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1 first HOTCOLOR 2-Pack #10XL (1 Color and 1 Black) Compatible for Kodak 10B 10C Compatible Ink Cartridges for EasyShare 5100 5300 5500 Kodak ESP 3 3250 5 5210 5250 6150 7 7250 9 9250 HOTCOLOR 2-Pack #10XL (1 Color and 1 Black) Compatible for Kodak 10B 10C Compatible Ink Cartridges for EasyShare 5100 5300 5500 Kodak ESP 3 3250 5 5210 5250 6150 7 7250 9 9250 By HOTCOLOR
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2 Kodak Series 30 Printhead - 90 Day Warranty Kodak Series 30 Printhead - 90 Day Warranty By KODAK
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3 best Kodak Mini Photo Printer Cartridge PMC - All-in-One Paper & Color Ink Cartridge Refill - 20 Pack (Compatible ONLY with Original Mini Printer, NOT Mini2, Mini Shot) Kodak Mini Photo Printer Cartridge PMC - All-in-One Paper & Color Ink Cartridge Refill - 20 Pack (Compatible ONLY with Original Mini Printer, NOT Mini2, Mini Shot) By KODAK
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4 Kodak 30XL Black Ink Cartridge 2 Pack in Bulk Packaging for Kodak ESP 3.2 C310 C315 Office 2150 2170 Hero 3.1 5.1 Kodak 30XL Black Ink Cartridge 2 Pack in Bulk Packaging for Kodak ESP 3.2 C310 C315 Office 2150 2170 Hero 3.1 5.1 By KODAK
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5 5 Pack 30XL Black & Color Ink Cartridges for Kodak ESP Office 2150 2170 Printer (5 Pack 30XL Ink Cartridge) 5 Pack 30XL Black & Color Ink Cartridges for Kodak ESP Office 2150 2170 Printer (5 Pack 30XL Ink Cartridge) By NoBrand
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6 Kodak Genuine 30B/ 30CL Ink Cartridge Combo Pack - Black & Colour (335/ 390 Pages) Kodak Genuine 30B/ 30CL Ink Cartridge Combo Pack - Black & Colour (335/ 390 Pages) By Kodak
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7 Kodak 10B/10C Combo Ink Cartridge - Black/Color Kodak 10B/10C Combo Ink Cartridge - Black/Color By KODAK
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8 KFD 36V AC DC Adapter for Kodak ESP Office Hero 2170 2150 3250 5250 6150 5000 5100 5200 5300 5500 Hero 3.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 9.1 All-in-One CAT 1k7602 All-in-One Inkjet Printer AIO Printer Power Supply KFD 36V AC DC Adapter for Kodak ESP Office Hero 2170 2150 3250 5250 6150 5000 5100 5200 5300 5500 Hero 3.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 9.1 All-in-One CAT 1k7602 All-in-One Inkjet Printer AIO Printer Power Supply By KFD
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9 Kodak Mini 2 Photo Printer Cartridge MC All-in-One Paper and Color Ink Cartridge Refill - Compatible with Mini Shot Camera, Mini 2 Printer (Not Original Mini) 30 Pack Kodak Mini 2 Photo Printer Cartridge MC All-in-One Paper and Color Ink Cartridge Refill - Compatible with Mini Shot Camera, Mini 2 Printer (Not Original Mini) 30 Pack By KODAK
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10 Epson T802XL-BCS DURABrite Ultra Black High Capacity and color Combo Pack Standard Capacity Cartridge Ink Epson T802XL-BCS DURABrite Ultra Black High Capacity and color Combo Pack Standard Capacity Cartridge Ink By Epson
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Top Customer Reviews: HOTCOLOR 2-Pack ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Brain
Leaks of ink! When I have taken a tape out of a boss of some cartridges of ink, ink sprayed everywhere. A second time, has been ready and opened it on a tank, but he still sprayed everywhere. On this I could so only has printed 15 discharges of the each cartridge. No shabby.
UPDATE: Hotcolor has achieved was mine and after explaining me time very different the one who a question was, offered to us the partial repayment. Also we ask me partorisca take my description to the as politely it said them 'any' reason think that that it is only fair that present to have a bit of an idea that is buying before they buy. I have promised this in spite of partorisca stick an update in his service that was decent, but still does not add . Still you buy elsewhere next time.
4 / 5 By Cyndi
I have ordered this product and received it 9/16/19. I have installed a first colour and black cartridges on 9/18/19. I have tried to print the picture of small test with all colours partorisca try like the page partorisca try fact and no press well . I have cleaned some nozzles 2 to 3 times so only partorisca do sure was done well and has tried again . I have tried to print pages of test and cleaning some nozzles of impression several times without more improvement another that a colour has done bit it better but no a black . A colour still streaks the small quantity that I can live with but a black will not print at all . Still after cleaning a printhead and nozzles with inkjet cleansing and cleaning all the electronic connectors with more cleaned of electronic contact an impression has taken NO BETTER . Still the very slightly streaked is exited by heart and no black but he faint quantity,any enout to included take the impression of readable paper ! Partorisca Arrive to this point has not had any election but partorisca install still another 'NEW' black and this looks for having solved a question for now . So much of one taking goes are already down 1 of some blacks that no at all . I ask if a black was fill included with him quite dyed to start with which marvel me that time some cartridges that do the work will last or if they was will do at all when I have to install him !
4 / 5 By Marilynn
Considering has tried a lot now, and any of his work, or grieve work at all to a point that is not to calm quite can very included use anything has printed, does not recommend these love my money behind and the desire there was the way for them to give me behind some times have has spent now try take these to do when I owe that have has bought so only a rule priced some reasons at least was done with a press has required to do
4 / 5 By Micki
Like this far like this good. I have received 4 10C XL and 6 10B XL cartridges two days with which have situated my mandate. An access is perfect for my Kodak AIO printer. I have paid in that I used to pay for just a cartridge. My printer has run a process of alignment and automatic adjustment and has printed a page to try perfectly. My metre of ink has aimed some cartridges like plenaries. Once I have printed some photos will add an update.
5 / 5 By Wallace
I have received an ink punctually-like this expected that. I have used a cartridge by heart and very satisfied with a result.
When it Uses a black will leave is extracted like this. Like this far they are that it takes that I expect of any company that loves my subject.
A five indication of star of me--- Maintain on a same and calm action will do well. I will be to use you again. Thank you
4 / 5 By Dorothy
4 / 5 By Lea
Ossia A worse ink never!! Any of some cartridges has done, has on dried in the subject of minutes. It does not squander your money. To try to save money, now has to that pay double. An ink is rubbishes , just clave with Kodak from now on. A lot disappointed..
4 / 5 By Letisha
The valve adds for a prize.
Has the Kodak printer and a prize of a Kodak the ink is outrageous, has required to print out of the pair of books of song of the ukulele and when I have seen a prize of this mark of ink has the data comes from it,,like this happy saved to plot of money.
To bad his does not program it to change to save more money.
4 / 5 By Donovan
These have saved my printer. It has been ready to give on top of the cause has bought remanufactured of more. Deception. I then the Hot colour has bought some which are a real thing . They return better. It is packaged with care. His utmost . My printer felt better and has begun to do again. I reorder these cartridges.
4 / 5 By Earle
When they Say compatible I expects him to be compatible. A black is not very black and if a page there is a lot of press on he then an ink does not exit quickly quite calm so that it takes drop outs in some of him.

