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Top Customer Reviews: Sashco Big Stretch ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have had recently a Ventilation of Recovery of the Energy (ERV) the installed system because of flow of low fresh air through my house after crawlspace encapsulation and isolation of coverage. A HVAC the advisor said me to seal a baseboards of some external walls of a house after a ERV was in place. It recommends the Flex has Shot sealant so that has quite a lot of roads to leave baseboards to develop and pending agreement of the changes of seasonal temperature. Some commentaries of client of the Amazon for this product was down, as I have researched another elastomeric sealants, he reducing down in some marks have listed down. The eschew problems, has verified one 1 and 2 indications in Amazon and in another web of places for potential worries:

Sashco Lexel Adhesive Caulk This caulk had big indications in Amazon and other places, especially for contractors of vain experience. Even so, some regulate homeowners has remarked that dry so hurriedly that has not been able to maintain up, and arrival with the goopy too many. Lexel Also has upper adhesion, which me preoccupy cure before it can fix it the deception.

Sashco Big roads the Big roads also had big indications, and DIY the type has said that some characteristic to the sleeve was a lot of. A number of the people has said is the magnet for muck and powder, like the people would have to painting in the. It is not marked like the mould and the resistant mould, but was tagged by baseboards.

Red devil 0770 Lifetime Ultra Thin Elastomeric Acrylic Latex: If has the big work and the cost was a subject, probably would have gone with Red Devil ($ the amazon attaches element). It IS mould and resistant mould and paintable and the indications are strong, but at least a person has remarked to handle subjects.

A bit those that other marks of caulk was for seasonal weatherproofing, which has not been practical in this case.

For my way DIY level of art, the Big roads was a better election . Has such characteristic of glorious sleeve that has finished everything of an external wall baseboards in my house of small ranch besides or 5 hours less. A ALLWAY TOOL CT31 3 In 1 Caulk the easiest tool to do efficiently and with accuracy. The big roads has taken enough with a longitude to cure that has abundance to time to change tubes when a first tube has run was halfway through the baseboard. Stray drops in a fund and my hands were easy to take with Windex.

This can not be practical better, but has applied the tape to create of the painter the verge in a floorboards once, has applied a caulk in 2 wall of the row, then returned in a first wall (plus or 20 minutes less later) and applied aims Behr Paintings in addition to the Premium and In the first place in a with the soft paintbrush and clear shot, then aixecat of a tape. A caulk lined up well, but since was still an opaque aim that early, could not say if one paints totally coated the. A picture aims a baseboards a day after application, why time a caulk was clear. Although the zones of small streaky painting (right side of picture) aimed by then, almost everything of a caulk the line was totally coated to paint.

Look: one measures marks of account in a tip underestimate a width of an inaugural measure a tip in the 45 angle. P. p.ej. You have cut in 45 halfway among a 1/8 mark and an end of a tip, will take the 1/8 angled to open that it is perfect for baseboards. Also, when a tube was almost empty, caulk has filtered was during a caulk basic of pistol. Felizmente, this was easy to clean up with the little Windex-the paper towels have drenched.

That is to say the upper caulk those marks an easy 5/5. With minimum preparation, DIYers can expect perfect results a first time.
5 / 5
Strechy, The controls paint well, but dry too hurriedly for some work of fine arrival. It IS difficult to clean on surplus. If one goes dulcemente and very carefully in the application for arrival / trims caulking, the results can be well. So far, any shrinkage used in bare pasador and hemfir trims anterior at the beginning and painting. So far, any mark subjects Sherwin wall of premium of Williams and first painting of window with Pro Classical above that. The problems that cleanup in stray excess or caulk this has dried also hurriedly was a worse in very warm and dry temperatures.

If it does not have any shrinkage or another subject the year or so, will attach the star!

Update, a year later:
Likes fianc, or the stars attached of an initial four star the year. Each painted inner, each which plants that has used this caulk still is lining in final. That is to say the very very caulk. Doing a beginning a small possible plus, remained with the sake caulking pistol that the when it is fallen decrees, a work goes well.

No shriking or similar subjects so far. If the things are not well another year, will attack it behind in four stars.
5 / 5
I am the second House of generation the constructor and I are happy to find big roads in Amazon while it orders a lot of only elements that it is necessity in the haste thru Prime. I see that while to write this description that several colours of Big Roads is available of Amazon.

