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1 first Julius Studio 6 ft X 9 ft Blue Chromakey Photo Video Photography Studio Fabric Backdrop Background Screen, JSAG104V2 Julius Studio 6 ft X 9 ft Blue Chromakey Photo Video Photography Studio Fabric Backdrop Background Screen, JSAG104V2 By Julius Studio
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2 LimoStudio Photo Video Studio 10Ft Adjustable Muslin Background Backdrop Support System Stand, AGG1112 LimoStudio Photo Video Studio 10Ft Adjustable Muslin Background Backdrop Support System Stand, AGG1112 By LimoStudio
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3 best Julius Studio 6x9 ft. Tie Dye Pattern Steel Blue, Teal, Dark Cyan, Cloudy Sky, Cool Color, Chromakey Photo Video Studio Fabric Backdrop, Background Screen, Fabric Muslin, Photography Studio, JSAG203 Julius Studio 6x9 ft. Tie Dye Pattern Steel Blue, Teal, Dark Cyan, Cloudy Sky, Cool Color, Chromakey Photo Video Studio Fabric Backdrop, Background Screen, Fabric Muslin, Photography Studio, JSAG203 By Julius Studio
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4 Julius Studio 6 x 9 ft. / 1.8 x 2.8 M/White Photo Video Photography Studio Fabric 100% Pure Muslin Backdrop Background Screen (Backdrop ONLY), JSAG103 Julius Studio 6 x 9 ft. / 1.8 x 2.8 M/White Photo Video Photography Studio Fabric 100% Pure Muslin Backdrop Background Screen (Backdrop ONLY), JSAG103 By Julius Studio
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5 LimoStudio AGG2612 10 x 7.5 ft Adjustable Photo Video Background Muslin Stand, Backdrop Support System Kit with Accessories, Spring Clamp, Sand Bag LimoStudio AGG2612 10 x 7.5 ft Adjustable Photo Video Background Muslin Stand, Backdrop Support System Kit with Accessories, Spring Clamp, Sand Bag By LimoStudio
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6 LimoStudio Full Spectrum Lighting Bulb 85W Photography Photo CFL 6500K, 4 Bulbs, Daylight Pure White, AGG120 LimoStudio Full Spectrum Lighting Bulb 85W Photography Photo CFL 6500K, 4 Bulbs, Daylight Pure White, AGG120 By LimoStudio
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7 LimoStudio, 12ft (W) x 10ft (H) Backdrop Muslin Support Structure System Strong and Stable 1.4" Thick Stand Pole, Premium Quality Carry Bag, Photo Video Studio, AGG1782 LimoStudio, 12ft (W) x 10ft (H) Backdrop Muslin Support Structure System Strong and Stable 1.4" Thick Stand Pole, Premium Quality Carry Bag, Photo Video Studio, AGG1782 By LS LIMO STUDIO LIMOSTUDIO
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8 Julius Studio 6 ft X 9 ft Grey Chromakey Fabric Backdrop Background Screen, Photo Video Studio, JSAG105 Julius Studio 6 ft X 9 ft Grey Chromakey Fabric Backdrop Background Screen, Photo Video Studio, JSAG105 By Julius Studio
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9 Baocicco Vinyl 12x10ft Backdrop Photography Background White Brick Wall Computer-Print Seamless Photo Background Children Baby Adults Portraits Photo Studio Props Baocicco Vinyl 12x10ft Backdrop Photography Background White Brick Wall Computer-Print Seamless Photo Background Children Baby Adults Portraits Photo Studio Props By Baocicco
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10 Allenjoy 7x5ft Winter Onederland Backdrop Newborn Baby Girl's 1st First Christmas Holiday Birthday Party Candy Table Decor Banner White Snowflakes Photo Booth Background Pink Silver Event Decoration Allenjoy 7x5ft Winter Onederland Backdrop Newborn Baby Girl's 1st First Christmas Holiday Birthday Party Candy Table Decor Banner White Snowflakes Photo Booth Background Pink Silver Event Decoration By Allenjoy
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Top Customer Reviews: Julius Studio 6 ft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 By Tequila
Exactly like this announced, precise iron because of a folding & packaging. Doing in the middle of the maintain gone more than has bent.
4 / 5 By Del
This does prefect for my husband, amour he thank you

