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5 / 5
That is to say an initial was -of-the description of boxes:
In the first place was, what these headphones is. (40+ years of pro experience of audio here).
These are a Studio of the Personnel of excellent /house that listens auricular. Quality of DJ? Well If your speaker the warrior of weekend DJ of occasional party, then yes. Use/of DJ of commercial professional these subjects the in the plot of physical punishment, then at all! It leaves apresamiento real, is $ 30.00 headphones.
Gives the positive 5 star for some reasons of follower: quality to Sound to price point. I am to take pressed to say any sonal remarkable difference' among my note of studio of big dollar Sennheiser or Bose headphone. These are also my premiers 50mm telephones of engine also. Here it is my OPINION has evaluated. It take, each which a lot locates these descriptions are only that, opinion.........

Tries 1. THX Control of System of the sound. Reproduction very accurate.
Tries 2. Bose CD of Demo of the studio. Very good.
Tests of musician:
1. Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. Strauss of 30 Richard; Excellent and Accurate.
2.toccata And Fugue in D smaller, Only likes him was there. Niza crisp highs and sum of low frequency.
3. AC/DC, Thunderstruck And Shoot to Thrill; Oh He.....
4. ABBA Yep, The utmost sounds.
5. Paranoid So GFR and BS versions, Any disappointment here or.
6. Lynyrd Skynyrd- Mere man and Free Bird - affronts of Leaves he, takes a Awfull headphone to sea these. This has said, experience of row of the Front.
8. Yanni CD of Acropolis. Very Pleased here too many.

Here is what these headphones IS not ! Your IS not in the to to the Heavy bass like them a bit of the critics has declared. That is doing in fact is reproducing Fall more accurate that what auricular of the engine the small plus is unable to reproduce. It classifies what 'the Accurate bass', any heavy. They are also a lot of eskull to the crushers like them to them some has remarked. State in his transente 5+ hours directly while revising
has evaluated these so barefoot and also using the Neoteck NTK059 headphone amplifer. A amp attached the dimension of real positive in a global experience, even so, is sure all except one the majority of demanding audiophiles will be very pleased with this so much east. I have bought only the second pair.
5 / 5
I have bought this last year and leave seat them in my nightstand during 6 month that thinks that was the compraventa solid but has had at the same time any real use for them. Active HAS BEGUN of the work in the park of the noisy cube where desperately wants the bloc was all an environmental noise without that has to pay a prize for headphones that annuls noise. Have take had these in my nightstand as I have decided to give has shot it to him. It possesses hundreds of headphones and earbuds some years and has used the in the wide variety of situations I so that I consider me the well quite judge of quality of sounds and to the left say.......SANTO SHT These Are Awesome for a prize!!! Has another on-the-auricular of ear (monitors of studio in fact for books of audio) and a prize to estimate proportion with these swipes the out of a water! Seriously, you are looking for the clear crisp highs, solid mid-field, and falls these monitors of studio of the rivals in clarity and power in the prize that is too sake to be true, then my partner these are some auricular rights since you! I fulfil his that the boy of the follower but volume to listen in big quality very seriously. In this prize any one puts to bed! These writes merit to be lauded peel this has done. And I mention a consolation? At all these sometimes 8 hours the day 5 days the week and a quality of tez and console apresamiento, for a prize, is second in any one. It buys a whole family the set and young and old, will see that I am speaking enough.
5 / 5
M: He been the musician during 30+years. It directs the group of rock, seated first chair in the symphony and fact with all the classes of groups. I vocal work and instrumental, as well as DJing and producing musician. At all more hours in headphones that any one knows and has a lot of different classes.

I DJ with in-of the monitors of ear, as I have bought these prende casual listens, put/of consumer of the backups to follow and blending, and the situations where are touching with another electronic artist and I need to listen some delivery directly. I have expected that this quite a lot of quality of his to be until a task, but when being quite cheap that it can use the so many backups and any one the preoccupy quite leaving them in the venue.

The revised model: I have bought a Pro-30 Regular version Updated in money and brown.

In the first place, a sake: These headphones the sound adds, especially for a prize. Has the V-the 'consumer' shaped that tunes, while you would expect, but no so extreme as Beaten or Monsters. It IS in fact quite accurate is looking to coach of consumer of quality the reference these profiles of tunes, any one 'audiophile' or profiles of reference of the studio. A soundstage and the selection is well, a clarity is well, mids is full and advance but balanced, the offer is clear but no peircing or sibilant, and with a volume has looked, some bass of a lot of noises without taking muddy. In general, they are well and warm, but still detailed, full, and any too colored. I do not think you could improve it his in this prize or still 3x this prize. They can or it can not be until audiophile levels (does not consider me one) but certainly achieve a salvation-sweep well. Also they will please very bassheads without muddying in a musician.

