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Top Customer Reviews: KidsConnect KC2 4G ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Tia
Utmost idea but of the needs some work. It take this in a topmast the Thursday, my edges has taken this in the travesía of field the Friday, the fall and a screen have broken. Because of a screen has broken, swimming laws in a screen. A volume was all a way down like this there is not any way for me to call and take the response unless it is looking in a screen. Texting Of course can not be done ( has bought this model thus characteristic) This was the squandered $ 100+ dollars because all can use he partorisca for one the majority of part is to continuation and control.
If ossia marketed for the boys owe that be more sturdy or at least have the sturdy chance for him. I have contacted service of client to try to take a screen has repaired/substituted, has been said a screen could not be repaired/has substituted. I offered 50 out of the new one but this offer done any sense because the casualidad is will have fallen again.
4 / 5 By Zoraida
Has purchased so only this telephone, has purchased a plenary unlimited option of monthly minutes, and could not be happier.

This device has been purchased for the senior with sweet dementia so that the mobile phone rule has not been an option. The programming is easy with in-of the directions of boxes that follow to an entirely dipped paper on a telephone.

Purchases this product, in the first place install a he paper. It DOES not TURN ON first to INSTALL The PAPER To the TELEPHONE IN THE BACKSIDE.

Then simply follow some instructions to dip it up.

You remotely dipped on a telephone in the browser of web in an allocution resupplied, and have multiple options of as well as a person has feigned use the.

Comes with the strap of with the, and see he-by means of rear dish with a capacity to write a name of a character belongs to and any medication/of allergies. Thoughtful.

This device is feigned for any the one who poden very cruised the half of the mobile phone complicated---glielo be the boy or an adult.

Highly recommended.

UPDATE: Maintaining two month in with this compraventa, action this with likely buyers of this device. That has not mentioned, is that a person that use a device can no any dial a number felizmente, a text of the unit to a responsible adult has registered that the call of telephone has been feigned but any one has completed. In this way, if an user of a telephone for any reason can very felizmente complete the call but need to speak with any, text messaging leaves a recipient of some texts to call a boy or impaired the adult that completes a call. For the senior with dementia the one who speaks of need to any and can not do like this for felizmente calling, this characteristic is invaluable. Also I am a lot of gains for the girl that requires to speak with the father and the one who can not use a function of telephone felizmente.
4 / 5 By Rosamaria
Has the 14-year old boy, and to the equal that know, there is way too available in the ready telephone for adolescents. We have tried program of blocker of the application, that PAID partorisca, but a-deletable the applications in a telephone have left the backdoor gone in to everything blocks. A sure application was the application 'cleansing', which always opportunely was reachable of some fines-view of window and 'clean' a telephone to take a blocker of application. As I have tried it telephones of toe. Everything of them there have been browser of internet, concealed can not be deleted or restricts in any way.
A KIDSCONNECT the telephone is an ONLY TELEPHONE in the PHASE with the GPS locator, MORE a capacity to do sure your girl, or the adolescent will not be able to see pornographic material in his telephone.
Also, when it reports assistance, some responses of owner and is A lot of GAIN to do sure have the working telephone that fiancées that shabby.
5 / 5 By Buena
Has given this element 4 stars because there is pros and gilipollas. But in general, it is exactly that requires but expect that this description will help to select. We take for the 5th grader the boy and the knots have on signed for one 'Attended Until 8th' program to retard use of smartphone until 8th note. To be sure, it smartphone, iPhone or Android, can follow and call and mine 5th grader would know regarding the use. You can find plans of the economic smartphone with data has limited for <$ 10 for month. Like podes easier that have the functional plus and still the most economic option you the girl is quite old for the smartphone and you can close was a lot of things with parental control.

This telephone and the plan is exactly that requires. Described like this called until 15 numbers so only rids of allocution and a capacity to follow. Following is quite attentive. A screen to touch is too small for real texting which is also well for knots. Has the pair of downsides. A force of signal, side-for-side to the ours T-mobile iphone, was feeble. The latency have longer to calls.

