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1 KONNWEI KW208 12V Car Battery Tester, 100-2000 CCA Load Tester Automotive Alternator Tester Digital Auto Battery Analyzer Charging Cranking System Tester for Car Truck Marine Motorcycle SUV Boat KONNWEI KW208 12V Car Battery Tester, 100-2000 CCA Load Tester Automotive Alternator Tester Digital Auto Battery Analyzer Charging Cranking System Tester for Car Truck Marine Motorcycle SUV Boat KONNWEI
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2 TopDiag P100 Automotive Circuit Tester 12V 24V Power Circuit Probe Tester, Car Electrical Test Tool Kit AC DC Digital Voltage Tester, Auto Diagnostic Kit for Vehicle Trailer Truck Motorcycle Boat TopDiag P100 Automotive Circuit Tester 12V 24V Power Circuit Probe Tester, Car Electrical Test Tool Kit AC DC Digital Voltage Tester, Auto Diagnostic Kit for Vehicle Trailer Truck Motorcycle Boat TopDiag
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3 Manfiter OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader Turn Off Check Engine Light Read & Erase Fault Codes View Freeze Frame Data I/M Readiness CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool for All OBD II Protocol Cars Since 1996 Manfiter OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader Turn Off Check Engine Light Read & Erase Fault Codes View Freeze Frame Data I/M Readiness CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool for All OBD II Protocol Cars Since 1996 manfiter
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4 Car Battery Tester 12V Load Tester, TOPDON BT100 100-2000 CCA Automotive Alternator Tester Digital Auto Battery Analyzer Charging Cranking System Tester for Car Truck Motorcycle ATV SUV Boat Yacht Car Battery Tester 12V Load Tester, TOPDON BT100 100-2000 CCA Automotive Alternator Tester Digital Auto Battery Analyzer Charging Cranking System Tester for Car Truck Motorcycle ATV SUV Boat Yacht TT TOPDON
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5 KAIWEETS Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000 Counts Voltmeter Auto-Ranging Fast Accurately Measures Voltage Current Amp Resistance Diodes Continuity Duty-Cycle Capacitance Temperature for Automotive KAIWEETS Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000 Counts Voltmeter Auto-Ranging Fast Accurately Measures Voltage Current Amp Resistance Diodes Continuity Duty-Cycle Capacitance Temperature for Automotive KAIWEETS
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6 Power Probe III Clamshell - Red (PP3CSRED) [Car Automotive Diagnostic Test Tool, Digital Volt Meter, AC/DC Current Resistance, Circuit Tester] Power Probe III Clamshell - Red (PP3CSRED) [Car Automotive Diagnostic Test Tool, Digital Volt Meter, AC/DC Current Resistance, Circuit Tester] Power Probe
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7 Autel PowerScan PS100 Automotive Circuit Tester Probe Kit Electrical System Diagnostic Tool Autel PowerScan PS100 Automotive Circuit Tester Probe Kit Electrical System Diagnostic Tool Autel
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8 FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner Live Data Professional Mechanic OBDII Diagnostic Code Reader Tool for Check Engine Light FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner Live Data Professional Mechanic OBDII Diagnostic Code Reader Tool for Check Engine Light FOXWELL
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9 ANCEL PB100 Automotive Power Circuit Probe Tester, 12V 24V Car Electrical System Test Tool Kit AC DC Digital Voltage Resistance Short Finder, Relay Fuse Tester, Trailer Light Diagnostic Thermometer ANCEL PB100 Automotive Power Circuit Probe Tester, 12V 24V Car Electrical System Test Tool Kit AC DC Digital Voltage Resistance Short Finder, Relay Fuse Tester, Trailer Light Diagnostic Thermometer ANCEL
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10 AstroAI Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000 Counts Volt Meter Ohmmeter Auto-Ranging Tester; Accurately Measures Voltage Current Resistance Diodes Continuity Duty-Cycle Capacitance Temperature for Automotive AstroAI Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000 Counts Volt Meter Ohmmeter Auto-Ranging Tester; Accurately Measures Voltage Current Resistance Diodes Continuity Duty-Cycle Capacitance Temperature for Automotive AstroAI
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Top Customer Reviews: KONNWEI KW208 12V ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Update: apparently it has the stock exchange of storage has comprised also that so only any partorisca lose!!!

Partorisca A past 5 years there has not been the year that there is not had to that take the battery the autozone to try to do sure his first dead person to take he for repayment of load of the core because extracted w/ the just number to stuff concealed requires it.
Camp That use 2x Deep Cycle
Bounces w/ start and Deep Cycle
the family has total 5 Truck/of Cars
is resulted such the hassle to have that takes a battery to be tried every time I so that it decides to give this come from takes a battery has died first of commercial he in so much of load of core.

Has come w/ cord of USB - small but good addition
Simple to use (Follows a onscreen instruction.....)
Amparo of reverse polarity is built in (To the equal that can see in mine vineyard I discharges he in backward the time of pair :) and still he )
Petit and easy to dip was.
Attentive - I has tried the battery that has known was quite dead and with the accuracy moves to Substitute.

Does not comprise the stock exchange for storage
the instruction is good but no too again I no spent really read so only he in and follow a screen.
5 / 5
Are an engineer of electronic and automotive expert of systems, and like this when it has said that am impressed with this piece of crew to try that really it means something. I tried it on three different battery that already had used manual load that tries on to determine his state of health, level of load, and CCA (a new battery, an used but functional, and one this failed); and it has identified correctly the condition of the each battery. Has very easy-the-cruised papers, and can treat the variety of tests besides so only some tones some. Ossia Instruments of test of professional level in the very reasonable prize. Highly it would recommend this product to mates, other professionals, and DIY'ers.
4 / 5
Has received a declare today and used it immediately to try a battery in mine 2012 RAM which can seat for days the time (any ideal for the battery.) I touch a battery the little time the month and recently a trickle the load has been that aborts one load. A declares has informed the Good Battery that reassured. Probably I will use it to try my cycle of engine and gram of trace mower battery as they also seat unused for days. A manual is decent doing an easy device in the first place-use of time. An only thing that has taken some time found one downloads of software in a Konnwei put - is down 'upgrade.' With a SW loaded in a PC, has printed some results to the file of PDF. Device very useful has several batteries of goodnesses.
4 / 5
Has had the question with my car draining a battery and is not sure state yes is a battery or alternator. Has the basic one with DIRECTED to verify battery and also the load declares for battery. I have required something concealed can do this with more than details.
Having Some different options for indication of battery, types, ripple common, cranking was a decisive factor for me for the take. The protect reverse also helped some time of pair connected it bad. All has done excellent, to the left sees now a reliability over time.
4 / 5
The mine is KW208. 1) Has any battery to install on he. As the think that it can measure partially dead battery of a declares will require some electricity. This could be the with to some one. In another hand, this could be the more than calm does not have that worry in a declare he. 2) This model has any upload the option but he is not to treat it big to the homeowner. He @In laws of rodeo but precise know your type of car battery, CCA and a declare functions.
4 / 5
This load of battery declares easy characteristics to follow directions to try CCA the condition of a battery likes compared to that quell'was when it was new. I have bought this to try the 6 yr old Optima battery that is to be die. With which recharging a battery and comparing to the year the old battery purchased of Walmart has been surprised a declares has developed that both would beat was in basically a same condition. From now on when I require to purchase the new battery will take this together with me to try a condition of battery 'new'. It would recommend this product for a prize, characteristic and consolation that bands in the small container.
5 / 5
Read an Amazon revises has imagined like this would give to try it. Extracted the plot of the mine own automotive operates it and ossia an easier battery declares has found like this far. So only I have purchased recently a KW208 and has tried three battery with him. I have used my metre of first volt to take the first reading to use a KW208. Surprised... It has taken almost an identical reading among some two instruments. It was very easy to use and attentive results resupplied. A no comprised-for-instructions of has not helped to optimise use of a product and his purpose have feigned. These produced will enable me to save time, money and deleting a casualidad to take stuck with the dead battery when calm less the expect.
5 / 5
Read some descriptions of Amazon to the equal that has thought would try it. Has motorcycle, ATV boat and car battery he so that it was anxious of the try was. I used it on two 'out of battery of vehicle like this far and is very easy to use, has read a manual with which used it. It has aimed one of the mine trolling engines like good and another like this substitute how was suspicious of, has validated was bad. Like this far, it was the good cost .
5 / 5
Ossia A battery of better car declares that has used. Has found questions on two different battery that has and an accuracy is excellent. A control of clips of the battery on different plastic some concealed has broken in another declare that has had. It tries all the types of battery in or out of a vehicle as well as a system to start with and touching system. This declares he everything in the a lot of compact, container abordable.
5 / 5
Inner so only the pocolos small of inaugural a box and revising some instructions, has had this metre hooked until my motorhome battery and trying them. Has 3 motorcycles, the SxS, two cars, and our motorhome.. A capacity to try the batteries is a lot of entity of mine and potentially could me save money and degradation to know a health of my battery previously the failure. This metre is very easy to use and comprise. Thank you!

