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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
A power and the suction in this thing is awesome! It forgets a Devil of Muck, forgets a black and Decker! They do not go to be near of is.

Update of description 12/31/2017: a void has prendido to do in 4 and the half months... : (
Was terrific while hard.

Update of description 1/1/2018: Again I am corrected, the fence was when near of in overheating. It covers he behind in after the low cooling and the laws add. Tip: it does not leave also time to spend while in operation among cleaning out of a filter. A frequency is dependent in how much material has to choose up. If you the daily debugging with this thing that can be so infrequent as once the week. If you are having the sale of the garage and calm is cleaning elements that has not seen a light in the daytime in 20 years, could clean be each 30 minutes . Salvation, IS each just learning in these products here.

IS still the compraventa fantastic in my opinion!
; )
5 / 5
The BETTER WORKS that has thought the . First time used it a hose sucked in a fund. A bit I last to take it to fall. Powerful machine. Some tools are very useful. I want a crevice tool with a bit attach dusters. It takes some tight corners also. Highly it recommends this void. I add for dusting. The smallest defect, a hose sometimes disconnects of a machine.
5 / 5
Surprising can out of the small unit! This void done the clean fantastic work small zones. I used it to clean has been among sofa and of the pillows of chair and a power of a suction was the surprise. A void comes with the set of tools that marks even more handy to clean a cart. One produces adds!
5 / 5
I clean my machines of lint regularly and has not wanted to use canned air that lint of forces in some works. It uses this with the computer vac accessory of hose and he a trick.
1 / 5
It IS well , bought some tiny annexes to use in my machine to sew. Suction Very small for a time has measured down in the lean hose. Changing my description. Used with some tiny annexes to clean my machine of sewing - any suction. It was better used the tool of dental type has aimed very time and the paintbrush of lean painting. If you want to use this with some tiny annexes - no the good election.
5 / 5
I create me when it says that I am machine of void junkie . . . Buy each measure and each type. A Teeny the Tiny tank is the BEAST . It IS better by far that some of the full mine-measure vacs. Power of utmost/suction. Largo awesome cord. The impression adds, the prize adds and fast delivery. I WANT my Teeny Tiny Tank and recommends it HIGHLY. Thank you For the product of QUALITY!!!!
5 / 5
State that looks for the smallest hand has lined void to clean up around my squad of computer (speakers, keyboard, devices of midday, filters of air of the computer, etc) and this one has been perfect. Has power of utmost suction, and a hose has comprised with the annexes was perfect to enter tiny rooms. It IS the small uncomfortable to line a void while you use a hose, but I hurriedly taken on this after looking functions. I have been horrified by a quantity of muck and hair takes of my keyboard.

An only with here is that it is so strong and regulates void, taken quite hot, and an interior of the filter of the powder tends to the fall was when opened a case for the clean (any one the enormous roads, but could have been designed better).

In general is very happy with this compraventa and to well sure would recommend it.
4 / 5
We take this for vacuuming our truck when is travelling. Has the decent suction and does the quite good work. Has two dogs and go in a beach the plot. We require something to clean up hair of dog and sand of beach that has not taken up too much room. We would be likely to spend the money of plus of plot and takes the more an except facilitated of use and small measure, is or conforms our necessities.
1 / 5
I have bought this hand-streaky so that it avenges with the cord and has had quite a lot of good descriptions. It take this today 09/24/17 and is by train of the return 09/24/17. I launched it it was my big void with annexes so that it was big and bulky and the ache to take up and down some stairs. I have decided to clean my mattress with baking soda, begins vacuuming a mattress and a suction are utmost the strong bit but the suctions are! Five minutes in vacuuming apresamiento HOT and the fence was. I give it quite 20 minutes and flavour again, same thing! You can smell one which heat the electricity smelt what ardent. The supposition is a lot of this closes down in place of in of the llamas down your house!
5 / 5
I want to this small void! It IS small but powerful. I bought it concretely for my room/of work of the sewing. I use it often in my machine to sew is dog of powers and bobbin zone to maintain the lint has cleared was. Some computers to sew newer is very sensitive in lint and rests so that it is to say the necessity for me. It recommends this element.