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He the wonderful work. It IS main that had expected . I have read that a small more a has not been for the hot water that antler. That is to say some for neighbourhoods, but no for pints. I think, for some spatial savings in my cupboard, would prefer a smaller unit Also, drought a small plus one could achieve the fastest pressure, saving the small bit of time. Any one generally does big batches. He canned fruit, crowd of cake, broth, chicken, soups, stews, hamburger, flesh of stew, and veggies.

At present lives in the big altitude and I only can in 15lbs. It likes weight that comes with a canner is very for now. Quan Movement in the lowest elevation invert in the 5-10-15lb weight so that it prefers a jiggler in a gauge of pressure.
Update: we have moved, it has taken one 5 -10-15 weight. The works add!

In general, our family is developing and this each a smaller one will do and more, as I am satisfied with him and can appreciate a main measure later.

Update: I have decided that it purchase one 16 neighbourhood. It returns in my cupboard. I know sound the crazy bit to buy another if an old one has done only sake, but was turbulent and at the end has taken a one has wanted. They both do perfectly and has purchased of one 6 fourth steamer and absolutely wants cook. I have used one 16 neighbourhood canner in reheat the rotisserie the chicken and he have resulted to surprise and he faster and better that a microwave and more moist that an oven.

The sum in a capacity:
A 23 Qt bath of hot water 7 neighbourhoods or 10 pints (stack is not recommended for waters to bathe) and
can he of pressure 7 neighbourhoods or 20 pints(double staked)
the 16 Qt bath of hot water 10 pints (waters it that it bathes the neighbourhoods is not recommended) and
can he of pressure 7 neighbourhoods or 10 pints
A 6 Qt is not recommended by canning, but dinners of marks or sides very hurriedly and easy. Also he he stock of chicken in 20 min in place of hours of simmering. Then directly in my canner.
There is not a lot can say the outrage concealed only that it expect it to do. Work, seals well, maintains good pressure. Law like the bath to water canner only well. Really, he what necessities to do. Pose up quite 300 beats so far and is doing only sake. (Of applesauce in juice of grape in of the big greens in venison)
My sister has taken an Each American Canner and can side by side to plot as we could compare a two. Here it is which remarks a difference is:

Each American is the heaviest pot . It can do applesauce in his w/or that burns a fund (burned mine), but can use one presto or in my glass that the upper oven can any one with his All the American been due to like this heavy.

An All the American has the bit of the that domed the half of the lid can return or more can in his concealed beat. Somehow, of a half is main, has had a case where his able era to return some combinations of bounced stacked and my List has not been.

An Each American is the gauge has weighed canner, while this Loans one is the gauge of dial canner. In my evaluation, these ways a bit All less American necessities babysitting that one Loans. I have to maintain adjust a mine down heats presto to do sure did not take it too big or falling also down. It can pose his weight in a canner and the walk fulfilled it would remain in 10 lbs w/or very fuss.

And at the end, an Each American has the cape in an upper that the marks that transport the much easier.

All concealed to be said: they can exactly some same. Every time we can side by side, a time to take them until pressure, a time in pot, and a time to take them behind has descended exactly a same quantity of time.

Has to go with one presto because of my glass upper field. They that me some details in an Each better American, but likes him toe, this one does perfectly.
I have bought he these YEARS and was fearful of the use.

Has all this hype and fear-mongering quite pressure canners, but yes am some directions and does not try and the open when is still down pressure, and the maintain well, the pressure canner is no more dangerous that another tool in your cookery.

A week, swallowed my fear and can enchilada sauce and stock of chicken in him for a first time never.

And then bought very ebooks of the canning author in canning chicken, beef, beef of the earth and the grain and the pressure have accosted canning the chicken done two days. I am so happy has done. I think that it that it can it is still another no in self-sufficiency and knowing exactly that it is in your lunch.

This pressure canner work very good and now sure chair in the pressure that beat them even more eaten for my family!
This canner will line:
24 regular half pints
16 wide mouth half pints
20 regulates bounced paintings sized (mark by name)
16 wide mouth pints
18 regulates bounced paintings sized (generic)
7 regular mouth or wide neighbourhoods
4 half chevron bounced

Dimensions: 15' big x 12' wide

access in my stove and clears a hood in the. He no apt in my cupboards, included with a lid flipped on.
Takes up less room in a cup of stove that my BWB canner how and has more room for other things.

Is not necessary to have an extra racks for bounced of stack. Mark Only sure that a second cloak is resting on some groups and no in some lids they. Even so, I have purchased an extra storm. One racks also returned in my BWB canner which are utmost so that an old cape racks is totally be rusted and required has substituted.
Pode Storm Nexus:

HAS PURCHASED also a Pressure of loans Canner Regulator of Pressure (50332) so that it does not have any road to have my gauge of the dial has tried. I have trusted a regulator to do sure a pressure was constant. A gauge of the dial has read 12 lbs consistently and this was well for me. Quite next where and precise to be so much and listen sure a gauge is not far was but and will not be canning without a regulator. It IS very good to be able to use a gauge of dial and a together regulator.
Nexus Of regulator:

Some directions say to take a canner of a burner and this was the small difficult. It has Had several abdominal surgeries some years and in time, is difficult in impulse heavy elements. I do not want to promote a canner on and on but has hours among loads so that it is not impossible.

Does not leave the calm bounced them fresco in a canner at night. This plan of sour causes and is disgusting.

IS 5'4' how achieving in and out of a canner while it is in a stove is not difficult. My mother is 5'0' and was able of the do too much but was easier with the stool of any small or something that small like the pair of bricks.

So that it can be it used like the bath to water canner, and probably will be to take drawee of mine very old blue speckled canner.