Top Customer Reviews: Manfiter OBD2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
Tried the in mine 2005 Ford GT for Control of Engine. For this prize I same't can not think when seen the doing well.comfty To line with handy creation,has begun a car, then code of error,and has cleared then a code, and then a Light of the engine of the Control was was. Work and aided the plot to me quite controls of problem.
5 / 5
2015 Chevy Spark. Experience after has had to a reservoir of refrigerant after beginning to filter. Down the refrigerant has posed of a code of low refrigerant and dysfunction of code of thermostat. I have substituted a reservoir but codifies any reset in his own, which deactivated A/C. This Scanner read some correct codes with easy to read descriptions and then erased some codes. Any lighter of indicator of the dysfunction and A/C that does again.

Easy to use, bed and is backlit. The unit is smaller concealed expected but very usable. The cord is the small lower concealed expected but enough with a longitude to leave me to seat in the chair of the engine and use it.

Would recommend in another. Model Autmor AT018 (2018 up to date)
5 / 5
This will save you substantial quantity of money.
An always will know what a real problem is, anterior in going in a tent of Reparation.
HAS the little more sophisticated unit that mark a same thing.
Once knows some codes of error. The things are much easier. Dealership Or the tent of the reparation can no estafar.
5 / 5
Taken my experience and used it well out of a box. I have aimed exactly that it was bad after taking he in diverse mechanic and was able in reset my computer and spends my inspection while precise. He thank you for the product adds! Also used in my car daughters to see that it was wrong and has taken that fix also!
5 / 5
My Chevy Impala initiates it far no when a light of the engine of the control is on. A problem was carried he of loose gas or something around a zone in a prize in $ 300. Literally I maintain this thing in compartment of mine and clear glove some codes each often knows can use my far beginning again!
5 / 5
The carts from time to time the launch was the error that / warns codes to pinch but only with minima elaborations. This small artilugio helps to read details of road of OBD2 interface and provides a lot of human readable information / clear. Me Beech easier to learn that caused a control-clear of engine. So much in the better judge would have to take my cart in tent of cart or able to fix he for me to save some money.
5 / 5
5 indication of star for his prize and mere and easy functionality to use. A sub 0 focuses of the prize does not have any bell or whistles only the reader of basic code with a capacity to erase codes. It does not expect anything more. But works. I have used he in 2010 Deep Odyssey and 2007 agreement. One ODB2 the port is recessed and difficult in acces in an Agreement but was any problem for this device. Properly it reads a code and left me in easily erase. Devices of use of Bluetooth the sum of cheap law and there is more the characteristic alas is not returned an Agreement.
4 / 5
For a money, is happy with this unit. All I very wanted to satisfied was to read a DTCs in mine 2007 Saab 97x, which without problem. Also it read Marc is a data of the Ice cream, I/M Preparation and Information of Vehicle. A unit is mere to use and the cards are earnest. A manual of instruction, while very very necessary is quite very written. An only reason did not give it five star was a fact that the failure in reset a DTCs. I am not an expert in OBD2 scanners, as it can very he really said is a unit he. It can be that my Saab require some special scanner to do a reset. In general, it recommends a unit for a prize, which was an although that would have been uploaded against my tent of change of the oil only to read some codes.
4 / 5
2012 Chevy Crossing, HAS DONE well.
The May HAS USED one of these before, took me the minute to comprise regarding the use.
Gave me a code that directed in me fixing a right problem.
No very sure if a code that clears works of characteristics or no, of my cart has cleared a code on is appropriate after a fixed.
But happy with east. I have guessed initially in 4 possible subjects with my car, and this reader said me that that harm was and has not required to spend another penny to fix my problem (the subject was with covering them bad). That is to say it estimates a prize of this device for me!
5 / 5
That is to say a better thing never. It IS in fact he says it that it is bad in place of codes

Top Customer Reviews: Car Battery Tester ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 52 ratings
5 / 5
Topdon BT100:
Diagnostic Of battery: you can run the diagnostic of battery well with which plugging he to a battery. A test will develop the percentage of load of a battery, location (in or out of a vehicle), indication (quantity of current resupplies), level (CAA, CA, MCA, JIS, SAE, EMOTION, IEC, IN), type (rule flooded, AGM, GEL) and results (volts, measured, estimated, SOC).

Fast results: With this 12v battery checker, can obtain results down 3 second so only. It does not leave a speed fool you, a start is corrected and can help determine a global health of the battery of your car.

Adds Partorisca Beginners: Topdon BT100 Pro 6V / 12V Battery Declares with 100-2000 CCA partorisca Regulate Flooded, AGM Flat Plan, AGM Torsion and GEL the batteries is perfect partorisca beginners. Has simple papers and of the options of navigation of before directly that he the easy fact partorisca all the classes of users partorisca use a system. It covers in a clasps and leave a 12v uploads of the battery declares to do a rest.

Amparo: This 12v uploads of the battery declares there is on-protect of voltage partorisca reduce a risk of accidents. Automatically it turns among chance some volts go on an acceptable row.

Averts of that, this 12v the digital battery declares does not produce light, sparks or heat and is sure to use.

Finally, a declare has protect of polarity (wrong or reverse connection) also. You can use he without prpers that has to that concern roughly in hablador harm to a vehicle, a declare, or calm.

Clasps: These are done on copper. They will not corrode and continuous do for the long time.

This 12v would beat to declare can try systems of multiple indication that comprises CCA, BCI, CA MCA, JIS, EMOTION, EIC, IN, and SAE.

Topdon BT100 Tip highly attentive and fast results.

Row of incredible test (100-2000 CCA).
Very Attentive!!!!
Has DIRECTED light of screen.
Has guaranteeed of 2 years.
Multilingual options.
Well has done.
Material of quality, feels solid and rich.
Sure to use with aggregated precautionary measures.
Highly portable thanks to his small measure.
A lot of options and tools of multiple test in a small handy device.

Has tried my new battery in mine old chooses up and literally all was attentive as they have supposed to be.

Thinks a quality and all a specs this declares door, he the value done each penny. A way buys things to buy them once and in quality, then has had to long and maintain his value in a long career.

To good sure recommend this produces any one looking to have typical of declaring and any to pay any side the dealership or services. It is hard to trust today reason all the world-wide that tries to sell something yours. At least it will know them the needs to substitute, load or apply interview further to my vehicle.
5 / 5
Very easy to use. It looks a quality is very too much. Everything is sturdy and the keys have the abonos feels to them. It looks to be doing like this feigned like my battery is relatively new. This would have to that be the device of good/tool to have for the DIY to proprietary car like them arent that careers to a tent of car to verify health of battery. If the battery dies, calm is likely very included the to a tent to take it has verified was that having this in home, goes to be useful.
5 / 5
This battery declares is returned my needs perfectly. I find car battery often and go in handy to know which are good and which are ready to recycle.

Easily can try the battery without him when being in a car, this in spite of, test of load or a lot another requires a battery to be in a car and that careers.

Some instructions are clear on like this to treat each test but does not have any description of the like a purpose of tests is. Besides, there is not any information further on type of battery etc. In a manual to the equal that can require the little bit of knowledge of battery to use for your application. The majority of battery has to focus with this information or the simple google the investigation would owe that it helps it era.

In general adds it and easy yours declare for my application.
4 / 5
Comprehensible testing for the batteries that comprises health of global battery, cranking qualified, and touching capacity. Calm give you much more information that the multimeter/of voltmeter can do not saying. A clamps feels solid and less likely to snap. It is very easy to use - just clamp he to a battery and select your test. They are happy has purchased this reason my battery is still down guaranteeed with a costruttore and I would not have known the never failed unless I tried it! It shows a description of to video to see likes the work!
5 / 5
My car battery is the few old years to the equal that have imagined would require one of these. Has the Toyota Corolla.

- Easy to use - just clip to some terminals of battery and read a screen
- is a lot quickly, gives a reading in of the second
- the screen is easy to read
- Can be shared easily with familiar and friends
- Clamps is copper

- No sure like all has joined other functions are partorisca
4 / 5
A tool adds to try your health of battery. Also I can verify your system to touch. It is very simple to use and sincere. So only select that loves test, a cold cranking amps ( CCA ) Of a battery, and beginning paste. A reading so only takes as to do and calm will know a health of your battery any time. With a cold time, the battery tend to be the little feebler. I have loved this tool to the equal that can verify a condition of my battery in my cars so that any volume stranded in the cold night with which does.
Some levels of cariche have found was down and said to touch on battery. My cars have begun well but now have peace of imports to know that my battery are form adds for a winter. I used it also to verify my alternator to do sure charges my battery correctly ... Everything is well.
4 / 5
The product feels sturdy and big quality. Fact really well in both of my cars. I have known that one of them has required the new battery, but has loved to see if this declares would indicate concealed. Died on! Aimed the big 'Bad' in a screen. Tool very good to have in your cochera. It can be the little defiant in a start to find a specs for your battery ( will require that in order for a tool to read correctly), but try looking for all any focus in your battery casing and unsure, tries different selections.
5 / 5
There is like this thought that has had the faulty device as it does not act .. Well to the left say, that if a device not being able to up, your battery has died entirely... :)

With which dipped it on the good battery, was able of the take to do without any subjects. A device is very very thorough and works perfectly. It was able to try the batteries of pair in a tent and any subject. It recommends it.
5 / 5
I like this declare reason is easy to use and some instructions are easy to continuation.
4 / 5
Am building the small solar system , has bought 4 battery,but has not been his battery declares can help to the test is very easy to use and aim me some results. I trust a declare.

