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1 first Sweet Home Stores Cozy Shag Collection Solid Shag Rug Contemporary Living & Bedroom Soft Shaggy Area Rug, 60" L x 84" W, Orange Sweet Home Stores Cozy Shag Collection Solid Shag Rug Contemporary Living & Bedroom Soft Shaggy Area Rug, 60" L x 84" W, Orange By Sweet Home Stores
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2 HomeSmart Products Weighted Blanket for Kids & Adults - 10lb 40x60 Navy & Grey - Amazingly Soft Minky Fleece Fabric - Great as a Couch Throw Blanket HomeSmart Products Weighted Blanket for Kids & Adults - 10lb 40x60 Navy & Grey - Amazingly Soft Minky Fleece Fabric - Great as a Couch Throw Blanket By HomeSmart Products
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3 best RIBANDS HOME Mermaid Tail Blanket| Super Soft Wearable Throw Blanket for Girls & Toddlers Wrapping Cover with Coral Orange Ombre Fish Tail - All Seasons Plush Sleeping and Napping Coverlet (Ages 3-16) RIBANDS HOME Mermaid Tail Blanket| Super Soft Wearable Throw Blanket for Girls & Toddlers Wrapping Cover with Coral Orange Ombre Fish Tail - All Seasons Plush Sleeping and Napping Coverlet (Ages 3-16) By RIBANDS HOME
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4 Ottomanson Soft Cozy Color Solid Shag Area Rug Contemporary Living and Bedroom Soft Shag Area Rug, Orange, 3'3" L X 4'7" W Ottomanson Soft Cozy Color Solid Shag Area Rug Contemporary Living and Bedroom Soft Shag Area Rug, Orange, 3'3" L X 4'7" W By Ottomanson
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5 Sweetzer & Orange Weighted Blanket for Kids 7lbs Heavy Blanket, Best for 58-88lb Children - Warming and Cooling Weighted Comforter with Minky Cover (7lb, Yawning Unicorns) Sweetzer & Orange Weighted Blanket for Kids 7lbs Heavy Blanket, Best for 58-88lb Children - Warming and Cooling Weighted Comforter with Minky Cover (7lb, Yawning Unicorns) By Sweetzer & Orange
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6 Kore Kids Wobble Chair - Flexible Seating Stool for Classroom & Elementary School, ADD/ADHD - Made in USA - Age 6-7, Grade 1-2, Orange (14in) Kore Kids Wobble Chair - Flexible Seating Stool for Classroom & Elementary School, ADD/ADHD - Made in USA - Age 6-7, Grade 1-2, Orange (14in) By KORE DESIGN LLC
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7 Joovy Foocot Child Cot, Orange Joovy Foocot Child Cot, Orange By JOOVY
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8 Sapphire Home Kids Boys Window Curtain Panels with tiebacks, Fun Dinosaurs Design Print Window Curtain for Boys Kids, Blue Green Kids Room Décor, Dinosaur Curtain Sapphire Home Kids Boys Window Curtain Panels with tiebacks, Fun Dinosaurs Design Print Window Curtain for Boys Kids, Blue Green Kids Room Décor, Dinosaur Curtain By Sapphire Home
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9 BoxHome Girl Watercolor Full Duvet Cover Pink Orange Grey Colorful 3 Pieces Queen Bedding Collections 100% Cotton Lightweight Breathable Bedding Sets for Kids Women Children Teen Students BoxHome Girl Watercolor Full Duvet Cover Pink Orange Grey Colorful 3 Pieces Queen Bedding Collections 100% Cotton Lightweight Breathable Bedding Sets for Kids Women Children Teen Students By BoxHome
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10 Sweet Home Stores Cozy Shag Collection Charcoal Moroccan Trellis Design Shag Rug Contemporary Living & Bedroom Soft Shaggy Area Rug,   Grey & Cream,  60" L x 84" W Sweet Home Stores Cozy Shag Collection Charcoal Moroccan Trellis Design Shag Rug Contemporary Living & Bedroom Soft Shaggy Area Rug, Grey & Cream, 60" L x 84" W By Sweet Home Stores
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Top Customer Reviews: HomeSmart Products ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Catina
Ossia The present partorisca my woman partorisca Navidad, was in the rear mandate took it finally on Jan 5th any biggy. It was happy to expect for the product with perfect descriptions prójimas. I listened it it has listened it roughly Coverages of the gravity in Elvis has had to that Show in a radio and to the equal that has has loved that. The some research and has discovered some Coverages of sides of Gravities $ + and calm also has to that buy the coverage also.

Has found this coverage on Amazon and read everything of some descriptions and has been surprised. I also found the quite economic coverage. As it attributes of you reading this wine here for some indications and of the pictures. More a prize is the good shot has compared of more expensive some there for some same results.

When I took It finally and dip a coverage in my woman was very happy of the take. With which lying with his for the pair of minutes. There is remarked that some flanges felt VERY LIGHT. As I am come from to try to move some of a filler of a pocket to another and that shakes a coverage. With which there is remarked that some pockets have been sealed individually and fill could not be transferred has then opened a coverage and has inspected some pockets. The inspection of just an inferior flange has found to be entirely empty of accounts of glass and filler of type of only polyester.

I then verify a next row and felt roughly 25 of a quantity of filler. A next row was a lot of inconsistent in a quantity of filler. I have not taken a whole coverage has retreated was because of a tethering in a plus of flanges has has not wanted to do the enormous scene in front of my woman with being diagnosing a compraventa has done so only. I do not have extreme OCD, but for a prize this am a lot annoy in a variance of pocket to pocket and distribution of weight. Although my woman is contained with him on day a, will see like these casseroles was.

