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1 first Lenovo Tab M10 Plus, 10.3" FHD Android Tablet, Octa-Core Processor, 64GB Storage, 4GB RAM, Iron Grey, ZA5T0300US Lenovo Tab M10 Plus, 10.3" FHD Android Tablet, Octa-Core Processor, 64GB Storage, 4GB RAM, Iron Grey, ZA5T0300US Lenovo
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2 Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet, 8" HD Android Tablet, Quad-Core Processor, 2GHz, 32GB Storage, Full Metal Cover, Long Battery Life, Android 9 Pie, ZA5G0060US, Slate Black Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet, 8" HD Android Tablet, Quad-Core Processor, 2GHz, 32GB Storage, Full Metal Cover, Long Battery Life, Android 9 Pie, ZA5G0060US, Slate Black Lenovo
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3 best Lenovo Tab M10 HD 10.1" Tablet, Android 9.0, 32GB Storage, Quad-Core Processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZA4G0078US, Slate Black Lenovo Tab M10 HD 10.1" Tablet, Android 9.0, 32GB Storage, Quad-Core Processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZA4G0078US, Slate Black Lenovo
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4 Lenovo Smart Tab P10 10.1” Android Tablet, Alexa-Enabled Smart Device with Fingerprint Sensor and Smart Dock Featuring 4 Dolby Atmos Speakers - 64GB Storage with Alexa Enabled Charging Dock Included Lenovo Smart Tab P10 10.1” Android Tablet, Alexa-Enabled Smart Device with Fingerprint Sensor and Smart Dock Featuring 4 Dolby Atmos Speakers - 64GB Storage with Alexa Enabled Charging Dock Included Lenovo
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5 Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus, FHD 10.3" Android Tablet, Alexa-Enabled Smart Device, Octa-Core Processor, 32GB Storage, 2GB RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZA6M0030US, Platinum Grey Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus, FHD 10.3" Android Tablet, Alexa-Enabled Smart Device, Octa-Core Processor, 32GB Storage, 2GB RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZA6M0030US, Platinum Grey Lenovo
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6 Lenovo ZA470006US Tab E10, 10.1″ WXGA Touchscreen, Snapdragon 210, 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD, Android 8.1, Black (Renewed) Lenovo ZA470006US Tab E10, 10.1″ WXGA Touchscreen, Snapdragon 210, 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD, Android 8.1, Black (Renewed) Lenovo
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7 Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus, FHD 10.3" Android Tablet, Alexa-Enabled Smart Device, Octa-Core Processor, 64GB Storage, 4GB RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZA6M0013US, Platinum Grey Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus, FHD 10.3" Android Tablet, Alexa-Enabled Smart Device, Octa-Core Processor, 64GB Storage, 4GB RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZA6M0013US, Platinum Grey Lenovo
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8 Microtella Lenovo ThinkCentre M75Q-1 - Tiny - RYZEN 5 PRO 3400GE 3.3 GHZ - 8 GB - 256 GB SSD with Microtella with DisplayPort Cables Microtella Lenovo ThinkCentre M75Q-1 - Tiny - RYZEN 5 PRO 3400GE 3.3 GHZ - 8 GB - 256 GB SSD with Microtella with DisplayPort Cables MICROTELLA
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9 Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 - HD 8" Android Tablet Computer (Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8009, 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD) ZA090094US,Black Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 - HD 8" Android Tablet Computer (Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8009, 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD) ZA090094US,Black Lenovo
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10 Lenovo Tab E8, 8″ Touchscreen, 1GB RAM, 16GB, Android, Slate Black (Renewed) Lenovo Tab E8, 8″ Touchscreen, 1GB RAM, 16GB, Android, Slate Black (Renewed) Lenovo
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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Nannette
I have had the windows 10 pill and I likes him the android as has a telephone of android. I have used partorisca buy portable the long time does of a now known company like Lenovo but was once IBM. Some computers have not broken never on you. Now behind to a pill. A screen is far better that any pill has seen. And they are the technology of computer . According to a speed is well. Tercero a battery last partorisca roughly 3 days upload full according to use. Now it does not touch of the games so that it has not been that time that would last in the load. But surfing and emails and touching HD the hard video the long time. I love this pill. My woman has the Tab of Galaxy 10An and blow his pill out of a water. Of pictures to video to a resolution of screen and speed is not even afterwards. I see now I owe that buy his a reason has not been happy when she of then LOL! Any way a thing that can be done is customizations where can do more with a pill. It is simple and any a lot of to change in a pill. But the unworthy the man concealed this pill is like this smooth and clear my goodness. The frames that look in the better video that looking in the television and have 4k video. But a clarity of this screen is surprising and smooth. Downloading applications of google was the breeze. I have had some subjects with an application and this was Experian but is so only be in a browser and that way. I also like this google has Flange of Microsoft new browser that the thing takes google chrome and look of stupid mark !! I have not thought Never like another browser of windows never been due to chrome but I lied. Google Spends better on reason embroiders of Microsoft is the beast !! With this like this my browser feels like the computer of windows but this in spite of is android . The man am loving this pill. Calm can not go wrong people. Has not founding anything to say hate this so that utilisation stops. Some cameras are well. I have not taken pictures with them still but far like this the one who looks and some looks of video when using a camera are adds! It does not use to pill for these things but far to the equal that can see the pictures will be a lot well in this pill that is in prize. And you can common of remote video like this zoom and another camera streaming application. It is clear and good works . If it love pill this one east a real shot . As the one who the pills call east a 1 Murderous to all the pills there. Benchmarks Any volume to if that researches that rows quite decent. But any volume to this reason does not use concealed to the full potential of him so that I need stops. Gamers Can use this but I am not the gamer. But touching work of games in this pill and of the good and flawless works. Has a 4gb and 64gb model. And for $ 199 man this is flying !!! Well Enjoy the people buy this calm pill will love it.
5 / 5 Tamara
Will update so that the time spends of longitude.

(Picture: of accident to right- Samsung Tab S2, 1st Gene Compressed of Apple, and Lenovo M10 More)
Ossia an impressive pill ! One 10.3' the screen can compete with the small laptop. Images of look of screen to surprise. A screen is also brilliant, included when external (brightness will have to that be place to max external). This in spite of, while some speakers are strong, does not expect him to be booming strong still with Dolby Atmos.
Has bought this pill to substitute mine 10 old year 1st Gene Compressed of Apple.
There is paired this pill with KuRoKo Lenovo Tab M10 10.3 Ready Chance More, for now. Some selections for chances is small, as to the pill is still very new to a marketbas of this writing. But, it will take a work done to protect your pill.
Can confirm that this pill accepts microSD papers until 256gb. To the pill can also formateo some papers with any Fat32 or ExFat formed. Some characteristic orders of then more the pills and the telephones so only leave you to just format without election or indication to the equal that to that is formatting to (clue: mostly ExFat). I recommend ExFat likes some films in full 1080p can surpass a 4gb in Indian file limits of measure of Fat32. But ossia until your needs.

Been using this like this the player of means comunicacionales. To the pill does not come with the application of player of the means comunicacionales installed. But, out of a box, the photos can touch video like mp4 until 1080p without subjects but of the options of player have limited likes cheek and pause.. Later on I installed VLC player and has been that uses that for music and of the films of then. I will give sketching try it I once chosen the pen to use, has like this to choose of.

Sketching In this pill has been the experience adds . Calm does not need the Bluetooth pen of type. So only it touches one with a bit circular piece in a side to touch. A sketching the application in another hand will be different to the equal that has a lot to choose of.
4 / 5 Vertie
Bought it to read the comics and is perfect for that. Multitasking With Chrome (1-3 tabs), comixology, hoopla, gmail, and kindle unlimited is smooth. It can not touch HD video. No the question for me but plan to run will be disappointed.
5 / 5 Laurence
Has received pill of only mine yesterday and it dipping up was the breeze. It is coming three (3) the earliest days that originally has planned. I have had the number of pills and has been with android of a start. I possess the Samsung S8 more and the Samsung A50. Still I have the Samsung Tab S 8.4 of when they are in the first place exited he 5 years ago and still is that it goes. Usually I maintain my technologies for the moment and decided it finally has been now of taking to new pill. Prpers Having used Twisted of Android in both telephone, a Tab S was resulted woefully outdated and hurt me partorisca the take. I have begun to look for to new pill. Like the majority knows, a Tab S was the cup of a pill of line and a lot of pricey. A new S the model can cost around $ 700. After exploring my options, has decided that this pill could adapt my purposes partorisca to plot less and has not been disappointed. A screen is beautiful, one is smooth likes silk, and could not be happier. I have possessed several Lenovo the laptops and his neither there is disappointed. Generally it uses my tab partorisca surfing an internet, Youtube, verifying my emails, etc. does not touch at all. For a random user, highly would recommend this pill. For a prize ossia for the fly.
5 / 5 Sang
Took it so only today, like this far am impressed highly for a quality of screen. It is the little more weighed that has expected but a quality of build is sum. No attended to take the camera adds.
In general to good sure recommends it
5 / 5 Lilli
When I have bought this pill, has expected action in an order other pills in a phase, or telephones, running Android. I am disappointed to say that this device is extremely laggy. For example, I that careers to plot of content in an application of Youtube. Minimising/maximizing some looks of video to take 3 or 4 seconds for a system to accuse swipes to do that (something concealed is instantaneous in my telephone, which there is considerably less can of past that this pill). I take an impression that this device is very new to a phase and am expecting that will have some type to update to direct these subjects, reasons, averts of a lag intrinsic to use some applications keys, ossia to the pill adds .
5 / 5 Naomi
Has bought two of these pills. A quality of picture is crisp and clear. Has the 1080p the exposure but calm so only can look Netflix in regular definition. It has to that do with Netflix no Lenovo. This pill has double tap to wake to a screen likes the mine LG telephone. Also it has the characteristic where chooses on your on awake pill on a screen. My chance has wake a screen and turn a screen was when I has closed or open a chance but he no anymore. Has the octa processor of core and 2gb of ram. It can resist the micro SD paper until 256gb. It is when running was android 9 (wry). There it is when touching light ossia red when touching and green of turns when it does to touch. You can customise some keys of house and also a keyboard. You can have the by heart different keyboard or have the picture in him. Calm also can customise a height of a keyboard. I mention that this pill there is Dolby Atmos? Has two speakers and calm can dip one surrounds his to film, music etc. That optimises a sound according to film, the music or anything are doing in your pill. It touches better. Ossia A better pill has not had never like this far.
4 / 5 Tasia
Has expected to buy a 4 version of action with which mine techno-nerd the edges suggested it. I bought it a day was available. At all but good things to say. It is fat and fast for the 10'. A screen and the colours are vibrant, and I mine of use with the basic passive stylus still sketching, art of concept, cartooning, building/cabinetry creation, etc. Loves that.
Note: This pill is not compatible with a Lenovo Active Pen. Some works of Active Pen with special screens.
You will not complain this compraventa!
5 / 5 Nydia
Probably like a lot of users of Android, has possessed several tabs on some last varied years - roughly was a same time! A reason is that any does not take to update as it would owe that be of a Costruttore, taking laggy, or that some something of particular ache in is creation or specs maintains to result this 'he' device.

The mine has spent recently. I have purchased recently it Vankyo MatrixPad S30 - the prize was right and I in fact liked and has used he for the week or so much. Ossia Until when looking for on Amazon, I stumbled to this Lenovo. I have had immediately remorse of buyers regarding $ 10 plus ($ 199) could have had the tab of mark of the name, with 4GB Ram+64GB storage (the forward is your for me) in place of one of a Chinese of estimativa countless has built the pills do not take me bad - a S30 is the device adds also for a money - but any when it calms that can compare to the device to estimate like this with better specs, probably support and to the point of alike prize.

A M10 the more has a quality of excellent build - very solid. The screen is very good (the resolution adds in this row of prize), and exhibits no lag so that utilisation he for at all.

A screen bezels is very thin. Now more reviewers rave in this today when it comes the laptop and tabs, but in this chance, the fact bit it delicate to resist. As have remedied to buy the good foilo fashionable chance (investigations KuRoKo Lenovo Tab M10 10.3 Ready Chance More, Slender Light Coverage Trifold Stand Marie of Hard Shell for 10.3 thumb Lenovo Tab M10 More ZA5T0263US (Black)) like the easy fact to resist and that adds a lot little bulk (and a lot especially - does not cover these fantastically thin bezels!

Are very pleased, and thus point of prize, these swipes of tab he out of a park!
5 / 5 Ellena
Has required to substitute the 4 yrs old Asus pill of Android. An old Asus to the pill has had stereo speakers and the sum of exposure coloreada. I have not been it it has had to that spend $ 600 to $ 900 for the Samsung. After a lot of investigation, this Lenovo looked to add until being a pill of excellent Android without breaking a Bank.
The action is excellent. It is snappy and smooth. A lot of and first action games of person I game in telephone of mine touches quite well in a pill. With this pill having 4GB by heart of RAM that would attribute to an action adds. I have purchased a 64GB storage so that has abundance of the room for any I would owe that tend. I have added 128 GB of extra storage to insert it microSD paper.
Some pictures and the description are died on in this pill of excellent Android. An exposure is brilliant and coloreada. Some colours of the exposure in fact is very attentive and vibrant. A adaptive brightness is the plus for an user.
His-wise, has excellent speakers that would find you in of the pills of big final. Reproduction of his east something would expect to find in the pill of big final. Has stereo speakers that is located in some sinister sides and of the legislations of a chance of pill.
A camera is adapted of any pill of Android, any that adds. The video is in a same likes any pill of the android has not used never, also a lot that adds but to good sure usable partorisca calls of video. A microphone for calls of the video in fact is quite good.
The quality of pill is very big-final. A chance is slightly thinner then another has looked in or managed in of the tents.
All see in some pictures and the description of element is that takings when calm opens a box. They are very happy with this pill. I recommend this pill.
5 / 5 Annett
I have bought a Lenovo M10 pill. I love a Pill is awesome. One uploads this in spite of is the different history sending to us upload it and spent That that does not operate. As it has to that pill that or can not touch. There is any way to go in touch with a vendor. As I can very included ask the new to upload!!!!
4 / 5 Wilson
Jumped partorisca a 64/4 action in place of one 32/2. Probably overkill partorisca my needs, but any too much of the difference of prize when it looked in them. At all comparable in a row of same prize.

Pros: The screen adds. Fast processor. Abundance by heart. The sound is quite a lot of (2 speakers). Starts up in <30 seconds to be totally was. Beginning up with facial recognition in just the pair of seconds. Mutliple The applications that career a same time has not caused any hesitation or lag.

Meh: It would beat 5k mah. Lenova, Reason any place in the 7k mah???? This has said, there is cycled down to 30 or so much and fully touched roughly 5 or 6 times now. It will run roughly 12 hours down to 30, but are so only surfing and touching simple games. If you are using for video or touching games that use to plot to accuse, could wants to come from with precaution.

Gilipollas: Amur An idea of narrow bezels, but among that and a slender creation and relatively slick behind and hanged, has had to take the chance for him. Any I usually uses the chance, but has owed for east a, and has done the world of difference.
4 / 5 Zoe
For a prize, this thing is surprising!
Am coming from the 2 old year Samsung this was in a same prize when new.
This Lenovo is a lot quickly, and can run several applications immediately without degradation of serious action.
One 'way of Productivity' are add, and uses the little of some better concepts of WINDOWS of LADY or Mac YOU.
An exposure in fact occupies a whole front of a unit, different the majority of mid-compressed of the android priced, which have this space has squandered enormous in the bezel around a flange.

A two that imports drawbacks is audio and expansion.
These sounds of pill awesome.
A question is it max the volume is way too down. Included connecting to an outside BT speaker, is to grieve quite strong to win my bath exhausts defender and of the water of shower. My telephone can do that without the speaker...

has the USB-C cradle with ethernet, HDMI start, ports of USB, and SD readers of paper. This waste of pill to recognise anything except a power to touch raisin-by means of. My USB-C telephone recognises everything in a cradle without question, in fact, has required to email dashcam video for a part of a street last week, and actuate a lot quite used an exposure of big pill to do like this, but has has had to that instead use a itty bitty exposure of telephone reason some works of telephone with a cradle.
Some laws of pill with Windows when plugged to the PC with the boss of USB. Way of storage of the mass, for management of file.
Can release firmware this sustains the cradle or expansion of USB (for keyboard/of mouse/ethernet/SD reader, etc), will attack this thing until 5 stars and spend for big an annoyance of audio.

A minor drawback:
'Tap to wake' no afterwards after the pocolos second. If an exposure in firm was, can bend it touch inside the pocolos second and he wake behind up. Any plus along that that, and has to that paste a key to close for the wake. There he that. No the big shot, so only WHISTLES it when have estacionado he in the stand and try use so only a delivery.
4 / 5 Dominic
To the pill adds! Everything is excellent! This in spite of, any sensor of impression of the toe. Otherwise Will be perfect.
5 / 5 Valeria
Goes to compare this(4ram of version of g)with an iPad any one the just fight but reason an iPad has been on sale ,sweats $ 50 more than this Lenovo m10 more. And it has taken both a same day.

Does not use chrome browser in this pill. He the fact a lot laggy especially yes or is streaming hd video. I embroider of Microsoft of the use and disable ad in some options and iPad of the cariche of way have blown this thing was when uploading is same speed n some the same places upload faster.

Lenovo - Smaller bezel , very easy to resist. Lighter That a battery ,is lasted roughly 8 web of hours that explores for the half screen all run quite smooth but fine tasking can do a table Abit is clear but no like this brilliant .

ipad- Big closing bazels likes 2010, feels big and weighed to hold battery . I have taken little on 10 screen of web of hours to time that explores with half is very smooth and boss fine tasking a lot is quite one same ,both are very clear but an iPad is more brilliant.

On all this is the good pill . It is a pill of level of the entrance as no attended too much that or need he for before or happy with him
4 / 5 Sook
A one has received them the exposure has had a has received them had to dull it the screen in him is white fund of 'white of paper' that for me has been text and contrast has caused to read difficulty. Shame, because colours, pics, and vids is brilliant taste does not remark of an ash against the by heart strong costs f exposed. I have not been able to regulate any of some multiple settings to win some subjects of text. Further, bolding text and brightening in the settings have caused slightly bizzare the effects and the battery have used quickly much more that has expected, although it can not qualify a subject of battery last with the value of test of the bank.
Otherwise, Has been impressed by a tampon and his build and quality thus point of prize. Finally, it has had to return it it has taken the sub optimum the exposure or is all has shipped in this way. For roughly more fifty dollars have taken a competitor 10.1 tab that was an improvement in a Lenovo.
4 / 5 Rayford
Master. My only worry is linked my Motorcycle Z2 Force. I go to call Lenovo to see yes can reset of factory he and he are so only without linking to my telephone. I comprise it it could dip the he paper in him of the mine carrier and also to uses likes him to him the telephone, but not wanting to will dip a SD paper in him for more than storage. Like this far it is so only he likes having the main version of my smartphone. I will see to link to the mine portable with windows 10 would do. I have loved really to pill so only to substitute the mine that ages HP portable. It can it has to that take the new exposure for a laptop and leave my woman has a pill. So only it has to that touch around with a pill for awhile and see.
Really like a frame of aluminium and once take the chance of exposure to write to Surface perhaps with a backlit the keyboard could be the more setup. Really it would love the Surface pro but has to that be rich of the resupply.
5 / 5 Josphine
Some looks of pill well. It feels solid, the action looks good and in general, was has pleased initially. When I have tried to run Netflix (any one the primary function for me), has required an update. A tent of the game would not leave it to update for compatibility. I have tried to download a apk of Netflix and installing, but this has given the error of compatibility in runtime. I have tried achieve quell'has been to Lenovo to see yes was something would direct. Certainly it could live with him for him it bit it. Contacting Lenovo was the fruitless endeavour. Like the result, am returning this, reason do not have any confidence that will have other subjects of compatibilities, but am entirely sure that Lenovo will not resupply any one sustains. My main complaint in a pill was in fact so only Lenovo complete lack of support. A subject real can have been resolvable, but will not know never of Lenovo does not resupply real support. It would say, looking Netflix is the must for you, avert this pill.
4 / 5 Nia
Like this of June 20th 2020. The works add but like the majority of the devices of Android expect it to take time to restore and the update is software . How it is sticker , my pill there is roughly 2 month. Ossia My first compraventa of the pill and another have done on for friends (Asus, LG, Visual Earth, & Samsung) but this weight of pills was something has loved. It feels like this sturdy like an old ASUS the pills of transformer have done on. This mostly do fault to compliment my ASUS Portable to the equal that answers university. It does not think this Pill WOW any for hardcore gaming but partorisca to the things likes them run a eBay Of Tent, exploring a web, reading books, or has included to take pictures in 8 MP, is perfectly well. Always take some type to spend chance. A screen is very good and brilliant. It is Bluetooth 5.0 and 5Ghz Wifi is excellent. A lot of options of for life of battery, ways of time of the night, screen dimming, Dolby Audio, and has an official Lenovo accessory of Keyboard for him too much. Some speakers touch excellent and any question with him is headphone jack placing. A camera is in fact quite well in 8MP but like more smartdevices does not expect any a lot of the front that camera of types.

Will look for to update and add the notes like this of the years go in.
4 / 5 Venetta
Ossia My fourth Lenovo pill a lot has not bought the island a reason some another has broken has bought is a reason is a newer version of a Lenovo the pills and does not disappoint . Prime minister of mine 3 Lenovo the pills there was on 2 years and has been dated but still law well but sold them. They have had an older Android or there so that it could not update anymore. I have had this pill now for roughly 5 days and I have been the using every day is good-looking very easy to do with very thin in a lot of expandable with the SD paper. I am adding the 256 gigabyte SD his paper so much can add more his music. Abundance of room for everything of your yours applications Netflix Hulu more HBO Max anything loves dipped in calm here can add his likes touch the video games gone for him can download tonnes of his games also. Ossia To pill very easy to spend around is very thin to the equal that would say to take the chance to spend for him launches in your rucksack and calm is good to go.
4 / 5 Mariette
It loves it. My only worry is linked my Motorcycle Z2 Force. I go to call Lenovo to see yes can reset of factory he and he are so only without linking to my telephone. I comprise it it could dip the he paper in him of the mine carrier and also to uses likes him to him the telephone, but not wanting to will dip a SD paper in him for more than storage. Like this far it is so only he likes having the main version of my smartphone. I will see to link to the mine portable with windows 10 would do. I have wanted really the pill so only to substitute the mine that ages HP portable. It can it has to that take the new exposure for a laptop and leave my woman has a pill. So only it has to that touch around with a pill for awhile and see.
Really like a frame of aluminium and once take the chance of exposure to write to Surface perhaps with a backlit the keyboard could be the best setup. Really it would love the Surface pro but has to that be rich of the resupply.
5 / 5 Farah
Like this far, are really undermining a pill. Here it is any pro is and with is has found like this far:

- the action Adds.
- Minimum bloatware. The android experiences quite cleaned.
- 4gb ram!
- Can manage more games.
- The life of battery is quite decent.
- A screen is very good. A brightness and backlight are adds.

- Would have been it well to take the slightly main battery.
- Some bloatware has comprised.
- Netflix No those careers in HD without workarounds. Youtube Of control for workarounds. (docked The star been due to this).

In general for a money, really can any gone bad here.
5 / 5 Marybelle
-Exposure a lot crispy and resolution
-Material is besides this point of prize
-packaging of Prize
-Adds for light exploring
-Expandable storage
-measured of Good screen
-Very adaptable

-does not add for games (lags the plot for simple games like roblox)
-the web pages and the video take long to upload (Roughly 5 second)
-Lens was with 4GB ram and octacore
-the levels of Volume are quite down
-qualities of his Mediocre
-life of Low battery

in an end, this pill is sum for the film that looks with external speakers. Work well for purpose of productivity. Using this to read will do a lot well with almost a lot of bezels. The web that explores could take bothersome with a slow uploading time. Gaming This in spite of is almost impossible with a lag same although this brags octacore and 4GB ram. In general, ossia an amazing pill for a prize. Almost fly it but has his downsides.
4 / 5 Carri
Ossia Mine 3rd Lenovo 10' pill. I substitute him each one that 3 yrs or like this when a life of battery takes too short and one is outdated. Wow! Ossia The enormous upgrade of the mine last a. A screen is gorgeous. Still king likes to last one but looks better. Good colour. A pill is slightly smaller that a last but a screen is in fact main. A downside is that without the coverage, is a lot slippery. Another subject is life of battery . Any horrible but a battery would have to be main. On all this in spite of. It is the pill adds and the swipes WAS some rubbishes of Fire of the Amazon.
4 / 5 Cecily
Good pill for a money. I have received so only this so that it has not verified was everything. Like this far it looks well I has had the little question of has bitten that connects to an internet was probably becauseI was too far of my modem. Ossia My second pill as I do not have the whole plot for the compare to-and does not have any plan now still to buy the 300-$ 500 pill, but looks very better then mine 7 Kindle that tends to have too bloatware and uses on too much life of battery. I have thought this mostly to substitute my which looks to be probably in his last legs with which 4yrs. (Ty amazon). A 10 screen of thumb has bought one $ 150 10.3 FHD version that access my needs. As I can very really say the Samsung is better etc. . Had the little question that takes a time in a clock correctly. Fixed the finally. Has the good to feel the little slippery in a backside but will see if scrollings to my old chance.
4 / 5 Nevada
Has loved my lenovo reader/of pill Until I open 'the WAY of CHICO has THOUGHT would teach my granddaughter his colours. The WAY of CHICO has taken complete control of my pill. It can not close, it can not use A lot another the WAY of BOYS. The granddaughter thinks that that it is adds. They are one 80 yr OLD AVID READER and has not been able to access he for three days. Lenovo The support is like my pill-unresponsive!
4 / 5 Janie
Has been disappointed to see that it does not sustain yes. A CPU/RAM is awesome. The screen is dim in comparison with products of apple. The storage can be developed that it is awesome characteristic for a time when has any connectivity of coverage. Any available good option for coverage in phase thus model. Any sure reason a company is not trying to do one. A pointed cradle in an image is not comprised. It does not sustain version of Android later still, as it does not expect dark way.
4 / 5 Jalisa
Big, quickly, and the screen adds. Qualified of good storage. The life of battery is the bit in the a short side but ossia understandable considering all has joined another characteristic takings for a prize. It has had a lot Lenovo produced on some years and is always state súper of confidence, is a Deep/ Toyota of electronics of consumer. Values very better that comparable Samsung or produced of Apple. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Veta
This thing is awesome! Well value of the money. It would say that it is slightly faster that mine iPad ( has taken one 8 core , 4GB RAM, and 64GB version of storage of a M10 FHD More). A screen is surprising. There is any lag, and has done some be quite heavy workloads on he so only for the try was. Big spreadsheets in Excel, big PowerPoints, any question. I love a widescreen formed to look film, and an audio with FLAC the files is excellent. Highly recommend this. The to good sure but this again. It was to buy one of some Fires, but a specs is is better and takings a tent of application of the full game without that has to that sideload he (and same when you sideload a tent of Game in the Fire, some applications so only are not available or compatible).
5 / 5 Anjanette
Has been at the beginning impressed with a pill , that @@give after dipped up and use, is dulcemente, the falls was and a recognition of expensive work 1/2 a time . Orderly 1 but has been shipped 2 of them ,has bent billed, has any telephone to ask HELP in a factory. I am SENDING each one has retreated the AMAZON And ORDERING A ..AIR Of APPLE , likes was to do in a first place. I have possessed to ONCE of APPLE , will SPOIL A LEADING OWNER . THERE 2nd To ANY ONE .
4 / 5 Richard
I love a way of boys in this pill! Very few applications of the way of the boy leave to simply give access to any application that wants to give access to. Material for a prize ossia the very good pill . A life of battery is decent, the screen is brilliant and crisp, runs quite fast (I so only the see lag each one once in the moment). A lot they are while lenovo free an update of next Android to version 10 for this pill.
4 / 5 Stanton
Had purchased leading model of tent of local computer and was the doozy. A location of the camera has not been ideal for normal talker use and proportion of the organism of screen does quite miserable. But this More goes he that to pill would owe that be. Good proportion of organism/of clean screen, that surprises brightness, life of battery, increase of storage and a prize to match it. It has planned to go with Samsung Some 10.1 serious but this one is a a to go, especially when knots upgrade pill very few years.
5 / 5 Belen
Big cost any value!

Worse pill never!

Can of poor action!