Top Customer Reviews: KAIWEETS Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
4 / 5
The cost has verified partorisca think that a material is a lot well, has been already leaves of my workshop of electronic, for a way has saved some batteries
4 / 5
The cost has checked was time partorisca me to upgrade mine fine-metre and the are not disappointed, this one east súper well. His rugged and built partorisca last. Have Never really listened of this company but has bought them the volt declares of this company and was impressed like this with him the one who has solved them follow advance and upgrade mine fine-metre when it dress it to them is one . An exposure is big and easy to see and is included behind-lit partorisca some dark zones, and still has the built in focused light to see better. This one same comes with the probe partorisca try temperature, and there is built in something in a backside partorisca store some probes, have included come with there possess protectors. This company a lot skimp when it comes the quality, and a like this could easily cost two or three times so much. They are very happy with this compraventa and to good sure would recommend to any that looks for the good quality Fines-metre.
4 / 5
Control partorisca Purchase checked out of a video, everything in there. The majority of a time, use he in my car . I think that that it is a lot something more too much!
4 / 5
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards ( That is this ? ) Ossia An excellent metre , especially considering a point of price. The look of measures although on. It outrage an usual fine-functions of metre, this comprises partorisca measure big capacitors (i.et. A/C judge of start capacitor).
4 / 5
The cost has verified These looks of metre have aimed into use of electronic, which mostly would be partorisca use DC voltages, but a metre defaults to AC when the voltage is selected. It does not agree that you changed to DC in a leading use. So you are an electrician the one who mostly is measuring 120V AC then this metre would be perfect.

- Advantages of the test does not look partorisca like is silicone but is still quite flexible.
- Kaweets No factory this metre. A different only characteristic go in east and a model some frames of real manufacture is a protective boot is black in place of red.
- This metre is probably an only multimeter with lit jacks down $ 150!
- Global for a money will not find the better metre for a same quantity of money anywhere.
- The accuracy is sum
- characteristic of the security is on pair thus point of price and comprises HRC fusible in place of glass.
4 / 5
Spent the value “checked of Excellent Product that Shabby”
“FIVE STARS” 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
I a description of this product sooner and has given So only Some stars 🌟
May.... Because because, I have received unfortunately Advantages of defective Testing. I have conversed at least Four Clients of AMAZON that Represents of Priest n said him, by means of cat, partorisca take my advantages have substituted so that the multimeter is GOOD and need of only Advantages partorisca be substituted. But I am a lot sad to write this, that ANY of the representatives of AMAZON could comprise my question n clearly answered in the “Big “ “ “ NO”.
In last, when I asked him partorisca do me by means of the vendor, was my Good Regime that me to knots by means of.
Mina like this Becomes friends that First Description of ONE STARS was partorisca the services of Priest of the Clients of the AMAZON So only those who never concerned partorisca comprise and solve my question.
👉 My Description Partorisca Produced is....
..... Produced excellent “ALL The FIVE STARS”
has contacted the clients of the Worry of Representative vendor the one who has solved gladly my question directly partorisca substitute me the new testing Directs the quota in fast nave, which is very good easy and sure partorisca manage. I have had all the praises partorisca Vendor n his Representatives.
To the equal that for like this, a product is concerned, like an Electronic Engineer, does not have any objection in writing that, ossia that ...
“The value of PRODUCT” ADDS that it purchases yes calms really wants the good multimeter in this price. Any king-think while purchasing goes advances without question, is a lot n the attentive multimeter has done, maintaining maximum security of product n user in view.
I services of Priest of the Clients of the vendor and The Vendor is very very good n effective.
Likes I, from now on, has no hesitation in gladly attributing.....,
“ALL The FIVE STARS” 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
to a Product n Vendor.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia the metre adds with the plot of characteristics is. To the Things like them some built-class of light looks of gimmicky at the beginning until it find you in the dark cupboard or under a pinch of the vehicle and that little light in fact can be quite handy. A big screen is easy in some eyes. A light to flash in a correct port an advantage of test would owe that be plugged to this good so that the chance for those of us this has has has used metres before but take distracted from time to time as well as for some beginners so only learning some ropes. Highly it recommends this metre!
4 / 5
The cost has verified some probes when plugged to a metre has not done the positive connection has had to that wiggle his to do contact.
While a construction of a metre is utmost, the accuracy on measuring the voltage was was, compared to another metre.
Goes to send behind, has the 10 metre of dollar that does and the metre read then this unit.
5 / 5
The cost has verified are like this stoked in this metre. Has the very economic one has bought of local tent the few years behind when it take my current work. I am impacted the one who credit of the metre ossia so that it has bought them partorisca. I have paid with a lot I like him more. Fresco like this characteristic, a screen that orange of lights when something is alive, good backlight in a screen. There are lights of the indicator concealed lights partorisca say you some pertinent ports partorisca use based was the function has selected. Another thing that is to be impact was included is the boss of sensor and a functionality in a metre partorisca verify temperature. Some advantages on was súper good qualities also. A bit those that of some mechanics the one who have verified was when I had it on my office in work has been impacted when it say them that that has paid partorisca he. This will not disappoint .
4 / 5
The cost has checked !!!!!!No SHABBY!!!!!

Absolutely ridiculous. Hastes of data up and has bought this element based of some descriptions. And it is entirely useless. A battery entirely is that it loses the cradle or group of metal partorisca resist he in place, without him, has in 1/2 empty thumb that a battery just slides around and can any the connection. A course that REALLY take me is a fact there is the sticker of control of the quality in a back lol whomever is spent these needs to be shot and has despertador on any comma there in! Now I owe that take time out of my day, partorisca return this, and buy another in city because I have required he partorisca the harness partorisca wire today reason my craftsman has the data finally was! Total Craps undertaken, the total Craps control of quality, and included worse.. It feels like my toys of edges are built better that this, the economic china craps! Period! !!!!!!No SHABBY!!!!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Power Probe III ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
5 / 5
They are happy has bought this tool but I have squandered enough the bit of time because of a poor documentation and video. Probably more than I will not use never a tool. One of some first time has used was able to find the question in a headlight the transmission has not gone included conscious of. It was able to imagine out of that of some terminals in a headlight was can and earth and try a light to apply can without that has to that take a light, so that it was fresh. If it was the professional mechanic can see like this would save you the plot of time. Like the DIY'r is good to have but if you are not by train for the use all a time are not side sure he. I have bought a probe because I have loved to learn more roughly car electrics. I have lost all electrical power in my truck once in the busy motorway in socal that was a lot of scary. I have loved of then learn more in electrics. It is the good tool but the terrible documentation does not know a subject @@@subject and examples already. Some video stink also. Every time I see that the show to write like this to go of a way to another wants to attack my boss to the wall. Geez, Is that really necessary to go in and on again, sister? If you do not know like this to change the calm ways would not owe that be using a tool. And then some tones of breaking of a gloss of tool on or does not explain at all. P. p.ej. Any really explain a lot well a report among way 5 and way 1. I guess his clients have taken like this confused for of the this has has had to that do the video has called estápuesto of factory' that is not to reset of factory at all. Page 13 mentions that you can use this to listen to a ignition shooting in yours sparkplug bosses. Nope, Not even near. I have tried this several times and has maintained to thinks has to that be missing something when in fact it is so only listen anything in a noise of engine has to that be like this near of a probe and a boss that is ridiculous. I can not see as or reason any one would use this in such the fashion. Utilisation the spark declares. Then in a 'negative summit' video in youtube, a type goes thru the cranking judge to start with the test that resists down one 'pode' transmissions to apply voltage to a tip and does not explain at all reason. And a reason is reason in a manual and some two video could find, any really explain like this to use way of negative summit at all. A reason applies the power is reason this causes a probe to read and show a voltage of source of the power, likes 12.1. Resisting a transmission down, likes opposed to situate a tip of a probe in a pos terminal of a battery, the half reads a voltage a big plus. Any casualidad of him falling to 0 if you inadvertently say move a tip of probe or open the circuit or anything. Calm see you can very really say 0.0 in an exposure means a start of a test of way, or 0 voltage, or has moved a tip of probe, or has broken a circuit. P. p.ej. You suppose dipped a tip in a battery and then inadvertently and without prpers prpers give, take a tip was and goes to 0.0. If you have dipped a tip behind in a battery, an exposure will not change ; it is aiming a min voltage. To reset and beginning on, has to dip a tip of probe behind in a battery, controls there, paste a key of way. If taken a tip was and goes back to 0.0, calm then has to that dip a probe on and paste a key of way again to reset. A probe has to that be in a circuit when you reset and then has to that resist there while shots any test is doing.

