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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Shaina
They are trace this and plugged he everything on last night. Certainly it looks partorisca be the decently the device drawn and fact, and create it do fault well in a function of outlet band. Reason three stars? It is reason have read a fine impression in a container that the worries have guaranteeed. A description of web of place of the Amazon touts the $ 10,000 guarantee of crew. But a container fines the impression declares that a crew has to that be esquad of computer'. Also it declares that a guarantee is void in chance of strikes of lightning. Reason more buy partorisca arise suppressors? Like the device is well, but a description of a guarantee is misleading.
4 / 5 By Cathrine
He 15 ft the cord says it everything. The Alive in a country to the equal that has constant outages and arisen. It has bought like this of these partorisca protect my expensive crew and grow lights. Recently inner some hours of 11 and 3 has had three arises and outages. All the survived, thanks to the mine arisen protectors. Reset Justo with which each one is arisen.
4 / 5 By Cheryle
I have bought this and took it partorisca do and each alone person in my office partorisca a prójimo 3 month has maintained partorisca remark that quotas and awesome has not gone so only reason has some colours partorisca some different sockets but reasons a boss was 6 feet long and could run to the table in a room where has had any capacity to touch our telephones. Of a first day took it to the law is not never able state of the spend home LOL originally bought it so that it can take he with me to an airport because there it have it never quite a lot of places partorisca touch your telephone in yours portable as having the 6ft the long boss could seat and so only in any chair and does not have to that worry and has included other people could use it too
4 / 5 By Yuk
Exactly that is to be expect. The big quality feels partorisca spent, big gauge boss (maintains this plan of import on tucking a boss partorisca be able to anywhere, is roughly 1/2' and has a lot little give in him partorisca take around corners).

There is not had to that use one arises protective portion of this closing but bombs extremely highly varied 500w common by means of of the this with an expectation that the does not fail it travesía and has done perfectly for me like this far.

The strikes really adds for a buck, does not complain spent of mine at all.
4 / 5 By Elaine
Excellent for the dorm which forbids cords of extension but leave arises protectors with until 6 ft cords. Abundance of outlets partorisca today of electronic needs. It is big, but easy to shove/ hide under an office. Also done well dipping in his side to reduce his impression.
4 / 5 By Adrianne
I love this thing. You are it has bitten it pricey, but his perfect. I have bought he for mine workout room... I have it seating in the down bookcase with the TV, bluray player, is where touches the player of PORTABLE DVD, and my ready clock. With a corner of a outlets, the bulky discharge any empede everything. A cord is long - I has mine that goes to wall to a rear side of Ladies workout crew. They are odd, really like some paint - could be used partorisca of coordinamento to paint if any one has wanted to be organised really or something. With a form and colour, does not look tacky to the equal that to plot of arisen protectors, a form of round means any toe on.... It looks the a lot of touching the canal maintains your cords have directed
5 / 5 By Shery
am spent of the hours that looks for some perfect arises protective concealed has not had so only a right period, but also a right quantity of outlets for a better prize. I have loved this product so much that has bought two! Has one this discharge on a side of my bed and extends all a low way the to achieve my light in another side of my bed. Has my second an in my cookery that use like a space of office. It moves like this easily to achieve my office where covers in mine portable, or can move he by means of some discharges of room he in mine mixer or cookery of rice without never unplugging he of a wall. It is fantastic.
5 / 5 By Joannie
It is 15 feet long! When Have an old big house that it is scarce in discharges ins, something like this is like this lovely! Has a wall without discharge, and this creature was long enough to fulfil some needs have had! They are like this happy found that, more was economic in $ 14.
4 / 5 By Nadene
I have bought this for my room of daughters in of the hopes to organise his centre of entertainment. We require the long fine cord of extension of discharges he because one covers is roughly 6 feet was. This has done adds. It was abundance long and has had a right quantity of discharge covers it everything in. We are very happy with our compraventa.
5 / 5 By Ricardo
It likes the good snug the access among one covers and a outlet. In another arises protectors and outlet band, sometime cover something in and to to looks like goes to of the fall was. But this has the good snug access for my discharge. Nizza The long cord achieves around mine couch and down a wall to a main outlet. Power key with light leave me know sure one arises protective is powered on. Perfecto.