Any bounced of pint of the stack when to those uses likes him to them BWB canner. Some instructions say that calm can not accuse neighbourhoods in this way but this pot is main that my BWB canner. As it uses your own test.

Some directions are very written and easy to follow. I have followed the exactly and and has had any siphoning and everything of my bounced has sealed. In a past and has had subjects with siphoning and this times an only change and has done maintained some windows of the enclosed cookery.

So that it is fearful of his canner 'exploding', has some covers of overpressure. It has to also build of pressure for on inner a canner, some covers of rubber will burst was and relieves a pressure. Any explosion, only a a-the batch accused of bounced.

Does not use this canner in a stove of induction. For this necessity beat conceal this or each steel, or has the steel inserts/inserts in a base.

Does not use pressure canner in a elep burner of field or external gases of gas in 12,000 BTU is. There is the line of precaution in of the this in some instructions.

One 'Precaution' additional the page is comprised with some directions:
does not use pressure canner in any source of external heat like the burner of gas for the turkey fryer. This type of burner will soften a canner that causes a subordinated in warp. It can also resulted in harm of property and/or personal harm. Besides, a lunch can not be safely has accused.

Service and Information of Parts:
has Nicknamed 1-800-877-0441 weekdays 8:00 I am in 4:30 pm (centrical time)
Email through web of place in [...]
Writes: Industries of National Loan, Inc.
Department of Service of the Consumer
3925 M Hastings Road, Clear Water, WI 54703-3703

Your canner the number of model is inner a canner in the case perhaps loses an information.

Some instructions also comprise information on where the road canner for reparation.

Thinks and has answered everything of some questions and has had before and has done my compraventa.
Wow- This canner is surprising!! I have taken my time, reads a manual, the videos of the user looked on Youtube, and has taken the shot of my own and was the career of house . I have found the few recipes have wanted to to try (spaghetti sauce, black grain, and caramelized onions) and each solos an of has done perfectly. He canned 20 pints my first week to possess these Loans! I am recipes exactly and there is aided that knows that there it is not guessing. Also a lot it prefers that the pressure can is mostly that does of sleeps while it bathes water that beat them that it takes much more records. I want to this canner and an ease of use!

Top Customer Reviews: Presto Stainless Steel Pressure ...

Used 6 times, warped in inferior. A reason has purchased the Stainless steel is so he no in in to to the warp likes him his of the aluminium. Has an electrical glass cooktop, as it can has to be them flat to heat equally. It IS to start with, any now. Bought in 2006, has to 12 guarantee of year, will see so it goes.

UPDATE: presto it decide it that I give me he 'a courtesy of substitution of time' . It does not have any reason why this is not the substitution of Straight Guarantee. Even so, we fly me to us it has accelerated it another 1/3 of a cost of the nine a to ship a lid behind. Apparently that is to say to ensure can not use an old one again. As they are more preoccupied in his possible loss that mine having the product that is not defective. They do not fly a real pot that warped behind, as they be able to him in him examines. If they , could pay a load of tower. A client has to does not have to be punished so that his product is defective, which are that loads of the load of the turn is. It IS good money after bad, like a fraud of the internet of some dark lottery wins, where subject the cost for 'process'. No in the buy.
Worse steamer never. A nipple of the small rubber melted in an alimentary in 2 month of use. Any compraventa, health and risk of poor quality. The lunch has destroyed that nipple of the security of the rubber melted in a lunch. It sees hole in a low picture in a lid. A hole supposes to have nipple of rubber that has taken loose and is fallen in a lunch. Any sure why such the POOR creation was chosen . I flange returns it so the spent an Amazon 30 mark in the daytime.
Where Has been? This am adds! Sper Fast lunches. Hurriedly, And quite easy for me same potatoes although I will be an only or it eating. Also it attaches for, ready soup and has forgotten a side. Soups of marks sper hurriedly and the stock of chicken is very mere. I do not have to babysit he for to hours to take likes them he adds. The amour those uses this for fast potatoes mashed. A book of recipe is quite sake and covers the majority of that can think it of, Google I give me time of cook for anything more (whole chicken in 25 minutes). Reheats The rotisserie chicken or roast in in the min without drying was! Disappointed that dines of the pea of the breaking is the no-no, but will survive. I be 35 years with 5 boys. I use this 3+ times for week. It does not know that the has not listened never that attaches these are. I the pork loin in a crockpot and one in here only to compare. In the blind flavour come from a steamer has won unanimously!

Cooks of pot of the instant in 12lbs pressure. This comes with the 15 lb weight.

My only complaint is, there is only a holding of ray one of some capes on. Precise press against a cape to open and after a cookery. At the end he loosen. I do not last to imagine was, place two rays in a cape! It does not affect a functionality of a pot, but the small common sense in a part to list prevents me of retightening the ray each what so once while.

Knows a chicken in a picture is not sper enough, but is fallen immediately a bone and is delicious!
The majority of a 5 calm star revise you will see in the amazon is of 2006 - 6 year behind.
Has purchased this element on Can 3 2012 and is rid in us for May 4 2012. That is to say ours first cookery of loan / of cooks of stainless steel. There are oxides during a lid. In some verges ( situates of voice in amazon) , near of a ventilation of steam . Some rays in sleeve. All this in just 2 and half months (75 days). I have asked on Amazon - his guarantees caducado in 30 days. It opens And it has to treat presto...And it updates more in my experience.

IS quite sure that the quality has deteriorated in period of time. Very Poor......

Update : debugging of next test and other tricks. At the end Nicknamed Above punctual . They will not take an element behind or give the substitution . Instead - issue to sell me , that declares that an organism will not take never to rust so that it is pure stainless steel . I have tried to open some rays but he have not done , so that the rays were bad rusted and slipped in philips automotive of ray.
Has called up again and this time is ready to give me the Prepaid UPS Focus. Has roads an element in them , still to listen they.