Top Customer Reviews: LimoStudio Photo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Caitlin
It can not comprise why some descriptions partorisca this product varied like this grately. I have decided to give that it comes from he in spite of some bad descriptions and am happy has done. I think a question is not with this product. I think that that a question is with the expectations of an user of this product. They are the woodworker that requires partorisca take promo shots of some products I build and sell. They are not the professional photographer. I do not travel around taking shots or dipping on on-push of location. I need to quickly dipped on my muslin backdrops and lights in the section of my cochera, takes some shots, tear he down and do again saws powder. This box of stand is perfect partorisca my needs and am very pleased with him. I do not have any complaint partorisca a prize. He a bar of cross sag? I am not really sure. He flexes some, but roughly so to the equal that would expect of any bar of aluminium of this period and thickness. My backdrop the cloth is 6 wide feet like this I only use 3 of a 4 bar of sections of cross (giving me roughly to 7 bar of feet), like this perhaps the things are bad when some plenaries 10 width of feet are used. Spent the plot of crew partorisca my woodworking tent and know when partorisca buy pro commentaries, note of consumer or pro-sumer train of note and that partorisca expect in the each level. If calm consider you the 'pro' and is requiring something with pro characteristic of note, was unwise of you partorisca buy this box and unfair of you to then complain roughly the when it does not fulfil your expectations. Ossia The box of note of the consumer . It is fully functional and at all is bad with him. I am satisfied with him, so only does not expect the hard shell that spends chance or a capacity to hang 15 lbs of cloth on that. Also I have a complaint 'unfair' ( sees, am not immune), does not have any place in a stock exchange partorisca spend to store any clamps can have you. I have solved quickly this @subject to release on a storage of centre pouch which usually resists a 4 bar of sections of cross. Has tent two bar of sections of cross in a pouches that resists each stand. I have used a centre pouch partorisca store my clamps. As I am not planning in that spends this box around a lot, am not concerned too much on some sections of bar that confronto against some stands.
5 / 5 By Karly
These products are adds! Utilisation partorisca all my backdrop party decor. I produce it adds :-)
5 / 5 By Rory
we use this stand partorisca the party in the hosted. We have not had the hard time that gathers a stand. We think that that we take that stops of has paid. During a second time that use he a the side has maintained partorisca touch to lose.
5 / 5 By Darline
It is perfect so that it has required he so that it is the backdrop partorisca the party. It takes five minutes partorisca build. We have tried out of some curtains in the and he no sag, to good sure feels partorisca like can manage of the pair more on there. They are really happy has decided to so only buy this in planting to try to do one .
5 / 5 By Tuyet
Like this easy to gather less than 5 min, the experience like the curtain has retreated the Perfect earth! 💕
4 / 5 By Amal
It has been it bit it concerned after reading descriptions in a sturdiness of an upper bar, but has been able to hang big 12 circles of yard of heavy Savage Seamless paper without any real sagging. To good sure buy this backdrop stand again.
5 / 5 By Dario
Very easy to gather. I have ordered 3 insiemi of these partorisca resist the window regulates 5'w x 7'h curtains like the provisional room divide/has retreated the drop and was able to withstand a weight while it has extended fully. A half of an upper bar will bend the bit when a weight surpasses, although this that is to say like this in some instructions so that it does not snap. It was able to included add some extra bars of some other places have not required to fully extend a width to almost 14'! Some of some tubes receive was the tad bent, but have any time to return and attended for new an only use pliers to open some holes of diameters of the tube to do sure some pieces still return well.

A suggestion I desire some adjustable poles have had was the measure or lock in system for height. While I want like this it can regulate measure, is has bitten to annoy to have that maintains to go back and advances to do sure both sides were same. If it has had the lock/of measure in system that to the left for some measures to be equal, this would do this to 5 star.
5 / 5 By Courtney
Ossia one 3rd model /of the mark takes to try, as it uses this fund for video and of the productions of photograph, sometimes like the normal backdrop, and sometimes for Chroma purposes / of Tone of Green Screen. It is quite resembled other models have sold of costruttrici different that has revised in a past (Studio more Elegant TB30, ePhoto H804B - can verify You my profile of Amazon for these descriptions), like direct taste in this description in some main differences has compared to them like this far:
- is quell'has bitten more expensive (2-3 dollars more).
- Comes inside the box of paper (excluding a container for Amazon) (while some others give form any).
- Comes with the short but manual of the user detailed (other models have not comprised any documentation)
- One bad raisin has the logo on he (other models have not had this).
- A telescopic crossbar has different cavities in some sides (fences 'A & 'Of is rounded), and some bars are labeled with stickers (and any printed).
- Some stands of tripod have 4 @@knob @to conclude (compared to 3 @@knob @to conclude in other models), and finds him solider compared to some other models have tried like this far, although they resemble weights of the same.

An inferior line is would have to that decide all these different/points looked have mentioned in good some extras bucks. I am not sure if all the world will remark these differences read, but there is an impact on me, although it is so only the psychological...

General Pros/Gilipollas for the box of background support:

A pros:
- Attractive prize (assuming does not have to that pay shipment costs…).
- Can be regulated both in width & of height.
- Light and compact, how is portable.
- Is is returned both interiors & of external purposes.
- Suitable for all the classes of productions & of video of the photograph (normal backdrop, Chroma Tom / of Green Screen, etc.)
- Suitable for both beginners and professional.
- Comes with the stock exchange of convenient door.

A gilipollas:
- require the setup the properly for him to be stable.
- Ossia Fact of the light aluminium, as no attended here the crossbar of massive / tripod. If calm will extend it to a max (height and especially wide), am not sure the one who durable would be it over time, as it marks sure use the light backdrop, and yes can use other modifications to sustain a frame was the wise thing to do .
- Plans the inner use, calm creates can purchase simple accessories in Wallmart (or any ' calms' tents) to create yours possesses background stand, and thus save some money...


Him him Any, please ask and will do my best to answer them.
4 / 5 By Darla
This has done a very easy work
4 / 5 By Minerva
Pleases to try the place are together calm grieve receive it and a lot procrastinate taste, otherwise, also will be out of $ 40 and so only have the stand of useless broken that it can wound people (which is reason I will not be never able to use he).

