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1 first Omnihil 30 Feet AC Power Cord Compatible with iRULU P6 Video Projector LED 1280x768 HD Support 1080P Android System WiFi Home Theater Mini Cinema USB AV SD HDMI Game Projectors Omnihil 30 Feet AC Power Cord Compatible with iRULU P6 Video Projector LED 1280x768 HD Support 1080P Android System WiFi Home Theater Mini Cinema USB AV SD HDMI Game Projectors OMNIHIL
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2 Kircuit AC Power Cord for iRULU 20 Pro Android 4.4 Multimedia Video Projector Max 2600 Lumens Portable LED HD 1080P Cinema Max 200' Wi-Fi Kircuit AC Power Cord for iRULU 20 Pro Android 4.4 Multimedia Video Projector Max 2600 Lumens Portable LED HD 1080P Cinema Max 200' Wi-Fi Kircuit
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3 best Projector, GooDee 2022 Upgraded Native 1080P Video Projector, 9500L Outdoor Movie Projector, 230' Supported Home Projector, Compatible with Fire TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, AV and USB, Black (YG600) Projector, GooDee 2022 Upgraded Native 1080P Video Projector, 9500L Outdoor Movie Projector, 230' Supported Home Projector, Compatible with Fire TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, AV and USB, Black (YG600) GooDee
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4 WiFi Mini Projector, ACROJOY 9000 Lumens Video Projector w/ Tripod, HD 1080P & 240' Display Supported, Portable Movie Outdoor Projector Compatible with TV Stick, HDMI, VGA, TF, AV, USB, iOS & Android WiFi Mini Projector, ACROJOY 9000 Lumens Video Projector w/ Tripod, HD 1080P & 240' Display Supported, Portable Movie Outdoor Projector Compatible with TV Stick, HDMI, VGA, TF, AV, USB, iOS & Android Acrojoy
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5 Native 1080P WiFi Bluetooth Projector, MOOKA Upgraded 8500L HD Video Projector with Carrying Bag,Support 4K &300“ Display,Mini Outdoor Movie Projectors Compatible with iOS/Android/PC/TV Stick/PS4 Native 1080P WiFi Bluetooth Projector, MOOKA Upgraded 8500L HD Video Projector with Carrying Bag,Support 4K &300“ Display,Mini Outdoor Movie Projectors Compatible with iOS/Android/PC/TV Stick/PS4 MOOKA
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6 Mini Projector, FATORK 5G WiFi DLP Smart Portable Movie Projectors, Pocket Monster Outdoor Projector for Phone 1080P HD Support Wireless Video Travel Short Throw, Compatible with iOS/Android/HDMI/USB Mini Projector, FATORK 5G WiFi DLP Smart Portable Movie Projectors, Pocket Monster Outdoor Projector for Phone 1080P HD Support Wireless Video Travel Short Throw, Compatible with iOS/Android/HDMI/USB FATORK
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7 NexiGo PJ20 Outdoor Projector, [350ANSI - Over 10000 Lux Brightness], Native 1080P, Dolby_Sound Support, Movie Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth 5.1, Compatible w/ TV Stick,iOS,Android,Laptop,Console NexiGo PJ20 Outdoor Projector, [350ANSI - Over 10000 Lux Brightness], Native 1080P, Dolby_Sound Support, Movie Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth 5.1, Compatible w/ TV Stick,iOS,Android,Laptop,Console NexiGo
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8 WiFi Bluetooth Projector, DBPOWER 9000L HD Native 1080P Projector, Zoom & Sleep Timer Support Outdoor Movie Projector, Home Projector Compatible w/ TV Stick, PC,DVD, Laptop/Extra Bag Included WiFi Bluetooth Projector, DBPOWER 9000L HD Native 1080P Projector, Zoom & Sleep Timer Support Outdoor Movie Projector, Home Projector Compatible w/ TV Stick, PC,DVD, Laptop/Extra Bag Included DBPOWER
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9 BIGASUO Upgrade HD Bluetooth Projector Built in DVD Player, Mini Video Projector 1080P Supported Compatible with TV/HDMI/VGA/AV/USB/TF SD Card, Portable Outdoor Movie Projector BIGASUO Upgrade HD Bluetooth Projector Built in DVD Player, Mini Video Projector 1080P Supported Compatible with TV/HDMI/VGA/AV/USB/TF SD Card, Portable Outdoor Movie Projector BIGASUO
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10 MYDASH Mini Projector - 2022 Upgraded Portable Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth, 7500 Lumens 1080P Full HD Video Projector, Compatible with TV Stick,Smartphone, HDMI, VGA, TF, SD, AV MYDASH Mini Projector - 2022 Upgraded Portable Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth, 7500 Lumens 1080P Full HD Video Projector, Compatible with TV Stick,Smartphone, HDMI, VGA, TF, SD, AV MYDASH
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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I want this projector. Wow, This projector really surprise me! Opened Can it setup my theatre of house. An exposure is very clear, brilliant and acute. I have connected he with my box of television of the Android and law perfectly! An exposure is that it impresses especially in a dark room! I am by train to use it to look film almost nightly.
5 / 5
I actuate Always you want the good projector with characteristic excellent that will be adapted for entertainment of house. So much, it was advance and has ordered this GooDee projector, and all can say is excellent! The May HAS BEEN so happier in my life. This projector has surpassed my expectations with his characteristics of surprise. An installation was quite easy so that any time there has been arrive and race. That is to say when arrived in me concealed no precise external speakers to supplement he, a sound am to add and the glass clears with no interferences anything. It clears treated other projectors before, sincerely will say that I am totally impacted for a quality of picture. An image is acute and vibrant, and a brilliance is surprisingly better. Also it avenges with a HDMI cape in any extra cost. The difference of my projector that anterior would not touch all the formats of video, this projector touches everything. The May HAS SEEN shows any unsupported text of the since begun format to use the. My familiar has had the experience of fantastic entertainment during two month now, and so far, the at all bad view with him. A far is still intact, some works of projector well, and does not have any remorse quite buying this projector. One another thing is that it is very abordable, any one can expect such characteristic only of the humbly the projector priced. For any one that looks for the cheap value the projector, chooses easterly a, any lament at all!
5 / 5
I am while sceptical client: it does not trust any on-line places hurriedly, and this that very different. I am spent enough the number of the days that looks for and compare to take a bit the majority of genuine places with the prize the just plus for the projector based in descriptions of client. I have required the projector of upper quality that is easy to pose and quality of products of excellent picture. I will be to take this projector in a place? I have had still my doubts Quan, a projector is arrived, has been blown has been for his excellent condition: cost each cent of one $ 200 has paid. A GooDee Full HD the projector boasts some very excellent characteristic: I am not the technical type, but can testify that some works of projector excellently. A quality of pictures was excellent, and a brilliance, which had been looking for in my marks of anterior projector was excellent. A GooDee Full HD the projector could leave me to look things during A day: it was in a moon. Habladura Of a sound, any one is tried always to think that an excellent sound of the internal speakers of a projector have been enhanced by external speakers. I recommend a bran in any concealed has been looking for the projector to Buy or those with almost each mark of projector in his backyard: M the investigation is Gone in A Fruitful End .Highly recommend GooDee Full HD Projector in any one.
5 / 5
At the beginning I have not been sure quite purchasing this projector of estimativa. I am the professional of west bus and corporate business and my lifelong the at the end broken projector down. I have read the pair of so so the descriptions and I fostered to buy it since my estimativa has not been that big. To take this has been surprised in that the light is compared in an anterior a, for me concealed is that it imports since and trip during a country.Inside that comprises, comes a HDMI cape and the convenient far control, as it do not have to marks in in to to the additional costs like them to them the with my old projector. It has had the habit of VGA but HDMI is so mejor.yo the first test in a room against the white wall and I has been surprised by an acuteness of an image in spite of being in the considerable distance. Has the minileg as it can adjust you an angle of an image. Quan Has protected my video in the look of so better screen apropiada.un looks that the has not remarked when was bought is built in of the speakers that has the level of good volume and is very clear. This save me that it spends my additional speakers, as it was another fabulous more. It has remarked that there is a MicroSD void of card and two ports of USB, So far has used only void of the card since is a photographer of amateur my spare time and I as to see some shots that products, is surprised in a quality of an image.Honestly, GooDee gave me the good surprise, the recommend a lot because of one can of the money excepts but for an excellent product that is.
5 / 5
I have purchased the mini protective done the month but is returned that it take this one instead. I am so happy does the right decision . It IS pricey but worthy each penny spends .
5 / 5
The May HAS SEEN of the projector in the house of my partner, has wanted a same in my house. Entertainment to look the films in big screen are different but had limited want to and the projector looked for of estimativa.

This satisfied projector all my requisites. A projector is coming with hdmi cape, usb cape, far and manual of instruction.

Easy in setup, has connected my box of android via hdmi cape. Setup A projector in pertinent distance (Alas, this projector very behind adjusting a width of screen saws projector. Calm literally has to move a projector to situate wished to take a measure of necessity of screen). It adjusts a house that uses of controls of the houses and beats calm slant the screen those uses keystone control.

An exposure is clear for the projector of estimativa. The quality of his east stereo but will require external speakers that it can connect use To the CAPE, yes wants to enjoy surround sounds.

A projector has VGA and 2 HDMI sources of entrance. Also it can connect walk of USB and micro SD to look films, songs or photos.

To connect mobile device, will require MHL capes ( has not tried but has seen he in the house of my partner, as I know is possible)

is satisfied with a product. I will update this description, see any subjects. Hopefully, Updates a firmware to enable adjust a width of screen without moving a projector.
5 / 5
I fulfil it is not supposition to import, but first impressions are the BIG roads in me. A packaging of this projector is SPER sake and projects an initial listens of quality. It possesses two Anterior projectors in east a: A 'cube' small projector and the estimativa-ways $ 50 projector. Both of those was quite to satisfy my boys (4&6) but had to very sure characteristic in some more basic projectors that routed purchase me for something better. I am not the particularly avid film-watcher like the could not justify spending big bucks for one of some professionals of fashionable projectors, but has wanted a quite well in permanently highland in my room of the film/of the basement has finished. Desprs Sieve Through dozens of projectors in Amazon I stumbled in easterly an and has been quite impressed for some descriptions to pull a trigger. I have imagined--if it does not live until a hype always could return.

Well, The month later and is happy to inform that still have a projector and I are anxious to launch another positive critic in a stack. A device is built with the a lot of of the solid listens and aesthetically is pleasing. And what a lot another the critics have declared--the sound is wonderful!! My projector of cube has been missing of an internal speaker and one $ 50 projector has purchased had one the majority of terrible built-sound that I have interested me to me that included turbulent of the comprise? Have had to external To the SPEAKERS or the bluetooth transmissive in the separately purchased speakers to take any class of his of decent quality. It was such the good surprise in the the end finds the projector the source duquel of the internal audio was sufficient. Like Another premium, a sound of follower is minimum and does my sound of cheap projector like the lawnmower.

A quality of picture is wonderful also. A brilliance and contrast was such the enormous updates of mine another the cheapest projectors that me in him marvels that has tolerated his images before? One orders of looks of the same only projected image in a wall but the phenomenal looks in the screen of projection of the estimativa. My boys was so excited to see a quality improved in the east felt likes him was in of the theatre of film. It was fresh that sees his mine of mirror of the reactions: a GooDee the projector was the solid 5 stars with us!
5 / 5
The projector Adds! Very calm. The sound is better subject then expected especially what low powered some speakers are. His add even so. Any tomb. But that expects for the watts of pair?

Brilliance Of picture isnt terrible but the desire was better. It conceal also it can depend in your screen. The mine is a cheap spandex material all these types in the amazon are selling. I have paid $ 15 for mine where some are asking around $ 30. It takes 2 screens even so it sucks.

A projector was easy to locate. A coverage for a lentil was difficult to imagine was at the beginning. There is no info to take of one covers. As I have not been sure him it the open cart or that. At the beginning he didnt included the looks want to was. But attraction go it directly... Perhaps twist it the bit and attraction for your first time. One lanyard to line this coverage in a projector would have been adds it has thought.

My measure of screen is 120 inches . I want video games of touch!

Some far works well. The only desire was not black!
1 / 5
I am religious quite verifying some descriptions before I buy a compraventa of amazon of the cost and is usually very useful but in this case was very disappointed.

An image of this projector is not to clear during a whole screen: I can not take an inferior part of a screen to be cleared any subject that and mark.

Also an image is not 3300 lumens. Has an old NEC NP215 the projector estimated in 2500 that lumens active at least 5 years and an image are issue more brilliant. I concealed out of a goodee projector in the darkish the room and one imagines can not be seen clearly until time at night.

Also one imagines is to well sure any one 1080P likes him suggests in an advertising. An image is very pixelated same in the distance of 10 feet.

Finally this projector is well for $ 180. You are taking the product of level of basic entrance that has his defects.

Opens has left some the USA as I can not return. If it still have been some the USA would be returned he and has purchased something the small more expensive but with better quality.
5 / 5
I have bought this so that ours another projector that is much older has subjects. We want films of look in our backyard and interior also. You grieve among has to try it. A projector has surprise HD quality. We look a BlueRay film on he last night and a quality was utmost. It looks well in the dark or the drop of the clear room but he to sure look well more in the totally dark room. It IS also very calm as it does not listen he during a film that is the thing adds. I want to what big apresamiento (much bigger that my television) and is supposed also in last for the long time. I am very happy with this projector and would recommend in another.
4 / 5
Has mixed feelings in this projector. Prpers Having possessed several different projectors of some basses-fine (like the GooDee $ 99 units) all a way until diverse mark of name (Optoma) unit, this feels like the trade quite a lot of-was among side and quality.

The unit has quality of decent image with those looks to be true/native 720p resolution. I frustrate immensely that the vendors of leaves of the amazon to announce unit as '1080p' when in fact they are just SD but have a capacity to downscale a HD signal to run in his junky SD chip. I am not exited a glass to augment to count the lines but he looks this unit is projecting the real 720p signal.
Surprisingly his well for the projector. Any that would want to look you the film and use a speaker like primary source of audio, but could have has had no another option.

Are highly skeptical that this has the light FOCUSED real. It dips out of the tonne of hot, so as my Optoma projectors with traditional lights. I ask if any one has done the teardown of one of these to look reasons my money is that they are using the traditional for like this falsely is by train to allege he to be DIRECTED. To be clear, still would buy a unit in this point of the prize yes there is the traditional light; so only I take the failure has annoyed that announces.
The paper/of software is súper basic. They are using a structure of same paper so much in his $ 99 unit. There is produced controls very basic as well as a capacity to touch film of the paper by heart but a structure of whole paper feels . It was a lot of GooDee dipped some R&D to a software.
Coverage of home is very rigid; ossia in fact the good thing in my book to the equal that means that you dipped once a house is very unlikely to go to derives. A down the side is that a keystone the coverage of correction is right prójimo to a coverage of house and seat very free, probably to go to derives in his own. It is tried very difficult to take an image that is acute at all four corners, included when projecting directly to a wall (ie, no the trace of ceiling).
Any control of zoom. At all. An only way to regulate a measure of image to return your screen is the physically move a PJ more after or further was.
No very brilliant. I have seen the multiple descriptions that alleges that this PJ can be used with some lights of room on or when the environmental daylight is present. Ossia Simply any one a chance. This PJ simply is not quite brilliant to compete with another light in a room at all unless you are projecting to the esal' screen of projection, although my theory is that it has had you a estimativa for the real screen probably also buys the better projector.

In general would say I like this PJ, especially in a point of prize. For $ 200 it would say it to it that it will be you pleased. Not to expect it to treat like the unit of mark of the name (Optoma, BenQ, etc), but for $ 200 extracted surprisingly well and is the very definite step on his $ 99 SD PJs. It is not probably to impress any one looking to build the theatre of house, but is very able for the 'night of girls' slumber phase of party, backyard night of film (assuming you can maintain an environmental light to the minimum), dorm room, etc.
4 / 5
Description: GooDee 3600L Projector FOCUSED EXTERNAL
Like the educator takes and when being in this career for on thirty years, results a lot familiar with the wide row of projectors of big final. His all was excellent tools in helping me my work the present presentations of point of the power to aim educational video.
Has loved always have the projector of the mine own and, after researching, was pleasantly surprised the one who abordable is resulted. So much, I have taken one submerges and has purchased one $ 80 an on-line. Mina, was WELL, but at all has compared to a quality had grown habituada to.
After the few days to look films, my woman, the one who was also an educator, to the left know me in no uncertain terms as it disappointed was with a poor quality of a picture. Some images were dark and difficult to read text. Well, we send it to us behind.
Like the result of the more thorough investigation, has found a GooDee External 3600Lwhich was the election of the amazon chooses. A prize was adds for the 3600 lumen car.
Of then purchasing it, am blown has gone by that the projector adds ossia for a prize. A quality of a picture is imposed before. It is brilliant and crisp and could, in my opinion, competes with a lot of of a duty of the cars escoles heavy. That is more than entity, my woman is happy also.
Usually use it indoors in our room of film, but reason a built in the speakers are like this well, does not have to that hook on my external speakers when we use it to us alfresco in our yard.
An only negative experience is with a booklet of instruction -- a lettering is tiny and an illustrative map is blurred in better.
Are very happy with this compraventa and would recommend a GooDee 3600L Projector FOCUSED EXTERNAL to any one looking for the quality adds in the estimativa.
Gives 5 stars.
4 / 5
Good points: Ossia my third projector - a thing to look further of this a lumens is a negative reseloition how is like this/if no more than entity that a projector is brilliant, really easy to dip up and use, a quality of picture is a lot well without shadowing with the fast moving scenes and the colours are intrepid and has defined. A proportion of screen is one of a better there unless taken the unit of adjustable proportion (his usually cost to plot more but a quality of image finalises one same) is calmer that mine last projector and is not like this strong to the equal that maintain to wake when on or anything and once a sound is by train to touch you can not listen he in looks of quality very like this points: a boss to be able to and HDMI boss that is coming with my white projector is black??? I have used an old aim one of the mine last projector as you are not the problema.un the speaker is TROUSERS but will take this with almost all the projectors- I use he with the Sony sweeps of the his and like any precise some speakers and I would recommend this to any more. Finally some rays that is required for the trace to the cealing the mountain is very VERY THIN, like being prepared for the travesía to B&Q once the take for the trace up. ( I have used 4 3mmx12mm rays the one who apt perfectly)Also finally the good tip if ossia your 1st projector would be to look in the screen of glass beaded to use he with, in my opinion cost some extras £ like this emphasis an image on brilliantly!On all a lot of value of the money
4 / 5
has used a lot of different frames of projectors on some years. But this projector for far is an easy plus to dip up and use. I took roughly 2 minutes of inaugural a box to the fully dipped on projector. An exposure is sum . Some defenders are not that strong. A sound is better way that the projectors have paid in $ 1000 paralizaciones. I recommend this projector for any the one who is looking for the together fast arrives and his add. You can see in some photos that was in a box a AV the boss left to connect my box of boss to a projector.
4 / 5
The start of leaves was with a better characteristic of this relatively cost it of projector down.... This thing is brilliant! Look for the projector to use like the system of entertainment of full time with any he Roku or Clave to Shoot that could at all times of a day without requiring to maintain an enclosed blind window and after trying another expensive plus (and more portable) the device has decided to try this and I am like this happy has done. A quality of picture is really good and some colours are not the washes was during some means of a day with mine 3 windows has opened. Good product. He that has required he partorisca (inner and external presentations). This in spite of, is a bit bulky
4 / 5
has tried to touch the film of the USB. It tries I so that pode, could do not taking to touch and has been presented with 'all the no constant files' message.

All more done in the, but a lot usb the support was the I extracted -pause for me.

Update: service of client, Rita, emailed me roughly a product. It say that a port of USB is drawn so only to give has beaten to the small device. This contradicts a page of description and the manual of an user. I offered also the “partial repayment” to revise my description - which is reason I suspects such the economic device could have so many descriptions of 5 stars.

Spends the little more on something better.
4 / 5
Knows is not suppositions to import, but first impressions are the mine extracted BIG. A packaging of this projector is SÚPER good and projects an initial feeling of quality. I have possessed two projectors Previously to the east a: A 'cube' small projector and the estimativa-way $ 50 projector. Both of those was quite to satisfy my boys (4&6) but has had to that very sure characteristic in some more basic projectors that sent compraventas for something better. They are not the particularly avid film-watcher so it can not justify spending big bucks for one of some professional of fashionable projectors, but has loved a quite good to permanently highland in my room of the film/of basement has finalised. After sifting by means of dozens of projectors on Amazon I stumbled to the east an and has been quite impressed for some descriptions to pull one causes. I have imagined--if no alive until a hype always could return.

Well, the month later and am happy to inform that I still have a projector and am anxious to launch another positive critique to a battery. A device is built with the very solid feels and aesthetically is pleasing. And like quota another reviewers has declared--the sound is wonderful!! Projector of mine of cube has been missing of an inner speaker and one $ 50 projector has purchased has had one the majority of terrible built-touch that I asked reason his included annoyed for the comprise? I have had to use external To the SPEAKERS or he bluetooth transmitter to for separate-has has purchased speakers to take any class of his of decent quality. It was such the good surprise to finally find the projector whose source of inner audio was sufficient. Like another prize, a sound of defender is minimum and does my sound of economic projector like the lawnmower.

A quality of picture is wonderful also. A brightness and contrast was such the enormous upgrade of the mine others the most economic projectors that me to him the marvel to the equal that has tolerated his images before? Some orders of look of the image included so only projected in a wall but looks phenomenal in the screen of projection of the estimativa. My boys were excited like this to see a quality has improved that to sense like was in of the theatre of film. It was fresh that sees his mine of mirror of the reactions: a GooDee the projector was the solid 5 stars with us!
5 / 5
The projector Adds! Very calm. The sound is better way then expected especially that down powered some speakers are. His add this in spite of. Any tomb. But that expects for the watts of pair?

Picture brightness isnt terrible but the desire was better. It conceal also it can depend in your screen. The mine is an economic spandex material all these types in the amazon is selling. I have paid $ 15 for mine where some are asking around $ 30. Lame 2 screens this in spite of suck.

A projector was easy to locate. A coverage for a lentil was difficult to imagine was at the beginning. There is no info to take of one covers. As I am not sure state if the transport to him open or that. At the beginning he didnt the included look has loved to pull was. But it pulls directly it go... Perhaps twist it the bit and appeal for your first time. A lanyard to resist this coverage to a projector would have been adds it has thought.

My measure of screen is 120 thumbs . I love video games of touch!

