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Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Shellie
Have wanted to very want to this! It has had mine another Dohm machine of noise of mere aim during 10+ years and has had very subject. I have purchased this one for the room of my daughter of boy so that I like him his of a characteristic to use an application to adjust a volume, posing the schedule, etc. Quan Has turned in the first place he on, immediately remarked in these sounds of machine like the sake...A machine. You can listen an engine these races and is significantly stronger and more perceivable that my version of old school. Annoying and me listen like a quality was less than stellar, but bonded with him. I have tried to pose a schedule those uses an application. He only the work 1/4 of a time. For this point was too late to return it. The tan now only is turning on and was manually. It opens Some diagrams is only at random turning was around half night. My daughter is the sensitive sleeper and arouses to arrive when some turns of white noise was. I have tried to delete a schedule, thinking perhaps that it was why. Any luck. I SOOOOO the desire has skipped this option more elegant and only gone with a machine of noise of traditional aim with less frills.
5 / 5 Lon
It takes it casualidad that buys this Dohm model so that had the dearth of descriptions of product there. This model is sper convenient because of a functionality of Bluetooth. Place in automatic on-was the time saw an application. Also it can ignite- it was and adjust the volume saw an application. It thinks well an extra cost for some capacities of smartphone. It is I except me when it has forgotten for the turn on for turnip the times and I are bonded in a rocker nursing!
2 / 5 Francisca
An application does not act. A Marpac art in Alexa does not act. Only it say it sad am having problem with a Marpac art in this time. I have chosen a machine of noise for Alexa interface. Calm save you some $ $ and take the machine of regular noise.
4 / 5 Corrie
Bought this for my woman, that always cut the follower or airs purifier at night. A sound of follower is upper in any white noise electronically generated has tried. The control of application am adds to adjust without leaving bed, and has has did not have subjects to connect

sometimes assembla default behind to level 5 during a night, after it has posed more be big in bedtime.

Would be very if more than or the telephones could be connected in or time.
1 / 5 Heide
I am spent an extra $ to be able to operate he of my tlphonique only to discover is having subject with his application. My telephone maintains the disconnect and an only road to do the law again is to delete an application of my telephone, reinstall then re-pair. But these only laws once. It issues to join me email these excuses so it knows has one subject and is doing in the update of software. I have appreciated that except a fact is, at least for a be of time, is not the value those pays an extra for connects it option that does not act.
3 / 5 Merlene
Sake Of his in firm and key and controls of flexible volume. Application of iOS the good work of initial setup and controlling a device. EVEN SO, tests use he with Alexa BEWARE! This does not use the conventional connection (initial setup in a Marpac application, Alexa the low application continued), where afterwards initial setup only tongues in Alexa only. That bad?
The machine of 1 Sounds uses the Bluetooth (BT) connection to connect in a device of iOS (telephone, tablet, etc.) This has a Marpac application in the.
2- A Marpac the application HAS TO when being open And interior BT field of a Machine to Sound so has to maintain you your device of iOS And Alexa your handy device wants use Alexa to control a machine of sound!
3- conceal is not enough to discourage you, when conform some requisites on, in place of just saying Alexa (the name gives machine) on (or something similar) has to say Alexa open Marpac (this order will not open a Marpac application in your telephone, already HAS TO has opened!!) In the device that Alexa of yours signals will say Reception in Marpac, can turn your device on, was, or change his volume. That likes him ? (Any bad info EXCEPTS has to listen in him Each to WHICH him LIKE the ONLY TIME!). Afterwards, you give in in to to the the order likes him ignite the His and, if all some stars are varied properly (LOL) the the yours the machine of sound will begin. NO, there is Any ROAD to delete some instructions and go directly in your order to begin. That is to say a mine of the reason will return shortly. This is not Alexa some integration while ad.
Can live with an on, probably will enjoy this device.
5 / 5 Paulene
That is to say awesome. We buy or for the daughters is our room when is born and is used the nightly of his 2.5 life of year. We think it to us they could flood he out of some external noises for us and he are utmost states. So that is to say ours according to Dohm. You can control this or with an application but in the does not use this part. Only he the the white noise but can control you some levels easily. Amur Our noisemaker!
4 / 5 Ilda
A bluetooth in the works of connection likes them 80% of a time. I have not tried he with alexa. Another while I am adds. Well in fact some amours of application to burst up in my others applications to say me the have or connecter or stray connection in a dohm. Why it is that that imports to inform me enough a bluetooth been of connection all a time?
5 / 5 Fonda
Fantastic! It buys another Marpac versions, which are utmost also, but I like this or included better since is pleasantly stronger. My rooms of creature in with me, as I can trust this manufacturer of noise in bedtime in silence out of my old plus (strong plus) boys. Highly it recommends!
2 / 5 Gilberto
A section in time of an application no at all and Alexa is clunky in better. I have paid basically to be able to turn it on and has continued my telephone.

Top Customer Reviews: Marpac Dohm ...