Took the few weeks to @give that has required to verify like this to dip on a backdrop for a upcoming chance. Some instructions looked quite simple but was unable of the build, any subject like hard has tried. After studying some parts have @@give that one of some rays in some parts of vertical pipe was the different measure that another side. There is the ray embedded to an upper section of some arms in any side. A horizontal bar has holes that some rays spend for and on means a thumb is supposed the protrude was. A die of wing is used in a protruding ray to resist a bar in place. One of some rays was like this more deeply embedded to a pipe that has not had any ray protruding out of an arm and for this was impossible to ensure a bar to plant with the die of wing, he doing liable to fall and the wound a lot has attacked . To the majority of next inspection, has discovered that a pipe with the a shortest ray was also thinner that his counterpart the doing slide down to a pipe is supposition to be attached to.

Fully admit that I took the moment to communicate with a vendor and when I , has said that one 30 turn of day the period there was caducado but would offer me the stand of the substitution yes has paid a nave. Again, engaged of work (I work 3 works!) I me forget a communication and when I , has seen the saying of message 'in the call' quell'I has thought was odd as it do not have any number has attached. Apparently, they had sent a number in the message of the leading email but I had assumed that they have not had the data that list to me. When I called Him, they have refused to honour his promise to give me the stand of substitution that in fact can be his so that it alleges is the -offered of time and that a time has gone.

Like this now have the stand broken that it can not be and are out of pocket $ 40. @I give that I took the long time to correspond with a vendor but to all the cost of when it has communicated, an inferior line is that they sell faulty look and produced dangerous to feel any worry that his products can wound or kill any one.

Top Customer Reviews: Julius Studio 6x9 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Reuben
It was skeptical because of a prize, but ossia the add backdrop. Thin and class of as the discharge or curtain. It was wrinkled because of a fold, but hanged that so only on and has extended was with the clips and was a lot. Used he for the session with homeless the dogs and looks sum.
5 / 5 By Branden
A saying goes, ' takings which pays for', but ossia the SHOT !
I steamed out of the small packing wrinkles and has had a studio of instant.
A colour is announced like this, transmissions in lighting ameno out of different
undertones. Absolutely I will buy another of this company.
5 / 5 By Juana
Perhaps they are the little dense, but when I have ordered this product has thinks that avenges with a train (at least a stand and crossbar) to the equal that imagines my surprise when a box has arrived . They are sure a screen is well but that well is without a stand? Now I know a prize was too good to be true. Please state in your ad that is a CLOTH SO ONLY.
5 / 5 By Belen
I really like a quality of this cloth. It is the good election for my need of the backdrop wife. A pocket of cane is the utmost characteristic .
4 / 5 By Sung
Some colours exit utmost in this backdrop and is the good-looking creation like pointed in pics. Although we have had to that photoshop look it wrinkles is gone in of the final photos is not when be used in the professional photograph setup. Amur A product for a prize!
5 / 5 By Angela
Amur Some colours. It looks very done and was the good addition to the mine little studio of house. The prize adds for a quality.
5 / 5 By Maryland
Misleading. Each photograph aims a product with a stand. You owe that buy a stand for separate. Ossia Well... I sent it behind.
5 / 5 By Debbi
You love it! Better that expected and happy has purchased he for my studio of house. I add for portraits!

Thank you!
4 / 5 By Suzie
I love it! For far a better backdrop has has not bought never! It is fat and yearn shoots of photos of full organism. Also really soft. A lot very very beautiful! I am obsessed 😭 (the picture has the Snapchat the filters in the May swears is like this enough with and without him.)
4 / 5 By Vito
A material is perfect, a quality is impressive and a prize is abordable. All could ask.

Top Customer Reviews: Julius Studio 6 x 9 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Cayla
Law really well. An only down the side was a wrinkle resistant and wrinkle the free rear drop there has been a nave wrinkles/creases. They were tuff partorisca soften was and could do not to take them 100 era. We finalise partorisca extend a cloth and clamping his to a uprights partorisca assist soften was.
4 / 5 By Ciara
I have ordered this together with a background stand of a costruttore same. After dipping on a stand and that appreciates that it was better quality that has expected, has moved on to this backdrop. In a container, is the beautiful, optic white. It conceal any last longitude once was opened.

Because of some circumstance of odd manufacture, a cloth there was on built electricity like this static that the sucked EACH ONE has BITTEN OF powder, dander, hair and ephemera floating in a room. For some time took it on a stand, looks the roller of lint has used. It has covered absolutely. A description of product has said esimplica powder of a surface...' Atrocity.

You Certainly can use to show static electricity the girls, this in spite of. If it have been announced that way, would have given it 5 stars.

Strangely, has announced also so that be 'wrinkle-resistant'. I shudder to think that it would consider 'wrinkle-prone'. I have tried to spend out of one creases concealed resulted of a packaging. Any data. Hanged the up for several hours to see if the gravity would help to exit a rest of a wrinkles. Any data. All some pictures have taken has had the wrinkled backdrop. It have been like this well it has been it has used spent out of a cupboard of linen.

