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Top Customer Reviews: The Original Vacu ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Nathalie
I have ordered this and took the cheap Chinese knockoff. Any box, only among the stock exchange of clear plastic (not going to do the quite present). And it says Done In China, included although a description clearly says done in some the Netherlands.
1 / 5 Warner
I use this the small time bought it since more or he less done 6 weeks and has not taken never a 'click.' It has Had my flavours of husband, has pumped 40 or so time even so at all. Volume to focus toneless in better with wine these flavours of a following day.

Has imagined perhaps had taken the futility, but after reading several looks of recent descriptions that a subject is more common this has thought. I am happy only spent $ 8 or so, but disappointed in a poor product took. Nowhere in a bomb or the corks say Vacuvin which marvel me if that is to say some like this the cheap type was.
5 / 5 Kesha
I have bought this more or he less done 3.5 years for my husband and he are declares to use the never since. You are a first bomb of void has not tried never with his pots of wine so very does not think any a lot of lucido. He that has been supposition to do and can listen it law with each bomb that takes gradually more take like air in the careers of boat have been. Quan IS totally vacuumed a bomb done the clicking noise to signify that is done. Easy-Peasy.

Very has recently bought my husband the new bomb that is coming with 6 cover since sometimes has parties and there is more than two left wing of bounced them opened and unfinished. A walnut one has taken is the different mark totally but liked me so that it has to abundance of extra of cover. It results this one is so better!! An another no any indication of when is done to suck out of an air. Some bombs do not take easier likes first bomb that is a same likes him 100 bomb. Quan Pulls a bomb of a bit the limit looks for to be sure but can pull has been without pressing a button of emission of the air like the can no that well. In all the case, all this to say this Vacu Came the saver of Wine is a a to take. Only I will buy some cover some small plus for a bomb already has and returns some bombs has bought only that it was more money and has not done.
4 / 5 Lorette
I go to do my best to give an impartial a description of year with this product.


- Maintains our fresh wine
-All of our friends always ask That it is concealed ? And it is followed always with the Honey, necessity to take the set of those. In the Then give the for vacacionales/of anniversary, so that our friends always forget haha.
-Easy and amused to use


-If you are how us and race out of room in a fridge, and decides to pose a boat went in his side, can filter. I am supposing that it is an error on our part or can be a subject with a product, but corking a wine and turning he in his side is the no-no.

-That is to say everything has. It has not run in any subjects since buy the in of the marks the year. Hopefully These helps of description any one with the compraventa future.

Has found my useful description, pleases the left wing of amazon knows to click a low useful button!
5 / 5 Coy
I want to it is coming, but very every day, and no the whole boot the time (like my ex). Living Only, hardly ever open bounce it unless the friends are on to dine. But with this bomb, pot, and leave me salvage any juice of change. In meso, the red wine lasted me 2-3 more days that does not use a bomb.

Has remarked some folks goes to complain in a lack of instructions. Type, is the bomb . Apresamiento Was air. You have posed one covers in a boat, pumps up, and... It pumps out of an air. Quan Listens the click, which are apparently the indicator patented lined by Vacu Wine, knows has achieved 'level of optimum void.' Easy while taking the swig.

Some cover is done of the rubber and a bomb are plastic. When being cheap (expected for a prize) but fell it here and there and is until my abuse.

Even Uses a Vacu Came to maintain other fresh things, likes him coffee. Suddenly, you bounced them the empty wine has much more uses.
5 / 5 Jenna
I took me the moment to take one hangs of easterly but wants the now!! Put an outside-verge of one covers, besieges some covers in your boat came, then begin to pump. Calm once listens the 'click, noise of click, has vacuumed an air has been. To fall some covers (leaving air behind in), only press a piece of the centre of one covers in a side.
5 / 5 Velva
Wow! It has Had this for enough 5 month now - the laws add! I drink quite red wine the bit and almost always leaves the glass or two in a boat. Anterior in buying is, this glass or two is basically vinegar in 1 in 2 days (according to a type of wine). If has bounce it half or more rest, this bomb will maintain that test of the half boat like his was opened only for 3-4 days. If has ~1 leaves of glass in a boat, expects this bomb to maintain a sake of wine for the day or two.

The purchase again? He included - paid $ and was to good sure estimativas.

