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1 first Julius Studio Photo Video Studio 10 ft. Wide Cross Bar 7 ft. Tall Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit with Carry Bag, Photography Studio, JSAG283 Julius Studio Photo Video Studio 10 ft. Wide Cross Bar 7 ft. Tall Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit with Carry Bag, Photography Studio, JSAG283 By Julius Studio
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2 Julius Studio 20"x 28" Soft Box Reflector Lighting Kit 800W Output Light for Video Camera Photography Portraits Photo Studio, Diffuser, Video Light Bulb, JSAG344V2 Julius Studio 20"x 28" Soft Box Reflector Lighting Kit 800W Output Light for Video Camera Photography Portraits Photo Studio, Diffuser, Video Light Bulb, JSAG344V2 By Julius Studio
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3 best Julius Studio Wood Floor Backdrop 5 x 10 feet, with Umbrella Lighting Kit, Background Support Stand, Bulb, Socket, Spring Clamp, White & Black Umbrella Reflector, Photography Studio, JSAG355 Julius Studio Wood Floor Backdrop 5 x 10 feet, with Umbrella Lighting Kit, Background Support Stand, Bulb, Socket, Spring Clamp, White & Black Umbrella Reflector, Photography Studio, JSAG355 By Julius Studio
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4 Julius Studio Photo Studio Kit 6 x 9 ft. Green White Black Muslin Backdrop Screen & Supporting System, Umbrella Reflector, Light Bulb, Soft Box Light Diffuser, Socket, Tripod Light Stand, JSAG195 Julius Studio Photo Studio Kit 6 x 9 ft. Green White Black Muslin Backdrop Screen & Supporting System, Umbrella Reflector, Light Bulb, Soft Box Light Diffuser, Socket, Tripod Light Stand, JSAG195 By Julius Studio
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5 Julius Studio Photography Photo Studio Video Portrait Lighting Kit, White Umbrella Reflector, Continuous Bulb & Socket with Umbrella Insert, Light Stand Tripod, Carry Bag, JSAG1 Julius Studio Photography Photo Studio Video Portrait Lighting Kit, White Umbrella Reflector, Continuous Bulb & Socket with Umbrella Insert, Light Stand Tripod, Carry Bag, JSAG1 By Julius Studio
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6 Julius Studio 6 x 9 ft. / 1.8 x 2.8 M/White Photo Video Photography Studio Fabric 100% Pure Muslin Backdrop Background Screen (Backdrop ONLY), JSAG103 Julius Studio 6 x 9 ft. / 1.8 x 2.8 M/White Photo Video Photography Studio Fabric 100% Pure Muslin Backdrop Background Screen (Backdrop ONLY), JSAG103 By Julius Studio
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7 Julius Studio 10 ft X 12 ft Black Chromakey Photo Video Photography Studio Fabric Backdrop Background Screen, JSAG476 Julius Studio 10 ft X 12 ft Black Chromakey Photo Video Photography Studio Fabric Backdrop Background Screen, JSAG476 By Julius Studio
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8 Julius Studio (2PCS Set) 85W Photo Studio Lighting Bulb 6500K for Photo Video Studio, JSAG318 Julius Studio (2PCS Set) 85W Photo Studio Lighting Bulb 6500K for Photo Video Studio, JSAG318 By Julius Studio
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9 Julius Studio 10 ft. Wide Adjustable Background Muslin Support Structure System Stand and Cross Bar for Screen Backdrop with 3 Pack of Support Clamp, Stable Thick Pole, Photography Studio, JSAG242V2 Julius Studio 10 ft. Wide Adjustable Background Muslin Support Structure System Stand and Cross Bar for Screen Backdrop with 3 Pack of Support Clamp, Stable Thick Pole, Photography Studio, JSAG242V2 By Julius Studio
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10 Julius Studio Video Light LED 160 Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel Digital Camera,LED Light for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and Olympus Digital SLR, JGG2161 Julius Studio Video Light LED 160 Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel Digital Camera,LED Light for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and Olympus Digital SLR, JGG2161 By Julius Studio
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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 By Verlie
I have looked for very very backdrop concealed has not been overpriced but still would line up and when being quite robust for the party. I used it the total of three times, and every time poses up besides or 5 minute less with a person! The mine is come wth the case to spend and has been missing a sandbags and clips, has contacted a vendor and they have shipped went them in me sper fast just in time for my case. It has attached some pictures he so that it can see that calm does not require to be an expert of the use :)
4 / 5 By Kenneth
Easy the total and spend the cause comes with the case. Used he for the babyshowe the party and he look and has lined on sake.
5 / 5 By Malena
Please reads a full description!

Quality of Product: 5/5
Ease to Pose Up: 4/5
Ease to Break Down: 5/5
Durability: 4/5
Stability: 3/5
Nave: 5/5

Global 4 out of 5, but for me and some things require it, 5/5.

Very so at the beginning was kinda debating on yes or any one to take he because of everything of some mixed descriptions but I are happy took it so that it is perfect for the this has required. I am the illustrative of free launch and besides marries of law, goes in conventiontions quite frequently and has required something concealed helps a totality is trace the process goes for faster and opted for east and honestly, is happy has done.

This product was very amiably fact and avenges punctually and with all the said . It was easier to pose it all was then installs it so that my main problem was a horizontal bar . Some two bars are supposes to the together bond and click, but to do concealed has owed of my road and afterlife to do raisin, aka, sues help. And something more was a stability of him everything. Look to have the time takes that it take it to find a balance with a height and although it was only the bit was in an of some legs, balance in 2 out of 3 stilts that cause in slightly wobble, no for a lot of even so. This could be an inconvenience for artists in an alley of artist with cramped the rooms but he are only something for careful be and watchful enough. In general I have required to use a sandbags for distribution of weight.

What hanged in my set of the photo was impressions has launched of clear cardstock and has lined up with tape so on all was a lot to ignite and does not have does to wobble . It does not recommend this product for people that has to be pose up and breaking down in uneven terrain or included backdrop of place of multiple weighed in the, in to the the chair likes him would leave of the bit of the drop in a horizontal beam. A mere plus maintains this produces a better work. But honestly so that paid for, still does so said he , only think the people expect this to do like the set of $ 100 + dollars where has obvious differences.

In general has been satisfied with my product, but for another reading this marks sure laws for the this is interested to do.
1 / 5 By Joy
Apresamientos Which pays for, and itsn't a lot of.

Has required the laptop of support of the backdrop. My usual is to wall of system of the studio of the roller is trace.

Would have to have give of a prize that has been he to be the disaster.

To well sure a support will line the muslin, but does not line vinyl or seamless paper. It IS unstable and a crossbar is the joke . A manufacturer has used some materials some possible cheap plus.

Has tried stock exchanges of sand but in a main extension still falls on.
5 / 5 By Halina
The salt adds, well and same. Some clips have lined in a tissue perfectly, has not required any modification. It was preoccupied a weight of a tissue would do to touch without some weights on but he a lot at all. Very stable. Lined up all night
5 / 5 By Micaela
Better purchase never! I can not think what easy that is to say to use and adjust! It was able to pose it on hurriedly without reading some instructions. I have hanged four backdrops in the and flipped the on one retreated so hurriedly could take more photos. I compress easily for storage and is quite clear
5 / 5 By Kathi
If you are a photographer of amateur or semi in the the professional photographer like his together east is since you. A prize am to add and some looks of place and when being of big quality. It take a lot of greetings enough the. I wish a sandbags is coming with real weights but very biggie. Some clamps is sper strong and robust. A fact one can adjust you a height and the width are also another thing adds in this set and the mine matched with a Muslin of the studio of Julius backdrop 5 together of piece and has has not had any subjects. The value adds everywhere. To well sure the purchase adds
5 / 5 By Tonya
That is to say the very good support of backdrop of the photographer for a prize. A unit is designed well and total very hurriedly and easily. It IS robust and barn to hang rerefonsde clear weight . It IS small diameter tubular metal, as when fully extended would not be adapted to line the heavy material that probably the curves in some means. It IS the good premium that one spends case, weight of stock exchange, and the clamps is comprised with a support in planting that has to purchase it separately. Some connectors, fasteners, and clamps of the pole is plastic light , like this the support is probably very recommended for heavy-has to, frequent use , professional. This unit has conformed my expectations and is returned my necessities perfectly, as it recommend in another.
5 / 5 By Estella
Reasonably the product priced , adds! Arrived punctually and has conformed my necessities of party....A bit wobbly but a sandbags aided very...A sandbag has had the zip broken...Any time to return so that the tape used of duck. I want a stock exchange of storage also!!!
5 / 5 By Lauryn
Perfecto for my backdrop! A bit flexible as I have used tape of mere clear container to reinforce a point to connect in a half to maintain of sagging. The beginning adds!
4 / 5 By Patrice
Ugh. As it has frustrated. It arrives, I have tried to dip the neighbour but unfortunately some two canes that is supposed to click to the each one which another is a same measure esatta as it does not connect . Defective crew. Really they would owe that take rid of this manufacture looks each one that 25th delivery there is something wrong. Clearly they have subject of consistency in his house of production coupled with economic materials.
5 / 5 By Sarina
Has been excited at the beginning this was partorisca be perfect to use to have the fund in mine bridal shower, taking almost 8 days to arrive and then the finally dipped he until trying it was, and a lot he so only done an upper cane does not want to remain widespread, so only one of some poles in a side dulcemente slides down that leaves a crooked whole thing. That the waste of $35 ! & Ossia The plot of money to squander when yours that tries to pay for the pair
5 / 5 By Jena
tab of Zip that loses on stock exchange, cushions of hule in inferior of legs flimsy and broken - but a worse part ( while to listen of vendor) rays where the crossbars attach the legs with a wingnuts - no quite long to take dice of stable and the wing has attached. It leaves to see the vendor does for me.
5 / 5 By Sharri
Has tried to write the description thus when it purchased it to them, but apparently take so many bad descriptions that the amazon would not leave any new descriptions to be rid at the same time. I guess because they thought that it that it was spam or something. But honradamente ossia the really pathetic the stand and I complain this compraventa. It was not a height described in a description, so only can extend until 5ft big ANY 7ft as it can not accustom be photo at all, only laws with seating photos perhaps. A width was well, but no a height. It is not sturdy at all any and some bonds of horizontal bar down in a half when fully widespread, included without backdrop on he anything. You grieve usable, looks for something more.
5 / 5 By Karin
Wants to love this stand so much but after purchasing it two times, is in good sure time to leave go. I have loved the most economic option for the backdrop the stand has had of multiple parties to host this summer. Unfortunately the different parts have maintained to break in an element. A one first compraventa one is would not remain up. A second time a piece in a cup has broken was. If I need it backdrop for the multiple parties would not suggest . This in spite of is the and the situation is law !