Rating: 1 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Britany
Has four of these. I want to it. It gives the so many presents in the each partner that has the new creature. My premier was for a dispatch opened the floods of help out of private conversations of the next cookery that very has not wanted to listen. My second was for my first creature. We take the third when my second are born and at the end has taken my own as it can sleep he through my husband snoring.

Am adds. Until his rattle. There is at all more troubling that a inconsistent rattle. It determines any one to spend another $ 50, unscrewed a fund of a worse offender. You are filled with powder. I have cleaned he with tablet of airs and has posed a smaller drop of lubricador of silicone, that concretely does not attract powder, in a base of an axial that some chairs of follower on. I have left to penetrate during the minute, has turned he on and a rattle has been gone. $ 50 the Saved and is enamoured again.
3 / 5 Gertrudis
These machines do a noise of better aim and is adds to sleep boys (has four of them). Even so... Any assemblen last very very time. It buys 7-8 of them in a past 7 years and at present has 5 of them. Everything to have a bit amiable of subject. One of them no in a low parameter, one of them has taken totally up and no at all, and an others three of them have developed the rattle. I maintain to spend one $ 50 so that a sound is so very when law properly ( has purchased the here and Reads, Bath and Further).

Update: I have read the description that mentioned to pose some WD-40 in an axis of follower to take drawee of a rattle. I comprise that I initiate the voids a guarantee (but the mine is everything older that a year in all the case). So much, I am only he spent an hour that opens the each which up. A quantity of interior to powder one of 2012 was so soiled. In all the case, has cleaned a powder out of them and of the places WD-40 in the and all are sounding so new again. Included a one this was frozen totally up is turning and sounding adds. So much, I am at present happy so that I do not have to spend more money in still like this another machine of sound. I am not sure if this permanently will fix the or only buy me the little more weeks or months. Seriously we can not go the night without some machines so that we are so used to a white noise. The excellent sound but they look to accrue inner to powder and develop the rattle over time.
1 / 5 Norene
Any same like Dohm 2013 version

This 2018 version (Models M1DSUSTN) is not a same likes 2013 version (Models DOHM DS). Some creations of cases are slightly different.

2013: 4 rays in inferior foam , the ash of rubber in inferior, the shell of the change of case surrounds tapers vertically, the acrylic has twisted Dohm the upper centrical limit marked.
2018: 2 rays in inferior with the internal clips have adapted, 4 rubber last the clear feet in inferior, shell of change of case that surrounds directly up and down vertically, Dohm centre of the money marked by heart adhesive upper.

A main difference, and a reason is returning this 2018 model, is a sound. One 2018 has the light rattle and clicking noise that can not sleep in. An inferior engine? An utensil of a creation of different case? I do not know .

Measuring temperature in a fund with the laser infrared thermometer, after running the few hours, with airflow the dials constrained fully in an in a clockwise direction direction, one 2013 model has measured 96.5F; one 2018 model 110.6F. The main temperature could be absence been due to of rubber of foam in an inferior control or the internal main and/or friction in an engine of follower.
1 / 5 Marybelle
I have wanted a manufacturer of noise he. It IS small and has done well for awhile. He a bit those that days, my daughter arouses the cryings and some diagrams was supremely hot to touch and has done the very big launched, strong striking noise. I have tried to contact a company to notify them of the same very regarding the subject and The Amazon instruct me to leave this description. I am expecting that another will see this and take precaution.
1 / 5 Jarvis
It has Had one of these for years that I still use in mine 4jo the room and he utmost. We purchase the second a when has expected our second boy and that or has been tempermental since begin to use the plus or he less done 5 month. At the beginning take the bren of pair to ignite, which honestly has not thought very but this has worsened. It opens to Begin it very 80% of a time but taking until 15 minutes to start with whirring the nights to match the week. It can live with that; only I disturb it soft. That a lot have me turbulent is a inconsistent sound a unit is producing after the few months of use. In place of the noise of aim in firm, sounds as if a rotating inner of the parts are not turning softly and marks emits the strong chirping sound. It IS very disruptive more this relaxing that it represents the basically unusable.

Has seen also other critics that mentions a difference in a volume of the low road besides new versus the oldest versions. I can corroborate these recoveries, but only does not use never a big parameter.

