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Top Customer Reviews: A Basic How to Use ...

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5 / 5
I have learnt a lot of different diffuser recipies partorisca to to the diverse things likes them-him the energy of sleep of the house of heart relieves of headache.... Pound a lot well if so only beginning partorisca learn.

Top Customer Reviews: Backyard Gold ...

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4 / 5
A lot of useful information. It can not expect begin to try a bit.

Top Customer Reviews: How To Refine ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
I like this bondadoso of the books is like to be in institute again. It is it classifies of science again . A lot of entertainment partorisca read and information
5 / 5
the book Adds , contains unbelievable quantity of information in layman terms in a process. Of raffinage lovely metals.. It buys it , read the.
4 / 5
One very good instructive book with the plot of information. Intense reading!
4 / 5
Convenient and easy to read! More the illustrations would be better to comprise for beginners. A prize is good and a quality is quite good. It is touches of toe how is well to read in a bus in a way to and of work.

Top Customer Reviews: Chemie fur ...

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5 / 5
Of this Buch ist für All the data, die vor dem Medizinstudium noch nicht like this viel put Chemie zu tun hatten. Date of text sind verständlich geschrieben und man nimmt von dem Gelesenen auch wirklich etwas has dipped. Jedoch sind Is vor allem Die Grafiken, die einen gives Wahnsinn treiben: Innerhalb einer Grafik (bspw. Abb. 17.5) sind kreuz und wants to Informationen und Moleküle verteilt, Man weiß gar nicht, in welcher Reihenfolge the man was beachten soll. Außerdem stehen Quotes Bezeichnungen gives Moleküle in giving gleichen Schriftart 'irgendwo dazwischen' und einige Abbildungen wurden gefühlt dips 'Produced' erstellt. Wären Quotes Abbildungen übersichtlicher, wären sie a einiges hilfreicher, like this überliest man sie jedoch häufig einfach.
Alles In allem kann ich has given Buch empfehlen, auch ohne quotes Grafiken sind given Themen äußerst gut erklärt. Für The data has joined Regensburg ist is aber etwas zu knapp gefasst, sodass is einen guten Einstieg, aber keine komplette Vorbereitung für quotes Klausur liefert.
5 / 5
Nutze Gives Buch a Grundlagen während dem ersten Semester nachzuholen. Klappt Gut, Die Erklärungen sind echt gut. Wird allerdings von Gives Stofftiefe His denke ich knapp, aber für quotes Basics absolut ausreichend.
5 / 5
Ist alles bestens, und alles first cube of Hat sehr zufrieden has dipped dem Kauf und würde jederzeit wieder bestellen.

Top Customer Reviews: The Organic ...

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5 / 5
His no very organised, honradamente. A content is good but a text is ordered in the way that the difficult fact partorisca comprise. The author to good sure could be more clear state in time
5 / 5
has paid partorisca the new book, and has received one with something greasy on all the pages and the flanges broken. Unfortunately, I will require partorisca spend my time partorisca return an element.
5 / 5
Wonderful book some concepts are explained easy and clear for you partorisca comprise Although the chemistry is not your subject better. Amur Some examples in an end of a chapter partorisca try your sympathetic. An author is very learnt on creation of drug.
5 / 5
Well has thought was and referenced, is interested in the calm drug drawings would owe that have this book
5 / 5
Some corners of a hardcover has been broken, although I have paid partorisca a new book.

Top Customer Reviews: Chemistry and the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Amur A format like slides with antedotes/note down. I add partorisca students those who more assimilates material compartmentally. I will use this in the course of chemist teachs partorisca any technical folks in business.
4 / 5
Easy to follow, included although a reader has not taken chemical before. An importance of an industry of the chemistry to our standard of living is underlined. Each page covers the subject different as it can be read in leisure.

Top Customer Reviews: Electrical ...

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Here it is a table of contents. It looks quite basic.

