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Top Customer Reviews: Lodge ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Lucile
We use this casserole for everything except eggs. It has had east or for enough the while now so chair as and can give the description of the term the long plus. In the One to him sews to elder does not like him in this casserole is that no his to like is coming sufficiently pre seasoned, as we look for on of some videos and instructions and he. It opens to Be as More i uses a casserole a better apresamiento. My husband and I so much only Fly this thing. An only thing does not look to cook well is eggs. There it looks to be the bit of the curve to learn when comes to launch dish, but once the imagine was, is very enjoyable to cook on and some beginnings of delicious lunches.

Tips in this season it: there are a lot of opinions in that oil to use but went us only with mere ole oil of vegetable. We have done sure a casserole was clean, then coated he with the thin cloak of oil. We pose in the to oven likes him preheated the until 475 of titles. Once it avenges in temperature, gone back was and the the wing left only some chairs of casserole in there until he fresh. An aim is in 'the burn was' an oil, like the door is spent a point to smoke until it take it dry and take in a casserole. That is to say that extends well. Us This 3 or 4 times, but a More i uses the best nonstick the surface .

Tips: it does not wash with soap, the undress. We purchase the take the current scrubber this wants use. It looks to the help softens was the small too many, but this could be in my leader. Quan Clean the only use a scrubber and hot water. A More i uses a casserole an easier apresamiento to clean.
Quan Final to clean the, does not leave it has put. It rusts. Only we pose the backside in a stove with a burner on until it is dry. Easy.
Maintains in importing that dish of the mould very exactly heats equally, but heat of wineries well. These only ways that has to it you sufficiently preheat a casserole before only ensure included cookery.

In general wants this casserole! Only the improvement every time uses it.
5 / 5 Dorotha
A lot it wants this dish to adapt 10 inch skillet of Lodge! I have debated for the long time or not purchasing a, For me, the compraventa like this is in a inversion, and wants my inversion in last the long time.. I also very cual a fact that that is to say to do in some the EUA. The American has done the products are only very easy to find anymore. But really, a test in a quality of this dish of mussel was obvious when and the bread done of corn of the potato and has baked he in an oven in this skillet. Beginning also and brown and moist. I am closing pictures, as you can see one cooks of good road a bread of corn in so much an upper and melts bread. Sad, a casserole in a first picture is the look of greasy bit.... It have cooked in a casserole and then wash and oiled the. If calm like this revise, please click an useful button under a description. I help me to know if my people of help of the descriptions.
5 / 5 Tomas
I know he the gazillion informs already, but is used dish of mussel of the Lodge cookware the gazillion time, can not resist weigh in. If again you are taking to spend launched, reads the bouquet of some first critical refusals ... And discover people that is truly (often innocently) clueless in a preparation, cure and use of dish of eternal mould cookware.

HAS the bouquet of Lodge skillets, the griddle, two Dutch ovens and the pot with the self-basting lid that spends in also accesses one of my skillets as well as my new boss skillet. Have wanted to very the skillet with the sides have rounded, mostly for an egg and tortilla casserole. In $ 15, a LCS3 is to rob it, considering or can find or provide vintage Griswold.

Likes him all the Accommodation, comes pre-seasoned, which simply bad has the coating of oil that prevents oxidation. This season is not that it marks no-clave. These cookeries with marks. Out of a box, has enjoyed a cathartic ritual to bake four more cloaks of oil in a season which has turned he the lovely black, shiny. Then, I have pressed he to maintain like the no-marvel of clave.

Some people queixen in a 'pebbly' texture of a casserole, some same that testifies that that is to say a reason alimentary clave ... Injustice. Pertinent temperature and the pertinent quantities of fats are some tones to cook no-clave. A 'pebbly' the ways of texture at all. Besides, with the use has continued, a 'pebbly' the texture will turn in the smooth-so much-surface of silk. All my Lodge has been that suffices used to to achieve this point (excepts, of course, this marks new piece.)

Has the plot of utmost videos on Youtube concealed can teach you that to cook with and cure for your dish of mould, but can attach he up in the jiffy. Always preheat your dish of mussel in the half / heats down premier, until slightly it smoke. Lower a heat slightly. It attaches butter, oil or other fats that is temperature of room or cold. Cloak A subordinated and sides. It attaches your alimentary and look it slide around. Quan Final, rinse with hot water; if has fond in a casserole, scrapes with the scraper of nylon and the rinse has been. I dry a dish of mussel in a stove upper burner and then dry down with the a lot of lights of oil of the cover. You are ready for a next use. (This coating slightly will smoke when achieves pertinent temperature, signifying when to attach your fats of cookery.)

Another that an initial wash-low out of a box, personally does not use soap in my dish of mussel. Some mark of people. It averts to cook with liquids and acidic lunches like the tomatoes or the vinegars or calm surely will be re-seasoning yours casserole before the praise. The good class, and good cookery. And it take a maxim of boss: 'Hot casserole, cold fat.'
1 / 5 Dan
I have ordered this so that has the dish of mussel of casserole to store smaller for years that I amour and has wanted the big plus a to complete. Even so four month after the purchase while hot verse on oil of olive in half
Big temp , while it was in a cookery dicing garlic for him , has listened that sounded like the gunshot and expsito that a breaking of casserole in two. The photo has attached. Alas it is spent a date of tower. I am disappointed so that has good experience with this product before and to the any explanation likes him so of the little of the minutes of heat could cause fracture. It has to launch a casserole.
5 / 5 Shirl
I want to this skillet! I have used he in a stove:gas and electrical(in of the cups of the glass does not tug this skillet in the, lines a glass) as well as in of the shoots he alfresco. They possess that it hangs 8 month now and still looks new as 8 month ago. Mark sure to research so to clean your dish of mussel cookware and always heats the until evaporating any humidity to surface after cleaning in front of oiling. He a lot of different lunches in of the this, Utica Green, bacon, eggs, steak, pizza...Etc. Everything is exited perfect. Conscious when being this skillet is enormous like the mark sure has room for the tent and he are also heavy...Enough 12 the free to you thinks, as my woman has the problem these movements the, also need 2 hands to spend a sucker especially when his uploaded with feeding! It says that it buys this again, but see this skillet durable for ever!
1 / 5 Marguerita
I have bought this skillet the small while he he and has been surprised what rough an arrival of surface was. It seats what sandpaper. Donat All some positive critics, has expected the main quality. After some research expsitos instructional videos on that to grind this Lodge skillets smooth, but this has time for that? I have found two other American producers of dish have launched that come with the rights of smooth arrival out of a box: Stargazer and Finex. A Finex the looks that interest but is gone with a Stargazer so that it is fully machined down the half a prize. It looks he likes him done a right call. A creation am add, an arrival of surface is sper smooth, and cook like the field. If you are reading this description, you favour and raisins in a Lodge. They go with a Stargazer instead. It IS very estimate a inversion.
5 / 5 Delmar
That is to say my third lodge skillet. Typically it uses mine 12 inch for everything, but live only, and that is to say perfect for the eggs or the cheese have roasted. My main tip that beats to store preseasoned dish of mould---'washed he' first. It does not use soap, but use the stainless steel scrubber and hot water and thoroughly thicket a whole thing inside and out. Then dry the in heats of means in a stove, poses the thin cloak of oil during a casserole with the paper towel and then 'baked' a dish of mussel in an oven in 450 titles until it begin it to smoke and stink. The Amiable of smells chemically. Once smell it, gone back a stove was, left a dish of mussel cools in an oven, take it was, and is ready to use. It can take the time of pair before it is perfectly nonstick. Among each use I thicket he with a stainless steel scrubber and drought and hot water in heat of half in a stove. It rubs more the oil on afterwards dry in the each 10 use to time the, or when the looks dry. The May HAS HAD TO rebake the. My twelve inch has been perfect for years and this one is well in his road. Interview so down. The quality adds , weighed.
5 / 5 Tess
This casserole does not leave never a stove. I use it at least once the day, is so versatile.

