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Top Customer Reviews: Zoom Dynamic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The upper allocution dynamic sum mic!

Has gone back and advances among east and one is Trace Podmic, and solve in a been due to like sound looked in of the comparisons have found, with this ZDM-1 in fact looking to have the little lower final.

The really is a fashion of emission/of amazing podcast mic!

An only downsides is that it looks to be bit it more sensitive that mine SM48/58 east, which means in the room has treated, would be absolutely fantastic! But, if a room has some noise (like the defender or HVAC), probably will be chosen up; quite easy to modify out of later.

Another downside is a complete lack of any (noticeable) isolation of accident. With a mountain has comprised, will choose on each bang of tap, boom inside phyciscal contact of a mic (mountain, mic arm, table, walk [probably]). Calm really need the mountain of accident for this mic... And in 2', ossia the fat buey!

In general, am impressed really with this mic, especially for a money! Mark so only sure comprises is shortcomings. Partorisca multiperson Podcasts, could be better was with something that a Podmic or save stirs it of money, and take some SM48 is (seriously, his-wise, one same like famous SM58).
5 / 5
Likes any the one who has has has registered productions for him emisora radius, and was a Asst Direction of production of Audio for one of some upper university canal in a nation can say you that in general you are using this microphone to record vocals for radio production, doing it Shoutcast common current , alive for the podcast or show of music - this microphone are to add so that very extracted in these adventures. And for his row of prize like the dynamic microphone, is for the fly there. Has the condenser mic of MXL in the row of alike prize, this extracted in a same way. Both are utmost to do almost any type of work of only. You can see abundance of video of this in action compared microphone to another concealed is far more expensive to this microphone. But everything of this video aims solor use of podcast.

A downside is that you are seating by means of the small table of has sawed he-host, included with a mics facing out of each another, a mic goes him to choose on if any taken roughly 3.5 to 4ft distance among a two. It has used the small folding table (4ft for ) like the provisional solution with the partner of new register in his office. A model of cardioid in this mic has some light chooses on a rear end. With which some adjustments to mic levels and has included to dip the cutoff filter in our Zoom P4, has been decided that a table would owe that be orientated to maximice distance among some microphones. I know now that the is unlikely to be expected for knots to seat side for side to host a register of Show of Hemp to Knit that uses this microphone. Use Shure basic dynamic microphones (included his economic mics is not really economic and any value one a lot of extra cost to fix this @@subject) in the first recording studio of this setup and has not had like this cross-mic pickup.

Highly recommends this mic for his quality of professional level in a point of the prize given. The beginners would be bobos to not having such the product of quality in his inaugural arsenal. That The zoom has done produced to register add in a past for both audio of film and emission of journalism, and this microphone is another goes in to fill a niche of podcast of this warehouse.
4 / 5
Adds mic for a prize! Build And good audio. It looked to upgrade my USB Snowball Blue mic and happy I upgraded the to this. It has taken this mainly partorisca streaming and creating video of Youtube. Has has wanted to something concealed has had more the control of audio concealed any pickup like this background noise. I paired this with an audio of USB of only of Scarlett interface and good works. It has considered to take another usb microphones but happy with this decision. If you want to something simple gone with the microphone of USB. In general you are looking for the dynamic xlr mic partorisca podcast or streaming this is to recommend highly. It can not expect try the in my calls of video to fulfil of morning.
4 / 5
After looking in of the multiple options, both USB and XLR, has solved in a zoom zdm-1. Had more options 'popular' there. Especially USB a lot of mics, which any ned an interface (has bought them also he Focusrite Scarlett Only). This in spite of, have been using pedals of effects of electrical guitar of Zoom of the era 10, and these things am built to last, and there is well, easy, responsive software to cure questions that can arise. I have begun the podcast during quarantine : /> it has used the lapel mic, and a difference of the quality of the sound was like this apparent and surprising it blew was.

GILIPOLLAS: It is quell'has bitten heavy and wider that another mics. Ossia The question , reason is not easy to taken the mountain to impact that accesses he mic that, well. . .girthy.
Require buy an interface (this converts a signal of audio to a usb) and this can augment your cost, this in spite of six serious roughly registering audio, or any instruments, is the VERY interesting investment .

PROS: Built like an absolute tank
Comes with the filter of foam (better that a filter partorisca pop reason those better in already of half of half isolated)
the chair adds in a hand, calm easily could walk around with east and record, and feels the bit like the pro
is fantastic to register vocals and acoustic electrical guitar. I have used one same mic to record audio this is has harmonised legislations and sinister sides of a mic. For electrical guitar, only need to be near of an instrument (like all another mics)
4 / 5
For a prize, a mic is really good. If you are beginning the podcast or Youtube/of Youtube, this will be the good election . A thing to maintain in alcohol, will require the mountain of accident for this mic. It will choose on sounds of a table or keyboard. Another that that a quality of his east amazing. It produces his of emission of quality. The common of the people probably will not comprise a difference among Shure SM7B and this one. Calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
The value adds hard to find allocution forward mic own partorisca podcasting or Youtube/of Youtube. Although, calm certainly can take for with a SM58. A Koolertron 48mm do highland of the incident well with him although a Zoom mic in the bit has weighed.
5 / 5
Are the enormous defender of products of Zoom generally. I have possessed two of his studio multitrack unit, four of his field recorders, and a lot of mic the capsules do for a H6. This mic was the enormous disappointment. So only I can assume they have looked for to touch in in a podcasting fad and new work-of-tendency of house been due to a pandemic.

This mic has the enormous quantity to manage noise, this in spite of is in fact very very sensitive. You owe that take your face a lot up in a mic-- almost touching he-- to take the decent sound (still with moderate profit). Calm once take a level of the his on big-enough, is still the quite dark tone and no very flattering for voice (unless you are going thus male of half age, smoky, smooth jazz DJ YOURS VOCAL).

There is so only two things can say positive in a mic: it is economic, and does not require phantom has beaten. But still, you would be better has taken the Shure SM57 has to that have the dynamic mic (in a same cost, but two good times). If you can swing a phantom can, upgrade the Audio-Technica AT2035 (yes, two expensive times, but ten-the better time that this Zoom).

Like an aside, to the left mention me that a Zoom Or-22 interface of USB is excellent, anything mic elected. So only take the different mic that this one.

Top Customer Reviews: GLS Audio ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Please reads this description carefully the eschew confusion/of model of the mark.

A GLS ES57 is critiqued in this description, and compared in the Shure SM57. Quan Voice ES57, is informing in a GLS mic, and when voice SM57, is informing in a Shure mic. I have not revised a mic clip that comes with a ES57. I use my own and has varied dozen mic the clips is and annexes that use and confidence. One has comprised mic the looks of the clip adapted for general use, although I did not use it.

So much a ES57 and SM57 is known what dynamic mics, while another the majority of common pro type mics is known like condensers (which has required the source of capacity to do properly). Not requiring the source to be able is a thing that the dynamic marks mics like a ES57 and SM57 popular. Even so, more dynamic mics tends to be the less sensitive bit and has the less frequency of bit response these condensers. In addition to uses, the dynamic microphone with specs likes him these of GLS and Shure is not a subject. If I need in mic way down below or frequencies very big (less than 80 Hz and more utmost that 15 kHz), then will want to take the different mic that can do that well. There is dynamic and condenser mics this has more sensibility and response of frequency, but is more expensive, and for 95% that the majority to require us in the microphone, any one a ES57 or SM57 will do only sake.

Has been recording arrests in 45 years, initially like the pastime, then professionally. It IS audio , has done the successful jump of equivalent in digital, and I squad of use (equivalent and digital) has based in action, experience and specs, any one in behalf of mark. It respects the plot of marks by name, and Shure is one of them. Even so, I am not affiliated in any subjects with Shure or GLS Audio, another that is one of his clients to pay. Pay by almost each piece of squad that has not used never, as my critics are based in action, specs and experience, and like these things impact my factor. It opens On in a description.

