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5 / 5 Arie
With which look you a speaker will aim you partorisca install an application (iOS at least) and has done. Tried out of a EQ and something was was. I have behind attacked partorisca Regular and a speaker has gone back the life . Hmm, All was partorisca clash some bass and the triple like I reset a Fact of commission and has done partorisca grieve a sliders trace at all a thing has launched the limiter in me and has fallen a loudness instantly. It is the really aggressive limiter but if an aim is partorisca do sure never distort a speaker will achieve that in a committed to take a sound loves in a same volume. So much, you think that that your speaker touches calm, has touched probably a EQ. Dipped the backside to regulate and listen while stronger is.

A person of the audio in me says HANDS Of EU, but like the designer of product – ugh, the take. Majority never look, cure or think anything negative of his experience that uses it. It would say that last sentence is of entity to agree in your decision like this the speaker is extremely very built, the sound adds, floating and will not disappoint .

Docking The star for a heavy rid DSP when be used but if an update amena a capacity to go to a way advanced will change concealed.
5 / 5 Dustin
Grave toneless, the level of volume is a lot so only partorisca like this big . It is to good sure ANY VALUE a 200 prize of seal of dollar. When Turned some bass up in a bow, he so only done a muddy sound. There is no big thumping tomb with east, AT ALL. A quality of his this quite good. A life of battery is egregious. If it listen his in max volume a battery will last roughly 2 hours and 45 minutes.
5 / 5 Holley
Has bought this speaker to be used in the tailgate for the chance of university football of entity. It was well, it has fill a space with enough of the his (this in spite of likes to fill filled in, another tailgate the speakers finally could be listened), and has had qualities of audio quite good. This in spite of, of a crowd was like this big a volume has required to be maxed was. On 4 hours in, a speaker has died, and was incredibly ashamed and unbalanced, how were so only roughly halfway in ours tailgate. I can a lot reliably claims of EU of the confidence of battery, as I will not be that it substitutes this speaker with another of this company.
5 / 5 Zana
The tomb is not sum, looks quite flat, side of sounds, no too utmost. Think a main selling the point is a life of battery and waterproof.
My Sony SRS X5 is in fact in pair and concealed cost me $100 less, take a BOSE or perhaps the good Sony. A bit it disappointed it.
Also reason take one To the BOSS on device of audio, sometimes so only wants to touch something without a hassle of pairing (has Known roughly that before, feels worse now that knows that a sound are not to add this in spite of).
5 / 5 Lucilla
In full volume a speaker lasted for 3hrs more is not even strong compares to a JBL Xtreme which is very better. This speaker is not to value $ 200. I trust!
5 / 5 Lachelle
Has paid $ 200 dollars partorisca east with a promise of súper crisp sound with excellent base. I wasnt blown was with a quality of his, has admitted his well, but could be better. Where has failed really was a base . Other units I tried (in tending it to to him like him more buy and costco) has has had to that unit that has had record that has attacked he out of a park. This a lot he for me in some bass dept.

External of that, where these lacks is an ease of the external usability of an application and mobile phone. Be any to the in, and yes calm of the that has the esmart device' basically can not connect his (concealed has seen in all the chance). And the way of party looks limited and expensive (2 speakers in the $ 200 row, geesh).

External of that, this pocola what has done well for me on life of battery, and was very mobile, how is exited. Still for $ 200 I has been waiting for being blown was. It was really so only quite happy any to return a unit. The ones of the that has the real fame of reference to what these bluetooth the speakers would owe that sides, but spending $ 200 in the speaker that does well and no SÚPER DECEIVES ADDS is disappointing.
5 / 5 Benjamin
Has had the partner recommends this speaker of the mine and I have finalised to buy 2. With which 4 months of use, both speakers developed it noticeable quantities of sprain in a response of basses in 50 level of volume. I have called Logitech service of client, is spent an hour in a telephone with them, is gone through all a possible troubleshooting only to listen 'this is the known question , will substitute him'... So only with which 4 weeks to expect, does not have any substitutions. I have had to call behind and spend other 30 minutes in a telephone with the different rep, reexplaining my chance, so only to listen ' will go back yours'. I will not buy other Definite Ears or Logitech produced again.
5 / 5 Sol
Has listened the plot in a mark of definite ears and has loved to try it was on its own name. First of a creation is well with material adds. It has Had he for roughly 20+days now. The a firmware the update and everything is utmost until a fifth day has begun to take goes in to to the the song likes was skipping or of something has like this raw that that a battery has been in decline taste hooked on one uploads his and with which 10 minutes to touch he again likes I reset a speaker and tried it again after the pair of small he he again I so that they are stumped this time hopefully can help me with this subject.
4 / 5 Anamaria
Has has wanted to one the majority of definite laptop Bluetooth the speaker and I believe ossia. I have compared he with jbl uploads 3. A mega the looks of booms to have crisper highs and clear mids in full volume where so it uploads 3 distorts a bit in full volume especially with dinamic the music that touches. One uploads 3 taken a cake for low because of his duel passive radiators but on all a mega dose of the boom dipped out of the deep rich sound and I love it. More a mega the boom is like this lustrous
5 / 5 Stanley
has been disappointed with a megaboom 3 compared to a megaboom. A megaboom 3 has the main battery that any last 20+ hours. ( I have had two megaboom 3 east and is returned one for a life of poor battery. Also a megaboom 3 has Much less record then some normal megaboom. Has the plot his clear plus, which is well. So only it is that it disappoints that a megaboom 3 can not compare in life of battery of two megabooms ossia to the long of the old year. And all my speakers take used 8 hours the day, 5 days the week.
5 / 5 Williemae
I have used partorisca be the type of big Definite Ears of a aughts before they have been bought for Logitech those who killed his lines of better product and has substituted he with material likes... THIS. A tiresome photo of impossibly gleeful adult-the creatures that listens to the underwater music and having a time of his lives thanks to this f——speaker of g really taking cloying when it is printed on literally everything except a device he. But ossia Logitech partorisca you. Of all the things owe that complain roughly with this speaker, a sound is not one of them. The difference of his predecessors and the smallest cousins, a Megaboom 3 any summit out of some bass quite so when he otherwise be distorted. (Ossia One the majority of common bit of digital audio gimmickry to fool calm to think sounds “the clear crystal”.) Some people that complains in this speaker in these revises those who say that other frames are better is so only marks more notorious for “loudness fakery” to do a sound looks graver-heavy but is really so only slick estaca that accuses audio. It is hip of frames hop touch the little better but all more is the murky disorder. But I digress. This speaker everything of a digital trickery, sure, but at least an engine and real amplifier of the speaker is not rubbishes so that I more. It has touched System of the Down cranked in my fourth and has touched to surprise, especially compared to speaker of mine of leading Boom that a lot nicked of my cochera. Where A boo has abused to try produced screeching highs and thumping lows a Megaboom 3 has dominated. Of course it does not use any of a EQ tomfoolery and sinister touches like this near of as the music was engineered to touch and his just dandy. Well Then, his well: control.
A question with this speaker, likes everything of other speakers of EU, is a brain-interface of dead user and obnoxious feedback of audio that can you a lot properly regulate without cutting a device configs (purportedly). There is literally the only on/was transmission for all the feedback of audio. Wut? Any relative volume of the sounds of system has compared the music, or selection duquel the sounds want to listen and that some calm no, like this HORRIBLY OBNOXIOUS STRONG BEEP the fact concealed is stronger that a yes calm music accidentally sustains in in your volume on key? Of course each sound is like this strong as or stronger that one yours the music that touches. This are so only adds. Besides, you are listening the music by means of your iPad or iPhone, decides to insert little beeps for notification of sure feedback that never spend when calm so only is using your device without a speaker. It is horribly distracts it and unnecessary, but worse is that PRECISE feedback of the audio on yes wants to be able to Bluetooth connects his like this the feedback of audio is a volume of only feedback.

Ugh. Sad, has had the bit of the rant there.

Is hard reason think that that one breaks the decent sounds and almost value a prize, but a UI instruments in Logite... I Excuse me to me... The definite ears are clearly huffing painting smoke like each product they later the emission is even more unpleasant to use that a last. It does not leave a coked-looked adolescents with brilliant cloths , expensive printed in a box fool you.
4 / 5 Titus
Difficult to touch. ( It has bought included an additional touching cradle)
will not maintain the load of battery for the period of time has announced.
Quality of his horrible east, with to plot of vibration and sprain. (Still after regulating settings by means of an application of definite ears)

boasting 20 hours of time of battery, has has not resisted never the load for on 4 hours for me.. Ossia WHEN in fact it will take the load. I owe that unplug and replug several times for him partorisca take fast blinking and in fact begins to touch. For a prize, this quality of his of lacks of speaker and life of battery. It does not squander your money, this an is not to value of the money at all. I have listened $ 40 speakers that touch to better plot and would resist the load for days. Of course they are in that has it more and more questions with him of then is 31 days buys spent... If it would have been interior 30 days, this piece of craps would be returned without hesitation.
4 / 5 Denice
Has purchased recently this speaker to substitute a Ue Megaboom has had for the year that wont resists the load
has taken nowhere with technical support to the equal that have imagined anything so only will buy the new a. The new mark out of a box today, an application directed to update speaker of mine. An update the fried and will not turn on, will not touch , ,any reset. I have paid extra to ship to take it like this quickly like this possible. Now it has to that it expects 48 hours for me if to be agreed that will send me the box for the ship behind. That will owe them that it expects 7 to 10 days to ship. Honradamente Does not recommend .
5 / 5 Rena
A Megaboom 3 is the rugged, relatively waterproof speaker with the capacity of sound & adds to touch quite strong. It is not a portable small plus bluetooth there, but is the measure was still quite convenient to take to the long of on two travesías of skis with me this winter. I have purchased & it is returned 7 different laptop bluetooth external speakers a last year, & found this to be a better of one stirs..(Tried a Ue Wonderboom, diverse Altec-Lansing models, Bose & the another that has forgotten already some names).
Is not a model an economic plus there, but think that it has taken my money cost for one $ 200 I has paid. A bluetooth the row is is far better that some speakers priced until $ 100 or so many. It likes more bluetooth of devices, will take some something dead when that moving around interior & out of a house. But it is easy to do around that.
The characteristic so only does not like are always say me to download of an application & has connectivity of internet to use all is characteristic . I have not annoyed to download an application, & unworthy concealed, the one who always has connectivity of internet? Another that an annoying voice that say to do that, & an inability for the turn was without an application, has not had any question with him. To turn it was, simply takes mine bluetooth signal & some turns of speaker were less than 5 mintues later.
Like the life of battery, has had to goes for 6 or 7 hours in the moderate volume. Cant' Say that I have had he in maximum volume for more than the pair of hours, this in spite of.
All & all, ossia that the speaker really ADDS . It is not to perfect, but that it is? For me, I am loved has bought & uses it all a time.
4 / 5 Louise
Has loved the raincoat Bluetooth speaker for a zone grupal. As I have bought the big one in the tent of venue of big box, and was has disappointed entirely. It has done well enough, but it has not gone quite strong, included in maximum loudness. How it is it is returned concealed and has taken a MegaBoom 3 instead.