A small history: for the years there is the 10 1/2' dish of ancient mould skillet, but with six people to be able to, was also cramped. More, some the big sides he difficult to do a bit cooking, like sauting. As I have given he in the partner of church and has bought the 12' Lodge skillet and one All-Clad the casserole jumped.

Has wanted a casserole of dish of big mould when cooking for a whole group, but could any never take used to a casserole of stainless steel jumped. He no radiate so that the heat like the dish has launched , and was always material in of the llamas with him. As I have launched that or in a cupboard with each an another material I own but does not use . I am sure he will give it was someday.

This Boss of Lodge Skillet was that it looked for. A sloped the sides leave me jumped only cual with a casserole of stainless steel, the more can judge is too hot only to pose my hand the apropa in him. That can any any cook with this thing? I jumped veggies, sandwiches of the marks of cheese have roasted, fries eggs, reheat tortillas, mark omelets, sear steaks, and sausage of gravy to mark to continue cookies. That is to say the real workhorse of my cookery. You can see why it do not leave it never my stovetop.

IS quite big to handle more works, but no so heavy that my boys can not use. (It can not say that for one 12' unit) I reseasoned the the bouquet of time with flax oil in the oven of 500 titles. A estaciona of the factory is well, but is not antibala likes him flight.

Has found that use this skillet, one 12' skillet, he 6-fourth enameled oven of Dutch, he 2-fourth saucepan and the casserole of half cloak for almost everything of some marks of cookery in our cookery. An another material those attacks around our cupboards (like a stockpot or a casserole to roast or a big griddle this has taken two burners or a muffin casserole or a bone of pizza) only takes pulled has been for special occasions. Can give it it was the averages of him and probably never look.

Expects that this help done the good decision in that skillet to buy. IMHO, Goes with the dish has launched; never he lament yours.
5 / 5 Maple
Perfecto for egg muffin sandwiches, is some height and right measures after cooking compared in a soyc' mark. It IS one has found more after the a lot of years to try. If the calm has not wanted never do your own egg muffin house, this casserole is one one to use.
5 / 5 Bettyann
Loooove This skillet. 10 inch is the wonderful measure and is my walnut to go-in. Fact in America!!

Walmart Regularly HAS these in utmost prizes also.

For any WALNUT to launch dish, highly would suggest to visit theculinaryfanatic ready likes him the web of place like the for tent for enough all sew spends them launched. Jeffrey B Rogers The work adds that marks info before rights and publishing a lot of videos to walk his audience through everything of restablecimiento, debugging, seasoning, and maintaining dish of mussel. There is also the 'Cookery of Dish of the Mould' facebook group with almost 300k members that is very useful. Only beware that a clave of pin, even so DENSE with useful info, is very very the time and that overwhelms for this new to launch dish. Some administrators of the group also has the habit to answer at most of recently arrived with esanuncio a FAQ'/'that it can the to him be found in a FAQ', although a clave asks some thorough or subjective plus info or opinions that is offered in a clave has nailed. Any road a FB the group is an advantage yes is new in also the product like this Stores 10 inch skillet

Top Customer Reviews: Lodge Enameled ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Devin
Measure: 6 QtColor: the Red uselessness has represented !!! The lodge says done in Amsterdam but in a small impression this product is done in china. His enameled the material is all the rubbishes of the china done. If I have loved rubbish of the china done would not have paid more than way that has been represented like this done in Amsterdam . If there is give me this was china the rubbishes done first of my window of turn there is expired would be it RETURNED.
5 / 5 Serena
Measure: 6 QtColor: the red was terribly disappointed partorisca receive my pot today. I have been that looks forward to partorisca receive this and coming partorisca find that an iron of the mussel with ceramic coating is done in Cina. It is red brilliant and has not been has done your investigation, but would not trust brightly ceramic painted that causes in Cina like some colours is likely to contain advantage and cadmium. I have bought a Lodge reason is a mark done American that means a ceramic is sure. As there is disappointed. This will be partorisca go back.
5 / 5 Asia
Measure: 6 QtColor: the red has purchased partorisca Lodge EC6D43 Enameled Iron of Mould Dutch Oven, 6-Quart, Red of Spice of the Island on January 31, 2017. With which so only two uses, now have the small chip in an interior of a bowl. It does not use of the utensils of the medal and the instructions of priest have followed. After reading feedback of amazon, there looks partorisca be the number of people with alike questions. I am expecting partorisca listen behind Lodge, but probably would owe that it has gone with the product of main final.

UPDATE: I have contacted Lodge in an in subject. After the pocolos emails partorisca clear and pictures, there is agreed to partorisca ship me the substitution. Partorisca Arrive to this point, am impressed really a way is for behind his product. I have decided to change my indication of 1 to 4 stars.

UPDATE 2: I have received a new Lodge cookware as there is remarked on. After unpacking, has found two small zones that was ruff to a touch. Have rubbed slightly one with my toe and an upper coating am fallen off. Another stable of look of the zone. Like this now I have two pieces with a same type of defect. I have contacted Lodge again, but has not listened anything more than them. I have decided to give up in a subject. The indication has behind changed to 1 star.
5 / 5 Dorethea
Measure: 6 QtColor: the Red look adds and has wished the that could maintain. A worry is is done in Cina... Concerned With an enamel that is toxic possibly. It will be necessary returns it and the hope there has no hefty load to ship.
5 / 5 Precious
Measure: 6 QtColor: Blue When you look for the Dutch Oven partorisca my woman, has chosen a a fact partorisca Store why have thought that that it was done in some the EUA. It was a lot disappointed, when I opened it on last night partorisca sees it has been done in Cina. They are still he disappointed he more than reading by means of a description of product, and in a section in a Lodge of company, directs a consumer partorisca believe everything of is launched iron cookware is Done in Tennessee. This really looks partorisca be dud advertising, any for Lodge or for Amazon. Has think that purchased the Fact in a product of EUA, but has received instead the Fact in pot of Cina. Admitted so only open a Dutch Oven last night, can do a lot well. But mostly, I am disappointed, fallido, and disturbed by a dud announcing.
5 / 5 Danika
Measure: 6 QtColor: Red This is to result my pot to cook gone . He everything. If you are limited in spatial launch each thing was and take this Dutch Oven. I have cooked paste, the sausage has fried, the eggs and the confusion fry. Marcos the pot adds roasts in an oven. Works on all cooking surfaces, cup of glass, gas, and induction.

Ossia An update . This casserole has lost is enamel shortly after a first month of use. Impossible result partorisca cook anything , excepts water without him sticking. Terrible investment. Apparently any one the defective element, as I have bought measures it the smallest and a same thing is spent. Buyer beware!
5 / 5 Marg
Measure: 6 QtColor: Blue Ossia the very big quality dutch oven, very reasonably priced and an excellent value. Has the pair of commentaries partorisca do regarding my selection of this product and an experience of service of client of Amazon:

- I originally has purchased this locally, this in spite of afterwards verify a price in the amazon am returned a product to a local tent and ordered it here, in of the substantial savings.

