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Top Customer Reviews: Jura A1 Super ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 52 ratings
5 / 5
So only it take my new Swears A1 and want it. I have had the Saeco costruttore of caffè automatic for the few years that I really liked, but with which so only 3 years bite a powder and after struggling with him and of the travesías multiple to a tent of reparation had had enough and has gone back to the simple drip car. Although so only lasted roughly 9 month and I am @@to give was spoiled result to be able to press the key in a morning and having the delicious cup of caffè instantly in planting to spend 10-15 minutes that grinds and brewing the pot of caffè each morning.

Was to take Swear Ena Micro 1 as it looks perfect for me like this I so only caffè of drunk any a milky, frothy material. A micro has had awesome descriptions and he so only which want to, mark awesome caffè in a push of the key. I have then seen a A1 is exited so only this year and was a new version and has improved. A grinder has been improved and a wrist brewing the system has actuated. A result is literally one the majority of perfect superautomatic the car of caffè will find.

Turns on and hot up in just the pocolos second and he is ready to go. One looks really taste is an adjustable spout. It likes-me the use the big cup and also travel mugs, as when being able to return them down a spout is of entity and a geniuses to Swears installed an adjustable spout so much can return so only in any cup to measure down that. You can do expressed and restricted also yes is interested.

A caffè is full of flavour, smooth and has a cream this comes with brewing caffè in some expressed diagrams (essentially some Americans). I can not compare with a Micro, but so only can not think of the better cup of caffè of any tent of caffè (And live the Seattle). And it is done house and does not cost $ the cup!

If so only want to one the majority of caffè delicious in a push of the key, looks no further that this lustrous Swiss car, is smooth and fast calm!
5 / 5
Knows is so only be the week has bought of then Swears A1, but like this far is the product adds and frames and excellent cup of caffè.
Any need any drinks of specialitys, and in an occasion has recognition that would like me something more, has the milk frother that reads like an excellent pair. This does compresses adds of caffè, plain and simple, with 3 different drinks, restricted, expressed and along (or caffè big) and 2 different force settings... To spare elections for me.
Some of a specs would like me underline:
-Fast to turn on and be ready
-Fast to brew a caffè
-Until 8 oz of caffè for cup more, can program anything goes in paralización all 3 of some elections
-A reservoir of the water and the hopper of grain is in a small measure has compared to other cars but saves spatial in a counter. More, fill both is really easy.
-Good quantity of cream, but of course, this also depends in your grain of caffè, likes experiment until it find a legislation some!
-For real a touch, as I comfort it is sum !
A technology used in a car, PEP and grinder of Aroma, comes usually in of the main and more expensive cars. Like this if any need the plot of elections and is looking for an extremely good and compatible cup without a need to result the barista calms, Swears A1 delivery.
So much is been 8 month of heavy use to Swear A1, and love my car! In meso thinks in my house is doing at least 6 cups for day, like the car is to be tried well on 1,400 cycles for now... He still to the works like some first time took it to us and does an excellent cup of caffè.
Has finalised so only a 6 band to clean pills that is lasted bought that of then, and has changed a filter 3 times of then. I have been aimed mote time to change a filter but I of uses RO water for a car a filter is not required really but decided for the transmission each one another aim of time, when they are not that changing so only go although a cycle as I changed it to him to leave a car maintains clue of him... Like this in general I am spent less than $ 100 for a upkeep of a car for 8 month, more an initial investment of a car, coming to an average of -$ for cup, which think is the value adds for money!! And the subject for a quality of brew, giving you the little extra $ $ to wasteful on trying out of grain of caffè different!
Besides your daily cup, one of some things I amour is that quickly he brews, which is really handy when I am entertaining and has to that it marks 10+ cups in the haste!!
4 / 5
Ossia A better superautomatic the car of caffè has has not used never. It is small, work well, easy to clean, and looks well. But an astonishingly stupid creation of a lid for a hopper of the grain almost causes me dictate it does not buy it .

A lid of the hopper of the grain has the small plastic tab that estacas out of him. A schemes no unless this fragile little tab is insert to the space in a flange of a hopper. A lid has the boss that is to be draw to look well, not doing well. How it is easy to fall a lid when calm takes. A second time my lid has been fallen, fall to a paving and a plastic tab have broken was. Zap. Diagram any caffè.

Has found that have left a lid was and has stuck the screwdriver to a space, a do one caffè. As I have lived with the screwdriver that estacas out of the upper while I have expected the week for one $ 30 part of substitution to arrive.

Swears Precise to shoot an engineer the one who has drawn this lid-interlock mechanism. If it has had anything more in a phase that has fulfilled my needs as well as this A1 Ultra Compact, would recommend it instead. But there is not .

Maintenances that screwdriver in a drawer of cookery now, as I am ready for some pauses of next time.
5 / 5
Especially, this car caffè excellent!! . . . . . Better that mine Gaggia Academy that has died in 4 years and better that my forwards Swears as it has run well for roughly 20 years. We do not drink I express, the caffè just and I drink the big cup that takes two of some possible main cup of a A1. The desire could do one the big cup of 2 initial key presses likes a Gaggia. This car also looks to use less caffè that the leading diagram that it is the profit lateralmente. A tank of water is too much small and need to be refilled with which 2 or three cups.
4 / 5
If forests quite caffè this car will pay for him.