To the left begin me to say that Sashco is the company adds. They have Been doing products of quality in fact a lot of years. His line of totality of professional caulks and sealants is upper of a line. I am very comfortable having his products have used in my works.

In Any one cual call retreated, of a Contractor in a client. They cost money and time. The majority of my painters uses professional caulks that will not find in of the tents of big boxes, and for the reason. The majority of a DIY caulks will shrink over time. Has some adapt of crown in the project we the pair of years of marks, develops cracks among a ceiling and crown. It takes the full year for that to develop, but was in the house that has had to to isolate, cooling/to heat and subjects of humidity. More has discovered late that a caulk has used has not been the pro marks. He very looked bad seeing all these cracks and the tension was caulking in a otherwise highly detailed and otherwise flawless. An old caulk has to when being taken and new caulk and the painting has applied. I have paid for that he trims has finished three times. A first time, a second to take, and a third to fix. Needless To say it returned with big roads. It can be the small more expensive arrive front, but can be very less date of expensive time and circumstance.....

He well a first time and he once.

That is to say the be of available professional product in of the consumers. The calm will not be disappointed. I do not know possibly that or a critic to star arrived in some results have declared. Perhaps that the person is taking for another sealant undertaken. This knows, perhaps error of user. That is to say my vain big final in caulk when the conditions are to say and needs of results to be guaranteed. Five easy stars.

August of update 2016 - That is to say still my favourite each purpose caulking. Still in strong disposal. Any backwards of the on cracked call caulk together. The happy clients me happy also.
1 / 5
I have opened a tube that instructs, hack of the good part of a tip. I have drilled then a coverage of a tube to insert an open paperclip in a piece that opens several times until a coverage of tube has been drilled very time and has opened sufficiently. Nevertheless, an Acrylic Latex would not exit through a piece that opens but pressed out of a backside in the big blob, totally takes a fund, or by behind a tube.

Been due to of the this, has to apply a latex in of the general terms, with my toes, which was very messy. At the end, although a zone looked very coated for a latex, for one in the daytime look prjimo almost any one had been applied. It looks in him it has evaporated it, which are hard to think but can not think of another occurrence.

This product was the complete disappointment and waste of time and money. I can not return so that I have expected the few weeks for the try until it can leave it he for at least 24 hours without taking has put.

Has used the years of mark of similar product and has had any one of one above subjects. The desire has taking that marks.
3 / 5
He very totally dry and that is to say why easily attracts it muck that is almost impossible to clean was so to well sure would recommend that the be has painted. After the year is finding that in some something is cracking and in another look is extending and the tension is painting leaving the wrinkled look. An only road to fix is to take it and apply again. In thanks to him I do not see it when being better that another is field of prize.
5 / 5
Only it complete it to fill my driveway in a footpath seam and so far this product is lining up and that does a work. I have used also a clear in my yard seam against a house (some resolving) and has prendido a water seepage. I use this the plot and has two neighbours that has purchased also this product in my recommendation.
4 / 5
These material looks to do that it says. I am by train to use it to fill desert among hardiplank lean down preparation to paint. Directly out of a tube is not , even so, a consistency of typical caulk. It IS the less viscous whole plot . I have described he in any one that similar in mayonnaise. That is to say an exaggeration , but only slightly. I found it more difficult to apply this level caulk, especially desert main. Once dry, even so, some in his word remain pliable and pardoning (at least in a low term. I have begun to apply the plus or he less done the month). I add for zones where the swelling/to seasonal constriction arrives.
5 / 5
I want to this caulk! Seriously it wants to it! I have purchased this to seal some desert in the door of forest and wall of a nave and he have done fantastically. It IS easy to apply, if the bit messy, so sure when being to spend gloves of latex while applying it.

I very likes him that it continues to aim so it can say you where has applied the. I seat perfectly it clears inner the few days even so. Any dry totally soften even so. I seat in the slightly tacky finish which me the think that was't has finished to dry, but was still tacky after the week so that it is only a dry road.