To the equal that am spent roughly 120 for a coverage and 44 for a coverage. I am spent less than 200. When A Coverage of the gravity with the coverage is 350. I will update the week with an approval of woman or no.

Update: I have finalised to return the. Going to try the different company.
5 / 5 Vesta
Rings the solution for my husbands restless leg. He basically tartles' in his sleep and the seat likes is jumping. It does not want to go to any doctors, as I have purchased this after listening that these coverages could possibly helps. I have ordered in first, has received a next day. It is very heavy (for me), but is been using he for a past week and there is no to wake me on still. It take the pair of nights to take used his, assume reason is the light sleeper was conscious of him. But for one displaced few nights, not jumping in my bed! Yay For me. Anyways, go it to maintain reason maintains to have it has used again. An ash is the ash of good dark steel , in fact goes well with the mine that beds. Highly it recommends!
Here is the photo of him in my room. The mine that lights is bad, as it does not look a real colour.
5 / 5 Pennie
It have been that loves to try one of these for the moment but a lot really wants to spend like this money but has found then this a reasonably priced for HomeSmart.
The nave was quickly and that the packaging was very good. It was really while economic material and/or sloppy stitching but concealed could not be further of a truth. Although it is 15 pounds , will not concern me roughly coming avert or rasgando. The quality adds.
Took it well before it go is gone in take he of the women of 3 days, as I took it the thought would help me sleep in the room of bunk with on 50 other women. Any only I sleep well, has slept by means of a night one first night‼️ I usually expect the not sleeping well in of the odd places; this coverage me feel relaxed and sure.
Am thrilled that has taken this coverage now and use read and in a couch when I am looking the good film or cozied on reading the good book.
Are very happy has taken it casualidad in this coverage. Highly recommend.
4 / 5 Sari
I have listened of a weighted coverage of a lot of people and looked to them see links of ad of Facebook random, and has been pressed was because of a prize. This coverage for HomeSmart has been the way priced more reasonably which is sometimes worrisome but a lot in this chance. A coverage arrived less than 48 hours and was packaged perfectly ( has added a unboxing video). I have loved to be able to use he for the nights of pair before I have written a sincere description, and there has any 1 what bad can say in this coverage.
5 / 5 Shanda
Very happy with weighted coverage, was pleasantly surprised by a quality of a material for such the decent prize. The to plot to research first to decide in this coverage and very happy has done. The only reason did not give it 5 star is, a edging/stitching tends to create loose edges once in the moment, and a coverage tends to do me sweat unless maintenances my feet out of an end or leave pockets to air to go in. But I guess ossia probably the common question with to plot of weighted coverages. If it plan on having two sleep of people under a coverage, be conscious will take you incredibly hot fast!
4 / 5 Alexia
One produces are adds. I thought it that it help with mine insomnia. So only I have imagined it was really punctual to to that does not like weighted of coverages. For some can be consolation but for me, has the sense stifled. But I am used also to sleep with the discharge and the thin fleece. Anything more weighed that concealed and am joined to feel the bit there is stifled.
5 / 5 Manuela
For Neuropathies with the LADY ANXIETY and restless ache, Ive state to increasingly felt years to same neen the sleep of then adds to the cycle to worsen that instinctively the averting obviously horrible election also.

This coverage was intermittently the product for years of mine disress and aversion for a sleep bondadoso with sleeping RX that more often the beg and obtained more consolation in faith that developed to my laws of confidence this in spite of for an only coverage I vigilantly and intelligently found worthy to invest in something is coming on, with some years of discouragement and a cost I procrastinated a hope of the give the try. A quality dirability comprises for me an ergonomics that other companies have descriptions that has required more fuss and fewer integrations of point of the pressure other substances that has spent kills any with out alienments simuliar or restlessness of anxiety and or insomnia. A cloth is excellent and maintains to park bakance of weight and tenparure same with my golden doodle finding some room to enjoy :)

I particularly profit of muscle spasms and neurological affects common to multiple sclerosis and clear malformation / syrix has been congenital there is extremely jealous recognition and unimaginable life of ideas with out he for now on with the at night normal sleep .

A asthetics is very pertinent and well that it appreciates them no havinf sounds of slippery coverages or distored coverage the disorder with like this of chance of pillow and dovets comforters usually result one increasingly nuicance understandably sleep deporvation acute or chronic apmplify mine self conciousness to unintented arrival and fusible courts that isolates mine self to avert the one who are them elated surprisingly so as my daughters and the friends differentiates remarked and has admired a quality while trusting my character like an exercise abd specialist of fitness with advanced colliate studios to concern for another is my character that has feigned my investigation was for the patient go the client and more intense for my daughter the one who inspired an idea for his self after using the friends.

Recommends this coverage with which sampling and taking a time to inquire with DPT and meurology some profits of sand vs the accounts packed and that it is ideal for a pertinent weight for any with syringomyelia the majority of mine c and all of the mine T pressure of plug and cold to touch and hot sehsations is impaired with Raynauds and another neuropathies the be has soothed consistently with out this coverage that the slips was or squashed!

