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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
Colour: Black has has wanted to he for the moment and now a touchpad works while it feels partorisca like. Recognition he on and was, on and was and perhaps do the cappuccino. Very little available on-line the troubleshoot. It looks good but so only can not maintain up with the question or the use have related. I maintained it clean and well has maintained. I seat like this in of the llamas he in effegy.
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Colour: the Black works are partorisca me. Any sure because all some bad descriptions. The most next thing to restaurant has done slats and cappuccinos. My only complaint is ahen do the slat or cappuccino, a frothed the starts to milk luke animate partorisca my flavours, but so only bursts my slat has finalised/cappuccino to a microwave partorisca 45 seconds.
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Colour: Black Inside the few weeks, a milk froth is disappeared. All tentativas partorisca take the cappuccino with pertinent froth was vanamente. Tried all the types of tins, clean car, different temperature of tins but all vanamente. It was a lot of bondadoso to take a turn.
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Colour: Black A title of these states of product is a Illy Y5 tins expressed and car of caff. I ordered it, and it was puzzled because some keys look different that is sold in a Illy put web. Ossia His produced his old more than is in clearance in his place, a Y5 tins expressed. This car any caff, and can not take pods of caff. I seat that it was misled purchase this product, as it is not that it is announced. Besides, my car does not do Slats or Cappucinos ossia like this big likes that it is pictured or showed in of the video have looked.
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Colour: the aim has taken an old model that any caff. The arrival of metal brushed, any aim. A milk frothing the function has not done. In a side besides, is the a lot compact unit .
5 / 5 By
Colour: the flavour of caff adds Black, any comparison with another express car, but a milk frother is not doing. A milk is exited liquid and is impossible to have the decent capuccino. The to Such the shame likes them to them the caff is like this good. I sent it behind.
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Colour: the satin could very included dipped on this car, because the averages a tank partorisca water filtered before has paste an on key. (Felizmente, there is not had to that cry the milk spilt on.) It was like this disappointed, reason is drawn fantastically, and Illy is the caff adds.
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Colour: Black has expected like this in a picture, a Illy with a chamber of tins in a side. Two times have been sent a wrong element based in a picture and description of a car. As I Can it conceal it spends two times??
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Colour: the Excellent satin together place well. For far a better test cappuccino of house. Flavours so it loves your caf preferred. A caff Rule found to be bit it too feeble/watery. Of that any has not been reason has purchased some diagrams does not annoy me too much. Has has wanted really a cappuccino.Some courses of car are solid and no economic looking or feeling. This in spite of, a construction of a car is not sturdy. Some does not separate any click closely to plant and does not remain right. It have maintained in in all the chance if it have not been for an expensive price.
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Colour: Satin In unboxing a product, will find a lot for separate packaged chrome parts that you quickly can attach to a car. There is several propiciado by different instruction, with some resupplying slightly different instructions; partorisca chances, a calm discharge instruct partorisca run by means of some first water to use for a first time, while a manual of main product any such the suggestion. Calm once is done with a setup, which takes so only the pocolos small, is ready partorisca do first yours cup of caff. We fill on a reservoir of water and has used a sample resupplied. A unit comparably to another hoards the cars of caff have based, in the first place that heats a water, then running he by means of a cup and out of a fund to the yours mug. On lifting a crowbar, a short used is touched automatically to the cube of collection for behind a mug the location and calm quickly can situate the cup partorisca a next person. A cube easily resists the averages the dozen has has used cups before you owe empty the. A caff has been considered a lot well for our lovers of caff in a family, this in spite of perhaps a lot like this aromatic as generally it would like. With which move on partorisca add a milk. It was a lot it have the reservoir the small plus partorisca a milk. While an in fact can store a container of tins in a refrigerator, attaching it to a unit so only when wished, thinks it would be easier simply can add the cup of tins or like this partorisca this time when I love the frothy concoction. But I suppose that frequently they use an option of tins will prefer it like this east. One expressed and other options all fact to the equal that has expected. A global appearance of a device is attractive and contemporary, returning in cooks that to him modern without difficulty. A touchpad has done like this wished and has not had any question there a first month of use. This unit no with cups other companies; you owe that take Illy-concrete cup (any K-cups, partorisca chances).