A word in a wise - has the bouquet of these in Amazon of the variety of vendors. Cairo In some cover of boat - these have two crests and transfer in an upper to seal a boot well. Mark takes some covers of looks of similar boat in this before buy of the different vendor.
5 / 5 Abram
The law adds to seal my wine and bounced of whisky. Some directions advise any one to pose a boat, but my wine my fresh plus does not have a whole section how posed the and has not filtered never. I have read the plot of pieces that says these bombs no the difference. If it is psychological or fact, has remarked my rests of wine more compatible and barn the few days when using this against traditional bomb recorking. I have imagined to use these did not hurt carried with my whisky, especially since take me more with a longitude to finish the boot. Some cover is easy to clean too much. Only it takes a cup, rinse, the dry air. I actuate Still to find bounce he/of whisky of the no apt wine but there is mostly traditional 750ml ways.
1 / 5 Shantay
Has had to this behind forms that arrives in good soiled condition. In the first place, an outside of a box and an interior of product was coated in the cloak of powder, which in a glorious diagram of the things are not the enormous roads. Even so, some finals of some cover and the interior of a bomb was soiled, likes him had state used before. Had gunk bonded in a crevices and in a bomb, also.
4 / 5 Chi
I have purchased this based in the recommendation of the fellow that swears for his sake. In $ 10, it is the fraction of a prize of a Coravin that I so desperately wants to.

In my first tentativa could not take to form to focus. One researches of fast of Google has suggested to put some covers, which has done.

In red wine, work very good. 24 hours later some flavours of the significantly better wine that calm simply corked the, included if you do not refrigerate a boat. It IS it does not try perfectly cool even so.

In of the white wine, still flavour oxidised a next day. It is not so perceivable in the cheap Sauvignon White, but the buttery Chardonnay will not be to save.

Also, of some 2 cover, one is very finicky.

In mine $ 20/wines of boat that is to say the product adds ; but can line it it was and it buys a Coravin for bounced them more expensive that has been saving for special occasions.

Top Customer Reviews: Vacu Vin Wine Saver ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
A product comes with the saying of sticker of the warn 'Cancer partorisca LOOK and Reproductive Harm'. Some link of sticker to the web page that explains that a sticker is there partorisca legal reasons so only: 'A look does not mean that our produced necessarily cancer of cause, defects of birth, or another reproductive harm.'

Ossia Contradictory, and no appropriate partorisca the alimentary element.

Neither some tests of pertinent laboratory partorisca ensure has no P65 present of chemicals, or refrain partorisca sell a product. It is not the work partorisca determine of a consumer if a merchandise is sure partorisca use or no.
4 / 5
Of the 'double-clicks' takes a guesswork out of when pertinent vacuum has been achieved. Based our law to experience well, and there is not remarked any loss of vacuum same when you remain of boat unattended partorisca a lot of days. We receive two insiemi different to cover that simply that has not done at all this in spite of. The suspect has had the manufacture strongly would recommend that you COME FROM each one covers individually when calm receive it.

Also, can require attention to arrest to as take one covers of a boat. If you grab he in a wrong place easily can pull one covers averts like each discharges are comprised 3 parts .

- The indicator of double click is AWESOME

- question of Possible quality in some units
- Easy to pull avert when it takes partorisca bottle
4 / 5
This Vacu has come the system is an economic, easy and effective way partorisca quote bounced opened of still wine. I used him partorisca years, and is still like new. His utmost and is the enormous improvement on simply storing half-came used with the reinserted cork. An interior of air (which is the one who a Vacu the wine evacuates) is that ruin a flavour. With this system, the wine tries took good morning varied later. NOTE: These are so only some discharge. A precise take a part partorisca bomb to use these. Ossia Available in the judge of conjoint start with the pair of discharge has comprised.

Tip: partorisca extend a life of some discharge, suggests, when they are sealed to the boat, calm would be necessary takes that it uses a little emission of nib of pressure in a cup. It does not press or pull them was, these wears in a with the partorisca seal. Pressure of emission that use a first nib.
5 / 5
Is the good idea but is not very better that the cork to the equal that save your cash has won hard. We are drinkers of avid wine and typically will open partorisca bounce it and among a two of us the arrival was but has been to interest in an idea to be able to maintain the 1/2 or 1/4 fresh boat for the day or two. We pump until a sound of click likes focused (these are simple to use like this for some directions) but was 24 hours later a wine was noticeably oxidized still although we use this discharge and of the bombs bounce comprised and stored whole in ours refrigerator.
5 / 5
These produced, when experience with an air that takes artilugio is surprising for people that any down bounce it whole immediately in a regular. If you are storing your wine for the short quite time that preserving is not the worry, calm also can use this without one that takes air artilugio. Calm only press down a bit nub in an upper to the equal that have dipped he in. I add for parties dondequiera stick your wine in a refrigerator or leave he out of moment without concerning roughly taking flies in or something, but does not need a vacuum characteristic of focus.
5 / 5
Have the little of these and a vacuum bomb and the really helps to preserve my wine bit it longer. Obviously it does not go to preserve he for the month but he to good sure do for the few days until you drink a wine. It is coming any last more along some days in my house in all the chance because we drink wine with dining.
5 / 5
Has had the vacuum discharges for several years now, but has lost some real discharge because of several movements have followed of two cookery remodels. During this time, confidence (unreliably) in salvaging a cork and dipping it behind in a wine. This place to plot of pressure in a process of scrolling of the cork, which has not been a lot of reason has come typically to need stabilise some nerves to ensure the scrolling of clean cork. Neither we drink to plot of wine, like this now can enjoy a wine without concerning roughly maintaining to the intact cork. A Vacu the wine maintains a fresh wine and to the left is the drunk boot he during a week. IMPORTING: I need to purchase a separate vacuum sealer produced to use these elements.
5 / 5
Has bought this so much discharge of substitution for my wine vacuum sealer, has finalised of then lose an original some. These do not look to do also, taken much more to pump them sealed and the looks almost celery I too loose to with the accuracy seals a boat.
4 / 5
Love an umbrella a concept like the product. Really the helps preserve a wine for until two weeks. Which are adds for me because it does not drink that a lot and like this waste to plot last night. This produces the character has been using of a start and has not had never the reason to change. An only reason am buying more is to to my daughter likes to hide.
4 / 5
Ossia The add handy little produced to extend a life of an open boat of wine. A trick is to maintain pumping an air was until it listen the small 'click-click'. For me of the bombs is not very effective, any a lot of looks to air to take pumped out of a caress .. Precise maintains to pump. Calm finally will listen a small 'click of click' .. These leaves is a right quantity of the air is pumped was.

