' in a piece: gaffer tape. Gaffer Tape, gaffer tape, gaffer tape. It lines your daughters on sake and big. An adhesive is robust and strong; I am spent he that hangs 7 hours in the pair, and strong scratches a whole time. Quan Takes a tape of your person, exited cleanly and painlessly. 10/10 it recommends to Him.
4 / 5 Hye
With the strapless has dressed of the low piece has purchased this so behind up in case that a bit gel the bra failed (which he ) Excepts with rind very sensitive was nervous this would break me era. Rain, has dried was, has applied then the thin cloak of neosporin like the barrier. Only the small likes tape still clave. I have created then my bra! Work perfectly and has lined up all night. Any rash, hives, or puffiness and only the small rednesss.
5 / 5 Judie
I have bought in fact this so that I have read on-line that the people have used this to line up 'the daughters' in the backless, has cut down cloths. The May HAS BEEN able to spend these so that has the big cofre ( has tried A lot of things but at all never facts). It is not to perfect, but better work that anything more has not used never and will continue to use the.
Has used also likes him the regular tape (to line void the cape the together clean plus and to repair other things) and the laws add. This tape has the multiple uses and I to good sure will order this again!
5 / 5 Cammy
I have used he for Kim K trick of the bra and he have done utmost! I am a lot of 'blessed' is that I bad- he so that it was dubious anything would do. It tries different type of tape before (still duct tape- no this) and this has lasted a long plus and has not been so restricting so that another. I have required he for the pair, and mark of 5pm-11pm with a lot dance some last few hours. I have finished to take he in an end, while it begins loose his sticky but was an end of a night, and was to do my expectations, and was easy to take without residue or of the odd marks. I def uses again!
5 / 5 Corrine
I have ordered this in a colour of tan so that Kim K has said for the use to line his hearts in place for a red carpet. Boooyyyyyy Has been well! Quan Tried it in the first place, my organism was moisturized and was, as it does not act. I have decided to give what the 2.os fresh exited of a shower and pose down in a bed. This streaky thing in place during 10 hours. It has been longer if I have not taken was. I have used it knitted the cover my nipples and the coconut oil to take it was. Fact like the charm.
5 / 5 Joette
My threads has wanted his computer hardwired since is better for gaming, but a modem was in an opposite wall of his floor of open plan. Had any road to run a ethernet cape around a fund because of a creation, as I have ordered 60' clearly CAT6 cape of Ethernet and has run he of a modem in the corner, in a corner, through a ceiling under another corner and on in a computer. I have used an aim gaffer tape to record a cape so that it mixes in with a wall and ceiling so so it was possible. This Gaffer the tape has done brilliantly for this purpose. Semence well, was easy to soften the wrinkles was while record and the peel has been without taking a painting with him. It forgets that a cape is running through a half of a ceiling a lot hurriedly so that it is white in aiming. My threads has said that it can use it to disguise some of some capes that is visible under his desktop against a wall of laws also.
4 / 5 Sheilah
I have bought this tape to use how the 'bra' and the law adds. I gave me a support I required and did not give me a lot of problems during a night. Peel The little of an upper but any so concealed does not act. An only downside was when take, rasga my rind the little, even so I think that that it was more my failure to go also quickly. To go dulcemente, and softly takes a tape, start easily and painless. It recommends this tape, and purchase again in a future.
3 / 5 Shelton
It was in the haste and has ordered this mark more than others the USA marked typically take, of A Gaffer tape to Be able vanamente look the roads and has had informs of sound. A prize for feet is in fact 60% elder, but equally go down in the fast gaze since is 30 against 55 course.

Will be to use this tape for the lives of audio this weekend. The initial observations look similar in other tapes. Even so, it has remarked that there is more adhesive and this is not applied consistently. There it looks to be splatters of a material, while if an adhesive sprayer was clogging the little. While a tape takes cleanly of the place and the squad of the client.
4 / 5 Monique
I have bought yes for Kim K boob tape' the thing and he well. Any sure concealed the fact is sweating or something, but so far so good. But once you bond he in the surface, that is to say, any re-bond (idk that gaffer the tape is supposed to be used by so that it can be it level )
has Taken clashes was cuz a company any prender emailing me. Fred.
5 / 5 Lyla
I will begin to said has not bought this for a real purpose of this product. It was it looks for it tape that layer my nipples when spending low piece or backless clothes. It was with this mark so that has the good descriptions and a value are unbeatable.
IS spent a tape with submerging neckline and backless the elements and he are invisible through clothes. It does not nettle my rind and he remain gestures.
So for some ladies, is debating on purchasing this, only the buy. It IS the lifesaver and has taken the plot of product for a money!
4 / 5 Gia
Ladies, this description is partorisca you.

Likes quite dressed with of low yard, backless run, the the boob solution that is better that any esticky bra' in a phase: gaffer tape. Gaffer Tape, gaffer tape, gaffer tape. It resists your daughters on good and big. A glue is sturdy and strong; I have spent he for 7 hours in the pair, and hold strong a whole time. When you Take a tape of your person, regime cleanly and painlessly. 10/10 it would recommend it to it.
5 / 5 Mira
With the strapless has dressed of the yard has purchased under this like this behind up in chance a bit gel the bra fracasado (which he 😕) But with skin really sensitive was nervous this would break me era. Rain, has dried was, has applied then the thin discharge of neosporin like the barrier. So only the little like this a tape still clave. I have created then my “bra”! Law perfectly and has on resisted all night. Any rash, hives, or puffiness and so only the little rednesss. 👍🏾
4 / 5 Adelia
Has bought in fact this reason have read on-line that the people have used this to resist on 'the daughters' in the backless, down cut outfits. They are not never able state to spend these reasons has the big @@@cofre ( has tried A lot of THINGS but at all never facts). It is not to perfect, but better works that anything more has not used never and will continue to use the.
Used it also like the regular tape (to resist vacuum the boss he plus cleaned near and to repair other things) and the law adds. This tape has the multiple uses and I to good sure will order this again!
4 / 5 Ronda
Has used he for Kim K trick of the bra and he have done add! They are a lot of 'blessed' is that I bad- he so that it was doubtful any do any. I have tried different types of tape before (same duct tape- did not conceal) and this is lasted a plus along and has not been like this restricting so that another. I have required he for the pair, and do of 5pm-11pm with a lot of dance any last few hours. I have finalised to take he in an end, as it begins to free his sticky but is an end of a night, and was to treat my expectations, and was easy to take without residue or of the odd frames. I def uses again!
5 / 5 Dimple
Has ordered this in a colour of tan because Kim K has said uses it to resist his hearts in place for a red carpet. Boooyyyyyy Has been well! When I tried It in the first place, my organism was moisturized and was, as it does not act . I have decided to give the one who the 2.os go fresco out of a shower and dipping down in a bed. This thing resisted in place for 10 hours. It was more be along if I did not take it was. I have used cloth to cover nipples of mine and coconut oil to take it was. Fact like the charm.
5 / 5 Kena
My edges has loved his computer hardwired of then is better for gaming, but a modem was in an opposite wall in his paving of slowly open. Had any way to run a ethernet boss around a paving because of a creation, as I have ordered 60' to plan CAT6 boss of Ethernet and has run he of a modem to the corner, on a corner, by means of a ceiling down another corner and on to a computer. I have used an aim gaffer tape the tape a boss so that he blend in with some wall and ceiling like this so it was possible. This Gaffer the tape has done brilliantly thus purpose. It resists well, it was easy to soften wrinkles was while taping and the monde were without taking a product with him. You forget that a boss is running by means of a half of a ceiling a lot quickly reason is white in aim. My edges has said that that can use to disguise some of some bosses that is visible under his office against a wall of laws like this well.
4 / 5 Cecelia
Has bought this tape to use like the 'bra' and the law adds. I gave a support I required and did not give me a lot the questions during a night. Pelos The little of an upper but a lot so much that does not act . An only downside was when take, tear my skin the little, this in spite of think that was more mine the fault to go too fast. For gone slowly, and softly take a tape, start easily and painless. You recommend this tape, and spent again in a future.
5 / 5 Jacqualine
Was in the haste and has ordered this mark more than some another EUA has done mark I typically take, of A Gaffer tape to Be able to looked like the shots and has had informs of sound. A prize for feet is in fact 60 elder, but the low appearance in the fast gaze of then is 30 vs 55 course.