In general, that is to say the add caulk for big and small cracks equally. It IS easy to apply, dry hurriedly (but any too hurriedly - have you at least the sake has to of the minutes after application to adjust and has extended the so required), and the cleanup is the cinch. I to well sure highly, highly recommends this!
1 / 5
Usually it uses DAP and goes to deceive to try his mark. Apparently, I need to spend around the 4' key to drill one focuses before using it. I have cut a tip that is all this necessity to do to use DAP. In place of a caulk exited of a tip, exits a back end and has done the hell of disorder out of my caulking pistol. Any thank you. First and last compraventa.
3 / 5
No for bathtubs or showers! I did not know it it conceal... But I am perhaps gone through big something in a description. Calm only return the up. The cause of the neutral stars did not use it.

Top Customer Reviews: Caulk Strip PMMA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Kasi
Good and simple quality partorisca install. It has not had Never a subject with the caulk the band that monde. I always prep surface with rubbing alcohol before installing. To good sure cost again.
5 / 5 Annita
Looked around partorisca enough the moment and has finalised to buy this product (two measures) for my bath. I have had bad experiences with other products in a past except 3M which no longer produced looked like this for a bath is been the month now and any question. Very easy to dip on and leaves to regulate (attractive behind and king clave) . I recommend it and well each penny.
5 / 5 Curtis
Uses this to give the good look and cleaned in front of the mine bathtub, has done well! Mark sure taken a zone that yours applying it very cleaned.
5 / 5 Ardath
I use he for a flange of gas stove, strong stickness and adhesion.
4 / 5 Stacey
Works like the charm to seal joints and empty in my shower. Much easier to use that caulk. Any need to expect until his cured to use a shower.
5 / 5 Ayako
Uses this product in mine first dog and he adds then when I have been for the use in a second dog he hardly cut. They have not comprised any oil for a car has had felizmente some. Will have that looks for the different cutter cuz this so only a lot this in spite of work. A lot disappointed
4 / 5 Sharda
has used this tape for the mine that falls averts tiles of shower. Works well in of the dry zones but looses the grip waters it to him comes from/comes from then more tapes that... It has very tried.. So you are using well for dry zones... It has Chosen this tape for a mould seen any summer roughly two weeks now... They are in the chair of wheel and could not resupply for the take done a legislation this was a provisional hope begins easier well for you❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻
5 / 5 Marcella
has used a waterproof tape in the bed of shower. With which a lot of work and rework in the rains there was the empty among wall and upper flange of base of shower. In planting to use tile adhiesive, has used simply a tape instead and work superbly
4 / 5 Lynda
there is Sealed an empty among a wall and a tank, easy to install, like this far looks a lot of
5 / 5 Jonathon
is awesome use it on my shower caddy does month. Any question at all.
Highly recommend