Some caffè have tried like this is exited far trying better that smell. Usually (mine) tries exactly like smells, if this felt. Perhaps the pressure more the scarce and big the extraction he less bitter?

The hips give you an option to customise a quantity of water in the each one of a three pre has has programmed settings

Averts of caffè automatic , excellent, a scheme touts his house on hygiene. I think that that it is quite fresh as cleaned so when calm turn he on and when the calm turn was.

Mina this car is perfect to do a bit expressed caffè fashionable to add to milk and such. I have not had a lot of success with a big plus (caffè) has measured reason have been that uses pre the earth and you am limited to a excluyente, likes to dip of the caffè is feeble. Perhaps ossia a a caveat like this far.
4 / 5
Swears A1 PERFECTO Has product expressed, every time (incinerates yes!). It takes upper frames for eases and good engineering of use. The daily interview is minimum, so only like his printed in my small cookery. Self Works of cleaners perfectly like this far. A lot especially, an expressed the products is out of this world, more has not had never (memory of Italian expressed has had in of the years of Europe does... Expressed Like this awesomely delicious that any sugar or the cream is necessary)! Different grind the settings leave for the manual control of a grind, and an addition of leaves of extra hopper of the second, election of caffè of the earth if the transmission is loved. Cleanup Of some trays is easy and quickly, and a container of water is easy to take and transmission. Good-looking creation throughout!

A chrome basic that some cups seat on is quite delicate and easily streaky, as I recommend to use only cup with smooth funds (mine stoneware, rough-bottomed mugs has begun to line it on fast). Another that this, Swears A1 is flawless and looks beautiful in my cookery. Finally I have the canal of caffè pertinent in my own house and I could not be happier! I recommend pre-that soul a cup, really improves a flavour (I use porcelain cups, together with a 'heating' characteristic in mine Breville convection ready oven, for 3 minutes)... Pure perfection!
4 / 5
Recently the cost Swears A1 reason have listened that a caffè has been point and averts and an interview was down. This in spite of, have had ours car partorisca just the week and looks that there is always the light flashing that it indicates some type of element of interview -- a majority desquels is refilling a container to water & emptying a grinds. A caffè is not hot and some measures do not leave for the full cup of caffè. A quality of a caffè is order this in spite of a continual glimpsed of a car does not justify one $ 800 price of compraventa.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my living room for clients and personal. It is simple to use. And except money to be able to use grain of caffè or caffè of earth in place of pods. Also it loves that this car self clean evey the time is turned on; and without using the TONNE of water. Also it loves that has the enclosed car-was. It likes I of the that has to that concern that any one could leave it on at night, or no for the cleaned . So only the desire has had the tank to water main taste didnt has to that exchange like this often. Highly it recommends this, and will be to take one for house.
5 / 5
The car of caffè adds. If you are the purist of caffè black the one who enjoys restricted, espressos or lungos, Swears A1 rids a fully automatic experience with quality and finesse.
4 / 5
Has expected the pair of first month to estimate is Expressed Manufacturer to ensure has resupplied the just evaluation. In the first place it was, he a caffè BETTER never. Utilisation Lavazza Súper Incinerates Grain, which are to mesos roasts, to ensure a grinder any 'gunk' up. Like a Faster Turn signal I caffè of drunk until 11:30 a.m. Every day, consistently, so only I want to drink a caffè better possible. It swears 1 consistently big book-caffè of quality. Although he self cleaned daily, there is a bit interview an user has to that treat. It swears 1 manual resupplies instructions, but some have not outlined is not that easy to follow. Ossia Reason has given the 4 on facilitated of use (doing a caffè is the breeze ). I drink several cups of caffè the day, as I owe that it exchanges a tank and clean out of a tray at least 3 times the day, which partorisca me is not to treat it big. I am pleased extremely with Swears 1 and look sends each morning to drink excellent cups of caffè.

Top Customer Reviews: Jura E6 Automatic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
4 / 5
I have received yesterday my new Swears E6 with which mine 12 old years swiss-done Spidem automatic expressed the car has died. So much, I am conscious like a work of automatic cars. One of some characteristic levels partorisca Swear E6 is qualified to brew any only or double expressed ossia obviously two alone shots. The brew a double, a 'expressed' the key will be pressed two interior of time 1 dry. When Trying E6 has found that has duplicated expressed is very feeble. I have measured hanged of earths of the caffè taken of container of earths of the caffè in both chances (alone and double shots). Quantity of earths of the caffè in both chances was some same while quantity of a water partorisca a double was two times more. I have called today in Swear partorisca verify if this 'characteristic' was the defect of my car or was E6 defect to draw. It swears that it Represents of the client said that partorisca double expressed E6 has used two waters of time and a same quantity of the caffè that considers has shot so only. Look like this odd partorisca a reputable expressed manufacturer of car that has asked take partorisca redirect me to technical support. I have been said that TS has not been available today and call me to us the Monday (today is Friday). I also called to two expressed vendors of car that asks this question. Both said me to us that duplicated expressed that Swears E6 brews was exactly two alone shots that all the world expects. I will update my description after speaking in Swearing TS. Hope That they are 'lucky' partorisca take a defective car. To good sure, will send it behind any if... BTW Has not tried any one another E6 characteristic.