Will be to use this tape partorisca to the alive audio acts this weekend. The initial observations look resembled other tapes. This in spite of, there is remarked that there is more adhesive and this is not applied consistently. There it looks to be splatters of a material, like a glue sprayer was clogging the little. While a tape takes cleanly of the place and the crew of the client.
5 / 5 Dinah
Will begin to say has not bought this for a real purpose of this product. It was to look for it tape that would cover nipples of mine when spending low yard or backless dresses. I have been with this mark because has the good descriptions and a value is unbeatable.
Has spent a tape with submerging neckline & backless the elements and is invisible by means of clothes. It does not nettle my skin and the rests have dipped.
Like this for some ladies, is debating on purchasing this, so only the buy. It is the lifesaver and has taken to plot of product for a money!
5 / 5 Delois
Has bought yes for Kim K boob tape' the thing and work well. Any sure how is sweating or something, but like this far like this good. But calm once stick it to the surface, ossia, any king-sticking (idk the one who gaffer the tape is supposed to be used for so that it can be regulate)
has Taken the star was cuz a company any prenderá emailing me. Cold.
4 / 5 Garfield
Experience this Gaffer tape partorisca use in place of the bra when spending the backless dressed at random formal this summer. I have tried in the 10 less other adhesive bras; a Gaffer the beaten of the tape was at least 9 of some bras. I have not decided still partorisca use a tape in a chance but that I can say is after the pocola practical can stimulate and ensure yours 'daughters' and have them the beautiful and natural look. They are the measure DD and on 50 as really I need something concealed could stimulates. The desire had found this first prime minister to squander my money in other adhesive products.
5 / 5 Filomena
Uses this partorisca mark our chances that is all black. This tape is perfect partorisca this work that estacas on to a cloth a lot strongly and is also very visible when the looks of luggage in some carousels
4 / 5 Cherlyn
I work in him. We run bosses everywhere, the be cords of extension or networking containers. I am coming partorisca want to gaffers tape like soft súper-alternative feasible to one all-the purpose duct tape when it comes to these types of works.

At the beginning, has bought whichever was more economic, and dulcemente my lovely containers of cords are ugly result with residue. After a particularly bad economic go which has left one of some cords the different colour the member of crew could do not taking anymore and has on spoken.

Was sufficiently schooled in some “right types” of gaffers tape, but has not believed I so that it say him partorisca dip Some skin in a game. How they were partorisca buy this circle thought that it to him was one same.

Well, Am pleased partorisca say has paid partorisca this circle. So only choosing it up could say that this was softer and more pliable. The easiest tear. The fast sticks to carpet and is coming on easily with the residue there is pulled once. It does not bend when developing and frustrate my crew for his bond. It was able to cut the very thin band and use like the bond of provisional zip!

More than everything, has discovered that you can use this tape partorisca TAKE a residue that a bad tape has left in my cords (also leaves of the mine schooling). The member of crew was in the theatre and the brother still is. This tape is that use partorisca resist near his insiemi, and I maintaining uses it partorisca resist the mine has jointed.

Sometimes differentiates of the quality is enough adds that you have to that I aim out of a difference of real prize. No the a lot of extra in side for at least of 200 better product. Buy this tape.
4 / 5 Joye
Has used this to build the strapless bra for the backless and the front cut down dressed of the lady of honour has had to spend. They are very big chested and pode any skip spending the bra. A bit those that the pieces have read on-line has suggested to use nude gaff tape. Law quite well. You recommend to do sure you apply enmedio fresh. If calm apply it when you are the soul will not stick well because of moisture/sweat. But once it is applied properly will resist for the surprisingly long time. I have been all day with him on and by means of a lot of a night with only a subject, which was my failure . You can easily trim the to return any form to dress too much. In general, I use he again.
5 / 5 Buster
Has purchased this tape to repair it bolster read of dog, which my dogs there is enjoyed for roughly ten years. They love a bed but they have streaky was a lot a vinyl on some years (as pointed in an of one has has attached pictures). A costruttore no longer does this bed, and reason love it, has decided to try this tape to see can that to him more presentable. One of some factors was other commentaries that a tape does not leave the film when it takes, and to the equal that have required for the attractive on top of the time or two for the regulate 'correctly' as he this reparation, found that very easy to do with and does not leave the film of tape behind. The no the professional work (sees a second semi-detached picture), but am happy to say my dogs are enjoying a bed still, and has not broken a tape at all included when kick in him with his hind legs. I have selected a colour of tan because it was more afterwards to an original colour. To good sure use this mark again.
4 / 5 Marylynn
I use gaffer tape to plot like the musician to treat. In mine last action, has looked for to use this tape the tape the headline of microphone to drum of mine, as I frequently, and this tape was USELESS. You were to grieve quite sticky to stick to , and would not adhere to drum of mine at all. I wound on that has to that use my white reservation run of tape the tape a mic title in place, and then dipped the discharge of this black tape on that for the hide, and that the discharge in another tape grieves resisted by means of a show. Now I have two circles of useless tape. It does not think still you trust this material to resist down the cord of power in the paving, much less the ask the one of fact resists anything situates concealed in fact could try movement. At all for the circles of dozen of tape the year, as it is not to like has not been that to expect. I will not be ordering this one again. Disappointed a lot included cover it.
4 / 5 Belva
Done a lot of years that maintains (geez is been the moment ) has done in production of commercial video like quell'assistant of production. It was while I have learnt that gaffer the tape was and change my life (ossia hyperbolic but a lot totally untrue).

Gaffer Tape, in general, has numerous applications: enough anywhere that need well, strong, adhesion while still when being removable and without leaving for behind any adhesive residue.

Gaffer The tape is fashionable lines in texture and composition to the equal that has more in common with duct tape in this consideration but is more flexible and easier that take likes tape of mask but without being brittle and easy of rasgar.

Has had tonnes of gaffer options of tape on Amazon but this one was exceptionally a lot of-revised and priced reasonably. Usually, the low prize in the amazon means that one produces is taking is less than him can or would have to that be.

No like this here. I have been using this tape to conceal bosses in the new paving. A white colour of a tape blends in perfectly with a white product in my wall and I do not owe that spend stirs it to time stapling or using nail-down clips of boss in mine trim. This maintains my cats to take in some bosses and maintains some bosses to estaca was and when being unsightly.

If any precise never substitute some bosses then all have to that do is attractive on a tape, dips down a new boss, and place down fresh tape.

A better part is that some adhesive stays down of a centre to some flanges like this there is not of the flanges that traces and collecting powder or otherwise compromising an adhesion.
4 / 5 Elayne
I in the first place listened of gaffer tape of the fellow that theatre of studios and crew of working phase. These lives of particular element until all some profits add of gaffer tape:
- Crazy arrival blends in and does not reflect light or attention to draw
- Brotas any sticky reside when it takes
- the strong controls, as duct tape
- Tears easily, both by means of and lengthwise

has purchased this white circle to eseal' an empty all a way around the door of the balcony does not use in my paving. I have been invaded for dozens of beetles of Asian lady last fall that so only touched by means of some empty big around some sides and funds of a door. After sealing with this tape, no more beetles. Besides, you seal on the significant draft. A crazy aim arrived blends right in and is grieve noticeable. When Have take a tape for more cleaned of cradle, start without leaving any residue and has taken so only of the bit to paint where already begins to peel/of chip. Beetle had of victims of multiple Asian lady in a sticky side that had been prevented to go in, as well as a bug of stinks.

Also have the black circle of the different mark that have used to cover a built in webcam in mine portable. There is so only some odd works that asks a force and utility of duct tape, but a removability so only can take of gaffer tape.
5 / 5 Shana
Of then discovering gaffers the tape used it at length for two things has not been has meant stops.

1) Im Moving my park of me that to Wi and yes think that is anything less than the monumental task, is bad. I have bought 40 of this big heavy duty blacks of plastic cubes with closing cups to pack and class heav hardware and hand-held tools in to do emotional -at least an end of park of things- easier.

But at all would stick to them to him! Any Duct the tape would last more few days or weeks with a humidity to change and time in these súper slick plastic tubs. So only it fall off.

But east stuffs done! And among colours I so that it can write on the with the Sharpie, then use dye different for different edifices for them to go to in to to a new place likes; Purple for a house, Red for a cochera, Yellow for a barn, Green for a workshop. .

And these tears of materials easily, a Sharpie doesnt smear and sticks tight and starts cleanly! Wow. Finally. Something that in fact works like his suppositions to!

2) My elderly blind and deaf hound With dementia and urinal incontenence and now also sundowners, walks a house at night peeing and pooping. As I have dipped in diapers, then the belly on and then it waterproof diaper on he all and has had to create any stretchy mitten clips of different period for the ensure all to the his harness. Gaffers The tape was a response . That also seals all some flanges.

Hey, Looks ridiculous but work. yay gaffers Tape! No more dog pee/poop in a morning. The dog is happy and are also.
5 / 5 Kathie
Excellent tape, has purchased this to 'fix' some holes in of the chairs of old office. Fact like the charm, to to the pieces likes him to him the chair extends like this he does not calm exited immediately only grieves feels. Shoots any residue for behind closing after being fact in still the few weeks in a chair. A chair is used the majority of days of a week while we are doing projects of diverse work so that it takes the decent workout.

Very adhesive, if it sticks to almost all have attached it to. Some the only places looks to have the question is material a lot rough likes the cloth expected and very thin, one sees by means of class of thin cloth.

