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Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this he so that it can use my Playstation 4 controller in my PC without a necessity for the cape of USB and he have done perfectly.
Can confirm that this does not have any subject in any Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. Any necessity to install anything of a CD has comprised to use it or!


That to match PS4 controller in PC (with bluetooth adapter):

1. It presses and it lines a button of Action then, while still that resists a button of Action, press and lines a PS Button until a clear in your controller begins to blink.
2. In your PCs goes to Attach ' the Device of Bluetooth'.
3. It finds 'Wireless Controller' and pair of click.
4. A clear in your controller then will remain ignited that says is connected.

That to do your PS4 the compatible controller with much more games (comprising the games on Steam that has 360 support of Controller):

1. Download DS4Windows of
2. It extracts a zip and cut a program.
3. A clear in your Dualshock 4 now would have to turn blue. Your controller now to law likes him 360 that law of marks of the Controller with the more emulators of plot/of games.
5 / 5
TYPE, was roughly destroys this thing after I listen a quality of his in my speaker, pleases the on-line investigation in the fixed. I can try account this. There is the parameter in your computer these registers your device of Bluetooth like the Tame Free device. If youre in that has it ppoor the sound tries THIS. Poster of Control of the type in your seach fences in in an inferior left wing, Finds Hardware and Sounds, Devices and Printers, find yours that device would have to look the Bluetooth headpiece icon ( was for me) RIGHT Click in the and Properties of Click, Goes in of the SERVICES and UNCHECK Handsfree Telephony!!! This option is whats doing the horrible sound! Your device would owe the turn was and disconnect. Just pair he again and There go. Also it can look for some on-line videos, I flange mentions the names in revising, but know that it is.
4 / 5
I have bought this he so that it can use with my iHip B20 telephones of cape of blue tooth with my Hp desktop. Desprs Installs a DVD furnished with a BTD-400 a Pair of telephones of the costs of cape. I have tried it use the to listen in of the videos of Youtube and battleground 3. A sound would not connect . That is to say mostly that has wanted to he for but any sound. I messed with some windows of computer 7 system and my virus checker firewall for quite a lot of 3 hours and left.. It returns it a same day.

After the control in the line looks these windows 7 is a problem. It uploads a disk for an engine to do then some people of internet have suggested that Duque a device of your PC (Devices and Printers) &62; the click on Attaches the Device and has posed your bluetooth subjects to match &62; when your looks of device in a list any PASTE AFTERWARDS only still &62; Instead right click and go in of the Properties and select ALL SOME OPTIONS for some services and after installing each law since you. Also, please does not forget to change your default device of the sound in of the Signals of Control and Sound.

Well This sound like the plot of hassle to take his of a computer. Instead I will buy the Sony RF wireless headphones.
Has taken the fast repayment of a vendor has bought he of. For that and one gives is the window 7 problem any BTD Dongle has changed my indication in 4 stars.
3 / 5
Well, here I am the year later. To well sure any one in the use. Even so, I am here to give the description for the the one who is looking for the description of REAL use. Anyways, assembla To good sure lacking in of the very-capacities of canal. Quan Listens in the musician or that looks the canal of Youtube, the looks the hack was one of them or has subjects altogether and the work left. Taking glitched sounds or has to program near of the take to do again. Considering some multiple pictures of him falling . The mass of the mine done. But this was on my own negligence. I have pulled my computer was and volume bonded and accident eschew. I have finished to the together back bond and law. In general only three stars. The field is down because of his low power and lack to do the looks of multiple canals to kill it.
1 / 5
While an adapter has done really well a premier 7-10 was in a port of USB, a black casing has broken was, leaving at all but supremely the acute corners that clave out of a side of my laptop. Yes, assembla still function without a case in the, but could not leave the bond was to like concealed.. It ask through upholstery or clothes with trying very small.

EDITA: Quan has tried pose a (broken) rear adapter in a port of USB, a piece is fall was totally. It IS 100% very-for-swimming now, and will be returned.
5 / 5
I have begun it go with one of a cheap, $ 4 in $ 5 dongles. It takes the few days only for the take law with the mice of pair, but any some headphones or anything more. Included then, a field of mouse was only quite 3 feet. The May took It a dongle law in my laptop. For my desktop, takes several days to read and trying different engine. Both computers are Win7. One 32 bit and or 64. This cheap dongle was at all except frustration. That the disorder.