Finally, the also looked knots in the number of clocks. At present, his all run in CDMA/GSM coverages that will be closure immentently.
4 / 5 By Kattie
Has bought this for my edges. I have wanted to have the telephone so only for emergencies. Ossia A perfect telephone for girls. I can locate, it can you send me the sos if he or the partner is hurt or in question. It can sent me testas pleasant while they are in work. More than all I help to need that takes it dipped up. Has thinks that has called the centre of call but was a telephone of owners. Mike did not call me so only of the rear minutes with which lose my call but he have taken time to walk me the not dipping on a telephone. It was quickly and easy. To good sure for more for mine other boys when they take the little older.
5 / 5 By Korey
Buy this for our main father with dementia the one who bolt with us. It takes a city paratransit service to and of dialysis long the week and has required an easy way to communicate when it afflicts in his appts or in a walk of bus. This has relieved all the anxiety like this now feels independent with knowing like the easily go in touch with us. It is easy to use, quite simple to dip on (although we require the little help), and there is so only some basic functions the needs of telephone for any pleasure our dad or the boy. When we have required assistance with planting on, find a company is a lot personal sustaining his device and service. We have spoken to Mike, an owner, long now. We could not be relieved more to find this product, and more sustained sure knows regarding the use well. Thank you!!!!
4 / 5 By Ashanti
Has looked for the moment for the simple basic telephone for my mother of 74 years that suffers the illness of the alzheimer and spent to this element and am like this happy has done! This telephone with him is 4 keys and has hid was the key is perfect. And an aggregated gps the function is the prize that I hopefully never need. A service of client is awesome also! I have had the question and taken to speak to a real person when I have called! Unheard Of this day and age. Thank you Mike for an excellent product.
4 / 5 By Hugo
Was like this happy to find this product. I have loved mine 9I to be able to achieve me in chance of emergency, and also partorisca consolation, likes call or texting me when his test of dance is on and need to be elected up. It take the little has bitten to imagine out of a neighbour on, but any question of first order. Law well for the few weeks, but now is not receiving my texts but I receive his ( has verified this for the try I. It have thought perhaps delete them on incident, but concealed has not been a chance). Every time I call his telephone to take a message of error in a subscriber that is unavailable. Súper Annoying! Still it can me call, but lose his call does not have the way to achieve another that while his to call behind.
4 / 5 By Elenora
Short version: we like him

• of control of Parents to/that the boy can do/take called
• Any access of internet
• telephone of clues of the Website (, The girl is) location

took it Kidsconnect telephone for mine 10-year old daughter for Navidad. It has been asking the telephone, but was very concerned roughly giving his unrestricted access to an internet and service of telephone. These ours the telephone returns needs a lot well. A telephone is programmed invernadero the signal-the web of place has protected that leaves to enter the limited calling ready, and these are some so only numbers a telephone can call/receive calls (or texts). There is not any access to an internet in a device, and the applications are limited to a selection of tones of call, he stopwatch and it timer. Another characteristic a lot of the entity in a web of place is to tracker of telephone - the google maps-draw-to write that follows a telephone (and our boy).

Can require some help navigating a web of place at the beginning, but was able to take place on enough quickly. The help was available on Day navideño, which was the pleasant surprise . After calm he once, is quite intuitive.

Ours the daughter is ecstatic that can it in fact the people of call knows, and is in ease, of some very sincere limitations in his help of capacity protect. Sound of knots has left also chooses a plan/of text of the telephone, with one that comprises that it have to that win a pension has required to pay for him. Any work, any one has paid; any paid, the telephone takes enclosed was. So only like in real life.