Some looks of vendor to be for behind his tape. I have received the emails of pair of a vendor after a compraventa in several uses of a tape, drives of pdf and another promotional information.
4 / 5 Robby
It looks partorisca do like this boob tape partorisca a lot of, but he no partorisca me. A tape has not been very adhesive, and when I pulled was once, lose his stickiness. It has not tried he partorisca other uses, as I bought it partorisca use like this boob tape.
4 / 5 Mariann
No shabby! This tape DOES not STICK . I look for it estrongest tape' and ossia that has found them. Unfortunately there are them not reading any descriptions like this am them stuck :(. Any COST is LOOKING FOR STRONG ADHESIVE TAPE!
5 / 5 Emelia
Has bought this tape partorisca use as it bra partorisca the pair answered in the dress of low yard. I have read the tonne of the on-line descriptions and decided to trust that this would do. If you do not go to dance at all that perhaps it does for you but the dance and the sweat at all is game on. It has been there is distracted totally a whole night for my boobs and a lack to sustain a tape has resupplied. So only it takes to stick and the odd forms done where my boobs was has like this equally has had odd spikey/lumpy boobs. Finally, when I have been home, I have taken attentively everything of only to find that a tape there has been stained a wear of form has spent under my dress. It was nude colored and now has big black frames in that the fact essentially unusable.

Know that a way has used this tape is not that it is done to have written like this this description mainly for other women those who are considering using a trick of tape. A lot he! If calm , spend a circle with you for the redo. If there is another option, does not go with using to to a tape likes him to him the trick of bra.

Has found other uses for a tape around my house and has been pleased with his results. It remains sticky for ever and I amour that can be take without leaving residue behind. Hire my paving like this when being able to use glue without leaving the frames behind is essential.
5 / 5 Rene
Can not believe the one who wonderful this tape is. I taped on the sign in a wall of external brick. It has been legustado on like this time and has been also frozen and still is in resistant strong! I used it on 2 cupboard of metal spends that waste to remain concluded. Some controls of tape, pulls on easily to open some cupboards and claves a lot behind when I his park. They owe that it has been it opened 100 times and a continuous tape do that it was a first time . I used it the tape on boxes, there is then @@give that has left something out of a box of map. A tape there is pulled on easily with only in the 1 thumb for 1/4 thumb the piece of paper that attractive on a box. A tape then resealed a box perfectly. When I Have been to dip a box behind in storage, slip in my hands and I resisted it to the rovescio with a tape in a fund. It was roughly 50 lbs and has thought sure that a tape would fail and all would spill. He no. A tape has resisted quickly. It has done I add around my windows to help maintain out of a cold. You know the one who calm sometimes take crooked tape and when it pull until straightening it, some transfers of tape and sticks to ? This has not spent at all with a GafferPower Gaffer tape. I have had also the plastic stock exchange in a freezer that rasgó. I have used a Gaffer tape. The month later, has takes he of a freezer and there is pulled he out of a plastic stock exchange without the question. I have stuck it on a side of a refrigerator until that can launch was. I forgot it and 3 days more am it remarked late in a refrigerator. I assumed it it whitewashes immediately in that has been he in a freezer partorisca the month. He the no. is stuck well to a refrigerator and has not had any residue has left in my refrigerator when lame!!!!! Like the desire there has been known in this more collected tape. A tape of clear container and a Duct the tape is going in a backside of a drawer so only partorisca be used in of the emergencies. It can not expect try some of other colours! He also VERY HURT that this is to do in a . And it is abordable!!!! I wish the amazon would sell more done in some products of EUA.
4 / 5 Kandace
Has been trying all been partorisca find the good sticky bra or the good way the tape my boobs partorisca shirts of state. Kinesiolgy The tape is a better, but the pauses am gone in massively blisters, as I have had to that find an alternative and has tried this after reading a piece roughly he for this use. It has been there is disappointed really bc is essentially tape of duck with the coverage of cotton. Do not twist around the your @@@cofre smoothly and to good sure comes unstuck when sweat. It is softer to a touch that tape of duck in a cup, but is still really rigid, as you can see one yours drop creases shirts and to good sure does not move well with your organism at all. Any @subject as it soften it could have looked before in fact that invernadero , he finally slide and crease and look terrible, then burst free first of an end of a day. Now maintain in alcohol, has tried he for the spend the whole day in a 100 Knits of time of terracing. It can be awesome for this use has feigned recommended by a company, but no partorisca east. I am going back the kinesiolgy tape, but will not clean my also first skin of the apply and will not spend he for days in the row again to avert a blisters. Twist a lot and can be spent in a shower, group, etc! Ache of beauty.
5 / 5 Jamal
Has bought this tape to help impulse up and tape my @@@cofre for the dress with the deep V neckline (to avert the nip slip and impulse). BUT it was not even sticky ... It does not take the clean skin , dry, impulse to help so only has left anything. Enormous waste of $ 17. It was not if a vendor sold some old swipe of crappy tape, or all the world-wide more is wrong and this tape doesnt really helps to impulse anything in braless has dressed. Any way, does not squander your money.
4 / 5 Ami
Tin a lot really give the description still until I have tried this mark of tape. A reality is: if has the smooth surface where the humidity will not take under an adhesive tape is, to peel was without question. If have it carpeted surface like a phase I work on, Some edges of the carpets usually survive without a lot of residue. Some bosses, this in spite of, usually takes the good coating of adhesive aim. This material sticks to your hands and is hard to dry or the washed was. A positive thing is that it sticks well to carpet, smooth arrival flooring and this means security and any dresses of law to trip in loosely sloppy bosses. The aim or the unfinished cement have washed has has painted surfaces, forget it! Has not founding never he gaffer tape that will avert a gooey disorder after the few months of application. I will try this mark but I do not expect improved results in a next mark. When I Ask for the description, please give me time to apply and the appeal up after the moment to see results. A clue in 3 month!
5 / 5 Kyla
Done of the years, has seen the real film gaffer use duct tape to the equal that have thought gaffer the tape was so only the different name for duct tape. It was bad, and a movement gaffer the must has been new to a work or a company of production was economic. These produced is real gaffer tape, vastly upper to duck of duke/duct tape. A glue is not gooey and he really, really (I bad, really) controls. I thought it that it fail in the coverage to resist down the cord of extension of the power, but resists durably. I thought it that it fail to resist the carabiner to the mug like the boss of substitution, but resists firmly until it wash this kluge with detergent of dish. I have thought a glue would be so only tacky but has discovered that it undress an impression of logo of the mug without leaving any residue. I thought it that it was for the annoy to cut a cloth that retreated but is easy of rasgar with the grip of teeth and a hand. Ossia Such material adds that I roam around the mine lived that looks for new ways for the use. Cure so only when you pull out of the period of a circle to prevent an adhesive side of the touch, reason this bond is of for life.
4 / 5 Elvis
The photographer for 30 years are tape like this spent my day, a lot disappointed is, does not believe ossia 11 mills and an adhesion was at all until any test has given he-sent it behind the has not been able of basic use in my opinion.
4 / 5 Tereasa
Like this, has done in fact a lot of years like quell'assistant of production in of the insiemi expensive. Gaffer Tape (old skool was black, aim, and the ash—now has the rainbow of colours) is used for everything. In an industry of music (edifice of phase of the concert -- yeah, I some Rolling Stones, KISS, etc.) Calls yes 'Gaff Tape.' What same. One 'Gaffer' is an electrician of the boss or that lights the on dipped technology. A tape is appointed after his place of work, but all the member of a crew uses it. It is like him esuper tape to mask,' or Duck/duct tape that is far less sticky, easy to the attractive was, but stronger that masking tape. It is known also as 'tape of cloth.'

So much, ossia one of a gone-to the frames would use on place. There is another, but this tape is really the element of speciality (calm saw you the one who this craps costs?!!), And you want to take he of some companies that specialises in this class of material. Ossia My favourite mark , as I know it will do, estaca, rasga amiably, and a quality is always 100. I have had a unfortunate experience of economic gaffer tape before. You take like stops of pays.

Has the pocolas other frames (will not list him here) ossia like this well, but is looking in this PRODUCT, so only the buy and calm will not be disappointed. Ossia A real material that real film, TV, and TV the commercial professionals use on dipped to Hollywood and during a world. Black, ash, and aim: Aim partorisca to to the things likes them-bear seal (writes on the with black Sharpie); ash to blend in (use to walk), and black to NOT reflecting light this finalises screwing on yours lighting. Also, the black is one the majority of common memory , like this stock up in extra of that.
5 / 5 Carry
I have touched the plot of gaff in 20 years. At all alive until P-665. ProGaff Is decent, although it tends to launch serious the bit when the tear. This material is very better roughly not doing that... But when accidentally I stick it his, can peel it behind averts. Quell'Conceals can not be good.

Are by train to try it On some traditional gaffing -- that resists cords in wall -- and will see to like work, properly burnished down. For now, this in spite of, well that has paid for him; if I need 665, or still Pro, be prepared to pay 3 or 2 times like this respectively.

UPDATE: Properly burnished down, looks to resist produced of plaster in better that had been waiting for a crude tackiness for an adhesive part. It does not think I gaff a Bear Mini to the wall with him, but can result to be serviceable for applications to have to read after all.