A ES57 mic is a lot of values a money. I possess the and use them. Still it have it SM57s and will continue to use the, especially in a studio where the things are posed already to go. Occasionally it uses so much a SM57 with a ES57 in a studio a same time with sure electrical guitars and amp speakers to achieve the tone adds when blending a two in the mix. Even so, a ES57 mic is resulted my gone to instrument mic when recording case and alive groups. It lessens My casualidad of the fault of heart if one goes to lose or apresamiento destroyed. They sound utmost, fewer sides to substitute, and in the mobile concert and of the lives of means, the material goes to break and disappear. Raisin.

A ES57 is solidly built and good laws. Any mic the compraventa of any mark can have a subject. Felizmente, the amazon is very well quite substituting material that is to say DONA or go bad shortly after. The May HAS HAD TO to treat GLS (or Shure) in the subject of guarantee, as it can not speak with that, but if a mic works during the weeks of pair, are unlikely that very subject with him. I have purchased a ES57 through Amazon, and after discovering his usability, has bought a lot these used to hover he of $ 20 each what so of people that has purchased the and has not liked him the to form that has not sounded exactly like a SM57. Duh. It is not a SM57. It conceal it does not mean it is not the sake mic. It IS only the different bit, which will count.

While a ES57 can look similar in the SM57, is not unit That is or good or bad, only different. A ES57 the captures sound the bit differently that a SM57. In me, it is not quite so cardioid (directional) and SM57. In me, a ES57 more sounds like the Shure SM58 vocal mic (the thought is not exactly like him or), but again, that is to say or or bad, only different. While a ES57 is unidirecional, in my experience has the less rejection of rear bit and bit it the wide plus in that will choose it to it on a front that the SM57. Again, that is to say or or bad, only different and has to adjust consistently yes has the situation where advantages pickup and back rejection of a mic resulted a subject. In the plot of circumstances, especially in the studio of house, this is not a subject for worry.

If I can not live without some exact qualities and the action expected of a Shure SM57, and a level of consolation to know exactly that this mic will do so that you are so comfortable and familiar with him, then your only option is to purchase a SM57. There is at all more likes him for those marks and all the world in pro the circles know his capacity and action. Even so, the calm once knows like a ES57 door , can do with his like very another mic, adjusting EQ, together with a proximity and directionality in a source of his so required to take some amours of sound.

Finds that a ES57 has the plus bit mid-big and big final promotes that a SM57. This can do the airiest sound that the SM57, but again, that is to say or or bad, only different. That is to say something concealed can be it adjusted with EQ (and/or mic location) how maximum of circumstance, unless it likes him or require of an impulse in 'air,' in that case can want to to the left only. Fulfilling that often only left the only. I Like him his of a sound in a SM57 in of the a lot of uses.

A ES57 is designed, while it is a SM57, to be used very afterwards in a source of sound. I usually mic the electrical guitar amp west in an inch or less out of a grill of of the one of the west. This type of mics can handle levels of pressure of his strong (SPL), which are why called instrument mics, and is used the plot in micing amp speakers, capes of drum, horns, and another very strong sound sources. While it can you take very vocal with any mic, concealed is not that it is the decrees has designed really. Also, you can no very carried very only or one at most of computer mic the jacks this uses an adapter and expects law properly. He generally very so that the majority of computer mic the jacks does not have a pertinent preamp (mic function of profit). A problem is not a mic, is a computer mic circuit of entrance, still often, a mic takes a failure and no a mic entered in a computer.

Three things to learn yes is contemplating to connect with an adapter, any one a ES57 or SM57, in a normal computer mic jack of entrance: In the first place, these and each professionals mics needs the preamplifier to do them well of his, and computer mic jacks of entrances very generally have the satisfactory preamp to augment a mic the profit in a level required. Segundo, professional mics uses the diagram to wire balanced while the majority of computer mic jack the entrances use a diagram of unbalanced wiring. I will not take technical in this here, like the investigation of Google has balanced against. Unbalanced mics for more than details. Thirds, professional mics seldom come with the cape (even so some ray of vendors the mic cape with them to sell like the 'cashier'), so usually will require to buy unit This is not the shortcoming of a mic or company that the fact. It IS until tea to take a type and period of cape that serves a necessity of purpose. An inferior line is concealed or a ES57 or a SM57 is designed to be connected directly in the typical computer mic jack has entered. They are pro microphones, no an accessory for the computer.

The majority of squad that buys calm in a pro the world of audio is the the map and only purpose. That buys necessity the total some canals of audio that is well for your necessities of particular audio. This canal of audio is something concealed will attach calm in your pro audio toolbox and uses on and on again, like the the value that buys some need of right components for the build. A mic is only one of these components in a canal. A canal of audio is usually the mic, the preamp, mic/has balanced capes, processors of signal --usually the limiter/of compressor, bond, and/or reverb unit-- and at the end the blend, recording and/or device of amplification. A mic is only or parts of a canal of audio in a pro world.

Listen the balanced mic half this is designed to delete or he the interference reduced very and electrical noise in a mic circuit of entrance. Professional mics generally has the 3-prong the connector viril in his base has nicknamed a XLR, in that a female final of a XLR mic the cape will connect ( can go in Wikipedia and investigation XLR connector to learn what bad). An another end of a mic the cape can have any type of the connector has balanced necessity for a type of preamp or blending together concealed is using. One the majority of municipality mic the cape has the female XLR connector in an end (to limit in a mic) and viril XLR connector in an another end to limit in your preamp, recording interface or blending together. There is another type of the has balanced in connectors mic capes (likes him 1/4' TRS), but a XLR the man/of female cape is one the majority of common.

Even so generically nicknamed an instrument mic, a SM57 and ES57 can give result very well in the a lot of vocal classes when it situated prjimos in a mouth, said 4-8 inches. Taken more after it conceal in a mouth, and any mic can begin to sound boomy while volume more afterwards because of effect of proximity. A afterlife out of a mouth takes, a feeble and more superficial more some results of sound with this type of mic. A quality of the vowel also depends in a tonality of a singer, and has to experiences with a mic location for vowels the eschew be boomy, toneless and inert sound. With some singers, like the female mezzo or soprano, any mic can sound problem according to a vocal tonality, especially the mic this has the impulse in a big end. Vowel Even so it is not , in my opinion, what a SM57 and ES57 was designed really for, although they can do well in a lot of cases. For the singer or artist of voice, the mic with the main diaphragm (dynamic or condenser) would be the better solution. They are generally more sensitive and has the response of the widest frequency compared in an instrument mic, as they can be it has planted further out of a mouth even so it gives stellar results. Of course, they are more expensive, also. Note also that condenser mics requires that it is known like the phantom can, while dynamic, like a SM57 and ES57 no.

My recommendation:

1) requires the mic for your computer, then buys the mic designed to be used with the computer, no a ES57 or SM57. A genuine computer mic has or the connector of USB or (1/8') unbalanced mic jack, and when being designed to do well with him! There the professional is sounding mics fact by such. Amazon Of investigation for the computer mic this has the small dozen big indications, and probably will be happy with this compraventa. You will find that well sounding computer mic will not be so economic and ES57 so that a manufacturer has to design it to do with a port of USB of the computer or computer mic jack. It conceal usually it involves to attach the circuits of pair in a mic creation (usually the preamp, perhaps the transformer or balun, and a conversor/equivalent digital if USB), and this more costs. A ES57 and SM57 the creation supposes that already have the preamp in that will connect it he in you before routing a signal balanced in your device of register, or in which blender usually has the built in preamp for each canal.

2) If you are the hobbyist and the estimativa is a subject , then while has the preamp in your device of register, or the blender, a ES57 would be necessary to serve you well.

