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1 Rollo Label Printer - Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High Speed Printer - Compatible with Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify - 4×6 Label Printer Rollo Label Printer - Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High Speed Printer - Compatible with Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify - 4×6 Label Printer Rollo
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2 Brother QL-800 High-Speed Professional Label Printer, Lightning Quick Printing, Plug & Label Feature, Brother Genuine DK Pre-Sized Labels, Multi-System Compatible - Black & Red Printing Available Brother QL-800 High-Speed Professional Label Printer, Lightning Quick Printing, Plug & Label Feature, Brother Genuine DK Pre-Sized Labels, Multi-System Compatible - Black & Red Printing Available Brother
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3 DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Label Maker with Bonus LW White Address Labels, 1-1/8-In. x 3-3-1/2-In., Roll of 350 DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Label Maker with Bonus LW White Address Labels, 1-1/8-In. x 3-3-1/2-In., Roll of 350 DYMO
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4 Brother QL-820NWB Professional, Ultra Flexible Label Printer with Multiple Connectivity options Brother QL-820NWB Professional, Ultra Flexible Label Printer with Multiple Connectivity options Brother
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5 DYMO LabelWriter 450 Label Printer Bundle with Labels for PC and Apple Mac DYMO LabelWriter 450 Label Printer Bundle with Labels for PC and Apple Mac DYMO
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6 Brother QL-810W Ultra-Fast Label Printer with Wireless Networking Brother QL-810W Ultra-Fast Label Printer with Wireless Networking Brother
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7 Zebra - GK420d Direct Thermal Desktop Printer for Labels, Receipts, Barcodes, Tags, and Wrist Bands - Print Width of 4 in - USB, Serial, and Parallel Port Connectivity Zebra - GK420d Direct Thermal Desktop Printer for Labels, Receipts, Barcodes, Tags, and Wrist Bands - Print Width of 4 in - USB, Serial, and Parallel Port Connectivity Zebra Technologies
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8 ZEBRA- GC420d Direct Thermal Desktop Printer for Labels, Receipts, Barcodes, Tags, and Wrist Bands - Print Width of 4 in - USB, Serial, and Parallel Port Connectivity ZEBRA- GC420d Direct Thermal Desktop Printer for Labels, Receipts, Barcodes, Tags, and Wrist Bands - Print Width of 4 in - USB, Serial, and Parallel Port Connectivity Zebra Technologies
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9 Zebra - ZD410 Wireless Direct Thermal Desktop Printer for Labels, Receipts, Barcodes, Tags, and Wrist Bands - Print Width of 2 in - USB and Bluetooth Low Energy Connectivity Zebra - ZD410 Wireless Direct Thermal Desktop Printer for Labels, Receipts, Barcodes, Tags, and Wrist Bands - Print Width of 2 in - USB and Bluetooth Low Energy Connectivity ZEBRA
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10 Brother QL-1100 Wide Format, Postage and Barcode Professional Thermal Label Printer, Black Brother QL-1100 Wide Format, Postage and Barcode Professional Thermal Label Printer, Black Brother
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Top Customer Reviews: Rollo Label Printer ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
Bought to print focus of surpassed for And-sales of bay. Desprs Less than twenty minutes out of a box, all has been posed up and work.

- Very compact.
- The enormous savings on try and the time has compared to print in normal paper, the hack out of one focuses, and record in the box.
- Easy to use.
- Cairo Very well has built.
- Comes with the cape of USB, and the small tarter' container of 4' x 6' self focuses adhesive.
- The web of place is well with abundance of info and varied that-is (And-bay, Amazon, etc.)
- does not use the proprietary focus.

- Has the forget astounding in a web of place, although it loan possible fixed for problems, any vain to detail in that exactly to implement a fixed. To do an impression-out of darker, suggests to retard down a speed of the impression and that augments a density of impression in of the Preferences of Printer -&62; Parameters, but does not say you if some numbers would have to be main or lower. Through the test and the error imagined out of a more under a number a slow more a speed of impression (the 'correct speed' for me looks for to be 3 ). Still I am touching around with some parameters of density, but so far 6-8, printed out of focus of the good darkness without something aims.

Inferior line:
has very only four options by has consecrated 4'x6' printers of focus. A Brother and DYMO so look to have subject of reliability, and a Zebra is too type (at least for the this is doing). The while there is not any dysfunction, a Circle is looking an of these devices that ask that never lived without him.

Update: it is state more concealed six month and a Circle maintain chugging together with regulating (almost daily) use. Of a manufacturer has fixed his instructions of web of place (very appreciated BTW), now is giving five stars (of 4 in 5).
5 / 5
Ohhh Man this thing is awesome. It looks too well to be true. It IS a estupefaciente hassle-free product. The May thought It could wants the printer lol.

Like The owner of small subject, these paid of thing for him in both times and money. In the principle has bought this to ship focus, but inner the little of the minutes have begun to print adhesives of logotype to slap in some containers also. It causes WHY VERY when any precise to buy ink that is the value is weight in gold.
5 / 5
In the first place you are when choosing the printer reduced it down in a Circle or a competitor dymo. I have read then some descriptions and decided in Circle for three reasons. Facilitated of Setup, Cured of Client and Speed of Impression. The Pound of circle in the each three.

First ease of the place up was that it imports in me so that it is not the person of computer for any half. A printer arrived while it Schedules. Simply I plugged he in, is gone in his web of place, looked his low video and has had arrives and law in the subject of minutes. The mine was of the only subject there has been a modification of the adjustment required for ebay and when being unfamiliar with him mac that the inherited (lifetime user of windows) has decided to contact support of client to save some time. Shortly after that and he routed an email took Kevin called in Estrave, and in of the minutes a subject has been resolved. But that is to say where a history takes well. While Kevin was in my note of computer that has had a bit unsolved wifi subject. I have ensured it it was a current problem and has been to do in a future on taking it fixed. The question has imported to come from the few things. As Kevin has been to try different subjects that could when being. Work on he for some time when suggests that I update a computer. The update was to take in meso to an hour likes him Kevin has said that that called behind in 30 minutes if I have not imported. I have said it it went it already road alln of a call to have to, as it was not necessary but would appreciate it if he . Sure enough, only it goes it take a computer up and the race and Kevin was in a tlphonique again. An update still has not resolved a problem, but says concealed has two things more to try and sure enough his last tentativa has resolved the year long problem. Bronzed His motto, this listens would have to win our subject does not expect it absolutely take in heart.

This printer absolutely has a speed has expected. You Paste a button of impression and before it can turn return yours to look in a printer has been already printed. You have to be hurriedly wants to see this cute little work of printer.

Has at all to compare this in so much that is to say my first printer to seal but can not imagine the printer this better work then this unit I focus only to fold to walk ordered like an extra Tray by behind a printer would not be a subject. I have been only using these the days of pair now, but does not expect to see any future subjects. Estrave The printer is there to win our subject and grow his company, as I imagine will be to be by behind his product for a long term. If service of the client and the speed of impression is of entity in your selection then there is no another election of printer that can rid like Circle.

So yes is posed in the printer of focus he thermal but our just test decides go in east and another type, you favour and has posed your confidence in Estrave. I think in a future will result some levels to maintain up with stops to the thermal printing and you will be in the cape of a curve.
5 / 5
I want this printer. It IS the small sceptic at the beginning while the purchase for the printer of easterly looks for to be the new mark and a Dymo has so more descriptions. But we decide to go with easterly an and is very happy. A fact that can use you almost any one focuses of the measure with is which sold us. Also, it begins to use UPS, can take the free focus. It has Had he that hangs 3 weeks and has had one, minor, subject correctable...

An only downside the voice is that probably it have to take a headline of circle of focus he with him (or has to be offered in Amazon). We have seen the smallest subject with one focuses no salient clears from time to time, but was only the low section, the horizontal of one focuses (plus or less so wide like the name of the person), but a rest of one focuses was perfect. At the beginning, has thinks that that it was a printer this bad, or he when being soiled, but a lot of note that only or the nude was bad and then a rest was a lot. I think that that a subject is without in that has a headline to seal and having a circle only chairs by behind a printer and circle while it is pulled through a machine. Quan The friction wins and a wheel has to pull the tiny plus bit hard, a change in tension has created a mine-subject to label. I have chosen hardly a circle in a table by behind a printer and has used the pencil to leave rotate around (to to the scratch likes him to him he spindle of of star), a problem was was.