Update 09/14/2018:
In the first place, has spoken in Swears sustains Technical and tried E6 other ways of operation.
1. Explanations partorisca Swear TS rep in pair expressed ossia considerably feebler that the shot so only can be in brief shaped eat:
E6 brews bend expressed and caffè double like the only shot - he no brew sequentially two alone shots
E6 brewing qualified of the unit is limited
When you brew double expressed in a side a strong plus, a brewing the unit does not return a double quantity of the caffè and uses a maximum
returns of caffè while the quantity of water is always has bent. For like this double expressed is feebler that the so only has shot yes the forces of caffè is
the strongest place that half. BTW A setting of factory is in the strongest side; when it forces of the caffè is dipped to half, expressed is very feeble (his is not
expressed at all). This means Swears knows that the settings of factory resupply toneless double! Besides, a manual of the user does not say
this info, says so only that it use double twice the waters and the quantity of the caffè has used is not mentioned at all!
Like this, caffè double and double expressed in E6 the ways no at all if you do not want to take caffè American instead. Ossia Obvious
defect in any only E6 creation but in all Swear sĂşper automatics - I has been said partorisca Swear TS rep that all this Swears the cars have used some same
brewing technology. In planting to fix a question in creation, Swears misadvertises!
Has mentioned in original version of my description that has asked this question two has has certified vendors of cars of the caffè in the feeblest forces of
double expressed and said that E6 brews folds of a same force so only. Now I have confused: it looks he does not know the
the products sell or his hips misadvertise. Also it looks odd that all other descriptions there is not remarked this defect!
2. E6 Expressed The flavour are lower that half: it feels too liquid in comparison with real smooth expressed. Increase of a force and/or that
the grind the thinnest frames expressed more bitter, but has no real expressed flavour in him. Decrease by force of caffè and/or doing a grind
the coarsest results in caffè feeble. I have not been able to find these settings that the half same product expressed. That can be has considered it well when
the quickly shot need in a morning, but I doubtfully enjoys in any haste. Expressed The temperature is acceptable but is not in a hot side. Caffè
The cream is quite thin; it dissolves in 3-5 min and is significantly thinner incinerates it my dead person Spidem has done. BTW, I always use Lavazza
expressed grain that always has produced thicknesses and long durable cream for my old Spidem.
3. Foam Of tins and cappuccino:
Swears to like all other manufactures milk changed frothing technology in comparison with mine 12 old years/dead Spidem automatic
car. Now the milk is sucked in of a container of tins has seen the plastic pipe and frothing is done car of interior. Flow of current of the foam
down pressure of a car directly to a cup. Experimenting With a foam has found that:
the foam is quite thin and is in a liquid side. I have fill the glass with foam and foam has verified. My old Spidem has had Pannarello
wand that will be downed to glass of container of external/tins and Spidem has produced there fat foam that was separated well of hot milk in
the fund of a container of tins. I owe that say this foam has not gone always compatible: sometimes it was worse that has expected. It was able to
foams of movement the cup of caffè that use the spoon and form to foam maintained on an expressed or cappuccino. It do not dissolve fast. Included besides big
the temperature that dips E6 the foam of tins is like this thin and liquid that the can not be separated of tins for the spoon when the foam is done without caffè. In
the cup of caffè is thin, dissolves quickly, and the temperature of tins is warm (any heat) has included besides big E6 setting of temperature. The temperature of tins is
to good sure go down that that of caffè. For like this after adding foam with milking to caffè, results warm, any heat although a cup of caffè was pre
has heated. So much, I can not say I like this new frothing technology. Besides, it requires interview more daily of an inner milk frothing system
and overpriced Swears-detergent to milk fact. If interested in of the details, can download and read E6 manual.

My final opinion is has purchased Swears car for a first time and has listened previously that swears is one of an upper expressed manufacturers of car. I am not impressed for Swears at all. Well looking diagrams that brews very half caffè warm that it is any bitter or feeble with or without warm tins with something resembled very thin, liquid, and dissolving foams quickly. It swears Nomination these drinks 'expressed' and 'cappuccino'. Some have announced the characteristic no been due to defect in creation. I go to return this car and I do not have an idea like the costruttore now is better that Swears. It looks that the descriptions do not help today...