A MegaBoom 3 is Much smaller, this in spite of is Much stronger. Included outside, there is not dipping still the to maximum volume, and the listen well 150 feet were. And a sound is fantastic. There is not any front, like the sound is one same 360 terracings around a speaker. There is an application of Android that can turn a speaker on and was and calm points a state of battery. If you take more speakers, can join then in an application in the 'party' way.

Has two downsides to this speaker. In the first place, there is not any microphone, as I can not control my telephone of him or the use to do calls. As, it is uncomfortable to spend, of then does not have any boss, so only the loop of cloth in a cup. I have taken it carabiner boss that access so only by means of a loop, like this now spends it that it uses that boss (sees one has has attached pictures).
4 / 5 Suellen
This Megaboom 3 east in any one leaves to close to that Ue ANNOUNCES.
In the first place was, a soyegaboom' is not there. The basses am A lot until ports a global volume to 60. With which concealed, forget a quality of his, a crispiness of a sound, some frequencies of a lot of bass. That remains with east the jumbled disorder of sounds.
Besides, a EQ is not the real EQ. That listens for the transmission, touches more like this it compressor of band of the Frequency. If ports on grave, all some other frequencies 'disappear', exactly likes was to compress down to soyake of spatial' to some tomb so that a level of the energy of a signal remains one same.
Is the little has bitten roughly audio, will comprise that I am saying when calm try it you.

Finally, Megaboom 3 is not to value of the money. If it do not plan on tumbling your BT speaker in sand or launch he in a group, calm then will be more probably better was with the JBL. For a same money (or the little more), will take the very better sounds in general.
5 / 5 Jenni
The life of battery adds good-looking colour the fast amazing sound that the touches time the load of big quality has comprised. This was my first investment in the big-quality Bluetooth the speaker and are not disappointed. Probably skip a compraventa of a speaker of Next Generation, but probably will buy a a with which
4 / 5 Starla
A prime minister Megaboom 3 speaker there has been a subject with a life of battery has controlled. After using a speaker for an hour or like this, a software would indicate a battery was almost has died. It could connect some the Definite ears have distributed to touch boss and after the pocolos small, a software would indicate a speaker was touched fully, included when it has not been. If I have touched a speaker at night, again, a software would indicate a battery was in an end of life. I have contacted the Definite ear and send me to knots the yard and response of paste in the reboot procedure to try. I have decided that returns a speaker for the substitution. I seat but for an electronic device that sells for $ 200 and of the costs perhaps $ 30 to build in Cina, would not owe that have the known glitch. A speaker of the substitution has not had a subject same.

A speaker is quite strong for my use. I am not sure reason like this reviewers expected more volume of the rechargeable speaker. No, he no dipped out of a volume of mine 900 watt Denon receiver. Regarding a lack of low, I like my music that the natural sounds, any monotonous has beaten that some prefer. It has dipped a bow in a centre of a profit on all the frequencies.

Life of the battery is not alleged like this. For the half volume, has received 7.5 hours. In 3/4 volume, a life of battery is more like 6 hours. An only way could imagine 20 hours is has a volume instead a whole time.
4 / 5 Dorinda
Has bought this speaker because my partner has some originals megaboom, and has LOVED a quality of his that one has produced. This one east, in my opinion, included better. Any calm only volume to EQ a speaker to the yours to to that likes with a awesome Of APPLICATION of EU, but a incumplimiento preset out of a box is almost perfect. I 8 hours the day, and has been listening the music in the reasonable volume with this speaker for the week, and each day so only down roughly 10 in battery. I am surprised by this reason the majority of speakers very was last the plenaries 8 hours on battery. Finally, I love a creation of this speaker. 360 sounds of terracing with some easy to use keys. Yes, perhaps this speaker is Christ defender has based out of his keys of volume, but he súper easy to regulate. Also I love a fact that is ENTIRELY WATERPROOF and basically can swim with him, any that would recommend to swim with the speaker of this prize, but hey, that wants to do. The 10/10 recommends this to any in a fence. Has the Bose Soundlink 3 and I like this speaker sooooo much better. Sure a Bose has graver out of a box, but calm can not regulate any of a EQ settings in that a, and when the bass is cranked in this creature, is quite spectacular.
4 / 5 Glynis
Easily chargeable for USB directed, or with the power on the cradle has bought for separate, calm only grab a speaker and ALLER. Quality of his excellent 360 sound of terracing. I fill the room of measure of the half with ease. You can pair 2 like stereo, or until 150 with an application of party of the blockade. Water, Accident, and the resistant powder --they SAME FLOAT. Well for almost any occasion these speakers touch incredible, and take on upper of the small space also. I ADD with iPhones, almost any latency for the music or that looks the video is, film, etc. ( has bought this speaker of another source, but has bought a lot EU PRODUCED of Amazon also.)
5 / 5 Many
As I have required an external speaker partorisca a backyard and has not wanted to spend the plot of the money in the system has consecrated. Has a Bose SoundLink Portable+ Revolver for use of interior, and he a awesome does when it has tried in mine backyard. The question are has kid the one who will fall it, beat it on, leave it is gone in a rain, and like this on, as I have not wanted to expose a Bose to everything of this danger. After reading a lot of descriptions, has decided this Ue Megaboom 3 would be my next better option. After using a Bose previously to of the this, this has not lived until my expectations. A Megaboom 3 has decent big and mid-his of frequency, but some bass is a lot a lot lacking. To be version 3 of something has called soyegaboom' has expected the integer heck of the plot more. And yes, it has taken this new in retail box of Amazon pertinent, no the refurb or knockoff of the shady reseller. A question without in that has the plot of low is a music so only does not touch like this full or fleshed-was, how is class of feeble and disappoints it when listening to the majority of types of music, comprising pop, rock, classical hip , occasional hop, etc. For a cost of this speaker, has expected the better plot has compared to another bluetooth the speakers have listened for substantially less money.

If your aim is quality adds external music in the coverage, yard, or rear yard, I steer calms to a Bose SoundLink Portable+ Revolver, with a knowledge that is certainly more expensive and less rugged. If it calms that can maintain has on covered or take he in with you when you are fact , will be much happier that raisin of the extra money is one .

If your aim is ruggedness with an acceptable loss of low and the deepest music , richer, then this probably laws for you.

So that well, in fact am maintaining this unit of then in an end of a day I need something hard that will take to beat the, which expect that this will do (the time will say).
4 / 5 Bernita
Whose Shabby, a battery is a lot bad, and does not locate so as megabom 2 and has quality of worse audio
4 / 5 Kraig
In general touches well. Some bass is nowhere approach that has been expecting☹. Jbl Upload 3 And 4 has much graver thats that looking for you.... Utilisation for one of my works in the cookery how is no where the next main volume and he so only last 6-8hrs... One of some main reasons has taken this was for a life of battery😡. This was my
1.as the definite ears have produced, And now knows can any backup his claims

the only Good speaker any for one can do better..

...Update: A life of battery is well, thinks that is a wireless touching basic ,has said 100 plenary when his is not . I have had 30 place in wireless upload and in 3 mins has said 100, his no... The now hard battery that has feigned also has taken the little stronger after days of pair to touch
4 / 5 Dorine
the sound adds. Quality of the his wise the really is a lot good. But a life of battery is the shame . In max hard volume among 4 and 5 hours. In hard half volume the whole day.
4 / 5 Carmine
Pros: 360 his perfect. Much better external creation that leading megaboom. State using he for 5 hours today and is has lost so only 5 battery. It can take a lot strong without sprain.
Gilipollas: No like this far!
5 / 5 Irma
Buy both a megaboom 3 and boom 3 celebrate so it could synch his together and dip one in a rear porch and one in a cookery. They were quite easy to pair and create and running, but a row when 2 is linked is like this small is useless. We had him to knots <20 feet averts with the computer synched to them smack in some means, with direct line to plant to both, and they both cut was constantly.