Update (02/20/2013) : Val , and has taken a steamer by behind Ready days of pair behind , has changed a cape and of the rays. It can not find any one oxide or stain anywhere ( how and will give 3 stars , increase in 2) . I guess a problem was some LOW QUALITY rays . Some rays were so bad that an oxide stained in an organism and verges . It was difficult to imagine was if an I has taken prende to rust or no. Any Poor Quality of the rays has created all this disorder. I bond has squared new punctual , and thinks a GLOBAL QUALITY Of STAINLESS STEEL IS WELL. If you complain in ready calm road better quality of rays . If you retard in these rays then some nuts will spend was and then was impossible to change them. Only it wants to attach or more point . I use this daily cookery , as and will expect and view that these laws of rays.

Update (02/01/2014) : here it is an update - and think and was too late in some first rays and of the that spent is same after substituting with rays of stainless steel a lid will maintain to take oxide and and run out of patience and at the end and left. Only it wants to attach - it is a lid that maintains to take an oxide ( afterwards a valve of pressure and rays of sleeve) . One is still intact and has any one oxide. No longer it uses this to cook of pressure.

Is considering 2 options
1) to buy loans of tent like KOHLS ( only so that it has awesome on duty police - [Return any element, anytime, for any reason.]
2) to buy Hawkins Pot of pressi - [...]

Update 11/2017 ( sad for late update ) uses Instapot and Fagor to steamer quite daily. It uses it loans occasionally only to boil or steam . It does not use it is lid anymore.
That is to say my third presto stainless steel six fourth steamer in 20 years. Mysteriously soyissed' Two in moving. I use this long the week. It IS user -cosy and the majority of the cookery eaten down the half a the time or less. Quan Wants to hurriedly 'barbequed' St. Louis-fashionable ribs, onion, garlic, liquid smoke, barbeque sauce, seasonings and waters the cover, and has delicious ribs in 45 minutes. Still to roast he of pot with carrots and of the potatoes. The chicken is the breeze . The beef or roast he of pig, ribs of country of pig of the way, bone of beef, low ribs, tongue, legs of lamb or small leg of lamb, brisket with cabbage, carrots, and the potatoes have done in the minutes of interior more gone back that hours. (I prefers to regulate brisket in corned beef.) It follows instructions of security, easy to clean. A real workhorse in my cookery. It tries other steamers. This a mere east, directly advances, and reliable. Quan IS necessary to attach lunch (usually veggies) the sure time, this cookery is easy in 'fast fresco,' attach anything, and restarts a cookery of pressure. It prefers a stainless steel in aluminium like the stainless steel does not react with lunch.

Has three since can weaves it. These presto 23 fourth Pressure caner or the cookery is a better money can buy. It has Had my premier some arrests in 3 years and there is not never still to substitute one or clean and the swipe was carried . A secret to maintain this part to spend the era is to Take every time clean the sake and tent in a pot. It does not compress a gasket to leave he in a lid and in that store it that issues. Another that that the quality is A BETTER to join you Taken for The buy
Some tolerances of the creation of of is is mediocre. IF you can take one covers of pressure in both coming UP, and then to seal totally, could take this to do. But a fund of one covers of pressure constantly hisses droplets of water. This also the ways that takes the VERY long time to take in 15PSI. It was luckly last time used it so that afterwards 90 minutes of the pressure those bounced cooks, after beginning with 3 inches of water in there, finished with hardly any water and he was under a metal inserts/inserts. Race out of water in the steamer is not the good idea. All the classes of badness can arrive.

Can jump for him and is doing a lot of cookery of pressure, taking to REAL steamer. $ $ $
If it only is doing likes him 7-10psi 'cookery', then go for one everything in a unit. $ $
Can take compraventa with the small plus 6 fourth unit, taking T-fal, is at present a better. $
Fagor Used to be a plus that in a 2000 east, but has changed his manufacture and a steel and the quality are not that has the habit of stops to be.
I want my I Loans 16-Fourth steamer. I thought that it that I daunt me but after reading some instructions comprised and that comes from the pair of the recipes in a book have comprised, was very happy with an action and result to feed. He a beef goulash and corned beef. Both have utmost result. I have cooked the whole chicken and while it tries well, has not been adds. I can not it say was one the fault of a steamer. I cooked it also spaghetti squash (cut down the half) this has results very good and everything of these dishes was hurriedly and easy to prepare.

Bought this steamer predominately for canning but has not used he to beat still. I am sure they goes to do only well and will update my description once can something.
I am new in canning and had not used never the pressure canner. It have been using method of bath of the water. This small plus 16 qt access under my glass of clearance of the decrease of upper stove and has been recommended in me for a canning the group is part of on-line. It was easy to learn and after reading and re-reading some instructions and that look the pair of the videos has listened quite sure to use for a first time. Ivy used It three different times now and like him a lot. Highly I recommend it.
Has wanted to can beef and chicken for the trip of long camping. I actuate Never the used the pressure canner before and is of an older generation this has listened all some histories of horror of canners blowing up. Still although the people say that modern ones, uses properly, any one concealed, has been terrified a first time used it. Still dry in the chair and maintain an eye in a piece of pressure, as I can adjust my burner up or down to maintain he in a pertinent pressure. Seventy in ninety minutes in the chair those looks the gauge is abhorring, but can pose in a book of audio to maintain you that distracts while I have done. I am not scared of a thing anymore, but is careful. It does not doubt to buy this canner included if you have not used a before. Your own can the flesh is tastier that anything in a piece. Since some cooks of flesh in a canner, can do the lunches marries very fast or in the stove of camp. Has big canners, but this was the perfect measure for me. Also, I create another critic has said a main measure any access in the tank of normal cookery, which has done taking to wash. One 16 neighbourhood is properly.

