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1 first Outmate 6 pcs Aluminum D-Ring Locking Carabiner Light but Strong Outmate 6 pcs Aluminum D-Ring Locking Carabiner Light but Strong Outmate
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2 sprookber Stainless Steel Spring Snap Hook Carabiner - 304 Stainless Steel Clips, Set of 6 sprookber Stainless Steel Spring Snap Hook Carabiner - 304 Stainless Steel Clips, Set of 6 sprookber
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3 best Nite Ize Size Biner SlideLock Carabiner Nite Ize Size Biner SlideLock Carabiner Nite Ize
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4 Storesum Climbing Carabiner with Auto Locking - 3 Pack Certified 24KN (5400 lbs) Heavy Duty Strong Caribeaners Clip for Rock Climbing Rappelling Swinging Dog Leash, Large, Black Storesum Climbing Carabiner with Auto Locking - 3 Pack Certified 24KN (5400 lbs) Heavy Duty Strong Caribeaners Clip for Rock Climbing Rappelling Swinging Dog Leash, Large, Black NoBrand
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5 Favofit UIAA Certified Climbing Carabiners (Certificate No.: USA 20-5611), 3 Pack, 25KN (5620 lbs) Heavy Duty Large Locking Carabiner Clips for Rock/Ice Climbing Rappelling Rescue Swing etc. Favofit UIAA Certified Climbing Carabiners (Certificate No.: USA 20-5611), 3 Pack, 25KN (5620 lbs) Heavy Duty Large Locking Carabiner Clips for Rock/Ice Climbing Rappelling Rescue Swing etc. Favofit
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6 2020 New Updated 25KN Auto Locking Climbing Carabiner Clips,Twist Lock and Heavy Duty, UIAA Certified in 2020 for Tree Climbing, Rappelling, Locking Dogs, D Shaped 3.93 Inch, Large Size, Black 2020 New Updated 25KN Auto Locking Climbing Carabiner Clips,Twist Lock and Heavy Duty, UIAA Certified in 2020 for Tree Climbing, Rappelling, Locking Dogs, D Shaped 3.93 Inch, Large Size, Black FresKaro
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7 STURME Carabiner Clip Aluminum D-Ring Locking Durable Strong and Light Large Carabiners Clip Set for Outdoor Camping Screw Gate Lock Hooks Spring Link Improved Design Pack (9 Pack) STURME Carabiner Clip Aluminum D-Ring Locking Durable Strong and Light Large Carabiners Clip Set for Outdoor Camping Screw Gate Lock Hooks Spring Link Improved Design Pack (9 Pack) STURME
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8 Nite Ize CamJam XT Aluminum Tie Down Cam Mechanism With Carabiner Clip Nite Ize CamJam XT Aluminum Tie Down Cam Mechanism With Carabiner Clip NoBrand
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9 Grappling Hook Folding Survival Claw Multifunctional Stainless Steel Hook for Outdoor Camping Hiking Tree Rock Mountain Climbing (4 Claws) Grappling Hook Folding Survival Claw Multifunctional Stainless Steel Hook for Outdoor Camping Hiking Tree Rock Mountain Climbing (4 Claws) Ruipoo
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10 MVZAWINO Locking Carabiner Clips, 12KN/2697lbs Carabiners Heavy Duty, 3 Pack, Aluminium Ultra Sturdy & Light Caribeaners for Hammocks, Swing, Locking Dog Leash and Harness, Camping, Hiking & Utility MVZAWINO Locking Carabiner Clips, 12KN/2697lbs Carabiners Heavy Duty, 3 Pack, Aluminium Ultra Sturdy & Light Caribeaners for Hammocks, Swing, Locking Dog Leash and Harness, Camping, Hiking & Utility MVZAWINO
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Top Customer Reviews: Outmate 6 pcs ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 20 ratings
1 / 5
Cute, Mays...
2/6 biners Was bonded in an open gesture.
1/6 biners Was misaligned and wouldnt next
1/6 biners was extemely rigid
2/6 biners was a lot.
The voice fucks
1 / 5
Any quality at all. Has acute burrs on everything of them, and at least 1 gave me metal splinters in my toe. You can listen a metal that grinds against a metal like TESTS for collar a screwgate enclosed. Any impressed at all.
2 / 5
VAL, A bit is pardoning when goes in metal. But these carabiners is quite rough. I can listen metal crunching in some nuts, and one of them when being likes him a bit the nuts are only too down, the expect result to close of slide in place of the lock of ray. They will do to attach some any essential train in my group, but a material need will be attached with something can trust more.
2 / 5
These listen cheap and is squeaky a ray in the part is flimsy also any one that has expected
5 / 5
My familiar and I all use d points for key canals. But some jumps always give after the moment and recently my husband has Lost the set of tones and a fob in my cart. It was in $ 200 to substitute. Then the week the more his tones late in his cart is fallen was. Felizmente Those find. I have wanted a d clean but more security and open has it. Any stray tones. I am so use to tones of cut in my strap of stock exchange and my daughter in rucksack that is gone an adjustment to take fro unlock and lock but for prpers saves to pay $ 200 the tone will treat an inconvenience.
4 / 5
It leaves expensive he; these are not feigned in hike or in during the net. Apresamientos Which pays for, and in this case paid for an alloy of aluminium carabiner with to threaded closure lug.

The laws add to ensure train in my group to hunt. It does not have the plot of luster in spite of his creation of the metal brushed, that means that they will not flash or glint in an only--which are utmost for my purposes.

IS deducting or stars so that a lugs is not totally compatible in his creation. Some of my lugs scrape all a road in a carabiner while another only only ails the cover a joint of hinge. Some have the tightest nut that another. But everything of them the work and any one have been deformed.
3 / 5
If calm only like carabiners for random material, these will do. I have bought the to use them to hang elements around a place of camp.

Obviously these do not have to when being used by anything remotely involved with suspending the person or lovely objects. Some tolerances of a material are loose cual ways they rattle. A collar that scrapes to prevents a carabiner of inaugural wiggles around the plot and does the good quantity of noise when rotating the. Like the does not use to to hunt or in a situation where the noise is a subject .

Otherwise Am adds for tones, tools, or any one the random personal object wants to slap the on to do look able outdoorsman or woman while in a dispatch. They will go well with your North Face fleece coverage or waistcoat.
4 / 5
I add to have when camping or around a house in general. I use the in my rucksack to hang material and also to maintain my train of an earth when is put. It looks also carabiners. The cradles are strong and a ray closes each good law. Well it estimates a prize has paid. Only a thing, has wished that some locks of ray were textured, concealed would do it easier during the place of cold time when the hands are put and numb or has gloves on.
5 / 5
For a prize, these are utmost. I have used the to ensure things in my kayak while the era is fishing. They see the plot of time in of the salt water and after several trips to fish still to listen and law like new. It do not use them piece to back the massive load but for the clear load these necessities he lockable fast emission, these are utmost. It does not trust the with your life and the calm will be happy, a manufacturer that quite clear.
4 / 5
I have had to to substitute some very cheap points that is coming with some train of the trip and these looked quite robust, still light. They are arrived hurriedly and is well, but my a subject is that has battled to open them. I add it wants to maintain something hooked on, any one so that it adds wants to take easily during a trip. It goes to bond with permanent connections for these.
4 / 5
I tired me versions of tent of economic hardware of this clip that loses his cradle and coming waste. A half dozen of these in a stock exchange of toy is a hard some have required partorisca buy. I am going back partorisca are more, any reason a need of things partorisca be substituted, but reasons are like this damn handy can not having enough of them. Mistress Has agreed!
4 / 5
Carabiners Occupies to to an useful universe still likes him the security and booby pins, paper and binder clips, and bands of hule. Calm does not know that need any of these elements until calm can not dip your hands on one. These are not clips to have that has weighed that it is reason is perfect for each-use of house of the day. Has a clipped to an interior of my rucksack (goes pic) to store my tones in a something easily agreed and accessible while travelling was and roughly. Carabiners Is also the good option to separate your tones of house of your car tones in a valet or cochera of service. With the keyring, the carabiner is the a lot of attaches stronger that hang tones versus some tabs keys (goes pic), especially oversize mailbox and unit of tones of storage. A quality, simplicity and prize of this together of six carabiners does east the compraventa of 5 stars.
5 / 5
Mina all the work and intact wine perfectly for light-the duty and well of look. HILARIOUS Picture of a 'any quite strong for barn laws' inform' two stars. A battery of manure in a fund with 2 heavy-gauge canals clipped in so many am guessing this joker there has been one of this poor carabiners babysitting the pair of 900 lb. Mules Of ploughed. A description of product is abundantly clear on some limits of a carabiner. Seriously still I am laughing and crying like this last I thinks am going the pee my trousers.

Was to give this produces a star when failures to resist a Space shuttle to take was. Junk.
4 / 5
I only use these to hook my tones the loop of tone/of loop of the tape in my trousers. This work awesome. An appearance to close has still to come undoes on is suitable, and are quite rough in the/my tones. Have Still to fall my tones when these are attached. I use him on so much my personnel and tones of work. The difference other descriptions, each suns an of the mine was uniform and until pair.
4 / 5
Has purchased these to connect the coverage to upload to a bond to walk downs in my car. No utilisations these to retain the load for purpose of security, but for just maintaining my material organised and of emotional the bit in one uploads the zone would owe that do well.
A retainer is threaded, like this simply the unscrew and a bar of cradle can open- then scrape a retainer retreated down for the neighbour. If I need to hook and unhook his thickness, can wants to consider different some which have the fast rotating lock in place of a threaded type. They are harder that find and often the cost bit it more.
Light weight, looks strong that considers a light build, good arrival. Very happy with a shot in these- would buy again without hesitation.
4 / 5
Has loved to buy some sturdy still light carabiners to spend mostly tones and seal in my rucksack. This one has been recommended for the amazon and you take enough the little of them for such the low prize. I particularly like a characteristic where can so only scrape a lock has retreated up and down to prevent a carabiners of accidentally opening. Although you are in a phase for just a carabiner, would recommend this element. You could require some in some futures and was well to have some sturdy some dipping around!
4 / 5
Has taken these to resist our feeder of bird to the enclosed hook in all the classes of time. It has taken beating he during thunderstorms and blizzards and resisted is feeder of big bird in place, included when it has been full and heavy . We were very concerned that a feeder would blow to our new windows if a hook has not been closed, and this D-the coverage has to that any to leave down.
5 / 5
This adds a 'EZ' factor to spend accessories in the rear band, loop of tape, or any keyring, etc. Is light weight and a lot of sturdy! Calm can not repel or the twist operates very serious with them. It conceal it is not that it is partorisca, but can clip this the tools, tones, torches, or so only roughly anything for the easy to spend.
4 / 5
My familiar and I all use d coverages for canals keys. But some jumps always give after the moment and recently my husband has Lost the together of tones and a fob to my car. It was in $ 200 to substitute. Then the week later his tones to his car am fallen off. Felizmente Those find. I have loved a d coverage but more security and maintaining have it. Any one has has lost tones. They are like this use to clipping tones my strap of purse and my daughter on rucksack that was an adjustment to agree fro unlock and lock but for prpers saves that it pays $ 200 the tone will treat an inconvenience.
4 / 5
For a prize, these are utmost. I used him to ensure kayak of mine of the things while it was am fishing. They see to plot of time in saltwater and after several travesías to fish still celery and treat like this new. Not using partorisca to sustain the massive load but for the light load that need he lockable fast emission, these are utmost. Not Trusting with your life and calm will be happy, a costruttore that quite clear.

Top Customer Reviews: sprookber Stainless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
2 / 5 Boris
These have been purchased like an economic alternative as I have not expected upper of a quality to line even so, these are almost toy likes him in there of quality. Some doors are launched only in in an organism of a hook and some doors have to when being thank you in prjimo because of misalignment. Once again, flavour that takes that decrees of paid. In fact taken less bronzed that paid by in this case. Tent elsewhere.
1 / 5 Clarinda
The stainless steel has the very soft attraction in of the magnets.
These are very has strongly attracted. (The direct comparison in the clip of stainless steel has been done)
is steel , any stainless steel.
These will rust so hurriedly like any another clip of steel.