Am add casual listening auricular and with some EQing, according to your preference, would be useful the blend or clue. It finds for hip hop and EDM very precise any adjustment for production of musician. A tuning is not skewed for low, but is not to thin, cold, esference' auricular or. In fact it likes them his in of me very better that a AKG K92s this sells for $ 20 - $ 30 more, and like them better that a DNA of Monster 40s.

Has tried also have them be arrest DJing and touched in of means it the set with them. Any subject at all with this application, although I have changed behind in mine in-of the ears after the hours of pair and of the moment that it is my preference , can not give the full description concretely for purpose of DJ.

One duplicates it raisins and constant cape of audio-through the characteristic is very ready and quite useful. I have found that has used he cual the built-in headphone splitter for casual listen and the film these looks with my partner much more this has thought I . I have used also the connected in two sources of audio the blend tones of my CORNELLA and listen in of the tones of references of the player of musician. I have listened also in musician while having the conversation of tlphonique. It IS the brilliant characteristic !

A fact that two removable capes and the stock exchange are included in this prize is awesome.

A earcups is incredibly plush and comfortable and provides to focus well. I can very overstate a consolation of these earpads. It IS like the fraction-in kidd sofa of rind in your leader. Only I can describe what 'buttery'. They are some the majority of the comfortable pillows have not spent never and does not think you could find very better in any prize. Ditto In a consolation of a tape. If has big ears even so, can not be the good access since you diameter what inner of some cups are not that big. Perfecto for my tiny ears and cape of peanut!

Cairo Very stylish and a lot digs a retro brown colorway and matching cape.

A bad: quality of Tez and QC could be better. My pair has a side where some notch of adjustment is well and snug and a side where is the loose and soft bit. It is not terrible, but perceivable.

Also, active has had only these for perhaps the weeks of the pair and I have used only the the small time and soft state with them. He blockaded with another DJ yesterday and has been to take a cape to bend them and situates has been the. I have pulled in a knurled the cover of the to to connector only likes him his is supposed in, no of a cape or a relief of tension. A coverage has burst immediately a connector. It was amiable of surprised to see that it is lined only with the tiny bit of toneless adhesive. Bummer, So that it has thought in fact a creation of the relief of the tension looked quite beefy.

Some days of pair later, a side by side the right engine has begun to fall out of intermittently. I am expecting it it has taken it only the defective unit and that a global durability of a mark is better.

Sadly, would not use beat them like main for DJing. It do not think it it would be until the use takes. Perfecto for backups or changes even so, for the casual house that listens or so it beat of reference of the estimativa.

Will contact a company to see can help was and update this description with my results.

Update 2/8/19: A company contacted me in fact before it take it the control of them to offer the substitution! The service of client adds there. I have asked the plus or less buying the substitution brown cape (I always extra of necessity manually). We leave me to us it knows that they do not sell a brown cape separately, but issue me the red one for free. Solid.

Any one subject with a cape of substitution. I think it that it take it only the bad unit

has not taken some headphones of substitution still, but will update my description when mark.

Update 2/13/19: it take some headphones of substitution the little the mark of days, up means a time has wanted! Alas, they routed a wrong ones. It take a cheap plus Pro-10s in place of a Pro-30 in the principle has bought.

Has broken the beak and emailed a company and has taken the response literally in of the minutes. Have excusado For a deception and immediately routed me the substitution for a Pro-30 east. We said me to us to maintain a Pro-10s and enjoy them. Service of the fantastic client and I are updating my original description of 3 stars in 4-stars only so that very OneAudio is to treat.

Since take to try a Pro-10s, will go to advance and revise these and report behind. Also I will update this description when takes a substitution Pro-30 is and take to spend the small more time with them.

Update 2/26/19:

So that it takes my substitution Pro 30 only the few days after OneAudio routed was. Very timely. They utmost. Any one subject with an engine or a cape. State spending more time with them; producing musician, listens in musician, preparing tones for DJing, looking mesos comunicacionales and listen in podcasts. I am by train to appreciate them More and more. A consolation is incredible. A quality of his of a big, 50mm the engine is very well, and especially impressive for a prize. They are quite clear for the critics that listens but is not fatiguing, which are unusual. A heat and richness of a mids is very pleasant and a thickness of some bass is treats it. An offer is slightly recessed in a tuning and while clear, is not sparkly, tender magic, if that is to say your thing . A upside of that is that it can listen calm in these telephones for hours without your ears that takes spent.