Has ordered this or yesterday and took it today. I guess it take lucky with one 2 day the First updates of the nave and the reward have used also aims for the small discount. I have posed he in my desktop, engine of debits and software and immediately recognised ALL MY DEVICES of Bluetooth while it has attached the. Fast and easy. The distance of mouse is at least 22'. The only work perfects for everything. Also it does in my laptop.
Will try to attach the screenshot in a description of element.
5 / 5
First KINIVO would have to have this instruction has comprised any one 109 deep pages revise in this time for another critic.
A lot THANKS TO 'AZ Critical Buyer to publish down description. This work 100% for me very when it has been ready to return produced.

1. Uninstall A BTD-400 engine of a Device Eats. A BTD-400 would have to when being plugged in.
1. It locates and the signals of Control have opened &62; that Directs of Device
2. Under a Manager of Device, locate Radios of Bluetooth &62; BCM2070
3. Right click a device, and selects Properties
4. Navigate In a tab of Engine, and clicks a Uninstall button. Sure when being to verify a box as it can delete an engine of a computer.
5. The COSTS of paste and afterwards out of some windows when is complete
2. It unplugs A BTD-400
3. Uninstall Each WIDCOMM and software of Bluetooth related
4. It restarts your computer
5. It installs an engine of a software included in a CD. Also it can download an engine of here:

Afterwards, would have to ensure that a Bluetooth the services are running:
1. Click in a button of the beginning and the type in Maintaining in a box of investigation. The click Maintains when looks in a card.
2. It locates Bluetooth Maintain of a list and verifies that a state is Begun and startup the types are posed in Automatic.
3. Afterwards, it locates Bluetooth Maintain of Support of a list and verifies that a state is Begun and startup the types are posed in Automatic or Manual.
4. If no, right click an entrance and selects Properties. It selects Automatic of a Startup drop of the low ready type.
5. Beginning the paste if it is not grayed was then press VAL.
6. It restarts your computer and view if the subjects still persist after doing changes.
Included tin very device of pair in your computer, a Bluetooth Maintains of the support can not have some the correct permissions have posed:
1. Right click in a Bluetooth Maintain to Back and select Properties
2. They go in a Register in tab.
3. If the Local system is verified, that is to say a source of a problem. It selects This Account
4. Type in Local Service. Quan The costs of click will say to select valid or such signal. This is not the problem
5. It deletes some points of signal (a 15-point-serious) down Signal and deletes a serious down confirms (both boxes of signal are now empty).
6. Costs of click. Then it has to said for Prender a service and seeds to Restart a service in front of a change takes effect. It has to maintaining the work.
If you are not able to listen his of a matched and connected auricular or west, can any one when be pas posed that default device of playback. Usually the windows will change in a device of Bluetooth once is state matched and connected, but sometimes Windows any one concealed. We can verify to do a following:
1. Right click an icon of tray of control of the volume then selects devices of Playback of a card of context.
2. It selects some Headphones (Bluetooth Rids-free Audio for the left wing that cliques a device then the click has Posed Default.
3. The COSTS of paste to close a window. Some headphones has to now audio of game of your computer.
3 / 5
Work like the in the first place go download DS4Windows and opened it. Then all has to has been posed a DS4 controller in road to match (action of control and a ps button until clear flashes in controller) and then right click in a bluetooth icon in a tray of system. It selects it attaches the device and he then presses a + attaches device in a list of device of upper windows. I have chosen then an option of Bluetooth (in the first place option of a list) and a controller has burst up. I have selected a controller and he then forested in DS4Windows. It opens I Can toggle bluetooth on and was and he the cart connects my controller when punches a ps button and bluetooth is enabled. Awesome Purchase!

Update - has has fallen now this in 3 stars so afterwards using it two times, no longer left with anything. Test in reinstall/automotive to update etc and can not take to match with any bluetooth device. I will exchange it it has been it for another to see yes has better luck. I will inform behind after receipt and uses a nine unit
4 / 5
I marked it down the star for the lack of an instruction a lot of entity when installing and posing until pair with your bluetooth devices (low voice). I am tried to mark down or more star for a clunky the software comes with, but does not hinder an use of a device (low voice), and Windows of use 10 now, then any need a software at all. Another that concealed, he that says, records 100% of a time, has cost field, and can not find anything better.