This will not save an open boat of wine for weeks .. It is not drawn thus purpose. To maintain your open boat of wine to last a lot of days, is to the bomb was like this air like possible, maintains out of some rays of solos, and frescos.

Top Customer Reviews: Vacu Vin Black Pump ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Rochel
You are like my woman? Wine of amour, and partorisca some reason always opens this third (or fourth) boot and can any he never arrival? Well, your in of the regime This vacu-sealer is perfect so that they love the bit of a hair of a dog in a morning. Also this thing has there is sealed felizmente bounced and maintaining a well of wine partorisca until 2 weeks with my testing.

An ease of use is utmost partorisca this afternoon of late Wednesday when somehow it decides to leave your underwears in a freezer but still have an alcohol partorisca seal a wine on partorisca consummate later.

A simple creation ensures that it calms will not break it when calm fall he in a paving that tries to give calm the 'hickey to the aim is gone in work'.

Finally, some few things of suction resist like this a lot concealed 'the help is stuck in mine nipple' has been shouted in my house more than a swipe for more than a person.

Ossia In mine BUYS cast.
4 / 5 Felica
Calm always arrived of bounce it has come a calm night in the first place uncork the, any precise this. But usually I take the those that days partorisca drink the bounce whole of pinot black or that never. This little device prevents oxidation ( indefinitely, think), and is very easy to use. Ossia A second a has possessed. Prime minister of mine taken a pleasure the years of the present fact, and spent it finally go. A new version is included better that an original. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Jadwiga
Has been using this system partorisca on 5 years, almost daily with diverse wine and bounced of liquor. One pumps finally difficult result to use, and this substitution is like the new world-wide integer of function. Pumping very smooth and taken less bomb to evacuate air that prime minister of mine. Some discharge last for him always looks, and is easy to disassemble, cleaned, and king-gather. Although I see these mainly used to preserve wine, has found some discharge also does well with to the prize has eaten seldom liquor also. I have seen the few restaurants/of bars use a same system in a same way.
4 / 5 Josette
Sees this system throughout in of the bars of wine and other houses, as I think that that they are popular. This in spite of, have found that they do not do a lot well, included after a day in the red wine, stored in of the freshest conditions and any natural sunlight, that a wine has changed already in flavour. With which 3 days a wine is bad. So only it does not think attractive quite the air was. Better to drink a whole boat :) Or take the look in of the wine boxed, these stock exchanges in a box does not leave any air in.
4 / 5 Eduardo
Easy to use, yes, but no the permanent solution. That I bad is finally loosen after the week or two, as they are utmost for use of the short term and I love a product. Easy to use? Oh He. Included amused to use! Easy to open again, yup! They have burst of a boat, but buy something so the boot has come of chocolate and love the to remain sealed on - sinister is says two weeks - can require you to reapply he more than a swipe for maintains it there is sealed.
4 / 5 Katerine
Buys one of these each one that 3-4 years. So only they begin to take old and dirty internally.