Obviously, has been rasgado was so that my sending does not look a product another has.
Took 6 cheap steel subject junk carabiners embroiled in packing tape.
5 / 5 Mercy
The the ours last sail has lasted quite a lot of 5 years. You are 12x12x12. Then it avenges the some Winds of Ana of the Sant.
Mandate 2 LyShade sails in 12x12x17 to substitute he for even more shadow. They are come with ropes that was hot-cut in 3 long feet. We order 6 Carabiners of Extra-Perseverance to battle to help the some Winds of Ana of the Sant. These are all up and utmost.
4 / 5 Pauline
Perfect measure to hang keyring. I use in clip in loops of tape of trousers or in of the interiors of case or rucksack in the loop or point. Some works of mechanism of the cradle well... Easy to use and when the smooth committed looks (i.D., there is not taken on anything). I am done with an aluminium ones this assembla loose his capacity to break near when some wears of cradle have been. The time will say if a cradle in these is has done better.
4 / 5 Emerita
I have bought these to use to the help that instruments my kayak of navigation splash guard. As they are exposed in of the salt water. Desprs The few uses, and same after rinse when on coast, is aiming a bit something to rust. But for a prize, the supposition is only well.
3 / 5 Rodney
Robust. Taking of the point so that a the inaugural digs my toe and I take pinched and dug by them. It take it was 2 point so that My no apt toe in sake in a loop. The May THERE HAS BEEN this problem with any one of my old ones.
4 / 5 Kevin
Reasonably very done, but the also big bit the cradle estimates which require big force to open. An use has feigned would not look to require this. My application in the kayak requires or rid to open of latch. If this is not a subject, is otherwise VAL. I wish a manufacturer had specified the load that spends described and the force of failure, also.
5 / 5 Venus
The solid done with being adds. Has the lock of tooth in a jaw so once closed will take the plot to upload before it fails. It recommends the in any one in any aluminium has done carabiners. To well sure buy it again.
5 / 5 Tambra
These are come hurriedly, neatly bundled in the resealable stock exchange. Good quality the stainless steel with the arrival polished. These have roughly heft in them and listen quality very big. The prize adds also!
5 / 5 Deane
These are the small bit that it is that it has wanted it. The looks of quality very good. Weighed any lit on way that knows is not aluminium. They will be he was all some time so wait that line up well!
4 / 5 Millicent
I have ordered these twice. I have ordered a container partorisca see like this was after reading the number less than sterling descriptions. I have found a first band of 6 partorisca be all expected them partorisca be. They look partorisca be operate and good facts partorisca my application perfectly, this in spite of, when I have ordered a second container partorisca complete my project, the amazon his packed inner the goleada of nave of the book together with the hardcover the book has ordered. A plastic stock exchange that contains some clips that leaves all but 2 of some clips partorisca exit a goleada of book in some point in his travesía. I have asked the repayment and they are by train partorisca ask me partorisca return some clips. It remains partorisca be seen that the amazon will do when I send some 2 remaining clips for behind minus some another. Another epic fails partorisca the amazon that bands.
4 / 5 Leroy
These snap the stainless hook carabiners is 'right sized' the stops uses partorisca hang bear or the alimentary stock exchanges that use a Pacific method of Estela, where the toggle (small clave) has joined to a cord partorisca hang increases partorisca close against a carabiner has fixed to an alimentary stock exchange, that takes his descent. In my use, I slide he 1/2' section of 1/4' GO plastic tubing in a snap arm and slide he in an intersection of an arm and carabiner partorisca close an arm in situating before lifting a stock exchange. I this partorisca prevent a cord of accidentally opening and that slips inside a carabiner, which would go down an impossible stock exchange.
Ultralight folks Prefers tiny Aluminium carabiners, but in general stock exchange or alimentary stock exchange of point of stainless steel, these are more usable.
4 / 5 Marilee
Quality and exceptional value. It have paid much more in a venue of big box partorisca these.
5 / 5 Neal
When My gymnasium misplaces his clips, I so only dipped one of mine an and continue my workout.
5 / 5 Ruthe
Has not been sure which well would be, but was pleasantly surprised and his that required him partorisca do. Very pleased!
5 / 5 Kenyatta
Has used these partorisca gardening when I have built the catipellar grows tunnel partorisca lashing the rope partorisca maintain a tunnel in place. They have done a lot very partorisca this use. They are more than happy with a result.
4 / 5 Denice
Some hooks of law of utmost snail as it has described. Utilisation partorisca some cars of boss to hook on some different accessories. It has on resisted with multiple books of weights. A material is in fact metal also but no sure yes is stainless steel of that is the the softest metal. Perhaps the stainless steel has dipped.
5 / 5 Steve
These have come quickly, neatly packaged in the resealable stock exchange. Good quality the stainless steel with the arrival polished. These have roughly “heft” to them and feel quality very big. The prize adds also!
4 / 5 Dorinda
The solid done with adding feels. Has the lock of tooth in a jaw so much has closed once will take the plot partorisca upload first to fail. It recommends him to any in any aluminium has done carabiners. To good sure buy again.
4 / 5 Glynis
Hard ours cruise is lasted roughly 5 years. You are 12x12x12. Has come then some Winds of Ana of the Saint.
Order 2 LyShade sails in 12x12x17 partorisca substitute he partorisca even more shadow. They have come with ropes that was hot-cut to 3 feet long. We order 6 Carabiners of Extra-Perseverance partorisca help fight some Winds of Ana of the Saint. These are all on and utmost.

Top Customer Reviews: Nite Ize Size Biner ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Khadijah
Function: Five Stars . . . Durability: A Stars
In some premiers two of these I have possessed a cradle has broken where curves and pins to an organism. It has written Nite-Ize service of client. They were curt and reluctant, but finally has taken the free substitution. Both mine original and that the substitution has broken in a something same, the year the property.
Because orders the third? Reason this clip is absolutely perfect for clipping my car tone and the very small fine-tool my loop of tape. It is trim and thin, to the besides big difference carabiners. They are always in a scout partorisca something better, but until then I supposition will take these and think of him more like this renting.
4 / 5 Lorna
Has been using this partorisca roughly 5 month now, and the go to substitute punctual. Originally I have purchased this reason have wanted to be able to quickly take the flash walk or my tones to walk when I have been for the career. While you are able to quickly to do that, finds that a black piece of plastic does not remain dipped well enough, like carabiner will open on, those results in me falling some tones in an earth when I pull a carabiner out of my pocket. A mechanism to close simply does not act, as I will take some these enclosed rays and hope that the will not undo like this closing the mechanism done.
4 / 5 Svetlana
For any concealed has used this product for tones so only, is very durable. I attach one Or coverage to a key and returns perfect, a mechanism of the lock has not broken or has done bad. Utilisation this element each one that like this n every day especially doing for some streets is masses to a test. These produced are not drawn for maxing out of a weight.
4 / 5 Merri
Already possesses the Nite Eze keyring with some clips to close, and also a Nite Ez battery powered orbs a duquel, continuous my coverage of coverage. Both are súper handy, and like this far is that it resists on really well. Regarding my Nite Eze carabiner, has has loved the plus sturdy caribiner, for clipping my keyring to my loop of purse. I appreciate that I can ensure this carabiner has seen the take one gives a no further for the neighbour.
4 / 5 Ninfa
Is very partorisca fun or like the toy. Not having to that weighed.

+ The characteristic of lock is a lot if you are not by train for the opened a lot.
+ Looks And feels solid, well has built.

- No the heavy dury carabiner, probably will resist a weight says that it resists but staticly, adds more the force and he will bend.
- Has bent Easily for me, photo of control.
- His big for tones, likes 4 neighbourhoods long.
- Is slender, so only 3 papers crediticios fat together...
5 / 5 Cori
Ossia Possibly one the majority of perfect carabiner has found. Like this far after taking to a habit of automatically closing it when that dipping in my loop of tape my only fear is that somehow my loop of tape will break and will lose my tones. So only a right measure that no among a way to be too big. Has a black an and of the money a, a black one take streaky and looses is paints a lot quickly with which use and does not look I so that it adds so it will stick to a money a.
4 / 5 Leonel
Has taken this to use like the keyholder, reason another carabiners has the tendency the unclip of my tape. This in spite of, has thinks that that a portion to close would be in the cradle of the retention and the slide back automatically (like a clip,) and is not . Cela The fact unwieldy for my purpose has feigned, and therefore there is reverted to the regular clip.
5 / 5 Necole
The light quality carabiner this has the sliding lock to do sure does not lose your tones. A normal carabiner the cradle of tension will weaken over time and your tones will slip era. This slidelock the creation prevents that, and can be used like the device of fast security for zips of rear band when travelling.
5 / 5 Deloris
Has bought like the present. They are light weight , but a mechanism to close is WHISTLES IT to treat when this thing is in the yours loop of tape and calm can do not seeing. It is not that sure in all the chance, so only the lives of ache with taking open and close this carabiner a lot often and is attached where calm can do not seeing a lot well.
4 / 5 Britta
Use to attach the water bounced of the tones ect. Closing the characteristic is a prize has has not had never your swipe of band the material and normal carabiners has burst the open material and the slide have had was or era. I conclude it it is a security of prize.,
5 / 5 Yanira
Partorisca Any concealed has used this product partorisca tones so only, is very durable. I attach one Or coverage to a key and returns perfect, a mechanism of the lock has not broken or has done bad. Utilisation this element each one that like this n every day especially doing partorisca some streets is masses to a test. These produced are not drawn partorisca maxing out of a weight.
5 / 5 Dylan
I amour, amour, amour this little carabiner. This company typically dips out of the train adds, and this element is any exception . I have been using an of another colour for years, and when I have required the new one for another purpose, this was an obvious election . I have bought this for our therapy of pet GOES to title of paper, this has to that be showed in of visit them. Ossia The very light element and some works of function of the clip smoothly every time. It is SÚPER SIMPLE to hook one GOES paper my loop of tape and out of a way. A characteristic of lock is order if any one love any casualidad to have it has opened accidentally. I also like a form. An interior has this class of tyle hook' zone that maintains everything of rotating too much. For some characteristic and a prize, need the light carabiner, this has not beaten can be.
5 / 5 Nila
It uses it partorisca attach the water bounced of the tones ect. Closing the characteristic is a prize has has not had never your swipe of band the material and normal carabiners has burst the open material and the slide have had was or era. I conclude it it is a security of prize.,
4 / 5 Trinidad
Wants to these. I have had he for just the few days, but does the sum of canal key. Calm still need the fashion of coverage of the tone of title of the breaking (the carabiner is too fat to return by means of more than tones), but is really hand and this measure (2) is quite small any to go in a way.
4 / 5 Ruthanne
Like this obviously does not use this to locate, but need the sure clip I really like these. Has a lot the in some different colours, uses him all a time to camp or so only clipping my material of boys to the stroller, súper handy.
5 / 5 Sherrie
Likes that an inaugural is quite big to return in the fat dog leash and in firm. I have used this to join of my dog to the stable object when I have required, attaching seal to appoint the leash that goes to doggie daycare, and attaching to my dog of neighbours in a situation of emergency.
5 / 5 Alina
Has ordered this to add to my rucksack for my waters of boat. There it has any a lot of to say in this product another that a following:
-his economic
-his built well
-his easy to operate
-he that touches supposes to do