Also! It does not open container a day of party. It inspects for advanced.
4 / 5 By Setsuko
Has bought he month to hang posters while in the expos but any one have forgotten to spend he in some chances or has not loved to be annoyed treating he in another. This in spite of, plan to use it this week and decided to take he for the test run in mine living room. It has had I known that would be like this easy to dip on, would have be he of one take-go. Seriously, some poles/lateralmente of the base is has connected already. All have to that loosen some locks to regulate a height and a base of one is, then it presionar to ensure he in place. An only part has left to connect is an upper pole, which are so only two poles has to that interlock, then presionar with an already situated washers and lock. They would have comprised probably that the already gathers if it was not like this long. I reeeeeeally like this stand. It is also very light and comes with the spend stock exchange. I do not have any complaint.

This career to try agreed me that requires to purchase rope or zipties to hang my poster. I also precise buys sand to fill on the stock exchanges of sand have comprised that it is a lot of the entity is doing an external chance. As I have mentioned, it is light which are add, but he gust of the wind will send it that it flies!
5 / 5 By Chiquita
I bed by means of the majority of some descriptions here and wine to a conclusion to the plot of people has looked for to use he for purpose besides his intent. When Calm that, the things seldom do properly. A seemingly legitimate complaint this in spite of, was a difficulty of the gather and a flimsy, broken, non-existent, or broken separates. At all it can have been further of a truth with mine; I have had you gather interior fifteen minutes out of a packaging without even looking in a propiciado by instruction! If has has not used never it tripod of camera, or was of music, can master ossia any time ! In this point of prize, calm can do not expecting be professional-note but for a photographer has interested, is surprising!
5 / 5 By Marlena
One very first time I use this, the falls averts!!! Some funds of some tripods have broken when I opened him to dip them on, then, when I have tried to take the all to do for taping a subordinated reason dip up for the session, finds a a ray on a bar that in fact resists a backdrop snaps era. Quality very economic, but guess concealed is that I that takes to try to order this class of what thus prize. Also, it was not in 7.4 big feet, he so only taken to 5ft. :( There is disappointed really. I have finalised that it has to that mine of nail backdrop up in a wall with thumbtacks reason was the disaster .
4 / 5 By Alvin
This frame was an excellent last-spent of the minute and he have done our phase vacacional much more exciting. I used it to prop on the tapestry of winter. Easily it resists a heavy cloth, curtains of tinsel of the plus and lights without wobbling . One is is not weighted in a subordinated but sandbags is not required to maintain he in place. It remains up unless calm in fact with energy his swipe. Fold On amiably to a stock exchange of travesía and gathers quite quickly. To good sure recommend for him DIY to project like our, but is doing the pro photoshoot, can require to upgrade bit it.
5 / 5 By Ashlea
Has not had the occasion to dip this on fully still. I really precise cleaned out of the spatial of the do. But, it has loved to have something manually to move in the opinion of moments. This in spite of, unpacked it everything for the inspect and see that it has received it. A lot of parts in of the individual boxes, some stock exchanges of empty sand, and clamps. So that appearances.

A so only has left down is that it is soyade to the point of rewarded, and some of some material plásticoes in a ray clamping the look of portions is breaking. They are unsure that the time really will resist up. This can finalise be the permanently created stand. Easy to avert and pause down to two turns and the bar of cross. For $ 32 (to the equal that of 8/22/2018) calms can not expect to whole plot more (unless Amazon Basics starts with something).

Here is crossing my toes that resists up for some times and the bits do not fall off over time.
4 / 5 By Zita
I have received the defective piece where one of some light is' section very upper would not close he so that that can take to create roughly 70 of a way. The email an email address in a paper that is coming with a container that declares partorisca contact them in the first place there be anything wrong but with which not receiving the response partorisca on five days, has finalised partorisca return the Amazon. I create to this if this was no defective, has been the compraventa fantastic partorisca a prize. Some the light stands are regular basic generic qualities that expects to find in a prize. It was concerned more in a crossbar. Dipping mine again purchased Neewer 10x12 backdrop, has not seen the curve at all anywhere while it has extended fully left to legislation. Admitted, that backdrop is not weighed at all. Also it say because of a possible width of an element, perhaps would owe that touch $ 1-2 more and comprise the another pair of clips. I can try another mark or give this another has shot. Also, everything returns amiably in a laptop behind resupplied so much is quite easy to take with. Of then it is not to have to that heavy, is light and easy to spend.
4 / 5 By Zelma
UPDATE: January 4, 2019 -- Ossia my final update . It has estimated initially a product down (2 stars) because of the defect of manufacture. I have done with Julius Worldmart Service of Client (KimOutlet) to solve a subject. Now my indication is 4 stars because a question has been solved with KimOutlet sending me the crossbar of substitution that reads well.

REMARCE: My indication could have been 5 stars if it do not have any question because a global quality and the value for a prize is very good.

Finally, a Support of the client saws the email was excellent. A KimOutlet rep was a lot quickly answering still during some holidays of New Year. A rep was also incredibly personable in a transmission of email -- just in a better person to converse with regarding the defect of manufacture - LOL.

Maintains to import that both people of support of the client (Amazon and KimOutlet) left to know that it can be returned a whole container, but has chosen to take a part of crossbar has substituted instead. I have done this election because I thought it would save time and endeavour. Packing Arrive all some parts and pieces and then shipping it behind would have been the hassle. This required to contact KimOutlet invernadero email (contact info has resupplied in container of product). It results that that takes a part of the crossbar of the substitution was quite quickly still on some holidays of New Year.

Happy new year and Compraventa Well!

UPDATE: December 24, 2018 - Julius Worldmart Service of the client answered in an email that gladly will ship the together of new crossbars. The nave is 4 - 7 business days. Optionally, it Can return a box discovers the Amazon and then repurchase the new a. I have answered that shipping the together of new crossbars to be received in 4 - 7 days is well for me.
>>Ossia The very fast response , especially on day of Day before navideña.
>>Another update to this description after a together of new crossbars is received.

Happy holidays and compraventa well!

INITIAL DESCRIPTION: I have chosen a product in other products of characteristic cost and looked because of a crossbar of adjustable width. Other products have crossbars that is adjustable, but a lot constantly adjustable. It say of another way,, Julius crossbar can slide in and was constantly while other segments of pole of use of products that is bolted hover (the adjustable width to take out of individual pieces). An idea is that this does adjustment of need of width quickly and easy.

A crossbar is gathered to insert Polo (B) to Polo (A). Each one that like this of these poles is done in fact two tubes that slide inside the each one another, like this enabling an adjustment of continuous width. Good idea, this in spite of, has had the question with a box that has received.

Some two poles of a crossbar any neighbour because of the defect of manufacture. It sees has attach pictures.
>>THIS Is not DECLARED LIKE THIS, 'Gather and disassembles Quickly.'

In the positive note, a booklet of instruction is coming with the semi-detached business paper and contact info still Julius Worldmart Service of Client. I have sent of the email detailed today. Of course, it is Friday so only before some holidays, as no appearance an immediate response, but will update this description with his response when I receive it.

Happy holidays and compraventa well!
4 / 5 By Sharyn
This element is like this easy to dip joint. And disassembled really easy. They spend stock exchange his have to that weighed but the enormous plus! You can have the hard time that returns sandbags in a stock exchange of raisin if they are full of sad (has not tried still). I have it that has not used never one of this first way that I of the one who comprises like a clamps laws but the I desires have sent 4 in place of 3. I will owe that look the video in youtube I supposition. It comes with instructions. Nizza And light to spend, again without a sand. It can def sees to require a sandbags to stabilise if yours using the heavy fund. I will be to join ribbon to a bar for the backdrop.
4 / 5 By Damaris
Was the quite decent stand , although ours there has been the part broken in an of some legs. A height and the width of this stand is very compared to products looked on Amazon. This in spite of, finalise to purchase the most expensive version ($ 70, also on Amazon), and a difference in the quality of a material, thickness, and the stability when gathered was obvious. Respecto That this particular stand would not be able to stand up to cloths weighed or, if it has used alfresco, to wind. Of course it has a resupplied sandbags, but 2 does not look to like enough. Finally, we finalise to return ours to dip because of a leg broken, but could consider buy in a future has required the second inner stand.
5 / 5 By Lucile
This is not the good product. Ossia A lot of flemsy. I used it so only three times this month and he do not have on resisted. Some pieces of the stand will not regulate properly, a piece has been bent and there is no @to @give box after using it a time. Like this now I can not readjust a pending stand of the shoots of photos properly. Also to another pole in an upper this connects some two together stands will not readjust again to records behind to a stock exchange. Like this now they are that it goes to have that takes another posture. Waits that this would last for the moment. They are a lot disappointed.
4 / 5 By Dorotha
Has required this like the backdrop for my subject on-line to exhibit my product, and this does exactly that it is supposition to do ! It does not wobble, seams light and sturdy.
-I would not buy slowly on taking it down and it dipping behind on often. I seat it likes with which the week takes of some serious harm because of twisting some @@@knob to regulate a height. ( It can undress some bars of metal)
-I would purchase for shower of creature backdrops, pair backdrops, for video of Youtube or for poshmark, depop, etc..
Three things of entities to remark:
1. These produced DOES not COME with the backdrop paper/of cloth, is SO ONLY a headline!
2. A sandbags is empty stock exchanges and does not come with sand. You will owe that buy a sand for separate.
3. The arrival of container, has to open a container a lot of delicately! This opinion is printed in a box. If utilisations the cutters of boxes will cut a sandbags and break a product before included you plough it. Has has used scissors and has been a lot dulcemente trying a lot to cut deep or opened some scissors too much.