- I has verified partorisca on-line descriptions of some diverse dutch produced of available oven, and this model of Lodge is estimated generally main or very big compared to another. For example, in wirecutter point with has the long evaluation of dutch ovens, with a conclusion that this model of Lodge is sound chooses. His hips like a Cuisinart CI670-30CR Classical Boss Enameled Iron of Mould 7-Quart Coverage of Casserole of the Round, and of course estimate one Lucido Crisol Signs Enameled Iron of Mussel 5-1/2-Quart the French round (Dutch) Oven a lot highly. If I never am able to spend $ 300 or like this partorisca the dutch the oven then certainly will fill our cookery with this as well as another Lucido Crisol produced (and will be sure partorisca take at least one in his colour of Orange Llama, which is an original colour before they have begun partorisca offer the full palette of elections). They are sure that one Lucido Crisol the products are absolutely glorious, but in a moment think that that these products of Lodge will do so only well.

A 6-Fourth measured that has purchased is in his point for our needs - is big, and heavy, but the looks adds in a blue arrival, with big and opportunely sized bosses.

Now to the left relate me my experience with purchasing this on Amazon. One first Lodge dutch the oven has received of the amazon there has been the very small imperfection in an arrival of enamel of the interior. I have known that another reviewers here there is posted complained regarding defective enamel or broken and for like this decided partorisca contact service of client of the Amazon partorisca see if the transmission could be fact . I have not wanted to have doubts in a durability of term with a longitude of this dutch oven and has wanted to begin was with one this was like this free of defects like possible. Amazon Very amiably agreed to send the substitution, any question has asked. Ossia Service of glorious client and is that it has experienced in several occasions of Amazon while I have purchased something here and there has been a subject with him (which is infrequent).

For a way, both times a product has been shipped is packaging of own factory , which is map very heavy and gives a dutch the oven protects excellent. I remark that one of another reviewers suggests to ask extra packaging, but personally does not seat concealed is necessary. It takes some very serious mishandling to break a pot when protected how is packaged, and was immediately obvious when receiving a container conceals had spent, without even that opens a box to inspect a pot.

Will update this in a future has any remarkable points, good or bad, to add.
4 / 5 Rufina
Measure: 3 QtColor: Red I are not he picky the person and is very very scarce partorisca me partorisca give the product 2 star!
Has to that say that it was very happy when it take this product . It looks so only like my old big mamma Lucido Crisol the Dutch oven and is much more economic.
Some first two cooks experience (braise short ribs and done some casserole in oven with 375 terracing) was well, law well and was easy to clean. But today when I brown chicken heart, has listened of the pop and an oven looks like this following pic. I propose that I have followed all a listing of what in an instruction, has washed he manually, no partorisca the heat never when it is empty. So only I can you say that it take that it has paid it!
5 / 5 Rosanna
Measure: 7.5 QtColor: Blue has given 5 stars to a Lodge EC7D33 Enameled Iron of Mould Dutch Oven partorisca a lot of reasons. First be that it resist it on adds down use to regulate. I have expected 15 month partorisca do this description was reason the time slipped for like this quickly, but usually when I buy cookware and the appliances of cookery expect the 6-8 month partorisca see resist up or fail. This one has resisted on final. I have used iron of mussel cookware partorisca on 30 years now. Knowing that the enamel is very easy to the chip extracted likes is glass. Extra cured volume any partorisca use utensils of metal in them and any to drench them never in of waters he partorisca long periods partorisca time first to clean them. As with all the iron of mould I always heat them arrive dulcemente, never dry and never directly to big heat reason conceal partorisca beat it done a chip of enamel or pop was. A same thing as heating them first to clean them precise leave them partorisca cool down first.. Partorisca Clean my Enameled Iron of the mould so only uses the shabby green Scotch-Brite Tampon with some soap of thicket and plan cleaned he has required. The mine is still inner well and aim and unchipped after a lot of years of use. A new plus one is a Lodge EC7D33 uses it weekly and am happy with him like this far... If it resists on while mine another old Lodge Enameled Iron of Mussel Cookware has, this one will be around longitude with which have gone...
4 / 5 Lucia
Measure: 7.5 QtColor: Blue Ossia the description of Lodge EC7D43 Enameled Iron of Mould Dutch Oven, , Red of Spice of the Island

has used always a lot-of the pots of clave and casseroles, and has been recently dulcemente that it substitutes that with material of better quality. Some first things partorisca go was some frying pans , of then substituted with iron of traditional mould (and felizmente as). I have it that there is wanted always a enameled iron of mould dutch oven, but is not economic. I in the first place looked in a Lucido Crisol mark and I almost died of accident in a price. Yikes! The amazon pulled on a Lodge like an alternative and of then love my casseroles of iron of mussel of lodge, has thinks that would try out of a enameled dutch oven.

Oh My gosh, the desire had invested in an of of the one of the east the fact of long time. It is AT ALL he likes use regular pots. I do not owe that turn my burners on like this big, heats like this equally, any hotspots, any in of the llamas, any cold centre. I have been slow and down with my sauce today and exit better that is not exited never. Cleanup Was the breeze and I was able to do the giant batch and freeze the majority of him with which dines.

If they are taste and require of a 'level of entrance' enameled iron of mould, TAKES THIS. Cost each penny.

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Melisa
Measure: 15-the piece has the place has bought these because I have bought the together resemblance partorisca my perhaps done mamma 2 years. A together old was fantastic and has built well.

This together new is much more economic. It is been perhaps the month and there is noticable wear - some logos are spent was, a coating is all there is lined on (in the does not use utensils of metal) and have only quality of general low quality build.

But a worse is a lack partorisca balance. If you are cookery something light (like an egg) some casseroles will not balance and does not seat partorisca walk in a burner, that causes yours to feed to seat and cook unevenly.
5 / 5 Kathern
Measure: 8-the piece dips looks of Product sturdy and good works. A question is a smell . Every time we use him to smells of knots like plsticoes in of the toxic llamas and one smoke to fill a whole house. We are taking rid of his because we are the worry that can cause it harm of health.
4 / 5 Mozella
Measure: 8-the piece has Dipped A casserole was entirely defect and also a lid has been broken! Had also the dent in a saucepan! Really bad can not imagine like this included can spend!
4 / 5 Delbert
Measure: 8-the piece has Dipped has not had time partorisca use all some elements in some neighbours still, but some A lot of FIRST TIME have used a smaller frying pan to simply of cook 3 eggs, in easy, with small butter - the part of discharge has burned INTENSELLY. I have tried to wash and using A lot of fat partorisca cook two another time - where is burned darkness , so only sticks partorisca always. It has been waiting for low quality, but ossia odd. If you are going paralizacin nonstick, this is not partorisca you.
4 / 5 Marivel
Measure: 8-the piece dips partorisca Depend like look in these pots and the casseroles will help estimate these. Partorisca A price is casseroles and excellent pots . Like the judge of the boxes exited has been doing the work adds like this far. They are in no way a better cook ware can take so it loves a main quality would owe that spend some money of plus. These pots and the casseroles are to read but is quickly to heat up. One any surface of clave had done perfectly and will last cure of him.

