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Top Customer Reviews: BISSELL Cleanview ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Hans
To all the cost of as net one east, vacuums after the moment begins partorisca odorare in an unpleasant way. Ossia The fact there is remarked with my forward vacuums, included after changing some filters and stock exchanges. Memory partorisca think, which can wash some parts of him? But it was not an option. And with this BISSELL Cleanview vacuum, each part, except a zone of engine, can be washed with soap and of the water. Yes, of a reusable filter, to a cube of powder, and some accessories, is takes easily and washable. Of course, one has to that expect until all some parts are first drought to use them again.

A cube of powder is big, and an electrical cord is a lot long, one the plus along has not seen never in the vacuum. Those leaves partorisca a partorisca clean a lot of rooms before they owe empty a cube of powder, or unplug and covers a vacuum again. Doing one the easiest work and faster. It likes like this it is of simple to go of hardwood stroll the coverages, these is particularly useful when a house there is hardwood flooring has covered with coverages.

And some accessories have comprised is a lot effective, and has spatial to store them in a vacuum he, with an exception of a pet turboeraser tool. Ossia Like the tiny vacuum in him, has the paintbrush done with hule partorisca take hair more easily, and can be taken averts partorisca the cleaned totally. Of some tools have comprised, my preferred is a tool of corner of hair of pet , to the to the equal that likes his name says, is fact partorisca clean corners, and stairs also.

A fact that does not use replaceable the stock exchanges is to saver of money , and is the powerful vacuum with a lot of suction, and while it is the little noisy, clean like this well, and easy, that does not concern me roughly the when being strong.
4 / 5 Toney
I have had Huskies partorisca decades. Needless Partorisca Say, a season partorisca spill (basically 365 days the year) is hard in vacuums. I have tried the majority of cars (except the Dyson) and there is not founding anything concealed well in coarse skin. This a fact. A creation of pívot is the enormous help in my place. A paintbrush chooses on a skin, but does not resist to everything of him and result ineffective likes a lot another. Touching a canister is simple and cleaned. Partorisca A prize, has not been can find the best vacuum. The nave was the little slow, or would have given 5 stars.
5 / 5 Riley
A lot light with excellent suction! I have had the Dyson done a lot of years and has lost this is to arrive! Never it trade this in partorisca anything and is down $ 100! As it Can you go bad? If you are in a phase partorisca the new vacuum take is one. I promise, calm will not be disappointed!😊
5 / 5 Daron
This Cleanview Swivel Pet of Whole Rewind Bagless Vacuum Cleaner of Bissell is spectacular in of the houses with the pets and a prize can not be has beaten.

Has so many things I amour in this vacuum that is hard to know where partorisca begin. Has 6 cats and 3 dogs and to plot of messy human in my house. I owe that vacuum daily so only partorisca maintain all some humans partorisca take hairballs have like this state excited partorisca try is one. Previously, I have trusted the Browser of Shark partorisca newspaper vacuuming with the bulky plus Kenmore partorisca weekly deep cleaner and vacuuming curtains and other zones on a paving. A Shark has utmost suction and is quite light to be easy to spend around in all some rooms but has the quite tightened paintbrush roller like calm taking more steps and he no active onboard storage for some accessories and a dustbin is not a lot big.

This Bissell is still light but has the very wide paintbrush to roller the like take less time to vacuum. A roller of paintbrush is fantastic to choose on hair of pet. Seriously fantastic. But any hair of just pet - he an excellent work to choose on fine dust and muck - something a Shark are not adds in. A plastic casing around a roller of paintbrush is clear, also, like this calm easily can see has to that the plot of hair or edges has wrapped around that.

This vacuum also swivels a lot easily so much is much easier to vacuum around pieces of furniture. Manoeuvre almost easily.

A dustbin is clear and has the ENORMOUS capacity. Calm easily can see when it is full and so only detach he with a press of the key, raisin to some rubbishes can, press another key and he empties of a fund. Your hands do not touch never some contents. Also it opens of an upper to clear any clogs there or to clean/change a filter.

Has it @@@knob of adjustment of the height that leave to select of 5 different height the settings and work equally well in carpeting and hard flooring. I like this better that an adjustment of automatic height in mine another vac reason the concealed no never also in my experience.

A cord is 27ft along so much is the generous period . Bissell Also offers this model with the retractable cord partorisca in $ 30 more. This vac follows to revise is exactly a same model but with the cord of manual wind. Personally, I want a self-retracting the cord and is value of way an extra $ 30 mine but if not to impose you rewinding a cord to a vacuum when you are fact , this one east an excellent buy reason a vacuum acts like this well.

Also loves that a key to be able to is red brilliant and can be pressed with your foot. It is easy to distinguish other keys.

Take 5 alleged and hallelujah, they all store onboard. The annexes are so only useful calms can find him when calm require them like this loves onboard storage. You take a wand of extension , the longitude crevice tool, he dusting paintbrush, the tool of corner of hair of pet, and to pet disturb eraser tool. These are not especially big-alleged of qualities but law so only well. One disturb eraser the tool is sum for vacuuming mobile and read of pet and a tool of corner of the hair of pet is much handier that would have thought.

HAS the pre-filter of engine that can be washed so that it does not have to that substitute like this often like some.

Of this is not the impulse-of vacuum, is not súper convenient for vacuuming stairs. A hose is quell'has bitten short, IMO, as I still owe that move a vacuum on some stairs to clean them. Of my stairs is of forest, use the small hand vac for east cry and is much easier and faster.

The assembly is easy, also. So only two rays to attach a boss and you are ready to vacuum.

Has to that take 6 rays to take a roller of paintbrush was to clear was hair that wraps around the and to change a tape. The desire there is the hinged spends instead, like another vac have reason has a lot long-haired members familiarised so many has to that treat this task quite often.

Another that that smaller disappointment, to good sure recommends this vac - especially for houses with pets. Clean as well as much more expensive vacs but is a lot reasonably priced.
5 / 5 Tarsha
My new $ 89 (on sale experience) vacuum!! I LOVE it!! An end of mine 16yr Dyson romance -
5 cars, when finalising with upper to line “filterless” pet! Oh, & there are filters in a filterless Dyson, likes inefficient like all his another! 🙄
In ours ranch & with muck of desert, can not maintain D filters (I has 2.ºnsembles To change on) cleaned, i.et. SUCTION! SO MUCH, it has researched & it founds Bissell-swivel, his model to base swivel, receiving good descriptions. It is filters is like those in brota blowers - foam you can rinse, squeeze, really take clean & recovers full suction. ALSO, there is a date regulates, as I can use in my skins of flat & coverages, w/or sucking the car! I have been in the big wool flat coverage in LRm with Dyson wand (which is all this would do with a Dyson!) In a side, then a Bissell! ENORMOUS difference!! My coverage of wool of the tight battery in entrance is cleansing in yrs! Coming on in, cowboys, toallita humid your feet! 😉
Although I owe that buy the new an each one that 2yrs (or each one that like this yr!), In $ 89 I are still advances, cuz have the car that DOES & my house is cleaned. 😊.
BTW, Bissell now uses well, material hose very flexible in these cars. A vacuum feels 1/2 a weight of a Dyson.
5 / 5 Stuart
The mine has used so only for a first time and I has been impacted for some times have been done. The week is spent of longitude of vacuuming, and with one continuous in a can was meso full! They are seriously state impacted in what muck could accrue the week! With which have been done I the good look on in a carpet and there was absolutely ANY HAIR of pet!
5 / 5 Clare
It take this of my parents for Christmass. I have used to have a Shark vacuum. The short long history, with which having Shark of mine 2 years, has lost to to the suction likes any of another. I have loved it is a reason have read some descriptions for him and in the have the cat and the dog that both nave. I vacuumed my morning of Monday of the house with Shark of mine. Now, with small activity I vacuumed today with my new Bissell. Had Like this muck and gunk created so only vacuuming my living room. They are to good sure pleased with this vacuum and will purchase it again in a future!!!
1 / 5 Vern
I have purchased a vacuum reason has the pets and he is announced as to PET vacuum. I have had he to fall the month.
Has been to run it and has seen a paintbrush has not turned . It can odorare a tape and still although I have thought that that it was odd for the tape to exit I so that it early has begun a process to take a subordinated averts to substitute a tape.
When I have taken a subordinated was has found a still taught tape in an iron of engine. The smoke that comes from/comes from an iron of engine and singed hair of dog. A compartment of whole tape has been PACKED with hair of dog.
A creation of a vacuum literally feeds a hair of pet to a compartment of tape. Down the month enough the hair has directed to take among a tape and iron of engine to a point to surrender a vacuum useless unless it is taken averts and apparently begin the small fire.
Ridiculous- gone spent something more!
2 / 5 Gil
The tape has broken on first use.....
5 / 5 Ouida
I have taken that picture with which perhaps 40 seconds of use. A picture says it everything, but no the justice. Absolutely it recommends this to any one looking for the new vacuum, especially with pets. My only petpieve, is has room for each annex except the 5 stat to good sure!

Top Customer Reviews: iRobot Roomba 675 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Susie
Fashionable name: Roomba 675 My husband has offered several times partorisca take me the I really has not thought would be worth it, like this there is has declined always.

Enters a Roomba 675, which yes, has been offered partorisca revise by means of the program of Vine of the amazon, but concealed no bad has to that give the glowing report. They are in fact he has spent he for 3 times, first to say, 'Eh, reason any one? Of then appearance be unimpressed, would be a perfect person partorisca try one was!'

Ours familiar has appointed immediately his Hazel, and after several hard labour hours, has no qualms roughly maintaining his in mine payroll. ;-)

First things: they are not a better housekeeper. Having to that be the clutterbug, and am not faithful in the newspaper that bars and vacuuming. Has 2 boys and 2 cats, like the abundance of muck accrues each day. I have read a booklet of instruction, plugged bases of house, and the load of Hazel has left at night (really only need roughly 3 hours to the full battery, but has wanted to try is gone in a morning with which both have had the sleep of the good night).

In a morning, some girls and I have done sure any coverage, toys, or the cords were in a paving and that the hazel has pressed is key 'cleaned'. It has been it goes... In the very random, normalised haphazard. I have known this was like her probably travesía, in the bed those other descriptions, but was still odd mine. I relaxed While she puttered around the mine first paving, roughly 1200 square feet of mixed hardwood, vinyl, and carpeting.

Is not very noisy. Much less that regulates it vacuum sure cleaner! It says it touched like the defender in big, which really has not been bothersome. Hazel has had really any question around mobiles or travelling in transistion games of flooring the flooring. With which in an hour of buzzing around, Hazel docked she and has touched the 4-5 note jingle.

Included Although it looks to go in such the random fashion, could say my pavings were cleaned! Had the little has lost something in his very first gone, but for his third time, any zone has looked for gone careless. Hazel now resembles 'know' my house and is maintaining my pavings clean! I seat it likes it to me he can go barefoot with his in a work!!

With which Hazel ventured under a cupboard of china (the one who knows when this hard zone has seen my broom), my edges has said, 'Hey! A fuzzies has gone!! It is well!'