2nd Update 01/11/2019
are is returned E6 in September 2018 and, finally, has found the solution to a question as to brew EXPRESSED! This in spite of, this solution can be used so only for the person the one who is expressed the lover and the one who goes to spend the week+ to study and experience... First to describe this solution wants to mention that I have had experience with two another automatics: both were Gaggia Brera: I have purchased a roughly done prime minister 8 years for my edges, he brewed decent expressed and is still operational. I have purchased a second Gaggia Brera 1.5 years ago when my old Spidem is result inoperational and has decided substitute the. I am returned a second Gaggia Brera reason expressed the brewed was bad. You can look in my description of a second Gaggia Brera. After returning Brera there is disassembled my old Spidem, cleaned it, gathered and law 1.5 more years before finally it die. So much, I have had an experience with 4 automatics manufactured several years and I have had an impression that quality of automatic cars and expressed they brew took worther with year a car has been built in. In September 2018, after returning E6, has spoken to diverse automatic expressed the vendors of car to imagine was if of the good automatic expressed cars (this brew the A lot of expressed) is existed in a phase. Finally, IMHO draws a conclusion on its own name: some costruttrici of automatic car have built some cars that was sellable. Today a point for to sell even one the majority of type of car is the good look , the car would owe that have all imaginable electronic and beautiful exposure, tonnes of unneeded frames to be announced. Quality of cars and expressed they brew is not of entity for costruttrici and of the vendors anymore simply reasons purchase these mostly on-line cars and attractiveness of a picture is one the majority of decision of costruttore of entity to buy or any to buy a car... So much, I have gone to a basics and looked in semi-automatic prosumer cars of level. Has read tonnes of web pages in expressed forums of lover, has looked tonnes of video and there is @@give that some seeds-automatics TIN brew VERY EXPRESSED, but to convert has BEATEN to the FACT has had to choose on again skills of mine of barista... Master caffè my alive integer, I brew drip, french, turkish caffè, but the a lot of expressed was always a better mine. So much, I have decided to go this street. After careful comparison of some cars and grinders (the good grinder is like this of entity in preparation of very expressed likes car he) has purchased Rocket Apartment and Baratza Seven 270wi. This in spite of, when selecting the crew is that it imports how much atascad is going to brew the day. In meso I brew 1-3 double expressed/cappuccino the day. I estimate to regulate for a pair has purchased is around $ 2K, but yes can expect for the sale (are) calm can take him for $ - almost one same like E6! Of course, there is an economic and more expensive plus grinders and semi-automatic cars in a phase. It founds combination of quality and price this satisfy. After purchasing are past 10-14 days to learn (reading and looking video on web and experimenting; they are the technical type and the fast student) to the equal that to brew very expressed, cappuccino and another has related drunk. Without learning you can do at all but sell your crew has purchased. Period. You owe that learn like some seeds-automatics work, like the multiple factors affect expressed flavour, thickness of cream, and colour; you owe figure out of some settings for grinder and car. Calm can not take these settings of people have learnt reasons be any two identical cars and grinders in a same phase of a costruttore same. You owe figure out of east for your account. I this and... During my whole life has not had never I so that it ADDS EXPRESSED! Still in Italy. My friends those who there has been mine expressed said me a same. This in spite of, have not tried expressed this was brewed for in fact good barista and does not compare my skills (of course, am inexperienced ) with another. So only it compares quality of expressed has has had sources during my life.

Now conclusion. With which you experimentally found a setting for your grinder and car, and the frames have selected also and type of grain of caffè (and calm does not change any of them) that:
1. Quality of expressed and cappuccino brewed for the semi-automatic car is excellent and is incomparable better that for automatic. Cream, smell, colour, force, texture, foam of tins, and temperature of expressed and cappuccino has done for semi-automatic are adds!
2. Whole preparation of 1 cup of pair expressed apresamiento pair of small + roughly 1 minutes to do and foam of game to milk to the cup. If you brew several cups the time, multiplies east timing for number of cups to brew.
3. The daily interview that takes several minutes, is extremely easy, but obligatory he love your work of crew in fact a lot of years (I experiences and has used my crew so only for 3 last months and I do not know this for my account experience). It remains to treat daily interview a lot immediately after brewing cycle but in an evening. With which brewing of the each cup of expressed the interview takes 20-30 dry. I can not say anything in periodical interview - I no this closing :-(.
4. The quality of a crew has purchased looks very big. A car is mostly build in stainless steel, chrome, and discharges. Minimum plastic, for example, tank of water and the small (out of a lot of) pipes car of interior. It looks some do any 15+ years... Of course, it was not this in my experience (I so only read this in of the multiple places), but qualities to manufacture and the materials look big. Perhaps it is big reason a creation, technology, and the materials have used to build a prosumer the class of cars is afterwards to this used for some commercial cars. Of course, a global quality of semi-automatic cars depends in prizes... This in spite of, a durability of global/quality of seeds-automatics looks much bigger that automatics in of the rows of alike prize.
4. Look Of a car (Rocket Apartment) is awesome! A car is now a focal point of my cookery. Mirroring chrome In combination with the beautiful copper looks retro...
5. I have found three toneless points of any seeds-automatics:
a. After the car has been turned on, has to attended for 20-30 min until a brewing portion of a car (and water in a boiler) hot taking. So much, you have to turn the car on for advanced. Any impromptu...
b. The majority of of the entity is can a lot of brew only expressed and so only after this double expressed like a shot (or the aims treat) without changing settings in a grinder and car. Changing the setting in a grinder requires to the launch was one or two grinds so only with which dialing a grinder. Sure, you have to it experiences first to imagine out of these settings for these two configurations, write them down and use them when changing of brewing only to brewing double likes one has shot. Of course, calm always can simply brew to the fold like them to them two shots of solos or brew folds so that of the shot and with which this touches the averages of pair to another cup to take two single. Personally it prefers a last way. An only is mine of quantity too small.
c. One same with expressed force: calm easily can do a brewed expressed feebler (until caffè American) simply adding his hot water (seeds-automatics usually have wand of hot water resembled a wand of steamer), this in spite of masters a strong plus expressed, has to marks of transmission in both grinder and the car with all the consequences has described in leading element.