IS very disappointed with the mine goes according to-around with a dohm. I will have to find an alternative of changes and has prendido recommending this in of the friends.
1 / 5 Nevada
Order 4 of these so far, a premier 2 lasted by quite a lot of 4 years then an engine exited in so much and has done only the terrible noise, but has lasted since that has ordered very time 2 more in black, is been 4 month and an engine have exited already in an of them and does a terrible noise when ignites, since is out of mine 30 window in the daytime to the return is bonded with the $ 50 machine that only lasted during 4 month, waste.
1 / 5 Josue
Has two of these in a chamber with my twins of 10 months. We use the for each turnip and all night. It Liked him that to limit besides this stacks of use. Always we use the in a parameter a big plus. Even so, yesterday ours more has purchased recently a (June '18) would not ignite in a parameter a big plus. One poses still acts lower, but that it is too calm in the flood was noise of the street and each brother is a noise. The awake night was terrible last night! I am reluctant to buy another so that I am fearful of a same thing inexplicably that spends again. We will require something more even so, like the process of investigation is beginning throughout again for me.
1 / 5 Val
Unbalanced. I have bought this month of January last after it wants a an I taken for the daughters is my room . I have not had any subject with a premier an I taken in babiesrus but this one leaves on for the little of the hours have this plastic smell in of the strong llamas. I have not used this or a lot since buying but now like the summers that the arrival has wanted to to use it more. I have thought at the beginning a smell was so that it was new but now the months later are convinced to good sure there is something wrong with him. It would like him enter the touch with a manufacturer but has purchased since with the amazon is is expecting to take some help in a right direction here. Also I have another creature planned in December and very does not want to has to buy another manufacturer of sound. It IS it has to ship out of a one has so any one can look in him .
1 / 5 Laureen
There is this product for less then the year and he have begun to give me inner of problem some premiers 60 days. In the first place, turn he on and take any noise of him, I toggle a change behind and advance and at the end he 'apresamiento' and stay on. Then after another month this small trick has prendido to do and has to begin wiggling a connector of the real power where attaches in a machine for the take to do. Wiggle He behind and advance for the little bren and the majority of a time takes, the majority of a time. It opens, that of this morning that little according to the trick has prendido to do and stay with the engine humming his that the shows are taking pot even so a product any a white noise any one longer and just hums with being able in, any noise.

Uses this for the room to pose of my threads of low boy for turnips and sleep in our busy house and he look that enough 9 month afterwards purchases a product is fatality. It have to it is taken action has remarked hardly the problem but I are sure like any busy father knows, there is 1000 other things of entity to cure every day, as if it was not 'broken' totally did not fix it.

The lesson has learnt both of the responsiveness point of view and the point of view of product. I will not order this expensive unit again with a history of him accident. There is far less types of diagram of white noise that it is sure does enough and pertinent work down the half a cost. I will give this test he in place of another inversion in the product that broken like hurriedly.
1 / 5 Ludivina
Two month into use and one schemes already is doing the odd noise - so diagram already is battling and beats to lose.

Otherwise IS the machine of well of environmental noise . But it have to last for at least the year or two if no more. Have Hardly spends a window to turn before we remark a sound as it can not return. :(

Top Customer Reviews: Marpac Rohm ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Britteny
I Liked him very His of an idea of this machine of sound. I use machines to sound to sleep and when studio so purchased this or for trip. It has Had he for the pair of the days and I have begun to remark this melody very odd of big key this comes from/comes from a machine. It spends each pair of bren. I have maintained to turn a machine on and has been to do sure has not been something more. To well sure a machine of sound. Calm once listen it, can any one-when being and is very distract. Sadly, This will be returned.
1 / 5 Tesha
Alas this product was inoperable when arrives. Desprs The few days, tried to turn the on again and law, but only for quite a lot of 3 days. Quan Law, was wonderful. In particular, I have enjoyed some sounds of wave. The volume was adjustable and could go of low in big with the good field. I have been impressed with such the small portable measure these such products the full field of sound. It looks advance to be able to take he with me when trip, but alas, concealed will not be a case.
Service of the client of the amazon was a lot of accommodating when tried to return a product and emitted me it full repayment, although in my surprise said me in only plant of an element of more that routing he behind. This give me an impression that is one of a lot experimenting this subject. It researches further, it has discovered some revises that you remark dud products of China, and a lot in my accident and dismays, in fact, my product has Chinese imprinted in a fund with any one of a characteristic of bookmarks/marcadors of a Marpac products (initialed and dated with statement of EUA). I have ordered a big plus Dohm machine to sound directly of Marpac and has confirmed that it has to has done the bookmark of EUA, accompanied by initials and dates for guarantee of quality. There is has not had any subject with a product by name of the Mark since buys and more probably re-buys a portable version again through them in a future. Sincerely I adoptive Amazon for prender that sells these dud products while me desaliento to trust that any one of his products is legitimate.
5 / 5 Carmelita
We have possessed quite a lot of 6 machines of sound: the half died the months of pair, the half has been returned.

Has wanted to to find the good machine for the room of my daughters and not admitting in quality for to focus of cheap prize. That is to say exactly cual expected to find, and in the prize that was more than only.

Purchases this machine- is note very big , has elections so very that any one could require, and is very effective to induce well, his deep.

1 / 5 Rolanda
I have decided to try this when it has seen he for sale and is happy has not paid full prize. Has and amour three of an original Marpac Dohm machines in all the fourth as well as the trip Rohm.

This machine does not compare . Some sounds are all very synthetic/electronic sound. Some buttons of his of white noise at all like a Dohm. An another is terrible compared in some options in a (much cheaper) machine of his of red rooster in our room of guest. Also, some covers for this thing is ridiculous. A micro usb cover in a machine he and some covers of wall has the GIANTS usb-in-basic to wall that the clave was quite two inches of a wall. It attaches in a usb he and this are a obscenely the big obstruction this clave out of yours walls. It does not return behind anything so that it was to look in this eyesore.