Top Customer Reviews: Nashua 357 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Willie
My first experience with this duct the tape was when my horse has had a abscessed hoof. I have tried the band a hoof I, but a duct the tape has had does not have on resisted partorisca more than hours of pair. I thought that it that it was my bandaging skills, but is not . My farrier is looked with this mark of duct tape and a sale resisted partorisca on 48 hours - by means of rain and vase and shavings of the pasador and that resists on down 1,000 books. When I have seen a durability of this tape, has known has had to that buy the circle on its own name. I have not been disappointed.
4 / 5 Geneva
Nashua 357 Has BEEN my preferred duct tape partorisca in the decade now.
I use he for work, boffer (yup. Arms to foam reasons are the nerd), camping and usually door the small quantity in my stock exchange of day.
A poly the side does not come averts of a glue after the long periods of use and movement.
Has not seen slips almost at all. And rasga cleaned.
Is not like this strong of a glue likes tape of Gorilla but is the hardest WAY. The tape of gorilla begins to come averts after heavy use in my experience.
4 / 5 Loriann
Has ordered 5 different duct tapes that all has said that they were waterproof comprising is one. It has given these 2 stars because it is the fat duty , heavy good tape. Also it has strong adhesion to the equal that can say both when pulling of a circle or of any one has applied the to you to. If it was not for a fact has raincoat in his description, would have it has estimated 5 stars. Still I am trying finds the tape another it 3M this. 393 duct Tape that really is waterproof to the equal that uses the plot of him and that the tape is on fifty dollars the circle.
4 / 5 Latrisha
This material is the monster ! Any only for a fact that is on 2'wide and súper often, rasga directly without fraying,and has ass of has fallen glue to kick! It forgets all (has thinks that has known in duct tape!) It calms once see and use this Nashua 357 you will not consider using anything more. Material of industrial note👍
5 / 5 Randa
A Nashua 357 tapes of series are extremely strong and sticky - typically, yes has left sticks to , the calm only launch era. Too hard to separate! As with any duct tape, a surface has to that be cleaned and drought to properly adhere, and the adhere . It has used this series in mine HVAC subject for years.
5 / 5 Valencia
This 357 tape is sum . You are recommended by the HVAC contractor and is appointed, likes says, is like this last like the '357'. It can any one a lot he in some tents of big box, perhaps HVAC the wholesaler is some so only of concealed them spends it. It recommends it to the partner.
5 / 5 Ted
Converged in sticky. Usually it is it supposes the easy to peel of his' own surface, but this thing wont has left to go of anything among contact with. At all that the emission of a material is stuck to, not even a gel of snow of & hard winter of a recent season. Exactly that has asked.
5 / 5 Elois
Has not been crazy in an olive green colour, but has not bought he for a colour. I have used abundance of duct tape on some years, and this material is exceptional. It is really strong, but is quite easy of rasgar cleanly. Some the varieties the economic plus of tape is hard of rasgar without taking series or band, but a lot this. Some UTMOST adhesive claves, but an odd bit is that when you owe that take the piece, worlds of cleanly. Memory of the estaca-commentaries he, but with 'teeth' main to take . Step in my truck every day, and would not be without him.
5 / 5 Roni
This tape is glorious for hurricane and control of tropical storm. It is quite wide to cover some clues of my doors of sliding glass, channelling the wind waters driven to a yard.
5 / 5 Joslyn
A circle of tape was out of round and a centre of map was quite broken. I have not seen never the new circle of tape like this bad warped before. Disappointing.

Top Customer Reviews: 3M VHB Tape 4646, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Dewitt
I have found this partorisca be like this as well as material wider. It is sometimes he bit it more difficult that take a backing. When My fingernails is not in that the cut so only uses some twizers and gloves of latex like the not contaminating a glue.

To good sure will buy again, thank you.
4 / 5 Mai
This tape is roughly 1/8 ' wide and roughly 1/64 - 1/32 thickness. To good sure the element of speciality, my bad has believed to be 1/4' wide. I have not required never tape of double face this tightened partorisca anything, included when being in RC hobbies, If send it behind am sure the need will arise inclusa with which 30 years in a hobby, so only will add it to a collection here.
5 / 5 Latashia
Has bought this like the suggestion of the coworker when it said him to them my shelf of door of the refrigerator wouldnt remain on. It suggests this, which uses partorisca a wind in his mustang. It has done perfect. A shelf hasnt fallen off of has added them this. I have been concerned in forst becasue was such the lean piece of dpuble sided the tape but has done the perfect work amd my milk hasnt has attacked a shelf of a door of refrigerator of then.
5 / 5 Matha
Has used other tapes of this line successfully. This in spite of, ossia like this slender and a glue is the separate discharge that would avert this measure.
5 / 5 Wilburn
Is applying trim Or trim things partorisca write to yours automobile there really is so only an election. 3M. Each tent of the organism has not been never in (been further of a half bear, trust) uses 3M tapes partorisca attach things to automobiles. This was a right width partorisca my use and in the good prize.
4 / 5 Jeanelle
Initially was skeptical on as extracted partorisca consider his measure. It is of the folds to have to weighed better sided the tape has bought. I have bought he partorisca the mirror of rear view of my car, likes type. It was perfect.
4 / 5 Epifania
Thought it would stick the better plot that he , but well, but any where next to be the seeds perm tape, súper easy to take and ossia that have not looked for .
4 / 5 Ashlie
Another that a fact that has purchased a wrong thickness, ossia the product adds . The amazon labels these clearly quite so only double control before orders. 3M tape there is did not fail me never when used to the equal that has feigned. I will not buy other frames.
4 / 5 Gregory
The work adds partorisca dip molding or aftermarket parts in your car. It looks for his be material still has paid $ 15 circulate it partorisca before. He a sure same work.
5 / 5 Shavon
To small

Top Customer Reviews: Akfix 705 Fast ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Macie
You look video of Youtube in the row of woodworking video, which often finds the good tips had not used before. I have been doing woodworking of a prompt 70 east, and am doing mobile still. But I have been impressed with the video in tricks of molding of the crown and a partner have maintained to take his 'CA' paste to instantly attach to the plot of small pieces likes work to the long of. It was intrigued with using an accelerator to take that immediate bond.