Some far works well. So only the desire has not been black!
5 / 5
Like this it prime minister-time to use projector, was súper surprised in a quality of picture of this projector! Using the projector for theatre of the house would not go back never to the regular TV. Ossia An incredible projector . I love it! Still in the very lit room the fantastic look and in the darkest room, well, walk out of amazing! Calm will not be complaints with which first week of use.
5 / 5
Has received so only this unit today and bit it disappointed with some claims of the his brightness. We buy it to the knots so much could do presentations in the partially lit room. We love it to knots to be more brilliant of a AAXA P700 Pro which declares is 600 Lumens. A Goodee shows 3600 lumens so it expects it to be considerably more brilliant. You are not like this brilliant likes AAXA. A lot of unfortunate. A clarity is good but only no like this brilliant to the equal that has expected. It sees side for pictures lateralmente.
5 / 5
A GooDee 3600L is the projector of solid of economic video. I have bought this projector because of other descriptions, and like this far does not disappoint . A picture is brilliant and a sound are adds. Have So only a worry, accuracy by heart. Some controls of the adjustment of the colour is limited. Still in the dark room, could not take some paints to burst they like this look in mine mirrored portable. But I am very satisfied like this far, and fulfil my needs to be the light weight portable projector with built in sound.
A word of precaution when considering this projector, an only means to regulate a measure of a screen is moving a projector. If you are not flexible on where desire to locate a projector or a measure of a screen, can want look in another projector with him lenses to regulate a measure of screen.
4 / 5
Has purchased this projector after reading descriptions on Amazon and other sources in a web. The majority was positive alleging clear pictures , cleaned in the projector of estimativa. Yes, it is the projector of estimativa , and with this I will give you my incite after possessing he for 4 month.
In the first place was, are trace this in dark basement where the natural sunlight is minimum. This projector says it can sustain 1080 and concealed is in 60hz. In now that the imports have purchased this to touch video games and sports of clock and film. A quality is subpar but that expects for a prize. Looking mark of look of football 480p how is blurry and unclear like this unless the sound shot it still his any one 1080 quality. This projector is effected also for light, has included the minimum light will effect a quality of image of this projector to the equal that has declared previously his in basement of mine where the small windows with invidentes is has closed often.

The audio is of entity of mine as well as I have purchased the pricey Consent sounder system so only to discover has any way to connect see any of his HDMI ports. I have bought the monster to the boss to fix this @@subject and is well. Besides, a projector blurs the averages a screen and I have read revises to declare a projector has soiled lentil (any one a chance), or he isnt trace proportionally to a screen (which is). For a moment this projector will do excepts is any able way to stand up to all some claims and of the descriptions. It does not recommend purchasing this projector as it projector of theatre of the house and will begin to research other options during Black Friday.
5 / 5
This projector has the native resolution of 720p, which is average in this point of prize, a sound is well, and his defenders are not too many strong neither, is the propiciado by has bitten near this in spite of, but while it calms is not also the neighbour shouldnt subject. A subject only has with this projector is some colours . Some temperatures of the colour and contrast look odd, some darknesses are too dark and some aims are too many brilliants. Also it has the spectre to paint limited, can not take sure colours. It feels he likes look the film by means of the blurry window, still can look a film, but so only does not feel legislation. For gaming, there is roughly 1/3 according to delay, but ossia to be expected besides projectors, like this TVs have time of the fastest response comparatively.
4 / 5
A pros: This thing is one of some the majority of versatile electronic devices has has not used never. It was useful for the long time, long (while hard). As you can see for a photo of a backside of a projector, he VGA, HDMI x 2, USB, RGB (RCA), and SD paper. I have found a port of USB to be especially versatile; accommodate any clave of only USB, but walks of USB also. ( I have tried the USB DVD walk, but no probably reason need the engine a projector does not have ; any he ding, so only an observation.) A quality of his of some speakers is good and a level of excellent volume.

In an of some descriptions on Amazon, any one has written that some ports of USB were so only to resupply can, concealed is not true. One of some ports is clearly labeled like him 5v exited to be able to the which can be used partorisca to devices likes him Goggle Chromecast. As the one who am concerned, ossia the more any one the negative.

Now for a gilipollas (and does not have any a lot of): it Likes the quota has mentioned, ossia the projector of half darkness , but a picture is of good quality once in this half. The reproduction by heart was like this vivid like the monitor by heart.
Another smaller annoyance is that it can not find the way to regulate a time of exposure or turn of an advance of car of photo when using a program of native exposure for photo. It can have the so only could do not finding.

In general, for a money, ossia an excellent to buy and it projector very good.
5 / 5
Has bought this reason ours another projector ossia much older has subject. We love films of look in ours backyard and interior also. Hardly you go in have have to that the try. A projector has surprised HD quality. We look a BlueRay film on he last night and a quality was utmost. It looks well in the dark or the decrease of light room but to good sure looks more in the entirely dark room. It is also really calm like calm does not listen he during a film that is the thing adds. I want to as big taking (much bigger that my television) and is supposed also to last for the long time. They are very happy with this projector and would recommend it to another.
4 / 5
Is well for the basic projector. In the first place for a prize will say that it is still treat add, but after the use to look multiple films, sports, and some TVs the shows is good but a quality of picture could be better. They are mine of trace of a ceiling roughly 12 ft of a screen and have the hard time that takes a clear whole screen. Usually it has some corners blurry and some aims or clear means extracted. When To the plot of motion is going in tends to look low resolution. A brightness looks to be no like this as well as they say. My room of means comunicacionales is in basement of mine without windows, as when some lights are on, a screen is hardly visible with a projector that is on, which is well but so only annoying when transfer of a projector and am seating in complete darkness fumbling for the light transmission. Some speakers are in fact quite well, of some rinds is directly under a projector thinks these helps but he can be listened clearly of a whole room that it is the good measure . Neither it has been it takes the defective one but can see the place in an upper left of my screen that is not like this brilliant likes rest of a screen. In general it does not complain the buying and would do it throughout again, and will be to look punctual for the better quality a, but now was that to look for when it comes to projectors and will maintain this around for the external films or something likes him concealed.
4 / 5
Has purchased TWO of this based in descriptions other people. I unboxe and is trace one of them and there is remarked IMMEDIATELY the drastic difference in quality.

1. Crispness - No only was some images a lot of crisp of this mine of projector newer old plus (purportedly dimmer 3,500L) the projector has had crisp flanges around on screen wording.

2. Colour - without a sake of the comparison CAN not remark, this in spite of this projector has not gone so only a lot of darker shadows, but the colours have not looked correct that have seen in mine monitor.

3. Any ZOOM - is stuck manually moving it more after or further of your screen and trying manually regulate house. There is SO ONLY the coverage of home, any coverage of ZOOM in a lentil. A paper a lot included offers the option of digital zoom. BIG loses!

3. Keystone Coverage of correction? - Very basic, only movements in a direction that so only leave for tabletop keystone correction a lot highland of the ceiling.
4 / 5
Has not been quite brilliant. Substitute he Viewsonic pjd5134 projector, which has aimed slides in the room during a day, with an open window and light of ceiling on, but these some doors in comparison. Cela One was quite brilliant to read a writing easily, but this one is hardly visible in these conditions. I will require something with 2800 lumens or more. This a does not say the one who lumens has. But in the darkest room, some looks of picture a lot
4 / 5
Ossia the very good projector . It is very calm and produces the very good picture. A room has to that be the little darkness , any full light. I am using he for the presentations that / buses. I owe that turn some lights was or dim lights (when ossia an option ). When I Use some more expensive projectors do not owe that dim some lights... But have hundreds of sides of dollars more. A room does not need to be dark, any light. So only it can not be full light. Ossia An only reason gave it 4 stars.

Overal, This projector is easy to use and well value of the money.
5 / 5
Had excited really roughly taking this projector for my use of house, but was like this disappointed when it aims was obvious that has received any one is returned projector bc a lentil was scuffed on and has had scratches in a backside of a projector. I can not it believe has been sent the projector has used ! You plan on using he for my slideshow of anniversaries of the daughters this weekend and also to have some friends on to look some games using this is there is disappointed really.
4 / 5
My current laptop LG the projector is in decline, and looked around partorisca another partorisca my room. My LG the projector quality resupplied very decent as have has wanted to something in a same level but neither has wanted to break my bank. Never listened of this mark, but has such a lot of estimating has given like this the try it.
Pros: A lot brilliant. I have not expected something this low brilliant $ 300, could look film while some windows are opened. Of course a darkness more a room a better some images. They are not lying in a definition, a lot vivid and big has has defined images. A far control is súper light, and that controls the poster is a lot the friendly user.
Gilipollas: In spite of good images, some far corners of a screen, could say that the words/ of images take the little smear was. Any súper clear. Has a screen in around 200', calms a do one a screen a small plus, improvement.
Some speakers are not impressive and has not appreciated some bass. You recommend to take the separate speakers
A projector produces quite some heat, but no excessive and in the calm room can listen a defender the little bit
One the big thing with this projector is, out of many times used it, once or two times an image has begun to shake and has has had to that the the turn was and the turn on again. Usually turning it was and on again fixed the. So only steps two times out of a lot of weeks of use.
>>In general, thus prize, this projector fulfils all my expectations. The few years when a light bulb has died so only would buy the new car more than taking the new bulb like these expensive projectors.
5 / 5
Ossia the sub$ 200 projector, dipped your expectations consistently. A prize is quite impossible to beat, and a projector is to good sure sufficient to resupply the experience of theatre of basic house. With the screen, moderates amp, and basic 5.1 speakers, our side of whole theatre less than a lot of mid-projectors of level! Be sure to verify for deaths of pixels, hairs, fingerprints.

In the dark room, a picture is brilliant and equally has lit. Some colours are well, bit it oversaturated, but good. Before I have connected the together of basic speakers has tried the speaker of a projector is and was surprisingly strong and clear, although certainly it calms will not take a lot of lows out of them. Noise of the defender is not too bad.

The control of looks of quality bit it problematic - my prime minister of these projectors has had the big fingerprint and the pocolos scratches in a lentil, the together small of deaths of pixels, and that has thought was too-blurry flanges. The amazon has shipped the substitution without requiring to expect for a prime minister to be returned (30 days to do that). These second looks bit it less blurry in some flanges, mostly correlating to a quantity of keystone the correction has used. Also it has the hair that aims near of an upper centre of an exposure, to somewhere in an interior for behind a lentil (any way to take touched of of him). I am planning to try this one for the bit to see if it acts for us.

A keystone correction, while the good characteristic, presents to plot to blur. They are unable to maintain house by means of a whole of image projected (roughly 13' of a screen, -100” diag), but is something are well with and is so only really noticeable with text.

Has any zoom of image in this projector, which mean precise to be sure to take your correct distance before slowly of trace in the permanent setup. No the surprised, no extracted he-breaker for us, but something to consider.

Setup Details
the projector is trace to a ceiling, to the rovescio, in the 13x24 soiled of basement with the 7' ceiling. The screen is the Homegear 110” motorised screen, recessed to a ceiling. The sources of video are PS3, PS4, and AppleTV 4k. The sound is resupplied for Monoprice basic 5.1 box of speaker and the refurb Onkyo TX-676, which has dual HDMI was and use of leaves of a projector or the TV. The control is at present the Mate of Harmony, but can be transmission this in the near future continuous have the difficulty that dips it up.
4 / 5
Purchase this projector to start with that builds our basement in a room of entertainment. We have tried and it is returned several projectors because of quality and subject technicians of the poorest picture. A GooDee the projector has solved everything of that. While not perfecting, a GD the projector can create the enormous screen, those shines without noticeable pixelating. Hook of knots he until the Roku to look Netflix, Prime, Hulu, etc. Is the beautiful picture . My only complaint is that it is not to clear like this to take one the majority of his out of semi-detached surrounds / bar of his, etc. --At least when using a To The CONNECTION. We buy the little theatre to house the speaker dips to comprise two speakers of satellite and the big subwoofer, and has expected cover it and game in full wattage. Some speakers could dip was until 50 watts (I knows, knows, this is to exaggerate. Has the 50 watt electrical guitar amp this rattle a windowpanes of a whole house if I cranked the on). But when knots plugged in a together, a sound was much lower that volume of the same—idea when turned all a way on (street some speakers). As we return a together of speaker, he imagining was the question with that. In the Then pay the little too much for the dual subwoofer bar of sound. Good name, big wattage, but has had a subject same. It results, you have to go in by means of the settings of the his of a projector (easy to do with some far or keys on projector) and fiddle with a start of sound. If it love plenary to surround wattage, precise select esurround' of a paper of options of sound. You LOOK! More his that required. Like this now, for less than $ 400, has the entirely in satisfactory system of theatre of the house. I have seen the poorest pictures on much more expensive projectors, like this GooDee is the good compraventa.
4 / 5
Does not comprise reason a description has said 1080p. Included an Image of a Product has 1080p has underlined. So only it projects 1280768. This is not 1080p and is not 16:9. It is 16:10 in better which can look the small difference but in 100+ diagonal of thumbs will take to the plot of horizontal space has squandered. I owe that it has touched it around with this thing for hours that looks for to imagine out of that was bad, has the setting messed on, perhaps my device of the entrance has not been to dip correctly. Then I have begun finally look more afterwards in a description and he clearly have said 1280768.

Averts of of the this and a fact that now will have squandered space in mine 100' 16:9 screen, a projector is very solid. A picture is clear and a sound is in fact quite good. I have had some speakers dipped on loans to go and when I have turned a projector on and has touched something a sound was like this very has not annoyed hooking his up. I probably still but a point is would be GOOD without any one.

My purpose was to touch video games in my office and a lot that has to that take on a TV of living room to do like this. As I am not looking film of big time or it using like the TV regulates that device of looks. I pull down a screen, turn in a projector, touches some PS4, gone back goes, surrounds on a screen and behind to a real world.

Mina 3 stars are based in an inaccurate and confusing description. It does not help neither that a lot a Client has Answered the questions confirm is 16:9!! A simple measuring the tape and the calculator will try that wrong.

16 Hendido for 9 east . Measure a picture projected and do a mathematics, the width hendido for height. You take which is 1280768.

Would want to be tried wrong and distinguished to the equal that to take some 16:9. Felizmente Will update this description!!
5 / 5
Update: one the new projector has arrived. For a prize looks very brilliant with the good image. We use it to knots alfresco in the 120 screen of thumb. While trying inner some speakers were more than pertinent, this in spite of outsides I calm suggest you hook on an external speaker. Unless you are in the mostly closed in describing a sound is not enough. For one looks of excellent prize and I hope to use it often for nights of films.

Original: Our element has arrived unusable and equally likes could have been of the leading turn? Some slides of home has been frozen in place and immovable, a lentil is had printed of toe in the when it covers he of lentil has been takes for a first time and has not been seated in a car properly (which would be reason some wheels of the house would not turn ).
Has has ordered immediately the substitution and hope that this one will be in working functions out of a box. You update a description when we receive the working unit, but for now was the any stars .
4 / 5
Will not find the better projector unless paid $ 1000 or more. This projector, is brilliant, calm, easy to use, and add to look film in the big screen. I have looked in a 8 foot diagonal screen with a projector roughly 8.5 feet were. Still with the environmental light in other rooms was brilliant abundance and very clear. Easy to use far also. Has abundance of the connections that comprises two HDMI connectors and more than abundance of USB other formats. It comes with the 6' HDMI boss also.
4 / 5
Has had this projector for the weeks of pair now. Utilisation this like the television and have my laptop has connected his. An image is like this clear and a projector any very a lot of noise. Has several projectors to the equal that use for projects escoles for an old plus of mine are boys, presentations of Work for me, and like him use to look films or video games of game in the giant screen also. This one was impressive of a start. It is quell'has bitten main that one of some another has and one same likes another. The wise weight is probably around 3lbs. It is quite light that my boys can move it around. Has multiple entrances of VGA to HDMI. I have connected the clave to shoot his TV and there is utmost fact. There are multiple ways to regulate a picture. Has 3 legs to regulate a height of a screen, 2 able ray and a forward that drops down when it stimulate up. Has the horizontal keystone slider. A vertical is automatic that reads well but calms that can do manually too much. A sound of a speaker is better that other projectors that has used. There is no headphone jack has wanted to add an external speaker. Has wireless LAN also the one who read well. I have not gone also able of the take to do well with my laptop of windows. It comes with the far like my another some do not have and ossia a awesome characteristic. Some far controls a proportion of appearance, way by heart, way of entrance, page on and down, and zoom among other things. It is quite handy. In general it say that ossia the product of better quality that has used in a past and would recommend it .
4 / 5
Ossia The excellent little projector!
-The picture is very easy to regulate for clarity.
-Brightness Is very a lot still with the reasonable quantity of environmental light.
-A noise of defender is minimum.
-A temperature takes bit it warm, but very so much that it is the question .
-A quality of his this quite well so that attended. It was quite strong to be the distraction for any in another room. So much, this was the pleasantly unexpected surprise .
- HAS the corner has limited to regulate a screen. We require it to knots to corner so only the fraction more to do a corner of picture correctly. But, certainly it is not the breaker of extracted.
In general, strike adds for a buck!
4 / 5
I Amazon has contacted almost for the turn of the defective projector.

Has had raisin of fellow was last Saturday and his celebration of the service of life is today in 2 PM.

Has had has finalised so only the presentation of video and has been for the verify is gone in a projector that is some first time have had the occasion for the try.

My heart literally prendido when I turned it on and has had any paper to the kick has not had any exposure anything all looked well but could not see the paper there is showed.

Rey-Read a bit manual of instruction and verifed all and finally looked in a lentil.

Is that it is then when have remarked that this was in fact the coverage of the lentil returned and any to the lentil how is an illustrated in a manual.

Nowhere is instructed to take this coverage of lentil!!!

I slowly in those contact a company and informing of this error together with pictures that I posted here.

With which have take a lentil covers all was a lot of and shows a walk of USB MP4 is and HDMI INCOME. Some works of his well.
4 / 5
My primary reason to buy this projector was to look TV in a bed while looking in a ceiling. Reason a ceiling is white and slowly and would not require to do work very extra for a screen.
Know the types could find odd. But when being the DIY the type there is wanted always something different.
But after the pair of day has decided to entertain my nephews for a night of camp and external film.
And has loved that. And instantly you result defender of this projector.

The quality of picture is better way that has expected. That also depends in a screen and the one who dark a room is.
He Has the habit of 2K TV of quality the images then can have any taken. HIS A PROJECTOR Any 4K TV.
Does not have any motion blurs.
Can regulate a lentil for him CRISP image.
His easy to setup and it beginning that touches without any manuals
the SPEAKER is strong. That was calm surprised with east. Although I have used 5.1 I joint up for the better quality of sound.
Ramps of partidário on when a light takes hot. Which is understandable. But his was obviously quite that a half project has seen in my office.


Mostly uses HDMI with my TV of apple. But has another connectivity.
1 5V USB Is exited
1 Audio Out of
1 Headphone Out of
1 microUSB

My neighbour on
So only TX-NR727 with Bose 5.1 acoustimas system
TV of Apple
85 screen of thumb.
The projector there is not locating in a ceiling.

Has to that share the history. I have taken this projector my party of Anniversary of the friends and has used this projector to touch behind in a rear earth with all some memories have had in picture and of the video of last two years.
A whole presentation was in the loop and has behind touched in a chance for 6 hours directly without any subject.
And now his backside in my house again.
5 / 5
I do not love shell out of $ 500+ partorisca the projector so only would use sparingly partorisca look the outsides of sportive chances, as it have tried the election of the amazon partorisca the $ 100 projector that was included go down with treating he of a day. ANY ONE ANNOYING ! It is it is returned immediately, has bought this and has crossed my toes is worth it, and totally is.

Calm the favour and shell out of an extra $ 100 partorisca east. It is all would want to and more paralizaciones down $ 200. The picture adds concealed is quite brilliant to show still external before it is fully dark (still needs to be mostly dark, but is impressive this in spite of). Convenient far to regulate volume and surprisingly very built-in of the speakers ( can hook he until external speakers was a audiophile, but is the strong abundance on is adapted if you are not concerned too much with big-def sound).

100 recommends is looking for an external projector or so only taking your feet wet to sees wants to invest in the expensive plus setup down a street.
5 / 5
Has bought this projector for a chance of exploitation of external film in mine backyard. It can not be more state pleased with a quality of picture, brightness and a sound (although I have decided to hook on mine in-home surround system of his player of his blue ray, which was súper easy). I have it quell'has connected of the mine Ruko clave with a resupplied HDMI boss and streamed Netflix by means of a projector, has attached my JBL Bluetooth speaker with one To the BOSS, and has used included a HDMI to connect my MacBook to the equal that could look films of toe and old house by means of photo by means of a projector.
5 / 5
Was skeptical at the beginning, likes a lot of people because of a prize and that I have thought has known in projectors. Man, is coming the long way! This 3800L has surprised! I have looked Wreck Ralph 2 and Avengers War of Infinity (street the roku clave) in the and is surprising! I connected it to some big speakers so it can not speak to an inner speaker, but with him connected to an outside some, feels like the mini theatre. An only downside would be that it has to that be dark outside to take a really good quality picture. If it is still light , no attended to be able to see a film of whole/scene. In general, they are 150 happy with him and my boys love it! Going to look a big fight next weekend on he (Canelo vs Jacobs).
4 / 5
Global verdict: This projector is in no way perfect, but is validate quite well for money. If you are not picky and in the estimativa, is probably the option adds. I have connected the chromecast his and use he in my chamber for film at night late and youtube clips. It controls some clips of video for a brightness in of the different situations.

- Point of prize abordable
- Sufficiently brilliant for dimly has has lit rooms and utmost for dark rooms
- qualities of Reasonable picture and built-touch which is surprisingly deccent for random use.
- Options of good connectivity: two HDMI in of the ports, a VGA in port, start to be able to of the useful USB for powering to to devices like Chromecast, Of USB and SD income of paper for means comunicacionales. 3.5 mm Exit of audio for use with headphones.
- Able to do like this standalone the player that USB of uses or SD paper.
- Comes with Far control, HDMI boss and bosses of audio

- is to good sure a lot quite brilliant to be used during day or in of the brilliant rooms unless it plan use he in a minimum distance.
- Has any 'zoom' characteristic, like the measure of screen is determined strictly reason far was a screen is of a projector. A minimum distance of a screen is roughly 51 thumbs has given the screen that is 36 thumbs for 21 thumbs (these are approximate numbers as not to resist me manager his accuracy!).
- Support for 1080p the entrance is by means of downsampling no native resolution.
- Is questionable is the technology FOCUSED in fact reason the the defender is constantly audible and pumping warm air.
5 / 5
Buy this projector for Navidad 2018. It is less state of the year and some colours/of picture are distorted. Tried all a shooting of question and at all looks to fix a projector. We buy it to us because some descriptions were quite good. The this in spite of ask that shortly after his purchaces some descriptions have been written. Entirely disappointed in a product and will not buy never the GooDee produced again. Consulting another to remain was also. All the world has said that a projector is the compraventa economic , but in $ 189 dollars would expect it to last more than 9 month.
5 / 5
Has received so only this projector today and am excited like this for the aim was. A first time I bought has not had a far control to the equal that have has had to that the turn. This time avenges with all some connectors like a HDMI boss, usb boss, and far control. A resolution is very clear and some exposures of screen in big quality. It is very brilliant. I have enjoyed to touch my film in a house of big screens.
5 / 5
Good Solid build. It resupplies the good clear picture without the entirely dark room. It likes like this of an infrared receiver is in both a front and behind. I have seated enough near of a projector and there is not remarked a noise of partidário unless I have done the point for the listen. A quality of sound was a lot. Surprised me which well the projector is for down 200 bucks.
5 / 5
Has bought previously one $ 70 projector on Amazon to the equal that could have something to use in a backyard and when my boys want to something to touch video games on when sleeping on in the house of his prime minister. This in spite of, with a firepit in quickly and a brilliant moonlight in a backyard, a projection in a backyard the screen was difficult to see. I have not loved to spend more than $ 200 in the projector that would be used for a backyard or when travelling, as I have decided to give this one tries it.