He fearful state to try that it uses the steamer until now, but a T-fal the cookery was recomended for the fellow that has several steamers. I want that this cookery is easy to use-- does very work of supposition. One focuses is very robust, some have posed correct is marked and a lid is easy in prjimo firmly in a base. A valve of pressure is also clearly marked and very easy to pose. Some instructions are clear in the levels of crowd of the maxima and a minimum quantity of the liquid required for a cookery to do properly--and there are marks in a side of a cookery he. Once a pressure was to arrive and a steam has begun to escape through a valve of pressure, was very surprised in how little heat has been required to maintain a steam up. It uses a gas cooktop in a RV and begun in beats full (, Posing SALVATION/10) like the directions have suggested. It was able to reduce heat in meso low--posing 3 in my stove--and the abundance there has been still of steam. I have done the pot heaves a first time has used my cookery and he have resulted perfectly. Also it wants that a cookery is stainless and easy steel to clean. Although it has to wash a lid manually, can pose a pot in a dishwasher chooses . (I explodes to wash manually; it is faster.)

Has Had the pair of worries, initially. While a cookery is building up pressure, the very small quantity of the steam escaped of a cup of a lid--but NO of some situates listings so emissions of steam of the emergency--that it is, coming from/come from around a cape that next mechanism. It was smaller and the decree ails a pressure was up in a cookery, as you are not a subject.

Strongly recommend turn a heat down or meso down ails a pressure is up and some beginning of cookery to steam--does not take any a lot of heat to maintain a cookery that goes and maintaining an also big heat will use in a liquid in a cookery too hurriedly. Always it can you shouted a heat the little if some delays of low steam. Also it comes with the sake that basket of steams, but has not tried that still. In general, that is to say an excellent steamer .
It begins of sake. Even so, after enough 3 month, look for the likes would not create one focuses of pressure. We think that that it was probably our error of user so that you are not all a time. Then look to augment, and calm never no. or new focuses My woman has remarked that some rays were loose for a cape. That is to say the problem so that some leaders of ray are in an interior of a lid (situates of voice). We the arrival sees the tense so that it looks that this was possibly a place where a plastic inner piece (situates of voice) would not seal . After 10 month, I emailed T-fal, and the flavour has asked first compraventa. Desprs Taking that, has said that it was necessary to pay the road he in them, and would decide had the problem. Then they would fix it have the problem. Even so, which by chance they he once and focus, particularly so that only tense some rays again. Those problems he. Only we decide the treat. Other people looked to like it, so perhaps was only ours. It recommends that it purchases this, pays an extra for one any one hassle guaranteeed for to the amazon only can return and take another.
Some cookeries the only broken cape loose when opened a lid, only 6 month after I have purchased and tried to allege guaranteeed in this so said that a Manufacturer has 1 guarantee of year. Quan Has called T-Fal in his 1-800 number, took me the long time to achieve his taking and say that a guarantee coated only one beats and no a cape and other parts.
His to good sure sketchy practical when coated of yours guarantees CAN only. I go to go with the list or any one where has to 12 guarantee of year and clearly mention that coverage in him.
I have purchased a t-fal P25107 6.3 steamer of neighbourhood in July 22, 2016 and has used probably the plus or 15 less in 20 times in some last two years. Then the does not line is more pressure. I have ordered the new gasket thinks that was a problem, but no. While it results it a gasket under a button of the indicator of the pressure is fallen was. I have called a company and learnt while that is to say the scarce occurance does not consider he to be the defect of the manufacturers and they any one cover a reparation. I have learnt also because of subjects of the responsibility can not order a part, has to dread in for service. I will be to order the steel I loans stainless steamer like the substitution. While enjoyed to use this product while law, can order mark of loan comparable substitution for less then shipping and costs of service in a t-fal. It is not it has to fix a t-fal not knowing why a gasket losing in a first place to have a raisin included of thing again.
It Like him a lot other critics on here my point to pose of the steamer has not been aforada in an announced 5/10/15psi parameters when take it. It was more like 3.5/8.5/13.5.

Wants to 15psi and a lot concentrate. A problem is that a cradle in a point to pose is the small down-powered.
HAS bass of full instructions, but TLDR, takes a serious was and extends it the small bit to create some parameters until which want to. A more extends a cradle a more taken will press in a valve and will leave a steam has entered the parameter the big plus.

!!! Note of precaution !!!
Calm this and extends a serious was also a point to pose gives could pose the pressure in something main that a pot is has estimated prendi.
Hopefully One two another characteristic of security will kick in and perhaps will not take hurt or anything, only careful be.

---- Raisin to any Instruction ----
1. It takes a point to pose of the pressure: low Press in a point to pose of the pressure all a road and the turn spends a full exhausts to pose, has to pop out of a lid.
2. It exposes some tabs: Attraction a red point all a low road to expose two big holes in of the opposite sides of a piece of big behind. ( He the Square of road)
3. It takes a piece of small black: in a cup of some two big holes there are two clips/of tab that control a piece of small black in. You can burst some clips/of tab have been with your fingernail. After both clips are out of a piece of small black will shoot revealed a cradle.
4. It pulls Cradle: it remarks a current period of a cradle without pressure in the. Carefully pull it until a point where is bit it the long plus when does not have any pressure in the. One east of the long plus when has any pressure in the, a big more your parameters of pressure will be.
5. Reassemble: Pose all back together.


