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Top Customer Reviews: LE Rechargeable LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
Purchased this after returning Fat of Max of Stanley has bought of Walmart 2 anterior days that is falsely announced likes 2200 Lumens = 920 Lumens. Nevertheless, Max Fat was well, but very he fully touches (same at night). I am supremely happy with a LUCIDO, avenges fully touched and ready to go. Sper Brilliant In comparison in a Fat Max. A side of the torch by side is also the most brilliant plot that expected in a parameter a big plus. Flashing Red LEDs is very fresh also. A thing that remarked in some instructions was that a big and low parameter signified to look for when being of tower in an illustration. It means that some Tomb is a mark of pinch (-), and a Big is a mark of double pinch (=). I think that that that is to say on duty, at least for mine, (-) is Big , (=) is Down. Any one the misprint or my change is not installed properly, more than probably the misprint. Any subject a reason, this light is sper awesome and highly recommends. Almost it has forgotten it to mention one 4 blue indicator the lights in one back that monitor a load of stack, very fresh and useful. Utmost purchase.
5 / 5
This torch has been designed by two pairs of stacks. If alive in the some place that the beginnings to be able to for days, any hour, can take 30+ hours in some drop-beat floodlight, or recharge your mobile phone four times. One issues an easier is to buy two torches and seeds an access of extra stack well in. A circuitboard has two pairs of connectors for stacks. You will have to solder two capes. Also it can buy the second pair of stacks but this cost around $ 33 so also could buy the second torch and the launch was all except a stack.
5 / 5
It see In a PNW and the light results a subject in a winter. So that I so that it follows out of working in my acreage wants the light this has several functions, and the life of long mass. State using east arrests quite 2 month daily (plus or 30 min less the day) and a stack still said is has touched fully. WOW! Some functions are well and predominately uses a clear side by side in only illuminate a zone is doing in or is gone with a dog in. Very good!
5 / 5
Works perfectly out of boxes. Very versatile as has light of torch for the zone these lights and red blinking for emergency or roadside use. A spotlight is directed and not extending was also to use in foggy or rain and a colour of a beam is white very very any one to that likes him very Surefire of the lights concealed has yellow or green and cost 20 so much time. Has 2 different levels for the main beam but the desire have way down below. It uses 2 18650 as it owe the be able to substitute, also recharges with usb cape. The desire has provision to store a cape in a unit while you know like these things can take stray. But the easy substitution what constant of only fold usb. It says quite near in 1000 lumens that can say it. A light is very clear also he so that it can his taking behind packing or can spend for long time without tiring . Any one the torch for this prize comes near of a reliability and function of of the this.
5 / 5
Bought this for the neighbour has wanted that there it go it a light of emergency with the light bulb of halogen and he 100lb rechargeable Or-Cd stack. Well perhaps any one 100lbs but listened for the like! Well One another light is in an internet and has descriptions of 0 stars so that an old dim burns of halogen out of poor creation, they simply subjects of too much current of drop through a light bulb and the burn was like a light bulb of old flashes and then not even replaceable! This light is A) light of plume, not kidding ! B) CROSSES FOCUSED is sper that shines- more than shines that the majority of automobile headlamps!, C) very mere strobe or options of red light, and D) our neighbour was has wanted to to have the new dependable light after another was planted properly in ease of collection of waste of house.
4 / 5
This investigation is the common creation announced under several names of mark/of different boxes. It was able to take or during the roads of lightning in the reasonable prize.

Main function - Spotlight [5/5]. Camins: Shining And the brilliant meso. Brilliance The intensity is very well, very brilliant and tight beam. Also, some two clear levels are controlled by the rocker change, excellent while I know immediately what a level to be able is. In comparison, the torches and the tactical lights typically have to click the button multiple time in cycle through clear roads, no so with this torch.

Secondary function - the poster has DIRECTED Blanca [5/5]. Use - for the zone these lights. Two roads, brilliant and tomb. Very useful.

Secondary function - the Red poster FOCUSED [2/5]. Use - beacon of emergency. It flashes The/this on gone/. Emergency of signage like the look stranded/of situation. A poster has DIRECTED the red would be far more useful had the subjects of company as well as a road to flash. A red of low beginning has DIRECTED the clear source is useful to read/view during nighttime when does not want the aim that shine has DIRECTED. Of course of only the flash, an use is very limited.

Secondary function - touching port [3.5/5]. Has the 3800 mAh of power of stack this operates all some roads of light, and besides, can be the source of re-the charge for your electronic device saw a port of USB of only level. A sake - is the USB regulate how is easy to touch your device any subject a type. A very also - has to have the USB in cord of USB (comprised) to touch a torch he. USB/Of USB is not almost so common as it USB/micro or USB/c cord of type (which have posed around for a dozen.). You would be out of luck recharging a torch yes has lost or has forgotten to take to the long of a cape/of USB of the USB.

General/of ergonomics [4/5] - is big full-torch sized but the far lighter that would expect especially if yours has used to an old 6V torches of way. The cape is good abundance of room in grip with the gloved hand, has few feet in a fund of a unit, and is resistant water, has to the left entered it a rain. The buttons are each big, the operation is common sense . A main beam is fixed and can not be adjusted for wide/house. Four blue brilliant FOCUSED in by behind bad described so touch these rests. There is four blue LEDs that bad to remain load. It remains the star like this the metre is not very accurate. That usually spends is that it remains in 3 or 4 LEDs for 90% of one in that life of rests and then suddenly go fatality. Similarly when recharging the, calm start 1, 2, 3 LEDs, then recharge one 4 DIRECTED for the majority of a cycle of load.

Averts of a quirks and rarities, and some changes suggested/of improvements, would buy this element again. Rechargeable IS a road to go and he paste a mark with him is spotlight be of main function sper brilliant and an addition of the side of aim by side the zone has DIRECTED clear poster, the very useful secondary. He still the paid bit it more for an element although it packs the capacity of the big plus stack, but improve a power that stays of measures, please.
5 / 5
Bought this in an Amazon flashes sale for $ 27.71 after it flashes looked in him for the few weeks but has not been sure in an original prize of $ 35.99. In unboxing my first thought was that the light was. I left me say you, this light is BRILLIANT. I want to all some characteristic that has. Start of a fully touched box. In the backwards of the recent trip contains for weekend of Pasqua has launched a clear in a backseat required he in case perhaps. It results that I am spent the stray dog in a side of a road and has used a light of red blinking of security in safely walk a shoulder of a road in a dog. Can see me that it takes the plot of use out of easterly during a state these months of camps and for futures pupper rescues! For a prize has paid, to well sure can recommend.
1 / 5
has changed my original indication of 5 in 1 so that a stack is so bad! I touched it all night in a house of outlet and has taken camps with the indication of full stack in a backside, has been for the at night late walk with a clear in full brilliance. A torch has lasted an hour at most then fatality. Our walk behind in a key the black of dark forest was the small scary...

