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1 first INIU Phone Holder for Car, 360° Dashboard Car Phone Mount, Universal Magnetic Cell Phone Car Holder GPS, Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro XS Max X 8 6s Plus Samsung S10 S9 Note 9 HTC Huawei Oneplus Etc INIU Phone Holder for Car, 360° Dashboard Car Phone Mount, Universal Magnetic Cell Phone Car Holder GPS, Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro XS Max X 8 6s Plus Samsung S10 S9 Note 9 HTC Huawei Oneplus Etc By INIU
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2 INIU Portable Charger, 10000mAh Power Bank, 4.8A High-Speed 2 USB Ports with Flashlight Battery Pack, Ultra Compact Phone Charger Compatible with Iphone XS X 8 7 6 Samsung Galaxy S9 Note 9 iPad Tablet INIU Portable Charger, 10000mAh Power Bank, 4.8A High-Speed 2 USB Ports with Flashlight Battery Pack, Ultra Compact Phone Charger Compatible with Iphone XS X 8 7 6 Samsung Galaxy S9 Note 9 iPad Tablet By INIU
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3 best INIU Power Bank, Ultra-high 20000mAh Capacity Portable Charger with Type C & Micro USB Inputs, Dual 3A High-speed Outputs Battery Pack, Compatible with iPhone 11 Xs X 8 Samsung Galaxy S10 Note 10 iPad INIU Power Bank, Ultra-high 20000mAh Capacity Portable Charger with Type C & Micro USB Inputs, Dual 3A High-speed Outputs Battery Pack, Compatible with iPhone 11 Xs X 8 Samsung Galaxy S10 Note 10 iPad By INIU
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4 INIU Micro USB Cable for Android Phone Charger,【3-Pack, 6.5+3.3+1.6ft】3A QC Fast Charging USB Micro Cable, Braided Data Cables Compatible for Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 Edge Motorola HTC Kindle (Black) INIU Micro USB Cable for Android Phone Charger,【3-Pack, 6.5+3.3+1.6ft】3A QC Fast Charging USB Micro Cable, Braided Data Cables Compatible for Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 Edge Motorola HTC Kindle (Black) By INIU
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5 Cell Phone Charger Portable 10000mah - Power Bank External Battery Pack Mobile Charger Backup Powerbank Compatible with iPhones X max XS XR 7 8 iPad Metecsmart Cell Phone Charger Portable 10000mah - Power Bank External Battery Pack Mobile Charger Backup Powerbank Compatible with iPhones X max XS XR 7 8 iPad Metecsmart By Metecsmart
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6 Portable Charger Ekrist 25800mAh, High Capacity Ultra Slim Power Bank with 2 USB Ports & Colorful Indicator,Power Delivery External Cell Phone Battery Pack for Smart Phone, Samsung Android, Table etc Portable Charger Ekrist 25800mAh, High Capacity Ultra Slim Power Bank with 2 USB Ports & Colorful Indicator,Power Delivery External Cell Phone Battery Pack for Smart Phone, Samsung Android, Table etc By Ekrist
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7 Power Bank 10000mah,TONV Portable External Cell Phone Li-Polymer Batterys 2 Input and 2 Output,USB C and Micro USB Compatible with iPhone X/ 8/7/ 6/ Plus/ 5/ SE, iPad, Samsung, and MP3 Player Power Bank 10000mah,TONV Portable External Cell Phone Li-Polymer Batterys 2 Input and 2 Output,USB C and Micro USB Compatible with iPhone X/ 8/7/ 6/ Plus/ 5/ SE, iPad, Samsung, and MP3 Player By TONV
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8 Portable Charger Power Bank [25800mAh Newest Fashion] Huge Capacity External Battery Pack Dual Output Port with LED Status Indicator Power Bank for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Android Phone,Tablet & etc Portable Charger Power Bank [25800mAh Newest Fashion] Huge Capacity External Battery Pack Dual Output Port with LED Status Indicator Power Bank for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Android Phone,Tablet & etc By LanLuk
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9 INIU Portable Charger, LED Display 20000mAh Power Bank with Type C & Micro USB Input, Dual 3A High-Speed Output Battery Pack with Flashlight Compatible with iPhone 11 XS X 8 Samsung Galaxy S10 iPad INIU Portable Charger, LED Display 20000mAh Power Bank with Type C & Micro USB Input, Dual 3A High-Speed Output Battery Pack with Flashlight Compatible with iPhone 11 XS X 8 Samsung Galaxy S10 iPad By INIU
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10 POWERADD Slim 2 Ultra-Compact 5000mAh Portable Charger with 2.1A Fast Charge for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, USB-enabled Devices - Rose Red POWERADD Slim 2 Ultra-Compact 5000mAh Portable Charger with 2.1A Fast Charge for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, USB-enabled Devices - Rose Red By POWERADD
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Top Customer Reviews: INIU Phone Holder ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Bobbi
Ossia The a lot of highland of magnetic telephone partorisca any fashion of telephone. It is very simple to install in mine dashboard and is very small as it is not in my way. I recommend to use both insiemi of toallitas humid in a box of installation that is that it has done it and estaca on immediately.
Has the little magnet that has to attach you to a backside of the yours telephone that the frames sticks to a mountain. I have not stuck a magnet on directly but has slipped so only he to a backside of my chance. A magnet interferes when I look for to use a wireless to upload like this precise of the take is gone in that time but does not interfere with regulating load.
4 / 5 Yasmin
Has used in the 2007 Dodge Glorious Caravan. It follows directions and sticks a lot well to a pinch with 3M adhesive. Magnet very strong, but no difficult to the appeal was when taking telephones with you. It touches of the metal situated in a backside of the telephone does not interfere with the mechanics of a telephone or situating the chance on that. Also it can adhere to a backside of the chance of telephone and especially is the plan and if any porous. It is in 1-thumb for disks of 1 thumbs of flat metal with glue in a backside.
4 / 5 Opal
Súper Fresh and the factor of form adds partorisca this type partorisca title. Still it comes with an extra of adhesive patch for when it can wants to change an original patch. Be careful with a glue after calm added it to the your dashboard how is incredibly strong and if you are not careful could pull separate of the yours the dashboard was.
4 / 5 Cristina
Are like this happy that has bought this! The volume has lost easily like this ALWAYS am using my GPS but I have not bought anything concealed REALLY works for my telephone and where the precise when I engine. Enter this little gem. Has my telephone exactly where the require to see a map while I am driving and taking my telephone was when I am them done the behaviour is súper easy.
4 / 5 Virgen
Mount To a dashboard (or any smooth surface) a lot easily and resists a telephone in any corner like. Of then this does not have the way of presionar a ball-and-near of socket, a neighbouring can result the little release overtime, but for now, is resisting on well. For $ 6, ossia totally currency he.
4 / 5 Stefan
Is very small and elegant. My telephone returns a lot firmly in the and does not have a fear of having my telephone tomb. A better part is that any included has to that stick a glue. I so only dipped he inside my coverage of telephone. Also I damage two of these so many has two telephones, can stick one in both of them.
4 / 5 Iona
Has been looking for the moment for cellphone car mountain and this one returns perfectly to that have looked for. I have bought the wireless to upload/mountain of telephone but has not done for me and has finalised so only give the to my partner. This one is the simplest plot and some returns of magnet perfectly in a backside of the mine popsocket and is very thin to the equal that have remarked not even a difference. Highly it recommends that it is an if you are in a phase for simple still useful cellphone mountain of dashboard.
4 / 5 Loni
A lot of mountain a lot compact of magnetic telephone. It liked really. It resists well in my car. But I have to that see like this resists up over time. As of me now I am very satisfied for his compact measure. For the comparison am attaching some photos afterwards to the bookmark!
4 / 5 Jill
Perfects little car mountain. I have chosen to locate near of my radio more than in a pinch. It is PERFECTO . And you can it has not beaten that prize. It comes with the small magnet to attach to a backside of your chance or telephone. To good sure cost again.
5 / 5 Kaila
Good value for money. A headline of telephone has the good and sturdy quality. Like a fact that you easily can regulate a corner for your and rests in a place chosen. All has required to dip a headline of telephone and your telephone up is comprised in a together.