Top Customer Reviews: Kodak Series 30 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Suzy
That a container says & that it is is 2 different things !!! Ordered on 1/8/18 & has arrived on 1/10/18. The container tip the serious 30 in the but has had the serious 10 in him. Filed the turn partorisca the substitution on 1/10/18 & has received today (1/12/18) with still 10, no some serious 30 to the equal that has described & orderly!!!!
4 / 5 By Brynn
I love a fact that could save my Kodak printer!! Ossia A second an I has purchased. A first time, a quality of the colour of my press was really bad. The red would not print at all as all look bad. I have tried to clean a boss - still any regime. Thanks to cost of mine of Amazon, has found this boss of substitution - all was well in mine world-wide to print again. Like this when the impressions that begins to have odd lines in them - I again has tried to clean some bosses. That fact partorisca the little while. Like this once again, I have ordered this boss of new printer - all is a lot once again.
4 / 5 By Dolores
I have had this the pair of month (Hardly ever printed) and in spite of dipping cartridges of new ink in can not take anything to print properly. When I Take a cartridge of impression, has ink splattered During a underside of a printhead. It is destroying my printer. A worse part are has purchased so only another of here out of pure desperation. Time for the new printer.
4 / 5 By Ethelyn
I have been ordering these for the long time. I always maintenances two transmissions because his no last long. These times have changed of the Seated and last 2 hours. The his changed to mine last an and he have done yesterday. I created today and no black press. I have changed black cartridges twice and colour of still only impressions. They are prendido of working. It advise to buy different vendor.
4 / 5 By Helen
This was EXACTLY the one who my poor printer has required!