You exactly that it is supposes to do - maintain my wine to turn to vinegar quickly. I have had it bottles of wine last until the week with these.
4 / 5 Lonny
Ossia A saver of the wine of the device of better operation has has not purchased never. Had an exact still a the few years done but finally pauses. Maintaining have another concealed is identical. It dips the very vacuum covers it to a wine bottles this looks to do has come tinto last an extra day has compared to anything more.
A bit those that simple bombs until one listens clicking and is done! More than simplicity...
5 / 5 Catherine
Has used to use one in fact these years when it has gone bartender in a upscale restaurant. Any sure reason took like this long to take one for house. It is the tool really adds and helps to maintain bounced opened of the fresh wine for the few extra days. No longer I seat a need to finalise boot he of a woman of good wine before read (at least any for a reason of freshness 😆)
4 / 5 Jodi
Still in a refrigerator, a quality of wine can deteriorate in prejudices once a boat has been opened. I have touched so only the glass of wine of the bounce that I have opened the month and stored in a refrigerator with a vacuum discharges. It is like this well like the day opened it. If you drink it has come frequently or occasionally, it takes this. If you know any the one who has come of drinks, gives this. According to a prize of your wine, can pay for him in some uses.
4 / 5 Yetta
Has taken this in the tent of wine but has then discovered that it can take much less expensively by means of Amazon. As I have taken a prime minister a backside. It is the really element of class. Works so that ads. I used it roughly seven or eight times like this far. A click that says that one pumping is finalised is to calm of has bitten, but yes listen for him calm will listen it. For the type that any dtink bounce it quickly, this are adds to have.

Top Customer Reviews: Vacu Vin Wine Saver ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Pamelia
These are fakes . Any assemblen a real Vacu Cover of Wine. These are black in to smell of to the the colour likes him his of the rubber and is not built a same like official ones.
5 / 5 Jung
If you are the lover of wine , he casualidad is can have the little wine bounced uncorked any time given. This was a case has had here or the calm bounced them of the dry red wine opens to cook, another wine of desserts chilling in a the third bounces only had opened . A Vacu the wine has come only with two cover, as buying this six group was the necessity. Some laws of good product to evacuate an oxygen of an open boat--is reading this anterior in deciding in the Vacu Wine, safely can recommend purchase the, and buying these together with him. One 6-the group is the far better roads that some smaller containers. And that knows like the things tend to disappear '' in our cookery, having the little of the changes are always useful!
1 / 5 Lauralee
It take some cover and has remarked the pair of things. In the first place, there is the pair of these already, which look a product pictured - ashes with 4 holes of ventilation. This new ones do not look so pictured - is black in place of ash, and only has 3 holes of ventilation against. 4, which augment a time takes to pump the air of the boat came. At the end, a relief of head office void nub has some roots of rubber of a process to adapt still attached - an ones had been missing already these and was has finished a lot.

Surrounds, is usable, but they no quite listen well, while they are the knockoff against. The genuine Vacu Came produced. Then also, it can also simply when being that Vacu Wine has changed a creation and is going cheaper is levels of production .


Update - the few weeks later, two has prendido lining the void. Very frustratins. It has run over the Embed bath and Further and - low and behold - has a real Vacu the wine limits those looks a some pictured in the announcing of this vendor. With that, has to say that this vendor is misrepresenting that is selling, and these are not a genuine piece. It advises any one to remain out of east unit
1 / 5 Dwight
I have ordered these after a two have bought years of marks in my wine and the tent of cheese has begun to aim signs to lose suction. Only one in these works grupal! I have ordered included a same mark there is now. You are supposition to pose one covers in a boot and bomb an air has been with the special device that in the principle has bought. You pump until calm listen it doing clicking sounds. Cela The calm say you that an air has been pumped has been. Only 1 properly the pumped and clicked. More or am less spent my arm has tried to pump some another. My husband has tried also and has taken a same result. Quan Comparing a one concealed done with some another, can see is not done a same. A a that the works have the fund of round and another east deformed and will not seal properly (in photo, a left one east deformed). Included a slightest the difference is form will not leave to focus pertinent. Felizmente One of my originals continues to do and will maintain a one of this group that acts properly. It has to launch some another has been. Disappointing when a control of quality is so bad. It recommends to buy this product in the respectable tent of wine.
1 / 5 Alyson
These vacu carried of wine of saver of the wine no with then older vacu came bombs. At the beginning some bombs an older looked to create a void with this cover, but when was to open a boat again, a void had filtered air in a boat. Has thinks that to purchase a same mark of covers like bombs that there went it would do together. So has some bombs an older does not buy this cover.
5 / 5 Shandi
It maintains my wine the long plus that covers it or cork . It IS very easy to use and know when work. Quan Some covers is sealed properly, faiths the sound of suction when taking some covers of a boat.

Likes Some instructions say, only does not pose a boot on is side or more will spill some when and possibly the disorder in one covers.

That is to say the compraventa well especially like of calm has opened more than or bounced or take the while drinking unit
1 / 5 Clarence
Some elements took is not an ones aimed in a picture and listen like an inferior quality ... I think that that they are the knockoff of one ones for Vacu Came Inc. Some elements that has been shipped is black in colour and in some pictures are compared in some cover for Vacu Came Inc. even so they look to line to focus in bouncing it. The time will say had to while a "real" ones that anteriorly had purchased .
5 / 5 Anderson
I have purchased the set of 6 Vacu Came savers of the wine and do quite well with three different bombs. Some looks of void to line well, as I am pleased enough with them.
5 / 5 Kristeen
Has the set for house and RV. Bought the set for my daughter also. A must has yes you very always arrived of the whole boat of wine. It maintains it surprisingly fresh.
5 / 5 Bert
State using these for in the decade, in the daily base.
This invention is up there with bread sliced and penecillin!