would buy it again
5 / 5 Sherron
has Ordered two of these carabiners. One was announced like this, but a second was a same colour, alike measure but any function to close. It is the zip has joined to the to packaging still likes of first. I guess a vendor has thinks that that any would remark one closing carabiner has not closed? A lot of dissapointed.
4 / 5 Bronwyn
Amur That does not have to that worry in my tones that takes unclipped. Thigh, in timing my keyring takes stuck where a lil the black that closes the slide goes, which is difficult to burst behind was. So that gotta sure mark to close it bk on right with which unclipping of my loop of tape or once that substitutes bk the loop.
5 / 5 Emmaline
One very very built carabiner. Big quality. I possess a lot in each do each. It has bought so only the little more for some friends.
5 / 5 Mckinley
These are the creation adds . I want threaded carabiners but a lot typically plough quite wide in measures he this small. It is good to have the creation of good wide mouth that can close you to plant.
4 / 5 Orlando
Quality carbiner here that the will not slip or come unconnected without a be of the security has released. Nite Ize Is the company of quality, and have a lot of his produced -- so that any I still concerns me when ordering this to attach train to one of my rucksacks to camp. The utmost looks, and is sturdy enough to last the lifetime. Of then it has a security to close, calm does not have to that worry in a transmission that spends was and that loses your material in an earth.
4 / 5 Alonso
There is wanted always one of these is so only perfect! Now that I have it I do not have any idea that to do with him 😆 like this ideas!
5 / 5 Lilly
This Carabiner is not like this practical like another nite-ize carabiners (Nite-Ize S binder) has. A mechanism to close the difficult fact to take your tones on and was, especially a small plus some. I add to ensure it to something. They are not the defender, but is the fact of good product .
4 / 5 Raina
Wants to these! In my line of work, use a lot Nite Ize the products and have all be utmost. I owe that spend enclosed and tones on me at all times. Utilisation to 3 lock of slide for my tones and to 4 lock of slide for my locks. The his abuse the plot and they resist on well.
5 / 5 Gerda
These things are of sound! I maintain the pair in my rucksack and go in handy for plots. Quality of good build. A lock is quell'has bitten the odd mine of then trace of earth carabiners but the work adds this in spite of.
4 / 5 Milton
sturdy Produced and the quality adds. The only question is a creation of a carbiner. While, the unhook these of the mine pant loop a clip take grasped to the mine keyring and would not leave me unhook the unless the move my keyrings around. Normal shaped carbiners does not have these questions. It is nettling.
5 / 5 Bridgette
Luz & compact still a lot of sturdy. This carabiner has been doing adds for my tones. A mechanism to prójimo has been of confidence.
5 / 5 Lucina
Adds little clip to ensure light load and small elements. The big throats leave me snap them on a bar of cross in a canoe to ensure the train and a lock so only me better celery. Attach my tones to my loop of tape and again I like a lock (especially when on 4 wheeler) as not to concern me roughly that loses my tones.
4 / 5 Camille
Does not expect these to close easily. Works very like this carabiner, little heavy, but will take the plot to try to take a plastic piece has seated to close a carabiner.
4 / 5 Jerrell
A anodized the coating resists really well in moderately rough conditions. It ensures well without a lock that undoes .
5 / 5 Flossie
Spends my tones in this always. I add for loop of door of tape. A lot of sturdy and the stays have closed.
4 / 5 Darla
Good quality, I like a little lock in a cradle, maintain my train in order, highly recommend.
4 / 5 Minerva
Ossia Perfect for the lock of bicycle, or the few tones.
Really am happy with this compraventa!
5 / 5 Blaine
So only that has required! They are any the one who loses my tones often because my carabiner the free result and some tones fall off. I have required really one this has closed partorisca prevent it partorisca spend, and this was a response to my needs! Works PERFECTLY! Thank you!
5 / 5 Sima
Has been rasgado was reason my shipment does not look a product another has received.
5 / 5 Jaye
Pocolos Have weighed partorisca use with a characteristic to close, among a way

A plastic S biner 4 very better for my use of the Nalgene bounces my band

Also, $ 2 more economic in venue Menards
5 / 5 Dianne
has Used for canal key and the really like them on an economic that closes a lot some. The year of use and any subject.
4 / 5 Domenic
Good product. I have purchased a wrong measure. These are small. They would be perfect for the keychain but has required one for my purse. I originally commanded 4 and reordered in the 6
4 / 5 Ernestine
These carbines is closed in sure way, any occasional unlocks. Mark sure chooses brilliant colours, the blacks are sometimes difficult to find :)
5 / 5 Gema
has bought these to bow were to an end of mine bounce fender lines, in this way have more options partorisca hang a fenders and maintaining a boat has protected. His utmost !
4 / 5 Shenita
These carabiners are adds! Has the good-looking crazy has arrived in his stainless steel outside and a door of boss and work of lock of the slide perfectly to the equal that has feigned. I am sturdy like this hell, so only does not use him partorisca mecer trace.
5 / 5 Basilia
Very shabby . A bit difficult the unlock only-rid but this looks feigned purpose of security .
4 / 5 Hedwig
Took it to without accidents resist my airpod chance in rucksack. It is strong, durable, is coming like this pictured.
5 / 5 Omega
Uses like this of the hooks in my stock exchange of tool, stagnate up against that. An only reason gives it this indication is why a picture there have been fooled. The didnt attention of paralización and bed. It is so only a carabiner same this in spite of has 2 pictured. Sound a same prize in Walmart or meijer.
5 / 5 Blanch
Laws partorisca my tones and a characteristic of lock is well, but any 'fool' test.
4 / 5 Isadora
Has not expected this to b like this little, but want it! It is quite big for all my tones and quite small to any b bothersome like my old one was. A lock is the bit flimsy tho, has found he unlocked sometimes, the good things have all my tones also in the thetered as I will not lose any of them
5 / 5 Claretta
Simple the unlock when like this wished, like your tones (or anything) any accidentally detach.
4 / 5 Evelina
Has bought this for my daughter to spend his tones. The law adds and is good quality.
5 / 5 Tena
CSLW3-01-R6 Is better (thinner, easier that open). It has not known these were different base carabiners.

Top Customer Reviews: Storesum Climbing ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
5 / 5 Pinkie
Very strong and sure caribiner. It take this because it take the new dog leash and a caribiner in a leash felt too small and has not had the mechanism partorisca close. As I have decided to buy this partorisca the substitute. They are like this happy has done because ossia strong and sure and endeavour of need the unlock that. Like this now I know I can walk my dog without any worries in a leash disconnecting of the mine Harness of dogs. Highly it recommends this product.
5 / 5 Stephani
The product adds! So only it take these today and one has fallen and look extremely sturdy! I love a mechanism partorisca close in this product and can not expect use the on Disney travel!
5 / 5 Cassi
A lot well has done!! The work adds partorisca resist stock exchanges of hay partorisca horses also!!
5 / 5 Lannie
The eel adds, perfect measure, any weighed at all. Mechanism that the next car are partorisca add and do a lot of smoothly. They are not the climber, but when being father of two his very useful, now can attach the extra water bounced my rucksack.
5 / 5 Latonya
These carabiners is perfect to attach things my band partorisca hike. They are very done and no the bad prize that considers that you take 3. One spends partorisca close is the good characteristic . It can imagine having the name of different mark on the and selling partorisca the plot more.
4 / 5 Darcel
These am very strong/sturdy and easy to use. The good prize partorisca a product takes.
4 / 5 Yer
Conjoint really well of carabiner is looking forward to the test is gone in my travesía of next climbing.
5 / 5 Shameka
Awesome Has produced in the prize adds. It is deploying and it has required some plus carabiners and these were utmost.
4 / 5 Velda
Partorisca Of the money ossia the a lot of a lot of carabiner. It is estimated the EN12275 and of a look and feel of him, to the look likes would resist on down of load.

Economic carabiners there is the closure of type of the hook, which (the supposition?) But this one is more like this he dovetail near. It closes on two plans and is supported by the third. In fact, the really good creation. The Clip of the retention of the cradle is also as well as it is easy to disengage and snaps behind partorisca situate hardly the leaves goes. Compared to an old fashionable ray on writing concealed has been bugger to loosen (unless it locate) ossia the no brainer.
5 / 5 Luther
These carabiners is perfect to attach things my band partorisca hike. They are very done and no the bad prize that considers that you take 3. One spends partorisca close is the good characteristic . It can imagine having the name of different mark on the and selling partorisca to plot more.
4 / 5 Lien
Very there is amiably has built. Looks stylish And in fact pleasant. I am excited partorisca use these Sturdy Carabiners like this of the hooks partorisca Hang the stock exchange of diaper of my creature in a the stoller, and my husband can take these when it is going partorisca his hobby, a climbing of Rock.
5 / 5 Dale
Are not the climber of wall but uses them this in my stock exchanges partorisca join in of the extra stock exchanges and my water bounced. Im Totally impressed with a construction built and strong of these carabiners. Very hard!

I use this partorisca my travesías and partorisca ensure my extra stock exchanges partorisca do sure will not fall off . It is it adds to hook up in strollers and stock exchanges partorisca ensure my water bounced. Highly recommend this together!
5 / 5 Kylee
Are quite happy with a measure of these carabiners. My toes can return inside him. More a car that after the mechanism is not easy to accidentally open.

Plans on using to camp, and in the rest waiting for!

More a three wine individually packaged (to the equal that of the bites), which have thought was kinda orderly, as they do not line an another.
4 / 5 Eloy
Has required this for mecer trace. Súper Easy to use - just a turn and he opens / locks. It feels a lot of sturdy and solidly has done. No really need 3 but always good to have the backups in chance lose one or two.
4 / 5 Marjory
These are súper sturdy. Has the Newfoundland dog that attractive until 10k lbs. Needless To 'of clips that come with his collars bend opened when attractive. These are the alternative sum .

