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Top Customer Reviews: Simple Modern ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought an all black version and is beautiful. Any only that, but some interchangeable cup and 2 plastic straws!!! I am excited like this partorisca be saving some whales and looking that they surprise in a process. It would owe that ask commission in some sales of this reason all of the mine coworkers love a now. Another part adds that it does not think a description mentions, there is not ANY CONDENSATION AT ALL. Also I have left accidentally the averages a iced caffè WITH CUBES in here partorisca 9 hours and when I am coming marries some cubes were still there and a caffè has been cold still . ALSO, has tiny hands that sometimes does partorisca resist the difficult things. But a 16oz the measure is big and slender and easy to spend/returned in of the small stock exchanges. 20/10.
4 / 5
Has bought this tumbler so that it could begin take iced caffè with me partorisca do in a morning, and also partorisca general water intake of then I gel of the amour waters it and boat of mine of the blender so only did not cut it . A packaging was quite and easy to open, and a tumbler has the colour adds, almost exactly that has been expecting. I want like this it comes with two straws in place of just a, as well as another lid to turn he to the to-go mug for hot drinks!
Has washed the mine immediately has had of the pleasant smell (hand-held wash so only, but some lids are upper-rack the sure dishwasher) and has been was any question . I have had gel in him for 3 hours now and a gel has not melted at all! In general I am very pleased with this product, especially of a point of the prize down is considering is insulated. Highly it would recommend!
4 / 5
Has 5 of these tumblers. Absolutely I love him. I have used to use Starbucks tumblers but has maintained to break. It has looked for the new one and has found these. They are like this happy has done! They are smaller that a twenty sized tumblers but control of interior exactly a same quantity (I measured).
Maintains heat the caffè hot for hours and caffè cold with cold of gel for hours. I have had gel in a fund of my cup with which 10+ hours.
I of the that in fact uses some straws that come with them have has had straws of law and stainless steel perfectly with these cups.
Highly would recommend these tumblers. Mainly I use him for the caffè but law for anything.
4 / 5
I really like this tumblr! Has the pleasant creation, is a lot of sturdy and durable, and is quite small to take to campus with me. Also I want like this it comes with interchangeable lids for both hot and cold drinks, has impressed really!
5 / 5
AMUR!!! Ossia Exactly that has has loved--a cup that for real maintains cold of cold drinks, with geles. The last 24 hours+. We have tried, in of the recommendations of friends, Tervis, Yeti, & frames of generic tent & his--was Yeti!!!-- It was failure has compared to this Simple Modern. Some states of description has lines it copper. Of the discharges has to that be of the extras-special insulation that some another lacking of.
All roughly is exceptional: a colour (his seeds-gloss in a Navy (ocean?) We have chosen, vs crazy, which have thinks that that a description was-- but like them!, A measure, access, feels, any spill or questions, & ICE & Cold retention, (the characteristic majority of entity). It comes with the estraw lid' & 2 straws as well as a lid of toe. (In the does not try it on hot but of then is like this of confidence in cold, is sure keeps hot HOT, also.
4 / 5
To the signal was, he a bit the cups require some work in drawing like this for falling averts. Celery the light of has bitten. It thanks well have an option for substitution. Any that the mine has fallen averts. But if he , the wait there is the sturdier lid in some works.
Has taken one 16 oz, an organism is fantastic, is moves it to close in a lid. It maintains contained such or hot for the good while and will not burn your hands. I love a black cup on all some models. Lustrous. And a punch of straw is seamless which is also good-looking. A 16oz access down a ploughing for the Keurig mini. Perfecto.
5 / 5
Any sure reason would pay for this overpriced beverage title it when it can buy this one of the company that gives behind to help another.

Has been presented to this mark when the fellow gifted bounce it the roughly done mine the year. It was roughly 16 oz and perfect for travelling, keeping hot beverages hot and cold water cold. He never filtered and returns perfectly in my stock exchange of work. Unfortunately the few weeks has left my waters of the boat loved in the house of friends by means of a country - his profit!

Has begun to look on amazon thus mark and could not take anything but a eslm' logo. I easily found this mark and has been surprised by a resupplied of options. Black master and know that I drink more waters it when has the straw, as I have ordered one 24 oz hoards with straw. I have been surprised when it has arrived with 2 straws, and the toe upper lid! It was adapted quickly reason has loved to join other waters of boat - maintains my cold of water and looks well!

My favourite characteristic is is a hule gasket where a straw goes. I have been skiing and amour to take boot waters in rucksack of mine so that I do not take dehydrated. Has @@give has not spent a lid of toe and has expected a lid of cup of the water would not spill any a lot of. Have @@give has taken a straw was, a cup was test of leak ! Still with a straw in, he still so only left out of the few drops! I have taken a straw was, has launched a boat in a main compartment of rucksack of mine and called it the day!

My only desire is that it was sure dishwasher , but will take handwash for the cup of this quality and way! I have bought also a toddle sippy boat (also tries of leak!) For my niece and plan to take my sister and husband the version of my waters of boat reasons maintain to try to fly it!
4 / 5
This travels mug is one of mine favourite. I love a gradient by heart. He the fact the only mug. I am coming with 2 cups. A partorisca sipping cold drunk by means of the straw and one for sipping drunk hot. An upper this comprises that the straw is a lot of sturdy. It is not so only the cup with the hole for the straw. A hole is like the thing of suction that maintains a straw in place. I can take he with me and I do not owe worry on loss. A short for some hot drinks do really very too much. It maintains my cold of drinks or hot for the long period of time. Having to that drink mine iced quite drunk quickly but that stays of geles in there for the long time. I recommend this mug to all the world.
4 / 5
I really like this hoards - some measures is perfect and a creation is a lot lustrous and modern. He mine has arrived in fact with still dent in a lid to the equal that have contacted a costruttore directly and send me to knots the new lid, any question has asked. The experience adds with his crew of service of the client. The mine so only complains is that a lid can be extremely hard and frustrating to take was. It is almost as there it is some class by force of suction that prevents to unscrew. My partner has a same cup and he experiences a subject same.
5 / 5
Eureka! After the (a lot) the long investigation has found finally a a. I have had a clear acrylic tumblers of the a lot of knows canal of caffè of Seattle for years and my last a finally has bitten a powder. I have not concerned me for his new creations reasons have touched on easily. Pair that with two toddlers running around and has broken each new tumbler has taken first few inner weeks. It was leery of stainless steel reason takes a heebie jeebs when it uses my husband is all the waters of boat of the metal . Something in a metal in my teeth that me shudder. This straw is plastic so that the questions are solved. It is lustrous, easy to spend and feels like the CUP in place of the canteen of water of the mountaineering. It has taken an aim and is chic and minimalist. Taking compliments everywhere the take. Zero remorses and I would buy again.

Top Customer Reviews: Contigo SnapSeal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
A travesía mug has two functions: while mostly we concern roughly maintaining it our caffè hot during our commute, we often oversee travel it mug fundamental function partorisca contain a hot liquid inside the like this the vehicles. This mug works very initially, but a day will filter and a caffè will take everywhere, the be yours stock exchange of lunch or your stock exchange of work or your dresses, and will think partorisca calm: ' I have to that it has done it something wrong.' It was the jarring experience, and a recollection partorisca wash out of some contents of your stock exchange of work and having stains of caffè during your cloths (the stock exchange of work was in my lap in the metre) has ensured that would verify a focuses every day from now on, partorisca be abundantly cautious, has dipped he inside the plastic stock exchange. Then some filters of day again, destroying a lunch packed partorisca calm, and these times know has at all bad fact. Like this calm then find you dipping yours With you SnapSeal Travesía of Stainless Steel Mug inside another plastic stock exchange inside your stock exchange of lunch in of the hopes that when it chooses to the filter does not ruin your lunch because you know this thing will fail.