So much, some seeds-automatics is much less flexible that a automatics, this in spite of, mine these toneless points are not significant simply double reasons expressed my Rocket Apartment brews is incredible and when the people love soltero volume two single of a double.

And a last commentary (he goes to go a semi-automatic way): spent also a aforado tamper (the cars come with some regular tamper), tamp canal, and grind revendedor/leveler. I have not bought a box unexpectedly. It selects everything of them so only of good quality. It does not buy an economic plus. These tools will help you to save your time while doing expressed and do more careers a curve to learn. Good regime!

NOTE: in this description has expressed so only my own opinion based in only my own experience. This opinion can be wrong. They are also very affiliated with any organisation and/or business that creations, manufactures, sells, announces, distributes, and/or uses commercially very expressed/the caffè that does crew and/or grows and/or roasts and/or sells grain of caffè and/or the average in any commercial activity has related. Has does not take never any profit of any of some activities has mentioned on.
Swears 15070 E6 Centres of Caffè Automatic, Platinum
5 / 5
has had Swears E9 for well on 10 years. It was finally time to take the new car. Amur This Car! Easy, awesome caffè. You use him on it means a caffè our old car has done still deleivers a cup adds inclusa of caffè. We no caffè a lot a lot of of speciality like this this any frill Swears the diagrams is perfect.
4 / 5
Still dialing In some settings to take a perfect cup, but thinks would have to that remain able my old F7. A E6 uses noticeably less caffè, savings of term like this long if a E6 hard while a F7 - on 20K servings.

Has to that be remarked that ossia an ONLY Swears fully automatic concealed does not accept caffè of powder. Has not founding east was until with which have purchased and place on a car. Unfortunately some the only options with PEP are to spend almost more 50 for a E8 or to change to one of a small more mini cars. This means does any easy way to offer friends the decaf option
5 / 5
Of then has substituted the car of capsule, ossia the real upgrade in flavour and characteristic, liked really of a car and more than entity a quality of caffè and flavour, is really hard to clean all a time some pieces of portion/of the milk and a car maintains cleansing he in a side of caffè. That really is something to revise is a filter and of the clean pills, the looks Swears is looking for to be a HP Printer, doing you buying time of substitutions to time. Another that schemes it well. Has a car for 1 month, like this far like this good.
5 / 5
A costruttore of caffè more final has has not possessed never. Value a prize and value an extra work has required to maintain it clean and functional. Highly automated but a lot of user-friendly in of the terms of operation. Some parts are drawn in a renowned Swiss precision and calm can any the deception when you have dipped some separates behind after calm cleans him. Some products of caffè is clearly different and upper in trying although utilisations the grain regulates reason the process of a car enhances and door out of a flavour of as the caffè would owe that try.
4 / 5
This in spite of expensive, ossia a car of familiar of the ours better caffè has found.
5 / 5
Love this car of caffè! We do not use it very long, but they are by train of the want to like this far!!!
4 / 5
Has Had he for the pair of month. Marcos the caffè adds. No like this strong like my S8. Hard to take a quite hot milk with a steamer. Had the hard time that takes a car to recognise the filter of new water.
4 / 5
Laws well of the caffè excellent adds out of a box
5 / 5
Loves my new Swears. Easy to use and a lot of flavour in all the elections of drink of the caffè.

Top Customer Reviews: Jura D6 Automatic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia My third Swears car of caffè automatic. Has has wanted to him everything. A model D6 is an excellent and a lot easy car partorisca familiarise one to a basic setup and that uses a paper of system.
5 / 5
Has possessed a ENA 4 partorisca ten years more when I have decided to take the new D6. A D6 works as well as a ENA in the each way excepts one. Some grain of the caffè does not feed to a grinder consistantly. A D6 the paving of grain there is little deep and width more than deep. A weight of the grain on is not enough to press the low grain to a grinder. Some grain has to that be manually pressed down each one that two to three cups brewed.
4 / 5
Has had car for month. Still that looks for to imagine was like this to program characteristic in place of the do in n on for cup. The cup adds of caffè. Easy net on earths of caffè and rinsing walk. He so only done the max 8oz cup. The majority of caffè mugs is at least 12 oz likes to do a 8 oz full then he 4 oz. You water it it is not quite hot for me I like this finalised microwaving.
5 / 5
The wonderful product and my husband loves his caffè!! Easy to operate.
5 / 5
This car is a lot good and taste like this. It is doing caffè a lot very ☕️
4 / 5
Laws exactly to the equal that has expected.