So much...Mandate his headline of circle of focus he when it takes this plan on using some circles of focus. You can take he of his web of place ($ 20).
5 / 5
I have researched the on-line thermal printers for the long times and I are so happy bought this printer. In the principle went it to take a Dymo printer of focus, but after reading some histories of uncountable the horror opted for the option more taking that a soyainstream printer.' (Dodged This balloon) That is to say probably one of a compraventa has done better this year totality. A printer is sper easy to use and is not very hassle at all. It prints fantastically with each a barcodes and the words that crisp to start with and clear. ( It adjusts to print density and speeds until perfect in printing preferences) With small lettering and sources, will see some pixelation. Even so, I actuate there it go it only this awesome printer for only the week or so, so that it has probably some road for the fix (has not discovered he still).

Like The owner of small subject, only have second to adjust parameters of printer or changes of mark, and these marks of printer he sooooooo easy. Mark Sure to read a setup manual and takes a time to learn some functions or a button and what a different flash the lights are. But, the calm also could do the bit to learn on your own (as I like him ) and read up in of the fly.

A setup has taken less than half an hour. When being prepared to cross and Leaves a premier 10-15 focuses before has a perfect process. It IS only a name of a game of 'zeroing he in'.

I amour a fact that can measured of paper supremely hurriedly. All owe the mark is movement these two sliders in a printer or wider or smaller to return a paper wants use. After it conceal, it can a paper in - prjimo a lid - and runs to a scanner likes him the printer can recognise a measure. Before you clique 'Printed' in your mark of sure computer to have your Preferences of the printer or the parameters have posed in a measure of correct paper.

---- EDIT --------- the December 3, 2018

the printer still is going strong with the thousands of focus have printed. Nodes FBA focus of product and shipping focus through Shipstation day in and the day has been. There is has not had one emits at all. The integration is sper mere and anybody subject while I am some directions .

A thing has learnt is to do sure has the decent PDF that edits program as you can harvest and focus of impression in a fly if need in. That is to say to do to use one snapshot tool to print that it selects out of the PDF, which are utmost for FBA focus of product and such.

---- EDIT --------- the covers 4, 2019

Still going strong. Any one of my opinions has changed in this printer. Shipped 1,000 east of containers with a thermal printer without any worries. Still it recommends this printer in the each owners of small subject.
5 / 5
ETA: there is a subject with one focuses bought for this printer. It maintains to power out of sealing afterwards or has printed. I am happy any left in this printer, instead looked in some client revises that there are responses of service of the client. I have read that all has to was to control down a button in a printer until he beeped. Then it can very focus through so that it can identify it a desert goes in focus. The works add now! It IS the marvel what the the small shoot of the problem can do.

So far so good. I have decided to go with east in a dymo XL because of some descriptions. Happy has done. Easy to use and paper of load. An only thing that would do this better is if a tray of focus is come with a printer in any extra cost. It IS the small expensive, but fulfils it will pay was over time.
The laws add with Etsy and PayPal impression of focus. PayPal doesnt HAS a circle like an option to print format, but any one of one 4x6 dymo or work of options of the zebra. Etsy Was included easier. All has to was automotive of download and didnt has to touch any one of some parameters. All has been opened in PayPal to print to focus and have recognised automatically a circle. The flight so far after only the week. Update if anything goes bad
5 / 5
Only it take it this printer yesterday to substitute my failed Dymo 4XL which had been using for a bit those that the months spent to ship elements of eBay, Poshmark, Sellercentral, Bonanza, Mercari, and Etsy.

Like my printer to focus thermal 5 since 2015 has the bit of experiences to use on my part-does of time like the reseller.

A low history:

has purchased in the first place the Dymo TwinTurbo printer of focus for use with ebay shipping when in the first place begun to sell on-line. It have been that goes in fedex for the every time sold bicycle something, as this was that him import to update, when being able to print to the focus in the house has surprised! Even so, a together-above the time thwarted, a focus was something likes him 7.5'x2.5' And it has to take ebay the ship printed in this measure. I have imagined once that it was it was to add, but have not anticipated that the little of the years later would be to develop in another program duquel the sales could not print in this measure.

In an endeavour to maximiza spatial in mine then teeny-tiny 360 sq. ft. Walk (with my Daughter of 6 years, My fianc, my housecat and he 50 Lb the German dog of shepherd can attach. The time was rough....) I have decided in 'update in a Dymo labelwriter 450. I have printed still a same curiously proportioned focus but was smaller. A twin-turbo has two circle of powers to seal while a labelwriter 450 has only or. Erroneously Has thought , like the beginner, this would require to print one focuses of parts of the allocution of one focuses of surpassed, aim found that in does not listen a case and that my twin of two circles-turbo unnecessarily took on my room of desktop. Again, this printer was well, but one focuses specs was odd and incompatible with another program.

Mina 3 printer of focus has been purchased so that for some reason had maintained come from uploads the new circle to seal a wrong road. It has not arrived in me to try and situate them in affronting down until it has disassembled already a printer, has broken one craps out of him in frustration and later took a new substitution.... Those instructions comprised that aimed had been trying posed a circle in a wrong road... 50 bucks Gone... geez.

Used this for the year until I have decided that it would like him develop in another program to sell on. I very the since moved time in an adequately-sized spatial and begun in a lot develop my census. I have begun once to list in this praise was arrests to time to update in a conventional, level of industry, 4x6 focus. As I peeled out of just in $ 200 for the Dymo 4XL and One focuses to correspond. I have known when experience what the a lot of people have had problems of experience with this printer concretely and this can also. It does not experience any one with a Twinturbo or 450 but those have had a lot of critics more positive that one 4XL, As it take it a guarantee has extended . Alas, a damn the thing has begun blockading and spurting was focus to try only 3 MONTH after I bought it. This has not been an only subject had had, the focus had raven and all the classes to crap but this was a final death of a Dymo 4XL. Quan Has contacted my guarantee serive, instruct me to contact a manufacturer how I routed Dymo a demand of email regarding the service of guarantee of his manufacturer. It is been almost the week and has had still Any response of Dymo.

While still have the subject in run, and without the reliable printer of Dymo, has decided that it take my casualidad here with a Printer of CIRCLE. I have had almost the experience the first time around but did not like me that precise of the separate circle-the headline or this has been done by the company that was new and stranger in me. It was also preoccupied with so print Poshmark focus, while they only his focus of format for 8.5'x11' cloaks (How has thought! In fact it can change now, please read on to discover that!). But this time decides that it take my casualidad. At the end, the headline of the circle IS an option , and he so that it is a focus of fold of the accordion, as it is beneficial look in him that road. Also, a fact that a company is newer and less established in me the half Has to win my confidence wants to when being in a game. So that it is in fact the profit also. A profit that had not expected is that these prints quickly of TAN and is So calmer that one Dymo!

To the Tan far likes him poshmark to focus of vain, has tried at the beginning one workaround that the CIRCLE has suggested, begrudgingly. Dymo Has Had this software adds that it can use to screenshot one poshmark to focus and the impression but the reader of the circle suggested of Season of the use, another new program to download only to stink poshmark.... It EXCEPTS... I googled to again and expsito that that of March '18 Poshmark has attached the road to change your default measured of focus in 4x6'!! So Psyched! All owe the mark is Vain in: My Tools of Vendor &62; shipping Parameters to Seal and select one 4x6 option of focus. Opened will be You To it to print direct of poshmark without any one workaround has required!

While it is still very early in my life of CIRCLE has has not had any subject where has required to contact service of client. But have a feeling that when/If it was not never more concealed useful. Any road, after some time will update my description here to comprise any new info and the experience has. Like this far, I am converted sure, is GONE with Dymo, IN with CIRCLE!
1 / 5
Once it calms in fact own and use this printer some good descriptions here begin to look reeeeeeeeeeeal suspicious in that strangely similarly has excited they all sound.

So many has used far the majority of a whole circle of 100 focuses, and has printed 6 focuses properly. Has the problem that impressions directly, and frequently will print average in or etiquette then the averages in an afterwards. In a while he the spit was 10+ focuses of room with each printing, while horribly mangling half of this state been due to not printing directly and leaving them unusable.

Please the note with this printer has to buy the $ 20 headline to lean to seal to be able to a focus in a printer that then will eat and misprint a majority of them. There is the plot of low quality terrible printers there, and this printer the cup of look of a line.
5 / 5
Pose up relatively easily, but requires the bit to configure. Once the fact is good to go and impressions hurriedly and easily. For me in this way more frustration with focus of full cloak in my printer of the laser where has to cross my toes in expecting that it can it he properly and any jam (one WHISTLES real).