Another that that they are the very satisfied client ! A lot the questions arrive will update my description but in a moment are very pleased with the well resists, likes to stagnate a grip clamps resists a cloth am using, and the one who sturdy is. They are also very happy with as simple is to dip up!
4 / 5 By Tomas
An element has arrived blazingly fast and has taken so only the pocolos small to dip on - any tool has required. Some two stands of support are tripods , as they have burst well on and the height is fully adjustable. A crossbar looks two canes that easily snap together. A crossbar then quickly attaches to some cups of tripod with wingnuts that the already attached ship to some cups of the each tripod. Honradamente, does not take any much easier concealed it! Both some tripods and the crossbar are powder coated black metal, a lot sturdy - bondadoso of shockingly well for a prize. A black nylon spending the stock exchange is also included. I am using a backdrop stand with the light cloth backdrop and plastic to have that has weighed clamps (lines & clamps purchased for separated on amazon). Funds of photograph of the instant - perfect for my purposes and the quite stellar value. Total cost under $ 50 paralización (1) System of Support of Background Stand, (2) cloth backdrop and (3) clamps. All the smiles. The zeros complain.
5 / 5 By Dan
Are the beginner in the photograph and I have loved the backdrop stand that would regulate to my needs, this so only no for me AT ALL, I emailed a vendor ( day still a stand has been rid on done the week) in a question and can take the substitution as I do not owe that leave the bad description reason does not like leaving of bad descriptions reasons affects in way sure his subject, clearly his never answered for behind that it is reason am leaving this opinion for you. I have purchased this reason 80 of some descriptions have said that that has loved a product and looked quite big in some pictures, but when it take the mine has not been to like that I am big and a stand was so only the few main centimetres, has tried, read some instructions have looked some video and then @@give had is a video of the daughter that traces it and that explains a third piece/of the part will not locate /to take main. So you buy this be conscious that could take the defective product and will not concern roughly taking it fixed.
5 / 5 By Blanca
Is A lot well, this in spite of, a clamps pointed has been missing. I have contacted a vendor has seen the email and his response was punctual that would send out of a clamps mine. This in spite of, when I have received a container for one missing clamps, contains so only 1 clamp, to to any 3 likes pictured. One is is add, and would give 5 stars, easy to dip together and take averts.
4 / 5 By Ericka
Take that paid for usually. With this product, for a awesome low prize, chair as if a value is main that that have expected for a prize. With this said, commentary a prize that objective in the lowest quality. This stand is doing well so that we buy for, and is to please. It has been well to try out of this stand with background concept in our photograph familiarised first to invest more. I have used he for the session of pictures of annual for the small campus. We take it to us to the festival of fall of a church for the photobooth zone. It is easy to dip up and go down. It is light and convenient in a stock exchange. A long bar sag bit it. Has the microfiber lines backdrop on that. If he some really professional portraits that required to be well, would want to invest in the unit more type that would not bend. He to good sure done a trick, this in spite of, and takes a work done. I love a consolation of him, and am happy took it to us.
4 / 5 By Sharilyn
Bought this stand partorisca use with Savage circles of paper partorisca photograph. Utilisation partorisca some 53” wide circles, and is honradamente a lot of sturdy at all. It has not fallen never on, but I have had this thing partorisca the few months now and am always nervous roughly using it, included with sandbags the weighing down. While when being the light is usually the plus partorisca transport, is in GOOD SURE WAY TOO EASY to attack on and some half curves in when long. It has wanted to write the description by other photographers there and suggest that they go with something more. I have bought this to save money (40 bucks is the súper shot) but now already the go to sell and buy the sturdier a.

P.D. Pro Tip: now that has had this, has decided that it is bobo any to buy the stand that has a capacity to resist three backdrops immediately. Reason? Reason changing a savage circles of paper for every time loves the by heart different fund is time eating and a stand of 3 circles would be like this more effective. Hope These helps! :)
4 / 5 By Rosendo
Are not one to give the bad descriptions but I have to warn you! This was my second time purchasing this stand, has thought perhaps a prime minister an only has some dysfunctions. Wrong! A second a like this bad era. The parts break easily, cheaply facts, any sturdy at all, was able to take three uses out of one is and then so only gives era. Please does not squander your time or money.
4 / 5 By Jenell
Would have given 5 stars except a fact that has ordered two and one of them has done perfectly and another was defective. My joint is to order advances in enough partorisca time to open them up and test previously to use. A one with some flowers of the gold of the rose has had to that be rigged because of the piece that is broken and a side no presionaría .
5 / 5 By Justina
Súper Easy to unpack and dip near. It is to store easily behind in a chance to spend. I can dip a whole thing on less than 5 minutes. It resists quite heavy backdrops and coverages. If it has extended fully he sag the little has bitten usually that it will be it to it cropped was in all the chance. It feels a lot of sturdy when has the backdrop in the and a sandbags adds extra stability. Some clips are good and have more to resupply extra support the backdrops when using heavier or big some. It likes- one versatility of some heights and wide this can develop and agreement to. In general ossia perfect to use if travesía precise to the place or house of client and require an easy to spend and gather backdrop headline.
4 / 5 By Roseline
Are 6-same feet; in his big plus, a stand is roughly a same height as me, gives or take a thumb or two. It goes in any one leaves to close to some 7.4 feet have announced. Some holes for a crossbar return a cup of one . Unfortunately, some cup is not long enough for some rays of butterfly to ensure everything in place.

Has had a upcoming chance that has required the backdrop, and now will owe that find the fast alternative. This in spite of, included although one is has not gone quite big for people, has imagined would maintain one he for any products can require shoot. Unfortunately, of a crossbar can not be ensured for backdrops, looks that the will not be spending neither. A lot disappointed with this product.
4 / 5 By Darci
Like this originally my first box there has been the ray has broken so only it compromised a stability of a global backdrop stand, but all more was so only well. Almost it doubts to included mention this reason my 'question' has been fixed like this quickly is almost likes has not had ANY QUESTION! WOA! Positively blown was!

A together fijamente has arrived interior 24 hours to contact support, was able to the transmission was for a fixed part, and first of an end of a next day UPS had taken my turn and I has been done. It Likes him he does not have to that any question at all! Some works of part of the good substitution and am excited really to try it was fully in this weekend vacacional long with a boy and together. Ciao Special effects superhero fun-toshoot!
4 / 5 By Ignacia
Has ordered this for still wall divide to use when they are acting husband and doing Reiki sessions or readings. It resupplies an extra level to daunt to leave my clients some spatial to ‘be' without feeling too vulnerable or likes is exposed on.

This literally dips up in of the seconds and is like this very simple! It is also súper light and convenient to spend is chance resupplied . Marcos that strolls of a plot of estacionar to a chance like this easier when doing dipped up and tear down.

The prize signals that it folds like the rear-drop for my recording studio!!

Gives the graces for the product adds!!
5 / 5 By Magali
My husband and I have tried to dip on the photo backdrop for our party to join among the tree and a house. 3 hours later he but was no longer in the way of party. When I have seen this product has asked thinks that that a prize is cost saving our pair. His response was “to buy two”. We have done and one 2 of there was to us so on top of interiors 10 minutes and is on remained for several days, has come easily down and stored in some stock exchanges have resupplied. In fact we store both of them in a stock exchange and has used another to store a backdrops use. They are adjustable in height and wide although we max out of a height has left of this particular frame to the equal that can wants to maintain that in alcohol.
5 / 5 By Shirly
When I have received a container has tried to gather a Backdrop System of Support. A crossbar would not go near like both some finals viriles and the woman of a crossbar was 3/4', in addtion some rays of the support has not gone long enough to attach like this recommended. To take a wingnut and washer and situating a crossbar in a ray there was any one fío visible to enable me to attach a wingnut with or without a washer.

Thinking that tahe the wrong crossbar had been sent, I emaied a copany for his instructions and has not received the response. With which three business days have sent the second complaint for the direction that asks acknowlegement of mine emails and declaring would return a product like defective. Of then it do not have any response a lot so only are I returning a product, also am leaving this less than sterling description.

While a producgt would have been acceptable if a crossbar corrected there was state comprised (photograph of beginner) a less than responsive service of the client is not .
5 / 5 By Amalia
Has required the stand for the backdrop dips near. It go to do a stand but has run out of time. I have decided to purchase this stand and expect it would be sturdy enough. I have extended out of a stand according to which goes and has launched in a boxwood shrub (that has the decent weight to them) in some means. Had the little droop but still looked sturdy. In general, a stand has on resisted (how is in a picture) for 2 weeks without question. Very easy to dip near and go down. It takes little space for storage.
4 / 5 By Bertram
Works exactly as it has feigned. It comes with instructions that is easy to follow and can dip up with a person. After reading other descriptions was fearful that it was flimsy or hard to dip joint but was pleasantly has surprised. It is a lot that comes with sandbag titled but of then has not been pre has fill did not use him. Partorisca My purposes partorisca use like the table of cake backdrop has not been necessary. I also hanged some weighted decorations out of a stand and he have not impacted a sturdiness or cause a product partorisca sustain. It recommends like this it is the good value partorisca a prize. Besides you look in 3 or 4 other first options to purchase is one and seat that this has not gone so only a better prize so that it has been comprised but also there are some descriptions of plus more descriptive. It recommends and you update description if anything changes after multiple uses.
5 / 5 By Christopher
This was one of a worse studio dips on never. It was light but way to light and could not resist my backdrop. Easy to gather, yeah a lot was a worse and am partorisca gather well basic crew this was the joke . It does not take my headed with a sturdiness was a horrible maintains partorisca fall on would not resist partorisca at least 3 as then it falls on. Has has had to that return it to it and the one who has not done never these needs of crew partorisca go back to a joint partorisca draw and imagine that his bad . I have seen photo other clients having the successful plot with this product perhaps the cause has had any the one who has known has has had to that the gather, but this was ridiculous that does not resist my backdrop. You do not recommend he partorisca any professional photographers or of the amateur photographers east would ruin your day.
5 / 5 By Ervin
Here is a excluyente already'all--
volume exactly which pays partorisca with these. They are súper light and sturdy(ish). To good sure does not use these alfresco to the equal that would blow on although you have used some stock exchanges of sand. It was in the pinch and offered partorisca do the photobooth session partorisca prom pictures. I have had so only 2 stands, so that it was to the amazon has been! These stood up to a sure challenge. Has hanged curtains quite weighed in his (2 poster for stand). I am docking 1 star because his sag in some means slightly when I have not had a half has extended very remote. This be has said, these are the compraventa adds for your money is trying take that he estimativa.
4 / 5 By Agripina
Is all that says. It hang a backdrop has purchased with ease. It has had some has has thought taken when imagining a method an easy plus for assembly. I have learnt a second time has had to dip on one studied to attach a backdrop first and then create to a pertinent height. Also I will admit that I have not used some stock exchanges of sand initially. UTILISATION The SANDBAGS! Any only for the security but maintains a whole assembly more sturdy.
An only question am having are can not block a crossbar. Probably something I stupid when I have dipped joint a first time.
5 / 5 By Eartha
A product are adds. You can regulate a measure a lot easily and quickly. A thing although it is the little flimsy. Also a vendor will send you countless quantity of the emails after an element has arrived asking you for the revise, has imagined after a fourth email has to that so only he.
4 / 5 By Loris
Is economic, is light, but he a work. Has the duty the heavy more backdrop title also but has loved the economic light a to spend around for fast shoots. This plenary a bill. It does not resist more than two first drops of sagging and a construction is on that would expect - does not add but the functional abundance. Some stock exchanges of zip are the joke , goes to a thrift tent and buy some weights of the ankle used for the pair bucks and be fact with him. Also, some clips are well, any bad at all, but calm still can buy some clips of metal in Imposición of House for roughly 98 cents each and fantastic. Well spent for a money, so only does not expect it to resist the tonne of weight.
5 / 5 By Ken
Very disturbed with this compraventa! I have pulled he out of a box the few weeks done for the dipped up for the party of Anniversary of the boy and was my height and are 5'2. It is nowhere afterwards to 10 big feet to the equal that alleges! It can not use he for a party backdrop and can not use he for anything more but perhaps in pending clothes to dry on!
4 / 5 By Grisel
Are the interpreter . I have purchased this stand to sustain to resist the vinyl 8 ft. X 4 ft. Poster that hanged 3 1/4 lbs. Utilisation a poster like the backdrop for my actions. While a weight to spend of a stand and his global measure-the adjustments are well, is a bit flimsy in his construction. Some bonds of horizontal bar slightly in some means and some sustains lateralmente game for interior without using some stock exchanges of weights added. Having to that spend some weights of support attack a lightness of a stand in of the terms of portability. In general, it is the reasonable value for a money but I has been disappointed that so only 3 1/4 pounds of weight extend on 8 ft. It reduce the capacities of support of a stand and cause me to have to that lug stock exchanges of extra weights to the each action.
5 / 5 By Herman
Has bought two. I extended him his full height and shoved stirs it of discharges in his (14 poster of 56 thumbs) for the fund, as well as the signage hanged on him. Sturdy WITH STOCK EXCHANGES of WEIGHTS. It remarks some stock exchanges of the weights do not come “weighted”. Of then I have not planned it advances, has the calm place bounced them water of the pair in the each pouch to resist t down. The final adjustments would owe that be facts after weighted. Really I add it compraventa, and easy to dip near without reading instructions. Tents of different camping, everything is returned fantastically in some stock exchanges afterwards.
5 / 5 By Orlando
Perfecto for backdrops for photo and other chances.
Is extremely easy to dip up and go down. It was a lot it have some measures or markings in some poles so that that can do a same height. How it is, calm so only has to that maintain the regulating, any behind and control, and the regulate a bit plus. Some plastic pieces around some rays are the little flimsy, precise be careful to no for the do too tight, can break.
In general, are adds!
4 / 5 By Harriette
I have looked for very a lot backdrops concealed has not been overpriced but still would resist up and be sturdy enough for the party. I used it the total of three times, and every time dips up in roughly 5 minute with a person! The mine has come wth the chance to spend & has been missing a sandbags and clips, has contacted a vendor and they shipped was mine súper quickly just in time for my chance. I have added some calm pictures so many could see that calm does not require to be an expert of the use :)
4 / 5 By Teofila
Easy to gather and spend the cause comes with the chance. Used he for the babyshowe the party and looks and resisted on good.
4 / 5 By Cletus
Please read a full description!