Gone back a boom 3 and resisted to a megaboom 3 of then require the decent speaker anyways and spent it to a park to touch volleyball with friends. A bluetooth row for a speaker so only has not gone included long enough to leave for a speaker and telephone to be in some opposite ends of a coverage. Dipping bluetooth averts, a quality of his east orders (this in spite of no like this strong to the equal that have expected), but a life of battery in max the volume is averaging perhaps -4-5 hours for knots.
5 / 5 Laci
Jbl Extreme 2 $ 40 more 1000 better bought both to try them was like this better returning these. If they were like this $ 60 speakers then would be the shot adds but a prize For a quaility is not there there is disappointed extremely.
4 / 5 Latrice
A bit disappointed in this speaker. Has an a lot of first Boom of EU and has has wanted to all in that a. One would think that with a main measure that a sound would be better and stronger, concealed is not a chance. I do not see any difference among east and one first version smaller. This a does not have to that to any microphone likes him to him the version a. Like this far one the only plus is a canal of optional power . In general a prize was adds.
4 / 5 Lissette
The battery adds, thats a better thing in these. We take two of them, this and a Magenta T Mobile Edition, to use them paired on, as it has announced. Another takes in the discount. A MegaBoom has the decent sound, this in spite of, no like this strong likes charge 4 and when in the volume fill a difference is not noticeable, and one Uploads 4 this “ape”. One @subjects one the big plus is interference when connected in stereo way with another Megabooms, likes included when being goes in sprain of causes and subjects of connection, and a telephone disconnects although 40 feet out of a speaker, like this Bluetooth? Meh. Any value a $ IMO. Both MegaBooms has been exchanged, one for the Load 4 (better connectivity and enough his same) and another for the JBL Xtreme 2. If it calms master that the external use, does not recommend these. We take in the beach and one both of his neighbours was so only a lot quite strong and same wave of beach muffled a music. It likes, of any value he at all. The telephone is a iphone still reference. In general, some subjects of connectivities were a question a big plus , for a $ no the compraventa well. Also, if you have dipped he in a water to reproduce music until calm take it was, as some ads where can the to you sees immersed and touching? Lies.
4 / 5 Tawnya
Touches the better way that has any legislation to. It has been very said already roughly like this the speaker compares -a lot of favorably- against other portable speakers, but that roughly against bookshelf speakers? It is the alone source to the equal that will lose some of a diving take with stereo speakers. But it concealed it is not a point. To touch music while roasting or camping or something, will surprise you. Stereo bookshelf The speakers probably will touch better, but included could be missing some of some bass/mid the bass detail this thing gives -concealed is which well this thing is. When you Consider ossia speakers +amp+Bluetooth+the waterproof+battery, is an amazing product .
4 / 5 Arica
Like the judge partorisca begin audiophile tend to take my music very seriously. Especially like the defender of metal, a music duquel tends partorisca involve the plot of complex and several elements that goes in everything immediately inside the sound given, has learnt to really have the enthusiastic ear to the equal that to that it wants to listen it in the speaker. Taking to highly of dynamic music, the mine looks for the Bluetooth speaker that at least approaches to a quality of my Audio Technica ATH M50xs is the recent one and, unfortunately, a concealed did not give me any success like this far. A JBL Uploads 4, my last experience with the speaker (as well as the Load 3 before it concealed), was quite good and could manage the plot of volume, but always felt that a sound distorted the little bit when pressed on big (something that can be averted easily), and in my investigation, this particular speaker was considered often to be the 'big-finalise', 'prime', 'add touching' speaker, and in a chance a lot directly referenced the like this upper to one Uploads 3 and 4. Intrigued, has decided to invest in a.

Unfortunately, my experience is less be of 'big-finalise'. Taking spent the level to mean of sure volume for external use (I work an external warehouse with the plot of the cars that careers), a sound distorts strongly, especially in some lower frequencies, which is where goes to guess a speaker takes a name soyegaboom', reason he boom like the MF, but no in the GOOD way, reason in sure bass-the works of production have weighed on some albums some bass vibrates in the very unpleasant way that dressed an a bit of the speaker blown. That, in fact, has bought previously an out of eBay and was BLOWN incredibly when I took it. It is returned, and finding a lot with a same model, has touched the better plot in his. As I have imagined, and'know, so only has taken the bad unit, Ailing order the new mark a. But this one was to grieve still marginally better. Even toning Down to some rock and lighter of electronic music, which are also to, a sound still was to grieve salvageable, to a point where I almost wasnt enjoying listening his. And import you, all this also comprised tweaking a EQ settings, updating a software for a speaker (that has to that do with his application after the take calm so that you feign, use an Android), and FACTORY RESETTING The to try to fix the question to touch. It is so only when has a speaker for the half volume Or GO DOWN that begins to touch 'better'.

That me ameno to another subject of entity. A life of battery. The ones of the that knows that one extracted this thing is, but a first day after the fly has required the touch with which 4 hours. That, well, I didnt really the causes of priest knows to try a life of battery in these things with sure types of music in of the levels of sure volume, but to all the cost, concealed '20 battery of life of hours' claim? BFS, does not believe it , unless you go to be so only using he in slightly of low half volume, indoors, and still then his delicate. With which concealed, literally has used a speaker for 20 MINUTES and when be said 'critical battery, please load'. This was when I has discovered in a supposition estápuesta of solution of factory, but does not look for having done for me like this far.

According to that durability, his well. He withstands powder and contact of light water well. Which is honradamente an only real force can give this thing to arrive to this point.

His in timing like this cursed a day I never taken to audio of big final, reason when something is marketed that uper prime' and looks to take spent around like a word of Goddess, now has to that be wary that I compraventa and that sell-speak listen, reason which stage these types of the speakers these days is horrendous. This speaker could do with to heavy review, ESPECIALLY with a prize is asking. Im Justo happy I so only has taken one $ 175 red model, and a lot others $ 200 colours (reasons like this expensive???). At present taking support of client for a question of battery, but honradamente Im that goes to be returning this and looking for something more. This takes the no of me. It takes a JBL Uploads 4 master something looked in prize with the (a bit) better value for a money. One Uploads 4 is roughly $ 150, btw.

Thanks God/Satanás/Buda for policemen of turn.
5 / 5 Tari
Does not comprise some good descriptions in this terrible speaker. Ossia A third Bluetooth the speaker has purchased in some last 5 years. It is for far one the majority of expensive one has bought, and for far a quality of his WORSE. If the song has any one grave at all, calm can not listen on 50 volume. And it likes thumping of starts of sprain of the music roughly 25 volume. Any some the good descriptions are fake , or somehow any of them knows the one who the this of good sound... It would not use this speaker for the music yes has been the mine dates, really, really bad!
5 / 5 Cassaundra
Really there is not founding a lot in to the this speaker likes. When being new, a life of battery in the sake. But a paving of quality of the sound until your knots of volume on two thirds then is pure sprain especially in a low end. I have taken a time to delete Spotify and reload all playlists to see if this has done the same. Full joy rich tonal quality but has not found he in this speaker. I am not impressed with a volume neither. Better hope for you. Finally, one appoint the contradiction in of the terms.
4 / 5 Vera
Worse bluetooth the speaker trust , a quality of his terrible east. Better quality of the $5 speaker.
5 / 5 Meaghan
Was bit it disappointed with a MegaBoom 3. A quality of his is not that much better that a Boom 2 and some bass is the bit distorted. I have purchased 9 of some speakers of diverse EU on some years, my favourites so much is far be a Boom 2. I go to maintain a MegaBoom 3, but wish that was a ) stronger and b) has had better bass. Also, they are not the defender of some keys of enormous physical volume that is located now in a front of a speaker. I prefer a cleaner creation where some keys are in a backside of a speaker, out of view. Expensive accident he, all the world turns these on all a way A then calms no his tones never again because you can regulate a volume with your telephone. Please go back to the most cleaned look with some keys of physical volume have hid.
5 / 5 Lorinda
Are not the boss of basses, and totally prpers give Any one the small speaker is unable to produce some bass was like quell'speaker he big plus. But this speaker produces anything but he soyega' sound. It is totally well in a half of the table of cocktail to resupply background music; in fact, his sound of 360 terracings the field is perfect for this application. But this in spite of marginally trying girarprpers up has spent 50, some grave -- anything of him there is -- the results extremely have washed was.

His very disappointing quality that no alive until a megaboom moniker. In a side besides, a factor of vertical form are add, a sound of 360 terracings the field is perfect sure applications , and an application of mate is a lot convenient to control a speaker (comprising setting pre-place and fact of parametric commission equalizations).

So only chosen on the one of alike way-sized, similarly-priced JBL Upload 4. Perhaps the pocola main form, horizontal factor, his field of directional plus. But some bass in fact has presence. An enormous world of difference. Typical 'JBL his,' in the small container.
5 / 5 Sandra
Does not buy this product! They are in my third a now and have all there have been subjects of battery. I have bought a boom 2 the few weeks done, touched it and a battery has died after so only an hour of use. I sent it behind for the repayment and has ordered a boom 3. What same again, a battery has died after less than 2 hours of use. I have sent a boom three backside and has ordered a Megaboom 3. A Megaboom three has arrived today and will not upload against everything. Has has wanted to really one of these to do reasons like him to him a fashion and portability this in spite of severely is that lacking of in functionality. It would not squander your time with any of some products of EU.
5 / 5 Raphael
His amazing - extraordinarily spacious the data is so only the alone speaker. The bass is good and cleaned, highs is acute.
Useful application - the application the very easy fact to share speaker with friends, although for some users of iPhone he no sinister plough an application without the prime minister that connects to the speaker more than looking to join a party to exist session.