Top Customer Reviews: Favofit UIAA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5 Mervin
Research quite big to that need, and is so faster and easier that an a bit that has the enclosed ray. I go to be using these in latch the harness in the system of pulley, and the line of zip.
5 / 5 Ria
These are very very done and has has not had a subject with them. I have used the to create 150lb antennas and 90lb the radios and is strong to be so small and clear weight. I will be to buy more than these in a future.
5 / 5 Lavada
I use this to maintain my very strong dog to break of his leash. It pulls pauses like hard smaller carabiners. That is to say quite strong to line him very attractions of subject that hard. The only subject is that a security of the ray very apresamiento to take to unscrew when attractions all day. In general, the good purchase.
4 / 5 Melody
We have been looking for the together like this for some time now, and has found exactly that has been looking for. Arrival and excellent quality. Raisin Of smooth operation...That more can ask?
5 / 5 Iris
As it has described.. Easy to use. Used to locate the tower and has required something sure and easy. Both successful with these
5 / 5 Erlinda
It uses these to help locate is 88 cubes of feet of the deep grain and has lined until wear and tear of entrance of daily cube
5 / 5 Karma
I have bought these to adapt some rope to trace has to trace in of the big trees in my yard and clean my ceiling has been. I have used both times so far and listen very strong. I no very very mecer trace as it does not have the plot to compare these in, but can say is quality carabiners.
5 / 5 Marcene
A lot solidly do. It maintains the in my group when those hikes and camp to line of hook through or hangs material of. Well it estimates a money.
5 / 5 Ivory
No for these partorisca locate. These are not of the certificates partorisca locate. They are very partorisca spend things but DOES not LOCATE WITH THEM!!!!
5 / 5 Kina
Looks quite big so that I need, and is like this faster and easier that one some that owe the ray has closed. I go to be using these to latch the harness to the system of pulley, and the line of zip.
4 / 5 Shanna
In fact buy these to reinforce a door in a crate maintain a dog in, because it learn that it presses quite hard, can bend a metal so only enough to burst an open door and evasion. These are some serious carabiners! They are strong and insurances. They are like this well, in fact, that our dog has given on that looks for to burst an open door. Nope. Instead, she warped a backside of a crate to exit. You look he requires carabiners in a backside, also!
5 / 5 Jona
These things are excellent. Extremely easy to use with a same book when loaded. Unlocking Be very smooth and the jump has concluded fast and ensure each alone time. They are light but a lot well build and is the strong abundance. Included when the work lateralmente uploaded perfectly. Wise and slides of good arrival entirely with holding very small. A door is good and wide but no like this wide that need the hands to maintain them have opened.
Ossia An excellent product that cant be has beaten in his row of prize. Highly it suggests these carabiners to any the one who precise bow to any class of activity of access of the rope.
5 / 5 Johnna
Uses these to connect my crew of squat of the tape. They spend the plot of the weight and I do not question it never. I took the little time to be able to do one transfers and motion of press to unlock a carabiner without looking, but took it down and taste know a characteristic of security is there.
5 / 5 Mikki
Has used 2 of these for the few days and one of them a cradle to close already is failing.
4 / 5 Loretta
These carabineers is done well and is smooth on all some flanges. They are new and one the operation rid is the little rigid. I expect that as they take more use that will go era. On everything, is the good value for a money and am betting my life in his, anytime use them to locate.
5 / 5 Victorina
Has been looking for the neighbour like this for some time now, and has found exactly which have been looking for. Arrival and excellent quality. The smooth operation more could ask?
5 / 5 Annis
These are my running of the bulls of favourites carbiners now! A mechanism to close is very easy to use with the alone hand and has the a lot of pleasing his precision maquinal. It likes- one black arrival also, reason are less probably to reflect light in of the sunny days.
4 / 5 Floy
These are facts very good and has not had a subject with them. I used him to create 150lb antennas and 90lb the radios and is strong to be like this small and hanged light. I will be to buy more these in a future.
5 / 5 Scott
I have not used partorisca longitude as it can not direct durability. But they look partorisca be very strong and well has done. Has thinks that that they were the good compraventa partorisca of the money. I especially like an action of cradle in firm partorisca fast bond in.
4 / 5 Moshe
No quell'the orderly but is well, supposes partorisca take 2 band of red and black. They have sent 3 of blacks and money. Kinda My failure but his system changed it to different type before shabby partorisca any reason.. It likes quell'has said all a lot of otherwise
4 / 5 Renetta
lock of sum of the Car laws and these are used in mine firefighting train and also partorisca my harness I wear while it hunts of bond. The weight 250 and resist me to knots on top of only well. Utmost cost.
5 / 5 Cliff
Amiably built, but does not think would trust him partorisca some rigours of mecer use of trace. They are the little thinner metal that connects carabiners has used in a lot of harnesses of security of the hunting.
5 / 5 Madie
Use partorisca hang a thing in my stock exchange and is ideal partorisca that. I have used also these takes fast to attach and fast emission when it comes partorisca spend thing up for the system of pulley.
4 / 5 Cristie
Has purchased partorisca my Car stock exchange partorisca the in chance that phase and having something concealed can resist on the until 2k or more the books is the good idea to have you never know when among handy.
5 / 5 Eunice
Like this described.. Easy to use. Used to locate the tower and has required something sure and easy. Both successful with these
5 / 5 Tiana
Looks to be quality very good. The good shot that considers volume three of them. A mechanism of cradle and lock of car is tight and smooth. A+
4 / 5 Christin
has bought these reasons my dog has maintained to release a rule d clip in his she cant evasion!
4 / 5 Chanda
Wants to these! You the weights add , light and durable. I use him for the net. A mechanism to close the law adds.
5 / 5 Viviana
I have bought these partorisca agree some rope of climbing has to that it traces on big trees in my yard and clean my ceiling was. I used him twice like this far and celery really strong. The no really a lot of mecer in quantities so that it does not have the plot partorisca compare these to, but can say is quality carabiners.
4 / 5 Laura
Good product, strong and durable. This in spite of, time partorisca time, one transports that it close the device takes stuck and a lot entirely involve until pull or press a dial. So only be mindful when you are by train partorisca the use.
4 / 5 Tera
Use these partorisca several tasks around a park. Good value partorisca of the money.
4 / 5 Yetta
Very pleased like this far really the helps ensure my train partorisca easy access
4 / 5 Mozelle
the product Adds, not using partorisca locate, is by train partorisca use them takes net
4 / 5 Alberta
These utmost , can resist the plot and lock securely. Kinda Big and clunky but the law adds partorisca my needs
5 / 5 Charlena
Ossia instruments that that can be trusted the for security and action. The prize is well.
5 / 5 Marva
It has to that very heavy carabiner. Lock of the transfer does not ensure any failure, but can take that extra endeavour partorisca open.
5 / 5 Homer
Looks partorisca be big quality. Using these partorisca security lanyards in the zipline.
4 / 5 Taryn
Service of excellent delivery and a Carabiners is better that has expected and his all utmost , am sure will buy sooner, maintains on a good work and thank you
5 / 5 Albert
Durable extra and adds partorisca my dog. Easy to use lock that the pets can not open on
4 / 5 Bernadine
Forces in the light carabiner. Utilisation this partorisca tie up load in mine and estimated partorisca 5000. Lighter that has expected.
5 / 5 Jed
Adds beamers, the prize adds. Bought takes him treestand harnesses.
5 / 5 Isaac
Is done of material of quality but is very hard or open with a delivery.
5 / 5 Felicita
Perfect product. Works exactly as it has described. Using them partorisca ensure harness of tree while it hunts of deer

Top Customer Reviews: 2020 New Updated ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5 Herma
I have it quell'has had only manual ‘' conclude carabiners or screwgates, like these carabiners is the orderly transmission. They are light, a lot-facts and have the clean smooth arrival. A cradle in a rotating the sleeve is smooth and can open he with a book - controls so only a barrel with your thumb and indication of toe and transfer. Ossia The turn of level of two a lot that closes carabiner - twist a barrel and the push plough a door. A carabiners automatically close when libertas one spends like cradles of barrel behind to the his original 'has has closed/closed' dipped. It remarks that a measure of a carabiner is smaller that a some used with your belay device - has the axial force of entity of 22kN, and smaller that force and axial force of door have opened each one that like this of 6kN.
5 / 5 Maud
Is better looking and it feeling that I have expected partorisca a prize and partorisca be the mark has not listened never of. One moves it the action of lock is smooth and easy, how is a door . They are patterned and estimated for and IN of the levels that is reassuring although they are still any 100 insurance am ready partorisca spend me partorisca trust on these partorisca protect critical when that traces. But this has said, would be perfect partorisca train hauling, net, the accessory in reality are almost sure would resist. It takes him, and it can decide for calm.
5 / 5 Myong
Was really so only looking for simple carabiner clips of type (typically 2.5 thumb that takes in the conferences with the logo of company is in his, etc) to ensure my tones of discharge / of the ball / etc. To rucksack of mine when I travel for work. It has thought that it looked fresh (which for a way!). They match mine OGIO rucksack of work (Black with Red has underlined points), so that the looks cool. I have been surprised in that I has received. Probably reason there is not reading a whole description! These are quite big and for real meant to locate. They are the 'big type' and these take on upper of a palmera whole of my hand. It is abonos 4' long and according to a packaging, hundreds of support of lbs of weight, which I NEVER use; but it looks fresh. Overkill For my needs, but fresco of look! A characteristic of lock of the sum of laws of the transfer. There is not A lot CASUALIDAD anything clipped to these will take lost while travesía. While it spends for airports, am often complimented on the and request where to take them.
5 / 5 Madelene
Considering that these are done to locate, has expected some locks to be sure and sturdy.. For like this they do to the trace is says the value is extremely well for a prize. Of then it does not locate , has wins a lot sturdy hooks to hang my stock exchange of paste has weighed. A lock is surprising. Taken to do the small to take an open lock but is still possible with a delivery. It has to that gone back and push latch. If you have left to go, a latch locks again. Saving your life or grabbing anything is hooking. This has said, has the 80lb the stock exchange that hangs of the cradle that control 250lbs. They are 200lbs and hanged of a stock exchange. A 250lb the cradle grieves moved and a hook has not moved. As I guess it operates. It is been up for the week. A test will be a lot of hours the girls of paste in months.
5 / 5 Rashad
Had surprised enough in a measure when it take these . They are main that yours typically carabiner, but look fantastic. Still I use him for my tones and calm can ail use 1” keyrings with them.

Prefer these they so that has practical use in of the situations of emergency. A characteristic to close is different that that I earth but with which 1 day already am taking a hangs of him (any pun feigned).

Am expecting that one paints to take for the long time to the equal that am sure this'll be one first what to break down.
5 / 5 Bernice
Has purchased for the net. The fact adds. Gates has opened easily but so only with which attentively twisting a with the to close. A characteristic to close is more than thinks I need but happy of the have.

Net, has said? These carabiners is sold for RAPPELLING, as it is not this bit it a lot?
AT ALL!! It thinks roughly that. You are relaxing in yours net--as, in my life, is the scarce and lovely blink of an eye. Then suddenly you are PLOP in an earth? Or more like CRUNCH--has called 911. Any thank you! I love the net setup that without accidents resists two people, more the big dog the one who suddenly jumps in (or the big boy, taking yours to choose).

Happy with these carabiners. They fulfil mine (perceived) require perfectly.
5 / 5 Rick
Has bought these for the mine that hunts that/excursions/of camps (and bug of mine-was stock exchange), but used him around a park. A bit lighter that would like me to locate the 100' of tree, but the material has ensured enough to move things around a place. It do not stress them more than a weight announced this in spite of - no sure of a factor of security in imagining that. Has some 5,000 LB biners to locate.
5 / 5 Tandy
First loves you to them say that the are not the climber of any class, has bought them these to attach things to back bands and stock exchanges. Some clips am a lot well to build and operates it softens precisely, some locks of clip with the 1/4 turn latch so that it does not have to that concern roughly coming it open and losing anything you clip to. My boys have taken two of them to clip to his stock exchanges of cameras to resist additional elements, the looks cool also.
5 / 5 Fredricka
Has used these takes quickly disconnect for Gymnasium of mine of house of lifting of weight.
Has marked clearly with indications of correct industry and the on estimated way for my application.
5 / 5 Earnestine
A carabiners the laws likes them announced and of an apt/arrival is excellent. I have bought these to spend some train for work. It has attached also my tones/of car house to a like this the know the will not lose them never lol. Shopping again.
5 / 5 Elias
A packaging is very good. Partorisca Any ossia value .

Has found some doors that estaca from time to time when released. Too much lateral movement. His no instill confidence and for this reason does not use them partorisca anything concealed partorisca sustain me. I use him partorisca tools so only. Partorisca That reads well.

Partorisca Calm, goes with Rock Exotica with Orca lock. It can any gone bad.
5 / 5 Agnus
These are some better carabiners has seen or has used. They are a lot enough to use trace but versatile and can be of service in of the multiple applications.
Has bought mine specifically to hang my JBL speaker of blue tooth of and two of them the work adds in this application.
Has purchased a three-band and feign buy another three-band by other uses.
Goes in the abonos pocolos drawstring pouch and ossia a perfect container for a carabiners. Maintain the together in a box of glove or your rucksack, calm will use them more often that it could you to it think.
5 / 5 Kathlyn
1 These are certainly attractive elements but there is still to use them like this according to which his sturdiness or his action can not say still
bought them for my bug was stock exchange in the chance has finalised in the earthquake of California adds or a Cascadia earthquake of zone of the subduction all the world thinks is coming here punctual and has loved to be sure could exit of my zone to create the Oregon although I have had to locate
am quite sure to take a work done but can not say until I use them so that it go back and leave another description once I
5 / 5 Lakesha
Really a lot of carabiners. It likes- one lock to transfer very better that a type of ray in mine another carabiners. And estimated in 4946 lbs are adds for enough anything.
5 / 5 Roman
Would not locate with these, but sure would use him for anything more. These are some big ole edges of guns! It has to that weighed to say a less.

Is looking for The beaner for your tones, this could be too much for you. This is to do to hang rear bands in my cane of cupboard.