3) If you are serious quite register, has professional ambitions, and very still possess the professional microphone, then would have to buy the Shure SM57 like your premier. Really. Each pro has a (the majority very), uses the newspaper, and a SM57 has to when being the part of the audio of any professional toolbox. It IS one goes-in microphone. It IS perhaps a more used microphone on coast. In fact, for some last diverse decades, when voices and listens a president of United States that habladuras in the press conference of white house, a garden of this trace, etc., is speaking with two or more Shure SM57 mics (each what so with a semi-detached Shure A2WS windscreen). It saves your change. It does not buy a espresso daily for the few weeks. Taking eaten to do in planting to eat has been for the bit, and then uses your savings to do your first pro mic buy the Shure SM57. Yes, it is in $ 70 more than a ES57, but always will be happy this has done. If calm then decide that you want the second mic, will not doubt to recommend that you attach a ES57 in your arsenal.

4) If you are the pro, would have to spend one $ 30 and takes a ES57. Can like you that it listens. If it does not like him, it can sell of him for $ 20 and he only cost you quite three cups of coffee in your house of favourite coffee. Has each which more blowing money that concealed in hate of squad, as spending $ 30 is the no-brainer for something that yes try with an open alcohol, probably resulted in the add mic to attach in your collection (perhaps very).

Considering capes of microphone, since has to have or yes calms no longer, and probably does not want to spend more in your mic cape what that paid for a ES57, recommends concealed purchases a GLS 25 feet XLR female men mic cape. Work well, is the versatile period, and is in $ 15 here in Amazon (at the same time of this description). A drop one will do well also, but is only the buck less and when needs a period, does not have any substitute. It takes a longer unit XLR mic The capes do well in long period. Has the pair 100 feet XLR capes and XLR snakes, and his period does not have the negative effect in a sound.

Generally build my own mic the capes these connectors of use and cape of volume this is coming to know and confidence some years. It does not have the loyalty of mark and only buy that it can take some better roads on at the same time supplies of precise order to build cape. There is always the debate to bellow in a sonic quality and mark to bake mic capes, but in mine 45 years of experience, can not say the difference. It can have some the electrical differences when measured with sophisticated and squad of sensitive electronic test, but the human ears are not that sophisticated or sensitive to listen this difference. Or it is our brain , but looks to enter a road of a lot of logical debates in specs versus that listens. If a quality of a sound takes is dependent in a type of copper in your wiring (how opposite in a preamp, mics, conversores, room or his-half of phase, etc.), Then something is drastically bad with that is being has done. It is not one covers. The copper simply leaves a movement of electrons to signal One in B. It IS it likes him say the $ 100 mic the support gives his best that the $ 20 support. It IS immaterial. If it lines a mic properly, the work has done. Still with copper. If it moves electrons properly, the work has done. The durability is another subject , but for house and register of small studio and a warrior of DJs of weekend, more very mic the support will do, like the a lot of fact, any-mark to appoint mic cape. Again, I decisions of the mark based in action, specs and experience, and as it affects my factor, no in perception of mark.

My recommendation of a GLS XLR mic the cape is based in my experience. Has the something exerts to record well alive groups that probably does not take never signed, and was coaxed to do alive register of several groups for cheap in the pair of the cases this year are spent. I have known these changes of gesture have been to be brutal and fast. Any one that wants the to cost me too many capes broke in, which are usually unavoidable, has ordered many of a GLS 25 feet and 50 feet XLR mic capes to see so would line up, of a prize has done the disposable need . They have cost to less plot concealed that it can build prisoner of capes. A GLS mic the in general has lined capes up well in a trampling and abuse (and some register is exited utmost so that it covers is copper). Still I am using a lot of a GLS mic capes in of the alive cases that survived the test of this fire of state crusader (excepts some capes that was the behead or shredded for overzealous roadies). I will order more in a future likes him required for this half amiable. I have recommended highly the if you are in the estimativa tight principle , only in pro records, precise the mic cape that you can not recover, and especially need the bouquet of capes with the estimativa small. If you cure they, would have to last for years.
4 / 5
Comparison in Shure SM57 down.

All the identical elements and the musician are touched of the looper. There is the little margharitas premier so some stinks to touch. I intenionally accidents and series to burst the bit, and the touch the hard and more soft plus that I usually the emphasise likes some response of microphones in this dynamics.

That the said, for $ 36 a GLS good sounds. You can see in some waves, and when being listens carefully, that a Shure is the beginning of bit lower and also more compressed, less pointy, more same, quotes an identical signal and levels.

In general a GLS is the very good mic for a prize. I the suspect would be it the small more susceptible in the feedback in the middle of music lives that a Shure. But for register of house, well enough, and cheap wants multiple.
5 / 5
Like The player of electrical guitar with a lot of amps this takes regularly miked up, confidence the e906 for Sennheiser and the Shure SM57 mic for mine 2x12 taxi and combos. Has the SM57 but has imagined another any hurt. I have found this GLS ES57 for accident and data a prize and the descriptions have decided there was at all to lose. The decision adds!

The Surely is inspired by a Shure SM57 but is different, and is to well sure any one the 'fake' except the different takes on the SM57. You Bad would have to yours to know very little in these mics to think a ES57 is the Shure 'fake or dud'. At all of this class, is in or vetoes of 57 but different, and the bear says very different. In fact it likes him his in of me better that my original 57! Matched With my e906, slays! I combine so for the tone of murderous. A compraventa adds. Also it possesses very GLS capes of instrument, each reliable and calm. Mark Adds like this far.
5 / 5
Global bookmark: 10/10

Response of good frequency
noise of low backdrop
tank like


A following nexus () is the demo of an album has fallen recently. I have used this microphone to record all separates of the electrical guitar excepts some parts of electrical guitar in a last song and in a song with some cards is coming house for anniversary of Gods . I think this mic am adds. It IS comparable in a 'level of Industry' except in in to to the sounds likes them-him he in has been finished with a eq in some subordinated finals. It is built like the tank and is only enjoyable in general.
5 / 5
I want these mics. Quality of tez utmost. The fantastic sounds. Nuf Has said.

So many, does not sound exactly like the Shure. AS THAT? Each mics the different sound. Any one concealed possesses more than or knows this to be true. A necessity of REAL question to ask east: it can take usable results of this estimativa mic? ABSOLUTELY, and for all the tasks that would use this name-mark mic prendi.

Obviously, is considering this mic has based in a PRIZE. The calm will not find the better roads, PERIOD. One ones concealed is cheaper that this has his subjects in quality of tez or his, in a point where some results are not usable.

Is considering This mic for alive, reinforcement of his, or public allocution then seriously, READ for PRENDER and ATTACH In CART.
Is considering This mic to record then seriously, READ for PRENDER and ATTACH In CART.

Only advanced and the take. The calm can any gone bad with this mic. You can use this in mic in an acoustic instrument, taxi of electrical guitar, snare, or anything - same voice (yes, bad he). You know that a SM-58 and SM-57 is an INCLUDED EXACT CAPSULE??? Yes, it is true. An only difference is a creation of grill . One 58 is feigned by vowel like his creation of grill is the screen of wind/of better pop . A 57 creation is predominately to reduce a physical measure of a cape so that it can plant a more next capsule in a source and in the tightest rooms (likes him among pieces of supports of boxes/of hardware/of drum). So many, yes, for $ 36 can have you the workhorse microphone in your box that does not have to preoccupy quite he can provide to substitute when necessary.

Possess two EST-57 is what predominately only mic cupboards of electrical guitar. Also it possesses or it IS-58 for the vocal group and one EAST-58-S (has the change) for DJing. They are UTMOST, and has taken each 4 for hardly more than that A new name-version of mark. Some guitarists in my group fly a sound takes to record his amps through these IS-57s.

A Comprised Mic Clip: My only complaint in a mic the clip is that some nuts are not metal. Included still, there is has not had any problem that threads the in the supports and a clip line a mic well and closely. But, seriously, considering a cost of one mic and clip, hate in same aim out of this small niggle.

Says all mine buddies to give these tries it. Compraventa Or now... heck Buys three.