Was has concerned given a prize, but this thing has be worth it. I some long and odd hours and having some background music really helps one spends of time.
5 / 5 Lanita
Has bought this speaker mainly to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and the course of professional education has to that take by means of. As such, use a “leading clue” imagines like this strongly like “next clue”, and also strongly trust the capacity to rewind or first of fast (that controls a clue of the yours iPhone physical, this is to achieve to resist down an attacker or rear key). This in spite of, a magic “key so only” a key in a cup of a speaker that is supposition to control music of a speaker without requiring to access your device, can so only two thing - press once to touch or pause, tap two times to skip the next clue. Touching three times that at all; to read a page of support, results “the leading clue” is not the function in this device, anything others which partoriscano\of the game or the next clue have to that be facts of your device. Besides, more accessories that use this system\of calm of double triple\tap so only leaves you to resist a second (or third) touches down like the press for (respectively) rewind or first of fast inside the clue. Some supports of speaker neither of these neither. With a lot it likes me he would modify and update this description owes a costruttore corrects this and add any or everything of this characteristic in the update (the speaker can be update by means of an application).
5 / 5 Susy
As there is disappointed. I have possessed a model an old plus Megaboom and has has wanted to he for him is quality of his and life of battery. An only thing that has not done well was a iOS application. It was a lot of spotty and has taken for ever to turn a speaker in remotely. This new one has directed that like works of turns and good application in a speaker remotely a lot quickly but ossia for improvements. A quality of his of of the east an is not like this very like this older a, particularly with considerations the tomb. This new a does not have ANY GUT at all. It would have been happy to return this one and buy another older version for less than half a prize, but has taken rid of a packaging immediately. Big deception for my part. I have thought so only this would be an improvement . It saves money and take an old a.
5 / 5 Loren
Ossia One 2nd Megaboom has purchased, together with 2 another my parents have purchased, and wants to him to us. It spends mine in a river, for a group, in a boat, camping, and any and everywhere go in. I have not purchased a wireless to upload for one 3 this in spite of, but will be punctual. A battery in my prime minister is lasted roughly 3 years, until something has begun rattling in him and he have died. I want to connect it arrives him near to take inner of the his and out of a house that hangs parties, and an application is súper easy to use. A quality of his east orders, I bust some speakers in mine old on after the touch in max volume like this often but he still touched well in mid volume of row and strong with the light fuzz his. A Bluetooth works in the considerable distance with a measure of a speaker, is easy to connect to. I have left he in a rain to touch, has fallen he in a river, taken it mudding everything without subjects. My friends are also now purchasing some speakers in the so many can all connect also.
5 / 5 Victorina
A good:
- Clean and rugged creation
- EQ option
- frequencies extensions Detailed and a lot big
- strong Taking
- OTA firmware updates
- Wireless touching capacity

A bad:
- Any one registers down -65-70 Hz like the sound is flat and boring (although detailed)
- Any to the entrance
- No EQ if it do not use an application in the smartphone
- the keys are small and class of unintuitive

A iffy:
- This speaker is dipped ready partorisca low-light acoustical and vocal music. With low-heavy genders like EDM and hip-hop touches worse that economic $ 20 speakers of pocket, included with low in a EQ maxed was. You can any EQ down that a speaker can not reproduce.
- And of some bass is like this flat and has gone was will touch even worse alfresco.
- A 360 sound of terracing was the sham for me. The mine does not touch one same of all the sides and I clearly can say where an engine is.
- Of some controls of volume are in a side has to that grab a speaker to regulate a volume. It would have preferred some keys on I so that it can use so only the toe.
5 / 5 Tomasa
A lot fully comprise a capacity of a product until it download an application. An application setup was that it goes slowly, but once is dipped up is intuitive and a lot useful. A capacity to connect until 150 of these devices immediately, or to leave the multiude external to connect, is is characteristic better. The sound is excellent, and can regulate settings of the his by means of an application. There is also preset settings, also, for drop-heavy music (like an example). Highly recommend. It will be the gone-the present, especially reason some people of plus those who possess, of the calm more can him connect.
4 / 5 Donnetta
Possibly spent of audio I better there is never has done. First day has had this speaker has slipped to walk in the group that gives support; my tea of gel, iPad and speaker all has been to fly. A speaker sank to a fund. Assumed was the goner, but after shaking out of a water, has tried touch the and has done still! He in fact touched adds! It has to that way that be happy with him, has bought the second a for my woman. We listen to the variety of the music and this speaker can touch more all of him well, indoors and era .
5 / 5 Sara
My husband loves his new speaker has taken for Navidad. I have bought a wonderboom 2yrs done and touch the speaker adds and raisin with him all a time when it is out of working around a house or so only in slope out of outside to the equal that has thinks that that it would take the big one more than way that has taken a Megaboom 3. It has done well out of a box, was like this easy to connect and a sound is surprising! It has bought also a chance to spend or tent he in. Highly recommend this speaker or any of some speakers of Definite Ears. They are some better!
5 / 5 Kiana
Terrible product for a insanely big prize. It has had to that purchase this after the megaboom 2 I has possessed has broken with which roughly 8 month . Listened that this was new and has improved . Lasted 2 first month of sounds of the speaker entirely distorted . Any @@subject that level of his calm touch in the absolutely terrible sounds. Used daily partorisca podcasts and never took of a cradle (which has had to that be purchased for separate for even more money ). Not going to give this company more than my money.
4 / 5 Mellie
When you Think that that the speakers think Bose, jbl, Harmon Jarod , etc. has not listened never of speakers of definite wars. I have found that a mega boom 3 is in contention for some upper speakers right now. After doing roughly of my own investigation I finally decided to take it.

Has been using he for roughly 30 mins that touches several songs of rap, countries, edm, metal/of rock, and some diverse classics. I owe that say that I have not listened never quality to touch this clear in my life of any speaker. A quality and clearness is unrivaled. Now they are also the bass junkie that also head to me this compraventa. After touching music with of the variac. And of the intense drops are impressed. Memory of when I have had the 15” subwoofer in my car. They are more than satisfied and will recommend this speaker and of the products of definite ears to any and all the world. Calm will not complain this compraventa is a lot the music, bass, and qualities.
5 / 5 Era
The sound is fantastic, any @subject. The desire had bought this the fact for the moment.
My only disappointment is that it has it not coming with a stand uploads (anything concealed calls ). This would have to that be regulate. Still I love it.

Basic adds, can dip it anywhere, 360 sound are adds.

I experimented in my cochera: I dipped it/ I dipped it on a paving in the pocolos places, his add. It has dipped he on my deep ice cream and his add still.
5 / 5 Marcus
In his stronger is not a lot strong. Well For one the majority of part. Now a battery will not go in 40 same when I did not use it although it is plugged in. Included when it is used or any except plugged in does not go in 40. In fact when use while plugged in. A red light comes on and informs battery or low power.
4 / 5 Willodean
Has had the smallest version, older for the few years. Decided to buy a model a big plus. The sound is good and life of battery also. Using an application of the iPhone generally does well. With an application can add multiple speakers that is really fresh. Sometimes, there it looks to be some interference when listening to a speaker a small plus and a new main, EU Megaboom. Has update an application. It could have some class of interference in our house, i.et. . Lights, etc? In general, it would recommend. The sound is good and the portability is well.

Top Customer Reviews: Ultimate Ears Boom ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Shonna
A Good:
-Adds 360 sound of quality of terracing of jazz the hip hop (row of shows of the video of music)
-near Easy on
-Stylish creation and small impression like this incredibly portable
-float Really done (tried to bear launch he to a bathtub!)
-Test of drop (fallen he of 3 feet and any @@subject)
-the battery is lasted 12 hours in STRONG volume
-iOS the application is very drawn and the work adds with a speaker
-Firmware upgradable
-Can connect to other speakers of Booms by means of application

A Bad:
-touching costs partorisca jump $ 40 but so only can use a comprised micro boss of USB

An Inferior Line:
possesses a lot Bluetooth the speakers that comprises a Boom 2, Megaboom, Bang & Olufsen P6, and a BOSE Mixes. Of everything of these, this BOOM 3 really is a better everywhere Bluetooth speaker of this measure. Literally I take this with me throughout a place, can take he of my office to a beach literally. A quality of his utmost east and a meeting of low row is better that some another has mentioned on. It is stylish like this really can maintain in my office and is quite small to returned in my stock exchange. A speaker is almost indestructible to the equal that have tried really a floating capacity and work without subjects. It is also he tries to fall so it has fallen was a table of 3 feet and any subject (is also tries of powder). Considering life of battery, has taken 12 hours in the strong volume and he have taken roughly 2.5 hours for the full load of empty. Finally a iOS the application is a lot very drawn and he the easy fact to regulate a bow in a speaker. You can also hook until other speakers of Booms and also update a firmware. In general, you are looking for a better everywhere touching and take anywhere speaker, ossia!
4 / 5 Honey
Has bought this after doing the few hours of investigation for my waterproof speaker prójimo. I guess they are the relic like material some frames of basses have weighed for the less than neutral speaker and can in fact bondadoso to ruin an experience to listen. It downloads an application that goes with a speaker. A eq updates and easy pairing with Bluetooth or other telephones is the big plus . Investigation be built a lot well the only time will say on that one. Behind to a music. I have had jbl fugoo and the little another that will not mention they so that it was generally terrible. This speaker is the a lot of cleaner listens more than a vocals and class of instruments of sound. You can find boom of boom throughout. I listen to the plot of blues torch and singers of classical rock as not looking for a big thump. If you are interested to listen a music has reproduced enough a lot ossia the election adds . Any few speakers will not substitute never a house dips up but this one is a lot quite that goes to buy another to pair him. First produced of boom but will not be a last insurance.
4 / 5 Hortense
Has compared to the mine old plus Bose Soundlink Mini, was unimpressed with an out of-of-the-sound of boxes of a Boom 3. This in spite of, have downloaded once an application of corresponding Boom for iOS and has regulated some settings of profile of the sound, a quality of sound has improved considerably. Bluetooth The row is also feebler that a Bose, and prefers a heat and bass of a bidirectional Bose. Perhaps they are so only any one a buyer of aim for speakers of Definite Ears (any one precise 360-the floating waterproof terracing bluetooth speaker with soyagic' key and 'partyup' networking capacity). Also: I seat one $ 40 upcharge for a separate touching the cradle is the economic strategy . It would owe that be comprised with a speaker.
5 / 5 Tamesha
Has decided to trade measure for the little more quality of his and these to good sure does not disappoint . They are no audiophile but can say a difference among tones and pleasant balance and shrill or distorted some. Quality of his global excellent that varies of pop, metal, jazz, classical, hip hop. That marks this speaker especially awesome is that it calms that can fall, spear in a sand, the leave was when it rains.. I all these inside the week, and is still like new.
Easy to pair, but him him of the devices or of the multiple telephones that is linked his and calm love the transmission of a telephone to perceive external paste , need a Bluetooth key again, which felt.
Is looking for Something pleasant to hang of the z/of the small rucksack, this one is probably too heavy and big for that. It is to good sure the solid doubt. For toting around the stock exchange of beach, material in the headline of boat of the z/of the rucksack or the basket of bicycle, taking is one!
5 / 5 Gena
Has been dipping this speaker by means of his steps for any one last few hours and are has impressed really. Quality of his, control of water, and the quality of build is everything there. An application is very drawn, the pairing is quickly and easy, and bluetooth the row covers my whole paving.