Any but seriously, these things are really good and have stagnate it small mechanism. They are happy that the dipped these in my arsenal for future endeavours when the needs beaners.

Feels free to ask was shy some!!
4 / 5 Adell
Awesome carabiner IF you are not the mecer trace. Found other uses for him, in general good-fact, sturdy and global a lot looking carabiner. A measure of the jumbo is the more also.
5 / 5 Angelica
Very very developed, prize very strong adds so that it is
4 / 5 Eneida
Really a lot of carabiners. They are easy to operate the suns rid and some records and the arrival is good doing them smooth to operate. They look really well with some blacks and red anodize has arrived reason leaves to be sincere, these subjects. I have substituted a place an old plus of the next ray biners with these reasons some another was in hard to a pound has opened/near. Happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Pattie
Like this far like this good. I am not using these in any way to really try his force, but of some looks of them would think that calm has maintained he inside one has specified the limits will do well. Really like a strong cradle that snaps a latch enclosed and a lock takes the plenary 90 rotation of first terracing of calm can open it. Shabby test again.
4 / 5 Lori
Has bought accidentally this product, but still loves that! It is súper strong and useful to spend the plot of my train and material of clip to mine harness. This in spite of no utilisations this to locate of then is not UIAA has certified. This in spite of, I like a quality of these carabiners, and yes is by train to use them for something another that scale, these are the shot adds ! Could use him for my net!
5 / 5 Maple
Ossia The good prize partorisca three carabiners and personally like one transports that I conclude characteristic. Like this far there is withstood the cariche static have weighed well. They are not like this smooth operating like this some of my more expensive climbing some but I so only use these partorisca material/of bands. When My life is in a line I always buy upper of a line but ossia so only me.
4 / 5 Dewayne
Does not locate the mountains and that characterises of materials, but use them like the car mine key carabiners. They are overkill but does not know never. This thing like Russians the said, is stronk. If my car has been stuck or that never is likely the appeal was. Well partorisca one 'in chance perhaps'.
5 / 5 Myra
These are good quality carabiners. Some mechanisms of lock are solid, still easily partorisca use - included with gloves on. This sure celery and very built and like this has done far an exceptional work partorisca resist my train in place.
4 / 5 Brittney
These carabiners has done partorisca all that requires him to. Partorisca Resist two together shoes partorisca use them partorisca locate, the utmost law! Celery very light but is of confidence! Also I love a autolock, feel me surer!
5 / 5 Sun
A carabiners his and a mechanism partorisca close is well. A look is well, with a red in black. This in spite of, these are suppositions partorisca be anodized and any one has painted. While a mechanism partorisca close is managed, my toes would finalise with black stains on him. I have tried it dry it has been all of a black - see semi-detached picture. I am not sure of that is the dye, the chemical reaction, oxidation, or that.
5 / 5 Ludie
A lot well carabiners the law left them a lot outside hiela time in mine stand of deer and his still open and close any subject. It has been legustado and snowed on and preform perfectly.
4 / 5 Rosenda
The SOLID product adds. A mechanism partorisca close require to move it first to be able to open. Calm easily can fulfil this with two or three toes. I use mine like the canal key; some coverages are sure and sure
4 / 5 Dawn
would have taken the better description some doors were smoother and less squeaky. Some doors take the decent quantity in inaugural and conclude and require more endeavour partorisca open then the plot of mine concludes triple caribeners. These produced is much friendlier in your stock exchange, but in the cost?
5 / 5 Keith
Creation and utmost look. A lock is sum , excepts require dexterity partorisca use it. If have arthritis, is sometimes the little difficult to treat twisting and loosening the. Otherwise, Is an excellent tool .
5 / 5 Gabriella
Has bought these partorisca use in the JetSki partorisca resist the tube, a force in a tube was also partorisca 1 Carabiner but works so only well with these 3.
4 / 5 Flora
I have used these partorisca the weeks of pair. A slide-goes partorisca close the mechanism is class of the ache in a bum. Otherwise Look partorisca resist on well to lifting of weight (used like this pulley).
4 / 5 Bobbye
A device no well with chalk in a mechanism-how is unavoidable.
4 / 5 Clay
Like this far like this well, law so that it feign. It transports lockers is very convenient and easy to operate. They look partorisca resist on down uploads so only well, although I am likely any to any to press them never to the his 4400lbs limit. It gives the graces for one spends pouch, good touch!
5 / 5 Rhea
Has used these partorisca hang the net and utmost. A lot of sturdy and a mechanism partorisca close the work adds. To good sure I law adds partorisca our needs.
4 / 5 Sachiko
These are qualities carabiners. Very happy with a look and feel as well as a craftsmanship. Well fact and so only that has looked for.
5 / 5 Nita
Adds partorisca hunt and using stand of tree. Use two to quickly attach and detach line of bond. Tercero partorisca use the quickly attach and detach of strap of tree. A fast and characteristic turn of automatic lock is sum and very useful.
5 / 5 Crysta
Pros: sturdy, Arrival of big quality, strong prize , well, good measure

Gilipollas: closing the mechanism is has bitten hard the disengage, but ossia a lot
5 / 5 Hyun
do fault a lot well in the rope of life of support. It has Had these arrests the month and using them partorisca trace of tree, any question
5 / 5 Bettyann
These carabiners has done very well partorisca a bit those that time ive used them on the photoshoot but was able to resist almost 300lbs and has left my model to repel with an use of the pocolos other elements with eases and has resisted included his full weight when it take stuck and has had to hang for the pocolos small until it have taken free.
4 / 5 Daria
Perfecto carabiners. One operates locks seamlessly and is perfect for operative with just a hand. Very satisfied.
5 / 5 Colene
A quality of these is very good. Shopping again need stronger sure carabiner. Also it looks to be the good black anodized arrive him does not paint on.
5 / 5 Ivonne
Has used these in of the multiple applications, is easy to use some-rid and trust them .
4 / 5 Tilda
Does quite well like this far a car latch takes the little gritty and hard to turn after the use the bit but no bad to price
4 / 5 Leonard
So only added to my rucksack regulates that it prepares for an end of a world-wide
5 / 5 Chadwick
there is not dipping hanged in this product still to try force. But I am pleased with a quality. Has good and easy colour and mechanism to conclude simple. Also it comes with him mini stock exchange I didnt knows avenges with to store them. Thumbs on like this far of me! 👍👍 Patient do an update with tensile forces when I take a casualidad .
5 / 5 Angila
Using these to hang my net. A mechanism to close is the little weighed to operate with a delivery, but is the solid product .
5 / 5 Hilaria
I good clips really maintains my sure and easy train to use
5 / 5 Glory
uses these for mine bounce (freshwater). A mechanism to close good works and is sturdy.

Top Customer Reviews: STURME Carabiner ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 53 ratings
5 / 5 Gilbert
Any @@subject that have resembles always require more. They are especially fond of a lock, leave it free partorisca fast on-offs but peace added partorisca import that something will not shake free takes taken wrong and presses an open door, or when a cradle inevitably fails calm still will have the clip sure partorisca a rest of a day.
4 / 5 Cassondra
Has two dogs - a duquel is an artist of expert evasion . Somehow images was like this partorisca open his doggy seatbelt. I have then purchased the heavy duty seatbelt and imagines was that some hips. Like the last endeavour partorisca solve, has decided design one of the mine own. I have bought the three period of feet of the canal covered of Lowe is, has connected some arrivals of him to a bar of bond in a car using an of these carabiners and another end has the carabiner which have connected to a rear clip in his waistcoat. Sucedido! She maintaining stays in his chair in a car walk. It is surer, am surer, and a whole street is more takes of then no longer can involve in antics that would distract me while driving.
5 / 5 Albertine
Has bought these partorisca hang several feeders of bird so that the squirrels could any the strike to an earth and that the plan has done perfectly! My only worry was that this backfire rust on and result difficult to turn this in spite of is now be 3 month and still look like this very like them well out of a container. These have like this far be an incredible value! I will update while they begin partorisca aim any weathering.
4 / 5 Dion
Súper Luz, strong Carabiner. Utilisation these partorisca hang the water bounced and other elements of the z/of the rucksack. A mechanism of ray is very drawn, the clean and easy edges to ray, does not come free while it hikes with a band. It can any gone bad partorisca a value, these are qualities adds and will buy again when required.
4 / 5 Ethyl
These have a ray open clip, like opposed to a that the only has the crowbar that opens. Cela His fact the little surer but also a lot something partorisca the fast clip. They have come with the boss partorisca maintain them all hover but has not been packaged well. Inexplicably a stock exchange would owe that it has been in, has been packed for separate in a box, very odd. Any question otherwise like this far.
5 / 5 Phyliss
These carabiners is a lot of fact partorisca a prize. Sometimes take the little sticky in prójimo, but again partorisca a prize a value is there. A lock is order wants to do sure does not open , but can take the little annoying if any calm require it like this often vibrates to closed still if any calm the in firm.
5 / 5 Zona
Am not using this for any purposes to have those heavy - Only to fasten my dog in front of the first tent to go in.

Like this far, any of them has failed (my dogs a lot really the attractive hard or try evasion) - but would imagine that they would resist until some discharge.

A better part was a prize and a quality takes for a prize
4 / 5 Britney
will be to travel abroad punctual and has has wanted to do sure my rucksack, stock exchange of the camera and other elements would be difficult to fly. These that closes carabiner the clips return a bill perfectly. Unfortunately I have not reading a good description and these are main that has required in fact. I will say that they look a lot of sturdy and the doubt will break.
4 / 5 Truman
So only that has looked for, except a loop of extra keyring sending has been broken so it does not use it . Utilisation likes him to him the keyring that can close to of my tape or loop of tape with a lock to twist.

Update, send me another band of clips, does not know reason, received it the few months or he more done and has comprised a free tone chains to which likes. A canal key operates this time so that go to give five stars cause some clips are exactly that have required and a keyring is a prize added thinks are really adds. :)
5 / 5 Eldridge
Compatible dimensions, the arrival is more industrial that smooth/anodized brilliant colours. The cradle is strong, a ray and the periodic barrel take more endeavour and is not esmooth' and evidence roughly roughness/embrague. Utilisation these like fast connector for bosses of type in the 40' gone back of radio antenna. It repurchase again.
4 / 5 Aracely
Am not using this partorisca any purposes partorisca have those heavy - Only to fasten my dog in front of the first tent to go in.

Like this far, any of them has failed (my dogs a lot really the attractive hard or try evasion) - but would imagine that they would resist until some discharge.

A better part was a prize and a quality takes partorisca a prize
4 / 5 Almeda
Will be to travel abroad punctual and has has wanted to do sure my rucksack, stock exchange of the camera and other elements would be difficult to fly. These that closes carabiner the clips return a bill perfectly. Unfortunately I have not reading a good description and these are main that has required in fact. I will say that they look a lot of sturdy and the doubt will break.
4 / 5 Georgetta
Originally has bought these to camp of rucksack. When it Take home it has required it to do some work in my ceiling before like this of hurricane. I have used this individual one that sees in a photo to attach the piece of rope around a perimeter of a cup of my ceiling to do like an emergency lifeline in the chance has slipped. When being that they are not súper comfortable with the heights have left a carabiner where was after boarding on a upstairs windows for almost the year. Florida live like wise and carabiner was @@@subject to twenty big, rain the plot of sun and humidity. So only recently my dad was up in a ceiling that reparations some leaks and has taken a carabiner and the rope was. Yes it knows it is done of aluminium of aircraft but a carabiner frames of looks close new. There is absolutely any sign of weathering and some edges and work of mechanism of the cradle perfectly. If I have required to I to good sure would buy these again but have the feeling goes to last for ever I so that they are probably not going to require to. Like the word to warn is to good sure a lot recommended to use a way has done in my ceiling as it do not conceal but a point are am very impressed with as it has resisted up.
5 / 5 Mary
So only that has looked for, except a loop of extra keyring sending has been broken so it does not use it . Utilisation likes him to him the keyring that can close to of my tape or loop of tape with a lock partorisca twist.