Has to that update this description still again and is then fallen my indication down to a star but I would give 0 stars if this was possible. Again, I do not have any subject with a tool but to the equal that have said before it has squandered more time in a documentation and the video that will not save never that uses this probe. Now after trying to achieve his service of client, gives up. When it Comes to service of client, more the companies do not want to spend of the money on something does not win money on, in his eyes. When I Say 'subject', bad joe schmo owner, the one who knows the one who possesses this subject. Ossia Well. I comprise. It is his subject , his money, can do the one who loves but when the calm company invitations to contact them with commentaries or of the questions owe that dm very answered. As I send him the question and some type send me the response roughly estáponiendo' a probe. Huh? I have not asked roughly resetting. I did not ask him anything has related to resetting a probe to the equal that have sent my email behind to them three times in a past few weeks and I still am while in the response. So much, for any of probe to be able to that it could it read this, ossia that thinks of your company, III -- read among some lines.
5 / 5
Yeah Is pricey. But, a real value is is qualified to apply can (or earth) to a device is trying. Like a bulb of interior in the car. It is the fast... Fast!! Way to take a question has identified. A probe incumplimiento is like the metre of volt. But it is it is a capacity to be able to or earth the device that mark all a difference when that follows-down the question. It is money is very displaced.

BTW, This model of Probe of the particular power does not come with the chance to store he in. But, for $ 9 Caseling does the chance called 'Chance for BLACK+DECKER LDX120C' this is the perfect access . It is the classy if also with the zippered pouch in an interior to resist little material also (like a Probe to Be able to is several annexes ).
4 / 5
This tool is sum and has not been that has survived like this long without him. Before I have known this tool is existed use to use a metre of ohm and has rigged bosses and clamps to achieve far zones of a vehicle and he take me like this long to locate electrical shorts or ran voters. I can find faulty electrical bosses or faulty electrical parts in 1/3 a time. I can launch DC can heads to an electrical device with a push of a transmission. Perhaps a better way to comprise all some the different ways can use this tool is to look some video of Youtube that the people have published.
5 / 5
Are the technician of car of the diagnostic to the equal that buys a lot of metres of tools gauges lights of test of the escáneres
I no those works and that they can take for with. A note of this probe is better that more
uses it to find circuits to control almost daily. A note is professional ...Not topping of a line
a prójimo 2nd in the 1/4 of a prize.... WORK.... 5 star
4 / 5
are a EVT and this pocola what is one of some better tools for my work. Have Still to build the cruiser without hooking this up. An only complaint there is roughly is that it calms can do not maintaining powered on yours hand is not on that. Programming the lights is difficult when you owe that resist a transmission until the maintain powered on, although I have been able to take the band of hule to do a trick sometimes. Another that that loves this pocola what, has bought one for work and one for house.
5 / 5
This product has changed my troubleshooting career! I have used to have a probe of lights of the level, but found the a lot of limited and any bed out of voltages. A Probe to Be able to 3 left to take touched of of mine fine-metre for a majority of my work and take a faster work.
Bosses of tap, has found voltages or of the earths. Utilisation a transmission to send earth or can down bosses or connectors, has read voltages directly in an exposure and a cord is the abundance anxiety more works.

I for real feel ossia the must has produced for any electrical work, included for the weekend DIY maquinal.
4 / 5
Has purchased this after my knockoff probe to be able to has bitten a powder. It looks to be quality quite same although it is done in china. Has the power very along advantage that disconnects. An also exited tip for storage. These things are the must has calm he very electrical troubleshooting in automotive, classifies 8 truck, or marine. You save to you tonnes to time to leave you to be able to arrive individual components, relays of test and verify continuity. It likes that of a probe to be able to '3' has a screen that calm say you a voltage that leave to to use likes him the voltmeter in the pinch. To be sincere the majority of a time I use the probe to be able to as the light of elegant test, but is the must .
5 / 5
Wow Where HAS this state my judge of diagnostic of whole life of is exited solenoids, defenders, injectors, valves of purge like this easy to the use applies can or earth instantly has used them he in junk yard to verify compressor clutch, and operation of engine of the window with the 12v battery of course
5 / 5
are the mechanic of aircraft has certified A&P and Maquinal Master for General Engines. The desire has had the tool like this while it do. I have bought this probe and has begun to use the and loves that. The desire has known in a Probe to Be able to IV before I have bought a Probe to Be able to III. A PB IV like this more. I recommend a PB IV but if a PB III is everything needs this an excellent east.
4 / 5
Amazing! Amur That gives or earth on commanded. All of the waste to time to try to take clips & of alligator of the bosses etc to try things like the defender or lights. This will save you tonnes of time. The prize adds has compared to prize of truck of the Tool.

Top Customer Reviews: Autel PowerScan ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Required some way to diagnose subject electrical on motorcycle partorisca be sure was partorisca substitute a right part(s). This has verified a question in of the minutes. It could have used the much more expensive tool, but has has wanted to something simple death that reads well in a car (powered for a 12v battery) as so only can leave in cochera partorisca this purpose. The competitive products were much more expensive, as I am a lot happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Has bought this partorisca repair my Mazda RX-8 that has bought DONA of the Auction of Car of the Sure. It is it is cost each penny and more. With a diagram to cable was able to verify voltages, fusible, power on dead components, control a waveform in a CAN line and found the burned boss sotterrato in a harness partorisca wire. I also found that any one has connected the battery backward in a car! The desire has had these years partorisca my motorcycles. If calm any work on diagnosing electrical questions in of the vehicles, ossia of the better money will spend. Have Almost any need for my light of test and multimeter now.
5 / 5
Exceptional tool to do the easiest life. I have been doing on stuffs of the institute and all can think is where calm have been all my life? In fact I can not expect for a disorder of next trailer to light wiring!
5 / 5
Used it the little time and he has been purchased a fact for autool and has broken with which 3 company has sent was parts of the substitution but I have to that do a bit soldering..😣 But this a good east like this far
4 / 5
incredible tool to save the massive quantity of time poking around electrical systems, he doing easy to follow wiring diagrams and test quickly for values.
5 / 5
Although it promises to do in 24V prolongs a lot the time of arrivals of use dañandose, any that the hay sustains neither at all that guarantees the inversion. In definite Any one recommends this product. The expensive available Cockroach...

Top Customer Reviews: FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
Be it has warned this is not your reader of typical code. This a taken in a the technical material. Very it does not have any idea that looked in. I have learnt to use the little of some functions of uTube videos. I have learnt enough to discover had the plugged EGR the valve and I have to 02 sensors that is bad. Has some manuals of tent for my cart and a more studio these instruments to the More i likes him. A better characteristic thinks is a graphing. Looking an operation of some 02 sensors in a graph subjects enabled me to locate some bad sensors in the pair of minutes. If it is it has to take a time and learns so to use this scanner, will be happy bought the. I am very pleased with purchase of mine. Even so when you order this, orders the case and a bond of extention. You will want to protect this small jewel. A extention the calm of leaves of the bond in hook until your computer of automobile and be able to seat comfortably in the chair of an engine while it is by train to do you a test in planting to be hunched under a wheel. The scanner adds, the prize adds!
5 / 5
I actuate Never the possessed the reader the codify and has bought this Foxwell NT301 so that it take to ail and tired the launcher codifies and trusting the dealership or mechanic to say me that it was bad. I am quite handy and a mechanic of anterior aircraft, as I know my road around tools. This was a piece has required more. This unit that says and looks for the do quite well. That is to say a perfect unit for a mechanic of handy weekend that mark his own work how me. Me HISTORY:
possesses the 2013 Ford Fusi Titanium that has had some difficulties 2 YEARS ago with sputtering after it begins and then sometimes pause . A dealership and the supposition TAKES soyechanic' has given me he printout of some codes launched, (4 or as) and the hefty quote for throttle substitution of organism, FRP sensors and cover in a tune of $ 1300.00 !!
Well, When being the mechanic in of the aircraft and the Engineer of Quality for trade, did not have it. I berated a mechanic and cause the scene in a dealership and has taken a car house. On my own, I have substituted one the majority of first logical element and has been for some cover, for the totals or $ 45 bucks and 40 minutes of my time, SAVED me a full $ 1300... A HEAVEN was was and never illuminated again for almost 2 years (50,000 miles).
2 past of years, and begun to take the vacillation, loss or pot and poor action and logically supposed a cause of a HEAVEN has been now related in other elements I didnt substitutes 2 years ago, has substituted a FRP sensors and was sceptical of a Throttle organism. Desprs Taking nowhere even so having a HEAVEN on, decided to buy this FOXWELL NT301. I plugged he in and was has surprised immediately that any one of some anterior codes was present but a Cart has launched codes for the misfire.
This left wing of unit me to READ The CODE and has a reference of the manufacturers without that have to look above on-line.
Left me to clear some codes and then walks until a car HEAVEN illuminated again. I have used an option of record to record an interior of case a moment a code has been launched, shows an ALIVE DATA and then read all a present of codes.
Low and Behold, some carts have launched codes for the Misfire and Any throttle the organism etc. Has bought the new together of Cover and has substituted the premier and yes, a HEAVEN was was, and has has did not have problems since.
A dealership the bone has wanted in the principle me for $ 1300.00 and smelt my road around this subject, and this time was able to verify my problem with this reader the codify and ignore some erroneous data a dealership gave me in a past.
Whose Waste Another said me anywhere. It BUYS THIS, reads a manual, comprises his full potential and The USE.
SAVED ME A FORTUNE. Any negative critic here unfounded on me. THAT IS TO SAY A UNIT ADDS .
5 / 5
This analyser did totally in my expectations. Very mere and intuitive with minimum necessity the reference a book of instruction (which are quite thorough).
With the precision diagnoses a cause of my Light of Engine of the Control (code of error P0013). It was in Youtube to learn how one substitutes defective VVT exhausts solenoid, and after the trip in Autozone for a new part, was able to substitute he besides or 20 minutes less. Rechecked The system and was well to go. It wants that it was able to clear code of error of automobile ECM memory after a reparation. Opened Can spend it some the annual emissions try that it is required to renew my prjimo registration here in Knitting.
Chevy The trafficker has wanted to $ 125 just to connect in a OBD2... He then the laws of annex/of parts in that.
Has paid $ 65 for a tool to scan, $ 48 for a part and is exited advances of road, the more now has the scanner to use for any future HEAVEN.
4 / 5
That is to say a premier ODB the scanner has possessed. I bought it yesterday to verify the cart of my daughter. His light of the engine of the Control was on. And a cart is very of entity for his subsistence - but is also in the estimativa tight. More than the race was in the thought of the garage would be it well to know only that is spent. (Oh - And has has wanted to one of these for years. Any one that this there has been anything to do with him ;) )
Good descriptions. Delivery of same day. ( It check Some descriptions with my new friends reviewmeta! Thank you Podcast of money of the planet).
This unit was easy to use. Coverage he misfire in cylinder 3. We pull some covers. Tensed And has cleaned a desert to age (and cover them new has ordered!). Cleared a code. Verified again. And it is well to go until we can substitute these cover this weekend. In spite of the few reverses of our own mark was to do in in an hour.
And yes, if google is to be thought, if a misfire had taken bad, his behaviour with a light of engine of the control on CAN have marred his engine. Like this compraventa small can have saved his cart.
5 / 5
Why it takes your cart in the garage for them to say you that it is bad? Then he preoccupies is by train to say you the real problem, mark in the big plus a, or doing an up period only to gross money! It opens can say You yes really need to take he in. It uses the small another code of readers has been missing of in a past. And they have done, but this a law adds. It IS very easy in navigate around some cards, and read some codes. Especially for any one which he... That is to say more useful doing reparations to house this law in the cart.