Has substituted cartridges of ink that thinks that was empty after so only 3-4 weeks of hardly of press anything and taking streaks in mine printouts. Some impressions have not been very better with new cartridges. After treating diverse Interview 'the Cleansing procedures does not improve . They are on-line state to see can clean a boss of impression manually and has discovered that Kodak has bosses of impression of the substitution!!! It was quite happy in that. As I am coming to a a besieges I amour the tent for all the things 'anything' and has looked for a boss of impression would require. I have been shipped quickly, easy to install and my printer is doing likes done when have in the first place taken he out of a box!
5 / 5 By Marx
My press has taken streaks by means of a paper, as I have ordered one of these to substitute a OEM. Law a lot for the moment, and then has the data entirely was. As of now, my printer so only no press . Time to substitute a whole thing, thinks has be worth it to take me by means of some last few months this in spite of. Well for the temp solution, but the printers so only do not look to last long to all the cost. It is the good idea to weigh out of new cost vs parts of substitution like this usually can find discount it in any one the piece interrupted of hardware or take a upgrade for the low cost.
4 / 5 By Sheree
It have purchased a lot- dyes of name of the mark for my printer and he totally screwed he up! Like another reviewers is saying, my printer so only printed in colour and would not print in black, any one imports that it has done it. I then read roughly that substitutes a boss of impression and now does perfectly! So only that goes to be using ink of name of the mark from now on.
5 / 5 By Odilia
My printer would not print the whole paper in black but he in colour, has dipped the cartridge of new ink in 2 times and the same thing like thought that could be a boss of same impression although a printer is less than the old year, priced around, the amazon there has been a prize an economic plus with shipping has to that way that has ordered dipped in and is doing better that do when it was new mark .
5 / 5 By Elmer
This was that I have required to take touched of of this message of error, "printerhead failure, any installed etc.". I have installed once a boss of new printer, my Kodak the printer has begun to do properly. I have tried everything of a troubleshooting technical that it was on-line but at all laws. This fixed a question.
4 / 5 By Valda
Like this far like this good.. A printer any well with colours .... Mostly the red would run was to time with which time ... It have to that it has been it the printhead question all to the long of.. It thinks of some cartridges have squandered of that has to that way of substitute too often. We will see continuous to do.. Almost it has been ready it to take touched of of a printer and they any the more.. It have purchased another mark.. But I really like this mine Kodak an another that this question. In fact we have two of them.. One for my husband also.