Takes literally another machine of the sound and the calm will be better has been.
1 / 5 Enoch
It was it adds until a past two nights when enclosed has entered 3:45 I AM and arouses and our creature! It has done that before when it have touched his the and the left wing unplugs at night. After a first next time was at random in a night (plus or 1 month less after purchasing), decided to leave it plugged in a wall 24/7. He still the fire and noise of games for the few hours, but fence of while the flight. Also, it is difficult to ignite and was, a class of button of clave so has to press it down last for the long time. Like The product is less than 5 month would have expected it to last longer. :(
5 / 5 Betsy
Has three of some machines of regular measure of a same company like this little a, and that is to say stronger that each what three of them has combined.
I lives in a floor with thin wall, as it require the to block out of my neighbours, but three of has not done a work, as it take this and posed it a window out of some another, which are extended has been among my bed and a door. I have not slept this well in awhile. Some premiums are that it returns in a palm of my hand, is portable, tone hurriedly, and take for 12-hours in the only load.
To well sure recommends this. I have paid full prize for east and is not when being compensated to write this description.
5 / 5 Dorthea
I the description of video on Youtube therefore a hushh and dohm machine, if I can not find go in my blog in sewmanywayskimi. I go in some different sounds, so strong apresamiento etc. If it is choosing calm among east and a Dohm diagrams of white noise, is so much enough adds but this one takes stronger then his Dohm machine.

I amour that does not have to preoccupy in stacks! We can easily recharge he in our car, in our laptop or wherever. It can take very strong for when required that the extra of the strong noise and he can take way down below and exert also. We are roughly to have our third boy and went us using white noise of our older daughter that it is now 5 was the creature. This the small portable machine can pack the enormous punch and takes your creature those falls to sleep in of the minutes...He so still for us!

With the creatures that is only a womb his helps to help continue that transition in an outside. We also use for our ages of the oldest daughters 5 and 2 to the goes very nosies that would arouse the. We live in the small floor as we do not fly the door that creaks, basin flushing or door of cupboard that opens to arouse them up. These helps of machine with that and much more!

Highly recommends!
2 / 5 Jeneva
That is to say well I need something strong. A volume goes the big abundance. Even so, this is not the sake, machine of noise of clean aim. It likes them to them another has said, there is to good sure some (with the lack of better road to count he) master of backdrop this am quite annoying is sensitive in that. I can not sleep with him on and it included my boys has queixat enough the.
5 / 5 Lesa
It goes it when the be bit skeptical if these a lot of works. Even so, these marvels of small machine of sure laws. Control of volume and options of the sound of the sleep is more concealed adapted -- the STRONG ABUNDANCE CALM LIKE his THAT SUBJECTS, AS me! It likes them to me the sleeps with sounds of strong volume and has not founding a quality to sound this results distorted in any subjects. Amur The bouquet of his sounds (16 TOTALS), comprising 'waves of ocean, 'white noise' and running'tream' -- these are my favourites . The calm will not abhor you so that podes ' changes up' a sound if his likes it. Taken the plot in this help of his compact, the more does not have to preoccupy enough substitute stacks ( races be able to electrical). I find it a lot I help me tay asleep' through a night, minimise ' awake ups' and begins a day that listens very rested. Has problem during the months that takes the sleep of the good night, but never has taken of this machine is having the sleep of a better night the long time!!! SO AMUR THIS MACHINE and REASONABLY PRICED:) highly it recommends easterly unit.. And do the present adds, also.
5 / 5 Jesse
Wow! It IS the small hesitant to purchase this after some negative critics regarding a tone, but so far am adds. There is the sound of good quality and the field of wide volume. I want a fact that is so small, portable, and rechargeable. There are other machines of his laptop, but more race in the stacks and I very has not wanted to treat concealed. A cord in load is the good period , and like me that it is the USB . A clip comes with this just plastic so careful when being very for the pause. The daughter is calms of mine way down below when touch white noise, and also like me sleeps with him to block out of any noises of backdrop ( would be to arrive all the prejudices listen in the each few swipes). It IS more expensive that another ones, but still reasonable in my opinion, and more than likely better quality. More, any stack to substitute!