4 / 5
Partorisca Some premiers 4 months, this was my gone-to. It has maintained a caffè hot and has not filtered. A plastic of interior washer this maintains a lid of slime has begun partorisca fail and the leak has developed, those results in diverse stained shirts. A so only fix is the new washer which will look for to ensure. Had this product is lasted the year, would have been satisfied a lot. But partorisca fail less than 6 month is Êpico . It would owe that be refunded a price of compraventa partorisca this lemon.
4 / 5
Be conscious, was used so only partorisca hot tea in scarce take the look in a has has attached pictures. I marvel me it has eaten some of an arrival of metal of the interior with mine !
4 / 5
Are month with which have bought this piece of junk a coverage of hule that form a focus in a lid has come free and does not remain when it try the dipped behind in. So much, not knowing that the would not remain , has tried to press the behind in and the like this normal use. I have taken the sip a day and felt a hot sting of caffè during my shirt of white dress. Now so much a mug and a shirt is unusable.
5 / 5
Has purchased 2 of this thought has found partorisca treat it. I have required the caffè good mug partorisca work, but has required the upper reason am them clumsy and attack it on all a time. Well With which less than 2 month of use (perhaps 2-3 times the week), one Or-the coverage is exited during the delivery washes the. The this in spite of, any biggie, I so only dipped the backside in. Well, it is widespread was so that it is impossible to have in there partorisca do to focus. I can not drink of of the this with a cup in anymore reason the caffè locates my cloths. Now ossia mine , has taken the look in my woman an and can see his is Or-the coverage is beginning partorisca extend was and aim his will be useless also.

I tired to take the picture of an along out Or Coverage, is hard to see in the camera but calms that can see. It exits extremely easily (that Or the coverages owe never )

I HIGHLY suggest look elsewhere, am looking for the more a right now. I guess volume that paid partorisca, and the $ 12 tumbler is worth it is hanged in manure

Neither is the sure dishwasher, hand-wash so only which is WHISTLE he (any one an organisation) when it does not like doing to to the dishes like to of them and enough would launch him in a dishwasher. Although it was so only an upper that would not owe that go in there that it would be it to it better, but both some upper and deep (can he) is not the dishwasher sure like this probably will melt a crappy the boss has had. Well a boss is 'a lot of', but to good sure will melt under a hot water of a dishwasher

does not buy this. Calm will complain it down a street.
4 / 5
TravesĂ­a Decent mug, but of the discharges can be delicate. If it do not press down in one covers while twisting, will filter. Also, it Is possible to open a snaps focus while it resists with a delivery (use your thumb or indication of toe). It maintains the warm hot/drink for several hours.

UPDATE: NEW LID! ( It sees Pic: Old Lid (sinister) vs. New Lid (right)).
Has been contacted for With you regarding my worries in a lid. Felizmente, has offered to substitute mine mug free of load with the NEW lid (hooray lifetime has guaranteeed!). A newer lid has the different creation in an interior and is EASIER to ray on that an old lid. Also, a spout opens wider so that games more liquid was while of the old spout has opened so only the little has bitten.
5 / 5
Update Feb 2019:
after reading the subsequent description, looks that one covers in this term can be been redesigned, for this this original description could not be appropriate anymore. And if a lid has been improved, well still would give 5 stars (unless 6 is the possibility).

Original description:
Likes another has said, ossia add it mug and loves it. But a question has is that it is too hard to press a crowbar on, which opens a hole to drink, especially when a crowbar and your hands are wetted! A mechanics of a question is that an open/next crowbar is has resisted closed by the what/ to augment that a crowbar to close down, but no with the smooth swipe and rounded. Instead, a swipe has the side of level with the 90 corner of terracing. This means that a discount in a crowbar has to that win this side of lock of the level that control a crowbar with too much grip (I hope this some sense).
Like the solution for me was to use the flange/of tip/of the knife to change a form of a swipe to close/tongue for the do more like the smooth mound instead. This to scrape of a flange of right corner in this swipe, in an inferior part of this swipe/to hold of the tongue. ( It sees picture of a flange of knife, which is signalling up and ready the piece down a flange of right corner in a swipe the mark is the flange rounded smoother in this swipe to close.)
With this smaller modification, a next crowbar is resisted down a same swipe, but with the a bit rounded flange. This leaves a crowbar to be liberto (and to open a hole to drink) with much less by force ascending. The works add for me!
4 / 5
15 update of month:
I deducted 2 stars. Subjects: a hule gasket around a rim has begun to disintegrate with which 6 month. It is now to signal to do cup unusable. It had expected to last the few years, but so only overa the year is the one who has taken them. To arrive to this point, the caffè remains heat an hour, warm-ish for two more. Utilisation he daily, also rid cleaned daily. Still the give 3 stars for focus ... It fell it recently I in cimienta without evasion, included with shabby gasket.

REMARCE: Like this very easy to clean, has included a lid. I have added for behind a star has had deducted (remarked down) still like this easy to clean! Daily use for month and so only quell'good rinse in of the hot water he.

Has purchased one 'Vivacious' colour, and really like it. It is to somewhere among burgundy and magenta -- 2/3 more afterwards to burgundy, but to good sure has the deep pinkish boos his. Any one says 'Black Cherry' except although, thinks that ossia bit it more pinkish. This information for those to those subjects by heart.

For several years have been using the $ 20 cup to armour plate purchased in the tent of caffè local, but required to substitute it. This cup is significantly lighter and thinner - I believes a steel is thinner as well as a pocket of air among some two discharges that is thinner. I have been concerned would do it the difference in what time a beverages remained hot, but looks comparable. This says - this cup, sealed, maintains slat of mine like hot as when it does partorisca in an hour, and hottish (hot but very potable) for another hour. If a cup is full, will remain hot for several hours, but in of the full means or less, quickly cools down to lukewarm then cold. If when be used for caffè or tea (small or any milk added), the rests pipe hot for two hours, and potable hot for two or more hours. Again, less flowed in a cup hastens one cooling of him.

Some rays of lid on easily (split he up in the first place to turn counter in a clockwise direction, and do to focus sure is open). Also, any plenary besides a line of full interior. Once a lid is on, push a tab to seal down. Toe a tab up with your thumb to drink. Has arthritic hands, and have any question at all ploughing he -- tho to read other descriptions, looks a tension of a tab of focus can vary.

I like a spout in a lid to plot! It is different that another has used, and gives the good same flow in the good tax for hot drinks. For other drinks, esp water, could not flow like this quickly like some prefer.

In general, am happy that has taken this cup . Deducted A star for a estimativa of time of what time maintains the hot drink. I do not have any one has thought that that conditions to try has used to take 7 hours. My maximum for him keeping hot/ish was roughly 3.5 hours, and so only with teas that has begun two terracings down boiling.
4 / 5
Ciao -
Has ordered this element the month, and has been using daily in mine commute to do.
Has washed an element long manually , and can see a coating has begun to peel was.
Quality really bad , especially that comes from/comes from the name to notch upper as with you , would expect the very better element.
5 / 5
In the first place was, a styling of this travesĂ­a mug are adds. It is enormous but quite slender to record in my headlines of cup. One crazy the black arrival is like this fresh and modern.

Today was my first time that uses it. I have done caffè in 9:30 I are and prewarmed a mug with water of hot tap. I have driven an hour to my fate and was still too hot to drink. I have run errands all the morning and I have finalised my caffè in 1:30pm! It has not been luke animated neither. It was still quite hot to be enjoyable 4 hours later! An out of side of a cup never apresamiento warm. Next time I any prewarmed the one of way that can drink it more collected. They are roughly to order another for my husband. We are súper has impressed.

Top Customer Reviews: Contigo Autoseal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
I have had this term partorisca the month now and am very pleased with him. It has dipped my heat beverage of election inside a term for 5:40am (that are I doing on like this collected?) And in around the midday is still good and warm (not piping hot, but to good sure very cold or same tepid) so that it is partorisca give or take 6hrs. I have repeated this exact ritual almost every day and always will be deliciously warm in time of midday. For one for, when I touch my beverage to a term is piping hot, meant the era for the drink, my sting of tongue, but a lot really take 'burned'.
My opinions/of tips:
- take one of a colored some a product will exit washed in a DISHWASHER. I know some people complained roughly that, but in a manual of the security clearly declares that so only a unpainted bounced of the stainless steel is sure dishwasher .
- Wash it a calm way points on a manual of security for optimum cleanliness.
- Rinse He very first of the each use. A time, has had some residue of soap has left on in my lid and I have finalised with gross soapy tea, as unless you are to that so only run a lid under warm water.
- NO tilt a lid and THEN press a key to open a sippy the cup or you will take the full face of hot liquid. It has said of another way,, press a key while a term is vertical then tilt the to take the sip. This can look stupid, but has not had any opinion (perhaps are so only an idiot) and now the person more has to that look the complete goof raisin in the public setting.