A vendor takes credit for his photograph of product, in that in fact can say sure that it is in fact gaff tape -- the a lot of vendors touch fast and loose with a name of product.
5 / 5 Guadalupe
These produced has the TONNE of strong adhesive. It is more like this duct tape that gaffer tape that has used for more than 20 years. We use this in the paving of gymnasium to mark the box and when we take to knots 12 hours later, attractive of a polyurethane of a paving. We have used gaffer tape partorisca this purpose more than 100 times and has not spent never first that.

Am launching a rest of a circle was.

Be very careful with east. I do not recommend it .
4 / 5 Eufemia
Sad to say but am a lot disappointed a tape does not act .... It does not remain in my heart is not quite sticky and a lot included have big boobs are so only 36b ...
4 / 5 Oma
Ladies of costs, if you are calm here is more probably looking to create it makeshift bra out of this tape lol, and to the left say work. They are the 40 D and this tape resisted on my daughters for 8 hours before it can do not taking anymore. I have tried 5 versions of this stupid sticky bra and does not have big boobs, does not squander your money. Partorisca East to do your needs of skin to be cleaned and dry (any lotion) and will require to the practical bit it. Tape up in the first place then more tape lateralmente. And maintain rubbing to soften out of a tape. It take the pocola test before it was able of the take perfect. Also you recommend coconut oil to take and the frames calm sure have cortisone ready bc has had the small rash. With which 8 hours begin to result painful reason I taped his arrive like this closely so only a FYI. To good sure recommend for those of the knots concealed has to that fray strappy or backless dresses.
4 / 5 Isa
Love this material, and use it all a time. I ordered it two times. ( It take a by heart green brilliant this time to do it easier that find in mine toolbox. Or stock exchange of tool. Or battery of tool.) No spent never duct tape. Gaffer The tape sticks better, tears of a circle cleanly, flexible rest, and starts when you want without leaving the residue.

Like the photographer, has been conscious of a difference among gaffer tape and duct tape for the long time, but some gaffer the tape is hard to find. They are happy found that here on Amazon.
Modifying to add: it has bought so only my third circle. There are so many uses thus tape. Further to resist things in place for photograph of still life (that comprises taping muslin of mine backdrop to a wall) I use he for my projects of improvement of the house. They are renewal my bath, and has used this to protect a tope of casserole of mine of new shower and he PVC window sill. His otherwise has taken scuffed while doing in a room. It resists firmly but it exits without rasgar averts or leaving resides. It has attached some trim with adhesive, and has used this to resist he in place, he knowing would exit cleanly once a glue was dry. It likes-me a brilliant green colour reason is easy to find when mixed up with other tools and of the parts. Also he well to write on for part of marcación or bosses. I know ossia to plot of words for 'just tape' but really is very material.
4 / 5 Tisa
Duct The tape is ashes of rubbishes that brotas the residue and ruins everything touches.
Gaffers The tape is better. It can have the habit of tape down a microphone and bosses of video in church to carpet, or pavings of forests, and chairs. I used it to seal on boxes, the tape something to a wall, and sometimes rasgará the section and tape the boss to a bank of work like the third hand to solder with. When Your fact, he cleanly exits anything is.

Him him Of the noisy boys, can have the habit to maintain them calm. With his permission of course.

Are, then buy he for the work and he seats in a toolbox for the few years. When A crew of tower arrives in a winter, begins to undermine by means of boxes of supplies to maintain a snow out of his trousers and find one the majority of expensive anything has and the use up.


At least any the mark when finalised and remains sticky during his 300 ft trace.
5 / 5 Anglea
Ossia A first circle of gaffer the tape has not purchased never so it can not do comparisons to other frames, but can say that it does not imagine another mark could be better. I have required this tape to do the pair last-actions of small that run his for the band the one who has spent his own PA the venue that has not had his own. With the combination of a band is and my own crew has run 4 drum mics, 3 vowel mics, tomb and electrical guitar amp mics, and the keyboard directs was together with 3 wedge monitors and 2 speakers of hands, and has used a gaffer tape to maintain the relatively cleaned things and resisted situates like this any one there is tripped on anything in a dinky phases. A tape his work superbly, at all has taken has moved around during some shows, and was able to maintain some bosses out of the way of a band. Still although a tape has resisted a lot of securely to a forest and the surfaces of linoleum some bosses have been run by means of him lifted was easily, and he very there is especially has left no gunk in mine mic bosses or in a paving, and still in the table of final of forest in the little alcove for a phase where had dipped on my place of mix. Also during setup is very easy of rasgar of some pieces have required and never has has had to that once use the leaf. Ossia Big quality gaffer tape that would not doubt to recommend to any one.
4 / 5 Allen
I, like, is lifelong of defender of good antiquated duct tape that access a bill almost all a time. I have required recently some black tape to patch the hole in a carpet in the car of my woman where here that the heel had spent the hole. Grey did not go it to take. Too apparent. This black tape a work really well and, unless you are looking for patches it, calm will not see it never.

I also previously used GafferPower brown tape to patch the hole in the brown down the jacket has directed for rasgar. Once again it calms hardly it can see a tape--and yes calm , I no really cured. So only it do not go to tone the perfectly well the jacket has fill down because of the 3 tears of thumb. Amur This tape. It is a good, 'old fashioned' tape of real cloth. No a plastic material. Recommended.
4 / 5 Sharmaine
Has used this tape on two decorating projects on some years. Both times were applied to the wall has painted to create some outlines for the horizontal maps. Duck/other tapes are almost impossible to take without harm of entity to a wall, while this tape is much easier to take with virtually any harm. It enjoys!
5 / 5 Queen
Amur This and game of cupboard of the transmission of summer. It has to that have steps strapless, of a shoulder, backless gowns, shirts, sweaters, etc.

Have D hearts of measure, still perky. I have used with an old plus (but preferred) sticky bra with a drawstring in a half the tape each side and under each heart. Resisted all day and some daughters have seated well.
Without tape a sticky bra can exit if you do not have support of the yours real garment (short of tank, bustier, bandeau).

Felt to be the sexy extra has had the push on look without having straps.

I slowly to use traditional push on bra to maintain he to move down.

No odora and has not nettled. It is exited without breaking my skin (roughly 3 hours).
Has spent with the blurred sweater, movement the small and is an after thought when I launched it on a sticky bra. Like this still with the pocola lint of a sweater all remained in the place and I felt sure.
4 / 5 Graham
I am revising my original soyeh' description after using a gaffer tape the little time.
A hood in my car would not close down after verifying an oil as I have used 2 (two) 6 games of thumb of this tape partorisca resist a hood down until it can drive some 20 miles of street to the mine maquinal, in a rain. And after taking there peel was easily and could have reused to again there is wanted .
A second time was the test . I taped an end of the 2X4 to my labour bank that use gaffer tape and mark of tape of gorilla. Roughly 6 feet of a 2X4 widespread in still space. After leaving for one prejudices a gaffer taped the joint has been still in place and not even sagging. A gorilla taped the joint rested in an earth. Further, a tape of gorilla has left the residue of adhesive while a gaffer the tape peeled of granddaughter.
Gives 4 stars because it still thinks his roughly two expensive times to the equal that have to that be.