Top Customer Reviews: Marpac Dohm Classic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Melaine
We have used some machines of his fashionable of of the one of the west during 3 years and at the end tired to change stacks or substituting so that they the speaker has broken. Mina 3 yr the better old sounds with an adherent of a marpac the creation and he have used to the said did not like him a noise of a speaker ones, has any one has said once a sound is scary with an adherent. Any problem since is renewed, was hesitant but happy arrival to buy. Any scratch or dings in a plastic and has had for the month and at all crazy with function. They perfect!
5 / 5 Leisha
We want to these for his capacity to mask noises and left for the sleep the peaceful plus. Has has Done adds for my woman and I, my daughter, and a dog of occasional guest.
5 / 5 Carlee
I want this thing. The May HAS FOUND the white noise that has soothed me and aided dreams it to me until the east unit Estimates a money.
1 / 5 Betsey
I have not known this individual one has been renewed and pause to do afterwards two weeks. Has another of these this was new mark and wants a product in general but this one has broken in particular.
5 / 5 Bethann
I am the psychologist and some muffles of his of white noise so that some clients listen sure. Any one wants to that it is saying to be overheard.
5 / 5 Emanuel
Amur So much has bought two
5 / 5 Art
It recommends in any one having the difficulty these sounds.
5 / 5 Leida
Bought he for my hubby but is sleeping better also.
5 / 5 Julietta
His add. Helps to sleep, sure. Only the does not expect it took on the plot of sounds. Still it can you listen strong bird chirps, for example. But this help.
3 / 5 Elinor
It have done it his 5 stars was able to be turned the small plus bit strong. Has the sake that calm his, but is the small also calm. In general, you recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: Marsona DS-600A ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5
A conditioner to sound all enough is creating a right level of white noise to try to mask the noise that comes from/comes from other sources. Crucial to be able to do the this is to be able in easily and hurriedly changes a volume of a white noise that comes from/comes from a conditioner. Where the do a geniuses has posed a volume in this conditioner? Response: in a fund of a unit where you can not see! Other controls are some buttons in a cup of a unit that is easily visible. But no a volume controls which are a thing the user more would want easy access in. Why they that is to say the mystery . A sound that these products of unit are well, but that does an exception for a control of volume in a road in that is very disturb it.
4 / 5
I am the clear sleeper and usually tries to find something in of the rooms when trip, the be of the adherents of bath, room a/c units, etc to do some noise while I can any one when being very to listen mine breathe own and some diverse sounds my marks of organism as well as all an unpredictable environmental noise. This comes with 6 parameters of noise, but only one is tolerable - some another all have something annoying quite those that will maintain you up still. A parameter of white noise is perfect. Some levels of volume are fantastic also - beat when being very strong. It runs well in the stacks and some covers can go rights in in outlets abroad with the basic adapter. I have taken he in of the a lot of trips now and the a lot of helps. The desire only could have rain without thunder, a running water without a big has launched elements, and all other defects that comes with some sounds in other parameters, as some variety would be well.
4 / 5
I have bought this to mask a noise of edifice that infiltrates my floor. While to any cover in a tram hum closely of generators, help to filter out of hallway noise, traffic, strong that pause at the side, and blowers. A field of sounds is pleasant; I am surprised in so some sounds of the lake with the crickets has enhanced my sleep, in that listen me more peaceful and has rested. A surf the sounds are also well and very true (am of California and stays of suit in a beach). In fact I am purchasing the second unit with one key that poses to see if law in a room where when being a generator hum; this unit will be to perfect in a back zone of my floor. Highly it recommends for the situation of the room where does not have the tonne of noise to mask and is looking for to condition of his effective. Also, a volume in a unit can go supremely big; has the big two floor of chamber, and in just 25% volume, totally fill a unit with sound. It IS the sonic powerhouse. Also it likes him a retro of creation. Mere, clean, functional, pleasant.
2 / 5
I have bought this only for a capacity of backup of the stack. And only it uses a function of white noise. He exactly that wants the to do. But estimate a product, only can give two stars. A sound looping of all the sounds except a white noise are issue too perceivable. And in an of some sounds two low explosion of static each which how 20 bren or so much. It issues behind I have want to any one sounds another this white noise.
4 / 5
This device is clear and well has thought enough was. A speaker is not exactly big fidelity, but he a work. To Any noise to burst like him some informed (suspect to have his park of mobile phone in him or something). It does not detect any masters to repeat and I have been using a surf, thunderstorm and white noise. Slider Of the volume is under a front - cual at the beginning seemd idiot, but the marks have listened now concealed has had he for the small while. A slider the be down does not take nocked around and like this once poses gesture of rests. A volume goes of subjects very clear a lot of too strong, as it has to when being well for any one (has the very big room). I am happy with a compraventa and there would be it his data the 5 if a speaker there has been the grave plus bit rumple described - a tunderstorm only does not have quite noise of low in him....
3 / 5
Has feelings blended on that to estimate this machine. I have purchased a probably 10-15 years ago and is an amazing machine . Everything on has it always and still laws perfectly. It is used nightly only for better sleep in our house. At the end it order it the 2 a like my daughter dear unit For a third night, this machine headed in screech horribly to the sure point in a cycle of noise. It does not import that sound to pose was on. Needless To say, the calm does not help with sleep, but has interrupted our sleep. I give my old some 5+ stars and a walnut a -0 stars.
1 / 5
That is to say to suppose to be an improvement in a 600 model. It IS terrible. The desire would return in some sounds some old plus. Also, I can listen some sounds looping. One issues of zone of the too many low clips.
3 / 5
It has had a Dohm-DS Conditioner of His of Dual Speed for Marpac (anteriorly fulfilled what Sleepmate/Screen of His 980A)for years and wants a sound that generates, the only desire could when being stronger! As I have bought easterly an afterwards see other descriptions that this in fact could be STRONG! I am not it conceal interested in any one of another mark of sounds, only a white noise to sleep. And a control of the covers of volume take very strong! Even so, while with any machine to sound those uses the register and is not in fact generating a sound he, has the perceivable loop... It have expected that this model would be different somehow, and although I am remarking a loop now, is expecting to result used to over time.... But for any one with the sensibility to choose in a pause in a loop, this could not be a better product. Also, a white noise of the same an east the bit shriller that has the habit of with or the Screen of His 980A.... But I am expecting to take used to that too much. A Screen of His 980An in fact produced a sound he, so that it does not have any one loop! And also it can adjust a tone, which are very good. If it only can do a sound a strong plus, very was a perfect product. We will see so it is or starts for some prjimos few weeks, but can return in a Screen of His for me.
5 / 5
Small and clear weight fantastic and a white noise is perfect. Thank you The tan now can sleep with my husband these snores. The works perfect with a leader of the sleep of Cosy Telephones telephones what realy is good light and very comfortable to sleep in.