Is of entity to comprise that calm does not go to take crazy sub tomb in this thing, but concealed is not that it is trying to do here. A thing I really has to that the rid arrest him of EU in this speaker is in planting to try to reproduce frequencies in these subordinated sub rows, has dipped obviously the hard shelf in a EQ that totally deletes these frequencies of a mix more than trying some small speakers in this unit try for him in all the chance. A lot another bluetooth the speakers have listened failure quite hard in that and arrival with sprain and the plot of muddiness in a low row been due to he. A tradeoff is that especially music of low end (specifically drum and bass, dubstep, 808 heavy hip hop and cheat, etc) is not that it goes to exactly of resplandor in this speaker.

That the sound adds, this in spite of, is so only roughly all more concealed does not trust sub tomb. Rock, jazz, metal, the majority of hip hop, more electronic, funk, r&b, podcasts, etc all touch really clear and have dynamic sum. This speaker is also able to go extremely strong. It could it does not take spent around 70 volume in my paving without him when being excessive, this in spite of a music has touched totally clear and free of same sprain when I cranked the.

Also, has spent he in a shower to try and he have taken wetted without @@subject and has dried was quickly.

So only has taken a speaker so that the time will say the one who of confidence is, but count me like this impressed. I am looking forward to taking this in floats of river the after state. Really happy that fact very electronic , waterproof is easily available now. This was for far one of a big plus that sells points of mine after a quality of sound.

Would owe that it has used USB C, ossia perhaps my main flu, are not me never concerned for micro USB.
5 / 5 Rachel
Listens mostly the jazz in a background while I am reading or in a web, usually in low volume - sometimes rock in of the strongest volumes. I have bought any number of speakers of blue tooth, like the hobby supposes, always investigations of this nirvana sound. They have varied of really small Fugoo units (with incredibly of his a lot of) to paired the paving that is auditorium behemoths that will blow your contacts were. IMO, A Boom of EU 3 is is not so only the good value, is superlative in his of low the big rows in easy and volume of half. I add for voice, hips, p. p.ej. Podcasts. Has 2 paired and probably will buy another pair (stereo is a lot) for another room.

Has tried recently a Ue Megablast and does not resist the sail to the crispness and row of a Boom 3 east. They are strong and have some characteristic of good control but for his, IMO one 3 is is a better for far, and uncannily a less expensive of on 10 other frames, until $ 300. Unless you are fill the big room with strong music would say that a Boom is a better speaker in him is portable class . It enjoys, and it does not concern roughly that loses any sound - pleasantly will listen it everything!
5 / 5 Rachelle
The quality adds. Amur A sound. I hang in the tree in centre of well all a way around.
4 / 5 Mi
For my purposes, ossia perfect!

These stays in my car for kayaking, sometimes biking when in the group, the party is, golfing, doing in a that takes.

Things I amour: a measure, a battery (usb C would have been has appreciated a lot!), Some controls, yes, he really floating (but a speaker is down water while he , no really usable in the group or spa) and look for be built A lot of SOLID.

A sound is the little better that half, and ossia of train of the compare to the better mine touching Sony and the a lot of very Bose that both stay in or near of a house. They are not the snob when it comes to portable speakers, the sound adds is successful has controlled under circumstances with a lot of better of crew, ossia well so that it is!

An application is well, but does not add to plot for me, can take the majority of some functions resupplies elsewhere, except a level of battery, good to verify first of the start was for the day or weekend.

An only small defect has found to the date is a lack to be able to answer the call of telephone with him. They are rasgado in that of entities of the characteristic that really is, but to seat likes that could have added and has maintained still his minimum, cleaned, controls a lot simple in touch.

Are a lot happy with this speaker and is class to result my gone-to, is beating out of the number of options a lot good!
4 / 5 Marica
Has has wanted to something small and convenient to take to the long of when I am doing external, like I googled 'better wireless speakers'. This one was near of a cup of a cast and was so only the little out of my estimativa, as I treated and took it. I have loved to be able to use a music in mine iPhone to drive something concealed has touched decent, and perhaps last the hours of pair among load. It has taken all concealed and more. In the first place it was, a sound is excellent. They are any audiophile, but I like clear music with decent bass. Taken the, everything of him. I have been stunned in credit it these sounds of what when I began it in the first place up. It is a measure of the stinkin' tin to Commit cleanser, for the sake of the hell, and sounds almost like this well likes stereo in my truck. ( It is the good truck , trust) And that two game of time of now? I have while taken nine hours of time of game that read in a cochera. My iPhone impressed also, runs over it 5 hours that feeds bluetooth to a Boom. Really pleased with this product, and sincerely recommend it.
5 / 5 Jama
I stay in of the hires and of the hotels to plot while fulfilling up with out the friends of cities have bought like this this of then is easily portable. It has looked for something concealed the better sounds that the clock of alarm of the hotel or speaker of mobile phone. I have begun to leave he in my bath in home too and listening the music when rig. This speaker does not go to substitute your system of the his in a living room or anything but he would be good to camp or the walk of kayak perhaps. I have not tried it is it holds to water still but looks to be enough there is sealed well. It is an only device I own that still uses the micro-usb but those are still quite prevalent.
5 / 5 Thora
A Boom 3 want to you partorisca launch an application every time connects to a Boom 3. A vast majority of a calm time of any or need to open an application. A question is that a boom 3 intrusively the music of pauses partorisca adapt enables an application and he remains in the pause after a memory would be that big of an inconvenience agreed immediately. Attended the good 15-20 first second to adapt you and that takes a music, this in spite of This bad is half way by means of a room or busy that does an activity when you owe that go back, unlock your telephone and begin a music again.....

The doesnt Look the defect of entity but his enough of a degradation that loves toss he in some rubbishes every time spends. I cant the be when the costruttore calm annoying to actuate the useless and yes calm application of the that, penalises/to annoy you. It would go back to a Bose the unit has it wasnt in his death does not buy another device of Boom.
4 / 5 Fritz
Has been rasgado go in east and a Bose Mixes +, but could not justify a prize of a Bose. Has another SPEAKER of EU in fact several years (the Boom of prime minister, create) and still laws perfectly and touches excellent to the equal that have decided to stick with EU and am happy has done. A Bose sounds never like this slightly better, but is so only concealed--never like this light. You can regulate the sound of a Boom in an application of EU, this in spite of, as I do not seat to like lacking was on anything.
A capacity to press and resist a soyagic key' (inserts/inserts circle of eye) to automatically to start with and of class by means of pre-selected playlists is quite nifty.
Particularly like that quickly EU the products turn on and pair. To good sure would recommend this!
4 / 5 Mel
Quality of audio very disappointing! The sound is slightly muffled, that lacking of highs, and slightly distorted. Also, a bluetooth the pairing is unreliable to the equal that moves of a device to another for him if both signals are present. It would not buy again!
4 / 5 Peg
Is looking to have this distributes your backyard with music all day, look elsewhere. We begin a day with the fully touched speaker, and in the big volume, is lasted so only 3 hours. We think that that we have had perhaps the defective speaker, as we purchase another and a same thing am spent. Any one has said that this hard for 15 hours among cariche owe that have he in a possible volume lower. Very disappointing of the sound and reward it are utmost.
5 / 5 Tegan
At present possesses the boom 3 and the megaboom 3 . When Have in the first place purchased my boom 3 I was quite happy with him, as I have invested in the upload base for him. One uploads the base there is prendido to do after approx 45 days. With which less than 1 year to use has begun to remark subjects with qualities of his in my boom of prime minister 3 (mostly sprain in general decibel). Like the defender of long time, and client of Logitech produced, tried to convince that simply it has asked too much of such the small speaker. While it achieves his More adds them without giving up in a Mark totally, has purchased also the megaboom 3. It has been disappointed immediately with a megaboom 3 like the standalone has produced. The quality of his this very poor compared to other speakers demo'and for acquaintances and any sound even like this well likes boom3 has behind fact when it was new. Certainly have it more the available bass, but touches absurd and entirely a lot-representative of a real music. Besides, questions with the application of telephone of a costruttore continuous be the source of constant frustration. A volume of only time his decent out of Any of mine two speakers now is if they are both paired on and celebrate ' arrive' way, which is the enormous inconvenience reason an application is like this buggy and a lot always have room in my train for both speakers.
Was again in a phase for one or possibly two raincoat Bluetooth the speakers would try a lot another the Logitech, and absolutely will do like this in a future.
4 / 5 Rich
A good: his Strong and clear, life of excellent battery and waterproofing. It would be good to touch strong in beach or poolside.