No for PayPal to focus International with forms of Customs in the. Any lacking Circle but PayPal International does not touch well with thermal printers and 4x6 focus. The circle HAS the fixed where saves to the focus likes him PDF and then opened in Acrobat and fiddle with him to print, but a whole reason has bought a Circle was for speed and simplicity.

The circle said Me quite automotive of Peninsula of thermal printer. I have tried a demo and bought it immediately. Sad tin very bond the nexus. Yes, an engine was almost the hundred bucks but WORK. Some configuration is necessary and is well to go. PayPal Focuses international in 4x6 is the clear glass. I have created also the profile of printer of the Peninsula for UPS focus. The circle Also does perfectly with Endicia.

For created PayPal etiquette some necessities to Go at all and his action surpasses my expectations.

My only remorse is not the buying more harvest. It IS small, hurriedly, and a focus is cheap muck . Oh, And his support of technology was supremely hurriedly responses in my questions. It can not ask more than it conceal!
5 / 5
I am so happy was with Circle, less very fulfilled but has taken it casualidad this imagines if the hate can return he with my quite first account easily- left says! There is the small problem hooking the on forming that it has not possessed never any printer before I so that I listen me the cloud left and emailed circle in 9pm imagines would take the response sometime a next day but no! Has the call of tlphonique in 3 minutes exactly with the useful man that far accessed my computer and he have posed up everything for me in less than 5 minutes. Then I routed join me email with his number of direct telephone for any future subjects. An another big perk to have the circle in place of the dymo is can take free 4x6 focus to ship of UPS has rid directly in my door, issue me 6,000!!! It seals these laws with a circle everything for free! I am posed for my subject of new house and has printed already was quite 100 focuses without subjects any one. Totally it estimates a past money and very that has to never buy to focus this printer the robs! Any half your time and money- buys a circle now and any lament it!

Top Customer Reviews: Brother QL-800 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
I use this (or at least flavour in) in the Mac. It IS the paste and lose in better and does not like the general printer in spite of a software that alleges otherwise. In a scarce occasion that takes to focus felizmente printed some results are well. Can be it better in the PCs but I any active or in that for the try. Soundly Disappoints. I have expected better of Brother.
5 / 5
Required the printer to print out of USPS focus for Ebay sales. This does only concealed. He he hurriedly, he he well. Any I still installs a software to print, only download an engine only of the brother and was to arrive and race. Easily it can find some measures to focus correct in Word of LADY and Ebay has an option to print out of USPS to the focus in one focuses to measure big this comes with a printer. In this totally paid prize for him in timing saved in him the month. I hate the plot of electronics as when it finds something these laws and is impressed. That is to say one of them. And a reason has chosen the brother is so that has the cheap Brother Wifi Printer of Laser this has been doing for years with prjimos-toner of the piece and he not having never the problem.
1 / 5
There is the Brother 710W that at the end is the past was. Decided to purchase this or based in positive critics and an excellent prize. A small problem - the ABSOLUTELY any LAW with the Mac.

IS spent a better part of 2 hours that looks for a web, installing / uninstalling software / of engine, changing computers, changing capes, - the names has tried the. A QL-800 simply does not communicate in Mac down Max YOU 10.13 or a plus nine 10.14.

The brothers have horrible technical support. A section of the help is not very organised and house predominately in of the problems of Windows 10. (Based in a number of pieces - has the TONNE of the problems that use this printer with Windows 10 also).

I emailed surrounds it detailed of the each this I - and take the response that would have to listen behind in 2-3 business days! Brothers of the support of client adds.

Absolutely stays out of this product. The mine is headlined behind.
3 / 5
It is not very a lot the cosy user. Has had to 3 applications and he do not fly printed. It says it that it can print it he of your tlphonique but the impossible. It does not recommend if yours any technology savvy.
1 / 5
As it take this thing the little the mark of days and is been at all but frustration since I unboxed a unit. 6 calls in brother, 2 calls in Microsoft even so any resolution. A minute tries to print something in P-Editor to Touch some freezings of the application and I take a (Not answering ) error. I actuate Still to print to focus only has wasted so time that flavours to take this thing to do, time that would have to when being use to run my subject. This thing and a quality of products of the brother and the services are the total craps. BUYER BEWARE.
5 / 5
I possess two of these. It has Had he that hangs four month now. Work perfectly, a first an era the small delicate to pose up, (am any expert with computers) but took me more than an hour. Calm according to a trace in 5 minutes. They are quality adds , the impression adds. Calm give you the professional touch in your subject.
5 / 5
This small printer is sum to do focus to ship and fact of commission adhesives. It prints very fast. You can print 5, 4 it focuses besides or 7 less bren. His very easy to pose up and is basically covers it and the game averts to download software. A printer doesnt apresamiento up very spatial but is very robust and very built for his measure. He doesnt listen cheaply has done. A software is easy to use and some possibilities are limitless when goes in to the focus done of commission.
5 / 5
Fantastic. Well working machine. The impressions add that focus of look. Beginning very easy up and installation with windows. Versatile. I recommend this product.
5 / 5
I want to it! Required the fast road, easy to print focus for mailing my books in of the clients. A QL-800 is only an entrance. I use an Editor Lite software that is installed in a printer, as all owe the mark is gone back in a printer, click in an application, type in a name and allocution, presses the button, and out of zips the perfect data-to the focus has cut, ready to peel of a back and bond in a container. Had zero setup, another concealed to take he of a box, a quality of impression is excellent, and this creature is HURRIEDLY! It can any one when being any happier with him.
5 / 5
This machine is extraordinarily reliable and saved me uncountable hours. It IS so easier and cheaper to use that Avery etiquette In me, some looks of the so much better focus that race in a envelope through a printer, and is so faster

Top Customer Reviews: DYMO LabelWriter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
So far I very like this printer. An impression of focus cleanly and without any esmearing'. I have debated among this printer and a Dymo 4XL and chosen to go with east a to cost savings. An only profit, for me, to have one 4XL in this printer would be for an ease to print a regulate-measure USPS focus. Even so, this printer CAN print USPS focus also. A USPS the seal of surpassed that it print he of this machine requires to the focus measures 2-5/16' x 7-1/2'. If calm only google investigation 'As to print USPS focus of the surpasses measured 2-5/16 x 7-1/2', would have to be able to find mere instructions for almost any program of generation of the surpass. Also, you print USPS surpassed of this machine and finds that it is not scanning in a dispatch of clave, any failure! If you it fast google investigation 'USPS surpasses barcode of Dymo 450 any responsible scanning of clave', will find blogs with instructions on that to adjust some parameters of impression (necessities to be posed concretely in 'better' and road in a Dymo). It expects these helps any one!
Note: duke 1 star so that this element arrived without boxes of external nave. It arrives in his box of original, which was very beaten up, and without protecting additional in an interior for a machine. Of this product is both shipped and sold by Amazon, has expected much more cured in packaging.
5 / 5
These marks to print of fool of focus-test! No more wasting ink (according to some instructions, a necessity of only thing to preoccupy you quite is having focus to maintain a machine powered)!

This was sper easy to pose up: it installs a software of premier CD, then limit in a cord to be able in and cord of USB in your computer and turn it on. That is to say! You have opened once in a program in your computer, give you the few personnel to choose of, edits your information, selects how much need of copies, click 'PRINTED', and voil&aggravates;!

Has bought this for a fellow familiar ancient that sakes of cooked marks and has maintained bugging me quite his focus any one when being very properly varied when print them. I have ordered this the Wednesday, took the Friday (First thank you!), you Go in his house the Saturday and the place arrive in 10 minutes.

IS of compraventa!!!!
5 / 5
I want this machine. Like The LuLaRoe Advisor ship constantly and is gone in a dispatch of clave every day at the beginning.