The cost is not recommended!
5 / 5 Damion
Good pill, arrival and excellent accesses. It feels good to resist. 4 stars because I am not a lot of accessories for him, and has been quite glitchy to setup. To the reset Has to that it manufactures the pair to time before it has taken finally. Now he very this in spite of.
5 / 5 Hannelore
Salvation, the cost does less than a month a pill of these and the the three days of use, is exited of the shots of colours to the screen that layer but of the half of the same screen.
Has initiated the process of turn, but now like spent he out of United States has to has paid it sent that, osea until any one see affected with this compraventa has loses also my money for quell'has sent him them EUA.
5 / 5 Laure
Frustratingly Slow. It will freeze on while doing to the basic things likes them to them the look the video of Youtube or touching games. Experiences for my edges been due to the leading pill that it is too slow of age and now this one is almost quota like this slow out of a container. Still considering possibly returning this but there is has bought already the chance and protective screen. I have thought to buy that to pill of the mark of the name would mean that it is coming with quality of mark of the name but look it has taken so only the solid chance and has fill he with random parts lying around a factory.
4 / 5 Nancy
Perhaps so only take which pays stops. This pill is SOOOO painfully dulcemente is so only not even practical of the use at all. Right out of a box, has included that touches an icon a lot second the included recognise one touches! WOW. HORRID. Spent something more.
4 / 5 Josue
Are amour this pill! It has taken for my daughter loves it to! It was able to download his schoolwork and other applications , any question! Originally I have bought a pill of Amazon has has had to that the turn because it does not download of the applications of Google , very disappointing!! These works of pill like the sleep!!!! Has the laptop ,Lenovo also and work, adds also!
4 / 5 Val
Ossia To the pill adds for a prize. It is cost the little bit more than a low end Samsung compressed has bought, but is everywhere better, has more RAM (like the fact so faster), and has the screen he big plus.
This ASUS to the pill is comparable to the $ 600 Samsung compressed or an IPAD. I have possessed this for the months of pair now with subjects of zeros with him.
4 / 5 Adelia
Is an excellent pill that gives a lot benefits better that my forward a. Highly it recommends. It has android 9 installed. Any one a lot of bloadware or almost swimming. Good action.
4 / 5 Patrica
Taken the Vankyo Matrixpad S30 partorisca the day of the father and has not been pleased with an action. Returned the and has taken a M10 More. It could not be happier. Enormous work in Lenovo the part that does the true mid-pill of Android of the row. Compressed has better had for far. If you are in a phase partorisca cost it down 1080p the pill of Android looks no further.
4 / 5 Joshua
Ossia Mine 5th Lenovo pill 10' on some years and I have been quite happy with them up to now. A pill is well and all but a battery is a worse. My games of games of the edges and Youtube of clocks all a time is and take roughly 4 hours of life of battery that is terrible. My last Lenovo 10' taken the good eight low hours heavy use. If it could he returns I . A battery is way too small for the pill.
4 / 5 Vida
Has been now of the update and ossia the pill adds for a prize. The quality of picture is utmost and much faster that my very old pill. Any bloatware is one.
4 / 5 Cherelle
Been using this pill for the week now. The hard battery all day unless, am touching multiple games. You pursue so only roughly all launch in him, excepts titles more demanding like RS3(Runescape) short Old Scolare Runescape so only well. Besides gaming, browing a web, looking in of the applications, and looking films this pill can do it everything. They are very happy with this compraventa. A lot slender and lustrous and easy to manage even although it is 10.3 thumbs !!! If you are looking for the estimativa adds friendly pill to do work or light-half gaming ossia a one for you!
4 / 5 Ismael
Master. Very easy cruise it, and qualities of amazing build. The screen is awesome for a prize also. So only wish that there was it android 10, but are still adds. It would recommend for light work, like quell'internet that explores, streaming video and some video games. Also awesome to draw.
4 / 5 Ina
In general am satisfied with an action of this pill. Clean and simple creation. It would not recommend this pill so that they will use for games. A specs suggest it would be good for the games but I have not had good regime with applications of game on that.
5 / 5 Sina
The life of battery could be longer ! It does not have a runtime has declared like specs say but in general the very good product. If you want to take the maximum action out of him adds the Micro SD paper. A bloatware is not bad but could be remained was and has done this an exceptional product, but in general is really good.
5 / 5 Breanne
A screen is quell'has bitten small but good to use he for boys. The battery is not so much. The screen the touch is a lot enough. Coming just in time. Calm thank you.
4 / 5 Carey
Startup To the main screen is quickly. The exposure is sum . I have been concerned in a measure of screen but very happy with an election. Substituted my Nexus 9 that was it noticeably slow. Like this happy has chosen this pill.

Top Customer Reviews: Lenovo Tab M8 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Socorro
I really like a Lenovo compressed as I have substituted my old A4 with the new M8. The screen adds, battery, RAM. My only complaint is that my Kindle Application any sync in a new pill. I bought it so that I can read and to the on-line material likes has done with of the mine old Lenovo. It is it has frustrated further worse fact reason can not contact any partorisca take help. I am looking for to be patient because ossia a pill that loves, but can does not use to access my books, then can also gone back and take something more which will be the bummer, but the pill that can not access the books is useless mine any subject like the fresco is.
5 / 5 Tamiko
Wow, Lenovo! You are killing he in a line of product of low end-on these days. Has a AMD-based Flex 14 and for a sound of money adds it fine-portable of purpose. A Tab M8 continuous a model to offer the prize of low end adds to value very good.

Has been buying, returning, or reselling a spectre of pills for the long time in investigation of one this checks each box loves in the pill: Economic, reasonably build of big quality, characteristic and acceptable action.

In the first place an enormous surprise: A life of battery is insanely very compared to so only in any one another pill has used. Screen-punctually of roughly 16.5 hours in the 50-60 brightness this in spite of 15 battery has left after the mix of games, exploring, reading PDFs and looking video. Ossia So only incredible and easily 2x or more a life of battery accustoms to see in the economic pill. It could take this the day a lot with a longitude of travelling and be reasonable sure would not require still to top on one load.

A resolution is sufficient, but swimming of individual in 1280x800. This in spite of PDFs and the text is a lot readable and quite clear unless you are by train for the press your face like the big plus king is not really necessary and so only negatively life of battery of the impact for small profit.

The action is surprisingly well for the mediatek CPU. In a spent a MTK CPUs has used in the economic pills am severely be that lacking of in action, grieves able the smoothly goes the web page, games of the only left game and such. While this CPU benchmarks in an end a lower that a spectre, still resupplies the amazing quantity of punch and same games quite intense is mostly smooth and playable.

Warns: For netflix HD users, this lack of pill of a DRM the chip has required to look in HD. Calm still can look Netflix, but think that the crown is gone in DVD RESOLUTION or roughly 540p. Of a screen is so only effectively 720p his really any that big of the extracted for me.
5 / 5 Kitty
The pill has arrived punctually and to the equal that has described. This M8 is my second Lenovo to the equal that am spent my another the family. Setup And use it are adds.
4 / 5 Khalilah
Has had this pill for roughly a week and I have to that say is light, fast and easy to spend around. Some applications upload fast and the sound is well. There are some applications that is coming with some the calm May can take. I recommend this one.
4 / 5 Myron
Very pleased with a pill. A 5Ghz wifi is a lot of speedy. I have had to return the Vankyo pill, reason has had only wi fi, and there is so only 11 canals that is very fill up in my paving bldg. I have added the 256k mini sd paper like an extension of local storage (exfat storage). I have not had any difficulty that adds a Kindle application or anything more than a tent of game of the Google, and does not think you neither. Pairing With bluetooth the headphones have been a lot of smoothly. A camera has any flash, but does not feign to use a pill as it camera, like the general principle. Any one has said a Kindle the application no for him. I do not think you will have this question. Netflix Does a lot well. In some technical specifications there is an error. A storage is listing likes 2GB, while for a Samsung compressed is listing likes 32GB. In reality, both have 32GB ROM. A 2GB the figure informs the RAM. There is so only 6 descriptions of a pill. I do not comprise reason. It would promote you to buy it. It is extremely unlikely will return it to you.
5 / 5 Trina
Has Bought 2 for my boys
likes him so much , of his powerful material, beautiful and very hard
likes them too much and will buy them more bt unfortunaly his finishing :(
will expect them untill stock be of tower then will buy them
thank you lenovo thus amazing product
4 / 5 Micheline
has Decided to go with east after a disappointment of pill of fire HD8. tbh This feels really like the big upgrade of a pill of fire. It is faster smoother, and the better thing is that it has it google tent of game. I will take this one in a pill of sure fire
5 / 5 Alena
Ossia the very compressed has built well. Lenovo Has not fill he with stirs it of junk applications. I find it to be a lot of responsive t so much an interface to touch and outputting content.
5 / 5 Cassy
Fresh out of a box and a screen is broken already. Any ideal in my opinion
5 / 5 Brendon
- A pill is excessively slow.
- A life of battery is poor.

But, a screen is well.

Otherwise, Invests in another pill... It is more to remain out of Lenovo this in spite of... Everything of his products of late has a lot of be bad built and run in some coffins minimum RAM.

Top Customer Reviews: Lenovo Tab M10 HD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Ethan
It will not run Any applications of amazon. Any application of compraventa of the Amazon. Any first video. Any Kindle. Alexa. Service of the client of the amazon sent the Lenovo. Lenovo The service of client sent the Google. Service of the client of the Google sent the Lenovo.
5 / 5 Maxima
This thing is the ache in an ass partorisca use. One can outlet is in an opposite side of a key partorisca be able to, if your device is touching, calm neither the cord that is bent(any very partorisca cord or device), or have paste a key partorisca be able to repeatedly & a device maintains to the turn was. It does not resist the load partorisca very a lot the time & takes partorisca always partorisca touch, a subject of cord of the power, is the subject big. Really I hate my new pill & are súper bummed on some waste of money
5 / 5 Jared
This pill has questions of compatibilities of entities partorisca multiple applications. It can be an Android 9 question. The subjects have found. It comprises: it will not run application of compraventa of the amazon and my att application, amazon the first video can be unstable, can develop the cart of compraventa in application of Thumb of Tom but can not verify was, WiFi the falls was sometimes. The suspect will find more subject. Has good potential, but at present is frustrating. The revised description adds the star. After an update of software of system later CBS all access now does
5 / 5 Margeret
gives this product the-description of star!!!
Am expecting partorisca take some help with my new mark Lenovo Tab 10.1 I has purchased today (deal of Truck of Property of Amazon!).
Tried it firmware update and am taking an error. I am not sure reason would be partorisca see this data is well out of a box. Any suggestions on like this partorisca go roughly solving this and that takes a later update? Curiously, with which kick behind up again usually, a esystem Update' the icon has the red icon with '1' in him, and a text under an Update of System says 'Update the Android 9'. But when I run a control again, still has said the new version is available (S0001032_190920). Then I force partorisca download a whole 10004file of MB again.
Hopefully This can be fixed a lot early then will revise again.
4 / 5 Lesia
This pill fulfils my expectations exactly. It was conscious that this was in pill of estimativa and no the massive screen, how was conscious of some limitations.

- The life of battery adds
- Low prize (taken the in a Truck of Property, likewise better prize)
- works of Facial recognition well, but not perfecting. Typically it takes it on a prime minister or 2nd test, included when I am spending my glasses, but is not like this seamless like the pixel or the iPhone new 4 implementation
- exposure of Good/screen
- Thin and light

- Micro USB uploads, gone in folks, to the left fall this old format already
- Android 9 without plans to upgrade to 10 (headed with 8, but has had a upgrade moment when it has taken )
- the installed car Lenovo Launch, which is terrible and embeds he to a screen of real house. You can disable an application felizmente, but has a lot another pre-installed applications that it is also bad and these can not be disabled. One of this apresamiento in a drop of notification of normal Android down and is not like this as well as original.
- Some first updates of security concealed was available with which an Android 9 upgrade has been corrupted in a source. After touching around with him for the moment, has seen enough the few estacas on-line that looks to indicate ossia a lot common in a Lenovo compressed.
- Seen the few applications where the sure updates will not install , has to attended for a next version, has not seen this @@subject on Android the really long time, has to be the Lenovo subject.
5 / 5 Barbera
Has had at all but good regime with Lenovo portable on some years, as I have decided to give that his pill tries it. Some ships of pill with Android 8.0, but immediately updates to 9.0 when calm connect it to WiFi. A pill is A lot of responsive and has the beautiful exposure, life of looks of battery a lot also. Work of recognition of the face perfectly a lot @@subject that way a pill is orientated and in several conditions to light. I have not had any question that installs joined several applications I use.

Are very happy with cost of mine, especially when you compare a prize with other pills of this measure.
4 / 5 Kimberlee
Ossia To good sure he downgrade of Samsung. Has the Lenovo portable and desk which are big finals , has assumed one same for a pill. A lot slow touching. I have touched for 12 hours a first time so only to be in 35, has touched a next day roughly 16 hours so only to be in 63. A resolution of the screen is not a More adds them but I supposition for a prize is well. Uncomfortable placing of a power and keys of volume. In general outta well for a prize in $ 130 in a truck of Amazon.
4 / 5 Shanika
Need to pill of basic android for my business that would take photo quickly and not being sluggish. It was able to easily download an application has required. The photos are good and takings 1 as or less to take image. Another pill another economic plus has behind envoy last week has taken at least 6 seconds to take image of time I clicked and result in is disappeared a moment and time of long wait, something does not have time for enmedio busy. An only negative has found is the short touching boss, but those are economic as no the big shot.
5 / 5 Latricia
In that bought that an older version of this 10.1' pill, has imagined that would give this up to date version tries it. I am impressed to say a less. I require to pill of confidence of then I use he for everything to study to look film and a Lenovo M10 HD 10.1” Pill of Android he everything. They are happy with one 32 GB by heart that a pill has installed, but need more all that I have to do is develops with him SD Paper. A map is clear and a sound is well. A life of battery has been a lot also. I have not had any question that dips it on neither. This Lenovo to the pill has looked for to be the good election and of the mine last Lenovo to the pill is lasted at least 5 years, looks forward to having a M10 for even longer.
4 / 5 Angelina
Am pleased in general with cost of mine. They are not the techie, but listens to my boys ;), in all the chance I only precaution any one ordering this to bend control that a model receives has a SD space, if having a capacity to add the memory is of yours entity - and the description of the amazon says has to that qualified, so only does sure when calm ploughs it that it does. When unpacking Mina has seen has had a bit tool to open a SD space and Assumed ( is that says in this word!) It has Had a space . As I am gone through an integer googling regarding the take to accept chrome and leaving me to download some applications have loved and when this was doable, has then imagined would maintain it, as I ordered it an attractive coverage and then tried to dip in the paper by heart. Oh Any one! To the amazon sent a 505F model Any SD space of paper!
The lesson has learnt: it Controls All a specifics first, before it takes comfortable with him and the give the name 😉
4 / 5 Refugia
It leaves partorisca begin to say has possessed two pills: a RCA this was rubbishes of a moment bought it, and the Samsung Tab of Galaxy(one of the his less expensive, models of estimativa. An exact model can not agree). This pill, like this far, looks partorisca be like this as well as my Samsung, two things less: a battery and a screen. A Samsung the battery could easily last three days with my use while I take one and PERHAPS the half with this pill. There neither it is comparing a Samsungs almost exposed of 10 years with these new a. With this said, for $ 120, are ecstatic in this pill! A screen is not a better, but is crisp and quite vibrant for my uses. Better that has expected. I used it the decent quantity a week there has been and has not had the hiccup or freezing still. It has finalised once update(has taken the full day to take a last update) has not had any question that installs applications of Amazon, likes Compraventas of Amazon, Music, and Video, except a Compraventa of Amazon for pills, but an application of Compraventa of original Amazon good works. A wifi and Bluetooth the connections do quickly and the music clean tone and clear by means of Bluetooth and a auxillary port. So only it takes on an hour to touch of 15 to 100. In general I am perfectly happy with cost of mine, and for $ 120 the to good sure surpasses my expectations this time. If you are looking for one the amazing pill, take the Samsung, the Tab of Google pertinent, or an iPad. If you are looking for the good pill in the prize adds, this can be a one for you. Mostly it uses my pill for games,
compraventas, video, music, to half comunicacionales social likes him Facebook, Instagram, and of a quarantine TikTok, and calls of video. All these things perfectly.
5 / 5 Joanne
Does not take Me is the good pill. It is fast and if I have not been the player of game of the Facebook, probably would love it. DO games of Facebook of the game. We have done ALL POSSIBLE. We have done all some updates, reset of factory he 2 past to time an initial setting on a pill. We have verified some settings long. It has uninstalled and reinstalled Facebook several times. The Facebook has downloaded included Lite. I still checked on-line for the solution and expósito that a lot of people have a question still has ...And found ANY SOLUTION. A question??? Absolutely ANY of my games will connect the Facebook. 3 days have had this pill and I can does not use found that has bought partorisca. So much, I go it to return and try buy a fact of AMERICAN pill. Oh, Another thing. One uploads unit that comes with him? When I plugged he in, resulted like this HOT that was dangerous. I have used another has had. , This pill is not to value a question.
4 / 5 Cecila
Does not purchase . Immediately out of a box requires the update of system, and that update of calm system a capacity to install or use more applications that concern roughly. Calm can not install or applications of Amazon of the use. There is an extremely annoying Lenovo launcher of software that will not go era. I have bought this pill for my daughter to use like the pill of the boy linked by means of familiar of Google, and while family of Google does not leave Youtube to be installed in the pill of the girl, a Lenovo launch that does not go never was objective a page at the head of Youtube/of Youtube that comprises video a lot inappropriate for a daughter of 8 years. Also some messages of launches of the pill of error constantly. Lenovo Has fallen really a ball in this pill. Strongly recommend avert.
5 / 5 Carey
PERFECT substitution for my old 'any name' compressed that so only has not maintained up with some transmissions in technology.
Liked always Lenovo of the products and this pill did not disappoint Me. Ossia A WIFI the only version and is SURPRISING! I have added the 128 GB SD paper to develop a storage.
WAS leary some premiers few days, as he successive YOU I updates and a battery drained quickly - but now that all of some updates are facts, Is ADDS!
Can leave WiFi And Bluetooth on all a time, and a hard battery 3 - 4 days with use regulate beautiful.
The better thing roughly is Is Android. With a Chrome browser/Chrome Far Desk one an addition of the Bluetooth folio of together tone, seldom has to that lug my laptop around with me.
HIGHLY recommends this pill for any this email of only needs, half comunicacionales social, and other decreases of tall applications have seen WiFi.
5 / 5 Vida
Ossia A worse pill has has not possessed never. Or it has Bought he by means of a Truck of Property like the present for my daughter. It was like this bad a lot still loves it like this now am stuck with him because I can does not return. First of all, it is hard to dip on a WiFi. You can very included download any applications of fashionable Amazon of the nave of Amazon, first video or first music. In a screen of house, maintains to delete some icons of shortcut of the application so that there is at all in a screen of house. It has given on with which four different times that an I turn in a pill to the screen of house of the space. A screen of security to register retreated on is the joke. I leave on although I have entered so only a wrong code. Chrome After arriving all a time, also. It is like this bad and frustrating every time use it. It does not squander your money.
5 / 5 Patrica
The life of battery is roughly 4 hours looking video. Had the question with him restarting each 15 minutes, the update fixed that. It likes- one speed. The sound is good and taste that a Dolby Atmos rule bluetooth as well as speakers of pill. Any bad for a money.
Has changed my description of 4 to 1 star because I have had at all but questions with him. A week with which resetting a pill and reloading some 3 applications have dipped in the, begins to restart again. Also it falls wifi constantly. That the waste of money! Lenovo Would owe that be embarrassed of them. Especially my subjects, is no longer has sustained! I go to see can exchange this piece for the Samsung or the working unit at least.
5 / 5 Shasta
Has bought this pill mainly reason have has wanted to do registers of voices to document my time of studio. Unfortunately, included with the semi-detached microphone and properly dipped on looks to suffer registers of extremes of low volume and any technology of compression of the audio these uses of the what down swings a like this bad audio that to to sounds like is listening to of the mp3 of poor quality. As the one who a built-in quality of Fantastic… speakers! All the people have said in this thing having his of quality of the studio or his of the quality of the theatre is corrected.

Unfortunately, ossia the pill of Google . It is not a pill of android for any half and that I bad for that is that a minute you login with your account of Google, Google takes on and it beginning that all the classes of things that you a lot exactly take to choose. I made a mistake of logging my account of Google and Google has begun immediately download all of the mine email without so like this asking me there is has wanted to that. A bit those that years behind while I have bought a telephone of android, has done a same deception and has has had to that quickly disable Gmail and his slew other services of Google that has done things without my consent.

Wants to do this clear: ossia the pill adds if not to impose you Google invades it each alone thumb of the yours daunt without warning or look and anything calm , any upgrade a pill when I take it. Immediately it will actuate new things that among a way and calm can not turn was like Lenovo little fast tab that automatically maintains Youtube/of Youtube in a background and the burns by means of the bandwidth and the battery likes the person is business. Still I did not imagine it it was like this to turn this thing was and has left not even is that it goes to how much Wi-Fi these uses of what without you knowing. Seriously, has quality of good audio but is more for people that does not import Google just taking on his lives.
5 / 5 Leisa
Has taken a Lenovo Tab M10 to substitute the 5+ old year Lenovo Tab 2 A10. A A10 is now frustratingly slow to upload web pages, and his battery drains like this quickly like this to be the distraction. A prize was adds in a M10, and has imagined that new pill of a same company that has done my old a, which had done well for years, was in sure bet. It was bad.

A M10 looks very built and is light and easy to resist. It was like this easy to dip up like any device of Android. It has said of another way,, taken more does that a pill of telephone/of the Apple , but is not hard, and is adds to be able to customise with Android.

So to the equal that has loved to love a M10, there has been grieves on and running has @to @give that has had significant shortcomings. It has to that charge of the pages so only marginally faster that my old pill. It has resisted to mine a lot well Wifi the better signal that my old pill, which falls often, but was otherwise any one the material improvement to take on-line.

Probably would have decided to live with a lack to accelerate given a prize adds. But there is @@give then that my eyes have not been fooling me, and that a resolution of screen was in fact worse in a new pill that in mine old a. I use pill of mine mostly for reading--daily, seen again, books of library. An acuteness of a text in a M10 is noticeably worse that that has in his prime+ of 5 years. This looked totally crazy mine, but reading a specs closely, has found that a resolution of the screen in fact is worse in a new a. This was unacceptable mine I in any estimate given how was to use a device, and is returned, with a lot of recognition for the process of easy turn of the amazon. Now that has done more investigation, am believing will require to buy an iPad or the Samsung compressed that is three to four times a prize of a Lenovo he wants to take the device he quickly plus and not sacrificing resolution of screen. Argh. (I has any interest in the Kindle Fire. Sigh.)
4 / 5 Ruth
Claves in way of landscape, and so only can use a screen of house with a device lateralmente. Spatial of the storage is abysmal. Sure, it has 16gb of spatial of storage, but a pre-the installed software in a device takes on all but 6 actions of this storage. Calm once install all yours . 5 gb Applications, does not have any storage has left for photo or of the games. Volume! It does not have removable storage, does not use usb-C, and a key to be able to and key of the volume is not where your instinct would direct you to believe. Volume!
5 / 5 Hilde
Ossia To good pill that operates quickly, has it responsive screen and life of battery very good. I have had the question initially that downloads several applications, but when I have changed an operative speed of 5 to 2.4 gHz, (to the pill can use any speed), some applications have downloaded without the question. An only application has not been able to download was an application of compraventa of the Amazon , but am thinking this is reason a pill comes with an application of assistant of the installed Amazon which can not be take. (Compraventa Of the amazon always can be achieved invernadero a browser in any case, if enough it do not use an assistant.) There is still to contact a costruttore how is difficult to achieve at present because of a Covid virus. Otherwise, has not had any question that download them or that uses very other applications. Some looks of pill to do well and is the good value. A paper by heart can be used if the additional memory is required (for applications or of the pictures, etc.).
5 / 5 Alexa
It has taken this like the element of Truck of the Property partorisca substitute my kindle fire that finally kicked a cube. Usually, TT the elements are the value adds partorisca a prize. The desire had done roughly more investigations in this before pulling a trigger in cost of mine. Some careers of pill in a Program of Android, which love. There is the space partorisca the Micro SD expansion by heart, but can does not use a same way that can it you in the telephone with expandable memory. Calm NEITHER can use a memory partorisca store pictures, etc, Or use it partorisca transfer applications. Class of the bummer, but can live with that. Sadly, With which three weeks of use, has begun logging was randomly, included in a half of the use. I do not have Never added any one his questionable applications, so it has had any reason partorisca think that has there was malware on that. In some last two days, has begun partorisca take to a screen of error, asking me partorisca do the reset of factory on that. This was all that has required. I am done now with this defective pill.
5 / 5 Johnson
Has thought really this thing has come with the USB-C connection partorisca be able to, but he any and has been disappointed highly with that of then has taken this partorisca my edges that wants to break a not living never craps out of a crappy micro put you of USB. The sinister start was with a screen. It is glass and feels well, but for something concealed alleges to be HD a resolution extremely is in disappointing... Calm to good sure can see some pixels and am comparing a resolution to a Fire of Amazon has substituted HD8 and mine very old LG Tampon of G X10.1. My Tampon of G is a more followed for a HD8. A pill is quite fast and works well in an Android 9. It touches my edges favourite games quite well to comprise Investigation of @Titán, Roblox, and Minecraft. His all touch really smooth. Roblox Is grieves playable in my edges HD8 and is quite laggy in comparison. A HD8 has RAM and a M10 has 2GB to compare. It leaves movement on to touch, a sound is quite tinny and quite inferior compared to a HD8 and Tampon of G. I have thought a Dolby the sound would be at least be in pair with a HD8, but is not . A touch responsiveness is one same on all 3 pills and is well. I have not run in any question with compatibility of application, and has not taken this to run any Amazon has has related applications, as I can not comment to another having question with these applications. Netflix, Applications of Google all pursues well in this device. In general very bad for a prize of then I finally decided in this addiction an Amazon HD10 which is riddled with the ads that prints for compraventa of Amazon.
5 / 5 Savannah
Has bought this only to explore an internet and take notes with onenote. With at all in the May Firefox and the fast wifi connection, is a pill a slow plus has has not used never. It reacts to touch and exploring with the 1 as or more delay. I can it does not use. I have bought the pill of surface and this one will be in the drawer until spear was. Waste of money.
5 / 5 David
Has purchased this the surf an internet and has to that escoles basic - video of clock, write papers, ect. This be has said, has treated wonderfully like this far. They are very pleased with a measure of a screen, a quality of some images, and a life of battery. It is lighter that had anticipated and is comfortable to use. I will write another update in 6 month, but like this far highly recommends this pill. I took it on sale for Black Friday partorisca around $ 130.
5 / 5 Tammy
Has bought this pill on Truck of Property, like the prize was excellent. A life of battery is excellent, a screen is excellent, and a sound is well. Reason accustom use iOs applications in mine iPhone, am finding some applications of Google the little hard to take used to. One of some applications that use the plot in my telephone tends to clash in this pill, which is annoying. This in spite of, utilisation this pill to read books on Libby and Kindle, which well, and to look video in Netflix and first video. In general, it recommends this pill for a prize and characteristic.
5 / 5 Traci
An application of Interface of the User in this pill fails constantly and Lenovo offers any fix for him. If it plan on using applications that requires or writing you will find this question frequently. Generally it requires to restart it to solve. It times when it looks it likes any more the time that restarts it, that in fact using it. Avert this product.
5 / 5 Arletta
Originaly, has not been able to access any one my application of Amazon, or my Kindle application. A company has been contacted, and has been dipped in a telephone with the person of technical support. A fact in a question for at least the half hour and was able to take me access to a, but a lot another. A person that help has said that apparently a pill could not treat a connection, and gave the full repayment. Although a product has not treated like this required, the service of a company was excellent, and perhaps the model the expensive plus would do. This in spite of a person of service recommended volume the Kindle the fire of then is done by a company that supplies an application., So that it is that it has done it.
5 / 5 Hiram
HAS the audio adds but a screen is the downgrade of a Kindle 10 screen. It is main goodness is a tent of Game for the any one has interested people in a system of echo of the Amazon
4 / 5 Leland
has bought this Pill when my Fire of Amazon has died. I have tried for the few weeks to download versions of versions of Amazon and first video Kindle reader, but has maintained to take errors. I have considered seriously return this pill, but maintained it reason there are tonnes of games for Android that no in a Fire. Finally after the tentativas múltiplas, has taken First Video to do. Yay! But still a lot Kindle application, now with which three weeks in the last tentativa to solve, has looked for in chrome 'Kindle reader for Lenovo'. One researches correspondent me to the links that has gone Kindle for Android. I downloaded it and it has done. They are like this happy, that I finally found to pill that all I need. Video games and films in a summer then deletes them and upload textbooks for a fall. A sound of some speakers of the pill is not a lot strong when looking film, but is quite easy to sync mine Bluetooth speaker or mine of use Bluetooth headphones like the sound is excellent according to which am concerned and a picture is excellent.

Some times have turned in pill of mine and a picture of the boot of the android was in a screen and he would not turn on. It has taken tentativas múltiplas to take it to turn on. I expect that it will not be the regular thing. I have it quell'has had so only a pill three weeks, as I can not say anything roughly durability.