Produces well, that says it will do. But there is very other products of tape there ossia like this good or better, but in meso a prize. 'Gaffer The tape Touches really fresh but a reality is that the tape adds these days is not that it last to find. For chances, genuine commercial quality 'duct tape' (forgets one 'Duck' crap) is easy to find as maximum tents of big box and is the averages a prize but two times a value. Ossia A material that types of use of commercial heating to metal of bond that hot ducts together in some intestines of edifices, quell'last for decades. The technology adds but generally available. Do your duties, forgets a hype, saves some money.
5 / 5 Etha
Has compared to another big-finalise gaffer the tapes have used, this tape is the material it thin plus and there is far less tack to a glue. In mine first uses of pair of this circle, has had a fall of tape immediately a surface to mount just minutes with which application with even a slightest forces. Of here, you have to use even more of a tape to ensure has quite a lot of zone of surface of the adhesive contact for a tape to remain situate when you are doing anything more than just that dips the coverage of travesía in the cord in a paving. Doing the course in the vertical or tall surface looks to be defies it with this mark of tape. If these limitations are WELL for your use, then this tape is otherwise decent material. But you are doing really complex, the heavy boss runs over vertical surfaces and expect a tape to be in place for more along some hours of pair to shoot, calm then could wants to look for the tape to have to that heavier.
5 / 5 Corazon
Thinks that goes to find I using paralizaciones east almost everything. It is claves and resist strong but when you take is not all sticky. It was not that for the explain. Also it looks this the tape is enough bit it more reusable. For chance if you are by train to use it to sustain something temporarily or concealer cord temporarily this will not leave sticky during your cord or that is sustaining.
So that it know that gaffer the tape is ossia the no-brainer. But for those of the knots in some world-wide trams concealed has the habit of electrical tape and duct tape ossia class of the new concept. I can say a thing sure, does not go to leave this career of circle was. I will be to purchase more grieve to go down.
4 / 5 Francene
Has bought this tape to focus was two air of conditioners of window of our north time. That impressed first was that well it sticks to some frames of the coldest window attached it to. After, it was a fact that is it remained on for a prime minister two continuous remain place in a course of a whole winter in some quite rough extremes this year. A next test was when I has been for the take. I have used also some to ensure the cord to the baseboard as we would not be tripping on that. I inadvertently taped the to a painted drywall. Start like the sleep the months of pair later, any tear, and no missing chunks to paint or drywall. I have bought so only more two functions. One on its own name and another for my husband, the one who is already state seen looking in all my places to hide for my circle. Amur This tape.
5 / 5 Stella
Has tried the few frames in a lot of applications. Mina 1.os goes does several years - I splurged for 1 circle of the EUA REAL gaffers tape and required some extra to the equal that has imagined would try it combo sale in fact of Chinese tape. I have tried also the pair other frames in some economic. To good sure that the tape of the EUA the estacas REAL better (to metal, carpet, plastic, etc.), rasga easier and comes up with zero disorder. Another material was A lot of (any quite a grab/durable grab, little more difficult that rasgar that resulted the ache in of the big works, and sometimes left some residue. The tape stirs it to wire down to carpet for the special chances and other materials so only frustrate me. The lessons have learnt: 1. Undertaken of support in some the EUA! (Although it pay the little more) 2. Spent some materials of right/tools a 1st time. 3. This material can last you the moment and be used for a lot of different applications that having some materials that the works will direct to the alcohol he happy plus.
4 / 5 Enola
A lot Some descriptions are hilarious and there is not it remarked until well with which have bought and has used a product. In my chance has required to solve two questions - temporarily masking tape against some white surfaces, and fixing some turn signals rattle in the removable air duct frame of has anchored. In both chances, this produces a work. A tape is well for temporarily ensuring bosses and can be more convenient that using the seeds-to to the permanent solution like them to them the games of of mandate with clips of boss. I have used also it touches of around all four flanges of poster of removable centre of air of metal duct frames, and a tape of thin cloth closed on some free tolerances that has caused rattling when a frame developed and contracted during heating and cooling cycles. A stretchability and facilitated to manage fact this the good product for a work.
4 / 5 Trent
The good product but is expensive and some 32 sounds of courses to the equal that to plot but is not really esees has purchased main of work 55 courses that lasted the years of pair but is $ each one which so and ossia less expensive but to plot the smallest quantity that juezas for as fats a circle in fact is when calm receive it...

Ignores an use of picture to announce this reason this photo is in fact a measure 55 run and any one some 32 run have received...

The tape adds for all the classes of works and does not leave residue of glue when it is lifted adds in hard surface but any I so that it adds in carpet...
5 / 5 Vella
A soundboard/mixer in a room of the adoration of our church is start and require the now run the fat boss of an old mixer of a Some/V consolations in backsides until a phase in a front temporarily. My worry was people not remarking this fat boss that careers a period of a room of adoration and possibly tripping in the have purchased like this a Florescent give Orange form of this gaffer the tape and the sale situated of him to the long of a boss run to comprise the big plus 'x' near of a backside and as well as a front aisle in front of a phase.

Unless you are totally a lot that pays any attention to where is by train to walk you can not avert seeing this brilliant this tape. Also of the his no duct the tape does not leave any residue in a boss neither in ours carpeting. (Any one has used duct tape to the tape down soyy' the cord of long extension has used in church a time and quell'ruined.)
4 / 5 Meg
Usually shabby Pro-Gaff or Shur-mark of Tape gaffer to the tape like him to him these is usually some frames would see in of the houses of supply of the Photo. I have been using gaffer tape (mostly black) for 25 years for entirely of the question that solve so that has the sure expectation that esal' gaffer the tape would owe that treat. This Gaffer material to Be able to is not esal' gaffer tape. It is way too thin, and a glue used is not tacky enough. Neither it is lighting tight. There is remarked this immediately after tear of the piece but of then so only has used this yellow circle for the purpose of marcación imagined it would be GOOD.
INJUSTICE. Of then it does not stick very a lot some flanges of focus of mine have begun to 'circulated as it insert and take crew of chance etc. A good material sells for $ 20 or like this for 60 course, this material is so only the little bucks less and so only is taking 30 course. It averts disappointment and buy a real shot.
5 / 5 Tamela
Are the enthusiast of tape . Have Probably 30 different types of tapes that marries of use and in work and gaff the tape is the must -have. Seriously, it has to it weaves of tape. Packing Tape, electrical tape, duct tape, vhb, acrylic double backside, thermal tape, kapton, masking tapes, several flavours of duct tape. It uses to plot of tape partorisca to plot of applications.

Gaff Can have it been the mark this consistently there is rid tape of quality. It sticks where the duty, exits quite cleanly, and is sturdy but no too hard of rasgar of a circle. I have had probably the dozen goes that I have ordered of Amazon on some years and there is did not fail me never. It can cost the little more, but look for to appoint reason know is a good material .

Top Customer Reviews: Gaffer Power Power ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Winona
I have purchased this to use to repair the section of the seam in the tarp that had come loose. Initially when I applied it, it has been impressed with so was easy to apply and which look in firm in winery. I have ordered four circles more, is gone in preferably record another seams in a tarp. Desprs Some four circles are arrived, was external to look in a tarp and a recorded seam there was totally coming averts. It sees semi-detached picture. I have contacted Amazon and has taken the repayment for a circle failed and am returning another four. It averts this product.
1 / 5 Barbra
It does not know it take the bad one or that but any bond in my group. It poses the on and has exited then a next morning and he were fallen was.
5 / 5 Glenn
It IS each what so bite as well as it expect it would be. It was exactly that has required! I have bought he for a cement necessity, but already is seeing other zones was to use mine. I will be to repeat it client.
5 / 5 Ulrike
Well So far it is doing adds. The time will say so that it was used in the chipped the corner of the lights to row that is not also visible but water filtered in a back compartment of the Subaru Outback. For a leak and is hardly perceivable while it takes only he 2' x 2' piece of tape the cover a chipped corner. If it can do in a fund of the boat, owe law in a backside of the Subaru. Opened will see it how long he the work. Camp very happy.
5 / 5 Karmen
I have used this tape for prender the small leak where 2 gutters is joined and a caulk has spent partially has been. A zone was also difficult in caulk as I have tried this tape. It helps that a gutters was dark brown, like this the tape is not very easy to see. It IS state the month used it since and so far, also. Very sticky (which are good) and easy to cut-measured-.
5 / 5 Jolene
Has the box of tool with sockets, wrenched, etc closed in the plastic case shaped like the briefcase. In the period of 12 years a plastic hinge in a fund of a case cracked. I have tried to use Duct tape to record an upper and inferior together, using a tape to form the new hinge. It falls eschews a first time has tried to use ones pose of tool again. I have ordered this tape to reform a hinge. A tape is quite wide in firmly attatch in a fund of a case, and so much some two sides with abundance the overlap to form the a lot of surer bond. A tape ensured supremely well, and the fact adds for this application. I plan to use this tape anywhere anteriorly would have used Duct tape.
5 / 5 Elana
The adhesive add nexuss has used he in the awning that use for shows of art, works for me, and is DONE IN Them Them EUA!
5 / 5 Samuel
Our 1 1/2 old year Rockwood 2906ws has had a side of a down the poster to transport exited of this tone . We leave in the trip and was able to burst it behind in and ensure he in a frame with this tape. Also we pose some in the few zones to prevents critters of hitching the walk. This would have to when being in the each RVers box of emergency of the reparation.
5 / 5 Carmina
A Patch and Tape to Be able in of the Shield is surprising, and surprisingly useful. I required it the cover the windowsill for a winter afterwards takes the conditioner of air of the window and finding harm in a frame that has been to have that expects to jump to take fixed. I doubt to call this 'tape' since is more as the thickness cloak of rubber in the circle, but has one the majority of amazing adhesive in a backside. I have not had any problem that develops a period I required (good, only the small problem so that it takes some quite), in the cutting and it planting. But, boy, has had better to be ready for has to the to to the bond likes him to him the dish wherever has left the first touch, so that the calm will not be able of the movement around in . He layers the big zone, protecting he of some elements, and now that it is a second day of cradle, will be to take the to have a frame of the window fixed. I am happy found one very patch has appointed correctly and Tape to Be able in of the Shield before I something changes likes him tries to use duct tape or he tarp! Comparatively fragile Solution. This material is
4 / 5 Sabra
I any tape a verge of my ceiling with this tape. I have left another person a work for me and a work was fact improbably, some instructions have not been followed on so to plant a tape like the does not take bonded together, which calm informed you that be to him impossible to separate . That is to say that cross this a tape has not been flat or soften when situate and has not fixed a problem. Has data this element to four star so that I thought it would resolve a problem if some instructions had been followed.