OneAudio Has been excellent to treat and has aimed the real commitment in service of client. A 24 guarantee of month is very generous and in fact is for his sake. They have won to good sure my future subject.

Has update my description of 4 in 5 stars for a set of substitution and for OneAudio service of client.
5 / 5
It begins with a sound is spectacular some levels of basses and offer concealed calm to leave to the use is spectacular, his edifice is of quality very well, comes with two capes of appearance very good and quality. It IS the product that gives the very good profit for his coast.
5 / 5
Auricular research with the removable cord and I are so happy found these.

A sound is lovely. It IS very grave-heavy, even so, so he calm to of to the that likes him that, could wants look in of another place. Even so, it is not in a point where is painful or take of a quality of sound. I maintain to choose in of the small bits in the never remarked songs before, which are very good. And like the response in one revises that it say that these headphones is Cute; they are not . They are to good sure stereo auricular.

Some headphones are the tight bit. Has the small leader and they are very snug. That, personally like me so I give me less noise of backdrop but yes has the big leader, could wants to look elsewhere. A deadening used in some ears are comfortable, even so. Any crowning of a line but to good sure better that anything and'the voice there was before.

An only subject and'the voice there has been is, a red cord tends to take blurred or only go in an ear if accidentally the touch or something paste he. Even so, I classify of jiggle around good laws. Considering is coming with two cords, even so, I of those who voice that is to say the very big downfall while it only can change in an another cord if this one goes.

In general, and is sper happy with these headphones.

EDITA: I have contacted a company in a cord and was more this accommodates. Seriously, service of better client and'the voice took never.
5 / 5
I do not go to seat here and calm say you that these are some auricular of the better sound has not possessed never ( is substituting the pair of Sennheisers) but a quality of his this quite damn well. That I very the amour enough is the (a) This listens. These headphones extends for people (how me) with the leaders the big plus. They rotate 45 titles (in a group of cape) and a earpiece rotates 180 titles (in a cup) guaranteeing perfect positioning in your ears. Also they fold you go for semi convenient storage (does not fold in some ways). Also they come with two headjacks: One for your mobile device (3.5mm) and or for your stereo auricular (6.3mm). A mobile cape is quite 4 long feet and has which looks for to be the change of button. A cape of Receiver is reversable and extends almost 10 feet. These sums of look of the things, is comfortable, provides his decent and when inevitably destroy a cape does not have to purchase new headphones. Only it substitutes a cape. Everything for just 30 bucks? Very you it can not beat a value.
5 / 5
For thirty bucks (the prize has paid so of the weeks of mark of pair), these are far and was a better to sound the receiver has not bought never. It has had auricular that cost three and four times so much to seal like vModa, Koss, Sennheiser, etc., And any one has sounded any better that these. Has punch of utmost bass without being at all muddy or rumbly, and a rest of a field of response of the sounds of frequency adds also. Certainly a Sennheisers has sounded the small crisper global but no in that has it almost a fullness in a field of the lowest frequency how these have, and is not even falls- has augmented. (For a record, a OneOdio Pro 50 model EST TOMB -has augmented; that is to say a Pro 10 model and he are not . I trust me, it do not require an impulse of low of a Pro 50s; some bass comes through very vibrantly and very cleanly in these Pro 10s.)

An only complaint has is that some cups of ear rotate freely in any less than three axes, and can be madden trying cogerprpers properly re-oriented when is by train to pose them on. If it can offer only a suggestion in OneOdio, was to PLEASE attach only the small control in of the points of rotation of some cups of ear like them a lot fails during a place.

Any complaints that could gone down this description in 4 stars is offset for other thoughtful touches, eats:

1) A detachable the cord can substitute concealed owe a cord resulted defective (to 1 cause of headphone failure);

2) One 3.5mm jack entered in a earpiece and he 1/4' jack in an another so that it can use the cord with any jack of measure;

3) An inclusion of the cord with covers he 3.5mm in an end and he 1/4' carried in another so that any subject that exited of jack to measure your device of audio has, is coated with that a cord;

4) converting whichever earpiece jack has entered that it is not into use in a jack to start with so that more it can limit in (provided his covers of cord is whichever the measures is not using) and some two users can listen simultaneously.

