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Top Customer Reviews: GEOCEL GC55103 4500 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Britta
I have nailed a nozzle of a tube like usual. AT ALL rooms. I finally sawed of a backside, imagining that could take was the little the time with the screwdriver. Well you look in a picture, can see a prime minister chunk that is to exit in my right hand. It can be a lot of sealant; it is quite expensive. This in spite of, do not buy he of STOCK Yours HOUSE.
4 / 5 Caron
Gives to 5 star but I need to see how long he frankly volume susupicious when it sees to a lot 5 descriptions to star on something. Like this far it is a lot good. If you have done with EPDM knows is not easy to find something these claves and remains that way. Any petroleum has based the products he the fact crimps. This has stuck enough well. I have included dipped the dab in the weathered piece without cleaning at all. He' that resists a lot well. It is also quite weighed for any ossia value . I also used to patch a zone in shingles. It is done well with the a lot of produced can take asphalt it.
5 / 5 Palma
A product does not exit of a tube a lot easily. It takes the plot of pressure and two hands to express he out of a caulking gun and still with the full force so only takes the small to exit. He a work 10 hard times that has to that and was a lot of disappointed. I have read other descriptions (after a fact unfortunately) where the people have had a subject same. Some included cut of a fund of a tube and has tried the excluyente goes, but the one who terrible that has to that it has been reason a material is messy.
5 / 5 Adalberto
This material is goopy. Not To Take it on your hands. It is hard to leave. Dry solid interior 24 hours, like sure mark is not lumpy under a epdm material of ceiling. It takes it smooth and take some bubbles of air were. The More to good sure adheres to a forest of ceiling and a epdm membrane. Some products will eat on a epdm, this is to do specifically for him. It is gone through 1.5 tubes of him like this far.
5 / 5 Dung
Ossia A perfect consistency to seal empty small, is not too fat, and does not go to fill the empty big, but is so only a right consistency to flow to the empty typical and create to focus good. I have bought the tube of roofing sealer in a tent of venue of big box with some orange signs, and is the poor substitute for this material. I have had to fix four ventilations of ceiling and the little another something, and some tubes of Geocel has not gone enough enough. Typically I do not write of the descriptions for this class of material, but this product is considerably better that a typical caulk, and to good sure will use it again require some ceiling sealer. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Veda
Uses to seal the pond the hule of the canal of extension lined. Had any question that applies it underwater. Perfecto so that it has required!
4 / 5 Magda
Does not squander your time or money! These produced is old and would not dispense out of tube. Another reviewers has said a same thing and I thought it is cost the risk... Bad idea.
4 / 5 Luis
This produces the law adds. Utilisation for all the classes of projects where I usually Silicone of use. More than everything, does not have to that bad smell of Silicone. Be careful, resists much stronger that silicone and is difficult to take the project averts has required . Bonds EPDM extremely well. I have found that Xylene is the dissolvent ideal for prepping some surfaces are going to bond.
5 / 5 Jeana
Same experience like plot another here. This are add caulk, this in spite of a code of the date of some tubes the ship is on 10 years. I have bought 4 tubes, 3 was partially hardened and a fourth was has cured totally.
4 / 5 Kristi
Has received dried out of

Top Customer Reviews: Geocel Corp. 29402 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Robin
This material are adds! I squeezed Out of an ash of fat money goop on to some looks, was the little pessimist, and has finalised a work in of the minutes. A next day has gone back and has had to that focus wonderful solid, now a lot optimistic. Compared to the alike products have sold of tents of big box (i.et. Lowes, Imposición of House, etc...) East stuffs was treated that hands to offer down.

I so only have two suggestions to a costruttore;

1) Adds the ray on nozzle, looked to the tube of caulk, where can cut a tip to a thickness wished of a material, as well as when being able to control a better flow. It is difficult to take for behind the gutter that butts until the house without this type of characteristic. I have had to that express out of a material to my toe (gloves of latex, control) and smear a material to a seam. Although I can have has have to that still this with the nozzle, at least with a nozzle could have controlled situating a material to a seam first.