A day, Hazel beeped and has begun 'clicking.' It has remarked his espring' the key blinked also... It was not if a two was related in fact, but my edges there is prendido and verify down to find the usb touching the cord wrapped around his paintbrushes. The simple and easy is to take some paintbrushes! We untangle A cord, beginning pressed, and that the hazel has finalised felizmente his cycle.

Of then, has taken so only has stuck once - in some 'flaps' of a coverage that goes around a basin. Ella beeped in us to leave know, and we quickly unstuck him. Has Have the little time prpers believes can be stuck under a room to dine table in a labyrinth of chair and legs of table, but with which some that clash and spinning and that confronto again, finally finds his way was.

Could not try a wifi and characteristic of application - like this live in the black hole without wifi. But, material to be able to plan the hazel is awesome. For now, we have to all a work: drop and press the key. Hmph! ;-)

Really, that the hazel is the sleep . No, she no deep cleaned flanges or take down some pieces of furniture, but honradamente, is maintaining the cleansing mine of pavings that heads to for my account! They are like this very happy with his! Now if so only it can do dinner...!
5 / 5 Monty
Fashionable name: Roomba 675 good Works. I have been having subject with him vacuuming all the rooms in a first walk. Sometimes he so only done an office and hallway, a first day he those more my cookery and living room. How it is paste or lose if he vacuum each room, and if they are not home will not know never where goes. Also when it has them paste a key on partorisca go back to a cradle, he the no. So only flashes and maintains vacuuming. I will guess I will maintain it, but I have to that babysit he occasionally.
4 / 5 Nola
Fashionable name: Roomba 675 I had been that it wants to one of these Roombas for years. It has ordered finally one the few days does in Cyber Monday. The fact has arrived two days. Law a lot well. BUT that has said that, he so only looked to take me more time and inconvenience to go around a house to choose things on that it can take stuck on or suck up. Also reason goes around a class of house of randomly lose something. Perhaps finally you go back to these something but a battery are died. Any sure yes begins throughout again every time after recharging but look for likes it has followed a same model. It was really useful to that would not have time to vacuum in his own, but have a time although hate vacuuming. For a money, enough would buy the clave of quality a lot of vacuum and he I. So only my two value of cents!
4 / 5 Maynard
Fashionable name: Roomba 675 Robot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum with Connectivity of Wi-Fi, Works with Alexa, Very partorisca Hair of Pet, Carpet, Hard Pavings. This cleaner of handy house, with his sensibilities of robots, will clean yours walks a lot well. It can be operated with Alexa, your cellphone or in and of him: it leaves an user partorisca connect to clean of anywhere in a house. His patented 3-Phases partorisca Clean the system is especially engineered the loosen, impulse, and suction all of small particles to big debris of carpets and hard pavings. His muck patented relieves sensors of alert partorisca do harder has concentrated in zones of muck, like some zones of big traffic of your house. His paintbrush that embroiders of the sweeps is drawn especially in the corner of 27 terracings partorisca sweep debris out of flanges and of the corners. His continuazione full of the intelligent sensors drives a robot down and around mobiles partorisca help thoroughly clean your pavings while it is to announce until 90 minutes before automatically docking and recharging. Required partorisca use: so only touch his battery, the cleaned or press of time Roomba in a gone with a iRobot Application of HOUSE or Alexa.

Has two cats in my house, both with Siamese ancestry, as his hair is long, width and during a place. Every time I have seen the ad of television partorisca this produced, has loved that, like the orders immediately when you look on Vine of Amazon. Has has had questions with his installation, at least to my mobile phone. Insufficient instructions had so that it can not take a “Continuous” key partorisca do. This in spite of, once fully touched, work well for him. Once steps that question, can say are happy took it, although it is quell'has bitten noisy, which some ads of television has not seen returned partorisca leave to be pointed. This in spite of, run it two times, and two times has fill his cube with hair of cat.
4 / 5 Peggy
Fashionable name: Roomba 675 I received it today, like this far like this good. It is very easy and quickly partorisca dip it up with wifi. I have used partorisca have a model 655 that the cause of amour of a power of suction, this model(675) is not like this powerful likes 655 but to good sure is less noisy. They are very pleased like this far and has found a wifi connection very convenient
4 / 5 Hilma
Fashionable name: Roomba 675 I amour this little type. I appoint Mur-And because as it can calm no? It has done such the difference in my house.
Alive in the 650 sq ft walk. With two cats and the dog. (Like any one the tonne of spatial, can not speak to that does in of the main living neighbourhoods) All of some animals spilt like crazy and so only seats impossible to maintain up with everything.

Maintaining I just push Clean on application of telephone, and for some time takes house of work, my pavings look good-looking. It has helped really door down my level to stress partorisca leave me partorisca allocate this time has saved to other tasks, be he partorisca work, cry of house, or having entertainment!

I still spend out of some big guns at least once the week partorisca do the thorough vacuuming, but has included a quantity of time I use the vacuum with a big type has been cut for the half. ( I need partorisca come up with the name partorisca a big vacuum. It does not look so only any to. Perhaps Dennis? In we will stick to them a big type for now)

will say that it takes time partorisca take used partorisca Wall-And rooming around not looking partorisca go in any particular model, but after the few times can see that it takes everything finally.

A prime minister little career of time will look it the fight (at least mine he ). But with which in a third or fourth time, look partorisca be able to do his way around a paving with ease. It take it it has stuck it the little time but headed to wiggle free in his own. It looks the transition well among types of different paving. We have hid, tile, and the coverage that careers by means of without any questions. I do not have remarked the question with a cube that takes too full, but I sometimes paralizaciones and empty mid cleaned only to be in a sure side.

Some looks of battery to last roughly and now and half which think is to spare time to take our clean paving, but again yes live the main house has not been if this would be quite time to achieve all some necessary zones.

According to that the noise is concerned is calmer that that would call the traditional vacuum cleansing, but is not entirely silent. I think that a level of noise is down enough to any to annoy me am looking television or having the conversation, but some people can be more sensitive to touch. I think it that annoying try sleep so I any run he during a night, but again any one beat of people or can not be annoyed for that.

In general, HIGHLY recommends this product. I saved hours of my life that cleans already and has has had so only he for the week! I have it that there is remarked also the serious decrease in the allergies of my husband also I so that it considers the big help in a health and department that is well. Now if so only it can do some dishes... :)
4 / 5 Marla
Fashionable name: Roomba 675 Absolutely despise this product. It covers he in, the tone, and then a frustration begins. Connecting the WiFi was the fight in him. Then looking boot around aimlessly in the small quadrant of the mine living room further has frustrated. Possibly it runs over one something still 50 times but no he never to a hallway. The traces of the muck remain still. We are taking on the 300 sqft living room. It was partorisca return.
4 / 5 Rosy
Fashionable name: Roomba 675 Day 4. 3 Cleaner. The action like this has been far both impressive and flawless.

Has possessed the v1 Roomba (first of self touching) and this was a lot has had the small, clear, rectangle partorisca sweep. When His dead battery and has found that the substitution would be North of $ 100 I tossed that.

A new East an east, well, impressive. It was easy to configure and has been dilligently looking for and sweeping never of then. AT ALL (like this far) has done “taking has stuck”.

The mine so only “wants to” is for him to be silent-er. It can also envision the characteristic for which can create And the go down still to back out of blocking conditions. ...And perhaps the paintbrush that revokes mechanism to (tentativa to) unwind a proverbial ball of series.

These thoughts avert can not see reason any one would want to a bit flavours some expensive plus.
5 / 5 Andria
Fashionable name: Roomba 675 I has loved an idea of this product. Has the 100lb laboratory and in a winter, would be likely to do another 100lb laboratory out of his skin that loss. As it was súper excited when I have seen this is to be estimate well for houses with pets. I have used this for the week, cleaning every day (sometimes twice the day) and here is my complaints:
-need of Cube to be emptied in the each one 20 minutes in our house with a 100lb dog. Ossia Still after using a Roomba atleast the day for the week directly. Of a life of looks of battery to be roughly 1.5 hours, this means that I owe empty the roughly 4 work/of time. That is a point of having the Roomba constantly am cleaning out of a cube? I have wanted to be able to so only dipped this and the forget. I comprise to require to clean out of a cube inbetween works but requiring clean each 20 minutes is so only me babysitting the.
-An application any with the accuracy shows a cube fullness. It resembles so only do a supposition based entirely of labour time. An application there is still to aim a cube as when being full still although there is probably emptied he at least 20 times like this far (and has cleaned a filter two times).
-Out of some last 7 works, 5 of them a Roomba has died that tries to find is way behind to a cradle. I have it that choose physically on and situate the interior 3' of a cradle and turns around and among another direction (still although an application say is trying to the cradle and a low battery is aiming in an upper). Has our cradle in an open wall (there there is roughly 3' of spatial to wall opened in any side and roughly 5' of open paving in front of him).
-I has thought these have been suppositions to learn the zones where take stuck and avert them, this in spite of, constantly takes stuck in some corners of my room and error of arrivals'ing and has to that come and the fix. One the time literally error d in a corner, situated it roughly 10' was, and go directly behind to this corner and error d again. Have Roughly 1500 sq ft of spatial in ours first walk (that has pieces of furniture, etc on he) to the equal that has abundance other zones for him to cover.
-Which head to me me it my next complaint, has some arrivals subject that there is still to never clean down. It is not blocked. It is afterwards to a entryway cooks ours (which does not have spends it on he). Any one follows reason is not to found never that.

Something more to consider (any one really the complaint) is that calm so only can use this in a paving in your house. Of then it can not locate the stairs and is supposed to the map out of one walks in him is memory , has read on-line that the moving pavings poden the disorder up is mapping . So has two house of history that would like me you for him to clean both walk on, will require two.

Perhaps a model an expensive plus exits the plot of a kinks has listed on? For now, I will grasp me to the mine traditional vacuum.
4 / 5 Denis
Fashionable name: Roomba 675 Amur, Amur, Amour this Roomba! Has 3 cats and he chooses especially a hair of cat. Has all the forest and of the pavings of the tile with some scatters coverages. He the work adds that I clean on all the surfaces. Only negative, and does not consider it the negative of then have 3 cats, is that we have to that the to us take the time of pair during the cycle of more cleaned to empty a cube. Without a hair of cat, the first whole cycle of emptying. We are seniors and is like this good to seat in ours recliners and have a Roomba is work . Another more is that it connects to our point of echo and like this all have to that do is says Alexa begins a Roomba. Now if they the model that can cook, will be a prime minister partorisca the buy! LOL

Top Customer Reviews: Nature's Miracle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Araceli
Has two dogs and a cat. Only it think it that a dog had been peeing in my dispatch. Without knowing any better, has given my dispatch the shampoo of routine carpet with my Bissel + regular shampoo. Once dry my dispatch stank terribly of urine. I some investigation and discovered had done my worse situation to use heat and regular shampoo. I have taken the blacklight and found there was much more pee in there that anteriorly suspected - soiled. Cairo Each what three marked territory animal in my dispatch and a clean plus that arrived to extend a bit something around. I have tried a cleaner of baking soda afterwards and that only smelt like pee with the tone of fragrance. My then directed investigation in this product and I have imagined was mine last casualidad before it was for rasgar out of a carpet and tampon. I have taken in the first place this product and saturated any one of some has concentrated strongly describes localised with a blacklight. I have filled my bissel reservoir of shampoo fully with east and has data each three raisins wetted WITHOUT HEAT. It DOES not USE HEAT OF Any SUBJECTS of URINE. It was on everything with the dry raisin once. I have wanted to to maintain a quite a lot of carpet put to do some enzymes fully in some strands and tampon. After two days have entered my dispatch this morning- no pee smell! This stuffs really works! I go to give all another spends only for a hell of him this afternoon.
5 / 5 Shin
Here it is a thing those that the marks had still and says does not act. In the first place it is a cleaner of enzyme so shaken a boat the blend each joint and actuate some enzymes.