Is more brilliant that has expected. It say that ossia 2 to 3 brilliant times that ours $ 70 projector, to a point that there is tired sense that tries to look one $ 70 projector when treating the side-for-try lateralmente in my wall of basement (the lights were on but dim). In fact, his brightness comes more afterwards to a projector are trace for my theatre of house. The sound is also better that expected after changing some settings of the his in a paper. I do not think precise mine external speakers anymore, which would have to save in setup time for a last-small backyard parties.

Another has mentioned the light to blur in some flanges, which assume relates to maximum keystone adjustments that looks quite common with these types of projectors. This in spite of, am able to tweak a house quite that any the commentaries . This projector is the value adds and am very pleased with him.
5 / 5
A Goodee the projector is exceptional in him;s classifies of prize. A House and Keystone has to that be regulated by test and error for the perfect picture and text. A projector is not on the dot for him but connecting the ChromeCast has done one truco.un the picture is clear crystal to the equal that can be seen in some photos, these photos are takings while the video of ChromeCast Prime/ of Amazon of the Youtube is projected in the wall. I owe still install the screen of projector but a test of the screen of the projector has aimed improvement a lot well has compared to a wall. A quality of his of a projector is awesome but for a subwoofer the effect of basses requires a system of external speaker. Has has connected speakers of his outsides (5.1 Canal) by means of one To era and a start of the his this a lot of clear of all some speakers. There is the light difference in a quality of his of some External speakers when connected to a real source more than a projector (touching the DVD in the player of DVD and that connects a source of Video to Projector and Audio directly of DVD to the External speakers had aimed improvement). In general it projector a lot well, am satisfied with a product and recommend it to any the one who is looking for the lovely projector with video of quality and audio .
4 / 5
Ossia A projector of prime minister I never bought, but use enough the little in work, as I have known roughly to the equal that to expect.

The quality of image is quite well, better that has expected. Marcos for a enjoyable experience familiarised. The sound is also quite well, but for a immersive the experience obviously would want to attach external speakers.

Some leaves of projector for 2 HDMI gone in, and entrance of clave of the USB. A defender is audible when a projector is running, possibly bit it stronger that would love it. A box has said that a unit pulls 135 watts, and has measured 130. So much, I comprise a need for defenders, and once a film is on, is not too bad.

In general, would say that it is the good compraventa has spatial for the projector setup.
4 / 5
I love this projector. Wow, This projector really surprise! Now I can setup my theatre of house. An exposure is very clear, brilliant and acute. I have connected he with my box of television of the Android and law perfectly! An exposure is impressive especially in a dark room! They are by train partorisca use it partorisca look film almost every night.
5 / 5
Has has loved always the good projector with characteristic excellent that will be suitable for entertainment of house. So much, I have been he advances and has ordered this GooDee projector, and all can say is excellent! I have not been never like this happier in my life. This projector has surpassed my expectations with his amazing characteristics. An installation was quite easy reason any time have had arrives and that careers. Ossia When it has arrived mine that I any precise of the external speakers to supplement he, a sound are to add and the crystal clears with no interferences anything. Prpers Having treated other first projectors, sincerely will say that I am impacted entirely for a quality of picture. An image is acute and vibrant, and a brightness is surprisingly better. Also it avenges with a HDMI boss in any extra cost. The difference of mine leading projector which would not touch all the formats of video, this projector touches everything. I have not seen never it shows any unsupported the text of format has begun of then use the. My familiar has had the experience of fantastic entertainment for two month now, and like this far, sees at all bad with him. A far is still intact, some works of projector well, and does not have any remorse roughly buying this projector. Another thing is that it is a lot of abordable, any one can expect such characteristic so only of the lowly the projector priced. For any that looks for the economic value the projector, chooses is one, calm will not complain at all!
5 / 5
At the beginning has not been sure roughly purchasing this projector of estimativa. They are the professional of business speaker and corporate trainer and my lifelong the finally broken projector down. I have read the pair of like this like this the descriptions and I have promoted for the buy of the mine estimativa has not been that big. To receive this is to be surprise in as light is compared to a forward a, for me concealed is of entity of the travesía during one that comprises, comes a HDMI boss and the convenient far control, as has has not had to do to to the additional costs like with my projector of old. It has had the habit of VGA but HDMI is like this mejor.yo the first test in a living room against the white wall and I has been surprised for an acuteness of an image in spite of being in the considerable distance. Has the minileg to the equal that can regulate a corner of an image. When I screened my video in the pertinent screen looks like this characteristic that there is not remarked when I have bought has been is built in of the speakers that has the level of good volume and is very clear. This except spending my additional speakers, as it was another fabulous more. There is remarked that there is a MicroSD space of paper and two put you of USB, Like this far has used only spaces of the paper of then are a photographer interested of my spare time and I likes him see some shots that has produced, am surprised in a quality of one , GooDee gave the good surprise, recommend it any been due to a money can save but for an excellent product that is.
5 / 5
So that it is well, ossia a prime minister the modern projector has has not bought never has possessed/. A so only another projector I own is a 8mmm/Súper 8 a that uses to aim old films my grandfather has used to take when it was the boy . So much, they are not an expert but is easy to say ossia the solid piece of technology.

Has purchased he for my undertaken to the equal that do presentations that owes big groups with the powerpoint presentation. Has has wanted to something to spend so that it has not had to depend in these locations in that have projector/of television/etc. to do this work with the Mac portable, calm only precise have the Lightning to HDMI adapter. Calm simply covers a HDMI fines to HDMI 1 in rear of Goodee projector and another to an adapter (that it would have to be it plugged to your computer obv). Then boom - see your screen of computer by means of a projector. It can not be easier. Quality of the perfect picture.

Afte Has tried that the characteristic was and @@give which well this thing was, has loved to try out of the film. I have used the resemblance HDMI adapter for my iPhone and so only likes that we look the film in my wall of living room. For reference, this TV is to 60 in and looks tiny compared to an image in a wall on. Also the lights were on and an image was still crisp and acute. A sound was impressive but connecting to the additional speakers will be your better bet for the experience of true theatre. A defender in a projector is down but and some diagrams has not taken hot with which 2 hours of use.

Can not expect until state so it can spend these outsides and of the films of clock ...Well, anywhere!
5 / 5
Never has seen of the projector in the house of my partner, has loved to experience one same in my house. Entertainment to look the films in big screen is different but had limited estimativa and the projector looked for of estimativa.

This satisfied projector all my requirements. A projector is coming with hdmi boss, usb boss, far and manual of instruction.

Easy the setup, has connected my box of android via hdmi boss. Setup A projector in pertinent distance (Unfortunately, this projector does not sustain regulating a width of screen saws projector. You owe literally move a projector to plant wished to take a measure of precise screen). Regulate a house that control of uses of house and beats calm slant the screen that use keystone control.

An exposure is clear for the projector of estimativa. Quality of his east stereo but will require external speakers that can connect it use To the BOSS, yes loves to enjoy surround sounds.

A projector there is VGA and 2 HDMI sources of entrance. Calm also can connect walk of USB and micro SD to look film, songs or photos.

To connect mobile device, will require MHL bosses ( I any tried but has seen he in the house of my partner, as I know is possible)

am satisfied with a product. I will update this description, see any subjects. Hopefully, will update a firmware to enable regulating a width of screen without emotional a projector.
5 / 5
Has purchased the mini protective done the month but am returned that has taken this one instead. They are like this happy has done the right decision . It is pricey but worthy each penny spends .
4 / 5
The projector are add, that shines etc. A thing would expect that they would consider in futures upgrades would be neither create the way to regulate a measure of picture electronically or manually. I really like this projector, but probably will owe that advance of movement to do an image returns one spatial that loves it to return to, but liked tucked was and a lot hangs it is gone in a half of a room. Adding that the characteristic would do these products goes of adds the exceptional. This projector is substituting an old stalwart the projector has possessed for 8-10 years, the Panasonic PT-AX200U projector, which has been such the car adds fore me, but in timing gone in an element inside a projector dimmed and still with the new bulb a projector is not returned to the original glory of him that doing almost impossible to look. This was the $ 1300 projector when I bought it and has been drawn for an experience of cinema to the equal that as it can estimate the projector that cost the fraction of a prize like this highly and the mark has not listened never of too much. Enough simply, it was economic and a risk to purchase it was down, more when I turned it in the first place on knew it would do a work, minus an additional movement to do return my current screen. A Goodee is quite brilliant for the moderately lit room, but has to that admit that my rooms are always in a dark side. Secondly It Uses technology of the bulb CONCENTRATED and the claims will last 30,000 hours this is likes run a projector for 3.5 years, 24/7 without the pause, andf felt it is cost a risk. Like this far I am happy but has been so only the day. The port has tried a sound and I probably any, but is an option for some. I think that that this projector will travel well and reason has the variety of hook on option to comprise two HDMI ports and ports of USB, more an option of the SD paper, probably for photo.

In general is the good device and the savings of sides in frames of name. It looks to be durable and has the value with some a lot of options resupplies.
5 / 5
A projector is very perfect for us to use in a room of bed and a living room. Has resolution a lot well in a darkness, the map is Big definition , but no only reason connected to HDMI, is a projector really has a good map on that. When Management all a light was, is gone in the well of big white wall, is likes film of look in theatre. Also have a good quality when looking television. It is very easy to setup, has like this the connectors can use in this projector, is same like another big mark there but with the lowest prize, the friendly user. It is it likes to have the small theatre in your room of bed, any one @subjects that measured of the room of bed has. A speaker is WELL, but calm always could connect to the external speaker needs his best, but when gone back a volume to some level, is still A lot too bad. In general our amour familiarised he a lot!!!
4 / 5
Direct the on and is blurry, taken of one covers of lentil.

My husband and I have had the pair of projectors now. I have been tired to require to peel out of hundreds of the dollars for something concealed so only last the years of pair. This projector gives a capacity to change a light in a future (or I so that attended). This unit is easier that direct because of some big dials. It has been able to regulate a screen tilt to return a direction of projection. When He in the first place dipped the up there was light but any image.
Some directions have forgotten to mention one covers of clear lentil. It is stuck in tight but will exit.
Use an external speaker as we can not testify to a quality of sound. By means of the estimated 10 distance of feet, a escreen' is roughly 7'-8' wide, enormous. In general we have it there is enjoyed a lot this projector and hard hope the Very long time.
5 / 5
This projector rid acute and clear image a lot enough for small zone. A sound of a projector is well, but is does not have quite a lot of bass. It recommends a system of his outside for a better experiencing while looking film. A format of file was capture and record is so only the quality of half (720p). A picture of Avenger is in 1080p and big quality

Top Customer Reviews: WiFi Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The projector that is easy to love. It is the small projector ('x6'x3') but is uploaded with characteristic. The entrances comprise Composite audio/of video, HDMI, VGA, USB, WIFI, and Miracast. If one east using HDMI, Composite, USB, or Miracast then the sound is automatically routed to a built-arrive-parleur. Partorisca VGA, the audio can be run to the entrance of audio of a projector. A product comprises AC boss partorisca be able to, a HDMI boss, far (any battery), cleaning cloth and cotton swabs, spent of lentil, the Fast Start and Manual of User, and the tri-pod.

A projector uses the die of the mountain of camera regulates like this can be trace in any tri-pod or locate concealed uses the ray of the mountain of camera regulates. A distributed tri-the pod resists a projector a lot of securely. Besides it uses the gimbal traces it like a projector can be easily tilted on or down, and together side. A costruttore recommends to project of 6' distance. A camera will direct like this near of 41' of a screen and more than 10' was. In 41' launch the measure of screen of 50' the diagonal is achieved, in 6' launch a picture that the result is 5' diagonally and in 10' one the resultant picture is 9' diagonally. These measures of screen are with a camera dipped to the 16:9 Proportion of Appearance. It can be dipped to the 4:3 Proportion of the appearance yes has wished. A projector has the wide row of the available adjustments that comprises the Dynamic picture, Proportion of Appearance, Keystone, House, Brightness, and Contrast.

Does not maintain the TV in our chamber. I recently setup a projector in our chamber and connected it to the mine telephone that use Miracast screen mirroring. We were able to look films 9' diagonally in our walls. A sound of a projector is monaural but was strong and clear abundance; easy to comprise a dialogue.

A characteristic I really likes is that the video can be touched of the USB flashes walk. I have had other projectors that so only would do still pictures of USB. This means one could upload on the clave by heart of the USB and have the available multiple films in the travesía vacacional without requiring a source of entrance! Cela The enormous profit.

A Miracast Screen Mirroring the capacity is very good. An unusual profit has is that any WIFI the connection is required. In fact a Miracast the function no yes WIFI is enabled in a Sunspark 500W. The majority of Screen Mirroring applications an author has used partorisca require both devices be in some same WIFI coverage. They are able to video of current by means of my connection of the mobile data like this characteristic bad can connect my telephone partorisca screen mirroring he has the WIFI the connection or the no. Ossia enormous!

A video snapshot is on state taken partorisca aim the video that is to be touch in daylight of room. It is easily watchable. This projector is an excellent election partorisca take for familiarised or business holidays boardrooms.

Are very impressed with this product and am sure go to take my money cost of him! Highly it recommends partorisca you are loving the personal projector with characteristic big and able of audio and good video.
5 / 5
Ossia One of some portable projectors the best has seen. A house is easy to regulate and has an adjustment partorisca Keystone, which means if a projector is lower in the height that a picture has projected, a picture will be wider in an upper that a fund. As you can dip some flanges of a vertically diverse picture although a projector is seating in an earth to use a Keystone adjustment. Also it has the good inner speaker for inner use, but need more volume for external use, has the discharges of receptacle he in headphones or external speakers. It accepts and projects of HDMI, VGA and AV connections, more is wifi. You can common of the yours telephone or discharges in a hard walk outside or walk of thumb, and has the Mini SD space of paper. It comes with the far control (the any one has comprised battery) and has add it onscreen system of paper that comprises the plot of adjustments likes contrast and brightness, his, etc. Is very easy to dip up and can be arrive-and-running is small. He so much screen mirroring of the yours telephone and fusion of screen (iOS only). It will touch almost any format of the available film, and will touch any resolution up by means of 1080P. It calms that can dip to project front, behind or ceiling. The ration of appearance is 4:3 and 16:9 (transport). And, it can touch Music, Photo, and Text of your entrance. It will project of 35' screen all a way until the 240' screen. I know it you will like him. I can not think of anything could love the projector to do that this one can any one .
4 / 5
This device is excellent for a point of the prize and I recommend a direct (wire fence) connections for better action. Out of a box, one first what to do is to turn this in that's that he in the wall to see some on-papers of screen. Home a view, then, using a far control resupplied ( has to that distribute the pair of AAA battery), cruised by means of some papers to configure a device and add he in your house wifi coverage. A wifi the connection is required so only yes is treating wireless screen mirroring.

Has tried a screen mirroring the characteristic that use my Lenovo compressed of Android as found a screen mirroring device immediately in a same wifi coverage. This device sustains AirPlay and MiraCast but any GoogleCast. Well remark this any all devices of Android sustain MiraCast (the pixel of Google is the chance on the dot, reason so only sustains GoogleCast). It was able to share my screen without subjects has seen MiraCast. A screen that the actions have comprised both audio and video. Like the test, has touched the film in my pill that I mirrored to a projector. It could listen an audio to film clearly out of a unit of projector. Had pixelation errors here and there but ossia reasons in my test a HD street of film has projected wifi has had to crosses a wifi coverage two times: once of my server of means comunicacionales my pill, and as, of my pill to a projector. Besides, my pill is not particularly powerful.

In general, and excellent device, and am very happy with him.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my edges to use in university to the equal that with the youngest people a lot of today, does not have the TV. A current generation eats his entertainment has seen his mobile phone instead, as this exits better for him to look chance with his friends, and in an end of a school year, will not owe that concern roughly lugging the enormous television house retreated for a summer.

Has tried was during a pause of house of first Thanksgiving of the take for behind t university and has said he and his buddies really enjoys to look film of him. It dips up it was easy and was very light. Ido is some old days of enormous projectors.

A resolution is a lot as well as you can see the clear projection roughly 6 feet were.

Like the father, to good sure appreciates a good value takes this without breaking a bank.
5 / 5
Does not have any idea on some negative critiques!?! This projector is surprising. To the left begin me to say that for a point of prize, has to dip things in perspective. If it love the screen of big quality, then spend one $ to buy the screen of big quality. It does not complain reason the $ 100 produced has not been $ 1000 qualities. These produced is a lot of value a $ considering is versatility and reliability . Zero probs w the like this far after using 6 times for hours the time.

Has loved to look film/of sport in my yard for prejudices has believed so it could be it able to hook this on and take the few options. Wow…I has been has surprised! A box has comprised all has required to take this unit on and that careers. Power boss, hdmi boss, discharges of lentil, cotton & of cloth swabs to clean, user of drives of manual & of fast start, far control (any battery comprised), tripod and a projector he. All was snuggly packed inside the styrofoam liner inside a reusable box. It has not been that the people of subjects have had w a tripod how is easy to use. With which screwing to a projector, manually express a @@@knob small and a unit can be regulated. A tripod is a lot of sturdy and some legs do not slip . Any worry that a projector will fall or a tripod will fail. A unit also can be used w other tripods and was to the rovescio so that it can be attached to a ceiling. There is the election for diff types to see inching front, behind or interior down. (A bit of the people can not have room in front of them so that it will project rear a screen. Mark sure to choose this option.) There is of the so much variac. In as the unit can be attached in diff put also. You familiarise you w some far keys. There is any key to start with to go back to leading screens. Utilisation a “rear” key. When Dipping on, the swipe entered when you see all some the Chinese characters flash on screen. (He cycle by means of stirs it of tongues all saying a same thing that it is to the paste enters to come from.) Any worry…the in the directions of screen will be in English but there are options to change to other tongues also. But some directions in chinese is that it will come on in the first place when I have dipped up. With which that the paste enters, a screen w the few options would owe that come on. Source, iOS launched, half comunicacionales, etc. calms once is here, knows is dipped on correctly and is so only @subjects to connect thru wifi or anything yours election. It agrees I have to that choose a correct entrance every time turn in a unit or wants to use diff options. Then come from to choose a source (hdmi for clave to shoot/wifi, AV for DVD, VGA for video games) and after choosing then go to mean comunicacionales. If using hdmi, chooses wifi then bequeaths it/of scanner, then choose your wifi and enter a pw. (It goes pic) will not owe that maintain entering your wifi pw with which one 1st time but calm will be necessary to connect it every time as taking 10-15 seconds at most. It is simple and not timing eating at all. I recommend to do this without an around reason your info will be visible in a screen to whomever is looking when inputting. Also agree to aim a far in a projector any one a screen. Still when any when signalling directly in a unit, a far has diverse very good. Without the clave of fire, was still able to hook on a player of OLD DVD & also the mirror has launched my telephone. Very fresh. After adding the clave to shoot that & connects mine wifi then provider of boss, this projector is resulted included fresher. Easily I can look alive sports, films, everything! They are not technology savvy at all but could not be more easy state to hook on this projector. It would suggest to order a clave of fire of the amazon for $ 20. It will come w some bosses have required to hook later a projector until other things also so that it costs it. You will pay $ 15 for some 2 cords have required to do this (if any calm already the) as it also could take a clave of fire for the little bucks more which will open a lot of doors to viewing in a projector And portable, tampons, etc. A projector is easy to do and has several options. A keystone the correction leaves perfect alignment to a screen of diff heights. I have read in the people that complains in pixelation the @subject but that master? Quality of cinema for $ 100? I thought that it that it was to fly he for $ 100 that considers that . Never once deep distract for a pixelation that was not even bad to begin. Mina, is so only nit choosing complains in this projector unless it is defective. Perhaps these people have seated too close up or has had too big of expectations? More than likely is people that is not never happy any one imports that it pays. An option to connect his best is available thru the 3.5 mm jack in a side. There have it also he 3.5 mm port for headphones, TF port & of USB of the space. An only drawback can find is there is not Bluetooth for connection to audio. In spite of of the this, an audio that emits of a projector is surprisingly strong abundance. I have not had @@subject w a unit that takes warm but used external in 40° times. If it takes warm, takes an intermission for 20 min. A lot really treat it big. Some far controls a unit but he also has keys on those that will control it too much. Both sides of a projector have speakers he so that it is the very balanced sound . My only another with this that a cord that connects to a unit could be the tight plus is returned. I have not had any one @subjects w the but does not remain like this snug to the equal that would prefer.

These works of projector more in some darkness but has added the pic w some lights on for prejudices he so only for comparison. He no alfresco in daytime. I have tried! A picture in a screen will not be visible because of too much light. But at night when it is mostly dark or with just 1 moderately distanced light on, looks adds!

Highly would recommend this Acrojoy projector to any one. It is done my evenings is gone in a like this fun yard. I have it quell'has decided already will do such the wonderful present for any to that likes to entertain, video games of of boys and for the nights of film familiarised have amused that it will be to purchase the little of the prójimos Navidad! To stop debates it roughly would owe that buy this before it is no longer available. HE! Calm will not complain it !!

Will update after the few months of use or has a lot of the subjects. They are having the question that uploads some images but will look for to add again later.

Update 2/22: Tonight a far has begun messing up. It would not answer to a push of some keys. It is not never state fallen or has had anything spends his I so that it follows an only one that has used it like this would know. I have tried to substitute some batteries but he would not fix a question. It looks a circle of directional keys wont answered he like this has to that every time it is pressed. He sometimes fact. Sometimes he the no. goes to contact a company for the far substitution and if any offered, so only will return a whole projector (still inside a window of turn) and go w another company like the working far is not an option. They are sure I so only has taken the defective unit and the new one will fix a question. I will update with which contact w a company.
5 / 5
I really like this produced so that it is. A simple and effective way to show the majority of means comunicacionales in the format of big stairs. I can show streaming half comunicacionales of almost any device for a familiar to share. My boys use it to look films with his friends. It is it adds slope of the parties and playdates. If my woman and I are looking to do something different, the night of date results the film in a night of house. Pop a popcorn and enjoy.

Has used he hangs it meetings with my personnel when I have required to plot of people to see my screen. Any look of possibility without finals and I hope to continue to find more.

A setup was simple, included for me. Some boys do not have ANY QUESTION.

A picture is clear 'quite' once know like this to direct and some optimum settings. I have not had any dropouts or other interruptions. Hook until wifi was easy and fast.

Some works of tripod well and looks to be of good quality. A unit is substantial.

Would recommend for stirs it of different applications, but so only thinks is amused!