Does not buy this has thought is taking a better. These are utmost for a price and adds like the judge of boxes is exited for your cookery. Attended substitute for the end of year or so much.
5 / 5 Lynell
Measure: 15-the piece has the place Odorato like a house was on shoot when I have used all some casseroles. Junk Saves ur $ $ no shabby!!
5 / 5 Porfirio
Measure: 15-the piece has Dipped These products has not been value, a boss has broken out of one of some casseroles
4 / 5 Max
Measure: 8-the piece has Dipped can not think that add a quality of this nonstick eight near of the piece is. It has not bought never of Amazon basics before and has been drawn to these bc of low prices and good indications. My together - does not spend $ 300 or more in of the pots and first casseroles to try this for $ 35. Also agree to wash legislation after using to maintain nonstick the in action main quality. def Be buying of Amazon Basics more often!
4 / 5 Silas
Measure: 8-the piece dips jueza of Orders of pot exited and joint of casserole, varying measured partorisca different needs. It says well partorisca the small family, pairs or single. Easy to clean because of nonstick character, please note, NO for a dishwasher. It undress A nonstick sealant. Some lids this in spite of can go in a dishwasher.

Has used our diverse time and has not had any subjects- any smell, not lining, not sticking, not burning pots or casseroles, and no chemical smells. I have been concerned by other descriptions that declares these was subject .

Would recommend these. Good quality for a price abordable.
4 / 5 Ingeborg
Measure: 8-the piece has Dipped are sure that these are good casseroles , but my casseroles have come with multiple dents and is no longer the circular form. I have not been satisfied been due to of the this and will not be that it orders again.

Top Customer Reviews: Instant Pot ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Clemente
Calm have you has not seen never an episode of A Dispatch when chili of door of Kevin to do? Well It Was in my alcohol while I have walked out of my forward of door with the pot of full instant in my road in the luck of pot of the work. With east in my alcohol I gingerly tiptoed out of only in tumble down three any one and plant of the face in one recorded. In my delight my lid of silicone containd each drop. These products is fantastic and absolutely recommends to purchase it. Also the help to conserve spatial in a fridge. I want this boy!
1 / 5 Darrell
Had so many mixed descriptions, but decided to trust a manufacturer. It lines a Pot of Instant appoints so felt enough sure this owes apt. A lid any same acostat to achieve some sides of a pot! Some the negative critics have not been bad. I am not sure that has such mixed descriptions unless several measures are being has shipped was that then it was the subject of control of the quality. I am very thwarted so that now it has to cross a process of tower.
5 / 5 Rod
I have bought only my pot of the instant and I have looked for some class of lid that could use the afterwards an upper while my chair of lunch in a counter and fresco. In in to the Ours to naughty cat likes him to him the trace of a counter and dine of sample. So if it is not clave coated his paw in and eats a chicken. My first thought was $ 12 looks kinda big for the coverage, but beats a prize of a coverage of glass. I think that that some east subjects too expensive. Once a lid is arrived could not think a smell of him. It IS that fake cheap rubber the plastic smell and Was quite powerful. But I washed it once a missing smell. My another the thought was that it was flimsy mass. I did not think it it last it a day still only the wash in a dishwasher. But mark. I have posed he in a fund racks the dishwasher but I turn a flavour was. I think it that it melts it yes calm left the on. Calm once applies in a pot of company of focus of the Instant. Calm in fact can promote a verge was while you press in a lid and the calm can listen an evasion of air out of a hole and a stay of lid that subjects. It IS the sper the tight focus and remains that it issues. I have left a lid only during 24hores and he never budged. Once I ours eat will pose in a fridge for leftovers a lid am to add and he the easy fact to store your leftovers in a fridge or still for easy transport in a prjimo potluck.
1 / 5 Laurinda
An element took has not been the silicone of Pot of Instant some coverage - apparently does knockoffs that is to say that he the accesses that ails, and does not have a logotype of Pot of the Instant. An element has been sold by 'X-Cellence' and/or 'Canadian Tent.' Only I know this so that it have purchased his the coverage a week before and access perfectly and also, like a picture, has a logotype of Pot of the Instant in the. This one any one, and he only rests in a pot without in fact creating to focus. So much, it buys a coverage, only take any compraventa he of 'X-Cellence' and/or 'Canadian Tent.'
5 / 5 Hellen
VERY happy with this lid! Access snug, but not taking to take. Quite strong that can seat you something on need the stack. Some revises concealed says is easy to take attacked was clashed yes is not my experience and I are very happy was to advance and bought it! Highly it recommends for any owner of IP!
5 / 5 Vi
First of all, it is done like the tank and estimates a money. It IS material heavy , flexible , like the wobbly frisbee. If you have posed he in the hot pot to feed and leave the quota, flexes inward and creates the suction. It IS very it has done amiably.

Does not use It almost so so thought the I , even so. Has the family of two, as any often maintains the pot of full totality of material in a fridge. I have posed average in a freezer, and divides one in that average of rests among our dishes and some togo boxes of measure (for lunch). But has the big familiar that be in and out of a pot to plot, or is taking he in the potluck or something, this lid am adds.
5 / 5 Nelly
HAPPY has not listened in some negative critics! This lid am ADDS! It IS sceptical but thought - oh if he no apt my instapot 3qt - perhaps returns on something more! WELL - apt my instapot! It IS the pliable silicone to have that heavy - that necessity to extend a bit to return in a stainless steel inserts/inserts that it comes with a instapot. It IS the a lot of tight apt - but that the flight to be loose!? Has very happy this has purchased this - will be adds to store alimentary/leftovers in a fridge. Highly it recommends this element.
5 / 5 Scotty
I wash in a dishwasher. It seals my pot of steamer perfectly and only clave a whole thing in a fridge once is cooled enough. The left wing is for earnest be, chili of the steamer any bond around poses quite long warrants he in the different container so much with this cup of silicone can pose it has been for a night. So far I have not remarked it maintaining any unwanted smells but he no very come to direct the contact with any one feeds while he never steps in a pot of cookery that spends.

The decrease of long history. No, any calm really the precise but is very good to have. I use it far more than I have expected I .
5 / 5 Luke
If you possess the mini duet, takes this lid! Any one only maintains your fresh material in a fridge, but can slip he in the too much hot inner pot and uses a fat lid like the headline of perfect pot to take your pot of a Pot of Instant. It was not quite you, but the titulars of the regular pot is hard to return under a rim; but calm once press this thickness, lid of silicon on, has a perfect grip in your hot inner pot in impulse he of your Pot of Instant. Silicone Of Pot of Lid of genuine Instant Mini 3 Neighbourhood
1 / 5 Pia
It was not it take the bad one or cual, but this coverage is absolutely on age! I will treat it becauseI the hate these things of turns, but he only any access. And yes - I has a Pot of Instant.

Top Customer Reviews: The Stone Earth Pan ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5
This was to announce to sound like the product of natural bone. But that is to say only a same the PTFE, aka Teflon. I am launching these casseroles was and remark another. This is not that it thinks.
5 / 5
First Impressions:
HAS TAKEN only this casserole. First impressions out of a box are well. The casserole is hefty, quite fat which are well. Nice the flat funds and they comprise the little sake protective casserole if you stack yours casseroles. (The beak Comprised... It poses the dish on he cuz does not want to pose right plan out of a container.) The mine hangs so probably will not use it for now.