2) As Roughly doing this material in aim. Any insurance in a majority of people, but where alive, a majority of gutters is white. This material is ash of money and can see some shots that goes around a period of the mine gutters. I will owe the spray paints him white when some time has left, but certainly is the good plus to your product if this was still another task has not required to do. If you this material in aim, please take the control of yours cashiers or resellers and ask them for the available ours. Material add this in spite of.
4 / 5 Andrew
In the first place to the left say me there is so only some corners seam in mine seamless gutters that always leaks. I scraped Of an old sealant and has applied 50 silicone of year caulk and this at all. Then it take the majority of that was and putty of focus of the duck used and concealed has not done neither. I have taken to be and has applied this product and he have not done. They are this in spite of gone back in the and really dipped the plot up there and have it sealed now that goes in two month and had -10 to 60 terracings and is still holding. My suggestion is apply liberally!
4 / 5 Nery
Has bought this product to fix the rain gutter that leaks. It filters well in a porch forward that really cause the question in winter because I finalise with the big, dangerous icy something under a rain gutter. Felizmente, my daughter has said that that locates a ladder and the fix. Read some instructions, has applied a product. We have had the plot of rain and nieva lately. It has not filtered. I so only verified again - any leak., I will inform behind I have anything new to inform.
4 / 5 Carletta
These works of materials. Have gutters This is 20 years old this has filtered. My gutters gone around a whole house and connect in the each corner. In some corners of a house a gutters is overlapped, schemes screwed together and sealed with an original sealant in fact 20 years. I have tried some DAP Gutter and Flashing Sealant. A DAP the product has -me stuck to and would not stick to an aluminium gutters. Images a DAP the product would do in new, perfectly clean aluminium, but leaves real taking concealed is not a real world. My gutters is 23 feet on a like this working earth with the insignificant product is not acceptable. I have cleaned a seams with alcohol minéraux like this more could and then spending the gloves have applied a Geocel with my toes and the knife of plastic putty the feather a Geocel out of a seams. This material is a pocola operates thick and better when warm, but was able of the take to do in 65 day of terracing. Bottomline: Geocel Sticks to old aluminium gutters this is to clean when other products a lot and will seal a gutter seams partorisca take leaks.
5 / 5 Gwendolyn
This gutter sealant has done adds and was easy to apply, the difference of another sealants has tried. A sealant has bought in the tent of big box was impossible to use like this he strung was to like web of spider! These produced is not silicone like any time and finally the monde was. No utilisations anything more now that has this gutter leak sealant. This sealant looked a lot like an original sealant this is to be use in some corners of the mine gutters when they were installed prime minister .
5 / 5 Liza
Has has wanted to really like this and loved it to do for me. I have applied he with the gloves but a product have maintained to exit of a gutter and that sticks to my gloves. Any @@subject that time or the one who hard or the one who soft has looked for to apply a product, so only does not stick . Once it was thoroughly frustrated with trying to apply a product, a focus of final of some breakings to tube open, slime out of a backside, and this was all writes. This gutter sealer has had good descriptions. I thought it that it do. Perhaps you are the bad batch . I will not buy it again.
5 / 5 Carissa
These products do a lot well, mainly after the few days the harden. It is easy to use and once hardened, to focus very good. I used it to join a overlap in of the external corners of the leaf that loss gutter has produced of exploitation. Of then he no harden immediately or inside the few hours, has has had to that also scrape some sections of together screen to resist he in place. This would not be the question with sealing a seams of aluminium gutters his, as they owe that be screwed together in all the chance initially to all the cost duquel the type of focus was used also (to prevent leaks). It can be used in a rain or of the cold temperatures, which is very useful and of entity.
5 / 5 Hui
A lot working sticky goop! I did not take it it was my hands still, but a gutter no longer leaks!
5 / 5 Major
Produced that has been has the pound looked had been the on any one is shelf for the very a lot the times time = the tube was in shape bad
4 / 5 Gerard
has not done clumpy messy the colour further of still leaks is ash any aim at all

Top Customer Reviews: Geocel 2321 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Kimberly
Like this far, like this good. Used partorisca seam sealing some discharge of finals in mine gutters and looks partorisca be that they do a lot well. I will owe that see like this extracted after when be exposed to some elements partorisca the pair of years, but for now, would recommend.
5 / 5 Bruna
His work.
5 / 5 Lawana
A product looks good but a tube goes in is cheaply has done. Half way by means of using a composed a fund of a tube has given the way and I have lost roughly 1/3 of a product. It shows a fund of a tube!
4 / 5 Digna
There is sealed gutter pop-ins without the hitch.
4 / 5 Zola
4 / 5 Ferne
produced Adds partorisca my perma installation of boot in my ceiling.
5 / 5 Tabatha
Geocel 2321 To good sure fulfilled and has surpassed my expectations. The product has had the habit of discharges of finals of focus he in new substitution of aluminium gutter and
on inside miter using near of slip. It is raining today and there is not any leak or drips. I give this produces the indication of 5.
5 / 5 Ernest
Has arrived punctually. The law of product adds.
5 / 5 Humberto
Has used Geocel partorisca years but has not seen he partorisca some years. Has thinks that that this tube would be perfect partorisca my needs. When I have taken of the discharges was any focuses to an upper final ray. I think that that this has done this cure of final a bit and grieve able to flow. I have begun you grieve partorisca use the the open inferior breaking and a product has come so only freely out of a fund. This does partorisca the difficult and messy project.
4 / 5 Penny
A lot A lot of

Top Customer Reviews: GEOCEL GC66100 2300 ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Thersa
Ossia Upper the silicone caulking partorisca some purposes like caulking seams on metal roofing. I have used this product at length. Excellent adhesion , clear and colourless, paintable once is cured and a lot of uv resistant. I have ordered this in spite of the chance of 24 tubes and so only some tubes has been sent $ 140. AMAZON refunded One uploads of order , this in spite of still need the chance. As be careful when ordering . If it specify qty 1, meaning 1 chance in $ 140 can take you 1 element , i.et., A tube in $ 140. In a otherhand he specific qty 24, can be touched $ 3360. So much buyer beware! Apparently it has something wrong with this particular listing.

Top Customer Reviews: GEOCEL 10101 10OZ ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Deja partorisca be real. A working man can not expect 7 to 10days partorisca rain while while on some lousy bath of tent of the hardware my line partorisca do has to them that rain at least once the day. So much the caulk a shower with your bath and tub caulk of a tent of hardware,has left the dry partorisca roughly 24 hours and a next day when it has liked him to them taking tacky again. So much the found this material. Stinks To any end, to to the propagations likes them-him the tar , but work gave it to them 3 hours and he have on resisted down when being pockets of water in a corner of shower. Material adds. Like this happy purchased it to them
4 / 5
One adds calk has produced. Insiemi Quickly.
4 / 5
Very good.