A step of entity has mentioned is that I need to ensure your bluetooth the services are running in your PC (does not know in MAC). To do this, goes to start with &62; CAREER... &62; He To write' &62; and it locates a two Bluetooth maintains and the mark sure is that it runs and/or very deactivated. This is not in a manual of instruction, and in addition to PC an or both of these services are deactivated by default. Meaning if never used Bluetooth before, then will be to spend the plot to time googling why this thing is not doing in your PC. A lot they would have to comprise that in his instructions in a future.

Pre-Windows10, A software was clunky. Sometimes it owe the click something in a poster of notification two times before law. Sometimes he phantom the window has remained opened afterwards has matched the device in a 'attaches window of device. Any one had any visible window, only an icon in a tray likes him had. I have to use a manager of task to oblige a program in prjimo. It can not take a program to close without him. In general it is one of an experience of worse software could ask you, but less bad that does not reflect bad in a device he. In spite of everything concealed, some works of good device. It opens This Windows 10 is easily available, a lot still need a software anymore, and act very better.

If your computer very already has bluetooth, then that is to say a lot of values a prize!
4 / 5
Taking more tip, installed a software comprised and has been then to Control Manager/of Device of the Poster and has done the Update of Engine through Update of Windows. Notes: I am running Win7 Pro, apresamiento almost 30 minutes to download and install a Broadcom update of software through Update of Windows and that in the 30 mbps connection of cape and install in a SSD. Broadcom Has taken Bluetooth updates of his place; it insists when being obtained saws Update of Windows. This can mean these users of Linux go to have the time takes concealed installs this adapter - is running Linux, control in front of compraventa. In all the case, once all a software has been installed an adapter has done only well and was able in circumvent a built-in of the barriers in the smartphone of my woman and the copy square his in a computer. This can also does to copy pix of cheapo telephones ('burners ) which have no other ways of builds of external access. I have attacked of the star so that you have you that knows your road around the computer quite well in properly install this adapter.

Top Customer Reviews: Kinivo WID320 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Ivey
I LOVE this pocola what!! Solve my windows 8 wifi question!!! Has the new Lenovo ideapad which has the very poor wifi antenna in him. A Kinivo (a bit inform the Lenovo?) Work really well. It is Much faster that without him, any partorisca mention a reception has improved. I dipped it/ I dipped It on an end of the 3 foot usb cord like this can them be in a car and hang it on one will aim and take wifi of Starbucks. I am tried partorisca buy some pringles and do the directional antenna out of one can, or do the parabolic reflector and stick it up in a window. Oh yeah! An engine was quite simple, has thinks that has had the question with an installation, but there is then give was installed already and working. Ossia A altogether wonderful product!! Probably I will buy the pair more, of then is like this economic. Jim Parfitt, Seattle.
5 / 5 Clotilde
I have required wifi partorisca the refurbished Dell Optiplex desk pc that has had so only the coverage wired jack. My options were neither one adds in pci-and wifi paper (roughly 4 times like this $ as this usb wifi) or the usb wifi. I will admit my expectations have not been big in this low price, but have imagined that it has to that lose?
Well, Am pleasantly has surprised. It perfects! It has streamed HD film in both Netflix and Prime of Amazon with zero hiccups. Running the video of the Youtube adds also. Surfing An internet there has been questions of zeros. My subject is two rooms is gone in my house, and am taking all 5 bars by force of signal.
A note: he a lot properly 'spent and played in of the Windows 7 Pro until I have run a setup in an engine has comprised CD, as be sure you run an installation (very simple, so only the few clicks of 'Prjimos' 'Next' and 'Arrived'.) Once a setup was has run, all has done perfect, and instantly connected to my subject.
5 / 5 Chase
I have moved my old HP desk (alone core that is coming with Windows XP-- I Windows recently installed 7) to my basement and I am not wanted to to be annoyed drilling pierce and running ethernet his bosses. As I have burst this USB dongle to an old workhorse, installed a CD rom, and after the reboot was surfing a web of the mine wireless WIFI subject upstairs. In fact, I am writing this description that uses this produces right now. Control out of my pic for some results have taken.

Are very pleased with this product.
5 / 5 Lala
I have bought this on its own name partorisca maintain that it has to that run the boss of coverage of room in room. Setup Was easy and some links are adds. My subject is well around a corner of a computer partorisca connect and am using Windows XP.

My grandfather has purchased the different adapter partorisca his computer around a same time and has wanted to take it connected to a wireless in his house of retreat. I have not been able of the do reason, as it have been to say, has not been compatible with his computer (apx 5 years). Shopping the second wireless adapter that is to be recommend for Dell for his computer and in the has not been able to take that a working. Support of telephone has said to be because SOUNDS has not been compatible with WPA2 security. As I have opted to take another computer with Windows 7 which had tried to do with this adapter and my subject. Still we any one can take connected with an adapter has bought, but has had felizmente this type with. I have connected so only well his wireless coverage. This point of access is is gone in a room, roughly 25 feet was and take an excellent signal.