It can of instant and Yedi is done by a same manufacturer and has some components in common. Some the primary differences among a two are that a lid of Pot of the Instant does not require to be posed in a when open counter and has the book of the enclosed cook. They both do very good. One 6 neighbourhood measures it easily will do the lunch for 8 immediately. Our threads and the daughter in law has a Pot of Instant 6 neighbourhood and has a Yedi 6 neighbourhood. Also we have a Pot of Instant 8 neighbourhood. At the same time of our Yedi buys in front of Navidad, was $ 15 less than Can he of the instant and in the has not required a book of cook. Some current prizes of the each has revoked now-go figure. Both are cookeries add , as he an election for better value.

Commentaries, finds that one 8-quarter the steamer has not cooked enough as well as one 6-neighbourhood. A difference was a quantity to water necessity to take a pressure up. It does not ask Me why, but this was that read and also that experience. Unless cooking for the crowd, one 6 neighbourhood is very adapted.
Cairo, IS only the basic type. Quan Cooks something, owe mere quite be but also the flight to try well. Usually he no. While I like him his eat 'gourmet,' any in of that has it near of a patience or interest to cook this road. The fact in the recipe calls the 'chili of stew of the beef.' I launch in some peppers of bell, onion, jalapeo, pepper of cayenne, etc. - Takes an idea - and he then launches in the pair of books of flesh of stew of the beef. Usually these beginnings of recipe with rubbery flesh, included cook it he in the slow cookery. Test braising this and sauteing that, but still beginnings rubbery. Quan Has done this recipe in a Yedi, a flesh is exited surprisingly extend - the premier for me - and does not have to to the to anything likes him take what subjects. More a sum of whole thing tried. Another premier. I actuate Since it tries the pair other recipes and is exited surprisingly well. Honestly, it can not think fact he. So many, if you are the basic type as me, a lot will appreciate this product. No the plot of preparation, time of fast cook, and any a lot of to clean up.

Has bought this particular unit in a force of some descriptions of client and finds is in accordance with one 9 out of 10 clients that estimativa this product 5 stars. But I have remarked it it has done it at the same time a compraventa that he no in that has any a lot of in a road of accesorias. It opens Cela has found truly like this cook and look for when being that it use it all a time, has written has been in a company that question if some the diverse accessories have done for one 6 fourth Pot of the instant also laws with mine Yedi. An interest and the impressive thing was that it write it my surgery the late late Sunday and has taken the response in Bobby is an hour Djavaheri, Vice-president, Yedi Houseware. This, my friends, is service of the client when has the agent of C levels these responses in the race of some questions of user of the mill the Sunday very less. In fact, it is the small impacted. (Except happy said me since that everything of a Pot of Instant 6 qt. Accessories , in fact, work in a Yedi, so in fact has abundance of accessories to choose of.)

Surrounds, me assembla that a product is works and big quality well. And it looks that a company is responsive and very well has directed. An inferior line is that I think that that I have done the good decision selects one Yedi for compraventa. And while my rudimentary recipes maintain to the to to start likes him have so far, will be the happy little camp.
The flight. It does not substitute my cookery of rice....It does not think . But absolutely it wants to it.

A note in a wise, even so. That obtains with an electrical steamer is the sure road to cook hurriedly--class of. It takes the slow time in pressurise and the long time in of-pressurises to steamer. Bronzed when Voice the recipe that says cookery in 20 minutes, a long total will be much more that concealed--that perhaps 40 or 45 minutes in place of 20 minutes. But that is to say unattended time. Only sure plan when being yours eats to take an extra time to represent, so that a recipe typically will not aim it . This spear was some cooks of new pressure.

One another thing is that podes pre-heats a pot to lessen a time the pressure. To do the one of the east to attach your liquid premier and has posed a pot, with a lid was, jumps. Then when you attach your dry ingredients and has posed a lid on, active less pressurization time that calm with the cold beginning. According to one stuffs, time of decreases of 10 in perhaps 15 minutes.
My family is trying to eat more herb-the flesh powered and less commercially created of animal products. It IS very expensive for the family of four. This product leave me to buy in the the pieces to the cheap plus likes him-them the flesh of stew and cheap heaves but still serve flesh very offered. I imagine it it pay for him in the little of the months since save in $ 3 the pound in some flesh roughly cheaper. Apresamiento-Boiled the eggs are surprising to peel open rights and is always perfect facts. I want that it can sear in this pot and then attaches your liquid to cook. Some characteristic of law of security very good. A calm fast guide leave you to do the right of lunch out of a box. Has has wanted to all have done. We use this the pair times the day. It heats leftovers very well without drying them was. I have posed the in the glass stuffs that it is coverage and oven sure he with foil of beat, poses it a support of egg attaches water in a fund of a pot. It has run then he that hangs 10 minutes. My threads of 20 years now prefer roasts, chicken or lamb and potatoes in breaded offered of chicken and frozen fries. We are eating much more sos with less than chemicals but enjoying some alimentary so more.
Desprs Doing the thorough on-line investigation in of the steamers, I stumbled through a Yedi steamer and could not being any happier and satisfied with my compraventa. I am so pleased with some measures of security possess and some processors of modern computer. Besides, some the delicious recipes have done in the house is without final! Some notes--preheating taking anywhere of 5 in 20 minutes and the recipes take some additional 10 in 45 minutes. It has been exciting to learn, comfortable result and comprises a beauty of this steamer.

Top Customer Reviews: Presto 4-qt. Aluminum Pressure ...