Top Customer Reviews: INIU Portable ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Desirae
This deserves more concealed 5 stars!!! The law adds! If your time to debate to buy it or any one to that likes him and was for The BUY ! You wont lament the. The L small bit weighed heavier that my samsung j7 but bake your telephone in 100%.
5 / 5 Buffy
It is it pleased It FURTHER!!!
My daughter and I regularly the volunteer that animal of rescues and until we take a INIU we far too often, the coverage has lost, overwhelmed, and undercharged!!! No longer dread to be without accessing in GPS, helps other volunteers, the shelter or same veterinary assistance. Thank you!!! We are expecting to buy additional units for our iPads and has recommended HIGHLY this bank of power in our whole rescue team as well as very another concealed finds down in pot. We have found that this has aided saves time and more importantly lives!! If the connections of only point were so powerful like INIU bank to be able the laptop!! One million thank you!!!
5 / 5 Herta
Use a lot other banks to be able in and all have been in disappointing. This In him stack to be able has been surprising. I actuate There It go It only he during the week now but require the dependable source to be able as it uses my tlphonique to control my property saws WiFi the camera is cual posed the heavy drain in my stack of telephones. Regularly I Have to recharge my stack 3 in 4 times the day and tent 50 in 70 currents of video. So far this bank to be able has lined adds envelope. 4 load and I still actuate quite 25% left wing of load. My telephone is a LG V20 and I only shoot 4k video. Highly it recommends this unit!!
5 / 5 Carmela
That is to say the very well upload. A kitten paw the impression is the good touch . Work very quickly. Very pleased with a compraventa.
5 / 5 Demetra
I have required only enough it uploads for mobile phone in case that of an emergency. This produces that it says and more.
5 / 5 Aide
I produce it adds! Bought for the trip that comes up, and of my telephone dies hurriedly imagined would give this tries it. Quan Arrives, was boxed amiably with clear instructions, as well as you left you to touch 2 electronic the time. It avenges exactly so described and leaves for multiple loads before required in recharge a box he. Highly recommend it!
5 / 5 Mariela
An element adds to have manually for emergencies or when is has been with kiddos with electronic
5 / 5 Gussie
It IS small and do very good. I am happy purchased the. We buy for the rucksack that has had a capacity of having an inner load. He a work and does not take on any extra room.
5 / 5 Maureen
As I have been using this upload for the few weeks now and here is some of my thoughts:

1. Robust
2. Easy to comprise
3. AMAZING creation
4. And the life of decent stack.

While the does not have fast load, he his well are in any hastes for stack. Im The robust happy beginning, and is quite clumsy like his I VERY adds that it can survive the be is fallen. An interface is very easy to comprise and a torch is only the good touch. Regarding a creation could not have asked more, has the very rigid grip in a backside that for me is a lot of that satisfies joint with a paw that the indicator looks very good. In general and it was satisfied with this product and he would do well for the plot of people.
5 / 5 Elli
Has the defective element and INIU the support has achieved has been in me immediately to fix a problem. My load has not touched properly (the voice informs decrease). INIU The support have me advised that is backed with the guarantee and took me the substitution uploads any time. These changes my description and INIU the support is stellar. I will recommend this product and will do another compraventa future. BIG CRY OUTTO INIU SUPPORT of CLIENT



uses the laptop uploads daily. It does not use a wall to touch my tlphonique and I his very scarce. It IS to excite to take this uploads in, and plugged the in a wall and the left wing upload it. A paws illuminate which are well and well the be very well in him. Has the small light in a side in case perhaps need the small light. It was also very pleased to take the free present that was the clear concealed connected saws USB.

Was able to take at least 3-4 load in my iPhone X and some instructions say you will take at least 2-3 as I am happy with this part

Bronzed why a low indication. Well after a day of uses was for the touch plugged he in a wall there is the problem that takes it to touch. Some lights in a paw bad when is fully uploads and after it listen it plugged in all day, (the instructions say that it takes 5-8 hours) some lights in a paws does not have to change to signify was load. I took me some touching around with some connections (plugging he behind taking it has tried different chargers), and at the end some lights begun to do and look for he that is touching. Opened use It my covers of iPhone for the touch, does not know if this can of state a problem or the no. Opens in order for him to touch properly has to touch around with some cover in my house that atasquen in and it taking has been to touch in of the orders for him to touch. I charge this each which how 3 days or so many and is new mark and there is has had only this during the week. At present now it included it looks to be touching better through my computer, illuminates when load and paws the crowds like the times continue in when is touching.
What has to buy or? Thats Yours llama to do and use my experience to decide since you. It listens good descriptions in this product and perhaps has taken only the bad one this knows. But you are anything like me go to read the descriptions and I does not like them giving my opinions only directly above the experience and this are the mine at present is having with him. Has another load that I the still use and a reason have bought this one is so that for some reason after 6-10 month has experimented touching problems with all these laptops chargers. WITH this load does not have to preoccupy so that has the guarantee and stellar support. The good luck and I expect found this useful description.