Is like this far very pleased with our compraventa.
4 / 5 By Lezlie
Has purchased a telephone and has required some technology sustains how has been resupplied extremely promptly and courteously. It have read some descriptions here and was bit it concerned in a telephone. Alive Houston and a GPS is quite attentive (inner a distance of edifice) but a whole reason for a telephone was to limit incoming and outgoing asks the relative with dementia the one who has paid any visit which have asked, has called some multiple police times the day and never the prime minister familiarised called when they were in question. They are now in the ease by heart adds and has to that use a telephone in a canal of nurses and maintain asking his mobile phone. A doctor is concerned that we give it to him and begin to do to to call them like before we will owe that take of a telephone was and this will be a lot of dissappointing. This telephone is the solution adds . Has easy a key that calls, and blockade so only number familiar. Yes an interface is quell'has bitten so only but any with any one the technical skill can read a manual and the imagine was. Yes a outgoing keyboard of text in insanely small, and volume of leaves of speaker alot to be wished. But those are not our needs. It is an ONLY option that access a bill for our purpose, the telephone that device of search the senior with dementia to call familiar and friends with a key (3 people) and any to receive calls of dangerous lawyers or another unless we leave. There is also the function to control that leave to listen in (works a lot) and also he Geofence characteristic (any tried still but slowly also).

Top Customer Reviews: Jethro 3G Unlocked ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Jeannette
My woman and I am part of the race partorisca die -- have telephones of toe partorisca calls of a street or an emergency.
Jethro HAS the clear and easy-to-comprise interface. My woman, to the to the one who did not like never neither quite comprised of any mobile phone, comprises Jethro and dulcemente is beginning for the use. We have not tried a lot of figure still and can any never take around the his.
Jethro Is the good product.
5 / 5 By Berenice
4 / 5 By Aida
Entirely surpasses my expectations. A screen is big and very very lit, that leaves my easily cruised grandmother this in spite of that. Some keys are labeled to access all quickly. A telephone can be touched with the boss in his side or can use a cradle to touch, something my grandma appreciates of then is familiarised with him. I produce it adds, I am very satisfied with him.
4 / 5 By Tatyana
Has purchased this telephone for a main relative and is like this remote state very satisfied. He that requires it to us to do--facilitate contact of telephone. It dips up it was a bit trippy, but so only reason is a telephone escole old and has maintained to try to use technicians of screen of the touch. Quality of the his solid and control of volume; source of keypad and good measure. Particularly it likes that there is of the base to touch, as trying inserts the micros propiciados the micro spend it can be defy for an elderly. Space for SD paper under the battery the mark to comprise pictures, which is really good to have. COMPATIBLE WITH PLANS of CONSUMER of MOBILE PHONE!!!
5 / 5 By Carolina
Has purchased this telephone for my mother to age. It loves the one who easy is to use in a sliding function. It is very easy in his eyesight. Thank you Jethro.
4 / 5 By Pete
Well, follows the technology savvy type and has required this featureless telephone.. Place on text of habladuría of coverage/of AT&T prepaid slowly... Full bars, still so only 1 out of 2 calls of dozen go thru or those that come to be can answer.. And when the taking connected, the majority says can no to comprise me... It has gone back, it has exchanged yes paper two times... Same question also IMEI attractive on the different model for both AT&T T-Mobile... Both having subject with this AT&T of telephone a he goes to 'updating Yes' stops in an hour... At all but leave it, and reboot llamas of leaves again... If the control in T-Mobile, tip a wrong model and says no in his coverage (I are in some the USA btw) this in spite of another screen dictate it , writes likewise in T-the Mobile tent has been confused... Both tents have said more probably touch the subject of telephone. Like this still although the kinda decent basic telephone, his be returned of an only two coverages his said to do with, both say can do no (consistently)