Top Customer Reviews: Kensington ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Camelia
The cost checked Like the plot: A long cord is rubbery and a lot flexible. Not trying doblarprpers around something and struggling with a cord. A sense of mark of the colours. It can share this and easily identify the one who is using that it covers. In fact an attractive element in the class of technology of way and a four usb the spaces add additional discharge to touch. Of course it does not touch an iPad later with is tiny little lean slotted covers that it is the averages a measure of the normal USB. I have mentioned in mine another description would revise this element grieves has been rid because of some way, a first time has ordered, is returned the Amazon like undeliverable; bobo has received of then 100 is elements of Amazon. I have ordered again immediately and arrivals promptly.
5 / 5 By Lanell
The cost has checked I amour my Kinsington the loans of Sockets Arises Protective with 16' cord. I can dip my table of computer anywhere want to. They are no longer constricted to legislation for one covers in. Also I can use some ports of USB to touch my Ipads. A coding by heart is sum. I do not owe that it researches by means of some agreements to imagine out of those spend is so that computer. It is also a lot pleasing to an eye. No a plague of eye in a half of a table. Thank you So many. Those produced adds for my room.
4 / 5 By Raylene
The cost has verified already is using two of a no usb version of of the this arises protective in the room of conference as we add this to a table of the big upper table informative in the space of work has shared. These units look good and each one covers there are quite a lot of spaces around he for the bulky load to return.
4 / 5 By Malka
The cost has checked can Required in another side of a bed. With an extra of cord along, now has can during a room. In this chance, maintaining have electricity wherever wants in a room. Also, he very at least still, hot taking.
5 / 5 By Lorenzo
The cost verified has bought university of paralizacin-the granddaughter has joined, and loves that!
5 / 5 By Kelsi
The cost has checked to possess a lot of some earlier versions of this product. With the 16 cord of feet is utmost take the projector and laptop partorisca give the presentation. A new one is included better with 4 insiemi partorisca cover to touch telephones and pills
5 / 5 By Georgiann
The cost has verified My preferred arises protective with has required a lot of improvements, of the discharges does not block another outlets so much. I wish he rotated this in spite of.
5 / 5 By Robena
The cost has checked produced Good partorisca the room with small outlets. I love some few ports of USB partorisca artilugios.
4 / 5 By Sherryl
The cost has checked Bought partorisca my type of technology and really likes. Side more than has wanted to pay but is happy. It looks attractive.
5 / 5 By Bob
The cost verified does not know that durable taste so only installed the today but like some characteristic and ossia perfect for our location.

Top Customer Reviews: Kensington Guardian ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 By Gil
There is not any description still.
4 / 5 By Ouida
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Top Customer Reviews: Kensington ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
Way: it Prevails (1260 Joules, 8' Cord) A description of the product said '330 clamping voltage.' A product arrived and a box says 'clamping level: 500 Volts.' 500V is protect worse that 330V. When it Comes the clamping voltage, a more under a number a better. Ossia Dud announcing. (The semi-detached photos).

Has based in this drives, [...] There are three criteria of entities when choosing arises it protective:
1. Clamping Voltage - A voltage A low plus gives protect better. There are three levels, 330V, 400V, and 500V. I have chosen this protective because I announce 330 V (the best). Unfortunately ossia dud, and a real product has 500V (the worst).
2. Absorption of energy - Some main joules that the estimativa gives protect better. This one offers 1260 joules.
3. Time of response - That the time takes to answer, a shorter a better.
4 / 5 By
Way: it Prevails (1260 Joules, 8' Cord) has had recently the flash of power in our house, and our receiver of audio, subwoofer, and cradle of the transmission of the Nintendo was all has destroyed. This in spite of, our television and Playstation 4 good work. All the devices have been connected to the east arises protective.