Expect that this description can assist that they are also sceptics of splurging the commercialisation of a product of old therapeutic science has tried that the be be find to for real do the enormous difference in my life! Highly you recommend it highly a lot another that this one for my use and qualified to discern that in fact he immediately when it does !
4 / 5 Alicia
To the left initiate me was to say MASTER this coverage. Has really bad insomnia, but after using this coverage has been that goes to sleep the decent time every night, and sleeping everything during a night. They are also the stomach sleeper, and has been that loves the transmission concealed. With which having this coverage for the week, last night was a first prejudice has fulfilled not sleeping in my stomach!! Has a 15 coverage to reserve that I amour for prime minister of mine weighted coverage, but yes love a weight, upscale to the plus weighed a!
5 / 5 Verda
It take this coverage like the present of Valentine's day for mine babydoll. Like the Colonel of Lieutenant in Afganistan for six visits, is habituado to gunfire, IEDs, died (adults and boys) and a unspeakable horrors of war.
Mina babydoll spends some of one the majority of horrific guilt has known no never, because of a loss of a lot of of his men. His nightmares are horrible and sometimes awake arrives to shout in of the cold sweats. Always it wraps my arms around lucidas when this raisin, as I have thought of the weighted coverage for when he or I travesía for work and can not be near.
Last night, said to take an at night better sleep is has had of then 2008 when it go back of his last recognition.
Are in the tears that writes this and like this appreciative of this amazing coverage. A quality is surprising, is extremely durable, and feels like this smooth and cosy. It does not take a more economic version, taking is one. He!! Calm does not complain it ! I promise.
Mina granny has said always a together right of the arms and the coverage can cure anything. Well, it was well!
5 / 5 Lizeth
It has received so only our weighted coverage in a topmast this last week. Purchased the like this the present of Day of the Father in of the hopes helps my husband or edges to relax and the fall have slept more collected and have the better night of sleep of the his and rest after the stressful day in pupil or work. Like this far like this good. Trying mantenerprpers clean until we take our coverage has ordered. It resupplies the comfortable weighted spent that the consultores is the feeling of security and relax while leaving your muscles and organism to fall slept without spontaneuos movements of muscle that cause a to wake suddenly.

Top Customer Reviews: RIBANDS HOME ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Ashlea
The daughter of six years loves his mermaid row. It IS very excited when you go in and has begun to use the immediately; loved a compraventa. Although his turn of strong interest after the few weeks and does not use it daily (so only like the toy of any one another boy), still uses it regularly. Some colours are good and a material is good quality , but very sure a durability of my daughter there is so only state has had he for the month, and reason is the little thin. It maintains his warm. It IS long enough to cover My daughter to head to toe. Global happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5 America
Such the beautiful and soft mermaid row! I have ordered he partorisca my niece but she have preferred a pepperoni row of pizza that has given his brother as they are by train to to use like him to him my launches of to animate in a couch but am like this happy maintained it. It IS sper soft and animating in of the minutes!
5 / 5 Yung
In the whim has bought this mermaid coverage of row together with the mermaid book partorisca mine 4 1/2 year the niece adds old and has has loved quell'absolutely! Included when you are not espendiente' he, spends it around likes it was the animal stuffed. Besides, among the stock exchange of lovely lavender to the equal that was immediately 'giftable' so that it was very convenient. He the present adds!
5 / 5 Joe
This was a lot appreciate for my young niece. It IS brilliant, pleasant, and sper soft!
5 / 5 Lyndsey
Soft Easy to clean and mine 3 access of year of old whole organism in him.
5 / 5 Avril
Bought this like the present partorisca my friends pocolos is like this soft and cosy feeling! Abundance of room partorisca his to spend it and snuggle up! And some colours are like this vibrant! Absolutely you love it!
5 / 5 Yi
Sper Pleasant and sper soft! THE colours are good and vibrant!
5 / 5 Isreal
It has given like this present
5 / 5 Easter
It has given this like the present. A boy has loved that!
5 / 5 Yadira
It IS fantastically do! You are the present partorisca the daughter of the friends and she have loved that. It IS six and returns perfectly in him.

Top Customer Reviews: Ottomanson Soft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Any I usually leaves the descriptions but I felt a need to afterwards be LIKE THIS SURPRISED for this coverage. Really I have not had big hopes after paying such the low prize in this coverage. I have bought a lot shag coverages in some pasts and typically take which pays stops. Well I owe that say that this coverage has surpassed mine peel of expectations has shot long, and is included in fact better that the Safavieh that has paid two times some stops of quantities. It is like this soft & feels almost silky.

For reference, has ordered one 6'7x9'3 in ash for my edges' soiled. There is no noticeable smell to a coverage (sometimes come with the odd smell) and there is not spilling at all! They are very pleased and to good sure will be to purchase more than this company. My edges is happy to the equal that can be with his new 'comfy' walk :)
4 / 5
we LOVE this coverage. It was perfect for some Cradles of Palmera mid-century the modern look goes paralizaciones. Like this pictured, brilliant but not liking “cone of brilliant” traffic. I clean well, which have been concerned roughly. Nizza Feels and an amazing prize.
4 / 5
This coverage is plush, a perfect colour and exactly that has looked for. Has two boys so that they are not in a phase for a coverage of interior of expensive zone a moment, but has has wanted to something soft colour to add the pop in ours livingroom and stains of girl of still hide. This carpet he all especially a prize!
5 / 5
It was freaked has gone by some reviewers the saying has not taken that has ordered but master nip this in a butt: I have ordered the dark ash shag the coverage and I have taken the dark ash shag coverage.