Honestly, has not expected a lot with this torch but he are sper brilliant!! It can see all a road through a lake and envelope a mountain clearly! A clear bar in a side is awesome also and perfect light for the tent or spatial smaller!! To well sure recommend it!
4 / 5
The product easily could it mediate when being a measure without sacrificing any utility. Planning in inaugural and solder in another set of rechargeable stacks in parallel to take advantage of all an empty spatial interior! Changes of solids of the Bonos. It wanted to have the actuators have separated by all some functions in place of having of the cycle through roads likes him a lot of torches. It looks he waters quite resistant for rain but any immersion accidentelle. Luz of red emergency is brilliant and probably useful when required that in a side of a road. A white task of two levels the light in a side is where this unit very resplandores. Very handy like the light of task or reading light. A brilliant road illuminates the good room to be able in outages. An indicator of the level of the stack is the good characteristic . Entrance of USB of the cual the uses can probably also when being used like a beginning to upload / to be able to small devices like the telephone. (Another reason that will be to modify with additional internal stacks.) An election of the master of beam is interesting. That is to say a more directed beam of any torch has not used never. It IS well to have such the collimated exited to see very distant. Even so it is in fact too narrow for a midrange inner quite 100 feet. That is to say to accommodate in next field to use a side dispersed DIRECTED for the effect the environmental plus. I wish this unit was more waterproof, has had magnets to attach transport, and was in meso a measure without room so empty. Even so it is very built and works exactly while ad. Luz of good emergency to have around a house or to take camping. He life of phenomenal stack can apt more rechargeable interior of cells!
5 / 5
These loads of torch hurriedly and offers the light of beam, this has the big characteristic and drop. A big parameter easily illuminated has been in 175 course. A torch also has the side of light by side that offers the big and down, that gives the brilliant glow, this would be useful in can he outage or camping. There the red is flashing characteristic light for roadside the emergencies and the load is done saws the port of USB, and premium, also can touch your device (telephone, etc.) Of a stack of torch! Surprisingly clear, and robust.

Top Customer Reviews: 2-Pack Camper LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
4 / 5
Container Well of two torches of camp. We will use him to us partorisca blackouts voters. It dips out of works and decent light as it has announced. They have come with battery like any insurances that the time has had to. Well in a situation of emergency.
5 / 5
Can be perfect creation partorisca camp, but no like this useful in something dark in basement because of a way some light games. Otherwise, Quite brilliant, light, strong magnets.
5 / 5
Has purchased like the present and was very pleased for an action. It lights the big zone and is to add of the situate in a refrigerator for use of emergency if a regime to be able to, and many other ways add to use it.
5 / 5
Order two insiemi of two companies to compare. A blue torch there is prendido to do after so only two uses. We will see to like some another some controls up.
5 / 5
Very brilliant - note - uses alcaline, a curve of download is brilliant and the falls was entirely. If utilisations to have to that heavy, dulcemente takes dimmer, which could be more desirable.
5 / 5
These torches are súper brilliant and has come included with battery. They will be handy for my travesías to camp.
4 / 5
To the equal that has announced. 40 pice inner of hike three weeks was unreal.
4 / 5
These are really good. I took him why every time there is the storm has been in losing tin. These torches are súper brilliant. Calm can spend him around with a built in of the bosses. Also they have 3 strong magnets in a fund that could stick you a torch to something metal and his a lot of the slide was.

Coming with battery in them but there an out of mark like this probably will not last partorisca yearn you to the equal that has the handy extras. They take 3 EA is.

Can regulate a quantity of light for how much stimulate you an upper up. So you want to less brightness does not pull an upper to arrive all a way. These are also waters that they resist partorisca mean the splash no his wins hurt. They can not be submersos.

These are very done and to good handy insurances to have around partorisca this time where need the bit of extra light partorisca something. A cupboard, cochera, the coverage etc. Bondadoso of as the big torch. More is is DIRECTED like light is brilliant and money any dim yellow like other frames.
5 / 5
Loves this type of lights of torch. Easy the attractive just to open and actuate light. The lights are good and brilliant. Two in the room easily can relieve on the very big room.
Some upper rays were to develop some type of spatial where can store you money or something small want to .
Found it unscrews to develop where some battery go. This comes with the installed batteries in him. So only it has to that pull a plastic band ossia in one a battery.
Well and light. The magnets does well. Stuck the in my refrigerator and he have resisted utmost.
With the little of these lights manually, does not have to that worry in short power outages this arrives all a time here.
Is also add to spend in the travesía to camp. These lights have bosses of boss for easy in slope.
When Fact, so only press an upper down and tent in the shelf.
5 / 5
Has been the while it have been of then camp, but last time was the travesía to camp of the group .  We have had nine daughters - some families and a lot almost quite a lot of torches.   I love my torch to Camp of Coleman and has looked for something looked like my kidlet has quell'has attached officially his Daughter Scout camping Train.  It has looked for something any like this expensive or heavy but still sturdy.

Has found these AlltroLite torches on and has thought would give them try it.  They have shipped Amazon of First street and has arrived interior three days.   They have not had any packaging or time to estimate to light time.  There is a black an and a blue one and wine with battery.  They are incredibly brilliant to the equal that will do to add when camping or when a regime to be able to.   A clear plastic in both elements is the little scuffed but is very light and like any of some scratches has very deep,  will maintain him.   Probably dipped one in the train to camp of my daughter (to take Coleman behind and maintain another upstairs incase of the can outage

Top Customer Reviews: Energizer LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
4 / 5
I have been that builds the cabin in the far location. I have required partorisca do in a crawl space under a cabin to install the drainage that plumbs. My rechargeable headlamp is well in big for perhaps two hours. Has some EA powered lights that is brilliant for an hour then dies era. It frustrates.

Looking in of the descriptions, has decided to buy a Energizer Waterproof FOCUSED Torch and some rechargeable D cell 10,000 mAh battery. The question has solved. This torch is announces hours in full brightness and resupplies abundance of light in a crawl space so that it was able to complete a project to plumb quickly.

Liked a torch so much of that has bought two more and another eight D cell rechargeable battery. These torches are now my 'gone there light source for projects where precise a lot of lighting for hours.
4 / 5
Has required the torch with simple controls that takes big generally available battery. Some controls are simple and take D cells. It is quite brilliant to easily read or cook for and different a lot of produced alike, does not burn your eyeballs was with the glare FOCUSED. This is not the backpacking torch. It is a lot the big and heavy. It is well for the house and the car camping can outages. If alive in Florida during season of hurricane, taking a lot and the box of D cells.
4 / 5
Is to tire to spend minimum the in mantles for each plus of torch resembles free the ball of glass each travesía or 2 with a coleman propane torches. We run 4-6 patrols for travesía - tinkering with coleman propane the torches is to tug it. As we are anxious for an alternative. This torch takes 4 stars out of 5 initially reasons max lumans is so only 500 (the torches the economic plus is 1000 lumans) - but there is experimented with one same more economic some and our initial feeling is that these torches are more rugged that a the cheapos there. Some things specifically that we like them in this torch:

1. In ours súper scientific testing (a lot of - a leader fell it on specify of height of shoulder) looks that this torch is quite sturdy compared to a súper the available economic options.

2. We like him that of this unit takes any 3 x Ds or 3 x AAs. We already ran rechargable AAs for another crew of troop (specifically walkie talkies) to the equal that has these manually. A Ds is where think that this will do the capacity more has to that.