Has bought personally everything of one mics has. I have not taken any class of discount for my description. I only really, honestly thinks that these mics is the VALUE ADDS for a half musician. Left train to decree lusting for stuffs can not provide and return to do the musician adds with a train that can! If you are entering too much, then for everything means, goes taken one more mics that the money can buy. He the merit. But, if you are in the estimativa tight like a rest of the nodes then takes some of these mics.
5 / 5
That is to say an absolutely fantastic mic. I am buying more. Wonderful the record electrical guitar amps. Unbelievable Sounds to come through them in an end of interface of the audio in a software is using. I the garage has tried joins same with Scarlett 2i2 and a mic is flipping fantastic. I have used this mic and the drum of fell mic in two different tube amps and has taken the tone really well mixes. Still I am using he for vowels, my good condenser mic has sounded too hallow and roomy, as I have used this mic and has taken the sper up front in your sound to face that then sounded to surprise when blended he with the tad bit of fuzz, compression, and reverb. Also, the work a lot melts volume, snare, and symbols. A lot it is the horse of work of the mic, in the fraction of a cost compared in a real sure SM 57 version. The decrease of long history, his simply the full golden key some in your class of face of sound.
5 / 5
Honestly it can not think a service of phenomenal client of this company. In the principle had written his the poor description in this microphone. A very same day, took the message to contact the representative of a company. It IS impacted that these products has not conformed my expectations, and determine that it was an unusual case of the defective microphone. Immediately agreement to mark to substitute a microphone. I am so impressed without only some relations of client, but also in his devotion to provide quality and produced of big action in his consumers. It means the plot when can buy with confidence. Certainly I will buy GLS squad of Audio again, to good sure. I will update this description when takes a new microphone , but has listened that to well sure was necessary to edit my description, because of an unexpected and exceptional client service that took.
5 / 5
I have bought two of this plus that a Shures to the threads of help is my instruments his studio of house. I need some other microphones, also, the new Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Professional 20 In/20 Out of Firewire Interface of Audio with Eight Pre-Amps and some other things and I have decided to purchase this plus that a Shures amours rigidly to save money and so that some descriptions were a lot of. It can listen a reluctance in his voice when dictate him but does not want to look unappreciative so said of the graces. Even so, it is quite happy with this east to maintain has things up and race. It says that a sound am adds for the that mark and was very happy of his have. Probably it tries one 58s, also, if he winds up requiring them. Now included it is using these and AKG PERCEPTION 170 Instrumental Microphone the professional for any one is doing.
5 / 5
It looks for the mic that better amplifies my fiddle player. I have tried the diverse different voice mics and is and configurations. I have found then this GLS microphone of instrument. I have purchased already and declare very happy with a lot of GLS capes so past more in a problem and has purchased this mic included although any concretely mentions fiddle mic use. The happy tan has done. Opened Can listen it each note and is able to blend my fiddle right of player together with a vocal and electrical guitar amps. Everything for the very reasonable prize. The happy tan has given another GLS the product tries it.
5 / 5
I have bought this to substitute my Snowball Blau so that I have achieved that the point where requires something those sounds bit it the professional small plus that that used. Before I begin my description, would like me mention that I use this with the Behringer 302Premium of Blender of USB of 5 Entrances with XENYX Preamp (the copy and the paste concealed in the investigation to find of the amazon he). As my description is based in this thing that is plugged in this thing.

Well, my pros and gilipollas.
1. My sounds of sum of voice with this thing. Before it use it the Snowball and my partner of podcast said me to his likes him was in the 'neighbourhood'. With east, my voice is strong and it included the small bassy which are very so that it does not have the of course bassy voice. I am supremely satisfied with that bono this thing me sounds. It IS better WORLDS that USB mics like a Snowball Blau. The better worlds.

2. It IS heft, heavy, and when being very has done. This could be one the majority of device that listens expensive I own. It IS heavy but he on the way well. Some materials listen big quality. This listens like the professional microphone.

3. It comes with him mic thing in title of the support. The May Said any one the liberate material.

1. An only thing can think of this that he no come with his own cape. You will require to buy a XLR cape on your own. It is not quite bad in deduct the star.

Has people that is comparing this in a Shure SM57 and other microphones. Here it is a thing , is one gives support . Before I have possessed this mic, has used the Snowball Blau and before it conceal, my webcam of laptop mic. As I am not a power. All can say is that these sounds of thing freaking surprise. My podcast has sawed-host has remarked immediately a difference and could does not say me enough of what better sounded and that is to say on he Skype nicknamed (us he podcast these uses Skype). So you are looking for the vocal/podcast mic, that is to say the option adds , cheap . It IS there better options? Sure, but no for this prize. Not even near. Recommended Wholehearted.

Update 10-11-2015
HAS WANTED only fall behind in and say that this mic the still laws are. It IS still mine goes-in mic for all (podcast and videos of Youtube) and still sounds like crisp and clean like the day has bought the. Unless there is another levels those clashes this one was (or unless I result rich), is bond with easterly unit For how economic is, a lot records supremely well.

He still, still plugged in a Xenxy302USB :)

Top Customer Reviews: Shure BETA 56A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5
I have purchased two then the year later a plus. A compraventa a recent plus was of vendor Camelliam. This mic has broken with which 2 years. The inspection and comparison with my another two genuine some, has @to @give was the fake .
Telltale Signs:
- Any 'any recyclable' logo in a XLR connector (the little rubbish can with the line by means of him)
- A genuine mic the capsule has the papers stamped in of the aims on that. A fake has the aim smudge.
- Some bosses that directed internally of a XLR the connector to a transformer is different colours. A genuine one has the heat shrinks in his, a no. of fake
- A cutout the portion around a logo there is rounded corners in a genuine mic, a fake some are acute.
- Has the metal 'wing' these helps stabilise a XLR connector internally. A genuine some press was against a mic organism, a fake one has the wings but his am not quite big to touch a mic organism.
- A ray of fixation in a XLR turns an opposite direction for presionar in a fake.
- A comparison of his east prójimo, but a fake is not like this warm in the distance and is less sensitive peel 3-5 dB.
4 / 5
Has bought this mic for this reputation like the workhorse both in a studio and in the setting of alive action. The ones of way that far has dipped it he by means of some use in both contexts and is treated wonderfully.

In the alive application, has used likes the vowel mic- there looks to be some debate on if this or a Beta 58 is the better election for alive vocals, and would say that it concealed in that listened quell'both have used onstage, I like a 57A short reason by means of a muddiness of the smallest venues the better plot. If you are touching the murderous that the sounds in room likes, does not know ... A Ryman, probably will not import , but in a brewery barroom concealed has looked to the really fill up hallway that touches another night has done all a difference in a world-wide on has included a SM58- was well to listen I touching more like I in a monitor. I have it that there is remarked also the few musicians that respect the plot that uses it, and Obama still there has been one in his hand another night while giving the tongue.

In my studio of house, has used a 57A to mic the snare (murderous of sounds, tonnes to snap and organism), acoustic electrical guitar (any bad at all, although it prefers a SDC mic here), and the cupboard of electrical guitar (the sound adds.)

In general, does not think you can go wrong with this mic. It would like to add the Beta 58 to a collection also, but after the plot of investigation thinks a 57One is one the majority of versatile of a two as if you are in the estimativa limited like the majority of musics is, would go with east. Calm will not be disappointed, and would be surprised to find the dynamic mic these substitutes in mine each one-day, go it chance to coach anytime punctual.
5 / 5
Loves a look, a sound, and a heavy-has to that contruction. I have bought this to substitute the SM57 mic how has been used in mine snare drum. A SM57 has been paste with the clave and has fallen averts. With which found all some pieces and it dipping behind together, does not operate. As I have bought this mainly for a grill of metal. But it is also the very better version of a SM57. Some parts under a grill are different. A sound is better. I highky recommend this for studio and visiting.
5 / 5
Are odd, sings them to the east, that surprises your, the quality adds. It substitutes a grille with a one in a beta 58 is like this the one who the on-line invernadero, these have a same element and filter like beta57a, which is one same likes beta58a with the different grille. He the fact like this can them sing, and not having a rear end of a mic blocking stand of mine of music when it uses them one. Also, person more never accidentally takes it thinking his sound.
Used it on drums the few times and he have touched really good. (In world-wide acoustic drums. bodhran, djembe, congas And bongos. For toms and snare prefers them sm57 is or sm58 witha beta56/56 grille)
5 / 5
are the drummer those who to plot of goodness vocals in our band. I began it it was with the beta 58An and he the work adds, but a period of a mic more a boss means constantly are paste of paste with my claves and that they have to touch around the to take to mine toms. I have tried all the classes of headworm the microphones and have all the states total failures - way also 'alive' and breathy, and any of them will remain in your boss while you are drumming. Data had up and gone back to a beta 58An and was miserable, but less miserable that with a boss mics.