1 A basic physic principles and definitions 1
1.1 A simple circuit 1
A schematic diagram 2
Equivalent schematic 3
1.2 Electrical load Q 4
1.3 Current I 5
1.4 Mechanisms of a tram of current flow 5
Electrical behaviour in of the metals 6
Electrical behaviour in of the liquids 7
Electrical behaviour in gas 8
Electrical behaviour in the vacuum 9
1.5 Current direction 11
1.6 Alternating current and directed 13
1.7 An electrical field 13
the particle of Forces has touched on in electrical field 15
the force among point touches 15
1.8 Electrical potential φ 16
1.9 Voltage V 17
reads it of the ohm 18
Control R and G of conductance 19
Temp. Addiction of R, resistivity $ $ $ , conductivity σ, coefficient of temperature α 20
Energy and electrical power 21
the description questions 23
Exerts 24

2 Electrical coverages 25
the laws of circuit of 2.1 Kirchhoff 25
the current law of Kirchhoff (KCL) or the first law of Kirchhoff 25
reads it of voltage of Kirchhoff (KVL) or the second law of Kirchhoff 25
2.2 connection of Series of resistors 26
2.3 Parallel connection of resistors 26
2.4 combining linear and resistors very linear 27
connection of Series of linear and hold any linear 27
Parallel connection of linear and resistors very linear 28
2.5 Wye (And) connection and delta (Δ) connection 28
Conversion wye connection → of delta of the connection 29
connection of delta of the Conversion → wye connection 30
Delta-to-wye & wye-the-conversion of delta in of the mixed circuits 30
2.6 Mixed circuits 31
2.7 Fontes 32
source of source of Ideal / voltage of real voltage 32
Ideal current source / real current source 34
adjustment to Be able to 35
2.8 Voltage divide 36
2.9 A complex calculation in electrical engineering 37
Definitions 37
Application of a complex calculation in AC calculation 40
the description questions 41
Exerts 41

3 Fundamentals of electronics 43
3.1 materials of Semiconductor 43
P-n cross 45
3.2 diode of Semiconductor 46
Light-emitting diode (CONCENTRATED) 48
3.3 Zener diode 49
3.4 Resistors 51
3.5 resistors of Semiconductor 53
resistor of Voltage that depends (varistors) 53
resistors of coefficient of Negative temperature (NTC resistors) 54
resistors of coefficient of Positive temperature (PTC resistors) 56
Magnetic dependent resistors (MDR) 57
3.6 effect of Sensor of Room 58
3.7 Transistor 59
circuits of Basic amplifier 61
3.8 Optocouplers 63
3.9 Operational amplifier 64
Basic circuits of a op-amp 65
Thyristor 69
Rectifies circuit 71
the value Rectified (the bad arithmetic) 72
Designates used in electronic of faculty 73
touching and downloading of the capacitor 73
the description questions 75

4 A stationary electrical field 77
4.1 Electrical current I 78
4.2 Electrical potential φ 79
4.3 Electrostatic induction 82
4.4 Polarisation 83
4.5 A flow of electrical displacement ψ 83
4.6 Dielectric 84
Permittivity ε (previously known like dielectric constant) 84
4.7 A capacitor 85
Electrical capacitance C 87
connection of Series of capacitances 87
Parallel connection of capacitances 88
4.8 content of Energy of an electrical field Wel 89
4.9 Description questions 89
Exercises 90

5 A magnetic field 91
5.1 A term 'field' 91
principle of Right ray 92
principle of Coil (rule of right coil) 92
5.2 Magnetic field quantity 93
A magnetomotive forces MMF 93
A force of magnetic field H 93
A magnetic flow φ 94
A density of magnetic flow B 94
A permeability μ 95
Comparison of electrical and magnetic circuit 99
the force exerted in the manager in a magnetic field - Lorentz forces 100
Sinister principle for engines 100
Induction 103
Dynamic induction (principle of generator) 103
Static induction (principle of transformer) 104
Self-induction 105
contained of Energy Wmagn of a magnetic field 106
5.3 Description questions 106
5.4 Exercises 107