Top Customer Reviews: Kodak Mini Photo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Bula
I have purchased 20 band of discharges. Two cartridges jammed. Totally wasteful 17 bucks. And I am not sure if a jamming contributes any harm my printer. Every time he jams, has to pull it was and his hard to the appeal was. Besides, one a star a lot really means value the little has bitten. It is so only any election of star of the z/of the zero.
5 / 5 By Chantelle
All the world-wide and me too so only love my little printer!!!!
5 / 5 By Elfriede
I love a product and some pictures have taken, but has bought this two times and both times if I have not printed was all ten pictures some first time have dipped he in a car, then a rest of some discharges would be unusable. A clear discharge in some yellow upper turns and then calms can not use more the paper in a cartridge like so only taken roughly 7/20 Easy
5 / 5 By Lucretia
pictures partorisca substitute in a printer. Pictures of good quality.
4 / 5 By Madonna
A Kodak Mini works of Printer of the Photo like the charm! It was very impressed with an excellent quality of a 4x6 impressions of photos with a cartridge of paper.
4 / 5 By Donn
When I have dipped I a cartridge, an application of printer has maintained partorisca say the could not upload a paper. Once he , he spit was two yellow pictures a same time, then begins partorisca do. A next cartridge in a band has taken stuck and rasgó a yellow cellophane. I scare that it can have it broken my printer, or in a less squandered my money because it can not use both cartridges.
5 / 5 By Wiley
It classifies partorisca wish had more in the band but is partorisca the small device after all. A sale has not had any defects and has printed was perfectly.
5 / 5 By Israel
The printer was a lot of until I have had to that substitute a cartridge and now no press . It has tried resetting and has opened included a 2nd band and tried it but not doing !! Waste of good money!!!!
5 / 5 By Sue
To to The Works so only likes them to them the precise to and there is has not had never any questions!
5 / 5 By Elinore
Love it. The fantastic impressions

Top Customer Reviews: 5 Pack 30XL Black ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Minh
Has thinks that that this was Kodak the ink but is not a fact that show Kodak ink in a page also is really misleading has not tried this mark was still but any I included wants to but the ink resembled this bondadoso and is entirely terrible some colours are like this pale and some inks run the joints do not know reasons has not reading some descriptions always hate to return things the next time maintains Kodak out of a title because it is not Kodak the ink
5 / 5 By Alfonzo
probably has been adds but my printer is wheel so that it can not use my ink in a printer and to buy the new one east $ 130 just to dip the new ink in him there is like this decided to so only take to a Better
4 / 5 By Idalia
ink that Walmart, cost 40 dollars for a cartridge by heart and a black in Walmart for a same thing , ossia crazy.
5 / 5 By Celesta
Good product. Any use to know breasts of copy on
4 / 5 By Marlene
just the one who the precise has tried two of some black and the calm inks could no read that the be be print reason has printed very a lot. It has launched these two was, has bought the black and law well so that it is not my printer. I any ourchase anymore of this company !!
4 / 5 By Antone
I have been surprised some cartridges of ink was like this as well as they have touched in a web of place. We expect to revise until with which gave him to us some use. COMPRAVENTA EXCELLENT! So only you buy my ink here now.
4 / 5 By Shaunda
Meso imatation Of a oem.
5 / 5 By Jeremy
Like this far like this very no press alot like this like this far like this very
4 / 5 By Meghann
was all has dried was, could not use any of him.

Top Customer Reviews: Kodak Genuine 30B/ ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 By Ariane
It can not purchase these locally anymore like this happy of the have available in Amazon. Good value.
5 / 5 By Beverly
Excellent value
5 / 5 By Jared
My printer

Top Customer Reviews: Kodak 10B/10C Combo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
Had at all bad with this product, or shipment, vendor, etcetera.

A reason for this low indication is for a maddeningly substandard reliability, creation, and lack of support of Kodak for a product goes to. (Kodak AIO 9250)
has possessed a lot all-in-some cars of small/printer to scan on some years, of costruttrici a lot of, some new, some have used. Also it possesses, for virtue of the career of 19 years that reparations copiers, printers and escáneres in Photocopier, any small quantity of idea to that reads and as to repair them.
Has little installed after a new ink in my car, paralizaciones to feed paper. In spite of possessing this unit for more than two years, doubts a street of paper has fed 250 discharges more during his lifetime. I am spent probably more on dye concealed there is evaporated while while to the work that that is to go to the paper that spends for a car.
Following a troubleshooting the procedures have outlined in a (Terrible) software that comes with him, has contacted Kodak Support of Client. Once it has explained it a question and spent of a troubleshooting procedures with a Kodak rep, has been said that my car there has been the defect of known manufacture that could not be repaired, that my car was out of guarantee, and that my only recourse was to purchase one of two new more, remanufactured Kodak AIOs concealed has not gone included comparable.
I demurred, deciding would find the on-line manual reparation and fix it to me. Little it was, to to these companies like Kodak there is prendido publishing of his manuals of reparation, like this retaining control of his products, and extracting this in spite of another current of shows of his miserable clients.