Was able to discover that it was bad with my car, and yes required to take he in. But I have not been for the disturbs has been rasgado has been. As I say in you! If you are ailing to ask , while and begs does not take taken for the walk.... Calm take you the Foxwell reader of code of the failure and knows sure your automobile necessities the small TLC. Or! You are any concealed can do on your own car? Calm take you the Foxwell, and knows that necessity to take to fix your cart.
5 / 5
For a bit those that the past years used he innova 3030 reader of code that has been purchased in Walmart to hover he of a same prize like Foxwell NT301 even so it was not never the enormous adherent in fact very hated to use a Innova 3030 but law in the pinch. Desprs Taking a Foxwell NT301 and take to use he for awhile now can say I in fact a lot enjoys to use the. While both take in the minute to synchronise with a vehicle takes the screen to upload with a Foxwell that the marks does not look to take so long. But down in a nitty gritty mine the old scanner gave you only generic codes. Even so one Foxwell give you very only generic code but once synchronised with a vehicle also can give codes to manufacture also. A better part is that it gives some codes with the description of a code. That another wise would be necessary to write it down and looks for the on-line. This characteristic is very handy and it saver of time of entity. One Foxwell also has the add easy to use the by heart full and easy exposure to follow instructions. Characteristic additional of Foxwell that very as me is a capacity to read die of impression and real time of any codes that has been detected. It uses this unit in several vehicles. It possess it at the same time and every time it is done perfectly. I used it even so in the Cadillac recently done on and some the only codes has not been able to pull where a frame and codes of suspension even so the has not expected this he so that it is usually only detectable in a system of diagnostic of the vehicle he. In general really it likes me a Foxwell NT301 and and with the flavour has recommended a lot this reader in several people.
5 / 5
It IS sceptical like this was really cheap in prize. It has priced in the tent of the local cart and some units have sold averaged $ 100 and on. I have taken the shot with easterly one that had the light of engine of the control on and had researched has been more probably a sensor of oxygen because of a light of engine of the control as well as a VSC the light has remarked. Sure enough, I hooked this up and gave me the code that a sensor in stacks two sensor two was bad. I have taken he in the place of reparation for his have diagnostic also and was a same diagnostic . I have finished to do a reparation I after looking some videos of Youtube and saved me almost $ 400.
5 / 5
I have maintained bogging down in mine 1998 CR-V. I have verified and rechecked time, pressure of fuel, cover, revendedor, everything. Any light of engine of the control on, has directed madman me. At the end decided to peel out of a money for the 'pro' scanner, better that mine $ 20 walmart unit plugged this one in, has taken he for the walk of test with a record of characteristic data, and guesses that found- the bad O2 upstream sensor. It maintains to say my computer was rich (the voltage was .6 In 1.2 all through a walk), and a downstream the sensor put for apropar- 0 like the fuel of back of low computer. My fuel of term under trims is gone down in -30%. Everything of of the one of the east and the MAY has launched the darn code for me for the imagine was. I am spent of the hours in the hours that the flavour finds a mechanical subject, when this electronic tool has cured of him besides or 15 minutes less. A very brainer, your road of costs of the time of plus that these costs, the buy. And I am your mechanic of shadow of half tree that laws in his own carts, no the critic to feign while you can see in my history. These products was that well for me to leave the glowing descriptions
5 / 5
This thing is easy in hook up and provides the tonne of data, an only problem is that it was not that the majority of him half! A screen by heart is brilliant and easy to read, but is not the screen to touch, and since is each amiable of the use goes to screens to touch now that takes the small to take used to. The navigation is done by some buttons of arrow, with up and down planted afterwards in the each another in some upper and left buttons and the rights have planted on in some sides. Some arrows are printed clearly in some buttons, but so that they are not forms how maximum of regular cross like a D-the tampons have the habit of use in videogame controllers and such, using them in navigate has not been very intuitive for me. For some long time takes me that it tries to touch in a screen, and then when taking has had to to use some buttons have had to in fact take the second and thinks in that button has required to press. As I think that a creation of button could be it has improved to do a bit four directional buttons more so he D-tampon and then posing other buttons in a zone around a D-tampon.

Has also three lights only under a screen what bad all are well, there is the opinion, or there is the serious subject. Some two carts plugged he in both green aim, which are that it has been it expected. It has not had any code has listed, which was has expected also. I navigated through some cards and looked in the bouquet of data that has not comprised at all, and found a zone where can do test of diagnostic. There have it included an option to do tests of diagnostic in a device he, which has thought was fresh.

Physically, I how one when being of a device with a thing of grip of black rubber everywhere an external verge. He he durable chair. And a cord is abundance quite yearn both use in an engine and chair of passenger. Any external stack is required, uses a power of a cart. I asked me that plus or less a cart has not had any power, but then give if this is spent then although a reader of code has had can probably still would not be able in a surgery a cart for information because of a cart that has any power. I do not know any a lot of in of the carts, even so, so perhaps is bad. In all the case, I like this thing so far but can any one really do the fully accurate test until something goes bad with my car again. Desire I to go to have these years of mark of thing.
5 / 5
It takes this when it was for sale for $ 60. At the beginning, has thinks that that this tool was junk. But then I give, it was error of operator . It uses to plot of tools but never in the vehicle to start with of the push. That necessity to know is concealed has to press you a button to start with but not beginning a cart. Then it lines a button to start with for 3 - 5 bren without beginning a cart. Desprs, A car can in the road but any one when the be has not begun. Calm then pode hook in a tool to scan and has access in codifies and obtains a capacity to clear them. If you any one this, will not be able to clear them. I think that that that is to say probably a same like other devices to scan also.

Top Customer Reviews: ANCEL PB100 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
4 / 5
I know some people think that that ossia so only the hopped on the multimeter but has some figure that will do your question shooing like this easier. It can apply you can or distribute the earth in orders to leave you the earth out of the circuit or energise the circuit partorisca verify to questions. This characteristic so only the value done of the money. Also it has left you know a voltage in a circuit is trying compared to a voltage of battery of a car. A lot handy when looking for connections of poor wiring. Highly I recommend it.