When I have contacted service of client, has said that these models are SO ONLY partorisca use with computer, modem, and fax cars. We signal me to us to a fine impression in his web of place that says his $ 10,000 guarantee and $ 25,000 has guaranteeed so only applies to computer-has has related devices, and exclude everything of some elements that has been destroyed.

His listing of Amazon is deceptive as it does not declare this, instead in the clients of leaders partorisca think is arises protective ?...With computer-has related-devices (and TVs), which is different that that declares that the SO ONLY would owe that be used with these devices.

Like this buyer beware - does not connect anything but your desktop computer, monitor of computer, fax diagrams, and modems to this are outlet arises protective.
4 / 5 By
Way: it Prevails (1260 Joules, 8' Cord) like our situation uses this partorisca something like the stack of mobile of the electrical crew will find that this is not the very good solution. It is drawn around the quite tightened use to be plugged in behind some pieces of furniture and has left. Some reasons suggest that ossia three fold .

1. It is extremely difficult to pull of the discharges was once is plugged in. One covers has the smooth outline without grips of toe.

2. This has a greedy creation where a cord to be able to block other sockets in a wall outlet to be walk against a wall. Ossia The positive wants to hide one covers behind to the to something like him to him the pieces of furniture but otherwise of the ache. You owe that cover he in a something down in the vertical and calm socket can not use more than a greedy player.

3 A cord of power with constant unplugging and relocating develops kinks that can not be take or prevented likes one has called like this 8 punctual feet shortens significantly. Some cords on ours have the quality of torsion now.

I look that no tip an orientation of discharges in any of some pictures.
5 / 5 By
Way: Basic (670 Joules, 6' Cord) Ossia the add arises protective 6 outlet which are all the products coded so much can maintain clue of yours cords for colour. A together of any by heart same focus is semi-detached calm so that it is that the cord sees with quell'element. A real cord is 6 feet long and has the flush discharges so that I can take for behind mobile and have it flush to a wall yes has required. It is add partorisca have a longer cord when I need to achieve a outlet ossia out of some precise real elements covers he in. The works add like the indented on/was transmission and easy to turn on and the reset yes has required. There are two green lights partorisca aim that it is on and doing well. There is also two additional telephone jacks in an end of a outlet the launches has required .