Are in general quite satisfied and this was the hard thing to estimate . Lame that have paid partorisca, but he no quite fulfil my expectations.

A cloth is obviously economic, am not sure like this will resist up in a long career but I will be sure to stick any updates to the equal that spend.

Sweetness: there are some people that says this thing is really soft, is not . Calm have has not touched never these shag coverages that feels likes silk? Súper Smooth as the golden retriever or something? It is not anywhere near. It is hard to describe but to good sure has the good quantity of roughness his, but no uncomfortable to walk on without socks or anything. It is softer that the regulate carpeted walk, but no for a lot.

Look: it Looks well, this in spite of. I can not expect furnish a room is in but he that loved it to do, and ossia adds any one contrast. A shagginess of some looks of coverage is smooshed the bit to be trace, but are optimistic boat on with which some resting time.

Am satisfied with a compraventa for a prize of this coverage. If that can do again, can try pay another $ 20-30 more and take he of another vendor. Already thinking the few months down a street and the coverage be able to like me substitute this with.

All my flus is no-@@subject- yours, goes for him. They are picky but is the economic coverage, abordable and calm really volume that stops of has paid. No the bad thing, so only something to remark.
4 / 5
It is the coverage adds for a prize. It is quite soft to enjoy in ours living room.
A brigthness of an orange was bondadosa of the incident but returns our house a lot well. To good sure the piece of statement!
5 / 5
I love this coverage. It liked when I have read roughly the, but after takes it has gone was and in of a paving, loves it. It is like this more comfortable that the hard, walk of tile. I admit, I am gone down in a paving and has gone around on he so only that runs my hands to the long of a shag when I in the first place dipped the down. My little boy loves it, also, and now does not concern me roughly take the cold while touching in a paving. There is the faint smell of plastic, but is not very bad and any I still the commentaries the few hours later. A colour is vibrant without being too. A shag the battery is fat, cushioning, and am VERY HAPPY with this coverage. Modified to add that, for Navidad, my edges have taken dozens of tiny plastics Pokemon toys that likes in of a battery of a carpet. It is quite fat that does not hurt when it gives an on the in a darkness.
4 / 5
When A coverage has arrived , so only could see a colour in some finals of a coverage. Has thinks that that a colour would be all wrong. I have left it feels in mine living room, unopened for several days. I have thought so only you send it behind. I have then open and develop it. It is beautiful. A colour is slightly lighter that a picture, but loves it and is like this soft. It was also the easiest plot the vacuum that thought it would be and there is not spilt at all. Very shabby .
4 / 5
Ossia The good-looking coverage although no like this full and cushioned to the equal that have expected that would be. Still you purchase it again for a money and in fact am trying decides on another of this company for my zone of cookery. It is not exactly dark like pictured but is so near which is scarce to the equal that have taken the prójimo until giving the true colour in my photos. It is really beautiful and defines my zone of small TV in my tiny paving. A measure of him is perfect for my spatial and am happy has purchased this. They are sure I"ll shabby of this company again.
4 / 5
I have purchased a turquoise colour, which is more than the blue with the clue of ash. It is not like this vibrant like some shows of picture. Has the light smell, some boys mentioned it immediately, but is not too bad. It is not like this plush to the equal that would like but enough of good. In general recommend it and probably buy another. It is hard to take the good picture reason some changes by heart with corner and lighting. It say that it is the combination of both together pictures.
4 / 5
I have ordered this and took it next day! It is the true red colour and has loved that! I have had the situation where the bad loss, expect the little of that but this has come averts in handfuls. I have called in and it take the substitution that is coming a lot quickly and am happy to inform this new coverage is not that he a same thing! It is the very soft, and the very good coverage and a fact that has had the question and fixed that he immediately said of the volumes in this company! It recommends him to my friends and I will buy they again!