Ossia For now, if anything more coming up will be sure to inform writes.
4 / 5
Casualidad Big of mussel in a lid around and under a cradle and for behind a flap. A lot I last to fully cleaned. Do the cleansing extreme is, does not remark never an underlying mould and has been ailing and feeling horrible for the few weeks. It does not disassemble enough to clean all a way. We would wash him to us daily. ExpĂłsito chunks When we use the tooth chooses down and around a cradle. We have loved absolutely these cups at the beginning, have roughly 6. We will be to look for the different creation that in fact can clean thoroughly.
4 / 5
UPDATE: Although I love a construction and action, loves to direct an elephant in a room that So the people have asked in — a smell!! We had it to us the few months and in spite of regular cleaners, stinks, any one imports that . Vinegar, soap flatly, baking soda, cleaning with the paintbrush of tiny boss, at all there is rid fully of a “old “ “ “ creamer, caffè burned” stench. They are really this can be the 4 x for compraventa of year for the maintain sure to drink of.

[Independent, checked, any risarcimento received for this description.]

The MUST of the addict of caffè HAS! I have been by means of 6 different mugs in six month. They have filtered neither, broken a toe-tab, was hot to a touch, has not cleaned easily, or so only has not maintained the caffè hot longer that 30 minutes. This mug everything of these things and I could not be happier, reason has been ready to give up. This cast on also comprises another With you 16 oz. The hot things but a slider has broken with which 2 month and he was impossible to clean. But I digress...

There was at all negative to inform on some characteristic or action during a month-along, trying of phase of multiple “daily” use, like this here is some results with quell'I was the majority has pleased.

• Incredibly easy to clean upper. Yes! More wake up after the hand that washes one prejudices before, ready to burst an upper on, so only to @give has the settlement of the mould that dips on legislation of tent where my mouth will be. A piece of discharges that detaches to clean also comes of a lot easily and snaps behind to plant without endeavour. You can dip a lid on rack of the dishwasher but I have listened that before and am not ready of the risk.
• For real a-the operation rid. Any one having to that balance a steering wheel in your knees while stimulus you with your legislation, lid of pop with accident, and try sip-toe-substitute while trying a lot to spill and house in a street.
• No-the claims of loss are in fact SOME this time!
• Stylish, modern Appearance.
• Heavy-has to that without looking or to to the feeling likes.
• The description alleges one 20 oz the measure keeps hot for 7 hours, but have one 16 and with which are hours some contents were on means like heat as when facts (78 room of terracing). Quite impressive.

In short, buy this mug. It does not spend $ 80 in the what elegant when this lustrous money mug will do a work like this well if any one better!

Please left to know me if this was useful, thank you!
4 / 5
Has purchased this together of cups. One of some lids there has been a defect of costruttore obvious, as it has broken is gone in a legislation of rim where a 'push to clean' the key is. This has caused a lid to filter, which is the potential burn hazard if a cup has contained the heat beverage. I informed it to With you a lot once but two times, with the photos have attached, reasons there is the LIFETIME has GUARANTEEED. With you Never annoyed to answer in any message. My joint: it does not purchase his products. A lifetime the guarantee means at all.
5 / 5
Really Like everything in this mug to the equal that has bought 2 more by other members of my family. They have done utmost for the moment. But now the year later, 2 of one 3 has lost his vacuum and no longer maintain beverages hot or cold for a lot long. As I have imagined it is so only the defect of manufacture and will substitute. A question is, does not answer the claims of guarantee. It has fill out of the form of claim two times, comprising pictures and descriptions of a question. It has taken a response has automated to say me to expect 2-3 weeks for the response. It is been on 2 month and has not listened anything. I have tried emailing a department to guarantee directly, but an email bounced reason a mailbox was full. Calling a toll resulted of the free number in the message has registered that say to fill out of a form of claim of the guarantee in his place - how is useless.
4 / 5
Ossia A caffè better mug has has not possessed never. Inferior line: bolt until his promise. I have forgotten in fact this mug in my first office of the meeting and when I have gone back for him are hours later a caffè was still STEAMING. Bewildered For some of some negative commentaries... Reason invest a time to register on to Amazon and complain but not taking 67 seconds to read some enclosed instructions?? A hule in a lid tries pleasant? Washed a lid with soap and of the water before first use... AS it has INSTRUCTED. Some overflows of cup when you have dipped an upper on? It does not dip liquid spent a full-line... AS it has INSTRUCTED. Yes, calm so only in record an integer Dunkin XL (24 oz) inner he spends for main a full line, but this is to sell like the TWENTY oz cup. As it imagines that, overfilling can cause it to overflow! The one who has known? I burned reason a caffè was too hot and/or has not known as to control a flow of liquid...? Surely ossia the joke . The caffè hot is hot and this product is drawn to keep hot he for the long time (which he better that any one another product to compete has tried in 2 decades). Considering use... The, err, 'drinking slit' (sad, unfamiliar with nomenclature of boy of caffè technical) is exactly a same form and location as it concealed in the each one takes-was lid of caffè everywhere on earth. If you can it does not imagine it was that it operates, it goes to a prójimo more Dunkin doughnuts or Starbucks or freaking McCafe and looks more drunk the caffè. It is the quite intuitive process .
5 / 5
Originally has written this in reply to one of a less than delighted reviewers. To reread, are by train of the movement was front with some other descriptions of big people.

Where is an amour folks? Where it is happy? It is the travesĂ­a mug to cry out of strong.

The caffè hot for hours- control.
Iced Cold of tea for hours- control.
Has reduced bills of dry cleaner and has has reduced suspicions among mine coworkers that has there was "a bit incident" in a crotch of trousers of mine- control.
Operator savvy enough to know that the elements in temperature can pressurize the a lot sealed container and to exert it weensy bit of precaution when that goes thus refreshing beverage- control.

Is the car and the cars require the little interview. Rule cleaner , thorough of some parts, lid especially, will result in of the years, measured in of the years of calendar, years of faithful service.

This mug is a better thing to spend to mechanisms of fluent consumption laptop never. Has four of these and ossia too little. I am ordering four more while they are on sale . We will use him to us they like him our glasses of regular drink and revel in a consolation of unstained shirts and no more mid travesĂ­a to drink to a refrigerator to add cubes to take a tepid rear material to cold, any to mention that one of mine grandkids grenaded the glass to drink in a paving of cookery this morning and ossia a last straw . These things are practically indestructible and does not launch his contents and glass shards in the radio of explosion of half acre when you fall one.

In a subject of pavings, race the familiar buying neutral and caffè colored carpet to hide some stains. With you free to buy one the majority of gawdawful coverages of neon that the Big plots can launch in knots. ( It would have said to the amazon but I do not love abuse Jeff. There is drones.)

These mugs, the difference of the yours humble reviewer, any Place of known no. he 20 oz iced tea in the cupholder in a familiar truckster or a barcolounger and a cupholder is dry when a mug is dry.

Gilipollas? Of course.

Some products have peeled on one of the ours so much another informs. I have left an outside drench in any thin plus for an hour or so much and looked the stainless a where that peeling blue a there is had the thing was some products are fallen off but one With appointing of the mark is remained firmly emblazoned in a mug. Lima under "shoulda of coming".

The people fly.

A moral of this history is that it calms can not count in the human but the calm character can count in this mug.
4 / 5
I to plot to research first to buy is one. It does not like having to that it weaves of of caffè mugs and has loved so only one that has known would maintain my caffè hot for hours, would return in a headline of cup in my car, would not spill by means of mine in current around and has the pleasant creation. Looked in some pieces before finally deciding is one. I can take sip of the mine caffè now 5 hours to the work and my caffè is still hot. Amur This mug so that!

If you are on fences in, goes for him! Calm will not complain it !
4 / 5
This particular boss is a lot comfortable to resist with the good rubbery grip. A key to press down to release your beverage is comfortable and look for be situated in the natural height.

I amour that can drink you out of any side of a lid. So much, if you grab a mug with your sinister hand, can get along it until your mouth and take the sip. Still with grabbing he of your right side. Calm does not have to that turn a mug around or find a hole to take the sip.

A black arrival is a lot good. It does not look to attract smudges or fingerprints. A boss is attached the a lid , which partorisca easy cleaner.

A mug access amiably in mine Ford F150 titled of cup. No too snug. Any one I too free.

For the $ 20-$ 25 mug, a quality of this mug is point and averts.