Gilipollas: Two feet that cord of touch?!?! Really, it can calm the savings? It has launched that rediculous the cord was and am using my six cord of feet. If of the this to any as the present, would be the good idea to comprise the five or are cord of feet or that the person goes to be has nettled that it has to that chair in an earth afterwards to a tram outlet.
5 / 5 Tessa
Has taken this to dip ready my car. I have loved so only the economic little pill and has had any plan on using it until I used it. WOW! They are the person of iPad usually how is my woman , when I have aimed took it and uses it daily. It likes right now. Has the crazy good exposure and the sound is excellent. It looks and it touches better then mine 2016 Air of iPad 2, excellent battery, quickly, loves that. After using this I has ordered a navigation of Android for my BMW E90 like this sew so much. A lot of Lenovo and add. Ordered the $ to 12 skin likes spent of stand for him. It loves it! Spent with confidence.
4 / 5 Sharlene
Has the surface and an iPad, this little artilugio is an equivalent to marry a two near. It is a perfect measure and is a real computer that accepts the Bluetooth smiled and keyboard. I have added the 256gb sd paper partorisca extra storage. I have bought my woman a, my mother a, my granddaughter and daughter a. Ossia The computer of the pill/adds that calm leave you to all can do in the computer, pill or telephone.
4 / 5 Alissa
Has required the 10' pill that has run on Android and was economic partorisca the boss has read. I have found with this Lenovo compressed. He being nothing special but takes a work done. Has a way to protect of the eye that turn lower a screen brightness to order mine comfort to read. So only the utilisation to read scanner of boss and occasionally look the youtube canal.
5 / 5 Imelda
Has Had big hopes for this pill. It is not the horrible pill but I have some subjects. As my daughters the economic old pill is lasted all day, this only last half a day perhaps less. For some reason a pill of exposure has tried was súper fast which me love this pill to good sure. Well My pill is no where near like this fast and lag sometimes. It has not been if these questions are spending the just mine or perhaps the defective mines but so only am giving my experience with a Lenovo has purchased.
4 / 5 Laurence
Has has wanted to really like this has produced. I took it an used he for several first months to write the description. Pros- Is that it is the good device . It costs Life of battery Good screen. Gilipollas- Is is severely underpowered. The main applications like this of the games take too long to upload, has had included the question that uploads some applications of tent of the section of updates of the game. I have expected Lenveno would be for at least IBM like but is still separates more than economic the doing frustratingly difficult to use.
5 / 5 Collette
Bought it like this the new mark . But when I receive his packed in way very good . But his used softly , everything of knots knows like this is a new mark come especially of big mark . It has Tried to connect a service of the client roughly attaches it to me but they answer mine that expects his manager to answer for them . And his ladies not going back mine with any response. Any way a product is well .The screen is a lot also
5 / 5 Sydney
A prize was awesome in just in $ 100. Quality to build also fulfils my expectations. This in spite of, spent of complain of the mine and the desire had chosen the different model with the fastest processor and more memory. A pill is dulcemente, already out of spatial, and constantly am seating patiently while to a CPU to take up with my actions. Ossia Especially slowly some on sharing this pill and using some characteristics of multiple account. My tentativa to save the now cost money me more in a long career. Shared among two adults, this pill is virtually useless so only because of his action.
4 / 5 Titus
The product has not looked new out of boxes, has had any plastic on screen and has been stored in the plastic discharge, has looked glitchy grieve begun to download of a cloud, has taken several hours this in spite of all has not been downloaded because of required to update which has taken at least an hour, has run out of spatial that heads to a sd paper. It would not recognise sandisk and has loved king formed the for the use, also screen to the touch has not been like this responsive and could have been reason has not been able the disorder with settings reason a lenovo the launch has maintained to close grieve to the pill has been dipped up and required to google regarding taking that for arrives it has taken at least 10+ hours to fully of cariche of 19, in general disappointed with product, master Lenovo produced and has loved to substitute to the pill broken of them but I have chosen unfortunately he faulty model.
4 / 5 Coleman
Excellent pill for a money. I have been using the Lenovo desktop computer for 10 years without the lick of question, as it trusts Lenovo. I have bought this pill to substitute the leading model TB-X304F that still does perfectly but has closed unexpectedly a car door on that. Hard to look by means of the glass shattered.

I incomplete products info: Down 'Compare with alike elements', Bluetooth is not listing, but a M10 , in fact, there is Bluetooth.
5 / 5 Williemae
I near on a login when I have received a Tab. I any active WiFi for the pair of weeks with which. When I Have gone back in a coverage, went it to use. It could not agree one 4 pin of character to login. I have tried 30 different combos of numbers, without successes. It has written Lenevo sustain several times to see had the way to reset a device. A bit those that the responses have received has not been useful at all. So much, a device is useless mine now.
4 / 5 Jenni
Highly recommends this pill.

To the pill has the good-looking clear screen. Work very fast. There is slow down when managing multiple tasks like this of the downloads and of the games a same time. For a prize ossia excusable. This pill is perfect to look film, enjoying your favourite application, exploring an internet, or creating the doc for work. The speakers are pound and clear. WiFi And Bluetooth run quickly without subjects to fall.

I benchmark the mine has tried. Has a specs to the equal that has described.

You will not find to better pill without paying to plot more.

Highly recommend.
4 / 5 Renea
Ossia The complete waste of time and money.... Constantly incidents and restarts , any @@subject that the function or the application are using at the same time. At the side that The randomly entered and exits sure way, takes them screens of error constantly. When it achieves it was the company that considers a working bad of a product has answered with the try dipped the behind to settings of factory..... As deleting all some settings have done to a pill and now lose everything of him, without guarantee of him fixing a subject. Any thank you.... They are in a process of the turn and will be too much buys this.
4 / 5 Janell
Has verified around and this pill has taken good descriptions . My woman has loved the pill to the equal that have purchased this for sound. It could very really imagine it was, and when I have touched with him partorisca awhile, has not gone too enthusiastic on he neither, and are quite computers savvy. We so much the apple possesses Mac Pro Computer like this perhaps is still to spoil? I have finalised to take he 10' Pill of Fire and is MUCH MORE the FRIENDLY USER.
FWIW Ossia My two cents .
5 / 5 Nathanial
Loves like this compressed more. A Lenovo the interface among him is way and finds that a lot of applications do not do a lot well. A life of battery is exceptional and some speakers are utmost. If you are looking for to pill for streaming, ossia the investment adds . It has looked for more, as I am not like this happy with him.
5 / 5 Florencia
Has bought initially to pill of fire but was a lot of disappointed with touching you, lack of applications and action of connectivity. Found this big plus Lenovo for only the little bucks more and man, loves that!! Very intuitive/easy to cruised, resolution more acute, more robust and able in the each way. Highly recommended— you will not be disappointed for a prize (and this, that comes fm the user of Apple of long time ;-)
4 / 5 Lucas
looked well but something in a screen hurt my eyes with which roughly 20 minutes for the use.

Has had other pills before and has not had never this question, like this behind goes.
5 / 5 Bee
Buy this when it was in a truck of property and law adds so that it requires. It is not one the majority of amazing pill there but buy for an only purpose to have he to launch to the ours chromecast. It is a lot handy to so only has in a living room when we want to look something but does not want to create to take our telephones.
5 / 5 Otha
Economic pill. He no with anything, comprising First Retail/of Amazon.

Happy has not spent too much money because this thing is buggy. It does not recognise of the different users. And the support is atrocious.
4 / 5 Beau
A prize in this pill is surprising... And a storage is expandable.... I can not it believe has found this compraventa. A prize is down and a quality is big. It is one the majority of powerful pill... Of course any, but concealed is not that the be be draw to be.. You can find the fastest screens , better, more storage, etc.. But any anywhere approximation this prize.. Ossia To perfect pill familiarised . I add for ebooks, half comunicacionales, games, video, half comunicacionales social, and much more.. If you are in a phase partorisca to pill he simple plus for you or a family.. It does not spend this an up!!!!
4 / 5 Kami
Has bought a unit to substitute my old Samsung unit that is to be stick in Android 4. A Lenovo has version 9 and Bluetooth outrage WiFi AC. This in spite of, does not have the 'flash' CONCENTRATED for a rear camera. It is implementation of an Android is different of a Samsung. For example, some looks of cameras to take continuous pictures a eshutter key' is resisted down and can not find the way of the transmission.
4 / 5 Ying
There is disappointed well out of a box, the short harm and an android is difficult. Spent of tent of game of Google and in-of the cost of application is by train to take to the day two to shoot of question.
Pro: It is economic
With: takings which pays for

Top Customer Reviews: Lenovo Smart Tab ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Janise
Has has wanted to really like this and thought it that it would be it a response to a confusion of ready house in our house. Alexa When it is docked, a pill of Android when it is not , touched perfect. An execution so only is not there. It likes more than the people have found a setup partorisca be a lot of confusing, and are quite well with material of technology. They are I dipping on Alexa, pill of Android, both? It was all the plot without direction. Included when I have taken plant on, a way of the show of Alexa is so only fill of bugs. In the first place some cradles of pill that use bluetooth, which constantly loses is connection and a reconnects. No the enormous shot, but does the plot of noise when he this. I have had the plot of questions with any skills of video at the beginning, his so only incident and cause an application of way of the show to restart. It has taken a do one, take age to upload a video. So only giving Alexa the commanded required usually takes to repeat me roughly 80 of a time. So only it would leave to listen in a half of the mandate. I have not taken Never Spotify to do correctly. Initially when I have touched music, he so only game of Music of Amazon. Once it leaves to do that, would try to touch of Spotify, but tried to open an application of Android in place of just doing he by means of Alexa. This would spend on an error that says to install an application of Spotify, which was installed already.

Is really unfortunate that a software is like this buggy. It liked Really of a hardware and a potential of a product, an execution is was of just way . It is returned after the few weeks and has gone back to a simple old echo.
4 / 5 Rosaura
I numerous Amazon own devices of Echo, but ossia a prime minister esqué' able a. So only I have not seen never an appeal of the Show to Echo consecrated that so only could be the enclosed screen has limited down. Like this when I have seen a Lenovo SmartDock in these I says 'He, now ossia fresh'.

Are sure all the world is the needs vary, but for my purposes has loved to have a Show of Echo 90 of a time but also have a capacity to pull on the website, the video of Youtube, or simply use to look Netflix or Hulu that 10 of a time in way of pill of the Android.

A past week has had a device has done adds for both these purposes. I have been with a P10 4 GB RAM/64 GB the memory and is run well and smooth. An all front of glass and for behind a P10 the good-looking looks, but would not expect it to resist on well around small boys. Pocolos Other things there is remarked and will mention:
- When dipping on initially does not have a pill in a docking canal. Otherwise Will maintain to try to go the esqué way' and the software will clash. It takes pill setup fully like a device of the then done android a Show of Echo of the Amazon setup with docking canal.
- Has been the few chances where the pill a lot immediately goes the esqué way' when docked. Taken 2 test for him the sync with Bluetooth. No to the enormous shot him him like this automatically but are updates of software that animated will improve
- Spotify is my incumplimiento music streaming service. When Asking to touch music in the way of show opens an application of Android of the Spotify. Any necessarily to to the bad thing likes taking more control, but is different that the Show of normal Echo.
- A service of video the data of only support is Prime of Amazon . Hulu Will not open when in Way of Show. Again, when being the pill of Android fill this is not the breaker to treat so it can open a normal Android any with your voice.
- The sound of cradle is WELL. The mine is not significantly better or worse that an old Echo that was used previously in a cookery.
- Has loved of then device to operate mainly like a Show of Echo, did not love it constantly aiming all some notifications of Android, how has been to the each settings of notifications of individual application to disable. If it leave some notifications of the application on will burst on still when the pill is docked in way of show. For some ossia well, but for my purposes was an annoyance .

In general am pleased enough with a functionality, but are updates of software alentador will continue to improve an experience of Show of the Echo. In an Android You it the side of things are doubtful this will not see never an update but perhaps Lenovo will surprise me.

UPDATE 5-25-19
have fallen 2 stars in my indication been due to current Bluetooth the subjects of connectivities concealed begun after the months of pair to possess and a lot another is complay roughly in his forums. Knowing this device was new I has loved to give Levono an occasion to fix but is but a lot of month now and compressed still looses Bluetooth connectivity with jumping numerous time the day. 75 of a time he automatically reconnects with cradle but done 'ding' sounds when the connection is lost and then reconnects. This is annoying but no an end of a world-wide how is in my cookery. Another 25 of a time Bluetooth any reconnect at all and need to delete, rescan and reparation to a cradle. This is to do each few days and is quite annoying. Seeing like this this some works of Show of Alexa of way, no in that has it of confidence is the subject of core. Owe an update come and fix felizmente will update my indication, but need to do other conscious potential buyers. I have changed my option to this when being the does not buy element sadly to the equal that have loved the really master.

UPDATE 8-27-19:
adding 1 star behind to be the product of 3 stars. Lenovo Has corrected a subject of frame of digital and continuous photo Bluetooth disconnections with update of software (finally) and has been doing WELL for the few weeks. While a product now is doing quite well for me, can not give more stars because I do not know it will remain this the future update will take the step behind again.
For real wants to love this thing to the equal that love a concept but the only looks likes has been released previously to be has baked fully.
4 / 5 Janice
Has has wanted to really like this cradle/of pill with combination of speakers. It is the fantastic concept in the prize adds, and thought it (3Gb Ram 32 Gb Storage) was a perfect upgrade of mine 3 old year Samsung Compressed.

So much a cradle and the function of pill is so only WELL. A good-looking and big screen - but intermittently any responsive - so much could take 4-5 swipes to take it to recognise am trying the unlock that. It was conscious that this has not been to be the pill of action - but had not experienced the jumpy/laggy the telephone or the pill like this is years. It likes Lenovo of portable - I uses him in work - but a build and action of this mark of laptop feels like the mid-tier 2015 pill.

Some cradles of screen amiably to Alexa speaker setup. This part is better that has expected. Effortless.

The quality of speaker is in pair with my Point of Echo - but nowhere approaches like this a lot he so that it was House of Google - he so that it was the little underwhelmed.

A plastic coverage in a pill so only feels economic - and can listen some joint flexing the bit when it resists in a delivery. Again - I has has wanted to REALLY like this sew - and are by train of the compare to the much older Samsung compressed - I so that I am surprised to say that I think that that I go it to return and try find something better.
5 / 5 Winona
The one who the disorder. I have bought/it it has received this a lot looking pill hace3 weeks. It liked Without to doubt a look and has been excited on Alexa cradle has come with. Looked the fresh prize. Little it is that it was in stops of tent.

First what there is remarked was a cradle and the pill have maintained to lose connection with a Bluetooth. It would owe that press a Bluetooth key and hopefully he so only synced. The majority of time has had to go to a pill is of a Bluetooth and then behind on for them to find each one which so another. Have Finally says to forget a really has loved so only this for my DJI Dron in all the chance of then are that it goes in vacacional in 2weeks.

Has left a pill for some last three weeks in a cradle and Alexa have asked perhaps a time the handful of time. Yesterday morning I took it it was a cradle to look something on and a screen was so only still on. Has paste a key to be able to and an option to restart/the way of aeroplane/has closed down would burst up. After restarting.. At all. Same black screen. I have looked for to enter a reset of factory ( in resistant key to be able to and volume on )...So only it would seat in the ash ' FFBM ' screen. Still options or anything.

After doing all could in three week old pill, has decided to call Lenovo. After the strong 25 minutes to expect in a telephone, I finally achieved am spent then of more the little time. After explaining to a new person the one who a pill ( an interface of the user has not uploaded ), a young lady has said that I was to transfer to level two I has paid $ 40 for him. THAT?! This was a last straw . When I have asked reason in earth I be paying any for anything for the pill ossia so only 3 weeks is still down guaranteeed, has been said a subject is Lenovo the software based while a guarantee is so only for subjects of hardware. So I have loved assistance further, would owe paid for him.

The to be that I kid. I have called Amazon and said him that it is gone in. They have offered to send me the substitution and so only be sure to send a defective a backside downwards 30days. It said him No. The so only love my money behind and I never NEVER again purchase anything of Lenovo again.

Besides a less than a crew of month a fact that the support of the technology of a company has comprised grieves anything said them because of the lack of a technical support of sympathetic an English tongue that is spoken in my final of a line of telephone... But trying hacerprpers paid in a telephone for a @@subject that a software of his product there was is 100 inexcusable.

Like this now has to that attended for Amazon to receive a Lenovo compressed for them to repayment my money in a form of a certificate of present on-line. Hopefully This spends like this collected how was possible I so that it can take it Samsung to the pill rid first of my holidays.

Likes again Lenovo.

5 / 5 Willetta
Update: With which 4! Weeks of lousy/any communication of Lenovo I finally asked Amazon for help. By means of Amazon Lenovo envoy me to defective Pill, Lenovo has established was in defective Pill , has had MY MONEY and my mark-NEW MINE DEFECTIV DEVICE for on four weeks for reparation, has called once the week for one state and has taken always has said the manager of a escalation the crew will give me the call behind…..Still while to that a. I had it it has given it Amazon the call and has explained my situation and with which informs of my chance has taken my money refunded. I owe that say….To the amazon asked to take a Pill for behind Lenovo. Right after a call of Amazon has called Lenovo and has demanded a rear DEFECTIVE PILL. Interior 1 now Lenovo has been ready to send for behind a device broken. Taken the next day. Be in a half for this situation has learnt Lenovo has the very poor client indication of service and has had unfortunately the chair of row of the in front of still blind sign this statement. As I have declared in mine first estaca… has a lot of Lenovo/Motorola the devices and I can not say anything bad roughly the but like something has been bad Lenovo has aimed his true colours…… For me, does not concern me the one who produced good Lenovo will release in a future…will not buy never another thing of them. And if my experience so only turns one another person out of Lenovo then writing this estaca has be worth it. For Lenovo is so only the good client when you buy the product, with which are not even value some responses.
Wants to thank Amazon to help me with Lenovo and using some common and sense!

In general are the LENOVO defender. I possess LENOVO telephones, pills and portable the. But this pill is the big disappointment . I have maintained an eye in a pill has been of then announced and I pre-ordered it like this punctual available result. Out of a box…. It looked well, it felt well and a docking the canal was the extra adds . Unfortunately a joy is quickly be the disappointment. Somehow at all it was right working . Alexa So only answered when it felt for the pleasure ;-) has-liked me a characteristic like the frames of photos…concealed a lot included done the averages of a time. A whole software so only looked to be sluggish and no in good connection with a docking canal. Of then I have it has wanted to really like this compressed has expected that the update of software would come punctual and some questions would go era. It is sad to say….The questions have maintained so only add up. With which 4 weeks a device constantly disconnected – has connected a Bluetooth to a docking canal….Doing an useless device and has taken he out of a cradle because it was fearful would burn it down a house. My main deception any prendió attention to a calendar. It was 2 days late to return a pill…to the equal that has called LENOVO directly. With which some troubleshooting has been said has to that send everything to them….And for the guarantee HAS TO THAT PAID FOR The NAVE!!! I thought that it that it was to ridicule…one marks new pill…..Not doing correctly of then day 1 and wants to me to knots to pay to take his faulty rear of new pill to them. I voiced my opinion to service of client and there is agreed to paid for a nave. Inside an hour a pill and docking the canal has been packed and has sent was. This was the week …has verified so only a state of reparation: “after treating determination of question our technician of service has identified a failure. In spite of our better endeavours to maintain census of all the components of reparation, a course of service has required to repair your car is at present unavailable. We are doing diligently to obtain replenishment stocks and will repair your car grieves a part results available.”
To the equal that has read a state has thought …Man, desire Lenovo would have done a right thing and so only would send me to new pill….That the difference 2 mark of days, well?
Inferior line….This pill is not on the dot. I love a thought of a specification of this device but somehow takes one that feels an execution has been hasty. It Component can calms does not have to that fix to pill? To to I Sounds more likes him does of the potential question and Lenovo has not imagined was regarding the fix. My confidence in a device has bought has gone totally…although they fix “it” and finally the send behind mine….They are not quell'trusting up a docking canal and for the reasons of security would maintain it era.
Mina same epiphany more utmost is a LENOVO to the SERVICE of CLIENT…likes has said possesses for the half the dozen Lenovo produced, has not had never the question. Ossia My first meeting and am disappointed to the equal that manages situations. Yes, they are in some legislations, was 2 days late for a transmission/of turn but would have been the friendly consumer there is of then has begun troubleshooting and resetting a pill of then day 3 and in planting to do a just thing and exchanging a faulty device with the new a…nope, am stuck with to pill any of confidence can not repair still. A service is the transmission of game for me. No more LENOVO produced in my future.
Like this, is thinking to take this pill…. Pair of no. or Alternative investigation of wait of month until his hopefully fix a question with this device but maintain in Service…of Client of win he of alcohol has paid ;-)
4 / 5 Barbra
- Hardware. For a prize, a hardware specs is very good and some looks of global quality to be a lot very also. It likes-me a thin profile but concern me when my edges is by train for the use.

- The aims are washed in an exposure. In place of aim, is more than the soft alike aim to this of the soft white light bulb. I will try to regulate some settings to see if this can be fixed. Update: This I found to so only be the setting has drawn to reduce tension of eye at night.
- Has clashed several times when dipping on a pill. Still to dip on a Lenovo boys of accounts. In fact, every time I have created the profile of the new boy has clashed.
- Convoluted setup Accuse. Some services of the applications/of the dozen have looked for to install a same time during setup the resulted in pop-arrive with which pop-on that interrupts an installation of a service of active/application that tried to finalise up with. Like an example, while dipping on Alexa I has maintained to take interrupted by the diverse to to other services like to them the assistant of Google.
- Lenovo I boys of accounts has maintained to say am entering me a wrong parental code when that tries to download an application to the profile of a boy. The reset a code 3 times that comes from fijarprpers but has maintained still say wrong code. I have deleted finally a profile and headed new and this looked to do.
- While in the way of boys Alexa maintains to burst up saying “Alexa any available in way of boys” or something to this character. I can comprise the-notification of time but he he all a time.
- Tin a lot uninstall a lot a preloaded the applications that resulted in 60 of the inner storage already used directly out of a box.
- Hangouts No prenderá that it bursts up with a esla the LADY is no longer constant' notification. Of of the east is in pill and no the telephone does not comprise reason. Unfortunately, Hangouts can not be take and an only way to disable a notification is to install another application of SMS to change a incumplimiento application also. Again, this is not the telephone... Update: it was finally able to turn of notification to an application but still unable to in fact disable or uninstall the.
- Screen to close randomly active when using a pill.
- When A pill is docked and transmission among way of boys and a test of main profile to reconnect has seen Bluetooth to a cradle. There is at all inherently injustice with east but in planting to do this in some background laws as it is connecting for a first time again. Like the result there is the cradle connects pop-on this taken on a screen.
- Installed it Samsung 128GB SD paper and opted to extend inner storage to a SD the paper that use adaptive storage. With which formatting a paper a capacity of storage aims 246GB with 131GB has used at present. With all the justice ossia the bug this is to associate with Androids YOU and no Lenovo. Unfortunately do is an inner storage has used at present spent for so only 200MBs. Unfortunately daily a SD paper dismounts requiring restarts it. I finally reset a pill that remain out of adaptive storage. Still it can not install a lot of applications of a preloaded software that can not be uninstalled apresamiento on storage like this inner.

In spite of a rocky start and a SD the subject of paper will say that it is been in stable current and a memory developed has helped improves action. Minis Transition the way of the show of Alexa has been doing quite smoothly. My main complaint now included is a lack of the bumper done of commission.
4 / 5 Isaiah
Has taken m10 16gb 2gb version of ram, like this far adds. Addition 128gb Samsung micro SD, any subject. It dips up it was easy, there is not enabled any way of boys or Alexa or some another Lenovo junk. Any calm applications do not want to or not using , so only the disable, can regulate to plot in of the settings. It does not use any applications to assist, has taken for web surfing, and-books, Youtube/of Youtube, sometimes films. The laws of cradle adds to touch while looking something in a counter. The better thing is when you jumps can be used like the frame of digital photo. Probably it will not find the best CPU in this point of prize. On everything for a prize is the good unit , well enough for a prójimo 2 years. It would be good to have the chance that would do with a cradle.
5 / 5 Mitzi
Mina hubby gave a prompt v-offered of day, ( is techy). It was surprised amiably for him giving me something could use for once. Some time took glow in dark nightgown (lol!). Anyways, HAS has HAD TO THAT setup for me that has taken some time, am guessing roughly 20 min. Said then to say, 'Alex aim like this to do Tiramisu' and has aimed a recipe and request to add my cast of compraventa. (alexa HAS the saying of hard time mascarpone -- haha). He quite ours alexa the point excepts has good screen and can aim pictures. I have linked also mine google calendar to the equal that can give to the orders like 'alexa schedules of the meeting with dentist in in 4pm on Mar. 8th'. A lot handy sure. A prize is that has loved upgrade pill of mine of Samsung which is roughly pair of the what of years is in pill with all some things to pill is supposes to have to netflix and email. It is the quite small device but the desire there was bumper for him but the does not know if this would do with the thing of speaker comes with. It is it supposes to do with others cover and the bulbs but I have has not tried concealed -- will have to that take a hubby to order some. A a subject small has them is that I have not imagined was like this to go back to a main screen without pulling a table was. Another concealed it ...Enjoying is like this far!
4 / 5 Liana
Are like this deeply disappointed in a Lenovo ready tab. It was really that looks forward to east. It likes him another has found initial installation the disaster. Constant bugs. In the first place it would not update some applications, then finally after multiple restarts all has been updated, but still buggy. A way of show is buggy. If you ask your newspaper flashes to inform will pay it and any prenderá still when you have said that Alexa marries. When I have looked for to open the first video would look for to open an application on android that opposed to in way of show of Alexa. Constantly it loses connection. Justo horrible.

Msg To Lenovo. I suggest that you pull a product until fijamente some bugs or more will take to plot of negative feedback. The concept is well, the execution is horrible. This has not been tried and has been rushed out of a door.
4 / 5 Cristobal
In general a pill is the a lot of looking device with the acute exposure and action and good speed among a bit those that the things have run. Unfortunately a version of Alexa installed am lacking a lot of some basic characteristics that marks Alexa like this good to do with.

(1) Any way to change awake word. This require to change some names in other devices in a zone although I want to use he of by means of a room (that I the very desirable capacity) or take has has confused answered of multiple devices.

(2) Any way to permently rename a device. Although it calms that can modify on a Lenovo or Alexa there is enabled device in a section of settings, he always reverts behind to a system appoints assigned.

(3) In general has the very limited number of the options of settings have compared to Alexa devices (I has mulitple Point of devices, Echo, Something, Show) like the fact any where as the friendly user like other devices.

Am expecting that will have updates to Alexa in a (next) the future but does not know if it will be until Amazon or Lenovo and irrespectively would recommend these products require to pill and is one 'alexa defender.

P.D. - I also would like me be able to aquire additional stand-alone cradles to augment a portability but Lenovo at present does not have them available.
5 / 5 Tomas
I have purchased a Lenovo P10 produced before it was has released included! I have had the plot of occasion partorisca use it on any last few weeks, and find you the partorisca be a awesome device! It comes with the base that will touch a unit together with still wall & of the cord uploads; it is Alexa ready, and has the front adds Dolby speakers. Also it comes with the separate cord like that can touch on a street, etc. Although this cord does not come with an adapter, but will return the adapter of USB rule. Has Has some comparison among a pill and an Echo (which also has). Here it is my thoughts : you can upload your applications in a Lenovo; it is portable (can be easily take out of one load), has the big screen to look the films & has his add of a Dolby speakers. While it leave it quell'has turned on in one load, “awake up” like an Echo. You can use Alexa to touch your music, film of clock, look on recipes, read your cast of compraventa, etc. The characteristics of An Echo comprise a capacity to do calls of telephone-which comprise Lenovo is doing on; and it is smaller that a Lenovo. If you are looking for the device that has multiple applications; portable pill, Alexa ready, light glass , adds & thin in both sides; that a Lenovo is a device to purchase. If you want to use the plan of precise data purchases a LTE model, otherwise is so only Wifi, which for me. It has attached the few photos that is in a box. It would suggest the travesía of slowly of the chance with him; partorisca protect and to resist a cord to touch.
4 / 5 Pilar
Looks well, has life of good battery, and a cradle is well, but a functionality is being missing besides the plot of the applications and the games are not compatible.