Be well

Top Customer Reviews: INIU Power Bank, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Thurman
After my movement to another state, could not find my band of old battery. I have required the new a partorisca when I am answering classes and there is no outlet partorisca touch my telephone. This one better that a one has had in a past!
Are happy has decided to choose is one. Still it has the mini light that can you them his discharges.
My favourite characteristic is a dog paw ossia on that. Any only looks súper adorable, but calm say you a percentage that remain .
5 / 5 Windy
Has bought this uploads why my leading one there is prendido partorisca do. The appearance for his external shell was a lot. It does not ask Me like this it is inner. A strong calm product seats it when calm the doors. A heavy and easy organism raisin in a hand and pocket. DIRECTED in pow the form is pleasant ( as for my woman).

My telephone does not have life of the long battery and I usually do not have the mine uploads with me so that it is partorisca say so only which need to touch my telephone the pair of time, touches quickly if any súper-fast. It is really easy to use and install. A little torch is always handy partorisca my woman partorisca look his purse. haha.. Also qualified of enormous battery how is partorisca win-win. Also it has two touching put you calm so many can touch two devices immediately!
5 / 5 Simonne
This bank partorisca be able to feels solid and looks partorisca be a lot of-has built. Has with (2) starts of USB, as you can touch two devices simultaneously. Has the 20,000mah capacity to the equal that have to that be able to touch your diverse telephone time first to run out of juice. This also means that it fulfils some restrictions of aerial partorisca banks partorisca be able to. A paw the impressions indicate those that can remain, which is the pleasant touch . Some banks partorisca be able to also has the built in FOCUSED light which can be handy he precise fast illumination. Also comprised in a container is spending it pouch, a clave FOCUSED, and the boss partorisca touch. Partorisca $ 20 bucks, ossia the value adds !
4 / 5 Dawna
Has smiled partorisca comparison of measure.

Be handy to have the bank of power with fast touching capacity. It is the little heavier that expected but a lot so only think all would have to that be small and light?
Such the fun thing partorisca have a puppy paw on that!!! (The lovers of dog join. Another will say that it is some other animals)
5 / 5 Rosalva
to the as it likes me in of this battery Is that a creation is very simple and lustrous, a quality is also in a big end. Also it likes that it can touch it you of this bank of power with any one the micro USB or the type c. 20000mah Is enough to touch my S9+ x4 time, is also enough to touch my iPad and portable. Among the a lot compact box, comprising usb boss and the very durable pouch, to good sure the plus. Also it avenges with the light that atasquemos in the one of some ports of USB and is very brilliant. If I need the battery of big capacity for a whole family in the travesía of street or something, ossia the must has.
5 / 5 Isidra
HAS transport- was if at all it is drawing has beaten. Really you think it well it go! Has the built in the torch to help goes where the things of discharges in, at night. Also it comes with to second propiciado by adjustable USB in light. If I have had anything bad to say, is a time takes to touch... But conceal it can not be helped because of some limits of USB, as it marks sure use the big current load. There is the reason this band to be able to has 100 indication of Amazon!
5 / 5 Sheri
Ossia To the fattest plot and more weighed that anticipated (I likes light of travesía) but is done well and feels good to resist. Load quickly and comes with the light of USB as the free present. A paw the impression is pleasant lights and included when touching to leave know what time before it is touched fully (a lot of entity in this type of device). He a work.
5 / 5 Lyn
That is not to like? He the one who the duty. Multiple touching put you, flashing lights to aim level of load, and built hard. The characteristic sum is able to use two different type bosses to recharge this boss—of Android of the unit and Type C. I prefer a Type C reason do not owe that verify a direction of one covers.

Good unit, just prize.
4 / 5 Brande
L🐾SEES a paw printed in this - the one who the pleasant way to follow what battery remains! Come it has touched fully that it is the ENORMOUS shot ! It was able to use it immediately and does not have has had to that concern roughly touching it up. A torch of extra USB that comes with east prevails it also! Amur That has the chance to spend - helps to maintain some cords well with him. No too bulky likes roughly another some! To good sure the winner!!
4 / 5 Markita
Ossia The portable power adds for people in some gone.

If AC or DC can is available this will maintain your mobile phone has touched. It add to camp, those walk and fishing travesías where the power is not available. It is quite I compresses to returned in my rear pocket without taking the place or too heavy

Top Customer Reviews: INIU Micro USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Mckinley
Like this far ossia a boss of USB I better there is never has bought. Please inform to a picture has. It is packed individually. 3 different box in 1 box. It is strong fact , very durable. Light when calm uses it. Really it recommends this product, when looking you partorisca buy boss of USB. Thumbs up. You love it!
4 / 5 Viola
Seldom say this, but this product has surpassed my expectations in the each way. It was in a phase partorisca the data of new connections one the fault of several leading cords. Calm will not be disappointed. An engineering of some the connections as well as a cord dips averts other products have taken. I can not recommend this product highly enough.
5 / 5 Kelli
One has built more bosses to touch never. I have not seen better construction. Strong celery, his work to touch well and also have the green indicator in a boss of a micro-side of USB. They are like this very happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5 Alyssa
I gotta is in accordance with a rest. Better boss never, is that any the one who is fed up with the bosses of rubbishes have said enough! And it has done this type. Like this far I love it and it fails the month will update if any then is the must compraventa!
4 / 5 Norberto
This a newer version of android micro usb chargers. Each boss has organises strap with him and sweats the braided nylon like any tangle and sustains fast touching and scrolling of data. A neon the light indicator is located in micro usb the connector means does tin. I love it.
5 / 5 Arlene
Like this far like this well looks the a lot of the boss done well this is to build to last. If I fail the month will comment but touches my very fast telephone and feels of quality. Shopping again but the sinister hope does not have to that arrest awhile.
4 / 5 Concha
These produced touches really fast -- like this quickly and easy to use.
4 / 5 Hosea
Loves this. Wine with 3 different measures. Very fast touching. Amur Some colours among and to good sure recommend to any one. Also I love a light in an end of a cord. Always easy to find.
4 / 5 Dot5 / 5 Shemika
Awesome 3 Band of micro usb bosses
has the indicator Focused convenient in a tip to aim that some devices are by train to touch