Has has begun so only use his but feels will be of the service adds in some zones has required partorisca some longer cords and arises protects.
5 / 5 By
Way: it Prevails (1260 Joules, 8' Cord) needs a cord of extension in my paving and had spent of 2 cords of extension the defective one has purchased by means of Amazon and one of a tent so much messed on or has had space not doing . This cord of extension are enamoured fall with b/c comes with tabbed as of the stickers partorisca dip in a yours appliance that goes partorisca connect to match it and know that it is disconnecting. Him me like this reason sometimes I need to disconnect something and in planting to find a right boss to disconnect any focus partorisca paint says me! Besides it has telephone outlets in a cord of extension that has not used but has thought was a lot. And there is the key partorisca be able to that turns everything on and era. There is also the key that protects of in those hot that he the in firm was and can reset he in a fund. I produce add partorisca me sturddy and effective.
4 / 5 By
Way: Basic (670 Joules, 6' Cord) With only a GFCI outlet in a down bath, really require this partorisca the laptop rad, dryer of hair, and the electrical toothbrush that touches. Easy to locate in a beadboard wall, the look adds and is doing perfectly. An odd thing is does two telephone jacks in this unit - perhaps partorisca an office where would use partorisca LAN/WAN - I does not know . It can be handier was USB chargers instead. The only flu is that a cord is much more that need to be partorisca my application, but ossia quite smaller.
4 / 5 By
Way: Basic (670 Joules, 6' Cord) This adds to the mine Kensington collection, he doing three now. I use him exclusively partorisca all my electronic and am now able to use this a partorisca my printer. It has Had another two partorisca years and be by means of the plot of the heavy storms that loses beat - never has effected once my electronic' devices.
4 / 5 By
Way: Basic (670 Joules, 6' Cord) has received the pre-has possessed one of these of the fellow contractor while doing the provisional work the few years done. It has fallen enamoured with a colour coded sockets. I have used he partorisca our stereo fixes partorisca compose in home like uses almost all some sockets. It comes with painting coded seal so that it can fix him to a cord of your device to identify the cord/of discharges goes to the device. That the brilliant idea! Like this when we require another arises protective/games of power for our chamber of guest, this Kensington was ours 'go to.' A lot, very happy with this product.
4 / 5 By
Way: Basic (670 Joules, 6' Cord) Update, 3/4/2018: Still it adds!
Update, 12/1/2015: Both of games of mine partorisca be able to still is going strong, five years after my original description. Highly recommended!
Has possessed one of these partorisca 5+ years now, and when I have required recently other games to be able to partorisca another room I stirs it of investigation and found some alternatives some economic plus that has been very revised, but finally decided partorisca purchase this colour-coded model again. Call he bobo, but I like a diagram by heart of the rainbow. I maintain organised and adds the fashionable touch to a jungle of bosses under my office. It comes with colour-coded bonds of boss, but lost him in the drawer to somewhere. I have it that has not had never the subject negative with only that this produced, and I any need never the third games to be able to to good sure will buy this one again.
5 / 5 By
Way: it Prevails (1260 Joules, 8' Cord) With all some people of electronic use, ossia a perfect arises protective to maintain for behind a couch or take on travesas. Awesome Creation with discharge coloreados! Kensington Is an only arises protective will purchase. ALWAYS produced of quality and workmanship. I have researched it arises protectors in a lot of place of internet and 90 of a time, Kensington the products have been listed in a cup 5 or 10 has estimated!

Top Customer Reviews: Kensington ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Yukiko
I have purchased this element partorisca my mother. There is has purchased so only the new TV and has required the new arises device partorisca connect his crew of satellite and electronic by means of. After researching Amazon and because of positive critiques, select this protective. 5 month later there was the power arises concealed has taken out of a protective and all a crew has connected his. After spending for a Kensington process of guarantee (requires patience folks) discovers that one his only thing '$ 35,000 league limited guaranteeed of instrumented covered was a cost of a device he and his DVD/DVR player. Lucky, a crew of satellite has been substituted for his provider. The GUARANTEE IN KENSINGTON the PRODUCTS DOES not COVER of the TVs (fine impression of course) as it does not purchase these protectors yes would trust on the partorisca protect or the guarantee covers your TV. It was not if this practise is Kensington police or common to everything of these arises/costruttrici of protective power, but looks underhanded to exclude TVs of coverage of guarantee and the any to say to somewhere another that a fine impression that the TVs are not of the coverages. Like the @@subject in fact, a rep has had to that say was in a fine impression. I have taken enough the moment to find this juicy tidbit in a literature of guarantee of the product. Kensington There is agreed to reimburse his $ 260 entirely. His loss of the fault of this device was roughly $ 1,100. Each piece of crew has connected to this device has been destroyed for a power arises. So that the point of reference, at the same time of one arises, this protective was less than six month.
4 / 5 By Cary
My boy of 10 month is in a verge to be able to move around in his own. Like this of course I have stocked up in some plastic of discharge to stuff all mine can outlets, so that my future toddler any shove his toes, forks, or anything more inner.

But here is a thing: they are the techie. Has more electronic in ours walks that three half families have combined, and I so that has arises protectors everywhere. Gotta HAS the place covers it all this material in, afterwards has to that it weaves of exposure outlets. Now here it is a question : the majority of games to be able to/arise protectors there is at least some outlets ossia extremely close near. This prevents calm to use some plastic of discharge, reason block each one which so another and neither result impossible to insert, impossible to take, or has included both.