Top Customer Reviews: The Original Vacu ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Yuko
Yes, these looks to bomb to do quite well air of the fall of wine bounced. Goody.

But takes the good roads by force of organism , to generate a 'click' this air of half has been fallen. For the person with force of normal upper organism, this would have to when being any problem at all. But calm have you has not wished never your counter of the cookery has not gone enough so big?

Very then, Amazon-user, is down. And unless you plan to use this bomb of void in the low surface, your elbows have extended outwards, like the bird. But in level of shoulder or included on-shoulder. And then you went to pump down with energy, to the small focal point in a half of your cofre. It takes a picture?

Does not think this would pose any problem if your arms have not been so big up in the odd gesture. And if a focal point where is pumping has not been so small. Salvation, Can very there when being the opinion: 'Careful People , Down'?

The desire had looked for the lowest surface to use this bomb of void. Perhaps drunk the small less wine? Ouch!
5 / 5 Gillian
In the principle has bought the Vacu Came quite done 20 years, and at the end required to substitute when a plastic lining for a bomb is past was. If there is the dollar for each boat came that the old bomb had preserved some years, could buy the very expensive lunch and bounce it well of wine to go with him.

How that plus to do except the nine unit That is to say the bit of one updates of an original: it is now metal and plastic edifice, and does the sound the tick to alert you that a wine is has sealed properly.
5 / 5 Kym
I am in accordance with a client of overwhelming Amazon of positive revises of a Vacu Wine, which will attach to say that of some four savers of wine have tried like this far, a stainless steel Vacu the wine has done a better for me. I actuate Only the tried a saver of electrical wine (Brookstone is Coming Automatic Preserver), which has broken inner the few uses and never done well in this low period to time in all the case. Like An another two manual wine preservers has used, a Vacu the wine is essentially a bomb of suction of the air, which when plants in a cup of a boot and attraction up in a cape, takes an air of an interior of a boat, therefore that extends a life in drink of an interior of wine. Compared with an another two has used, a Vacu the wine requires very less try pump an air was, and has the very better connection among a bomb and covers of rubber. Also, the clicking the sound said you when an optimum void the level is achieved and exactly when in the decree that bomb an air has been. A Vacu Came also comes with two plastic tip spouts, which left you to touch without spilling the drop, but does not use the to form that looks so acute that that cut to risk you that comes from insertarprpers in a boat. Neither they look very easy to insert, which are what marks he more dangerous. So much, perhaps it rests the averages the star for that.
5 / 5 Luanne
I am class of tired of in to to the some jokes likes them-them the 'Gee, not having never wing very left of wine after I open to bounce it.' Well, I do not want the boat the every time open integer or, and does not want the stale some the next time goes in him. That is to say some 3 types of the saver of Wine has possessed and will not buy never another mark. It IS almost effortless compared in some another this has had to and bomb for ever in void an air out of a boat. The May will buy the different an after unit of is A prize is worth it in a long career of some another for enough easily (an afterwards the use in only two bounced). I actuate Never the used a spouts this is coming with him. It has been very better if they bundled two cover more in place of a spouts. Even so, it is the product adds .
5 / 5 Demetrius
We have been buying a magnum came bounced for sometime and the day after ploughing a wine results acute and the changes are to try considerably. This product has been doing well for some time and pumping an air out of the magnum bounce with two glasses in the to the left take the while. Quite a lot of 15 bombs, even so he well and maintains a fresh wine for 3-days in the wine the fresh plus. Using normal sized the wine bottles a bomb is excellent, only the little of the bombs create a vacumn has required to maintain a fresh wine for two days. We store a wine on is side in the wine the fresh plus and there is has not had never the leak those uses a very designed suction covers. One touches spout also does well, more something of red wine during some counters of cookery.
5 / 5 Adelina
It produces very fresh. If the calm does not want never save an open boat of wine without worry in a flavour these changes the few days, then this product is a solution . I have applied a void and some covers in bouncing it the wine has not finished. 5 days later, goes to take some covers and a mark of noise (the noise of suction) the only covers know that all an air was to take of a boat. The wine has tried only likes him marks when I in the first place uncorked the.
4 / 5 Xiomara
One issues this work of thing is to pump out of an air in an open boat and minimises a process of oxidation of the wine - there to preserve a freshness of a wine.

Records so creation, there is scientific evidence or no, does not know .

Has used this on quite 4 bounced came now, the looks behind what an advertising said. Desprs Quite 5 days, a wine (so that red and aim) still potable. Before I have begun to use this, after 3 days, my wine resulted my wines of cookery .