Is for the theses reasons-- functionality, look, feels, prize and portability-- that thinks that that ossia a better tumbler with the boss can buy!
4 / 5
I will begin this description partorisca say has 4 utmost amours in my life: my husband, my edges, my pets, and now mine With you Autoseal Travel Mug. I have bought to 16 ounce mug in Radiant Orchid, and does not have an alone complaint. It likes quell'has been mentioned in of one revises has read, if you are some instructions written clearly that is to comprise with your mug would be necessary have any question any one. 'Pleasant flavour'? WASHED YOUR MUG LIKES SAYS partorisca DO! Filtering? FILL YOUR MUG And PRÓJIMO to to the the LID LIKES SAYS partorisca DO! Soyy beverage Is hot!' Well, dummy, has dipped a beverage in there and a mug is drawn partorisca the keep hot as well as you flippin' the think that goes partorisca spend?
Wants that it is autoseal reason often am walking to do with a armload of material and now does not have to that be concerned with maintaining my mug whole while I fumble with other things. There is also no longer aprisa to chug my caffè before it takes cold! They are at present sipping in caffè hot that is to be touch in 7am this morning. It is now 9:52am.

Mug Praises aside come your with the sincere opinion to pay next attention to a source of a mug chosen.
MI mug has been distributed for Amazon as I have not had any question any one. This in spite of, have purchased also the mug for my husband a same time by means of the third party that is long overdue to arrive, and can not take the response to mine emails.

Top Customer Reviews: Simple Houseware ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
4 / 5
We are the family of five and purchase these takes ours pantry partorisca help with organisation. Absolutely I love him! They resist like this more you have beaten then I have thought really it can, so only like announced. I took him in an oil has arrived partorisca bronze rubbed and look really well in a pantry. When you Think roughly ordering them, my husband has said really does not see reason was necessary. Now that he his street in action, his opinion has has changed entirely. They resist different sized beats and have adjustable dividers partorisca accommodate some diverse measures. I want that you can see everything of any focus clearly partorisca see that has. He he really easy when I am doing out of the grocery ready of the opened up and see that in fact it has in place of just guessing reason has so many has beaten stocked innanzi to the each one another in mine shelves. My only complaint is that one of them is coming slightly crooked as when I have been partorisca the dipped near, I class of has had to that press really hard to take one the particular shelf has gathered correctly. Once I , is no longer crooked and resists some beat like this effectively like another that has bought. To good sure buy these again.
5 / 5
Loves this product! My looks of cupboard to surprise and find me aiming was that it has organised done my look of pantry. Appearances based ff of some pictures that went it to resist 4 has beaten, and does... You have beaten fashionable of small soup. I also found that it can be useful with has beaten of the yes calm tuna in the first place stack his on the each one another then dipped the in there lateralmente. Also it uses it takes bounced of butter of the peanut. Turns bounced very big, but so only 2. I have bought one at the beginning and pleasure then so much has bought 2 more. Fully it recommends this product. So only measure your spatial and add in extra to a height like the account for a height of has beaten when dipping in his side.
4 / 5
We so only moved to a paving that has any pantry and the space of cupboard has limited. I have gathered this in 2 minutes, any tool has required! Utilisation for my ziplock foil/of stock exchanges/crock pot liners also! The law adds like this he fine unit of shelf. Two of my friends have seen this and there is has bought already one. Each precise house one of these!
4 / 5
These all have something to improve on. The desire would return 4 in place of 3 beats to regulate in the row. Instead, there is so only he penuria on the partorisca the one who frustrates that you can not return a hard can on there. Oh Well.
4 / 5
Did not like Me that of a frame there is not lined up with some shelves. A frame in a backside is wider that a front because of this defect. Both of them we exactly some same. A diagram and the instructions have not been a better neither but has directed to imagine was like this to do do. Also I need to be much deeper. Has has had to that the turn lateralmente because of everything of a squandered spatial behind him. Really they could be be do to resist much more has beaten that do. It is so only the like this like this produced.
5 / 5
Loves this thing 4 chance of can sakes in racking it has organised amiably
4 / 5
A Simple Houseware Can Stacker was an only one this returns my Rubbermaid cupboard, and was also an only one this has resupplied measures esatte clear of an element, like the thumbs were critical. Utilisation for the cat beats to feed, and like this pointed, each level resists 42 of one 3-oz. You have beaten; 30 of one 5.5 oz. You have beaten; and 12 of one 13-oz. They will go down it situate map on some drive and turn some beat lateralmente, but less beats is returned in this way. They are very happy I finally found the good way to store a lunch for my eleven cats, and well a prize.
4 / 5
Comes with this ape dividers that I no really stops of cure. Adding a dividers limits those that beat can situate you inner, but this depends in the big yours beat him is. Felizmente, calm does not have to that use a dividers at all! :)
4 / 5
Has situated the mine can dispenser/ to title in my small pantry. A date of the pantry did not leave me to beat them dipped in an upper shelf, as I have dipped container up. I guess there would be has has wanted to having the storm of wide plus to be able to dip my bounced in drenching. I do not have any need for the complete second racks this time. They are wanting to/that it enjoys an organisation my new can rack has spent my life. Looking for my organisers that would return my needs.
5 / 5
In a tentativa partorisca do my mark the new pantry likes organised and pleasing to an eye like possible, I the plot of investigation looks for can the organiser. I have purchased two of this based in descriptions and a number of beats resists. There is not disappointed, sure! As you can see of a pics, each one which so one is has fill entirely. Some extras of beat big, both 28oz (but different forms) returns a lot well in a storm of cup. It is extremely sturdy still with all this weight! They are able to the tin of attractive was easily also.

Top Customer Reviews: Maars Skinny Can ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have ordered this on its own name bc could not justify a prize of brumate and has discovered my fiancĂŠ had Ordered a partorisca surprise me with... As it has taken partorisca use them side for side partorisca the direct comparison. Some the main differences are that this one is fully averts without something of flat grip and an outside taking colder that resist that a mark of name. In general it maintains it drinks cold roughly like this long (roughly 30 mins less than mark of name) is loving the slender can cover but can not justify a prize of frames the main east is the product adds! Personally it prefers my brumate partorisca some flat grips bc is the little more comfortable but would not have known that has been missing was on and state 100 satisfies has had I so only taken this is trace now a lot one.
5 / 5
Adds compraventa! It has maintained my cold of drunk was in 95 times of terracing! 10/10 it would buy it to it again.
4 / 5
Wants to want to but I no. The typically uses the Brumate and wants to that what. I have seen once this element has wanted to give test he because of a prize. Well it is perfect and the looks add BUT a Condensation collects in a part of hule white upper. I have tried to take the photo of some flanges but calm can not see. A Brumate has the little a lot around one can in an a lot of upper and this prevents a liquid to collect in an upper rim. Every time lame the drunk taking a liquid in a rim and is gross mine. They are constantly dabbing a rim with the paper towel to take touched of of him.
5 / 5
Thinks that this element would have been I adds, but when I have opened has had to that small dent in a metal and to small crack in a plastic coverage. I am returning an element to dread a plastic coverage will break all a way by means of and then he any one controls one can properly. He apt in my hand amiably.
5 / 5
My woman was jealous that has had the good beer can title and has looked for one of the his own. Of course it drinks one beat slender seltzers, fruity material, etc. Has to that way that has wanted to surprise his with the good headline. This one returns a bill to the equal that resist his good drinks and securely and maintains them cold for the very long time. It is very happy with east an and goes to purchase the pair for his friends.
4 / 5
Has bought 4 and wants to him. I have ordered decals of Etsy to customise. Has a perfect texture to stick. It maintains you have beaten sĂşper the warm & cold hand.
4 / 5
I ees Never state impressed with Koozy is. His no . BUT, THIS A FACT! I can very included to say when my beer is empty reason is like this cold as when it has been opened. Included in 96 heat of terracing for a group. My woman has taken one of these and tried it to them. As it has impressed it has had to them that buy one. It ailed to the launch was the averages the beer because it was warm. And the fast of drink. The better investment could have done.
4 / 5
Have this amazing capacity to give the things want to was when I am drunk. You know, sharing an amour. My gone the last present Christmas was one beat slender titled of BruMate. In the party, any one was raving in the mine can title, I so that it gave it of course to them with some intentions to buy the new a a next day. Little to my knowledge, all the majority of discovered world-wide BruMate slender can calm titled the and has been sold was, which spent to these few types.