3. We like him that to access a compartment of of the battery takes complete it 360 turn of terracing vs some torches plus very economic where is 1/4 turn - think that this means that it is less probably some boys pieces release
4 / 5
has used a leading incarnation of this torch for at least the year, but is in decline. I have bought this and so only dipped in D battery of measure.
( Is impossible to take some smaller battery in.) I use he for his nightlite. My old a there is had roughly fifteen has has DIRECTED bulbs. One of some bulbs would die each few weeks until it was down to four. Some uses of new version so only A bulb for his nightlite function, the difference of a forward one which has begun has used roughly are. Appearance my current a version of bulb will be useless mine in the short period of time. Buy the different mark.
5 / 5
He Goes to camp to plot, enjoys to hike at night, or so only wants to has to that torch of backup in chance of blackouts or of the emergencies, highly would recommend this element. Has multiple brightness settings, with one dipping a big plus that is quite brilliant to see well in the feet of some hundreds am gone in a black of the yours at night. I have taken some stars was reason one dipping a low plus, light at night, is too dim and quite useless, but another that that, ossia to good sure the add compraventa.
5 / 5
Looks the hurricane has begun our way, and all the world is frantic result, buying was all of some last batteries that is remained in some tents. I have had already 2 of an older version of this Energizer torch, that had used slope of the past hurricanes. They have done like this well and some batteries am lasted for such the long time, long. I have decided to be likely use an extra a. His picture looked a lot resembled some models plus very old that has, but, if anything, is included better! It is sleeker looking and much easier to open and dipped some batteries in. A key is main and easier that use. It resembles also be bit it more brilliant because of an elder of light zone in a cup of him. It gives of an amazing quantity of light in a main election. They are like this happy that has decided to purchase this torch!
5 / 5
In a title of this element, clearly said (the batteries Comprised). The mine to good sure there is has not had battery. Another that that, a light work adds when you have dipped your own batteries in him.
5 / 5
Awesome Torch, quite durable, utmost materials, light, a main use of this torch for me is Camping, totally recommended, an only recommendation is to add the hook like my old Energizer Weatheready has DIRECTED Light - 360 Torch of Zone, but still quite versatile.
5 / 5
Good light source for these situations of emergency, relatively long that last with places of battery.
4 / 5
Liked a concept of two measures of the batteries according to a force has required. Had at all to resist some batteries in place and his so only rattled around in a compartment, disconnecting a power. Returned.

Top Customer Reviews: 30x Battery ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
I tended them it lights life added my party centerpieces. Totally gorgeous. A bit those that months later and his all still doing. Now they are using partorisca Natal centerpieces!
5 / 5
Better lights. Last partorisca the long time. All the lights have done. I have ordered it lights different vendors before and some lights have not done, happy I any one has had this question with this vendor, All look and light work add in my Torches of Paper.
5 / 5
These are utmost add pocolos lites that when launched of the balls of Helio are like this brilliant and look the UFO is!!!
That Entertainment!!!!
5 / 5
My second go around with these! It loves him! They have owed to bear always
5 / 5
has bought these partorisca experience with dipping LEDs to dresses. They are brilliant, but reasons twist partorisca turn on and was, and maintain to twist, a compartment of battery opens, the half is really really finicky roughly when being in 'so only one something legislation' partorisca maintain them on or era. It would walk for and see them on, or fight partorisca find that something sweet to included turn them on. A battery enough dies after the few hours to be in contact with some goodnesses once a paper is to take even if it is not on, as any disorder with them until you are ready to use them. If you are by train to use them a time for the party or something, probably would be utmost. But no attended to use them for long or repeatedly or with any reliability.
5 / 5
Liked an idea to take these lights to have the Halloween the egg hunts in a darkness for my daughter. I have known these were multicolour but I class to wish some colours have not changed like this quickly. Has 2 sequences. 1 Slow, and then goes quickly. A slow a good east, but a fast one is almost too fast. With which roughly 2 minutes results the bit to annoy and disorienting. They look sturdy and has built well, and is brilliant, but so only wish a speed has not been like this fast.
4 / 5
Has dipped some light bulbs in the glass to water to try is durability - some lights am lasted for five days!

Top Customer Reviews: RAYOVAC Floating ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 18 ratings
4 / 5
It was they throw quite fallido because it can no any ray a coverage on after inserting a battery. In a risk to touch as I complete it numbnut, I finally @@give has had the coverage of hule in a connector in a battery. I have attacked of the star because it have been useful to have it has mentioned to somewhere.
1 / 5
A point of the prize in this quantity goes to produce the plot of the sales and all these consumers will take to experience an action and reliability of a mark. Hurricane Michael so only has devastated my community, and another day without electricity. I have bought 2 of these the few months behind when loss of the can resulted of the leading hurricane. To the mine dismay, does not have any instruction, any nib that marks the esweet something' and only felizmente, has a connection of internet. Shame in this company to mark this element as their own. You have presented a lot of unnecessary frustration the people in needs of train of confidence and in the state of desperation. I last it it has been to comprise quite a lot of information to do these starts of a box? I can ensure that a majority of yours beats of clients or will require info that this is not discharges he and torch of game. If podes any the produced that is tried enough of confidence that an idiot tin a lot so only insert a battery, ray in a coverage and press the key to enjoy 85 lumens in a darkness, does not risk that it loses a faith of your clients to sell the piece of junk, which will be a conclusion the majority of survivors will formulate. Really you leave down, and although it was finally able to take a torch to do, can not deny an absolute frustration that takes to take there. You would owe that take this product, or thousands of risk or more the clients entirely dissatisfactions with your mark. I have had regime of instant with all another foreigner, any name, seemingly junky the battery has operated lights, and frankly, has changed my alcohol in these elements. Right now, I am living in the estaca apocalypstic the universe and these frames have restored some sense of the like the luxuries is no longer available. Ray Or Vac seriously need the rethink 'abordable' and produce an element that the consumers will think of confidence - in the first place - his time of needs.
1 / 5
Shows of semi-detached photo in some legislations, illumination of a 'Rayovac Estimates that Shines 85-Lumen 6V 10 torch the torch FOCUSED'. In an accident is illumination of the torch of torch has had so that the must is 15 years . As you can see, a Rayovac is hardly that would consider 'Brilliant'. It is absolutely useless like the torch. It have to that prpers have known a prize of $ was too good to be some - Is. Felizmente Are able to return all are torches have purchased to substitute an old some am keepers now!
5 / 5
I found it difficult to close a lid. Read some other descriptions and there is @@give that there has been spent he in an of some coils of battery. The one who has known? Apparently, a lot me.
5 / 5
Well a lot-frills to the torch FOCUSED, with the beam of solid centre and the launch of riada good to some sides. Decent light start - comparable to another 85 lumen torch I own. For a money, a quality of build is quite solid. It do not survive a lot it beating, but is still a better torch I suitable for low $ 5 (has bought at the same time he). A comprised 6V cell is not alcaline, but zinc of carbon. I have known this when I bought it, and - for a money - I are well with him. I have used these same cells for years, and finds that his self-the tax of download is acceptable has DIRECTED light ( has taken 7 years out of the light in our room of storage). Also they treat well in of the colds, in some do any when a no. of alcaline cell there is neither has experienced never the leak with these Rayovac 'general purpose' carbon-cells of zinc. If they were more expensive, would not take him , but think that is decent for a money.
1 / 5
It has taken for ever to finally take a light to come on ... The place changed of a battery 3 times before we find the place that would do it (to to the look likes really does not have to that look of import in of some connections). Any which, a chance has been broken when it take here. Any value an endeavour to return. I think that that I can use a battery in my Mammas old torch. And it is not the bad prize for a battery. The only desire had had better regime. It look forward to one has DIRECTED lights.
1 / 5
Bought three. One had died on arrival (bad transmission). Another has broken after the weeks of pair (also the bad transmission). It has not been value a hassle to return, as it has finalised to launch 2 era. A third an east doing well after the pair are skeptical that still was functional for next year. Some transmissions are defective and a quality of global build is very economic. They are also a lot almost like this brilliant like some abonos old incandescent some have had before these.
3 / 5
I have bought two of this so much an Amazon adds on element or $ ea. It was supprised in a brightness of a LEDs. A construction is like any one another torch of torch of discount- basic plastic. You take that paid partorisca, and this is not the $ 100 Surefire or Streamlight. These are perfect partorisca around a house, cochera, truck or anywhere does not concern you if they are stray or take broken of careless managing. Of the majority of 6vt battery of the torch cost more than this light/battery combo will be to purchase additional units in a future.
1 / 5
Oh My I there has been attended big this would be the good light like old some have has possessed years THIS PRODUCT Is NO GOOD! Any COST has purchased also to 2 band Eveready for $ 5+ is the lights to treat & well is brilliant... The most brilliant way that this & is 50 vs 85 these suppositions to these $ light states in ad 45ft his light distance the joke grieves could see the something of light ossia after the long time is spent to try to take the battery situates creates so only read in another revises sound the subject with causing to change yes dipped a cup the battery prongs outside of the base has the wee lighter but still a lot as expected of 10 has has DIRECTED bulbs ... Like this the element so only will be to take on spatial of cupboard because his useless would not depend on this for light source
:( a lot it disappoints it
3 / 5
it has taken the treat well in these so many an add on element. As I have purchased 2! I can any never have quite a lot of torches. One there is prendido to do almost immediately with which took it, is for this that can do not giving the better indication. It is my failure that has not asked has substituted it, no quite time my day.
- I likes that it is big, I a lot of misplace likes all of the mine another.
- Is not heavy considering is bulky measure .
- Sleeve of easy grip
- on/has been to press down on key
- very brilliant & has good width of coverage as well as distance.
- The battery comprised & is lasted the pair of month