Has used this felizmente products to add while it has had always with the products of miracle of the character when follow some directions. A thing to take with the miracle of the character and very any one the cleaner of enzyme is HAS TO shake he until blending and actuate some enzymes. That is to say that calm take you some better results for your money.

With this be has said that has used the destroyer of Urine of miracle of the left wing of character some chairs of product during 2 hours scrubbed join something. Applied another round and scrubbed remains again for 2 more hours. I then the steam cleaned with the shampoo of miracle of Character and warm water. Some looks of new carpet!
5 / 5 Ewa
Mina usually very well has comported the cat suddenly has decided concealed begins peeing in my basement. WTF!$ %And!!!

Any worry, is is has had verified by a vet and does not have the access causes obvious for a PROVISIONAL bad behaviour. Good god, please left the be provisional!!

Well, has not had any idea exactly where a smell has come from/come from... I have crossed one very basement, to very to time likes him in pinpoint where of a smell has come from/come from without luck. My hope was in the something treats but concealed has not been possible since could not determine exactly where a smell has come from/come from. I have turned in amazon for some help. After reading a lot, a lot revise decided to give these products try it. I want his something of enzyme treaters for an occasional accident in a house and was happy to bond with this company while it has had result very well with his products in a past. Has spend it the aspirador cleansing of carpet (shampooer). Some instructions for a cleaner say 2 ounces of the clean plus blended with a water in a dispenser. A first time has cleaned a carpet was with some 2 ounces. Thoroughly I Have cleaned a carpet and left the to dry. A smell was absolutely HORRENDOUS (the worse road that anterior apply a solution) like the carpet has dried. Some enzymes were hard at work to break up all a cat of row urinates that permeated each inch of my basement but I has not been conscious of this process only still. Like The carpet has dried a smell has persisted, was absolutely terrible!! Desprs approx 24 hours to dry the time risked me down backwards in my basement. MARY SANTA, MOTHER OF GOD..... A stench! It has gagged, almost it has launched up in my mouth and quickly reloaded a cleaner of carpet with the main concentration of solution, this time 4 ounces have attached in a water in a dispenser. I, again, thoroughly hampooed' some carpets and left some enzymes to do his work. Again, it stinks in big heaven for the sake 24 hours like enzymes have done his magic and a carpet has dried. After a second shampooing and 24 hours to dry a smell was slightly, and bad slightly, better. Taken 3..... I affronted a stinky basement still again and has uploaded a cleaner of carpet with 6 ounces of solution (3x a quantity recommended to Hoover). I have cleaned a hell out of a carpet, paste all the zones twice beg in some Gods that this would do. 24 hours later... Still stinks! 36 hours later... Still stinks, That a hell will call to take this stink of my basement?? It IS nauseating!! 48 hours later... I think it that it can be it improve but can not be sure perhaps and only is taking used his :(. Partner of salvation, coming on and to the left know me if my smells of terrible house?? LOL. I have left my house for a weekend, is coming marries other 48 hours later and smelt at all so walked through a forward of door (yes, was THAT bad). Cautiously Optimist I low adventure some steps of basement.... A smell is GONE. No the only trace of smell!!. A gag-smell of the urine of worthy cat has left an edifice!!! Here I am the week later and some rests of the stink banished of my basement!!

Morality of a history: it TAKES TIME, LONG, the LAW!! These little of the enzymes continue to do very time after it apply it. A smell can take the WORSE ROAD in front of improvement!!

Thank you The miracle of the character for still like this another product adds for a lover of pet is of a world!!!
5 / 5 Burl
Highly it recommends this besides clean solution! It smells it Adds it is not in powering at all. And very he the one work. Some stains were so bad but they all is exited! The voice has resulted!
5 / 5 Theressa
This material is phenomenal! A bit backdrop - has done the 4 old month German Shepard stain of urine that had been in a concrete corner of a carpet (period of half.) Has my doubts in this product while I paste a carpet of hard totality with 'Bissell Smell eliminator' debugging of carpet of the type in a counter.

A smell has persisted, could smell he of almost each room and still while I put to bed me at night.

Has taken then Miracle of Character, the chevron of the half giant a lot since has no known that would require - and for the prize adds $ 10 kidding you me? Quan Other sides of enzymatic cleaners twice so much and is not meant for the carpet shampooer?

Some have not taken after a lot of reading: In the first place, I blended the small bit of the miracle of the character in with the baking soda and the vinegar and the tonne have won drizzled that uses the cup of the cookery in a zone has affected. Then I leave it listens for the sake 30 minutes while I have prepared my carpet shampooer.

Spends 2 the miracle of me the character mixed (2 covers of limit of my normal bissell container of product) in the reservoir of a cleaner of steam. I have filled then he with a colder water can take - as my particular carpet shampooer has the element to heat in him -which have read is absolutely a WORSE to use when cleaning stains of urine of the pet. Something in a heat the only door has been more than a smell.

Spends 3 was in a zone affected with a mist of spray only, saturating a carpet even more. Calm import - to arrive to this point there was the plot of product in a carpet that was well with, while it was quite lame an urine had done the all a road in a tampon. In this left wing of point listens in a carpet for other 20 minutes.

Spends 4 was time in in fact of clean steam. Beginning dulcemente and methodically paste each inch of place of a shampoo of zone affected and then gone in a rest of my room.

Spends 5 (A lot of ENTITY) after it have taken his so much of a humidity was so possible, has maintained each pieces of furniture and other elements of a carpet and has launched to open each window in a house as well as turned in an adherent in a HVAC. I have planted also the gyrating adherent of house and prjimo in a zone so possibly could and leaves a carpet of dry TOTALITY was at night.

In a morning, to to the era likes him to him the mark had new carpet again. And it take I this for SMELLS no because of stains - but all to the long of a road has remarked the miracle of the character has done also the work adds that it takes maculas of carpet and tiny stains.

Down, will be to buy this produces again and again because of his effectiveness and cheap prize. At the end it has can he of room the guests enjoy again!
5 / 5 Retha
That is to say a shampoo of the BETTER carpet has not used never. Has the small Bissell debugging, and has tried each mark of shampoo around - a Bissell marks, and many other marks have feigned for use in debugging of squad (in fact cleaner of extraction of hot water). Any one of them has done as well as the miracle of the character. I have decided that it try the after I have found a zone by behind a sofa where my main cat had been going I so that volume less able to take in a box of scope. In a past has tried very deodorizers and stain removers in of the accidents of pet, and any a lot of fact the good work.
In the first place of course I vacuumed thoroughly. I sprayed some something of problem with the miracle of a Character 3-in-1 Spray, more pre-treated some lunch and stain of coffee with a spray, and has expected quite a lot of 30 minutes. Then I blended this shampoo in the reservoir of a clean plus according to some lines in a reservoir. It IS that it foams down, as it is easy to take a full reservoir. I have begun to clean, and surprised. Big-zones of traffic that had thought was dingy for well is coming clean! Some stains have had pre-the missing treaty without the trace. At the beginning, still it can smell an urine, but like another has recommended, left some enzymes do his work, and for a next day, a smell in a field of problem has been gone. Some smells of fresh carpets, without perfumey fragrance or chemical smell these industrial smells - the quotas of just smells, like a room has been aired has been.
Time of May of waste and money in any another shampoo of carpet again. Why it does not try these years of mark of mark? A boat of 64 ounces is spare to clean my room, chamber, and zone of small dispatch, and in less than $ 8 for a boat, is the terrific subject . It IS the averages a prize of a Bissell and Spend the aspiradoras marks, which have tried and has not liked him at all.
Tries this - give time for an action of enzyme, and will be impressed.
5 / 5 Hang
I like this shampoo of carpet, and now give that fully it has to dry in totally delete smell. It smells Claro and fresh while using to wash a carpet. Only I have to be ailing and leave dry totally to do effectively.
4 / 5 Jackelyn
Has the miracle used of Character in fact a lot of years. It possesses the doctor of coverage and uses this in two roads. I bounce he of the spray concentrated for stains and pretreat, then uses a version diluted to clean some carpets. Has the fresh smell and taking almost anything has been.
5 / 5 Margarette
The works well are instructions . I have used this in the sofa. I have not used any class to clean machine. I have expected for the semi breezy day. Saturated some stains ( old and new ) with this product. Used more a whole boat. I have posed in the follower to blow air directly in a surface has put. You have to leave this dry produced totally for him to do. Taking suddenly A.m. In evening P.m. to dry. Really I saturated some stains. A smell is gone. Any same smell in of the humid days. Some smells of product adds. Clean smell. I any one preoccupy me in the forming of stain of a shampoo. It do not have to the lives and expensive pieces of furniture with animals. The majority of my pieces of furniture is spent with well cloaks like sofa the tissue never really is seen. If you preoccupy calm in this stain of product could has to take more precautions then and has done. My animals have had any side of effects by side of this product. It does not leave of the pets near until totally dry.
5 / 5 Doris
These products is surprising. I any one very smell and odd smell, as some of some descriptions say. Almost I swung me to try it. I am so happy has done. It was rid only today, and has done already my room. A mark of looks of the new carpet, and was quite soiled and localised for our road of entrance. Highly it recommends!!!