Top Customer Reviews: Native 1080P WiFi ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia My projector of prime minister of means comunicacionales and, honradamente, after using he partorisca the few hours, am not quite sure as to think of him. Admitted, does not have any base for comparison with other projectors, but here is the few observations:

1. A quality of picture is WELL. One can regulate a heat of some colours, a brightness, contrast, etc. And in the dark room, some colours look quite decent. It would not call him 'crisp,' as another reviewers , but is not bad. Any attentive, this in spite of, the quality that comes anywhere approximations that of the 4K TV. Mooka Alleges the native 1920x1080 resolution thus projector, but, honradamente - to seat likes is more afterwards to 720p.

2. A projector is quite noisy - his defender is strong (stronger that that of the defender of laptop in full power). It heats on easily.

3. Taking a projector the house is delicate - apparently the distance and the corner touch a part of entity. A moment starts to take crisp papers/subtitles, a house on some of some images takes the bit blurry. And vice versa - crisper the images a lot necessarily mean crisper papers/subtitles to read.

4. Connectivity with an external device - Roku, Chromecast, portable, etc. Is easy and good works. Connecting to an external speaker with the male-to-male 3.5 mm. The boss of audio is also easy and good works.

5. Connectivity by means of wireless screen mirroring, in another hand, no well. There is the noticeable lag and stutter. Screen mirroring of an iPad, for example, projects a screen of a good pill but when you try to look something - a video begins to stutter.

6. A far control is handy but cheaply has done. A projector gives of the quite mixed impression in his quality built - perhaps WELL, but a plastic feels bit it economic also.

Are not to disturb with this compraventa, but some of some another mine of look of the descriptions now too embellished - this Mooka Q6 certainly can resupply the experience of cinema of pleasant house but there is subject - a projector is noisy, has poor wireless screen mirroring, and does not have the house particularly that impresses/depth by heart. It is not bad neither, but feels the bit overpriced so that it offers - 3 stars.
5 / 5
Had been spent around for the projector to use for outside of then had seen the partner of mine had purchased a last State. I have found this one & has decided to give that the the shot has been of on sale, am happy has done! One first what there is remarked was that neatly a boxing has been put joint & the inaugural found the one who a device comprises the stock exchange to spend for travesía. I have not purchased the screen still this in spite of, has decided to try a unit in the chamber that was entirely dark. It was able to connect to one of the mine streaming services with relieving & well, see a result. They are like this entirely it satisfies & impressed with this small car! I will update this description in a future if anything changes but like this of now to good sure give it a A+!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. These offers of projector a lot in a laptop of small / product. It is very easy to connect The través of several bosses (USB the Lightning of boss, wifi, mirror of screen, HDMI, VGA, map SD). The follower Any one is a noisy, reason can amuse amply. It connects a horn JBL Bluetooth with an exceptional sound. Besides, has account that the frames of approximation manually in the lentil. Very happy with cost of mine and recommended.
- Exceptional quality
- Portable
- Easy connection The devices, especially of wireless form
- simple Configuration
- Big quality for the money
- A lot of audio
- Economic
- Comes with several bosses and far control.
- Bluetooth
The Audio could be better (can fix easily with speakers)
5 / 5
has bought this like a upgrade of the recent 'down-slope' compraventa of projector. An aim is to have the little film that looks in a coverage, but has not been has had to that really commit of more than the hundred of pair bucks. A more collects an I bought (of a same company), was also really well, but has not had Bluetooth qualified.

This really done a trick. A quality of video is a lot well, and is easily quite brilliant by night-time to look alfresco. I have chosen on the cheapie $ 20, screen of 120 thumbs and a combination is exactly that has looked for to achieve. Bluetooth Is seamless, connecting to my speaker in a prime minister tries. Also (and importantly), has no lag among a screen and a speaker, as all the looks in sync.

Spends the chance is totally acceptable, and some bosses have comprised was the good touch . I have not tried the wirelessly connects to my telephone, as I have loved to use with Hulu/Netflix/etc., And block wireless sharing. I am using the Firestick 4k (that I traces available also!), And it takes a work done, and spent directly to a backside of a projector to be able to (as only one covers required).

A last note, has received this with the defect in a projection (was tilted), and has contacted a company. Answered of instant, saying me to exchange via Amazon, and a new one was in my house in 2 days. Kudos The Mooka and Amazon for a client-before attitude!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. OOOOO SNAPS! I finalise to purchase and has received this projector and I HAVE TO THAT say that IM REALLY IMPACTED THAT ADDS The QUALITY and the SOUND Is! As I unpacked my Mooka projector and has begun to try this 1080p/4k quality, compared it my current 1080p Optima projector that has purchased 5 years ago partorisca around $ 600+ and this projector has come so only ALMOST LIKE THIS NEAR to be I so that it ADDS! Although, this projector there has not been 3D so only like my optima. Some colours are brilliantly good-looking and very CLEAR! So that I left action a pros and gilipollas of this projector...


- Can regulate exposure, colour, brightness, and noise in this projector!
- Has no lag when touching videogames in the playstation
- the Low prize for quality adds!
- Very light compared to mine another Projector
- quality of his UTMOST And STRONG east!
- Able to hook on an outside surrounds system of speaker of the sound or the headphones Wired/Bluetooth to this projector
- EASILY connect to telephone of android, Playstation, PC and Portable.
- No like this difficult that finds the mountain of ceiling or stand to hook this projector anywhere in your house


- does not have any zoom in/out looks
- does not have 3D
- Video lags and a lot of jitter when looking film or video on IPHONE and telephones of Android by means of screen mirroring
- Takes the little heat when when being announce awhile
- the noise of Partidário is the little strong but no quite strong to distract you while looking the film or touching games in a projector

To the equal that has revised this projector, would have to say that a Pros has compared to a gilipollas is not bad considering a prize is paying. The subject only with this projector is that that plans to look any video by means of screen mirroring in yours android or iphone expect a picture to jitter once in the moment. Although, it plan on connecting yours his game console that has any worry because really it will take your gaming expirence to the INTEGER of new level! You would feel to like yours touching your games in the theatre of film. To good sure still purchase this projector in the television he has had to choose. I love an external look of this projector also. It feels he taste has been done with of part of quality and does not feel like the toy of economic projector like other frames there. Also I love a Bluetooth characteristic that I am able to connect the Bluetooth wireless speaker to this projector! Ossia The characteristic my Optima does not have . Mooka To good sure has not failed in impressing with his quality of picture! To good sure will use in my chambers in planting to buy the TV. Thank you For this awesome projector!
5 / 5
Is on that would expect you for the projector of estimativa. Taking quite brilliant to be able to enjoy your favourite content. Black does not look also has washed was or darkness. It was die quite amazing a cost. A bit the paving is also quite useful.

Has abundance of ports to be able to discharges he in anything can think of. Also it has it wifi/the screen that connectivity of actions also that it was the breeze to use . Some papers and the settings are easy cruise it. It comes with the image dipped to Half, but changing it to Vivid frames he even more brilliant.

This would be perfect for some at night late film with some girls or was for the room of the girl so only something to mix things up. A built in the sound is also reasonable while it calms does not turn it on all a way. Abundance quite strong to begin all that goes in this in spite of.

In general would say that it is the value adds for a money that considers a cost of some projectors.
5 / 5
Projector Really well especially for a prize! I have possessed 3 projectors before this and a thing that annoyed a plus that some measures of screen the plot of expensive some neither gave me an option to change a measure. A global projector is surprising for hdmi connections. I connect my ps4 his and work perfectly. Firestick Also does astonishingly. Another thing that was brilliant in a projector was a screen mirroring. A forward two I so only had connected to the androids and this was the big shot for me because they are a type of apple

A quality of picture is quite very compared to another similarly priced projectors and a brightness could be changed. A quality of his east the 4.7 /5 so only reason a projector done the little noise of has bitten but is perfectly a lot

has comprised with a projector was the ash spending chance, boss to be able to, HDMI, yellow/red/black to the the boss and the far. (The any one has comprised battery)

Only downside was that a volume could not be changed in a projector he but has not gone too big of the shot
4 / 5
So that it follows an old type and agree 10-done 20 years when the projector like this would cost 2 or 3 $ glorious. As it can you listen a defender if a film is in the scene of low volume? Calm can. With all the controls of volume cranked to 100, is quite strong? No quite but it is not too bad neither. Some could say you could go his outside but to the left is to be sincere, a concept here is portability like this the one who goes to annoy? The picture is surprising that it shines in 85 thumbs or so many and he operates same indoors in a daytime if a room is not too brilliant. The total darkness is more of course especially for scenes of dark film. I can read emails and text so only well. It looks to be a lot has done. If has reasonable expectations, will be happy. If calm expect it will substitute your 4k 85 TV of thumb or do as well as the $ 3000 projector, then any one goes it to you to like. Gone in of the people! It is $ 220 and work. I took it to do an external film for my buddies while in Covid lock down. Calm could takes to camp, this class of what.
5 / 5
Had purchased this projector with small expectation another that the clear picture. I have thought a keystone although any enormous terracing of movement (-15) was easy to operate and was able of the take directly. An afterwards was a house, found quell'also easy to operate but could not take a whole screen has directed a same time. When A cup was to direct a fund was the pocola was . A final straw was this fat black line looked a second day to use it. It sees pictures. A black part was in fact a clear portion a rest of a screen has looked to have enough the bit of the noise that goes in. I have decided to return and spend bit it more money in the better projector. This could have been quell'has been. I will say that his service of client was upper notch. I messaged his in the messenger and has answered quickly. This in spite of could any quell'help to me come the resolution.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Bought this for the find familiar, camping the travesía that comes up. Maintained seeing ads for him and thought the one who the idea adds to maintain all some boys entertained at night. Arrived inside the few days. Packaged Well. Among the pleasant little spend chance and has all has organised amiably. It was quite easy to dip up. It prevails, it can connect yours his right telephone for screen mirroring! Clear and easy picture to regulate house. I am pleased really with cost of mine and a value of a device, is comparable to the plot of another is in a phase. This one has the lustrous look well goes to love! The service of client was really useful with registering a guarantee also.
4 / 5
I owe that say that this projector has surpassed my expectations. Right out of a box can feel a quality and attention partorisca detail. A first sew the notes is a chance of big quality partorisca storage and transport. Some looks of chances fabulous, protects a projector, and resists all some accessories, bosses, etc. Was partorisca arrive and that careers less than 15 minutes that use one drives of fast start. You owe that be learnt roughly like your computer/of telephone is configured but, if you are well in this end, really is the snap partorisca the take that goes. I plan to use this projector partorisca travelling presentations to the equal that will update my description I once begins partorisca take the in a street. Like this far, really it likes to of me and have big expectations!
5 / 5
Has sent this element to the equal that presents he in my fellow the one who has 2 boys partorisca his basement! It loves it! I said it has used already 2 times with some boys and thank me all a time. Projector Of good confidence!
5 / 5
Another economic projector the hopefully sends behind. I have had big hopes with a lot of descriptions but after the week these hazed out of the sides have maintained to take main and main. Now I have a lot little enjoyable the screen has left.
4 / 5
Seldom write the descriptions but I could not resist reasons a glowing the descriptions here are absurd. If has has not used never the first projector, perhaps will find it acceptable. In general... Poor colour, poor house, manual keystone bad and impossible work to take whole image in home, dim picture. They allege 8500 lumens which have known has not been possible. It would estimate perhaps 300 ansi lumens of this box. Almost forget, defenders very noisy.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This Mooka the projector is surprising. I square quality very good and easy to use software.

HAS all an empty necessary connection: 2 hdmi, vga, 2 usb, the audio wired, sd paper, wifi and bluetooth. Wifi And bluetooth was the breeze the setup.

The better part was a capacity to connect my iphone without an addiction of my TV of apple.

A lot neatly packaged with everything in a box to start with immediately.

Highly recommend it.
4 / 5
For the sub $ 200 projector, ossia very good. It is small and easy to transport, has the stock exchange of travesía good, a defender any too noisy, and has an excellent image.

The speakers are well, would recommend to connect the to the bar of his or other speakers. But ossia true for all the projectors.

A keystone correction, likes more projectors in this row of prize, will give you the slightly blurry image in some corners. Only precise uses calm has a main or more low projector that your screen.

If ossia by night of external film, just wait until it is mostly dark and will be happy.

In general, a projector of estimativa excellent in this row of prize and beats all a 720p projectors of this one is some 1080p HD.
4 / 5
A picture of this unit is good and this has used the $ 12 screen has found on Amazon. After seeing a picture was very excited to hook on mine Bluetooth speakers to look the film with some girls but was has disappointed quickly. I have used several different speakers and has tried each one that like this with my telephone to do sure did not go him. A lag has done a video looks the harm of the old film has translated. A lumens in this push of unit he to the something upper against his competitors but a BT subject of his fact a compraventa any value he.
5 / 5
Was excited like this when this projector has arrived that have tried was immediately. The quality of picture is crisp and one contrasts of the colour has not beaten can be. My suggestions are to connect an external speaker to the equal that can seat out of a projector. I have used the white wall to try a projector and while it has done adds, has ordered so only the screen of retractable projector. Súper-Has Excited! Ready by night of external film :)
5 / 5
I typically gravitate to subject of big name when it comes the technology, but a specs in this projector as well as a reasonable prize intrigued me, and previously had purchased of Mooka in a past, as I have decided to take the casualidad. To receive a product, has been impressed with a quality of build of a projector. A clarity of the picture and the resolution were also excellent, and still better that had anticipated. Some pictures of sample have attached to this description has been projected to the wall of spatial. I imagine it it would look included better in the screen has consecrated, which can has to that be mine buys next ! A sound of a built- the speakers was also the pleasant surprise, how was a far control has comprised. Really it would owe that be connected to the system of separate speaker for a better experience, but is in fact quite decent for an out of-of-the-experience of boxes. All-in-all, is looking to be the mine of solid addition A/V lineup, and has been pleasantly surprised by cost of mine.
5 / 5
Has Had several projectors now and yes loves the quality has to that spend of the money! I guess for $200 it is the 2.2 out of 5. It is not fooled for the descriptions or the descriptions save your money and buy the projector of mark of the name of quality will be worth it. A resolution is 480 in better and a lot almost like this brilliant to the equal that has announced. A control is basic but functional. It says ready projector but so only yes accounts when it is connected to the device via usb, hdmi, or WiFi/Bluetooth airplay or game of mirror.
5 / 5
Like this far a projector are adds. I connected it to the mine telephone and screen mirrored netflix and a picture was clear crystal . Using my player of DVD has had any subject. I have connected also a projector to the mine Bluetooth speaker while looking the JAWS and a sound was utmost. Partorisca A calm prize can not beat an image and quality of this projector.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. The projector was use very easy . Instructions partorisca dip up and the use was something on. The only thing was quality of his when not using an external speaker. Connecting an external speaker has seen Bluetooth was easy. Quality of his then was excellent. We use a projector in an external screen partorisca night of film.
The quality of picture was excellent.
4 / 5
Is to add it small projector partorisca a prize! I have appreciated really a good chance is gone in and the one who easy was partorisca dip up. I hooked he until my PS3 and iPhone to do quickly few tests and he already resplandores. I can not expect to hook he until the computer or something with the main resolution. It goes to do perfectly so that I need stops. A sound is the pocola calm , but is the projector and some speakers are so only like this big. I fully planned on running he by means of my system of speaker anyways! Legitimately I am thinking roughly taking rid of the mine television entirely and so only using this projector. It has taken with the $ 100 was coupon of instant also! As I am very happy with that!
4 / 5
A picture with Ball of Dragon Z(the cartoon) was a first prejudice took it. A second picture with some settings in a screen has been taken a very next day. It was excited like this for east, and anything this subject of screen is I hope is not permanent. I will update my description send to us one that isnt the piece of rubbish. Otherwise 0 Out of 5.
4 / 5
This has taken so only rid to the ours doorstep. We immediately opened for the try was, and first what there is remarked is that I can listen something rattling inner (which have assumed has not been the good signal). Sure enough, an exposure is all distorted and a “Keystone” dial any rotate. We can direct in and it was but this does very good. It looked inside a lentil and can see something floating around in there. It sees photo
5 / 5
Salvation of Salvation folks, ossia Krys. These works of product so only well, has not had any questions with him still. Works of qualities of the good picture and is not complicated too much for the take working right.
5 / 5
This could be very better with an interface that is current. It felt he likes has used the calculator of one 90 east. A lot like this of the Windows 3.1. It maintains to look.
4 / 5
Among the pleasant spending chance and is the product adds. A quality of picture is surprising and crisp!! A cord is really short as required to use a cord of extension, otherwise am like this happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Has not been able of the connect wirelessly to any of my telephones. Has the Samsung and the telephone of Google
4 / 5
Everywhere I supposition is decent for a prize. The picture is well of roughly 10 feet behind. Any far plus. Quality of his east of the rubbishes . A video aims a sound that is adds with speakers in both sides but a volume is a lot down in a device he. I add has the bar of his this in spite of I supposition with the to the entrance. One to the the cord is an only way two sound of start of a device.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Projection a lot clear of a video. I have tried to project using screen mirroring of telephone and hdmi by means of laptop, both of them have done enough well. A lot very spent for a money.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Good image, the quality of image is well, but any one is effective to dip in a corner ... The truth the approximation loses , while the corner the vertical sea achieves an image nítida in small light, any one has achieved estaca in the House of Google. It is a good projector but think that is necessary to have a curtain of good quality so that the light of the light does not lose .
4 / 5
The quality is a lot well for his ass of the prize seen in of the calm pictures clearly can see he with some lights is is projected well my wall which has the plan but rough painting any rear drop at all is in fact clearer in any
4 / 5
has produced Adds, a quality is sum and there is no lag compared to other projectors have possessed. To good sure recommend
5 / 5
A product is doing well, so only a speaker is not quite strong more a defender is strong also.
5 / 5
Excellent, does not have any question, A resolution is very good.
5 / 5
The very bad image blurred and Sins resplandor of then could use the day and any one can
4 / 5
the quality Adds especially for a prize! Amur That connects to the mine Bluetooth speaker. Highly recommend!
5 / 5
Very easy to dip up and the quality of picture is utmost. I produce it adds for a prize.
4 / 5
Use in the presentation of slides to the small class. Also it will use partorisca aim photo in mine portable.
5 / 5
Does well like this far. Very brilliant and decent picture. A better part is sends out of his own WiFi signal like any need of internet partorisca connect yours his devices.
5 / 5
Night of the film with a family goes partorisca be like this to the entertainment once can do like this again without accidents!!!
4 / 5
I amour that a quality of picture is like this clear, a sound are partorisca add but have an option partorisca connect the Bluetooth the speakers and he among the abonos spending chances
4 / 5
the like an idea to be external, different feels his. It spends familiar together.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Has a LG CineBeam Projector (PH150B) this has been well for me, but never quite that shines enough or quite strong, or quite easy to take setup. This Mooka solves almost everything of these subjects. As you can see in my video of comparison, this projector is significantly more brilliant that a LG. It is easy to look in the room with all some lights on and the ploughed of curtains. Calm no master uses alfresco the sunny day, but this goes for any projector that has each one has used. Has has tried connections with the screen that accione of a telephone of android, hdmi entrance of the Roku, and a mp4 in the usab clave. All was easy to take connected and has touched well with the picture adds. A built in the audio is so only acceptable is using indoors, but no quite strong for the half noisy. It was able of the take connected to the laptop bluetooth speaker easily, but still has not taken quite strong enough for mine in pleasant. I also connected to the stereo system with amplifier and then has not had any question with his strong and clear. In general I am very happy with this projector.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
If it do not expect your video the look is 4K, will be happy with this product. My only complaint is a lack of functionality of android in a device so much partorisca run anything will require some external device. It concealed it is not the question partorisca me but buyer beware.
4 / 5
Quality of the clear picture and the projector is súper brilliant.
Pode Any mirror or of the applications of game on projector telephonically.
Has included when launching , mirroring or hard wired.
(Has not tried using chrome launched like this mentioned )
Automatically partorisca aim because of “@@subject “ of piracy.
BUT yes use a Fire of Amazon Stick can touch all some applications .
The tin has included power a Clave of the fire of the Amazon has seen a port of USB in a projector.
Life of battery when doing so that no a better but can touch while using it also.
Is lasted roughly one and the half hours when powering clave of fire.
4 / 5
A projector is really easy to use with my computer, is literally insert a HDMI and a projector is ready. An image is clear crystal and is quite brilliant same with natural sunlight inside a room. A lot of bang for a money!
5 / 5
Like this have produced. The picture has thought would be better. If I have paid 600 for him it would send behind. But for 200 it is the good shot .
5 / 5
Has been looking in and reading descriptions on everything of a mini portable projectors the for a past 2 years and has been for spear my money down for a Anker projector of Nebula when it has found this projector offered for FATORK to the equal that decides to give this one shot it. The delivery was quickly with Cousin of Amazon, a packaging was stellar and all some contents was neatly packaged to optimise protect for a projector. Setup Was a lot of simple and the instructions have resupplied was a lot of easy to comprehend. I have had this projector on and projecting my film of my interior of mobile phone roughly 2 minutes to take he out of a container. I owe that say that I am impressed deeply thus FATORK that the projector and I am has spent everynight this weekend spent that looks several films in my rear yard. An inner battery lasted by means of almost 2 film every night and recharge the time was roughly 2 hours when a battery was down to roughly 20. A Volume of Audio was adapted seating near his but calm can also covers to a his external speaker would like . Different some more expensive projectors that has TV of Android that has to that you constantly disorder with and updates of download, a FATORK works of projector directly with your mobile phone or @@subject any for HDMI or Mirroring and I also found that I can upload your music / of pictures / of the films to the USB-2 Flashes Walk with exFat the formed and he will touch those files also. Another Utmost Characteristic is that I plugged Amazon of mine Firestick to a HDMI port and was able to look HULU, Netflix, Amazon first Video - just roughly anything. A Keystone the characteristic in this sum of laws of the projector and that directs a lentil has been simplified to turn the thumbwheel. Some the Far works are but calm also can control a projector that use of the built-in of the keys in a cup of a projector. Has utmost plans to use this projector to do of then has to that give presentations in of the universities during recruiting chances. Any only launch your money in some expensive units, these costs of projector less, has the very better quality of image in 1080P and is frustration-free all a time. Highly it recommends to purchase this projector on some frames of big name FATORK has the real winner here.
4 / 5
I like this the product is a lot small and laptop to take anywhere taste. I have used this product for presentation and also looking video.
4 / 5
Am impressed with a FATORK mini projector. A picture are adds. A sound is well. A wireless connection is solid. It does not have on heated at all in an hour has been touching with him.
Has been thrilled that it could use a comprised Miracast application to connect Samsung DeX. Anything small. This projector goes to be part of camping of mine and box of travesía. It means I will not require to spend the laptop in a street.
I desire is coming with some class to spend chance. It is announced likes portable, but really loves creature he.
5 / 5
Does not have TVs in my chambers, but liked always of an idea roughly when being able to easily project the film or television show to a wall without installing the permanent TV. This device fulfils that well, and with an additional capacity to do a lot well of an inner battery! It is really nifty to be able of the place anywhere, and instantly have the exposure adds. Work well for half sized exposures, and does like this a lot well in spite of his compact measure. The accessories have comprised is fantastic, comprising HDMI, can, and it tripod.