one one this there is acted bad has been far from a one has described so only. So only be sure to use he in planting to leave feels like the backside up as I have done. As it has lost my window of turn.

A lot of value of the money yes does properly

Top Customer Reviews: LED Camping Lantern ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
I am the camp the holic , has 3 camping torches, 1 Coleman propane that is to say quite shot , but in a yes required loan, 1 stack operated Streamlight Chair and 1 Hard light rechargeable, all the torches add. It decides to go each rechargeable to delete packing propane and stacks or forgetting them , among one camps and a Glorious Cherokee has 5 ports of accessory like why very to use them ? Has USB of abundance
So that it enter it a LUCIDA torch of portable camping, is in 5 group of wagon of star !! Here it is in the to the east likes me , a measure is perfect, a brilliance for of this small light
is more concealed has adapted , a built in always the cape of accessible USB am add , a base of metal is hard, each an electronic (changes, touching characteristic and stack to be able in of the ports ) is easy in access and here at least for me is that it can be is better attribute , these two hooks of METAL , a competition
all look to have plastic hooks that for me has been always the problem ( accidents) and almost has forgotten these magnets are strong abundance !!
My intention for this light is more as the light of emergency to maintain in a console of a Jeep, but the think that can do his road to camp use in some capacity, has three daughters and his each which so taking a for Christmas in or maintain in of the carts or his houses.
Opens All concealed to be said that desires a time of the career in one poses big was the small longer ( a technology is available) but is not that it considers that the with
in this signal of prize would be necessary to look for you a lot last to beat this awesome little light !!!
5 / 5
I have required the clear to use under my carport while cooking external in winter but any relish an idea in cape a (each metal) carport with 110V. Desprs dawdling Around during the year and fumbling with the torches found this thing. It IS the life -change.

Some magnets the line firmly in a metal bracing, pose out of an enormous quantity of clear, can be recharged in a house or in a car, takes 5 hours in big and 10+ in of the half (which are still abundance that shine), a cord in load is built in and does not have to go the looking for when required, is water -resistant, included thought to pose few tampons of rubber in a subordinated to maintain some magnets of marring the surface (useful need attach he in your cart to change the wheel or something).

Has think so very was to do this small rascal the perfection of utility. And it is only 15 bucks. It conceal simply it is surprising.

Very done!
5 / 5
It IS very unbalanced when took a container and has of small this to light era is in a measure of the baseball. But after using it This the small light is powerful and does a work that to the big bulky torch can do. You can recharge your telephone with easterly but drain one stack very hurriedly especially yes is using a light a same time. But for a stack of backup of the case of the emergency done a trick.
5 / 5
Doubt, these are freakin awesome. Better lights never for point of prize. I have bought so many stupid torches, torches, dingle dongle has directed to crap and any one of them is so brilliant, practical, and easy to use unit that this I serious only wants the launch was all a terrible god the devices of useless light have bought during some years of Amazon in some rubbishes. Only I need easterly a, any seriously. Mays... I gotta the expect until a low prize. =) And my woman will not leave me the launcher was other devices of light changes. Perhaps it have to the fall, any once, but the small time to adoptive his death.
5 / 5
Wow, Amour this small but powerful camp lite. When being sudden and very brilliant.

Update in a HIM light to camp. It takes it this past week in the 2 camp to trip at night in some mountains of Georgia. Has some lights in of the nights of cabin. First night there has been both of them on are posing more than shine during 3 hours and a second night there went it on some basses pose which are still enough those arrests to shine quite 3 in his parameter his brilliant plus and 1 hour in big parameter. In a second the day has had to to use likes him the light to help us navigate a trail of the night taken until in the while it hikes behind in ours camping. Quan IS returned the house has verified to see how much juice some stacks had and they still hade among 25 in 30% left wing. I have to say and it wants these lights. My hiking buddies where impressed and go to purchase some for them. Also I will be to buy 2 more, like the backup since is clear and compact and can any one complain in a prize.
2 / 5
I took me Very at the beginning and it has used he for work of reparation of the house to ignite the room with, EXCEPTS, a last time used it (less than the total of 15 minutes) a stack taken 'HOT' suggesting it will not last (recharge) much more. The concept to draw am add, the looks to manufacture to be very well, BUT material (rechargeable stack) attraction all one low sake.
5 / 5
Where Have this small light state everything of my life? It IS it adds. Some things I amour in this small light to camp: (1)- it is sper brilliant. This light is so that it shines your eyes will warn you. (2)-Very stack has required. It comes with the rechargable 3000 mAh stack. (3)-USB uploads The cord is has comprised. (4)-Life of Longitude stack. In 10 long hours calm the precise to run constantly. (5)- it IS versatile. You can use he for a lot of tasks. I used it to do in my altogether dark truck and when has had can he outage in my house. (6)-The clave of in any one of thing that is to say the metal been been due to this basic magnetic . (7)- Has 3 clear roads. Shining, dim And flashing road. (8)- Has indicators to touch he so that it knows when is touched fully and ready to go. (9)-You still it can it touches your mobile phone that uses a port of bank of the power in a light. The smallest defects for me: (1)-the does not avenge with instructions. Any big roads even so. (2)-A clear accommodation takes the small warm but any too excessively hot. (3)-it is not to water test. Any a lot of the big roads for me so that I will not be using alfresco does not have to. Inferior line, is the enormous adherent of 'igniting May' produced of solar powered has DIRECTED lights, lights of tape, lights/of does it the interior etc. Does excellent products that last. Compraventa Well, happy client.
4 / 5
Wow, This thing is small... And BRILLIANT. Very impressive little light. A built-in USB those touches the cord is awesome, as well as some magnets and clips to be able of the hang. Solidly Has built, smartly has designed, and look very fresh. The desire could give it 4.5 stars, so that that is to say that thinks merits.