Update :
port of USB and headphone jack has died. The service of client is terrible. Basically junk now
5 / 5 Maranda
Ossia undoubtedly a buggiest the application has seen the long time. Frequent accidents, the execution fracasada and options of unsuitable configuration.
Has read an external frustration regarding inane 'Try objective' For real the bogus, unwanted and incomplete implementation. A fact a can not take touched of of this characteristic is quite bad. I have thought, it would see to use the finally, reduce a number of aims. No such regime. Any only repeats this calm uses him but, many of them no .
Unfortunately, an hour has interested no for there. A can not compose the email that use gmail. It can not use Netflix or Hulu a lot another streaming service another the first video. Ossia The small imported, anti-strategy of competitive product that will fail. Some of a result of elements of paper of configuration in of the exposures, 'This characteristic is not available' Usually, the development of professional software would take these elements of paper if his characteristics were entirely stubbed was.
A selection does not offer any way was. A screen has no selectable elements and any clicks another those loans of task and restart of an application.
A manager of product and dev the crew in this product would owe that be career is gone in drives. (He so only clashed again while I am writing this description.) Stunning mediocrity.
4 / 5 Idell
Has bought this pill that thinks it would have specifications of the same system like the ad has said, to surprise of the mine has the 3 GB RAM, his probably very different then 32 gb spec variant. When I am paying for the 4 GB RAM attended 4 GB RAM in a pill any 3 GB, ossia 25 loss in action!.... It has attached screenshot like the prof
4 / 5 Genoveva
has has wanted to this when I took it in the first place, but has been worsening over time. So only it can not look to maintain connection with a cradle. It maintains to fall a connection to a cradle that has connected physically to. Mostly it spends when the notification goes in. Some the on duty speakers of cradle was and some transmissions of the his to some inner speakers. A sound is muffled reason are sotterrati in the space of connection of a cradle. Then it is 50/50 if he reconnects or no. If he , he chimes a bluetooth his of connection. This can spend 2 or 3 times in the alone song of Pandora. Often so only it freezes on totally and you have to that forget a cradle and spend for a procedure of pairing again.

Pro Is:
exposure A lot well with excellent resolution.
Light weight
Thin profile.
Tonnes of spatial of storage and ram. ( It has taken one 4 gb/64 gb model)
Defaults partorisca show some papers to the songs that is touched on some speakers. (Music of only Amazon)
quality of his of a cradle is excellent and extraordinarily lound of such tiny speakers.
The cradle has real keys for volume, pairing, and the disable key of microphone.
Any hesitation in of the applications.
Life of excellent battery. ( I have left a cradle in work and touched with a pill all evening. In a morning has been still in 67 and did not turn it was at night. )

Looks an only way the touch is in a cradle. No very convenient has to that I travel with a cradle. ( Modification. It can be touched with an USB C good boss)
screen A lot lustrous that has the question with reflections.
Glass behind???? I benefit it possible is this ? Everything is the a lot slippery fact when calm dipped that down.
Likes mentioned in another description, can take the pair of swipes to recognise that I want to change to way of pill if any volume out of a cradle. Nigh A lot Impossible to use a fingerprint sensor when it is in a cradle.
A bit confusing behaviour when launching to the TV. A sound can touch out of some speakers or out of a television like starts a mould when it is in a cradle or in your hands.
No with my Wyze Cameras. To be just ossia Alexa /Wyze @subject, no the Lenovo subject.
Has connected to my bars to be able to loan that they use an Application of Ready Life.
Laws with my TP-bulb of Link by heart ready has DIRECTED.
Very anti-screen of glare protectors available still.

Would estimate this on my quite main Samsung Commentaries 10.1 pill. The quality of build is each one has bitten like good. The screen is better and obviously is faster.

Modification. I have revised my indication down for the star been due to a stupid glass behind. It has gone almost of a table long now when that dipping down. I NEED the sleeve of silicone that leaves it to also go in a cradle. Like this far I have not founding a fact for him.

Further Modify. A description is down to a star been due to some questions of disconnection with a cradle.
5 / 5 Winnie
A Lenovo the Ready tab is the pill of utmost Android that is resulted the ready screen with cradle of Alexa of the Amazon he. Once it was able of the take doing properly, looks well but a Lenovo the support was terrible. It looks that they are not familiarised with Alexa connection. One first person has spoken with him has not listened mine so much to a field of the question and she have maintained to try to do in the to pill likes them the field of same question although I have said that a question was with Alexa connection. With which in an hour, transferred to a prójimo tier of support. First question with a scrolling was that any information has been spent on has to that way that has had to that begin a scrolling of information throughout again resupplying a lot of information. After the moment, has been said that has looked for likes it was the question of the software and that would be to transfer to sustain of software with which have paid $ 39. I have said a person to sustain that has bought so only a pill and Alexa docking the canal and am trying to take the to do properly. Has simply has repeated that asks as wanting to paid for a esoftware' the support of a pill has come so only with guarantee of hardware. With this I has said that it would not pay extra to take a system has purchased to do properly. It has been ready to return a product but after completing the system restores, has decided tries to take that to do again. East times all has been a lot and a product is doing he like this has to that. Leveno The support has not looked to know anything in a total product that comprises a docking canal with Alexa software. A lot frustrating experience.
5 / 5 Demetria
Reason is amazon hiding my same description that takes he of my page of mandates ? Strongly it says it does not buy it. Well I have bought one 4 Ram 64 Action and is good but I m disappointed with a fact a slightest movement some falls of what out of a docking canal. Hate Alexa
Application that is like Alexa acts like this once docked maintains to burst up annoying while I have had to have a friki instruments a sd paper because it is difficult to open and fear partorisca line a pill
does not like me a Oreo opp of system at all and can not decide in the storage has to that be moved manually the difference of the mine telephone that download them goes the SD paper how is good but $ 349 with these
has Mentioned all can say is disappointed after the week would not buy never again. It is an application of Amazon and docking. Impossible to remain in way of tight picture in cradle or still was was. Some way of stupid show is question . Bluetooth Connection the question. Always the question sends feedback. The mine is taking elexa out of him and improve opp the system fix a question
4 / 5 Keena
Any in a Lenovo the forum there has been this tip. I tried it yesterday in mine P10 and has solved all my Bluetooth questions of connection.
Sure mark all a firmware the updates for pill and cradle there is very installed

Opens/Game of Google launch

Selects a glass to augment icon in a cup of a screen and look for
'Amazon Alexa - Way of Show partorisca Lenovo'.


Grieve is state uninstalled the now would owe that aim that there is an available Update.

Installs an Update.

This would have to that fix your Bluetooth questions of connection.

Has been of having questions of constant connection when docking, losing, then recovering Bluetooth connection and listening a bit chime every time, that has to that have a pill forgets a device then connecting throughout again, his acting every time. Still it takes roughly 30 seconds after docking for Way to Show to be ready but ossia faster that it was before like this Lenovo is begun in a right direction.

A pill is beautiful and the chair adds in a hand. Deep black exposure, corners of good viewing. Front of lustrous glass and behind, which means is the fingerprint fond, but a postive is black taking contrast it deeper , better. More for inner use.
5 / 5 Arron
This thing. It is freaking. Awesome. A substitution of Show of perfect Echo when docked; the swift, fully compressed of the functional android when chosen up.

Originally has purchased the Kindle Fire HD8 + Cradle of Way of the Show for my cookery. In short, some speakers sucked, the way of Show was the ache partorisca disable when docked and could very included modify recipes. Returned promptly. Enter a Lenovo M10 (32GB).

Considering some descriptions, expected it to be almost useless like the pill. You were all very too critical. Coast less than your travesía the Costco for the amour of God. They are 24 and slightly impacienta. Always I have the telephone of current gene and the PC done has built. I can not be expecting the things to upload. A lot my surprise, these lives of pill until my level.

Is substituted a need to have my telephone at all times when house. IT DID SO ONLY has SAID?! It is 2019 after all. When it is a last time seated in your couch and the crew has thought this iPhone tiny screen of 6 thumbs, lemme grab my pill.' Well, now for me, it is constantly. Especially reason have done Alexa a incumplimiento that has taken of voice. A tap with a longitude of a key of house spends on instantly. Perfecto for a fourth where felt Alexa has consecrated the device has not been value a cost.

-Way to show
is expected like this. An Echo with the exposure. It asks that it is in your calendar, calm said And calm points. It has not lost a date in of the weeks. ADHD Has cured! It asks to aim a backyard camera. It bursts well up in your counter of cookery. My personal favourite: it asks to touch the song. Some papers are in a scrolling of screen with a music. It can be Shawn after Mendes while dicing lawyers without inclusos knowing the alone word!

obviously am writing this description on that. I have read/it it looked the description that has declared was show to change among applications but quickly has uploaded once. That? You are running he with a storage maxed in 99 utilisation of RAM? It has not had the alone hiccup. Day-to-the use of day is flawless. It takes the plot to substitute an iPhone. But Lenovo has dipped so only quite hardware in a M10 32GB to do raisin.

A incumplimiento Swype the keyboard in the orientation of portrait is perfect for only-the toe that writes. Tent of Game of Google full (pill) the options and Alexa have built -in doing it all could ask. Front and rear cameras for the video that has called your Aunt in Zimbabue during Navidad because when a hell more is that it goes to use the camera in the pill? A screen is almost flagship the quality and he touch is a lot of responsive. Alexa Listen perfectly when docked or in my hand. I mention it is freaking compressed of Android when I choose it up?! I scrape A Portal and Show of Echo. Search to open it spreadsheet in these cinder blockades.

A Cradle-
Oh mah gawd. Has the normal sized cookery to walk: 10x10, L-shaped, ugly cupboards. An usual. The speakers of a cradle fill a room and then some same in low volume. I will say he the enormous jump of level 3-4 volume. Any exactly preferred when you take house in 1am and wants to listen the music while cleaning. But WHO CONCERNS it SOUNDS FERMI to SURPRISE! They are not a audiophile but has hated a Fire HD8 to beat can speakers. A M10 is more than big quite quality for the cookery. It would say that it is in pair with some other devices of Echo. Oh And after initial setup, can pair the to another Bluetooth devices like him Bluetooth speaker. Preeeetttyy coooool.

Like this of now, can does not add to the group partorisca fines-music of room. AS Of NOW. I have contacted Amazon that asks any way of the work. They have said it is not sustained like this of still and there is rid the question to a developer of crew. I have been said the usually takes around two weeks for the characteristic of big priority to go was.
Some premiers few days had it, has maintained to say a cradle firmware has required upgraded. Touching a brilliant poster joins it to you Lenovo Cradle Súper updating Unopenable Application in a tent of game. And... At all. Until magically he he... Something... And a message there is prendido to look. Like this yeah, this is to fix I thinks.

want Alexa device with decent speakers and the exposure, TAKING THIS ONE. A fact that can the to you chooses up and to use likes the Kindle, of device of game of big Android or included the TV of far giant Fire the value done each penny. I have opted for a 32GB M10 for a RAM added without one 'prime' characteristic unnecessary of a 3GB RAM P10 like a upgraded camera, glass and backside of extra speakers. More has paid so only 185 to like he-new, has used one of a warehouse of Amazon. To STOP that LOOKS And The BUY.
4 / 5 Sybil
A Lenovo Loan of Tab M10 absolutely is in amazing. Prpers Having tried Alexa has produced, to good sure can say this the crown everything. Any I only looks video of music, taking up in informative, etc while cooking eaten in a cookery, but constantly find me grabbing a pill and it taking around with me in planting to spend my bulky laptop. An integration with Alexa is seamless and some chairs of pill easily inside a doc. Partorisca Top it all, some speakers touch utmost and there is Dolby Atmos!

Maintains to import that this is running on Android, meant a incumplimiento applications that come with the android will be installed on here, comprising Hangouts. This be has said, can easily gone back of notification for the calm individual applications do not use , and love a fact that can add a SD paper for space added. An initial setup require you to update a software and applications, which is expected any time receives the product of new technology. Once all has been updated, setup was quickly and easy/intuitive with easy instructions that has on burst in a screen and walked by means of a process.

There is not remarked any subjects still and Alexa easily chooses on my voice of by means of a room. Of an initial setup, has not had to restart a device at all and he the short butter still-smooth. Seriously love this thing. For a money, can has not beaten the!
4 / 5 Tamica
In general, I am impressed enough with this compraventa.

To start with, has looked for the clock of loan to alarm/bedside assistant.
Be techy in character, has loved the device has connected ready, with the screen, this would leave controls of voices and spend some basic functions my automation of house.

Likes more people, maintains and touch my telephone after my bed at night and use he for my daily alarm. Alas, I have lost an old glow of a bedside shows of alarm and memories to go around anxiously verifying a time in of the restless nights…. And while this will not resupply that nostalgic the feeling… will leave me to fulfil some criteria have looked for on.

Looked in a Show of Echo of the Amazon, but really has wanted to something concealed could be mobile and not feeling likes to spend the small bulky TV around. I have found this; and I am happy has purchased!!

While Alexa acts like this expected, when after my bed, can touch music, use he for the frame of digital photo, take a time, or to use likes him the regular clock and more. (Which is exactly that looked for)

When it takes, will do like the multimedia pill and leaves a liberty to move roughly while also controlling some automations of house.

Some speakers of cradle are decent for the small in room of half, but calm also can use Bluetooth to connect to the system of the his big plus to the equal that do in a living room.

Now am spending this pill around during my house and it using to control several automations that use Alexa.

After an exhaustive day to use it can rest and recharge in a docking canal, after my bed, while I touch soothing it lullaby and I be blurry eyed in a clock until it falls felizmente asleep. :)

Highly would suggest!
4 / 5 Delmar
UPDATE: Well there it has been it this for the while now and does not operate like the amazon alexa, a bluetooth maintains disconnecting and will not touch music by means of some speakers because a Bluetooth no properly. Has update my indication of 3 stars to 1 star and more probably so only give this in depth of trade, as I recommend to be slowly careful on buying this and using he with Amazon.

Has bought this to substitute my Show to Echo so it gave it my daughter. Ossia The pill adds but according to that quell'using like Alexa Device would recommend that it buy a show if ossia that is looking for.

Has dipped this on like this directed this in spite of Alexa portion say that I need to king-begin an application almost every day. Has Alexa Devices during my house and calm can not change one Wake word in this which is the question . A setting for Alexa is limited and doing the transmissions neither can not be fulfilled or is a lot last to do like this.

Is looking for The Pill of Android of the quality goes for him but wants to use this device also like this neither Alexa has connected or be Alexa the device so only so only takes some devices of Echo of the Amazon is not to value a cost when you can take a show the most economic plot.

I hope updates a software or application so that the transmissions can be facts for Alexa objective!
4 / 5 Theressa
Purchases these pills for my parents. They are old now, and an only way to speak to some grandchildren is by means of applications of cat of the video. When I have seen a bar of speaker, expected it the behave like any regulate bluetooth the speaker would owe that do.
Well, A law of what so only for Alexa and his together of substandard applications.
Has resupplied Sustains of Technology for the majority of my life, and the multiple hours have spent with these devices (helped by my edges those who does like this technology for one of a pill a big plus and manufacturers of mobile phone). We decide that they are good to upload stands. At all more.
Any way to take calls or (thus @@subject) calls of the video rid-free using a speaker. A lot so only it likes to upload the.
A pill is at all more than pursues to regulate-of-the-mill cheapo. I guess volume that stops of has paid.
Any one a lot Samsung compressed with bluetooth the cradle will do better, faster and with less than question.
Yes counts some hours of work have dipped to the east, ossia one the majority of expensive device has bought to this day.
4 / 5 Margarette
Are an enthusiast of Android . It possesses several pills of costruttrici different as well as several telephones. Has different needs for these devices like this in fact use them everything in the regular base. I result like this used to use pills that no longer uses the Windows 10 laptop. My pill of 10 thumbs basically am resulted my main computer. On until this compraventa, has been using a Asus 3S 10 (z500m) and has been the fine device . I chose it reason has had like this very characteristic likes a bit equivalent Samsung in of means it a prize. This in spite of, a subject has on come with a screen and I have to send it behind for the reparation of guarantee. As it has taken that Lenovo Ready Tab P10 (TB-X507F) how had been doing the investigations defines the good 10 pill of thumb in the reasonable prize with a lot of characteristic. Everything of my investigation headed to this device. My partner is quite a shopper and found that on sale for $ 177. This prize is exceptional so it has been thank you to buy one on its own name.

Are a lot, very impressed with this device. It has substituted my Asus 3S 10 like my main computer. One first what there is remarked to take he out of a box was that it was beautiful. Has black glass in an upper and a fund like this at the beginning the looks is not obvious that the side has a screen. It is like the slab of shiny obsidian. So only it is impressive same although aesthetic no really bad anything and long-run. As I mention it reason has said that it is a lot usually impress me has taken. That more is of entity in the pill? Life of battery. 7000 milliamp. Ossia Enough a pertinent gas tank. Have Still to run in the battery before I am done that it use this thing for a day. After, a screen. A resolution is some HD and a density of pixel is fantastic. In my opinion, a map is awesome. After, speakers. They are not really a audiophile, but to good sure can say a difference among east and mine other devices. This is to mean to give you the good experience. Listening the music or looking the films on is the pleasurable experience. They are very happy this has the thumbprint sensor although it is in the something odd has compared to mine other devices. At the beginning this annoyed but there is @@give then that it is so only very where is and is so only something to take used to. Any so only can use a thumbprint sensor for security but also partorisca to to the gestures like to go back and house and to sew them to to him like him to them concealed. Ossia Basically he 16 for 9 pill and I likes him use he in way of portrait. As such key to be able to and be of key of the volume in a cup is class of odd mine. Once again, no the big question, so only something to take used to. I owe that it feels that Lenovo thank you the majority of people will use in way of landscape more than portrait. Utilisation level it capacitive stylus reason uses my pill to be paperless. I sign documents, would draw flat, helps my boys with his duties, and I was doodle and draw stupid pictures. A thing that there is remarked is that this screen, also known like the digitizer, answers extremely well to a stylist. Very better that a Asus is Samsung compressed that use. I can sign my name with the ease and I can move a stylus a lot quickly when I do drawings or wright. My Asus the pill there has not been an equivalent sensibility to the equal that have had to move an a lot of slower stylist of that was a lot of annoying. And for a way, any capacitive stylus good works. It does not concern in the scratches or anything likes them concealed. Ossia Corning Glass of Gorilla. It does not buy the $ 60 stylus when the $ 25 stylus will do so only well. It has to that also mention a memory. 4 inner actions is very good. But 64 memory of action of user dips is fantastic. You can install applications galore without running out of room. Spatial-wise, feels very comfortable as to speak. This in spite of has the question with memory that have mentioned down with a gilipollas of this pill. Has has used pills for the moment and is fresh to have both front and behind in front of cameras so only like this of the telephones. But they are always be a lot fallido that the pills do not have the flash like me some telephones to do. Or at least there is it never has used it to pill with the flash up to now. This pill has the flash. So only like this of the telephones, can take pictures in a darkness. Any included me prpers gives has had this capacity until mine buddy has signalled quell'has been mine. Perhaps I am so only easily fun but a fact that this device as it flashes he me a lot, very happy. There it is nettled me whenever my others the pills have not had to flash. Also it could mention that has a FOCUSED light east blinks with the different colours depend that it is trying to say you. Ossia Class of orderly. Also, a device is able of hepatic feedback that it is the characteristic mine Asus ZenPad lack of pills. I really like a response to touch so that I know has has hid in fact a tone in a keyboard. Has has saved basically very cost to do sure this device is very good.

Ossia That imports so I am giving in his own line. Will have a upgrade to Cake of Android. I have researched this device at length and one of some primary worries folks has is that the device has not had any plan for a upgrade past Android Oreo 8.1. Cela Has has changed officially. Lenovo upgrade The matrix has been modified to reflect a transmission. While the month or two fact this device has aimed any planned upgrade. Now Some the matrix shows will be upgraded to cake of Android in June of 2019 which is right now to the equal that am writing east. I think that it that it could be the little bit of an aggressive schedule oh, but a fact that a upgrade will spend it would have to that do people very happy. In many of some descriptions, a reviewer can not find a lot of questions with this device. A subject main has is that will have a lot of upgrades. Cela 'With' now can be taken of a cast. Thank you Lenovo To do east!

A bad?

So only like the majority of some descriptions oh, is the very short cast . The Some first people of to the calm thing does not like has said run it Snapdragon 450 chipset and an Android elitists is very unhappy with of the of of the east. At present a better Snapdragon chipset is one 855, but has to that the question is really value he. This device is not meant to be the Porsche. This be has said, has found one 450 chipset to be so only well. I have not touched any games on he I, but so only by means of the use regulates there is not founding a device to be slow in any form of way or form. Some types of big description have has touched games in the and has said found to bear it be able of then are gone down a graphic quality of a game.

A next question is with a capacity to add spatial of street of extra storage he microSD paper. It will take to 256 paper of action. It has dipped an Amazon rule $ SanDisk micro SD paper in this device. While it can read a data in a paper, can not write his. I have done the bit of investigation is and looks a exfat filesystem this goes in a SanDisk paper like the format of the system of the file regulates is not writable for this device right now. Material Lenovo probably exited with fixing it but until then, would have to have it workaround for formatting the to the different filesystem that exfat. Google Justo a question and follow some instructions to fix it.

And agree, the people still have in his alcohols that this pill will not be never upgraded past Android Oreo 8.1. Ossia No longer the with this device is now officially slated to be upgraded to Cake of Android.

For thepower users there, has to mention that at present it has a lot TWRP the recovery done of commission. We are alentadoras that any one will be able to create the version of this a lot prompt device. A bootloader can be unlocked, although these mandates are not evident. You can at least temporarily unlock the May there is not founding the mandate to permanently unlock a bootloader. And everything of an on would direct you to think that a device can not be rooted this in spite of I mine rooted so only well. It is not to perfect, this in spite of. Without the recovery done of the commission found it difficult to take on OTA upgrades. Reason a OTA brick to update this device, does not have writes up drives of root. Once they are able to take root to be stable, will rid drives to XDA. Until then, if your developer would owe that be able to root this device he without a lot of question. So only beware that a OTA the update will cause you questions. And without the recovery done of commission, has to behind up there ADB which is the ache . Like this now included the root is not something recommends for a half user. But rest ensured, the solution to root exist so that it follows to use the rooted Lenovo Ready Tab P10 in this a lot of moment. So only I seat that we require the pair more things in the first place of this solution takes released to a community of whole user.

My final verdict? It has taken this thing for $ 177. But now that I used it, to good sure pays a MSRP of $ 359. It uses to plot of the devices in this thing is mine Cadillac. They are not disappointed in a Snapdragon 450 chipset at all. And everything of some other punctual questions would owe that be fixed. I have read a lot of some descriptions for this pill here in the amazon and I find that, resembled the majority of products of technology, the majority of some bad descriptions is due to error of user. Some people so only have the technology black thumb and can not take anything to do. Considering a MSRP prize, has to does not have to that it never pays that he so that there is always sales of at least $ 50 era. As you would owe that be able to find one 64 model of action partorisca in $ 299 and still for less than this if you are can it shopper. And a cradle to do Alexa canal is comprised in this prize.

Speaking of this cradle to do a device some class of Alexa something. So only I have used functionality at all and a doc is still in a plastic stock exchange that ships in. Ossia So only gravy for me like this I so only but this thing to be to pill. They are curious to see that Alexa material can do except so only has not been the priority for me still. Some people say that it is stupid some people say that it is awesome, can very honradamente commentary in this functionality still.
4 / 5 Doris
4GB/64GB Version
1st era... They are a The TYPE . It has been building, programing and repairing computer and material related partorisca of early 90 are so that I am far of ignorant when it comes to dip these things on and the question that shoots him. The mine has done enough well until a 1st update. It worsened it of then and worse. A main complaint is Alexa . It maintains to fall it is gone in a half of the songs that the touch was music of amazon. Alexa then has said the hard time that connects included this in spite of excellent signal strenght in the good arrival, subject big with the scorching fast connection. Tried using it hotspot connection ( also súper fast full bar 4G Tmobile) and another routers just to see yes has still same fact. And it DOES!
A question is in Alexa. He also drops out of video in youtube also and another streaming sources. If you have dipped he in ANDROID of GOOGLE has any subject. Some looks of question is in Alexa software in this pill.
DOES not LIKE ME when being Of A BETA DECLARES for Lenovo.
Also sensor of the impression of the toe was the ache and did not take it never well. The speakers are feeble touching & any like this announced.
Lenovo The supports of technology is the joke !
Are roughly 95 of a way to return this junk to Amazon.
I strongly suggests does not buy this 'VERSION of BETA' as ossia that to laws likes them is.
Also Lenovo the support is the time that eats the full joke of the excuses and any one fix.
Has no more the time to waste is.
My next call is to Amazon and probably the turn of this pill.
FOR I MONEY would owe that be able to do some sew plus very simple alleges it done to do.
Gave it so only 2 stars that is generous how is the very any out of a phase to try of the beta and it free bug still!
Is not in that me paid to be the beta declares!
5 / 5 Florance
Lmao wow Well. First the tried to order of lenovo during black friday fpr 175. They have decided to take for ever and it has asked them finally the turn to sender when the invernadero this for 150 on amazon. There is the reason because it is gone down that economic. Ossia One the majority of dysfunctional produced he reputable undertaken each place was.

The screen sucks. Wifi The speed sucks ( apresamiento for ever for the netflix show to take that is pixelated an android is the hot disorder . A cradle hardly ever works. That is a point of the cradle bequeaths of need inclusa to a pill via Bluetooth? This was lenovos main failure all the time.

Does not buy It . The service of client is no existent and has to that it expects 3 hours in on-line cat. Look In what it has concerned thus produced with these screenshots. Lmao wont Same legislation of assistant of the wave or fix it.

Alexa In the cradle taken likes 30 seconds to actuate when finally it connects to bluetooth and doesnt give you a bit error but a mic sucks. It can not listen whispers like other products of echo. My way of show of the tabs of fire Alexa was faster that this.

No SHABBY! Although it PLAN The TURN SO ONLY for The TRY WAS reason a cradle doesnt same work. It is so only another pill this has built in spelling errors in some papers lol.

Also take the persistent notification of some ota firmware what of update and google hangouts the saying is not sustained anymore in this device that will not go never was. You can a lot of uninstall Google hangouts neither lol. They are not joking. Ossia That bad ossia
5 / 5 Teena
Some sounds of speaker well, some looks of pill to treat well. Mostly exploring with Chrome. Also I owe that the plot of Alexa stuffs to run in my house he the well. These now are that they run 9. They update automatically. In a current prize is the very good value .

Has some worries of entities this in spite of. 1. These looks of device well, his thin and well has finalised. This in spite of!, A behind is smooth flat glass,. How it is seriously I last to take to. You owe that grab he of some sides like the record of phonograph with two hands. It would guess that these take fallen often. 2. A bluetooth the connection to a cradle is king-established while a device is returned to a cradle. Like the device is factory has configured this process of pairing is really inconsistent. Further it loses connection when so only seating in a cradle. This is annoying and prevents to to use of confidence likes him Alexa of client. Felizmente Have it that fixed but requires to go the way of developer and changing the usually inaccessible setting (transmission Bluetooth AVRCP version of 1.4 (incumplimiento) to 1.5,). With east fix some looks of device to do like this feigned that.
4 / 5 Jackelyn
The to the left initiate me to say, like this compressed. Like a pill of Android, a lot well although critical call the soyid-vary' processor. A cradle has comprised are adds like the little soundbar for a pill. You can look Youtube or Netflix and have glass clear audio powered for a cradle. Alexa integration, this in spite of, is defective, and probably contributes one the majority of my deduction of two stars in this description.

A pair of remarkable questions, and yes thinks besides, will update this estaca later:

1) When a pill is docked, but the way of Show is was, that tries to do the question of Alexa looks to cause question. A cradle chooses on a question and causes a pill to reconnect for some reason. Way of ploughs of show, indicates is pairing with a cradle, then your question is lost apparently as I do not take the response. Has has had also Alexa application hangs / to go unresponsive at least once while it tries to change in this way.

2) Has a byline of Music of the Apple. I have downloaded an application of Music of the Apple in a pill, and has linked my account. I can use Music of Apple so only well in way of pill. They are then be to Alexa application, and has added a Music of necessary Apple esmata' and has linked my account as it has required. After all that, I have actuated Way of Show, and Alexa has asked to touch some music 'on Music of Apple,' to the to the equal that has answered, soyusic of the apple is not compatible with this device.' Uh... I guess an integer that adds a thing of skill was so only the waste? Also it has said that this calm asks to open Youtube/of Youtube, which obviously does well in a Pill of Android.

3) are not the big defender of a smooth glass, lustrous arrived in a backside of a pill. It would prefer something with texture that can resist easily and concealed any fingerprint like this easily.

4) An USB-C port is USB 2.0. It Century is in, Lenovo?

5) there is sporadically has had to weaves of the question that connects a pill to a cradle. Sometimes, it looks, a cradle goes to close down and any pair. That Pressing or it pressing and that resists a bluetooth key at all, like this finally finalises to unplug a cradle and plugging the backside in, and then does like this expected.

A pill has been rooted easily has seen Magisk ( can pull up drives on-line based in the number of build of a pill) and was able to clean a very little has bitten of Lenovo/Google bloatware using Backup of Titanium quite easily.
4 / 5 Tena
Here is a shot, loves to take your woman he valentine present of day after being married for 15 years…say that calm takes this thing. If it loves binge looking Marveous Lady Mazel, the music, and yell commanded to his boys, “Alexa”, and sometimes his husband then ossia a product to take .