This thing save me so time and was easy madman to pose up. Literally only he plugged he in and has downloaded an application of desktop.
5 / 5
After reading some negative critics in a dymo 450 turbo was hesitant but has ordered one in all the case, has to say it has done perfect with subjects of zeros and prints very hurriedly, perfect for the that need
1 / 5
If the engineers of NASA have been asked to develop the blockading diagrams that is to guarantee to blockade in the each use, when being the ache in a butt to take eschew and far worse to pose by behind together would win a prize for ingenuity has presented this devises of frustration of epic in a scientific community. DYMO Angles of mine yours. Clearly with the engineering has limited to know how you NASA has done has been. You have to have the raisin says of month - 'any thwarting enough, returns and the worse fact'

And then Eureka you he!!! You have taken the concept of the writer to focus mere, has done each possible deception and perfected some first worlds 100% guaranteed to do - focus jammer. Well he - applaud your endeavours have used used your device of frustration of the epic during five month now and continues to surprise me. Every time I say ' today he ' Except any one - 4 focuses later and is until above rapeseeds for 15-20 minutes that the fixed again. Some manufacturers of medication of the pressure of the blood has to want to you ... I even so no.

the amazon is listening - beg of you, in the give an option of star of the zero that can use only once for year in a worse product has not conceived never.
5 / 5
It has Had this writer of focus for the month now and has done enough 800 Barcode focus with him. The law adds, with an exception of a jam of paper a whole time, but was easy to fix and any sea my circle of adhesive. Work incredibly hurriedly. I am also very impressed with a software that DYMO marks for this writer of focus. He Tan of Organism incredibly easy to use! I can import excel cloaks to do that they print barcodes so faster. An only thing has remarked this is not that I add with a software is a house the image has done these imports. Always they look the bit pixelated. But another that concealed, is the product adds that I am happy has bought.
5 / 5
It EDITS - 10-19-16: I have forgotten to update this description. I have achieved you go to back of the client and all have to was re-installs a software and my subject has been resolved. Updated in 5 stars.

(Pros: Impressions hurriedly; any smudging (so that it is thermal); sper-the initial of easy spouse up.

Gilipollas: Instructions to download or creating the personnel to seal any precargado in a program does not exist . Anywhere. Has one 1' x 1.5' 'Llibrefoca 'Backwards' (Dymo 30347). This focus does not exist in a the majority of recent software (8.5.1), And I can not find anywhere to download these personnel. It can create the in Word of Microsoft, but some waste associated with a necessary test-and-the error is surprising.

Had the base to know or forums of available support, concealed would have done my a lot of easier researches. But, no such luck in this time.
4 / 5

A real printer is fast and relatively well. It has to have a right alignment, but is sake of correct impressions . Sometimes a focus is the small also wry and wont attaches totally directly, but is scarce this raisin. Some problems of causes of the software, but a hardware thinks to conform all my expectations.


That is to say an only weakness of my perspective. Law a lot at the beginning, then had an update and cross all the classes of problems. It can not find my mailing ready. One focuses prints the small more dulcemente, then has to expect quite 3 bren for one focuses to expel in a something where can cut it. Some 3 bren can not look a lot, but when being as an eternity. It was much faster, but after an update of the software down retards the plot. The sense to print almost instantaneous, is not the ache . I think that that the volume yearns it that it expects for a damn focus to be ready. The desire would fix this software glitch, any same know why updates was necessary, if it is not broken, no the fixed!


Joins to the focus has the good crisp is arrived, but an update of software can cause a bar code to be the small was. I no really cured in a coding of bar, but yes codify of the bar is of the entity would give it some serious thought before buying east. A peel to seal well and some rests of ink have posed, which was my primary worry and a reason has decided to move focus of use in planting to print in a which envelope was the constant battle . A prize is like this reasonable, does not attach any a lot of in a cost of routing something was and a quantity of time has saved compared paid to spare for him. Only it wishes that quirk has quite not expelling a focus has cut was would be fixed.
5 / 5
As we Do to augment security in our workplace, begins to look in of the systems of entrance of the visitor these dishes by name of the impression. Some of these softwares and the squad varied in some thousands of the dollars and we only have not had this class of money to spend right now, as I have looked for the printer of type of focus to regulate. I have resolved in this Dymo without a lot of knowing yes done what necessity to the mark excepts is pleased to say that it does.

Took me quite 10 minutes to take an installed software of his web of place and taken he hooked up. A software is very easy to use, and found a pre-the personnel has done exactly for dishes of visitor immediately. We save some personnel for future use as when has visitors we only attraction on some personnel and steps in.

Is using a DYM30856 - Dymo Appoint Any one Focuses Adhesive of the dish and we attach in clip for a guest to spend when is here in a dispatch. It Likes him to us his this creates better that the adhesive. Some dimensions of these focuses are 2 7/16' x 4 3/16'. These accesses perfectly in a printer of focus. We have printed the handful of this since arrived focus and so far so good!

IS happy this finds the solution in everything of of the this for low $ 100. Highly recommend it this for any small company that is not ready to do a jump in an expensive visitor that clues of program.
5 / 5
In the principle has ordered directly of DYMO for $ 135, but pause after 1 year.
Has found this in Amazon for half prize, am adds now. Although it breaks again after the year will not be so unbalanced while it take a premier a so that I have paid half prize.

IS the good machine , uses the plot.

Top Customer Reviews: Brother QL-820NWB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
Work very well for our control of church-in the canal that use iPads. They are very easy in setup and the law adds. A printing less is that it costs that in Dymo.
Does not use one focuses of sample on something wants to take one focuses of or the harm will arrive. For it focuses by name, uses this focus: 6 Brother of Circles-Compatible DK-4205 Continual Seals the Removable black in of the Aims 62mm x 30.48m(2-3/7' x 100') With Refillable Cartridge
4 / 5
We are running 8 of these printers (QL-720NW) to print focus of product and shipping focus. Some printers do perfectly in so XP and Win7. There is even so some things to be conscious of...

1) printed in a printer with one focuses wrong setup (the printer has 1.1' to focus installed and print the 3.5' focus) an off-line vain printer (the red power focused). So that it show your printer setups. All owe the mark is to touch a button of power in reset a printer. When being very conscious that a printer knows exactly cual measured of focus is installed.

2) that Impressions Barcodes in 300dpi (fast road) can create barcodes concealed 'less expensive' the any one reads readers. If has the no-mark to appoint barcode printed of reader in 600dpi. We use Metrologic MS1690 is and read everything. But some of ones less expensive 'was bank' the versions can not handle the 'noisy' barcode.

3) Sure has one the majority of current firmware in a printer. Some of one old plus firmware is has had problems with gigabit points. It IS easy to update with one BRAdmin program.

4) Takes a Brother BRAdmin Professional (free download of place of brothers). It IS easier to use that one 'Lite' version these ships with a printer and he do for Each BROTHER networkable printers, and some HP is. Calm only precise a BRAdmin software in a machine to do setup. Each which joins other machines have required only an engine of printer.

5) does not install a Brother 'attach-on' software, is horrible. It launches A CD. It downloads An engine of printer of a web of place, work without problems.

Had the curve to learn for me takes these that does a road has wanted, but now they only race. To him it focuses it is easy to upload, some printers are economic compared in another, and having some options of hardwired ethernet, wireless, Serial, or USB, is surprising. An only complaint has is that there is any option of paper of the Receipt for these printers. Another that this can any one complain.
1 / 5
Desprs Spending a better part of a day that flavours to take this thing to do, leaves, and is returning. Backdrop : Has the Brother QL-570 printer but I have wanted to something concealed is wireless as it can pose it has entered a warehouse. State using DK-2205 focuses, which are supposed to be compatible with this printer. They only well in a QL-570. In all the case, after it situate each which arrives and changing some parameters in of the Windows to match a circle of focus has used, maintained to take the soyeasured of Wrong Course' error. I have called support of technology of the brother and there was to us situates in the creation in his P program to Touch, which was in the able end to take to do, but does not resolve a problem - a printer no properly in any one another program of windows. Then after you take an error of measure of wrong circle , Windows thinks that that a printer is out of paper so has to take you and reinstall a printer every time. Further it is thwarting, and the support of the technology of the brother was useless. I have been said could not provide support for other programs. That is to say the swipe has been. It IS the PRINTER , is supposition to do based in some parameters of Windows. This buys the into use only printer with the proprietary software of a manufacturer? It wants to be able to do what this the printer is supposed to do, but alas only does not act.
5 / 5
I possess a Brother QL-720NW, decided to try a new QL-820NWB. Very happy has done. This printer to focus new is the add to update. It IS easy in setup and use. One in LCD of screen and connections of marks of system of card in several devices the accident. Any hitch connecting my smartphone of android or my apple ipad using bluetooth.

Reading some earlier commentaries, has been prepared for some problems. I have found any one, any whatesoever.