A bad: No his very good quality or tomb. Bose Bluetooth The speakers have touched he fact very better 5 years. Marcos the strong, obnoxious drumbeat his in being able to up, Bluetooth on/was and can was. He the mark to turn in soft music in work or house without scaring any or wake a lot up. You can any one to my knowledge disables this terrible sound. Interior in of the lowest volumes a quality of his east classifies of tinny/droning and annoying.
4 / 5 Clinton
Has admitted, has the Harmon Kardon transports stereo this costs much more that this, but mine $ 100 2.0 Bose speakers I discharges in touching very better that this thing. True, those are less portable the and require the source to be able to, but really does not see I using this another that to go to a beach or something where does not concern me taking has beaten on has bitten it. The bass is so only a lot down enough in 90hz for me. Any one has he @@give the to him was that big. So only ruggedness and the portability is big here. If it love his plenary, will have to go with something more. I have been for a Bang and Olufsen Beolit 17 for use of main house how is 37hz-able.
5 / 5 Vonda
Was able to pair this device with my mobile phone bluetooth connection in of the seconds. An audio is excellent in a speaker. I then tried for an hour, for the link my Amazon Alexa and Points to Echo to any avail. At all I can take this device seen for Alexa. This was my only purpose to buy this bluetooth speaker. Now I hate that probably I owe that it sends behind, but it has loved so only he for use with Alexa. That the bummer.
4 / 5 Lynelle
Has bought the wonderboom2 (wb2) and the boom3(b3) thinking they both have uses of different/purposes in of the different locations he so that it has taken to compare them side for side. A boom3 is a lot of underwhelming when the side compared for side with a wonderboom2. I will begin it it has gone by saying everything of my commentaries roughly the the audio is AFTER Dling an application and touching with a EQ settings but to be sincere in almost all the chances a incumplimiento has touched a better in all the chance. For the chance that looks some bass in a b3 EQ looked his in fact turns down a triple how was the tradeoff. An audio of a b3 sounds muted/dull while a wb2 is more brilliant. Has not founding any significant different in volume or tomb (the wb2 in fact could be better for low). In general a wb2 is the better speaker. An only way could recommend a b3 is has required a slender plus but the longest profile, a life of the longest battery, or a thing of way of the party with more than 2 speakers (the wb2 supports 2) which have read any work well in all the chance.

Loves quality of good audio and to save the money goes for a WB2.
5 / 5 Synthia
Was very excited to receive this Boom 3 speaker, but is remained down. It has done for the few hours, is strong but has expected them qualities of better audio. Perhaps all a hype has built around on the big expectation.
Anyways, when I Have been to change a name of my speaker in an easy-to-application of use, my bluetooth the no longer founds to dip my speaker & a speaker will not turn era. I have tried resetting he the long & no . I included turned of my telephone.
Other sounds of a speaker like a beeping when that resists a ‘volume down' the key down will exit of a speaker, & also a daughter that say that it is 100 has touched. I go to return this speaker & finds the new a. It is Sunday & does not go to expect until tomorrow to speak to the representative of service of the client because I create does not have to that it has experienced any questions with any first few hours.
5 / 5 Alline
Ossia Mine 1st never 'BOOM' the speaker has has not possessed never. Mina personally this speaker is magic. A loudness is on point, everything is really clear and crisp. I am using a LG Stylo 4 and both an application and the response of speaker perfectly when I change songs using my telephone or soyagic key' to also of pause and of music of film of game. The only thing are quell'has bitten disappointed is a fact does not come with the brick of power to touch he with, so only comes with the USB uploads. Finally a life of battery on he isnt that is to announce in the full load, bouncing of the 30-75 volume is taking 8-9hours of life of battery. But partorisca me personally ossia still a lot a lot good. I mean leats be real. It does not think calm would be partorisca use he partorisca 15hours has left so only 10hr directly. My results were partorisca try. Partorisca Do this description. Like another that that adds a lot of touching speaker.
5 / 5 Kasie
When it Is stationary in the room, this speaker are adds. This in spite of, I mainly purchased partorisca connect a lot of these speakers in of the bicycles while they locate. Some works of pairing, but once some speakers are 15 feet more was, begins partorisca close down quite bad. Total bummer. Once again, you are looking for stationary speakers, this would have to that be add. But no really that would love use in the walk of bicycle.
5 / 5 Casimira
Update: I achieved it it was to sustain weeks with which some questions. They have refused to help. I achieved it it was in Gentleman Darnell, the big shot, both and his assistant has refused to take or return my calls. Habladuría I real clients? Too much of entity. They have maintained to touch me on any squeeky type in the Phillipines centre of call. (Quell'Hate concealed) To the equal that would suggest that you want to buy the speaker and calm loves It last like this fiancé and maintain when it fails EU (Logitech) is the company would owe that avert.
Has had the pocolos produced of EU. Really it likes the one who solidly is built. His add. Amur That can turn it on an application when it is was. I did not have it a lot long or it used it roughly and already it has 2 small tears in a coverage of cloth. In my opinion this coverage would owe that be damn near indestructible. As this me sad. Otherwise The speaker adds. The battery does not look like this long that hard as it has alleged.
4 / 5 Alfonso
This speaker absolutely is in amazing! I want to one everywhere his and how is almost indestructible. It had taken the economic speaker the while behind (Tribit Xsound Goes) and sadly has fallen to a water and I has not been able of the find. My Mamma there is Bose SoundLink Micro and has the sound adds but is does not have all-around the his (touch it quite a lot of shoots directly on). For a measure and the prize is quite good but wants to have quality and his best to good sure would take east a. Has has had not even he for the full day and I fell it accidentally 3 feet of the window ledge and was entirely well, clumsy me. It can go extremely strong and touches really easily, has taken roughly 20 minutes, perhaps faster, for him to touch of 40 to 60. I have not discovered any one failures still so that it does not have a lot of gilipollas. I definately recommend this speaker!!!
4 / 5 Chris
A Battery in this Boom of EU 3 has DIED with which 3 month. That the piece of junk. Mina JBL Toe 4 has been purchased in Dec. 2018 and still has a life of amazing battery and is going strong. Wow, it liked really of a Sound of a Boom 3 for Music of Pop, music of Theatre and classical, but unless a company agrees to immediately repayment or send he the mark produces new, will not buy never the products of EU again. More to come I like this do my claim for the turn. This compraventa has been fulfilled for Amazon. To the amazon would owe that behind all the electronic products for a year of a date of compraventa.
4 / 5 Adelia
Boom of EU 3 is an amazing small bluetooth speaker. For east measures , a sound is spectacular and can fill the small room, or zone grupal or picnic. Raincoat, Yes also powder and impact resistant and FLOATING. It can the pair to the together likes stereo, or until 150 Boom or Megaboom speakers for his of of big party. Honradamente, For music, audible books, or podcasts and films this sound ADDS! To the good calm insurance will not be disappointed with your compraventa, and probably will finalise to buy more likes he has. They will return in your rucksack, clip to the bicycle, almost anything still down in the stop of sound of utmost shower.
5 / 5 Scot
Has done well a first month. Maintaining 2.5 month in, this produced, fully touched, resists the load for roughly 1.5 hours. Any one acceptable. Worse product that has not bought never on Amazon.
4 / 5 Eugena
A Boom of EU 3 places his application in a forefront but an application simply is not on the dot. It fails to see your speaker has connected more often that no. Felizmente, calm do not require it unless you want to use “join a party.” Another that a woeful application a sound of speaker adds.
5 / 5 Dani
Enjoys a BOOM 3 I has ordered a lot together with a fact is for behind compatible with some versions of LEADING BOOM where a BOOM 2 is is not . You can sync to plot of these together with an application of EU to listen the music and podcasts around your house like calm other things or take them external. They are hard. I have it that has not tried never his waterproof claim another that that takes sprinkled in outside. It would prefer a BOOM 3 has had the resemblance touching port and threaded ray in a fund likes one 2 east but there is the loop to attach it carabiner to at least. These are to good sure value of the money of mine like some batteries also last diverse days or an evening discovers of strong game.
4 / 5 Denisse
The amazing sound remained with excellent connectability. It combines this with his stand to touch, and is a better BT the unit has dipped my hands on, and has possessed 4 to 5 another.
4 / 5 Joane
Travesía So that alive partorisca abhor it earbuds, like this ossia a mate of travesía perfect partorisca a chamber of hotel and connects to the mine iPhone although Bluetooth and an application is highly intuitive.

Touches by means of any source of his, without that has to that necessarily melt with an application. A “playlist” the setting in some looks of application partorisca limit, but can touch any resource by means of a Bluetooth connection this in spite of controls a volume by means of an application.

A quality of his this very good and is so only a right quantity partorisca a chamber of hotel or house in a cookery, office, or chamber.
4 / 5 Delphine
Was skeptical to buy of pieces of the professional description recommended this speaker but an Amazon reviewers looked the refute concealed. But like any the one who is very conscious of quality of his, am satisfied with east. I mean, calm no dual volume stereo speakers, but the suppositions concealed is normal partorisca Bluetooth portable speakers. The hard battery long. Strong taking. Well it is having access to a bow in an application. The colour has lived is súper rad and almost looks iridescent.
4 / 5 Lenna
Ossia The very good and versatile speaker . One 360° his really fill a room indoors and leaves all the world-wide to listen an external music. A bow in an application the easy fact to regulate a speaker for different phases like this of the smallest spaces also. A life of battery is announced like this. It is also very durable and is for real tries water until his indication, has tried this in a shower and in a group. A quality of his this very good and can take really strong with small to any sprain of sound. An only question has with this that are really lack in a department of basses, calm so only of those who takes that the real bass feel at all. Saying this this in spite of is the speaker adds for a point of prize and yes calm worry you more in a music that touch well in of the really big volumes, durability, portablitilty and when being able to entertain all the world in a zone equally more than the low east is the compraventa well .
4 / 5 Maybell
Life of poor battery, tries to contact logitech and so only me hard reset a speaker,
has TOUCHED FULLY a speaker roughly 6 times and is lasted so only an average of 3.5 hours, very disappointing.
4 / 5 Lee
Loves this speaker. His add, easy to take anywhere and good to any to concern roughly to to the water likes them the rain or splashes the effecting. UPDATE: touching the boss there is prendido to do so only on 90 days of time of compraventa. Called to see yes could take the load has substituted. Any fact with has declared that the timeframe of turn had spent. It could return a speaker and boss and pay it restocking cost. Any interest in doing that. It was it has had to that to return to upload and paid restocking cost but any fact with him has not comprised. I love a product but wheel to sustain something raisin. Has the little of these speakers without subjects. Justo painful that the support is not better. 🤨
5 / 5 Lanelle
Unfortunately the mine is to come used. A box has not looked unopened but has required a speaker for one the travesía has taken grieves. A speaker there is not coming with the brick to be able to or usb the boss but concealed has not been that big one @subjects of then have a lot of transmissions.