Top Customer Reviews: Cell Phone Charger ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Shyla
This bank to be able has volume very big concealed leave me to touch my multiple time tlphonique when has been to camp or other external activities that can not achieve the power easily. Also copper very fast. A quality of a product is very good.
5 / 5 Launa
It uses since January 20 2018. So far so good. Cape of strong solid. Connector very done in cape... SUPREMELY-A lot of- he. It can probably sustained supremely stressful conditions. A lot of embroiled together would be likely to tow the vehicle. (Disclaimer: But it does not try He). It IS only the metaphor. But that am saying is his a supremely cape very done. No so tight of the apt while it would like him in of my Motorbike X pure but do very TURBOCHARGING without subjects. Purchasing another pair today.

The update has Seated 05-26-18
is been several months since purchasing these extraordinarily wonderful capes. They so that I served me far well. Even so recently a cape experimented the horrible snag and dramatically fail in a sliding fund and tumbling several feet until one says force disconnected a two. A cape survived even so an end of connector that covers them in a telephone has the data has been in a tension. That is to say so much it sake and the bad thing. A pro and the with. In a desire to reserve some connectors of metal were so strong and like cape in withstand such the incident takes. In one another hand is happy does not mark. After the next examination has remarked one void in a telephone where a connector to be able is inserts is done partly of plastic like material. There is a connector has lined the possibly could have broken a telephone. As it is the disguised blessing . One bittersweet moment. I actuate Already the experience a lot of these capes and one another still work well. A law of tlphonique still and there looks for to be any harm. Some works of tlphonique with other capes. Yay. And always I can buy more capes. Repairing or purchasing another tlphonique to configure would have been the nightmare . I will leave my indication in five stars.
5 / 5 Caterina
Wow, it IS a better to upload I' the voice has seen included. It can use for more concealed 4 times for my iPhone 6. The May left You down when has the week was vacacional. Any data of stack of the mobile phone again.
1 / 5 Alaina
Quite pot to touch my telephone during my turn

After first it uploads, sald to touch the port has broken loose as now the only loads has in the odd angle and applies pressure in a side to oblige some advantages to connect. The port when being loose now.

The service of client has still to answer in my email, will update to revise if this takes resolved.

Any product would have to fail after a first load and normal wear
5 / 5 Amie
I have bought this bank of power for our trip to New York. We use mobile phones the plot to take pictures, google maps and another. A stack of the telephone is dead hurriedly. This bank to be able has 2 beginning so that mine and the telephone of my woman could be it has uploaded against a same time. Last very time quite very preoccupy us in a life besides stack! It IS very very done and tiny which easily can return in my pocket. It Likes him!
5 / 5 Tessa
It uploads my LGV10 and kindle 10 any time. Very fast!! I have purchased the sper the fast that uploads hub 3.0 and is each sake!!
4 / 5 Dwana
A Reacher 13000mAh Group to Be able vanamente enter in the responsible prize in the competitors of him. With the creation these covers the to be easily spent in the pouch of rucksack, headline of car cup, or simply in your pocket (if you are well with an extra weight) this product can compete with hardly ever asks.

A container takes comes neatly packed with a group to be able in, he down USB-An in Micro USB to touch of a device (or tlphonique), a manual of owners, as well as (at the same time of compraventas) the small present in a form of the support of tlphonique. In arrival a group to be able in era already fully touched, when plugging my telephone in a 2.1 amp socket ( has two sockets for devices, he 1.0 amp and 2.1 amp) a tlphonique headed to to upload against the tax the big plus that my usual 1.5 amp socket of wall, which was the good signal . Over time like my telephone has touched one 'the left wing of stack' indicator in a group of the only power reduced by 1 DIRECTED out of 4.

The subsequent use of this product has aimed some same results of sake. There is the little small downfalls even so. Quan Yours stack of tlphonique is supremely down to pull the big plus amperage and wattage possibly use in a full 2.1 amps which can drain this groups this fast plus that uploads against 50% when yours poden of only attraction tlphonique 1.6 amps. (Your tlphonique only will pull what amps requires, but a maximum a group to be able to beat the beginning is 2.1 amps.) Also when used in the situation of the main temperature says external the hot day but in a shadow can say the difference in touching tax and life of stack.

With in some downfalls would like me attach them that all join to be able in and included very electronic with the stack will see these same problems. My reason to jump 1 star is does still to take more concealed 3 load of tlphonique of this same device when my stack of the telephones is 2600mAh. It IS this the true problem? No, but for a be of time (can update this description) a group to be able to beat any preform in his specifications.
5 / 5 Olene
I have bought this for our trip out of a country later this year and lines the quite good load and of the good works. Only the desire had come his with the C cord of adapter in place of a Micro B the cord but he have several ports (micro b, type c and the port of USB) how I only hooked the mine uploads cord until a void of USB. Works well even so. It estimates a money.
5 / 5 Anisha
This stack is fantastic! Have wanted to it USB-C load for my tlphonique and Change of Nintendo. This can touch both of them fully and still has abundance of spare load. Another characteristic has required was a capacity to take this with me while trip. This stack is one of a big plus that legally can take in an aeroplane. I can touch this up before I leave and any one has preoccupy enough anything dying for everything of my trip. Highly recommended!
1 / 5 Mauricio
The title says it everything. I am spent $ 40 while something concealed could legitimately fast-touch my S10. Essentially the waste my money.