I points have underlined:
is in good pill
Adds spec options
the screen Adds
the sound Adds
SD Paper
Fill on Android
Free Cradle ossia quite strong for the half room
Alexa has built in

Too many upgrades once plough it on
the desire could buy another cradle for upstairs (1st world-wide question)
Fingerprints in those looks the glass for behind
4 / 5 Myong
Ossia in Ready Tab M10HD. 2g/16option of g (the basic majority). Taken this on sale how is an incredible value for me. Right out of a box, has had to spend for 2 updates and 1 ready cradle firmware update. It has finalised to be compress of Cake of the Android.
Of one takes-go, a pill has not been able to maintain connected to a cradle. With which way of enabling developer and changing Bluetooth 1.4 to 1.6, a connection to jump result very solid. A software of Show of Alexa that automatically it launches when a pill is docked, is quite cleaned and does like this announced; this in spite of, Alexa the free clue of him is thought once in the moment as if a connection of internet has disappears for the second. No the think was that, thinks a software of Experience of Show of Alexa, probably need an update. In general, this is not a lot annoying so that they are not deducting partorisca east. They are deducting some stars for a fact that use Alexa says to look on the recipe, then taken a pill of a cradle, Alexa in firm and a recipe goes was and no longer accedible. I think it that it would have been it the better way a way of the show of Alexa was fully manual - manual beginning and manual stop. Like this if the user has decided to use that to a pill likes them Alexa Show, would remain Alexa feigns all the cost yes is on cradle or no. Also a cradle disconnects of Bluetooth if a pill is takes. I think that that ossia BS also, would have been the better way was until an user to connect or disconnect a speaker of cradle of Bluetooth. This has said, is possible to take used to one has has automated methods hardwired to a system. Another inconvenience is that when in Alexa way, some installed applications in a side of the android is not accedible for Alexa. Like this calm can not open Netflix, Hulu, or Maps of Google to ask Alexa to do that. As you owe that be in a mindset that when a pill is in Alexa way, is no longer compressed of Android, but Alexa Show.
Alexa Show can be closed was and then, although in a cradle, a pill can be used like a pill of Android is ith is that you have taken of Google . Equally like this, you can turn on way of Show of Alexa although a pill of a cradle, this in spite of, will not remain awake if it is not Bluetooth connected to a cradle. A speaker can be used like him Bluetooth same speaker by other devices. A quality of his of the speaker is very good and is quite strong in fuul volume. A speaker has no inner battery and has to that be connected to a outlet to do. A pill has a good sound for a pill, in fact quite well for his class. Some cameras are lower rez, but enough well so that it is. This has said, would not say this can be used like this camera of photo at all, but for call them of video is well. Some cameras do not owe that flash precise a lot of lighting to take fence in pictures. 1280x800 rez Of some looks of screen down, but is quite acceptable there is at all to compete it near for side. One of some characteristic is of one is that it is possible to format an aggregated SD paper like inner memory that adds to a onboard storage. I have added 128card of G and now a pill has 144G of ram for one YOU, Applications, and anything is downloaded or has photographed. This the fact that there is no real reason to take the by heart main options although 3G or RAM can help in some by heart main models. In general returned and the arrival of a pill is very good. The controls and the connections good celery and answered to the equal that has required.
I a lot of user will be frustrated for a lack of integration among Alexa and ways of Android, but again, has to treat some two ways as if these were different devices . Once calm in that page, is the very a lot of combo. It would be more be, if Lenovo together place an all the version of Google... It says to compress of Android when undocked and House of Google Hub when docked. All-in-all, am quite happy with a compraventa, so that in fact it has taken two of them while on sale. It has not had any question that use so many in some same Bluetooth row. I do not have any devices of ready house, as any insurance like these works of part, but has based on everything, no attended concealed to be the question.
4 / 5 Emily
I seriously debated on yes has required this. They are a defender of Alexa of avid Amazon and probably have roughly 15 devices around a house. I have bought this of a Truck of Property and has had the coupon partorisca $ 10 needless partorisca say, was the quite subject. Has has wanted to this to fulfil my expectations and go on down half of with a description, this in spite of, has fallen seriously short. First of all, I use Alexa to his use fill a drop in looking to speak to another around a house. I fall in when the are not in home, etc etc. could not take this element to in fact of function like the legit Alexa device. It was bummed roughly that, but these elements quirks has continued. For example, once it jumps, it has to link to a Bluetooth (reason, the am not sure) which takes the moment and once is docked, calm also cant use Alexa immediately. Calm almost has to that attended for him to 'load'. And it does not think in travelling anywhere with this thing, unless it plan to take the enormous docking canal with you. I asked also it takes like this , Perspective, Amazon, etc etc, has given up. This was a last straw (reason could very possibly agree all 548 signals have in my life). After, to the left say me, does not return never Anything! I usually things of mark 'does' this nettle me reason does not like a hassle to return of elements in a topmast. This thing irked took me bad, am exited of my way to find the box, repackage the, takes some stock exchanges to air to cushion it, has printed on a focus of nave, and time UPS to choose it up. In theory, this device would be amazing, this in spite of, his no anywhere next to be amazing, sadly.
4 / 5 Bambi
Has has wanted to really like this compressed of options of the pill of the android has limited enough. It took on available mine for $ I so that I am very happy with this prize. A pill is not too bad. It is very light and a screen is decent. A CPU is the little lower final. Geekbench I bookmarks/marcadors is Alone core 150 Fine core 919. Calm can seats to use a pill when for example scrolling by means of youtube he with hitch and take a lot noticeably. A pill is all the glass how is the little slippery, probably any one the good idea for girls to use. Some speakers of pill are decent and there is Dolby atmos. They are the little tinny and lacking bass, but the sound is clear and the levels of volume are well.

Where Have the subjects with this pill is mainly a cradle. The setting on a pill would owe that be easy, but yes calm dipped that on while it is in joining it to him to cradle likes ( has loved the to touch) is of class of the disorder. You take a pill of android rule setup where add or create your gmail the accounts but a calm time inclusa also takes Alexa setup and some screens take each one which as another on and can take the small confusing. For example when adding the impression of toe to a reader Alexa setup the screen has on burst and annulled out of an impression of toe setup. While in a cradle a cradle setup indictment also begins calm so that the three different setups that careers a same time. It would be good to setup a pill, then setup Alexa, and finally setup a cradle.

Where Really begins to disturb a pill is a docking process. It has dipped a pill in a cradle and he partorisci road bluetooth. Processes quite easy excepts that a connection takes falls quite frequently. Sometimes he king-pair quickly other times owe that pode of a cradle and behind on for the take to pair. Sometimes to the work likes is pairing partorisca of a first time to the equal that owe that touch Connect and look it and one accept some aims for permissions that is frustrating. So only it could be my pill and cradle, but ossia which follows to experience. A way of the show of the echo is well, but an audio of a pill to some speakers of cradle is bluetooth and is often times a lot of choppy and alexa is hard to comprise. Another thing that finds is that a pill connects to a cradle with blue tooth but stimulate you a pill of a cradle he disconnects like this some transmissions of audio to some speakers of pills. Calm can not resist a pill in your hand to explore youtube video and use some speakers to jump that it is far upper to some pills have built in of the speakers. It would not recommend or purchase this element again. I think that a lot of some subjects are fixable with firmware and updates of software. I will update they are directed.
5 / 5 Ezequiel
One 2.4 ghz wifi is broken essentially, the cups of speeds am gone in 1.5 mbps. Tried all recommended fijamente, at all has helped. I have begun then having a wifi disconnect all for him.

Control out of some forums, of this a lot of an only person having this question.

Is going back.
4 / 5 Ossie
Has bought this product of a Truck of Property for my Mother-in-law to use during Chemo Treatment. Perfecto for Skype and streaming to take his alcohol out of things. There is remarked immediately the glitched with a camera and has tried walk by means of diverse like cough to correct a situation. It has contacted then Lenovo to take a fixed device and mailed he in. Lenovo Then come from to resist a device without informing that they were out of a part and unable to return a device in an expected nine business days. After verifying on-line and reading a state in an order I then called and has explained a purpose of this device for our family, suddenly was magically able of the substitute. In the THEN ship a device without a cradle or same cords although thoroughly it had fill out of HIS FORM that declares all the elements have sent. I have then achieved is gone in a cradle any when being a lot included, to the to the equal that shipped a cradle is cord .

There is Now emailed his again to try to take all some pieces, months later and halfway by means of a chemo process.

Will not buy never of Lenovo or a Truck of Property again. It does not trust this costruttore and I do not trust this experience to sell me the good elements in the prize add.
4 / 5 Jacquelynn
A lot looking pill.. visually Pleasing creation.. I add specs in the prize that beaten a Samsung tabs, delivery down. TL;Dr. - I like this compressed, I like a ram of 4 actions, space of 64 actions, available MicroSD the space for storage has developed, I like a global functionality, capacity, action, and potential, liked a good bang4buck prize (I also likes that for any reason, I lucked was with the -$ 100 coupon!)

MAY.. And there is always some aims.. (Which are not dealbreakers for me, but the value that is conscious of)


1. It is front of glass and behind. And while it concealed the fact a esexy' tab.. He also to to the slippery fact likes!!. You go to love the protective chance partorisca east, immediately.

2. If caveat.. Dipping the chance on, bad precise to take a chance was to use a base. I have found a chance that calms does not require to take, and has ordered he - no still rec'd he - but for the use, uses 3M big-the double bond-the tape has faced to stick to a backside of your pill, so the averages of a behind can bend out of a way. As you owe that decide - Use any chance and treat slippery pill, use the full chance and the take when it jump he, uses a dockable chance and treat scrolling of residue of the tape finally.

3. Speaking in a cradle? While a pill does not need a cradle for Alexa? Simply it does very better and easier with a cradle. You will want to use a cradle. Some cariche of pill in a cradle, and can also uploads via USB-C boss. Because of a character of current rechargeable battery? It is not recommended to constantly touch them further 80.. Or leave them plugged when uploading. Ossia In fact reason has bought this pill - to substitute the Google Nexus 7 pill, this is to die the hard unrecoverable dead, reason had left that chairs plugged in still weeks/of days the time, when any into use. Finally a battery has run so only out of cycles of cariche.. And bricked he. I can any can still a pill on, if it is plugged in and inform 'touching'. As one bases in this unit, is to take he-22. Precise use he with a pill is trace, and can plugged in, to take a better use of this pill + Alexa. But doing so much, can eat on cycles of cariche of the battery. Has the 7,000mAh battery, so that it adds, May.. In a course of 2-3 years or like this, the constant is trace to touch while using, will take his toll. I do not see any options for limit key, and included a setup been to drive on Page 6 'to extend life of battery, recommends to touch a battery to at least 30 to 50 capacity every time, and recharging the each one that three month to prevent in download.' (Calm does not go to take 3 use of month of 50 load.)

4. Speakers: A pill boasts Dolby Atmos 4-speakers in a tab. Meh. They are GOOD and better that the majority of telephone or speakers of small tab. But here again.. You will want to use a Cradle. A quality of his this very good. It does not add , but on pair with the decent laptop BT speaker. Respectable base, mids and highs, and more than sufficient for random listening.

5. Speakers/to base caveat: A base is Bluetooth there is enabled. Yes, you can pair he with the laptop, telephone or another first device.. But there is not any point. When I have bought this, thought that it would be able to use a base like BT basic of speaker for a pill, my laptop, telephone, etc.. But it concealed it is not a chance. My laptop sees a base and of the pairs, but some bases does not resupply any services - ie: it does not like the BT speaker. One bases only laws like quell'speaker when a pill is to insert his. This means that a base results the speaker consecrated for a pill, and ossia.

6. Alexa: Alexa Is .. assertive. There is the way has called esqué Way' that is .. For lack of the better term .. Alexa 'Enforcer'. It calms that can turn on and was, can turn of a microphone of pill (prevents Alexa to listen), can turn of a microphone of base (again.. Alexa can not listen), and can turn was BT of both pill and base. This in spite of.. caveat To nauseam.. Each calm Time So only remounts a pill in a base, Alexa - which court like the service - will aim - or simply take action - to turn-in BT to pair a pill to a base again. Alexa Is persistent. While ossia extremely convenient.. It is not always desirable, IMO, to leave an ecosystem/of Amazon of Alexa to listen in. An easy way to avert this, is to unplug a cord of power of a base. Unfortunately, there is a lot on/was transmission for a base. If it is plugged in, is on. If it is on, he defaults the BT and the microphone there is enabled. You can, this in spite of, control like this BT and Mic keys for approx 3-5 seconds, and 'turn them was ' for a period. But again.. If you take and remount a pill, interface of services of Alexa with a base and try turn them behind on.

7. Camera. I have not tried a camera for pictures.. But take note, a camera, at least while in a base, is light/proximity sensitive. That means an appearance of him can be always on. Immediately to a legislation of a camera, is the light and proximity sensor. They are not easily visible, but is always active. There is no visible indicator - like this CONCENTRATED - calm concealed alerts to when a camera is on and active. I suggest that it use this with the coverage of sliding webcam to cover a portal of camera, while leaving a light/proximity sensors uncovered - this leaves for car-brightness control. He this touches paranoid? Well, it agrees.. Alexa Has enabled devices, also documented in some devices of Echo of the Amazon, randomly listens in, to expect for one 'Alexa' word of limit. And an user-the agreements will require to accept, for both Lenovo and Amazon, tends to skew to his profit, and against yours daunt.

8. WiFi.. I am not sure I have had the question with the concrete application, or mine the original pairing has not done properly - he like this had has used WPS PIN 1st, has then had a @@subject to king-sync, as it has used WPS key. Anything was.. After my initial unpacking of a pill, all was well, has run all some updates to a core YOU, Alexa, and Lenovo applications, to take a fully updated pill in some versions of core later. With which have installed the small handful of applications, has had subjects with mine WiFi, both 2.4 and 5G, falling was. After several tentativas in the simple fijamente.. The factory there is finally reset a pill, and has entered mine WiFi signals manually. Like this far, a WiFi is stable again, and has installed roughly 5 of mine the majority of has has used applications. Still I owe that try very other applications, to see if any of them has caused it WiFi conflict, or there was so only a subject with my original setup. It could have been the 1 -was 'the technology blows' subject.

9. Initial setups: Ugh.. Seriously, Ugh. This would have to that it has been it ridiculously what simple.. But here it is a question . Out of a box? Almost it calms certainly precise update: 1. Android YOU, 2. Alexa, 3. Lenovo Applications of support of the core. A question is, calm once establishes access of Internet? His ALL begin to ask updates, and each one that like this arrived to step in another, and going in your way. This also spent with which I reset of factory a pill. Although a reset has not impacted update of Android of the mine, he still verified for one. A reset has affected Alexa updates and pre-updates of installed Application - Those were all reset to some original installed versions, without updates later, as to the pill has been thru some motions again, and each series of updates has insisted has had priorities in your screen. So much, initial setup is manageable.. But sloppily has actuated.

10. It nails Urbano of screen: For the Plenary HD screen? There is the enormous waste of spatial among application and of the icons of files. There are settings to enable you to change a form of icon, changes a measure of source, and change a measure of general exposure of icons and dossiers. May.. There it is not dipping that presiona on a spacing among any of these applications or dossiers. Like this while has the beautiful FHD exposure.. And it adds to show applications, films, pictures.. It is simply horrible to be effective with 'Desk' the urban nails.

So much, yes has read this remote, any of these was dealbreakers for me. More likes: 'Ugh.. folks, Really? It pays more attention to details!'. But they are the data -hard old-pupil friki-engineer. Nitpicky Things like this irk a shiz out of me, when I see something concealed has potential adds, but know that to somewhere some humans were slacking and has not given 110 endeavour for the best .

[Modification - Next Day] WRT 3, need to amend my commentary. During some 1.os 2 days of use, a pill would not use a base like the BT speaker unless it has been trace . Following my factory of device-reset and another round of updates, final of one 2nd day, he Lenovo the update has been rid for a unit of base, also. It has not been it has had an initial was boxes - setup glitch, but now that has had fully reset, and king-has updated all one YOU, software, firmware and applications in a unit, now am able to connect to some bases via BT of a pill, without a be of the pill is trace . Which is the enormous boon of for life of battery.

And considering life of battery - - at present in 75 load, a unit informs it would have to that be announces 2-the empty days before. Included a Accubattery the application now is informing 30+ battery of hours that remain down random use. 8+ use of hours with a screen on constantly.

Like the unit fully is running smoothly now.. It has taken so only the bit of massaging, and taking all some necessary updates in place. Very better that my initial out of-experience of boxes!
5 / 5 Kittie
Has had this pill saved in my casts for some time. Finally I am breaking to a territory of the ready house and I has loved to take the ready exposure for my cookery. This in spite of, a House of Google is no active Netflix or really any video streaming on device. A show is class of a same also. My fiancée and I that careers to plot to content while we are cooking or eating, or so only hangs it era. Like this when I have seen this, was the no-brainer. More than both worlds. We had jumped already on Alexa with two points already in a house, as this was a way to go .

A device has been on sale, $ 150 for a 64GB storage, 4GB model of RAM P10. Has has had to that the buy!

Has arrived like this, the new mark, in plastic. Perfect nave of Amazon. In fact this was my band of Amazon of the prime minister rid, and liked liked where was in detail. Fresco!

Opened it up and one first what that will attack you when you resist this pill is... It is SLIPPERY! Glass in a front and behind was the TERRIBLE idea! It has it Samsung Galaxy S2 9.7 in a house that has the hule behind, ossia to the equal that would owe that be in such the big device. I think that it that it could dip it grippy spent of vinyl in a backside to help with that and the protect.

Turned it on and the android kicked any question. Has has had to that do TWO UPDATES Of ENTITIES before it has been ready to go, and then update a cradle. Mark sure updates a pill in the first place and then a cradle after a pill is has update fully. Any one annoying logging to Alexa until a cradle firmware is to update. In chance perhaps.

Now is running Android 9 and like this far like this good. Has the little bit of bloatware and some elections of poor drawing, but can tweak these with some settings.

A docking the mechanism takes some taking used to and is class of where this device falls short. It runs Android perfectly, short likes Alexa tip perfectly, but to the two does not like each one which as of another a lot. I need to do a bit investigations deeper, but the interior a moment can not command Alexa to open applications of Android. For chances, like the look soul in a VRV of application. I can not say 'Alexa, has opened VRV'. It could be able to do the routine for him, but am not sure. I owe that see yes such skills there is also. So much, with this said, when it is in Way of Show, the expect do so only like an Echo or Show of Echo.

Another subjects that is not his failure, but my suitable for not verifying , has think that a cradle was portable. It is not . It requires you can at all times. Cela Would have been ÉPICO has done that battery to jump powered. It could leave it is to upload in a counter and move it on to a table to dine for shows while I eat. Perhaps the future iteration will comprise concealed. Like this for now, you owe dipped the in a outlet.

Some hooks of the pill until a cradle has seen Bluetooth. Reason does not use a pogo pins, or reasons has not dipping the connector there baffles me, like this bluetooth is sometimes spotty. I have had the few hiccups of connection, but a lot enough to anger me.

My last flu is, begin the video in full screen, dipping it on some attractive of jump he out of full screen, and Sometimes will go the way of show, although it is not supposed to. It would owe that remain on anything is looking, and he 9 times out of 10, but prenderá a video and attractive he out of full screen if it already is.

In general, is a lot so that I have taken partorisca, an entertainment/informative pill for a cookery that interface with Alexa.

The action is very
the quality of Build is A lot
the battery is good
Sound in and out of a cradle is a lot
need of Software roughly more tweaks
In general is well, and in $ 150, calm can not beat which takings!
5 / 5 Luther
Are a developer of application of the Android . It looked to substitute mine Acer Iconia One 10.

Has found a Lenovo Ready Tab P10, with 4 GB RAM, partorisca $ , which is looked the very good shot. It had been looking for the plus-or-less stock Android 10' pill with this a lot of RAM for the moment and has there was not founding anything.

For me, a setup the experience has not been buggy. This in spite of I Alexa disabled immediately, which have not had any intention to use. A device immediately upgraded to Android 9.

Does not concern Me for a Lenovo Launch that is pre-installed and can not be disabled or a-installed, but is tolerable.

Life of looks of battery VERY some time those that the days have been using a device.

One of the negative entity is that a behind is done of glass, and is hard to rid-resist to to a device likes firmly the slips by means of one of of the east of the toes. For this reason have bought one 'Procase Lenovo Tab P10 / M10 10.1 Chance' that is a lot albeit the bit in a fat side.

A positive surprise: a device automatically turns on when one chooses it up. Besides, the touches duplicated that can turn on, like some precise any paste an on key to turn in a device.

Have Still to use a cradle. I have touched so only a device that use an USB-C boss. Can touch it while it is in a chance so that has the yard-was for an USB-C connection.

Has added the 256 GB microsd in that which stores rasgado MP3s and Dvd, so that I can touch him locally, without that has to that have a connection of Internet. You will use a tool has comprised to press a microsd the paving was. NOTE: it does not stick a tool in a hole of microphone, which looks resembled a hole of slowly. I that, but has not broken a mic, thank goodness.

Have Still to experience a lagginess that a lot another reviewers has informed. Perhaps ossia reason disabled Alexa.
4 / 5 Danyel
A woman convinced to try to the pill likes usually haul around mine 14 of laptop of thumb; and of then I hate a restrictive half of iPhone and like Lenovo the products have bought this for the very good prize on sale. Arrived quickly, and as expected for electronic, packaged well for Lenovo. During an initial setup one was to update also to an Android later 9.0 version of Cake. Like this far, after downloading all some main applications was I use in my telephone of Android of Game of Google (natively uploaded in a pill), comprising WeChat, my application comunicacional preferred with a woman, friends and family, Firefox browser and taking access to my accounts of email, Prime of Amazon and accounts of Google, has not seen any needs, still, to add more storage that an interior 64GB comes with. An exposure is excellent and while I still am imagining out of a docking use/of Alexa of the canal with a pill, have absolutely any complaint with him - is very built, looks to have life of good battery and another that has measured is so only likes Android of mine of the use ready telephone, but with the exposure he big plus. Have Neither founding any subjects or conflicts among this pill and some applications have uploaded (and has uploaded enough the small). If you are in a phase for a pill of Android, highly recommends this one.
4 / 5 Dulcie
Other descriptions, looks more the complaints centre around he incompaibily among a pill of android and applications of Alexia. I have not bought this to use Alexia, as this can or can not be a subject in the date he late plus. I can use a espring' as bluetooth speaker. And a pill can be touched of an USB 'This port so only well.
In pricing paid, this pill is awesome. Big quantity of ram and storage - 4gb, and 64gb respectively. The screen is excellent, súper brightness, the by heart adjustable temperature, full HD 1200 resolution, and works of good touch. Bluetooth There is paired with devices perfectly.
Some boots of pill on quickly, applications of games that comprises careers - good. It has had any @@subject that updates, installing applications, or customising creation.
The sound is that it is expected with tiny speakers, but headphones of use or speaker of blue tooth well for the big enormous sound. On everything, in that has it experiance with numerous pills, ossia one of a better - without spending $ 600.
Add the keyboard of mouse and blue tooth, and calm there the the mini-portable!
4 / 5 Tomoko
Tin a lot included imagine that the be be sell with this question or are I a so only one. I have used he for less than 30 minutes and I look in a screen and in a sinister corner subordinated there are these numbers or the one who looks he barcode so it can see he in a video and I do not want returns. It likes like this it is neither maintain it and treat concealed and of the hope does not worsen or return it and dip of the money to something better. They are so only really disappointed and am expecting that it is not lenovo quality and that it was so only broken during shipping. My mandate was the little retarded partorisca to the long of the day and was hot as it has not been if this could be a chance . Any way been due to the police of the amazon can a lot of reorder he in a prize that has paid for him. It would owe that paid for him in a prize is now to take the substitution and is in the hundred more than that was when he ordered it. The desire could give an impartial description in a life of battery and a doc but can not take spent this question that so only looked of the swimming with which 30 minutes of use.
5 / 5 Rodger
I have had a p10 partorisca 3 month now. While a pill is functional, leaves the plot partorisca be wished ergonomically.
1. A fingerprint the folds of reader like the very sensitive house tone. If you are planning to resist this device in orientation of the portrait with you hands left, can guarantee your sinister thumb will touch it each seconds of dozen or so much. A question is like this bad, has thought at the beginning that a pill was really defective, like current application suddenly dissapear! I have found an application to remap keys, but is not the perfect solution.
2. Some behind look so only like a front. Perhaps the youngsters think that that ossia fresh, but can do not saying what time I powered on and request because a screen would not come on.
3. A behind is a lot slippery. A pill easily slide of the slightly sloped surface. And needles partorisca say, requires the grip in bylines at all times, creating @the @tiredness hand-held.
4. As remarked in other descriptions, a docking the canal is the little finicky. The the Very easy to dip a pill in a cradle, without being of the pertinent contact has done.
5. Alexa Show is not doing well. I have finalised partorisca disable the.

I fixed a shiny back and slick question of grip partorisca apply any tape of slip (brightly colored) to a backside. Now a pill is reliably turning on every time😊
Update 10/1/2019: a last update has pressed was looks partorisca fix one marries question key. Added the star.
5 / 5 Tyler
A tampon was your partorisca regulate setup, with easy papers and any concealed there is not dipping never on a before will have any subject. A thing runs everything, is the very good car partorisca a prize. It has taken with a chance and a chance snaps perfectly his.

UPDATE: Now a subject. A cradle. It is to add so that it is, the cradle partorisca touch your pill. Ossia. Have Still partorisca find the way of the jump and touch my images in place of a preset way of show. When docked, Partorisca always is losing connection. Still with a later patch has to that spend several minutes the day king-pairing my cradle because omething has been bad.' Then when tentativa to pair he again, does not see a cradle until it takes a tampon of a cradle, often that it has to that reboot the, and then find a cradle again and pair he like this was the new device . A pill is sum , but a cradle is the nightmare , ossia still with which send me to us the new cradle.
5 / 5 Mildred
Ossia To pill very difficult to use so that it is not very mobile. Calm always has to that touch he with a docking basic that half has to that take a docking bases with you wherever is going and ossia quite difficult. It is there any one another way can touch a pill without a docking basic?
5 / 5 Allena
In the first place, this thing is a lot slippery and thin and is hard to resist his. It maintains to try to slip out of my hands. Still dipping it down has to that be fact a lot attentively. He the slide yes can. It is easily a slickest back and front and harder that resist to the sides have not seen never in the pill and I have used to plot of pills. And dipping he in a stand has to that be fact attentively also. It wants to go in the bit was centre and leave goes will fall. It is hard to know when it is seated properly in a base.

Once in a base is reasonably in bylines. A screen is sum . A speaker in a base is excellent. The speakers of a pill are also very good. Better that mine Ipad speakers. I prefer pills of Android and further of ways this is the very a lot one. I am not sad bought it. It has taken in a prize vacacional. I am expecting I do not fall it .

there were the weeks of pair now and has to that it weaves more to say roughly the, both good and bad. I bought it mainly to look shows of television and films and further of the ways is perfect for that. A screen is glorious. Looking he in a speaker bases a sound is excellent. Still without a base a sound is really good but like look of him in a base both for a sound and reason is convenient.

A question a big plus is that a thing will not leave me decide any to use likes a Show of Echo. I do not have any one interests in that. Has the regular Echo and I find a Show to Echo to be troublesome compared to a regular Echo. I can not count a number of time has been in a half to look the show of television and a ((&^% the thing decides everything on is adapted without me still in that touches it that it is a Show to Echo again. It is quite easy to turn that it was and go back to my show but I have to that it does not have to that that. There ought to be that it dips that it says that the echo aims Any Gone! Or some such.

Also finds this convenient to look Youtube and the first video and both applications have the habit to turn to the tiny screen when I do not love it to and is very clumsy doing a big screen again. And in an end of each show has to it struggles for the take to take first of a next episode begins. Ossia The terribly clumsy creation . I have been looking shows of television on compressed of the android of then has been there pills of Android and has has not had never these questions.

This has said that it is still probably a way has better found to look shows of television. When it is not trying to drive me crazy is a lot almost perfect. It does not possess the television and like look streaming the shows and the shows rasgaron of DVD in the small screen and ossia a better way to do that I have found. It is a lot of value all an irritation.

My earlier commentaries roughly the when being slippery and difficult to the control is resulted to be included truer that has expected. I have tried to dip tape in a backside but at all will stick. A behind is so only too slick. I do not want to dipped he in the chance because this'll the difficult fact to dip he in a stand, but could change my alcohol in of the this. This thing is like this a lot that the slip can does not imagine a lot when be pas fallen finally. I have been using compressed each one which says for the years and I have has not fallen never a closing but does not resist was a lot of hope partorisca east an if I do not take some class of chance that can take me to.