UPDATE: Well, I am returned this telephone 3 times for same subjects... As well as the subject of screen that begun to look the few weeks to use which is spent in each telephone, as his some classifies of defect. I have lost so only my window of turn, likes supposition this one east going in some rubbishes... Still so only take less than 10 of mine called go thru... The people do not listen me , any same coverage/of dial very odd... No a force/of signal of the coverage, or yes paper.. I will be to try another mark
4 / 5 By Pasquale
Likes wipe more said or lose'. The looks of mine to be lose it cuz 5 weeks after purchasing, does not act anymore. We maintain to try for the touch, but once attractive out of a cord to be able to, a screen is dark and at all can be done. A lot disappointing.
4 / 5 By Anjelica
Orders this telephone for my main mother like present of anniversary, thought it will be better that his economic telephone has, but, does not spend , a volume is terrible a lot feeble, any espeaking' buttoms, and a worse thing a stop of telephone that read less than the month, am not sure, perhaps was a miserable one and has taken a defectve a, or more would say this no for main people, has any volume and any key to speak.
5 / 5 By Ellen
I like a simplicity of a poster forward. Very few keys, so only enough for daily use, especially for an elderly. Some keys are quite big for my Mamma to use. It compares to a telephone of leading toe has which has keys like this small maintains to press some wrong keys, could not select the simple contact.
A negatives in this telephone is some too big papers , a characteristic of photo of the contact (or lack of), and a low sound.
Some papers are big for elderly to read, but too big. I have to attended for them to spend for a screen to see a name of recognition.
Has the icon of picture in a screen, but there is any option to add picture to a contact. Perhaps a firmware in this telephone is not updated to have this characteristic.
Has been to an option of audio and turn an audio all a way on, but a sound is audible but still down compared to a telephone forward that am substituting. This in spite of, a sound of speaker is quite big.
If I can not take an option of picture that read, will return a telephone and take a a concealed that option.
Update: after touching around w/ this telephone, was able to access characteristic of additional Contact, but there is the take. To add picture to a contact, has to move all my contacts to exist of a HE paper to a telephone. A HE the paper has come from/come from an old telephone. The moving contacts to a telephone is the ache has a lot of contacts.
4 / 5 By Afton
Ossia A future of simple telephones! I dipped it/ I dipped It on, it is like this easy to use with mine in existent T-MOBILE account.
To That like him on the one of of the east is has ALL some the basic characteristics want to go he-the telephones can use to hike, camping, alfresco WITH NEW TECHNOLOGY.
Can not expect try a bluetooth characteristic of this device!
Last but no a less, WORK WITH VOICE of GOOGLE!!!

Top Customer Reviews: KidsConnect Simple ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 By Alfredo
I have purchased KidsConnect Simple Wearable GPS that Follows the mobile phone done several days, and dip the on this morning partorisca my boy partorisca have as telephone of emergency among colegiala, aftercare, and a rest of his day. A shipper, nave, pricing and the experience on was a lot. Familiar Sure (the shipper) was useful when I have had the question roughly shipping.

A telephone setup the process was the little clunky, but of the 2008 experience of era. A HE the paper has taken the moment to actuate, and take the little spelunking by means of a setup manual and king-reading a leaflet of fast start to take the things that reads. Well remark a LBS the location is so only attentive to in the blockade of city, but again, a device and the service are well, that considers that it is paying.

Has an enormous red mark in this device and the service there is remarked. While a main KidsConnect put of the web where can order you a device and power for the plan of service is protected with the sure connection, a place of web is so only available invernadero HTTP of simple text: This means, that any in an internet can look calm a following

- follow the location and the history of your girl
- update the information of telephone of your boy and the numbers have left to call them (likes to take his parents)
- update the book of allocution of your girl (that it would leave it another no-parents to call them)

This is not restricted so only to operate a place to follow, but also a login page. It say of another way,, if you were to use this place of the shared WiFi point, for example, any in this coverage included could see your login / signal and could login and have full access to the telephone of your boy.

Has contacted KidsConnect, and has answered quickly use the 3rd place of party to follow, and has has spent previously this to an attention of this partner. Besides they plan to create his own sure place mid Q4 / mid November of this 2017.

In my opinion, like the product this unit is the good access so that master out of such the device. This in spite of, of an engineering standpoint offering similar products at all in 2017 with such the lack of forecast for a security of the parents of boys is trying to maintain sure is entirely unconscionable.