UPDATE - I active has had now this unit partorisca roughly 6 month and he no longer works. It appears some functions are doing, can say for a beeps, but a lcd the screen is entirely spatial. Has emailed a vendor in his web page partorisca take this has corrected of then is still down has guaranteeed. I will update with as the transaction goes. Still it recommends a unit, is súper handy expected it so only to last longer that 6 month.
5 / 5
Was also partorisca pay the a lot of main prize partorisca a unit of probe of mark of name, this in spite of, after looking in some characteristic of this probe of voltage, has decided to take it casualidad on that. It does not disappoint me . It is resulted my preferred of electrical tool partorisca work of car reparation, included although has the number other metres that comprises Fl and other frames. A capacity to inject earth or positive voltage to the circuit of test is fantastic, together with AC graphing the capacity and a function of test of the diode this the tool of complete test. One 20' the goodness is sum and a tip will take 4mm accesorias of discharge of the banana that develops is global utility . It comes with an additional 20' extension that adds. Ossia An excellent tool partorisca a prize.
5 / 5
Ossia A second circuit declares the box has purchased. A prime minister an I found a lot of gain follows down pesky electrical questions, but usually did not have it handy when it has travelled and visiting tents of reparation while work. So much, I have bought this ANCEl PB100 Box of Probe of Circuit of Vehicle partorisca spend with me while some another house of stays.

Has comprised in a circuit declares the box was all some elements has comprised in a description that comprises:
1 PB100 Probe of Circuit
1 Tip of Probe
1 Boss of Extension (20ft)
1 Dips Clips of Battery
1 Adapter of 12 Volts
1 Chance
the manual of 1 User

A PB100 is powered of a voltage of the battery of a circuit is trying like any inner battery is required. Partorisca Use you just clip some clips of alligator to a battery of source or Adapter of use of 12 Volts and DC Voltage immediately shows in a backlit colored LCD screen. (Partorisca Verify voltage of the source so only touches a probe to a positive goodness of the battery of a vehicle or press a toggle advance of transmission.)

Pressing an orange key in a declare toggles among some different functions of a declare.
1) DC Voltage (with the resolution of 0.1 volts)
2) AC Voltage (shows Max. Voltage, Voltage of Min., And frequency)
3) Way of Control (the ohm is, to read control among a tip of probe and goodness of auxiliary earth)
4) Way of Diode (to verify advance and reverse sprain)

there is also the toggle transmission that has the habit of applies voltage of source to the circuit (before press) or resupplies the direct earth (hasten backward). The precaution any to use extreme precaution when that uses this function to the equal that would be easy to destroy electronic components has used wrongly.

A pair of which taste on this declare is a two work FOCUSED LIGHTS in a front come on automatically when a probe is hooked until the power of 12 source of volts. This declares also give you an audible notification when trying circuits together with the visual notification. (Explained down)

Luz Red / So only Beeps: the voltage of Next source is delectated or Voltage of source (toggle) is has applied.
Luz green / Mutiple Beeps: Less than the voltage of source is relieved or the Earth (toggle) is has applied.

In general I like this ANCEl PB100 Box of Probe of Circuit of Vehicle a lot, this type to declare would have to that be the part of any mechanic is or electronics tinkerer arsenal. If I experience any subjects will update this description.
4 / 5
The to the left initiate me was to say has possessed the probe to be able to and has done SMOKES. As I have decided to buy this a versus a Snap-on because of side.
Shabby and fix old vehicles and selling them more the work on all my own vehicles also the cars familiarised swear thinks I course negotiate it some time.
Like this far am very pleased with this tool is result very familiarised with this tool quickly loves a fact that comes with an extension another extra of business load for him. This to one so only like him some mark to appoint only more economic.
5 / 5
Initiates on measured with the probe of contact of the hand - other 30 seconds without operation and automatic closure - a time of the reaction of the measure is roughly 1 / 2 as - a speed to measure also can be regulated to the little tenths of the second by means of a software to quickly identify a measure - but some results of measure will be relatively unstable - as the time of response is to ensure a stability of some results of measure and long-use of term. Thank you very much To resupply such the good product.
5 / 5
Very happy with this probe. On pair with a PowerProbe with the much better prize. We possess partorisca Exhaust Pros in Richfield, MN and can very always take a name of mark. Ossia More than until a task.
4 / 5
Has ordered this a time still has ordered a probe to be able to 4 master box with a short trace. I have bought this a pleasure the compraventa lateralmente and I really like this one. He roughly 80 percent of the like a pp4 fact and is a lot has done. This will be my probe of the main use of then can buy 2 for a prize of a more elegant probe. It had been pursuing the short for almost the week in the school bus and found the bad earth less than 20 minutes. I produce it adds.
5 / 5
Has to that way that be using a Ancel in work for the good quantity partorisca time now. It likes me the mechanic of diesel and do the plot of tram troubleshooting and I need to discover if the sure bosses are taking voltage, that is taking or although it is grounded. This probe done of the marvels and has substituted entirely my more basic test light probe.
- 40ft to try line for far was probing
- has imagines more available that the probe of basic power

- sure time after connecting a probe to the battery for the turn on, a screen would look frozen and would have to that connect and reconnect a probe for him to operate properly.
- A chance that comes with this very small and once use all 40ft of a line, he taking bundled for behind near and to a small chance is very difficult
- a chance comes with this very economic and plastic
- has in the millimetro to delay to time to touch something concealed is any heat or grounded until it takes the reaction of a probe, has tried this side for side with the probe to be able to and a probe to be able to to good sure reacts instantly Ansel different. No the big shot but something to be conscious of
5 / 5
has had big hopes for this help of diagnostic. The main use was for house but tried in the prime minister of half professional to ensure that a product was of confidence and of confidence. A model gold is a mark of PP of nomination' unit.
Also is that it is the decent unit and an action spec looks to be attentive. A hertz readout is sometimes questionable but close quite once he samples long enough. A graphing represents the rough but acceptable picture of some values.

A Bad! Both my units owe that it considers the fatal defect. It has not fallen on every time. You owe that ' it played with a +/- clamps until some cariche of software on before it uses. Sometimes it has to that try for the half the time of dozen in order for a unit partorisca kick up! It is the hunk of junk when this raisin. One spatial the white screen is roughly like this useful like some Windows blue screen of death! Totally unacceptable and frustrating enmedio professional where time is money.

Go back to a joint to draw, Ancel! Always I take my 'PP' unit when they are in a clock.
5 / 5
Is feigned purpose , has been launched was that an available price was $ 14 dollars less with which shabby. This in spite of still the decent product, comes with one all black chance that the desire was marked or has had the mark of product in the the decipher among others chances.

Top Customer Reviews: AstroAI Digital ...

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4 / 5
Sometimes it buys squad of economic test, law the fast description and then bonds some results in my page of web of the . I this for a profit of a HAM Radio operators that wants to repair it his own squad, but that it is in the fixed performances. I bond the full description with photos there the weeks of pair. This description is for a typical homeowner or DIY hobbyist this wants an economic but the fill the measure has looked. For comparison, has tried this metre against the much more expensive Amprobe EST-570.


- A dual, the plastic coated the magnet in a backside is very useful. It can bond he in a face of one of my radios of HAM of the vintage while I am doing some testing and he will remain there.
- HAS the big, easy-in-the exposure has read.
- DC And AC RMS the readings are very inner some specifications have alleged. Something-on, in fact.
- Control, DC running, and readings of voltage of the forward of Diode is accurate. I have not tried a Cycle to Have that or functions of Temperature.
- A quality of tez is above half for the metre to arrive to this point of prize.
- Bren AstroAI, This metre can read voltages like big likes 1,000VDC (CAT II) and 750VAC, but any emphasise concealed. I actuate Still for the use to measure one 900VDC voltage of dish in an of my Swan 700CX transceivers of tube, so that I want to take some use of a first metre before I risk to blow the up. More, the plan uses this predominately to try circuits in of the carts, and solid-radii of STATE HAM. There is the UEI 384 this has alleged the max DC indication of voltage of 1000 volts, but when tried a voltage of dish of the Swan (rests, any modulation) a UEI has blown up - literally. I have found another on-line for 20 bucks used, and tried it again. THIS metre has blown also up. As having to take some indications of voltage in these cheap metres with diverse grain of salt.
- A manufacturer alleges that this metre will read capacitance until 600 micro-farads (uf). But a one am trying has measured until 2200uf with good accuracy. They have meant perhaps 600uf in a precision has declared.

REMARCE: HE CORREGIT MY INDICATION BASED IN A fact that this metre is estimated in 60,000 uf. A main value has now although 20,000, and this metre reads with a precision approximated included like my much more expensive Amprobe EST-570, and my ONE HUNDRED DT-9935 LCR.


- That magnet that has mentioned on can choose in nuts, staples, pins, and another material, as it is the bit of the sword of pair verge.
- A counter of upper borderline the frequency alleged of 60MHz is in fact 16MHz. Apparently, when the marketing of engineering has said that the read in 16MHz, the thought of marketing that has said 60. And, a voltage has required to obtain the reading is quite big, almost 5V P-P. One Amprobe THIS-570 in or another hand reads with accuracy until 43MHz, and only necessities the small in 1V P-P for the good reading. Of course, gradient in $ 110, or almost 4 times so as this AstroAI WH5000A. Note: I have verified only mine Amprobe manual, and alleges to read in 60 MHz also. Has the feeling that that is to say only he theoretic figure, based in a fact that these are 6000-account (5999, really) metres.
- A transistor hFE (current profit) the function of test is in only 1 volts, and in the very low current of around 1mine, likes bed in the middle of a profit of the device under typical conditions. And for some reason, an a lot of-adapter of the test of the function is fixed C-B-And in place of B-C-And, doing flavour In-220 devices he hassle. So much, any compraventa this which the transistor declares.