Top Customer Reviews: Portable Charger ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Mabelle
I have bought this partorisca a Alaskan cruise after and happy month I , maintain a woman and mine uploads of telephones while we are was and roughly. Basically a same measure like my S8 and different some other bands partorisca be able to have has had these some cariche fast my telephone! Produced of good quality def spent again.
5 / 5 Lita
They are sper impressed with this upload! Had the telephone of my husband behind to 50 in me so only half falls the hour partorisca touch. The load Is in a measure of the telephone like the easy fact partorisca resist both in a same hand, is easy to touch and use. The load Is slightly more weighed then the telephone is self, could see it taking the little quantity of calm was only tin a lot he in your pocket but is perfect partorisca having in mine purse or a stroller!
5 / 5 Laine
I have bought this portable load partorisca the backpacking travesa that am planning the few months. It has wanted to give you try it first to have it like this taken the Island of Adventure and Universal for the 3 weekend of day getaway. It was able to use it 2 days directly to touch my Samsung 10more and there is perfect fact. I touched it roughly 4 or 5 times. I have been surprised in that quickly copper. I also like a light that colour of transmissions according to a life of battery has left. A must is also a weight. It is very light compared to other banks of power with some same Mah. I definetely recommend this product.
5 / 5 Melvina
It likes- one light of indicator in those dye of transmissions according to which uploads rest in a band of battery. Red is less than 25, Green 25- 50 blue 50-75, White 75-100 a light flashes until it is full then stays in parking when touching. Fully you touch my telephone of 13 to 100 in the little more than an hour. Work quite well. A big test will be when I am touching the game and hook he until I sell yes can maintain at the head of a game and touch my telephone up in place of just retarding down a tax of loss of energy. A backside of the big draw for me is that it is heavy and quite fat. And it is not Solar. I lose having an option in a solar some to be able the recharge he home with a usb cord or when being able of the place in a dashboard of my car when driving and leaving a sun touches it up. But in general it looks to do really well.
5 / 5 Heather
I have been using this product partorisca the few weeks now and is really all have asked. Utilisation with mine a telephone besides and is able to touch my telephone 4-5 times easily (a bit those that more time in fact of then I quite always recharge my telephone when it is in 20 percent). A colour indictor is the really well add on to the equal that can help or he in any figure of the time out of one load has left. Also, a speed to the touch is not exceptionally slow but decently fast (likes use the normal to upload). A product is quite sturdy and durable and is much lighter of a leading generation of this capacity of portable upload ( would say that it is the good 3/5th a weight of a leading generation of alike measure chargers). A fact that comes with the two guarantee of year is one of some main reasons have been with a product. If a costruttore can me guarantee two years in this product are the happy man
5 / 5 Onie
I do not know why I have expected like this long partorisca purchase the bank partorisca be able to, but this product is surprising! Copper quickly well out of a box and hard partorisca hours when I use partorisca my mobile phone. I go partorisca be requiring he partorisca the ten walk of now punctual and could not be happier with this election!
5 / 5 Mui
I have purchased two different chargers partorisca my camping with familiar. Ossia The very big capacity load. Both USB is partorisca fast touching port. Usually we spend multiple chargers when we go in the travesa and now the needs so only one load. A battery maintains his uploads partorisca the same time along with which I and another are all the using or it sharing partorisca touch our telephones in some gone. It looks very durable. It is only downside is that it is the little in heavy side. Doing my purse my heavy plus when I spends it, but one uploads always hard partorisca days. It is quell'has bitten more weighed that has expected, but think that is that it comes from/comes from partorisca take this big of the capacity. I have touched the little time, and follows partorisca announce all 4 lights partorisca capacities. It likes- one big capacity this has. I wish he quickly touching like my house and car chargers can do.
Are like this happy with this upload.
5 / 5 Gary
This class partorisca upload is very novel. Ossia A first time has seen colour like the way to determine what can rests. Capacity very big. Touching is a lot fast. Moderate weight. A quality of one load is also a lot good. It likes of a lot. Sometimes touching the games in of the mobile phones eats electricity a lot quickly. I owe that have upload it every time skirt. This type partorisca upload will be bought behind yes has the long life. It gives it to five indication of star. The cariche different have been used first of east a. Hope Dread is valued.
5 / 5 Eden
State using this partorisca touch my telephone when it leaves them work and basketball of game with my friends. Load well and fast. For an end of mine workout/touches my telephone is place and almost the battery after being used a whole day. im Also impressed with one load resists for numerous use before recharging a house of bank. It can take one for my woman. Good product
5 / 5 Ginette
It likes- one light of indicator in those dye of transmissions according to which uploads rest in a band of battery. Red is less than 25, Green 25- 50 blue 50-75, White 75-100 a light flashes until it is full then stays in parking when touching. Fully you touch my telephone of 13 to 100 in the little more than an hour. They are sper impressed with this upload! Had the telephone of my husband behind to 50 in me so only half falls the hour partorisca touch. The load Is in a measure of the telephone like the easy fact partorisca resist both in a same hand, is easy to touch and use. The load Is slightly more weighed then the telephone is self, could see it taking the little quantity of calm was only tin a lot he in your pocket but is perfect partorisca having in mine purse or a stroller!

Top Customer Reviews: Power Bank ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Eladia
Besides spending 5 minutes to imagine out of a Micro cord of entrance of power of USB that comes with a vain unit in a port side by side (only like some pictures in a show of advertising) and no in a half port which are for a Type C port, this unit is easy to use and quality quite decent. I have tried in two days that animal of touch iPhones, iPads, tablet of Samsung and camera of video. A tone is mere tram mathematician . A max the beginning is 2.4 Amp. As it expect it any device this list 2.4 Amp or less to touch to be quite compatible. I have left a career of iPhone to complete fatality and this bank to be able in able era to touch an iPhone to kick-arrives afterwards 1 minute. This to the good test likes him plugging this iPhone of death in the 2.0 Amp wall to upload usually does not act. Usually I need 2.2 Some covers to be able in or more to take an iPhone to touch on died. Like this unit to well sure is posing was 2.2 A - 2.4 Unit One another history is in a capacity. 10000 mah IS 10000 mah. That is to say a better prize 10000 mah the bank could find for a quality and measure. I have not wanted double pass for the most slender model or the plot more arrest more described. Already have 600A (600000 mah) one this will begin in the cart for 5 times a prize. This thing is 5 times a width and sake to be in the cart in the long walks and you have 4 people that use 8 mobile devices and only 3 car DC outlets. This little 10000mah the unit is likes him spend an extra of iPhone 6 in your pocket while you are in a walk-go. It Likes him in of the meeting of work, around buys or in the plan and your careers of low mobile device in pot. I fly the plot like this the unit is perfect for me. For the who does not have the glass to augment to read a itty bitty instructions, owe click in a button to be able in TWO TIMES for the turn was manually. Button to press once to turn it on. Automatically the closure was after a minute of any entrance or beginning. And automatically it can on you limit the device in some ports of USB or limit to be able in outlet to touch up. Those marks interest you cual has required a button. I guess it it use a button to see that it can have with some 4 clear indicators have directed. If you want decent capacity for a measure of extra of ready tlphonique in your pocket for cheap, that is to say the good road to go . My boys thinks that that it is on age like the to spend the little bucks more for other models that is iPod (thinner and lower) measure for them.