Like Apple of you, Kodak. Another assault in a concept held deprived of technological products. Early, they will possess everything! Well Fact, and F--- You, Kodak!
5 / 5 By
Kodak Is not for behind his products. Received black Kodak cartridge of the ink but he have not done, the impression was too much light and no readable. The amazon has contacted, was has had to that to substitute but has loved to touch the restock cost of the window of turn had spent. Contacted Kodak and with which 13 emails that asks the shot tries different, has asked numbers of serial twice , number of service two times and another hoops has been required to jump by means of, has offered to substitute a printhead in printer. A bad time I orderly and paid for the substitution the black cartridge and work well. I have been going back and advances with Kodak way too much time for something this simple.
5 / 5 By
That the disappointment. That the tear was. A dry ink was has dipped shortly after a cartridge of ink in a printer. A flow of the ink is not very controlled when doing any one first few copies. A paper is wetted and ink of slime.

With which some first few copies, volume roughly 20 good copies first of a cartridge of ink is out of ink. I have followed all a Kodak troubleshooting recommendations without the regime or the success that takes these expensive cartridges to last longer.

Has maintained to buy more the cartridges that thinks that to take the 'lemon'. Well, it conceal it is not a chance. A Kodak 10B/10C combo cartridge for my Kodak Hero 9 does not fulfil Kodak is has declared levels and of the far low falls my exceptions. It think that perhaps a Kodak cartridges of the ink bought of
the amazon was defective, has dried was, so only a lot good. This in spite of, conceal does not look to be a chance, has purchased mine the majority of ink of recent substitution of the staples and I have had some same questions.
Time for the new printer and he will not be the Kodak.
5 / 5 By
When I have opened a cartridge of ink of the colour, founds the ink had filtered out of a cartridge during a cartridge he and, as such, is unusable. Inserting he to a printer have caused escapes, probably the material form as well as to an interior of a printer he. A container has not been managed roughly; it feels undisturbed in my table of printer until I have required to substitute a one into use. Probably unfortunately, I have not required to substitute he for some months after a compraventa, and there is no the possible financial restitution, but will think long and hard first to order this element again of a unproven source. It does not blame of the amazon, but to good sure my hard regime like these things are not economic.
5 / 5 By
This company would owe that be continued for dud announcing. It does not believe some copies for quell'impression. They are the recreational user of this combination/of cartridge of the printer. Press 2-5 pages for the month always lines to draw woodworking models. With which roughly 50 copies some blacks and the cartridges by heart are empty. They announce 450 pages for cartridge. I have had a printer for 3 years and has had to substitute some cartridges 6 times to do 200 pages less 1/4 that announces for 1 cartridge and I have used 12. I have it that has not printed never the page by heart but has used 6 10C cartridges. A printer was economic but an use/cost of operation of just some cartridges is outrageous. I guess just chalk he until experience with a cost of ink a copy is very resulted expensive, roughly $ 1 for page of the black line that copies. Again Kodak is perpetuating the big fraud. His advertising is entirely dud and has based on all has joined other descriptions have read in a subject same, the knowledge. In a last near of the ink has bought to take an ink of a printer, that substitutes some focus of nave and storing in the stock exchange of sandwich this in spite of so only take 43 copies on 2 cartridges. This thing among some rubbishes or data to an enemy. Kodak Has to that be embarrassed of calm. Also I am contacting subject of consumer in my state for your dud and fragrant misrepresentation of your product.
4 / 5 By
Ordered this for the printer and I have assumed comes from/comes from Kodak, reason said of kodak and sold for amazon. When I took Him I situated him in a printer and still has taken the cartridge of the ink of the colour is to look empty and could not print. Printer of reset and still same message. So much in planting to spend for a hassle to return them, has has ordered chip of substitution for a cartridge in a cost of two dollars and thirty nine cents for a chip and four dollars and ninety five cents that ship so that it can see was a cartridge or a printer. You are a cartridge . There is remarked also that some chips with some cartridges have been lined on, as they obviously werent new. My black has said almost half empty and I hadnt has used included a printer still, likes chip in laws but was already half his life. I think that that this owes the kodak going bankrupt, has taken also my cartridge of old ink averts out of the curiosity and he have has had tonnes of ink still in him but said empty, as I researched it and expósito that this has been that goes in for the long time with kodak. Like this from now on I transmissions some cartridges I in the enormous savings until this printer dies, then purchase anything but kodak. After seeing this for my own eyes, will not purchase never the kodak produced again.
4 / 5 By
I have bought this combo sale in Oct 4, 2019. My printer has been beeping that is down in black ink of then August, as I have loved the backup. I have finalised to install a new black cartridge on Oct. 11 and has printed 10 pages of spreadsheet given. The week later (Oct. 18th ish) has required to print the pocolas spend and a printer says are out of black ink.