4 / 5 Aldo
In general, is in decent pill with the good quantity of RAM and storage. The android and the mostly run applications so only well. A question a big plus is that a WiFi is VERY UNSTABLE. It loses connection for any reason especially, included in prójimo proximity to a point of access, and can be the real ache to take it to reconnect. Looking for on-line forums, has found that a lot another informs this subject with both this pill and a M10. Lenovo There is apparently any intention to issue the fixed software, which involves that a question can be in hardware. In that marry a whole product is the failure . The good thing was economic. But you would think that networking would be considered The thing more than entity in the device that lacking a lot another half to connect to an internet. Also, some careers of battery down to the fastest PLOT that my iPad of six years. Lenovo Has fallen really a ball is one !
5 / 5 Dale
Has had this for roughly two weeks. Has the Lenovo portable and like it like this thought this would be the good addition . Also I have Alexa devices, and has loved another Show. DECEPTION! This has not done correctly took it of then. I am spent a better part of 3 hours in some telephone that tries to take a cradle to do, one wake word to do, a microphone to do. Any of them still. Some speakers of the cradle will not connect . A microphone will not turn on at all to enable a device to do in or out of a cradle when trying use ALEXA. I know it is not a microphone he in a pill of one 'hey google' will do. He no sinister delete and reinstall a alexa applications, of that is usually the good fijamente. Ossia The subject BIG . Today I open it to so only I use it and every time touch a screen expands three times a measure and then when finally I take it behind the normal, which have to the start of any program has looked for to use and king initiate that program he again. This has been in still roughly 20 min and so only before it has been for toss he out of a window I so only dipped the down and has walked was. If this was in new pill that has had so only exit these subjects can be tolerable but has read revises that these same subjects have been that goes paralización to the long of the year now and ossia spare time to have them fixed. I will try the client sustains a time of plus and if they can not fix this then retreated it will go. There is too many compressed there to so only solve for a concealed no like this said that is to suppose to.
5 / 5 Babara
Justo very this in spite of .. A bluetooth the connection to a speaker maintains loosing connection.. I say a firmware need to up to date in a cradle.. Opened a tent of game and any update there .. Take a pill of a cradle and a speaker is now worthless.. Any sure reason a speaker has not separated.. It can not add this speaker to Alexa everywhere dipped of music .. Disappointed in the too .. But to the pill is a lot like this far .. Sounds of speaker well.. Mina Wyze the cameras there is pulled up with eases .. It will update with which some use
With which one at night am pleased less with this setup.. It has maintained still lose bluetooth and has turned is self was while it has slept.. As Alexa no now
A speaker not connecting .. It looks to be normal
4 / 5 Jonna
has on Enclosed 2nd day out of boxes. Envoy for December of service 5th and has not seen or has listened anything roughly he still? Produced and worse cost the support there is never! Maintaining 1/11/2020 has received so only a pill for behind Lenovo, can arrive but has the inner vibration a lot strong and a glass is free. A chance feels likes is swollen and one 2 half is does not look for to be returned near. Called again but Lenovos the support is off line. They are not able to treat service or reparations today. Still worse support never. I love mine $ 290 backside! Unable to return now that it is further 30 days. I am not happy! Update! 02/02/2020 Lenovo has HAD pill of mine for on 3 weeks for the second reparation. Ossia Besides my acceptance. I have been patient and has received a car has retreated on 1/10/20 only to find low quality workmanship, a half of the chance is has not been returned near, a thing there has been the strong vibration, a centre felt hot and was bulged was! I am annoyed now in still the service and am expecting for the see behind in six to eight weeks possibly so that it will go down to roughly three almost four months without to pill of operation that has purchased.
4 / 5 Eloy
Giving these 4-stars: to pill of solid android with the beautiful screen, and a container + of cradle of Alexa of pill was an INCREDIBLE value for a money ($ USD when I have purchased a container). An ONLY reason gave it 4 in the place of 5 star is reason a neighbour on the process is the bit has weighed. Reason? Simply reason are asked to create it Lenovo accounts (optional), the account of Google (is buying Android probably already the this), and an account of Amazon (I assumes has this, also, and so only if you intent to use Alexa application and cradle).

Also, probably will finalise to disable ALL a Lenovo characteristic/bloat ossia adapted of any costruttore.

Does not use pills for photos. If you feign to use this for photo, precise be prepared that a camera that the front of types is centrally located, no in the corner. If you are seeing in way of landscape or doing the call of video while in a cradle, is in fact quite perfect!

In general, to the pill adds, so only takes more time to dip on that other pills. A solid pill of 4 stars and the value add.
5 / 5 Hildegard
Has bought this only reason have thought that that it was the 'the shot adds'. Basically the Show of big Echo MORE some characteristic of the pill. It is it is returned today.
Has complicated extremely dipped on (and am bent technically) would not connect to a Bluetooth cradle and yes go a web of place of sound, does not have ANY CONTACT INFO for support. I have assumed a product has not been sustained until I have found more with some same questions. They have found the number of support and shared it. I have called Lenovo and has has had to that escalate to second sustain to level first reason level has not treated never this product before. According to the level has admitted neither has been familiarised with him. It has guessed finally it was a cradle and substituted it. Same subjects.

Included a creation is terrible. It can use Alexa unless it is docked. It could live with this defect. Another complained in a slick behind. Wow, it Was that a understatement! There is not any way could dip this in your lap and the balance. It is like gel greased. Guaranteed Neither will slip was anything does not perfect level or harvest to take fallen of your hands. Any sure the one who has thought it slick the glass behind was the good idea.

Has given finally up and is returned. It WAS the Lenovo defender but if any VP has signed is gone in this product for emission, then would not trust any future Lenovo produced.

Top Customer Reviews: Lenovo ZA470006US ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
4 / 5 Ahmad
I think that that I have had my expectations dipped the small the big with this Lenovo E10 Pill. I have purchased this pill partorisca use like the screen of flight partorisca my DJI drones. A Pill can not manage running DJI Go 4. It is generally the bit laggy everywhere and a screen does not answer a lot well the stylus pens. It is one very compressed partorisca surfing a web, half comunicacionales social or streaming film, which is generally reason plus folks purchase the pill. Partorisca Less than $ 100, the one who a hell. I gave it my Daughter loves it...
4 / 5 Wiley
A lot possesses the Lenovo pill that is the better plot that this E10. It is quite slower of mine. So only the utilisation to touch 1 game and OMG is slow. So much screen to the touch is not that I add also.
4 / 5 Amparo
A pill Aesthetically has pleased. This in spite of era a lot of buggy, and a touchscreen has not been like this responsive to the equal that am habituado to with another populate branded produced. I have bought this for mine 4yr old, and has had the frustration adds because of a response of life and poor screen of battery.
5 / 5 Ligia
There is disappointed, although he look with bluetooth keyboard, he a lot in fact laws. A very slow in kicking up. Otherwise Short of the good applications.
5 / 5 Noah
Any instruction, and am not like this technician likes all some the young people are.
4 / 5 Mose
Ossia A 3rd Pill of this costruttore that has ordered. I maintain to go back to them and this concrete product reason the book for book is for far a better entrance-compressed to level that the money can buy. Has the severely autistic boy the one who confidences his pill each one which so and every day and can be I quite hard on him. It would advise to invest in an economic rugged chance like these any so only a lot when fallen.
5 / 5 Chieko
Is the quite good pill . There is the bit of a-installable crapware, but at all too offensive. Otherwise Quite decent. No the bad buy for $ 100.
5 / 5 Bree
This element is the good element . A screen is sum , a sound are adds. Has mobile hotspot which is excellent. Like this while we are in a car can hotspot the to my telephone and my edges still can look his shows. The bad side is a life of the battery is not long. My clocks of edges alot of youtube, likes 4 hrs life of upper battery. I have had an accident where some numbers & of the paper of only explosion in a screen & has frozen so only. I have had to expect for a battery to die a recharge the to go back the normal. But in general, it is the keeper and is to satisfy.
4 / 5 Olin
Has purchased this pill to use like the soyonitor' to control my Devices of Ready House, with which pill of mine of the mine the old plus there is prendido to do. It is so only be the few weeks, but he so that it went it far better that could have expected partorisca. I plan on taking the little more to use as 'the Control of control' for other rooms in my house, as well as for my Cameras of Security.
5 / 5 Cyndy
Big screen, system a lot that fast, but a lot still for use.
4 / 5 Jerilyn
Beautiful pill, clear picture, easy to use, value of the money that looks for compressed partorisca my boys. Wal-Mart Has had same pill two times so much. It Finalising that it takes here partorisca less . Orders of big screen n cleaned clear picture has finalised them partorisca take one on its own name. I love the n recommends to the look films all prejudices it on that.
5 / 5 Farrah
These looks of what and pursue like this new. They are very satisfied with him.
5 / 5 Elenore
Very Partorisca basic needs but has not compared the iPad. Mina 11yr the old grandson LOVES It but for the use of adult is well for film in plans and has has limited quantity of business use. It is the good device for the use of adult has limited. Hope That it help.
5 / 5 Sherley
Has bought this pill for my mamma the one who is visually impaired and does not have any complaint like this far. It is not a lot of technology savvy so the sound adds that it finds it easy to use. Also, it was able to expand some sources quite that is able to read with eases. It is happy with him and to the equal that are I.
4 / 5 Veronique
Option a lot well in that The quality of report estimativas. Any one has a lot of acuteness of image for photo and of the video but act very a lot of
4 / 5 Penni
Very slow, does not feel like Lenovo produced at all
5 / 5 Kristan
the element there is rid well punctually. The element is well see a prize. The screen touches not softening. Calm can use screen of protective good quality to do the smooth touch. Slow speed.
5 / 5 Rosann
A unlock the screen is finicky, but otherwise quite solid.
4 / 5 Michell
This pill was a worse a slow plus there is not founding never there is wanted only return a 2 I bought would not buy another neither recommends it to any in a future and never says refurbished in some descriptions but when I take it both have had refurbished mark behind the
5 / 5 Rosalyn
has had this of then January 11, 2020 and updated it of then 12 times and taken on a pill rendering the unable to do. Ossia One 2nd electronic device there is on Amazon of experience and a last.
4 / 5 Coral
Has bought like the present navideño his finally dipped the on and has eaten there any do any business again.
5 / 5 Terence
Apresamiento partorisca always partorisca kick or upload the program. Unless has time to squander or a patience of the saint, take the different model. I am going back the Samsung.
5 / 5 Derrick
A lot the screen the touch is retarded but very global so that utilisation stops.
5 / 5 Valery
There is prendido entirely law in 5 month. Any help of amazon or vendor. Buyer beware. Ossia junk.
Spends of the money partorisca an iPad.
5 / 5 Sanda
Torres of pill on and era. Consistantly reboots Rubbish.

Top Customer Reviews: Microtella Lenovo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
5 / 5 Lucinda
I have selected this offering because of an inclusion of any one some May two Exposure Port bosses. It had purchased alike units in some pasts that didnt mention a need for some new fashionable bosses and has had to that mix to take some bosses (which is at the same time state has sold was everywhere on-line or in tent). How it was purposeful to choose this one this has comprised two. The insignificant sounds but the sound that nettles partorisca have to that be in the new PC that can not use until I can exit and take the boss or there is rid. If it loan the parts have comprised, the mark sure is packed.
4 / 5 Tricia
Ossia Excellent workstation for a prize and FYI Linux out of a compatible box anti_microsoft able
5 / 5 Fernande
This is coming recommended mine for ours The DEPARTMENT. Like this usual, the recommendations add! Small and lustrous creation. Quite powerful to run the database of enormous Access.
5 / 5 Camila
Has has not comprised bosses of exposure that is to be announce in a title. Update of same Day - No only was some bosses of exposure any comprised, a unit has not done. Returning today. It will update a process of turn.

Update: Vendor promptly refunded payment. Process of easy turn, any question has asked.
5 / 5 Gwendolyn
Is the operative computer adds and very easy to dip up.
4 / 5 Tonette
Excellent setup so that it is requiring. So only the simple computer for our receptionist.
4 / 5 Jenette
5 / 5 Cortney
Ossia The tiny computer ... Which is exactly that has required.
The action is a lot like this far.
5 / 5 Ariel
Nave very fast. A computer is fast and a lot of responsive. Some bosses have done well with my Dell monitors.
4 / 5 Devona
Compact and fast, am very excited partorisca have my new computer and this component specifically!
5 / 5 Kourtney
Likes. A Microtella Lenovo Thinkcentre bolt until his promises.

Top Customer Reviews: Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Has found the plot of some descriptions for this tablet to be out of date. A tablet shipped in me was precargado with Android 6.0 but was able to update he in Android 7 immediately. That Final with era the quite normal version of android that appreciated for his lack of bloatware (in fact would consider a number of pre applications of Google installed to be an offender a big plus here). It does not experience any class of drain of stack, beginnings in of the subjects, or protect flickering with a unit took. With an update in Android 7 was able to use mine 128GB MicroSD card like internal storage immediately. Since it does not plan in of the hot-changes a card these ways my Yoga has an effective 160GB of storage. So much with that, the dive left in a description.

That is to say where a tablet of the yoga blows each which as another the tablet has used out of a water and he all are thanks to a folding hinge/is which in the practical test to be much more versatile and barn this has expected. The yoga was to well sure a pertinent election to appoint this device. A screen is able to achieve the amazing field of the angles where are still able in poke in a screen without to sustain a back and is stable on everything of knees to embed hoards the arms of chairs. I have been also using a support in road has opened to line a tablet in road the landscape that offers in of the different options when lying reads. A beefy the backside is also handy (pun alarm) to line a tablet in road of portrait. In all has found a tablet of Yoga to be much easier to line that any one another am to coach to be, seating, posing, or walking enough.

A hinge and the external rim of a tablet is done of aluminium, an expensive is glass , a backside is dud acuesta, and a front of of the one of the west and the zone by behind a support is plastic. Everything of one has touched usually the surfaces listen well and thin and no slippery. An only real downside in a listens of a tablet is that a support listens acute and in fact the terrible sounds when sliding a tablet through the table, is careful around cups of table of forest with this thing. An absence of the reader of the impression of the toe is also sorely listened and a oversized button to be able in the pot that is the small also easy to clash while touching the sure games where are suppositions to use your left inch to control movement.

has found one 2HD exposure of IP to be the joy. While it does not have another tablet in directly compare he in, some images are detailed, of course vibrant and generally looks excellent to look half comunicacionales. The text is similarly clear and a measure of a screen in general is evocative of the magazine bent on which are fantastic to read pieces in road of portrait. The brilliance IS very adjustable although a car-dimmer tends to be in a dimmer side. It was hesitant to take to 10 tablet while it have been looking in 8 models (so that they are easier to line) but a screen a big plus changes an experience of android and to well sure opens for on some room of elbow against android in the telephone.

Some speakers are fantastic ridding his clear and rich for musician and video streaming and is easily quite strong to be looking the show in Netflix while law in a cookery. A quality of sound begins to the fall was after quite a lot of 10 feet, so for anything alfresco probably still wants to use the BT west.

In my opinion a Dolby Atmos enhances a sound and some speakers sound more on quite 40% volume. Like the few other critics have mentioned the light buzzes of some speakers in levels of volume way down below, but was able in fiddle with a Dolby Atmos parameters in at least minimise (but not deleting ) a problem where could ignore it. Also I have remarked only this in a premier 2-3 levels of volume.

My Yoga 3 More arrived with 50% load. Using a distributed upload an initial load-has taken above the small down 2 hours to create in 100% capacity in front of an initial beginning up. It bakes of while for a first periodically verified time in in a level to touch and has remarked that the copper the fast plus of 50% besides or 80% less and then begins to retard down until it was trickle chagrining of 95% on. That is to say a pertinent very-method to synchronise to touch stacks of lithium to maximiza his action and lifespan so this was awesome to see. An easily last stack the day of constant use and multiple days of normal use. A the troubling the thing is that a Yoga 3 does not recognise another chargers (how Anker) like the cape bakes hurriedly without his adapter of the wall has distributed. Also it wishes a net around a clear power pulsed while load and the solid remained when full, but is solid while the load and the visit was when full.

A Yoga 3 More is perfectly able to handle your basic streaming and web surfing has required. I am not the enormous gamer except one ones have tried career softly and beginning hurriedly. All the applications in general begin fast and has run softly. It has remarked that some applications are not compatible with a tablet, one the majority to disappoint duquel was WhatsApp. Has no benchmarked a tablet except an experience is flowed and has not been particularly turbulent for any glaring defects.

Lenovo has the laureate in his hands with a correctly appointed Yoga compressed. With his innovator has built in support, life of enormous stack, good exposure and immersive sounds a Tablet of Yoga 3 10 More ticks all some right boxes in a right prize. It does not leave the little of the smallest subjects distract calm of a otherwise surprisingly has thought well was device like Lenovo simply has Samsung and Apple has beaten when goes in the tablet that quite flexible for use anywhere in a house could go.

A bit those that more niggles after spending more time with a tablet.
- Find that I need more restarted when being often that a telephone of Android - quite once each which how 3 - 5 days - otherwise begins to do up. Only precise cross a closure and beginnings above processes, does not freeze or require the hard reset.
- Occasionally a hiccup of system and when being unresponsive in displacement or entrance.
:-A screen is the small also sensitive to touch and sometimes will record an electrical field of your toe when is very very afterwards in, but not touching a screen

In all even so I still amour(d) my tablet of so Yoga that has bought another to substitute a one this was to rob out of my car since in the first place scripture this description.
1 / 5
This has been, by far, a plus thwart and troubling the product has ordered out of Amazon. It take this element in February, has used he 1 times and a second time have tried use the, does not act. Has he of the ends to ask the return, but has thought since has the left wing of guarantee is to try the taking has repaired. A Lenovo the service of client is terrible. They do not offer any real help. It IS state the month and I still have still to see my tablet behind, does not update a state in a web of place, has nicknamed the multiple times and everything say is ' can see is being repaired but that it is each an information has calm since'.
The half of my guarantee is already go for something has not taken included to use. A web of place ails works and again some offers of service of the little client in any help another concealed that it creates an initial entrance. I seat as if for some time takes my tablet retreated a guarantee will be caducada and he probably any one be still fixed.
A worse part is, they wont included say me that has decided was bad. It can be an exposure , could be a power, could be an integer internals is frito. But they wont say me anything.
Does not spend your money on something you wont included takes to enjoy.

Update: July 12 2018, month later even so it do not take never my product behind. I very strongly suggest in not buying anything of lenovo. Probably you take you the defective product and then or no for the see never again or yes any for the take never behind, has something more pauses in the.
5 / 5
It take a tab of yoga 3 more yesterday and has the plot of things adds enough it: some speakers are strong and clear , a kickstand to the works likes them announced and is very useful , takes a SD the card and everything except a video and the sound are out of synchronising . For my uses go to maintain a tablet even so you are to coach to buy it to look the videos have not recommended he in this time . I will give a tablet five stars yes fix a subject of video.

That finds more troubling even so it is that there is not official very answered in of the questions and of the multiple commentaries in a video and when being of his out of synchronises in some forms of support.


An update fixed one synchronises subject. Highly it recommends a tablet now.
3 / 5
I want this tablet but there is a subject that can be the roads-breaker for some. Please see down.

That is to say the tablet adds and more probably will maintain - although I have to order the substitution. A new substitution also has an exact same problem which can be the roads -breaker for some. While some speakers are utmost has some static or fuzz his that it is in a fund in the constant while any type of means comunicacionales is touching is youtube, netflix, or included my files of own film. It is not strong and no main taking when looks a volume but was there and is slightly more audible when has dialogue. It expect it it take it perhaps the dud but after a second substitution thinks that that it is only something concealed has to marks with some speakers - same with a dolby atmos to the era is still there. I fulfil it is not mentioned in some descriptions and I are thinking perhaps the people do not listen he - I only begun for the listen when looked something at night with a low volume. And while I have not seen he in some descriptions in Amazon have found this was a subject for another concealed has had a same tablet when looked through a Lenovo forums. Response of scratch of Lenovo support in some forums also.

With everything concealed to be said - all more with this tablet has been order so far. A screen is sum , a touchscreen is responsive and has not founding any sluggishness in a global use. I want a life of stack and a built-listens so much that the only can maintain this tablet by everything means of this subject of of the one of the west. Also - a subject to sound mentioned is non-existent with earbuds or using speakers of Bluetooth. Very there is not any a lot of another tablet that has the built-in support, 15 early life of stack, and also easy to line for reading - Lenovo punch the house-run with a creation in of the considerations in these appearances.

Does not want crosses with routing he behind and taking another substitution again. And especially I do not want to cross Lenovo so that they are terrible when comes sometimes and substitutions. So that it is interested in of the this, compraventa in Amazon! Anteriorly Has bought the Tab of Yoga 3 8 inch in Lenovo website and so that it was so slow and loafer has had turn. We touch me to us 15% restocking more cost the cost of nave (that it was it another 15 bucks) - and a repayment still will take other 10 days to accuse after it achieve it Lenovo. That is to say only shady - basically grossed money by behind a repayment.
3 / 5
It has Had this tablet now for the few weeks. Unboxing Has been very happy with a look of road. Turned fell it on enamoured with one when being of him and a screen. A sound was incredible. Has some characteristic is especially a Dolby. His very incredible. A pair to sew it to to him did not like him the. Number a a camera is in an odd place. It IS in a sake of the inferior left wing where would line in you has taken pictures or video. Especially you are right-handed. Your toes will block a lentil. I have turned only he the other way around now and the use that the road and my toes do not interfere . Any big roads. A big problem with this tablet is a one has seen probably has read some descriptions. There is the big problem with a AV synchronises. I have found this problem with my tablet. It looks he likes him some mark of people and some no. Of people have read everything of some remedies and tried me in any utility. Has update he in a the majority of recent software. At all. It was suggested also in me to do the reset of factory that done. At all. I am not the illiterate of presents of the computer. I am sure this has done everything of a suggested fix properly. It does not look to affect Netflix too bad but very pulled when I current Comcast. The alive television is affected mass but any harm quite so that it is aggravating. I have wanted only this remarks there for any one considering buying this tablet that you probably will find AV subject. You are suggested in me for a vendor of this tablet (Amazon of access) that only take he in in the tent and has any concealed knows so to fix the fix. Of course after spending almost $ 300 in the tablet is not has to go dish out of another hundred bucks to pay any one to fix that it have to has been well in a first place. As it take it yours casualidad folks is until you.
5 / 5
Bought this to substitute my mamma is Samsung compressed died now of big final this uses all a time. It IS the small preoccupied in a form not being a 'fund' traditional tablet, while this has a verge has rounded in a side. That thought to be the in fact resulted worry to be my favourite characteristic!

Some swipes of the addition in fact contains the enormous stack and am taking life of enormous stack. A estimativa is 18 hours and has done all day trip, wants multiple, and looked films during 12 hours, the email has verified, web surfed and included Skyped of an airport wi-final and a thing has continued to go. Also, a verge gone is resulted the soyango' adds to line in a verge of a tablet, especially for the oldest pound that necessity the small better grip in of the things.

At the end, a kickstand by behind the half can be this up to now, or clock in him nightstand, or reads. Or can pose it down with a excels and uses like the tablet to add scripture. Fast step, very gaming, expandable storage, quality and good screen of tez utmost. The desire had bought an alone name. To well sure he keeper.
4 / 5
It was recently in a piece for the mid-tier tablet to use during trip and around a house for basic tasks likes him explore webs and consumption of means comunicacionales.

A world of Android-powered the tablets can be hard in navigate. There is only the few offerings of big final (ex Pixel C, Tab S3), some mid-models of level (very Samsung models of Tab), and a lot of models of low end. This Lenovo hangs was in the some place in a half cual the the small more take to revise. I think that that it boils down in the conceal taken for a money in a spectre of tablets of Android.

Us All knows an iPad will offer the experience of software of better tablet but more gradient. A classical critic of the tablets of Android are that a calm YOU any one tries to enhance an experience for the screens the big plus. Still, I have decided in this Lenovo because of a balance of specs and prize.

In general I like this the tablet and I do not plan on returning it but is to well sure the mixed stock exchange. Here it is my impressions after the week of use:

A Sake:
-A support is the sincerely useful characteristic concealed to find me using more this has thought.
-A resolution of screen is main that a lot similarly priced compressed and looks crisp.
-An experience closely of Android of stock is generally preferable in something that TouchWiz in Samsung the tablets but lose was in some value attaches (i.et. More customizability, multitasking, etc.)
-The life of Stack is very very so pending regular use and during standby.
-The expandable storage is always welcome. It recognises the new 128GB card only well, and feigned me format.
-A button to be able the big is easy to find to feel and more take in accidentally the hastens these buttons of the power of the trace of tradition in a side of frame by side. A point has DIRECTED that surrounds is orderly but only has basic customization parameters.
-USB Of uses-C which are well has the telephone of the newest android those uses a same level.

A Meh:
-the action is adapted but worse that a specs could direct you to think. It IS very so that the majority of people will use this tablet for but sometimes the same basic interactions with one can be you jerky or dulcemente likes him displacement. The applications do not plough character hurriedly neither. It listens it likes him to him he had to optimisation of minimum software in Lenovos part.
-Some speakers take strong and does not distort in the volumes the big plus except a Dolby whole Atmos continuation of software any one does not mark really a lot of the difference (at least in my ears) and looks gimmicky.
-A screen is acute but contrast and seeing the angles are means only . I think that it that it has taken it the reduction in resolution in 1080p for a AMOLED poster with beeper black and punchier colours.
-The camera is half but very well for the hurriedly shot or cat of video.
-Entered of the touch is generally well but this tablet is nowhere approaches smartphones so responsive so modern.
-The prize is in a big plus but the sideways still data acceptable a specs/the characteristic against imposed.
-The quality of tez is adapted, solid quite where is not preoccupied quite breaking it but very built is not an adjective would use.

A Bad:
-No real additional functionality for tablets (i.et. multitasking, Etc.), The problem of classical Android very only in this product. There is the few shortcuts Lenovo baked in but is the quite halfhearted endeavour in my opinion.
-Car-to the brilliance is bad aforada and is much more finicky that any one another smartphone or the tablet have not used never.
-Volume rocker is small and no very tactile. Also it wishes an up down/ the action of some buttons would change based in an orientation of a laptop (i.et. The volume up is always a button a prjimo more a cup of a screen. It was not if any tablets this or is only my preference.
-Speakers sometimes hiss with sure sources (predominately Youtube). The sake the just mark that speakers of sounds and take rid of an atrocity of road of the audio.
-Running Android 6 and the doubt will see an update in 7 (or any updates of security for this subject).

In $ 300 that is to say the compraventa quite decent . It IS the solid bedrock with some rough verges. The desire had spent more the time that optimises a software except an useful support and the life to add stack is redeeming qualities.
5 / 5
I have bought this to substitute my Tab of age of Samsung of Galaxy Pro 10.1.
I very cual a flexibility of a fold was to be for use in my foothills, which are where uses it the majority of a time. It can adjust he in any angle and included the left wing subtracts he in my knees when is proped up.

A resolution of screen is almost identical in my Samsung and has excellent contrast, colours and brilliance. With a 3 RAM is more responsive that a Samsung more an android 6.01 has characteristic better that a Samsung 4.4. One of some points for of entity am one 32 GB the internal memory like opposite in a 16 GB in a Samsung. I can not think that several companies, comprising Samsung, still is selling tablets with only 16 GB. Any sales of the tablet of the marvel is down ! It opens No longer I am trying the squeeze was more spatial (the SD the option of card is good but very limited in utility ).

Has bought immediately the screen kills of protective arrival of Armoursuit (designed for Tab of Yoga Pro but Tab of Yoga of the access 3 Plus) and am adds.

An operation of a tablet is very to cosy and easy user, has had especially a tablet of Android. Any too many rubbishes attached by Lenovo.
A sound am to add and looks that anterior problems with synchronising has been resolved. Still I am trying a stack to determine time of total use.

My only real complaint : A tablet is come with Android 6.01 but has no, and no according to Lenovo, when being update in Turrn or Oreo. I think that that this has been the big turn has been in some people that considers a Tab of Yoga 3 More. I think Lenovo has lost the big occasion for sales has augmented by not updating at least in 7.0. For me it was not the consideration of entity, only a nuisance in Lenovo for lack of support and like this or the stars was.

Thinks this the tablet adds, especially given a lack of competition in this field of prize. I think that has the sake has thought was creation and characteristic with ROM and sufficient memory . I have bought this in Amazon during the day special esteem but the veterans and the active army would have to know that Lenovo offers 10% has entered his web of place. I an enormous quantity to research before buying this tablet and he have won easily continued some another. To well sure recommend it his in another.

UPDATE 12-15-2017
Yesterday Lenovo updated in Android Nouget 7.1.1 As now a tab of Yoga 3 more wins 5 stars. Still enjoying it after the pair of month. Highly I recommend it.
1 / 5
These products is the piece to crap . After 4 month does not line the load. Desprs Returning he of Lenovo for the reparations still do not line the load. It can not take a tablet to touch more concealed 32% has called Lenovo behind and has taken any where with my problem
5 / 5
I have bought this tablet only to read comics, and excels in this purpose. It have looked in some other tablets and once with similar resolution and screensize is much more expensive, likes him in 800-1000 or more field. It buys the plot of comics in comixology and many of these come with DRM-Free backups that is of supremely big resolutions (thinks 2000x3000) and this tablet is perfect for those (uses an application nicknamed 'comicat' to read these which are excellent). One 2560x1600 the resolution of screen handles these incredibly well, giving you detail of crisp and vibrant colour. It compares this in a Pixel of Google, which are twice expensive for the similar resolution and screensize, but any same has a SD void of card and a Tab of Yoga 3 is a clear laureate. A SD the void was a lot of entity in me since DRM-the Free comics of such big resolution are a bit big, used Samsung 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSD EVO Selects Card by heart with Adapter (MB-ME128GA/EST) for the storage and he supremely well.