Has taken the bet, and was a lot. They are lighter and more to the aluminium/of metal likes that a BruMates. An arrival of the external gloss without grips does feels more economic (well is) that a real shot.

In general, takes a work done, but for an extra bucks, would buy BruMate in these.
4 / 5
Has bought two of these, one for me and a pleasure the present. A colouring is good-looking and calm to good sure can see a glitter but his no overpowering. Some start of lids with one the easy transfer but I have found any calm usually need the take was a cause can slide in and era. Around a lid is the class of hule that control some beat in as any one moving around. I produce add global that I maintaining use for each lean can drink!
5 / 5
Such the quite and useful can fresher. A a the taken has there was microglitters that @@@sparkle when I choose it on, like this happy the fact this compraventa

Top Customer Reviews: iTouchless 13 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this partorisca use like the cube of diaper and is been the true blessing. Still with fill entirely so only odorare a nastiness partorisca a moment in rodeo a lid is opened. Otherwise Would not know never some horrors that expected inside lol! It is been in the strong current in some same batteries bought it of then. The stock exchanges are easy to substitute and a coverage of removable stock exchange is fantastic. With an upper back in a stock exchange is sure and there is concealed entirely. I am not sure the one who a charcoal helps of filter, but my main worry was smell when one can is concluded, and partorisca these laws of purpose perfectly! Like a price has added a look of fantastic unit!

Update: I have been using this newspaper partorisca are month or so much and is the workhorse! Although the careers in some same batteries have purchased when I received it and smell of blocking diaper like this effectively!

Update: So much, after doing perfectly of then last November, the weeks of the pair done a lid has decided to give on on me suddenly and entirely! I have imagined some battery had died finally, likes I swapped in the together fresco and at all is spent. Any light, any movement, at all at all. I almost decided to so only the write was, but has imagined also could try cure of client. I sent him an email with the screen has shot of my original mandate and description of a question. My pleasant surprise has taken an inner email has retreated 24 hours with a number of accident and instructions to call in still service. I have called to think was to want to send a lid, but surprised to us to say his police had changed and has has had to that so only pay the $ nave/of service and managing the cost and the new lid would be the correspondents was. They have not loved of the old one has retreated at all. Of then it costs more than that to so only ship an original lid in the have not had any subject that pays a cost. The week more has received late my mark new lid! Really I can'take say enough in a service of the client of the quality has received of itouchless. It IS all very simple and because of this I am leaving my description in five stars!

Has found this description to be useful to please indicate like this. If there is something missing, or would like me additional info, does not doubt to ask. I write these in a hope that will help it others do another the decision with so many produced available resemblances for compraventas.
5 / 5
Have Almost has expected the year to write this description because I have loved to be sure this product was long-durable. Has the tiny cookery in our house of beach and the tiny and weirdly shaped space partorisca has beaten he of rubbish. I have researched FOR EVER (so only ask my husband) and finally solved is one. It returns perfectly in a spatial and has surpassed my expectations in the each way. It IS attractive and returns the TONNE of rubbish in the very discreet way. I love it.
5 / 5
I have bought these rubbishes can 8 years ago. At the same time, it was hard to find any rubbishes of stainless steel can partorisca a price abordable, likes done that this was one the majority of reasonable and there is a lid has automated looked the quite easy election. Still you look to add and the law adds.

Can churn in a sensor to open a lid, or there is the key in a front of him to open a lid and the maintain open. A lid the work adds to resist any odors like his enclosed. Honradamente Have it that has not annoyed never try transmission out of some filters of carbon in him to use an announced 'deodorizer,' and looking in a price right now, would not begin neither.

Some description has mentioned a cord any when being any included - has no AC adapter, is battery powered, and declares that in a description. It declares that some batteries last stops until the year, but personally, the meeting has had to that much more that that for us and the use to us regularly.

The stock exchanges of regular cookery am used. There is the plastic coverage inside this tucks a cup of a stock exchange in, as you do not have the stock exchange that hangs was in some flanges. He the work adds to maintain a stock exchange in situating although it situate elements very weighed in some rubbishes.
5 / 5
UPDATE 7/18/2018

has has possessed now this product partorisca the pair of years.


Some dimensions are perfect partorisca the small house of half. Given a square-like form, particularly in an upper start, leaves partorisca pieces of the main rubbishes partorisca be seeded to one beats of rubbish.

Guests always commentary in east has beaten of rubbish - partorisca his simplistic and modern appeal, but also partorisca a sensor has automated that opens a lid. It IS incredibly smooth and easy to operate, and once go this street - calm probably any does not want never go to the manual rubbishes can again. Besides, a filter resupplies the management of smell adds.

Some battery am lasted on 8 months for me before it has to that the transmission was.


A filter (housing unit for an actuated charcoal stock exchange to reduce smell) can result dislodged and lost in some rubbishes. Mysteriously I have lost and it has had to that substitute a filter three times now. In spite of of the this, still loves this beats of rubbish and would recommend it. A filter is not necessary.
5 / 5
I know it is it has beaten he of rubbish but LOVES THAT. I have bought 2 - a for rubbishes and one to recycle. I love a squarer forms and can return both side for side in my cookery. There is has helped totally my familiar in fact recycles to have the like this opportunely has located. ( It was lazy.) Some beat of any never lasted in our house - always breaking like this some the automatic lids are utmost! One covers is the good option but does not have a outlet the approximations a bit have beaten I so that battery of uses.
5 / 5
I have received so only these rubbishes can with One.C. The adapter and not even is turning on!!!
Are like this disappointed!!!

Update ( 1 week lator)
has contacted a service of client and has answered quickly. We send me to us the new lid with adapter and now is doing.
Are really happy with both service of client and has beaten of rubbish.
5 / 5
I have expected to revise to do sure work. With which having the economic plastic can with the lid that would not remain closed partorisca the weeks have broken down and has ordered this. Work. So only it resists anything is taking tossed in the and ploughs. He also in bylines when are done! Some bad descriptions on some stock exchanges that the slip is error of user. Read some directions and install some stock exchanges properly with a coverage !

Update: it is roughly 5 month later this in spite of have not had to that substitute some batteries! And I open and close this can A lot! Very happy with this compraventa.
1 / 5
Creation very poor. Some batteries and deodorizer chair in your rubbishes because they are not in a lid but under a level of rubbish. As you toss any wet rubbishes in him paste these and your lid always will be foul and the bacteria have contaminated. I have not seen never to him it has beaten of the rubbish has drawn with the component that chairs in some rubbishes he.
Attended clean a lid every time takings out of some rubbishes. Quite gross.
Would not buy again!
5 / 5
September of update 25, 2018:
In 2015 I has purchased a product and with which 3+ years have received his personnel his new plus. They are very impressed with that. I have done the fast test and has created a description to 5 stars. This in spite of, see the plot of the people found my useful description he like this wants to give my sincere description after the use the little more month.

1. The unit maquinal has improved
has used a same battery in both old and new systems. New personnel trashcan opens a fast of lid and has closed automatically. The old personnel could not open a lid. See a picture.

2. The looks of sensor to be more sensitive.

iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free Sensor 13-the Rubbishes of Automatic chevron of Stainless Steel CanRead the before it buy it. Have in the first place purchased one in 2013 then when it breaks, considered it regime like this bad. Segundo there is prendido has done the week behind. He humming the noise but the lid does not open . Has has changed battery but still any regime. I have assumed a Lid that opens the mechanism is broken. This in spite of of then was purchased so only little month behind, has called a iTouchless service of client. Have has wanted the leave mine any and has not contacted never. I have decided finally disassemble a part of headed. There are 6 rays in some behind and then will see 4 screeds semi-detached to an engine. I took it and found a hinge to connect the push and pull a lid is done with note of toy plasic. Very thin and fragile. His broken and calm can not repair he with glue. Then for curiosity has opened them also a iTouchless to beats has bought sooner. There is exactly subject same. They are fallido and has felt rasgado was. It was better to purchase the Rubbishes can in 1/4 prices that can be opened with press of toe.
I Amazon of amour has produced. I also the big descriptions have trusted. Then it sees the majority of some descriptions have been done well after a product has been purchased. It was so that it excite premiers few months. Also I have said unfortunately my friends in this product. I have learnt also that have have to that the send to the reparation has to that pay extra money!
5 / 5
Have in the first place purchased this element in September 2009 is used very long the day and he do a lot well without any questions and some batteries really last partorisca the very long time. I have used four Duracell battery and has written a date on the and has taken almost 2 years have used out of his, for me there is any reason to buy a a/c adapter some do any so only well. This can is in my cookery as it ploughs and after long the day without question. So only it remarks the question with one concludes of a lib with which eight years of use, so that it give it not even the second has been this in spite of in Amazon to see yes was still there and has ordered the mine has beaten of substitution. It likes also that it can it you to him use of any mark of can liners with him and a coverage that a liners hangs on will maintain of falling to one has beaten. It was money a lot well spend.