As much as I tent in Amazon all a time has listened seldom obliged to write the descriptions for some products have bought. It has said that, it uses this steamer so often that be for the he disservice for any one in the revise. This small pot has changed seriously my habits of cookery almost totally, is my more used piece of cookware in a cookery by far. I have bought this pot so that the no never has cooked with the steamer before and a prize was well for the judge of start. I can very very it see it to me that spends $ 200+ in an electrical cookery, so far as it can say that this pot is able to do all a tram some poden with small control. Desire that some capes has been done of something more durable that plastic, is coming a-semi-detached and I the muscle has really a ray in way that the does not come loose, but some months that has been using has has there was not coming loose still. If it was to require to take another would recommend to take the main pot, that is to say a lot is cooking arrests only the small but is quite small. If you are included slightly considering that it takes the steamer that that is to say a road to go , has done several soups, chili, carnitas, sauce of pizza, and stocks of marks in the fraction of an usually taken time. The majority of these things not having never does before so usually does not have a time to spend the averages the day that mark the stew or the normal, but with this cookery all have done has taken less then an hour. Highly recommended!
It uses a model to Loan older for the best in 30 years without problems. A walnut a the good taken has done enough 10 times and then was unable to open a lid with the lunch cooked (broccoli) inner. I have finished to pose a whole thing in of the rubbishes pickup. He thank you favours it still has my old presto and is doing well. I am an user experimented of cookery of pressure. I think that that a problem resides with some creations of security of the model the new plus. Hopefully My commentaries will be to use to somewhere.
Also I have one measures a big and has a same problem with so much--- A cape takes loose very often. Constantly it is it is tense, while it warns any one to tense it too much. Another that concealed, am adds!
I have bought this product to create the small void, cheap camera. Work for this purpose quite well. There is a hole that perfectly returns Anderson metals 1/4 inch tube fittings, and has required only the sealant without additional hammer. So far, a lid is by train to remain easy sealed in -20 in. hg, And think it can handle more, while I see almost any evasions.

Has the plot of the security looks that necessity to be plugged ( ANY ONE THIS IF it is by train to USE YOU HE FOR the PRESSURE FEIGN these PURPOSES of COOKS, Or CAN TAKE A FULL FACE OF SHRAPNEL!!!). But you are (hopefully) not going to find or without valves of security.
One focuses of the rubber has broken after 3 uses, and any come with the change. A manual this comes with him does not say that substitution one goes with this model, as it is not to estimate a hassle, spends more.

State using mine 8-fourth steamer for quite a lot of two years now. I have expected to bond the description until it goes has some experience with him.
The drop rid, that is to say a BETTER addition in my cookery in 39 years to cook. Any only alimentary cookery faster, cooks it better. The lunches are more flavorful, roasts is more extend. Calm included can cook the ones of frozen. It is not a better road, but in the pinch, faiths.
Has been using he to do broth of bone, and is surprising. Quan Am done cooking it (in an hour, any twelve), some bones crumble. It can can the in the dog. And some broths are surprisingly flavorful.
Here is the little of the things have learnt:
1. If your decrees of the pot that steams, or a road of delays of the low steam, turn of a heat, the ventilation was and investigation. Arrest so far the attention is saved me of in of the very material llamas so that I have not attached in quite liquid for a quantity of the time has required to cook, and once unnecessarily, but the still value these investigations. This CAN mean that some ventilations are blocked, and the pressure is building. Included even so has the valve of security, the uses is still dangerous, and always the disaster to debug. This has not spent never in me, but is spent in another concealed can read you enough in some descriptions of unsatisfied client.
2. If you are cookery something for the long time, uses a basket. This will create yours to feed only the wee bit of a fund of a casserole, and prevents burn and bond.
3. Quan Takes a lid, tip he out of you, and mark sure your expensive is not in a pot.
4. Quan Using the ceramic-upper stove, taking in temp in big, but then reduced a temperature in a down temp that it will continue a pot that steams firmly. In my stove these ways to begin he in cradle, but it turning down among 5 and 6. These helps to preserve a liquid in your pot and prevents in of the llamas, particularly yes is doing the soup or cooking paste or dry grain (dinner).

Has been cooking during 39 years, since was the small boy . Growing up, has not had never the steamer, and has had some imprecise idea that was dangerous. And it is true. It respects your steamer. Pay attention in him if for tongue. It does not try for the open until a small valve of drops of metal. Always verify some holes a lid before the alone marks sure is clear. It substitutes your gasket and the limits yes look spent, and each pair of years requires the or no.

Other complaints have seen is that it is very difficult to open and afterwards. That is to say true. Especially when in the first place it use it his. It was defied also for the vary only properly. There is an arrow in a lid that is probably supposition to direct me to vary he with something, but does not have any idea that. Look during an outside, and can not find anything. It develops an art, and a curve to learn was longer that preoccupy me to admit.
There was also the pair to time where could not take to close. Has had to only totally take of a lid and beginning on. I think that that that has something to do with a valve of lock and after the pair of test, only enters to like the always marks.
The poses in a lid has taken also easier with age, and does not have any idea is so that it was only 'tighter' when it was new, and has relieved, or has imagined only was. It poses the small oil in a gasket once the the while. Help.

That it is quite the. If you are hesitant, adoptive you to give it the gone. Any only is cooking faster and easier, is also tastier!
Presto 8-Fourth JUNK of Defective Material "Lid of Steamer these Focus Clean", Lid Or-Clean

left me beginning to say is to 3 generation presto writes.
Still has the aluminium of my loan of Grandmother Adds the steamer and I still use the and excellent work. And there is some reason why is not to use aluminium... "But I can not take why" :-)

has bought a Stainless Steel 8-fourth Steamer of Loan 12/25/2012 road Amazon.

My complaint Of entity concealed a "to steamer these Focus Clean"
website of Loan URL

HAS has owed to substitute one focuses a Big Plan"to steamer these Focus Clean" this access among a Lid and a Pot, 12 times.

While you look in some pictures can see where one focuses the rests averts.