Update, send me another band of clips, does not know reason, received it the few months or he more done and has comprised a free tone chains to which likes. A canal key operates this time so that go partorisca give five stars cause some clips are exactly that have required and a keyring is a prize added thinks are really adds. :)
5 / 5 Maybelle
Has not had any illusion that these would be quite strong the series on the deer or go that it locate with, as I am very happy with them for a prize. I did not use him down any one load bronzed more adds 20, but has resisted well with the chevrons of pair to water on an earth and some work to close a lot enough to prevent accidentelle disconnecting a carabiner. Thus I reward any one there is disappointed needs to regulate his expectations.
5 / 5 Carmelo
These am very good D coverages. Flavour the one who light is, and that they the enclosed ray (adds for tones!) I to the equal that bite boss to dip them on the loop, also. Very convenient. I have maintained the small and has then given a rest to the mine coworker the one who work of laws. One some have maintained has used for my tones, and my stock exchange of dance (clip my shoes to dance to a boss)

these are utmost for random use. Not recommending for work or the plot of weight, but need stirs it for around-the-house or for students, ossia the option adds .
5 / 5 Sheba
Exactly that would expect. Easy to operate and although they feel like this light and spaces like the economic a, has a force and durability of the product of quality. It likes-me a fact that does not have east notches more carabiners have, as they do not take snagged when squeezing by means of the tight is returned. To good sure recommend.
5 / 5 Keshia
Ossia Band a lot abordable can not go injustice having this to camp, house, car or uses of trucks, included in your rear yard, etc
5 / 5 Serita
These D coverages are looking for to be very better that some typical little cheapies the be has sold everywhere. An economic some have the tiny piece of the metal that resupplies an action of cradle, and frequently the falls was or taking stored in an odd place. These D coverages do not have this question, like this far. I am pleased with th in.
4 / 5 Nichol
A lot of fact of good prize, use on Kayak for Paddle Leash etc. A bit big down without the question. State in saltwater without corrosion at all. Sand any edge of failure on lock.
5 / 5 Marni
These things are awesome and a lot well has done ! It can not find any hangers of curtain of the traditional shower to that liked liked like this ordered these . There so only quite wide to returned a cane of flat bloated curtain has ordered also but probably no in the round a . There also it adds to camp . Very versatile d hooks of coverage and does not look economic likes a anodized some .
4 / 5 Carla
These are well for a money. A barrel to close rotates in a door, until it involves a radio in an end of a D loop.
When Regulated to this end situates a barrel to close seat very sure. It was difficult for a coverage to close to back out of this well of travesía for accident. Also the value that mentions is that in a far end of travesía, one spends does not open for behind a barrel.
These could not be better for a low prize.
4 / 5 Caryn
Terrible. Crappiest carabiners Has has not resisted never. One has broken, or was broken already, before I have him has attached even my band. There is did not use him has included still. Some edges are very too many long also, as they are the ache to actuate . But takings that stops of pay.
5 / 5 Alise
Right of one takes exited of a packaging the averages a carabiners there has been rusts on him. Ossia Directly of his Chinese factory. So much partorisca trong and light, NEVER RUSTS'. Now the aluminium is strong partorisca that hanged, looked to the that the bone is strong all the things have considered, but is not really that strong was the really the stress tries it. There it looks partorisca be some incongruences by force partorisca this product, some complaints because the people can not read or think, and another reason ossia the product of questionable quality . Directly in a carabiner and a packaging says Any to Trace. A page of ready tent this and other things of big tension that this has not been meant partorisca, the people apparently have done still these things. A page of tent alleges these carabiners has beaten withstand 150lbs of tension, doubts this. Really, really, really doubt this. I have it that has not tried personally these until a limit of weight, but is quite obvious this product has been meant for works read. Like this far these look well for works read, but am going down 5 pounds of tension. It was quite happy has known sure if these could withstand 50 books, but at present does not have the half to try 50 pounds at present; or enough the setup to precisely tries that, multiple time for pertinent consistency, and having 50 books of something expendable with something under one uploads that it is also expendable in a chance of failure.
One 'translation' of a last sentence would be: having 50 pounds of something concealed can take the drop and not breaking, while neither breaking a paving if a carabiner pauses.
4 / 5 Harmony
Economic. Any sturdy. Our tiny dog has directed to bend an open. We have had our 23 lb dog in his harness and clipped to the 25' boss in ours backyard while we have had the fire this weekend spent. We do not trust some clips that is coming with one 25' boss, as we add one of these carabiners to the each final. When the Course to an end of a line and place to rastras in a clip, directed to bend open a one this was clipped to the his harness. Free taking. I know these are not adapted to locate, but has not thought the 23 lb the dog would be able of the open curve. These are too many economic to be used for anything concealed will dip any class to force on him. If calm only precise to the clip bounces water your rucksack to hike, then go for him. But you have feigned use these for anything concealed would have any force, look elsewhere.
4 / 5 Dominic
A good:
- is quite light ()
- in spite of his weight feels likes would manage the tonne of weight
- a cylinder to close is quite easy to turn, and no among a way

A bad:
- I has used four of these like this far, and a cradle has broken in an of his interiors some first weeks of pair. It is not really the subject of security -- the closing resists hanged, and a cylinder to close still resists it concluded, so only is that annoying that that a no really laws without the neighbours anymore. Some another still is going strong.

In all these is a lot this in spite of and is the treat well . While any of some another breaks still would buy these again.
4 / 5 Santos
Has to that close these if that dipped any one uploads on him. I used him to join of the tarp setup when camping using paracord. I have begun once add tension with him trucker hitch knot, one of these carabiners there is pulled by means of and has had to be scrapped. A latch has been a wrong direction because of flexing. If it have closed the, think it would have been well.

In a side of toe, these am very light and the value adds. So only it does not dip too much it uploads on him.
5 / 5 Zaida
A vendor has gone back mine and more than substituting so only a number that was defective has shipped the integer of together new, 2 more than the how was defective, but has had the together full. It appreciates an endeavour of vendors to do it well. So only it does not expect big quality. I bought him for points of annex in my band and utmost.
The majority of a caribeaners the laws likes them expected but in 2 of one 9 of some cradles no so it does not transport closes like this has to that well out of a box. Have emailed A company two times and any listened for behind closing.
4 / 5 Tierra
One of these has broken almost immediately. A cradle is exited of place and is not repairable. Used for the backpacking travesía to elements of clip to daisy canal.

Update: I have been using some remaining clips for some months of pasts of pairs and has had a lot of @@subject. I can say that I am happy with a global quality and enciphers that one a failure has been able to probably he fluke. Have upgraded My description of 2 to to the 4 stars likes them-me the answered there was also of a vendor that considers a a course has failed. It gives the graces for your worry and response. Shopping these again!
5 / 5 Debbi
This carabiner is a lot of fresco looking and a lot of sturdy. It calms that can use to hang your net, train of clip to the your harness to trace, hangs material around the your camping, and much more. They are closing like this calm does not have to that concern roughly accidentally losing anything. They are slightly main that carabiners could find in a hardware or camping tent and is to good sure to the hardest plot and solider.

That is not partorisca east sustaining the human on the add chasm, reefs, mountains, trees, or really anywhere. ANY to TRACE. These words esatte are stamped well in a carabiner, so that it does not have any excuse. These biners is strong and sturdy - far further some dollar-cube biner, but does not go to take the human grown full of falling. Some stairs carabiner is two times generally a measure and thickness of east a.
5 / 5 Magaly
Has required one of these for the long time. Constantly I lose my tones! Certainly I have not required 9 of them, but hey was the treat fantastic and am happy took it! These are well for forgetful people because I can so only his clip to the your tejanos or that the purse and calm do not owe that it researches endlessly for your tones (taste!). Also they close closed to twist a bit tube, so that they do not open unexpectedly. Ossia The really sure hook and would recommend for any one. Utilisation one on its own name every day, has given a to my dad, my mamma, sister of girl, etc. All the world loves him. Very convenient.
5 / 5 Pearle
These carabineers are adds! Ossia A second set of them that has bought. They are light and strong. I especially like a characteristic to close. I used him for so many purposes. Utilisation these to resist toys in a cage for my bird, to resist some finals of the coverage of shadow in my yard, to resist toys in a creature stroller, and more. Highly it recommends this product. Please the mark finds my useful description. Thank you So many!
4 / 5 Rogelio
Has taken these in a topmast today, and am enamoured already with them. They are light to the equal that are announced, but is quite sturdy much less. Also, as in some instructions would not owe that be used for anything concealed goes to pull or tug on the with sudden force. That has found tonight is that I am a lot of sturdy while has no sudden jerks or sudden force. This his perfect fact for tasks around a cochera or in a nave of storage or for sportsman and women. I also found that his fold on obviously fold a force. These go to be utmost to fish of magnet and other tasks in that adds of the sudden force is not the factor. And a final thing .... A craftsmanship is perfect.
5 / 5 Hanna
A mechanism to prójimo does not feel very strong, but partorisca my laws of purposes and did not fail me still. My primary use these is partorisca hang light objects of the z/of the rucksack with the Molle system.