In fact, could save you of the money and do so only concealed.
5 / 5 By Hayden
It is a lot well, a lot white, but an only thing was kinda a-pleased with era that when I dipped it on(with the compraventa separate of a stand), has has had to that the iron. A lot of wrinkley and sqaurey when you plough it. It bends in the sqaure doubts. With which looks quite well, quite white
5 / 5 By Priscila
This the rear drop is the very soft discharge or current like material that wrinkles easily. Any rigid like the muslin matiral at all. Material wrinkles when filed for storage. A weave in this material is tight so that well but this was at all that has been expecting or there is wanted. This DOSE does not come with a frame of poles or rear drop. It sees photo to see wrinkling and the fold Marcos
4 / 5 By Neda
really can not trust the cloth like backdrop still your photoshoots, unless it loves the drape wrinkled (and lines of fold) arrival for your fund. I have done with professional Photographers and knows them always paper of use for the seamless smooth arrival. It has given these four stars because a measure was perfect, ships punctually, and for the cloth, the quality is in fact a lot that bad. I will not be returning there is like this decided to do a bit produced creative in this material like the backdrop for shoots of mine.
5 / 5 By Rea
Still although they are the photographer , has not bought these for photograph backdrops. I bought him to use like this curtains for my fourth master and, for that, is perfect!

Is very light, almost obliquely translucent in time, and is not stitched súper a lot of ( has few edges will require the clip), but otherwise, is PERFECTO. His steam A lot easily when hanged (a question with the besides fat plot backdrops), is súper soft and gorgeous when hanged.

A so only another question has with them is that a last an of five I has ordered has come stained in several zones--and is stained with something ash-bronzed that neither the washes or the same era of bleaches. It is going back.

Still, in general, these am SUCH find he for a prize! If I decide to take more to use like the photo backdrop, would take two and layer the, reasons so only a probably will aim anything is for behind the, and his hips easily tension to show test situate anything like the chair or another prop on him.
4 / 5 By Alison
Ossia Absolute rubbishes . This is not lines of muslin - is the discharge . Unfortunately it has gone down them already mine another backdrop that was vinyl and ossia all has bent otherwise would take this “cloth of muslin” down and the turn. They are a lot unbalanced and hardly orders the pertinent muslin will be to return this discharge .
5 / 5 By Ernestine
Perfecto for photograph! They are the photographer has interested self-taught and struggled to take a deep legislation to the equal that have been learning more roughly taking pictures. This element was adds. I did not help so only without prpers that has to that the worry in a background or dipping of my photos, he also resupplied the white fund that he far easier that practise photoshopping pictures and take some main objects in and out of photos. It is very easy to clean and is soft, which are adds for sensitive skin i.et. Photograph of creature.
4 / 5 By Gema
I have bought this last now for the shoot of aim of the background photo because of a prize adds. I have read Some descriptions and has seen people complaining in a thickness. This is not sheer. Calm so only can see by means of him when you resist until the light bulb. Control out of my pictures for test. I will buy this again and again yes takes broken.
5 / 5 By Shenita
It has not been the compraventa bad but has not been that it has been expecting them. It has dipped once the good quantity of light in the to the I almost calm sense likes could begin to see of things by means of a cloth - but I supposition thats a lot technically the question with a product, but like the utilisations.

In general any one the bad cost at all. While calm the maintenances displaced and cleaned, will be happy with him!

Has used in ours NYE the party and all the world have has wanted to having our cabin of own photo!

Top Customer Reviews: LimoStudio AGG2612 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Ronald
Really I want to give this the description of 4 stars because some laws of product to the equal that has announced. He the a lot of good and easy to use behind-drop. A capacity to regulate a period of a crossbar is the definite plus and leaves partorisca the plot of flexibility. A container contains everything needs to setup a backdrop. It is a lot easy to setup/regulate and go down.

A question:
1. An end of a crossbar has been dented in. This in spite of, this has not affected a capacity to ray in a crossbar
2. Several small dents to the long of a crossbar - like this was used
3. Some of some flanges of a crossbar the little acute, as be careful with the mango
4. The majority of of the entity was a difficulty in attaching some two together crossbars. It is extremely tight. My woman could any the attach, and has struggled the plot. You can add the pocola lubrication and he would have to that solve a question.
5. Separating some two crossbars is a lot difficult. Any one only is tight, but fights partorisca depress a key partorisca close the detach some two crossbars, while in some same that tries to win a tension of crossbars. You owe that use your thumb fingernail to fully depress a key partorisca close - yours jams fingernail.
6. A ray that scrape you an upper crossbar to appearance partorisca be too short (sees semi-detached jpg). After lining my boss the bit partorisca comprise reason this past, was able to see that has spent. There is the cane that is attached to a ray. You owe that pull on, a lot hard, in a ray. This will cause a whole cane partorisca move up and a ray is then in a height corrected and I now can scrape down a crossbar. (One of another reviewers there is remarked also a eshort' ray also - perhaps has taken them his turn).
7. If calm fully extend some crossbars partorisca maximum width, a centre will begin partorisca bend . Mark so only sure your backdrop the material is light-weigh it and you will be good. It conceal it is not the complaint, so only a precise observation be conscious of. (His another give form, any adjustable, is much more sturdy).