Has purchased also an optional stack, which boxes to label down in a basement the breeze.
1 / 5
A printer remarks that the type of focus is uploaded. If you try to print in another measure of paper some locks of printer in error. So a printer knows 1.1x3.5' To him it focuses it is loaded, and tries to print the measure of 1.1x3.0' taken a message of error and physically has to continue in a printer and reset he. So have thinks that that that has purchased continual-the seal of period as it can cut the second a measure of the paper has posed, is mere injustice ! It IS one measures a printer decides that it is, and at all more.
Even Worse, in the moment sure my printer has decided 1.1x3.5' it Was loaded while 2.4' was has uploaded in fact. It was mere impossible to print Anything. So that when I have selected 2.4' the wide inch thinks 1.1' has been uploaded. And printing something 1.1' the width failed so that 2.4' was has inserted in fact.
The May HAS BEEN able again after initial setup to print Anything in 2.4' focus.
And average of a software no when a printer is connected to the point, no through USB. It is sold like the printer of grandson, taking?
5 / 5
I have bought he to use to house after possessing two focuses cheap anterior printers. I want to it. It IS easily a better of some printers of focus have used. It estimates a prize. I share with several computers of Windows in my point. Work as or the printer of clean computer or only. I have not tried for the take to do in Linux or a iMac. I have not looked to see if the engine is available. As having to use or Win7 computer a plus.

Type of measure/of the change to seal easily and hurriedly, prints blazingly fast. A printing is so hurriedly any problem with '3 through' more than focus.
Would suggest to buy the variety of the measures of focus/write up front. You will use the!
Also suggests something to take one focuses while they print and expels faster that the man in his 60 is can turn around!
Has used he for things that anteriorly has not used other printers to seal the cheapest preys. It likes them to them the drawers of tool of the marcacin, dossiers to cupboard of archive of the marcacin, etc.
Am adds for or offs, or Natal is your list .
Negative, has been having some problem that takes it to arouse afterwards not using he for awhile.
Thinks that an editor is quirky and has taken the few days to master. I have opened usually for until existing focus and edits the so when being faster concealed begins of scratch with an editor.
A focus of only volume is focus of Card of the Christmas . To to Any I likes him His of his database and wished had used something source more opened like a book of the allocution in program of email, so that a info can be shared. Even so once it poses up, a list can be easily edited and has not printed any one focuses in my printer of the laser has taken of east .
5 / 5
So far this is doing well for my dispatch of small subject. I posed it up in our grandson, and is happy of the say was quite earnest while has some experience with posing in static ip directions and installing engine and program in of the multiple computers. For some reason everything of some manufacturers of focus and has used is more difficult to pose up in the grandson these regular printers, but this one was much easier that a printer of zebras, and the stays have connected, in difference of a dymo printer. Yes, I am in 3 printer of focus because of subjects of connection of the point... If and I do not need never purchase another and is expecting that it comes up with covers he and model of game. This has said, is using he for focus of recipe. Although one focuses that required to use with my software of dispatch is the small big for focus of recipe, law only well, and a manufacturer of focus so much has been far very reliable to use of any computer in our dispatch. Also I like him his that of this calm machine give you an option to use the diverse focus of different measure, which have to pose up in the each computer with a p program to touch (or he any one prints left anything), as has uses more potential that other manufacturers of focus have used. Global happy with this manufacturer of focus.
4 / 5
It gives it five stars, but take more with a longitude to install that it would have liked him. Admitted, has been for the most complicated installation then game and just push. It IS now up and working seamlessly in so that my machine of Windows 10 and my Galaxy S8 telephones besides in my house wifi system.

Will be to use the to label some cups of beat of alimentary in my cupboard. Has the in Ben boxes that I can slide out of some shells, and wants to pose a name and some calories of totals in the adhesive in a cup of the each so it can so any one has it the tension was and look.

Also go to pose little round. Adhesives In a cup of everything of my species as it can see in the look that is.
5 / 5
After a lot of investigation, was roughly to purchase one of a QL-700 focuses of printers of series and has seen the brother has fallen only this model as I have taken the casualidad. Wireless and ethernet for the point has shared, control! Mac/Ven To use blended, control! It can use any generic DK focus of series, control! This also prints red together with the black this uses focus that retreated it to it.

Wireless in your Subject/WiFi Setup (the brother does not win of the points here):
1. Card &62; WLAN &62; VAL
2. WLAN On/Of = VAL
3. It issues of Infrastructure = of Road of grandson
4. Infra The manual of pose = chooses your SSID and entered your signal.
5. WLAN The state aims yours IP to mesh this can enter calm in the tab of browser in fine tune your parameters of printer saw interface of web.

Has other numerous roads to connect via Ethernet, Wireless direct, USB and Bluetooth. A capacity to attach the group of the stack for the portability is odd but could be useful in that required the. A iOS iPrint&the application of Focus is surprisingly decent for his capacities to attack of focus he of small fast of all the classes.

Joins to the focus of the test has printed was perfect and all this has expected. A P-Touches 5.1 software is not my fave, but the majority of your normal desktop the applications will recognise a printer after you installed you an engine. To good sure plans as it feigns to connect and the use in the first place, then downloads only an engine and the tools will require. The printer adds, oodles of options, can use the generic focus... setup IS meshed in of the users of the end has advanced. Only I desire does not look the leader of a iRobot film.

Update 03/12/17

has used felizmente DK-1202, DK-1204, DK-1208 and DK the Continual focus with this unit. Even so, I have tried 2 different DK-1209 circles of different sources that no with this printer? Unable to be able to and would not recognise when that closes a coverage properly. I am not sure why a new model does not recognise this measure of focus? All more is properly has detected.
5 / 5
A Brother QL-820NWB is to add it small printer. One the majority of the characteristic of the entity in me was a ethernet port. It can use a printer through WIFI but any a lot of manufacturers do the printer that can be wired. A printer was easy to configure in a net. A boy of offers of the printer and printed of fast printing clearly! A printer only stock of focus of the use done by Brother. Even so, there is normal continual the available circle. Again, taken to find stock of continual circle for these types of printers. A printer also offers 2 printer by heart, red and black. That is to say quite sweet! That is to say the very economic printer , any bond to substitute, any messy ink or toner.

A software has distributed can be the small confuses, particularly has change of a colour in two stock by heart. I have had to to contact the technician of lean brother for assistance. Even so, the support was to add and took me up and current! We use this printer the tools of seal, cubes, and shelves. Perfecto for negotiates/industrial use!

Top Customer Reviews: DYMO LabelWriter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
The printer comes with 4 different circle of focus.
4 / 5
Has has used costruttrici of focus in some pasts and there is not founding never a like this versatile like this one. Any focus of only footprints of different measure and will do surpasses, but the find the súper easy way partorisca organise my Products of Soap. Immediately I write a focus of information with date of creation and ready date, then dipped the in a storm of cure. Neither more shuffling by means of pages partorisca find one 'nail' All the rests organised and so only takes the minute. An I can save a focus and when I am ready the container partorisca sale, I just impression out of a number I need partorisca each batch! Súper Saver of time!
4 / 5
This box has come with everything needs to take that it goes. Precargado With the circle further of focus three more the circles added and a printer comprises a boss of USB has required partorisca connect to a computer.

Has to that download a software partorisca he of Dymo but is not to treat it big. Partorisca Windows and Mac. There is the engine of Linux is gone in a wild partorisca basic function but has not tried that a closing.
4 / 5
Ossia My second a for mine another office. I add! Easy to use and place up.
4 / 5
Has used these costruttrici of focus partorisca several years now and is always state pleased with some results.
5 / 5
Is is coming the little 2.ºn On paper of circle that a software is not available this time.
5 / 5
Ossia The container adds partorisca having 4 types of focus partorisca me partorisca choose of and a printer was easy to dip up and use.

Top Customer Reviews: Brother QL-810W ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
This was the swift substitution for my Printer of old Brother of Lists of Focus 440, which is died halfway through printing to focus to ship. Partly for the soft case of loyalty of mark and partly because of the descriptions of the users in Amazon and elsewhere, chosen this, a half of this line. A model a lower has not been wireless, and a model a big plus has had wireless but also has a port of serial has attached that decree to require years of marks when Apple has changed in his own connection and at the end resolved in USB.

This printer to seal done my stock to focus old obsolete wheel, since some the new printers require the symbols have printed in some backwards of some tapes, particularly when using some continual goes very convenient of tape. State using only one of a two sample has distributed circles--the wide tape, continual. It can pose this printer to produce focus of any period, while a width of one focuses does not surpass a width of a tape of paper. It thinks, of circles to ship the widths of focus can enter circles of 50 feet, a period of only could limit a tape for a software of printing (which do not have to be the proprietary software of the brother).

The circles of tape have to be trace in of the plsticoes titulars cual, according to manufacturer, could be replaceable/reusable or has attached permanently. Compared in an anterior model has possessed, even so, the substitution of tape is quite earnest.