While I have said, bond the complete description in my page of web at the end. For the hobbyist, or DIY'er, that is to say well, and a prize has not beaten can be. For Radio of the records of the HAM would spend the small more. BTW, does not find one beeping to be THAT problem.

REMARCE: Some DC the voltages have been distributed by the Tektronix Fixture of Calibration. AC The voltage was of the regulated AC supply, pose in VAC. I have tried AC separately in planting to joint to a Amprobe metre so that AC the supply does not have BNC to connectors likes them the mine Tek DC supply. With some probes decoupled, one AstroAI chosen in the small quantity of AC, more probably of the fluorescent mine lighting.

REMARCE 2: in a photo of one trying of metre something in a underside of the radio, a metre is measuring a of frequency of a unit of signal of the Kenwood TS-930s transceiver of HAM. A metre is connected in a joint apropa a terminal to begin. It reads a signal, but a profit of a together (carrier level) has to be posed in 10 to obtain the reading. In comparison, one Amprobe can read a signal in the carrier level of 4, and the very old Beckman Industrial DM27XT can take the reading with a place of carrier control in 2.

In some two new photos of some metres that measured a value of the condenser, one AstroAI and one Amprobe is measuring a same 2200uf, 35V electrolytic condenser.

A manufacturer contacted me considering mine 3-stars to estimate. Compared in other metres in a $ 30-$ 50 field, this would be 4 stars , perhaps still 5. Even so, only it gives one Amprobe THIS-570 4 stars, so for a sake of consistency, gives this 3 stars.

For a road, has a thermocouple has connected right now, that measures an environmental temperature here same in my HAM shack. It is fluctuating among 71 and 73 titles so of the cycles to heat on and was, which are in of the rights. I have posed an end under my tongue for the few minutes, and the level has entered 95F. As it is not to remark of laboratory, but is not bad.
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It EDITS: AstroAI the service of client is well, they refunded me and left me to maintain a metre. Please reads on for an evaluation. I go to give this the provisional 3 stars, and will count that down.

He beeps VERY STRONG(one very strong 2khz the wave has squared beep) for each small thing, changing roads, the press of button, is very troubling. There is any option the deactivate that can find. I have opened a unit and takes a piezo to unit likes him never beep again. Other residents go to complain to listen it while in my inner workshop deep down has separated. A beep the subject loses the star.

Open Cela has taken is spent everything of this beeping atrocity... Mamma the small this has had to to take a piezo unit, since like me look that am doing for tests of continuity of sure precision. (The VENDOR takes note: As we speak in our email, does not create any one has the use for a beeping flavour further of continuity for this unit)

A function of records of delta so expected, but only in the linear base, obviously, as it maintains that in of entity while I like him.
Some behind ignite stays on for enough 12 bren. I can rewire import to remain like a unit is on, and can convert a unit in rechargeable He-Ion also.

Some probes included is not that utmost. I am not sure that it is lately, but each new probe has bought the retail of discounts has the different to stuff that my older probes, and does the difficult contact. I owe line-in my probes to take the few measures of impedance, or gives them some big pressure to take the reading. I have substituted the to try further with cat of big quality IV 1000V probes.

A magnet is only two scarce earth magnets in a part of strap, and or the armours stuff washer in an organism (inner) of a DMM. It IS well , any terribly strong. At all use it that to line a unit in the engine to run or something equally critical; it does not take any a lot of the yank for the attraction down in accident. For the half stable, in an object of dish, can do well. When being ready in that a, or can swing in the something bad, or the cause achieves /takes panic when falls, indirectly in hablador harm/of loss. Paranoid? I prefer to be guarding in of the possible problems, that is to say everything .
Even so, a void in a DMM could be used with the ty-embroil or another reliable strapping for the control the sure sure plus, is solid polymer .

These looks of metre to be the small less affected for static/dynamics EMF this joins other 2017 units have bought. Some measures of the field the low plus is in some specifications given by one the majority of part. A motherboard of this unit is the general unit , is not the purpose has built. A motherboard is a same like the extraneous number goes down them the multimeters cost, comprising those with different micro-controllers, functionality of USB, and some another. I can modify the handful of a hardware in this unit, only to see yes is able of characteristic operational extensive.

Capacitance The testing is limited, but work. There is has wanted to to try around 10-100F for my EDLC is. The flavour of the voltage is very inner spec, the current measure is inner spec, the GOOD of looks of the impedance, but a subject persists with some probes given while it mentions on, as some erroneous informs is present without a lot of obliging good contact.

A NPN/PNP the module to flavour is the ache , an order any one behind NPN mosfet IC containers because of an order, as I owe angle my terminals around to take the reading, the difference of the each another DMM has. It IS troubling, but work. My another the units use the different Vce value also, so that it is something to take used to to try of bank. Also, probably I will lose a testing bud. It does not think has the reason to do these external and removable units. An advantage, a bud can be used with diodes, as you are not fumbling with advantages to try to verify voltage of before the diode.

Flavours of looks of frequency to be in aim with the generator of wave square (tried in 1khz), and reads 2% was objective in my filter to be able in, which are aforados properly in of the specifications of laboratory, in . No the big roads, only an observation. I think that that that is to say inner still spec out of a manual.

Can of the cart was the function can not be deactivated without modifying a unit, as that is a point of having a symbol of LCD? This direct me for the thinks could be deactivated.

Opens For one the majority of part of entity of everything, a material of security.
Some fuses are apropiar- for a category given of application. It does not have the half in arch of salvation/of flavours of pot some probes here. DMM The case is very isolated and isolated. I am comfortable to use this in only phase 220 and 110, and only quite anything the voltage the low plus. I want to try a beginning for an active testing, but the very is not that it measures that. It take, this is estimated only in CAT I 600 V, and CAT II 300V. It suggests that any one concealed is not familiar with east, reads Flukes PDF of emission of the security on-line categories. It can save your life.

IS VAL and the device of measure of fast test, for a prize, is not terrible, is reasonably accurate, but a work of necessity of the characteristics, big time. It considers a beeping, also.
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Well obviously this is not the metre of big final in this low prize but with the wide field of functionality, 6000 exposure to represent and alleged TRMS his still of interest and very useable. His big in measure with the class of odd looking blue-ish backlight but the big quite easy to read exposure. The precision and the speed of update is surprisingly well while it is repeatability, so always rests of reliability of long field to be has seen. A perch of magnet is the good but the idea needs the magnet the strong plus to be very useful. The advantages are suprisingly decent after the good debugging of some tips with wool of alcohol and fine steel. The looks of global precision very good and a metre has an acceptable very also strong but the audible continuity declares and a zero of metre is was very when the advantages are shorted. Both fields are melted with so much a 9v stack and a two small ceramics that the fusible looks accessable afterwards takes a coverage of stack. Any one of some rays in a case have the metal inserts/inserts, but again that is to say the metre of the estimativa likes him of any subject in this prize. My worse complaint is even so im happy has the backlight his taken the slightly odd look - and many the only stays in the little bren and when gone back he on theres the odd has washed slightly was effect in some numbers, of those who take me bad an exposure is easily readable only no so vivid and crisp in appearance like another - more can very preoccupy quite or included commentary this, and so metre to estimate his no really a subject. Im Very very unhappy while I have known that to expect enter, some works of metre well with the plot of the functionality offered - but one would have to maintain in importing can take you a Fluke 101 metre of pocket now for low $ 50 and still although any so much functionality his taken a robust and tried Fluke reliability thats the pointed state in of the tests in YT - just depends in that youre after in the metre - global this metre is not the bad to buy but verify other options this field of prize, has some good values elsewhere also. One could ask why I didnt buys a Fluke 101, the just question. One answers is these offers of metre of more functionality of plot, two already have the fluke 17B+ but a main reason was mere curiosity based in descriptions. I have seen decent descriptions and the big exposure with a lot of functionality for the low prize and im the bit of the collector of metre as I bit - that is to say a class of calm metre whose imports to take with in the toolbox or launched in a truck etc., the calm take you the cheap spends stock exchange to apt on-line and youre well to go for very little $ $ . - If any one 'borrow' he any one a lot of to lose against. The Fluke or similar priced metre. Still with some things have mentioned sound the very compraventa and could do worse for a money, but again plots to see in this field to price as has the look but careful be theres a lot of junk there so read and look any available YT descriptions of video in any metres youre considers.
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I have ordered this for one reasons only. To locate cual looked for when being the parasitic drain in my Jeep. It listens quite idiot when has been done.