The caffè adds.
4 / 5
possess swears it car (ENA Micro 90) for a year and although it Swears extracts the caffè adds, some diagrams is distant a lot of to be the free interview.
Does not import use some products of cleaners like recommended, reasons after 4 to 6 month of continuous use a car preset questions been due to accumulation of residue of caffè in a brewing unit in concrete in a screen of filter and also in a valve of drainage that is attached to a brewing unit.
For like this, be ready to send a car was for the service of more cleaned (those pays -USA$ 100 more than the ships cost if you are able to disassemble and pulling out of a brewing unit or $ 500 more than the ships cost to send a whole car).
Possesses technical skills maquinales and although it was able to take a brewing unit without a lot of question (attack roughly 2 hours at the beginning time and probably 30 min after the do the pair of time), some of some inner parts are extremely delicate.
Can save some money to disassemble and cleaning a brewing unit and a manifold of valve of the calm drainage but be ready for some 'amour lasted.
Has several video am gone in an internet that objective you regarding the do except taking roughly 5 hours to disassemble and other 2 hours the reassembling in a first moment. This time will improve with which take his use but is the process of painful learning.
Be very careful any to break any part in a process. Partially I have fill it was some of some plĂĄsticoes latching the tabs for fact gather and disassembling easier and prevent to break components after repeating a process the pair of time.
In spite of himself need any part of substitution to Swear, be ready for a fact does not sell any inner component. So much, you break something, will have to buy he of the 3rd vendor of party, improvises or simple piece your expensive car.
Has broken a small component (outlet funnel that is attached to a unit of grinder) reason is bad drawn and is basically in a way all some the precise time pulls a brew the unit was and the install behind in. The breaking is so only the subject of time.
Has called Swears directly and has refused to send me the substitution. It was able to do around a @@subject but be conscious, although it extract the caffè adds, does not expect any assistance of marketing of the estaca of Swears.
5 / 5
Buy this car 2 month ago. It has been it adds for a first week. Of then we have has has had questions frothing a milk, included although we clean a system to milk every day.
5 / 5
I have possessed a ENA 4 partorisca ten years more when I have decided to take the new D6. A D6 works as well as a ENA in the each way excepts one. Some grain of the caffè does not feed to a grinder consistantly. A D6 the paving of grain there is little deep and width more than deep. A weight of the grain on is not enough to press the low grain to a grinder. Some grain has to that be manually pressed down each one that two to three cups brewed.
4 / 5
Are Swear Mark Loyalist - has possessed a Impresa version for years and has bought the D6 5 nonths done. It looks that a technology and the manufacture are slipping bad. Returned to to a first unit likes them the grain would flash like this empty when any - according to usit has a lot of questions and there is prendido acting. It swears the service of client is off line during COVID (the majority is not ) has sent an email and am expecting. Really I want to this to do and enjoy teh caffè but Swears has not lived until a question of prize in a product or service of client

Top Customer Reviews: JURA S8 Automatic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
4 / 5
We take this car of the caffè done the month and used it 2-3 times the day with to 3 house of person. It is cost each penny.
4 / 5
Swears S8 is like this easy to use and is an easy cleaned. 100 AWESOME!
5 / 5
Has come with well packing and easy to maintain. He maximizas my flavour of Caffè. :)
5 / 5
the compraventa SWEARS S8 like the present navideĂąo ours partorisca second ours wife in Napoli, FL. It is one of some compraventa better has done. It is a lot populate with our guests. Highly you recommend that one Swears produced. A big-the quality schemes Swiss fact.
4 / 5
Easy to operate and cleaned. The flavour of caffè is full, aromatic and flavorful.

A bit those that loses in a creation that looks basic mine - especially partorisca a prize:

1. A program where situates your glass partorisca milk frothing hardly can return the glass. It is easy to attack of a glass, and the bulkiest glasses very returned.

2. Functionality of missing basic software:
Some functions of basic software could be be add - for example when frothing tins, could have the account for behind the seconds that remain during a frothing cycle (frothing careers of tins for like this any for volume - how is the little odd - in better would owe that he both).

Also the timer in that first time of a car will run a cleanup, or that first time of a filter of water will require partorisca substitute (based in prices of use). Any way to program for a car partorisca wake on top of the time has specified each morning like other cars.

3. When Changing a grind measure, some instructions warn that this has to that be fact while a car is grinding some grain otherwise can break a car- to the calm looks like him would have to that be of able to so only dipped a grind while- other cars have possessed leave this. Odd...

4. A fact that has to connect you an external hose partorisca tins frothing, and an integer cleanup process after frothing is heavy and has drawn bad. Because of a creation of a frothing boss, a milk is grieves to animate after frothing and any way to dip a temperature of hotter. A temperature of caffè for expressed the shots is well and the hot abundance.

5. And finally, it loves to take hot water out of a car, has to change a frothing boss. This would have to that it has been an integrated function . He maintaining has an extra part to maintain the clues was that it can result stray or has broken. This has done the mine felt little.

In general the good car with some limitations of basic drawing that it is not to treat breakers, but annoyances, especially when that considers a row of prize of a unit.
4 / 5
After using he for the month, is finally ready to write the description.

This car caffè good, to good sure in that. A temperature is good(both caffè and foam).

This in spite of has the pair of feedback:
- cleansing newspaper of a system to milk which has included this in spite of does not take the long time, need the plot of attention. A course an odder is that calm require you to add waters half way, and have confused like this reason any simply do a main container. A product of more cleaned is not economic - in $ 30 for the yes calm month uses it daily?
- A screen to the touch is not sensitive at all! Long it has wanted to reduce the caffè or the foam but a screen to the touch does not answer still although I pressed it hard for a lot of time! It is so that it disappoints that you finalise with the caffè ossia too strong quite(to to the my husband likes him the caffè strong but I any)
- these cars constantly the clean which is well, BUT means that I require dipped the short under a dispenser all a time to take a water! Still, a tray will be full of water in an end of day that need to attentively the take was and the cleaned up.