My subjects of only minor, and a cradle of only reason he 1/2 the star, is:
1. One poses the light decrease is seriously almost so that it shines cual poses more brilliant. You will comprise when it uses in a darkness. If they could cut one poses of basses besides or 50% less than that at present is, was perfect.
2. A tlphonique those touches the capacity is very fresh, but has remarked that it has touched it fully my telephone out of a torch, a life of the stack in a light was down besides or 25% less, as stack is abundance quite big to use a clear option for an extensive period of time, but only would use an option of bank of the can that the last resource, so that the drain quite hurriedly.
4 / 5
Excellent handy light, the only desire was the small more more than shine, was very brilliance, and would prefer the micro USB recharge port in place of a cape of USB avenges with, is too down 8', has to spend a cape of additional extension in place of just use a tlphonique recharge cape (in necessity of case to touch while using), beside this small problem, the wonderful laws everywhere, especially like a creation of sleeve of the breaking, some laws of magnet very well, has bought he only for this reason, tries another handy light to do around for the cart but the magnet was so feeble still was more than shines then this a, is to take to plant a clear where has wanted, if one of the same very enough the brilliance will buy another. Subjects of test of big light constantly, the little in 7 hours, has not tried a low light, a light is warm in place of brilliant aim, HIS LIGHT ALSO BLANCA.
5 / 5
I am purchasing the second unit uses a premier a camping of arrests (car camping) mostly and has done admirably like the light of tent, hooked in our awning for environmental lighting at night, the light of the utility in my garage has attached firmly in the cupboard of metal, the torch for moonless has walked at night in unlit basins of tower in 'primitive' campgrounds, and house that hangs fault to be able in. Flavour be able to touch hostel or in a walk in camping with ports of USB of the vehicle. This last proportionate trip included some behind-arrives loads for my telephone. dulcemente Am converting to use more devices so there is onboard rechargeable stacks or torches that use a rechargeable 18650 stacks of type. Smaller is better but this light does not admit in brilliance for use in of the small zones. I expect a second a duke is so reliable that premier.

Top Customer Reviews: Thorfire LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Purchased this partorisca modify and install the 940nm inner focused. It took it it averts partorisca see some guts and is decently has done. The battery is to 300 my hybrid lithium capacitor. I have measured a voltage with one has directed wire fence in. Down: , in big: . CONCENTRATED is the trace of generic chip in the joint of star. It is likely able besides can and is driven down.

Has been surprised partorisca see it in fact have two ways, the basses and the big. A usb touching is the good characteristic but has included so only 30 seconds of cranking will take you the decent runtime. I did not measure it but it was on partorisca on 5 minutes down.

My only worry is that there are 3 tiny rays that insurances a cup of a torch down (of an interior). Over time, of assuming and that develops a torch, is possible that can take pulled was. This in spite of, is very built and one $ 10 seal of the prize is not too bad.
5 / 5
Has left there be the little light!

Well, my 'torch' the leading fashionable light was big and bulky, and has used a lot-rechargeable battery. It has taken this like a light of emergency, but has discovered ossia the light adds when I have required the crawl around a coverage, changing out of splitters in my boss. It is perfect partorisca other needs when the torch is not a lot of the one who precise. With which use, has dipped this in the clear plastic stock exchange and the hang in the hook of order in a backside of some doors of bath, as I will know exactly where is if a regime partorisca be able to! They are small and quite handy that goes to dip one in the each one of a box of glove of the vehicles.

WARNS: I have not received this product for free or in the prize has reduced to do a 'unbiased' description. I have paid for him I. I have not received any risarcimento to revise a product. One in the description is my opinion after active experience and/or has used a product.

4 / 5
Has received so only this light and these are my first impressions .... I will update this description after the value of summers to camp.
1--- Was the little smaller that has expected in 3 1/4 thumb diameter and 5 1/4 big thumbs.
2--- Hanged 168grams, or , or lbs.
3---The majority of brilliant way that expected it to be and this was with which so only the value of minutes of 'winding.'
Now partorisca to the some things did not like...
A soyembrane' of plastic ,while when being well in diffusing light when a torch is opened, is thin and A lot EASILY CREASED when some halves are pulled averts. I think that over time, this membrane rasgará or the hole will be spent his.
This torch cost the little more than some another in a phase forms other sources but he feels better done mine.
Worry in a membrane of diffuser but or when failure, thinks that that I can substitute he with plastic of jug of the milk so that it saves a torch for the use but that loses a compactness of easily blocking it. Has some other torches of small battery of alike drawing that I use the cradle and the tube of cloth, can look to do something looked a need arises.
4 / 5
In the first place was, really love this light, he exactly that is to suppose to and he he well. The quality of build is well, the fat plastic and a boss of crank feels adequately strong. Thoroughly I have tried this torch (2 of them in fact) to verify a runtime claims and to see like some characteristics of touch have done. This has comprised a lot of cranking. Honradamente Can say that this device all alleges to and in fact extracted better that has announced, so only maintains to go and that goes and that goes. I still have still for the see in fact die or zero of light of products.

-A torch that does not need never the new battery, can recharge he, And touch other devices. (He really works!)
-Perfect light for emergencies, camping, light of work (low vehicles), light of squash, and to relax environmental lighting.
-A way of the law of torch adds, good brilliant beam with a profit added of the wide cone of sweet peripheral light.
-Way of the torch also does like this feigned, lighting the wide zone everywhere a torch. To spare environmental light the brighten on a whole room (or tent).
-Listing lumen the look of claims to be attentive, and some values have chosen is perfect (30/125)
-My career-try-of the times have aimed this torch dipped in BIG will run 100 brightness (125lumen) for -80 minutes, and then a lot dulcemente a light start diminishes in an after several hours (resupplying usable light a whole time). As some 40 claim of minutes to time run by a costruttore is quell'has bitten conservative. In the in the Big current would be necessary to give you at least 2 hours of usable light. Running down probably close to 8 hours of usable light. But included reason left it the course down, when podes simply to the crank has retreated to full brightness again in in any for the moment? Awesome!
-A claim that 1 minute of cranking gives 4/11 minutes (big/basses) of light is attentive, work so that it has announced.
-A crank dynamo has touched felizmente each device I tried (mobile phones, bank to be able to, rechargeable torch) without questions. Roughly 2 minutes of cranking produced +1 battery in my telephone, which has the 3000mah battery. Note: an ideal cranking the speed is in fact much slower that would expect ( RPM).

