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Horrible experience with a nanoject II. Wine with the wrong or-the coverage dipped on that after month partorisca try to take explanations of a service of client, has taken fijamente. A question with a together wrong up was that a micropipete always was emission automatically and same when properly semi-detached, an oil often has filtered. With which fixed, a system has done better but still some times a capillary the oil filtered and sometimes also detach automatically (something partorisca avert when the reproducibility is crucial!). Like an additional note: in a manual is declared that a neighbour up is recommended partorisca micropipete tips of 10-30 microns tips. I have required 10 microns the tips and that use this measured a system takes stuck each 3 -4 times to the equal that requires partorisca begin on, which is a lot anoying given a quantity partorisca time required partorisca fill a micropippete. Certainly, it would not recommend this together until any one trying serious science, any very at all. Fashionable toy of the device.