These telephones are also my woman buys me the pair, so now has two pair. Cela Have data he casualidad to try out of this simultaneous listening characteristic without two but three sets of headphones, and law through the each three. As it look it you that the calm can chain it joint that very these so has while a signal to start with is quite strong to be able to even so a lot they are daisy-chained together.

In general these are some very good-sounding auricular in any prizes and especially in his prize of current list, and has very interesting and characteristic thoughtful for on. An enthusiast 5 stars while they continue to do properly.
5 / 5
Five stars for a prize. That is to say the solid product so far. I have tried they back them to back with a behringer auricular (sad too many loafer to look in a number of model) and has liked him these the better plot. Some bass is sensibly different, and a sound is clear. Also they offer the isolation of plus of bit that a Sony MDR this has in a church. Using them to control audio for the current lives enmedio noisy.

A dual headphone the jack is shining so far as it is disturbed. Perhaps so that never there is the possessed very other recent headphones with this characteristic, but a cape of detachable more an option to use the 3.5mm or 1/4 cover is wonderful. It has had a lot of sets of headphones that is missing in a cape and result very-for-nothings. Only I can suppose that these will last longer likes him simply can substitute of a cape. They come with two capes, and a one with the different measure in any final he the fact an only cape will require for any setup unused adaptadora- enormous premium. An another the cape is the 3.5 mm of level in both sides, which are good to have.

Takes the little usings to imagine out of one transfers and blocking the angles of some telephone the. Well it is having a flexibility but if you are not the DJ while it can take it some taking used to, moving them around.

Only a bit downside is some material listens the light of bit and cheap, but has not remarked any subject with a quality so far like his or edifice. We will see to like scratch up over time.

In my flavour of basses of similar headphones, these surfaced like my favourite in a field of prize. I recommend the, and probably will take another punctual pair.
5 / 5
A headpiece only arrived and is truly glorious. We purchase this headset to look and listen in of the lessons of musician in my computer while we practise in my keyboard. It disturb it it has changed separate headsets. This truly gorgeous headset is fantastic. It can a sound through the each piece of ear. I am surprised in a reproduction of his and very pleased with some pillows of comfortable ear and especially that apt in my ears (with listening helps). Has two beginning of cover ( one in the each headpiece, one 6.3mm the keyboard of Casio of access of cover, one 3.5mm of covers the the small plus, in a PC. In fact with some adapters to cover available today really any very a lot of that orientation of installed difference in a piece of ear. A set and of covers he of the included exited cape perfectly. Alas, we buy another set of cover wired also to do sure of an orientation while we could not expect for him to take here and not being able of the use immediately. Work fantastically. PS. The note of thanks to a representative manufacturer that has answered my question regarding a feasibility of a headset with that is trying to conform with a PC and keyboard (pursues two different units in or headset and listen so much) Thank you
5 / 5
Before revising some headphones, would like me the signal was that a quality of the sound in any system of the date of audio is that it depends in of the numerous components besides some headphones. For example, a quality of his in the cheap computer with the relatively cheap sound the card and software of the low note will not sound also like the computer with a card of audio and his expensive of software of playback of big note. A graphic bond dramatically can change a quality of a sound also. I am using these headphones in a Steel 24 Chromebase and a Steel Aspires 3 laptop, with equalization, and is the good party for this more the low computers priced.

A first thing that remarked when posed in these headphones is that they are much more comfortable that a type those presses in your ears in place of around the. One contains a better musician, reduces external noise, and stays firmly in place. A downside is that they will cause your ears to sweat so that some tampons are done of vinyl.

Regarding a quality of his, can listen the plot of sounds that could not listen in some other headphones. For cases, can listen a singer that takes in breathing he among stanzas; I can listen some individual series and his notes when the electrical guitar or the tomb are strummed or chosen; and clearly I can listen a difference in a tone of the each drum and cymbal. In headphones of the lowest quality, these sounds tend to blur joint, and as it loses the plot of a well details concealed is in a musician but is alln of some capacities to begin of some headphones. Of course, a quality of a register varies of song in song according to a quality of an original studio or sessions of lives of register.

A word of precaution: A big more a quality of his, a stronger can touch a musician without an auditor that gives only that he this strong. For example, in my main computer, can crank in a volume besides or 97% less without too much distortion, and when volume of some headphones, is that 'Wow! This was subject stronger this has thought!'

These headphones, in a daily computer, the sound adds for a prize. I will be to take my woman the set of his suitable for Navidad.