UPDATE: that Adds a star because I have had these partorisca the pair of month now and continue doing a lot well. Besides, the service of client of some looks of company partorisca be a lot of proactive and useful. They achieved it it was mine unsolicited partorisca excusarse that one produces has not fulfilled my expectations, and is good to see that they are reading each description on here partorisca do sure that the clients are happy, as well as considering ours feedback.
4 / 5 Kasandra
Has loved an ease of these carabiners and use them daily. They are light and clip amiably UNTIL a characteristic to prójimo there is prendido entirely law inside the pair of month. Now it is hard to open and close of a characteristic to close leaves just slides freely. The desire had gone with the different a, am guessing a threading is so only economic. While it calms it is not him using súper regularly is probably well. Ossia With everything of them in some places have bought, consistently a threading the wears was and one the coverage to close only slide around.
4 / 5 Qiana
One feels of a lock and the cradle is not the confidence that inspires, but is light weight , reasonably durable, and very economic. I think that that they will be perfect to attach stock exchanges and things my kayak incase transmissions, but does not think is beefy enough to use them to attach straps to a kayak in my car.
5 / 5 Nicolette
Buys these to help ensure the kennel of our dog because it is a reincarnation of Houdini. They have resisted mostly on, but one some use in a door a dog has broken essentially. A hinge of cradle has results quite free and a mechanism to close is quite undressed. If the terrier can break it, would not dip too stress on that. In general it acts for our purposes, but would not use he for anything that would have to that absolutely trust the one of the east sturdiness.
4 / 5 Rebecka
Can not imagine out of that these are stops ... Really calm can any the confidence to do the task - will deform. I guess it uses him to resist tones, but any too many tones. Weights of ball, perhaps...
4 / 5 Sharee
Some law of coverages of sound, looks a lot of sturdy. I have bought these to use in the cabin (to ensure things in cradles and tubes, etc). They look to do the work adds, so only downside is a characteristic to close, resembles jam his on enough easily I of uses these coverages around sand. If calm so only are taking by other uses of basic annex concealed is not to approach the beach would recommend them. An another downside is that a headline of coverage is to come broken in mine pack so much storing them the joint is not quite like this easy to the equal that have expected. Otherwise The good cost for a prize.
4 / 5 Joaquina
A lot of sturdy and also hanged light. A mechanism to close will leave to good sure of then is screwed tight. You any is not to accustom the trace has supposed like this anything external of that is the good use for him. I took it demo unit and feel like these would do well to hang things in your rear band or anything concealed precise to be hanged and drop often.
4 / 5 Annelle
To the equal that has the curtain to rain that was too short for a shower, as we have had to that hang a cane on a tile. I have tried three other ideas to rid a curtain and was to fail it. Too short, has maintained to exit a cane, anything. As I have thought that in carabiners. Perfecto! No too heavy, and does not exit when you slide one curtain.
4 / 5 Colette
Total junk. A cradle in a clip of prime minister has failed inside a day. I scare to open a second a for anything more than taking the tone was or in a coverage. Appearances use these to also hang on loops of tape or shorts to release on spatial of pocket but does not want to risk a cradle that fails and that loses my tones.
5 / 5 Darrick
State by means of the little of them like this far. If it was not for a characteristic to close, these things would be worthless. A good prize, but a metal is average . Some cradles are feeble and pause easily. Still a lot usable with a screwing mechanism of lock. So only a lot of too hard ray or undress one that a hard way and is for this that am gone through the little like this quickly.
5 / 5 Margeret
Ossia An excellent carabinier. A ray partorisca close works quite well, and some looks of what whole and feels sturdy a durable. So only state using the weeks of pair now. I wished it sometimes it has been it bit it smaller for my purposes, but a lot all can be perfect. For a quality, ossia the prize adds !
4 / 5 Vida
A course of lock is class of free and does not remain where calm leave it (except all an enclosed way). I have used one of these to latch my waters of boat my rucksack and he have maintained to close he, included although I left it all a way unlocked. I have finalised to take a part of lock in a some have does not want to has closed.
5 / 5 Breanne
Seats these is perfect so that I require him sandbags of the mine tripod, to resupply better stability in of the windy days. These can easily sustains 10 or still 15 lb stock exchanges and when they are ensured fully he looks very strong. Happy purchased him. It has given also one my daughter, as it can hang his boat deports in his rucksack, which is another use adds for him.
5 / 5 Patrica
Use to hang material of my rear band and hang my lunch in some trees at night (stock exchange of bear). For these tasks are utmost. Any a lot of tension at all, perhaps 30 lbs cups. Could trust him still bite it more but very a lot. They are cheaply facts but that expects in this prize?
Like this, three stars for qualities but five stars for prizes. Four final bookmark launcher.
So only does not use him to resist anything those imports. It spends some real money for that.
4 / 5 Merna
Different the majority of clips of D Coverages, this has the twisty likes mechanism to take a clip on or era. For example yes calm the the clipping the door has closed is the little surer reason tuerces a part that usually clips. Yes, it is the little more work, but is good to know that it does not go to exit. You are this is not one the majority of concise description, but hopefully has taken a point by means of.
4 / 5 Joshua
Utmost clips For any external activity. Better that quality and force expected for a prize. I am using on boat, wheeler, and camping train. Good value.
Update: some clips closing the with the one of ray will run out of edge & be free when closing the clip but a clip still will remain functional & closed to the equal that has feigned. Revised to 4 stars.
4 / 5 Carey
Extremely light and useful weight. Has two in the each one of
My rucksacks and one in the fresh plus, with abundance more than leftover. The only reason for 4 star is is squeaky like this hell when that uses a lock of transfer.
5 / 5 Ailene
First use like extra clips for the light bungee coverage and two of three be has has used pulled averts down stress very small. Lock of ray a lot in fact does anything to help a force of a carabiner. To good sure any value a compraventa. Changed to galvanised carabiner coverages of Lowe is and has had a lot of @@subject.
4 / 5 Rana
Has bought these for my travesía to hike in a Glorious Canyon. They have done perfectly to close my material to anything has required. Easy to use, hanged very light, sturdy creation and material. Received more than able era to use and gave him to my friends. His all love too much.
5 / 5 Johnette
These are the element of economic novelty in better; something would find in the tent of dollar. A threaded lock of instrumented the mechanism is undressed and slides a lot on some edges yes is 'closed' or the no. has had to take a lock of ray totally of almost everything of them. These are for basically for light use - tones, the water bounced, rucksacks, lockers etc. (Any posted the picture that uses them for the curtain of shower - PERFECTA!) Masters the sturdy, prize, element that can for real lock and sustain cariche heavy, will owe paid for him.

Top Customer Reviews: Nite Ize CamJam XT ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5 Christel
Ossia So only a right measure calms already have the plot of 'junk' in yours car' box of reparation. Partorisca Some reason assumed it would come with cording--now know why is like this economic. I have bought finally a cording and work well. In spite of, it is not that easy to manoeuvre with the toe, which is partly like a rule this partorisca use.
4 / 5 Gloria
Has bought this partorisca substitute some economic straps and plastic clips that is coming with my chance of motorcycle. This product has used the loaded cradle cam partorisca do it easy the snug on a take-cord, maintains of coming free, and to the left release a tension easily. Yes, they are not economic, but different some plásticoes junk that has substituted, ossia the solid piece of crew that is done to last,,,,
4 / 5 Felicia
These are one of some handier things have not invented never! Bought 2 in walmart last year and has had to that take 2 more here. Need to dip on the clothesline or hang the tarp? Bond the bowline to two or more trees, serious by means of these bad boys in the tarp, quell'pulls tight instantly and is done! Like this useful
4 / 5 Andrea
after looking some video in stringing on the ridgeline using a Nite Ize cam, has very purchased. Ours last travesía to camp was, for far, an easy plus one in of the terms of places on our tents of net! Highly recommend!
4 / 5 Roland
Pocolos Heavy, but probably depends more in an use, and where calms that has to that presionar.
Also, the elements looked of another vendor have comprised the cord/of rope. You think it that it was reordering that there is before state. So much tent around.
4 / 5 Helena
Has not used these the plot - I supposition for my truck and to tight big coolers would owe that it has taken measures it the elder. They look good and for the small things are WELL. It likes-me the fattest cord.
4 / 5 Zula
These tools are perfect to leave in yours tarp or fly of rain for coverage of instant. They are sturdy, and ridged. I have used these to resist on the 30' canopy, in wind. Have Roughly 4 insiemi of 4. I maintain these have attached to all the train. The start was with 4 and discover his value.
4 / 5 Tisha
Has purchased these to dip on my tarp ridge line on my net while camping of rucksack. These are awesome! These produced is the transmission of game . Súper Easy to dip on, presiona, and go down. You recommend these to any one camping of net or tarp camping. There is a lot of video of Youtube that tip like this to use these and the one who reads sum.
5 / 5 Sherie
Any ray with more than economic plastic some take these and then STFU.
4 / 5 Esther
Better that has expected them. I do in an industry partorisca rig and use carabiners and to likes him to it all a big dollar Wichard material, but ossia awsome so that it is and to the equal that are by train partorisca the use. Very impressive.
5 / 5 Melda
After seeing these hooks in the Imposición of the local house has known could use these takes daily upload tiedown, this in spite of, goes partorisca almost $ 15. For half a prize found him here.

Strong, Sturdy and versatile.
5 / 5 Kristel
Has taken these to resist the net, and well of law, but has had a paracord fails on me. A CamJam nude a sheathing was a mark of paracord reason uses pressure to resist a cord like opposed to the knot. Another (in fact more economic) paracord looked to do well without being undressed. A material undressed it taken rave descriptions, but in this particular chance does not have on resisted well. You are TITÁN @ ONE THOUSAND-SPEC 550.

Modification: I have loved to add that you take two times a power to hold use in a configuration of the enclosed loop in a diagram has. In this configuration each cord spends the averages one load, one of some cords that is a one with a camjam has attached. I also bought different paracord.
4 / 5 Lashon
These things are to die stops . . . They are súper easy to use, really durable, and well has drawn. All the world-wide the one who saw to use them there is raves roughly his
5 / 5 Matilda
are not adds to join knots that self invernadero, and this a lot simplifies a process to ensure the bond of the mine kayak-line to my car for transport. LeGustado The like this, has bought the few pairs of a small plus CamJams for my box to camp is is a lot although any one a lot of load needs that it resists capacity.
4 / 5 Nana
Far upper to some plastic units. Works perfectly to ensure ropes of drives of my umbrella of beach to a sand in 40mph twenty Hawaiian.
4 / 5 Roscoe
Cam Is such the addition adds to regulate ropes of tent each tent would be necessary to comprise them . Nite Ize Does the quality cam ossia easy to use and also of confidence. TIP: it is better to measure on a cam that is to the edge stagnates it returning wise.
4 / 5 Romaine
Has bought two another sooner and has taken two more reason have been pleased with like this law. A bit heavy but sturdy and easy to use in a boat!
4 / 5 Vicente
Has bought two of these for my box of tool. It have not dipped to use, so only still, but to look likes will be handy. I will update when I dipped him to do.
4 / 5 Marchelle
They are horrible to join knots and there is squandered too much rope for that has to that cut my knot was partorisca download mine uploads. A rope has maintained so only take shorter and shorter! Found these in Supply of Tractor and gave him the try. You LOVE it! It controls one sure load and can presionar and loosen in wins. Commanded these I so that has a CamJam in the each final of my rope. Marcos hauling my easy canoe peasy!
5 / 5 Gabrielle
Has purchased this partorisca my dog. A rope has slipped out of this first thing time tried it and my dog almost has run to a street. You do not trust a grip but instead join join twist his if the life of your dog is at stake.
4 / 5 Tasia
These are some strong and big qualities clips. I have used to extend paracord by means of my backyard to hang the very weighed series of external lights. They resist like the field and can presionar a wise like hard as I can without any @@subject or give. Very good to have with the piece of rope, can hang
4 / 5 Sang
These are quite versatile the. For quite a lot of some times have been using Paracord for the majority of the mine that packs while hunting, fishing and was-adventures of street. I have found recently these while looking for another Nite Ize the produced and am very happy with buying them. They are very gone in handy! The only desire bought him much more punctual.
5 / 5 Nydia
Has used stirs it of these to resist near some upper pieces of our10x20 tent/of canopy that uses these and Paracord. Perfecto combo! Had the little old some and these are a newer version of them, the utmost law.
4 / 5 Lilli
Uses these with paracord to ensure small elements in the van. Surer that bungees, and much faster that messing with the truckers hitch. Well built, could have used measures it the smallest has one.
5 / 5 Vertie
Uses this to join down material in a backside of my car (2018 Subaru Crosstrek). I recommend neither ordering two or use jointly with the good quality karabiner.
5 / 5 Linsey
Uses this in my cochera of house with the come to the long of to close in the gas can, the law ADDS!!!!!!!!!! Utilisations another for just roughly anything, loves it!
5 / 5 Emmie
Has used this like the quickly regulate for my net tarp. He súper quickly and easy the tension a paracord.
5 / 5 Mafalda
That he Awesome idea ... I have taken 3 more after it has taken them one 1st a
absolutely would buy it again !
5 / 5 Manuela
Absolutely it wants to these. It uses him to setup my tarp. Calm once take a hang his, setup and desglosáis like this quickly and easy! To good sure recommend this to another.
5 / 5 Alicia
In fact has taken this measure for deception... I have wanted really a next measure arrives but there is not anything wrong with them. Measure to line smaller but a lot of fact and very good. Much easier to use to ensure load that ratcheting straps.
4 / 5 Verda
Easy to use & very convenient for lashing the cariche small law of truck.
5 / 5 Lizeth
Awesome To use with the cheat or net. It was easy to setup the line of type for my tent
4 / 5 Yang
has Bought these the cinch down canoe in car storm. It is like this to join pertinent knots, but these things are much faster and leave for easy presionando for a part of a street when things loosen up. It goes Boulder!
5 / 5 Criselda
These are perfect for so many applications. I use him to easily regulate sails of shadow in my rear yard. Joining and untying knots to finally regulate a place of sail is so only the big ache.
5 / 5 Pasty
Always am trying joins down tarps or very other applications in reference to try, sometimes take Free butwith this CamJam was anything is sure says sure. Utilisation to verify each pocolas miles to ensure mine uploads has been ensured. Now with a CamJam knows is sure and snug.
4 / 5 Pamelia
Using to help bond down bond and stern of kayaks in the storm of ceiling
4 / 5 Rema
These few Cams the locks are brilliant. They are perfect partorisca parachord. I have bought the pair partorisca camp and liked him has bought so much roughly 6 more. I use him partorisca join down some poles of a tarp in a zone of cookery. Having a cam the very easy fact partorisca regulate a tension in some poles, which regulates a tension in a tarp. It likes that they are all the metal and no of plastic parts reasons this the a lot of sturdy. More will last the long time.