Thank you!
5 / 5
And'the voice there has Been this for the year now and wants to it! And also it possesses a sleep of the screen of/his rule of the partners for marpac (4 of them-a for each fourth) but has bought this for a room of b.c Of creatures. And I need the strongest version. These laws add! He same mask out of a fire egine sirens that street of ours low explosion. ( We live afterwards in the canal of fire)
when travel and only take of is a b.c. He a better and can control a volume. An another traditional sleep the partners are very also, but is happy this. Well it estimates a money.

Top Customer Reviews: Marpac Zohne ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jenice
My husband is crazy picky in his machine of sound. We take it to us wherever go and can not sleep without him. Some capes in his old a (of company Marpac has substituted) at the end has the data was and has had to to buy to nine unit Was very anxious that this a would not give a same sound or lives until an old one except preoccupied unnecessarily. The law adds and a sound is that it expects and needs. They that me some new international annexes and think is easy to pose on and take was.
5 / 5 Natashia
Already have or, and this one is heavier that an old a, as less sake for trip. It says that this has one covers American already in place, but has the odd unit found an American a cual was among some another and has posed the on (easy) and work. But I me preoccupy, is this the renewed one or something? He the good sound to sleep, and will be for the take my trips. Also I have a group of stack in the case perhaps requires concealed. A last time has taken one of these in Denmark there has been one covers correct, but swipe out of a device of cover (condenser?), But done when goes to take covers it new in electricity of EUA. They that have me the group of stack while I will use that for my low stay in Denmark to eschew problems.
4 / 5 Misti
Mina 3 a, but this one has some the tiny capes that show in a crowbar in a subordinated concealed regulates a type of sound likes him waterfall or ocean. Any sure if that is to say the defect but is certainly different that an another two I own. In general I like a deep tone of a waterfall a better for bloc out of other sounds so many can sleep well.
5 / 5 Verdell
This machine of white noise does sum; I want that it can adjust a volume and a tone. It IS small like the does not take up he very soiled in my nightstand.
5 / 5 Agnes
Amur These machines of sound! I have used prndales quite 15 years. It have to to substitute the cord in or my daughter has possessed, but travels the plot and he so that it thinks that that it takes beat it. White noise very useful to help sleep. Control of volume. Election of sound.
5 / 5 Valentin
We have used Marpac machines for at least 15 years. Active or For a bedside and one this trip with. Has has owed to substitute them quite six times while they do not have to for ever. The husband can not sleep without these and personally is not the follower but has the habit of now. It has purchased for each of his boys also.
5 / 5 Roy
State that uses this mark of a late 90 is and is The BEST! They had to for years and seldom explode closed has not been never! Since 1996, I have possessed 3 machines. One for me, then or for my 'creature' soiled behind a day.....Only one of them has broken! The tan has ordered recently another. And when the dam has broken, he only taken glitchy... It was technically still race. Like the plan maintains this product for years.... It is likely not going to disappoint.
5 / 5 Felipa
Amur These things and can not live without them. We spend the era and buy walnut ones. We give the so many presents. All our boys our grandchildren have one in his chamber. We take two in vacacional so that it does not listen some boys up and roistering late at night and aim in a morning.
4 / 5 Lilla
It comes with adapters for int'l trip. It schemes of noise of good aim for his compact measure.
Editing my description and that takes a star was so that the machine has begun to crackle the bit, which have had to to disguise the blend in the bit of hissing water (rain) sound.
5 / 5 Sueann
This machine of his east orders, same helps to flood out of my husbands snoring bit it. A reason has bought this model was so that we are entering the punctual trip in Ireland and I will be able of the use there as well as here. A lot it likes him his in of me and would recommend this machine!

Top Customer Reviews: Marpac Pillow ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Tamesha
I take my book of audio reads. Any pill to sleep now for years. A sound any problem my husband. I have reinforced with tape all the connections of cape. Even so a pillow is too much closes a transmission of audio is admitted.
1 / 5 Marilyn
Included a together cheap plus of stereo auricular or the speakers have not bought never the signify cual rests endwise and which are well. This no. Has to find the useful on-line test for the imagine was. If you are curious and does not want to go in a problem to try them you, a right is in an a lot of final of a cape. At least in my set. Since they can not be turbulent to pose the small L and R in some speakers, does not surprise me if a wiring could not be revoked also.