Update. Fact wonderfully for the pair of month. It opens The will not touch up and will not provide to upload against of the telephones. Totally useless now. Waste. Beware.
5 / 5 Birdie
I want this bank. This bank to be able is kinda heavy but work well! Has the type c upload in the but also has the micro in a side. I use it daily because of me running around and not finding never the outlet.
5 / 5 Anya
One 1 stack took the mobile phone has touched only once before need to be recharged. Some works of good substitution. I can touch my devices at least 3 times before need to be recharged.
5 / 5 Caroline
I want this thing . I have ordered he the week took hurriedly even so it has not required to touch touches quickly of the tlphonique and declare to touch things of plots even so it has not died or the load required compact and good works!
5 / 5 Mason
A quality of tez is in pair with my darling Anker upload but does not require to press the button to take a load has begun. An only downside is that a FOCUSED is that the show that touched is is quite tiny but that it is the very small (pun feigned) problem.
5 / 5 Vicki
This product was the godsend in mine the majority of in the daytime recent trip in NYC. Last time was my partner and has had so tension on trying t hurriedly touches our telephones in of the taxis that there was chargers and our telephones that date on organism. With our entrances of trip and everything in ours telephone this was the scary thing. I have bought this and was very pleased. Some loads of stack above hurriedly and take all day. It attaches that it can touch you two devices immediately, and loads hurriedly, included maintained to touch while taking video. You can touch the telephone 4x on. I add to maintain around for trips or of the emergencies. It IS a same measure and form like the telephone so very easy to take around. I produce it adds for only $ 11.
5 / 5 Yuriko
That is to say very better concealed has expected. Touched my s8+ two times in a full load.
5 / 5 Raymundo
I have done to any to give that a port in load is in a side, that is to say why comprises an extra cape!! (First picture) was roughly in the returns so that it tries touch through a C-Cape.

Averts of that, this uploads the works add. Fully touch my iPhone XS Max two times before it has to touch again.
In general, the value adds for a prize and quality.

IS very thin and the heavy plus bit concealed the load of portable rule but access perfectly in my stock exchange.
4 / 5 Zulema
It gives it five stars for prizes, i More like a measure and the weightbut I give it four cause of stars is class of lentils, confrontations 10% in 40 minutes. Four stars also, so that I tried it on my iPad and a bank to be able in heated in sper fast. I do not trust it on an iPad and will restrict his use for an iPhone only.

Other people commented no over time. I can revise this description there went afterwards the moment and has had the occasion to remark alone name.

Regarding other people that has data an and two stars in a cord...A lot they require to read his instructions. Geez!
5 / 5 Sherell
Works very good. Can be it touched by a type c in a half or micro USB in a side. Has the mere button that illuminates and level to be able to shows. It has been doing add, and there is at all bad to say. It IS the roads adds for 10000 mah

Top Customer Reviews: Portable Charger ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Elane
It is really of entity when travelling partorisca be able to maintain your mobile devices have touched these calm days of then require your telephone partorisca everything! Like rings the portable load this there has been the big capacity, has touched quickly and was easy to transport.

C load has had enough uploads to touch both my woman and I telephone entirely. Has two put you and calm can touch both devices some time although it was admirably convenient.

Has used also one uploads when travelling for the work and he have touched my wireless headset without any subject.

Because of a chargers has described, a unit is big and has some his weight. Still it can touch my telephone with him and maintain both in my pocket but is to good sure more comfortable having this load has used in your office or table.

In general adds it portable upload and good peace of alcohol that you always will have your devices touched when travelling!
4 / 5 Charles
Ossia My first portable power bank, but now ask me like me never foreseen without one.
Has chosen this one because of some good descriptions and a two guarantee of year and 24 hr. Service of on-line client.
Some instructions say to touch first to use, likes I , and does not take it long to fully of load.
Has in the first place tried he for powering my light to augment, powering he for more than 2 & 1/2 hours to do in my product of diamond. This bank to be able to leave me to do like this without that has to that run a cord of extension of my island of the cookery by means of the walls outlet. When I have finalised, still there is the load.
Has then touched the mobile phone of my husband of 54 to fully touched and still there is roughly the load has left.
Then touch my telephone partorisca in the half hour before finally it die.
A bank to be able the taking it 5V/2.1 A cord to be able to of Max (any one comprised) and lucky for me takes a same cord like my Galaxy S8.
HAS 2 outgoing ports of USB to be able to 2 devices a same time.
Is quite small to fall in the pocket at the head of the T hirt or flannel, or has included a pocket lateralmente of the purse.
Compact, portable touching has known?
4 / 5 Florencio
This portable load was the saver of life! Bought to use for the week-travel familiar slow in California Of the sud. We spend on it means our travesía in Disneyland and the Universal studios that use some applications for each park of @@subject to maximice our fun and taking a lot of the pictures, the telephone has used also for navigation to and of places. Among an application and some pictures has had to touch my telephone two times the day while in a park ( one sun of full experience-until closing!), And this load was excellent. Súper Fast touching time, included while actively using a telephone. Some lights of indicator were súper useful, but we never used more than 1/2 one uploads in 2 days the time. We use it to us on an hour-travel car longitude navigating of Anaheim to County of East San Diego, a screen of telephone was a whole time for the navigation and took the call of telephone during this time, and still there is a fully touched telephone before we take there. The small measure was utmost, has spent one uploads & the cord in mine small purse.
So only touch it each days of pair or like this, so only plugged he in at night and was full for a morning, but again was so only 1/2-the way there is exhausted.
Like the professor of institute, will be to use one uploads this year like the way to touch my telephone while still closed up in my cupboard, while doing my workout with which pupil, or still in a house to walk so it is waaaaay faster that mine uploads common there is plugged to a car.
4 / 5 Cruz
Bank of splendid power, does not have to that worry in a outlet with this on me. They are not the defender that quickly touches of a outlet and the one who dulcemente touches the telephone but hey, has bought the $ 50 anker the banks to be able to concealed has had a same capacity and has done a same thing so much in my alcohol ossia for the fly. It can not go to wrong with this bank to be able to.
5 / 5 Vennie
Ossia Some orders of portable battery to upload. I have possessed some of all a big company is that Anker where has paid 3x a prize and in all serious this load is equal if any one better and so less money. A bank to be able to resist one full load for a lot of days to the equal that have touched and stored it and still touches my iPhone 8 half times and another 4 times fully. It can not believe a can this uploads controls. It is light, small, and a lot easy to store and control. Seriously I love this portable load and highly recommends any in a phase for one to buy this big quality a.