Even External of a comic that reads functions, this tablet is the election adds . It IS very hurriedly, and only takes it second to upload, some loads of stack besides or two hours less, and has the ridiculously life of longitude stack. It wants probably take quite 18 hours to read of a touch, but has no really measured. My only complaint is that a cord for a load is the down bit. A stack form the comfortable cape and there is the good support for is looking films or listen in musician.
4 / 5
Bought behind in January 8. Today it takes partorisca do. It does not touch , it does not turn on. Dead persons. Appearance a response of amazon.
5 / 5
Has purchased this pill the little month , as I had it long enough to give the good overview of a device. I will list some subjects down.

-Any support. A device is stuck on android 6. Lenovo HAS any plan to update this to the latest version of android.
-Quality of terrible build: the screen to touch of A device has the data was inside the months of pair of use 'normal'. Suspicious overheating or faulty parts.
-Any support for esmote control of device' has directed to take TeamViewer installed in a device, but surprised, a device does not sustain far control. I have imagined of not being able to use a screen to touch and could do not using like the normal device, at least could use like the small projector that it could control he of my computer. Alas, it conceal it is not a chance.
-Specs. A hardware specs is bad. An inner memory is too small, there is not quite ram to run some applications some modern plus, and a CPU is low powered. Life of the battery is not to order, and a screen brightness are not adds for use of daylight.

A built-in tand' looks to do quite well, but does an uncomfortable device to use in the plot of situations. You will love the bluetooth the keyboard and the smile want to do full use of this characteristic.
A projector is good but is not big resolution, neither there is quite lumens to be used anywhere except the fully darkened room. I have known when I purchased it so that not to annoy me. It was well to look the little video in a ceiling of my room while dipping law. :)

Inferior line: If it can return this pill I . Hands down.
5 / 5
The pill there has been some subjects with touching of ghost - ossia all the classes of the things would take selected randomly as if his touched included him if you have not touched a screen - the resulted in of to to the things like gibberish of the messages that is written to applications, the applications that is concluded, toggled behind and advance, etc. When Raisin, raisin of the hundreds of time by second, and has has had to that usually so only dipped a pill down or the turn was.

Sent it the Lenovo for espar' and said it would take 10 business days. Echoing roughly of some other complaints here, his centres of the service of the guarantee has terrible communication, and has received a pill has retreated roughly 2.5 month (May 13 - Jul 25) with which have sent he in. I excitedly opened a box I found in my door and has been surprised to find a pill was turned already on. It asks the passcode which have not known of then has had the reset of factory has sent before he in, but still after trying my passcodes, any data. Lenovo Support of telephone walked by means of the reset of factory that use a key to be able to, so only to find that a key to be able to is no longer 'clicking' - the only wobbles in place and sometimes registers like this pressed.

Four month in and this product has done for roughly 2 weeks, and a company has taken on hours of my on called time of support and cats to try and determine 'where is a pill?' Included he today said so only has received he in a imposición of reparation more than is the mine is returned, as I am not even sure would know the have if I have not called in. All this for the pill that apparently was wrongly reassembled after a reparation.

Inferior line - he raisins to take one these works, wait that continuous do like this for you because this looks the good pill on paper. If has any doubts at all during a window of turn of the Amazon, send it behind. If any calm the the still bought, spend of the money on something more.
5 / 5
Has bought this pill so only to read comics, and he excels in this purpose. It have looked in some other pills and once with alike resolution and screensize is much more expensive, likes in 800-1000 or more row. Spent the plot of comics in comixology and many of these come with DRM-Free backups that is of extremely of big resolutions (thinks 2000x3000) and this pill is perfect for those (I use an application called 'comicat' to read this which is excellent). A 2560x1600 the resolution of screen manages these incredibly well, giving you crisp detail and vibrant colour. It compares this to a Pixel of Google, which is two expensive times for the alike resolution and screensize, but any included have a SD space of paper and a Tab of Yoga 3 is a clear winner. A SD the space was really of entity of mine of DRM-the Free comics of such big resolution am a bit big, has used Samsung 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSD EVO Selects Paper by heart with Adapter (MB-ME128GA/ARE) for the storage and work extremely well.

Included Outside of a comic that reads functions, this pill is the election adds . It is a lot quickly, and so only it takes as to upload, some cariche of battery in roughly two hours, and have the ridiculously life of long battery. Esteems probably take roughly 18 hours to read of a tone, but has has not measured really. My only complaint is that a cord for one load is quell'has bitten short. A battery forms the comfortable boss and there is the good stand for yes is looking film or listening the music.
4 / 5
Not even the apple has something has taken! Ossia Mine 2nd pill of Android that has the projector a lot a lot built in. Lenovo quallity, Construction very good. Lame video/of images with him and then the project 5-6feet of me to the wall, with images roughly 5wide feet. When You rotate a kickstand on, develops the projector of BEAK. There is the manual zoom. Quality of his east to look streaming to to the films like to them the hike of Estrella, Wars of Estrella, etc. also uses the BT speaker so that all the world can listen. It RECOMMENDS: Marcos the present adds. I have purchased the pair already.
5 / 5
Ossia One of a worse treating pills never!! An Operating system of Android is dipped in 6.0 and Lenovo said that ossia! Any upgrading to anything big will spend for this pill. Now the good regime that applications of download them newer likes them a lot of course in this tabley, his so only incident, or will take the wonderful message 'Unfortunately, Launcher3 there is prendido'. If taken a wonderful message , 'Unfortunately, Launcher3 there is prendido', an only way out of the this is to do the reset of full factory of a pill. Ossia Calm reason once the this message he no sinister access any applications, the only thing can do is the reset of factory. Do your investigation and ensure a pill chooses to the cost is in a later operating system or upgradeable to a later operating system. Lenovo Lean it are also half drop likes the session of cat had said orry can any help but will spend it on to some pertinent character. I recommend to return the.' Like thats that has done.
5 / 5
Has received two lemons - the installation of update hangs or complete but turns of device in w/or exposure. Another say to you can covers to television or another monitor and touchpad works but it aint a point to take the tab. I have loved a creation, a curvy well to resist, front facing speakers and everything. But unreliable.
4 / 5
Has imagined that a better way to write the description of this interesting pill was to write WITH a pill. Specifically, I am using an on-keyboard of screen. I have had a Lenovo Tab of Yoga 3 More now for roughly two weeks. In general, they are not súper has impressed. This in spite of, is the very good device and has found that am generally happy with him.

A basics. A Lenovo Tab of Yoga 3 More is in pill of 10 thumbs that Android of career 6.0 (Marshmallow) has a octa-core CPU (Qualcomm Snapdragon 652) looking of four-core CPU that careers in the can it big plus 1.8 GHz and the second four-core CPU that careers in the low plus-can 1.2 GHz. A speed of this pill is in pair with him mid to smartphone of big row. It runs applications quickly and smoothly. paired With 3GB of RAM, a Lenovo Tab of Yoga 3 More has all precise to maintain up with chronic multitaskers. I have found that mine Lenovo Tab of Yoga 3 More is coming with the almost stock Android YOU. Lenovo HAS the few installed applications and of course the applications of Google come preinstalled. There is very little for way of bloatware and a lot a preinstalled the applications can be entirely uninstalled. This barebones is well, but also bad. Stock android 6.0 Is optimised for telephones with the smallest screens a lot of. There is to plot of spatial of the screen squandered and has found that 3.os launch of party (I am using New Launch) is necessary to really of use of mark of a very good exposure. For those of calm with boys, this pill sustains profiles of multiple user and can be dipped up with time of screen and limitations of application for girls and does not require of the accounts of Google when adding profiles of boy.

Now, to the left is to speak some of some claims of marketing of Lenovo put own web. In the first place, a way of use. Lenovo Alleges that there are 4 ways of use with a Lenovo Tab of Yoga 3 More. A pill has the built-in, a lot sturdy stand that hinges in a flange a long plus. This hinge is fat and prevents a pill to dip walk in the flat surface. This in spite of, this thickness resupplies the utmost bet to resist a pill with a delivery in way of portrait. A lot a weight of a hefty 1.4 lb is in this hinge so much @@tiredness hand-held is not terrible and with the plenary 360° rotation of screen, changing the hands is easy yours hand-held wheels . In way of portrait, one is tuck neatly was in a backside of a device without the acute flanges that it was of estaca. A rest of a backside is covered in the soft dud skin. Looking for a camera? Well, it is not immediately obvious. It controls a pill in your sinister hand in a hinge and a 13MP that the camera will be in a backside on your knuckles, prójimos of a key to be able to. A 5MP quell'leading of camera will be in a half upper of an exposure yes has resisted a same way. Because of a weight, finds that sustaining a pill for an opposite part a hinge dips the bit of stress in a screen. A key to release one is is in the hole that calm leave you to hang a pill when one is is extended fully (any quite 180°). Writing this description, has one is in 'propped' the way that leave to comfortably use an on-keyboard of screen with a pill in the flat surface. A fourth way is soyovie' way. Ossia A generally aimed way in some materials of marketing. One is props a screen up in the way of landscape with a hinge in a fund together with one 4-the speaker built-in bar of sound.

To be sincere, a bar of his this quite impressive. Lenovo Alleges that there is 4 JBL speakers tucked is gone in there while Dolby resupplies a control of audio of the system. A fence of sound resupplies 3D sound to the user that chairs in front of, and roughly 1-3 feet of, a screen. Obviously, there is not a lot a lot of for the tones of base have compared to the main external speakers but was able to do some work of external yard roughly 20-40 feet was and still able to enjoy (any so only listen, but ENJOY) music streaming in WiFi with a volume is looked to approach max. Lenovo Alleges that a Tab of Yoga 3 More can bend as it bluetooth speaker by other devices that use an application of Mussel of the Mean comunicacionales that it is preinstalled, but has tried and has had absolutely any success that takes devices to pair. An application of Mussel of the Mean comunicacionales also leaves other devices to video of Wi-Fi of common street. This has used. Any one another device concealed Miracast or another screen that launches the functions would owe that be able to find a Tab of Yoga 3 More. If no, Lenovo has an application in a tent of Game of the Screen of Google “has called-has launched” to be able to help. Has has had to that the use to take it Samsung Galaxy S7 to launch properly.

Finally, life of battery. A Lenovo Tab of Yoga 3 More comes with the 9300mAh lithium any removable battery of ion. Lenovo Claims until 18 hours in the alone load while another claim of web of places until 15 hours of continuous streaming. To be sincere, has no really tried to try any claims. That can say is that typically I unplug pill of mine around 7follows with the full load that takes roughly 3-5 hours of time of screen, leaves WiFi on while I go my work day and spent he in around half night with levels of battery seldom falling 50. Time of screen and intense step, like gaming, will take it down bit it faster. Lenovo Also alleges that a battery is like this big can have it the habit to touch other devices. I have not taken this to do, this in spite of, a Lenovo Tab of Yoga 3 More is an only device I own this has the USB-C port and has not been able to connect other devices without using an adapter as I am not sure if this is causing subject.
Knows that a fast touching so only spends with a stock uploads this comes with a pill. A Lenovo Tab of Yoga 3 More can dulcemente load of any supply to be able to of the USB that supplies at least 5V but a supply of book of stock power 2 amps in until him whopping 12V!

A big plus drawback that has found with a Lenovo Tab of Yoga 3 More is lack of support of Lenovo. His web of place tends to direct users to his devices of main finals like this of the notebooks and of the desktop computers and resupplies little support for any-Windows YOU devices. Pill of mine of register even for a guarantee was quite difficult. They are also the bit there is disappointed that there it looks to be any upgrades planned for a Lenovo Tab of Yoga 3 More. Android 7 Resupplies some characteristic gains that would be useful, as it fine-support of screen.
Also have the question with a key to be able to has DIRECTED. It is SOOOO brilliant! And any options by heart, so only brilliant aim. Has wake me on at night and found quell'included to be too distracts it while driving at night. I finally finalised so only disabling it entirely.

I really like this to the pill but I can not say that I love it. Ossia Prime minister of mine foray to Lenovo the pills and are really while it is money is very displaced.
5 / 5
Has bought one 8' | WXGA the roughly done version six month and find it to be a pill of exceptional Android has based. Lenovo Is one of the few companies that creates dips to plot to try to his creations to ensure satisfaction of the main client. Little import of things.

That a Pill of Yoga like this appealing is a side there is rounded/weighted sleeve and table or in pending group. All the world-wide that has used to note which well is to have the boss that can you easily control without touching a screen or in concerning you that can fall.

I additional a toe-was the stand resists it firmly integer in my table where also to uses likes him to him the far control for all my ready house and devices of theatre of the house. It is absolutely stellar for Harmon Hub has based remotes like the screen is so only quite big to leave the harmony has developed to show which is the enormous improvement on that it will see you to it even in the 6-thumb ready telephone. Some activities of show of the exposure enhanced in some lefts, keys of control in a centre and of the devices in some legislations. In my telephone I must cruised to three separate screens. It sees photo comparing exposure in the ready telephone very big to a Lenovo compressed of Yoga.
5 / 5
Does not take Me bad a sum of laws of the pill. This in spite of, sure mark to never have a need to send to his instrument of god of terrible support. It has been the month now for me to try and take a screen fixed (those pays for a substitution any while any one some class of guarantee) and has listened still he at all they. Now they have pill of mine, and maintain while to the call of telephone of a crew of reparation so only to initiate some reparations, which still have not called with which one 5th time that tries to take the response. Highly I recommend volume a protective better screen / at random likes the glass is extremely fragile and will break relatively of easy.
4 / 5
Life of decent battery, but concealed does not justify that has weighed this thing is. Calm could exert likes the weapon has required to. It is that one 8' the pill with the torch of solid steel has joined to a side.

An action is abysmal and does not touch the video that the modern use that encodes reason a software is like this old. The majority of video in the web of places so only gives a 'unexpected error.'

A screen lags bad and still one the majority of random of fight of games. Basically of it wants to do more than using gustanuno and-the reader will be disappointed. Still then an animation of tower of the page in of the Books of Game of the Google lags.

So only is that it saves the grace is is solidly built and economic.
5 / 5
I mine has received so only and seriously, a packaging is surprising, a specs are to add and a prize like this down. Reason?
A sound is surprising, is for him and think reason a prize is the little low bit is reason there have it so only a camera. They have cut perhaps a cost there. A camera is very good and rotates. When I have said a lot well, bad for conversation in Whatsapp or Tango any to take picture in the pair. A quality of a screen is surprising, very brilliant, vivid colours, a lot of responsive. Usually it leaves only descriptions when it is bad but with east one am very surprised of a quality for a prize.
Am considering buying a one with a build-in projector.

Am using this pill like a constructor of application. It feels he adds in of the hands, fast of lightning.

Has had a Samsung Compressed of Galaxy before and will stick with my Lenovo. Election a lot well, recommends, this in spite of, to buy the sleeve to protect or something.
5 / 5
If you are not familiarised with this product will fall enamoured with a metal kickstand. A kickstand done this like this versatile thing taste more than of all of the mine others the devices has combined time two.
4 / 5
Has bought this pill for my woman and loves it. Has a better sound has not listened never in the pill. In fact I am considering taking I a now. A 'bulge' in a a side (or funds in way of landscape) the easy fact of the resist, much more so much that the piece of slick slate likes more pills. There is not any reason at all to take the chance for this pill, has no closing, and will not annoy . A life of battery is well for days. My Tab of Galaxy S 8.5 will die and need recharged 3 first times of this one takes the low battery . A quad HD is roughly 360 DPI, like the screen detailed well a lot ossia that shines also.

A camera takes utmost pictures with an Android 6.1 comes with, but DOES not UPDATE It !! I left it hardly upgrade the Android 7.1, this was an end of a camera. He noisily chatters, and will not direct besides macro way. No other applications of law of camera neither. With which Googling the, has found the little info roughly he on XDA the forums and one likes him, with a same question. It is not too very known still, paralización only some updates until it find that it is state fixed with the first new update. (It has not spent like this of 1-16-18)

Besides a camera any working, is the keeper at any rate. A no sinister woman goes now. Also, has the microSD space of paper, like the storage is the quite a lot of-issue to all the cost that comes with yours.
4 / 5
Bought this Yoga to try vs my iPad mini.
Unbelievable His thanks to Dolby Atmos.
Screen very acute and at least like this clear and brilliant like Ipad.
A built-in the stand is very good and does to resist the easy plus.
After dipping in 128GB SD the paper adds that the 16 GB storage! Creating the alone hard walk.

To good sure need the impulse to be able to. With several applications plough it really tugs.

All and everything will maintain for him is music and value of the his and for $ 139 can has done did not beat it.
4 / 5
The sound is is awkard to resist it. Then it frames to freeze on touching youtube. everytime Has to that reboot the. Lenova I bad frames undependable the reason bought it like this he 100 android has based. And my karaoke games of software on that. If that can have touch on amazon
compressed. It have maintained my pill of amazon. The bad low sound is another rear draw on compressed of Amazon . In fact all his of the pills is bad or beats barly listens song , if you are 3 feet of these pills. I do not know because designer of costruttrici/of the pill does not do pills with his reasonable a lot of voulume.
5 / 5
I originally has purchased this device like the stand at night and-reader and consumption of means comunicacionales. It was very excited for this device of then boasts some imagine that felt was necessary for my needs.

- Quality of his east amazing. The speaker more has had strong in any compressed or telephone. So only that the only is almost enough to do me maintain this pill in spite of some defects.
- A stand is good and sturdy.
- An outline in a backside of a device is perfect to take a delivery.
- The quality of build is incredible. One is does not feel flimsy and felt likes to last for a life of a device.

Now for a Gilipollas:
- the quality of Exposure is sub pair. Worse exposure that a pill an old plus that am substituting them with east.
- Does not have dual sale like ANY 5.0 ghz wifi connectivity.
- Android Of still careers 6.0 and after looking up in Lenovo forums, does not have ANY PLAN for a upgrade.
- Kick loader has closed still so that it can not root a device. Like another devs tin a lot of upgrades to a system.
- Staggeringly Slow in some program so much start on and use.

Does not hate a device. My chance of use is quite basic like any I necessarily needs the upgrade one neither need a device a fast plus in a phase. A 5GHz the band could be the murderous for me of then uses this the plot for consumption of means comunicacionales. My subject has the enormous divergence among speed of 2.4 and 5 ghz and I often found I with a screen to upload video that is quite frustrating. I have gone and it has turned down a resolution of video and was then still take one or two buffering time for short youtube, crunchyroll, and first amazon video.
4 / 5
Has received so only a Lenovo yoga 3 8'. I have been thoroughly he impressed it. The form and the function fulfil seamlessly and is like this easy to the use is familiarised with Android. I have possessed the iPad and the Samsung tab A. An iPad was a lot of but the apple is resulted the ache with his updates of software and flexibilities of software. The side also is the enormous factor with Apple. A Samsung Tab One was slow ultra sensitive to touch and a quality of the video sucked (envoy that pice of rubbish behind).
A Yoga 3 is easy to resist, versitil, and a micro SD paper with storage added until 128mb frames awesome! For a heavy user and techies can spend you more. For a half user that likes read, Netflix, Amazon first video, and that traces an internet, a Yoga is perfect! Note, seldom write descriptions but has had to leave this for a community of Amazon reason was impressed like this for a Yoga.
For a money, can any one very better !
5 / 5
Has been attracted to this pill been due to his fold was 'foot'. I find it difficult to resist compressed for any period of time and never without the coverage. Ossia My first pill so that it has not bought the coverage. Like this far like this good. Thin how is, the meeting can balance it on my lap reads without him toppling behind.

Sometimes I toe he around with resisting in way of landscape to dip my hand among a foot and a backside of a pill. It finds that a Yoga 3 chairs securely in my hand and does not feel for likes it will come free or fall. Amazing and pleasant finds!

For the portrait uses one 'battery bulge' also resupplies the good grip.

Only Lenovo there is experimented with this factor of form and in the sea of me-too compressed, this factor of form is seriously state is spent for big. Reason?

A Yoga 3 is not a late plus but bought it precisely for his factor of the form and I now can row this like my favourite pill ( has begun with an original Ipad 1 then 2 Tabs of Galaxy 2 and 3).

Some speakers dip was probably a stronger volume will find in the pill. It is certainly up there with a better. I have thought a ATMOS the claim was the so only be the gimmick but after listening to a Dolby demo was impressed enough! Listening to other sources has the time had looking around for a source of the noise in a house so only to @give catered came from/it a Yoga! He reallt can launch his backside you but to the left is not spent was. It do not compete with your Theatre of House! But when travelling a big screen and frames of his strong for the best that half experience.

Before buying this I has bought last Tab of Galaxy of the years 3 that was it A lot of but slippery like an eel! You have had to have the coverage for him, which hides a lustrous fingerprint the glass has weighed behind, self-the swipe thinks! Drop that creature without the coverage and his gone! I sold it and it has bought an older Yoga 3, much happier now!


Desire? Cela A fold-out of flange of the feet has not been like this acute taste often resists of a Tab 3 in way of portrait.
5 / 5
This was the present for my woman. And it is the bad experience with Lenovo has produced.
This pill has been ocasionally restarting of a first day when copper. I have thought, well this must is the question of all the pills of big technology of Lenovo. But it was really nettling when you begin to restart while we sleep. So many, goes to the cookery to take that we annoying while it touches. With which 2 monthes of scarce use a Lenovo to the pill has turned down and does not turn in anymore. And so that the regime there would be it a window of the support of the product has finalised so only he 5 days ago. I any reccomend the.
4 / 5
I' sees has had this pill partorisca 7 month now. Originally I have bought he partorisca my husband like the substitution partorisca his, but ( and here comes one of a drawbacks find) A key partorisca be able to is located in a fund of a bar of round ( kickstand ) and is extremely sensitive. Like this every time it move his grip in the way of landscape turns a darn what of lol. This is to spend like this frequently that has had to that recover a pill of his possession and buy Samsung tab of Galaxy, which is which there is before. A Lenovo to the pill has been saved to fly by means of a room to the sure death, and is resulted my pill ( I still use and enjoy an old plus 7 thumb Samsung tab also). My hands are quite small that I any paste a key too much often .
Loves a kickstand. Has the very good exposure and the súper life of long battery. You can develop a memory . A wireless is powerful and give me any question. This in spite of, like this leading reviewers has signalled was, an audio are not adds. It does not listen or run that a lot of video or music by means of of the this, as it is not the breaker of extracted for me. And I have not experienced any subjects with an audio and video a lot of syncing. In general, the solid little pill for a basics in the good prize.
5 / 5
Has had this for the few months and still are in that want to it! Any lag, those clash, or battery minorada. Utilisation this daily for streaming the shows and I so only owe that the touch each one another day, in a plus. Touching the time takes hours, likes I discharges he in in time of bed. Some speakers in him am INCREDIBLE! My old pills or telephone it would require the speaker to listen well. My old pill, looked all a way, could do not listening when it was for me in the room. This pill I only need to turn it up in the neighbourhood of a way. Justo incredible! A capacity to use objects to touch a screen is gone in handy and has not thought I of really used that characteristic. Never @@give that has cleaned often my first hands to touch a screen in a past.
4 / 5
Has purchased this to substitute a RCA pill that has frustrated. In the first place it was, a pill of Yoga is big-quality. It feels sturdy and some keys are solid. After dipping on this pill there is remarked that everything of my applications ran perfectly. This has not been a chance with my last pill (RCA). One 128 gb sd works of leaves and expansion of good paper of a onboard 16 gb hard walk. There is not any delay in accessing files, films, or the applications have tent in a SD paper. And a sound is incredible! Has no @to @give that has been missing when I have looked films in mine RCA compressed until has transmission to a pill of Yoga. A built-in the speakers offer the quality of the his rich. I have read some poor descriptions of this product elsewhere and decree before finally finding a deal of Warehouse of the Amazon could not spend up. Maintaining I desire had not expected never like this long. Ossia A pill of the better android there is never has possessed!
5 / 5
Has had a lenovo tab 3 for 36 days. 6 days in a time limit for Amazon to accept the turn. It begins have the questions that begins up. Go although a screen asks my signal and then go to the screen Lenovo Snapdragon and chair there for 10 minutes then ask or my signal again. The support called and had to us return it the factory incumplimiento. It has done so much and works for a rest of day. Next day he one same and has contacted line of cat. They have said that they could any quell'helps to me and I has had to that call hardware dept. It has done he so that it says does not comprise a question like that have to that send behind for reparations in my cost. Although his is an exception to a principle for a product a service is enough to maintain me was
4 / 5
has bought a 4GB memory and 64GB storage with projector. You owe that use a projector in the dark room. Calm can not see a projector in the room has lit. Have hanged so only the discharge of white bed for a screen and the law adds. Quality of his estupefaciente. Life of excellent battery. I can touch games until 8 hours in the alone load. I have touched some games with intense map and he no glitch bit it. I have added a sd paper and formatted for inner storage. Read some contents of the regular 2.0 clave of USB so only orders the extension of special adapter. A an I am using is ( fight with the hard walks outsides and I can not look to take mine 2TB hard walk outside to do. A micro port of USB does not have quite can of the career. I have it quell'has looked so only films to use a (VLC player of Means comunicacionales) still Android that that can be downloaded of a tent of Game. They are not that it runs to any applications that no . Has the tonne of the material and everything is doing well. I like this to better pill that my old Lenovo Tab 4 8'. Any question with Wi-Fi. Bluetooth The headphones or the utmost speakers and sync on amiably. They are happy has taken one 4 Gb version in place of a 2GB reason likes gaming. This an also has Android preinstalled. The only difficulty has had tried to take my old sd the paper has transferred to the east a. I have not had Never sucedido and is due to a fact that has not had a reader of right paper. You can very so only dipped your old paper to a pill is built in empty. It recognises it and give you an only 2 elections that is in format he storage like this external or inner. I have finalised on purpose formatting my old one and beginning on of then retreated on my data to walk of Google previously. Yes you recommend that this pill loves the workhorse.
5 / 5
I really liked this little pill to the equal that was a lot of sturdy, and has had the uniquely ready creation, with unusually good speakers (in his tubular sinister bezel) for the little pill, that also houses the rotating camera. His life of battery was excellent, although this is to go in a cost of some slow action. But Well, works; well for video and some excellent, rigid, self-enclosed stand that could bend it like this to hanger. But just interior of two years, a pill will not touch . Has thinks that that this was the accident of software at the beginning and has gone to some question to king-install his whole operating system but I now thinks a question, as with a lot of these, is the bad touching port. I can take a time to try to fix this, like this ossia he < $ 10 part, but are sorely has annoyed that this is to be draw with the built-to-fail touching port. Really?! A lot of things in this resemblance well has done. It goes to be one of mine the majority of pieces of confidence of electronics to junk on-prejudice, literally.
5 / 5
First what wants to go in is a subject has seen. A pill down has closed randomly, roughly 2 times in 4 days. It has Had he in rucksack of mine like this time, in his chance and the signal there is shut, like this at all was has pressed. I listen a lenovo game of tune ( these games during startup/closure), as his no the accident, a pill is closing down, and has to that reboot after the time uses it.

Also, to the plot of people has mentioned one static of some speakers. In a Pro model, does not remark it a lot a lot of. I have had the model besides with the dead pixel that am returned, and one static was very easy to listen. Still any the breaker to treat this in spite of.

This pill all adds. The screen adds, utmost speakers, the action adds, the life of battery adds. That The projector is perfectly serviceable in the dark zone, but his no the substitution of television. I will take to plot of use out of him for Animate shows, of then his of those who has to that it weaves of dark scenes.

Has been using he partorisca netflix, music, and to read comics. For these uses his perfect. It take roughly 9 hours of screen punctually among doing these things, in the full battery. Some frames of the chair of hinge adds to resist in a hand vs he súper thin pill. Measure of the screen and the format is perfect for film and of the comics also. The sum of laws of the hinge for a lot of corners to see and uses. I have been taking eaten in my car, and some leaves of hinge hang of a steering wheel perfectly, as I can look shows while I eat. His also quite tight that read well in an aeroplane, with sweet turbulence. Have There did not go it never a tomb of hinge. Although it costs to remark that a model besides has had, has had the a lot of tighter hinge. It prefer that in a slightly More the free one in a Pro model. Seeing like the more is exited this year, would assume has had to that light review to a hinge.
5 / 5
Has had this pill for several months and has been thoroughly disappointed with him. I have purchased to use in my tent, but has discovered prompt that calms can not use a bluetooth and a wifi simultaneously. If you come from a wifi the drops was immediately. Ossia To the ENORMOUS question likes to of music of current or video. Another question there is remarked is that inside the month a headphone jack leaves to do. I love a form, built in kickstand, and life of long battery but a wifi the question is the breaker of extracted for me.
4 / 5
After the pair of weeks of use, am pleased enough with my Tab of new Yoga 3 More. Transition of the mine old Samsung Tab of Galaxy 10.1 was easy, and a difference in responsiveness is extraordinary. It is it adds to look film (I recommend BS application of Player, which has to very and characteristic pinch of zoom), speakers add, more volume that need, crisp exposed. I add for work of web, and like a ebook reader. The life of battery is a lot well, although I doubt is quite some 18 hours have alleged of a company (has not measured he). I have tried my economic old bluetooth keyboard with him, and the law adds.