IS an engineer .
Has run my toes (with sealing taken) in a lid and pode the long that test finds anything acute that included remotely comes afterwards a ((verge of interior)) of this focus where the rests of voice in an enclosed two pictures.

Has AT ALL ACUTE where one focuses comes to contact any one in a Lid or a Pot.

Has always carefully ( beginnings very easy) rinsed one focuses posed then the on he terry towel of cloth and softly patted dry, to the olive has applied then oil with my toes in one focuses whole as well as a Lid and zones of pot where some chairs of focus, then softly has planted the backside in a Lid.

Here is a truth folks.

A focus is failing so that a material that one focuses is done of this JUNK!

Has crossed 12 "to steamer these Focuses Clean" of a premier one has failed 4 month after taking a new cookery of Amazon.

My loan of grandmothers ADDS cooks it still does only well.

A difference is that when to the steamer of grandma has done presto has had an attitude of "doing Something adds"

is truly sad to say that presto it sell it has been and million of amours of mark of the dollars that $ $ $ sell us to FOCUS THEM of JUNK changes

Also yes raisins to fall a PLASTIC:
"Steam of Regulator of Pressure/of Valve of Steamer of Emission"
Reference URL:

The yes fallen pause he only once, and your out of luck.

Unless has the pressure of old steel of the grandma rocker "Valve of Emission of the Steam". It IS a same weight like plastic junk one concealed broken when go me aixecar one "Lid" of a cookery and has forgotten to take an original plastic coated "Valve of Emission of the Steam" you are when turned a lid the other way around in rinse he with water of tap and softly takes a focus of Lid.

Loan the web of place is so bad

pe=Category&the true=group
loan 8 Qt., Steamers
Click in a number of model of your unit to go.

will not find the number in a fund of your 8-fourth steamer. You can find the number 01370 but that it is hardly 5 figures, then the number of No.

Has absolutely AT ALL in his web of place to leave knows that a number in a fund of a steamer will be one
"01370" then No.03.

Would HAVE TO has POSED in his web of place:
And yes Loan of call and habladura with a big schooler these responses very tlphonique and says does the problem with identifying your steamer according to some numbers of list of model in his page of web of place, and this would have to correct this page like the people are not confused.

A big schooler will say to cost obliged to leave us knows, will leave the the ours to manager to plant fixed web a problem.

Folks His state 24 month later even so it has not corrected that page of web in

pe=Category&the group=some

Presto has sold was.

In my opinion a Steamer "sealing Net" it is JUNK

the loan why does not pull your leader out of your %$ -ss and do the "Pressure

the cookery these Focuses Clean" out of durable material sake very time LILKE goes to Have the habit of!
That is to say my first steamer . Always it go it his fearful to use a so that he he years my grandmother had said that the sound has blown up in of the chairs. Even so, my threads aim me a 'ins and outs' of cookery of pressure in the daytime modern when are to visit him and now marvel this has lived without or all these years! Very very built, and very sure to the use is some instructions . Always chess to do sure a tube of the ventilation is not blocked every time the use and would not have to have problems. Besides or 3 weeks less have felizmente does stock of delicious chicken, cooked of beef, heaves he of pot, spaghetti sauce, sees big, porcupine meatballs and cheesecake. The MAY am returning!! An only thing has so done far that I have not been thrilled with was brown rice, and thinks that this was so that I have posed in oil of mass. Any too bad for the beginner, even so!
Had he already the description in this steamer, last year, a first month that took in a clave. Have wanted to very the! I use he two in three times the week in any broth of bone of the mark, or in of the vegetables of steam. Enough three month in, the things have changed.

Has begun to remark that a pot has not lined pressure. A lock has did not remain closed, and the steam touched out of low a regulator of pressure. I have called a company, and a woman in a telephone has said that his as if a regulator of the pressure is not returned properly. So much, after inspecting it, gives that some class of yacimiento minral, or stairs of file, has built up in a regulator of pressure. I issue me the new regulator, and during the month, each did to add again. But, then some the imposiciones same has collected in a regulator, and again, a cookery has done bad.

Issue me, still, another regulator, and a same phase has taken place. Since I amour to use a cookery, and some instructions clearly say that calm can not wash a regulator, was to advance and has purchased the regulator for in $ 8 in his web of place, while this same phase would touch era.....But has wanted to that uses a pot, as has thinks that perhaps could imagine out of that enters, in a while.

Has used mostly a cookery to do broth of bone and stock. I am careful in not filling a past of cookery a 1/2 road line, and is using waters he of the cradle bottle to do a broth with.

IS now mid June, and has had mailed my cookery, lid and everything of some regulators in List, while it can not imagine was so to maintain go east. It results to scare that it looks the steam that tips out of some sleeves and at the end, beginning of one covers of half overpressure. Some regulators were so clogged with imposiciones that created it too pressure in a pot.

Has substituted one covers of overpressure for me, and has posed also the tube of new ventilation. But, in my surprise, issue me behind my regulators of pressure still fully encrusted, so there is routed the in! I am sad to say that when tried to use a cookery, yesterday, has not been fixed AT ALL! A same result spent with the steam these beginnings of some capes, and ail any steam these fluxes of a tube of ventilation and regulator of pressure. I asked me how gone through big a main subject....The regulators of pressure!

So much, has called the, again. He his demand quite this, and said me that in his cookery of test, all has done well, and concealed a person of reparation contact me. One can of woman or can not return in me on this, but is totally unenchanted with using a cookery any one longer. I will use mine the normal pot regulates and lid, from now on, and cooks my chickens for the few hours. Only it is not to estimate one hastle more.