But in all the chance, some works of product, but a lot disappointed with a quality of product and product has been sent. I will achieve it it was to a costruttore/of vendor.
4 / 5 By Merissa
Oh The mine can not say quite a lot of good things in this vendor, has ordered them stand of mine and he have had the tiny defect the one who could me to them remedy and spent to mention to a vendor and was them daunted in that has sent it quickly the substitution! A product is exactly like this described a height and the period were perfect so that it has required he partorisca could'nt be happier this the calm box of the all precise and has an easy assembly apresamiento 5 mins to dip on, highly recommended!
4 / 5 By Apolonia
I have ordered this frame for a commitment backdrop. A way decorates exits like this good and all the world has taken pictures for him. You would require to order more clips this in spite of, so only comes with two. It is a lot easy to gather and take averts. It is light weight and comes with the chance to spend. This was the investment adds for my part because to good sure will be to use this stand for future parties.
4 / 5 By Clemmie
The product was awesome so that it has required he for
4 / 5 By Antwan
Him that can say will regulate to still 10x8.5 But it results flexible and unstable when it has extended fully. This could do better with the small backdrop. A fence to cross immediately curves in some same means without any backdrop has attached. Some legs are a lot of bendable when opening and closes. They are almost fearful to use a sandbags in some legs. A stock exchange to spend only tents some canes and stand without place for clips. You take as it pays stops. My deception.
4 / 5 By Rochelle
They are like this unbalanced. My part of edges is tomorrow night and something said to open this backdrop and do the test run of a backdrop and am happy has done. First of all it is it supposes to come with two clamps and so only avenges with a ossia súper small. Secondly, A piece of ray of metal that clave out of a cup of one is to seat a pole on has not been all a way was. As I have had to take my tools to pull a ray of metal was. A half of some poles that attaches to go accross is like this flimsy and feels to like has dipped the material it heavy plus in the, blockade. Has another silt backdrop and is perfect this one east the different one for silt and is horrible. I am disturbed like this has not been that goes to do for my party of edges tomorrow night!
5 / 5 By Jannet
They are a vendor of e-commerce and begin of the office of small house. Ossia Perfect to be able to the band was when he needs to! I have seen a lot of pictures of the rays broken - he these are plastic of @@knob @ , but like this tripod of mine and my lights of silt of studio, really does not have to that twist too much or pause - when a fence can resist on, to stop that it turn. I think that other buyers way twisted also that that it is necessary - agree, everything is resisting up is usually the light backdrop and look it props. Presiona More, if necessary but again, when a bar can prop on your elements, stop. I want that it avenges with the headline of stock exchange of the sand and some clips. A clamps was bit it too small to the equal that uses these for another project. Calm really take the good quantity of elements with this container. So many useful elements! The other easy that knows that it cure of of the this, last the quantity adds of time. A quality and the prize are surprising!
4 / 5 By Kiersten
The works add bit it flimsy. Some claves of support out of the plot like my guest has maintained to trip when a warehouse stops. It does not add for chance backdrops so only adds to photograph backdrop. It has to that buy some stock exchanges of sand to go with still extra stability.
5 / 5 By Benito
In general ossia in fact like this pictured but his no really durable. Any @@@knob has turned for presionar some poles and maintain them situate calm his the once dipped up or down is plastic and already can say with which so only the month to use that they do not go to last long. One is already lose and no presionando legislation and an east start to break in a plastic. A one am substituting them has had all the parts of metal so that it is which has been waiting for the east a. Works well but does not go to be something concealed hard in my studio for years to come. More for people those who will be to dip the to a height and it leaving. For which will be to use he in the studio daily and it moving up and down constantly go for the model of the main quality with all the parts of metal and @@@knob.
4 / 5 By Tanesha
Bought this assembly to take for shows of trade. First time used it, one of some focus of hule is exited of some joints. I have imagined any one main, dipped the backside besides late. According to timing a cradle in an upper bar that develops has broken and literally the explosion was. Personnel and multiple engineers the people have tried help triage to any avail. No the happy camp. I know this description is late in a game. Not looking for the repayment. So only it knows it has to that buy the plus sturdy one.

Top Customer Reviews: LimoStudio Full ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
The bulb Adds... Purchased the together of these 2x (Note: it uses these in my cochera and zone of storage in my basement partorisca resupply REALLY that shines workspaces). L-Or-V-And that these places out of this a lot of light of the regular socket. Both insiemi have had a bulb that was problematic... But the fast message to a vendor has taken uber punctual courteous the answered and the substitution have sent was immediately. Highly you recommend these if a measure of the bulb is not the question (the big bulb that hangs of 8ft ceilings a lot the question in my use)... Or have has wanted the use these partorisca his Studio of original purpose that Lights.
4 / 5 By
Omg... These bulbs are enormous! They are the photographer and has required any decent relieving... I have not used these partorisca any actions so only still but when the plugged his my soft box was besides brilliant. I am not sure state of some photos on here the one who brilliant my light be but his just that has required... 😆
4 / 5 By
These bulbs do well in my studio and in 'on-of location' brotas of video. Partorisca stills, the lights of @the @@modeling adds and partorisca the emphasis that luzca too much. It likes all CFLs, his mania with of cure-Loosen and presionar to resist a base and no a glass.

An only negative (and is not the terrible question partorisca have) is that they are big-honking bulbs and clave out of an end of the mine that reflects for the few thumbs. Rigged on top of any foil has covered barn doors and pro'lum has solved. They are more effective that way in all the chance.