Top Customer Reviews: Sports Car Model ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
Bought this partorisca my daughter of 9 years. I want to him partorisca have the telephone in a summer so that they remain a latitude partorisca roam a neighbourhood in of the bicycles and of the friends of recognition marry, and resupply the bilateral method comunicacional as no respecto roughly him. A good thing is that an internet is virtually inaccessible and text messaging is available in a unit, but no like this easy to use. In general a yellow car, with flashing lights, is like this fresh that the boys there is no @to @give is not the ready telephone. It has purchased also a blue a partorisca edges of 10 years. Also, it has gone to T-mobile partorisca HE paper and has added in the account partorisca service. Some agents were impressed totally with these telephone also!
5 / 5 By
Has bought this telephone partorisca my mamma and loves it and with some lights looks really fresh and a telephone is adds in T Mobile Service
5 / 5 By
These telephones no in some the EUA. So only it takes 2g ENORMOUS old fashion gsm he paper that a service of telephone the providers do not use any long plus. The technology is advancing, not moving backward. I have tried measured to regulate GSM pre-paid compatible T-cellular, AT&T and tracfone papers and ANY of them has done. I am spent $ 60 extras that tries to find a one this will do and the money is spent in telephone/he the papers is In depth lost. That the waste! A telephone is ordered really and fresh engine revving noises, lights... Too bad the does not like a real telephone. It classifies of expensive for 'toy' just telephone. It was for my grandson of 6 years to be able to call out of state relative and not having all a wi-fi/access of internet and applications but simple and basic is the thing of a past!
4 / 5 By
Has ordered this for mine 6 yr to to old edges likes him to them doesnt require the ready telephone. My cure of transmissions of the edges givers often by means of a day and sometimes the adults are hard to take ahold of. Really I took it so only to do me feel better. The telephone was easy to actuate in a T-mobile coverage and is solid metal to the equal that expect that it conceal means it will stick until the crazy 6 yrs uses

UPDATE: it is now 8 month later and a continuous telephone do. Still think is perfect for my Little boy
4 / 5 By
Ossia to have that adds , heavy , simple, and really fresh looking especially with some lights. Tmobile The type has been surprised took it a big HE empty of paper, but has liked him really and has wanted to maintain it! It loses the star partly cuz does not have an easy way of the open, after the week I still need to look for a tiny indent and stick my fingernail in him to leave a cup of a fund (cuz the together turn a lot of).
My subject main for the second star is that I think that that I can have the dud because a 'Opt' the lame key to 'Contacts'. I can not find some options to connect Bluetooth or transmission some sounds (like 'plipplop' when it ploughs or close he). I found him once and it has connected the BT device, but is been the few days and I can not find where this was now and are quite saavy with technology. So only I am punishing to break 2 smartphone in 3 month, like the supposition will live with my punishment. The only desire somehow could find some options I stumbled on once to the time....
5 / 5 By
Are not the defender of ready telephones, has bought this in spite of him looking gimmicky, the work adds, the sounds is not fantastic but can do calls and send texts. Has the little annoying quirks likes to capitalise all some words in my texts. Also it has the incumplimiento setting to do noise anytime plough or closes. He also revs a 'engine' every time wheels in a paper but I was able to find settings to denied this. Global happy, would purchase again in spite of being slightly more expensive that other alike options, although these other options do not look the tiny car.
5 / 5 By
Telephones well very portable. Access in my well of pocket and the like a crude that very few people they was to know touch the telephone. Service of the client of buyer was súper wonderful also when it has asked them some few questions of novice.
5 / 5 By
All of your basic functions. It is thin and small. Amur Like lights and car noises.
4 / 5 By
My edges of 8 years has has wanted to he
Included some touches done. I took the minute to find a volume in some wheels on upper. A type in a Tmobile the tent there has been a time a hard plus that inserts/inserts a HE has it almost stray. It take the house and he was quite obvious that takes a measure a big to a way ESATTA has said to dip he in. It can not have had a readier technology. A telephone are to add this in spite of!
5 / 5 By
Well, so only takes the second star because of a tone of fresh appearance down of him when being literally the 'car telephone'-- really economic (tabs of coverage of the pause of battery extremely easily--now has to that tape he on) , quality of his horrible, any headphone jack (but bluetooth acts a lot of), any one vibrates way(!!), Etc.
Does a bit well for the spare telephone or the telephone of the boy...