Top Customer Reviews: EUREKA NES210 Blaze ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Despina
Colour: Dark Black Literally so only prendido vacuuming so much could stick this- I could not have ANNOYED MORE!! A glass a big plus of the wine at present is when the be has touched. Has has not expected marvels of this thing- have walk of forests and bones during a whole house as I have bought this ONLY partorisca a purpose partorisca clean a 1 coverage of zone, and some three small coverages in our cookery and bath. More vacuuming some corners of a couch. One hand-held vacuum can do, but WOW I actuate has not fulfilled never the incompetent plus vacuum in my whole life. When A flat boss is on, the vacuum my coverages, literally has any suction. I suck Better in a regular. It has annoyed further.
5 / 5 Chin
Colour: Dark Black adds little vacuum! Required the small little vacuum partorisca clean my paving of the studio and this have done a work! Calm once turn it calm on will be surprised in a suction this little type has! The cord was abundance long quite and some accessories have done perfectly. A quality of a vacuum the organism is better that some allege you, but for a price can has not beaten the!
5 / 5 Magdalene
Colour: the Dark black has moved in the new house that has the centrical vac, and manufactured hardwood walk. I have spent my trusty oreck my new house. The launch coverages dipped in my rooms. My old house was entirely carpeted. My oreck was too powerful in some coverages of zone, sucked these creatures very up. A centrical to use and so only the real ache in a butt. My dad has inherited my oreck, dry mopped a hardwoods and pulled out of a centrical vac taking tangled and kinked.
As I have thought, to the left is partorisca try the clave vacuum , has purchased this because of some descriptions and prices. I love this little vacuum. It is a lot light, easy maneuvering and the powerful chooses up. I vacuum daily now. Has two few dogs, mine a dog is the bit messy with his kibble, falling in a paving. This vacuum sucked a kibble on some strikes. Mina another dog is the longitude haired mutt, the one who occasionally needs the trim. This morning I trimmed lucido the bit, while seating in my coverage of zone. My first thought was , owe attractive out of a centrical vac to choose this disorder up. I have had still mine eureka out of my morning vacuum, has the data comes from he in a hair of dog trimming, chose it up likes at all. They are now really impressed
4 / 5 Margaretta
Colour: the Dark black adds in hardwood walk. Some wheels are hule as not lining. Amur A swivel like this sper easy to manoeuvre. A lot light. It dips slowly partorisca take under the bed. It sucks On past of cat, comprising some pellets of a system of discharge of the Breeze. It sucks On golden retriever hair without question. Amur That has any paintbrush to choose said golden retriever hair out of constantly. The filter is washable.
An only with has on come with like this far is a location of a key to be able to. I comprise why it is where it is but maintain the paste the in mobiles and it turning was. The smallest details.
5 / 5 Billy
Colour: Dark Black I AMOUR this clave vacuum. Utmost suction and choose on , has been unable to find an additional filter partorisca purchase. My original filter is dirty, cleaned it and are while his to dry, but this dips a vacuum out of uploading until it finds an additional filter Or this a dry, which looks goes partorisca take at least 24 hours. It has emailed Eureka partorisca try to solve this subject. Looking forward to when being able to use mine 3 in 1 again....
4 / 5 Jerold
Colour: Dark small Powerful Black vac, perfect partorisca the fast cleanup in of the hard pavings. Wheels of hule any scuff, and a boss has the bumper of hule as it does not mark a baseboard. Easily it chooses on cereal or dogfood , does not press it around. Surprising partorisca a price.

Update. It has Had this partorisca three weeks. The action is excellent.
5 / 5 Nyla
Colour: Dark Black A vacuum is very powerful and ossia almost the negative for my house. Almost.

Pros: A lot of abordable, no too short likes more economic vacuums, feels a lot of sturdy, a cord is really long I so that it can do a whole cookery, along hallway and part of some two chambers without that have to that unplug, chooses especially with trying very small.

Gilipollas: Has two big zone coverages (8x11) in some 2 chambers, 8 launch coverages small in other zones (likes bath, hallway, cookery, etc) and pavings of tile during a rest of a paving. A vacuum the works add in some big coverages and in some pavings of tile, but when the course on the small coverages so only sucks a coverage up does to use on him. I owe that be in some corners of a coverage and press a vacuum before, then try and impulse he on and go back and advances of press again. Behind and before he a coverage come well on a paving. If you will be to use this for pavings and of the big coverages then this vacuum will be PERFECT for your house.

In general am satisfied with a vacuum so that it has paid. I have fixed a subject of small coverage to save an annex of the mine last vacuum (a clave of Devil of the Muck vacuum) and so only that it use that in some smaller coverages.

Has not thought never would have such strong opinions in the vacuum, but here is.
5 / 5 Vanetta
Colour: Dark Black This little vac is absolutely fantastic like this far. Im Like this happy has purchased this and can not believe used the Swiffer partorisca like this long in my pavings of forests in place of this little sweeper. I love it and it is like this easy to manoeuvre around. It chooses on hair of pet, debris, and powder a lot quickly and easily. Has three dogs, he so that there is ALOT! Some annexes are utmost to have. My only complaint would be that it is quell'has bitten difficult to take a container that collects all a muck and another vacuumed the material was and on. Has the filter inside these accesses bit it awkwardly, and then one packs snaps to a rest of a vacuum, but is the very precise access , and if any one calm has centred him to him exactly a lot then neither takes jammed and is wrestling partorisca the take behind was calm so much can try again or does not snap on at all and instead goes partorisca clash to a paving. Another that that, love this thing and the hope resists up. Has some chronic illness that he the difficult fact partorisca maintain up with cleaning but this all like this easier!
4 / 5 Caryl
Colour: the Dark black has bought this vacuum like the small vac my boy could use to help with our cats ( has 2). It was meaning so only the vacuum on small quantities of kick of layers of his feet when that leaves a box of discharge. At all more. We had it to us now partorisca 3 month - his be emptied frequently, cleaned, and so only used partorisca choose on a discharge. As you can see of a video, there is absolutely ANY ONE CAN of suction - all was partorisca press a discharge around a paving. Have swept all a discharge the battery so only partorisca this video but normal would try to run he by means of these tiles 2-3 times for day, as they are not that asking partorisca choose on enormous quantities. Any way, felt people outta know that it is taking to. I have not wanted to spend to plot in the vacuum has meant thus ( has the Shark for a way that LOVES! - Literally that goes in 8 years, still awesome), but ossia ludacris! I am using the small hand-held paintbrush and casserole now to clean up AFTER a vacuum. Ossia Crazy! I have expected the little better of the known manufacturer. As there is disappointed!
4 / 5 Inocencia
Colour: the Dark black has bought this vacuum based in some big descriptions and four indication of star has. It has a lot of garbled state as it has taken such good descriptions never gathered it of then. Ossia An absolute worse vacuum has has not had never. It remains waiting for the light easy vacuum, which is. Light and quite easy to gather but ossia where a stop of good characteristics. I owe that take a lot of time when vacuuming to readjust a Swivel reason takes stuck and if it is not lined perfectly on will not suck anything up! It finalises to be much more that simply so only sweeping of my paving. It does not squander your money, goes to spend the little has bitten more for the better unit. Neither it has the sweeper but instead pierce it centrical small for suction. I can not it imagine was like this to take a hand-held portion of any one. Bummer

Top Customer Reviews: Folex Carpet Spot ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 I agree partorisca be entirely dumbfounded for my pencil eraser like the boy. Where has done some frames go? You look in an air, looked under my paper. That is to do of? It have to that be pink?

This cleaner of carpet has caused one same dumbfounded the confusion when esruega, rubs, gone' has done in fact. I have it quell'has lost obviously some of my curiosity of infancy on some years, reasons have not tried to imagine was like a stain of carpet is disappeared. The one who concerns ? It has gone! I practically skipped to a next room for the try was. A memory smudge to feed, impressions, vomit of dog. Ido. It include done A bit in some frames of decade of left behind old mystery for some leading owners that cleaners of the professional carpet could not take.

Like Work? No respecto .
That is some ingredients ? Pixie Powder and incantation.
Where All some stains go? It was.
5 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 I has had the stain of carpet of an air purifier concealed no budge with my typical tent has bought, go it produced. With all some positive critiques, has thinks that would give this tries it. I have followed some instructions and has tried he in a inconspicuous something partorisca colour fastness. Any subject, as I am come from the spray he in my stain. He no only lifted a stain, but he also lifted a colour of my carpet. THE maintaining rest with a zone that the a lot worse looks that when I have begun. And that it is up with one ANY ONE civilises of TURN partorisca this element?? My next step is partorisca contact a company, as it declares (in a backside of a boot) that comes with 100 money has retreated guaranteeed. I have contacted a company and they have said that they do not sell his product on Amazon. For like this, it does not qualify partorisca 100 money has retreated guaranteeed.
5 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 Some produced is adds. Lame stains perfectly.

A star is partorisca as the receive to us and partorisca one any answered when we inform it to us.

The container has come there is drenched entirely. The boat of the investigation further has been sealed with plastic wrap but the short has not been screwed on entirely, leaving partorisca a liquid to look for was. Like this basically we receive an empty boat of Folex. Any in the a lot of hood. You do not buy again.
5 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 Then , in planting to ask recommendations, wants to give one.

I skimmed a piece in products of amazing cleaners, and has been drawn to this stain of stir of carpet. Touched adds, especially for a cost. As I took it and you try it on an old doggie pee the mark can not take. Well It Acts, and it is like this fast and easy to use. Spray, rubs in with toes or the paintbrush of thicket, toallita humid up with the dry cloth. Poof - The stain is to go! I have said my husband, any I still concerns me if a stain gone back, will do that once the week - validate he!

LA MANCHA is TURN . Like the few weeks later, a stain is turn , has repeated a process but with more than saturation, and more scrubbing. I know it is gross, but has odorato a rag to see to smell likes him the dog pee - DO. Like this although I have tried 10 ways to take a stain on, this produces in fact takes 4 month, repeatedly cleaned, dog pee stains out of carpets. It has loved only action reason am enamoured!!!

If a stain gone back, is necessary more spraying, scrubbing, and drying. Ossia Everything .
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 WOW! A must has partorisca any house. My carpet there has been some stains of mystery that another stain stirs the products could a lot of budge. It have resigned me that any in that there is never very better, until I have found this product. It IS very easy, spray he on, then dipped the paper towel on and disappears. Seriously! Comprised some pictures of before/after the results with which first use. Had the pair that has had to that go back for second time, but after active lived with these maculas of carpets for years... It was more than happy. I used it even in the cushion, does not have to that worry in harmful chemicals. Calm also take the besides clean plot for your money, has been surprised in like this big a boat was, and calm does not require to use plots when you apply, as this will last the very long time.
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 it is the miracle in the boat. My Mix of Pastora German has decided to pull the pen of black source out of my purse and chew it the pieces in my beige carpet while it sleep this plus cleaned lifted a stain and now is like a devastation my dog has caused has not spent never! I saw it you grieve lifting an ink, have gone back on amazon and bought more bounced. Never I have left I course out of the this. Utilisation in mine Bissel cleaner of carpet partorisca some power of crazy very cleansing. I am resulted that odd crowns that goes arounds corner some praises of the product of more cleaned. Any remorse
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 This material is could not believe do like this fact. Has the invidente, diabetic dog the one who has pocolos incidents here and there when it can not find a door or are not prendiendo attention. Sometimes, so only I can not take some stains was or take them too late. When it Take this product thought it could be so only like some other products had taken this leaves residue in a surface of some carpets. Chico, have gone bad in that!!! This does a trick without residue. An only opinion will give you, is calm once begin to clean with east, is going partorisca want to do more and more cleaning. You find spray he in a stain and take the little paintbrush flatly and thicket slightly in of the motions circulate, then take the dry cloth or paper towel, likes , a stain comes well was.
Is resulted my new BFF...
5 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 I has purchased this only partorisca dirty clothes. It has spent of brilliant white bed, so that the estaca of stains was like the sore thumb. I have had recently the nose bleed that stained our white discharges. Our tentativa usual with Oxy clean fracasado partorisca take it, as I have asked around and any recommended this product. It is drawn partorisca carpet, yes, but the people use it on dirty clothes also. Everything is spray a stain and rub he with your hands. The stain will turn according to interior partorisca rub! Law partorisca a blood in my discharges. I have launched then my discharges in a wash like usual with my regular detergent. Now my discharges are white that shine again! I love it! I will be partorisca buy again was run once!