In Joining it to him characteristic new likes him is that of this thermal printer can print in continual focus that is clear, which use for focus of allocution of the turn and to focus to ship that I do not require to be planted envelopes has printed on with instructions in eal to Situate Here' which would feign travers one focuses clear.

A nuisance, even so, in spite of a Exc global of a product, is that another company of manufacture of the electronics with loyalties in a 'another operating system' has no expended an endeavour and resources to do this 'cover and game' with Mac CALMS X and iOS. That is to say odd, of a Brother MFC (well printer of function) possesses was hurriedly and easy to take race in our house WiFi point. No this WiFi-ing this printer of focus was laborious... It was quite uncomplicated, although it has to follow the instructions, different a lot of Mac-the devices have attached. My supposition is that that is to say a result of engineers of software that tried to adapt software of 'others' systems in a Mac. Still, you look through some instructions for WiFi-ing a printer those uses a 'another' operating system, and the compassion listened (and harm, the bit) for while more complicated has been to be contacted in any-Mac.

I like a printer a lot to be highly technologically has advanced compared in my printer of focus of old Brother, but did not like me what excitedly of enthusiast this printer is when when finalising to focus. Desprs Cutting was, he a bit vomit of the projectile of one focuses has completed that the cause to fly (not drifting) in a fund or take wing like the glider. ( It IS still slightly curled to exit the tight circle, as it is a perfect aerofoil.) Perhaps they are planning the new accessory, like a cube of the beginning shaped like the cage of bird. One focuses has not finished any sound like the tongue this clave was, while it aims in a photo those aims a device. It IS spit was.
3 / 5
Some works of printer. Yay. It expects to use it it go it he in my barn (out of my computer and service of internet) with my iphone to do to focus business customised for boxes of product. Well, you can any one concealed. An application is terrible. The calm can not create to the focus done in your computer and of the roads he in an application in your tlphonique or ipad. If you try to create to him it focuses done through an application, sake, is almost impossible. All some personnel in an application is supremely limited and some have things bobas like cupcakes or black bars that you can not take. If they have had simply the personnel of room with a capacity to attach more than a box of the text probably would be happy. But, a lot they same has concealed. Ideally, Think it that was possible use a P-software of editor of the touch in my computer to create personal and roads of seeds the in an application to print to the focus done of commission. Nope. I have called the brother and they were of any assistance, averts to maintain me on control during 20 minutes besides late account that the already had imagined has been: you can very concealed with an application.

Is planning Use an application to print of your tlphonique or ipad - downloads a first application and the flavours was. If you are that it wants to use your own logotype, more than a box of text, more than a measure of source or wish any class of creativity.... I do not think you it find it there. Has more the control those uses his P-editor to touch in a computer, albeit clunky and troubling, but work. But, the calm can not use any one focuses another concealed that it thinks in an application and the calm can not import anything in an application.

Required wifi to print with your tlphonique and need to be in this same point to pose in a printer in a first place. I have turned my telephone to the point of access Wi-Final and has connected my computer in him when posed in a printer in the principle and is able to print of my telephone in a printer when mine hotspot is enabled.
4 / 5
I am spent too much issues the time that poses this up. Once it is fact , is quite happy with him. It has taken to 5 star I any race in subject with printing a first focus.

A printer comes with 2 circles of sample (2.4 in and 1.1 in). One 2.4 is to focus /of Red black , like the mark sure has pose properly or is to complain- in focusing incompatible.

To relieve some of the ache experimented, a following:
Installs all a software of an installer. (default)
The marks sure can print of a connection of USB of premier that uses P-Editor to Touch 5.2. A Lite this comes with the printer is quite useless, as you want to press a LITE button to turn that it enter it a printer.

Once has an USB those prints that it acts, can pose in a wireless using a Tool to Pose of the Printer. It IS quite directly it advances. Once it poses up, it have to be able hard USB and print wireless.

For Mobile printer, installs Brother Iprint&application of Focus. Some the available personnel is adapted for focus of allocution. It was able to print the photo of that also, does not expect quality of photo :)
2 / 5
Quan The laws to act ADD but is the enormous ACHE to install with clashing instructions. The support of technology is spotty, of technologies that A lot knows his material to complete bozos this contradicts each which how another ( can say has contacted Support of A lot of Technology.
An installation comes with the Utility has nicknamed P (something) Editor, which are suppositions to pose your measures of Focus. More often that no these measures of focus of together of editor that conflict with a printer CAN not modify that! In fact an Editor has the low drop that measured of focus of the lists, which when selected does not modify some parameters. A etiquette measured that is sold by the marks of brother NOT EVEN XIFRA in a low drop.
But when at the end the laws is of sound. One later or bought STILL any LAW so that a measure of focus (which are sold by Brother) can not be posed.
4 / 5
There is a no-wireless, QL700, hooked in my system, and once poses up, law perfectly. Quan Has attached this printer (to be able to print focus in another room) after I have uploaded an engine, scope that some of my formats to seal saved had moved place, and has taken then the text has cut entered a cup. I am returned in his files, done some modifications in his parameters, animal-saved some files, and now do as well as before. It lose the batch of 75 before I took it even so. Oh Well, tuition Of a curve to learn... Sincerely in me, even so, preliminarily, has nicknamed a line of help of the company, and has had the young partner, (that is to say the REAL name to well sure has not been 'Wes,' as declared, is sure.) I say me that the only would have to install a new printer with a disk has comprised, and that the would not change to delete any one of my files of focus have saved. For accident or creation; he LIED.
So, some works of the better same printer that our old a, but be conscious, that down some same circumstances, this change in your parameters of focus have saved could result a subject.
3 / 5
This would have to when being very easy to use, and is once tea the PLOT of test and error.... That is to say necessary so that a documentation is terrible. There is very he, but is bad scripture, sorely has posed was, does not contain information very basic, and defines objects to repeat a name. For example, a hardware has two buttons: he Power and has Cut. But in any one leaves to do one docs said what this the mark of buttons. The investigations signify troubleshooting uses for these buttons what

the orange light is ignited : A coverage of circle is opened. Near of a coverage to go properly. Beginning to reset or the PIECE of the button pressed while resetting.

That is to say a real date . There is on-line help also, which more useful. Honestly it can not take prpers can found the worst together of documentation of user. It IS so bad that the next time requires this class of machine will buy another mark.
5 / 5
Glorious, snappy piece of work.

The installation was the accident (am using this in Nonconformists in a iMac) - has downloaded an engine and a software of the editor of Brother is a place and has not used a CD bundled.

I like a capacity to vary a period of focus (using a P-Editor to touch), as I am not restricto in a measure of allocution regulates (when using the continual circle, of course). So much, I can use he for allocutions, or to print out of instructions, or ready and so on. Also I have embedded my logotype those uses the jpg as when it issues something in the client those uses this, takes some reinforcement of mark . Also well it is a capacity to print vertically or horizontally and one car-characteristic piece and so that it is wireless only have a cord of power to treat and no an additional USB. (BTW, is using this in the 220W connection to be able in so much is plugged in -conversor down that bought a same time was Amazon - any one subjects so far and is been the month or so much.)

An only (minor) the fly in an ointment is a P-Editor to touch in a Mac - is not the bad piece of work, only idiosyncratic. I need to take used his a bit odd interface and a fact that you can not use Mandate-Tour-V in paste and way of party, and selecting text to edit is not exactly user-cosy and... But these are relatively smaller quibbles.

Records in my Mac wireless and is fast and clean. It can not ask much more.
3 / 5
A quality of the impression and the speed are only that need. I do not want to spend the plot in to focus them, this device a trick. It IS small, and can maintain he in a fund, veil under my desktop in the dark corners. The printers always have to returned in the some dark corner, and this access of device there perfectly.
A problem with a WI-FINO is that the only backwards meshes 2.4ghz, my point is 5GHz. To print in WiFi has to change my connection of tablet of mine 5Ghz point in a net 2.4ghz - which are noisy, as of the lives in the condo with a lot of interference 2.4ghz.
Estrella, but has data easily these 5 stars has support of Impression of the Cloud.
Oh, And setup is the ache, but, I very deduct of this so that all the printer setup is the ache. Presupposed the half day for unboxing in setup.
4 / 5
Work well for the that need. The image is acute and the printing is hurriedly of my telephone.