Top Customer Reviews: Bentgo Salad ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
They are very impressed with this product. Almost every day I the big salad that use a lot of toppings. Originally it has used dishes of cake the pre-do these salads reasons leaves quite spatial to return all And the toss that. This in spite of, was difficult to spend salads to do for lunches, and has found then this awesome to-go near of salad!
When I in the first place unboxed the, has been concerned looked it smaller that looked on-line, and that my typical salads very returned. This in spite of, a depth of a bowl and topping frames of compartment up for a square zone. Everything returns. One can comfortably apt 3 ounces to see in an inferior compartment. 4 Also it is returned ounces, but will have to that pack some see the little. I pack A compartment to top quite full and strategically, but does not have to that squish anything for the neighbour. In a picture a compartment is resisting, 3oz of salmon, 1 egg has boiled, 1 Blunt tomato, half of the carrot, 1/4 cup cucumber, 1/8 cup daikon, red onion, and 2 Tbsp capers. A compartment to dress resists the significant quantity, to somewhere among the 1/4-1/3 cup. It is careful any one the overfill likes the lid will not seal properly. Calm easily can say when that dips a lid on there is overfilled the. I also really amour like a setup leave you to maintain a toppings of some green until you are ready for the eat, as some see does not take soggy. When it Comes to tossing a salad, are still adds. Personally it likes him the game my dressing in some sees so only and toss, then I sprinkle all my toppings on. Of there that, depeding in a salad, can toss the corner the time or a whole thing without worry of something those flies out of a bowl. A fork that comes with this in fact does quite well. Usually I can not be to eat with plastic but this fork is quite sturdy, and a lot well stab in the salad. A compartment where a fork is maintained also has room to dip the napkin and/or happy note. The packaging of a product is marked clearly like BPA free (the a lot of vendors on had mentido of amazon in this).

Small Gilipollas:
(1) Sometimes when a lid is was, a clear plastic coverage that continuous in a fork has question remaining prpers closed in. Some stays of good fork.
(2) The product is sure dishwasher , this in spite of, some lids owe that be hand has washed to prevent breaking some focus.
4 / 5
Has bought this product because I have required the container of salad of confidence that has not filtered or loss. I have read positive critiques in a container and dressing title. Well, they were bad. A container resists the salad well quite this in spite of, a dressing conponent is the waste. A lid does not remain on at all. Not even slightly. I have discovered a hard way. I have walked my work unknowingly oil of slime and dressing of vinegar my stock exchange, my books, and my computer. A tiny bit of oil goes the long way and odora delicious when you plough on your university quite type textbooks in the class and all the world-wide think you has eaten so only the hoagie in a plot of estacionar. ( It remarks a sarcasm.) Then , he some work of container well. So only it does not pack your dressing of salad with your salad. I have listened the dry greens are really maintaining same.

MODIFY: My leading description of this product has declared the one who unhappy was with a functionality of a product. A company contacted and sent immediately the substitution of both my container of salad and container of soup. It could not be happier with his service of client. It was surprised in fact in a period has been to take me the new product and control to see liked . Some works of new container well. There is remarked so only that a lid to title to dress of the salad is not like this tight like likes them be, this in spite of takes of a work done. It would not turn a thing to the rovescio and the spend around all day, but if a container is in a whole place am not concerned too much roughly that. Thank you Bentgo For in fact that worry in your clients.
4 / 5
Loves my bentgo! I have possessed unfortunately he less than the month and he have broken after falling in only two feet in an earth :( A lot informative this in spite of! Bentgo Has substituted a bowl at night! The service of client adds!
4 / 5
This container is fabulous! I am doing hanged watchers as having the plot of fresh product manually during a day is so only a thing. I want like this I can return the plot of salad sĂŁ in a main compartment then uploads on a tray with fresh bites. It is fabulous to be free of some separate small containers old or some stock exchanges of lock of the zip that takes lost with another material and is good to be able to see everything in a situates. A unit in bylines on securely, a coverage in a fork remains dipped, a container to the dress does not filter at all. It is dishwasher of sure upper shelf. I can not think of anything bad to say roughly that. Here it is the picture of all a lunch was able to return in mine. (A green of the waters of the boat is the element has separated of course).
5 / 5
Each morning I lunch of mark for three girls Each morning I fight to find some right containers for his lunches. It would be easier has washed his containers was so that it was cleaned in a morning for me to use, but alas, concealed does not spend . That raisin is a lava his containers and I find dirty some in the stock exchanges and the rucksacks and all the world denies his is some soiled some. A Bentgo box. I will take his functionality in the moment (which are to add) but a reason these were the saver of the life of mine was reason are each different colours , cup and inferior - that, remained with product of quality, this the winner. Now all the world knows of the one who box is of the that, and is dirty has to that clean master eaten.

Functionality - excellent. I can have the salad or the sandwich in an inferior section. In an upper section, has the headline to dress and three sections to bite that is wide measure for two small bite servings and a the main bite that do fault. For one the majority of part has dipped once a lid on and snap it some bites does not jump his sections. This in spite of, the small things like the half of the peanut has slipped by means of. It would not dip applesauce in an of these sections. Some bites would require to be dry sakes or cut on fruit.

Have some girls dip these the boxes of lunches because I do not want him broken for falling him. They are sizable and can slip out of your hand easily. This has said, sure mark a control some measures of a box of lunch would be to go to and these are the tad bulky. A bulk merit the pity of mine to maintain uniform of things and does not have to that be looking for 5 containers each morning for each girl.
4 / 5
LOVE THIS CONTAINER! Seriously, it is a better. It is quality adds and seals really well. My gone to the salad is kale dress with oil of olive, juice of lemon, rooms and pepper, and then in a cup, will dip cucumbers, tomatoes, kalamata olives, anything another veggies have in a house, and any tuna or chicken for protein. I love a by heart green brilliant and is easy to wash -- just spear in a dishwasher! Has two of them so that it does not have to that wash every day. I have it quell'has used also this for cooked potato with toppings -- dip a cooked potato in a fund, then the sour cream dipped, butter, shredded cheese, etc. In a cup. It has used also he for hummus and veggies -- hummus in a container to dress, celery, cucumber, claves of pepper in a cup, and broccoli and cauliflower in a fund.
4 / 5
Absolutely want these containers of salad. My fiancĂŠ and I have win big, but try eat is. These containers return the tonne of greens of salad and all the measures of toppings- dice, grain, cheese, fruits, flesh, the paste etc. Does to pack the easy lunch. Only launch in some greens, the protein, the dressing, and toppings this entertainment of salad of the mark for you! We use our diverse time for the week and they the to both ours work without spilling or filtering. Path and audience of traffic of walk, like the mine takes tossed around has bitten it. Has blue and lived and love another two also. Some the brilliant colours are amused! Also It likes Me he concealed having all has separated force to take the minute to dip my lunch jointed and eat mindfully more than just devouring it on my pause. A lot of my friends and coworkers bought him after seeing mine! An only thing I desire this bowl there has been is the knife, but maintain one in acting the rib on some see before tossing!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Seriously- this container is really awesome. It resists LIKE THIS! To the good calm insurance will not feel private use this to spend your lunch. I have used he for the cornamusa salad, but could use he for so that other things. I plan to buy another for my daughter, and probably 1 more to have manually. A lot of sturdy, like this far has not had any one subjects at all with filtering. An only thing will say, and thinks that has seen this mentioned in other descriptions, is that a fork is not a better.... But at least it has one. SĂşper sĂşper Add!
5 / 5
I like this bowl to plot. Has all a space I need to do the salad of first good lunch of time. Any like him To You my ingredients that touch each another too long first of the like this like this done a lettuce takes Wiley. But this bowl leave to have everything in a convenient container. Any like him To Him one forks comes with, a form is uncomfortable as so only uses another. Some clips look sturdy enough. An upper portion can create it vacuum with a subordinated likes to take stuck sometimes and has to that pry the quite hard to separate them but a fund for me so only contains a mix of lettuce like this yes pulls down in a fund in planting from above in an upper then does not lose any lunch. Perhaps the little groove in an upper portion to leave transmission of the air among some containers would relieve this question in of the future creations. But it takes a work done.
4 / 5
To start with, this container resists the decently sized salad, and some the upper compartments am a lot sized also.
Those are a pros. A gilipollas is that you choose dipped anything juicy in some upper compartments, the juice will go to all the zones.
Besides, a lid of a container to the dress does not seat closely, and a clear plastic has bitten that it control a cutlery in will not remain on.
Resists the good quantity to feed, but I any one (and any one) trusts it still be entirely spills-test, and I forego that uses a cutlery of a plastic coverage maintains to fall off.
Product a lot - probably will not purchase again this in spite of.