6 Electrochemistry 109
6.1 electrochemical concepts Basic 109
6.2 Electrolysis 110
Electrolysis of water 111
Extraction of (pure) metals 111
Electrochemical corrosion 112
reads it of 6.3 Faraday 112
6.4 An electrochemical series 113
6.5 Primary cells 114
Leclanché cell 116
6.6 Secondary cell 117
Lithium-battery of ion 117
6.7 cell of Fuel 118
Structures and operative principle of the cell of fuel 119
General appearances of cells of fuel 120
Electrochemical process 120
efficiency of balance/of the Energy ηmax 122
mechanisms of Loss and overpotential 122
6.8 Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy 124
Cyclic voltammogram 127
6.9 Description questions 128
Exercises 129

7 current technology that Alternate 131
7.1 diagram of Vector of sinusoidal quantity 133
7.2 Characteristic quantities in alternating current technology 134
Frequency F, period to time T 134
gone back to Synchronise φ 135
7.3 Effective value (RMS) 135
7.4 Powers in an alternating-current circuit 138
can Actuate P 138
reactive power Q 139
can Look S 140
Correlation among S, P and Q 140
7.5 R, XL and XC in an alternating-current circuit 142
the Active control R 142
Electrical impedance Z 142
Inductive reactance XL in an alternating-current circuit 143
R and XL in an alternating-current circuit 144
Capacitive reactance XC in an alternating-current circuit 146
R and XC in an alternating-current circuit 147
R, XL and XC in an alternating-current circuit 148
7.6 Resonant circuits 150
Seriáis resonant circuit 151
Parallel resonant circuit 153
7.7 Harmonics, representation of series of the Fourier 155
Generation of the square wave by means of overlap of sinusoidal transmissions (Fourier synthesis) 156
7.8 current of Three phases (rotary current) 158
Concatenation 159
Can of current of three phases 161
7.9 Description questions 162
Exercises 163

8 Fundamentals of measure and technology of control 165
8.1 measuring electrical quantities 166
Electrical metres 167
Digital metres 168
8.2 measuring quantities any trams 169
measured of Period, measure of fluent level 169
measured of Fluent level 171
measured by force 171
Speed and rotational speed 172
Temperature 173
Photometry 175
8.3 circuit of Pont 176
8.4 engineering of Control 177
technology to Control vs. Technology of control 177
loop of Regular control and designates 178
Controller (I, D and PID) 180
8.5 Description questions 184

9 Electrical cars 185
9.1 Transformer 186
Current transformation 187
transformation of Voltage 188
transformation of Impedance 188
Transmissions - Rodeo 188
transformative Ideal 189
transformative Real 190
characteristic values Of entities of the transformer 191
Types of small transformers 192
transformative of Three phases 193
9.2 current engine Direct (commutator engine) 193
Structures and operation 193
Types of direct current engines 194
9.3 Three-synchronise asynchronous engine 196
Generation of the rotating field 197
Can P and torsion M 199
Efficiency η 199
Slip s 200
curve of Torsion 200
squirrel of start-engines of induction of the cage 201
Wye-the delta that begins method 202
Applications of engines of induction of cage of squirrel 203
9.4 Synchronous engine 203
9.5 Synchronous generator 205
9.6 Stepper engine 206
9.7 Description questions 207
9.8 Exercises 208

10 Dangers of electricities 211
10.1 Direct effects in of the humans 211
Control of a human organism, voltage of dangerous contact 211
Residual-current device (RCD) 214
10.2 Indirect impact in of the humans 215
10.3 Types of failures, voltages in chance of failure 216
10.4 Description questions 217

Bibliography 219

Indication 221
5 / 5
has bought this book to learn roughly electricity, like works, which he , and stirs it of things roughly using electricities. Nope, Each chapter is chopped down the sections, which have poor explanations. It was like you you were to you expecting know some formulas and as to use some equations. Ossia To good sure any for people that loves to learn, more for people those who already has the main basic knowledge and to develop on he even more.
5 / 5
A lot of useful information that they are add, but would not recommend this book if you are new the engineering or have knowledge of basic mathematician . It would say the plot of a material or if any everything of is HND level or on like this this is not for beginners. It would be suitable for the people that begins university.

Top Customer Reviews: Biopharmaceutical ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
The book adds but a condition was totally unsatisfactory. It is it has arrived dented, dirty with two course in a plug. In in£200 I has expected better.

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