Top Customer Reviews: Sweetzer & ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Marc
After reading a lot of descriptions of different weighted coverages and his efficiency partorisca girls and of the adults with ADHD, ASD and anxiety, has bought one 5 lb a partorisca mine 7 I edges, those who there is ADHD and has been having the difficulty that sleeps lately, w the night that awake. When it Arrives, it has them @to @give was way too short
Partorisca he, bc is big, and this measure of coverage is better adapted to toddlers IMO (down 4' big) but reason some managers are hanged -driven partorisca security, this has been remarked like correct measure partorisca he (8-12 of weight of organism, and is thin). . It liked a sleepy say of coverage, but after doing with a service of excellent client rep of Sweetzer and Orange -Joy - I decided partorisca return a coverage in favour of a next measure more weighed a, which will cover the feet of my edges. I am not sure still yes it was weighed too much partorisca he, but are by train of the give the shot and will update this description has tried once he partorisca awhile. In all the chance, Joy refunded join me $ 10 cost of the nave cost partorisca return a first coverage, as it was not out of pocket partorisca an additional cost. Materials of big quality in a coverage, and hopefully, this will help my anxious sleeper, as has like this another the one who have written virtue! 🙏🏽🙏🏼
5 / 5 Evangeline
I have been kicking I, as to reason has taken took me long partorisca take the weighted coverage partorisca my autistic daughter of 5 years and my sensory looking for edges. My daughter has not slept by means of a night the years and I could not believe sleep partorisca 10 hours directly in a first NIGHT that use this weighted coverage! I have researched big and down partorisca the girls weighted coverage that is WASHABLE reason all know material of boys of loss or have accidents at night and ossia some only boys weighted coverage on Amazon that has found concealed is washable. The coverage is like this soft and a sleepy the animal impressions are adorable. Buy this weighted coverage, will not be disappointed!!! Work!!! The element has better bought on amazon NEVER! It marks an investment in the life of your girl! You will see the difference in his model partorisca sleep.
5 / 5 Wei
A weighted the coverage has been recommended for our doctor partorisca one of our boys. He the hard time that the falls have slept at night and would not sleep partorisca more than an hour in his own bed and he then would wake on unbalanced. One first night uses it to us have maintained partorisca create me partorisca verify on the reasons sleep so only is his bed like the rock partorisca 5 hours!! A sleep of the next night included longer and when awake on him quietly walked down a room that tugs his new coverage in our room. Of then we buy this is to have a better, more restful sleep of his life! It has helped his so much. Thank you Partorisca This fantastic product!!
5 / 5 Elna
Mina 8 year the old glorious daughter has question closing his brain was so that it can take the other of good nights. It has not taken the nap in of the years. You are diagnosed with ADHD the few years done. It have listened in these coverages and some effects to calm have in of the boys with ADHD, the expensive autism for my daughter to purchase, as has thinks that that it take to help his better sleep. My daughter has said to take a Day navideño of the coverage, crawled down the and has taken his prime minister nap in of the years and slept for 3 hours. It is sleeping better that has for quite a lot of some rests that way! Like this far of the money are better has spent.
4 / 5 Hyman
Bought this for mine 4 old year with sensory subjects. Bedtime Has been always to struggle for him with creating multiple time to postpone falling slept or wake on multiple time during an unable night to remain asleep. In turn, this deprivation of sleep has caused to have some behaviours during a day. I included taken to a point where gives melatonin reason does not fall slept until hours after being put to bed. It has been using his weighted coverage for almost the week now and has slept so much better. It has been falling slept inside an hour to be put to bed. It has been that remains slept by means of a night. It has been included taking naps during a day. And his behaviours are markedly better. Ossia A compraventa has better fact in enough some time. A quality of a product is a lot of value your money.
4 / 5 Ardith
My Edges with ASD loves it! A weight is distributed equally and loves a soft feels. We have tried a lot weighted the coverages and ossia of the best one has found. Really They like Him the dinosaurs and some Dinosaurs to sleep in this coverage are a awesome touch. We will be to buy more!
4 / 5 Emmie
So only we receive a coverage for our ASD edges those who has required the warmest option for a punctual-to-be fresh time and a weight also hopefully help the sleep the long plus. Like this far, a coverage and the coverage are exactly that search. His both have washed well in our car in cold wash and an air of coverage-has dried amiably (the coverage has dried well down in ours dryer). Amur A construction of a coverage! It looks done very good and is comfortable to dip with closing without a súper soft minky coverage on that. A coverage is adorable ( take a sleepy dinosaurs to go with the motive of chamber of the dinosaur of our edges) and soft and easy to dip on, especially reasons a coverage has the loops have sewed in to join a brilliant—of coverage! Also it loves that a coverage has the fund of zip in place of keys. Our edges and the daughter has tried so much a coverage was and was both comfortable with him on, as we can require buy another in a future for his hips. And perhaps an adult-sized one for me and hubby. First impressions are a lot well in this weighted coverage with coverage. Solid construction , sure, comfy and easy to dip on coverage, distribution of good weight throughout.
4 / 5 Mafalda
I have researched weighted coverages for the first month to purchase two of these. There is no external coverage, a side is the cloth of decorative shot and another east to soft flannel, aim. I doubt this coverage can be washed but like both are used for adults this does not concern me. I have bought a measure of twin 15 coverage of book and find it perfect (I follows 5' 9' 170lbs) helps the asleep fall, the question for me, and is a lot comforting. The distribution of weight is same by means of a whole coverage and some details to sew is excellent. The cloth is durable and appeal. Had the subject of the nave but a vendor have achieved was mine immediately and followed until I sell has received my mandate and has been satisfied. An only with this that this coverage is a lot of type! Felizmente, has purchased of then two, was able to use my paper of Amazon and pay on are month.
5 / 5 Marlys
Amur This coverage! My daughter is autistic and has some sensory subjects. A material of mink is súper soft master a bit the swipes in a fund likes to rub them. Some colours are vibrant. My only critique is I desire there are more bonds in an interior to join down one inserts coverage more. Literally I received it so only yesterday but like this far it was a lot of value of the money.

The update there has been 3 days... And it has slept by means of one prejudices every night. First of this coverage that has not been an awake chance on anywhere of 2 to 7 times the night. Any one has done this coverage is the GODSEND!!!! Of a fund of the working, student, heart of alone mammas THANK YOU!!
4 / 5 Adolph
A coverage is like this soft and cosy. My edges loves a sleepy dinosaurs. But a transmission is gone in his sleep . Mina 3.5 old year has had question falling slept for some last 6 months, and the question that the rests have slept by means of a night of then is been born. One a lot before night uses a coverage was able to fall asleep easier and has not taken more than 10 minutes the week. His nightmares have decreased, and any one has required to fall behind asleep in a half of a night of then using it. Has has used also he for 'time of cold' when it takes house of preschool. Already I see the difference in him. You beg this coverage would do a trick and he is tried to be ours grace to save. The desire would have thought roughly the sooner. It can not speak to the to durability likes there is there was it so only of the week, but although he shredded tomorrow would buy another. Value each penny.