Top Customer Reviews: NEW OXO Good Grips ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
4 / 5
It has taken this partorisca dip my Teavana stock exchanges in of then is not individually has wrapped. It returns almost everything of some stock exchanges, and maintains it fresh.

My only complaint is that it calms does not have to that burst a key to easily pull a lid was. A lot it prefers an older version or a version of lid of the steel as they do not have this question. I have bought a main version of of the this in spite of that, to resist my favourite tea that spent to the for elder.
That when be said, would not buy this version for much more.
4 / 5
Loves these and possess a lot of different measures. An only thing that does not concern me for these some lids are a lot hard to wash without taking inner to water some focus. They are it has had to that to take an extra time apresamiento because of an ease to use a product he. Maintaining my toes have crossed that some designers can come up with the way to fix a question.
4 / 5
Love these tiny things. A container is done of material really fat and some cups look really sturdy also. I do not have the dishwasher like this washing some cup manually was bondadoso of the ache but of then these are meant for dry sakes, would not owe that require that a lot thick, calculates.
5 / 5
Intoxicated to these containers. No more disorders in countertop or cupboard. Easily stackable. It will be to buy more in of the measures and of the different forms.
4 / 5
A prime minister an arrived without lid. A substitution has the lid but he does not seal . A lot disappointing.
4 / 5
Ossia A perfect measure for my teas of free leaf. It loves it!
4 / 5
Add little container. I store sliced olives in him for salads.
5 / 5
Is well for spices, this in spite of any one for real recommends it reason a pop on does not remain closed the majority of a time. I have it quell'has asked already substitutions, but is all some same
4 / 5
Amur These canisters with cups of pops. Bought the together full of several measures partorisca organise my pantry. Any plus clutters and my sum of looks of the pantry!
5 / 5
SĂşper Petit, would have to has read a description more but work. I use it partorisca dip in bouillon powder but he so only to to the access likes roughly 1/3 of c. Like this small. A lid also the slides was same after the in bylines... As it is not necessarily like this airtight like ad

Top Customer Reviews: YETI Rambler 14 oz ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
My history can be the little different that the majority. They are the person with the inability and is progressive as as I have aged has lost force and control in my hands and of the arms. It has arrived mine recently, with which some near loses, that some open mug of the hot tea is resulted increasingly dangerous. Has Big sized travesĂ­a mugs that my hubby uses partorisca do me the slat sometimes but partorisca my half of some pauses of the tea of the night like use our elderly Hot Shot and do my own. The question is a height of receptacle of a Heat Shot maxes is gone in 4.5' which will not accommodate more lidded commuter mugs. After revising all the options are there be with my YETI although a prize was more than has feigned. They ARE LIKE THIS HAPPY I DID! This thing is almost perfect:
Sturdy like heck.
14oz More than 12 because of him wide.
A lid is sure but no too hard to dip on.
A boss is quite big for my hands of the main lady.
Some slopes of lid down to a ploughing like this extra liquid careers behind in in an end of the your sip.
A visual creation is gorgeous and flawless.
The sure dishwasher!
5 guarantee of the year but I know this thing outlast me!
Beverage Remains warm for HOURS SO MANY can solve my desk the caffè warmer.
My only teeny the complaints is has to that be careful to the equal that touch to drink like this more will rush was that game wished too much quickly or far. I have burned my upper lip the first bit to take my technician down but ossia on me. And it is the little heavy but in general LOVE THIS THING! It is not spillPROOF but am now sure of scalding sloshes. YAY YETI!
5 / 5
Has bought this cup so only in a Yeti reputation. If his other products are anything like this one am surprised sells anything. I have bought this to maintain my caffè hot, or at least warm, longer that one 20 min or like this taking of the cup of caffè regulate. It has not maintained my caffè hot any subject like hard has tried. It has put steaming hot water in him for 5 min first of the mine caffè to cover a stainless but all this was to do me attentive 5 more min for my caffè. The emailed Yeti Service of Client, two times, without response. They are a lot disappointed that my caffè remains hotter one to go the cut has bought in Walmart for $ 7 that does in 27 Yeti mug. Any impressed
5 / 5
have the toddler and maintain me very busy to the equal that have maintained to go back to caffè cold. It has taken really old to the equal that have begun to dip he in mine 30 oz Yeti Rambler. It has done I add but really it prefers the mug. It was excited like this to find this! It is perfect. In fact I owe that leave a lid was still bit it so much can cool down enough to drink! If I create and it will not be able to go back and drunk he for awhile I so only dipped a lid on and remains the warm box his turn. To good sure recommend for toddler hearts!
4 / 5
Has been excited to have the caffè mug to maintain my caffè soul in my office. A typical mug the accident is taking fries quickly. Has a big more Rambler Yeti, but has loved the mug for my office. This has maintained my caffè any warm plus that the caffè ceramic rule mug. Has come also with the semence in a mug. This is not a typical This in spite of quality that has the habit of. Has a lot Yeti the elements and keep hot/cold for hours to the equal that has announced. Perhaps this one is the uselessness . Oh Well, hopefully can send It behind.
4 / 5
Pros: Perfect measure for my daily cup of tea in a morning, the colour are add, sturdy, a lot insulated, quite big for soup or oatmeal

Gilipollas: it does not return in my headline of cup :( any thinks it will return in any headline of regular cup been due to a form. I have been in the resistant and sipping in my tea during my commute to do, has the little flat space among my headline of cup and my turn of train with the divet that can situate it down on for now or two but the would not trust he for too much long, does not love it to go flight!

In general recommends this product, so only be conscious of some challenge to put likes him of drink yours caffeine in a car in your way to the work likes !
5 / 5
Wow, The one who the product adds. Have transitioned Of the cup of caffè rule to this. It was always reheating my caffè but no longer. This mug maintains my caffè hot for the minimum of 2 hours. Leaving me to take the few things done around a house, while it enjoys them my caffè here and there.
5 / 5
Well, Of a name of this product, really would think is the monster , but this mug is almost regulate-sized. So only the pocola squat of has bitten. Or it has to that said Sas-squat? :)

This will be the long description , like this also can take the cuppa.

'Double-wall vacuum insulation maintains cold of cold drinks and the hot hot drinks until a last sip' is like a product is described, and a lot fully bolt until this promise. Still, I think this mug good compraventa.

Some first time have used this mug, my caffè is remained hot for roughly twenty minutes, warm for another fifteen or like this, and so only tepid afterwards. I am not sure reason another reviewers said his stays of caffè animate for hours, but has ordered perhaps a separate lid that closes entirely. A one this is coming with this mug is a bondadoso ossia so only an open slit, as it is not like this effective to keep hot in.

A tiny tab the slightly difficult fact to pull of a lid, and there is the vacuum focus, so he calms he with the full cup of caffè or tea, dipped the down in the hard surface for leverage as it does not spill on you. Of some sides are smooth, does not have any traction for your hands.

Some second time used it, has run an empty mug and lid under first hot water to add my caffè has heated his and is remained warmer, longer. Any @@subject that, this in spite of, with this model, a heat will dissipate by means of a slit ploughing. For a third tries, has run a mug and lid under hot water, dipped a caffè heated in, and also dipped mark-movements to cover in a slit ploughing. It has helped a bit, but I still required to hot king after an hour or so much. A coverage has used was the napkin, weighted down for the magnet of refrigerator of the round.