Usually the arrival bounces he in 5-6 days, to good sure would use it so that it looks work for me. I do not have data to 5 indication to star so that some bombs only goes in the sure point and begun to not pumping out of any air ( can listen a cliking sound when bomb). I think it that he he better he more the air can be bombs was.
5 / 5 Sierra
We usually of the that has unfinished wine so much unit required never From time to time, when only, Ive wasted $ $ $ is coming for any one in the arrival and just recorking. A cpl days later, his bad. Tried this and he do. I can enjoy the only glass and any marring a whole boat.
5 / 5 Cecile
I have bought this for my parents, concealed knows at all enough came or to the continuation well avenges. With them when being inexperienced , does not want the calm bounced opened of wine so that it has not finished never it. I have bought they are Vacu Bombs of Wine of Saver of the Wine and has wanted to it! I have aimed what for the use. It avenges with 2 you Cover of Void, which my parents have wanted, as they have not had to buy anything extra. This was his characteristic of favourite ! Work perfectly and has maintained his' integrity! I think that that I will be to buy a name only in the near future! Also I want a lustrous creation!
5 / 5 Annmarie
Very enjoying east. I took this for my woman that enjoys the glass of white wine some nights. It IS to be drinking is to come boxed (which are surprisingly good calm days) to eschew the wine that spoils of an open boat. It opens can drink It some of some bounced very has chosen up in our trips without that have to waste any one. Stays of wine while it was when a boat has been opened by at least several days. (It has not tried any longer still!)

Top Customer Reviews: Vacu Vin Wine Saver ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Gretchen
They are slightly too small and any suction well. We have possessed this cover colored the years are spent, and has done well before. Our works of bomb of the suction in our cover our plus old ash but no in this new plus paints ones. It looks an original production specs is not when being followed so that these will not create the void in a boat after pumping them. If you pull some covers out of rights after pumping it, does not listen a whoosh to be of the air is fallen. There is not any control when is pumping an air was, as you can say is not doing. Also it can it uses a cork that is coming with a boat came to store an open boat.
5 / 5 Natividad
Each what so bite also so that it would pay two times (or more) prendi in the liquor or grocery tent. It can associate the colours with type of wine also for easy locates in a fridge, or pantry. They line his very good too much pressure. And of course, vacuumed is coming outlasts pressure of the room that limit the jillion in the unit Enjoys the glass to follow while the week after inaugural, and is very still in a flavour. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Ashlyn
As Some colours of brilliant of cover. An original ash ones take lost in drawers. These are easy in something. I use some paints to organise your open wines.
4 / 5 Dawne
As it purchase it these brilliant colours. It can very that lacking of Vacu-Came to do a work superbly; these are exactly some same like my originals except a colour. They do so expected, only attach the small punch by heart in a 'leftovers . He thank you stops to do these!
5 / 5 Miyoko
We want our Vacu Came savers of wine - alas, always lose them or accidentally launches the in a disposal of rubbish! This group of substitution a trick and I like some brilliant colours.
5 / 5 Bobbie
This cover is some better to maintain the fresh wine. The red wine maintains much more with this cover these cover decorative. Also it can it maintain the plus sparkling champagne very time with these.
5 / 5 Bella
The happy tan has found these Vacu Carried of Wine of wine. You cover perfect to use with a VacuVin bustles of air. The wine will last so much longer!
5 / 5 Catina
These always are disappearing in my house. The May Can have quite. Thank you For some new colours, doing them easier to find in the stock exchange of wine or in a counter. That is to say still a better road to save bounced opened already!
5 / 5 Vesta
Some that has directed I also loose my cover for my vac or Wine. These substitutions do perfectly with my older bomb. A whole system am adds for people them me that who only wants a glass of wine the time.
5 / 5 Pennie
This saver of void of the wine covers them utmost... Remained with a bomb of covers he of the wine maintains our fresh vine and does not filter at all... Easy to clean and reuse.

Top Customer Reviews: Vacu Vin 38800606 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5 Chau
I access a boat, access in my chance of wine and maintains a cold of wine. Use mainly partorisca maintain is partorisca come concealed has been already chilled cold during a balance of an evening. It has not used to wine of cold this has been in room temp, as this has not been to be has bought stops.
4 / 5 Torie
The utmost products
4 / 5 Annetta
order this product partorisca an office. We have wanted to have something concealed would maintain a beverages fresh and has not been messy. A product is perfect! The nave was súper speedy! We are very pleased!!
4 / 5 Fran
Already have some I use, has bought these takes partner the one who have wanted to him