To unboxing the, I immediately plugged he to be able to and there is remarked the red light, that indicates that it is touching. When it has finalised to touch, the unplugged and powered the on. Then, I have gone the way of mussel of the screen and connected it to mine WiFi. While on-line, has verified for updates of the software and any one were available, as I am come from to try out of an exposure and quality of audio. I am impressed enough in a quality for a measure that's that of prize! This projector packs the a lot of punch for his dimensions. A tripod is useful to take bit it more quote and better corner when that dipping in the table. There is the threaded connector in a fund of him, has centred.

The house is regulated easily manually with a dial in a side. The device is powered on to resist a key to be able to, and has turned was with the fast push. I go to continue raffinage that wall I use to project to and devise several ways to locate he of a ceiling. When being wireless the easiest fact to dip anywhere. A quality of video is obviously a plus when connected directly with a HDMI boss, but has launched mirroring do quite well him him it decent 5GHz wifi subject.

Finally, a packaging is a lot cleaned and organised, mainly when be fact of map, how is a lot recyclable. I am looking forward to enjoying some films is and controlling for updates of the software in chance adds a lot another characteristic new.
5 / 5
Has researched first multiple projectors to land in fatork. It has verified all of the mine master. The picture adds, built in of the speakers, Bluetooth and wireless capacities. It uses mine with the 100 projector of thumb. It is the explosion creating our own walk thru the film feels, right in a backyard!!
4 / 5
This little projector is the mate of travesía fantastic while you are so only that it wants to look television and of the films. If there is anything that has to that you read, tends to take a lot of blurry. It is small and compact and access to a pocket of drink of your rucksack. The life of battery is decent but does not plan on looking multiple films with him on the alone load. Well value a prize so that it is.

Top Customer Reviews: NexiGo PJ20 Outdoor ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
The theatre of house is the plot of fun, but also need the projector partorisca take the meetings, partorisca give PowerPoint presentations and partorisca aim short instructional video. I have been up to now using my “old “ “ “ workhorse”, one 4000-Lumen Epson VS400, and in this description will comprise some comparisons among old and new projectors.

Unpacking Was simple and a manual has easy-to-read big type. It was to arrive and running immediately.
A PJ20 is the big projector. But it is also relatively light. In my chance will be to drive the meetings, not flying , as I am happy with a measure, which in fact could deter any of the fly. I have measured a weight on 1.5 pounds, compared to 6.5 pounds for my old VS400.

Prefers the built-in coverage of lentils because I will not lose it , but ossia to minor inconvenience . A keystone @that @the @knob in a backside is big and easy to use. Other controls and the ports in some upper posters and backsides are marked clearly. A far control like this easy to use that would recommend that it averts to use of the on-keys of device.

Has been impressed with a clarity of a PJ20 images that has projected in the wall painted in the room with strong environmental light. A very big projection lentil certainly helps. PowerPoint The presentations look impressive. Game of video smoothly. Four samples of picture am comprised in this report that objective the image of television, the scene of character and two PowerPoint slides. It felt that projector of mine older has had comparable brightness, but think that was the effect lateralmente of a VS400 the lowest contrast and lentil time a lot launch. A point of entity is that a PJ20 controls his own admirably while drawing the averages like this wattage and his native 1080p the resolution is state of an art. A PJ20 the light is estimated purportedly for 50,000 hours and would have to that last for 5-10 years, compared to spend more than $ 100 each one that 2500 hours to substitute a VS400 light. It maintains to import that deliberately I have maintained some brilliant lights in a room of test, and a PJ20 the images were perfectly acceptable when visas 30 feet of a wall.

Has the movable foot in a front to regulate a tilt. I found it to be too short when projecting 12 feet of the wall with a PJ20 seating in the level 29” seminar of table of hotel. Also, there is not any adjustment of rear foot the account for a unlevel table. It would require to do a bit shims to take with me.
Has has not used previously some Windows Launched or Miracast characteristic, and was pleased extremely to find was easy to dip up. Has the 3-screen desk in my office, and a projector shared has come quickly on-line like the fourth screen for my PC. The wireless connectivity applies setups really simple and is consolations adds to not depending in the cord among PC and projector. To do a connection, can require develop the options of Centre of Action of Windows of your loans of PC in my chance, one Connects the key has been hid.

An audio has connected automatically together with some Windows have Launched. Some speakers have the bit of low, but sound to like is in the little plastic box, which of course is exactly where is. For theatre of house and professional presentations, will use external speakers. A noise of defender was noticeable but a lot distracts it .

When I have joined a PJ20 my coverage of Wi-Fi, he immediately aimed to do it firmware update in an Internet. This initially confused and underscores a need to read a first manual, as this has not been the system firmware update. Following this on-the-update of air, my settings of Wi-Fi have had to be animal-has entered.
A full system firmware the update requires to download files to the walk of USB, which is inserts then to a projector. Mina first tentativa fracasada reason a page of support was signal has protected. This in spite of, my correspondence has convinced a company to take a blockade and other buyers will download updates easily.

@In rodeo,
Pros: Light, brilliant acute exposure, the saturation by heart adds, a lot of options of connectivities, far controls well, equally well for house and small business use, removable/cleanable filter of powder of the defender, reasonably continuous of low power.
Gilipollas: On-controls of the device is not like this easy likes far, the coverage of lentil will be easy to lose.

In $ 249, a Nexigo is more than competitive for house and the basic business use and looks modern as well as connectivity of legacy. Inside his parameters to draw, point of prize, and stairs of classifies of the Amazon, will give it the “5”.
5 / 5
Has looked the video of Youtube “Better Projector under $ 200” , for A Hook On canal. It had bought his recommendation in a better $ 100 projectors and was very happy with that he 720P could do and has has had to that so only take a next step.
This has been this in spite of convict of a beginning like this to the amazon had sold was and any a lot of he or when they would take more.
Has resisted quickly this in spite of, because of a recommendation and in roughly 3 weeks, has aimed available. Bought the immediately and could not expect for this 1080P to go in. Gone in he , there is boxed amiably but any sealed or taped. A plastic stock exchange in a projector has not been sealed and a far, together with some cords were so only in a box. 1st red light. I have thought , it was this used and is returned?
Plugged He in and a picture was to the rovescio. This was a 2nd red flag .
3rd red flag was a keystone the @@@knob has turned approx 5-10 and a horrible keystone the effect has not changed never 1 has bitten.
Be useless. A keystone was like this bad, any @subject to the equal that has situated one is of projector, has had any way to direct properly, was impossible to look. 0 stars for a unit although it has looked very brilliant mine compared 720.
5 stars to return on Amazon. It was my first gone back and Nichole was very useful, has has had to that so only take it QR code emailed mine and was the Whole Lunches, there is scanned a code and I was was, hopefully taking the repayment in 3-5 business days.
So only fyi, has to grieve orderly is one, a listing has said any available, any sure he or when they would take more.
The clock was thus vendor. It would like to know if any there has been questions more alike.
4 / 5
For a prize ossia the good projector with to plot of useful characteristics. They are happy his ranked a brightness in ANSI. It resembles the plot of manufactures looks for to mask his real world brightness for just listing his brightness in lumens. It would say that this projector is a lot near of a 350indication of ANSI. In my pictures have dipped a chair to aim so only the one who big of the picture has projected. It was the good 10 ft corner partorisca corner. A connection of Wi-Fi has done well has done like this a Bluetooth. If I have had to choose the weakness would say a sound of a built in of the speakers. I have been connected to the Surfaces of Microsoft as I am had his best that of the built in of the speakers. With east says would not say to touch any worse that another projector built in of the speakers. Has the total of 6 projectors of the $ 2000 courts launches down to the $ 15 has DIRECTED Halloween special and a sound of this projector is on pair with some projectors of main finals, this in spite of again any of them the sound adds. Considering longevity, the only time will say. I plan on spend this projector to use while RV the camping so much will update run to any subjects over time.
4 / 5
Has purchased this for our centre of entertainment of the basement. In general, I am very happy with him.

- A quality of picture is well. So only I have it showing in a white wall and looks sum, included with a texture of wall and dishes of transmission.
- Some exposures of picture well with some lights on. The lights have elevated obviously dulls a picture, but does not result entirely has washed was likes to agree some projectors in of the pupils that do.
- Built-in the speaker is the good characteristic , slowly to hook on the system of the his, but a built in the speaker the instantly usable fact to look television or touching video games.
- Bluetooth The connectivity is sum and unexpected. I can use mine bluetooth receiver to listen to a playback. It has known no this characteristic has been comprised and was pleasantly has surprised.
- A lot of options for entrance of means comunicacionales and playback. Some supports of projector MP4 playback directly out of the thumbdrive, has it AV the adapter of entrance has comprised, 2 HDMI ports, and screen mirroring and fusion.
- Wifi The connection was easy and seamless.

- HDMI The connections are too tight. I have struggled to take a HDMI boss plugged in. I have had to use the screwdriver to press on some nails to close in some ports to be able to take a boss to go in. With which I that some connections have done well.
- Cooling the defender is quell'has bitten noisy. His noticeable while using a built-arrive-parleur for his playback. The image that would be riada necessary was with a system of the his pertinent has connected, but always will be noticeable during enough of parts of the show.
- Directing when using a keystone the characteristic is not to perfect. If a projector is not showing directly in one whole view will not be perfectly home. I have used a keystone characteristic partorisca square a screen and some the inferior corners of an image am exited to direct bit it. Ossia Probably a subject unavoidable with all the projectors, simply because of a way to lentil is directed. As it is not something am concerned too much roughly.

In general am really happy with a projector. He the really good work and goes in the reasonable prize. They are that the soul will remain work in fact a lot of years. The time will say.
4 / 5
Day 1

Pic 1 - Lights of
Pic defender of 2 Ceilings luzco in

quality of Global picture and brightness is very better that has expected for a prize.

The To good sure no in the brilliant room, but he surprisingly well in an evening with the light or two on.

Uniformity Of home is less than stellar and so only worsens a calm more use keystone, but is so only obvious with text. Also, not being any zoom that has to that take a distance correctly for your measure of screen has wished.

I colours are saturated quite (in the good way). It would not call it attentive, but again adapt calm of a prize.

Bluetooth Law of pairing for mine portable speakers, but is quell'has bitten wonky. Also I take the quite strong hum in speakers of mine once he still. It is much less noticeable once a content of audio is touching. On-the speakers of joint are quite useless. In looks of full volume in to a level still likes him the noise of defender.

My main complaint is that some settings of the picture so only looks available to regulate when in the paper (still with house). Calm can not have the alive picture that goes while it tries to fine tune some settings of image.

In general, like the sounds are quite hard in a bit type, but for a money ossia that the projector adds . It is only Day 1 for me, but will update run to any subjects.
4 / 5
Has bought the different HD projector diverse year to use for external films. It was a lot of disappointed with him. One first question has been he could not take a quite small picture for mine 100 film of screen of thumb. A second question has been he has not been very brilliant. This the film done that looks subpar.

Want this NexiGo projector. Some accesses to film perfectly on in mine 100 film of screen of thumb. It is brilliant abundance in 9500 Lux. I setup a projector in my screen of film in basement of mine. Has all some lights on in a room and a picture still looks utmost.

Has verified a Miracast the application of android is able to launch directly to a projector. I hooked my laptop to a projector has been impressed with a sound. It touches like this as well as his in my TV.

To An only thing would like to see improved with this projector is mark an adjustable leg longer. I he while it would go, but has has had to that still dipped the DVD of pair MARRIES down to create a big image enough to take all a way in my screen of film.
4 / 5
Has done with the pocolos different projectors in a past, and has to that say, in this point of prize, this one takes a cake! Sinister start with some of some of entities pros:
1) Setup was súper easy! Literally so only plugged he in and some adjustments of picture am spent of longitude quickly
2) A picture was crisp and has done well with all some lights in
3) A wireless connectivity was an amazing characteristic to have ! I have struggled to take setup with another first (if included they have of the characteristic). In this point of prize, was the addition really adds

1) A cord to be able to could be the little more along, but easily fixable with an extension
2) Very light lag when connecting wirelessly, but ossia to be expected. No the question at all when looking video, but can be for games.

In general, to good sure recommends to any one looking for the projector!
4 / 5
Is looking for An external projector, ossia one a precise cost! Some two characteristic that impressed one the majority of in this particular projector is 1.) A brightness and 2.) An interface. We regularly nights of hostess of external film for our girls and his friends. ( It is a perfect Covid-the friendly activity especially yes bolt in California where does not take too cold at night!) We like him begin a quite early film so that a bit some are not that they remain on too late. This means to start with a film around 5pm before decadence. A brightness of this projector is perfect for this timeline! We possess the similarly priced projector and could to good sure not looking anything with this one until a sun was dipped entirely. An interface is also a lot of user-friendly with this NexiGo projector. We have not had to consult the manual of user at all. Knots plugged in our TV of Apple and was streaming Charm in record time! An only with with a NexiGo projector I expósita is an inability to physically regulate a corner of a projector. Ours another projector has the little ray in a fund that can regulate you to tilt a front of a projector up. This a does not have anything. Has has had to that I experience with the different pair stacked books to find a right corner for a projector and finally found one this has situated a projector correctly for a screen. It is certainly a lot the breaker to treat this in spite of. In short, is looking for the brilliant and easy-to-projector of use, highly recommends this one.
5 / 5
A projector is surprisingly very brilliant, that does a same readable image in dim daylight (hard the photo has been done punctual in a morning, a picture is included clearer at night). It was also happy for a seamless connection with mine google chromecast. I have not had to use a far reason all precise is to do a house of projector and take an entrance of HDMI, but yes the use has built MirrorCast, a far could be handy.

An only question there is remarked was a noise of defender. This in spite of, is manageable with the speakers that touch touch it and calm take used his. It is the question with any class of the projectors of then take quite hot.

In general, very compraventa!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
So only it has taken this little projector and I has been impressed. I have had the projector done 15 years and paid in $ 700 partorisca he.... This one was like this good.. The technology has come the long way and way of prize down.

Now, perspective of Leaves of habladuría. At present I have 2 projectors. One is a lot of pricey, and this DB Power a ossia less than 1/10 of a cost of a pricey projector. A DB the power does quite well for a cost. It is small, compact, easy to spend and movement around. It likes- one functionality to be able to connect directly my Iphone wirelessly. A colour and the video is quite well when using my mobile phone in the video are has taken using my mobile phone (any that speaks in streaming of an application).

This has like this a lot so much colour, contrast, brightness, etc like my very expensive projector? No. But that another projector is a lot of pricey. This in spite of, this one is like this easier to setup, door, portable, etc.

The speakers are so only well. Any one the projector has utmost speakers (mine inclusa expensive projector). But ossia a lot enough. Still highly it recommends external speakers for his add. But to look clips of video in youtube.. It is well.

Thinks that ossia really good to spend around partorisca visit fast, presentations of small office for the few people, etc. Comfort It is sum . I impress any one projecting this in the 200' screen? No, I will use mine very expensive 4k projector for that. But it is the very unfair comparison .

In short... If your films to aim in the enormous screen to a whole neighbourhood or is looking for the full presentation of the big intense film cinematic.... This will not be that yours looking for. For the smallest occasions.. . Like the meeting of small office that use powerpoint, aiming the video or the still pictures took on your iphone to the handful of friends, or perhaps looking the film with the little boy (to where you wont be the snob on contrasts by heart / 4k), ossia sufficient and will be well with your compraventa.
5 / 5
Liked that of this projector was small, light and with a lot of some ports have loved. I loved Really like one it projector; this in spite of, has had the few subjects that has.
HDMI Port wine 1 has not recognised mine firestick dipped to HDMI port 2 and has taken the moment to recognise. A far control has the lag when answering to aims.
Finally, I any one thinks that that some specifications have listed in a page of Amazon thus concrete model is attentive as it does not match that it is to describe in a small booklet. While I am spent of the hours that researches that it has thought would be the projector a lot this is not returned a bill for me. No very brilliant during a day and does not aim well when dark neither
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A projector shows really well in a deep legislation. Some characteristic of home does well, but a keystone is the bit has limited in that far arrive or down, or a corner a projector could be in to have the square image. How it is more to dip a projector in almost a height esatta loves it and then adjustments of mark. I have found that it is much easier of the place in the big tripod. But you are the handy person , simply could build to small shelf in an opposite side of a wall for him.

Has not tried fully all some characteristics of a projector, but of some descriptions have read, looks to have to that it weaves of characteristics according to which different ways to connect his external devices, and video of entrance or audio of start. M Personally, I so only hooked on my outside 2TB stroll last his, and has not had any question that relieves a walk with everything of my films in the, and has connected well to the mine BT soundbar.

Some looks of projector to be quite very done, but a far seat bit it caseous. When clicking Some keys, a sound of click is arisen strong.

Has situated a projector in 21 feet out of my cochera and was able to take the 16 feet for 9 image of feet with a house maxed was. As I can not see an image that takes any big that it w/or sacrificing quality of image.

When hooking On a walk of external USB, is not able to interact with a video, another that beginning it and he prendiendo. Like this calm will not be able to first of fast, pause or rewind.

Inner some settings of paper, there is remarked there is some misspelled words, so that I marvel me.

9/26/21 Modification: it results that podes in fact pause, stop, before quickly, rewind when looking film of an external device. You owe that press an on key to access these options.

Also step to remark that a screen mirroring no as well as it has to that and lag or disconnect.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Ossia Mine 2nd projector that has purchased and has to that say, is the enormous upgrade in some appearances and the bit of the downgrade in another. One first sew the note is that this quality of his of the projector is STRONG. It was like this strong that has had to retard revising this reason would have wake on one houses how was really impressive. There is the video posted in max volume, although I am not sure will do it justice. I also like a creation of the key to plot is one and is much easier to read with some icons! A better course roughly this in spite of is that there are 2 ventilations in each side the help dissipates hot, a @@subject that would cause strong sounds of a projector with my forward a. A quality of a video is also quite acute without any adjustments to a video to the as really it likes me. You can see in a video that has the brilliant light of a projector but I believe concealed is more like this because of a distance and not dipping on a screen of projector I usually would use. A lot sturdy chance to spend around all which is always it plus.

Is not to perfect this in spite of. This does not have the MicroSD space of paper, which is quell'has bitten odd considering the leading models had it. I have used to find a subject when using it MicroSD the USB in where an unstable projector and unusable but that uses the walk of USB is perfectly well. It touches MKV files which is the ENORMOUS plus of the plot of my video is MKV but weirdly enough, has not been able to touch it MP4 file that has had as it has said has not been sustained. I doubt it concealed it is in fact a chance and so only could be file of mine of MP4 is essentially the universal playback. The controller is quell'has bitten flimsy but there is @@give ossia quite a norm in the plot of products lately.

In general, am extremely happy with east an and will be to use the pleasure my daily engine the present things or so only looking films. Some ventilations are the good addition and a quality of his in of the this is the a lot of zone improved for such an element. 4.5/5, Scrolling to star smaller for a no MicroSD space of paper and MP4 subject I had (minus 1-star if it can not touch MP4 at all).
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Ossia The real world-wide evaluation of a DBPOWER 9000L HD Native 1080P Projector. If you are looking for the desglosáis technical of each characteristic and look of pixel elsewhere. Utilisation the projector to look film in the dim soiled and by night of films for a group. I can not comment on game of game.
A projector is light weight and in all candor does not look all this impressive but the looks can be deceive. Once I powered a unit in a first what that has taken my attention was that this calm . It does not take Me bad his is noise of defender but having has had the projector previously this is to be expect. A next thing of note is hot the one who small dips was compared to mine old projector. Also it appreciates one has has lit keys in a cup, the help adds enmedio darkness.
Has connected mine trusty the fire sticks to a projector and the second interior has had the picture and to the equal that has expected a quality in my light of day the room has lit was mediocre in better. It has closed a drapes and a quality of image has improved dramatically. Later that late in the dimly soiled lit, projected in 120' diagonal screen a picture has surprised. Scifi The prejudice has not been never like this entertainment. Imagine your favourite film that touches in the screen 10 ft wide. A quality of his of a projector is a lot so that it is but when calm connects to the system of his well, wow, can any never go to the theatre and paid $ 10 for popcorn again.
Finally was time by night of film. They are trace a projector in the tripod and took it external. My house has the windowless wall that is roughly 15 feet long. A picture was incredible a sound of an in fact taken projector quite strong to listen but was tinny and the little space, for those of you the one who agrees walk in the films also will agree a sound of a speaker there is hanged in your window. This was to correct easily to connect to the bar of sound. The night of film was the enormous swipe .
Does not take Me bad this projector is not to perfect but for a prize some lacks are has spent easily for big.
Are very pleased with cost of mine and that knows as it knows now to good sure would purchase again.
Add 1080p square
near Easy on
quality of his Pertinent in the pinch, but plot of options for qualities of his better
Abundance of hook ups for half comunicacionales different
A picture can take enormous and still look a lot
Luz and easy to transport in a chance has comprised
Comes with all precise

Looks and feels the little like the toy
is projecting up or down in a corner a picture is not to square
No for well has lit the rooms but calm have the TV for this
5 / 5
having the TV of big screen is an I has believed whenever calm neither 'gone big or go house'. Some be said, has loved always try the projector. They are portable the, how is one has come certainly the long ways in a past decade. Decided to give this one tries it. The boy has been no disappointed!!! Left me preface this to say has purchased also a tripod of Amazon to resist a level of projector and it tripod 100' big, surrounds on screen with the black underside. I think that that ossia critic to the phenomenal picture like this really leaves a brightness of a picture to reflect of a screen. A down side of this class of screen is that calm so only can project a picture of a front of a screen in place of of a front or behind if you do not have the black ossia of yours entity then like the be. This in spite of, with this neighbour on, calm really will lose one contrast full that a projector can rid. It is until you.

With this neighbour on, I plugged in a projector and has inserted it Roku clave to a HDMI port. Be conscious, a connection is quell'has bitten snug like this sure mark you really discharges he in, otherwise will read it 'Any Signal'. Some instructions thus projector are in fact quite well in English, and a setup was easy. As the one who a phenomenal era! I have comprised 2 photo of as good-looking was. A built-arrive-parleur of the big loyalty is in fact quite well, but could connect has seen bluetooth to the soundbar if the. One of entity caveat with , all these projectors, comprising this really needs to use this in the dark room without environmental light. With that, a picture was contrast brilliant , adds , and a 1080p the format has done perfectly. Really it is it likes to go to some films without concerning roughly those who is seating after your and the one who his state of vaccination is. Calm mark some buttered popcorn, taking bounces he of Helmet of Diet, and enjoy a show! Calm can any gone bad with this compraventa
5 / 5
Ossia my Second projector of DB has beaten. A model of prime minister has bought them was a 8500L unit and he have treated excellent last year. Like this crazy that has used to spend $ 1200-$ 1600 in projectors behind a day of house and benQ. This new model was a 9000L unit , and has the treated adds, in both the lit, and dark room. Some premiers few pictures on was in the room with the light on, and the enclosed window to a legislation. Detail and excellent picture. I have been to a paper and change the pocolos settings of picture, and dip a picture temp down to cool that it spends was some better shadows of blue. A quality to build excellent gaze, and a chance is the good hard. If a lot well it cushioned that resists no only a projo, but a cord to be able to and far.