Top Customer Reviews: eufy BoostIQ ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Jonnie
Background: has the dog partorisca spill, as I have bought this in of the hopes that partorisca the courses each one-day, chooses on on some of a hair of dog in a paving.

To That likes:
-VERY EASY to use.
-Easy to follow instructions
-has the sticker in a fund like this if he never stops and beeps, can toe he on and says exactly the one who a beeps bad (a beep means a thing, two beeps means another--that it is SÚPER useful!).
-The colour on clearly tip that the way is in (blue-ready to go, orange need partorisca touch, red-question partorisca fix-like this emptying a plan).
-Very calm. I can do in material with him in a room and does not annoy me at all (my dog neither imports he).
-The works add in white carpet and easily transitions of mine living room partorisca dine room (that has the light swipe).
-When His low on battery, does not die where is in, he so only gone back of a vacuum then finds a house doc and touches .
-Just works really well. The the daily course and am impressed for what material taking (especially when it goes low things like a couch).
-He Taking taken in the cord, usually takes 5-10 second but then for a suctioning and the movements was (releasing a cord or another element). This in spite of has the small cord would have to that dip the on (and is due to all the cost, there is it remarked so only doing is the little time and has thought was ordered, but tentativa to choose on all the cords).

That it could be it improved:
-at all really especially to this.
- No very on anything black, but ossia true for all the robot vacuums. Sometimes it takes stuck when continuous in a black carpet has with some black chairs (I suspicious reason can no to relieve them), but this has not spent often. My dog has the black foreigner for his feed and water and he always his swipes and spills a water, but again, this would arrive with any robot vacuum.
-Also, sure mark a doc is against to wall reason otherwise will move it and never uploads (self explanatory, but I any some first time and he have maintained to try the doc and so only has pressed a doc around a paving).
-Finally, owe dump out of a vacuum the particles almost every time ran you the (if calm the cycle of battery/of full circle). It is really easy to touch and beeps when I need to be emptied. Again, at all really negative, so only something to remark.

In general, has taken really! He the good labour cleaner on a hair of dog and other things that traces my paving and save me the plot to time any vacuuming daily. If has the dog, would look him with this first prime minister of calm uses it. My dog has scared initially of him but sniffed is 'butt' and now is fresh and any the import at all. Pleased with this product and would recommend! :)

in another note, Eufy has service of amazing client! I have received an email of them that directed each one of mine 'that could be it improved' components with more than information in a product. Very impressed.
5 / 5 Chas
Does not consider my clean house unless some pavings are spotless. With 2 dogs and 2 cats (one spills it enough to knit the sweater every year), my house seldom fulfils my own unattainable levels. Eufy Takes near.

When I in the first place shot on this gizmo, my husband been--arms akimbo and brow created-- that asks that the class of atrocity had squandered our money on now. Eufy Has clashed to EVERYTHING like the drunken, mischievous toddler. Some pets were perplexed, that asks the one who this odd new animal was. I have finalised emptying a cube 6 times in this initial career, a lot to my horror. Where Had all this filth comes from/come from?

Eufy Has taken sooner of then, still is still foiled for a vanity of bath, taking stuck and crying for help. He he behind to his cradle the majority of nights while an andante coverage or dog any waylay him. Frequently big taking centred in a lip among our tile and hardwood pavings. It is eaten more than few toys of dog also.

No door well with our French Bulldog, Jussi. It is quite crazy that his name and his is like this near in pronunciation. This is not helped by a fact that maintains to run to his ankles while he less suspicious. Jussi Has declared one all was war in his a lot of to a delight of the ours sadistic felines the one who remarks a goings on far on. There is the metaphor in there to somewhere, am sure.

- Life of excellent battery
- entertaining for pets, guests, your permenantly the z/the uncle lapped, etc.
- sparkly Paths cleaned
- good-looking creation , lustrous
- access down almost all our pieces of furniture

- harasses a dog, although he the merit
4 / 5 Rob
has been a iRobot Roomba buyer of then 2007. My last Roomba has bitten a powder this month, and I the tonne to research first to buy the substitution. I have been with a Eufy for the pocolas reason: point of prize, the cleaner can, quietness, and lustrous creation.

Prize: Very reasonable. Almost quite reasonable that would consider to take another for my second walk. For now so only I will spend it upstairs.

Can of more cleaned: This thing sucks... It is suction is much stronger that my Roombas has had. It chooses on like this powder and hair of pet. The full to us vacuum each one another week with my Dyson, as it thinks of a robot vacuum like the supplemental vacuum. I have been impacted in what it was in a dustbin with which is cleansing inaugural ! A picture has attached to ossia of this cleaner. Also it takes the tonne of powder in a bit filter of powder. In an of some descriptions of video have looked, a reviewer has said does not choose on anything in this filter of powder... Like this perhaps my carpet is particularly dusty, reason has the fat discharge after each cleaner.

Quietness: I do of my office of house, and this thing is quite calm that any I same turns was slope of the calls of conference. This could be a thing am impressed more with. My last Roomba was STRONG-- could you a lot included have the conversation with any in a same room, has left so only any in speakerphone.

Lustrous creation: I want/hate this. To the good sure looks modern and fresco, and more like a piece of art that an appliance, but tip all my impressions of toe, and I maintaining maintenances the glasses that cleaned the next cloth as it can rub it down. I suppose if so only it uses a far and no for the choose never on, this will not be a subject.

Joined those that considerations: appearances find the robot vacuum concealed would not eat my carpets' tassels, but does not think that vacuum exists. I have it quell'has used so only a Eufy 4 times like this far, and a lot always take his paintbrushes have wrapped around some long tassels, but he sometimes. It looks to @give more yield that my Roomba has done at least. A Roomba sometimes rasgaría gobs of them am gone in the cleansing suns. Tentativa To tuck his under a flange of a coverage and concealed does not look to annoy Eufy. Quell'Pull was probably 2 tassels like this far.

A model of cleansing looks quite random. I have very seen another vacuums that mapea out of complex maps of your house, and Eufy does not look to do that. But, it does not look to import, reason he still paste each one which something in some rooms.

Are the little concerned roughly durability. Mina Roombas has been announces a lot, a lot of years with easily replaceable parts. We will owe that see Eufy has a same longevity.

In general- I am very happy with cost of mine and to good sure recommend it!
4 / 5 Drucilla
Has ordered this vacuum and when I have read a neighbour on instructions, has been impacted for the learn basically need his own room to jump in. There I need to be 6 clear feet in the each side and several feet that has to. It is ironic has purchased of then he for the small house not thinking never is docking the space would be a subject . Also it was unable to resupply this description for several weeks that directed me partorisca conclude that some indications are inaccurate.

Has to that say that a service of client is excellent. The element has been returned without the subjects and I have received an immediate response to this commentary.
4 / 5 Sanora
Has not been in a phase for the robot vacuum until a day the history has on burst in mine telephone that has had the sale that goes in and this was an excellent election . I some researching and looks the solid interpreter, neither I neither my woman is defenders to sweep and vacuuming, as it looks the good option . Absolutely we love this pocola what! I am seating in my computer sipping he cappuccino while our RoboVac is whirring has maintained our clean whole house. Upside- Is like this easy and does such the good work. It takes it it has stuck occasionally, usually for wedging under the front of dresser, but he beeps for the saviour and in bylines down to expect. I have been running he for roughly ten days now and gathers the big quantity of muck and powder every day. It is quite slender that the easily takes down all some beds and the majority of some sofas and chairs, situates that our integer vac could not take to.
Some reviewers has declared that this does more in a paving or small house; our house is alone history , roughly 2300 square feet and he he the fact around everywhere. I have chosen the centrical location to dip a base, as when it is time for a vac to go beddy-goodbye the does not have any a lot of question that finds his house of way. The career of time has been excellent, have mostly hardwoods with the few coverages of zone and usually runs the plenary 100 minutes. We leave it to the knots run the daily schedule and he always begins well punctually. When being that ossia the robot 'changed vac, covers some describes three or four times while missing another, yesterday entirely lose two chambers. To run every day finally takes all a paving. By other varied dollars of hundred can take the most programmed vac, but knots like this one. I have been surprised in the well imagines was like this to exit of some jams takes to; I so that they are roughly to succour it a RoboVac comes up with the new and usually free movement that takes.
Has a thing would signal was- some instructions say you can wash a receptacle to powder after taking some filters . . Calm can, but waters it taking trapped inside a double discharge plastic lid. Have pulled some discharge of hule was and unscrewed an upper poster to take it has dried was, I a lot that again. Toallita Humid go with the humid cloth and has left the be. Now we have had so only the robot that has done a dusting . . .
4 / 5 Heidi
Has has wanted to want to this. It is so only well. Has both would beat of meso and carpet of low battery. This vacuum the works add in a battery of half (surprisingly!!), But in some zones of low battery, I just clock the paintbrush was a muck or circle a lot in the, that leaves a room like this dirty. Calm would think it would be an opposite and the law adds in a smooth paving. Any so much. This is disappointing reason have has wanted a vacuum mainly for this zone of our house, and has chosen this model because we think it in us would do well in a whole house in place of just that leaves. I guess it is it has left so only want more than him.

UPDATE: I have changed my original indication of 2 stars to 4 stars. This company has achieved was mine and gave different suggestions of things to try to fulfil our needs. They are surprising to do with!! Although it still does not do quite also in some zones of low battery taste would like me, is in shape very better now of that has been conversing with a company. A++++++ service of client!!!!
4 / 5 Na
The mine has broken a third day. Surprised for some premiers few days and am really sad that no hard . It maintains beeping with a code of erroneous error and at all would do it reset or does again he so that it is taking correspondent behind. Has tile and hard forest and the little low battery the coverages and am very happy with as the law but the looks are not an only one the one who there has been one broken immediately :/
5 / 5 Eda
has been that researches several frames of Robots Vacuums for several months. I recently discovered 'Eufy', the mark had not seen before but was listing likes 80+% satisfaction of client in of the Reports of Consumer. A Eufy 11S estimate, power of suction, in common the time & is súper-thin creation (easily the mine down slips legs of chair of the cookery, table of caffè, etc) has fulfilled my criteria of entities. I have had he for 3 days now and loves it! He easily movements of tile, forests to walk of carpets and is calm. Every time I cleanout is dustbin, are pleasantly surprised of what muck of the hair & of the dog collects (I has 2 big dogs). My subject only is that has question docking, when it is returning to a Base to Touch (or there would be it given 5 Stars). One Load is in the flat surface and against a wall but when it is docking looks some Bases are not weighed enough. As I go to contact Eufy & see there is the solution. If you are looking for a power abordable, big, calm RoboVac highly recommends Eufy 11S. Fyi, can not program see your smartphone or Alexa but concealed has not been the need of entity for me.
4 / 5 Dave
Has possessed a lot of Anker and Anker-has has related elements and there is so only once displeased one of his products. A eufy Robovac 11S is not that has produced. Ossia Without the doubt one of some better values in vacs in a phase. It has had it it has purchased an earlier version could have thought differently, but an extra power and slightly draws more slender in a 11S is that it marks this a hard to resist.