In spite of his shortcomings, are still the believer. Except that it has to that hot king in a microwave like this often. They are the slow sipper, and of then adds creamer to the mine caffè, inevitably will finalise with this discharge dreaded of burned-creamer film by means of a cup of him that has to that be scooped was. Ossia The good, solid mug and a boss is quite comfortable, although it is not cushioned. It is not to spill-test been due to a slit ploughing, as it would not recommend taking he with calm in your car. Also, I doubt a fund a wide plus would return to any headline of regular cup.

Another subject smaller is that forms of condensation under a lid which can dilute your caffè.

After, recommends this mug, but yes is imperative that your cuppa the stay that the hot pipes, consider a magnetic slider version of lid. You said that this would be the long description ! It gives the graces to listen.

PS So only the memory any to dip this mug to a microwave, as his interior is done of stainless steel. It is easy to forget that it is not microwave-sure, of an outside is the seafoam colour with just the clue of money by means of a cup, doing looks for the regulate mug. A memory any to dip he to a microwave is in an interior of a focuses in small impression, like this calm can lose it.

Update on 2-7-19
are not like this bullish in this mug after using he for almost the month because of a difficulty of inaugural a mug once the condensation of the steam of caffè forms the vacuum focus. I am not sure maintaining your caffè slightly warmer for the little has bitten more along a lot a hassle that has to that fights with your mug for the take open. Pause of the caffè or the time of tea is supposition to be peaceful!
4 / 5
Are really really really happy with this mug! Has a lot of Hydroflasks in all the measures and of the ways for hot and cold. Any of them is exactly well, the majority is too much heavy, lids leack, does not return in of the headlines of car cup, etc etc. His caffè mug burned my mouth ( has prendido to use the after the second burn). His patented 'comb of lid of honey insulation for real captures hot steam. His another term of caffè is was also. Everything to touch take now in my cupboards of cookery. Sigh. SO ONLY it uses mine 20 oz and my new 14 oz Yeti caffè mugs now. The mine has purchased again 14oz mug is quite functional. It touches my caffè of morning in him, and still although a lid has a zone of sip has opened, some stays of the caffè wonderfully hot partorisca in an hour without in flames my poor mouth!!!! For real I love this mug and highly recommend it :)
4 / 5
Like a product, his work to maintain the caffè hot longer that your half mug (roughly 1.5 hours). The desire is coming with magnaslider lid and has not had to buy one for separate. But for reference a 30 oz. tumber The lid returns it. It is the little bit of the bulky mug with an uncomfortable boss, but am happy with him
5 / 5
maintains the hot or cold things. An only thing is that the did not like me drinking of to him likes ledge is of too fat and does not like me drinking with of a lid on that.

Top Customer Reviews: madesmart Value ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Very gain to organise two drawers of bath. Tired of the sliding things everywhere.

Previously, has used a system where you cut dividers and his glue with plastic joints. A lot of fact of commission but his dividers aim taken free, a sticky glue has taken also covered with lint and hair. I have bought two of these insiemi in $ 11 each one that that. (NOTE: they sell it orders it 'Two Insiemi' partorisca almost $ 30, which is more than ordering two insiemi individually. This has not felt!)

Likes another there is remarked, some lips to close that they resist joint of the bow does not resist perfectly. (Minus 1/2 star.) To the equal that have decided to cut and attach some small places of 1/8' double-sided tape of adhesive foam that already there was home. ( Podes Any double only use-sided scotch tape because some cubes have tiny corner 'legs' in his like this flat tape will not achieve a fund of drawer). A tape of foam has maintained some cubes in situating well. It sees 2nd photo has attached.

Ideally, A neighbour would have comprised two half cubes (1/2 of long rectangles), which would be perfect returned for Q-Tips and give your options of plus that having so many (2) of some cubes some big plus. (Minus 1/2 star).

In general, am pleased and would recommend thus prize.
4 / 5
These are very durable and easy to clean containers of storage. Some compartments do not remain together as well as it would like, but is not of bad and concealed is not the question so much for me. A smell, this in spite of! Wow, Hard. I have imagined a big chemical smell would go was with time, but every time has opened his drawers, has been the paste with the explosion of noxious smoke. I take the light headache of a smell, as I have left some plough of drawers for the few days. It would say a smell is not like this bad like first, but is still there. I will be to look for roughly to substitute these reasons can not imagine something odorando like this toxic can be well for you.
5 / 5
Loves a versatility he no interlock a lot well but the very small dab of sĂşper controls of adhesive very and snaps was yes loves them rearrange a creation!
5 / 5
These have done a work in organising and of-cluttering my drawers. Durable celery and so that I am not concerned roughly breaking them. I have used these organisers with a IKEA drawer like this so that has a same drawer, see photo for configuration and possible creation that pode and pode any one is returned.

A subject only can think of of the this a way is attached. Easily they can result waste and concealed can be annoy to some. It is spent mine the time of pair but no extracted he-breaker. In general, work well. Probably it would take another together of organisers that apt directly inside a IKEA drawer. This in spite of, am sure this contingent snug in other regular drawers.
4 / 5
Has tried to annul it reason has taken like this long to take it. It has been the WM and has bought the different product. Apparently when the offices have been done in 1800 is has not taken the containers of storage of drawer of consideration that was 3' big. Sooo To the long of wine a Madesmart Organisers of Drawer that thought that it had annulled. The god has the sense of humour. Madesmart Is returned perfectly. I add contingent. I produce it adds. Amur That his fact in some the EUA and for women.
5 / 5
Has taken these for my mamma, and when it has found has not done for his anywhere could require him, tried him in the few delicate drawers have. They are class of has surprised is like this highly estimated, as I found him frustrating and a 'interlocking' the bordering characteristic in vain. If has the drawer that his records snug and perfect to, is probably terrific. If you finalise with the space has left in a side (which have done in all 3 drawers tried in), his slide around endlessly every time plough and close a drawer, and the little jostle detach his of the each one another.

I finally solved with some main containers have fill with the heaviest things that maintains them of sliding around so much, and with other bulky objects that fill an open space beside them so that it does not have room to move. One some have left (one of a lean longitude some and all three of a tiny plus) is drying right now as there is literally glued joint them in the last endeavour to solve do them gain.

If these in fact CONCLUDED together would be utmost. But they the no. Has the lip around a cup of a container and a side of the each one has the little bar that hooks under a lip. A record are very free and likes has said, quite useless. Next time I need the divide will be to look for one classifies ossia a big container with dividers inner he. These were the compraventa terrible .
4 / 5
This together has been perfect for my office in work. A clutters in drawer of mine was like this annoy to sift by means of before I have found a right pen or paperclip. Now everything is easy to find and well has organised. Nizza To be able to customise fixed also. I can purchase more these for house of cluttered drawers.
4 / 5
Has has wanted to something concealed would help to organise drawers of mine in work. I have not had too much room to have the tray of enormous organiser. As I have seen these and really liked to the equal that has come he of the different measures he so that it could do my own.

Was really easy to close and unlock and really easy to dip near for something concealed would do for all the world. They are returned to drawer of mine adds and was able to come up with the creation that he useful and also returned in drawer of mine.

To good sure would recommend this to any, especially those that do not require the enormous organiser, but loves something to help them was.
5 / 5
Well . . . They are kinda enamoured with these. I had him for the year. I bought him it takes university. I use him in drawers of mine of office to organise supplies of office.
An office has had last year was really superficial, these so only am returned his! It would approximate this would fill on a half sized drawer of right office. Also his utmost in the half drawer. Some the long thin containers are a perfect measure for pens and pencil, how is some the long containers wider. A long thin container is also a perfect measure for washi tape! I will admit, it does not use some small square containers so many, but is useful partorisca to to the things like to them the thumb tacks or clips of the paper yes has to that it weaves of them. It has taken a dark ash and is good and unassuming.
Has has not had really subject with taking some boxes to connect. It was able to hook the in and leave them connected in drawer of mine without subject a lot of. I will admit that it has used one of an along thin dividers enough the bit has had of mine colored pens, and has finalised so only unhooking he of a system of grille. If precise pulls them in and out of a zone to plot, this can not be for you will take impacientĂĄis fiddling with them. But yes calm only hook the in and leave them am not a lot of @@subject. The mine is remained also closed near and has connected.
4 / 5
Has looked for something concealed returned in the drawer of @@@cofre of the tool. These am resulted to returned perfectly in a space of drawer and in that give me a flexibility the creation a cubbies in any configuration that looked for to achieve. It would recommend so that require to organise his tools and another odds and finals.

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