Speaking of far, his economic, feels economic, but good works. 2 AAA The batteries are required and does not come with this unit. The speakers have done well, but has loved to connect this to the bluetooth speaker, to listen a difference. It was able to pair this unit less than 5 seconds, and has touched adds. There is remarked has had the small lip sync subject with some content in bluetooth. The no really cure, as I will be to use so only a built in of the speakers when I use this outside, or mine a lot of DENON amp when ameno this indoors. Very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I add built in of the speakers. It has taken this to use external with our external screen. It was pleasantly surprised for like this strong a built the speakers are and probably will not require to supplement at all with external speaker that is good to have a less what to spend external.

A quality of picture is a lot well, very brilliant. As you can see the photos try it to the knots were during a day afterwards to the window and still with a sun that tugs by means of has had still the picture adds, obviously has had the pertinent screen dips up would be and same better picture. But our screen is too big for the interior and he no prenderán raining. Like this until then my daughter has his theatre of own inner film in his room, included could buy the screen he small plus so only for his room.

So much for a prize this are adds for inner or external use. It is good measure also. No too bulky and one spends the chance is adds for knots of then this will be ours fine projector of use. Very happy with him.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A lot of bang for a buck. Has an older projector that is not 1080 and wow that the difference done. A picture in a DB can is like this clearer and more brilliant. Some colours have very deep and vivid. And some coverages of home is really easy to regulate to take correctly. Usually it uses our projector in the 120 screen of thumb. I can not expect use this in this external screen. It has attached any pics and video of him in action projected to our basement walls which has created to 90 screen of thumb. A quality of his solid east also and the enormous upgrade. You can love hook on the Bluetooth or that the speaker wired to touch external or to the big group. But with Bluetooth ossia easy to do wirelessly with this device.

A setup was the breeze and used he chromecast to send a Netflix video to a projector. Calm also can use the player of DVD, box of boss, clave of fire. You can also mirror of screen of an iPhone or android but any all the applications will touch directly. Ossia Something concealed is explained in a description of product and probably applies to all the projectors in this point of prize(if any all). I have tried with Netflix and first and has not done but has has had to that the try. It reflects easily this in spite of.

That it is well is a room does not need to be dark to still take the picture. A brightness is like this stronger that a projector of 5 years has. And it comes with the far solid that bosses a basics. One wireless setup to the ours the internet has taken 30seconds and having Bluetooth is the utmost characteristic. For $ 160-$ 180 ossia the compraventa solid . I possess the laptop DB can dvd that the work adds so it was sure in a quality of this product when purchasing.

In general. A solid of portable projector that reads for business school or to see TV and film in interior of house or external. To good sure recommends.
5 / 5
Was the little sceptic in of the this, but this projector has to that it weaves of the things that goes for him.

The Apt/form:
- spending the chance looks good and more importantly, maintains a sure projector when that transporting
- quality of Solid build; that the projector has tolerances of good build and apt/arrival
- Comes bundled with discharges he of lentil, and HDMI boss
- Far is a lot handy

- Bluetooth the capacity is the utmost characteristic ; any one @subjects streaming of the mine telephone to a projector
- the interface of User is intuitive
- Easy to tweak temperature by heart, invert an image, contrast closely and regulate another characteristic of image
- Keystone the adjustment is manual which is really fast and convenient (my others the projectors require navigating the paper thus)

- image Very brilliant; especially thus point of prize! Has the much more expensive projector that compared it to, and he more than controls possesses in of the terms of absolute brightness.
- The mine there has been the slightly warm colour temperature out of a box, but was has corrected easily use a paper to the blue plus temp (personal preference)
- A lot of machineries of exposure; a projector there has been the z/the zero believes raisin' effect and saturation of product a lot very
- Easy to take the acute image that use a coverage of house and keystone adjustment

Any reservation that recommends a DBPOWER 9000L in this point of prize. I want to be able to leave my boys use this in his room without concerning in a device, and loves having the 'big screen' for film and of the games. Want to, want to!
5 / 5
Once again... DB Power comes by means of! This small form-projector of house of the factor (L23) is the little more brilliant that his economic line ( takings which pays partorisca), but in my alcohol costs it! You take two HDMI ports (any only a) and the powered port of USB (discharges he in yours favourite streaming clave) and the regulate USM port partorisca flash walks ( is... Calm in chance that the the film of house has created that it will not return in the DVD). Also it comprises the VGA port partorisca use the monitor of computer (the clarity is quite good).

An only thing that loses (and the take... You can so only sale in so much in the small form-projector of factor) is the reader of paper (TIFF/SD/MicroSD). This would do this notch of upper projector, but always can transfer any files to the USB and use it concealed. Calm also can use a WiFi option of Mirror of the Screen (of the yours telephone) for video that reads quite good ( can run the streaming @subject of legislations with some streaming claves, but have any closing). Pair this with a built-in Bluetooth qualified of audio to your favourite headphones or the speakers and you have something special.

Will warn that you could experience some audio lag with Bluetooth like your audio when it look film (according to your device of audio). This is to solve quickly to purchase the longitude stereo boss of audio that can be plugged directly to a port of headphones.

Is thinking in the mid-projector of row, ossia the a lot of one for a prize-point. It does not doubt, it can trust DB has beaten! A lot imitators there this in spite of!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This little projector surprised. It is compact and light, probably lighter that portable projectors the (these wireless and with integrated content).
Picture: as you can see in a video, a picture is quite acute and detailed, and does not require the plot to try to direct. Also a projector is quite brilliant that can see you the clear picture without lighting a whole room, a picture is simply enjoyable.
Sound: if taken the projector , knows that you have to that connect an external start for his, reason these usually do not comprise of the speakers and when his , does not touch good; but this little projector in fact touches quite well with some speakers confine, of course, well for the projector, included is doing some night of serious film, take you the together good of speakers or bar of sound.
UI: A projector is really easy to use, directly advance and simple controls, has put you of multiple entrance that mark he even more convenient.
Another: it comes with a hdmi boss and the rca to the the, the far and the chance to spend. A chance to spend is the good addition , of then there is roughly cushion to protect a projector and these stock exchanges are usually last to find with the perfect access, also expensive.

Gilipollas: A projector does not have a supply of external power, which think would be more convenient that protect he to be able to arise and such.
A projector connects to an external device has seen wifi but so only like the exposure, would be a lot has comprised at least the browser of web to connect the streaming services.

@In rodeo, thinks that ossia the really good projector for portable and random use with the just prize.

Has received this projector to try and sincere description, as it has resupplied.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A TV in my room of game of the recently has died edges and looked to substitute he with the projector and has found this and he have had utmost specs for a prize as I have decided to give that it tries it. I have finalised to locate a projector in the tripod of camera has until I find the appeal down screen of projector and the projector tilt/swivel the mountain of ceiling loves. My edges and I have looked several films in the and a picture is acute and extremely brilliant and clear. I have finalised to attach my Roku Ultra his to use TV of Youtube, Netflix, and Plex. Has decent integrated speaker that takes quite strong which is good but has finalised pairing the to the Bluetooth sweeps of the his like this my sound of film of sound. After several hours to use like this far am satisfied extremely with him.

Here is the pocolas reason reason I like this projector.
- Is economic compared to another 1080p LCD projectors in is class.
- Is small and does not take on too spatial.
- Is extremely brilliant. The environmental light does not wash out of a picture a lot at all.
- Comprises the far friendly user. It does not feel economic in a hand.
- HAS both WIFI and Bluetooth connectivities.
- Integrated surrounds speaker
- Comprises the cushioned spends/chance of storage together with a HDMI boss.
- A system of paper is easy cruise it and a setup the process was simple.
4 / 5
First owner of projector of the time. It has not expected first spent of projector to a be-all-the end-all more - just has loved to try some waters/purchase the projector to use in rear yard to look film and university football of occasional/TV, has seen an Amazon FireStick. Decided to give this model the shot, based in a prize and descriptions. Like this far, pleasantly it surprised it.

There is still to use in the pertinent screen (ordered some Screens of Elite 120' the screen that/comes punctual), but with just testing in walling light ash, in the dark room, the picture was quite good.

Contrast he/of colours was decent. Brightness Equally quite well in a dark room, and the picture looked acute once has taken a vertical & house keystone the adjustment has imagined was (which are done manually on a projector, no in of the settings).

I looks of defender bit it strong, but of then ossia my first project , does not know like this compares to another. No really I see it when being a @@subject once take a volume up in that is looking.

Considering audio, built in the looks of speaker well, so that it is. The sound is quite strong, but will use Bluetooth speaker thicker that no. Bluetooth the connection of speaker has done sum. There is the very light ' delay among his and that is seen, but, can also hook our speaker up for boss if a subject. The sound was quite well of Bluetooth speaker (old Fugoo Way XL).

Has tried a screen mirroring (with telephone of Android), and has done well. It has taken the bit to take it hooked to telephone, but has finalised working and was able the TV of Youtube/of Youtube of the current of telephone.

A far projector memory of the FireStick far. But, this one this feeling quite economic , and a door/of the rear battery is not one the majority of solid contingent. But, work.

A rarity - in a description of product, has described a projector that having the 'Function of Zoom'. Mina no. Very sure if ossia an error or the concrete device (?), But projector of mine has any capacity of zoom (unless so only are that it spends for big he). Any the breaker to treat, has not considered never a characteristic of zoom in all the chance.

In general, for a prize, am happy with a projector and look forward to trying in the pertinent screen, and alfresco. It is very basic, and is limited with functions and of the settings of picture to tweak. But, for a prize, am like this far happy with quell'I has purchased and an audio/of picture are able to take. For our needs, think it will be so only well, and the good unit to start with.

============ UPDATE ==============

1. I finally found some laws of Zoom :) the option was deeper to some settings of screen that there is remarked initially. I wish he zoomed in the little further (50?), But, 75 it helped it to good sure.

2. Received my Screens of Elite 120' screen, and was able to try projector with him external. The picture looked adds! To good sure need to be the darkness was (or dark room) for an optimum view, but, pleasantly has surprised. The colours and to the acuteness was a lot also. Quite happy.
4 / 5
Ossia Projector of mine of prime minister , as I have not known that to expect, but loves it. A quality of picture is utmost, a brightness are add, a sound is very good. It is easy to dip up and house.
Was able to take mine iphone 12 to connect his by means of screen mirroring, but be warned some of a streaming the services no with screen mirroring (could not take first Video or Netflix the current the film but he have done with other services. It was able to connect my laptop to a projector has seen a comprised HDMI boss and running everything. Setting on the bluetooth that the speaker was simple also.
An only two things would change is 1) would be good to be able to direct a projector with a far, but that directs is strictly manual. 2) it would be good to have two levelling feet more than just one in a half. In this way if a program that a projector is on is unlevel, can level out of a picture in a screen.
In general am satisfied extremely with a projector.
4 / 5
I concur with another reviewers on quality of picture. I love this thing. I will direct more the bit in a unboxing process.

1) Picture 1 is a box goes in. Nizza And undamaged.

2) According to the picture is an ash spending chance. Well stitching During a chance.

3) Inside a chance. To build Of the quality is everywhere. Amiably it cushioned. Some atenga that resists a projector is the good touch

4) A Unit he. Any scufffs, or marking of any class. The new mark.

5) Test of Functionality. An element is operational and doing properly.

NOTES Of ENTITIES: A paper is VERY INTUITIVE. It was able to dip on WIFI and Bluetooth in of the seconds. One produces is not a lot of gain without an intuitive interface.

Everything in the the ossia the solid value , and a vendor is pricing competitively.

If this description was useful, please like my description.

Have the wonderful day, Richard
4 / 5
projector presupposed Quite decent. While I did not expect it to match the $ 1,000 projector; I have been impressed by a connectivity that comprises an Apple AirPlay. A brightness is decent in regulating lighting, but like any one another projector really excels with dim or dark lighting. Some the integrated speakers are well. The house is the little touchy but can take it to a right place. I love an Apple AIrPlay, very easy to connect to a WiFi and mirror my iPad/of iPhone on to a projector. Plot of options of entrance. Plugged To my computer HDMI and will do well for PowerPoint also, sees photo of mine desk. Also happy has the little thumbscrew in a subordinated to create and the go down like this calm does not have to that prop he up with the book or anything. Characteristic of digital zoom to regulate a measure of image is also good to avert repositioning a projector. Power on in beautiful fast. I am impressed by a number of figure was able to pack in still a prize.
4 / 5
Will say does better some there, can direct with quality of the poor audio but a projector have chosen on some heats hardly begins, and this comes with the nose of partidário strong that has annoyed. Wont Recommends to any one.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. My work involves multimedia technology. I have seen a lot of expensive projectors, but am impressed with a variety of characteristics and big quality of this little projector! It offers versatile connections with mobile devices (with or without Wifi), Bluetooth qualified of speaker, show of slide of the car playback of walk of USB, it timer and included an USB that characteristic touches of the port outrage of projector rule. I have tried all some bells and whistles, and founds to do them perfectly.
Although my wall is textured and colored, a projection looked brilliant and acute during daytime. One has comprised HDMI the easy boss of the place up like the second exposure of mine portable. With screen mirroring, has connected my mobile phone to a projector in well, and changed among some two sources. I saved tensions of eye of staring in the monitor or telephone.
Some visual effects of the film that the touches is besides be my expectation. A proportion of projection returns my measure of room of the game and measure of wall. The colours looked vivid with the light on. That The audio has touched strong and full, and still better when mine connected bluetooth speaker. A semi-detached video has been taken while it has used a built-arrive-parleur.
Last but much less, the manual of an user is big quality. Usually I can say that what thought has been in the product of a quality of a manual. The instructions are attentive, clear, to a point, and has printed in colour on paper of quality.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This was quite easy to dip on - I plugged my laptop in with one has comprised HDMI the boss & has chosen HDMI1 of a paper with a far. There is another port HDMI2 to the equal that could be handy to change during the presentation in the setting of company, but probably does not use never concealed. If has the films or the video saved in the walk of USB, can so only covers that in directly which is class of good.

Screen Mirroring - this dipping taken for surprise. In Samsung Androids, so only go to esmart dressed' and can mirror your whole screen with a projector. This has done enough well and has had the stable connection, but would want to do sure I discharges in mine telephone while streaming the film.
Would recommend to connect it Chromecast to a HDMI port and using your telephone like far - ossia probably that will do to go forward.

Has an audio jack can use cover it to the speaker ...That goes to exit to better plot that using a laptop or speakers of telephone.
Has imagined this would be a lot at night, but has tried in my wall in a half of a day, right under the window and a picture was perfectly well.
Of the games to remark -- when you regulate a house/of zoom, a lentil protrudes the bit - like this when you are packing on, of the discharges of the lentil will not snap behind on unless a lentil is zoomed was. No really it takes out of supposing that so only testifies to a compact creation.
Tip - if a picture is lateralmente the bit, use one 'keystone' adjustment, or one is of the feet have comprised.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have been looking for the native 1080p projector partorisca substitute my old AZEUS RD-822 (which is 720P). This in spite of, a cost was the primary worry until recently DBPOWER 9000L suddenly is surfaced.

A setup is quite sincere of an interface of user. Some interfaces of video and embedded speaker 9000L mark has resupplied the travesía a lot well mate. It is also our election to substitute a TV of big screen in our paving for hire of short term. Some looks of qualities of the like this better video (brightness, acuteness, saturation by heart) has compared to the mine old ones thanks to his native 1080P is exited.

Has used to add an extra AppleTV to the mine old AZEUS RD-822 to the equal that can AirPlay any content of my devices of Apple. DBPOWER 9000L crew with WiFi capacity that some the mobile devices can soyould' or 'AirPlay' his. This entirely takes a necessity of an extra box that do fault so only for 'fusion' or 'AirPlaying'. Even more well it is that it does with both Android and Apple devices while they are in a same coverage.

My long wait finally validates he - partorisca east adds and abordable 1080P projector!
5 / 5
Has purchased this projector to entertain our boys and have the pending entertainment of the evenings of winter. A quality of picture is acute, brilliant and suitable for film of cartoon sure. I can any one any saying anything in the video games of then have not had the occasion of the verify was. It is easy to dip on knowing where to locate a projector in your private cinema. Has raisin roughly 2 minutes that connects with my smartphone of Android and 5 minutes that regulates his place of a place has been far from ideal. A defender of projector is more after the quite that the noisy.

Has been doing well for around 2 weeks. A thing is lost but would like me have - the account of resource of light of projector down to see those that hours remain. Each light has the resource limited and is pricy to substitute. 3 guarantee of years touches a lot enough to ignore that at least for the moment.
4 / 5
Has bought this projector to substitute the old plus one with less lumens and the mediocre picture. I have not been disappointed. This thing is compact and mutter calm, a quality of picture and brightness is exceptional. We look the plot of film and all the genders and an experience has not been never better. For a prize this paste of projector everything of some big frames. A far is the little flimsy but now the days a lot remotes east. Any I same uses he in all the chance. My projector is in the stand and once calm and has situated the where loves it and dip your settings of picture , the push of the calm key take up and that careers. Really I can not say anything negative in this product. If you are looking for the economic projector with picture adds and brightness, can any gone bad with east a!!!
4 / 5
Has taken this projector to look memories familiarised during taking it together and has surprised. It has connected via HDMI easily and perfectly, a built in the speaker was fantastic and a colour was adds.
Has had the small drawbacks which has not been a subject for me this in spite of another can find this gain. When Using screen mirroring precise connects to some projectors “WiFi” as if your law of device so only in WiFi then can not project anything of on-line. Another issues concealed is written in some points of ball is that he no with more streaming applications, this applies although you have downloaded a content. This in spite of, need the projector with HDMI the connectivity to good sure would recommend this. This was an easy plus setup and the quality has better used to date.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have bought this projector to hang like the permanent fixture in a room familiarised. As I have bought the stand and has attached it to a ceiling. Now it has included I am using so only the discharge of projector, but go to have the professionally installed screen this touches to lose of a punctual ceiling. Has my Firestick, my Transmission, my PS4, and has included my Laserdisc player hooked until east. It is fantastic looking everything of these in such the big screen. I run a sound by means of surrounding sweep he of the his of the sound with the subwoofer, as has the little theatre here! The picture is clear, the papers are easy cruise it, and touch it are adds. I am hooked!
4 / 5
Has received so only my new projector and hooked he on last night. Has the method of simple house and also the keystone right of adjustment for behind a house. It comes with the GONE far which is Handy and easy to use. A picture is brilliant and the place up was very simple. A packaging was excellent and taste that is coming with the spend of chance. I tried it on my wall of living room as I do not have the screen still, has had to hang the discharge to block light for my window because it was still daylight outside , in spite of a light was easy to see a picture but when it was dark out of a picture was awesome. It is gone in for HDMI USB and VGA.

Desires a keystone the adjustment could go more like the projector has to that be situated quite big to project big to a wall. It was simple to hook until the wireless coverage and of the video of game by means of that, but as all 'the fusion' the methods in my experience can have some lag had the little hitches in a video with this method.
But when I cover mine Chromecast to a HDMI the space was simple to use and looked really good. A resolution is 1080P and he also works with my laptop to touch video and other meetings of zoom.

In general one the excellent projector am very happy with him.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have possessed diverse mini projectors, but this one east a brilliant and more easy plus that use. I have inserted so only he usb clave with the film in the and is coming well up! A sound is a lot of ( would use an additional speaker). I also screen used and/inner outside that has done a much more acute image, likes opposed to the wall or door of cochera. This unit can adapt to several connections, as you can use more any source of video, comprising your telephone saws screen mirroring. It comes with the a lot of spending chance that resists everything of some cords and accessories.
Can any gone bad with this unit adds.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. We love this thing! It does to look football & of film in home so better. Some speakers are awesome and a defender is calm. It is súper easy to dip up. I want to that has a Bluetooth option. We have not required to use BT still this in spite of bc some do any like this well. Some pictures are of him projecting ours to wall of fourth aim. Once we take the real screen , bet will look it even better! Highly it recommends this projector and DB produced to Be able to. Has the DB jump to Be able to judge of start, DVD PLAYER, and now it projector. They do produced of big quality for prizes abordables. It maintains on a work adds!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I add little projector, does not take on a lot of space, very calm when those careers. Perfecto by night of film!
Dipped that up in a chamber and is perfect, draw a invidente and the looks adds in a wall.
Comes with all precise far control, HDMI boss, boss to be able to and a projector also the a lot of fresco spending/chance of storage.
Would be perfect to suspend of a ceiling in any room, room of girls, fourth or living room by night of film. Has all some connections could require (BT, HDMI, WI-FI and another
Setup is very simple and easy to comprise.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Very brilliant and vivid picture!
Ossia That the projector adds that it is a lot of abordable. Has Very brilliant and vivid picture. With a Bluetooth characteristic, can connect an outside Bluetooth speaker or soundbar when looking film.
Comes with the far control and of the bosses of connection and spend it chance.
An engine of the defender in this projector is quite calm. A quality of his of a built the speakers is utmost!
A capacity to use several different types of connections likes them wifi, bluetooth, 2 hdmi, pc and usb for the half comunicacionales external is awesome! Together with some proportions of diverse different appearance. A mirroring of the telephones have done well also. One transports handy was timer that traces to 240 minutes.
For real love this projector and I highly would recommend it.
5 / 5
As well as my sincere opinion is does not go partorisca be a quality of $1,000 the projector BUT I love this thing so much. A sound has done really well, some far works well and a quality of picture is better that had expected :) we were able to connect fire, Roku,mirror our telephones and more súper easy and creates such the fun atmosphere partorisca the films and some boys want to touch his games on he lol is really fresh and in the same take the second an of my edges any prenderán it taking partorisca use lol slowly partorisca take the screen of projector and nights of harvest of external film also :)!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. In the first place, I want to habladuría in a brightness, has the 9000 Lumen, a picture is a lot still in of the conditions read. And it is beautiful in a darkness.

A prize is excellent and some characteristic treats it wonderful in this projector. To good sure recommends this projector.

A resolution of native 1080 Full HD the look adds. A quality of a picture is better that other projectors with the main prizes.

A sound is surprising, has the built-in dual stereo speakers, and this does the good difference. Has the powerful and the very good sound. Some options of Bluetooth the connection he the mark partorisca add some external speakers to a system, the good option partorisca external projection.