Ossia My first robot vac, but a lot of my friends have several frames. Some rave (iRobot proprietary, mainly) and some whine (Neato and Samsung proprietary). Any there has been the eufy, how is state that interest to be a prime minister of my friends to possess one. My woman has not felt this was anything the really required knots to purchase; neither we owe that exit some big Bissell vacuum (in carpets of free battery), a Shark (mainly for any) or to broom (for hardwood/zones/of linoleum of the tile). Yard and has dried. A robot vac would not be of a lot of use with is far less powerful engine. Gimmick.

Then looks Robovac has been to do in a course of the week. Has 1450 sq. ft. upstairs, 70 hardwood/linoleum/of tile, 30 free battery carpet. Down I have 100 free battery carpet in 1100 sq. ft. Of spatial has finalised. I run a vacuum upstairs for 2-3 days, then move a canal to touch down and be announces 3-4 days, then repeat a cycle. In a hardwood zones, he greatroom of the cookery that/dines/living room, hallway, and wet it, then two chambers and give he with carpets, a vac pursue around/under a couch, two reclining chairs, table of caffè, tables of finals, clawfoot pedestal table and four chairs, some coverages/of launches/of the zone, etc. Without subjects. I always run a device in TRANSPORTS, which leaves it the ramp on an engine when it relieves is on carpet. A vac careers by means of his varied models 'programmed' randomly how is announces 90+ minutes. It is quite mesmerizing to look, in fact. A far is handy to use when the the precise concrete zone run over and can see a cereal/of leaves/of powder/of muck; you can so only steer a vac in a zone the little time, then to the left do again his own thing. It say that each one that like this randomized run in 1450 sq. ft. Half zone roughly 65-70 coverage. It conceal it does not touch a lot well, well? But think roughly running it ALL Doing I DAYS 70, and will see that a whole zone probably will take fully vacuumed at least once during a week.

My woman has been impacted when, after a first career, I emptied a cube of powder and was has FILL ENTIRELY. Ella and my daughter have long hair; I have had to peel that everything of a beater paintbrush, also. After each career, I empty a cube and 'trim' a paintbrush of hair. ALWAYS it has the short quite full! Has the dog, the Havanese, but does not spill at all, like the disorder in a cup is almost scary to look in! Yuck!

With which some first two weeks to run a Robovac around a house, I no longer run the newspaper; now it is in the manual turn, that runs upstairs for the pair of days the week, then down for a same time (I usually run in a carpet an extra day). He such the good work in quickly choosing on an obvious junk that you so only does not require it running daily, which would have to extend a life of a battery.

As it is not the ready device, but is not never once paste a flange of some stairs and fallen off; always it finds 'house' before some careers of cariche was (and takes some stupid long walks around some rooms to take house, sometimes), and has to that be cleaned with which almost each career. We owe that do the walk around a zone to choose on coverages and touching bosses and toys of dog, and dip the pair of squeezy toys under a table of caffè to take a vac to take stuck down he ( is in the coverage of zone of tight battery, as some wheels undermine in and taking stuck under a flange). But it is value he? Yep. My woman is now the enormous defender, and there is bragged roughly the to our friends in several occasions. A prize was perfect, a quality of the build of a device is excellent, runs quite quietly, and he the work adds to paste each zone of your same house without the enormous brain or of the devices of blockade. Any in the same start to broom any plus along, unless we remark buildup in of the corners (and really, concealed seldom is spending). It is so only one less what requires roughly in our busy house!
5 / 5 Duane
Can not believe has bought the second a when a first working decree and was while to them to honour a guarantee. Now a new a no any and I have used it so only 4 times. Like this disappointing.

Top Customer Reviews: BLACK+DECKER ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Chante
It likes him- I join me longitude extendable pickup and in general sucking pot. No the big adherent of a counter-basic of upper load ( would have preferred the mountain of wall).

But after 3.5 years to use to owe clear (down five times of minutes has run weekly) mine CHV1410L empty the stack is died. Alas a stack is not the user-replaceable element. That is to say the shame so that one void the new still looks. And it was splurge to launch he in some rubbishes only so that Negre and Decker has not designed this appliance as we could change a group of stack. For this reason one void only takes 3 stars of me.

Felizmente Has a lot of experience of years to do in electronic squad. It reconstruct The small stack of groups of lithium also. As I have decided to substitute mine stacks of void. This is not the project for a half person, so skip this idea if you are not familiar with security of stack of the lithium.

Has disassembled one void for apresamiento six rays. Once inner expsito that a group of stack to beat that it is taken to unplug the connector. Like The luck there would be it, the plastic case of a group of stack is streaky together for two plastic tabs that the accidents averts. In a case is four (4) 18650 lithium of stacks measured and a circuit to protect of load of together cell.

A process to reconstruct was directly advances. I have used four 18650 current plan big of upper cells (estimated 20A continual operation). This type of cells is found in some big capacity vaping devices. The while this sald some cells are critical to eschew overheat them. I have used the dish of temperature has controlled, flow of addition, and fast fact to minimise a time of lives of the heat. Some cells have used is these: Odec 18650 Rechargeable Stack, 2600mAh / 35A Stack of Cup of Plan of big Drain with Boxes of Storage (4 Group)

does not feign this description to be it stack this reconstructs instructable. Instead, I am here to say that a probably last stack 3-4 years and seeds your void will result another electronic landfill element of waste. This problem has not limited in this product, but such the shame those no more manufacturers to break of the modern society is to launch-was habits.
1 / 5 Ginger
Subject Although very other 1 descriptions of star. Some of some units' upload/the looks of stack to have subjects of entity out of a door. The mine has lasted less than the week. After a lot of transfer of arm with a B&D taking, here is his response of official after verifying a date of production in my model:
' sells millions these units for year and alas, some have had to to upload subjects. We have rectified he and of the substitutions of routing in of the clients that has had a subject.'
Amazon -- Could wants the mark sure is not routing out of these defective units, and only those that has been esctified.'
NEGRE+DECKER CHV1410L 16V Hand of Wireless Lithium VacHurts yours taking if B&D is not resolving this directly with you, especially since is one 'Election of Amazon' produced.
1 / 5 Brittany
It does not have any one what creates B&D dustbusters has launched has entered thirty years. My familiar never later (the November has purchased 2016) has the stack to fail afterwards less than the year and the half of clear use. A load is posing out of a load has prescribed. Some shows of stack . It visits he on and a whine takes hurriedly go down launched while it falls in 9 volts in 40 bren and decrees.

Why is some revises well? It IS all the only used world in throwaway tools? It IS not even as you could burst the new stack in. Junk.

Like The contractor that pose a date of compraventa in the each stack, is here to say you three in five years of constant use are that I am taking of some stacks of the quality buys. I will not mention of the marks so that I think that that all the world knows that it is. Our prjimo dustbuster go to do with the18v stacks of the uses of lithium in basin, the engine of impact and saws circulates.
1 / 5 Matilda
There is the SHARK that lasted almost three years in front of a stack has the data was. Ordered the new Shark mid the May and he would not upload against all he so that it was returned. Bought this Negre and Decker the model and I touched it fully that is to say and a load has lasted everything of five minutes with continual use. Thought perhaps was has completed touched so tried again. Expected four hours until the blue light have prendido prende to blink and has tried again. This time takes ten minutes of intermittent use before totally died again so much is returning.

All this necessity of companies to find the new provider for his stacks of lithium especially of a buyer does not have any same option for the substitute in lucido/his own.
I marvel if the amazon reads any one of these descriptions or does not try never any one of these products they.

So zero the paste for two, any one has the 'go in ' fashioning that the has not disappointed in a last pair of month?
5 / 5 Nana
It is not fooled for his debonair looks. This cat is the scope flinger. It IS like his personal feline mission the particles of road of scope in external room. So that a ultralight the scopes of cat a lot of explosions, buys a heavy class old student. This hand vac the mamma all up, also. It is consecrated concretely to litter in my house so that using it anywhere more would be soiled. So much for scope of cat, win it.
1 / 5 Roscoe
That is to say a void hand-held excellent and is in second ours the unit But a reason is in my second an east that one stack is not replaceable and dies afterwards less than the year of regular use. That is to say the failure of draw of entity (or creation on purpose?). It recommends that another mark can find one with the replaceable stack. There are on-line videos for so to take and substitute a stack with the group of pertinent stack. But this requires in cape and soldering arts. He also dangerous that the bad fact could direct in the fire and voids the guarantee of a manufacturer.
3 / 5 Romaine
In the principle has said to take 24 hours in recharge, so that Black and Decker the support of technology said me
that is to say how long takes for full load. But, in fact it takes quite 4 in 6 hours in fully recharged.
Some refusals in this void: 1- Only quite 10 minutes that time to run included fully touched and new.
2- To the suction is premiers very good 5 durable minutes, then the principle that goes down that all a load exhausted in in
10 minutes ( concealed probably is a case for more rechargeable the streaky empty hand). 3- Every time after vacuuming
has required in very clean one very inner - otherwise, the next time will not take a good suction. And to clean an interior
required to clean three (3) parts: A- A storage of main rubbishes B- An external filter C- An inner filter ( for B and C has required
using your hand or it paintbrush - and a road or another will be exposed in powder and muck)..
5 / 5 Vicente
I am an organic gardener in the hostile earth roamed by the plant devours insects and besieges. A nemesis of the each gardener here, organic or no, is an insect of stink. Spray Of conventional farmers the means his harvests in the death this struggles this enemy while the gardeners and the organic farmers take creative. I have purchased a black & Decker CHV1410L 16 Lithium of volt Wireless Powder Buster Hand Vac so part of 2 stink of strategy of part of eradication of the insect. So far, I adds! Early in a season of squash (squash of the summer and the carbass is the favourite prisoner of an insect of stink) stink of eggs of impulse of insect of some covers of my plants with duct tape. Inevitably Even so, creatures of insect of the surface of stink of some groups of egg lose and begin kill my plants. (The rabbits could learn in fast reproduction of an insect of stink.) In entredicho of my helpless plants this year, headed vacuuming insects of stink of my plants every day and flushing the down a basin. I pull hundreds of some creatures of horrible death of my garden every day thanks to my Powder Buster!

THAT it IS in the BOX: A pound the streaky wireless powder Buster void and touching basic. A void operates in the stack of lithium that is comprised.

To the to CELA LIKES HIM: A stack in this hand the void has streaky hard longer that marks. Almost always it gives it was before I cream through a stack.

Can suck above a lot of insects to stink before I owe empty a void.

Emptying A void the the camera is mere. A empty fast I usually leave me to take rid of all some insects, but when has the stubborn batch, can take in the one of a side of filter of a camera also.

Some washes of reusable filter up easily down running water.

Wants no prpers that it has to preoccupy in the cord!!! A partner of organic farmer said me uses the tent vac to eradicate his populace of insect of the stink, but does not have a outlet anywhere near of my garden.