Any insurance in a estonehenge' coating. One focuses in a casserole dictates 'Greblon C3' is used (any C3+). Even so in Greblon place C3 is listed not even that when being the ceramics has reinforced. It is listed only while it reinforces PTFE.
Which take me in a next thing, I very personally the cure but a coating are only PFOA free, any PTFE free. If you are looking for PTFE hand even so, maintains to look, your princess is in another castle.
Averts of that a coating that is solid and look in some verges looks quite fat. With him when being PTFE and any ceramics based even so to sure well eschew utensils of metal like a plague. Some the ceramic coatings can take the...This no. That can say it there is not any ceramics in a mere C3 as it treat likes him the normal nonstick casserole. (Source: it forgets the amazon will not leave nexuss of any class...In all the case google Greblon C3 and is quite easy to find his map with some different coatings.)

Quality of tez:
the Initial impressions are quality of the tez is well. Three cape of the kerb would owe stay in place for the long good time. A silicon is comfortable to line and solidly bonded in a cape. The page said that it is resistant silicious heat but the page or the manual say in what temp. As he behind him in 'Any the sure oven'.
A fund of a casserole and taken is very flat. The time will say if he the domes or the no. IS quite fat and heavy as I am expecting he no. There the photo also is that it aims my test of a fund of a casserole. There is feels in the flat counter after a premier washed. Account Of chairs of water in a half of a casserole (or wherever movement he in) without running in in in some verges likes him the in them was concluded.
The coating and the external enamel are very same and there is not smell very odd or anything concealed can detect.

Final thoughts:
the satisfied Initial impressions me with my compraventa. Although I am the small disappointed that a coating does not look to have any ceramics in him a rest of a quality of looks of enough tez well. I will update this description used it once he for the few weeks.

PS: For any one has to know if the access of lids, is 10 1/8' Comprised the beak with measure of tape.

UPDATE: So that as my only commentary the points was, first descriptions of the impression is not one when being each final everything. Here it is an update .

Has been the plus or 1 year less and 8 month has bought of this casserole. A coating is not perfectly nonstick anymore but has lined in better that any nonstick to the casserole has had before.
A subject a big plus is a stain of the roommate this has been appropriately summarily flogged to use the utensil of metal in my wonderful nonstick casserole. It does not use of the utensils of metal in any nonstick casserole and expect the in last so long. This is reasoning of only sake. So downside, sew them bond in this something without the small oil or something in a casserole.
The eggs also bond slightly to arrive to this point. I think that that one can of the casserole has been also overheated the time or two for a same roommate so that a coating in a head office (where a llama is in our stove of gas) is only never so slightly more bronzed that a rest. Necessity To goes it my good casseroles...

In all the case in general, is almost two years later and this nonstick is quite darn very still in spite of some abuse. Which are more concealed can say for the majority of a nonsticks has possessed.
1 / 5
It has had Ozeri produced before and has liked him the plot to him. This casserole is the enormous disappointment . Desprs Less than 4 month of us there are bubbling in of the multiple places through a fund of a casserole. We use it to us usually in a stovetop with plsticoes or of the utensils of forests (never metal), and has not used never he in an oven.
1 / 5
Nice those looks the casserole except an interior has not been flat. I have posed the small water in a casserole and he have formed the net around an outside in place of pooling equally in a whole surface. This was in front of a casserole had not been never heated. Also one announcing for a casserole is a lot of to deceive. They call the tones deun coating-derived' and 'inspired by character'. An adhesive in a casserole declares that it uses the Greblon C3 coating. A small investigation in a Greblon the shows of web of place that C3 is the Teflon (PTFE) coating. There is any one mentions of bone in a description of coating. I am the small blurred in a connection among Teflon and character. Ozeri Looks Very proud of a fact that his casserole is PFOA-free. A same is some of the majority of casseroles of Teflon. PFOA Had used historically in a process the way the teflon but his use has been mostly has synchronised has been after the worries have been created in 1980 is in possible carcinogenic effects. I will be to return this prohibition so that it is not flat, no because of a coating of Teflon. The teflon is considered sure unless hot he in 500 titles F so that it was to purchase the different mark of casserole of Teflon. Ozeri Also offers the line of ceramic casseroles coated in Amazon. You have to admire a squad of marketing that can pose together the tone for his Casserole of Earth of the Bone that his to mark very green and nontoxic while a description for his casseroles of ceramics lauds a fact that is PTFE free and states In of the very big temperatures PTFE begins to decompose and the emission smokes which are documented to be lethal in of the birds and of the small pets, and what can be harmful in of the humans.
5 / 5
5 month afterwards buys. You want the no-casserole of clave that will enjoy to use and easy to clean? Test a lot another so nicknamed very-casseroles of clave - all has failed! An investigation is on. These laws of casserole, utmost measure, and works! It follows some directions before using and prep to dry a surface with the small oil of oil. Any experience to peel, flaking, or alimentary bond. Strong casserole very built.
3 / 5
A coating is Greblon C3+. You can google 'Greblon C3+'

is mere old PTFE with some 'ceramic reinforcements', any esTONEHENGE, the sure bone and naturalidad-the coating derived of Germany'.

Casseroles Of the teflon would not have to cost 30+. And the manufacturer has to no purposefully deceive the consumers with recoveries as 'natural bone-dervived'.

In that said what, is still decent quality. I am very impressed for a same heating. As I give it 3 stars.

1 year later: one melts when being the scratch of bite goes arrives still although we the metal has used never. An aim speckles is turning yellow. I am by train to take me This casserole.
5 / 5
This casserole is sum ! It has wanted the sake very-casserole of substitution of the clave and I have ordered T-fal red point ones and was horrible. This casserole is very built and weighed for included cookery. Has the comfortable cape and attaches no-action of clave. I have posed to cook squad in a test every day to fry, sautee-ing, roasting, poaching etc. Quan Finds something concealed is built like this wants to all the world-wide to learn that a lot of laws. That is to say the utmost casserole for a money. Has the limited lifetime guarantees so the cure of him would have to last the long time. I imagine it it finish to line the when tents he with my others casseroles but will see that well it is up. It buys this!

Some shows of picture attached like this the casserole is same and does not leave group of liquids in some outsides of a casserole like a T-fal ones with some red points. This casserole is a one in a right side
1 / 5
This cover is not supposed to diminish included with soft washing. I have not known enough the and continued to cook with sauce that coated this three access of exposed tone and the microscopic coating blended in with my lunch. Ozeri Routed M The substitution and down likes him enough in two month of use, a same coating in some nails has been rubbed has been. If has this casserole, does not think taking the substitution would resolve you already ingesting a chemist of a coating that mixed in with your lunch. This company would owe the pause this coating in a nail, other companies with products of the stainless steel any need a coating of chemical of spray in some leaders of tones.
2 / 5
This has done very well at the beginning, but after four month of daily use, an arrival has begun to peel. I can not recommend this frying pan. I will be to ask the substitution and expects a guarantee to be has honoured.
5 / 5
Read some instructions before use and will be happy with your compraventa. I see too many descriptions of ROAD in Amazon of the people that complains in order of products and to give them horrible indications so that they no read some instructions. They have comprised the for the reason. Read the and the decree that is lazy.

Seasons a casserole in front of the each use with the small cover of oil (likes some instructions advise) some laws of casserole so announced and fantastic. The calm does not require to touch the bouquet of oil in a casserole. Simply it touches the small and uses the paper towel in slightly extend a casserole. For case, literally has used only a casserole and has to any one to season it since quite done 2 uses and begin to bond the small. I am fresh with him so that it is my failure for any that follows some instructions.

The products adds! More probably I take the main version of this casserole in some point.