Life of battery 5/5
To the equal that have mentioned sooner, this this resists the load for awhile, has has not tried the months or the years but I know resists the full load for weeks. In this full load was able to touch my iphone and the pocolos other small devices many times.

Portability 5/5
C load is to add it one to travel with. It is incredibly light and lovely to resist. It is súper lustrous and so only feels to surprise. I took it camping and in the aeroplanes and is utmost for both occasions and am sure much more. It returns in my rucksack and so only like this convenient.

Characteristic 5/5
really loves like this load has two usb ports to touch the multiple devices a time. Also really it likes that there it is DIRECTED the light concealed calm to say you those that rests of battery in an upload. It is really useful when you are of a grille for need and of the multiple days to imagine out of the plan of conservation.

Touching Can 5/5
C load is súper quickly touch my devices, comprising my iphone, my headphones, and some other small accessories. I took the little in an hour to fully touch my telephone.

In general 5/5
Ossia one of a plus chargers for a prize in a phase. It is comparable to a lot of some frames of big finals that uploads 4x a prize for a same thing esatta. Ossia The add to upload to add your rucksack for emergencies and use rule so only. If you are in the need of the load of big power laptop looks no further and buy this amazing a.
4 / 5 Sandy
Has purchased this for my husband the one who read in the place of work. Sometimes it does not have access to a outlet to touch his telephone. This was a perfect solution . It maintains in his stock exchange for the emergencies and do really well. It touches quickly he so that it is always ready to go in a morning and transfers one uploads to his telephone like this quickly. It is the convenient measure also--- in a period of the chequebook.
4 / 5 Alexander
Mostly have battery of backup like this like this can him to them launch in my stock exchange and forget exist until the require them. This one has the profile adds and is surprisingly small for some offers to be able to but mine a complaint is the big one for me, which is that it does not resist the load. If the the touch all a way to full and then does not use he for the week or two, when the , is in 50-75. So that it is the bummer. But if so only I am using he for the travesías big where am planning to take the again of time, ossia well.
4 / 5 Elias
The This band of battery likes said in a video is weighed enough. Which is the good thing reason is uploaded up with these cells of battery and in fact think this could be a plenary 26,000 mAh. I'vePurchased other banks of power of the battery and estimate them the little elder of bit that usually is. This one looks to be was at least, quite weighed to in fact be an announced mAh.

Has to that way that be touching the few devices with this thing and he looks to be touching them quite well in fact. It is maximum that touches the force is But looks more like the to be sincere. But I know that it is in fact so only 2.1 but a tax that the touches is a lot good. And for a prize I bad, calm can any gone bad. This is not the power of delivery of the can bank so that it is not that it goes to really of people of the profit that tries portable touch or other things that requires big wattage but for things like iPhones or iPads or other mobile phones or anything more this needs the load concealed are not to love his devices this thing goes a lot of law well for you. It resists An enormous quantity to be able to, like this for me, last the very long time when they are was and roughly in material and active hiking. Has the little solar powered the battery uploads that has dipped in rucksack of mine like this when I am walking is trickle touching the mine can bank like this when I require to touch mine other devices my bank to be able to has been touching. And this bank to be able to except one solar load quite well. This bank to be able to look simple and low end but sometimes ossia the one who things of good frames. A simplicity of banks of interior of just simple power of the box, without dips in some ports of USB. Calm only touch he on, resists an electricity and calm then touch your devices. Wham Bam Thank you Mina'Follows.
5 / 5 Agnus
A powerbank is a lot good. Fast touching and saving time in mine emergencia.me Likes. It looks to touch quickly, and is light and quite small to spend with us on the travesías of day to hike. The battery in a 25800mah the row resists quite a lot of energy for multiple touch handset a same time. Power bank is a lot handy and A brilliant red face would owe that be useful with the locate spend for the dipped down or misplace the while the majority of what useful is is hanged very light. So much it beats them cary powerbank in my pocket. And can touch them mine iphone more than 6 times . Very satisfied.
4 / 5 Kathlyn
Itundefineds A lot convenient to exit and take the property to touch. If a mobile phone is out of electricity, can be touched with electricity quickly and will not retard a subject. One load is used for the few days, and an electrical quantity is also sufficient. If rooms for the travesía or the travesía business, itundefineds to good sure the load. Iundefinedd Likes present my fellow to buy it. I expect that a boss will give me discount it next time.

Top Customer Reviews: INIU Portable ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Theressa
It looks very built and very durable. Much more weights that any one portable telephone load has possessed. I have touched one uploads before I have tried was. It can it do not take partorisca achieve 100 load. It was in 99 it takes in an hour first has given up. My telephone was down to 26 to the equal that have decided to be the perfect time partorisca see that well this portable load has done. My telephone touched until 90 in an hour and a laptop upload so only fallen to 93 during this time. It take an hour and the half partorisca my telephone to be has touched fully. They are very happy with a result to the equal that has wireless chargers during a house and when situating my telephone in these chargers, takes several hours partorisca take the full load. This portable load is quite quickly when considering another this result.

Like me some the lights added concealed come with this upload. One is used for plugging he to one of two put you of USB. It is very brilliant and could be useful in a lot of situations. Another east built to one portable load. It is not like this brilliant, but could help with plugging the telephone to one uploads when any light is available.
5 / 5 Retha
This band of battery is fantastic!! Has so much can! Ordered the and has taken was to a fast of lightning of the topmast. A digital exposure on, spending pouch really works and bank of power the quality is glorious. I love a light USB that comes like the free present with a product :). You can touch two devices the time and can be the multiple time used before one can bank drains out of juice. It is to fly he in this prize. Really love a product, could not expect more.
5 / 5 Hang
Works to the equal that has announced. Cariche Fast my Galaxy S9plus. He at least 3 cariche full to my telephone. It comes with the very small stock exchange for the maintain sure. A light comes with him is not extremely brilliant but is flexible and probably would be enough to read the book with.
5 / 5 Jackelyn
A big and beefy bank to be able to. It looks a lot of slick and comes with the discharges read focused handy he in. They are very satisfied with this product.