Honestly The desire could take my money behind for this pot that gave me only quite 75 days of good use in a principle, in of the marks the year. If they active routed a cookery behind in me with one earnest report, and gave me instructions on that to clean some imposiciones out of some regulators, concealed would have satisfied me, and still was 5 stars. Time to move on.
If I can estimate he less than zero I !!!
This thing killed almost me yesterday!! They have to it hangs 5 years and always fallowed some instructions , yesterday in a lid of pot that pin those looks the nail has flown was and a water and the steam exited of a hole like the volcano !!! It IS soooo scary !!! Has three few boys in a house ! And a mark of disorder was unbelievable!!! This pot is in some rubbishes now !! But I email a company to take the full explanation why done this thing of the peril is spent?!!

Any one usually writes descriptions, but has very wanted to this together.
Has taken he for my husband for the day of the father, and was elated. We use our Pot of Instant the plot.
Has be worth it for an emission of steam only so that always preoccupy me quite taking burned of a steam.
Use some extra points: Red for Rices and grain, Blue of Copper, to complete a clear original one has.
A thing for prender attention in:
A lid has the room among a glass and metal where some rays of cape on, so careful be in Not drenching a lid, or mark sure to unscrew it and clean has been yes waters it inner taking . Still it gives a set 5 stars.
An access of lid of the silicone perfectly, has crossed a dishwasher, has maintained his form, and has not retained any smell.
A lot enhances a pot of Instant that experience of uses.
I Liked him to the ones of some elements that where together places for a pot of instant, is only that has required!
Also a prize is well.
I have wanted a ceramic pot and erroneously has thought was part of the same assessory proportionate. A beak has deceived.
Doesnt IS returned mine 6qt the pot of instant can inner
I produce it adds for a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: All American-Quart Pressure ...

I have done only my first batch of test in a canner and is very happy with him. It IS enormous and will leave me in beat the tonne of product the time that reduced an endeavour and tediousness to beat. It has Had the lacking freezers in some pasts and lunches marred almost frozen. I go to be canning more to prevents concealed to spend again. It can it IS the most realistic option now, because of a capacity of the same canner. A description says it can line 32 pints but like me use the pints of wide mouth. It marks 25 of this plus an additional 3 regular mouth for the total of 28 for load. If you are looking in substantially reduce your time and production to augment that is to say a canner since you.

The Also lines 21 wide mouth neighbourhoods. 10 In a level a low plus and 11 in a cup.
Excellent craftsmanship, same service of better client. Almost return it his so broken, but the call in a factory focused in the series of calls of tower of the diverse box of people took me some on-line experts. A council given in a question and section of response, has not been useful in me, my steamer would maintain to go in 10psi then done the sound to burst, and steam of ventilation, and never traces in 15. Has thinks that that there is the warped or somehow, but the good things have listened in a company, as decided to call them.

Had followed all some suggestions on here to do a same lid, in oil a lip where alloy, to tense some rays through of each another to maintain a fund of lid. A factory there has been instead mine still a lid, mark sure a lip was oiled, tense some rays through of each another touches only, then to go around a lid, no in of the opposite rays but in some rays beside the each another for one, to tense it down afterlife. Totally opposite council of the this has been said in here, but after 8 tentativas has failed, a info of a factory done for me on one very afterwards flavours. I have done then the pot of stock of soup up, and pressure of paste again without problems.
Future buyers: the calm does not require to order an extra storm. I have used in fact any one the steamer has purchased still, but has used my partner is and works surprisingly. I lost it perhaps, but looked to take to discover that they rack has been comprised with a cookery and I only could find 'comes with racking' (looked the good indication that there was only a). Above this when the amazon has suggested based in another is the purchase concealed buys a box to beat and an additional racks, has imagined was the common necessity . Sure enough all arrived and a Steamer is come with two racks, so by behind my extra racks will go.
Three tips to use my partner is Each American Steamer : 1. You favour and go in an Each website of American Steamer and looks a video in that constitutes the 'jiggle'. 2. The rest has ensured that a column of steam is looking for will not be the fat full column of visible steam, but instead half that has constant flow of air out of a ventilation. In some signals that have begun the second supposition this and maintained to look for the fat visible column of the steam and he cause me to us up-to process the pair of batches. 3. I found it useful to use the ruler (or another guide) to do sure a lid is on equally. While it can say it if a coverage was subject was - the to well sure would look uneven - was well to have something to measure with sure decrees when being.

Also, to the plot of people asks that type of varies can use this with. Has the Refrigerator the cup of ceramic electrical field has called the and said of a Steamer is aluminium of quality that is well to use. An only worry is with lining a surface of a field, but was the cosmetic subjects any one the subject of functionality.

All the American steamer HAS SERVICE of INCREDIBLE CLIENT - some hours are all the hours and Oriental Time of work, likes him person the majority of convenient, but there is aided so questions of response in canning and preserving the different elements any listings in a booklet that comes with a cookery.
I have purchased this well before it was required, look undamaged so posed was been of boxes. This was the deception like the window of tower is spent. It uses the model of the 60 EA caner for the years and The MAY has failed to do to focus without still of flavour. Some designers and the engineers are fallen a balloon in easterly unit One focuses old was the gradual tapers, this has the acute bevel. In this way yes it is access still the fraction of the millimetre has entered a whole circumference, failure to seal. A a time out of a first three test has succeeded, has measured everywhere with my MM rule and walk under the screwdriver in this number to use how tries it gauge. A result was 2 out of three has been sealed. That is to say horrible, has launched of hard won product so that although a book said, CAN not cool down and retry, your lunch will be mush. If you think that that you want the caner, looks for one of some models some old plus.
Unable to use because of a pot that is angled in the oval form very light in arrival. The lid can not seat level, mecer in two points, and can any one when being any latched or tensed. Bundled Looked undamaged.

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