-This lights could last for years with priest, but has the defect to draw. For this I means a 3 plastic tension clips that control a torch jointed when it is blocked. These inevitably will break ploughed /to close a torch quite time.
-A plastic blocking the diffuser is the quite fragile material (the seat likes plastic of jug of the milk) and also inevitably fail with normal use. This material would owe that be substituted with to the silicone or something bit it more durable.
-This thing takes the looong time to touch via USB, likes 4-8 hours according to that upload use you. I have tried numerous different chargers, some touch it much faster. Like different test chargers until it find the fast a. Calmer late will be thought ... 'Except the wait in tin of theory to crank touches a unit in just to 10 minutes likes him reason does USB takes 4-8 hours?' lol

Ossia The add to buy without the doubt, and highly recommend it.
5 / 5
Has taken this for the little light of backup has the chance of the blackout or has any way to take battery for mine other units read. These laws of what on touching another power of USB stuff which little has bitten to try and will take time to fully touch a material. As it maintains to import ossia the small power uploads this has limited the start to touch is by train to ask you reason he not uploading against fast tax. But there pocolos the big defects have found concealed is changing a bulb something spends his and a turn of sittings reason presses him to him a key two times to turn that ware a key was like this little another some concealed is not like this bad likes two I has appointed was. It would give to 5 indication of the star but I have has had to that -1 star some time those that defects.
5 / 5
Loves a concept of of the this, but an upper annex for the hangs has broken was a lot easily. Also, I can it does not take to touch my iPhone 6s, so only turns it on, but does not augment a life of battery - a lot of @@subject that to crank he (telephones on or was). Description 2/5 stars

Update 7/14/17: I have been to contact for a company been due to some subjects has had with a product. They are by train to send The free substitution. The service of client adds. Hopefully A new one will last the more long and better touch! The description has update to 4/5 stars
4 / 5
have BOUGHT LIKE THIS this torch to add bug of mine/to camp was/box of stock exchange of the emergency. His add! A chair of construction of the decent mine and any flimsy. A light has been announces around 9 ish hours down settring and this was with the full load. My so only seeds the flu is that it would have to that coming with the better type of discharge/of start of the entrance to touch a light and touching the device.

Light start - Mina 14'x15' the room was very lit for a torch down. Much lighter of need in the tent. Blocked, one 'torch' the characteristic lights a way decently.

Has done the test of drop. I do not know reason but felt for the pleasure, AS I have fallen he out of a window of fourth down to mine go. Any one breaks or anything with which paste a pavement. So only the pair of scuffs and the work adds,

in general am satisfied. I think that that I go to buy pair more for my boy and to maintain one in the each one of some cars for any one.
4 / 5
One of a more immediately the useful elements has has not purchased never! These have come so only to time for the power of 2 days outage last winter. I cranked the partorisca can he a lot that lights the majority of a time, but was also able to use an USB uploads for hooking he until a solar poster has bought also. With a poster in my window of cookery that sud expensive, these few gems touched and resupplies a lot of light adds in both one way compressed and has developed. I am buying more. Any house would owe that be without these in his box of emergency or go-stock exchange.
4 / 5
Has bought this has retreated Dec 2016. It is Oct 2019 and a power is exiting because of company to be able to (PP&And) is by train to close down to protect of fire. As it has taken all 3 of the mine was to situate in the strategic places and everything no . I am cranking then pressing a swimming of key. A light of red load is on like this perhaps will touch something for me need when a regime to be able to. But that he bummer like these I had expected to use for the times have taken. Now I am looking for all mine Magnites
4 / 5
Works to the equal that has described. This in spite of go to touch your telephone of him, an USB the only starts touch when a crank is turning. It will not touch your telephone of a battery in a torch, but will light a torch with him.

When A crank is turning slow, has measured some starts of USB roughly 4.2 volts, and when it is turning quickly is 4.9 volts . Like this ossia voltage of acceptable USB that is regulated to all the cost of cranking speed. When A speed of crank is zero, a voltage of the start of the USB is zero, although a battery is touched.

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
I have purchased 2 of these partorisca my boys partorisca take on the travesía partorisca camp. They are really pleasant, appropriately sized partorisca mine 3 and 6 year, and some variables of options read are well. A torch is weighted comfortably and is very light and durable - has survived falls was sure would not go back of. I took it it was a star because a transmission is a lot sensitive - is hard to turn of a unit because the slide up dips a torch on, some turns of backside was, a more behind turns a torch on, and another for behind turns a poster lateralmente on. I comprise because among this order and I think is the really functional election , but a transmission is almost too easy to use and arrival to be really difficult for my boys to take some light to the turn was because they can not find that it was something . In general, highly it would recommend this element and I would purchase it again.
4 / 5
Perfecto for my edges. It is extremely light. I have been surprised in as the light was. Prpers Having said that some plastic looks quite fat for a manhandling my boys dip this by means of. His thick toys to stop some first time uses them, this torch has been launched in of waters he (any raincoat) but pulled was, has dried was, and he still works! It is EXTREMELY BRILLIANT! It does not take this unless it love the brilliant light!
4 / 5
Originally has bought these for my daughters for the Christmas like the night sews of light type. But be able to the knots have lost recently our house last week. And to the left say these few lights were a saver of the main life ! They resist battery, my daughters do not turn NEVER his lights was so much find that they can go the full week- week and the half first to require the transmission of battery! 3 fold One is is all the taking! Extremely the brilliant has DIRECTED lights. These in fact better facts then some súper expensive lights my husband has. Had buy 5 more for a incase be able to loose knots again! And a prize like this extremely abordable!
4 / 5
This product is coming quickly but no when it has arrived. One produces looks súper economic and more likes that it would expect of the toy of an Albero of Dollar. It is returned and his refunded my money súper fast. Well service of disguise.
4 / 5
Has bought this for mine 3 year-old based in a colour has lived. It has taken perhaps 15 minutes to imagine was as to toe a transmission to each place. We use in way of torch more than any another. Reason a light is no-directional, can quite dipped the anywhere among his animal stuffing and have quite a lot of light to read for in bedtime. Material finally will imagine it was like the hips to uses likes him to torch. It is obviously a lot like this durable to the equal that to torch of metal; but there is already has survived the pair of falls of the height of 4 feet or like this without noticeable harm. In this point of prize, am pleased really with a quality. They are sure that /when it dies, will substitute with another of a same.
5 / 5
My daughter is fearful of a dark and is especially fearful of our dark longitude hallway the restroom. Every night it is the battle for his to go brush his teeth but any anymore with this torch. It is like this brilliant and easy for his to spend sometimes goes without us say. I want that it is the good measure like any easy for his to lose like this leading some have had. And a fact is gone in his favourite colour was the plus !
4 / 5
Has bought this for mine 4 old year to touch with, but is in fact really good and brilliant. We have lost electricity another day and used this to cruised a house in a dark and then when we seat still, has dipped he in a way of torch. It has done I add!