Does a bit those that the weeks have seen it drummer in the alive action in the television that use that looked to be the stubby mic with the curve of right corner in him. 'Character', has thought, and immediately dipped roughly trying encontrarprpers. I have been my tent of local music and a Pro the type of Audio said it touched like the Beta 56A 'instrument mic'. It was deflated. It has said any to concern - a 56One is an excellent vocals mic, especially for big-male record vocals. Of then it is often it has called it Peter Cetera' of a group, has decided to give has shot :)

Finally - I am happy!! This mic is LIKE THIS COMPACT, and the sounds adds. It is probably the little flatter in some big frequencies that a 58A, but for behind the box of drum that is the GOOD thing. Utilisation the cradle-arm mic the headline is trace to the mine racks and with a weight/of period of a 58A a mic would bounce around and bash me in some lips/of teeth, but a 56One has less than the 'action of crowbar' when being like this compact and to the equal that to the boot has gone was. Also, it has had to dip a corner 'wrong' in a 58A to maintain a cord out of my way, but with one 90 connector of terracing in a 56An I that can take well on where I the precise. In a boom has elevated one locates of the boss has not been !

WELL, as any all the world is the drummer... Again, like the vowel mic is the perhaps the little walk in an upper end. Also, it is supercardiod that leaves in the plot of his backside - no like this a lot takes drums - but ossia that that the compressor is stops .

This mic is identical to a Beta 57A, but a 57One does not have an organism of right corner. I have been using the 57A to mic the cupboard of our guitarist for mine in-of the monitors of ear and touches utmost, as I am sure that a 56One is also an excellent election for mic'ing an electrical guitar amp further of one 'was-label' uses like the vowels mic.

Is the Shure, the sound adds, is built like the tank, is versatile, and abordable - which more could loves?
4 / 5
Rids down better mic for drum vocals. EQ The response is well for the voice and has the tight model. Included better is quite small to easily go in front of a drummer and stay out of a way.
Also the instrument adds mic.
5 / 5
Well, this mic is my new electrical guitar amp microphone. Register in home, in common microphones by means of the mixer and then to an interface of audio, to a computer. A SM57 is considered the staple the record electrical guitar amps, also would owe that be... Except this mic is TRUE to touch. Without the yard of basses, and the mostly flat EQ (I trimmed a highs for roughly -4dB), can not say a difference among a sound of mine amp and a sound that comes by means of some headphones. It was very skeptical reason to the plot of descriptions does touches like this is better all-around microphone that a SM57, but less than the specifically-record-microphone of electrical guitar, and can not disagree more. Ossia My new gone-to microphone to register electrical guitar.
5 / 5
Has used Shure for years, is always HARD. I know that this mic is used usually for the instruments But I likes him for mine vocals, give me of the little more in a lower row that like.
5 / 5
Are by train to to use likes the vowel mic with the gooseneck like the drummer. A a profile under the better fact to move around a box without paste a mic cord.
4 / 5
I have listened that one 57 is a eswiss armed' of a mics, and now can say that ossia true. It embroiders in the band of mecer that play very strong, and has decided to purchase the supercadioid. Among all some options, a Beta 57An appearance like better election for me. The utmost sounds, has the plot to obtain before feedback, and the very brilliant sound, everything in the very solid structure. After the test or the alive show, thinks that has had the election adds.

Top Customer Reviews: BONAOK 2021 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
4 / 5
Perfecto because it is the hand-held unit that can do the majority of some functions of the big karaoke car.
Has taken this partorisca the fellow to give to his edges. It is the shy boy and of the alive wine with Karaoke. It is usually calm and reserved but give the mic and some music and he livens up. This was Perfecto because it is the hand-held unit that can do the majority of some functions of the big karaoke car.

Thinks that that my description is interesting or useful, please the estimate as 'useful.' Always I enjoy to write descriptions of products and try give sincere opinions. It bases the majority of mine compraventa in of the external descriptions. I know that sincere and useful descriptions can do all a difference in the decision partorisca purchase.
5 / 5
Has Had some entertainment with my forward mic and gifted was has decided like this partorisca give a very on and upgrade to the best mic and súper happy has done. A speaker is stronger and def has the start of better quality.

No sure in a life of battery still but will update when we give it to us the pertinent night a lot of career of time.
5 / 5
Ossia One 2nd mic has bought. It is amazing quality . A reason has bought this one is has control of echo. It calms that can turn on or era. Like this at present my parents like this needs to use that it fulfils of zoom. Bluetooth mic Is súper useful partorisca his group of flange! Again it is good-looking lights when gone back on and quality of amazing build partorisca a mic.
5 / 5
Has bought other three microphones and offered him; but ossia partorisca me use. Master. It is of good quality and good sound. He besides ameno a Boss of audio partorisca connect with a main horn. One to my daughter likes that it can touch it with some sounds. Already my free days will not be boring. I expect that my neighbours Any one call the police,😂😂😂😂
4 / 5
the work adds! My boy loves it. Astonishingly Strong. I add to announce in of the small parties and to the equal that drives of recognition mic. A bit hassle with adding music, but work well. It could have more voice partorisca karaoke this in spite of.
In general, highly recommended.
4 / 5
The good device is karaoke lover. It is very easy to use of then has the speaker has attached in the any need to connect with external speakers. But there is to the port he loves strong sounds. The backup of battery is also very good. And also it has characteristic of transmission of the voice so that I can change different voices.
5 / 5
Ossia So better that he karaoke car. My daughter can so only sync this until the telephone or iPad and go the Music of Apple W/ the papers have turned on or so only go to Youtube and sing to any of a karaoke songs on there. It saves money that has to buy it countless karaoke cds as well as be something can take to a couch or a cookery or an island because yours a lot of hooked until him karaoke car. I touch it they are to add and there is included an option to transmission a vocals while maintaining a music in the regular volume . Highly recommend
5 / 5
has taken the casualidad and has been thus model in another 2 populate some. This one has fewer descriptions but a mic is new for 2020. I have had this mic the few days and am really happy with him. A quality is very good and is the investment adds to kill this boring time!
4 / 5
Comes with the chance of the good protective storage and some instructions are very easy to follow. He paired immediately with my iPhone and a fun flange have begun! One the majority of part of entity when I go to karaoke is usually a sound of echo of a microphone, and this microphone extracted sounds of echo of big quality! Also I love a colour and some different colours when it lights. And a delivery has come súper fast! Wine nxt day. The 1000000 recommends this product to my friends. Thank you Bonaok!
4 / 5
Quality of his excellent,perfects for party to house Karaoke!! to my friends likes him gone in of my house and sing the song. It will be better two mic could connect near and can sing near!!! the experience,adds Global!loves it.

Top Customer Reviews: PYLE-PRO Pyle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
4 / 5
Before beginning, will begin with saying that I am the Technician of professional Entertainment with fund of phase in both audio and lighting.

Fallen Mic (PDKM-7A): it estimates each penny. It IS certainly any one the Shure, that is to say for shure (haha) but coast a cost of a box for his sake. I add pickup quality, tendency of low summit, response and good threshold. A bit it plans in general, but abundance for fell it to start with mic.

Tom/Snare Mics (PDKM-7B): hoop of the quality adds it dynamic mountain mics. Pickup Looks for to be More i adds in a mid- in frequencies of salvation, doing them utmost for snares and the main volumes. Pickup In the basses are flat if no the negative bit, as you melt volume pickup is sloppy.