Big advantage... 85-watts vs. 350-watts partorisca a same luminosity and I can dip him to the clamp-in fixture estimated in 100-watts.

4 / 5 By
I have wanted brighten on my three cochera of stop. Bought this 4 band and BOOM! When These things go in his incredible like brilliant ours cochera is now!!

has Turned some lights on in a cochera, ossia two year later. I have listened something odd and could see one of some light blinks it and doing the buzzing sound. It thanks God has taken this and has not walked out of a cochera because a bulb has begun glowing red hot next right to a plastic organism and he have begun to take fire! There is to good sure my alcohol there has been I any turned of a light would have taken it fire!

A lot am concerned that some another could do. It was like this happy with some bulbs until then..
4 / 5 By
The bulbs are gone in perfect form . Has 5 use of hours with them without questions or overheating. I am using for video with Cannon 7D II and am taking excellent results. These are lights of spectre of daylight fill and has dipped a white balance to a setting of daylight fill.

Will remark that as mentioned in other descriptions these (like all another florescent light bulbs) these are not the heavy and calm duty has to treat him with care (i.et. Ray In of one bases no a glass) and reasons are big wattage will take heat. You owe that leave some opening for ventilation. If you are looking to be travel/mobile in the calm field then would owe that spend of the extra money for has DIRECTED.
4 / 5 By
These CFLs is the good shot for a prize. It suggest to dip them on touch it to be able to reason arise or brownouts will destroy a lot of CFL.

Update: In spite of not using arose it protective and finding a lot arise, two of some four bulbs have purchased is lasted two years. The his run 24/7/365 without turning them was and two is exited (Probably because of arisen) inside the year, a third one is exited so only with which two years, and an island one continuous do.
4 / 5 By
These lights are really brilliant. A colour is well for daylight. I bought him in June 2013 and so only has had now some starts (November 2017)! They are in fact state using these like this lights of tent in place of still photograph, but like the photographer can say that they do really a lot shooting my work in a tent!
5 / 5 By
Has 60 credits in photograph of Pupil of Means comunicacionales or some Arts in Manhattan and St. John is and has used a lot of different lights. Strobes Is a better but the photograph is now the hobby and has wanted to remain conservative in that I has purchased. These lights are perfect to light any subject. Also they remain quite fresh and will not bake a subject like incandescent luzca . These lights represent a later technology and is a perfect temperature for shoots of mine. They are utmost for shots of boss and macro photographer that is my favourite type of photograph.
4 / 5 By
They are not an expert in lighting, as it takes this description with the grain of rooms, but has been using these and there is remarked the class of green maintained in my photos as well as some faint dark lines in my photograph. I have opened an exposure the bit and has helped, but has been said by a partner of expert photographer that a green maintained has been able to probably the result of these bulbs.
5 / 5 By
They are enormous to the equal that have read previously to purchase, lol! Very brilliant. Happy has not been big wattage. Using with the light cube. The results of picture have has has fulfilled expectations.