Quality of Product: 5/5
Ease to Dip Up: 4/5
Ease to Break Down: 5/5
Durability: 4/5
Stability: 3/5
Nave: 5/5

Global 4 out of 5, but for me and some things the precise, 5/5.

A lot Like this at the beginning was kinda debating on yes or any to take he because of everything of some mixed descriptions but am happy took it reason is perfect so that it has required. They are free illustrative spear and besides doing in home, goes the conventiontions quite frequently and has required something concealed would help a together integer on the process spends of the fastest longitude and opted partorisca east and honradamente, am happy has done.

This product was a lot amiably fact and avenges punctually and with everything says it would have. It was easier that the place all was then installs it reason my main question was a horizontal bar . Some two bars are supposes to stick near and click, but to do he that has had to skirt of my way and further to do raisin, aka, reports help. And something more was a stability of him everything. You look to have the hard time that takes it to find a balance with a height and although it was so only the bit was in an of some legs, balance on 2 out of 3 stilts in the hablador to slightly wobble, no for a lot of this in spite of. This could be an inconvenience for artists in an alley of artist with cramped the spaces but is so only something to be careful and watchful roughly. In general I have required to use a sandbags for distribution of weight.

That there is hanged in mine together of photo was impressions has done out of light cardstock and has on resisted with tape like this on all am very light and does not have wobbles . You do not recommend this product for people that has to be dipping up and breaking down in uneven terrain or the multiple same place heavy backdrops in the, to the chairs like would leave of the bit of the drop in a horizontal beam. A simple plus maintains this produces a better work. But honradamente so that paid partorisca, still does like this said he , so only thinks the people expect this to do like the together of $ 100 + dollars where has obvious differences.

In general has been satisfied with my product, but for another that law this marks sure laws so that it is interested to do.
5 / 5 By Lena
Take that paid partorisca, and itsn't a lot of.

Has required the laptop of background stand. My usual is to wall of system of studio of the trace of roller.

Has to that have @@give of a prize that went it to be the disaster.

To good sure a stand will resist to muslin, but does not hold seamless paper or vinyl. It is unstable and a crossbar is the joke . A costruttore has used some very possible materials economic plus.

Has has tried stock exchanges of sand but in a main extension still falls on.
5 / 5 By Zachery
Is exited adds, good and same. Some clips have resisted on a cloth perfectly, has not required any modification. I have been concerned a weight of a do one pours without some weights on but he a lot at all. Very stable. Resisted on all prejudices it
5 / 5 By Azucena
is a photographer interested or seeds to to the professional photographer him me like this neighbour is for you. A prize are to add and some looks of place and feels of big quality. I have taken a lot compliments roughly that. I wish a sandbags is coming with real weights but a lot of biggie. A clamps is súper strong and sturdy. A fact one can regulate you a height and the width is also another thing adds in this together the paired mine with a Muslin of Studio of Julius backdrop 5 near of piece and has not had any subjects. The value adds everywhere. To good sure add shabby
4 / 5 By Concetta
compraventa Better never! I can not believe the one who easy ossia to use and regulate! It was able of the place on quickly without reading some instructions. Have hanged four backdrops in the and flipped his in a backside like this quickly could take more photo. I compress easily for storage and is quite light
5 / 5 By Jarrett
Ossia the very good photographer backdrop stand for a prize. A unit is drawn well and gathers a lot quickly and easily. It is sturdy and stable to hang light-hanged backdrops. It is small diameter tubular metal, as when fully extended would not be appropriate to resist to material weighed likes probably of bond in a half. It is the good prize that one spends chance, hanged of stock exchange, and clamps is comprised with one is in planting that has to purchase it for separate. Some connectors, fasteners, and pole clamps is plastic light, like this the stand is probably very recommended for heavy-has to that, frequent use , professional. This unit has fulfilled my expectations and is returned my needs perfectly, as you recommend it to another.
5 / 5 By Laila
Perfecto for mine backdrop! A bit flexible to the equal that have used tape of simple clear packaging to reinforce a point to connect in a half to maintain of sagging. The salt adds!
5 / 5 By Shalon
Reasonably produces priced , adds! Arrived punctually and has fulfilled my party little wobbly but a sandbags has helped sandbag has had the time broken to return have tape like this used of duck. I love a stock exchange of storage also!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Julius Studio ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Dirk
In fact rings the substitution light socket partorisca another box partorisca photograph that has purchased previously. Of the amazon offers free nave partorisca orders $ 25 and has decided on take this element also. I think that that I can have received a wrong element reason that has thinks that has purchased has has had descriptions, but these states of element are one first person partorisca revise. I have received today an email of a company that declares sometimes his disorder-up. His so that there is perhaps has sent a wrong element. Some states of stock exchange LimoStudio, but an interior of element was Julius Study . On to a description. Mainly I do video, as I have decided to see that that light emanates of a bulb, of some descriptions have read has declared was powerful. No such regime. This thing hardly gives of any light. They are American African and me look 5 dark shadows. A wall I record in front of of the this the the Caribbean that the yellow shines. At the beginning it looks almost beige in a camera, but then a car of camera-corrected and has given a right colour. Another disappoints, which another reviewers pointed was was that a cord is extremely short. Ossia A understatement. Some states of product is 6' long, but think that is shorter. There is a tram outlet 15' of a paving afterwards to where my chair is bet on. Once it shout a height of a pole has required a cord of extension. This was with a pole the ft of a outlet. Like this ossia to good sure a lot well for the video that lights. In fact, an only thing is well for this still photograph of elements or people that can be situated inside the ft of a light. Like this if the alimentary photographs has to that it reads. You do not trust he for portraits because it does not give was quite light and would require to be right in a face of people. When I my video a light was 3 - 4 ft was.
4 / 5 By Priscilla
Amazing product, prize and service of client! With which rids, a costruttore contacted to take an update in my experience with a company. Of course my response was that all has been point and averts, excepts that when I have received one of some is a ray has been undressed. They have said immediately “any question, will ship you to us another immediately.” House of volume today and the mark the new stand expected by a door! Highly recommended!
4 / 5 By Leigha
I have read all some descriptions of comparable lights and decided to go with this one in spite of the little issues another has had with a lightbulbs looking broken. As I have loved so only add that all was packaged súper well! Especially some bulbs. A quality of these lights were included better that has been expecting. Some stands are better quality that mine diva light of coverage. A chance to spend is like this good to have and is easy to dip up. Highly recommend!
4 / 5 By Alayna
I have received this element after the travesía a lot with a longitude of New Jersey, EUA in Trinidad in some West Indians. Open container, everything looked WELL. The bulbs have been received intact, any broken, which had been of my worries.
Has dipped some two together stands, but when it was now of test .... The bulbs no at all. Both of them.

Has contacted Manufacturer, a Vendor and Service of Client of the Amazon, but reason am located the external USA , has not tried to assist or help in any way. Especially Amazon. To the amazon has these police of 30 days of delivery, but this element has taken 30 days more in traffic.