Condensors (PDKM-7C): No very durable condensors. A slightest mishandling or the nude soft tap a diaphragm in the crazed conjoint to burst and hissing. Any accessible for reparation of house, or. Even so, his pickup is grave utmost , fantastic- and response of salvation of frequency for his cost. To well sure a part of this box would substitute in the first place, even so.

Clips Of hoop: Rubbish. It buys the separate together. The plastic is not very durable, and some grips of the friction of the knob gives subjects afterwards only the few sessions of jam, leaving your mics transfer haplessly. Easily broken, almost impossible to take use a half or verges of hoop of tight grip.

Condensor Clips: Enough Well, in that expected. Capes a work as well as your clip of level of professional microphone.

Marie: Fantastic case, durable, any easily dented or knicked. The lock is master-keyed likes any one with a box can open yours, but that it is very only to show/besides looks that function.

In general, value of fantastic initial.
3 / 5
I am the working musician and has required the FAST solution for miking drums in the smallest actions.

My complaint in this container is not in a mics they. A mics in fact sounds quite darn well. It compares the in level Shure 57 east. It was in fact very pleased with a quality of sound.

A 3/8 in 5/8 adapters that scrapes in a fund of some condensers is a subject. 3 Of one 4 Tom/Snare mic adapters very in fact returned in his own pre-screwed holes in a mic.

Some clips of rim that use you to attach in some rims of drum have 3/8' band that scrapes in some adapters and seeds that ray in a microphone. But it say the no apt adapters snugly in a mics how is bonded with mics falling was.

Sounds it cheap plastic adapter/mic ray to sustain that is to say VERY cheaply built and can be or undressed or extended without pressure at all.

His value he for me to try and DIY the solution but beware that some pieces comprise to attach in mic the supports are VERY CHEAP and could has to finagle something to do functions.

For a prize and the fast and enough very sounding drum miking box, this does a trick. But a hardware is sub-pair.
4 / 5
Save until taking a Shure drum of PP of series mics, but has had a case that comes on that has wanted and imagined some mics is better that any one and has given this series shot it.

A mics to well sure does well quite and some clips in mountain are quite sake. The quality of his global is decent, especially considering a cost for microphone. A semi-detached video is the raw register of a mics (I only setup one of a overheads) using a Behringer XR18 equivalent in USB. There is no EQ or another step. My only complaint is that a mics is class to dull sound. For my case has used a EQ to attach some thump of the low end in a fell and to do an another mics crisper with some have semi-detached highs to do a sound of better register.
5 / 5
For a price you the flange goes bad - the few things even so to mention...The big mics phantom of necessity beat so yours together or phantom of necessities of beat he of blender....Pyle The client retreated very useful and hurriedly to answer in a subject and when I re-read a specs sure enough declares phantom the power has required....The mics the clips have the threaded inserts/inserts to be able to attach a mics in a mic clips for volumes very assembla ray in perfectly or tight... I have taken some tape of plumbers and embroiled he around one which tread streaky tight but included can pose the lil sper glue in him also... Has the mackie blender with 4 xlr canals and was able to use dual xlr adapters for 2 volumes and one 2 overheads to use only 2 canals......Again for a prize and the measure of venues touches a mics is perfect and support of client of Pyle was something on!
4 / 5
If you are looking for hurriedly and soiled drum mics for alive applications, this ray is perfect. I have not tried the for sessions of studio, but imagine with a right EQ included can defy the rays the expensive plus. It attaches to buy for a prize (estupefaciente, in fact), and any one would not suppose never for his cost of his low $ 200.

Two things to be conscious of:

1) A fasteners is each plastic. Some internal nuts, a mic clips, some rays of annex--plastic, plastic, plastic. If it can it helps, it does not go He-Man when fastening some rays; they will undress if you are not careful. If you go easy would have to last for numerous together-ups and tear-downs. Even so, highly it recommends to buy one $ 10 guarantee that takes during two years. Economic stick of alcohol.

2) perhaps is in a description and I lost it, but a two big condenser mics is not self-powered and require the phantom beat.

5 / 5
I have to share my impressions. Has each set of these microphones into use in the 5 box of piece (DW Series of Collector) and would not change now after using these for the few months. They are the small more than incredible. I use two fell mics (a through the port hole and one in an outside. I use a mic that is coming with an interior of together and the $ 200 Shure tomb mic in some outsides. I have had at the beginning a Shure in an interior but he do not take some accidents have wanted and a Pyle has done. A shure tends to be bassey. Each some volumes has the sound to grease under wonderful and a snare records fantastically.
Some utmost clips, although I can require the small direction while in how they clip on. A mics is clear...Any noise, distortion, or any one another problem. An only thing founds was an out of problem to synchronise this was to cause for two mikes the be in firm together cual has been corrected in my CORNELLA and interface of audio that alone record. Has the drums have touched by the very long times and I can not imagine change in anything more. They sound utmost. Taking it!!!!
5 / 5
It records a terrible plot of drums my day, and has sold a material of the big end is looking for subjects. These together returns a bill only well. It was initially he bit it surprised by some sounds of a mics, but then give I typically EQ and compress some drums in of the similar roads in all the case.

One fell mic is not also tubby or too scooped, and has a brights has turned down. It IS well and small to return in the before more port small, a cheap Heiyu mic looks to have an interior of same element but he wastefully big basket.

A snare/volumes mics is also well and small, is not very brilliant or but leave the transitory brilliant with the quite rich but very that overwhelms down to sustain. Exactly which want for volumes...For snare upper and the finance thinks a Pyle 78 with and/or without the transformer has semi-detached can be the better bet and uses these for racks it 4 volumes.

A SDC the pair is very thin, a map said that that goes was down 600Hz but salvation that takes rid of a muddy boom of some drums. There is also he 10K summit that takes the definition of shiny clave out of some cymbal. Has not founding the brittle to handle like another report has mentioned...? But it does not use these for anything another this percussion/of drum overheads.

A SDCs is beginning quite down also to eschew a necessity for the tampon but a dynamic is quite hot likes him very inlines can be required if your preamp does not have quite headroom.

One big plus minus with this together is a plastic of use of the clips 5/8 and 3/8 nuts more than metal, but salvation, is $ 16/mic and the sound adds. Quan The particularly flailing drummer the pauses have purchase them another place for a prize.
4 / 5
Final under mics these products have resulted of low end. Result that, thinks that that it is the just value for a money. You will require to run a mics hot and spends the plot of time EQ'ing to take a better out of these mics. Enough sake for my necessities, which are record of only house for the pastime.

Update (3/1/2017): Punch the mic with the clave while touching (as sometimes it spends), and an accident was quite to break a toneless sald connection in a mic. Two of some mountains of the drum also has undressed where a mic rays of coverage in. It IS each plastic , as any one surprised. Again, taken that decrees of paid....
5 / 5
That is to say the I adds together microphones for mic'ing the box of drum. I have counted All precise excepts three supports (or for a drum of fell mic, and two for a condenser mic is) and seven XLR capes of microphone.

Has the pair of necessity of things to be conscious to consider setup, even so. One is that one 3/8' annexes to sustain that is to say in the each a mic is and a condenser mic the titulars is removable (uses the pair of pliers you can not unscrew manually). If you go to use some clamps to attach a volume/snare mic is in the, ummm, volumes and snare, any precise (or amours) to take some adapters, while it is one 3 /8' annex that need (low voice). But you are attaching a condenser mic is in of the supports of boom regulate, will require to unscrew some adapters of one mic has titled, revealing a 5/8' ray-in this necessity.

A problem a big plus with this box is that they do not say you that to attach a volume/snare mic is in a volume/snare clamps highland. It can any one for a life of me the figure has been, as it was in Pyle website, and found the description of video of the Youtube of a box. This in has not been very useful, but a type that has done a description has done also another vineyard that said me so to attach a mic is in any clamps. Here it is the nexus: [...]

A nexus no (or Amazon whacked the, so sometimes the marks revise), Youtube of investigation for 'Pyle-Pro PDKM7 That to Use Some Clamps'. Basically, you use a comprised 3/8' threaded rays to attach a mic is in any clamps for screwing a ray through a void in a clamp, then screwing a mic in a ray. It shows a video; he the work adds to aim you what necessity to do.