In general, ossia the fine unit partorisca to that like the fast alone cup of caff/expressed with a potential addition of frothy tins, and without a need to brew to fresh pot. You will require partorisca value for calm wants to be joined to Illy short more than some of a cup to compete ways which can be more easily available.

Top Customer Reviews: K-Fee Twins II ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5 By Angel
As there is disappointed. Ours last unit esatta was utmost partorisca 3 years then a water has begun partorisca filter to a discarded container of pod. It has on dipped with him 3 month until it was total backflow to a discarded pos mixing with them and any in disposal forward. That the disorder. Bought this substitution and tablespoon partorisca water at least of rear flow into a discard pods well of a start. I imagine this would be to go in 3 month. Returning it and that goes partorisca try and take it casualidad in a glorious Verismo and expect a control of quality is better in this car. The toes have crossed!
4 / 5 By Nancy
Caffè Good, expresses, etc. But some Pods are hard to find locally.
5 / 5 By Trudy
Present perfect
4 / 5 By Lynnette
is a piece that has a lot of be useful

Top Customer Reviews: Keurig K250 Coffee ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Domenica
If you are compraventa partorisca the Keurig know a basics. Here it is some things that has looked for that this K250 has resupplied. (Commentary - ossia ours second Keurig, our model of prime minister was with us partorisca the abonos a lot of years but has died the slow painful death. We cry. We have moved then on.)

- Are fussy in mine counters and I wheel partorisca look in like this material was on him. And it has to that have a material was then at least attended is visually pleasing. Some options by heart are utmost and is true to a photo. My version, likes pictured, looks one same in esal life'

- A height of a unit is perfect - just on 14' enclosed, requiring roughly 16' partorisca open and dip the pod in

- A Kcups I already has purchased all - any nightmare of special codes etc.

- Leaves partorisca selection of different ounce mugs or the pot

- the screen of Electronic touch is responsive (like this far)

- frames Fermi that it was brewing sound but no quite like this obnoxious models so many past