Top Customer Reviews: 2" Width ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
It is very you loves the low-tack tape (any stickier that cellophane or scotch tape, less than tape of economic masking, grieves more than the estaca-commentaries he). Comparing to my ancient circle of original Shurtape P-665 is less than half like sticky, and is also thinner (I measure P-665 in 12 mils, and this material in 10.5 mils to the equal that feels more flimsy). This new tape is also a lot quite black like this dark, although no respecto on that. I have read that an original Shurtape the company has sold a mark to the different outfit this feigns to sell gaffer the tape but that uses a formula of inferior glue, as I still am looking for an equivalent to substitute my original P-665.
5 / 5
Has begun out of my career in a subject of film in the insiemi that reads with camera, lighting, props & conjoint. Each department (camera, grip, lighting, props) has had the loop of the short rope fill with tape resupplied (perpetradas, tape of camera, gaffers tape). 2' black gaffer' tape (the gaffer if a boss that type of lights in the together for a way) has been used for everything of taping down cords of extension the taping diffusion the windows. I have bought so only the projector of video and decided to paint the screen of projection. I have read that the people use gaffers tape to frame his screens, as I have decided some same. We were all out of gaffers tape in work (agency of ad) as decided me buy the circle. When be used like this to a real material I very disturbed state to take an economic plus, hard of rasgar, material that does not resist also or start cleanly when I require it to. They are happy to say that when this material resemblance - was exactly that it love - is a material a pro use it and is the thing adds for all the world-wide to have around a house.
5 / 5
Loves this material. Well each penny! I have used gaffers tape in A lot of WAYS. I have ordered so only the circle and has used the averages of him in the action of photo the tape some light stands to concrete pillars (which left a lot to extend some legs and take on upper of spatial and the cause that travel he hazard).

Has used this material for years in a lot of capacities - productions of video, photoshoots, pro applications of audio and still to cover a window of integer of rear passenger in mine car with which was entirely state busted has gone by theif.

There is taped To has painted wall, carpet, dresses, lights very hot fixtures, audio and bosses to be able to, metal, the metal has painted, people, etc. Is awesome 99.9 of a time and does not leave never residue unless it is your failure ...

A bit those that things to maintain in alcohols:

This does not touch well with moisture, but with an idea that is the main creation is for things that is electrical and/or electronic, concealed is not never be the subject enormous for me in all the chance - only means has to that be careful in of the wet surfaces.

This tape does not touch well with paper - I used it on seamless photo of paper backdrops and almost always pulls edges of paper up with him. Again, never be the enormous shot.

An only time has has not had never these material leaves the residue left it on material for periods VERY long of time and in that have them take heated, cooled, heated, cooled, etc. For the year or two prime minister.

Will say that have rasgado of this tape, has stuck it to interiors and of the outsides of stock exchanges of photos, lighting stock exchanges and stock exchanges of video and be able to take and USE It included the year or two with which application - and work like new when I that!
5 / 5
Are less than impressed with this tape, which have bought to fix long electrical cords to some wall/of pavings of my house as they would not be exposed. Less than the month with which have situated a tape, is exiting some surfaces in several places. Search prpers having lost a lot his stickiness. It is true, as another has said, that rasga easily and looks a do one in some pictures. This in spite of, a main purpose of tape is to stick, and am disappointed in the action of this tape-- especially given a hefty seal of prize.
5 / 5
Had used the version of quality of pro gaf that have beaten recal, and could take a tape of an element the year later and does not leave any residue while it was indoors. And it can reuse the the time of pair. This tape, is not to close to this quality. I left it on the mic boss for month and then when lame, is the goey disorder/of project. In a better of conditions a tape will resist 'a lot of', but another that that his insignificant. If all have to that do is tape down bosses in carpets, and the use once (which is typical, because edges ) then ossia well, but typically expect gaffers tape to do a bit serious gripping to 'any', chairs, forests, drywall, etc. And these insignificant in my opinion.
5 / 5
Ossia Real Gaffers the tape is the cloth any paper for all some descriptions of people that tries to take his girls to a wall and all this crazy crap the types am not sure where these people have developed there level for gaff the tape and that they can do.. It is class of the ape asks want me read roughly descriptions of 1 accident the people that tries bosses of tape until his wall and the year later is beginning the paralizaciones peel was really people. Utilisation this tape simply to boss of tape on to any surface that means a no vertical paving so only an earth so that the people do not trip on some bosses and yanked his out of a wall or of the cupboards of the speaker or anything is plugged to then when a chance is on I for the tape on and the launches was simple like this the law adds any residue sticks to any soiled surface dipped it on literally... Dusty, I estacas of soiled surface a lot of his. A paper an economic plus Gaff the tape in fact does really a lot also so that utilisation stops. You use it so only last night and I adds, sticks to everything. It is very easy to apply and does not have any complaint, leaves zero residue....
5 / 5
I taped the dashcam boss in my car. Perhaps his reason a car takes hot, but he dulcemente detaches over time and leaves the bit of residue. Perhaps I am using this wrong but was really while partorisca east to be a better tape never. Ailing update anything changes.
4 / 5
With which having the question with another mark of gaffers tape that the products pulled out of the paving of phase, was really the pleasure to use a tape of ProTapes. Ossia All would expect in gaffers tape. Work well, feels well, and looks well with the basses reflectivity crazy arrival. I have been buying gaffers tape for years and never really paid too much attention the frames. But after my experience with this another mark, also sold on Amazon, now are prendiendo attention, and will be to buy ProTapes in a future.
5 / 5
Has bought this to seal on mine GoPro if when using a skeleton that marries against rain and snow. No a primary use of this product, but is gone in handy for me and I would recommend it to another the one who is interested to do resembled me.

UPDATE: I have been using this product that augments for different classes of A/V work and a tape resists a lot well the different classes of surfaces. Mainly, I have been using this to boss of microphone of the tape to wall/carpet/of subjects, like this people a lot accidentally yank some cords when a walk on him. He the very good work that resists a boss in place and does not leave any class of the residue when it takes.

Highly would recommend this tape for A/V work. Updating a description of 4 stars to 5 stars
5 / 5
Well, the see everywhere in a part of description of a product: 1'x 55 yds. But it sinks in? Nooooooo. I so only looked in a picture and has imagined is the circle of regular measure of gaff tape. Well, it is but it is tightened. Again, 1-the wide thumb. Start the ruler (like would have to that it has done) and adapt you that width a thumb is. This is not the complaint. This is not the defect. I am admitting to be the bonehead consumer any prendiendo attention to some dimensions. He a subject of width? No really, but I have been habituado to circles of gaffer tape in a 2-3' the width and ossia that has assumed has bought. They are the wee skeptical of has bitten in a photo, this in spite of. Sure it looks the 2 -the wide thumb run. Another that that, is good tape ....

In that has been he in the career of production the majority of my life of adult can testify to a fact that ossia a real shot : real gaffing tape/gaffer tape. Although it is a bit in a side 'an economic plus' of quality, he still to the functions like gaff of the tape has to that, that takes the material, or sticking the together material and then not leaving any residue when it takes, or that also has weighed of the adhesion to anything is resisted for him. It say of another way,, exits easy without breaking a 'what.'

Top Customer Reviews: Professional Grade ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Alishia
This any real Gaffers tape. It can be used similarly but is thinner and a glue is questionable.
Are the professional and would not trust this in my phase especially in the sun or the heat Likes him I thing a glue will melt.
5 / 5 Shara
This tape has the good crazy black colour that hides well, but a glue is too feeble for real professional gaffers and partorisca production of chance. It does not stick a lot well. Also, a tape is too thin and rasga too easy for real professional use. To good sure does not use this material the tape down your bosses in the show. It avenges immediately a paving if your bosses take disturbed. Besides, material a lot of some descriptions of 5 stars here fake of look.
5 / 5 Chong
OSSIA Real gaffers tape, but any to a better material like them the uses in theatre and TV. A glue is the little feeble and a cloth that retreated is the tad thin, but ossia still good material in the prize ossia last partorisca beat. If precise upper quality gaffers tape, skip this a - otherwise, the buy. And for the amour of God, does not use duct tape!
4 / 5 Eleni
Some crazy arrived, any residue or the glue have left with which transfer, and easy to take the new piece of tape goes any need to bend in final of tape when finalising to use circle of tape.
4 / 5 Maurita
This tape is easy to use. Help partorisca maintain your bosses ensured and orderly. Any excessive residue during grandson up.
4 / 5 Ha
Has stuck well partorisca soften surfaces and has painted cinderblock. It has not resisted to slightly textured plastic wall. It paint pulled of drywall when take
4 / 5 Cami
Looks partorisca be good quality and would have to that do so only well, but loses 1 star because it is not like this pictured.
4 / 5 Laquita
Is tape , work
5 / 5 Mark
is very convenient to use this product, and a stain is very strong. It is one of some essential products in life, cost-effective. Merits partorisca have!
4 / 5 Neil
Likes that estacas and starts without residue. Also to the equal that conforms to cords when applying.