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Ezekiel
It has compraventa two of this place like this of the presents like this far. All the world loves a fresh plus to maintain a wine chilled.
4 / 5 Emilia
This neighbour is awesome and my LIKE THIS amours he. It is perfect for lovers of wine there. A bottle opener is easy to use and a wine keeper is amused to use. The form is good and the plastic is sturdy also
4 / 5 German
Feels class of economic, all plastic and no a 'big final' class. A lot functional this in spite of, a pourers and cover them is utmost. A corkscrew leaves the plot to be wished..
5 / 5 Juli
Has found other vendors another more economic, any one bad quite decent.
5 / 5 Starr
Was for a xmas present. My fellow loooves the!
5 / 5 Trudie
These works of neighbouring how is described. I have paid $ and feel concealed is the just prize , this in spite of a prize of cast is $ ! Any way, If it have paid in $ 40, would be it returned. It is done of plastic a lot light and can not imagine that hard more than the year. Also it takes the little endeavour to pump a vacuum, as some people can have question with that.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Ozell
Pro: The vendor proportionate substitution and fast response. With: The element took no genuine Vacu Wine.
Has ordered element and of the flavours to use it to preserve unfinished wine. Pumped very time and covers does not seal , has tried each 3 cover (would have to have 4 for an order but has disappeared a when the element arrived and the box is torned.) Without luck. The vendor contacted by one covers missing and took the substitution with 2 cover and the new bomb. A substitution is the genuine Vacu Wine and works while ad. Only it require it 6-7 bombs to have one covers has sealed amiably and when being a sound to the click with a boat came of full half. It sees beaks. The side of the element by the side left in of the so many beaks (covers it and bomb) is no-genuine. It cover it genuine has Vac Came the patterned logotype in one focuses of rubber, and a verge of focus is smooth and very ragged (peel some open covers(the means by heart ash and a colour of half black to see a logotype). The deep interiors of the genuine bomb have the small hole to suck was air , any-genuine a does not have the hole. It gives vendor 3 stars so that the vendor redeemed by resending the genuine bomb and covers and response of proportionate fast when the complaint is taking. Please element to control when take.
3 / 5 Chantel
Ordered this excitedly produced adds, only to be dulcemente left down each which so and each step of a road.

In the first place was, a container is arrived dented in in in the to to hell likes him his is of state in a clearance rack for road far too very time. Quan Ploughs a container, all some contents were everywhere in a box (any one the enormous surprise that knows a condition of a packaging). But so which, this preoccupies in a box, the launch was very?

Well, That is to say when decided to give tries it. Taken quite a lot of 15 minutes to take the the ours first suction has done properly in the boat came after reading some instructions and included that look the video in Youtube (swears is not stupid). Quan Took it to do, was quite exciting! We think, 'oh, perhaps it was this first time that has taken so long... I move he of students'.... nope. These things only are impossible to take suctioned in the each and every time, in the fast and easy road.

Has resulted, a type of the boat came have launched prende loops. You bounced them it avenges sure they were able to achieve suction instantly, has not taken a lot of bombs at all. But in another wine bounced.... Had only any road in hell these things have remained on. Any sure take the bad batch of sealer thingys or cual, but this small wine sealer now is seating in the powder to collect of the cupboard of our bar.

Drunk only a whole and calm boat saves a headache!
5 / 5 Arvilla
That class of hoity toity the princess is not when finalising a boot has opened once it? I bad, is only like 4 glasses. As has the work to go in in a morning. But you moved you to him perhaps on to bottle number 2 and very precise closes it down (1 boat is fresh; 2 you bounced it is only downright excessive). In this case, this little artilugio is a bomb (marks the people still say concealed?). Work, saves a wine, is easy to use, is very practical for jerking an out of later in an evening, etc. does not know that more it can ask.
5 / 5 Lyda
1, The reason why chooses :
has tried diverse cover of different boat to maintain a left wing in the fresh wine. At the end, the partner of sommelier said me to give flavours he in of the this.

2, Likes Him and Aversion :
Well, in an a lot of beginning, that time thinks is the just period of living time for the $ 2 covers of rubber? A year or 3 years?
Before I have bought this, has been said that covers is done our of the rubber and he are the consumable sakes, as he no in some point, that is to say likes that frequently use or that time some covers is with pressure of air. So much, I comprised it concealed and bought it.
Has purchased in the first place one 4 covers of conjoint boat. We drink the averages of a boot (2 glasses) almost daily. Like the piece takes posed in a boot each which as another day. Only to see like work, has counted that often and has been very the time used.
Some covers has been used by the small in 90 times, begins to result feeble. Then filter and is died. $ 2 it cover it it has been used punctually and last for enough 6 month.
Has thought this has not been bad at all. It compares in another air has sealed covers them has tried in a past, is a lot of values a prize.
At least, while one covers was in operable condition, enjoyed bounced very utmost of the wines in flavour adds included.
After 6 month of compraventa, has known this thing would maintain a left wing in the fresh wine for at least of few days, as it was no longer preoccupied to open several wines in a dinner especially when was to invite friends.

For our use, this would maintain a quality of wine attaches for 2 in 3 days. It is deepening in of the wines, but that it is our way . So much, test not using arrests of the these more concealed 3 days.