In all the case, in around-up, these are microphones very well in the prize a lot adds point. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
In the principle looked in him CAD box of mark, but when saw a prize in easterly a, and that among the case of metal takes (the CAD the box entered the cushioned duffle stock exchange) has known that to go with. This box was almost the averages a prize with similar specs. Each a mics is solidly has built, and a box comes with 3/8 in 5/8 adapters for supports. Even so, the mine was screwed on so much has had to closely use pliers in loosen arrives the, that causes the bit of aesthetic harm.

A overheads is quite sake, perfect for the that is to say has done prendi. If you use which the prjimos mic, even so, is not a better.

A snare/volume mics is very good. Quan Aimed in a centre of some volumes, a sound is very good and punchy. The attack balanced to add. In a snare, was to take to take a same effect. There is an impact that is being missing of in a sound, but more than likely can take you that in EQing. I use one of a volume mics like a drum of fell internal mic fence in a beater, and this has done very good.

A drum of fell mic is by far a better in a box. Has the very similar sound in a Audix D6 in my opinion. For more so when being cheap, is surprising that next sounds in a level of industry.

In general, Pyle has done the fantastic work with this set. Any one of some low majorities in a mics can be fixed by the professional blender that costs his salt. Especially when you compare a prize in of the main marks. It recommends this in any one looking for the good drum mic box. Absolutely it wants to it!

Top Customer Reviews: PreSonus DM-7: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
4 / 5
It does not like never give of the bad indication. But this one the question. Experience partorisca my edges bday and xmas 2019, partorisca the person of 24 years, and a mic has broken of February 2020, there is prendido only law, is not never state fallen or misused. It achieves it was to a vendor- “ I past mine date of the caducity of turn calls a costruttore. Well, we emailed and has called a costruttore, any past response of $ 100+ bucks and any assistance to at least of reparation. When My edges was younger, has purchased it mic partorisca less than $ and last the few years. This just 3 month .....
5 / 5
Touches the microphone adds and pair well with a PreSonus AudioBox 96 delivery that perfect rich podcaster right of voice out of a box without any step of estaca has required. (MODIFICATION) has done until a AudioBox 96 has begun partorisca do buzzing the noises and that follow up with the constant click each one that 5 same minutes with the substitution.
4 / 5
With which spent around partorisca seemly the ages have finalised with a PD70 and want it. It liked Always one looks of a SM7B but 400 bucks is in plot of of money to fall in the microphone. While this microphone does not have a byline his warm of Shure offerings, thinks that is the better access for my voice. It is a lot clear and does not touch muddy like a SM7B does sometimes. A quality to build also is that it surprises and feels really solid.
4 / 5
The value adds for the product of quality. It comprises one 2 mics, mic clips and a stereo sweep all near. It would compare these with mine is Trace M5 look it matched of Condenser of pencil mics in almost two times a prize. I am using a M5s likes drum overheads and has has wanted to these to register stereo field and register of acoustic electrical guitar. It would buy him again, to good sure.
5 / 5
Has taken the casualidad is, in that went it with which the good quality but the emission abordable dynamic mic for enough the moment. A 'gone to king' is of course a Shure SM7B but has not loved to spend that a lot and has been for a PS-70 instead. It is the brilliant touching mic and in pair with broadcasting microphones that cost far more. It is to solid build also, weighed and to the chair likes can take quite beating it. To the good calm insurance does not want to fall this thing in your foot ! My only critique is that it is the little light in a low end, but at all EQ can not fix. In general, it is an excellent option is after the dynamic emission concealed no only looks a part but also touches to surprise.
4 / 5
Was well in my voice of promises, has has not loved the mine compared mv7 (I has the quite deep voice) but the looks add and with a eq has touched well in my voice. I grab he sm57 instead and save $ 30.
5 / 5
A lot of mic. I do not have any complaint roughly that. Thank you presonus
4 / 5
It likes-me a hard chance goes in. A prize was the good value . I really like Presonus produced! :-)
4 / 5
This microphone (PS-70) has done adds partorisca my dialogue in my video of Youtube. It limits everything of a noise of rear earth like AC unit that is in an outside of my house and my defender of laptop. Really impressed thus microphone. I have it quell'has used also he partorisca instruments and vocal register. Well for trumpet, but wrong type of microphone for the saxophone, as it would use something more in this chance. In general, quite happy in a PS-70 microphone.
5 / 5
This microphone is comparable to the mine AKG 414, extremely detailed and big quality. With a lot I like him it has paid 3X a prize for this quality. Seldom I take mine 414, I in fact maintenances a PX-1 neighbours up in the permanent boom in my studio of house. Fantastic, calm can not go bad, slowly on taking a PM-2 condensers to draw also.

Top Customer Reviews: CAD Audio Stage7 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
5 / 5
A drum mics is pure craps. It does not squander your money!. Way too sensitive, and has not had any placing in a toms or a snare that could do him well of sound. I have run he by means of the mixer with the plot of different options partorisca help the better sound. So only it suck. I grabbed my Nady DMK 7 mics and plugged the in partorisca see a difference and has surprised. The way has touched better!!!!
Some clips partorisca a mics, some stands, some bosses were all quite decent this in spite of, which is reason I gives it 2 stars in place of 1.. An only reason reason has bought this was reason have required all more this is coming with a mics, and has required 2 condenser mics and the snare mic, no a together integer. It can not buy anything in a still diverse prize really priced for separate the have imagined like this can not be that bad. Well It Was mics suck! It was like this disappointed with a the drum mics never have included hooked on some tall condensers so that I am not sure is a lot is not .
Would not recommend that it buys this box for drum mics. If it love decent mics for a prize would recommend these
5 / 5
so only am taking to a thing of studio of the house. For a quantity of money, could not spend on this extracted. A mics laws as I have expected. The placing Is key. I am using a Glyn Johns mic placing. As so only it uses 2 overheads, snare and has fallen mics in this moment. They are happy with quell'I am taking. Some bosses are decent quality . Some discharge is snug. An integral mic clip/clamp well of work. I know I have read some other descriptions where have failed but the mine is doing. In a mic stands - dip the drop of oil in a clamp rays and washers. They do not turn freely and no presiona fully although they feel he likes is. An oil will relieve a embrague. If you are in estimativa and want drums of clue, take this container. I seat it likes him he has taken my cost of money.
5 / 5
A overheads is the paper of thin bit ( is smaller that says a MXL pencil). But the new condensers are easy to find and buy, and is resulting more economic for a day. This be has said, a real dynamic mics for some drums is SURPRISING! I can take of the microphones of tone and trace to the cupboard of electrical guitar and take that it surprises to touch register also. A draw behind is that a heimu microphone of bass drum (súper economic) in fact beats a bass drum mic this among this container. But a tone and snare mic is almost in a level of SM57 quality, as the one who capture of his global, DB profit during action, and they an excellent work of cutting out of backside of random noise a microphone.
4 / 5
Loves these mics. Ossia A second set has bought, a prime minister be more than fact 5 years, and has recommended these to several friends that actuates neither has had never the question with them. I will say that I have added the Shure SM57 that use in a big-hat, and leave a snare mic to direct so only in a snare, and then have 2 overheads to the career likes a lot of stereo. You could run the tall solo and leave another to mic a salvation-hat. It does not suggest using a snare mic to run double duty in both one salvation-hat and snare.
4 / 5
My only complaint with these is that some of a clamps does not achieve far enough to stabalize in some drums, which can head to they falls off it while you are touching and spiking a register. They are sure he has the way to fix this, but has not taken around his closing. Some stands are quite solid and some do any really well.
4 / 5
The value adds. It is no quite like this sturdy, but a mics the sound adds for my needs. So only they are that it learns like this to record drums for studio of small house. Mina first tentativas was better that anything has not done never in a past. Usually any to Like me everything in some boxes, but a combination of quality, the value and comfort it can not be has beaten.
4 / 5
These mics is the add the judge of boxes is exited. The some descriptions that says a tall condenser mics does not act, the utmost law. Calm only precise Phantom can for them to do like all condenser mics. Do your investigation before you write the bad description.
Some stands are the little economic but that attended? Everywhere it adds compraventas.
5 / 5
Is well for stands of the beginners are not good quality but do a yours work mixer has to that have phantom can partorisca on boss mics
4 / 5
Wow, unbelievable the prize for a quality has offered. This will be adds for the actions and that learn like this to register.
4 / 5
An only reason is taking two stars because a two on boss mics no at all. They are a lot disappointed. To spend this class of the money and everything does not act. Esperanza can fix a question in a future.