Anyways, A caffè is well, but be conscious of this work of subjects and extra interview of usability!
5 / 5
Has taken this car of the caffè done the month and used it 2-3 times the day with to 3 house of person. It is cost each penny.
4 / 5
Awesome Produced, that declares! The caffè adds, but has to that experiences with flavours of prime ministers of caffè different, as no shabby bulk of a caffè until it tried him he was. The caffè of tins are the pocolos more glimpsed to be warned... otherwise Perfecto
5 / 5
is Coming with well packing and easy to maintain. He maximizas my flavour of Caffè. :)
5 / 5
Excellent expressed car, easy to use, and the election adds for those looking to change of the semi-automatic to the súper automatic car. No the cleansing of some needs of system of the milk to be done daily, an extra task that does the milk has has based caffè.

Top Customer Reviews: Jura ENA 8 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
A ENA 8 is the wonderful car that easily does so only in any caffè calm drink can want to. A espressos is perfect. The drinks with tins are easy to prepare and a system of tins is easy to clean on afterwards. The operative papers are clear and sincere. Especially it likes having to that an a lot of looking container of water in a side. Easily I can see a the state of water. Also, with a filter into use, descaling is not necessary. A drip the system of tray is a lot well, helping to avert loss when emptying. In general, a centre of caffè of excellent house. I have had diverse Saeco cars on some years. They were utmost, but Swears ENA 8 is a lot gives a no further!
5 / 5
A quality of a caffè is simply bad, density of lacks and is watered entirely down (still in restricted way in a main intensity). Foam Of tins froth is also bad with bubbles of enormous air in place of dense foam. Any sake. It is so only easy, but the Nespresso will do the better work without a cost. They are sad of then was really that looks forward to to take something extraordinary for the new generation fully diagrams of caffè automatic.
4 / 5
I amour Swears produced and has substituted mine 17-year old car with a Ena 8. I love a small profile and the colour but a defect of draw: a transmission to be able to is in an a lot of for behind a unit. When you Locate a car in the low corner a counter, he the very difficult fact to access. Reason move of a front or a cup in a front??
5 / 5
Has loved the caffè fully automated car, this could do espressos. Ossia The new car (expensive) as imagined that would be an improvement in the oldest cars. I found it easy to dip up and caffè excellent. I have it a lot of expósito easy to do cappuccinos and objective plans. The 4-6 drunk the day.

Ossia The small car , how is more to do the pocolos drunk the time. Some needs of water supply to be refilled frequently, especially you rinse a system to milk every time. A storage of the grain of the caffè is also small, so it needs the transmission regularly. But these are easy to do.

A car leaves some customization of drinks, in of the terms by force and volumes, has not explored this too much. A schemes also uses filters of proprietary water and cleaning solutions. He so will have the costs of the interview has related to this.

In general, the car adds that it is easier that use that mine SWEARS unit in acting this is 5 years old . It is the small unit but of the drinks of qualities of still frames.
4 / 5
A point to be súper-automatic is quashed reason owe hook on the line for a milk, dipped the separate cup for an initial rinse and before you have closed some diagrams was. If you are envisioning calm to take your caffè in a morning with ONE presses of the key, this car a lot that for you. He BREWS your caffè with a key but a work no for there.
5 / 5
Has substituted the capsule expresses car with this ena 8, and the caffè wise, caffè better. Way Caffè better. I guess of any limited to the available capsules, some elections of caffè am wide. Utilisation lavazza italian caffè and well, is so only perfect every time. A lot, very satisfied.
This in spite of, hassle starts with the slats and any milk has based drunk, with which having your drunk, the calm car warn to start with a cleaner processs. You owe that resupply some water with any liquid soap (the small sample resupplied), then more water for rinsing, and from time to time also has to that dissasemble (any hard) some parts for rinse his too much.
Time very difficult, so only to eat. I guess the so only the automatic cleaner has assumed mentions the delivery has cleaned. It is not .
And if any cleaned a thing of tins, a frothing the stops that reads and remain with just warm tins for your cappuccino.
Knowing then, that is now in a cleaner, still would change a car of capsule for east a. Of the caffè is very better. This in spite of cappuccinos is not does like this frequently like this the expected, to avert a cleaner.

Top Customer Reviews: Jura 15070 E6 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
When I have ordered this is to be say would take worlds quotes sure, but has been retarded for roughly two weeks because they have run out of a car. But it has been it has kept well informed to the equal that to when it would take it. It is it schemes it it adds . Marcos the caffè adds and is easy to use. A manual of instruction could be the little more informative this in spite of. I have received all some other elements to the equal that has promised. They have come for separate and has arrived very first of a car has arrived . In happy with a vendor and a car.
5 / 5
Loves a costruttore of caffè, sadly a vendor has ANY SERVICE of client! It has not called or to email behind like him two elements has shipped with has been broken.
5 / 5
Caffè Excellent. Complicated frothing system the one who only froths to the consistency of cream. The filter does not remain in place and is hard to install to a tank of water
5 / 5
has had one Swears Micro 90 in a past, which have given to plot of questions with filtering water etc.