Top Customer Reviews: LimoStudio, 12ft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Jeromy
After reading a lot of descriptions partorisca several backdrop sustains a number a complaint that was sure partorisca annoy me was too sagging in a crossbar and bending in a side-sweep. So much, this support that call them weighed-owe the alike value shot it. Sure, it is $ 10 to $ 20 more than some sustains some economic plus and has any fund comprised but was used partorisca the years and I do not require this irritation. It has been value a bet? Yes you are. Sleeve-up was quickly and obvious. It do not have any harm or defects. Has cries 8ft big. There it is not bending in a side-sweep. With 4 of some 5 semi-detached crossbars (10ft by means of) has attached the plenary 1qt Nalgene boat (2lbs 12oz) in a half and sag is roughly 1 thumb max in a half. A very little has surprised was a cradle -cushions in a side-sweep like this if accidentally they leave your grip during the adjustment will not close unexpectedly down hard, metal to metal. Recommended.
5 / 5 By Corrinne
We buy this stand partorisca resist the screen of projector partorisca our backyard. A screen is roughly 30lbs and law perfectly!! It has dipped some weights in some subordinated so only partorisca be sure but was already quite sturdy!
5 / 5 By Han
For a prize this crew is fantastic! Strong and sturdy, ours another cost was the amazon done the year is brittle and economic, work, but is not material of show of the pair. We have loved this backdrop stand as they pull of him is hefty spending chance. A stand has the smooth organism with the interior of emission of the cradle, which is fresh.
Immediately has download it of authorship roughly all some upper poles slouching in some means. We try it we was, is to look very minimum ..
----- UPDATE-------------------------------------------------------FALLEN of 5 stars to 1 star---------------------------------------
has had this backdrop for 4 month. Bought in Jan 2018 and is mid May 2018. As of some last months of pair a stock exchange has has begun only tear where some straps are stitched. There it is cured in everything does. I do not exit of my way to destruct things, I carbon to hate form of feet, like search to delete mine so to the equal that was possible. I run the cabin of photo. We are careful downloading and uploading crew because we are so only the years of old pair. I try to do things last. Ossia Totally unfair. I have appreciated a sturdiness that this stand resupplies, but our more economic stand still does well and has taken that in 2016. For the day of the mother a cup of one of some legs where situate an upper bar has broken on go. I will attach photo, was súper embarrassed has had to use tape of gorilla to do for one in rest of a chance. Felizmente A backdrop was black like swimming was noticeable. But it does not think for a quality would owe that be less than stand of mine. I did not achieve it it was the company still. I will update again they concern in his product.
------------------------------------------------Last -------------------------------------------------------------------
Any company achieves was- Amazon as usual was useful in leaving me turn. I have not used this backdrop has been coached for Helps Lifecycle and so only gone back to finalise to cure that I near was to do with this crew. The active has had enough the piece of substitution of a company but unfortunately live in the disposable world. I will look for American Fact and go elsewhere. I want Amazon to help me was and doing with me, so only sucks to be like this wasteful and does not help our planet. Like this with which ship this behind, will try to look for produced local, takes old that tries to find 'economic' and then the be global there is disappointed. Has thinks that that this was quality , has not loved economic because material in a cost in a planet.
More than the regime yes purchases this product, and think to your earth of mother! :)
4 / 5 By Herb
I have bought this to show quilts on in some shows of work have begun recently do. This frame develops was 5 bars in a cup ( has used 3 thus purpose). One measures of quilt of king and quell'quilt to twin hangs it in another side that hanged roughly 35 lbs and they a lot included sag an upper bar! Hanged some feet of wide propagation of a frame with stock exchanges of sand sure. This has been one the majority of wonderful tool for my tent of quilt. I will be to buy another in the near future and this will be one an I compraventa.
4 / 5 By Zina
Three weeks ago, I have bought a LimoStudio 10 x 12ft Has to that Heavy Backdrop System of Support.
Ossia One of one the majority of expensive backdrop systems to sustain that can find you in Amazon, but has loved to be sure that would have any class of subjects in a future, regarding a quality of a product.
In spite of a big prize, a system is too fragile. One of some stands of tripod has broken before a first use. Besides a lack of quality of a product, a provider - KimOutlet - refused to find the just solution to solve my question.
In short, has bought the product for EUA$ 64,99+cost of the nave and I can do not using.
5 / 5 By Ehtel
It was really while this backdrop would be the addition adds to our Studio..... But to the equal that can see is bending legislation in a half of one is.... Ossia A first time has used this legislation to stand out of a box. They are a lot disappointed in a quality of of the this avenges with to to scratches on like has been used also. Be warned is not that I add of the stand.
4 / 5 By Kayce
The works add and conclusive with are it circle of feet. Not to try it still with the circle he wide plus. Easy to dip up and go down. Sales easily to his spend stock exchange. Much more sturdy that a one has had already.
5 / 5 By Jeffie
Amur This stand! Like this simple to use. I unboxed the, then unzipped one spends stock exchange among and has begun to dip the neighbour. It was quite he directly-advance and had gathered he in 10 minutes. I included directed to situate a crossbar to plant for me.

Very Built - the pieces are returned he together likes has to that
Light weight - easy to choose on a stock exchange discovers, easy to impulse a crossbar in situating
Compact - all disassembles behind to a stock exchange, easy to store or travesía with
Abordable - has loved a prize, really has not loved to pay more

Tin a lot really think of any to arrive to this point. Well, one would be that that it was my living room is now the studio of video. And when to the rain can press pieces of furniture of mine out of a rear door and register to start with.

Highly, highly recommend!
5 / 5 By Hortensia
A lot of sturdy and can gather in of the minutes. Used he for shoot of house of mine younger that use some fund of paper of work and hanged light in of the small spaces.
4 / 5 By Cecil
Arrived punctually and is the good unit. Some directions are horrendous (reason for a less star).
Some pictures of a product differed that it has received. My unit has not had an easy 'pop in of the keys' like photos on Amazon.
Was VERY DIFFICULT to imagine was and some instructions are very minimum.

But a product is well, sturdy and was easy to use, now that has imagined out of an assembly. A stock exchange is really well, although some looks of zip bit it hard to direct

In general, goes to be perfect for travelling the houses for actions of photograph.