Averts this vendor and costruttore if you are the external USA or travelling with your crew the external USA.
4 / 5 By Elizbeth
All has arrived punctually. It was able of the place all near in of the minutes. They are very satisfied with a quality he, some stands are not to have to that like this weighed likes some of another some have home but he withstand some boxes. A pair of sandbags would owe that do a yes calm trick goes it to use alfresco. For a calm prize so only can has not beaten the.
4 / 5 By Pat
Receive a fast of container, and all some elements were amiably packaged. Some lights are súper brilliant (and cold aim, especially with white coverages... It was a lot it has the pair has spent to paint warmer). Very easy to dip on, use some lights for and fashionable video of the interview that that the shoot and a video is exited a lot well, ( has added the reflector of gold while it films a video this in spite of). In spite of it gives the 5 stars for a prize, some containers of good nave, a product as well as a vendor!
4 / 5 By Many
The to plot of mobile photograph, has to be able to setup and go down in roughly 45 minutes. I am using my materials to plot. Some lights are doing well and of the in shape good poles. One of some @@@knob in a light is gone in a container broken, but so only has taken my pliers and transfer that an on during the shoot. Otherwise, am resisting up. My edges screwed one of a light bulb in too hard and has had to doctor up in my light pole, but was able of the take avert and take an old socket was. Work well, that that I that takes or leaving mine 11 old year, dipped in some lights in the haste. Mina another partner is using his light setup, so only has a lot and has not had any questions.
4 / 5 By Renae
I have finalised to return this element. It has not produced the 'glow' very light and a Velcro the coverages have not been that well it has done. Some stands were very heavy and sturdy, this in spite of, but a light boxes them was quite economic/thin and has not produced the good light.
5 / 5 By Irma
One lights him the look adds and look to be durable this in spite of a subject big has is a quality of a metal. Some canes that slide in and out of an another has the bad tendency to take that it takes in a ingress and egress of some tubes. Besides a lack of quality of a metal would say them that a cloth and lights him are to add so that it is feigned.
5 / 5 By Laci
Better that has expected according to which the quality and the action goes.

Will say one of the mine softboxes has had a short tram and has contacted his support and interior 1 day has had the new one in a topmast of mine.

Unfortunately a one has received was the streaky gold in the place of the money there is lined.

Contacted the partorisca leave them know and without hesitation has had the new money there is lined one in a topmast inside the day.

Received quell'today and all the work well.

Very happy and the service of client ADDS

Top Customer Reviews: Julius Studio Wood ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Soo
I add judge of conjoint start... If it was súper picky would have given this to 4 indication of star, but honradamente can not expect elements to notch upper when the volume treats it this sake. A setup partorisca all of of the this took probably 20-30 minutes for me, súper easy. Like other descriptions have said that some stands are the bit flimsy but again... These are súper economic. Partorisca A prize thinks that partorisca astound material takings.
A photo is misleading this in spite of. A backdrop is 5ft x 10ft, some frames of look of photos 10x10 and was also paper really fashionable. Another backdrops has is the mix of the cloth and this looks partorisca abuse like paper. A bit annoying, but felizmente my edges was patients with me and any disorder he on too much. Still, you take utmost pictures. I have turned all some lights am gone in a room and has used so only an umbrella resupplied that the lights partorisca a photo has attached. Some the final photos were of sound, but the small modifying included him better. I have used the camera of cannon.
5 / 5 By Williemae
Received this today and like this far enamoured with him! It avenges like this described and punctually. It dips up it was easy and quite self explanatory. It was excited so I the fast few shots with my dog. A backdrop has had wrinkles this has required to be steamed was but has taken those am gone in any time. They are sure he has a lot of insiemi better available but this an adapt my only good needs as so only am beginning photograph. If yours looking for the good “judge of start” has dipped ossia the a lot of one.
4 / 5 By Sydney
So only it take this dips today and loves it!! They are new to photograph, has taken really so only of the pictures of sports. Ossia The together of the beginner adds . It has given four stars because a backdrop has creases, is not Muslim, is more as the material of cloth of the table to the equal that require to do on taking one creases era. Also. Some stands for some lights have had easy “clips” when regulating height and a backdrop some any one ( is rays “”) how is so only the little more the time that eats. Another that these smaller defects these neighbours is surprising and can not expect use the more!!
4 / 5 By Susanne
They are the photographer and this dips up is so only perfect so that I have looked for! Abordable & Easy to dip was and dip near. Taken roughly 15 mins to gather a whole thing but is no biggie. Some lights are something on and a quality of some umbrellas and all this is coming with this just awesome. They are a lot happy with a way avenges packaged, has thought of everything and he all there has been is own space in a box, which is the plus for me to dip was easily. My quality of starts of picture to surprise! A lot happy with this neighbour up! Like this happy has purchased this!
4 / 5 By Sabrina
UODATE: 2/05/2019
The vendor has sent the tripod of substitution for a stand that has broken together with another tripod had left of my original mandate. A lot unhappy with a quality.

UPDATE: 12/22/2018
Then , has used this stand everything of 3 times. Use very light and babied a heck out of him. As it shorten an upper bar for a width of a backdrop used, a plastic that resists a verticle and the horizontal bar in a side snapped. They are absolutely livid, and am comprising pictures.

I really like a together, but has had subjects with one spends zip of chance that pauses immediately to a first use, a rear drop was warped and breaking in of the places, some parts of stand have been lined on and has had plastic pieces that was slightly warped also. It averts cosmetic questions, am happy with a prize and neighbour. It is the together of the beginner adds and easy to dip on/going down.
4 / 5 By Lottie
September 2018 I has purchased this. Ossia My first box has ordered. It is quite simple to dip near. All some pieces have been comprised and in good condition, has not had any one subject that dips up or any pieces broken. I have used so only a backdrop has come he with, as I am not really sure on durability but a backdrop has come he with him did not give me a lot the subjects besides one creases. Ossia A awesome the judge of boxes is exited.

Update on November 2nd 2019.

This morning I the shoot of photo of my girls. This the fact a 8.os the times have dipped on a rear drop in some last 14 months. A side of my pole of the stand does not remain on when quell'pull up. It is not one presionando twisty part. It is the piece of hule small that only tomb and does not remain anywhere. I am spent 60+ dollars in the backdrop to use it so only 8 times?! Ossia Ridiculous. Has think that this stand of rear drop has surprised. It invests in the together better.
5 / 5 By Shelia
We purchase this to take our photos familiarised own and photos of the ours to girls like to them grow/ mini shoots of photos. It was very concerned when I have read other descriptions roughly he no when being any sturdy and falling easily but ours is sure and sturdy. We use this without requiring stock exchanges of sand and has not had never a subject with him touching still with the walking of 1 year everywhere in the and included pressing in a backside. It is súper easy to gather and go down I this in spite of wishes a chance to spend was big to the equal that can spend some interiors and real light bulbs to cover electrical. I think that that ossia the box adds to start with photographs!
5 / 5 By Fern
(A bit the photos have been taken in 8pm) am a lot happy with this setup! I took ten minutes less to dip up and 2 of those so only struggled with tape in a box. It take this to take better photos of cloths that am selling of then is in a forest and the natural sunlight in a house is minimum. For a prize, this has surpassed my expectations. If you are looking for something those surprised, will have that pay more, but is looking for something quite darn well for use of hobby, would take this!
4 / 5 By Athena
This product was easy to dip up and quite durable that it was a lot. A backdrop can not use and is a main reason has ordered this together. I owe that there is know a prize was to good to be true. Him Some pictures aims a portion to walk of a backdrop when being the quite big quantity. The mine arrived and so only has in the foot and the half to draw to walk. This the fact after the impossible to be able to use love boys to plant on that. A dog has tried was and has attached a picture for reference. His coverage was well in an end in a backdrop.
5 / 5 By Patrina
Pros: Arrived quickly, easy to gather, prize under a lot of
Gilipollas: A backdrop has been bent in planting to be trace, as it is creased entirely and for like this useless for video (which is reason I has purchased he) and would have to that be photoshopped for photo. Besides a backdrop feels like the plastic/vinyl tablecloth like this another has mentioned that think spending one creases would found a material. It have given it more stars but a backdrop is useless and will require to order the plus a lot one.

Top Customer Reviews: Julius Studio Photo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Issac
The box is quite complete and a backdrops is a lot of stops more than purpose, just toe he and calm take the crazy has arrived, ideal for both video and of the projects of photograph.

Personally uses a green screen thicker for chroma keying the talent in shot it. Another two I uses him occasionally pending of the shoots of product.

Some lights are quite brilliant and to good sure can say the calm difference once changes them was, has included the brilliant day.

Utilisation these in place of the mine lowell light box for has has extended sessions, and although these are well, I class to feel likes would require the connection of earth in chance that, although so only can be used too much to have all grounded.

In fact am using two of some light tripods like tripods of big camera for production and a lowell the yes precise tripods some luzca extra have situated differently inside a studio. They are to good light insurance but yes is by train to be big to a max, can arch the bit, as be careful, especially yes alfresco and of the windy conditions.

A stock exchange to spend is really well, but can not be the using so much for a be of time. Perhaps later on when I take a box of additional lights , or when I move my studio to the different location.
4 / 5 By Sharlene
It take this Produces two month ago and like this far his working adds. I used it several times. Some first calm time dipped it on his A bit delicate reason does not have any instruction, but calm once the imagine was to the law adds. In a future I slowly to do the Video of Youtube on regarding the dipped up. A canal of Youtube/of Youtube is A Wipps Family of Five. Also, you recommend to maintain that some boxes some Stands are gone in and label them so that it is which goes where. I will look for to Update this Commentary If anything Goes bad with him.
4 / 5 By Minda
The product is coming like this described and spend the chance is awesome. Used for Pro Wrestling photograph and works extremely well. A bulb is coming a lot of-working as frustrated like the bulbs are hard to find and expensive according to which the bulbs are concerned.
Updating of one (fast) has followed of a vendor, is substituting my defective element promptly.
Very satisfied, in amazing product, the service of client adds.
4 / 5 By Dante
It looks no further! Ossia A awesome box. It was very impressed with a weight and quality of a hardware. Some poles are fat and sturdy, and comprises the booklet with basic instructions. A neighbour comes with multiple stock exchanges: a big primary stock exchange that resists everything, and smaller is stock exchanges (two for some umbrellas/softboxes and one for a stand of rear muslin). In general I am very satisfied with this compraventa and highly recommend this together. Also, a vendor was adds with communication.
5 / 5 By Alissa
So after reading some descriptions in this box have decided to order the has not opened the until I yield yesterday has tried all some lights and there is @@give one of a soft box has not done, A thing can say that this company has Adds! The service of client has received the fast response his where a lot of anxious to help and after seeing the video that was emailed the mine was able to fix a question: Well like this behind my description a box among the good duffel stock exchange that is a lot of sturdy and easy to spend two lights of umbrella and two soft box lights with his coverage, is described like this door all this declares on, Some lights are good and brilliant, door three backdrops this can require the small spending but is done of good material and yes cured can last the long time, A backdrop the stand is not very fat but sturdy and law for me. It have ordered the foldable green screen but decided to the order is a reason for a prize takes the plot . I highly recommended and with his service of client adds cant has beaten that I highly recommended. I will be to add to this description once I entirely dipped the up.
4 / 5 By Imelda
As they are so only delving to a world of video and after taking the accident-on am lighting and filming, has purchased this box for our first product of entity. Have Absolutely ANY COMPLAINT roughly like these lights have done on place and found his súper gain in of the multiple settings (big room with big open ceilings, space of tiny office, room etc...). Further of chance, uses him to us with the room regulate that lights to fill our @@@subject and take shadows while resupplying light inclusa and averting something hot. Here it is the few things that has loved in this together:

EASY to dip up and movement. We have had to move upstairs, down and in and out of tightened doorways during our product. Some travesías and the lights and any one have weighed at all, and easy to relocate.