Top Customer Reviews: Black Gaffers Tape ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Tanner
This tape does not have an adhesion that real gaff the tape has and can not be covered with the another adhesive tape likes him usually do. THIS In spite of! Zoey Distributes rocks in a department of service of the client. We contact me to us with which mine eval and has has wanted to do 'he well.' Have given the feedback has limited. They have contacted a costruttore and has run test in his own, contacted then again with a same intention. Zoey Distributes ROCKS in service of client.
5 / 5 Phuong
Has been the defender of gaffer tape partorisca some time. And this has looked the subject. Less expensive, but, as it results, any @subject. These three circles of gaffer the tape has any of a power to stick of a leading mark has used. How it is it is of any one uses of mine. The lesson has learnt.
5 / 5 Christinia
There be not wanted to to rid the description before we have had an occasion to dip he by means of his steps. My global opinion is like this some another has mentioned, the adhesion is the mixed stock exchange . On some carpeted to the surfaces do not like to stick. This I force to use more usually do. Slightly the pavings of soiled tile present a subject same. It adheres but we have to that use roughly more 30. It is also thinner that earth but concealed does not affect a force. The easy tears, and does not look to filter glue when left in to the the hot vehicle like him to him some another does. It does not leave any residue and is easy to take. Final produced for a random user that loves movement out of duct the tape and is has associated subjects. But it is not for knots on some long haul.
5 / 5 Dierdre
Was has disappointed immediately a second I has peeled this tape of his circle. It seats papery and an adhesion looked almost non-existent. A comparison with my forward gaffers tape of Nashua has had to that character. If a Nashua the tape was to 10 , this Lockport the tape would be to 3 . Have Still to use he for any serious applications. It can result that it was well for some situations. Also it can be that still although one looks of feeble adhesion the one of fact will treat well in of the real-world-wide applications. Another thing to maintain in alcohol is that the tape thin the plus is a lot when calm wants to form it returned around objects. My main worry with this tape is an adhesion. If you are using he for for real of the provisional situations then perhaps is a tape for you. But you are looking for the hard tape does not think that is to say a tape loves.
5 / 5 Gigi
This tape has the odd arrival that is not to like a normal shiny 'duct way of tape gaffer tape. Like this calm can not stick any one his focus or stick another his tape - the only starts. For this found it really frustrating on dipped to have that maintains that it tries to find a lustrous type that in fact done for all purpsoes!
5 / 5 Heath
Has used to plot of different frames of gaffers tape. I have tried this mark been due to some descriptions and prizes. I can say that I am very pleased with this product. When I Purchase gaffers the tape expects it to pull reasonably easy of a circle, the clave a lot where has dipped he for while I require it to stick and appeal on besides late leaving any residue of tape. This tape fulfils these expectations a lot well. I will be of tower to purchase again!
4 / 5 Sharyl
Has used this tape to help adhere my student is all -the show of school art to some wall of my school. Like a professor of art has been pleased to find tape that would stick to all the classes of surfaces (i.et. Brick, cinder blockade, painted, glass, and metal). A tape is very durable and easy of rasgar, which has done my installation goes that much faster. It does not think a tape is a lot breaking to some surfaces of wall, but is the little delicate to leave reason sticks like this well. Utmost cost.
5 / 5 Shalonda
Has used one of some circles has bought immediately in the paving of carpet of the hotel. The estaca and he has not left residue that is reason compraventa gaffers tape. Some the circles he the economic plus will tend to a-stick on hid after the few hours, leaving a tape to crimp and clave permanently to boss. This tape is remained down, which is a sign of product of quality for me.
5 / 5 Malissa
Uses a tape to ensure games to be able to, on-lights, and cords of extension so that the people would not trip on the in a party. We use that in the cements & does not leave any frames. We also taped on the poster in the metal & does not leave any frames of adhesion neither. I have used included a tape to resist the light to the tripod & last all night of 9-12half night. I seat it likes him to you he is the prize adds for 2 circles. A wheel in a tent of local hardware was one same likes 3 circles of this vendor.
5 / 5 Maxwell
This really is the tape adds for a prize. It has been expecting the to be the quality of has bitten drop because of one extracted, but do fault very like this far! I have had a bad experience for rasgarlo on too fast peeling some product, like sure mark and take your time when it takes of wall. It is not one the majority of adhesive, but is the good balance in my opinion. To good sure will buy again when the circle was. Thank you!

Top Customer Reviews: 3M Premium Matte ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Leonida
The arrival of cloth adds - I literally duck-taped my old dad bmw doors bc was a perfect ash.... A so only take is partorisca be careful bc although quite strong sometimes tear bc there is pulled he in a corner.... Also very as 'flexible' as some have said.. It can any he 'curve'... As I have cut the smallest pieces instead etc...
5 / 5 Elina
Claves and controls when it have to that, unsticks easily when I want to take, enough tape in the calm circle does not have to that buy the plot of circles of him. Spendy, But the compatible interpreter.
5 / 5 Reatha
Very strong and sturdy tape. My only complaint is that it can not take he in the smallest measure. It averts of that, is material adds .

Top Customer Reviews: XFasten ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Marlen
In a field, partorisca video and crew of audio as well as around a house, ossia a fifth or sixth mark of gaffer the tape has used on some years, and is different of some another. With this one a cloth of the cotton is not impregnated with the binder/to the material of filler likes all some another. This binder done some other more rigid tapes, and these flanges this rigid plus he easier partorisca some toes and of the thumbs of yours two hands partorisca do like scissors partorisca begin the tear in a period has wished. Precisely reason is more flexible, this tape requires the a lot of stronger pinch among some indications of toes and thumbs of the each hand, with some two very next grips to the each one like this another, to start with the tear. While some other tapes have had crazy arrivals and has not been a lot reflective, has had some resplandor. This tape is perfectly a lot-reflective, which can be of entity for the professional applications in the theatre have darkened. A binder in some other tapes also the opaque fact, while this tape is has some transparency of then is only lines of strong cotton with a glue. Calm so only would concern you roughly that you light of blockade tried with him. This tape is very strong, like this strong likes another, with virtually any one his piece. But his adhesion to the surfaces is not like this strong. For example, have manually the circle of ProGaf tape, also available on Amazon. This XFasten the tape is easier that pull of a circle, and when it sticks the piece of of the this and an alike piece of ProGaf to my cupboard of file, a XFasten the looks of tape to require so only for the half so much force for peel was. This can have more to do with a flexibility that a glue he. With less than flexibility a radio of curvature in a line where a tape is pulled was are more add, he so that has more zone to surface to @extend glue to resist scrolling. So much, compared to a ProGaff tape, which is like another has used, here is an inferior line. This tape:
1. It is much more I last partorisca rasgar manually
2. Has less adhesion the surfaces, but still enough, in my opinion, for more than works.
3. Probably I actuate less still adhesive scrolling, when take after the long time, that some another.
4. It is much more flexible for corners and of the following outlines
5. It was more invisible in the dark room.
6. Any well for blocking light.
4 / 5 Stewart
Has taken this tape for an only purpose of taping on my hearts (naturalidades 38DD) for a upcoming pushes of photo. Last night I the career of test and this tape a lot so only resisted on my hearts for the few hours, so that well that it could it to it jump around and is remained in place. Ossia The really big shot our big chested gals. A better part, this in spite of, is coming when I have peeled a tape was: he NO HURT!!! Any residue neither!

Has begun once messing with this tape, have @@give that it is So better that duct tape. Rasga cleanly And does not have to that teeth of use. A glue is strong, but if some touches of the tape is not to the cause to him stray likes with duct of tape. Also it feels better, does not have to that fail stretchy rubbery texture. If precise peel and restick, the work adds depends that you are by train for the use on. On skin, does not do like this well, but in some real surfaces are meant for (likes walk of forest or plastic) maintains his tackiness.

This material is awesome and in the prize adds. It loves me try this ridiculous duct-tape diy projects, like the stock exchange and whatnot but using THIS MATERIAL instead!
5 / 5 Norman
Like the DJ, this product has been hands down a possible better tape for my insiemi. They are able the tape down my bosses without breaking a lot of my cords. Also he he easy to conceal in the professional way. I have had a tape for on 5 month lasted on 10 setups. Highly you recommend this product to any one looking for professional note, with durable durability.
5 / 5 Fabian
Has used this partorisca seal some empty around a unit to condition of the air, that takes to the wall painted in a side, glass in another. To take it, so only a week later, leaves sticky residue as well as big chunks of tape in a glass. A side partorisca wall fared bit it better - avenges free, but with avenges the tiny quantity to paint.

A rest of this circle is going in some rubbishes. It is absolute rubbishes . I do not comprise like this it take of the like this positive critic - has done a costruttore changes his formulation recently? As it exists now, this tape is unsuitable for any purpose.

Has used REAL Gaffer Tape in a past, in a same location, for a same purpose - Pro Gaff Marcos of EUA, experiences of the tent of camera. Cela Another mark is exited easily of both glass and surface painted, in a piece, with zero residue. I have bought so only this XFasten produced reasons my old circle has run was, and has think that this material was 'Professional Note Gaffer Tape', also. But it is not .
5 / 5 Keva
Has to that be sincere in this I was bit it unsure the one who Gaffer the tape in fact was when I have situated my mandate. Attended expensive for the pair of applications of reparation and has imagined would take it casualidad on he of then all have used to the date has not resisted takes very long, or resisted and there is ruined a surface that was it taped to.