Top Customer Reviews: AKG D112 MkII ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
4 / 5
He such smooth bass and the deep clear tones, enamorarás partorisca always with a AKG D112 MkII (Like the enormous name)
Some register is like this well calms no really need to regulate anything after registering excepts perhaps launch the limiter and comp partorisca yours mix, so only love his sound.
4 / 5
I some first investigation of this compraventa. Decided partorisca go with east partorisca use in the taxi of basses. A lot happy.
5 / 5
Ossia The drum of has fallen adds mic. It is a level of industry . Also I use it jointly with the condenser of small diaphragm partorisca voice on.
4 / 5
A lot true to touch and one of one has fallen better mics has.
4 / 5
His add and apparently is a level of industry ! Snakiness Averts is has fallen he of sound adds mic.
4 / 5
The sound adds it mic partorisca drum of has fallen, and is really easy to take the good sound out of your drum with east.
4 / 5
A solid appearance very done.
Good reliability.
Reasonable prize.
4 / 5
One of a better, the little thumpy but yes find a right placing, some compression and EQ yours in business!
4 / 5
That more need to be said?...This has tried he partorisca decades.
4 / 5
The prize and the delivery was utmost! Utilisation this partorisca my drum of has fallen alive and studio

Top Customer Reviews: Heimu Bass Drum ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
I have guessed correctly that this mic is a Pyle PDKM7-An in the house the fat plus like some shows of photos and trying of the sound confirms. A Heimu the mountain also looks edges of brass, vastly more durable that a Pyle edges. So you want to so only one has fallen mic out of a Pyle box, here is.

Has been a lot of fact of an informed 50Hz pickup limit. Well This is not like this last the limit in a first place and the good question is want to DC in your clue in a first place. I think that that this has abundance of low end in practical and wants to open on an upper bit to him can pull a foam out of a basket (so only is floating in there). Has the strong supercardioid has normalised with good proximity effect. I think that that it is well to register although you can pay more and do the little better want to . This dynamics of alone coil is susceptible to choose on some hum be conscious, but concealed is also true of SM57 and RE20 and a lot of classics. Calm can has to that the aim correctly or dehum in estaca. This mic is not that big but is the little fatty. A tiny Pyle the version is like the stubby SM58 measure.

In all the chance fell it totally feasible or taxi of basses mic for economic. The start is good and can EQ in grasping to the your content of hearts. A mountain is plastic but sturdy looking. Any able can do with this well, the question is to have to that paid more.
5 / 5
Has decided to try this mic was for the situation of drum of has fallen it of my band. Previously we use the Shure SM57 reason ossia all has had. This mic has taken almost the month to ship of Cina how was anxious of the take. When it Is gone in finally I mic'd on our bass drum with him, that runs thru the Mackie 24x8 pro jointed and the Crown 1000W the amplifier was to ours 12' hands and 15' walk wedge. A whole band was VERY IMPRESSED with a sound. Filler bodied sound, tomb freq is is directed but resonant, the transitory impact pickup is appropriate thus beater lap'. If you are looking for the solid of economic bass drum mic but does not want to spend $ 200 in the Beta52, D6, etc. Then this will return a bill for use of spatial test. It has not tried the register or in of the taxis of still basses but will update this description /when I do. Value a wait in shipping the time for a prize has paid.
4 / 5
Are in pupil for production of audio-3rd Year and the esees has has registered ads for informative coverages.

Ossia Possibly one of a worse bass drum mics the esees has not used never. The sound is a lot boomy a lot @@subject that and the just quantity of sprain(more than any microphone would owe that have). This be has said, for (thinks them) 27 dollars this mix Can be used for the tone of paving mic or the secondary bass drum mic is really hurting. If calm already glielo decent bass drum mic does not buy this. And you are looking for the prime minister economic bass drum mic, does not buy this. It knows it is trying but always paid to expect and take some something of better quality. But hey.... Ossia Only mine 2 cents
5 / 5
has Touched quite decent for a tone of extra paving mic. At all astounding but well for a money. After the uses of pair this in spite of touches likes has developed the short to somewhere and now is doing the very strong and bad buzz that like this strong like any products to signal so that it is effectively useless. Both a boss and the entrance has been verified and there is not a lot of @@subject there. Mic Has been dipped in the stand, and is not never state attacked or has fallen or anything concealed would break it. So only it contacts it quell'has after had when be situated in a stand was a boss when being swapped with which has begun already do a noise when it has looked for to verify so it goes was a boss or a mic this is to be break. Really bad built mic. Still in this cost, so only in any dynamic emotional coil mic would owe that be able to take to plot to abuse first to break and this a couldnt last the same week so only seating in the stand.
5 / 5
Is certainly more than or-k and usable for a prize. I will be in accordance with another in a limit of low end. It looks to cut-of has bitten it premature, (could go lower?),. And some the plastic edges are something will require to manage with the cure of an organism is the wee has bitten big/heavy/uncomfortable. This has said, was down thirty bucks! Any sure I action with him but for the backside-arrive or different flavour etc.? Or possibly used in the taxi of basses? Always good to have extra mics in a collection and thus prize, the no-brainer really.
5 / 5
Thinks sound the very does not add mic. They are by train to use it On rig of mine of the basses and he touches well. I gave it to 4 star because a mountain is done of plastic of economic feeling. And it would be better a hz has been the little lower. I can listen a difference, but can take my lower hz the little stronger that my main mix. It would recommend it tho. Also it possesses a CAD KMS12 and is quite near of this same sound minus some lower frequencies. I did not require it, but I have seen a seal of Prize and has liked him also a way looked the have bought like this. Soooo Happy has done.
4 / 5
Has purchased this fo use enmedio alive and has looked for an alternative to a AKG D112. This does not touch like this as well as the D112, but was surprised frankly for a prize that he well sounds. A sound of mine is quell'has bitten darker and some tones of the deepest basses that it D112, but lose this drum of has fallen 'click' this I usually can take of a D112. Any way, liked a sound more than has thought I for the -$ 35 mic. A mic is quite solid, but has not gone really happy with a mic mountain of stand. A mountain is all plastic and part of a mic more than using the separate clip. My main worry is a part of a mountain that the rays to a stand is also plastics in place of having the metal inserts/inserts to maintain some edges to undress. But yes calm leave it on a stand (taste ), would have to be well. In general the value adds for a money for his alive in the estimativa.
5 / 5
This in fact does enough as well as the microphone of TONE of the PAVING. I know that the odd sounds, reasons any calm so only join a SM57 in a tone of paving? They are serious, try this microphone was still yours walks tone. Also he equally well for the cupboard of to the basses where would like taking bit it more mid row that usual (thinks Jazz, or metal of speed).
5 / 5
Ignore some naysayers, ossia the add mic considering a prize, volume more than those stops of has paid. Admitted there are them there was so only the few days and can very behind on longevity but initially that pause this mic has the row adds and taken big SPL a lot well. To good sure buy it wants to save money this in spite of takes the good mic.
5 / 5
Tentativa Look in a brilliant side but ossia the very deceptive sale to the equal that has declared was the microphone of the bass drum but a box is packaged says is the Snare/TOM microphone.
Trying it has been the big disappointment as no alive until an Ad for the Bass drum/of Has fallen. The time is of entity of mine and is is the waste of time and money to take something different that that is to be announce.

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