EASY to fix some on dip lights. Some tripods leave you to take some lights to the decent height when required, and does not take on a lot of space to walk.

SHINING light ossia defused amiably, so that it avert these glaring something heat in the subject when filming.

EASY to install and hang a frame of rear drop. We use multiple backdrops (comprising varied another compraventa) and a stand to hang them was easy to use and place up. We order extra clamps to resist things down but in fact does not require them never. A frame is sturdy, included when fully widespread, and has managed a weight of multiple backdrops with ease.

Marie to trip ADDS the easy fact to maintain all near before, slope and with which one shoots.

In general, has has wanted to this. It agrees, they are the NOVICE videographer, as it takes that with the grain of rooms, but for our purposes and experience, this box was fantastic. My ONLY COMPLAINT is that some cords in some two lights of boxes are very short! I do not have any idea because it would not be done with the longest cords, but ossia the complaint quite smaller in general.
5 / 5 By Jenni
This box of studio is the complete and perfect solution for creation of home/small studio, and still has no compromising on professionalism here, is the pro box with results of pro photos of qualities and video. Everything comes near in the chance of big quality with special cells for all the small parts. Tripods, Some pillars to light and all a rest, coming already packed in his stock exchanges of own quality. A box is easy to gather and work with,and a lot upgrades a quality of my photograph. I have installed all three together screens, A black green and aim, and to to use likes to curtain. I move it it averts these the very at present use, and so only leave one an I need, in this way calms does not have to that disassemble and reassemble the parts every time require the different fund. One lighting is very strong and resupplies a global solution and the same to light in an object, and additional lighting of some umbrellas lit of the means. Be careful to spend all 3 muslin
well, for the uniform, smooth and perfect fund in your picture.
4 / 5 By Rena
So much, While I am them happy to in fact have the use for my studio of photo, a quality is in pair with this stand of economic boom I taken and is the shame , felizmente have some skills comunicacional necessary to leave the clients know will require to regulate to to his expectations like Im of the travesía onward and advance.. Probably you do not recommend product because of the discoloration in the product and the desert of Green Screen concealed is embarrassing to treat like some starts of upper bar of vertical pole to all the cost of as the tight rays are. IF you are READING , perhaps look to the better cost effective way to build the studio of photo. It likes to buy backdrops separate and taking some better lights. Otherwise Like you will be content but that persisting feeling of perhaps the system of better quality would do you happier but eh takings so that stops of has paid.
5 / 5 By Titus
The quality adds and any complaint! The value adds and an only thing that would do it better would be for a horizontal for behind falling upper pole to be telescopic. It is much wider that a backdrops. This in spite of is very you purchases wider backdrops (which I also ). It takes some vinyl a lot some can choose on on Amazon and your together. I have not bought this for use of travesía, but would want to consider more cushioning for a stock exchange or to maintain all the original boxes this was a chance . Again, the value adds!
5 / 5 By Coleman
If calm so only is beginning was with any Youtube/of Youtube/to photograph/Instagram and master on your game takes this together !! Well each penny! You are rid punctually and in perfect condition. Some instructions were easy to read and follow. This has helped me to good sure any on my game of photo! 100 it recommends!

Top Customer Reviews: Julius Studio ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Bella
The cost checked Like the forward (and recovering) pro photographer (in fact money of WINNING COST), the world that comes from/come from of the $ 22,500 Nikon the box that comprises there is anticipated partorisca light (typically portable) train. I have left felizmente that world-wide behind has moved the Fuji X-the serious and he then has touched included to bear move to a Iphone X. Never looked behind. This in spite of, an always lost thing in this transition, lighting. Of course lighting is a key to the photograph adds and especially photographs of portrait. Sometimes, available naturalidad lighting no the short . Ossia Where this place of the lights goes in.

Partorisca A price, this neighbour has not beaten can be. Of course it has comparable (another mark) has produced there in this row of price. This together particular will fulfil 99 of all the end-need of user partorisca photograph of portrait, included when using the mobile phone. A place is built enough well and is incredibly simple and quite portable. With typical use, a neighbour would owe that last years. Some bulbs are fluorescent and calm finally can him substitute with has DIRECTED. So only be sure is compatible with a temperature by heart for all yours has has DIRECTED bulbs. Finally, you can regulate a white balance during step of estaca for critical shots. Hell, calm included can regulate white balance in yours telephone now that the apple has the raw format. Any way, the life is now the easiest plot in this consideration.

Ossia A class of place in the signals to price like this lose a together or run over he with your car, calm will not be disturbed different has possessed the insiemi expensive of the bee of Alien is lighting. Also it add that doing with constant lighting versus strobe (flash) lighting is much easier, especially when using fresh lighting likes DIRECTED or fluorescent bulbs. Any flashes sync to concern roughly and any fire or burn hazards has associated with hot lights.

To good sure would buy these again. So only maintain import this flashes always dips was more the power has compared to this type of the place or EAST FOCUSED still. They are also a lot of dimmable different much more insiemi expensive. This in spite of, are such low voltage can launch any dimmer in a line has resupplied a bulb is dimmable (thinks has DIRECTED any fluorescent). Or, you can use the variety of technicians to go down a light power. This in spite of, the calm suspect can wants to can of increase in a lot, although any all the circumstances.

Some umbrellas and spend the stock exchange is more than 'quite good.'
4 / 5 By Catina
The cost has verified In the first place of ive has looked for the good studio that luzca partorisca month and so only could not decide in the together, until it has found them these. The nave was quickly, this in spite of a ups mine to write rid to a wrong apt and has refused a container and has had to them that go to a warehouse to choose them on uugh lol. It outrage this dips up was breaks it some lights is build a lot very especially for a price or cant beat it. Ive Used him any stop for my youtube vids...

An only with would be didnt coming with any instructions, although it was quite self explanatory like any biggie. kaybella__ (Both photos have been taken using a julius the studio that lights)
5 / 5 By Vesta
The cost has verified of then have the session of photo the few days after these lights have arrived, his rasg out of his boxes and has practised immediately. I have been blown was. This photo has been taken in my basement without environmental lighting. An only light source is one of these lights. They were easy to dip together and quickly.
4 / 5 By Pennie
The cost has checked has taken this partorisca do the senior portrait of my edges. They are not the photographer of the portrait but I have decided to take this in planting to pay more partorisca do a little photograph - of then have all a crew of camera and lenses. Ossia The neighbour add in the reasonable price partorisca a photographer of occasional portrait. Based in another reviewer feedback - I has purchased 2 studio of photograph of photo 105w 6500k light bulbs of day LMS121 2 x Photographs of Studio of the Photo 105 Watt 6500K the Bulb of Light day of Fluorescent Full Spectre, LimoStudio,LMS121 One of concealed them come with a box is so only a lot quite brilliant. The senior picture of my edges has the result adds (I same two other friends of the his). Lighting is the element key portrayed. It do not doubt to recommend this box to any one doing occasional portraits. (Clue - be careful inaugural container - I inadvertently cut a cup of one spends house - but fixed he with duct tape!)
5 / 5 By Sari
The cost has checked In general good judge partorisca begin place partorisca take you up and that goes.

The majority of some precise light stands

Chances partorisca dip it everything in

Bulbs partorisca begin

the bulbs are borderline useless, will require upgrades immediately! Still with 2 extra stands have had still tonnes of the shadows and the white fund has not been targets.

All feels economic (reason is)

In general need of the lights in the estimativa this will take you has begun. So only no attended Pro Elements of qualities
5 / 5 By Shanda
The cost has verified This law adds. I have purchased this partorisca take pictures partorisca dip some things in eBay and photographs some product. Partorisca This purpose, Julius Studies the light container is a way abordable partorisca light some products appropriately, as they can be on-line visas . Some materials are economic, as it have to that be managed attentively. There is spend it stock exchange with east to store effectively, although it does not manage the plot of rough managing or travelling. But partorisca take photo or video in a something, is perfect. An order has been fill quickly (Amazon First) and FedEx called even when I have opted partorisca change a delivery to the mine local FedEx tent, when I have lost house of delivery.
4 / 5 By Alexia
The cost has verified A container comes like this announced. Partorisca Any the one who uses he so only partorisca take pictures of laws of cloths. An umbrella the light stands are mediocre and the time will not close partorisca plant because of a ray but is adjustable and very easy to operate. Some look of umbrella to do like this described that. They are smaller that has thought. This neighbour comes with some lights so that it is the very big plus . For a price this neighbour is really well 10/10. A quality is 9/10 only docking because of a short cords and of the occasional that play of a light. The stock exchange of transport is quality and he all returns behind to a stock exchange when fact. Near easy on and clean up.
4 / 5 By Manuela
The cost has verified These are fine lights partorisca of the money especially, but partorisca me has not been a right product. I have finalised partorisca go with the soft box but my impressions in these:

the quality of Build is in a same partorisca these like this everything of some other products in this sub$ 200 group. Some stands are so only well but is the lighter of has bitten and the facts besides thin partorisca tube. A couplings is plastic. This in spite of, am a lot of partorisca to him inner and one spends the stock exchange is very good. While any work like the gorilla with the chance, these would have to that last. But they are not very partorisca the external work would say unless you sandbag his quite well.

Some umbrellas are well for shoot by means of I did not try him like this reflecting. Neither I have used a light key.

Unfortunately, one of some transmissions of the socket has not done and has finalised to send this neighbour behind, which is resulted to be the blessing of classes, as I gave time to king-value my needs. I have finalised to add the mine of soft box in existent setup and has been pleased.