Top Customer Reviews: Julius Studio 6 ft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Priscilla
These produced is done of the very thin cloth that feels like the economic polyester. When Hanged, in fact looks the discharge. Because a cloth is like this thin, is hard to do this professional of look of rear drop. A colour matches a picture, this in spite of, is the little shiny. Also, a wine of rear drop packaged bent and any gone. I do not have the irons of steam have washed like this and has dried a cloth two times this in spite of one creases is present and noticeable. You do not recommend to any one. And you are desperate partorisca the solid colour backdrop like this, goes the Walmart and so only buy the discharge.
5 / 5 By Leigha
I add backdrop! It is not the wrinkle free, but very easy of the fix that it uses a steamer. It can look thin and slightly transparent, but when management in a plenary the light results perfect.
5 / 5 By Alayna
I appreciate a prize, but think to save me the plot of question in modifying will be partorisca purchase some circles of paper from now on. These so only take bit it too interview and when any fact well looks the discharge partorisca bed you draped on some stands.
4 / 5 By Elizbeth
Seen some descriptions in other alike products that declares an ash has received has not been ash. I can say this one this ash. Perhaps the slightly dark ash, but was exactly that has required. Good product. Has the place partorisca slip the backdrop horizontal of sweep of the stand by means of him. It bends like this he active wrinkles. Although I have not had the need to take touched of of them, would imagine an iron with some water would take rid of them quickly. My backdrop stays on permanently now was, like the wait can so only finally disappear in his own. A wrinkles is not to treat it big partorisca some photos am doing.
4 / 5 By Pat
This was the little lighter-the hanged that it would have liked me and because of shipping of wine with the little wrinkles that required to be past was, but for a prize, a can not expect the heavy duty backdrop. Mainly I am using this for photo of inner creature.
4 / 5 By Many
Fast wine and is of good quality. A colour is attentive. A sweet wash and tumble dry take the majority of a wrinkles. A good backdrop for the good prize.
5 / 5 By Renae
Amur This product! I can use any side. A side is sheer and another of the crazy east. Any side, total of surprise!
4 / 5 By Irma
It can require past but liked a texted of like this is bent partorisca of my photos. Perfect fact for the accident of cake! The delivery was awesome and packaged really good. A cloth is soft and a lot well has done. If I buy more it is ossia different colours . Súper Easy to clean also. It is a lot of value a $ 20.
4 / 5 By Laci
A picture that is aiming with the lightest interior circleand the external circle darker is not this backdrop. This backdrop is the one of memory complete light ash. Material is quite good but no those some shows of picture.
5 / 5 By Suzanna
A colour are to add and everything, the period adds. But the man touches it hassle to maintain it wrinkle-free. Included afterwards it spends he- while the the calm place on finalises to see a bit creases. It prefers some funds of paper.

Top Customer Reviews: Baocicco Vinyl ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 By Cleopatra
This was a second backdrop has purchased, and was quite unsatisfied with a prime minister a (of the different vendor): had the seam this was visible - created with tape that deteriorated - and looked really phoney (my failure are sure)... BUT this a -- 'Baocicco Vinyl Backdrop Photographs Wall of Computer of Background White Brick-Printed Seamless' --Renew my faith in ordering an element has taken... Still although it is of Cina and has taken way too long ( fiancé (?)Abril 3-10 -- I received it on one 19th) First of all has ordered measures it really big and there is afterwards has concerned to be like this out of house that would be it to it almost unusable. Needless Concerning. It is wonderful. In 4 feet of a camera or 10 feet = is beautiful. Secondly A Vinyl is like this thin that this big measure was able to arrive in 12 x 13 thumb envelope that in fact returned in mailbox of mine (my leading one was 8 x6 and is gone in the box that was way too big for my box)-- STILL is quite fat to create the beautiful backdrop east hangs adds. Inferior line: it prepares for time of long delivery and expect be beloved. I will purchase of Baocicco again.
5 / 5 By Milissa
Have hanged this Photo of White Brick Backdrop Funds in my office in work. It looks to surprise. Some lights really look to give of light. It takes like this compliments. Coworkers Has catered/Is come from a next edifice to see it! It is like this amazing, has been said to take it down. :( Damn Haters! It have to that it has known it when Environmental has taken the picture. Calm expect you can read this.
5 / 5 By Dirk
I produce it adds

Top Customer Reviews: Allenjoy 7x5ft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Athena
Surprising partorisca the party of anniversary of my daughter! Extended a period of my sofa! Done the guest of talent of enormous impact that goes in. It was included able to find matching flat that it could customised on-line! Awesome!
4 / 5 By Patrina
This was done like this good and beautiful! The mine has used so only partorisca my anniversary of daughters very as the cabin of photo. To good sure will be partorisca order of this vendor again partorisca future photo ops.
4 / 5 By Gavin
As I have thought a blue on there was legit blue but is in fact more than the green when calm take it in person. In fact I love a poster! I am planning on using he partorisca the first anniversary of my creature. But good and big quality! I love it!
4 / 5 By Deidre
This was the little big that has expected but was add partorisca my party of daughter.
4 / 5 By Zane
I have ordered this partorisca my anniversary of daughters that comes up in December. A product has taken here LIKE THIS FAST and is absolutely beautiful. And a help during a whole process has been in AMAZING. I have been literally emailing the partorisca FIRST MONTHS to order and was always besides useful and fast with responses. For real it Can not be happier and to good sure will be that it uses again in future and recommending to all the world knows !!!!! It can not expect hang this beautiful backdrop in a party. Thank you Again partorisca all yours help !!!!
5 / 5 By Bo
Súper Happy with this backdrop. The durability adds!
4 / 5 By Manie
BEAUTIFUL! The image is clear and some colours are stunning. A thickness is to somewhere among a real utility tarp and the no-disposable plastic tablecloth. Quite weighed to be significant, but no too heavy partorisca hang. Like this happy with this compraventa!
4 / 5 By Edwina
Purchased this poster for my daughters 1st anniversary in December. It arrives quickly, it was beautiful and has done it fabulous addition to our decor. The to good sure reccomend this vendor and this product. It was very surprised the one who often a poster was, has been expecting done economic, but was in plot more durable that has expected.
4 / 5 By Ruby
This sign has impressed several members familiarised in a party of anniversary to the equal that say that it was the good signal. It is good fact and is coming as has has described
5 / 5 By Elida
Ordered this for my winter of daughters of the twin onederland 1st party of anniversary and was perfect! Mina favourite decoration of everything of them! I have received like this compliments in this poster of my guests!