Has registered Amazon. Kensington SmartSockets Was an only arises protectors/games to be able to could find concealed has EVERYTHING of a outlets there is spaced far enough averts that it can use you spent of creature in EVERYTHING of them, any one only SOME of them. And to the equal that to prize, takings the boss to be able to long well , excellent arises protects, and quite colored coverages around the yours outlets. It is class of expensive compared to other products, but of then is an only pertinent product available, my elections were down to take these or giving on top of games to be able to. As I have ordered three of them (as far).

Law like the charm, is easy to stick some discharge of creature in and pull them was, and my daughter will not be able to zap she. As it guesses cost of the money!
4 / 5 By Constance
Has two computer with stirs it of hard walks outsides and other devices, everything in my office. In it likes me to him the chair of the time has the grille/to be able to of the telephone with all these different bosses that floating around. To the diverse compound subjects adapters to be able to that takes on two space in some arisen protectors. This causes one to use varied arises protectors, some with eight spaces but so only two or three devices hooked on b/c a rest of some spaces is unusable.
These games to be able to/ arises protective has some sockets dipped on quite far averts that in fact you can use everything of them. To give you some remark that well he - I plugged in 2 ipod chargers, he panasonic adapter of telephone, the adapter of hard walk - all the side for side.
Obviously date a spacing a device is main and wider that some usual band. One touches to be able to has spent he of low profile (this goes to a wall outlet)looked to the belkin. There is also soiled for plugging in the line of telephone - something tends any to use but probably has to that. Roughly 10.5' longitude and ' wide.
A brickbat: This is not drawn by apple - is stodgy and decidedly ugly. So much, a lot work them but of poor form!
Indication: this model, 62691 has protected upto 3090 Joules, and $ 50,000 guarantee partorisca crew has broken. Looking in a guarantee am not sure will be able to collect :-) - a lot of @@subject that!
Comes with an audible alarm and change it a bit recessed that it can it the you a lot accidentally that the paste and the turn was.
5 / 5 By Galen
Any one sure where this element is coming from (Amazon?) But a prime minister an I has received looked an open turn, sent it behind and has asked another. A second element was also an open box/possible turn. For something this expensive I attentive receive mark it new element, no the used one. A third an era a charm , new and there is sealed. One produces are to add - a lot of sturdy, looks a lot of-fact, any odd chemical smell. Felizmente Has not had the strike to be able to (concealed knows of) to see if the really does that it is supposed to.
5 / 5 By Sanford
Probably one the majority of expensive arises the protective bar has purchased like this generally so only use a typical tan, 6 socket, straight row of discharge protectors.

To That likes on this Kensington 62690 Of Adapter:
1. I can use all 8 sockets, easy to adapters of discharges in that usually can cover 2 discharges in of the spaces in some old a bar protectors. Some adapters protrude was in a flange of a Kensington.
2. One 8 ft cord, as it achieves by means of a paving and under my office, as all my crew of office can covers down my office in place of in my street to walk like my forward, 2- 3 cord of feet arises protective.
3. It likes him-me some paints around the each socket, is the really a lot looking arises protective! More can use a coding to paint also needs to.