Wants to be able to leave a void in a load at all times without destroying a stack. Always I have the available full power.

To the to CELA DOES not LIKE HIM : a lot it wishes this void pressure exerted quite strong to kill some insects while I sucked the in him. I hate to treat alive insects when cleaning a camera.

PICTURES: I am comprising pictures of some full void of insects to stink as well as the shot of insects of stink in a garden.

VIDEO: I am comprising the video those aims that very this rids the void streaky sucks insects of my plants and included an earth of rests coated.

That is to say the add little void. He the work adds that mamma for above insects to stink while they bond in the covers and the straw and I only can imagine that it adds would be to clean up stuffs that it does not resist listens sucked in him. To well sure the purchase adds!
3 / 5 Hanna
This was the add void until it was for the pose behind in a unit in the load and he would not touch . My parents possess some same void and tried it on sound upload even so any one covers. For $ 60+ and data in 4 month, is not to estimate this a lot of money. I am supremely unbalanced and listen rasgado has been.
If any one in Negre and Decker reads this and wants to a lot to the left know me. According to a Prime of Amazon takes, has had only the window of month to return this element and I no longer can take the substitution or the repayment.

INFORMS to UPDATE 11/17/17
contacted Negre and Decker directly saws email and has said my void prendido to touch. They have answered in less than 24 hours and without any questions have asked routed me the unit of work of the walnut for free. I am pleased with Negre and Decker service of client and would recommend more to do one although it also take the defective void. Skip The service of client of the amazon each joint.
1 / 5 Kasandra
UPDATE - 13 month later and does not touch his totally FATALITY. A solid of stays of blue light but a void will not ignite . Flavour to back of client of the email but his web of place do not upload properly in my Mac. It have to expect until Monday to call.

Wants to this characterises small. I use it every day for necessities of house or my cart. Some helps of the annex of the paintbrush cleans a crevices in my sofa, a lean beak apresamiento one takes to achieve places in my cart. A quite a lot of hard load in yearning them and a suction has no wavered. Has two messy toddlers, and the cat and this clean up after the. Very happy.

Top Customer Reviews: Hoover PowerDash ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Myrtle
In the first place it was, I LOVE this car. I roughly 500sq ft a first day has been rid. While I love his pristine and clean it has taken my carpets, has the little quirks.

Ossia A car of more cleaned of ideal carpet partorisca walk-dwellers with pets and carpets. Although utilisations the “something eliminator” to to the device likes , knows of calm finally the precise clean zones main of carpets the device of something so only can not manage — or wants to clean a whole carpet in your space.

One first what there is remarked was that easy is to gather a calm car once takes some parts out of a box. A caveat: one covers in some waters/of boat of the solution. Push an interior of one covers was BEFORE it situate a boot (to the rovescio) in a car — otherwise filter. I have learnt this after doing a wrong thing in a full prime minister. This quirk would owe that be directed in a together fast-arrive the paper for the impulsive people taste to them.

A second what there is remarked immediately was that strong this car is. It is stronger that more vacuums. To good sure recommends not using he in a morning or late — unless it love your neighbours to hate you.

Another quirk. A point of prize means the characteristic “of the sure” luxury has gone. If it listen a transmission of noise, ossia to coach to say you neither a cleaner /of the waters of the boat is empty — or a tank of soiled water is full. Full on a plus cleaned and touch a soiled tank a same time. There is no light or another mechanism another that a way some sounds of car to say you this.

Last quirk: a tank of soiled water. You press a rear key a car and the slide were. Some first time have dipped a boss down and has been confused of another car had done in this way. My joint: so only take the pocolos small to read some instructions.

In general, am them enamoured with this car. If you are in the estimativa and can forgo characteristic of luxury, this car will be for you. If it likes him-you the tonnes of characteristics, could be disappointed for this particular car.

I amour that is small and easy to store; if cleaned three big rooms precise more, consider the car with the widest street. Each room taken roughly three full and three times emptying a tank of soiled water. If it love the car of the main capacity, looks for one with the main tanks and the street of main cleaner.

But if not to impose you the pocola operates extra, this car is the solid 4.5 stars for me (also bad so only can give 4 in the indication of the amazon — 5 Stars would be too many considering a loudness and quirks).
5 / 5 Ivan
I dog of services of career, boarding and daycare, out of my house. You can imagine my carpet sees big traffic regularly and potty incidents from time to time of a puppers. Amur This Spends the aspirador! Santo moly! It chooses on the CRAZY quantity of deeply imbedded debris, muck, stains, and hair. A difference in while more cleaned my carpet afterwards is using is exceptional!! I regularly vacuum and the something clean with other cleaners of carpets and could a lot of fathom an in fact lived filth in afterwards use a Raisin to aspiradora. It is easy to gather and hanged light also. Calm can not deny some results when cleaning out of a tank of soiled water neither. Easily a compraventa has better fact for my subject small! Finally more “something” in my carpet of the something those clean stains. And my new rule goes to when cleaning my carpets and coverages of zone during my house! Very Impressive!
5 / 5 Fabiola
Are like this happy with this little car! I have used to have one of this big carpet shampooers ossia like this very heavy. I have had to that have my grandson that comes on to help me with him! Hardly it can you press. This little Spends the aspirador is like this lighter is hard to believe the one who the work adds does! Some looks of the astonishingly cleaned carpets. A car is like this light is very easy to manage and has not required any one is help . And like this quickly! Has two little dachshunds concealed a lot always the external fact in time. Like this calm perhaps can imagine. A carpet is cleaned like this now calms would not know never some creature was there! And absolutely any smell. It is incredible. So you are wavering among east and it big plus, schemes more expensive reason thinks that will do better because of a prize, waver no more. This pocola Spends he aspiradora work like this well, if any better! Interest!
5 / 5 Rosita
Really likes to of me! I clean a carpet a lot well. It has attached the attacker and with which of one something main in my carpet without being pretreated. Some the only questions are that a tank of clean water is very small, has had to that empty and transmissions he 4 times so only for my living room of small paving. A tank of soiled water is also last to clean, there there is so only some discharge of the cat that seats in a subordinated that I can not achieve to clean was.
Global utmost cost. It is quite small to have in my cupboard, is light and easy to use and dip near.
5 / 5 Rufus
I freaking loves this thing. It is small but extremely powerful! A soap that comes with this excellent ! When I have run I bought it it was the chevron of him! A quantity of hair of cat this thing sucks up is insane! They are 6 pregnant month and there is absolutely any question with this thing. It snaps Together easy to fill and water of transmission. The desire could give it 10 stars.
5 / 5 Buddy
One of our cats, if data a casualidades, pee on almost anything has left in a paving--dresses, paper, some dogs' toys, calm appoints it. It has it Bissell Little Green ossia well for something fast , superficial, but the carpet is hard to really cleaned. I decided it it has been now of invested in something concealed was meant in fact for more cleaned of carpet. This type there has been good descriptions and to seal of good prize, as I have decided to give has shot it to him.

Like this far, am really happy with him! If taken the look in some pictures, can see 1) those that junk is exited of a carpet with which one cleaning; 2) like a section of the first alike carpet to clean; and 3) a same section of carpet a lot afterwards cleaned. Calm still can see some of some stains, but there is the enormous improvement, and think with another raisin or two a rest of some stains will exit--and that considers that the stains are the old year , concealed is not too shabby. For reference, have all Berber carpeting.

Pros: Light, easy to gather, easy to upload and empty, simple to use and does the good work.

Gilipollas: Only coverages 10-15 square feet for tank of clean water (but is like this easy to reload that this a lot really annoy me), question to clean paintbrush and compartment of paintbrush (likes some another reviewers has signalled was, has to take five rays to open a compartment of paintbrush, and then take a tape of a paintbrush he to take and clean all).

For me, a pros of this pocola what to good sure outweigh a gilipollas! As the one who cleaning a paintbrush goes, arrival to be smushing he rag up for behind a paintbrush and takes the majority of one craps era. Like another reviewer has mentioned, is difficult to entirely empty a tank of soiled water--but of an only thing this is going back is water more soiled, this a lot really annoy me. And now we take our cat that commits a crime, can so only quickly run this in a stain and the take immediately.

REMARCE: If you have left a tank of the soiled water that takes too full, a spray and work them of suction prenderán acting!! It is not broken--just empty a tank of the soiled water and he would have to that be a lot like this new.

Like any the one who plans to ALWAYS have pets, am very happy with this car. Enough it exchanges the tank of water twenty times that rent and lug around the big car, or paid for any to go in and cleaned!
4 / 5 Man
Has it Doberman with the sensitive and flawless stomach aim for my coverage of white zone. To the So much entertainment likes endlessly the one of something that clean a coverage is, was time for the deep plus cleaned. It have read good descriptions in of the this and has decided that a time was a lot. I am pleased really with like this easy is to gather and the one who simple is to use. It controls one causes down to spray a water and cleaning solution and release it to suck a water up. Like this simple and effective. Note: if you are trying to clean the something concrete has to that still the something the cleaned first to use is, but this so only gives all very global cleaned.
5 / 5 Misha
Ossia The carpet of light weight a lot of shampooer. It is not meant really for zones very big, although has wall to wall carpeting. For the big zone would require the transmission and empty a schemes multiple time.

A scrolling of water is feeble like his recommendation is to dry sweep, not pulling a trigger of spray of the water, multiple time, after wetting.

Also indicate that there is the Force of Heat? When I have stepped in a carpet after using a car in coffins the feet felt any heat .

In general, this does a work has expected, no the car of the professional type but he clean and sucks on some of a soiled water. While it calms it does not take on -indulgent with an application of dry water quite quickly. Has the partidário small that swipes in a carpet to promote that dry.
5 / 5 Terica
Has bought this because of other positive critiques and am not disappointed! Yes, you owe filler a reservoir to water multiple time but that reads for me of then 90 of home is hardwood walk them so only require for the few coverages of zone (which is shag carpet and cleans it wonderfully) and down carpeted living room. He the fantastic work and is easy to operate and take averts to clean!
5 / 5 Fausto
Has the few smaller subjects with this car, but does not import the only one instead for some utmost results have taken! This thing has cleaned my better carpet that could have dreamed.
Remarks a lot of entity, vacuum a zone wants to clean a lot very first to clean with this car. This car of more cleaned is not the vacuum, as I can do not expecting do this part for you. If you vacuum for advanced and pre-treat something dark with the spray, some results are SURPRISING!
Has experienced some the soiled water that filter after turning a car was, which was the total bummer. I am not sure the one who a trick is to avert concealed. But again, it is the small prize to pay for these results.