Top Customer Reviews: POWERADD Slim 2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Have Enough the little 2200-2600 laptops it chargers this has done well behind some days with iPhone 5. But after changing to 7 and on does not resupply same 1 full load. As I am ailing of those. My husband always calls him peashooter battery chargers. As have has wanted the find a concealed to compress enough but can resist quite a lot of load. This one returns a bill. I have used this for the week. Like this far like this good. I love a pink colour so that I can find it easily in purse of mine. I want a bit pocolos indicators of blue points that calm points what can that remains rests in a battery. I did not use it to touch multiple time in a cause of day I always recharge the hardly are around a real outlet so that I never run out of being able to. In of the terms of people those who there is complained that it is not the measure of real lipstick - the has not had this expectation. The cause is common sense - do a mathematician - 5000 capacity will require the bit of volume of battery. In general I am happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5
Has left my battery of mobile phone entirely downloads. When A poweradd was has touched fully some 4 blue lights I plugged he to my telephone a Poweradd entirely recharged the battery of my mobile phone. Also there is enough can has left to touch mine another telephone with the battery for the half Life. I have ordered a rose of ascended and love a colour I amour a way are a lot happy with your product thank you
5 / 5
With which fully touching this device (with 4 constant lights that objective) and plugging he in the my Fire HD, he quickly downloaded down to 1 light aiming and so only augmenting a power to a Fire for roughly 12. It was also EXTREMELY HOT to a touch when I have verified one touching. I am returning an element.

Update: the hats were to a Service of exceptional Client in Poweradd. After my leading description immediately contact and the requests yes could send the substitution. Obviously I have received so only the lemon last time. This new one has sent is like this well like another has indicated had experienced. Any heat taking to a touch and looks to be that they give a charge has expected. It is the good feeling little band to be able to and does not feel economic at all. They are happy to say am satisfied entirely after spending for a process/of download of the load two times.
5 / 5
Has received so only these and has not had time to value them entirely. I touched him on yesterday. I have read some descriptions and of then some people have has had questions with taking them entirely touched on, has has wanted to do sure these have touched fully. Yep. His so only well. I will not be using them until inside the cruise in June. I love his small measure. They were so only that has looked for. As of now, I definitly recommends him. I will update after my cruise.

Has had the occasion to touch on my telephone of android today. A telephone has on touched in roughly 2 hours and of is to remain with one has directed light in a slimeline. Very happy with these. They will be wonderful in a cruise. I will be to take mine Kindle and was to require touched on also. Thank you.
4 / 5
Man, Woman or girl, ossia the 'lipstick' perfect for your telephone! I do not write of the descriptions grieve volume an element because it was not goes to be for real the good product or the no. have bought this 6 me the fact when it take the new telephone and like each one another, has required also extra power on more than an occasion. That I amour in of the this is that it is almost a same measure likes lipstick. For this some references. A lot some another had compared with east was very bulky and am happy has not squandered my money. This has been perfect that women of pause POV. You can apt he to small and tiny purses that use to go of expensas, was all prejudices it dancing, or although we require to have our telephones for awhile when it is out of sometwhere elegant. If the telephone can apt in there, as it can this! It is it has saved a lot so only my telephone but my husband is also when I have been to go longer that expects and has run so much our telephones almost was. I have bought a rose of neon that shines specifically for when it spends of the big purses, like this easily can find which this has been useful also
4 / 5
has Purchased 4 of these in ascended, blue, green, and black. Like this far, I have it quell'has tried so only a rose eats. It has loved to try it first to give to some boys.
Touched it to max capacity once. Touched my iPhone on he two times when mine to telephone goring to 20 and there there is still 2 green lights on that. I am likely to touch my telephone 2 more first time of precise to recharge the. Taking roughly 45 mins to take my telephone to 100.
Ossia Fantastic for people with multiple devices. Now when it is it was the does not have to that worry in pills or of the dead telephones.
The word consulting this in spite of; spent the boss he long to plus likes one this is coming with east likes 4.ºn Long. I have purchased the together of 6ft bosses so that a travesía load can remain in my stock exchange while I text (or tent or touch the game).
4 / 5
When I have bought initially this product, has believed to be defective reason an element so only done once and when trying recharge this portable battery, so only a blinking the light would remain. For like this, it is it is returned. A company has achieved was mine and sent the new a free of load and when I have had subjects looked with occasional successes to be able to recharge a battery, a company maintained in constant communication with me. Ossia When we suggest me using the 5V/2AC adapter (eg an adapter for iPad) for recharging this would beat portable. Ossia When there is @@give that this battery is so only compatible with a writing of adapter of touch. I have begun once plugging in this product to the mine old iphone touching adapter, all my questions where solved and an element has done exactly as it has announced. Ossia Reason the revised my description to 5 stars! I produce add global and the service of client adds :)
5 / 5
while this powerbank is extremely portable and light, is not like this of confidence in a long career.
Shabby need the little value of month of extra power. It is economic this in spite of...

Update of description:
+2 stars been due to a service of client.
Has received the full repayment for my defective powerbank.
Although I have received it powerbank concealed did not last me long quite (less than the year) to good sure would buy of Poweradd again.

Thank you And maintain on a service of client adds!
4 / 5
This is lasted 8 weeks and has died then. BUT a company informed that there is the guarantee of 2 years and sent the new some days later. Now I have 3 of these slims. My woman and I love.
5 / 5
Very pleased with this upload. Step with me all a time, in chance that, and feel me sure in chance my careers of telephone down. It was the life -the saver maintains my basic and the telephone mine Samsung player of Galaxy that goes in it grueling the train of 19 hours strolls. I have bought the second a.

Update: had the question replenishing one load and emailed Poweradd. They have gone back mine a next day with suggestions to try and recharge one load and has sent then the new one like the substitution. A lot, very pleased with his responsiveness and immediate resolution of a question.