Boom, has ordered this product and I am impressed! I have used a esuper adhesive' for the long times but he can take too long to dip a bond. To to The Things like to try reconnect ceramic or the glass separates near and trying aguantarprpers until it dips before that attaches another piece. Incorporating an accelerator, a bond is almost immediate. But now I owe that do sure can return a piece in situating immediately! Ossia Well.

Am using this combo has produced for all the classes of woodworking applications. It is wonderful to immediately attach the together parts, this in spite of for the main parts, and perhaps some the strongest joints will be to appeal the glue of forests and clamps.
5 / 5 Wyatt
Has used this product in the defender broken. Some parts of defender am done of plásticoes to the equal that have imagined this glue would be perfect. Nope. After resisting he partorisca to 10 seconds likes him instructed, then leaving he of places for 20 more as, some parts have fallen easily averts to leave a glue has dried that estacas so only to a side applied it to. A glue has dried easily peeled immediately that leaves also. I have tried two times more with some same results. I have had perhaps the bad batch, but see another declaring some same.
4 / 5 Lynwood
Wow! Bonds very strong, very fast. Adhesive, Spray, contact. Account to dec. (Or perhaps five will do it.) Done. I have used this to build and repair several elements and he is resulted to be like this handy. I have it quell'utilisations even to resist parts in place in place of clamps, while a glue 'normal' together! So only be sure to have all there is lined on first of calm dipped quell'on, reason there has no long to think or according to casualidad, has applied once.
5 / 5 Santana
Is woodcarver for trade, and when something breaks was when really calm does not love it to, has to be glued behind. Rule superglue is my usual gone-to, but sometimes is hard the glue on the piece while normal sg dry. Ossia Easy to use, apply a glue to a surface and give another surfaces the shot with one can of accelerator. Calm once touch some two pieces, adheres almost instantly. The only precaution would give is to do the sure things are lined on rights when you tie that it is glueing, or could have the slightly was adhesive up!
4 / 5 Odette
Does not like Me . He no in plastic. I have tried the glue my coverage of plastic boat. After the week, a boat fallen in a paving. A coverage broken again.
5 / 5 Michal
Imagines is looking for to stick two together things, while to some elements to dip is where I disorder up... This produces INSTANTLY dips he superglue gel adhesive fashionable! These produced is meant for forest and etc, and a pros knows roughly the, but for my purposes, so only fixing things, having to that literally option of glue of the instant, an example, has dipped a esuperglue' to a side, slightly spray another side and quickly apply, fact, is fact, not slipping part, need more paste, the add and spray again. As any superglue produced to take the hands easily and thoroughly and a drought of spray that instantly too much. It was like this happy with this sent it to them to the pocolos fellow that will not comprise until they use it. The emotion averts, this are adds to dip the small part and be the little surer first the most thorough reparation.
4 / 5 Lue
Has read all some descriptions here in the amazon and this glue is really bad for PLA run. It breaks And it does not resist some separates a lot well. It is not strong at all. My parts snapped for the half in mine CNC car. I used it the glue some separates neighbours to the equal that resists my X drive axial.
4 / 5 Tana
Easier That do with the Krazy and Súper Adhesive. Yes, you can take your semi-detached toes - but a tube to measure main the easiest fact to do with. I reattached the edge that rasgó - quite the challenge without taking has has attached toes. It has attached also it touch to my shoe and the pair of projects that was unsuccessful with Krazy Adhesive
4 / 5 Kellye
is súper adhesive with an activator. Still I seat that it takes to long to cure quite hard to resist in place. I have used glue in a surface and an activator in another. Still it take 20-30 seconds to harden. For a prize is not bad and has required súper adhesive anyways like this this returns a bill so only very very impressed with him.
4 / 5 Rigoberto
My shampoo and dispensers of the soap in a shower has maintained to fall. No master of the holes to hammer to a fiberglass to the equal that has maintained to try what different: súper adhesive, in increasing tape, etc, and at all done until Akfix. I am impressed really for his force and that quickly take control.