Top Customer Reviews: HOUSE AGAIN STURDY ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Suzan
I have debated on yes or any one to take the basket of point, but thought it would trap to be alimentary and difficult to clean. Desprs Look In some baskets of stainless steel, has been designed in easterly unit 8 has any complaint. Why I want this basket?

- IS almost a same measure as it can concealed comes with mine 6 qt. It can of instant, as I lose qualified very small those uses this basket.
- Clean easily manually.
- Unpacking Was easy; a subject of residue of the tape that another goes to complain more or has been less resolved. A basket is packed in the plastic of recyclable stock exchange. A stock exchange has clear adhesive to the long of an upper verge.
- This basket is the value adds for a prize.
5 / 5 Shizuko
I can not say enough in this fashionable basket of the steamer. I use in my Duet 80 - 8 fourth pot of instant and has been arrests perhaps 6 month or so now. I have wanted to the one of way that has bought my mamma or for Navidad. Highly recommend it. A capacity to cook the full chicken, or butt of Boston, or cider of apple and simply pulls a basket out of a pot. It does for ease of use. Only go to advance and the buy. Pros: The plot!!! Gilipollas: Slightly expensive but value he.
5 / 5 Romelia
Update: A successful vendor in me because of my description. Offer in repayment a cost of a steamer. It has declined and only said those that require to do something another concealed that it uses that tape these covers the horrible residue. It recognises that they go to direct this subject. I have taken a residue of a pot and has used he to steam the mixed vegetables frozen and am very happy with some results and a product. A vendor has finished refunding join me cost of a steamer in all the case although I have said those that was not necessary. But to be fair... I very which a steamer for a pot of instant. It looks very done and fact like the charm. It opens If they only change out of this tape.

Has read some revises enough that some leaves of tape for the take to take drawee of residue...And that is to say very true. It was not has each view of regular tape leaves such the soiled residue on something like this before. A manufacturer of this very precise product that takes it look in a packaging of this product and finds another road to maintain a plastic on more than this tape. I will be to do on taking a 'gunk' of a pot again tonight so that I can try and use he for a first time. I will update my description when is able in in fact use a product.
5 / 5 Shawana
It take a basket and when unpacked the, had the dent in a subordinated verge. I have thought.....Man, goes to have that returns this...But I have pressed in some dents slightly and a metal has data and has pressed behind forms (mostly). A metal of a basket is very thin like precise careful be with washing and moving it around or more the dents arrives. Otherwise Does perfectly in my IP.

Has UPDATE......Desprs Has published in 3 description of star, the house Again routed me the new basket. It maintains in perfect conditions!! One trivet has been connected in a basket...Any one to that likes him one premier one of east there has been one trivet loose in a box. The works exactly as it has been announced in 6 fourth Pot of Instant.
5 / 5 Zonia
Calm absolutely wants to this produces is by train of the give 5 stars so that it is the product adds even so there is the disappointing experience while ordering does not take rid punctually and when the look taken already has been used washing and has been missing a cape but remained to maintain he of Amazon for an inconvenience and I have ordered the desire of the different mark there has been a cape so that I in fact like this or the better plot much easier to clean and also has the looks of flat base as I can pose the small more in him with this all Amazon to be has said has given he in me have given me my money behind and the amazon is still a better in my book!
5 / 5 Lacey
after taking an injustice that cape of access, House Again hurriedly has achieved has been in me to provide a correct cape with fast nave. It opens An access of the properly inner cape of my pot of instant, and some laws of sum of steamer! I comprise the deceptions spend, but the house Again provides the service of client adds and will be for his products. It recommends this product


Some looks of steamer well, even so when attaching a cape is the also long bit and elaborates in a side of a steamer. Quan Posing an interior of steamer of mine 6 qt Can of Instant, some chairs of sleeve in a bowl that then prevent a lid to close in place. Other pictures, looks my cape is longer that for him in apt in a Pot of Instant.
5 / 5 Claris
Update: in my surprise, took the another pot of steamer in a clave today. It was in the perfect condition and he return very well in my Instantpot 8 qt. With only the tiny desert among him and a liner (photos of up to date Voices). There is abundance of clearance to close a lid of Pot of the Instant. I am very pleased with a product!

Chairs like a House Again the company and The Amazon very preoccupied that my initial mandate has not been well, and there is redeemed the. Has the photos have published of a basket of the steamer of the substitution routed and has changed my indication in 5 stars. Because of a quality of a product and a client to preoccupy service, to well sure would order this product of them again. Thank you House Again and Amazon!

(Old description) How another stars commenters, a pot of steamer took has been run over in in a side. Some boxes arrive in has not been run over, as it has to suffering harm by any manufacturer (Contains Again), or for a centre to hail of the Amazon. I am very dissapointed, especially so that a product looked so promising.
1 / 5 Stephania
I have bought this 6 qt steamer concretely so that a coating of main photo or pointed/rubber of orange silicone in some feet. Had other elections. I have wanted to to line in a main pot. I explode taken only hurriedly but without any coating in some feet. Why he the one company aims the photo that is not exactly that it is routed? My low description reflects totally in this fact.
5 / 5 Goldie
That is to say the very good basket so much easier to clean then the basket of cape
5 / 5 Mora
Access perfectly in our Ultra 6 fourth Pot of Instant and a fence ignited without the touch (situates of voice). A trivet this comes with an access of IP in this basket owes a precise arises, even so, can plant this basket in an IP trivet, also. Any one much more to say, work very good. I only gotta said that a packaging dept. It was to issue on-together with embroiling a cape and is very troubling in unwrap.

A total height of a basket is 5-9/16 inches all a road in a cup of a cape (bent low) and 5-15/16 in a cup of a lip of basket.

Top Customer Reviews: Mavgv Silicone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Randy
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) The woman has used that an use of time has meant spends some bucks over time....
Has bought these partorisca his, say to in a less come from the partorisca the few weeks.
Well, Fact and wants to him!
Dipped in bowls and the difference of a an use partorisca time spent does not have to that worry in spillage when movements some bowls of a counter to a refrigerator and vice versa.
Is now happy has bought these for his (yes, has taken his first permission).
And am now happy reason is not that shabby anymore some coverages of time of use.
Really, precise has these in your cookery at all times.
Is the saver of time and will cut behind on waste of good lunch.
And is easy to clean......
And maintain them everything in the bowl, covered with one of them.
Like this saving space in some odd way.
4 / 5 Morris
The cost verified has not been a lot sure was a lot or any when I received it. Then I some tests.
Tries 1: If his test of leak? Answered: Yes! Look In a picture 1.
Tries 2: If it can maintain fresco feeds? Answered: Yes! Look In a picture 2 which has been taken 2 days after a start of a test. Both a coverage of the silicon and a plastic lunch wrap could maintain a green onion fresco. Like the comparison, a uncovered one has taken dry and staled.
And a sewing of plus, this is not an use of time, ossia very partorisca half.
Therefore love this product. Recommended
5 / 5 Joy
The cost has checked are a ambientalista , and I strive the reuse and recycle while I have beaten. I have been annoyed by an user of plastic lunch on partorisca the long time, when I see this, has not thought two times, bought it immediately. Imo, All the world has to that have once of this house
5 / 5 Keisha
Measures partorisca Purchase verified is not the sure things am returned. Other things am returned with enough the fight. It has had also the odd sticky coverage when in the first place it unpack. It is exited with hot water. Otherwise Does a lot well.
5 / 5 Shawnee
The cost checked after looking in diverse of these and that does my investigation, has bought them one of then, tho has not been an economic plus, has had some better descriptions. There I have been these less than the month and altho the like an idea of them and partorisca one the majority of part the like a law of way, has been them surprised yesterday when one of them rasgaron while it pulled them a last flange in a container. You owe that be careful that a flange is dry and there is not any steam or anything partorisca maintain a silicon partorisca adhere so that it is the small hassle partorisca treat and would be worth it was a subject only ... Sad to have a big more some tears tho after a first use.
5 / 5 Tom
The cost verified When it take some sakes , that thinks was this? Then each one asks was glued near, but was found partorisca be very easy to use and easy to clean. I will not say it , but I will attach two yours photo.
4 / 5 Jesus
The cost has checked was excited like this partorisca receive my lids of new silicone. I have had the pair of containers of glass that I previously covered with plastic on. Unfortunately it is very defiant to situate a lid in a container. I require six hands partorisca take it done. The hips is exited lids during a night n a refrigerator. I guess I have to that find a perfect container partorisca return a lid. :(
5 / 5 Lan
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) This product is car washable. Has multiple applications. Some colours leave partorisca different uses.
5 / 5 Carlota
The cost verified has ordered 3 of these - a for me and two like some presents. I have tried in several elements partorisca take a plastic wraps partorisca return a dish or a product and he would not extend . If I took it partorisca return it would exit or leak. I took roughly 4 - 5 minutes partorisca take a stuffs covered. It is much easier to take foil and place in a dish. It wins you find some these that in fact laws. Appreciated that I can return him.
5 / 5 Marielle
The cost checked If you are the housewife or the cookery, always will have half onion ,half watermelon,half lemon,some alimentary or the dinner does not finalise , wants to eat next day .Calm now the the wonderful these lids of piece of the silicone .Use very easy and cleaned . A simpler way to maintain fresco to feed .