The subject real only was that sometimes when I press a minus key in a speaker to go down a volume, taking stuck and so dumb a speaker until manually I create a volume again. Again any one the subject massive of then can change volume by means of my telephone but still.

The speaker adds, so only does sure calm does not take the used one! And although calm , the returns are always hassle the release alive near of a centre of amazon!
5 / 5 Jeniffer
One very very good Bluetooth speaker. Any only is a sound a lot of crisp and strong for a measure of him, but is really portable. Really it likes like this it is of test of water . It is fresh. A quality of his of this Ue the BOOM is one of a More there are them never has listened. Sadly I have had the Bose, and crude that would be strong and well, but can go the sure volume until it begins to touch faint . But this a really takes out of a park. I touch music daily, house. A room is going to hump and transmission to a music. It is not same full volume and still touches strong. The time loves music, the motivational tongue, or listen to some heavy rain and meditate on stillness with your brain. Ossia To good sure some speakers to take.
4 / 5 Lorenza
Has used this newspaper took it of then! It is súper portable, a Bluetooth row of the distance to my telephone is awesome! It looks to be quite hard and could withstand some travesía and alfresco - I has not tried waterproof or things of this character as it concealed to scare me. But taking quite strong for suns or small chances. Quality of his east well for the laptop mini speaker, he no rival my Sleeps but ossia the totally different type of speaker for my house. It would buy again.
4 / 5 Lynsey
Rubbish. Quality of his poor east; crappy basic. It goes with a Mega Boom and spend this an up. Or a Boom is better that this thing for half a prize. It looks solid and has life of battery quite well can live with a quality of his mediocre.
4 / 5 Tobias
I really liked a quality of his of this speaker and he waters looked to good sure-resistant, but the mine is broken already with which a lot, use very light (-10 -20 minutes once the week). A soyagic' the key is a lot last to press down, and of controls a skip the clue are really annoying to have that presses the key two times to go to a next song. There have it also the bit of the delay of when you skip a clue to a next clue that has not seen with another (a lot) the most economic speakers. Also,
is not never able state to in fact use a magic key in spite of active has authorised a speaker in Alexa and application of BOOM. Something could live with (and have, has bought of then he), but a fact that is broken after minimum use more a defect of serious drawing in a magic key/skip the difficulty of clue say ossia so only any value of the money. Taking roughly another more economic and easier that use speaker.
4 / 5 Lu
I have had a Boom 2 of a start on until it has taken flown and has decided them the upgrade to a 3. With one 2, has had some usually subjects of connectivities when my telephone was in my pocket but touched in quickly all a time and took it on a river and has had a lot of @@subject. I have not had this thing long and did not take it was anywhere and has has not pressed never he anywhere the full volume prójimo and a speaker is blown already. I have changed EQ settings and maintain it updated with an application. Included when it is in volume under all can direct on is that sad sad crackling.

Modification: With which immediately contacting a vendor deny to us return it but I conacted EU directly and had send the video partorisca try a @@subject and has taken the substitution out of ASAP. It has Had it subjects of zeros and his service of direct client is something on!
5 / 5 Parthenia
Quality of his east sub pair. It is not terrible, but the plot of some bass feels muted, and a highs takes crunchy of the volume is for the half way. Any value a prize unless calm really need something light and rugged, perhaps like for backpacking. An also exited speaker of a box that commits a a sinned will not forgive never the Bluetooth speaker partorisca do. It touches effects of the his still to the different functions likes them to them the pairing or of the volume, and same voice, and settings of the volume does not affect the one who strong some effects of sound are. So that it calms to require it calm late at night when another is sleeping, calms that can turn was, but so only install an application. Felizmente Ossia Permanent.
5 / 5 Charlesetta
Ossia The substitution partorisca the course of EU 2. Utilisation likes him the speaker of shower or the speaker of of the bath would owe that say. It is the bit of a overkill partorisca my uses. A career of EU 2 has done bit it better. But there is the sound of the monster exited of one this speaker.
4 / 5 Brigid
The sound adds, and a sound spends extremely well partorisca his measure. I left it touching music partorisca hours at the end and have never has run in fact he out of battery (I discharges he in with which the session of long music). It has debated this among a MegaBOOM 3 and really an only difference has read roughly was volume (he MegaBOOM 3 is stronger, main and more expensive) and there is still still to find the situation where this has not gone quite strong. I can not say it has it it has used fully his waterproof characteristic but I love a peace of alcohol to be able to use he in a shower or another big moisture half half without concerning roughly that. This has said that that has been cautioned any to fully submerge he more than the foot of the water or he will touch has bitten it wonky until fully it was dry. I have thought initially a prize was has bitten it empinado but has has not complained never my decision to buy a BOOM 3. In general I am pleased extremely and would recommend 100!
4 / 5 Zackary
Are the connoisseur of enormous speaker . Has speakers varying of Bose speakers of entertainment of the vintage to speakers of production of the music and everything go in. I have been using boom of mine of EU (the original version) and is lasted several years. I have left it sinks to a fund of lakes and groups multiple time to verify a durability and quality of some port coverages and surprisingly, he still to to the works like is of the new mark. The 10/10 cost any do any for EU.
4 / 5 Shari
Has bought this to take cruising in the catamaran. It has survived So only five outings, and those were some only times have been used. In a sixth outing, was has touched fully a leading night and when I have pressed a key for the turn on, at all is spent. I have thought perhaps I did not touch it enough or I he wrongly, as I touched it again and has done sure a light was on. But, still at all--no the tone or any of of the operation spends when a key is pressed. Please advise in my options.
5 / 5 Debra
A speaker has done like this well for roughly 4 month. A quality of his and a durability was very first. This in spite of, with which around a 4 mark of month, has begun partorisca remark the a lot of noticeable static noise when a volume has taken the little elder of bit that usual. For example, when a song achieves climax or yes simply turns it on main. I have contacted Logitech support by means of email roughly 5 times in a course of 3 month to ask them to solve this @@subject but has listened absolutely zero of them. I am impacted that the renowned company like Logitech would have this atrocious level of support of client. To good sure not purchasing anything Logitech or definite ears again.
4 / 5 Latoya
Has bought these am exited of then with some premiers an and in the has not been quality of his disappointed is the order is built to last and a life of battery is fantastic if you are in a phase for the speaker would be it fool any to buy is a
5 / 5 Vina
really love this portable speaker! Sometimes it would have question with a connectivity in mine Bose SoundLink Mini but has has not had never a subject with a UE3. He emits his rich , beautiful of the each corner and comes with an application has associated that calm leave you to change some settings of bow. I have not tried some capacities of control of the water and have any plan to. This in spite of, is comforting to know that a rain begins to fall and taking wet, still would owe that do like this feigned that. This speaker will fill the whole room. I had it touching in my chamber of hotel and included could listen he with an enclosed door in a hotel hallway. Very happy with cost of mine!
5 / 5 Kelly
Has taken this partorisca pipe music to a cookery in my house and to touch white noise while it sleeps. It is perfect for both. I do not have the big place (750 square feet), but ossia so only a right measure. It was easy to synch up with my telephone, and has had Spotify streaming in the minutes of pair out of a box. I have not estimated he to control to water reason honradamente have any idea that does in this consideration; it did not use it alfresco still. Always I have it plugged in so that it could not speak the life of battery neither.

Top Customer Reviews: Ultimate Ears Boom ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Pei
A Boom 3s goes partorisca like $ 150 new mark still, as has thinks that that this was partorisca the fly when I have seen was likes 40 was has renewed. Sound the good roundish speaker that can return you the cupholders both in yours automobiles or your rucksack like six adventuring was to a world. An application of the accompanying telephone also is quite fresh likes the help are a life of battery of a speaker and calm can customise some levels of sound. There is remarked some bass in this device, as with more other speakers, is very better when a device is in the low place and grounded. For example, while in the travesía of street, the music touched of this speaker in a backseat of a car and there is remarked the a lot of richer bass sound and feel when I have situated a speaker in an earth for behind a half compartment among our feet.

Another tip, has read was test of water and floating, as I tossed he to the river when it was is gone in the travesía to camp and there is quickly @@give that although a device is built with these amparos for longevities, some turns of speaker was when touched in of waters he. I have shaken it waters it and a speaker has maintained to do so only well after his bath - a lot down time required to dry was or anything. Still the has not had the question of then.