Top Customer Reviews: Kore Kids Wobble ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5 Latina
Perfecto partorisca mine 5 & 8 year old boys that does not seat still, but amour partorisca draw. It maintains him in his office in planting to draw in my paving!
5 / 5 Fermina
My edges absolutely can not seat still and this chair takes to in fact of stay in his office. Highly recommend for active kid the one who mecer in his chairs.
4 / 5 Kimbery
Awesome Flexible seating partorisca students of special education!
5 / 5 Carolyne
To to My five old year likes his in of a room
5 / 5 Christina
Wants to these and like this do my students!
4 / 5 Jefferey
My students want these stools. They can wiggle and the movement and the stay have directed!
5 / 5 Elvie
5 / 5 Mona
This is to be purchase for the professor of nursery of my daughter. You are 1 in his ready to the equal that assume are adds.
5 / 5 Lenore
My prime minister graders amour these wobble stools!! Like this easy to dip near and to the left is wiggle so only the little while they still take his work done!!

Top Customer Reviews: Joovy Foocot Child ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Sadye
We buy this he roughly done 4 month in anticipation of our recent holidays. We do not have the pak do not play it and I have not planned on not purchasing never one. Once a joovy has arrived, dipped that up in a living room each one once in the moment partorisca a bit lose to take used his. Immediately it knows that it is paralización ( is in daycare and have nap time on mattress of cradle in a paving), but has not taken never the nap or has slept on he still although there is mentido on that. One first night vacacional fall out of him three times ( is no more than 1 feet of a paving), a next night (new room) two times, and with which does not fall out of him again. Disclosure fill - some first three nights leave his asleep fall in our first bed to transfer to a cot. I will say that we were in the room with two beds of queen and with which tries and error, has dipped a cot in a space among some two read and has has used pillows to fill any empty around a cot. Considering that my daughter still sleeps in the cradle, thinks the work adds with a cot, taking used his in just the few days. It was already familiarised with a cot and has loved that, but now thinks that to want to it even more of then is his own bed . It moves the plot when it sleeps, as having a cot wedged among some beds have left to move but still feel sure. Has 20 month , 23lbs, 34'. To good sure can recommend this cot for boys those who already are sleeping in converted cradles or toddler read. If your girl is still in the cradle (likes mine), then the present the few first months of the travesía big. Also it loves that it is súper portable and compact. You could probably gone back he in the big chance. I last the long time and I am happy with this compraventa.

UPDATE: a year later and ossia one purchases all want to. It loves sleep in the and does for the prejudices travel much easier; all the world takes the at night good sleep . Usually I create the soyattress'; with the coverage bent or quilt, covered by the discharge of cradle. Highly recommend!

2018 UPDATE: Still it loves the, still the use. Has the second boy now and uses for him too much. We have had the accident to vomit on he - I has taken he to a bath and has used a hand-held shower and the scrubber to clean. It has then left opens at night and the air dried it. Well Like this new. This cot is a better.
4 / 5 Edythe
It has received so only ours today and looks the very little cot. Well done with the system to close to prevent folding cloth and reinforced accidentel partorisca durability. Pockets of good measure in both sides partorisca sippy cup or ipad. I will look for to update on consolation after our travesía of country of the cross

has Update: resisted on adds during our travesía and two wait of week for our hhg. Our 4yr old asleep adds on that. Our 1yr old has taken included the little naps on really treats it well for mine 6 year for the provisional bed until our material arrives in our new place. Prize quite down to maintain his of a paving
4 / 5 Ursula
These are really pleasant, durable and easy for boys to exit and pops on his ( I has the 5 and 3 year). An only with really is that it is quite short. Mina 5 old year is 45 big thumbs and has extended was with the pillow his feet hang era.

STILL LOVES It! They used it so only by night to film like this far. You like dipped the afterwards to the each one like this of another and share the big coverage.