The gilipollas IS that I need a laptop or pc to install a software and takes it connected in your point. Experimented Some typical aches to install the printer of point...Largo attentive, errors, cursing me, etc. Also, an application has the bit of the curve to learn to know some steps. You have to retreat every time to change an account of impression. Ex - my anterior work was 8 focuses . My new work I only a, but is not returned to change some parameters, as I have finished w 7 copies have not required. The calm can no prender the work to print once paste a button. Has some work to do it more the cosy user.
5 / 5
This device gave me conniption access to try to do functions with the wireless connection. A so-nicknamed 'Guide of User' is useless, and some procedures given there does not match the functions of a device. After the pair of hours fooling around, now has a wireless appearance this does only well. A tone was to use an utility in a DVD nicknamed 'BRAdmin Clear' in planting to try to follow a verbose tomfoolery in a Guide of User. A smaller surprise was that direct to disconnect my printer of laser of the colour of the brother. Re-Installing a last of his own DVD has cured this. A partner P-the editor of touch has been improved some years and now is only slightly crazy. A nuisance... It HAS TO ignite the device manually...Any awake arrive when the file is routed in him to print. Taking quite 20 bren to find one issues/of LAN.

Top Customer Reviews: Zebra - GK420d ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
The works add, a noise of engine is the unpleasant bit but very otherwise. Snagged He of roads of Warehouse of the Amazon for $ 120, absolutely the new mark.
Conversation of that, any one is returned so that they could not imagine was like unjust measured of focus, and has cut was 2 inches in a cup.

Here is so to fix this subject in place of hurriedly that returns a printer as 'any acting':

Lines a button in a printer until the blink 4 times, and drops. He reset he fresh and remark what amiable of focus is in him, and prints the pair of rooms. It opens impressions to Try again, and looked, would have to when being well.

For Mac users: there is any engine to install, so that they are already there (Mac comes with them already).
Goes in of the Preferences of System, clicks a '+' attach printer. It selects Zebras &62; Use 'Choose Automotive' &62; it selects Software &62; and roll down a list to choose 'Zebras ZPL Printer of Seal'.
5 / 5
Compraventa And installed many these printers, and have all has done perfectly for in 2 years. They are real workhorse printers of focus, printing hundreds to seal every day.

Has had only a subject where or the time to focus peeled entered a printer. (I thinks was error of user that has caused this). I have cleaned once on some bits and of the pieces, and a left wing of sticky residue in a printer, returned to do only that new, and has has not had any one other subjects.
5 / 5
Experience the Dymo 4xl to substitute a outgoing Zebra LP2844 that was the solid workhorse. Desprs Some premiers 5 minutes out of a box a Change Dymo to the focus was centrical and constantly can a whole circle... Kicked I in a leader for still to try anything more.

Has looked for a Zebra is in FBA and expsito easterly unit.... Installed the in a Mac... Lined a low button for 2 blinks for Aforar a UPS labels all take was 1 full minute and the batch of 165 focuses... And packing slips... 330 it focuses total... I expect it conceal taken while a slap.
5 / 5
Anterior in purchasing this has to focus of mine of the footprint in the printer of laser, his cup to measure, and affix with tape. Like this printer of the zebras a lot saves the plot of time and certainly is more professional. For some reason there has been the problems that takes one focuses to print properly, but lean telephoned and taken of immediate help. A technology walked me through the pair of changes in my set-arrive and all have very be since.

Before buying read the commentaries of some critics in quality of poor impression. Although any quality of laser, has has not had any subject with a be of quality of the impression substandard. There are some adjustments, or elections, to do considering quality to print when poses in a printer for a first time, so perhaps has to marks with some elections there.

The desire had bought this the mark of long time, but is happy has it now.
2 / 5
My fianc has bought this for to me likes him the present. Too bad theres not backing for MAC the users when goes in this printer. And Arrival to return the reason a supposed engine would install to do law wasnt same debit. Apple couldnt still help me and the zebras say does not offer assistance in MAC users. Too bad!
5 / 5
There is an anterior generation during 5 year and has wanted to it. This one is included better that a last a with better engine, speed, his more calmer, has to weighed,........Etc. Purchase it 2 more afterwards taking the good flavour of GK420d. His compatible with UPS, stamps.com, worldship, windows 10, windows 8, windows 8 pro, windows 7, without any subjects so far. It updates a description if anything has come further up.
2 / 5
LeGustado This printer at the beginning. It opens, 4 month of use, faiths any one the decree that focus of powers. I upload the circle and a whole circle the only power was. Any impressed, any one to mention a money has wasted in focus.
5 / 5
It was in a process to evaluate barcode printers for deployment to substitute old Argox barcode printers. I have ordered this one and 2 other marks of different vendors. This was a better of a bouquet, a new Argox the printers are hard to take support for and a page of the support for this product is very better.
5 / 5
The fast printing of product adds adds for products to label in brick and mortar or on-line sales.
5 / 5
The works add, a noise of engine is quell'has bitten unpleasant but a lot of otherwise. Snagged He of deals of Warehouse of the Amazon partorisca $ 120, absolutely the new mark.
Speaking of that, any one is returned why could not imagine was like the unjust has measured of focus, and the yard was 2 thumbs in a cup.

Here is like this partorisca fix this subject in place of quickly that returns a printer as 'not doing ':

Resists a key on a printer until blinks 4 times, and leave go. He reset he fresh and remark the one who bondadoso of focus is in him, and print the pair of spaces. Now it tries to print again, and you look, it have to that be well.

Partorisca Mac Users: there is any engine partorisca install, reason are already there (Mac comes with them already).
Goes the Preferences of System, click a '+' add printer. It selects Zebra &62; use 'Choose Engine' &62; it selects Software &62; and move for down a cast partorisca choose 'Zebra ZPL Printer of Seal'.

Top Customer Reviews: ZEBRA- GC420d ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5
I WANT my new printer. It takes this after a Dymo4XL has had at the end bit a powder. IMHO A Dymo has been always very difficult to treat in any level. A thing looked cheaply done, and was very hard to change out of stops of focus without using very of them. This one is the piece of cake. It was delicate to pose up- for me- listen sure that the would not be so for any concealed knows more than is doing with printers, but after it take it an engine has downloaded, was the piece of cake. Precise goes in some properties and marks some adjustments like a type of focus (measure, road of portrait,depth of ink, etc) before the good work, but after you join to the focus is perfect. There is Any road to have the jam of paper in this printer. Any one. One focuses has bought is to the paste was the mark and do perfectly, and is the fraction of a cost for a same for Dymo.

Takes when that buys what a cord of USB any one coming with him. It suggests to do sure take or that it is quite very time to adapt your necessities. I plan on having the very long relation with this printer.

In Joining it to him hard to thing would like him says is that when has researched that to purchase the zebra contacted with the question. Any only response hurriedly in the a lot of busy (holidays) time of year, has maintained up with me through purchase of mine and adapted me to please listen free to contact them again has required any one when it helps bought a printer. A fact that the world-wide wide company has taken so time with me, the operation of small time, and me listen so was each what so bite like those imports like his big subject cause me to have the roads adds of respect for them. I am more it conceal pleased with purchase of mine.
4 / 5
Using he in Mac computers. Although a place mentions that it does in the Mac, a documentation and the information contain at all quite connect in the Computer of Apple. Since I am in him, a lack of technical support any faze me, but can leave another stray. Only the cloak of fast beginning for Mac the owners probably would be more - and was included would have data this 5 star Flies it and is doing adds. I have bought one 3x2 1' focus of core of OfficeSmartLabels in the amazon and together utmost. I have not tried he with the 4x6 focus to ship, but he printer our Code 39 &128 barcodes perfectly. Packed Very well to hurt free nave and has shipped punctually.

Notes for Mac: only it connects an USB, can on. It was in of the Printers of Preferences / of the System, has chosen one + to attach the new printer, has selected a Zebra. You will require to select a software and writes in of the Zebras in a box of investigation. It selects the engine of Zebras ( there is the little of them and the calm can require test and error. I have used a EPL automotive) A software is precargado in OSX. An only thing can require create is the measure of the paper done of the commission depends that it is posing through this workhorse.
2 / 5
I have ordered 4. One has done well, and has used he without emitting to print quite 1000 focuses. I am happy with that an and will maintain it. Even so some another has had the subjects of new entity out of a box. With 2 of them, A train that can ones seal click and decrees and fail to print constantly (almost like the harm totalled the printer has renewed, or or this has been into use for years and is spent.). If I have taken to him focus to print and can properly, beginning with lines through him and patches concealed has not printed well enough to be read by the barcode scanner. Still after adjusting a dark and speed of powers, still failed consistently. My employees and I think that perhaps some printers take has been renewed. New some do not comport likes him that in our experience. I use printers of zebras almost exclusively in my line of work, and there is has not had never new printers out of a box like this lacks to do until now. I am returned three of some four printers for the repayment. Although some printers are arrived to look new, fact (or has not done) how old spent our printers of a principle.
2 / 5
The supply to be able to proportionate has caused problems only in of the rights out of a box.
HAS another of these, after the years of problems have exchanged a supply of power because of moving pieces of furniture.
The problem has moved!