mentions a colour? A truth is - is a colour that sucked me in - all more is 'extra'
1 / 5 By Samara
I have been the long time Keurig user, but this was my first experience with the Keurig 2.0 car. I have had the terrible experience with a K250. Of course, it can use my filter of caff reusable old, as I have had to that buy the new a. Of day a, has taken earths of caff in the each cup. I have not had Never this question with an older unit. Going when pursuing grinds has done help with this question, but never entirely go was. Then, with which so only 4 month of use, has begun to take so only the half cup of caff. I have tried all recommended on-line (in common cycles of cleaners, using a tool of more cleaned of the needle, descaling, etc) and could not solve a question. It has given up in frustration.
5 / 5 By Benedict
I have expected the few months partorisca revise this, after the week partorisca read descriptions before I have included cradle partorisca he. This has substituted my old Keurig this has begun partorisca do angry noises in me and any brew. In all the chance, am not sure like all some the negative critiques in this thing are all roughly. It likes to of it weaves it to me. Has paste the pair of swipes of speeds in him, in a start, reason there is not READING The DIRECTIONS. You would owe that read some directions! I have tried to fill he with thought of the water has bottled was all elegant and that worries partorisca my car, but to the equal that results, ossia any good. A schemes said me that it was empty. The explanation has complicated averts, waters it bottled does not contain some molecules that some senses of car partorisca determine or no a reservoir of water is full. This is to be solve partorisca fill a tank with water of mine Brita pitcher. Ossia Better, in my opinion, reason any one I still need to impulse a tank out of a car partorisca fill. I have read some descriptions in an acrylic of a be of tank flimsy, and my response to ossia that any plastic will break yes calm breaks it quite hard. After, it revises complained in sure k short not doing . I have written this description so only after using an era-mark cappuccino k cup of Aldi, and a schemes no same doubt. An only thing that really stumped me in a start was a key to be able to . It can not to imagine it it was for a life of me. Has thinks that that we send me to us he busted one. It results- reading some directions would develop that precise resist it down to turn a car was. Good material. In general, it does not leave some the negative critiques swing you era. It is the a lot of looking appliance and servants his purpose.
5 / 5 By Elmira
Simpley A better cup of caff and a costruttore of caff better there is never has possessed. Like this easy to use our daughter of 9 years can use it. The nave was quickly, ordered it night of Friday and received it tomorrow of Sunday.
1 / 5 By Olimpia
If it can vote accident of zeros, would have. The desire had read all some critical first negations to purchase this expensive piece partorisca crap. Has the main measure, commercial Keurig in home that the works adds - has not had never any subjects. I have bought this a partorisca my office. With which so only using it two times, requires interview. With which messing with him, took it working - then perhaps with which 2 shorter, has broken again. Constantly partorisca do, declaring 'water down pressure'. Another time, turned it on and automatically begins partorisca fill when I not even dipped anything in him - and any prendera until a reservoir of water was empty. I cleaned it numerous time in spite of only using it perhaps 10x. If I owe that treat interview on something literally each one another time uses it, the forget. I have discovered some questions have had is a lot common with this model. It DOES not BUY The 2.0!!!!!!!
5 / 5 By Kenyetta
I have used one in work and have decided like this partorisca use he home. I want to be able to have an extra cup of caff in some weekends without doing the new pot of caff. A colour is very fresh. So much, my edges in law the caff fact and has blown earths of caff throughout - and tip the very odd screen there has not gone never seen before - finally imagined out of that - when it dip a k-the cup in him pressed it down partorisca return - a car has thinks that that we have dipped in the caraf has measured k-cup - soooo, does not press a k-hoards down to a headline so only dipped he in and has left the bob around until in firm a cup. Has has has had to that 'whack' a fund of a car in acting the time of pair for the take to come on and pre hot - usually after the long weekend and any one have taken out of a last k-short like dry all the weekend - but goes back the life when the game to the rovescio and smack the the time of pair. Do the tea adds! They are still experimenting with a reusable cup with some filters of tiny paper - I are gettimg a formula in bylines to a strenghth me - likes the darkness raises looks to do more.
4 / 5 By Jeannetta
I love it!!! It was easy to dip on, the starts of caff in a perfect temperature. It is astetically pleasing and access perfectly in my drawer of caff. The so that only does not like /can not imagine was is like this partorisca turn of a screen was. Has the little key of the power in an inferior hand-held side has left of a screen, but when I press does not turn era. Like the unplugged at night.
5 / 5 By Reda
Ossia Mine 2nd Keurig, and after all a kerfuffle in a k pods - I am pleased partorisca say this car takes them everything. It is a lot of chatty and polite and easy to use. The desire there is some transports was -- my big critique. I can not say a lot in a colour 'plum' how is more ash and the tad boring, that a colour of plum has been expecting.
1 / 5 By Machelle
Total piece of junk. Ossia A fourth (seriously) Keurig has purchased this year. A prime minister two taking of Costco. When A prime minister a futzed was with which grieve the month, the think that was so only the fluke & that had been unfortunate enough to take the lemon. We return it to us and he has bought another (same model, as it was an only Keurig has sold at the same time). Cela One has developed also questions after so only the few weeks. It begins randomly spewing same water when we any anything with a car. So only spontaneously starts up. So much, we return that an also & has taken our money behind.

Decides to choose the different model, as we have looked on Amazon and has taken is one. An aim was to spend like this little like this possible while still that takes the car that has done that has loved the to us to. This one is lasted so only grieve spent a month (long enough, of course, that has been no longer returnable to Amazon). A question with this one was that he periodically closed up. It dip to pod in a car and a screen to the touch no . I have tried to unplug he for the moment and then kicking it behind up. Sometimes this has done to clear a screen; sometimes he no. Finally, he so only working decree altogether.

Needless To say, is to do with Keurigs. I am trying the different mark for an after going round.
1 / 5 By Fanny
I have it quell'has possessed previously two old model Keurig unit. All new Keurig the cars have the flavour of plastic/smell of a process of manufacture. I guess Keurig can not resupply to spend the little extra money on cleaning part before they are gathered. A question is some leeches of plastic flavour to a caff. Thoroughly I have washed and there is drenched some removable parts in of waters he soapy warm, run roughly 50 10 oz servings of water by means of a car, as well as like this run white vinegar by means of a car partorisca try and take a flavour. All has said, am spent probably roughly 7 hours that reads in this brewer partorisca take this foul flavour and dipped of the mine caff to any avail. It suspects a fact that an inner tank and a line partorisca dispense of a tank to a K-the headline of cup is some culprit , but calm can no to take to clean, like your only alternative is to run water by means of a car 10 oz the time in of the hopes that the finally will take a terrible (and probably toxic) plastic flavour. Personally I will be to return this product and looking for other products.