I also use the together partorisca dip on lines of crosses among trees, any to dip on the line of clothes for elements to dry or to do in a summit of a tarp. A cam the very easy fact for presionar, where in a past would have joined the knot, he doing hard to tie up and included harder to a-do. Has all dip up drying lines, uploaded them with wet towels, so only to see them sag too much in habladores elements to slide to a half and force you to king-presionar a line. This the like this easy fact.

These are overkill for lines of support in of the tents. Calm could use him, but think that some the plastic versions smaller could be like this well unless you planned to be in wind really heavy.

Be conscious, has limitations in a diameter of wise can use with these. I think that that it is 2MM to 6MM. So many regular ropes no well. As I have mentioned sooner, Parachord does perfectly. Also be third a lot of conscious of parachord. A regular material sees in Imposición to House so only could have the force of 60 - 160lbs, where can buy you parachord on-line this locates to has a same diameter. It can be a difference among spending $ 3 partorisca 100ft vs $ 9 paralizaciones for $ 6 more reasons not taking something much stronger.

Has not tried using these to join down the elements in a ceiling rack (i.et. ladder Or our kayaks of sea) but could give try it. If has an epic fails, will be sure to update my description.

Like this with any cam or join you dipped out of your automobile to resist train down, mark to join them sure the knot of backup in an end of seal, that ensures a seal to a primary rope. It is in chance that the cam slips. I this today with my Thule straps. In 15 years of having elements like the kayaks in my car ceiling rack, had him slip twice. Usually because of taking wet and a cam a lot fully gripping a strap. A simple knot has saved everything. It likes to please has the backside-arrive knot for these hips.
4 / 5 Argelia
Uses these to quickly dipped on my guyline for my tarp when camping of the net and these are perfect for that. Having these in the each calm end leave to quickly and easily create a tarp as well as easily slide to a side or another without that has to that spend the time that actuates the knot. They have done perfectly with 550 paracord. Highly recommended.

Oh, And these do as well as the weight when that loves it launch the line in stirs it partorisca hang your lunch in the drought of stock exchange in country of bear.
4 / 5 Myrtice
Finally taken to use these during my last travesía to camp. It is gone in handy when pitching the line or using them with tent/tarp poles. The versions of metal are to good sure has to that weighed and the d recommends these versus some plastic versions.

Some “teeth” have taken control of the mine parachord with easy and included in of the windy conditions he never failed or lossened is grip . Included when the pitched the line of clothes for towel and wet cloths these never lossened. Although he , a process for presionar act perfectly, is a main reason has bought them these. Need to buy more than way that has so many useful applications
5 / 5 Keiko
possesses the little of these, his absolutely awesome to camp, kayaking or doing anything where could require dipped some good tension on some 550 cord or thin rope. It likes to use in the modified truckers hitch. With a 280lb uploads of work and a cam that bites exceptionally well to a boss/of the rope/of the cord/line you can dip some real tention where and when the precise more. So only be careful what tention in fact is dipping in your train with these. If has the calm economic material in fact could destroy he to dip the a lot of tension. Be familiarised with your train and is limitations because these pocolos writes a lot really have limitations!
4 / 5 Mozella
Has purchased takes to dip on tarps. Now it uses a when in slope feeds backpacking. They are utmost extremely light, and a carabiner access of section besides grommeted sections of tarps. I produce it adds.

If this description was useful to please to the left know me for clicking a “Useful” key under a description.
5 / 5 Elke
HAMS: Perfecto for Day of Field and provisional (or perhaps still permanent) use in your QTH.

Spent some of these, some bond of pet-down rays of earth, and stirs it of cord of the parachute and you can write any light antenna in of the minutes. No more than it tries to take a knot in precisely a right place.

No more finally taking a knot in precisely a right place, then discovering a next morning that the cord of parachute has extended.

Use on some types for my Hustler 6BTV, and has survived twenty big without question at all.
5 / 5 Alisa
Use these to dip the 5 feet Xmas wreath (very heavy) in a gable in a front of my house every year. Has two eyebolts trace in a gable that runs a rope by means of and attaches a rope to two points in a frame of aluminium of a wreath. Another end of the each wise raisin for two of these Camjams.

This leave to avert trace up in a 18-ft extension ladder while spending a heavy wreath. Simply I locate a ladder, run some two finals of rope by means of a eyebolts and then pull them by means of a camjams (which are ensured to the bond-down using a built-in carabiner clip). They are able to dip up and go down a wreath for has used to be the work of 2 people.

Has used my together original for five years is in like this well the form as when it marks-new. So that it is roughly 5-6 month of external use in time of winter that comprises (for me) so much rain and snow.

Highly recommend these...
5 / 5 Cherry
Used it to ensure the washing machine to the hand-held truck with Walmart paracord of a work dept. A cam to the jam has done extremely well although a cord has extended the bit more than me would have liked me. A configuration has ensured a washing machine a lot enough.

Has done very good to ensure a ridge line of @@tart @of mine. I have ordered 4 more for some flanges and 1 for my coverage of mosquito.
4 / 5 Phillip
This work with some small rope, but the big calms require it. They are done a lot well, has the coating to powder that looks really good. They are not for security, but to use to join down final of antenna partorisca amataure irradiate in the exercise of day of the field, is utmost. I use him with some really strong 1/8' rope of polyester, and resist it a lot well.
Is also good to join down other things, but yes calm leave them external in a rain, can take ugly fast. It was not this for the fact, but highly suspects that are well. A metal is league of aluminium , and take ugly fast has left external.
4 / 5 Olympia
Ossia Some knees of bee .
Took it after looking the video with him into use like the ridgeline for the tarp. Has has had to that the try was, happy has done!

Has said 280lbs in a side, while I do not know roughly that, certainly to the looks like could resist the plot. The ones of way that far has left it on a tarp in a AFrame configuration on he for 4 days directly, as well as has the hanged shoes and the stock exchange was the, 2 days with decent wind. Resisted tight without noticeable slippage or harm to a 550 cord. For a prize can choose on outside!

Top Customer Reviews: Grappling Hook ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Garnett
This hook can look the joke at the beginning is distant a lot the @@subject to laugh. Hooks like these was the mine has presented first he almost done 2 decades, and a for real have the tonne of uses. Ossia One of some hooks of the main quality has seen! It is stupid strong and bites down like the gator! I have used this hook to locate trees and rocks, repelling of big of things. .....But this hook aims his quality more when used for grabbing and balancing. Be 80 feet up in the tree in the free rope with the chainsaw is scary then begin to turn the bit and taking damn nightmarish! No with this type. Toss Goes to stirs it, presiona down and boom! No more transfer. And hell, leaves inclusas for more than pressure when doing a cut is locates to do in a first place! An only downside is that to recover the hook like this, the need taken to where a hook is. Value he this in spite of. You trust he with my I there is.
4 / 5 Krystina
Phenomenal !
Totally value of the money
Ive a lot of hooks extremes of backsides of a Ninja seen again of professional supply.
Ossia Solid construction , can be used with only one or two hooks have deploy to assist like this in increasing hooks in geles and snow, or hook so only two a lot of rappelling so much can relieve tension and attractive and possibly recover the hook has retreated well in descendant.
Quickly deploy an a lot of second to bend backup.
Im The big type one resists mine 290lbs any question.
4 / 5 Sara
Has not had an occasion to use this closing I so that it update my description after his first use. Slowly on using he for anchors it of rope of the net while it was in mine RZR in a big desert (any real tree anywhere, just rock). Bond a rope to this and bond a to a cage of a RZR, good to go. Esperanza laws, feels to like would have to that do perfectly.
4 / 5 Willodean
I like a solid and compact build. Utilisation for hauling wheels, mattresses, and carts of compraventas out of the local brook. My another bending grappling the hook bent and could not take one load. This one this strong abundance and tents easily.
4 / 5 Tomasa
Has estimated initially 2.5 stars (well 2 accident some works of Amazon of the way) NOW UPDATED To 4 stars:

When I have received a product, has had small divots in a cup; this in spite of, after communicating with a sender, is @to @give was the service of the client has oriented, and an extremely cosmetic harm was aesthetic only (does not affect an use of a grappling hook anything).
A fact has tried each first product to send tongue to his commitment in resupplying produced that read.
Is in a side a heavy plus, but a weight is perfect for my needs, and is so only quite weighed to not being struck for time. If you are looking for the backpacking/camping grappling hook, looks no further, and give this one shot it!
4 / 5 Era
This thing has acute flanges in a coverage to attach in an end of an iron. If it attach the Carabiner will be it has chewed up for this thing and evening or calm punctual will fall when it breaks. If you have dipped the rope in him this thing will chew on your rope. Considering a knurled fixture with a coverage to attach there is the void all a way around an iron where the looks was welded with empty in a material of base. I have contacted a vendor that sends some pictures and a vendor said me to the knots there is not any reason because this unit can not be used. Have Rappelled Professionally for my career and ossia in a lower thing has seen to date. If it do not estimate your security ossia the good compraventa , but yes calm worry you on falling avert this thing.
5 / 5 Marcus
Did not use It still for a purpose has taken partorisca, but his like this sturdy and well has done. They are happy ... Although I wish you are not that expensive. I seat like Batman so only for the resist ;) . It guesses no a lot of people really 'needs' this May ... It does not complain a compraventa. It is awesome!
For a way, his heavy and like a measure of 2 has beaten of soda (one on another). I thought that it that it was done in some the EUA but his facts in Cina... :( But still, you can say that it is a lot it has done it... Or ossia to the equal that feels at least. The mine does not have any defects.
Will update of the brakes of description ... But you do not look it steps.
Dipped to a test 100 in the week!
5 / 5 Mellie
After adding roughly 8-10 link of 3/8 canal this does a perfect JetSki still. Tried the in a sandbar and control two cars to go to derives in the out of going tide. Also it adds to the long of a rocky cost. Lite Hanged and easy to the tent was. A perfect PWC still.
5 / 5 Laveta
Has bought this to hook and appeal down stir died big and these works of what perfectly. Has pulled stir down manually and was with a help of mine ATV. The construction is to have to that heavy , very robust. A mechanism to close is the big diameter , irons threaded. I have added the drop of has lived loc-tite to give some edges some embrague, otherwise he loosens on enough easily.
5 / 5 Nancee
Has purchased this because it looks ordered, this thing is the solid pc of crew! Used for grabbing old limbs launched on side of hill to tug down to burn zone. It is quell'has bitten heavy but folds neatly, can be launched in the drawer of the box of tool.

Top Customer Reviews: MVZAWINO Locking ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Shanon
It uses this product in my tones like the keyring. Of then they are more durable that a cheaply has done some ossia partorisca keyrings, does not have to that lose my tones!
4 / 5 Kallie
Very better doing and the far lore of confidence that my old carabiner the clips have been. So only I use him partorisca dip my tones on but my old some always would open randomly when I have seated and would lose tones. These clips remain closed any @@subject that until me unlock him.
4 / 5 Emmanuel
Uses these to clip my tones to the beltloop. They are ridiculously on-engineered partorisca this purpose, but do really well. Any complaint after several weeks of daily use.
4 / 5 Melisa
A lot very partorisca a prize but be conscious that these are smaller that estandard' measure.
4 / 5 Joanna
Good creation, easy to operate.... Lasted after the hard bootcamp
4 / 5 Katia
has Had to that have these for the experience to repel during an emergency preparedness run. I can testify they have resisted to good sure my weight.

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