My family, especially my boy is, enjoys to plot that sees pictures in this device. We feel he likes was in a theatre of film.
4 / 5
I place on the projector and screen in our coverage partorisca nights of the external film done a lot of years. I have substituted so only a projector of 5 years with east an and I can not believe the one who this utmost ! Two of some pictures have comprised is alfresco in daylight - although a screen is shaded, was still very brilliant outside and a picture was very clear and totally watchable. Once the dusk has gone around this in spite of, WOW was this something! Upgrading To full 1080p does the enormous difference, and a balance by heart is s the better WAY that mine old projector. Such the shot adds also, hard to believe you can take this a lot of the projector adds partorisca like this economic!
5 / 5
Was skeptical at the beginning but right with which have opened a box has been surprised with a global quality of a product and spend chance. A quality of picture is utmost, can control an acuteness of picture and tilt. I am surprised positively with a quality of some speakers also, is quite strong and calm of course can connects to the external speakers want . Another thing of entity is that it does quite quickly, as any lagging after pressing the key and while to a device to do that it loves. I really like this projector.
A failure of what only is a AAA battery for some far, but is not to treat it big.
4 / 5
Has ordered a first model of this result has has had to that return it and order current model.
Pros For the this of current product: the service of client is very useful. A container has come quickly also with well has packed. A projector looks decent when I have opened container. The semi-detached slide of the page of house is down slightly daylight in a wall but looking as well as it has mentioned LCD quality. When we Dipped @in on 84projector of screen of thumb because the picture is expanded for like this, no like this very like this first-projector of note but, again, is acceptable.
Another pro is some sounds are exited of the projector is surprisingly well.
Gilipollas: Dipping on beginning, the people require basic technology. It recognises for fully complete. A sound that connects to bluetooth with pair according to delay. Of then, the products have come with qualities of his very beautiful he ossia also acceptable but, can be improve.
In general: I am given 5 stars is reason, the prize is so only to fulfil my estimativa and the quality of picture is quite well so much, am adding this 'toy' amused for my husband that comes anniversary.
4 / 5
Ossia A big plus lumen the projector there is now and in 9000L is súper brilliant! I have taken these photos with to plot of daylight around but looks a room was entirely dark. They are very impressed with this small still a lot of projector. Has all need more more in the very good prize. Wifi, Bluetooth, Screen mirroring, and one 300' the capacity of screen is the little of some extras that has. I have seen the projectors close to $ 1000 concealed is not like this very like this! I can not expect maintain the using. 😊
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I possess one 8000 model also and these are identical. One 9000 model has the most brilliant image. There are a lot of different entrances of HDMI, av, the way of mirror of your telephone. A built the speakers are quite well, but can hook on better some choose to do like this. There is adjustment to imagine tilt and direct calm so much can it take crisp image. Highly it would recommend this projector to any one looking for the estimativa the friendly projects for his he theatre, cochera, or yard.
5 / 5
Has had so only he for the few days, but resists well over time, would consider this projector a better value in his category. Although a manual of instruction has said that it is not the mine has meant used like this it projector of data, but work so only well thus purpose also. Mark so only sure to regulate your keytone and settings of house for a text an acute plus of your presentation. A small keystone the adjustment can launch of the your setting of house in an upper portion or more drop of your screen, for this can has to that regulate both controls behind and advances until it find some better settings for both controls. My only worry is roughly durability, and expect that this projector will last the long time!!!!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This product is cost a compraventa. I had it it has bought it already it projector of another tent and has been disappointed with a quality of a picture and a projector has the scratch on he also. Obviously, it is returned and looked in the plot of first projectors of stumbling to the east a, and am happy has done. A quality of picture is brilliant same in the very lit room (although it will recommend to leave that some lights was). Experience of his better also. It was easy to dip on also, this in spite of, some instructions with connecting to a wifi the part of a projector could be bit it clearer. One another thing that surprised is a fact there is 2 HDMI ports when almost everything of some another has had so only one. I have not found that handy on its own name, but perhaps any any one connects a projector to 2 devices and any second unplugging it each one the alone times can find it gains. For any the one who only uses a projector some odd days, this could be a more buy. And for another, this still could be the add to buy with the few transmissions to a projector. In general, it has done it homebound to to the person likes to have an experience of film. 9.5/10.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It has taken a DBPOWER 9000L HD today and can not expect give tries it. It comes with him sturdy stock exchange, the cord to be able to and also he hdmi boss. My surprised, a setup the manual is quite easy to comprise. It is projector of mine of prime minister and tried it on my ceiling and also my wall of chamber. All the work well. A house and keystone the adjustments are easy to regulate to turn some wheels in a side. I have used a HDMI to connect to mine Macbook. Still although a quality of the image is not comparable with Macbook screen of retina ( has bet a lot mid-the projector of level can do he), still enjoyed a 1080P film to plot by means of this projector. It is light-weighted and easy to move around.

A projection is glorious. All some settings are very easy to use. A defender is not excessively strong, always the worry with projectors. A built- the speakers are pertinent. If you are looking for the projector of side of effective video for your theatre of house, spent this! Still although has the 55' TV in mine living room, I compraventa still he for my theatre of chamber.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It has taken a DBPOWER 9000L HD today and can not expect give tries it. It comes with the sturdy stock exchange, the cord partorisca be able to and also the hdmi boss. My surprised, a setup the manual is quite easy to comprise. It is my projector of prime minister and tried it on my ceiling and also my wall of chamber. All the work well. A house and keystone the adjustments are easy to regulate to turn some wheels in a side. I have used a HDMI to connect to the mine Macbook. Still although a quality of the image is not comparable with Macbook screen of retina ( has bet any mid-the projector of level can do he), still enjoyed a 1080P films the plot by means of this projector. It is light-weighted and easy to move around.

A projection is glorious. All some settings are very easy to use. A defender is not excessively strong, always the worry with projectors. A built-in the speakers are pertinent. If you are looking for the projector of side of effective video for your theatre of house, spent this! Still although has the 55' TV in mine living room, I compraventa still he for my theatre of chamber.
5 / 5
For the sub $ 200 projector, ossia very good. It is small and easy to transport, has the stock exchange of travesía good, a defender any too noisy, and has an excellent image.

The speakers are well, would recommend to connect the to the bar of his or other speakers. But ossia true for all the projectors.

A keystone correction, likes more projectors in this row of prize, will give you the slightly blurry image in some corners. Only precise uses calm has a main or more low projector that your screen.

If ossia by night of external film, just wait until it is mostly dark and will be happy.

In general, a projector of estimativa excellent in this row of prize!
5 / 5
Has bought this by night of film and are has impressed extremely! A quality of video is better that my TV! A neighbour up was like this easy, connects to anything telephones, ipad, computer. To good sure he entertainment at night of the film! We have done our own walk in! There are a lot of different connections to hooo the to different devices like this any of some bosses you wojld the need is has comprised. Also a lustrous creation is gorgeous and better that has been expecting. In fact I will be to purchase another for my mamma and dad for Navidad! If you are in a fence needs one!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Lost of things likes them:
the speaker is strong
the image is clear
connecting to your telephone is easy
the projector is calm, any noise of defender.
Likes that his tip
Far the fact that much easier to use
To the equal that can see photo, he wasnt darkness inclusa in a room and an image is brilliant closings and clear.

In general, any complaint.
4 / 5
Has received projector of only mine today and am disappointed that it will not connect to mine Bose ready speaker and a lot included see my Sony Bluetooth speaker when scanning. One of some characteristic was really looking advances until turn.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. My woman and I have taken this projector as it can use it both interior and outside for nights of films. A projector is easy to use and has all your normal connectors that comprises 2 HDMI, AV, and VGA. A built the speakers were better that has expected that is in good prize. A projector also there is Bluetooth and can connect to Wifi for fusion of Mirror. Also it comes with a AV the adapter yes has loved hook on your consoles of video game escole old. Looking forward to a lot awesome nights of films with friends and family. I add little projector!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It was the little sceptic in a beginning that judges for a measure of a projector (a lot handy).

This in spite of, has quality of screen a lot well together with a sound - quite big for knots for the listen clearly.

Is a lot of user-friendly likes the screen has projected on, calm of the a step to any instruction in that to do to connect your device with an election of your connection. Basically it calms it does not require a booklet of instruction. You can connect your device in dry.

In general, am very happy and satisfied with a compraventa. It will be the addition adds our travesía to camp also - a lot of compact and energy-draw effective.
4 / 5
This was the projector adds for my needs well out of a box. A quality of picture has surprised! A compactness and planting of some ports/of ventilations were also perfect for me like this wants to them situate a projector flush against my wall (informs to pics).

-Prize abordable for native 1080p and súper the compact/light has compared to another native 1080p
-beat and hdmi spent in a side of projector, can easily flush yours wall without @@subject.
-The quality of picture adds directly out of a box, the didnt a lot of transmissions. It does not have felt that the required to

-projector of mine there is not coming with a pocola what of ray that has shouted a projector (used to regulate a place of a projector when dipped in the flat surface).
4 / 5
Somedays Has bought so only this projector. When it has taken a projector has taken has surprised. It is small and light. I have used two another projector but Is utmost. A prize well is comparing to another. There is very better brightness then another.

Is easy to use reason has so many options. Far it is also easy to use and there is HDMI boss. If any one loses a far easily can use he with him is all a key. It is quality of the picture is like this a lot still in the daylight can see clear and there is abundance of settings to regulate a picture. Has like this port that can it the to you use easily. A main thing is is quality of sound. Quality of his better east I then attended and am impressed.
After using it can say is the global quality is like this good.

Is looking for The projector, highly recommend you to take is one. It will like, mark of my word.
4 / 5
Projector Of the excellent big quality of the mark has trusted. I have used DB produced of Power for years now and this projector fulfils my expectations. A brightness in this projector was further anything has expected. It can use he in full day and still looks in big definition. It is an excellent value for a money and I to good sure will recommend it.

Top Customer Reviews: BIGASUO Upgrade HD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
We were excited like this to finally exit our familiar Easter present and there is first ours external film of a year. We have had a projector of the oldest model that has used in some displaced concealed requires the laptop, outside Bluetooth speaker, and DVD PLAYER partorisca achieve that it was able to do with east a system of projector. I love a built-in DVD player and system of inner speaker. A compactness will leave the setup nights of films with the ease and less stress of then will not be hauling crew like this external surplus. A picture is perfect partorisca ours house, external films in our coverage. Investment and compraventa of sound partorisca entertainment familiarised with a lot of memories partorisca be facts.
5 / 5
A picture is fantastic any one subjects a measure or setting, a speaker are adds on is suitable but can add the speakers love the most cinematic experience, all the functions do perfectly, and a portible the frames of boxes perfects partorisca move around different zones! We are obsessed!
5 / 5
Receive this less than 24 hours, and was add partorisca ours night of external film. A quality of picture was excellent and a bluetooth the function was utmost partorisca streaming a film. Highly recommend!
5 / 5
Buying a Bigasuo the projector was a better election could have done when I have decided to have a “external” theatre setup. I have bought in fact another mark and is returned reason a sound was like this bad. A Bigasuo there is Bluetooth like this calm easily can connects to a sound partorisca exist system or speaker. Simple to operate, picture very clear, the defender touches very minimum, so only the projector adds. It locates mine in the $ 21 (Amazon) 60” tripod partorisca consolation, partorisca centre and distance much easier. AmazonBasics 60-Thumb the Light tripod with the projector of Stock exchange has the receiver in a subordinated and calm so only the thumb saws. Almost it has forgotten it, has the built in DVD player that simplifies all an electronic would have to that tug around to look the dvd if yours a lot of streaming out of the clave of fire or another streaming device, spent of clave of the fire well to a hdmi port in a side. $ It is the shot adds.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have bought Bigasuo model of Projector PRO302. This projector is very very better that a two that are to return. It is very easy to use and a manual of user is simple and sincere. A projector is picture a lot well the quality and a resolution is a lot very also. A far control is also easy to manipulate. I have connected a projector to the mine Bose the speaker and feel like am looking the film in the theatre of film. A player of DVD with a projector is the ready idea for a costruttore. In general for real I love this projector.
4 / 5
Like this happy with a compraventa of this projector. During this time of quarantine & all closes down, decides to purchase this for our familiar to have our own little 'walk in' in a backyard. We could not be pleased more! We have used an option of DVD & a HDMI option (rented a Sonic film of First Amazon) for our nights of the film familiarised external. Both fact like this well, and easy to dip up.
A picture is like this clear you literally feel likes is in a real walk in!
To good sure value of the money, and will take the plot of use out of him this summer!
4 / 5
Has received so only this today, and some boys could not expect see all up inside a same house although one feigns was for backyard nights of films. It was absolutely stunned for a quality this projector was able to offer considering his just $ 130.
5 / 5
Are not technology savy a bit, but was able to hook he on and touch an interior of DVD 10 minutes.
The external touch and there have been utmost results.
Has not had any question that attaches a tripod and that rule a lentil.
A chance among him is very good. Unit very small global. Value of the money without breaking a bank.
5 / 5
Has has wanted to something for a familiar to be able to look the films with a theatre of film feels. Seen this one and as it has not been to expensive has thought give tries it. We take the screen of projector (any sold with him)
comes with this own door houses that is very good. The place up is very easy. It uploads an on duty first film calm he on and after the few moments had it to us working utmost. Now it was very wide and so only done with a screen takes in the next row but around that to use a window with some curtains. With the small touching around with a far to do in a view took it to us to return almost all a way in some curtains with just the tiny quantity of hangover.
Some far works but I have had the few times where have had to clicks a key the little time to take things to actuate, another concealed it. Good works. It does not come with battery.
Has built in the speakers but is not a strong plus. Has the small yellow bluetooth speaker that I hooked up with him and work ( has ordered another together for his best) but in these laws of time for us.
All is all was the add to buy and yes recommends to take one. It is the way adds to take a familiar together for some familiar time.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Experience this element to use for work. After dipping it up and really taking to use it has decided to MAINTAIN The ON ITS OWN NAME!!! This is surprising. Amur That there is Bluetooth I so that I am able to connect my laptop Bose his speaker. A quality of picture is utmost and is hanged like this light to the equal that are adds to travel with. UTMOST COST!
4 / 5
The projector has arrived the Thursday and was excited like this partorisca use it. It was light, was easy to use. I dipped it/ I dipped It up it prejudices of Saturday partorisca look the show of slide of the video with familiar and a light of projector has closed was after 15 minutes been due to overheating. It was not even the particularly hot evening. At all it has blocked some ventilations. I have left it cools it was and powered he on again. The same what is spent with which 10 minutes... Any sure has bought the defective a. Person more looks to be that they complain of this subject.
5 / 5
- Has arrived punctually by night of special planned date!
- Has looked the toy has bought for my boys but I have not imported.
- Easy for me the setup (connected Bluetooth and has used HDMI to connect the laptop)
- White static lines by means of a screen ❌
- the sound goes was with which roughly 30 second ❌ (Multiple and multiple speakers To the cords)

Basically, is the piece of junk and are by train for the send behind! I have verified some descriptions and they were positive like this perhaps have the defective device! Disappointed any way!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I love this projector. A picture is very clear. A speaker that is in a projector is not strong at all, like this has connected them the bluetooth speaker to a projector and his perfect. Easy to connect the bluetooth. And it has connected them also my roku to a projector.
Has used a dvd player for the spicy house, again a speaker thats in a projector is not good but while has the bluetooth speaker his perfect.
5 / 5
Has taken this projector to the equal that could aim DVD FILM in a backyard and while camping. We are always sceptics to buy electronic elements in an internet, but love this projector! A better thing is a player of DVD , which is part of a projector! Any extra piece of crew to spend or worry in hooking on and/or having subject of compatibility of the separate piece of electronics. Like this easy to use. Also we love a fact that a far can be used of a front or for behind a projector of then there is the far sensor in both sides of a unit. I need to do sure have the surface to see a startup logo of a projector. Of there that, you can use some options of paper of a unit or far to customise a lot of some characteristic. Amur A Bluetooth option of audio with this unit. When Using this external projector, a sound has any wall to bounce was, likes sound of an inner speaker is not pertinent. We purchase the 100W Bluetooth speaker to use with this projector. He paired easily a first time and then partorisci on quickly with a speaker anytime turns everything on. Like this easy. I gave it four stars because a speaker in a projector when using external is not pertinent. Also In the like concealed is was a lot reasonably priced, which there is enabled to purchase he for entertainment and future entertainment! We wish it it has had at random to spend likes the course of a container. Taking he in and out of a box for the travelling insurance and the storage is the bit has weighed.
4 / 5
This projector could be a lot but falls the short way. It is in an only one with the player of DVD. To the left it is to take his. 😉

Low of the better conditions how is in a dark his watchable but his very dark opaque and sometimes grainy. Some things go in clear likes very lit or brilliants of external shots or has has lit scenes. Has questions with browns and red that dominates external scenes. Some darknesses are too dark can you any anything was and some lights are blown was to regulate a brightness and contrast. That looks well in a dipping the bad looks in another. The tones of skin sustain warm and global colours are well in of the external scenes but the disorder indoors. A lot of things am blown was washed was or in saturated.

In of the decreases of situations read with environmental light all is muddy. It is more in complete darkness. Ossia With the 4k streaming the clave and sample 1080p. Interpolated To good sure. Jump to a player of DVD and here comes a main disappointment. It is 480p. Ossia Right 480p. It looks worse. The washed opaque muddy was in saturated and pixelated. It is it likes look the VHS copies of the bootleg. 😐

A sound that exited of a built in the speaker is economic tinny and a lot empty in the pinch. A BT hooks on fast n easy sometimes when being occasionally little finicky. A quality of his that dips was is well surround sound. So only take the good soundbar or speaker.

A keystone is not enough. You will owe that prop this projector dipped on the in the tripod. A house is like the plot of these projectors of finals go down. That is clear in a zone is blurry in another. For a money is better bought the player of SEPARATE DVD and connecting it to the your projector.

A quality of looks to build well a far is a lot some options are good but is speaking in the device that square shows and unfortunately that qualities of the picture is not that very worse in a characteristic of DVD.

Maintain the calm import so that look in the plot of these descriptions that pictures of look of better aim that really is reason a camera is using corrects an image. Has the player of DVD and BT and currents 720p but would not buy it again or the recommend.

UPDATE: I have found a lacking adjustment that can improve it a quality of picture but so only slightly. If you go to a DVD and paste a setup key in a far opens on the paper where can regulate you video. More contrast brightness acuteness of saturation and adjustment of boos. 🤔 It is so only available when you are using a DVD.

These settings do the main difference that some settings of regular paper. This in spite of him maintaining has download it of permanent authorship in a cup of a screen that reads ' the device does not sustain ' This will not go was any @@subject that. 😐 For a money an action is to low and unrefined. If you look in mine pics can say which some are in environmental light and like some are in a darkness. The note lateralmente has can he flicker will turn in a projector that leaves he on until you come house. Past mine two times. In chance that so that it is not the fire hazard leaves it unplugged when any into use.
5 / 5
My woman and I am spent almost an hour that tries to take this car to do, and is very very dipped on electronic crew. We try to take the to project alone photographs of an iPad. It has used a HDMI cord. It could not take a projector to answer, any @@subject the one who the keys have pressed, or the one who the connections have tried, or the one who other ideas have tried. With which plugging and unplugging it the long took it finally to project some photographs. That the ache!

A suggestion: when you think a neighbour up is corrected for some cords, follows some instructions to press some keys, which is odd, and then press a key for each step, and ATTENDED. Attentive for the pocolos like this reasons a projector does not answer quickly or. Mark sure presses one anything out of a key when it prints calm he down. A fast or light tap will not cause a car to react. Once a paper is projected and is clicking some small arrows on down and lateralmente, the attended until some responses of units in a screen. It tries to do sure you have paste a key firmly. Another ache is, if it attended too long to paste some keys after a paper is in a screen a paper goes era. In fact it goes it was quite fast. If these steps owe that it initiates of a start.

Once your picture is in a screen, wall, or anything, will have the series of keys to the long of a fund of a screen. So much, sure mark a projector is regulated calm so much can see a fund of a picture projected with some keys. I have found that that tries to move to the long of some inferior keys was to cry it reason a schemes has not answered to a lot of my clicks.

Is projecting Of the micro SD the paper will see the key to the long of a subordinated concealed calm leave you to reduce a measure of a picture. It was able to reduce a measure down that it could achieve it in an iPad. You would owe that transfer your photos to the micro SD first paper to project them, but concealed can be the necessity he precise to to the smallest pictures like .

A photo has projected is very quite a lot of quality for my purposes. You can see a picture without all some lights was and the curtains have closed. I can see a picture in a daylight without any lights on while my invidentes is closed. Compared to other projectors of photos have used, which contain the enormous lightbulb and the prism to launch a photo impresa, this one is quite strong.

Taking a quite small picture to record in a 11 x 14 zone is impossible. A picture a small plus could take was roughly 18 x 24. Like the result, that projects a whole photograph of an iPad, and taking like this near of a wall or lines like possible, included a picture a small plus will be blown until the big measure. It would be VERY you has tried to collect the photo or choose out of the small zone of the photo, but ossia roughly that.

While a artograph the projector of prism takes the a lot of smaller photo projection, is also much feebler. A artograph the prism has the big bulb that takes an extremely hot projector. Calm in fact can burn on that. A artograph is also the elder of far unit, and the work of must of the person of the photo impresa reason is not digital.

This Bigasuo the projector is small, remains fresh, and a picture is brilliant. Much more brilliant that a artograph prism. A sound is not strong mine, but a noise of projector was irrelevant to my use. I have listened another concealed was much stronger.

Other questions with this projector comprise, but has not limited to, some keys are a colour still likes projector, and some symbols that says the person the one who a key is very small, mysterious, and no domestic on a key a lot. A small colour, included like car, the keys he hard to regulate a projector. A quantity of home is slender. If a lentil was able to direct more after an user could do a picture a small plus, which would be useful partorisca to the people the pleasure any one the small brilliant image. A HDMI the cord is the question , more a manufacture have given two HDMI connections. And they are not labeled number 1 and number 2. Reason? Reason any one another port of USB or the full measure SD space? A micro SD the space is the ache . A micro SDs is like this small can any the boss well. I maintain to fall some things. Reason not using the full measure SD space and leave an user to dip a micro SD to an adapter to use a micro SD?

Has not tried to use a streaming or functions/of films of the video. I have not tried to use some work of CD. I can not say how long a projector will last.

In general, thinks that a good projector a prize and would have to that do well for use familiarised.