Top Customer Reviews: Purple/Silver Ball ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Cathrine
You bounced better in a world. Wished has been the Walmart reason have paid almost $ 18 for these and in Walmart an exact same chance was $ 5. It seats like the sucker but the happy mason bounce it that the windy drinks.
5 / 5 Cheryle
To give white people an option to buy like this mason bounced in of the such big quantities, is uneccesary
5 / 5 Yuk
uses these bounced of glass for juicing. Previously, I have used some that has taken of a tent of dollar but a subpar the finally taken quality mine (the lids were impossible of presionar properly). As it take these some of Amazon. The any lie, was the little has concerned that a glass would break during traffic but they the good work to wrap them so that it has not spent.

Different some bounced has used before, these some come with lids that is easy to twist. I do not owe that dipped a lot forces his for him to seal properly. They are also he measures adds, perfect for some juices that do with my juicer. Usually I the big batch immediately like these containers are perfect for an extra. While I do not open him remain fresco for several months in a refrigerator.

Inspired by some revises that I have read, I also tried to do cold brew caffè in them. I didnt wants to buy the cold elegant brew the costruttore but these have done a trick. The works add. A measure the easy fact to add gel.

An only thing that would like me mention is that they are wide mouth . So that they are looking for something with the regular mouth or tightened, this is not the. Theres A good thing that exited of this this in spite of…the wide mouth his easy fact to clean. I can easily clave in my paintbrush to bounce to give an interior the good cleaner. Usually that it is I rinse he with hot water in the first place before scrubbing an interior with some detergent of sweet dish. A lid takes a same treatment . Always I dry with the towel after this in spite of have had of then rust on me once before (at all of entity, the able era of the take was quickly).
4 / 5 Elaine
Foul! After washing does to rust in some lids! Calm bounced them is quite solid, but the lids are not stainless steel obviously. Like this like this disappointing
4 / 5 Adrianne
tight access, tent weed and oil of hemp in.
4 / 5 Shery
Has done these pieces of good-looking table for my promise (my GodBaby) shower of creature. They were the swipe ! My juices of creativities have flowed. Tiffany The Blue & aim was some colours of @@subject .
4 / 5 Joannie
Any of some boys in a together am sealed. Not even one, any sure has been exposed to heat or something but I have to that buy new lids and redo a canning.
5 / 5 Nadene
Are in a process to start with the new diet has called Ketogenic Diet. I have required to find some mason bounced. I have decided to try Amazon . I have ordered these mason bounced and has not been sure has ordered a right measure has required. A packaged has arrived punctually and securely packaged. A measure was so only that has looked for. I want to compraventa with Amazon. I am ready to begin to ferment lunch and doing things homemade. These produced are recommended highly to preserve lunch.
5 / 5 Ricardo
These have arrived perfect. They are by train to use them For the centerpiece project.
5 / 5 Roxane
Has ordered these and there is @@give is the way on priced. I can go probably to the tent of dollar or Walmarts and take them in the third of a cost. But I ordered him and they are by train to maintain them. They are good and that has required.

Top Customer Reviews: Instant Pot 3 3 Qt ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Dean
I have been disappointed to discover that this one is done of thiner wall. I have weighed an original an and this bowl and he are 65 lighter of grams that an original bowl that is coming with a unit. One the original box says that it weighs 840 grams, but not even approximations. It weighs 468 grams. Very cheap and unexpected of Pot to Call that it considers that it is original.
2 / 5 Herma
He very disappoint concealed does not have some lines of measure in a pot like an original pot. Sure it expect to be as an original since is a product of Pot of the Instant .
2 / 5 Maud
I am not 100% that is to say Genuine insurance. A pot is not a same measure as it can original. This pot is slightly main and he 1/4 -
1/2 leaner inch that my original pot. These covers a pot in wiggle around in a machine. One covers focus still, even so it think that that they would be an exact same measure if it was genuine. I am 'out of my on duty window,' or probably would have returned it his.
5 / 5 Myong
Alas the mine in the first place Can of Instant liner has been fallen and dented in a rim. I have required the nine an and toyed among east and an a lot of-the unit of clave has finished to go with a version of stainless steel again. It has had such success adds and wants to that I need in deglaze a casserole any one has preoccupy quite variable anything.

A thing has learnt to use a pot of instant for enough the while now (at least each which as another day during month!) It IS that you he hurriedly has shot of ORIGINAL Pam spray of cookery in a fund, calm no in that has it hardly any disorder to clean up. I emphasise 'original' Pam, so that I have used an oil of pure olive Pam the handful of time in some same dishes and no in that have some results have feigned so far like the bond in a pot is disturbed.
3 / 5 Silvana
This pot of access of interior of stainless steel in mine 8qt cooks of pot of the instant. Although announced like such in a web of place of Amazon after I am returned to verify, looks a measure of marks of inner pot for cups, litres, etc. is not on there like a one this is coming with a pot of instant. All some feigns the mark is 1/2 and 2/3 Max. I guess it does not comprise why a manufacturer would take a functionality of measure was when that is to say so useful when preparing lunch??? I think it that it owe the when being printed on.
1 / 5 Ardelia
In 3 weeks have taken the hole in inferior with periodic use. Has 3 beats concealed uses in the rotation.
1 / 5 Tamica
In a description of product declares it will return an IP-LUX60 6 qt. Ordered the reason thought it would be well to have to beat of second. A pot took was also big. In a box said that it is the 6 qt can, but is too big. It IS to return.
4 / 5 Lavonda
Exactly like a one this comes with a pot of instant. Often I change or has been for another stuffs is done. Finished a Chicken Masala (my own recipe adaption) and rice of lemon of the necessity. Just drop in a new and vain pot. Oatmeal All bonded and drench and wants to star doing the Chili only falls in a second can and it beginning that it goes. Some looks of pot to clean easier then another but does not know why but consider to to this likes him to him the plot 4 1/2 to star since is unsure why is inner shiny and another is not since can be any one .
1 / 5 Danyel
A pot has suffered harm. Very disappointed. Obviously it was caused to have only or styrofoam inner to protect a product. Some savings of cheap cost or just bad execution? The lesson has learnt to open a box to inspect hardly arrives. I am by train of the return.
1 / 5 Lynette
A pot of the stainless steel is not stainless steel. As it IS this ? It poses the magnetic in a pot!