Remarce: Some sockets are the snug access, has has had to that wiggle a lot of some cords the plugged in to take them covers it all a way in and conjoint flush against some arisen protective.
4 / 5 By Skye
Although the bit in an expensive side, taste. A cord to be able to is a lot the times and all cover is sure. It does not use a RJ11 ports, but ossia the good thing to have yes has required. An element has arrived punctually and a packaging was easy to take to. Each port is colour coded and comes with some colour coded seal to attach to some finals of cords to be able to. Like this far, in general it likes and you recommend one taking the look to consider it.
4 / 5 By Temple
Has one covers rectangular still Android, of the discharges of blockade for Apple, rule 2-pronged spent, spent of big blockade... You ALL APT and concealed me happy.
A coding by heart is really well for some bosses for behind electronic. Some stickers can lose his stickiness, which is normal, as they send two (those calm also leave you to change an appliance)!
5 / 5 By Aletha
These are hands down some better arises protectors in my opinion.
Have multiple flavours, but this one are adds to fall the office.
One circulate one are adds for the table of room of the conference on in the office of big office.
A legislation some are handy to locate under neath the office or for behind a centre of entertainment.
According to your cover and his configurations will find games he of the power of sockets lists that works for you.
4 / 5 By Jeannie
It take this to use like this play he of new power in my studio of production of music of house, and there is not remarked any one subject my month or two of use. I have had the nude power this presents noise my crew, and concealed has not been the question here. A outlets has a perfect quantity of spatial, leaving all my diverse AC adapters to seat amiably afterwards to the each one like this another without any overlap. A cord to be able to is 8 feet , which is spare. If I require another touches to be able to, to good sure will be to go back to the east a.
5 / 5 By Harry
You cover him they are a lot of- there is it spaced. A plastic house is substantial and solid. It is a lot of-built with arrival and of the good accesses. Cord Of substantial main power with on-sized propiciado by right corner. An opposite end a cord to be able to has a manager of adjustable boss that the stays have inserted to a unit when any one required. Desire that comprises the pair of ethernet spent to protect of lines of data as well as pode and telephone.

Top Customer Reviews: Kensington 62635F ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
3 / 5 By Dewey
The swipe taken for lightning. Lost a television because I have not had arises he suppressor on that. A lightning has destroyed this but has protected my line of telephone that goes to my receiver of DISH..
5 / 5 By Camellia
I have had very a lot you arise to come by means of my lines of telephone and because of this I is resulted the collector of arisen protectors concealed has fried the telephone arises protects. With this product can maintain one touches to be able to and take the conscious measure, cockroach and effective way to maintain my lines of telephone to fry my electronic devices that is connected to a telephone.
5 / 5 By Tien
Telephone fresco splitter/arises protective
5 / 5 By Felicidad
He the years could buy economic, stand-only arise protectors partorisca your modem. These days have gone long and now try take you partorisca buy crew partorisca cost that comprises one arises suppressor. I have blown out of the plot of suppressors on some years and ossia all want to, in a more economic container possible.

While any need AC the filter looks that these offers of units, ossia a more economic thing that fulfils my needs. Spent a lot a time partorisca reduce some costs of nave for the unit and these units are partorisca fly it.

Top Customer Reviews: Kensington ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 By Mindi
I have bought two of some 16' models of cord so that I can the take with me to the mine quilting retraídas, and partorisca when my friends go in my house partorisca sew. I plugged one in in home so only partorisca the try was, and has not taken still! These products do really well! With adapters like this big in using these days, is discharges very difficult he everything in where calm require them. A SmartSockets 6-outlet arises suppressor has cured of my question. They are by train of the want to.

I slowly to purchase one with the shortest cord for home to use in the base of devotion excluyente.
5 / 5 By Soila
Ossia A second a has purchased utmost to touch all the elements
5 / 5 By Marian
A characteristic sum in of the this is that a cord is like this long. It is it adds for a house, room of computer and instruments down time in of the centres of data. A coding by heart is the good adds in a unit is has located permanently.
4 / 5 By Delicia
Alive in an older house with only two outlets for room! This does perfectly for my computer and printer.
4 / 5 By Anissa
A true K62634 arises protective of Kensington has the clamping voltage (UL 1449) indication of 330V. Some elements have received to be apparently for (like opposed to a vendor on) has had the clamping indication of voltage of only 400V same although there is Kensington number of costruttore same. A lot of some costruttrici (p. p.ej. APC, TrippLite) A same thing in that sell slightly models of low note with some numbers of same part like his models of big note on Amazon in the lowest prize. Beware! Spent your to arise protecters other sources that Amazon. Otherwise, Is paste and lose.

Top Customer Reviews: Kensington : ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 By Graig
Ossia A third time has purchased this mark of arisen protectors.