Thinks that that a question of transmission only has been able to probably an anomaly, reason was obvious that a product was attentively packaged. Material raisin. If I require an umbrella dipped in a future, would buy this one without any hesitation.
4 / 5 By Alicia
The cost has checked gaze in the a lot of just photographs priced the boxes read and this was my election. They are like this happy has decided to go with Julius Study. Reading some of some negative critiques me to us the little nervous, but to the arrival was very satisfied.

This light box is really good. It is very very easy to dip up. Everything comes a lot of packaged. Light bulbs have Styrofoam around the partorisca the travesa sure and all your element are in of the separate boxes. Any one only that, all your elements go in the travesa good cushioned and does chance. There is absolutely at all bad with this together light. Any negative critic has read was entirely inaccurate. Some light bulbs are quite brilliant. Some umbrellas are very produced well and has not had never the question with any of them touching on or when being upper has weighed. At all it break and a packaging was perfect. I use him to take pictures of ancient and a difference is unbelievable. They are a lot a lot happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5 By Verda
The cost checked has Bought this partorisca mine :) partorisca photograph of video of quality/main shooting.
So only is taking partorisca do descriptions/of photos of the video partorisca different vendors and these neighbours-arrive all a difference in a world!
Comprises all precise to shoot photo of video or professional quality!
LOOK: Please left partorisca know me has found this useful description

Top Customer Reviews: Julius Studio 6 x 9 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Cayla
Law really well. An only down the side was a wrinkle resistant and wrinkle the free rear drop there has been a nave wrinkles/creases. They were tuff partorisca soften was and could do not to take them 100 era. We finalise partorisca extend a cloth and clamping his to a uprights partorisca assist soften was.
4 / 5 By Ciara
I have ordered this together with a background stand of a costruttore same. After dipping on a stand and that appreciates that it was better quality that has expected, has moved on to this backdrop. In a container, is the beautiful, optic white. It conceal any last longitude once was opened.

Because of some circumstance of odd manufacture, a cloth there was on built electricity like this static that the sucked EACH ONE has BITTEN OF powder, dander, hair and ephemera floating in a room. For some time took it on a stand, looks the roller of lint has used. It has covered absolutely. A description of product has said esimplica powder of a surface...' Atrocity.

You Certainly can use to show static electricity the girls, this in spite of. If it have been announced that way, would have given it 5 stars.

Strangely, has announced also so that be 'wrinkle-resistant'. I shudder to think that it would consider 'wrinkle-prone'. I have tried to spend out of one creases concealed resulted of a packaging. Any data. Hanged the up for several hours to see if the gravity would help to exit a rest of a wrinkles. Any data. All some pictures have taken has had the wrinkled backdrop. It have been like this well it has been it has used spent out of a cupboard of linen.

In fact, could save you of the money and do so only concealed.
5 / 5 By Hayden
It is a lot well, a lot white, but an only thing was kinda a-pleased with era that when I dipped it on(with the compraventa separate of a stand), has has had to that the iron. A lot of wrinkley and sqaurey when you plough it. It bends in the sqaure doubts. With which looks quite well, quite white
5 / 5 By Priscila
This the rear drop is the very soft discharge or current like material that wrinkles easily. Any rigid like the muslin matiral at all. Material wrinkles when filed for storage. A weave in this material is tight so that well but this was at all that has been expecting or there is wanted. This DOSE does not come with a frame of poles or rear drop. It sees photo to see wrinkling and the fold Marcos
4 / 5 By Neda
really can not trust the cloth like backdrop still your photoshoots, unless it loves the drape wrinkled (and lines of fold) arrival for your fund. I have done with professional Photographers and knows them always paper of use for the seamless smooth arrival. It has given these four stars because a measure was perfect, ships punctually, and for the cloth, the quality is in fact a lot that bad. I will not be returning there is like this decided to do a bit produced creative in this material like the backdrop for shoots of mine.
5 / 5 By Rea
Still although they are the photographer , has not bought these for photograph backdrops. I bought him to use like this curtains for my fourth master and, for that, is perfect!

Is very light, almost obliquely translucent in time, and is not stitched súper a lot of ( has few edges will require the clip), but otherwise, is PERFECTO. His steam A lot easily when hanged (a question with the besides fat plot backdrops), is súper soft and gorgeous when hanged.

A so only another question has with them is that a last an of five I has ordered has come stained in several zones--and is stained with something ash-bronzed that neither the washes or the same era of bleaches. It is going back.

Still, in general, these am SUCH find he for a prize! If I decide to take more to use like the photo backdrop, would take two and layer the, reasons so only a probably will aim anything is for behind the, and his hips easily tension to show test situate anything like the chair or another prop on him.
4 / 5 By Alison
Ossia Absolute rubbishes . This is not lines of muslin - is the discharge . Unfortunately it has gone down them already mine another backdrop that was vinyl and ossia all has bent otherwise would take this “cloth of muslin” down and the turn. They are a lot unbalanced and hardly orders the pertinent muslin will be to return this discharge .
5 / 5 By Ernestine
Perfecto for photograph! They are the photographer has interested self-taught and struggled to take a deep legislation to the equal that have been learning more roughly taking pictures. This element was adds. I did not help so only without prpers that has to that the worry in a background or dipping of my photos, he also resupplied the white fund that he far easier that practise photoshopping pictures and take some main objects in and out of photos. It is very easy to clean and is soft, which are adds for sensitive skin i.et. Photograph of creature.
4 / 5 By Gema
I have bought this last now for the shoot of aim of the background photo because of a prize adds. I have read Some descriptions and has seen people complaining in a thickness. This is not sheer. Calm so only can see by means of him when you resist until the light bulb. Control out of my pictures for test. I will buy this again and again yes takes broken.
5 / 5 By Shenita
It has not been the compraventa bad but has not been that it has been expecting them. It has dipped once the good quantity of light in the to the I almost calm sense likes could begin to see of things by means of a cloth - but I supposition thats a lot technically the question with a product, but like the utilisations.

In general any one the bad cost at all. While calm the maintenances displaced and cleaned, will be happy with him!

Has used in ours NYE the party and all the world have has wanted to having our cabin of own photo!

Top Customer Reviews: Julius Studio 10 ft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Kiyoko
This piece was big that has expected. The quality was utmost. Used he partorisca to 50th photo of anniversary backdrop. Used repositionable vinyl and my Cricut Expression partorisca customise the. It is exited perfect!
5 / 5 By Charlott
Has a lot of uses partorisca east a lot of desquels is photograph . Lava very too much !
4 / 5 By Charissa
Has received my Muslin backdrop studio of Video/of Photo of screen yesterday and was excited like this until it has seen that looked partorisca be alimentary stains on that.
5 / 5 By Leslee
This picture does not give quite credit thus behind falling my stand has not gone enough wider but a rear drop was perfect for my mini shoot of photo.
4 / 5 By Shawanda
Quality quite well for a prize. The only desire could go he in planting for the curve like this there is not so that it creases.
5 / 5 By Chanell
The product adds for a plan of prize on taking rid of some frames of fold.
4 / 5 By Effie
Produced of quality, wrinkles is coming a lot was with the steamer
5 / 5 By Irena
the value Adds.
5 / 5 By Arnette
Adds backdrop. 0 wrinkles. I produce it adds!
5 / 5 By Cassey
Mayor that that has thought. Better that that has thought also!

Top Customer Reviews: Julius Studio (2PCS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Billy
These bulbs have been sent like the substitution partorisca some bulbs that has arrived defective. The service of client was partorisca add, finds these bulbs and a checkout was flawless. These utmost bulbs, havnt has had a lot of subjects.
4 / 5 By Jerold
These are utmost. Easy to install and resupply a perfect brightness. These have been purchased partorisca use in my Studio of Silt of studio (2PCS Dipped) 85W Studios of Photos that Bulb of Lights partorisca Video, Photograph Softbox, 6500Kelvin Temperature, JSAG318
4 / 5 By Nyla
So only that has required partorisca substitute some bulbs that had burned is gone in my softbox lighting box. I add!
4 / 5 By Vanetta
Very big, quite hefty, but they a work.
4 / 5 By Caryl
The lights have done of sound! Apt perfectly, and has had any question! A bit main that expected but could owe my lack of comparison at the same time of compraventa.
5 / 5 By Inocencia
The works add and the good prize!
4 / 5 By Louisa
The on-line education before a sun comes up and these lights are of sound for alive video!
4 / 5 By Alma
Some bulbs have done as it has indicated.
5 / 5 By Serafina
Arrived with a bulb broken
5 / 5 By Emile
uses this lighting for shoots of video for my subject of personal formation and some of some detects I pushes is the darkness of has bitten; this lighting is good and brilliant and add a touch PERFECTO!

Top Customer Reviews: Julius Studio 10 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Luvenia
I have bought this partorisca backdrops and garland of ball partorisca chance. Has has had to that the turn because constantly it falls on. A metal bent and has not been partorisca ensure. First party of anniversary of my edges it incubo partorisca frustrate and some dads have maintained that they have to that king-dip the up. There is fact partorisca days in the garland of good-looking ball that cost me more than a cake, other decorations, and my outfit dips near so only of has it ruined and some balls have burst reasons a frame has maintained partorisca fall on in a yard. Finally we propped the in the tree. When We originally dipped the up in his his point big plus and wider, a frame is useless result and wobbly has to that way that has had to that engaged and stairs down our original plan for half. Still he no in wind very light so only. If it buy this does not plan on using to garland or heavy curtain and slowly partorisca find the way of the congoja down with stock exchanges of sand (any comprised) or other weights. Also to good sure do the test run previously to your chance or calm can finalise heartbroken likes era. It was really that looks forward to partorisca use this partorisca nights of external film, Halloween, and the anniversaries but he have had to that be returned. I will owe that spend of the money for the frame of better quality.
4 / 5 By Sol
Full disclosure; it has dipped a 'give leaned in amatuer photograph. I do not have any one has thought that that am doing. The this in spite of want to taking pictures of my dog, and a lot to his horror are the big defender to dress up for photo of paper vacacional and another festive 'the photo shoots'. I have struggled always with funds because has one the majority of unphotogenic the possible house. I have had recently an occasion to try out of the Christmas backdrop; and a lot that there is never useed the photograph backdrop before, has wanted to buy the background stand reasonably priced. It looks for the shot a lot - no súper expensive in the chance did not go it never to use again; but no súper flimsy to that liked , does not hold up.

Want to Julius stand and to good sure will be that it use it again. It is perfect for my needs. I have not used Never the stand before and was pleasantly surprised in like this easy is to dip near. I have included directed for the dipped up without any help at all. It comes with directions, but is also quite intuitive. It is easy to go down also and a stock exchange of storage are adds to maintain all organised and then dipping it conveniantly was when any into use. Look quite solid and stable mine.