There is pulled a cartridge was and king-inserted it to any avail. There is not any sign of evasion inside a printer, but an ink is to go.

Has used so only a black cartridge of this band, as it was not times it a cartridge by heart will last. I have been ordering this combo sale for the moment of this vendor, and for my recollection, has has not had never this experience, but this, thinks, is the bad batch. A code inside a box is patterned I9UIAD.
5 / 5 By
I have bought my Kodak the printer with expectations adds. The economic ink was his big claim . An ink that is coming with a printer is lasted roughly 9 month. No press any a lot of. Bought this combo the band that imagines it would last the year or more. Usually I only impressions B/W mailing to focus and dipped it the 'Quality of Recruit'. Imagine my surprise when after roughly 5 month said has required more ink. These cartridges would owe that it is lasted more along, how were main (purportedly) then one some concealed is coming with a printer. It has contacted Kodak to see had other subjects. Waste of time. Taken a course around with Indian and has given up. In a course to speak with them, appeals on data that aimed with all an ink, had printed the whopping 87 or like this quality of draft. Oh, And only calm so that it is, every time turn a printer on, he 'primes' some bosses of impression, so that although so only utilisations B/W, a colour disappears in a same tax. It can I say that RASGA WAS?

Has substituted he with the Samsung B/W Laserjet. Have upped My press to seal on some last few months this in spite of has 90 of an ink of initial cartridge.

Will maintain a Kodak like the scanner and the memory to not believing marketing hype.
4 / 5 By
I owe that be in accordance with Werner Kosak is to comment which is underlined in a page of description: 'never no spent never a Kodak printer again, some cartridges the only waste was and he like this done my money.' I have taken it casualidad in a printer after reading descriptions that was all by means of a joint second the one who satisfaction of client. In some 10 months that has had a Kodak printer, has had to buy ink 3-4 times. To all the cost of use, spent some XL cartridges or a no-xl, some cartridges of ink are well for 3 month, max. Here I am looking to buy more today, and a cup of a page say that hard has purchased Kodak on January 25, 2013. Today it is April 11; the black ink has run out of fact the week. There is not any way has printed anywhere near 400 pages in a last pair of month. I have not used the ream of paper has bought of a printer in May, 2012. Any to mention that any one I same annoying to try photo to print, like the colour is not true. That sees in a monitor is not that I that takes.