The problem was footprint to focus prjima in the each another in timing it prendera and red light. The turn was/on and flavour again.
The problem was to take in troubleshoot since typically works.
The another the result of favourite computer of focus he always printed well - no in easterly unit
include The supply to be able again resolved a problem but this class of the problem is not so easy to imagine was and has imagined was only for the movement of pieces of furniture.
Which if I have not had the duplicate printer!?
5 / 5
We buy this to substitute the sper-finicky and difficult-in-use DYMO LabelWriter 4XL. We have been sper pleased with him. It IS reliable and easy to upload, which are some polar opposite of a Dymo. The premium has attached: one focuses generic available for era quite 1/4 a prize of a cheap more Dymo the generic focus.
4 / 5
Very useful, but sper apresamiento to install in my windows 7, the mine that takes that 2 days to imagine out of a road for the install and when I at the end he, was a lot of last again to match a measure of the impression in one focuses, is not the computer genie but usually handles very good. Once all concealed spent of part, sper easy and fast to print!
1 / 5
Power Adapter has not been compatible. Cairo routed He for Europe or something. As I Am I supposition to connect printer without adapter to be able to right. Returning it
5 / 5
Work very well, uses our FedEx of focus of level (this supply for his canal of FedEx of ship for free in us) to print anything wants to (other vendors that focus of ship), and have pose up in the action of grandson so that enmedio the business automatically can deploy see Active Directory.
4 / 5
Has the MacBook as it owe the minus some stars like the installation was the bit to confuse and more technical that would have liked me. Some laws of product add now that I have it all has posed up but habladura in the headache! A company that sells a product is punctual in calling behind but already had resolved a subject I.
4 / 5
A first printer that took was very difficult in setup and required to call support of Zebras. Has subjects with calibration and printing focus in a pertinent alignment. It IS returned after pause to do. A printer of records of substitution quite well. A setup was easier. It can require update a firmware of Zebras to do properly. It prints to seal clearly and hurriedly.

Top Customer Reviews: Zebra - ZD410 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
4 / 5
I am happy with a printer. It IS the ache to take it setup road WiFi. I took it once going has has not had any subjects.
4 / 5
Bought concretely for a wireless characteristic but a setup instructions so much with a product and on-line in the zebras are terrible.

Takes one and the half hours, three installs and two complete uninstalls to guess that engine was correct of the take to do properly and no those clashes with other devices of USB.
1 / 5
I am spent in 2 hours to install it, but has failed. Returned
5 / 5
So much faster that an anterior printer has had. Downside In that is printed yes something for error the good luck that the decrees.
5 / 5
Good prize and fast nave for the point-of-printer of substitution of the sale.
5 / 5
Us Very cual these printers. They were easy in hook up and use.
5 / 5
Some works of printer perfectly, although I have to engine of download of an internet. The disk of engine has been missing.
5 / 5
I have purchased this partorisca use with a Square POS system and purportedly is 'spent and Played. The hours and the hours later go it partorisca return. We look for to install on 3 different computers - engine of the zebras no in Chromebooks or Macs and no press when we install to the portable windows have based. I have called support of technology three different times and has taken three different responses - partorisca actuate bluetooth has required the computer of windows ( has the mac and chromebook...). Then it turns on that my model of number of the serial a lot in fact there is bluetooth. I have looked for to use some CUPS in mine MacBook the air but he could not find a printer of Zebras (was although it was connected invernadero USB). It can be that has the lemon. They are quite fallido and the looks of technical support to do in of the hours of bankers. ' I will take the call has retreated the Monday tomorrow' is not a lot enough.
5 / 5
Has bought specifically for a wireless characteristic but a setup instructions so much with a product and on-line in the zebras are terrible.

Takes one and the half hours, three installs and two complete uninstalls to guess the engine was corrected of the take to do correctly and not clashing with some other devices of USB.
4 / 5
Am spent on 2 hours to install it, but has failed. Returned

Top Customer Reviews: Brother QL-1100 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5
It want to give 5 stars, but a focus will cost you. Any generic therefore that knows of. These looks of sweet quite thing afterwards in his small brother, a Brother QL-700.

Has still to find the only description of this printer, anywhere. I suppose that I will be first. It prints acute and supremely readable compared in a Circle is returning. I have bought a Circle so that it can use free UPS focuses fashionable of the accordion but he always printed of Shippo and Xpsship bad and illegibly. I have tried to contact service of client 3 times in any utility. Personally it thinks only need to improve his engine and he will do amiably after it conceal. Alas, it is the any one goes for me.

Enters a Brother QL-1100. A law of just thing. Any muss, any fuss. Any necessity to call support of client. Printing 4x6 to seal concealed active to well sure will take my containers in his fates. With a Circle was so paranoid. No longer.

HAS the few products of Brother in a house and they all does perfectly. If you are choosing go in east, a Circle or a Dymo 4XL, only would go to advance and go with a QL-1100 or a model of point.
5 / 5
We want this printer of focus! It is doing I add to print 4x6 focus to ship directly of Etsy, and the laws add with one Focuses of Generic Nave (listed what Compatible w/ brother DK-1241 101mm x 152mm(4' x 6')) for BETCKEY.
5 / 5
State using the Dymo 4XL for the year now, and is a worse. It IS so unhappy with him that has launched literally he in a fund. It survives That, alas, but recently it is been spitting was 3-4 focuses of room for each a that impression, as I have decided that it is to time for one updates. The brother is this printer is so incredible in comparison. It IS ROAD of ROAD of JUST ROAD the better ROAD. Morality of a history- does not buy the POS Dymo. It buys this and trust me that it is the far better inversion in your tension of levels/of the mental health that/lives general quality.
1 / 5
A QL1100 is announced like laws with Linux. I use the Mint of Linux 18.3 Ubuntu the derivative system and could not take this printer to do. I have tried 3 different methods for an engine install: 1) the method recommended of the brother, a lot try failed with the files that loses errors; 2) Mint of Linux gdebi method, resulted of same failure; 3) manual installation of all the files. A manual method has revealed the majority of some subjects. I have created everything of some directories and has transferred some files manually without any scripts, poses each file in the place for some listings has comprised in a ql1100pdrv-2.1.4-0.i386.deb Lima even so it was unable to do this impression of unit. A syslogs identification of show and correct detection of a hardware. I have run one .deb Lima again and found some scripts have deleted some files inform to lose. I routed everything of this information in Brother without response besides the copy of his instructions of originals. Also I have the Brother MFCj6935DW that law wonderfully. But until that is to say each exited will have to tug out of the laptop of Windows maintains around for laughs to print that they ship focus. It was interested to listen of any one that has installed felizmente and use this printer in any system of Linux.
5 / 5
Any sure why this one has such low descriptions. I want a brother QL 1050 had and also wants to easterly the unit uses The to print thousands to ship to focus and he utmost!
5 / 5
Literally it takes less than 5 minutes of some times have opened a box until it have posed up and work. Has the small subject and this printer are EXACTLY that has required. It does not take above a lot of room. It can any one when being any easier to upload one focuses. One focuses spools also contains marks like the printer automatically can detect a measure of focus.

Joins to the focuses can cost the few cents more for this model, but coast each penny. Some savings of offset to time only a cost.
5 / 5
Amur This printer. And it have taken a circle based in some revises road of impression to ignite and and only has not liked him that the has not had any storage for a paper. It was also only he so looks ..

These impressions in dark! And The amour as under a paper since you. Easy to pose up. A paper is easy to burst in . It IS also cute
5 / 5
That is to say or a necessity of printer for everything of yours seals that needs of marks. A software is reasonably flexible.
1 / 5
It does not print to seal up likes him to the photo - print atasca down by so the use sure goes this no still with adapter to use any circle. The adhesives in the circle HAS TO when being atasca down - the majority of circles has sold is with the adhesives faced up. The photo is not to correct!
5 / 5
I add for eBay focus. Impressions sper hurriedly directly of a eBay the page has sold. It covers only he in, installs engine, wins

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