Another that concealed, is basically that is announced to be. Cheap together of flat speakers that pillow of yours low accesses. A volume is at all impressive, as it was not will use these a lot of or return to use my SleepPhones.

UPDATE: I downgraded these speakers of three stars in unit A volume is so bad that I have to pose my ear on them to listen anything. These can be one the majority of pathetic the speakers have not purchased never. I am spent far a period of repayment, as these will be to go in some rubbishes instead.
3 / 5 Ellamae
A quality of sound was good but some speakers move everywhere a pillow. Any road to maintain them motionless. It does not repurchase . The vendor was adds without hassles.
5 / 5 Synthia
Bought for my boy - do so described. We want to this he so leaves some boys to listen a musician without touching a so strong musician the brother takes turbulent.
4 / 5 Chrissy
They are oka, likes him the...
2 / 5 Scarlett
A response of frequency on these do not go very big, he enough the decrees in upper mid-field. It expect the plot more than Marpac/Marsona, while they have used to to do machines of noise of decent aim. If you have wanted to to listen in anything with big frequencies, rain, etc. does not sound that full or add in these. The sounds of good musician dulls in the also.

Other speakers of pillow this has tried tends to go much more after in 20 kHz, does not waste your money.
4 / 5 Judy
Work very good. Has the control of volume of his own.
1 / 5 Contessa
Any that wait
2 / 5 Darron
The volume is not very strong and can be difficult to listen through the pillow of foam of the memory, but still very useful. Alas only they do not line up over time. Only soyurdered' my together second after enough 1 year. Subject Same likes first compraventa - an of some speakers no longer volume of product. I will be to look for the different product .
4 / 5 Jack
I have bought only these Marpac speakers of pillow. So far, they look to do enough sake. They are not sper strong when plugged in my machine of his in his full volume, but looks to do well in general. It warns consumers that these speakers of the no vain pillow with a Marpac the circulate shaped - option of volume of his Dual - machines of white noise so that it does not have very jack in these machines for them. Be sure yes purchases any one of Marpac machines of his of white noise that declares has the headset jack in the before supposing east. They looked, at the same time to go together with a Marpac machines for the tones of sales have seen on-line. Look to do well with other machines of his or units with the level headphone jack. Also the desire had the road with these speakers in clip and maintains the separate in two different sides of your pillow, the fall of mine was easily and is thinking to use duct tape in the to maintain at night dondequiera them.

Top Customer Reviews: Marpac Dohm DS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5 Bessie
This has taken awhile to take used to so that my noisemaker of 15 years have had one, slightly, your different.

But, now that it have it to him the result accustomed in him, can not sleep without the turn on.
5 / 5 Thomasina
I sleep So much better with easterly!! To well sure buy it his again!
5 / 5 Jacquelyne
We possess multiple. Both boys there is or in his rooms and use them nightly. Highly it recommends. The present adds for the shower of creature!!
4 / 5 Teodoro
He a lot the work. One classifies of small continual sound to like goes it very another sound in a fund. It classifies in how when turn in the mini the breaking and an any noise of left wing listens that it is entering external of a room.

Has taken of these my boys will not arouse me or my woman up in 6 east the Sunday.

Top Customer Reviews: Marsona 1288A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Ezekiel
An in the first place one had lasted 7 years before begin to do odd sounds. A second a had lasted 2 years before begin to do odd sounds. This third a there has been some sake of odd sounds out of a box. It IS very the shame . That is to say the very good machine with long loops and the variety of options. Only I desire does not think these jarring noises at random while it is running.