A metre has done to perfection. I have posed he in DC voltage (Capital V with the line after in him with three points under this) how can measure it millivolts (mV). Anterior in trying sure had not begun a Jeep, has opened doors or in any road has done anything concealed could cause included the drain to be able to provisional. I have opened a box of fuse in a compartment of engine and begun to touch some probes of metre in some something of the exposure of tiny metal in the each fuse. Some have aimed 0.0 mV. Some have aimed the value around 0.3 mV and has gone down then in 0.0 mV. Normal so far. Woah! This a this bond in 10.5 mV. Any sake. That is this fusible decree ? Outlet To be able to. Uh oh. My Jeep has two beat outlets. A changed and an another unswitched or on all a time although a tone is was. It IS winter . Has the tampon heated in a chair of engine. Has thinks that that there is in a outlet has changed. Has in a unswitched. Unplugged A tampon of heat. It tries a fuse again. 0.0 mV. Stupid is is stupid marks.
This metre has some good weight in him so any one when being pas cheap. I am not sure in some magnets. They are two disk shaped the magnets woven in a low strap that hangs of a cup of a metre. There is a bloodletting in a backside of a metre concretely for some magnets to bond in , but still tend in slide around. If you use the to hang a metre of something the metal will do a work, but would have to clash a metre or yank some advantages then a metre is exiting and go in an earth. When being unsteady in my feet and too much often that loses my balance is the first candidate for this phase. A magnetic strap is the well thought, but the find to classify to be in a road and he tend to interfere with a toneless grip of my hands that the fact more probably that fallen a unit. I no the precise . Probably only I take a strap with some magnets.

Has not tried a support to kick while it was out of working in a Jeep. Any well in this phase. It can be very if yours does in the table or contadora. Probably it take he with my unsteady book and the attack on.

Some look of advantages to be good quality and is the flexible abundance. They are three long feet not counting some cover of banana or some probes. It would like him it has seen it of the pair of clips of the alligator comprised in a container.

Has tried a thermocouple to touch he in an electrical stove for the pair of the bren and a shot of temperature directly up. I he hurriedly so so any one prende for the pause but then read that it can locate in two titles of thousands. I am not sure that could use it these characteristic decrees. Perhaps it checks my dish to solder to see yes is very so hot while it say that that is.

Likes him that it takes and comes with the lithium of new level of stack of volt. Any hunting for any odd stack has to order on-line. I eschew anything these stacks of uses of alcaline button.

Some say does storage in back for some probes. An only storage founds was for a stack and the fuses so that a coverage is screwed shut. It imports any I so that it follows to order the case.

A back light for a screen is very brilliant, but only rests in durable has to bren and has any road to augment concealed or the stay to mark on permanently. If you are doing in the dimly the zone has ignited can be the problem . It was external in the dusk when tried my fuses and I has had to to maintain pressing a clear button so clearly could see a screen. I am sure that is to say to maintain he to suck in a stack, but can be inconvenient. At least a screen is enormous with enormous figures.

Be very if this is coming with the case. It have paid the small more to take concealed and an on mentioned alligator clips. I am ordering some clips and the case separately.

IS older and my view is not that once it is so that it would like him to of him some that the instructions are very basic has been printed with the text the big plus. I have downloaded an on-line manual.
//imatgesde the HAS an exact same information, but is readable.

A pair of time during the mine that tries a metre blurted out of the series of fast beeps. I have not had some advantages that touch anything in that moment but I have tried fusible after the fuse those touches the with some probes so that it was up? I have pressed a clear button and a screen have not aimed anything unusual. At all in a manual mentions these beeps. Even so, for a manual a metre automatically the fence has entered fifteen minutes if it does not detect any activity. Perhaps a beeps was the opinion that say me a metre is roughly to beat down. I have turned a metre on and has begun the clock of decree. In fourteen minutes have taken a beeps. A later minute powered down. The theory has tried. Alas, touching some advantages in the things apparently do not count so activity. The activity is defined apparently to press the button or turning a dial. So much, you listen these beeps necessity to achieve on and touches a clear ' button or more a metre will close down and will be necessary turn he behind on. To well sure that is to say another characteristic to save of the stack , but yes is doing the plot of a same type to try without that has to change anything in a metre then is required to maintain leaving a metre knows continues to do. I comprise a purpose, but does not like me a characteristic. It has to recognise that some advantages are being has used.

Comprises to use to enter yellow. The mine is red. Red flavour.

Would like does of an option to maintain a screen of LCD behind shoots on or at least besides long and would like does of an option to deactivate a fifteen cart of minute was characteristic. For a low sure prize when being big quality . In general I am very satisfied with this multimeter.

Small update:
takes that strap with some magnets. I have found that every time it has posed it to it to him down in the surface of clave of metal. Some first time spends has almost lost my grip in a metre. I tired me to choose a metre up and that it has to give a bit extra yank to pull some magnets free. Although they bond in a backside of a metre, when posed a low metre in a hood or a bumper have taken the better grip in those or that never another surface of metal had posed a low metre on. Better to take them totally that in the risk that takes a metre yanked out of my feeble old hands feeble. To good sure some magnets in a strap are the useful characteristics for some people, but for me result for more be that the inability and has presented a risk of me elect in a metre and the falling. It does not think never bond the those fond in something and leaves a metre dangle precariously for a strap in all the case. Some magnets were the bonos thought, but no for me.
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Only it take it this metre today, pose in and touching the together advantages would have to give the reading of 0.0. This measures any one, or stays in the value at all. I have tried an integer eslative' thing of button even so, when touches some together advantages, is taking erratic the esteem concealed does not remain in the only value, or show 0.0 control. I will be the road this metre behind, expects this description excepts more a problem in this piece of junk.
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Like An anterior electrical engineer, sound a necessity to have the house of multimeter for my personal projects. It take this AstroAI multimeter to substitute it INNOVA 3320 Cart-the Variable of Digital multimeter cual found for also be has limited.

Likes him that they have tried to do a multimeter looks the Fluke, but hurriedly will remark a difference once in your hand. A multimeter is clearer, besides cheap (although very still) material, and a main control is to take the rotate. Has some basic measures (voltage, current, etc.) And also comes with the thermocouple and well he-socket of function for transistors and condensers. A multimeter uses the 6V stack, inclusively.

My boxes are come with the "the Far cape Declares". I took me the moment gives that this has to be the deception of a manufacturer, of this cape declares can not be used with a multimeter. A fact that the arrival in the box of my multimeter me it small uneasy in a control of quality of a product.

Even so, which have me almost the fact goes down my indication in 3-the stars are that a manufacturer has decided to implement the "beep" every time you select Any option. You rotate a control of OUT to measure of temperature? That is to say 6 beeps since you! You press one selects button instead for C in F? Another beep. Seriously, this has thinks that that this was the good idea ? I am revising this while my sleep of boys, and is fearful to problem them. Included the does not affect a functionality of a multimeter he, the find the enormous defect, and could consider to open a multimeter and deactivates a sound, included half to lose a parameter of control of the continuity.

In general, thinks that a multimeter is the good roads and will do for concealed it the precise, and only wish a manufacturer has not attached that troubling, unnecessary beep characteristic!
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I cross quite 3 metres every year. It buys expensive and cheap metres ones. Only it take this metre in a clave. The test is and has found some characteristic research very fresh. Some advantages of cape are fat and the durable look. In that a lot likes him in this metre is concealed has of the quite strong magnet that the helps maintain a metre in the place in the surface magnetised. Also I like him His is of the characteristic and a relative button takes an extra of control in some advantages for an accurate reading. Looking advances to pose this creature in a test of my work requires abundance of troubleshooting with metres. I expect it it can withstand some beats go to take. I will edit my description the few months. I will maintain you it has updated.
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Once it take this read some instructions before same turning it on. Desprs Has connected a red cape in imput and a black in that. Then turn it on in control and has touched both red advantage and together black, and read .04 And when moving some capes around go in. 05. So that I say me that some capes are bad. Desprs hooking In my capes of old multimeter the then read .03, And it does not change afterwards moving some capes around. It researches to be the decent metre another east crappie capes.

UPDATE... After my initial description, the service of client contacted me and has wanted to to favour them to me of test of the substitution. They do very better and am very happy with a response with AstroAI.
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Very pleased with some of the same quite metre of the capacities reasonably priced. This varies the cart was a characteristic of entity for me and anteriorly only available at most expensive products. This will be used for my applications of laboratory (house experimenter) with electrochemistry and down-voltage to level / current applications. Draw that Need and build some of my 'technology that the flavours bank' this device' qualified to try transistors, condensers, the frequency and the temperature are ideal for these applications. Backlighting IS quite that shines cual helps a lot in my no-so-laboratory very ignited. To well sure the decision of compraventa well.
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Want the fluke the metre has required of the metre of test. I have found these types so that my anterior metres have been loads of port specials. I am supremely happy with him. It IS sudden, some RMS, and easy to read. Some covers of magnetic strap to hang a metre has the piece of the next metal- the absolutely will line a metre closely. The mine is come with the defective temp probe, but the service of the client has offered to substitute a unit. I have not wanted to substitute a whole thing, as I issue me the new together of advantages of premium. I am so happy with this metre that can any one any one saw it to me never that swipes 10 times this quantity in the fluke metre. Some of some descriptions go to complain in the strong beeping... Any one has changed a model or I are by train of gone deaf. There if the beep when roads of change, but is not strong at all. This metre is absolutely estimates a money and seeds some.