$ 30 For ink now, or $ 30 to the new printer? If I buy ink now, will require more in 10-12 weeks. My old HP the printer cost roughly $ 60 the year for ink, with a lot of main use that a less-that-satisfactory Kodak printer. More than continuing launcher of good money after bad, am going the freecycle a printer and go back the HP.
5 / 5 By
Kodak I claims that begins with the episode of Apprentice of Donald Triumphs where Kodak has alleged his new printers have used substantially less dyed that any competitor because they had discovered the proprietary way to reduce ink. My experience has been as follows: I have fallen line of hook and sinker for his claims and has purchased a ESP7 Kodak Printer. This printer is horrible, extremely noisy and calm in fact can see a car that bounces around (of some returns of cart) and a consumption of ink is worse that another printer of the model has not possessed never (Lexmark, Epson and 3 different HP Models). While Kodak Domestic a prize of his ink because his claims that his printers have saved to use so much less ink that has justified a prize a big plus reason a cost for the page purportedly would be much less - my experience is quite be an opposite to the terracing that will be to substitute an a lot prompt printer and certainly is not never another Kodak model - NEVER!

Top Customer Reviews: KFD 36V AC DC ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5 By Allan
Works, loads, any problem!
Has bought he for my printer of Kodak this has been given in me for free in the library (and seen why now, lol)
And he a work!
Recieved L The timely road, of coarse has First. But everything is well! 5 Stars!
5 / 5 By Dominica
Well, it goes to take my printer up has lost of my cord during the movement.
5 / 5 By Alesha
Returned the reason has not been a problem with my printer thank you many
5 / 5 By Maria
It takes two printers of the partner for university, or concealed has not done and has not had the cord and or that has not been never used. A cord has not done for any one of them he so that it takes the shot and has ordered this cord and he do for both printers
5 / 5 By Arletta
This law adds! It was the substitution because I have lost an original. For the law of Murphy, hardly has taken a substitution , has found an original. Any when sending behind! It is now the backup.
5 / 5 By Traci
Works, cariche, any question!
Has bought he partorisca my Kodak printer that has been mine given partorisca free in the library (sees them reason now, lol)
And he a work!
Recieved The In the timely way, of coarse there is First. But everything is well! 5 Stars!
5 / 5 By Marine
Well, has taken my printer has retreated up has lost of my cord during the movement.
4 / 5 By Kerstin
Is returned reason are not a question with my printer thank you very much
5 / 5 By Eula
has taken two printers of the partner partorisca university, a concealed “has not done” and has not had the cord and a concealed has not been never has used. A cord has not done partorisca any of them has taken like this the shot and has ordered this cord and work partorisca both printers

Top Customer Reviews: Kodak Mini 2 Photo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Marchelle
I like this works with my Kodak Mini 2 printer of Photo. Those only impressions have measured of Paper of the Credit 54x86mm pictures (measures of Stock exchange)
work with my IPHONE 6s .
4 / 5 By Gabrielle
This is not partorisca all the world. A Kodak printer the good work gives the the good photo. The mine has the camera built-in and a quality of his images is only fair. But a Bluetooth the capacity means that once an image is in your telephone, of any source, calms that can print. A measure is small but a quality is good and a laminated the surface resists wear and moisture. There is the modest quantity partorisca modify that it can be fact in an application. Utilisation some photos like this of the bookmarks/marcadors.
5 / 5 By Tasia
There is not a lot a lot of to say - is paper of printer ... But a Vendor was excellent and took it mine in the timely way... Ossia Way more than the entity that considers a product is basically so only …. Paper! Ossia The present partorisca my granddaughter - just something partorisca add his Easter Basket that any decay his beautiful smile. Thank you - I adds is, after all, just paper!
4 / 5 By Sang
It take a 30 band of cartridges of paper, well was 3 with ten papers in him partorisca print out of photo, but know that I bad. It has dipped one in mine mini shot and an extra one in a good chance has taken partorisca he but has had to that dip another extra cartridge on reason has not had room in my chance. It was súper easy to change our cartridges in a mini has shot.
4 / 5 By Nydia
The pictures have printed in this cartridge was a lot good.
4 / 5 By Lilli
I am impressed really with this printer. My granddaughter of 3 years wants to do pictures with him. Yes, it is that easy to use.
5 / 5 By Vertie
This was quite pricy has thought takes those that pictures but I possess a printer and to use a precise printer a cartridge
4 / 5 By Linsey
This particular packaging does not exit as well as his another. A laminate does not seal properly and the exposure is was! Any value some savings to buy the main quantity!!!
5 / 5 By Marta
They are perfect!
4 / 5 By Sanjuana
Recipient Has wanted to take this to go with his printer

Top Customer Reviews: Epson T802XL-BCS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Rosita
Colour: BlackStyle: So only I question if ossia the genuine Epson produced. It was not where the amazon takes these but has to that scrutinize a source a lot attentively.