Finding the protective chance a lot of was delicate. This ANY CHANCE is returned: , but I have found to an only likes a costruttore although it Is DRAWN for a Yoga 3 More in another tent, a a to of the one who touches of to name like him could be the phase partorisca of wall. (They do not look to spend a correct chance on Amazon.)

Adding the 64GB microSD the paper was easy, although now I desire had chosen another of two opted has to that formatting. ( I have chosen extracted the like this inner memory, doing things more seamless--but also that do to the whole plot addict in one covers-in paper.) Probably I will change that in some point, to portable storage, meaning you can transmissions in and era. Of then I use it mainly to resist photo and film, thinks that will do the little better and be more failure-resistant.
4 / 5
DOES not UPDATE To YT-X703F_S000973_18054_ROW how is May 117MB.

This will cause a Pill to eat an extra 150-200 mah of battery when in idel. And to run a CPU of the 1-3 (pre update) to the 15-25 (update of estaca). Experiencing the slowest action.

Has contacted Lenovo in of the this and Google of fault. Which is total atrocity . The update catered him/came from him. Lenovo Does not offer support of software.

A so only fix still east, is to maintain your pill plugged in. As For some frames to reason CPU and use to be able to one same to the equal that was before an update.
5 / 5
OSSIA THAT WANTS TO BUY. My crappy ipad sucks, my kindle cant clash of game of clan. I want this damn compressed. Long history long: has a ipad and has bought the resemblance one for my woman. We touch on him. They suck. I have bought these pills like the economic is a better. Highly it recommends these pills partorisca gaming.
5 / 5
There is wanted to so that bad to love this pill, but an Android has dated 6.0 more a horrendous life of battery (in standby) the uselessness. Really appearance Lenovo regime with an up to date Pro model with support of better software.

First for a good. A screen absolutely is stunning, a sound is one has listened more for the pill, a microsd the space is the good prize , and a projector is convenient and any all this terrible quality to dip read and projecting to your ceiling. Really it has loved you the standalone projector to hammer to the films of just clock law without any bosses or any hassles, this would not be the bad election - this in spite of stops $ 350 can take you the projector of hammer of better quality.

A bad, well has the plot in this point of prize. In the first place, life of battery, included in standby, is terrible. It drain 10-15 at night without any useage. Any of a tried 'fixed has not helped with this drain. Otherwise Uses well without an also drained projector roughly 1 or like each pair of minutes. - Less to it says it has not had any way to achieve his annex 14 hours much less on 10 hours. As, and also it thinks this life of battery has affected, was an old Android 6.0 YOU. Android 6 East in his last legs and some applications in a Tent of the game already has the subjects that career in an old YOU and will clash (i.et. Amazon). Kudos That Lenovo has not fill on one YOU with too bloatware, but neither has released enough of a code of source for another to create the fact to commission rom (with the working projector). Calm sure can root, but he no really do a lot like this are stuck still with Android 6.0. Finally, still it uses microUSB like his port to touch. You the refresh of a unit in 2017 or so much and has not annoyed dipping in USB-C… reason… some scrollings of file and touching (if not using his cement to upload) is súper slow.

Could expect for the Tab 4 Pro with USB-C, Android/of stock Name (or Windows with the plenaries-sized USB :D) more this projector? This would be such the Surface Goes murderous right there.
5 / 5
Thinks for a prize ossia the pill adds . Bought the to take pictures of screens of computers and no of mark for material of computer (using squid that the law so only good) but found quell'useful to do spreadsheet material of type for purpose of census (scrolling and moving around a screen with stirs it of the text in cells does a lot of). Bought the Bluetooth scanner of bar code and utmost with joint with all a Bluetooth the folding keyboards have (in an alcohol to time included calm). Any question that video of looks in youtube and netflix and a sound is quite strong. You do not recommend he for big final gaming but for a prize am not sure reason any one would think that that this pill would be able to touch these in all the chance. A screen can be smaller that more compressed but big that more telephones and I like a portable character of him. One transports on and was the characteristic is good to have the turn was before taking to do and then closing was with which take the house without that has to that anything calm. It transports it To him it has turned on today and it was work for 6 hours and did not use it never but so only lose 1 battery in this period of time. You recommend this pill if not to impose you the screen the small plus and wants to do basic material.
4 / 5
Has found quality of poor exposure with an initial unit I experience and the substitution of clue. A prime minister an I has ordered has had the dead pixel. A second an I has ordered has had the pixel stuck or pinhole in an exposure that has left a backlight to clearly bleed by means of in of the dark funds -- like screen of the battery at the beginning beats-on. They are not usually that character when it comes the big exposures but for the small screen that interacts with like this closely, is the dealbreaker.
4 / 5
There is wanted like this compressed, has done really. I have wanted absolutely a creation of this pill of day a. A soundbar and built in the stand is just character and love an idea of them. His both do really a lot also, so only wishes a rest of a pill has done. Unfortunately a hardware so only any one the short anymore. I have tried the current out of a Showtime the application but he have maintained only clash. Streaming By means of other applications have had the tendency to freeze and lag the plot. Ossia Basically a lot so only for functionality very basic and at all further of this. Any one annoying taking it.
5 / 5
Has tried 3 different stylus, 2 was the new mark and has said would do in the capacitive screen. Some lines would not connect and my writing was a lot of points . The work adds with my toes, but no with the stylus. All of the mine styluses has done perfect in mine old plus Samsung tab of galaxy S2 and in my new husband Lenovo Yoga (any one a model besides). I have spoken the Amazon, there were several resets, concealed has not done, send me to us the substitution, and this has done a same thing. I have had to that return both of his reasons this is not useful to use like the whiteboard during teaching, which is reason I purchased it. It can not find anything on-line roughly any more having this question, but spend on 2 new devices in the row. It is not to value mine if I can not use the stylus to write.
5 / 5
An exposure is brilliant and crisp and a sound is impressive for the small pill to the point of low prize. But a lagging and choppiness this arrives on Youtube and Amazon the first video is the little unsettling.

Would owe that it has done more investigations before buying. But that it was probably my main disappointment was that a page has bought one 8' WVGA to comprise manufacturer promotional video for a Pro model that comprises the projector. I mistakenly has thought that the characteristic has been comprised in this model. It is not . It feels a lot like this the bait and transmission. One could contest that it was my authorship to discern a difference among offerings, but nowhere in a page done clear concealed ANY ONE ALL TABS of the and/of the YOGA that COMES WITH A CHARACTERISTIC of PROJECTOR. For the little more money, goes with Samsung. Buy the chance with the stand. A life of long battery ( has tried mine in roughly 12 hours of plenaries of constants streaming, which are to add) is almost matched for other pills.

Enciphers out of that loves of the pill and use that to decide for calm. For my dollars, both Samsung to galaxy and The Fire of Amazon has treated better. It have to that it is it more cautious state.
4 / 5
A Lenovo yoga 3 pill has done well when it operates! Mostly I have used so only he for the duet called of video and another that that the seated where was mostly untouched. Well the pair of the days later choose until using it and press a key of power to turn a screen on and at all?! It likes I which any one does and resist a key of power for 10 to 15 second and I have left he to the hard reset and you would think everything would be good but is not .... A pill kicked behind on and has been fulfilled with a Lenovo the screen and this has been feels there and has said so only Lenovo and does not fall to a screen of house. I sent it immediately behind for the repayment and I strongly call those of you the one who loves to buy this pill to please looks for better options! I am not saying Lenovo is the bad company possesses a Lenovo the ready exposure and sum (I amour he) but this pill is horrible! It would like to thank the amazon partorisca honoring a repayment and I would like to thank everything of calm to read this description!
4 / 5
Has bought mine Lenovo Tab of Yoga 3 Pro - QHD 10.1' in August 2017, as I had it the moment.

I in fact like this compressed and use it every day. BUT, there is some few quite serious defects.

In the first place, a WIFI the stops that reads. You choose on a pill, and no WIFI. You can try troubleshooting all want to, and does not take a WIFI acting. BUT, if you reboot the, a WIFI begin him that it reads every time, SO ONLY for rebooting the. Using a same connection that has not done before rebooting.

As, a characteristic of projector is well, but can cause the hard prison of a system. I have had several times when I go to turn in a projector and all the just freezings, and a lot of unfreeze until you resist a key to be able to down for 20 seconds for the force was.

Another that these two of entities drawbacks, a pill is very fast and amused to use.
4 / 5
Ossia A prime minister Lenovo the element has not used never, to the left has possessed so only.

has read to plot, the surfs a web to the plot and I also likes him games of touch and of the applications in my devices of the android and I honradamente does not like him to spend the fortune in artilugios. On until last week has used to pill to finalise under that there is enjoyed takes almost the year in spite of a life of bad battery, has grown has used his after the moment. Then Lenovo has come to the long of....

Man, can say have fallen enamoured with this pill a minute opened it, a creation looks the little odd but has taken has used his quite quickly, a battery is second to any, can use it all day without a battery that dies on me. The action is another reason I cant give this pill quite credit. All and everything, ossia a better pill has not possessed never and already am considering that it orders a main version. That The audio is awesome, also!

Enjoys film of look in the pill, touching games, listening the music or simple exploring a web without being constantly concerned in a battery that goes died on you, Lenovo Tab of Yoga 3 is a way to go. Calm any be disappointed.
5 / 5
Has found the plot of some descriptions partorisca this pill partorisca be out of date. A pill has shipped the mine was precargado with Android 6.0 but was able to update it to Android 7 immediately. That I finishing with era the version quite accionaría of android that have appreciated for his lack of bloatware (in fact would consider a number of pre applications of Google installed to be an offender a big plus here). I have not experienced any class of drain of battery, beginning by on subjects, or screen flickering with a unit has received. With an update to Android 7 I was able to use mine 128GB MicroSD paper like “inner” storage immediately. Of then it does not plan in hot-exchange a paper this means my Yoga has an effective 160GB of storage. So much with that, the dive has left to a description.

Ossia where a pill of Yoga blows each one another pill has used out of a water and he all is thanks to a folding hinge/is which in practical test to be much more versatile and stable that has expected. “The and/The yoga” was to good sure a pertinent election to appoint this device. A screen is able to achieve the amazing row of the corners where are still able the poke in a screen without to sustain a backside and is stable on everything of knees to bed cups to chair arms. They are also state using a stand in open way to resist a pill in way of landscape that offered on different options when lying law. A beefy the plug is also handy (pun alert) to resist a pill in way of portrait. In all have found a pill of Yoga to be much easier to resist that any another are to coach to be, seating, dipping, or walking roughly.

A hinge and the external rim of a pill is done of aluminium, an expensive is glass , a backside is dud skin , and a front of speaker and the zone for behind a stand is plastic. Everything of one has touched usually the surfaces good celery and prize and no slippery. An only real downside in a feels of a pill is that a stand feels acute and in fact touches terrible when sliding a pill by means of the table, am careful around cups of table of forest with this thing. An absence of the reader of the impression of the toe is also sorely sense and a oversized key to be able to beat to be the little too easy to clash while touching the sure games where are supposition to use your sinister thumb to control movement.

has found a 2HD IPS exposed to be the joy. While I do not have another pill to directly the compare to, some images are detailed, of course vibrant and generally look excellent to look half comunicacionales. The text is similarly clear and a measure of a screen in general is reminiscent of the magazine has bent on which is fantastic to read pieces in way of portrait. Brightness Is a lot adjustable although one transports-dimmer tends to be in a dimmer side. It was hesitant to take to 10” pill to the equal that have been looking in 8” models (reasons are easier that resist) but a screen a big plus changes an experience of android and to good sure opens on some room of elbow vs android in the telephone.

Some speakers are fantastic ridding his clear and rich for music and video streaming and is easily quite strong to be looking the show in Netflix while doing in a cookery. A quality of sound begins to fall off with which roughly 10 feet, like this for anything alfresco probably calms still wants to use the BT speaker.

In my opinion a Dolby Atmos enhances a sound and some speakers touch more on roughly 40 volume. Like the little another reviewers has mentioned the light buzz of some speakers in volume level a lot down, but was able the fiddle with a Dolby Atmos settings to at least minimise (but not deleting) a question to where could ignore it. Also I have remarked so only this in a prime minister 2-3 levels of volume.

Would beat
My Yoga 3 More arrived with 50 load. Using a distributed upload one initial load-has taken on the little down 2 hours to create to 100 first capacity of an initial start up. While it touches for a first time I periodically verified in in a level of load and there is remarked that the fastest touches of 50 to roughly 80 and then begins to retard down until it was trickle chagrining of 95 on. Ossia Some pertinent fines-method to synchronise to touch battery of lithium to maximizas his action and lifespan like this this was awesome to see. An easily hard battery the day of constant use and multiple days of normal use. One the annoying thing is that a Yoga 3 does not recognise another chargers (like Anker) like any copper quickly without his adapter of wall has distributed. Also it wishes a coverage around a light power pulsed while touching and the solid remained when full, but is solid while touching and the turns was when full.

A Yoga 3 More is perfectly able to manage your basic streaming and web surfing need. They are not the enormous gamer but one some have tried career smoothly and beginning quickly. All the applications in general begin fast and ran smoothly. There is remarked that some applications are not compatible with a pill, one the majority of disappointing duquel was WhatsApp. Has no benchmarked a pill but an experience is flowed and is not particularly state annoyed of any glaring defects.

Lenovo has the winner in his hands with an aptly appointed Yoga compressed. With his innovative built in stand, life of enormous battery, beautiful exposure and immersive touch a Pill of Yoga 3 10” More ticks all some right boxes in a right prize. It does not leave the few smaller subjects distract calm of a otherwise astonishingly well has thought was device like Lenovo simply there is Samsung and Apple has beaten when it comes to the pill that quite flexible for use anywhere in a house could go.

A bit those that more niggles after spending more time with a pill.
- I finds that I need to be restart more often that a telephone of Android - roughly once each one that 3 - 5 days - otherwise begins to do up. Only need to spend for a closure and beginning on process, does not freeze or require the hard reset.
- Occasionally a hiccup of system and be unresponsive the scrolling or entrance.
:-A screen is the little too sensitive to touch and sometimes will register an electrical field of your toe when it is very a lot near of, but not touching a screen

In all this in spite of me still amour(d) my pill of Yoga so much that has bought another to substitute a one this is to be fly out of my car of then in the first place writing this description.
4 / 5
This has been, for far, a more frustrating and disturbing the product has ordered out of Amazon. I have received this element in February, used it 1 times and a second time have tried use the, does not act . I owe that it finalises to ask the turn, but has thought of then have the guarantee to the left is test takes it has repaired. A Lenovo the service of client is terrible. They offer no real help. It is been the month and I still have still to see my pill behind, does not update a state in a web of place, has called in the multiple times and everything say are ' can see is repaired but ossia all an information has for tea.
The half of my guarantee has gone already for something has not taken included to use. A web of place grieves works and again some offers of service of the client little to any help another that that creates an initial entrance. I seat as if for some time takes my pill has retreated a guarantee will be caducada and he probably a lot included be fixed.
A worse part is, his wont included say me that has decided was bad. It can be an exposure , could be a power, could be an integer internals is fried. But his wont say me anything.
Does not spend your money on something you wont included take to enjoy.

Update: July 12 2018, month later this in spite of has not received never my product behind. I a lot strongly suggest the not buying anything of lenovo. Calm probably will take it faulty produced and then neither no for the see never again or yes calms does not take it never behind, has something more pauses on that.
5 / 5
Loves this pill but there is a @subject @ that that can be treat he-breaker for some. Please see down.

Ossia To the pill adds and more probably will maintain - although I have had to order the substitution. A new substitution also has an exact same question which can be treat it -breaker for some. While some speakers are utmost has some static or fuzz his that it is in a fund in the constant while any type of means comunicacionales is touching is youtube, netflix, or files of mine inclusa of own film. It is not strong and no main taking when I look a volume but is there and is slightly more audible when has dialogue. Appearances perhaps take the dud but after a second substitution thinks that that it is so only something concealed has to that do with some speakers - was with a dolby atmos was is still there. I know it is not mentioned in some descriptions and am thinking perhaps the people do not listen he - I so only begun for the listen when you look something at night with a volume down. And while I have not seen he in some descriptions on to the amazon has found this was a subject for another the one who there has been a same pill when it look by means of a Lenovo forums. Answered of zero of Lenovo support in some forums also.

With all this be says - all more with this pill has been order like this far. A screen is sum , a touchscreen is responsive and there is not founding any sluggishness in a global use. I love a life of battery and a built-be so much that so only can maintain this pill to all the cost of this subject of speaker. Also - a subject of the his has mentioned is non-existent with earbuds or using Bluetooth speakers. Really there is not a lot another pill that has the built-in stand, 15 hr life of battery, and also easy to resist for reading - Lenovo paste the house-run with a creation in of the considerations to these appearances.

Does not want to spend for with the send behind and taking another substitution again. And especially I do not want to spend for Lenovo reasons are terrible when it comes to returns and of the substitutions. So that it is interested is, spent on Amazon! I have bought previously the Tab of Yoga 3 8 thumb in Lenovo put web and reason was like this slow and sluggish has had returns. We touch me to knots 15 restocking cost more the cost of nave (that it was it another 15 bucks) - and a repayment still will take other 10 days to accuse with which arrives to Lenovo. Ossia So only shady - his basically defeated money for behind a repayment.
4 / 5
Has received a tab of yoga 3 more yesterday and has to that the plot of things adds roughly that: some speakers are strong and clear , a kickstand the works likes them announced and is a lot of useful , takes a SD the paper and everything except a video and the sound are out of sync . For my uses go to maintain a pill this in spite of six to coach to buy it to look video I any recommended he east times . I will give a pill five stars yes fix a subject of video.

That finds more disturbing this in spite of is that there is no answered official the questions and of the multiple commentaries in a video and be of the his out of sync in some forms of support.


An update fixed a sync subject. Highly it recommends a pill now.
5 / 5
Has had this pill now for the few weeks. Unboxing Be very happy with one looks of way. Turned fell it on enamoured with one feels of him and a screen. A sound was incredible. Has some characteristic is especially a Dolby. His really incredible. A pair of to the things did not like. Number a a camera is in an odd place. It is in a right accident subordinated where would resist it to you has taken pictures or video. Especially you are right-handed. Your toes will block a lentil. I turned it so only to the rovescio now and the use that the way and my toes do not interfere . Any big shot. A big question with this pill is a one has seen probably has read some descriptions. There is the big question with a AV sync. I have found this question with pill of mine. It looks he likes a bit the people do and some no. of people have read everything of some remedies and tried any avail. I updated it to one the majority of recent software. At all. It was suggested also mine to do to reset of factory that has done. At all. They are not the illiterate of presents of the computer. They are sure that has treated everything of a suggested fijamente correctly. It does not look to affect Netflix too bad but really tugs when I current Comcast. The alive TV is affected too much but any bad quite so that it is worsening. I have so only loved dipped this look there for any one considering buying this pill that you probably will find AV subject. You are suggested mine for a vendor of this pill (any Amazon) that so only ameno he in tending it to him and have any the one who knows like this to fix he fix it. Of course after spending almost $ 300 in the pill are not has had to that go dish out of another hundred bucks to pay any to fix that it have to that it has been well in a first place. As you take yours casualidad folks is until you.
4 / 5
Has bought this to substitute my mamma is now-dead Samsung compressed of big final that use all a time. It was the little concerned in a form any when being no a 'paving' traditional pill, as this has a flange rounded in a side. That has thought to be the in fact resulted worry to be my favourite characteristic!

A swipe of the addition in fact houses the enormous battery and am taking life of enormous battery. A estimativa is 18 hours and has done all day travesías, multiple flights, and has looked films for 12 hours, the email has checked, web surfed and has included Skyped of an airport wi-fi and a thing has continued to go. Also, a flange gone is resulted the soyango' add to resist to a flange of a pill, especially for the oldest hands that needs the little better grip in of the things.

Finally, a kickstand for behind bad can be this up to now, or clock in the nightstand, or law. Or can dip it down with one underlines and use as I add it writing pill. Fast step, a lot gaming, expandable storage, quality and beautiful screen of utmost build. The desire had bought one on its own name. To good sure the keeper.
5 / 5
Was recently in a phase for the mid-tier pill to use during travesía and around a house for basic tasks likes the web that explores and consumption of means comunicacionales.

A world of Android-powered the pills can be hard to cruised. There is so only the pocolas offerings of big final (ex Pixel C, Tab S3), some mid-models of level (several Samsung models of Tab), and a lot of models of low end. This Lenovo hangs was to somewhere in a half like the fact the little harder that revise. I think that that it boils down to that volume for a money in a spectre of pills of Android.

All knows an iPad will offer the experience of software of better pill but cost more. A classical critique of the pills of Android is that one he YOU any one try to enhance an experience for the main screens. Still, I have decided in this Lenovo because of a balance of specs and prize.

In general I like this to the pill and I do not plan on returning it but is to good sure the mixed stock exchange. Here it is my impressions after the week of use:

A Good:
-A stand is the sincerely characteristic gain that find using more than has thought.
-A resolution of screen is main that a lot similarly priced compressed and looks crisp.
-An experience of next stock Android is generally preferable to the to something likes TouchWiz in Samsung the pills but of lose was on some value adds (i.et. More customizability, multitasking, etc.)
-the life of Battery is a lot well both use of slope to regulate and during standby.
-The expandable storage is always welcome. It recognise the new 128GB paper so only well, and feigned formed.
-A key of big power is easy to find to feel and harder to accidentally prints it that keys of the power of the tradition is trace in a frame lateralmente. A coverage FOCUSED that surrounds is orderly but so only has basic customization settings.
-USB Of uses-C which is well him him the telephone of Android newer that uses a same level.

A Meh:
-the action is pertinent but worse that a specs could direct you to believe. It is a lot so that the majority of people will use this pill for but sometimes the basic interactions was with one can be YOU jerky or lens likes scrolling. The applications do not plough of the character quickly neither. It feels he likes has had optimisation of minimum software in Lenovos part.
-Some speakers take strong and does not distort in of the main volumes but some integers Dolby Atmos continuazione of software any no really marks a lot of the difference (at least the my ears) and looks gimmicky.
-A screen is acute but contrast and seeing the corners are mean so only . I think that it that it have taken the reduction in resolution to 1080p for a AMOLED poster with beeper black and punchier colours.
-The camera is half but perfectly well for the quickly shot or cat of video.
-Gone in to the touch is generally well but this pill is nowhere approaches like this responsive smartphones like this modern.
-The prize is in a side a big but even more acceptable data a specs/characteristic vs prizes.
-The quality of build is pertinent, solid quite where am not concerned roughly breaking it but very built is not an adjective would use.

A Bad:
-No real additional functionality for pills (i.et. multitasking, Etc.), The question of classical Android a lot so only to this product. There is the few shortcuts Lenovo baked in but is the quite halfhearted endeavour in my opinion.
-Transport-brightness is bad aforado and is much more finicky that any one another smartphone or to the pill has has not used never.
-Volume rocker is small and no very tactile. Also it wishes an on/down the action of some keys would change based in an orientation of a laptop (i.et. The volume up is always a key a neighbour more a cup of a screen. It was not if any pills this or is so only my preference.
-Speakers sometimes hiss with sure sources (mainly Youtube). The good just mark that speakers of sounds and take touched of of an atrocity of way of the audio.
-Running Android 6 and the doubt will see an update to 7 (or any updates of security thus @@subject).

In $ 300 ossia the compraventa quite decent . It is the solid foundation with some rough flanges. The desire had spent more the time that optimises a software but an useful stand and the life of battery adds is redeeming quality.
5 / 5
As you look in him, is gorgeous, a specs is surprising!, only Question has had them with are that it can not maintain the load more than 4 hours, and with wifi was light of screen in minimum.
When I investigation in an internet to see the solution for a battery not maintaining the load 4 hours more the find that it is the good @@subject known with this concrete pill, an operating system so only sees a battery as when being Mah, and any 10200 Mah, has some work arounds likes root a device and installing some applications to do a CPU not doing constantlly is 100, oh and a light sensor also drains battery!, it does not forget to the transmission was that one.
Has not loved to root a device, loved it to them to be as it was announced but looks this is not a chance

with which almost 2 month of the recieved a pill, has had them he for maximum of 2 weeks, reasons recievieng a pill and it sending behind to the amazon has taken more than 1 month!.
To the amazon has accepted my repayment, loved to knots at the beginning to pay for a transport and any 100 repayment so only 80 reason have said that some windows of turn has been closed, the spoken with some another person and said them that the will not pay for anything because the payed for something concealed is not doing like this announced, said to knots that comprises a situation and that the recieve the full repayment, with which almost 20 days of the correspondents a pill for behind the recieved today an email of them that declares that the recieve 80 of a cost, has been them surprised, when it asked him to them reason ?, same History with one 30 turn of window of days, said him to them well, ' repacking slope ', well in a box has had them a pill the chance for a pill and a micro sd 128 GB paper that the bought specifically for this pill, the returned to to everything likes said to and now the take of an email that say the wont recieve the full repayment ?, I spoken with a representative again and has said that it comprises them that has these costs ... Taken of a chance of a pill and a micro sd paper of the ' costs ' give a value behind 80, but in a pill the wait to recieve 100, a pill was a question , a conversation has taken more than 1 now and an only thing said me was a same thing with 30 turn of days ... , they would have to take a repacking costs of lenovo of then does not concern that they are selling something and he is not doing like this announced that.
5 / 5
Has bought this to substitute the mine that ages Samsung Tab of Galaxy Pro 10.1.
There is enjoyed initially a pill and his only characteristics but after the little more than some paralizaciones of year to touch. Of then it was out of the guarantee took it to the local reparation outfit. They have tried to substitute a port of USB and a battery more to reset of factory but at all done this in spite of any copper further roughly 11 and plugging loses touches too quickly of the maintain operative. The supposition has a weight of expensive paper.
4 / 5
This product is the piece to crap . With which 4 month does not resist the load. After returning he of Lenovo for the reparations still does not resist the load. It can not take a pill to touch more than 32 I has called Lenovo support and has taken no where with my question

Top Customer Reviews: Lenovo Tab E8, 8″ ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
4 / 5 Kazuko
Gilipollas: This pill is like this frustratingly slow, almost has launched so only went it the little time. Touching the games has in 5 to 10 according to delay. The majority of some applications I accident of use or very never uploads. A battery drains the percentage each minute of use. Finally, it updates it is system literally every day. Literally. I had it the week and is to update every time are in a half to use it.

Pros: A Kindle the application is an only one this smoothly, as there is basically has purchased so only the Kindle.
5 / 5 Janee
Painfully Slow, to a point of any one when being pas usable. Like this slow that rebooting is sometimes a faster way to exit an application.

Has added information; a device is there is officially take. Now it requires the reboot 5 to 6 times the day. It is no longer usable.
5 / 5 Josh
Utmost of economic pill for the girl. I disabled Everything of some characteristic likes them Youtube etc and dip educational applications on he for my boys to use. They love it! Pill the scarce the little slow but has not expected anything with relieving speed for a prize.
4 / 5 Ingrid
The product recommends him to him, is light, it battery last muchisimo time the only that the a bit open delay but yes there is pasiencia can use he with flavour, is exelente
5 / 5 Delia
A life of battery is awesome, touching takes the moment. Utilisation for gaming and film he well.
5 / 5 Joaquin
Good quality for refurbished pill. Like this far like this good. It could be the little stronger but the life of battery adds.
4 / 5 Wenona
Good value and quite powerful for my needs and has the version of the newest android
5 / 5 Arnetta
Like this as well as the new mark a. Súper Easy to transfer die of old one the new substitution.
5 / 5 Ivan
I have found that takes time partorisca comprise all this is in this device
5 / 5 Margy
Swimming the law adds partorisca the pending games is disorder of Cups of Virus
4 / 5 Myrtle
am impacted in the very a quality of this pill he! A hard battery the long time and an excellent screen. Highly recommend he--especially in a prize!
5 / 5 Fabiola
A pill was too much slow to annoying use even. Sold by the party like this if to any one likes to you calm has to that paid partorisca a nave behind.
5 / 5 Julian
A camera is very dark the wont uploads and a s CD reen wont stay in
5 / 5 Trang
Ease of use. Bought partorisca 5 yr the glorious edges adds old anniversary. It wants .He.
4 / 5 Lanelle
This unit does not accept SD papers. Neither it will fail in 20 when formatting a SD paper or a SD the paper will fail after restarting a pill. Sometimes still it will destroy a SD paper. If it anticipate not requiring never develop a memory that will be you well with this unit. Do your planned diligence partorisca verify some descriptions and googling this costruttore prime to buy.