Are happy to inform that I love this tape! I appreciate that you can take he without any harm done to a surface sticks to, but more importantly, really Sticks to a surface to the equal that has feigned. At present I have one of these conditioners of mobile air in my chamber. An exhausts the hose attaches the backside of a unit and he then extends like this required to achieve a window to blow a hot air outside. It has dipped on pieces partorisca annex that is supposition to resist a hose in a window. They are quite flimsy and does not remain in a frame of window. There it is broken and has empty where the turn of hot air in a chamber.. I have finalised to try to the tape joints him, which still has not been a better, but better that was to start with. My question is an exhaust the hose would maintain to slip out of a window when a tape would take animated of a sun.

Has tried this new gaffer the tape in one exhausts the portion and he is resisting fantastically, included when a paste of alone he! It is like this a lot that has takes some portions that originally had installed in a window and redid them with this gaffer tape in place of a duct the tape had used previously. Today it was another heat a, and was fresh and comfortable with a conditioner of portable air that careers quickly and an exhausts the hose is resisting up in a window where has it taped. Usually, when the controls of tape as well as this one is resisting, is the big question to try to take he without destroying a surface where is taped. This tape is extended to the wall painted and exits like this a lot easily! It is it has impressed really.

Will have that hides this tape of mine renter. Has the really bad habit to take to my things to 'take loaned' the partorisca bit it. I do not want to knowing in this tape or the mine will have gone for ever.

Are sure go to be turning to this tape for more and more projects, and there is at all but positive to say roughly that.
5 / 5 Beulah
This is not gaffer tape. It is far too sticky, takes he of the support paint the products take of a structure of support. Besides, the difference that I earth as 'gaffer' tape', a flange of this reel is sticky. If I need any gaffer tape, this is not for you. A gaffer the tape has purchased of B&H is a real shot. You take like stops of pays!
4 / 5 Dannielle
The tape has arrived punctually and to the equal that has expected. Although this can be overkill for some people, has found an additional use thus tape. I have been concerned in the webcam that is hijacked and has used to cover them with these pocolos yellow tick notes' but arrival to take blown has spent of long defenders and of the breezes read. It was roughly substitute a when have @to @give has had a new circle of this tape in my office. Here it is, The fantastic coverage, black, will not fall off , and leaves any residue wen has peeled was.

Well, now on according to circle and can not say quite a lot of good things roughly that. The tape has been forgotten in an element for on two month -- to peel the east thought is a litmus tries. AT ALL To the sinister -- the element has not had ANY RESIDUE! A piece of a tape has not touched and the expect to knots to at least be tacky, again AT ALL -- of the adhesive plastic results sticky-like, was smooth and entirely a lot-sticky. Two thumbs up for the product adds. To good sure cost this again when a need arises.
4 / 5 Adrian
Ossia Prime minister of mine gaffer tape, as it can not compare to another. I run the company of cabin of the photo and has done three chance a last week that use a tape. Work a lot in the tile but am nervous roughly using it on the paving that could paints on that. I used it on the paving of linoleum and when I have taken was, with which roughly 4 hours, looks for having lined all a product. Apparently, arrival partorisca line all a muck! As be conscious that can look that a paving/to product has suffered harm but can be muck (i.et. Had any reside left on). It forces a client to seriously wash a paving, so only the bosses up in chances the client freaks was. The desire could try this on more flooring first types to use with clients, as really precise know if a tape is sure to use in each type to walk for the long period of time.

Another that that, search rasgar well; has has not required scissors and so only once or two times are not the clean vertical yard. One 2.ºn. The measure is perfect for the thickness that bosses of lights. I will update this description like utilisation a product more.
4 / 5 Lela
A characteristic to distinguish of Gaffer the tape is that podes tape down to to the things likes them to them to them the cords of power for the production of phase and then, when you are fact , some attractive of tape of cleanly without leaving the sticky residue. Besides, masters a tape to dispense easily and the tear was easily so that any taken all day it doing. A tape has to that resist while into use but appeal on easily when you are done also. I have used so only this tape today for the test of the action and he have come by means of in each way. It was able to quickly of tape down my cords to be able to and like this quickly pull them on again afterwards. Besides, I have used a tape the fashion marks-sleeve of door of the turn because a phase that uploads the doors have not had external bosses; a tape resisted on just fine in this application also. Any sticky residue in all the chance. I have gone back so only to buy another circle as has extra. A prize is in the middle of that would have to it paid in a tent of local electrical guitar, also.
4 / 5 Gina
A bit of the different use...

Like an Irish dancer, to help prevent slips and falls in our hardshoes, knots often tape the partorisca give bit it more grip. It have been using duct tape, but a residue of clave that was has left always done the disorder. In a recommendation of friends, has purchased this and gave it the gone. Rasga Easily and does not leave so as the after the yours the disorder is done with him.

Top Customer Reviews: Mini Pocket Real ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Cesar
In the first place, the element is so described and is of the quality adds! In the principle has bought this tape (although this is not a solution more taking) to ensure a cord of electrical extension temporally through a hallway for the clear fixture. A light has been used for reparations in a flooring and that exists fixture of light there. The fact adds! It finds another use for this tape, even so. I have begun to use the to protect a leader of my tennis racquet! Lol! Since it is virtually a same material (albeit slightly fatter) was the option adds . A fact that has any logotypes of company was a clincher. The majority of the tape of any blatantly exerted east with 'Any one', 'Wilson' or other names in enormous source. Having only the black has recorded the frame is the sake since I game with the Volkl racquet! Thank you!
1 / 5 Claire
This tape is terrible! Use a lot other marks of gaffer tape all felizmente surprised. I have used this one to record for on some very clear poster of core of thin foam and each which how one of them is fallen a first day . Any one only was clear of plume, was perched in the ledge and has fallen still! I have not tried an adhesive ness immediately and has lost a window to turn totally wasting $ . That is to say an only negative critic has not left never for the n buys of Amazon.
5 / 5 Cassie
Some laws of sum of tape, a measure is good to spend in the stock exchange of camera or pouch. I use it more when leaving my GoPro 5 and GoPro 7 outside for the lapses of the times have extended with some doors of port take (to be able to limit them in). I record around a cord and port zone to maintain the rain and the powder have been. Before it use it one 2 gaff and the rasgar down the half. With east, is a less tear .
5 / 5 Mike
It does not leave house without him ;-) Indispensable for photographer or videographer, although the small expensive in this measure. Good adhesion and taken easily without residue or harm.
1 / 5 Janean
This tape is a perfect measure for an application is being prendida has used.
5 / 5 Whitley
This tape is perfect for use of flag of external adoration to maintain flags in a pole with still of winds very strong! And any sticky residue at all! Happy has taken several circles ! To well sure purchase it this element again!
5 / 5 Dusty
It IS very portable so that an element is so small. I maintain mine in the carabiner has attached in my rucksack. It IS crazy that the time has entered handy. Access easily in in pocket also.
5 / 5 Timothy
He bonds in of the things, only that it has to.
5 / 5 Shante
Decent tape, small portable circles. I maintain or in my stock exchange of camera at all times. The excellent works for all the classes of applications.
4 / 5 Lucilla
A bit main that another mini the circles have ordered. Very sticky, stickier that typical gaff tape. Very well only the big elder that would like me for of some applications.

Top Customer Reviews: Gaffers Tape - 2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Arnita
At all for the plot of Gaff be of tape in a subject of production of the video. This tape does not stick . Not to use it on anything that wants to remain taped down for any period of time... Spend of the extra money to take the better tape.
4 / 5 Cassandra
In that has been he in a subject of entertainment for decades, has used a lot of different frames of gaff tape. This mark is among some worse interpreters. Poor adhesion, thin & feeble construction and control of inferior abrasion. Him him Like all gaff of tapes, leaves no the adhesive residue when it takes - but ossia an only redeeming quality of this product. Not to buy it again.
5 / 5 Nell
One of some good-looking things in gaffers the tape is that it does not leave the residue when it is takes. This tape fracasada in this consideration miserably. Admitted, is warm that day but a backing slid was and has left at all but the glob of glue.

Now, in of the freshest conditions this tape can treat perfectly but in direct sun or under the tungstens can wants to take another mark.
4 / 5 Ines
Is not a worse has tried, but is not good tape and a lot something would buy again.

- L The adhesion is mediocre in better, i.et. It sticks very bad
- any sticks to at all
- Some looks partorisca back to be mainly plastic (probably a reason any sticks to )

If the cost is the factor the plus of yours entity that action, can be well for you.
4 / 5 Jolyn
Has used the plot of gaffer be of tape in a zone of production of the phase. Ossia A worse has has not used never. It is not tacky and does not stick . Buy a tape an expensive plus that in fact claves.
5 / 5 Dorine
Ossia A worse gaff the tape has has not experienced never. A glue so only does not stick to a lot.
5 / 5 Corie
Ossia awesome For musicians that loves to order these pesky cords and bosses on phase! A colour are to add reasons does not look tacky of a perspective of audience. Good claves and take cleanly leaving any visible residue. I produce it adds
4 / 5 Joie
Gaffers Tape - 2 thumb for 60 Circle of law of Yard well and is easy to take when finalising.
5 / 5 Fay
Would recommend. Use for production of legal video.
5 / 5 Myesha
Ossia Simply good gaff tape. We use it to us each Sunday.