Tried quell'was to comfort wise and his well, has admitted are an adult lol, but probably to are it bit it more comfortable with the nap foreign on that... But my boys do not have any subject with them :)
5 / 5 Estela
Our edges has slept always in his cradle and game & of the band without the inclination to trace was, as we have not annoyed converting to the bed of big boy. But it is not the little type anymore and is taking too big to sleep in a game & of band when we travel. He nap in the foreigner in colegiala but was the wheels of has bitten roughly that comes from ponerprpers to the bed without sides in the place concealed has not been childproofed. This has said, order a Joovy Foocot at the head of the travesía of weekend to visit friends and relative. Ideal of look - light, portable, comfortable, takes a boy of a paving of hotel, etc. Among spending it pouch with zip and strap to launch in your arm, and is in a measure of the chair to camp. Very light! Easily it develops and it is ensured with the clip, and boom! Has the cot! It is a lot of sturdy and does not touch when it seats in some arrivals of a cot. We add to matt to foam on, to pillow and his coverage and was perfect. Are interested in a cot of an a lot of start! It have said to be the bed of place and big boy down in the, took tucked in and with minima shenanigans, the sleep on prejudices it whole. A next day folds it up and has taken he in the house of my mamma partorisca nap time. We were skeptical that in fact uses it reason would be to leave a room and there is a capacity to protest nap and so only in the follow was. But no, it have taken once it has solved it sleep for an hour and the half on that. Again, any question that takes. We are to excite in this cot, like this simple is to transport/use and the one who comfortable look when it sleeps on that. Looking forward to using it on much more travesías!
4 / 5 Lorrie
Excellent quality. Fold Easily and has the stock exchange of good storage so that a cot transports easily. I have purchased it plans of big waterproof tampons and corners of the triangle sewed out of the shirt of some old men in the each corner to do the waterproof tampons am returned. For the discharges have purchased the cotton knits spent of cradle. To do a bit lateralmente accessible pockets, goes some flanges of a discharge of cradle. I wish a company has done covers and the waterproof tampons of cotton am returned.
4 / 5 Virginia
These pink boys cot has travelled well to visit vacacionales of the grandparents. A stock exchange has maintained a cot has contained the character has commented on taking only small spaces. Strongly it recommends this compraventa. Some parents were very happy his boy there has been his own special sleeping space.
5 / 5 Alvera
Ossia Add it cot. We had bought the resemblances cot but have the habit of of different mark reason was listing likes election of the amazons and he have broken with which 7 month and has had so only to 6 guarantee of month. As maintaining found purchasing is one. Ossia Way better quality and has had additional latch in the side the help ensures a frame. The accesses of discharge of the cradle perfectly on that. Perfect access for our 3 old year. Our daughter loves a bit side pouches for his toys or of the drinks. We use this to sleep overs in grandmas.
5 / 5 Tomika
Used for the 3.5 old year and one 18 old month for the holidays familiarised. A young plus one has gone is gone in a night to a couch the cushions have had to surround a cot in the chance spends, but an old one more has slept all prejudices it long. The fact adds to use the discharge of cradle. They do not aim any wear after using several nights in the row.
5 / 5 Son
We use these four two travesías for our tallish three year; the total of roughly 6 nights. It sleeps well in a cot and can not be easier that dip up or go down and tent in a stock exchange. Also it looks resistant to absorb liquids and smells. An only desire has is that has had the built in device or something in the each corner to resist down he fleece coverage, but can see reason there is not one. A discharge of cradle returns a cot amiably. Happy has chosen this cot on some another.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Deeann
The period was perfect! Very soft and good quality.
5 / 5 Tessie
I have bought these partorisca my edges' raisin of cupboard partorisca substitute some doors broken economic. They are súper pleasant and look fantastic with new orange wall ours. A prize added is that they are amused really partorisca hide in!

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Evonne
Measure: the reigned/Full(1 duvet has spent + 2 pillowcases)Colour: Luxury Green Amour!! Amur!!! Amur!!! A Green by heart. It has not had Never the green colour duvet coverage. Has thinks that that this colour would look a lot intrepid and hurt the eyes but I was bad. It IS such the good and beautiful colour.
The material is very soft and comfortable.
Promised that this will change a whole look of your room.
5 / 5 Aurore
Measure: the reigned/Full(1 duvet has spent + 2 pillowcases)Colour: Floral Mine 9 old year loves it!!! Sper Soft, and some colours are surprising!!!
5 / 5 Margorie
Measure: the reigned/Full(1 duvet has spent + 2 pillowcases)Colour: Floral buy this partorisca ours daughter of 11 years. You love it! A comforter is coming quickly. A packaging was adds! His bed is the full measure - calm so much can see, arrivals partorisca match a lot of colours! It IS it says to any place in a dryer, this in spite of use the low setting and he am exited well- the little wrinkly, but easy to straighten.
5 / 5 Bonita
Measure: King(1 duvet has spent + 2 pilowcases)Colour: Blossom A model is very enough. I know it is for daughters, this in spite of my husband and I both like a coverage and has taken for our chamber. An access is well, and taste that of a coverage has the zip.
5 / 5 Chantay
Measure: the reigned/Full(1 duvet has spent + 2 pillowcases)Colour: the Floral colour is beautiful

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lyndsey
It is true to has has specified measures, a shag is the good height, the creation is cleaned, and a model is same. Súper Has Excited partorisca begin to decorate around the this!
4 / 5 Avril
This coverage is absolutely gorgeous! I have purchased 5 of these coverages in of the measures and of the colours have resupplied now, like this obviously are the big defender ! I find a quality and prize partorisca be unbeatable.

This coverage looks it the way cost more than has done in fact. I snagged his on when some prizes are gone down, but if you do not have a patience partorisca east, is a lot of value some regular prizes. Here it is that it has finalised partorisca pay for each:

-$ 100: 6'7 x 9'3 Charcoal/Lattice of Cream.
-$ 55: 60' x 84' Lattice/of Cream of Ash.
-$ 27: 39' x 60' Lattice/of Cream of Ash.
-$ 129: 6'7 x 9'3 Turquoise (Solid).
-$ 55: 60' x 84' Charcoal/Lattice of Cream (Corridor).

A battery is date adds and texture; he an incredibly soft coverage and classy looking. It is it covers a space in the each room has situated one in (living room, office, chambers, and the corridor in a hallway) and is extremely cosy... Quite comfortable to fall slept on. Rueda was perfectly, has included a first day, and he a lot of slide around and rests stationary in of the multiple surfaces, comprising carpets, travertine, and same forest flooring (without a anti-slip kill).

Is concerned roughly that spill, the other has ensured this coverage will not leave you down. With each a have purhased, so only lose the few edges a first day when I have dipped was. He looses the little more a first month; with which this, is scarce to find any loose edges.

A coverage is easy to maintain clean with routine vacuuming. It is also resistant the staining. Have takes diverse loss with more cleaned of spray of the carpet and the paintbrush of thicket. In spite of the influx in bylines of adolescents in my house, accompanied by traffic of heavy foot, multiple pets, and constant use, is remained really cleaned.