Top Customer Reviews: Instant Pot ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Patricia
The Works likes them expected and love of a colour.
5 / 5 Jenifer
Are very pleased with this element, the cups of egg add in Pot of Instant.
4 / 5 Regenia
There is here the artilugio like this simple but like this fantastically has conceived to be easy of the spend for big and lose is gone in all some the useful things can do for you.

At the beginning looks looks partorisca be so only the hule hard orange brilliant trivet, can find something looked in any tent of dollar. But this one is sold for Pot of Instant like an accessory partorisca his cookeries and cost ten bucks. They promote it like this roasting it storm partorisca elevate flesh, fish and lunch of vegetables of a fund of a cookery partorisca help oils of drain, fat & fat. It conceals and he an excellent work in him, and for a calm way has not limited partorisca use he in his appliance of mark, gone back many other cookeries looked also.

A good informative no partorisca there. I have found that it also returns my air fryer perfectly and improvement that well do the 1000 percent.

The Hips the work adds in a microwave partorisca cook frozen entrees and a lot other things and is indispensable result partorisca microwave popcorn stock exchanges.

When I am not using he to the cook does not have to that find some place partorisca negotiate it, so only leave it on a counter where does the perfect trivet.

My only negative in this thing is that a company does not say you any of an on. You take with the map wrapper that shows he inside his cookery as roasting it storm. Ossia. Based in his wrapper the majority of the buyers would not have the clue like versatile his product really is. That the stray occasion.

In spite of a lack of useful instructions I like this artilugio so much recommend it and think any one the cookery would owe that be without him.
4 / 5 Russell
Has had Pot of mine of Instant partorisca the year and does not know like this has done it he by means of without this casserole of egg. I saw him everywhere but the friends have maintained partorisca say has not required one. They were bad!

A casserole of silicone is fact very good and comes with the plastic lid. With the little spray of oil, was able to burst some bites of the egg a lot was without any subjects. I clean up it was simple (honradamente, so only would use the wet cloth partorisca avert a silicone that takes the soapy flavour). More like this, that uses a casserole was easy. Partorisca Try it was has done these bites of egg. A recipe has used request 7 pieces of bacon, five eggs, a cup of cheese, and 1/4 cup of tins. Equally It Fill all seven 'bite' compartments. A recipe has asked also a lid partorisca be used, as really it likes that a casserole has come with of one.

Has all bondadoso of recipes there partorisca use in this casserole. It is very versatile and can have the habit partorisca mark anything of desayunar to dessert! To good sure recommends this partorisca yours IP.
4 / 5 Harold
Are quite old to agree this old stove-upper steamers and that scary was. It is for this that took quite awhile to take a InstantPot.

I amour of mine InstantPot, but does not want to buy the tonne of accesorias. I have not been excited roughly steamers of metal, been due to like heat his bosses would be. Then this steamer of silicone has come to the long of. I love a colour and he is ready a way drew it so that it returns in any 6-QT or 8 QT InstantPots.

A drawback to the silicone is that flexible is, but no this steamer. Some feet are solid and quite big maintain a lunch on the good quantity of water. Like your veggies takes amiably steamed but any drenched and soggy.

Easy to clean in a tank or dishwasher, and can be bent/flattened for easy storage.
4 / 5 Verna
This launches the easiest fact to take lunch and slowly hot of a Instapot without in of the llamas your hands or contaminating gloves. One spear is done to return inside regular measures of Instapot, and in fact fastens on such that at all has exposed when that dips a lid down for a cookery of the pressure the external difference was-mark aftermarket to spear concealed is sold.

Washing a sling for a first time before it uses, calm had does not smoke or another unappetizing subject that would have given me pause. Still after using a sling in diet (both down and on), there is not remarked any leaks, leaching, or other possibly dangerous interactions with some alimentary and comprises flavour. Repeated washing does not look to change a profile neither. I used it three times like this far with different dishes (comprising directly in a lunch with some chicken cooked), and does not see the downside to the consolation and the security of one spear.

Recommends this sling yes has eaten of direct contact that love the impulse was without gloves or tongs. It is an accessory , but comfort it when you want to eaten of movement of a Instapot safely and easily.
4 / 5 Eveline
Have one 8 qt cooks (a competitor to InstantPot) this is coming with to steamer of storm of metal. We will not speak that ludicrous the metal racks in the no-to the pot of clave is, but a solution is the no-the storm of metal. This basket of silicone returns a bill. It was the bit has concerned to be too small of then he also works with the 6qt pot, but is quite flexible, and there is pleats, as it develops amiably to fill one 8 qt it sake. A silicone is fat, how is sturdy, and a lot probably for rasgar or the fall averts. There are legs in some subordinated concealed maintains included heavy lunches on securely of a fund of a casserole. Some sleeves nap' together (any really, but connect to the each one which as another) to maintain them out of a way of a lid. A whole thing is sturdy, stable, and easily lifted out of a pot when a lunch is piping hot. A packaging say can wrap some bosses around some legs to take them out of a way, but think that a lot has done things up without a product manually when they have written that one.

In general, is the very functional, sturdy, to the steamer done well basket.
4 / 5 Julianne
A creation of this product is brilliant! This bpa-the basket of free silicone can return a lot of measures of casserole - and circles up for compact storage!!! You can wash he in a dishwasher, cleansing ossia súper easy. I love a vibrant green when I am cooking, which adds clave to a cookery! Of the 'feet' of some leaves of steamer for the good quantity of water under a basket to do a steaming. So only hosted the party to dine and the guest asked where has purchased a steamer has managed. Terrific!
5 / 5 Birgit
Have the 6 fourth Pot of the instant and I have had never steamed veggies in him first, which looks the shame now. Enter this basket of steamer of the silicone! As you can see photo, these small to full type good insurance on a pot, but has not had any launching of question in a water, mine veggies, and that closes a lid. There are small feet in a fund of a basket to maintain it separated of a water. A whole thing has done fantastically and steamed on some bok choy tried it on perfectly. More than everything, some bosses have done on a scrolling of a pot súper easy. An only complaint that has had was a small tab in a cup of one of some sleeves is hard to press to a corresponding space in another boss. I take the bit to try to take some bosses there is shut together, but ossia not even necessary to use a basket and can loosen up with use. In general the accessory adds to have for a Pot of Instant!
5 / 5 Lacresha
Ossia The egg of the pot of genuine Instant rack – sure looks for “Ships Of & Sold for Amazon” Ossia the very good quality “casserole” of bites. Has the lid that snaps on to cook or storage in a refrigerator, the ribs of lid have reinforced so much can stack these on the each one another, little nubbin feet to elevate a casserole on a fund of a pot of cookery, & slip of things out of him easily. Ossia Handy to do poached eggs, twisted of cheese of measure of bite, any small bite-eaten of measure for the party.

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