5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have bought this projector reason have begun so only use his for decorations of projector vacacional. Experience had a partorisca Halloween and has wanted like looked in my window. I have known it was to take another for another window for some decorations of projection of the Christmas. It has known no any one the with a player of DVD has attached. It would have bought this one in the minute has known that for my last compraventa. He the fact so easier. A picture and the sound is utmost. A video is taken of inside a house. It looks included better in an outside!
4 / 5
A picture is like this dark! We take a Apeman instead and is 1000 better times. This was like this dark could any out of the spent in a film. Extremely in disappointing. Other projectors of low cost like Apeman and iRulu is very better, of personal and long experience.
4 / 5
Has purchased this element and I has been excited for the receive after trying to connect my TV of Apple and have all some bosses for a HDMI this is not Bluetooth compatible. He so only works for dvdes and is for this that are debate in the maintain or it returning but am not happy with feels like the tear was and economic and at all that has described in a description down of a projector was probably better was that it takes a newer version of the projector but that tries to connect a TV of Apple to mirror some video and films at all but glitches and can not be aimed or touched in a projector any Bluetooth compatible.
5 / 5
When I have ordered was excited extremely to take a product for a prize has paid. Then when I took it I have begun to see reason has taken the good prize !! It does not take Me bad some works of projector well and the quality of picture is really adds but like this with all the projectors that external sources read wreak havoc with a picture. There is remarked also a flimsy spends for a CD and speaker that is with the projector is quality very bad . Like the integer takes that paid for but takings the paper to guarantee which possibly will take you the screen for free but will fill was and accident or know if in fact I take one but not dipping all some eggs in this basket!!
5 / 5
I have purchased this projector, with which two compraventa leading and returns. Some two leading projectors am returned partorisca two different reasons.
This projector is the plot partorisca cluck partorisca a buck!
Still with a plus under lumens be in 3500, some leaves of projector for the plot of adjustment with brightness, contrast, acuteness, and colour. Also it has very good onboard sound. With the a lot of options that comprises surrounds quality of sound. It has taken so only the minute to connect to an outside Bluetooth speaker. A forward two projectors have not had a Bluetooth amenity. Bluetooth Is the must, in my opinion.
Considering that the majority of projectors that there is Bluetooth, is more money, and in some chances considerably more while I have paid thus projector, this was the decision adds .
Are very satisfied with a quality of picture and a quality of sound.
Some additional amenities comprise builds him @in DVD PLAYER, the tripod, and the very a lot of-has built to spend chance. Besides, it comes with the airman that when that follows some instructions roughly revising this product, will send you release it 84 projector of screen of thumb. Consider this career 20 bucks or more, another additional amenity to included further augment a value of this compraventa.
I the plot of investigation in considering buying the compact projector. And to the equal that have said in a start, has purchased in fact two other projectors. I do not think that really it could be any happier that are with this compraventa. Highly it recommends this projector.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. These few projects is the product adds !! Tip the films of Qualities adds and touches a lot also!! I purchased it in fact reason has the dvd player!! Has the library of film that has purchased on some years and sometimes like his touch in of my system of theatre of the house. So much, this projector was the election adds , if it do not love film to run all a time. Utmost cost!! Any disappointed at all!! It can not expect have my Prime minister Halloween Scary Tuna of Film in mine Backyard this year!!!
Go to look some classical Halloween films of Horror and eat popcorn, and everything of an usual Theatre Extracted!!! The more HAS some delicious smores of a firepit!! 🎎🎎🎭🎟🧟‍♂️🧛🏼‍♀️🎃🎃
5 / 5
A picture maintains to exit of the games for10 min then in firm down
5 / 5
Each one of then has taken produced Thai a dvd portion of any of work. An only way to do this work is to reserve he until the computer and in the current and included this takes roughly 15-20 for him to do. It does not recommend to any one. Also it has amused it that tries to find the line of service of the client for this thing.
5 / 5
Has read A lot of descriptions and has not been all in closing when I have ordered he because of some of a unfavorable the descriptions and I have thought the worse chance will return if it does not like. I love it, the amour of amour loves it. The quality of picture is utmost, has been dipping on outside in the 100' the screen and one could go with an elder of same screen without loss of quality of picture this in spite of 100' dressed my needs. It has taken for nights of the film familiarised external and has been perfect. I have used a DVD look one the majority of, and a feedback in a volume of his attentive east. If you are near of a projector there is any question this in spite of a calm far plus was volume of a projector a sound simply does not spend . It has taken the Bluetooth speaker that has solved a subject for those seating further of a projector. A projector is compact, the quality of picture is utmost and quality of his utmost east. I imagine I have to that have the separate screen to see some means comunicacionales is not too big of one asks the small speaker the help augments a sound. Ossia Absolutely the decision adds is in a fence roughly if this projector is the solid election , is to good sure the solid election.
5 / 5
Has looked for the projector that also would leave to touch our big selection of Dvd further to be able to look film of the ours iPhone, iPad, etc. Use a projector in tripping to camp grupal big to Lake Shasta to California and has has had nights of spectacular film. A projector has done has it to us so that it has wanted. It is easy to use and a picture is brilliant and easy to see. Highly it would recommend this projector. It is also small and light and easy to manoeuvre.
5 / 5
Utmost work! Has the room has controlled light , but a lot still with environmental light. It launches the scarce bad can take it near of a screen and not launching shadows like path around a room. Also when his next plus to some walls a quantity of light is more brilliant that was 8 feet behind me. Clarity... If it love clarity a so only take the 4k TV. Not being any one the projector can beat that , but ossia a lot well, blurays the look adds. 100+ thumbs and is the plot of fun for a money.
4 / 5
Like this, any usually take this excited in the product, but after purchasing two projectors that cost it cause more degradation and the stray time that come from all could think of to take them to do in some prejudices has had an external party, this projector dipped absolutely those the shame. A prime minister some have purchased was a WiMiUS 7200 Lux and a QKK Mini Projector 5500. Both were horrible experiences reasons is likes there is has not thought things by means of when they developed, but this projector has solved everything in a has has shot. In the first place, east another two has not had any class of bluetooth connectivity of speaker like this one has and has had neither the well quite speaker to be able to listen them well. Had any way to connect audio to some projectors unless you have had the speaker wired full with near to be able to-up. Mina bluetooth the speaker of speaker has done perfectly with a Bigasuo (pleasant name, but will not forget it anytime early now). This fantastic little projector there has been all that goes for him. In the first place, it comes with I add it spending chance, which is the good touch , but more importantly, the each way to connect to look film or anything more thus @@subject and is like this simpler. A player of DVD is the way adds to take going immediately, which is not the part of some other projectors have researched. A keystone to do a corner of the screen correctly is the @@@knob simple that turn well for behind a projector, as I do not owe that it play with some settings to fix this quickly. A brightness can be the bit less than one 7200 Wimius, but was not even be the factor to consider, of looks like this clear in general. Finally, a tripod the fact so easier that take a right corner, which was a more frustrating part to take these other two still projectors line on well with a screen. This one has an easy crowbar to included is gone in so only the pocolos second, where like this never fully has taken some other two still projectors line on correctly using all could think of, like some books and such. Usually it does not like to buy in fact in of the products of Cina because of a quality and such, but still without using this for the long time, a thoughtfulness has dipped to this product seat likes has done the produced that will last. It gives this one tries it and calm will not be disappointed!
5 / 5
Has update: 16 Oct 2020.

Built-in DVD player is convenient.
The quality of picture is satisfactory.

This model does not leave Bluetooth connection to smartphone.
A Bluetooth the connection of the only leaves characteristics to bluetooth has enabled speakers.
Any one controls for brightness. It could be more brilliant for twilight.
Viewing So only well for interior of dark room or the external dark nights.
Has had to that order the separate, HDMI the USB C, boss the smartphone of connection of the mine to the projector likes the boss has comprised is so only HDMI to HDMI boss for connection of computer.
Looking the time is limited for the time of battery of the smartphone while it is connected to telephone, likes HDMI the USB C boss a lot simultaneously telephone to upload while touching video.
An annex of inferior base has to that be screwed on and require some finesse to take an image has projected equally directly.
Some houses owe that be manually regulated to twist a lentil.
A measure of screen has projected, p. p.ej. '2x', '3x', or '1/2' the exposure that dips stays on while some games of films. (This can take annoying). So only a setting of the measure regulates does not show a setting of measure of the screen.

In general, the projector is satisfactory for nights of films.

Update: 22 Dec 2020.
Service of fantastic client. After reading my description, a company has achieved was to direct one on worries. Clashing on stars.
4 / 5
Some laws of projector well. So only be conscious that travel abroad, calm could not be able to launch streamed content of your telephone, to pill or the computer that the use to sure services likes him Netflix, Prime of Amazon, Hulu, Beachbody on Asks, of etc. has tried and a screen was black so only . Any video has projected at all. A video touched in mine telephone and pill like normal but would not project to a wall. I achieved it it was to a vendor because has thinks that that my bad projector. The vendor informed that a projector is unable to project video of these streaming services abroad been due to authorise subjects. The desire would have known that before I bought it. We are the military family stationed in Korea of Of the sud and has bought this to projector to film of current during our travesías of familiar camping. But it will not project streamed content.
4 / 5
It has taken this partorisca touch film in a cochera and some chair of boys in a go in an end of a day and my boys and the boys closely can look, but still has extended was quite to maintain our social distancing.

Adds speakers to improve a volume. We take and it is very happy with: Cyber Acoustic CA-3602FFP 2.1 Sound of System of Speaker with Subwoofer and Pod of Control - Add - for Music, Film, Multimedia Pcs, Macs, Portable the and Gaming Systems

is using this screen: Master of Yard of Screens of Elite 2, 120 Screen of thumb of External Projector with Stand 16:9, 8K 4K Ultra HD 3D Theatre of Folding Portable Film Fast Cinema 120' Inner Foldable Easy Snaps Screen of Projection, OMS120H2

WARNS: you owe for separate purchase the 'Lightning to HDMI adapter' the current Netflix and Amazon and Hulu. It does not buy the economic a!!! It has taken an out of Amazon and there is not remarked in a fine impression that is not compatible with streaming those and the pocolos other services. I have squandered Of the money and the plot of times brainstorming that wrong. I have ordered a directly of Apple and hopefully when this arrives vastly augment our selections of films.
5 / 5
Has looked for the way to the spice on state this year and had spoken roughly taking the projector of film. I have known have has wanted to something easy and sincere. Something concealed has not required stirs it of bosses: the projector that has contained the dvd player and speakers. After the a lot of investigation has had narrowed down to the handful. This returns a bill, but has had also a lot of options to connect the streaming the device or the consolations yes has wished. It has comprised also a lot of perks: the chance has comprised, cords, tripod, far--for the friendly prize very familiar. To receive has not been disappointed! A projector is very sincere, easy to use--included for a technology iliterate. It is very brilliant and has the very cleaned, crisp image. I disagree With other descriptions and think a sound is really well, but has an option to add some own speakers. It is the thoughtfully the car drawn and a chance cushioned is the good touch partorisca in a gone. This will do nights of external film the breeze. And I think that that we will be to invite some neighbours on to also enjoy. Once they see it, to good sure will be to take some hips for his nights of game.
5 / 5
Ossia So better that has been expecting. It comes with all precise create you and that goes -- subject @a lot of that the country is comes -- with 3 adapters of the international electrical socket different. A manual is comprehensible and useful. They are the little confused for a far, but ossia so only me.

A brightness and the acuteness of a picture is well, and has been impressed in like this was still viewable in the partially darkened room. An inner speaker is well, also. I have bought this because of his versatility further of his capacity to do so it is-alone unit. Still sometimes we use Dvdes and is taking harder that find new hardware for his touch. Still it accepts SD papers. A fact that this projector has all the classes of connectivities, comprising Bluetooth, is very useful.

An element comes fantastically packaged, and like the result, arrived in perfect condition. A chance of travesía convenient is protective and servants well to store a unit; a box to have that heavy is gone in has the boss as it can be reused for purpose of travesía.

Good value, in my opinion.
5 / 5
Has bought this in the so many could seat in a yard and have my familiar concealed does not have after lived to us come on to share the film but of far. This was perfect! The quality of picture adds and brightness. Has the sound but calm requires Bluetooth speakers for distance. It comes with the good stand that it is sturdier that looks at the beginning and some frames of player of the DVD he súper! Has the roku the clave there is poured in only this projector.


So that it has not been was so only a heat of Florida and one looking two film in the row, but one prejudices arrived to look some films and he was to take I so that there is quickly be to pack on a projector. I grabbed the and was hot likes hell! I have fallen a projector and a projector dvd the door broken and the bit of a frame has broken. I have been devastated! It had not seen any opinions that a projector would take this heat. Now while this is not the crazy expensive projector, was so only in $ 100 and used it so only two times now. I achieved it it was the company and send me to us the substitution has been once of tower in stock. I am assuming this is one 2020 upgrade how is slightly different of an original. Still it comes with the box of conversor for international use. So further of a product he when being the really good projector for prize a lot well, a service of client is phenomenal. To good sure back his product. Highly it recommends to give that this projector tries it.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my daughter the one who has has wanted to something to touch the firestick (or Roku) but does not have one spatial to returned the TV in his paving of studio. It loves it. And touch DVD. Originally We Purchase a QKK projector but with which 2 weeks has tried that a has not done a lot well. This one east of the JUMPS and bounds better. A a be of exception that has to that it is time /at night of the dusk when this projector is used. While a QKK could be seen during daylight, is almost impossible to see anything if a sun is was with this projector. Curtains of blackout the genuine endeavour but included the light on in a room will dull a picture in this projector. Taken this onsale during treating he of lightning, would not spend a plenary $ 150 in this probably is not to value that a lot with all honesty.
4 / 5
This projector is while it validates of the money has bought mine for the halloween scene of pointed window in pic. Tried to stick the video so much or could see that well laws but would not upload for some reason. But I used it also to look TV. Like this far all some utmost characteristics and súper easy to the use has connected mine Bluetooth speak and hooked on a roku. Prefect!!! Any need to spend the tonne of money in an expensive a. Like this happy took it could buy another I so that it can do another halloween scene out of
5 / 5
has bought this projector after several weeks to read descriptions in the each one one under $ 200. Each projector so only has a lot of the bad & descriptions a lot well, this one has comprised. I have decided to try my regime with this one has had of the player of DVD has comprised in chance that our WiFi would not extend to a projector. Honradamente, Really have not been sure as to expect. It has blown entirely our expectations out of a water! We have not bought the screen still, as we improvise with to curtain of white shower, & a picture adds!(The photo has been on taken by means of the window) A speaker is not a strong plus, but the one who any already has the speaker that chairs around his house in all the chance?!?! Honradamente Would say that you are trying decide if this would have to that be a one wants to buy, take a jump! Totally it validates he!
4 / 5
Ours familiar has been using this time of diverse projector a week has spent now and is has impressed seriously.

First impression out of a box was utmost. A projector among the good, sturdy husband that has it divide to ensure a projector of some accessories. All precise returned in a chance and can be safely tucked was with which use. In fact a lot I have @@to give it has come he with a chance how was very happy to open concealed.

Some accessories are easy to use and good quality. We have used a far control, a HD boss and a stand. One is is easy to dip on and good works to take any precise corner. For example, we were able to dip one is of projector in a counter of cookery and project down when some boys have loved to look the film in a wall.

There is like this has looked far Dvd and also connected to a laptop with a HD boss to look video familiarised of a computer. Both were easy to do and has had the picture of good quality. We have not bought the screen of projection still ( will be to do the punctual) but some laws of projector adds in the simple wall. Our aim for a summer will be in any external project in the screen or so only the use in a door of cochera or siding, which thinks will do well.

Had impressed also with a volume. A sound is clear and quite strong to do adds indoors for him without an extra speaker or soundbar. We can the to us connect to the speaker for external use this in spite of so only for the give the little impulse, if it has to that it weaves other people also listening to a film.

In general, very happy with this projector!
5 / 5
Has had the smallest question with east, an audio and visual has not been synced on properly and a company issued immediately the substitution! I produce it adds, my new a perfect east. A video is crisp and a player of DVD BUILT is a lot of nifty. You will require to take the clave of fire or roku to touch streaming services like Netflix reasons some applications in yours telephone or iPad has the blockades have built in. Calm also can use the laptop and I have has connected mine inclusa Xbox both duquel can look you streaming video games & of video. Highly recommend. I have bought the projector before this and was nowhere like this good. A built in the volume is limited but all precise is to connect the Bluetooth the speaker and calm included could have surround his with two.
4 / 5
Update: I am tried to take another star out of this description because I have been contacted by a company and request to take my negative critique for risarcimento. I see now reason has such good descriptions. The people are deceived when giving the good description for money. I create. There are projectors very better of qualities there. It does not squander your money. And beware of some “positive critiques”.

Has had big hopes thus projector with all some descriptions add but are by train for the send behind. Already I have the pair mid-priced the projectors but I has been excited when I have seen this a there is had the built in DVD player. For a paid of prize, would have expected that would have improved quality. A projector is strong, a quality of the player of the DVD is súper down, a sound on is terrible, and when calm connect it to the Bluetooth speaker, calm grieves can listen anything out of him. I loved really like, but instead are when sending behind and buying the compact Blue-ray DVD player to use with mine another projector, ossia to plot quality more economic and very better. It does not squander your money.
4 / 5
They are not that I add in near electronic-up. It has given on on taking my iPhone and iPad partorisca do. I have read the plot of some descriptions, and the people are frustrated with dud announcing in some telephone and streaming applications. You grieve I hooked he until my laptop, was in business! I can register to the mine FrontierTV, Netflix, the amazon Prepares like this far. A player of DVD will be the add behind up for me. Work well. I wirelessly connected my Bluetooth speaker to the mine portable and touches utmost! They are everything ready for Halloween entertainment in a lanai tomorrow! The desire could see he during a day, but that that all the projectors are disappointing.
4 / 5
Has spent this because of a player of DVD, ready loves like this the projector but a quality of the picture has not been that well and has had the very hard time that connects and taking a dvd to do. My wine of band of the prime minister and has looked has been used is returned like this. It likes me everything of a material that is coming with him so that it is reason has asked the substitution. . A substitution has come fast and again a quality of picture was a lot at all. I have sent this projector behind and has asked the repayment. They are by train of the give 3 stars for everything of some things is coming with, stock exchange and accesorias, wished had done. It was the present of anniversary and present of anniversary to me. It does not have behind listened any in my repayment still.
5 / 5
Has wanted to try the projector for nights of external film. Do the investigation has found the element key is a right quantity of lumens to ensure your picture and brightness work well. The stumbled by means of this projector and am pleased like this with this product. Certainly, I have not been able to try alfresco still how has been too cold. This in spite of, use it to us Many times indoors and different time of a day. A picture is brilliant and a product is very easy to use. We have used a characteristic of DVD, has rented the film of Cousin of Amazon, and has used a HDMI cord. A defender is not strong and some the inner speakers are well. We easily the speakers of old computer have connected his and a sound was totally a lot then. It would recommend these products how is quality adds , easy to use, and the fun way to look shows without breaking a bank!
4 / 5
Loves this product! Begun with an iPad alfresco and is trace the laptop. Decided that aliamos be quarantined of activity for awhile then has to that upgrade to the projector - this one east awesome! I want that podes directly dipped in the DVD, but also can use USB and he have had 2 HDMI gone in so many can hook on other devices. Has has used so only a player of DVD and utmost. A quality of his east down like the bluetooth the speaker is truthfully necessary. It likes sound and a fact that some keys do not have any word in his, which my husband has done still stickers) was my 'complaints' so only.
5 / 5
Has received a projector punctually but a box has suffered harm (sees picture). It was fearful a unit would suffer the harm has dipped like this he by means of some test. A chance to trip cushioned probably saves a unit of harm. A quality of picture was good but there is still for the try external in the big screen. An entrance of speaker is not a lot strong likes I hooked on the speaker of blue tooth. Had the light delay among a speaker and a video to the equal that have substituted he with the together of powered discharges in of the speakers (sees photo). Highly it recommends to take the together of discharges in of the speakers. A player of DVD/reads far well. Streaming Has done well with my Roku and was able to do the show of the slide of the picture forms the walk of jump. I can no any one complain to time fresher to the equal that can have some backyard socially nights of far film.
4 / 5
6 update of month: broken. A house adjustor nob no longer movements. It has stuck so only. The appearance to last for ever for a prize? The no. expects It to do for longer that 6 month? Heck Already. Súper There is Disappointed. Begun do noises really strong when looking the DVD also. Well Using a HDMI boss to my telephone. It has taken 2 star was. It was the fresh idea and of the terrible waste of money.

Loves this thing. A volume is honradamente a downfall. Bluetooth The fixed speaker that @@subject. The quality of video adds to all the cost of the wall of measure am signalling he in. The dark films require some regulating but ossia of the same for any screen. It has not required to use the screen or spent still, the touch adds in any surface like this far. The desire would have bought it more collected! Frights some dogs at the beginning, knows, human giants in the wall and all concealed. But otherwise take the speaker and calm will love the theatre of film in home feeling
5 / 5
has wanted to loves it, has the dvd player all ready installed (more Enormous) the speakers can listen (awesome) But according to that a 4500lm is more afterwards to 1000lm in mine dress, has had the 320 asin lm, this after his perhaps more 10 brilliant :(

To the equal that has bought the old plus/ refirbished NEC 2300lm..... Swipes this thing out of a water, so more brilliant!! Which is that I need for film in a yard, can begin touch his in decadence any half night.....

Also an old plus NEC, the colours are more vivid, everything is more like this hd TVs. A 4500lm has had a lot of shadows of half face, almost outlines clearer like the book to paint but form of film, very drawn was.

The speakers have not touched bad, still could be stronger but no bad in the quite a lot of prejudices. I have looked for to use a a/v gone in of boss without regime. I have not tried anything more so it has known has not been to do for me.

Is the good idea , in the value of the economic projector more afterwards to $ 100 row...
4 / 5
WOW - Absolutely love this product for so many reasons. Has the quite expensive projector but has purchased this one because of a characteristic of DVD! I do not owe that lug my computer and clutter on my room to dine with crew added reason this product has the built-in DVD player. That the difference. It has dipped a projector on my cupboard of Cina and is grieve noticeable. It has built also-in USB for mine flashes walks that has digital decorations. Absolutely I love this car and a prize and the value are utmost. Also, having a remote the easy fact to dip a big projector without requiring it ladder for the control. I so only the paralización precise that signal of the far in an exposure (haha) in place of a car. Highly recommend this product.
4 / 5
Has arrived punctually. It was pleasantly surprised to the equal that to the that easy was to use. Any I still requires some instructions!

With a current pandemic is not that they go to some theatres of films. A walk-ins so only is aiming the films of adult have like this decided to buy the projector to touch films familiarised in mine backyard. My girls were excited like this to look film alfresco!

I amour a built in DVD player because it means fewer instruments to haul external. I have connected mine Harman Kardon the speaker for sound adds. Has the built in the speaker but is roughly like this strong like the mobile phone.

My house is white as I have not required to purchase the screen. I so only the pressure has washed my rear wall and some films look of sound! Also it appreciates a chance to spend wine with. Has Velcro straps and foam to securely resists a projector and accessories.

I boys are happy to the equal that am happy! It was the cost adds . Any remorse!
4 / 5
Love a measure of projector, an on sizwd projection (has a capacity to fill wall discovers) and global functionality. This in spite of, no material can take on a noise done. I connected it included to mine Bose the speaker and a sound would not locate to a capacity of volume of the speakers. I have used that speaker in other devices and is in this projetor this in spite of. A noise of decay of projector on to a speaker. It was able to reduce he to change roughly settings of audio but that that also has reduced a global volume. I have tried also mine Bluetooth blockade rocker the speaker and an audio have not come by means of in spite of being has connected. They are more probably going paralización to reissue it. Sad reason a sound is a subject only has with him.