UPDATE: A company I very contacted me amiably and has suggested that it can mark to be some sounds because of interference of another next device. I have moved this out of my CPAP, and looked, any noise any odd plus. Thank you.
5 / 5 Emilia
An adjustment of key is a characteristic tone in this unit. I have bought this after an another Marsona the unit failed in totally to mask a troubling electrical hum in my edifice. A capacity to adjust one key to counter some levels to compete the sounds are absolutely tones. I am so happy with this Marsona! A field of sounds is that likes -- does TWO SURF sounds, which are so much very peaceful -- and I like a overlays, which read the initial could look odd but create the naturalistic sound scape. You can have a surf the sounds have joined by an occasional and soft seagull clank of the buoy in a fund. It can look a volume sper strong; easily I can listen a unit down-half in the each room of two floor of chamber. I have been also surprised in while more peacefully sleep with a characteristic of sounds of the lake. Highly it recommends. If you are rasgado goes in east and another Marsona without an adjustment of key, would recommend this or in this unit so that one key and his overlay characteristic of a Marsona 1288One is very estimate an extra in pricing.
5 / 5 German
It uses the Marsona 1200An almost nightly for in 30 years; an only exception is the machine of the sound the small plus has used when travelled. A Marsona 1200a begun in sputter the bit intermittently, as I have decided to look for another machine. I have tried Conair versions, Dohm versions, etc, but they any one same acostat in the that has had the habit of so it has ordered this newer version of a one has had already. It IS FANTASTIC!! In fact only it uses a white noise in the deep tone and I turn it on quite vociferously. A capacity to vary one key and augments an outrage of volume concealed only the soft whisper is why I recommends this machine on almost each another. An only another this puts to bed is is a LectroFan-His of Follower and Machine of White Noise, but only offers these sounds. For me it conceal it is perfect, but another can enjoy a character sounds a Marsona 1288Algunes has offered. If it calms like his the depth of key, rain, waterfall, frogs, etc and a capacity to turn a machine until the flood was noise , does not waste your time or the money that looks for anything more. This machine is a PERFECT solution !!
4 / 5 Juli
Desprs Using this machine of his for the pair of month, is very satisfied in general. Some a machine is main that a lot, but compared in many other machines of his, a quality of his east to good sure upper. A control of key provides remarkable capacity to mask out of the wide variety of noise of backdrop. This the characteristic only marks this upper machine in another has used in a past. A thunderstorm and a heavy surf is my favourite. To well sure recommend it this machine!
5 / 5 Starr
I have purchased recently my second Marsona 1288A Conditioner of Sound. Some first works add but trips frequently and found the much easier just to buy the second unit for travelling. If you are I how me and has to have white noise or some another sound to sleep and wants the cup of a unit of line, that is to say a unit since you. A prize can look the big small, but a unit is done in last and does not experience some same problems with a Marsona unit this has had with other units. For example, other units have has had problems with the interference these static causes. Another unit that has purchased has had included the timer only and could any one when be pas ignited by longer that an hour. These problems are non-existent in a Marsona 1288A. It can be looked in the strong volume to mask snoring, traffic, and other noises. It IS truly a cup of a conditioner of his of the line that is to do to do well and last long term.
5 / 5 Trudie
That is to say our second Marsona. We use it to us so to our unit of trip. The expensive while, is an only unit that has sounds quite strong. We have used his soothers for years. Over time, we find that it likes him to us his a noise of strong aim. That is to say a left wing of only unit that satisfied our necessities. We have tried and it is returned a lot another mark.

The May HAS USED any one of a 'character' the elections have offered, but some works of white noise wonderfully in the hotels to bloc was noise of the road and the sounds form some rooms at the side. Also it enhance it our sleep and that it is always the plus.
5 / 5 Margarete
A lot of options to sound fun - so, bank, forest, etc.
And can attach-in of the sounds, like frogs, seagulls, etc.
the help dream me.
3 / 5 Myung
A Marsona is an excellent idea. The calm left You basically to create your own mix of sounds/of character of white noise to sleep stops. Esquerra induct M to say that it uses this product nightly and a lot enjoys - but still is looking for something better.

Alas, a built in the speaker is very poor. A lot the could not take spent a quality of the bad sound when tried to sleep. It goes it when being likes him try listen in the radio through the fast-walk feed-through of the one of the west.

I then hooked a line-has been in my Bose clock-radio, which has done a tolerable sound. Even so, one shows it imposed of some sounds has recorded/mock is of low quality, as very can any one when being the mass improved for the system of better west.

In a good side, a variety of his and qualified to blend the sounds are wonderful. This provides calm with the big combination of effects. If you want the surf with birds of sea, bouys and loons a night, then the current with hawks and frogs an afterwards, is easy. They to any one likes him to Them the frogs? It attaches a sty instead.

My sleep is very of entity, and is has owed to pay the plot for the conditioner of his of better quality. It improves a tax of sample of a sound and flavours again.
4 / 5 Lorretta
That is to say the very-fact, long-generator of noise of durable aim to noise to cover while sleeping or napping. I have possessed an earlier model that has lasted quite a lot of fifteen years and would have lasted longer, has had a cord to be able in any remained to take twisted until an isolation headed in the flake was, leaving the low circuit. I am not so big the adherent of a sound of this version while it was of an old, otherwise, would have given it his five stars. But in considering to to the the person likes him his of a sound is the subject of flavour, in that has it at all to do with one quakity if a product.
3 / 5 Derek
A lot it prefers a way of follower of small round Marpac Dohm classical. A generator of products of his digital odd harmonics that changes with place of cape. It can problem to be.

Top Customer Reviews: Dohm for Baby, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Adele
This fact like the charm when the sleep those coaches our threads. Has the new houses that is built everywhere organism and has almost annulled was all a noise. It recommends that all the world takes this and early beginning like a boy!
5 / 5 Lowell
Has data in fact this in the fiance-to be for his bridal present to rain while it was in his list of register. Ella and his fianc of future has wanted to it!
5 / 5 Latrice
Big and easy quality to use!
1 / 5 Eulah
Pause after 7 month
5 / 5 Magaret
We use this sounds what white in the middle of hospital. Purchase in 20. They utmost.