Ossia A perfect stand for the enthusiast of hobby or for any any one the stand of confidence but does not go to be the using constantly.
5 / 5 By Georgina
This do fault like the step and repeat backdrop stand for a 8x8 poster of vinyl. First to order I to plot of investigation and has scared that be it to heavy for this stand for the resist, this in spite of was really has surprised. It was easy to setup and go down. An only negative thing has to that say is that some legs of tripod are easliy moved and no that stable. Has has had to that constantly gaurd the to do the sure people have not gone accidentally kicking them or tripping on him. The next time will be sure the stock exchange of sand he down. Thank you! Rings to add photos later.
4 / 5 By Abbey
Shipped quickly. The stands are sturdy - not having to that weighed but look in a prize. An upper bar among 4 sections and is to have that has weighed. An attaches to some stands is the 1/ray of 4 thumbs with the die of wing. The stands have operated smoothly. So only used once like this far but can see it would be good for light to owe of half. It does not think would have a subject with something weighed like the weight of coverage backdrop. A latches in some stands are plastic but operate easily and leaver ossia perpendicular to a stand so that it have to that have minimum tension in a plastic.
4 / 5 By Vonda
Bought he for the fund for the pair. Law perfectly reasons were able of the develop to a measure requires, and hold upper of some lights/flowers/decorations. Folds on compactly down to 3.5 or 4 feet, taking space very small. Not to require it anymore, like this for a prize, really type. The finishing that gives to the fellow the one who is beginning photograph.
4 / 5 By Lorenza
Produced excellent! Ossia Very easy to dip near. Easily it can be fact by a person but even more of the breeze with two. It is like this easy taking it down and access behind in a stock exchange of storage perfectly. I have used this a lot of the time bought it of then and the think that was the compraventa adds.
4 / 5 By Mariko
I love it and it is like this easy to dip on
4 / 5 By Zana
Can not expect continue using he for more than parties to come but is the little shaky so that it think it perhaps will break more collected enough then later but for a prize I supposition would take good use of him for a bad time!
4 / 5 By Marco
Work so only as well as the house dips up with the cloth of muslin backdrop, but perhaps the little too flimsy partorisca to to the heaviest funds like him the circles of paper or commercial work. I use mine for taped auditions of house and photographing different looks for several acting functions, and is perfect for that!
4 / 5 By Clementina
A setup is quite simple. Has quite light-hanged backdrops and looks to resist them well. A hight and the period is adjustable as him him it small plus backdrop, taste , can shorten a main beam as it does not look like this janky. I help mark sturdier.

Top Customer Reviews: Julius Studio Video ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
I owe that be sincere, am very surprised in some 5 indications of star partorisca this unit. These laws of units like the diffuser, which would go in partorisca rid partorisca any the one who is using DIRECTED light concealed is not dimmable, this in spite of, when it comes the Soft Boxes, the primary purpose partorisca purchase them is partorisca soften shadows and no only dim a light. This short unit noticeably down a quantity of light this was emitted of the mine has DIRECTED lights, but he no really do a lot partorisca soften a shadow and reason the mine has DIRECTED the lights are dimmable, a soft box does not have very do fault the purpose. Partorisca Any the one who is using the no-dimmable DIRECTED, ossia the add to buy and the prize adds. Partorisca Any the one who is using dimmable has DIRECTED is and is looking for something concealed will soften some shadows in the subject, this can not be a better product partorisca you.
5 / 5 By
These lights are very partorisca a prize. So only maintain import a prize.

Good value.
Big spends stock exchange. It can easily apt 6 lights and stands.
Time of reasonable load partorisca battery.
Qualified partorisca run in EA battery
Good height in stands
Complete box
Luz wieght

the installation of Battery is kinda quirky. A bit difficult and any door of battery.
The stands are economic/flimsy
Lights well in low light but no quell'useful in the dipping the brilliant plus.
The stock exchange looks good but doubt hd until the plot of wear and tear.

Inferior line. Any professional equipmeng. Like the economic solution for the beginner that need some portable light for the shoots at night is the good provisional solution. To continuation a lot they and treat them like you yours the favourite camera and they will last the moment. He his insult goes to break quickly.
4 / 5 By
Has purchased, the product arrived after a project feigns for so that it has not tried to use he for the months of pair. When it Take around to finally using it, does not turn on; I have tried 4-5 insiemi different of the fresh batteries and a light will not turn on. I have tried pelos one the company directly previously the posting this negative critique, this in spite of any one has answered my surgery. You recommend to spend your money more where.
4 / 5 By
The portable spouse adds lights! These LEDs take very brilliant and a hard battery the little in an hour in full brightness, and there was go in 2 hours while it uses them besides under brightness for alive currents. A capacity to use EA the batteries is the good inclusion . Dimmable swtich The law adds and there is no flickering of some lights in any phase, but in some signal you can listen the light big pitched buzz of some lights but simply regulating a dimmer the little has bitten usually takes rid of him.

The stands are half, at all the brag roughly.

An addition of some diffusers by heart is good to help match other lights can have lying around.

A softboxes really is the addition adds, reason without them some lights is very hard and launch hard shadows, the help of soft boxes relieves these shadows bit it.

Spending the chance is excellent and has pockets for a chargers and car chargers or really anything wants to dipped in him.

In general ossia the neighbour adds lights, does not substitute my three softboxes for the studio that lights, but his utmost fill on a fund with light as well as when being portable and is utmost to use in of the situations stagnate and registering zones.
4 / 5 By
Like this, has purchased this light and a NEEWER® 160 has DIRECTED CN-160 just to compare both. This one was more economic and has wanted to give it the try, but when you use both one night with the photograph of portrait there is remarked that this light, without filters on, has an ugly greenish tone his. It is not bad can be that greenish maintained in a skin, but enough have a Neewer has DIRECTED light. You say in the first place compare to that like him to him a plus.
4 / 5 By
Such the handy little light. Yes, it is not one the majority of perfect light never, but until you can resupply that light, this takes a work done. I want a bit it filters also, it helps a light look the little more natural (particularly yellow, aim, and rose). A lot of people those who had revised this has not comprised reasons there is had behind one opening in him, as some batteries could fall was. Well, you choose on the DSTE® 2x NP-F750 would beat + DC01 the travesía and The Car Upload still Adapter Sony CCD-TRV215 CCD-TR917 CCD-TR315 HDR-FX1000 HDR-FX7 HVR-V1U HVR-Z7U HVR-Z5U Camera like this NP-F730 NP-F770 goes to require that opening reason a battery is fat.

A light is adjustable, as that can move while trace to a camera to a corner that you need. They are quite happy with him considering his prize and capacity. More it is not heavy, as if you are in the situation dondequiera the light but does not want to lug around big expensive some, this a fact a trick.
4 / 5 By
Adds in general. It can be dimmed. It lights whole backyard at night (p. p.ej. 30' x 50')! It gives it the 4.5 tin of stars . This light will accept a lot of different classes of rechargeable battery, but has used AAs and is lasted for the long time. (Yes, takings any-rechargeable AAs, also.) Jason Lanier (a pro photographer) specifically recommends that one the one who is new to an use of lights or strobe-the type flashes use a light prime minister FOCUSED to learn fall the one who light in the @@@subject first to buy the strobe-the type flashes.

Reason any 5 stars?
1. There is too much room among each EA battery and a EA battery after his so that it is not like this securely situated like possible.
2. In this row of prize is reasonable that is not the time there is sealed. This in spite of, was a lot a coverage of the battery at least would close everything of some battery so that it can not be seen or struck to fly muck or powder.
3. Some helar (i.et. Poster to paint that has dipped you in front of some lights) would have to that snap and lock to situate so that they do not fall was although a light is in his side (p. p.ej. While taking portrait, odd corner, or to the rovescio photo).
4. A wide plus (compared to a a ossia included) diffusing of the corner is required. A clear diffuser is not very effective down roughly 15 feet.
5. It was a lot a wheel on that it turn it to him could go to 90 terracings. Also, it was a lot one could attach it on his width (for 'photo of landscape) or courts (for photos 'portrayed') sides. So only it attaches in a half of one of some wide sides.
6. Calm of then is sure to use it has been the camera also was a lot there is the strap or boss for the resist.
7. A chance to spend (for the little extra bucks) would be the good option. You can very included dipped the backside in a box of map in that comes with both a highland ball and EA the installed batteries in him; you owe that choose one or another. This means will have to that neither (A) take and reinstall some battery every time want to take he out of a box or (B) maintains a separate highland ball. Calm probably will choose option (B). But this is annoying will be to store the and unboxing he frequently. An exposure LEDs chairs to mark less sturdy that the strobe-the type flashes like this probably will want to maintain he in the box when calm is not quell'using.

A question: If you have seen any video with suggestions roughly like this to use this type of light for still photograph (p. p.ej. On Youtube) would love for you to comprise the commentary with his URLs. I have found it blinded it my subjects with him while it direct or frames it a photo so much in my photos a subject is often squinting! ¦ )
5 / 5 By
A light is SUPERRRR brilliant. I have used this in my video to dance still at night BUT desire some filters have burst more in a light. A blue filter is an only one this tip the significant difference on and was camera. Of course once your fact that use calm always can modify your video to brighten on a light. I HATEEEEEE a rear piece a lot included protects a battery IN! I do not see a purpose of a rear piece does not go to protect an interior of battery of him. The duck taped a backside to protect my battery of falls was LIKE THIS manyyyy time. It suggest to maintain your light tilted before to maintain some batteries of falling era. They are by train of the give Three stars for a rear piece. His stupid no servants the purpose to be sincere.
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Has bought this for use in my Cannon t3i camera. It connects easily and securely to a camera and resupplies the surprisingly that shines full light. If calm the the in a dipping a big plus, his so that it shines the almost hurts some eyes. Felizmente, can regulate this for different situations. An only thing that it is quell'has bitten odd is that some batteries are directly visible of a same backside when a compartment is is not really the question, just class of something has not seen before and launched was. Also it comes with the diverse light by heart different difusers, which can soften some light or regulate a heat for different effects.
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This mini the better soft boxes that thinks. I have bought four small has has DIRECTED lights and three of these soft boxes and my final product have looked has shot my video with the big production light box. These boxes defuse some hard has DIRECTED the lights but calm also will require to take his quite near. They are the utmost judge of the boxes am exited for you Armours videographers. A must buys if yours in the estimativa a lot down.