So only for grins hook of knots his old computer has retreated up and install some engine thus doubt. Law well, any question. Installation and setup was the breeze and in the has not had any one subjects with loss of signal or anything. This computer is running the windows Seen. This characterises maintained me that it has to transfer everything of some files and docs of computers to computer.

In rodeo:
has Confirmed to do in Windows of Microsoft XP Pro, 7 Pro 64bit, Basic View
Excellent signal in 25 ft by means of at least 1 door/to wall
Easy installation and setup

Update: 8 month later, December, this characterises continuous to do adds in the computer of the mine Grandpa. I use he daily to connect with his boys/grandkids street facebook, email, etc, sometimes in common the cat of video is with those by means of a sea in Europe. Has QUESTIONS of ZEROS with him and is happy to be saving money to use his houses of free retreat wifi more than paying for the line of hard internet. It is doing I add in my place also where I easily Youtube of current, etc without questions. Highly recommended and to good sure would buy again.
5 / 5 Millie
I have bought this partorisca my Windows 8 PC and was partorisca arrive and running inner 3 minutes partorisca take he out of a box. Painless installation (just pop in a cd and have it reboot). It was able to finally move my PC upstairs while one issues is in a main paving. No more messy ethernet bosses in mine living room. I recommend this product.
5 / 5 Nan
This was very easy to dip up in mine Windows 10 Pro car. So only plugged he in and work.
Am using this with an old more Belkin the subject wireless has connected to the modem of boss. Volume roughly 35-40 mbs downloads and 10 mbs upload which is in that I expected and a price was a lot.
Would be likely to improve speed if I upgraded my subject, but for now these works partorisca me.
4 / 5 Katharina
After the recent movement of Phoenix the Tacoma, prpers find in a paving with a coax outlets installed in some the majority of inconvenient locations. Any that wants to wire career, has required the simple solution to take our HTPC on-line and a Kinivo WID320 is returned some requirements perfectly. For a price, any one really have big expectations, but expected it to take me on-line with minimum subjects. A setup was relatively easy. Windows 7 has not had some engine, but a disk has been comprised with a container. After an initial setup, was to arrive and that careers any time. In a start, has experienced tax of only around 1-2mbps that was entirely unacceptable. I imagined it it can attach the boss of extension of the USB and hang it roughly 4 big feet to improve connectivities. A boss done and now have imposed of connection consistently around 54mbps with the z/the zero has fallen connections (I has the D-LINK to SAY-655). For a price, ossia to good sure values he.
1 / 5 Madge
The element done partorisca roughly 20 minutes, has then bad fact. It can it do not take partorisca do again.

First plugged in the my PC and my PC have recognised well, done like the charm. Roughly 20 minutes more have received late a message of error that declares a device there was done bad.

Has tried this device on two additional computers to any avail. A message of same error on all 3 computer, included when using a disk partorisca install. I have finalised partorisca launch a device was.

Does not recommend this product.
4 / 5 Aleshia
I have purchased this element so that partorisca the laptop that has changed in the Ubuntu . Ossia An older laptop that I upgraded and has has wanted the YOU this has more smooth course that windows. The state had has interested to buy the chromebook but has not wanted to pay $ 250 or more for something to use on its own name. In all the chance, a built-in the wireless adapter has not done I so that it has required to purchase the adapter of USB. I have solved in a Kinivo because of a price and a 300Mbps. I have received an element two days later and was able to install it later that week. I have had to that some investigation because a readme file in a disk did not give me some pertinent instructions on like this to install a device.

Took it once installed, has done as it has expected. They are able the current Hulu and Netflix without any glitches or hesitation. Streaming Pandora Has been the breeze and downloading the software has been the breeze . Highly it recommends this product.
1 / 5 Ilona
There is not any question connecting to an Internet. My subject wireless gives full signal this in spite of my time of connection is unbearable with this adapter. If there is give me the amazon there has been the 30 turn of day civilises, would be it returned my subject wireless gives full signal this in spite of my time of connection is unbearable with this adapter. If there is give me the amazon there has been the 30 with which one 1st day. This is not the good way to connect to an Internet. It does not recommend this product