Among a pertinent box, but when I have opened have no protective yellow tape in a cartridge (as had in some original cartridges that is coming with a printer). It has dipped he to a printer, which has refused to recognise the. When lame to substitute with one has bought locally, an ink has filtered throughout (and an after several pages have printed gazes has has had clues of wheel in some flanges).

Has initiated the turn (these are not economic) and when dipping a cartridge to the box to send, has to give that that I taken (in a XL box) was in fact the cartridge of alone measure (ossia, mislabeled, and I - and Amazon - had been touched like being a XL measure ). It conceal it is not the soyistake' this Epson would have done, as any one has been fiddling to somewhere. I will not be that it buys this ink by means of Amazon again.
5 / 5 By Rufus
Colour: Black and colour combo packStyle: so only it was sper rasgado on like this partorisca write this description, but in an end has to that conclude that it is ALMOST CRIMINAL for this very small ink cartridges to cost like this. CRIMINAL! I mean, I am roughly so to the equal that have paid for a whole printer, and one the majority of what annoying is that if a black is full a dang the thing will not print without ink of magenta. Ossia So only I so that annoying.

Likes some cartridges of ink is well and work. If they were more economic would give him five stars here. But the price is the big part of the cost of product and value ... And this price is absolutely WAY TOO BIG. Ossia So only an objective truth. Way, way too big.
5 / 5 By Buddy
Colour: Black and colour combo packStyle: So only A quality of this ink is sum. The look of photo of sound, there is no bleed in the level of the white paper and the text is crisp. Look, Takes that the printers are sold in the loss and Epson frames on partorisca it partorisca sell ink. I do not have any question with that. But seriously, two costs of containers more than a printer.
4 / 5 By Man
Colour: Black and colour combo packStyle: I have purchased so only this element and installed in my printer yesterday. Some bosses of printer have required partorisca be has has cleaned based on trying of interview of a printer. With which two boss of printer that cleans cycles an ink was 3/4 empty without printing two pages more than test. I am not sure if this has been due to some cycles of cleaners of faulty cartridges. To all the cost, these cartridges are not to value of the money likes him run was of way too fast. They are more probably that launches a printer in some rubbishes and buying the new one this has cartridges of printer more reasonable. These cartridges still can have ink when a printer has said that they are empty because of a chip in a cartridge that so only leaves the sure number of pages to be printed by cartridge
5 / 5 By Misha
Colour: Black and colour combo packStyle: So only You Buy these when I have bought a printer as would have backup when some the initial cartridges have run was. Burst the in yesterday and has run the pair of pages of test. They were instantly out of ink. All three colours. With which so only the pair of pages. Of these has been purchased in January like standbys, can no longer turn. $ 110 Partorisca 3 pages of test.....
4 / 5 By Terica
Colour: Black and colour combo packStyle: So only I 'initial' receive cartridges of ink (802-I) which are some same as 'initial' cartridges of low capacity usually receipt when in the first place it buy the printer. I have ordered a XL set, but did not receive it. Also, at all like this pictured or has announced. There is disappointed extremely. Returning produced and buying of the different vendor.
4 / 5 By Fausto
Colour: BlackStyle: so only it is the plot of ink, but also could buy the new printer partorisca a price of two cartridges...
5 / 5 By Coreen
Colour: BlackStyle: so only it is ink , is of Epson, work. It is so only like this expensive. You can it wants to try some of some compatible cartridges. To arrive to this point in time is still little and far among but there are options more economic there.
5 / 5 By Victor
Colour: Black and colour combo packStyle: So only a cartridge was empty
4 / 5 By Anh
Colour: Black and colour combo packStyle: the ink Only declines too fast! Essentially partorisca a price