Swears E6 was the easiest way to setup and use for a whole family. Like a flexibility in regulating a force of caffè and quantity of tins during a process to do he.

Wants to!!
4 / 5
Really like a car! It marks a strong code and soften a same time. Precise flavours and guaranteed satisfaction:)
5 / 5
has not received a container of tins, ready filter, caffè, pitcher or expressed container of cup how has been announced like this when be run to Swear compraventa.
4 / 5
The car of caffè adds very easy to use highly recommend it
5 / 5
Better cup of caffè , option of amour partorisca steamed tins ..

Validates a sure prize !!

Top Customer Reviews: Jura E8 Piano Black ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
5 / 5
This car has been purchased when my Solis Palace has spent finally was after 15 years.

A car is quite easy to use and program. It is self cleaner, like this every time turn it on, raisin for the cycle of rinse, and so only first to close down he another cycle of rinse.

Of a car automatically closes was after the sure quantity of time, arrival having the mine spends for the cycle of rinse 4-6 times each day. And like this of the uses of water of car every time, tends to have that fill on a receptacle to water frequently and a filter to water only hard roughly 2 month, which can be the bit pricey. On east arrival that owes empty a drip walk, which is long and superficial, he doing bit it uncomfortable to manoeuvre.

Also, has found a test of difficult hardness to read and determine that to do roughly dipping it on my car. It felt some instructions has not been easy to follow.

Because of a frequency to add water and substituting filters, has situated my description in 4 stars. Otherwise, would have given It 5.
5 / 5
This car is the horse of work . We roughly 3-4 selections of caffè each day. A together initial-up was easy to follow for some instructions. Taking to to whole grain really likes him/enjoy you will not be disappointed. An only 'gilipollas' is some filters of water, which have to change in the each one 30-40 days (in $ 20 each one which as) & cleansing (tabs) for a car each one that 30 days also. Otherwise Daily interview that is not weighed. My another 'with' this a cup lateralmente planting for tins (foam) drunk. The desire had spent an extra $ 500 approx. For a S8 to have it all integrated to a (half) nozzle. A TFT exposed of the screen is more than pertinent for selection of drunk has compared to a S8 (LCD screen).
5 / 5
Some works of good product. This in spite of, would have to use colored keys that is easier that see/read. A main question has with this unit and this is not our first caffè automatic manufacturer, is that a tray that some chairs of the cup on is tightened too much. We have broken the pair of cups. An easy fijamente would be to have the tray of cup that can be regulated, like the tray that slides in and has gone with diverse notch that click how is easy to regulate his needs of user.
5 / 5
The husband has bought this for me also although the present Dec 2020 and exactly 3 month later are that it has to that send he in stops to be serviced reason remains in soyachine is heating' and will not leave me anything. Tried unplugging he for 2 hours like a service of client said to and still at all. We treat this car like his to our creature, the cleaned to us daily reasons want to do sure will last the long time. I have it quell'has loved always Swears but have to that be sincere and say this is disappointing when it spend this quantity of money on something and so only 3 month in him has to that be serviced.
5 / 5
Is very convenient and adds it expressed. This in spite of, some real fun starts with selection of key of the push of caffè of different tins! You will find the pint glass of the beer to the left is visibly enjoys to do and drinking white plans, cappuccino or anything. A process of more cleaned is simple and the small bit of inconvenience for 2 minutes but interesting to maintain an operation of this car adds.
5 / 5
This car is fabulous! We have had one Printed for roughly 10 years and spent it finally was. This version is advances of light years : everything is faster, calmer And easier. You mark perfect foam, easy to use and cleaned, presets is the snap and a caffè is delicious. Like this happy has stepped until this model.
4 / 5
Has expected the long time before finally landing in Swearing E8. It has had for 2 month and enjoy it like this or more now that when I began it on a first time. Very easy to dip up and maintain. Any remorse of buyers here!
5 / 5
Loves this car. Our 2nd Swears. We upgraded, but our old one is still in use. They are durable cars and do the caffè adds.
5 / 5
A milk that dispenses need of system rinsing and cleaning every day tins of use. Taken roughly 3-5 minutes. Some options in a setup is incredible.
5 / 5
Amur This car!!! I have been the Nespresso client partorisca more than 10 years and I have decided to change to this car of caffè partorisca use grain of caffè real in the place of capsules has done of aluminium. So only it complains any to having done the before

Top Customer Reviews: ENA 4 Full Nordic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
While this car is more expensive that that buys the capsule-based Nespresso car, some savings partorisca be able to use your grain own good it values an investment. Can expect it it bit it more endeavour of the interview in that has to that the game has used was earths periodically and empty a casserole of drainage - but in general is minimum compared to something more hands-on like a Breville Barista cars. I have listened of friends that Swears the cars tend partorisca last the very long time. Too punctual to estimate reliability, but am certainly happy like this far.

My only flu is that a clearance partorisca yours cup is quite down, if it has to that use the big cup will owe that brew to something shorter and the dump your cup has preferred.