Top Customer Reviews: Eureka PowerSpeed ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Merlin
You are struggling partorisca do the decision because calm REALLY need the vacuum and is in the estimativa tight and decided partorisca read some descriptions partorisca help decide? Well I am writing partorisca leave know this a will not be the deception. I have considered this the compraventa risky big and are here partorisca say you a vacuum the works add. Have So only has partorisca the month as I can not comment in a durability, but to the equal that to an action partorisca a prize, has surpassed my expectations. They are a lot happy with a power of suction and is the utmost annexes. Hope This helps partorisca do your decision!
4 / 5 Lynna
Does like this far adds, his suction is really good. And it is hanged like this light , really help me with my backside. I have had to that take the plus along nozzel to do some pavings nd because of a prize, does not comprise the longest nozzle, as when his telescopic nozzle is sold for Amazon this summer, will have to see a cost for him. Another question with this vacuum is that when you pull out of an upper boss to clip a noxzzle to use for pavings, walls etc a tomb of car because of a lightness. Like this calm has it that goes or the spend around. Any happy with that. Again I still amour that it is really light, and again a noise is really decent, my bissell is really strong. This one is like this better. For a prize he isnt perfect, but like me a bit descriptions. A suction is sum and clean on full coverages of hair of dog.

August 28th, 2018 Still love this vacuum cleansing. I want that it is light weight , and that a lot clean my coverages and some pavings. The service of client is quite well too much. An only thing is that I am not happy with a prize of a filter of foam. They have had to that the pair of month maintains clean. The amazon has in $ . I have called Eureka, and is by train to send me one in any cost, which appreciate. For a cost of this vacuum, some filters would owe that be competitive with other filters of foam. To look youtube, a speed of air eureka vacuums has a same creation canisters like a speed to be able to, as it orders the band of eureka filters of foam for a speed to air to see yes would do a bit same. I am cost in $ 8 dollars for 6. I will receive him this week and will try them. If they return and I will continue to buy him. I will update.

Will have to attended and see what time last. I expect that it does for the long time, really likes to of me.

September 1, 2018 A DCF-26 band of filters of 6, for a eureka airspeed returns a speed to be able the vacuum that has. It was fatter, but the returns adds. I have ordered another 6 band, causes a prize is well. These are all the filters of just foam for Eureka vacuums, a filter of speed of the can is too big.
Feb 13, 2019 Vacuum more cleaned still strong and and wonderful to use. Like this easy closing to clean, and does not hurt my backside. I have bought the second a for a upstairs rooms. His value each penny. He the work adds still, and like this easy to clean.
June 2019 Still works are, loves this vacuum like this light to move around. It acts it to them was the plot , and he hasnt fail me. Now I have 2. One for one 2nd walk. It feels he adds to use and doesnt has hurt my hands or my behind, easy to attach some other paintbrushes. Quite light the pickup.
4 / 5 Sharie
Exceptional car for a prize! Very light. Utmost suction. Easy transition of carpet the coverages to walk of forest. Easy to empty.
The picture is that it has chosen on one 1st walk of a house a 1st day to use (with which 5 days of the broken old vacuum). Impressed.
4 / 5 Heidy
Loves this vacuum. It is light weight , and clean well. A headline of muck is súper easy to touch and cleaned. It is to add a lot that has to that treat stock exchanges. If buying of Amazon, always verify to do sure that the descriptions are legit. This product has estimated a A.
4 / 5 Mabelle
For a prize, ossia the very little vacuum. It manages very easy because of this light weight . I clean a well of carpet. I also like a washable filter and easy empty powder canister.
To That that does not like is of an ear that whistle of leaves while vacuuming. I can manage a roar of an engine and a roller but some whistles is too much.
Will be to return the.
5 / 5 Cora
This vacuum is like this powerful when it was vacuuming the mine has washed again comferter to take a hair of cat. Have prendido after only the pair of swipes with a hose & atatchment this there is a bit red lintbrush looking stips on he & OMG! Or shulda Seen All a muck& of attractive of the powder out of him & there is so said sooner washed it so only .wow Or Everything has not had quite a lot of stars for me to properly the esteem.
4 / 5 Christoper
In this point of the prize would not owe that expect a world. Vacuum Is light weight, there is a lot of cleaning suction and soyanicures' carpeting well. The main complaint is a hose of extension ... It is simply too cut as well as when be semi-detached too big in a unit. Each tentativa to use a wand or results of annexes of the paintbrush in a car that play on. I vacuumed almost each thumb of the 2,200 sf manacles (comprising cupboards and baths) during this first use without @@subject... Another that in the slope in dozens of time. At least at all it break it or it snap it was...
5 / 5 Domonique
Is to good light insurance, but is a class of plastic that will shatter yes calm strike he in the corner. My only real complaint is a hose to achieve the big places is sound courts that has to that spend a whole base with you. The good regime that achieves cobwebs in the chair!! Otherwise, Is worth it!
5 / 5 Edwin
Loves this vacuum cleansing!!! I seat it likes it to me he has it has had always bad regime with this hard to imagine was, does not choose on well, does not have the long life-has turned, etc. Because of this fear, has not wanted to invest too much money to the new a, as I have been with this one because of prize.

Eureka There is sucked to his club of defender (taking)...Of for life! It was light weight , easy to use, INCREDIBLY EASY to dip near, WORK ASTONISHINGLY WELL, and is soooooooo easy to clean.

Has taken he upstairs and behind down, I vacuumed 2 rooms, one with nylon carpet and one with the polyester am almost embarrassed in what powder he and the MATERIAL choose up. I order almost daily and cleaned weekly and a lot included know everything of that was in a paving.

Cleaning a vacuum was the BREEZE. I literally so only rinsed and has dried all was. It has taken everything of 5 minutes.

Some pictures aim a vacuum in a box, together place, and then the attacker and with which of a carpet!

Ossia One of some compraventa better has done!
5 / 5 Luigi
Very light and works smoothly in carpets and of the pavings. Some annexes are easy to use and places up. Really happy with him.

Top Customer Reviews: Miele Type G/N ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Shauna
If you are looking in this description then probably has the good void. Calm probably is asking you, as it substitutes these stock exchanges? Calm probably is looking in these stock exchanges and has thought, man these are class of expensive decrees.. Well.. Stock exchanges. You would be right. These are class of very expensive. These stock exchanges are fine stock exchanges , they all require in, but is also very very expensive. Sure they come with filters to air also, but no vain to cross some filters to air hurriedly enough to require to substitute them with each stock exchange. Just class to be splurge.

The tan now probably are asking, but that the election has? Has this good void, they amiable to have me very they? Any one they no. Generics Exists that it sells stock exchanges that will do in your void for the mere fraction of a prize. One researches of the same mere amazon will take calm in some of these generic and the results do also. Prpers Having tried these official stock exchanges and a generics can say, these stock exchanges are on priced and one prevails does not result in any profit has attached.

Saves money and buys a generics.
1 / 5 Verla
These stock exchanges are not of the facts for a piece of EUA, is done for European pieces, is done by Miele but has the internal that baffles the different system that the stock exchanges have done for a piece of EUA. They will do in voids of EUA but perhaps very so efficiently, Miele recommends to use some the correct stock exchanges for EUA has done machines. A description is deceiving and would have to declare these stock exchanges are not of the facts for a piece of EUA.
5 / 5 Brandee
These are utmost stock exchanges . Yes, a box is redesigned. Yes, some stock exchanges are slightly redesigned. Same action. They can be expensive, but the averages a reason has the Miele is for a leak and bagging system. If you are simply restocking, these are some same as 'another' GN airclean stock exchanges, only the bit redesigned. They only some same.
5 / 5 Marquitta
It possesses the Miele for the few years, and while sound he madman to sing some praises of the debugging of void, has to. In the principle took it so that it ails of a jet-automotive, ear-his dominant of the cheapest pomegranate vacs - I amour that this calm. Some years are surprised constantly in how stuffed a stock exchange can take without reduction in suction - thinks it or any one (so that there is has not had never a stock exchange-changes to warn the light gone of any one), the volume agreed to to change a stock exchange so that I remark a void is heavier that normal ! Quan I , a stock exchange is always so stuffed is to take to take - still like this can be take without emitting any powder or rests,or tear, likes him stock exchanges of paper. And, while I have said, still it is under orders of suction in such the state.

In general, only the fantastic piece of engineering - albeit the pricey unit

has bought the Miele dishwasher so that it was so impressed with a void, and this has been the joy also. Essentially silent, and cleanup all very better that his predecessors - never has known included what cleaner and something-the free things could be (am in NYC with the water supply adds - very necessity to use his built-in the salt water that softens characteristic). And it is one 18 ' model, to return my floor. Controls an amazing quantity.
4 / 5 Magdalen
It uses these stock exchanges of powder with my HEPA filters-Miele has instrumented the Titn Classical pomegranate vac (Miele New Classical C1 the Titn Empty of Granada, Red of Sleeve), which I very amour. Any void the action is limited by a quality of some stock exchanges of the powder have used, and is has to pay more for better action. These Miele genuine the stock exchanges leave objectively better that debugs that an out-label aftermarket the once tried stock exchanges in an endeavour in economize. These stock exchanges could have been almost half a prize, but has lasted only the fraction while a AirClean 3D the mark of stock exchanges and has not done well for longitude. In fact, I have been absolutely gobsmacked for a quantity of muck and rests a AirClean 3D the stock exchanges join that they owe a void the decreases of suction sensibly when the new stock exchange is required. A quality of tez of these stock exchanges of powder are point and avert- can not imagine having or tears or breaking during scrolling (still when jam-packed with crud)- and the substitution of stock exchange is the accident, while a stock exchange is not too full. All this has said, has two smaller flus, which count some 4-stars to estimate: 1) when a stock exchange takes very full, can be as the very dense foam pillow, which he hard to exit of a void and invariably spent roughly of a filthy evasion of contents (that is to say partly a problem of operator- would have to change an earlier stock exchange); and 2) these ARE class of expensive for stock exchanges of void. In one another hand, why admits an action of the $ 500 debugging of void with the cheap stock exchange, ineffective?
1 / 5 Gisela
Orderly AirClean of BuyParts, like pictured, for my model of EUA C3 Alize. Received HyClean of the this is meant for European models. Miele Concretely Said in not using HyClean in of the models of EUA.
1 / 5 Karolyn
I have ordered a AirClean stock exchanges while they have been announced. It take HyClean stock exchanges that is not done for Miele empty sold in some the EUA.

Of Miele: some stock exchanges of correct powder for each Miele empty this is sold us United States are Miele stock exchanges of genuine airs of clean powder. A hyclean stock exchanges of the powder is not recommended for the products have purchased us United States while they can diminish an action of a void.
5 / 5 Cira
A lot of people have queixat that takes another (the 'Hyclean' European version) stock exchanges, as it was the small preoccupied quite taking a wrong product ('Airclean is a version of pertinent American). Even so, they are come exactly so announced and they apt my C1 the edition has Limited void perfectly. They are of better quality that some stock exchanges 3.os of the party had been using, as I am very happy with my compraventa.
1 / 5 Carmelina
These are HyClean stock exchanges, any AirClean stock exchanges. That is to say a lot of entity in any one in some the EUA, of Miele warns consumers of EUA that HyClean the stock exchanges are not fashioned by his products have sold in some the EUA, and the use of them could cause hurt in a void. Necessities Of amazon in cleanup this listing and this vendor, First4SparesUS.
1 / 5 Tish
Any EUA Airclean pictures of stock exchanges! The box says no for sale in some the EUA.

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