Is súper brilliant, like this perhaps any for small kid the one who will look to a light.
5 / 5
Luz of torch/adds, especially for a prize. Also it loves that it runs in EA battery. Bought two, a when being for the partner, and loved it also.

Has loved this light/torch has ordered so much 15 of them together with a lot EA battery to give to some victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. They are shipped directly to the centre of collection of the supply in Discharges. I have ordered rose to the equal that could order more his been due to a prize a low plus. Ossia The way adds to contribute !
5 / 5
Has bought this for my little daughter and I use it so to the equal that does. It is decently brilliant and is very convenient partorisca working in small dark zones reasons can change a setting and dip the down when you owe that use both hands. Often I use it at night when I exit to feed some animals. An only with has found is that a coverage of way of starts of the battery to easily. A small piece of the tape probably would fix this subject.
5 / 5
Has taken two of these for our boys in chances lose can. They have wanted to him and they are quite easy for them to use and hanged light. A light is brilliant. An only thing that concerned was a plastic is done with looking quite flimsy, but the only time will say to break them .

Top Customer Reviews: LETMY LED Camping ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
5 / 5
This 2 torch of band will go in handy when it loses can. His quite brilliant to light the chamber. It comprises battery like his loans to use legislations out of a box. Some magnets in a fund is also the plus.
5 / 5
Has has purchased previously the light resemblance this has announced 60 lumens of light for Etekcity - the very good product. Now come this one and says 500 lumens. I have compared a two in the big dark room. While it is more brilliant, the am not sure is 8 brilliant times. But still, it is more brilliant and achieves further in a room and with a magnetic base, certainly value of the money. I will be gifting another some I bought and buying more than these. Perhaps another month will see 1,000 lumens! One produces to add (and how is a Etekcity). A better part is that they will last the long time on 3 EA battery.
5 / 5
Has looked for to folding torch, and has jumped to buy this.
A cup of this torch is composed with a light of main FOCUSED torch. Pulling it was will turn in a light and expose one has DIRECTED lights. A real light is roughly 2.3 thumbs long. Calm simply pulls a cup of and able to regulate brightness. A calm more attractive was, a more a light CONCENTRATED is exposed. Simply press it down light very precise.
This small torch, which roughly 7.5 thumbs long when it is pulled fully(only 5.2 thumbs a lot the time when pressed down), is quite brilliant to light my living room. It is like this brilliant! Be careful when the attractive calm goes afterwards dipping battery. I have not known the one who those shines this torch would be, my eyes are closed automatically immediately because of a brightness of this torch when quell'pulled on a first time. It is really brilliant.
Is quite brilliant to try to find something in my cochera. A light is operated for 3 EA battery that comprised with torches. A vendor mentions that this torch is “500lm brightness; 360° illumination, cover-ups to 400 torch of torch of places”.
An organism of a torch is studio. I have fallen this torch of mine bookshelf, was roughly 3-4feet of a paving, paste a hardwood walk. It was fearful that can be broken, but laws to find.
I magnetic funds are advantageous. You can stick this torch on to any surface to iron to be used like the light of wall, as yours both hands are free to resist of the light while precise fix the automobile or something that has required to use yours both hands.
Some sleeves are well has done. It does not swing when using you east.
This torch is bending. It is easy to spend and tent for a situation of emergency, this an underlined because of a right and incredible measure brightness. Also, this one has 2 GUARANTEE of YEARS!
5 / 5
Can does not create !!! These products of small torch like this súper brilliant lights.

The only takes 3 EA battery, but look it halogen light.

A box contains two torches, as I am using a for power of emergency in home, and another accustoms camp.

Has dipped some tapes in some batteries to prevent to drain was cells of battery. In this way, some battery will last long long time while utilisation for an emergency.

Higly Recommends to the each owners of house and campers.
4 / 5
One first torch that has arrived was defective. A light has been still in still when I closed it all a way. I have contacted a vendor and interior 1-2 hours, a vendor has resupplied answered punctual and was quite bondadoso to resupply the substitution for mine defective torch and broken. A vendor sent out of the substitution that the same day and I has been said that among 5-7 days.

A torch is gone in TWO DAYS , Justo to time for my travesía to camp morning. It avenges so faster that has expected. This time, a torch has done perfectly. Some the light turns was has closed once a torch to within of roughly 1-the thumb that opens. A torch is light and compact, which the easy fact to pack to camp. It can also hook some bosses on my tent. This little type is like this brilliant that so only one is required to light a whole room (sees before and with which picture). A fund is also magnetic like the easy fact to stick to any magnetic surfaces if you do not want to resist he a whole time.

Very impressed with a product and vendor that surprises the one who has directed my worry and issue like this quickly! Like this excited to spend this to camp with me!
5 / 5
Loves a bit the lights are not fooled for his measure is really brilliant, bought him cause I live only and calm does not know never when some lights could go was, as I have dipped a next right my bed in a paving seats more ensured, sometimes does not think in things like these but spend, very happy will not be in the black of soiled tone, another is afterwards to mine recliner the supposition are mass!
5 / 5
This container comes with 2 torches and of the batteries. Has has good creation, basically use them to camp, the use has has DIRECTED light bulbs, as I am very brilliant, down is magnets, his easy for them to stick in yours hood of engine when works in your car.
5 / 5
Is wonderful torches . I have bought looked before and disappointed because of poor quality.
But this one is enough , good prize with big quality
loves this a reason
1. A light is excellent brilliant
2. Easy to manage for girls
3. More using purposes: camping, emergency of house , the car emergency etc. calm included can hang in yours backyard 
A surprise is battery are comprised when I open container.
Absolutely loves that.
5 / 5
Has been collecting the few elements of emergency like lights and debugging of water, in the chance there is an earthquake or something. This note does reasons are small and brilliant. Him him Like that has had 2 because of me also needs the light to see under a hood of my truck because some idiot (me) has dipped joint in mine skylights in a cochera. Magnetic, as you know, the facts felt. The class of thought it would be fresh to so only leave under a hood and then some day when they are in the roadside to somewhere the have. In all the chance, looks durable and was brilliant and has fulfilled my need of light of emergency. How it is well.
5 / 5
Has required the light to hang of alto to the equal that can read and material of focus in my space of public storage. It was not dark, so only not lighting enough to read without pulling bit it. In the first place lame enticed to buy one of this partidário/light combos, but, although it was help adds in the blackout, likes with which the hurricane, grieves improvement my light in an ease of storage. This one is almost too brilliant. I am thinking to rig some class to shade around the to cut down in a glare. My only complaint is any adjustment of available intensity another that closing a light opening. If one 3 EA battery last 20 hours, was adds to be able to extend them was to 40 for the half a power. Still, I go to be probably that buys another pair. Very impressed.