The device the bomb has been doing arrests in 500 bounced without any problems. Upper cape shaped class of stylish. So much, I have been careful to line a cape like bombs, especially in an end to pump when has less air to the bomb was. It have to say that that is to say durable quite done.

This can effect the tactic to announce of the manufacture, but could be earnest and bad half life of covers of rubber. So much, the buyers are conscious of how long could use in the sake that condition of works.

3, Recommends these products in :
Any one of professionals in of the users of house.
5 / 5 Thu
I have purchased this set so that it can buy cover additional. Even so, I have been unable to take some cover to line the void. It tries 3 so far and it does not know that it can be it it has done it to take them to line the void.

The Only does not act.

UPDATE: Nov 24, 2015

has changed my indication of 1 in 5 stars for a following reason:

A representative of Vacu Wine has contacted me and has counted that some Vacu Came Swipes-offs taken in a place of piece and that the did not have taken the real Vacu Came produced. The question yes can issue join me real product.

Took a real product and a difference are night and day. A product lines a void and does not take but the few bombs to take an air of a boat. It lines a void very good and a service of a company is impressive.
5 / 5 Allegra
I enjoy the glass of wine in an evening but he can take the week or more to finish bounce it. I have used to to use a cork as it cover it but often, a wine would degrade before it was empty. To resolve this has purchased my first covers of void of type of the bomb in the local retailer. I Liked him very his but has to dread them of pair. Quan A boat was youngster took it only 5 or 10 'bombs' but when was more afterwards in the desert could take it 50 bombs to take which has thought would be well of focus. An another the subject was a bomb was intergral in one covers what the difficult to store such the big boat in a fridge. I have bought a Vacu Came Concert 5 wine of piece the saver has posed after looking at all some elections for the cuople reasons. 1) I Have seen some of some commentaries in some cover that loses his void after some use. My thought was that has 4 cover, although it has lasted only 6 month each which still would take 2 use of years before it take reorder. 2) I liked him his of a creation of one covers and one issues 'explosion' when a correct void has been achieved (a problem with my last a)

has had a unit the while now and is very pleased with a compraventa. Only it take it the few bombs to take a right level of void included in almost bounced empty. It recommends this one in the partner.
1 / 5 Myrta
Some of a vacuvins is fake. I have bought 2 and has data one in our parents that never facts and found some cover has had already hardened and would not seal . At most the next inspection discovers some cover has not had 'vacuvin' written in the different an another the places had the extrusion and the mark had very obvious concealed interfered with that bono some cups of some cover have sealed.
5 / 5 Jessika
Too much often open it the boat well of wine, drunk the pair of the glasses and he then is-cork' he until a next day only for the finds had lost his aroma of sake and flavours. Vacu Came to leave me to maintain that open boat of wine for while the week in front of some beginning to try to go south. In in to to my fiance liked him so much that I asked me to buy or for of chairs. I have purchased a same product (again of Amazon) only to find this has both defective cover (would not line to focus of void) And the defective hand-bomb streaky (he any one 'click' when the void had been achieved). We compare a product 'new' in detail with my original and look that a product there has been details very small concealed suggested had been it fashioned in the different ease that our original. The amazon has substituted a product and a substitution are identical in our originals and the laws add! It does not have any idea where the compraventa 2 ours has come from/come from but hopefully the ours experience will serve to alert buyers in a possibility that any one all the products with this name are 'genuine'.
3 / 5 Selma
A woman is a drinker of wine , any one me. For a premier bounces to think this enclosed aided the flavour of a wine in some 3-5 days the bounce hard (a glass or two with dining the majority of nights). But in a prjimo 3-5 weeks change his alcohol and now does not think this there is very, if any one, impact on preserving the flavour of a wine of one 3-5 life in the daytime of the typical boat for chairs. Calm import, that is to say generally very abordable, class of drinker of newspaper of wines ($ 5 in $ 12 in a grocery tent and Ctco. Always cabernets. That is to say everything drinks. Tan Perhaps this better work in another type of wines. All can say is the cost tries it and is quite easy to use but no longer is using since does not think help. Yes, I in fact paid for east. It was not the free sample or reduced of prize.
5 / 5 Kristen
At the beginning you are sceptical so that I have not been sure like laws and requests if a quality was until pair. And I am surprised in a quality of a plastic bomb and some 4 cover. Some cover has the removable cup to help with a process to debug. Also it is very easy to use and a plastic bomb is very robust and a cup of a bomb is easy in grip and has a loop for some four toes in grip.

An only thing owe careful when being quite is that the calm can not store a wine in a side so that some cover can exit easily attraction in the almost which when takes a cork. There is the nob in one covers that press out of a head office to fall a airlock and that is to say very easy to use. Also he the the sound of click to leave know when all/the majority of some airs is to take.

Has taken this for $ think and there is another model that only has 2 cover for $ 12 as that is to say some better roads in my opinion and both nave of premier of the offer. Like the pop opens some bounced and bus up!! Drunk responsibly :)