Import, has bought 5 of these coverages to date. Out of this compraventa, one wrong the measure has been rid on 2 seperate occasions. They are not deducting any Stars of my description because a vendor was incredibly aim correct a @@subject so that time, and without any hassle in my final. This in spite of, call any the one who buy this coverage to confirm that a colour/of the measure and the creation are correct to received. More than taking fallido and leaving bad feedback, give a vendor an occasion of the correct first.
4 / 5 Yi
It has received so only my carpet today! I love it! I have bought one 7' 10' x 9' 10' for my living room. I have it down my couch now still to help maintain he in place, need the any tampon of slip under the to maintain he of sliding around. Has material in the to press an end of a carpet down, hopefully help. It do not have any smell besides a smell of normal new carpet, hardly noticeable at all if any one. In this picture there is already vacuumed he in a 'big carpet' the setting & has not had any subject. Take on the week to take here. Packing Was so only the fat plastic, but has had any subject with harm. In general, I love this carpet & would recommend it! It has forgotten to add is quite plush & the soft feels, any súper soft but my two little some & our boxer has loved to go around on that!
5 / 5 Isreal
It was súper sceptic roughly buying the on-line carpet, but honradamente First have me ordering the things would not have considered never buying without seeing or feeling thanks to some police of turn! With which weeks to go tent to store, looking in everything of expensive to economic, was clear has not been to find the big coverage that is cost walking on partorisca under the few dollars of hundred in better, and to good sure has not been to take one with the good model. As I have taken the casualidad and has ordered. With this be has said, this coverage is fantastic! He fluffed up inside an hour, flanges uncurled and flat places after a day, and with which 1 month is even more fluffy and full. It feels he adds, looks adds, want to it!
4 / 5 Easter
It have found the Alike coverage in another website that was $ 270 and concealed has not comprised nave. I have continued my investigation and I am happy has done . I have found this shag the coverage and I love it. If you are the owner of pet your hair of the dog will not stick to like another ! I have been surprised and nervous, but my hair of the dogs does not take entangled in this coverage at all. A coverage is extremely soft and beautiful , has purchased a corridor for my way of the entrance and I receive complete in the all a time !
4 / 5 Yadira
Rings the ash of coverage with the normalised the emphasis a red couch in mine living room, and this one is exactly that has loved! The comparable ways have found was around $ 165-$ 300 in another web of places, as when this is to fall to $ 95 I has been advance and purchased it. I have ordered 6'7' for 9'3' and it was not weighed too much; has the bad back but was still able of the take in mine living room. A charcoal the colour is the little lighter that looks in of the pictures, which is to exit well to the equal that have loved the more ash that black. When I have developed a coverage, is the little broken and wavy, but after leaving the pieces of furniture have weighed on he for the few hours and rubbing he with my feet to fluff he on, a gaze of utmost coverage! It is quite soft also. Smell Quite strongly of chemicals at the beginning but has opened the window and concealed looks to be that they help. Thus prize are very happy with cost of mine!
5 / 5 Leota
I am spent the number of the months that looks for the coverage for my living room. I have read to everything to some descriptions liked them in the first place of the which saw and has ordered this coverage. It avenges in a date promised for delivery. I have taken he out of a box and could not expect dipped he in mine living. Look a lot enough. A cushioning and Shag was very soft in our feet. All the world has loved that. This has been rid yesterday evening 3-20 2018. Has awake on this morning to find this. My fear is is 24 old hours less and have there is had not included the occasion to really maintain it the base of. Has the 5 old year the small dog and has not been included long enough to be vacuumed. It likes- one coverage to plot and would like me take the Transmission for an exact same a. It excepts A concealed does not have this defect untangled free . As I Go roughly doing east?
5 / 5 Jenell
Ossia One first description has not written never, and my husband and I have been using Amazon for years. It recommends this coverage to any one! I have bought this coverage two month ago and is better been that it could have imagined. It is súper soft and fluffy. Perfecto for my edges concealed has has begun attractive only until a couch to be, and frequently falls. This coverage done the fall cushioned well. Any precise any additional cushioning.
I vacuum Every day, and there is still to see even an edge is exited a coverage.
Has taken stains on he (two big dogs, the creature, and clumsy me) and he still withstood a carpet shampooer! So only I have dipped it has been in a sun to dry, and well like this new.
A smell of the new carpet has not gone too terrible. If you can open some the calm windows any the would remark . Otherwise My scentcy the waxes covered it and my husband there is not remarked any odora. It says First nave, but has taken 6 days to rid. But I no really cured. It give 10 tin of stars .

Edits description added
Well! I have had this coverage for well the year now, and that resists on way that a day bought it. ( It has been shampooed long) any one a piece of this carpet has not gone down never of point, and is not madded down at all after the fast vaccum. When originally I have written my description roughly it awesome a prize is, a 60x84 has was $ 55 ANY $ 105. THIS In spite of , due to the fact that it has resisted the a lot of on, to good sure still pays a double prize for him. Really the coverage adds!
4 / 5 Justina
Thickness and fluffy. Creation and good-looking colour. Excellent quality for a prize. Some dimensions are roughly 2' smaller in the width and the period that a listing says, which has done perfect for me
4 / 5 Roseline
Good-looking coverage! I can not believe this coverage is like this economic! It is main quality that the coverage am spent more money in the tent of big final.