Top Customer Reviews: LE LED Camping ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Each a glowing the descriptions are justified because of only creation with two removable flash the lights but I have used this light in my trip of recent camping and a part of torch is good but a flash the lights have poor field and has the class of very blurry low field clouded light. Also when it take a light has been missing the cradle for some contacts for one of a light to flash there is so decided for the open and fix me he in place of having a hassle to return and taking the substitution, in a process expsito that a rechargeable the stack has used is not the main capacity a while have expected (beaks of semi-detached voice) how has attached a similar plus stack has had of the bank to be able to small and directed to return he in. Has any one tried it fully a capacity of a clear with two stacks but certainly a load has taken few hours.
Another big negative for a light is that a socket to load would have to has been the mini hdmi/the mobile phone of android regulates load , instead the manufacturer has decided to use viril in the cape of USB regulate viril what the marks defy to spend another accessory and yes lose a light is quite has to the confidence regulates stacks.
5 / 5
This torch is perfect like a vain emergency to ignite in case perhaps of fault to be able in or does the source of perfect light in the garage, barn or outbuilding where carried he in fire was the ache in a butt. A clear is supremely that shines with the main light and then two side ignites which are these those orderly torches can be it taken. In big, can change a main light together with changing in the each torch that is sufficient in fully ignite the big room. A main torch is the rechargeable stack while some two torches take 3 AAA alcaline stacks or rechargeable stacks.

Besides, like an option or behind-arrives source to be able in, a main torch unscrews in a base and stain 3 D has measured stacks. A good extra is that a rechargeable can use to the stack uploads a mobile phone. Mina in-the laws live in that North Carolina has his action of severe time, for them this was in the cupboard with other lights of emergency in case that of the fault to be able as it was a case with hurricane Florence when it was without tram for 5 days. A torch like this very only the surest fact, at least is similar in a clear usually would take of covers he in light.

Can very overstate cual that shines this Torch is with a main light has changed on together with both torches. I am not sure of some lumens and these numbers in some advertisings are inflated really and can not be trusted. I can say the only torches of ours personal use have been used at least several hours without dents he in some 3 small stacks. There is a main light on for quite a lot of three hours with the light decrease in brilliance. I am sure he will remain ignited in a rechargeable stack for 4 or 5 hours.

A clear is done of this very hard plastic and is very-fact and no the light has built bad cheap could expect in 20 field of prize. I am older of a generation that cures of one east of the elements and this light last the lifetime. Has 3 different types of torches and by far this was a better of one 3 and considerably less expensive that the similar light with removable torches. It IS also very easy to spend is walking in a unlit zone with his 2 comfortable metal capes. That is to say the terrific light by everything means of your necessity like the security behind-arrive or something to take camping or in yours boat. That is to say money very past and highly recommends this torch. Opened has purchased it 3 of these and dies two as of the presents so that it likes him to us his ours so much torch. We are not paid in any subjects to lumber with with this product and this description are my earnest feedback after buying diverse and that poses a torch to use.
1 / 5
After hours and hours of investigation, decided to buy this torch because of some good descriptions and his intensity. I want camp, and has wanted the brilliant light so that my familiar and could spend some prejudices was. Quan Took a torch, has tried he and was adds. I touched it fully and it has bought the second torch so that we can have the plot of clear during our camping.

Quan Takes darker, in around 7:00pm, turned in a torch that fully touches a day before (could not use one another torch so that it arrives in three same days although there is first). It was it adds. Very clear for a whole camping. Even so, after only two hours, in around 9:00 pm, the light of a torch resulted feebler. Has thinks that that that takes used to a clear, but once decoupled one of a clear which have his typical together of stacks, and has turned that or on, gives that a light has taken feebler. Much feebler. For 10:00 pm, a light was included feeble for in a tent.

Has listened so thwarted, is returning both torches. As you Can sell the torch that gives the brilliant light for only 2 hours? They have to it has comprised it this in a description of a product. It opens it Conceal returned and read some descriptions, spent that the majority of people these descriptions this use of product he for emergencies, any one to camp. So beware, yes wants to go camping, and wants the light that shines that will last he for at least 5 hours, this product is useless!
5 / 5
I have bought 4 of these rechargeable last torches anterior year to season of hurricane and has given an each what so in the familiar member to evaluate. One 2 side of the torch by side is the very good option still if they are not rechargeable. We have been the paste by Hurricaine Irma in Seven 2017 and these lights were invaluable. We leave a main torch in some evenings and amiably ignited in 20' for 24' familiar room, when the turn the clear plus has wanted in some torches in a side also for lighter. It IS very good to have the torch (side of lights by side) this decoupled so that it can have lights of trip around a house. Our house is only quite 2200 sq feet. After a paste of the hurricane was without being able besides or 12 days less. These torches recharged amiably in our generator as we use the nightly. A brilliance is very well especially with some lights side by side.

For our use this has been the very dependable torch
. It comes with stacks for some side of torches by side but have you that buys your own rechargeable D stacks.

Possesses the variety of rechargeable the torches with the technology have DIRECTED, that is to say by far the the ours families favourite torch.

Only bought more torches that will maintain in reservation.
5 / 5
Only it survive a season of the hurricane is spent, these times with the 24 can early outage (very gone far worse), determined to be ready to minimise discomfort of storm the next season has induced. Four of some VERY BRILLIANT torches were a first compraventa . They are awesome; much more that shines that had it very before. It can touch an internal lithium saws USB, solar or with D stacks (6 ea.). I use only recharcheable stacks, as it does not import how much take for each torch. Two of some four sides of light is detacheable torches, which run when took entered AAA stacks. The May will be in a dark again.
5 / 5
I want to this light. It can be a big table or walking clear, or can be broken down in two torches and walking/light of table. It touches the elements saw USB. Highly it recommends. It IS well it has done it to it to him. It buys it again.
2 / 5
He been the avid camp the sense was young, when says to camp I bad I tent down some stars, and cook predominately in a fire. The natural tan am very picky when comes to choose train to camp.

The product is arrived late in spite of him when being listed likes him First of Amazon, has to is arrived the Saturday when arrives a following Tuesday. Once arrive, has been surprised with how small was! It researches to be in meso a measure of our old torch. One Produces also to to the notes like them has been launched of of cheap plastic! Listening very brittle, is very accident prone so need something concealed will line up against any just character, also me. A Flashes the clear annexes are lined by the small black that rotate bars that listens cheap ( would prefer it if they clicked in).
On all a light flavour was well, liked me in of functions of multiple light of some lights to flash. A field of a full torch has ignited enough very considered what small one in the each measure of a product is. It was unable to try a full function of a torch because of a fact that takes D Stacks (which are very hard to find in my zone, and is also very expensive).

Chosen to return a product and looks for the better alternative, these products even so it can do it amiably for the pair or small familiar that is to say new in camping. If you are the data takes to to camp likes him is even so, of this could not be a one since you.
4 / 5
The versatility of this torch is sum. His easy for my boys to take the torch by a yes precise part. An only problem is a life of stack . Included when fully touched, some beginning of light to turn afterwards only 3.5 hours. And'the voice there has Been another has directed torches that last much more
5 / 5
I am enamoured with this light. You are used constantly during 12 days of the fault to be able in after Hurricane Irma.
The May HAS HAD TO stacks or upload against cart. I have used he in my dispatch during a day and house at night. An only drWback, was all the world-wide has decided more was a clear of election and 8 has looked for always it.
This one east the MUST has for your box of supply of the emergency!
2 / 5
Very brilliant and will do the light of good zone SITUATE big. A glare of this light is subjects too much to use like the table or torch of tent.

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