One a thing will remark is that my partner in a travesía to camp included has had one of this small square shaped portable pocket Bose speakers, and a quality of his has not gone very different, and those are in a mark of new same prize like this the device is renewed, as I question a quality has compared to other frames now that sees that it can take you a same portable utility and his of mark of external quality of the new devices for possibly more economic. To all the cost, still enjoyed this device and the use almost every day while doing cry or relaxing around a house, or while alfresco or in an adventure.
5 / 5 Magdalena
Have the boom 2 already and work perfectly. An annoying thing so only roughly is an application and a software. I need some work with connectivity and agreeing some different versions of Booms but another that that fully recommends this product. A software can be fixed easily enough.
5 / 5 Scarlett
Súper Pleased and very happy with global action

Top Customer Reviews: Ultimate Ears Boom ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Arlyne
It was the sceptic of has bitten of then is refurbished, but has tried out of a raincoat-ness and work well, a life of the battery also is that it surprises, has used he of 8:40am-9pm and has not died.
When it Dies taken partorisca always partorisca touch the small to turn behind on.. Literally it will say you something to the long of some lines of ' continue touching please attended', súper pleasant. An also linked application with a speaker without @@subject.
All does perfectly.. And it is INCREDIBLY STRONG!

An only thing partorisca me is that a material of the point around a speaker looks the lighter of has bitten that has to that, but while he exceptionally does not concern me .
No among original box, and does not spend manual.

Top Customer Reviews: Ultimate Ears BLAST ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
5 / 5 Felisa
Colour: Bobo of the graffiti of the EU of of the one of the west is awesome. Has has had problems with each another speaker of Bluetooth has bought that is to say probably one 6 an and does not have any complaint quite the. JBL IS kool but ultimateEar is 1 for me. Oh And it comes with Alexa only downloads an application of FREE EU. And it comes with the cradle in load and he no overcharge likes some speakers of Bluetooth that will blow out of a stack to touch once is fully has touched
4 / 5 Paige
Colour: the graffiti the Flight.. Some subjects of bumper of the time from time to time.. But for any first 10 good hours..
4 / 5 Obdulia
Colour: Graffiti and has taken my speaker yesterday 18 and didnt has remarked at the beginning until it revise it my mandate. A speaker in an advertising says was 5.5 wide inches and 10 long inch. A real product and taking is 2 5/8 width and 71/2 very time. Something sounds any sake
5 / 5 Ka
Colour: the graffiti Wants an idea but has the problem that it camera and Pandora of the returns and Alexa. It Likes me to him Alexa of house but taking a speaker in a course of golf or a beach has goes the problems of Alexa in Pandora or any one another aervice but is not the techie.
4 / 5 Leana
Colour: Graffiti Any one also sounding so that it declares.
4 / 5 Daryl
Colour: stack of Graffiti and the life of sound Adds! A connectivity was mere and easy. Highly it recommends this in any one.
4 / 5 Norah
Colour: the graffiti has Bought this renewed - the works add!
5 / 5 Raul
Colour: Hail of Graffiti, the carrier that the horn has taken any one falls in the orifice of load remains very big and any one leaves that it generates debits
4 / 5 Teofila
Colour: Graffiti An any last stack long and then any one covers after the week of me using it.
4 / 5 Cletus
An element initially has not done properly but has called support of Technology of the Amazon, then inform to a costruttore. 5 minutes later & the hard reset all has done properly. A life of battery was the little short but in a prize has paid could not complain. I produce it adds, speaker very powerful. Mina too bad has been flown 2 weeks with which took it...
4 / 5 Britany
2 battery of life of now, the quality of sound adds this in spite of! It has known with refurbished was rough but did not think it would be this bad.
5 / 5 Gertrudis
This was my first time buying the used (renewed) has produced of Amazon, and has to that say that I am happy with a compraventa. A quality of his this very good! I have it paired with my IPHONE XS, and a sound is very strong still for the half volume! I have tried to try a life of battery; I admit I have not been that long, but it was still perfectly a lot roughly 3 hours. They are happy with him
4 / 5 Norene
A measure of a speaker is not that it has expected. Your picture of product is the fraud
4 / 5 Marybelle
With which 6 month a speaker has begun partorisca cut was and is unbearable partorisca listen to.
4 / 5 Chantal
All in this speaker is fantastic excepts fact that announces the wifi Alexa the ready device but this results any partorisca be true. I can not it imagine was like this partorisca take his working and has had any manual of user resupplied inside a box a speaker is gone in. Fijamente That the question and I would have given the perfect bookmark...
4 / 5 Tessa
The speaker adds, the only flu is a Boom vs, connectivity of Explosion. Calm can not connect the Boom/MegaBoom to the Explosion/MegaBlast and does not comprise why? Another that those some sounds of speaker partorisca surprise, so only a life of battery leaves the little left partorisca be wished also. Good product! :)
5 / 5 Dwana
Looking for adds it Bluetooth partorisca Kick WiFi ready with Alexa.
Laws partorisca surprise, sounds partorisca surprise. Cant Fails neither a product or a fact was the refurbished model.
Looked like this new, so only without packaging.
Highly reccommend
4 / 5 Ivelisse
A battery any last along and then any discharges after the week of me using it.
4 / 5 Ramon
Quality of amazing sounds and rechargeable! Possessed this speaker partorisca 3-4 has impressed.
5 / 5 Tanja
Is very happy with this compraventa! Easy to use and the quality is very good!
4 / 5 Debby
The product adds and some sounds are awesome and very easy to install. A vendor are partorisca add and fast. It do not have any question with a product or delivery.
4 / 5 Rikki
I have taken my speaker yesterday 18th the didnt there is remarked at the beginning until it revises my mandate. A speaker in an ad has said is 5.5 wide thumbs and 10 thumb long. A real product receives them is 2 5/8 width and 71/2 long. Something his no right
5 / 5 Tyra
Bobo of the Ue of speaker is awesome. Has has had questions with each another Bluetooth the speaker has bought ossia probably one 6th an and does not have any complaint roughly that. JBL Is kool but ultimateEar is 1 partorisca me. Oh And it comes with Alexa so only downloads an application of FREE EU. And it comes with the cradle partorisca touch and he no overcharge likes some Bluetooth speakers that will blow out of a battery partorisca touch once is touched fully
4 / 5 Ela
Better that value a balanced was correctly but also or have a EQUALIZERRRRRRR ...Enough it uploads and load súper quickly also a battery will not be able to like 3d surrounds Alexa with or can not go vendor and fantastic company to treat the ONLY THING Is The VENDOR USES OLD BATTERY SO MUCH OF THE THAT ATTENDED 10HOURS Of will TAKE ON An HOUR Or Or HVE To RECHARGE HIS USED Or RENEWED Or REFURBISHED Or TAKES A BATTERY has USED OLD ANY BRANDNEW. It has INCLUDED it GOES WITH I have SENT MINE BEHIND BEFORE THE BURNS of BATTERY BUY Some NEW A.....
5 / 5 Marion
Loves an idea but have the question that goes back and chamber of Alexa and Pandora. It likes-me Alexa marries but taking a speaker to a golf are or a beach has question in disposal of Alexa Pandora or any one another aervice but are not the techie.
5 / 5 Audrie
Has bought these for whole family (5 of us) in cyber the Monday and wants to him to us! Easy to connect and link all of the ours near. Quality of his utmost east! Want to that they are waterproof, test of sand, test to fall be buying a mega explosion to add to a party!
4 / 5 Jan
Perhaps something wrong but has had any Pairing of question he immediately but Alexa in a house
closed was could not take some two speakers to do a same time so only an another that that want to him but will have that sends him behind unless any one can help me there is has wanted to one for my external coverage in a backside of a house and I have has wanted to one for my porch forward
5 / 5 Sybil
after expecting patiently roughly 2 past of weeks of mine quotes original of strike of arrival a , when I have received finally speaker of mine was in beaten he down box . Thats Strike two. Once rings to use my new speaker has died entirely and required to be touched , ossia well. But as it result it it is coming without uploading and a port to touch a device for some reason suffers harm (strike 3). After rigging a touching port and enjoying a sound a speaker offers it has been now of dips up and use Alexa ! So only to discover has received an entirely wrong device and there is not Alexa in this device.
4 / 5 Eulah
Is better was that it buys the new mark of EU with the full guarantee.

To the amazon sold this product. Law well. But right with which gone back 90 period of days, goes is gone in any negligence in my final. The volume has cured a lot well of my possessions. So only you do not go back on.

Contacted him explaining all is. It has spoken to 4 people, those who has taken literally any authorships. £41 Down a drains. His wont included say you the one who past or offered to fix a same speaker. So only at all.

Compraventa Of paid, goes was, Ossia. You lose. To the amazon does not concern !
4 / 5 Magaret
Battery and his utmost life! A connectivity was simple and easy. Highly recommend this to any one.
4 / 5 Lelah
Greeting, the carrier that the horn has very spent falls in the orifice of load remains very big and any one leaves that it generates load
4 / 5 Caprice
Thought it would be much stronger and the help with one surrounds his only low bass
4 / 5 Tosha
Some aims of image partorisca upload it and the flat boss. That has received was the boss of economic power and not uploading
5 / 5 Barabara
Love these laws of speaker adds. But be careful the one who calm to buy them of.
4 / 5 Yee
Has done partorisca the week, then totally working decree and will not touch now.
5 / 5 Jolynn
Has bought 2 and his whose work I so only take 2 hrs of life of battery in place of 12
5 / 5 Reginald
He didnt coming with the box and he have come with one old load

Top Customer Reviews: Discontinued ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Donita
It was impressed like this. This speaker is awesome and in a right prize. I am adding another only because I can.
5 / 5 Lani
Of some sound of worse way that a Boom of ORIGINAL EU I still have. No like this dialed in with a dsp tuning and presence of basses. Enough it would have another of an original.
5 / 5 Trey
So only that it had expected partorisca. Quality of his for a cost has not beaten can be!!! Yeah, A packaging was bit it rasgado, but the still sound adds, like this the one who concerns !

Top Customer Reviews: Ultimate Ears ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
4 / 5 Loren
A start and the description of full product is misleading. It is all the listed partorisca a MEGABLAST, but that sends is an EXPLOSION . It has been it bit it disappointed, but is that it is. Returned partorisca the full repayment. They require partorisca change a whole listing.
4 / 5 Vanda
This is not A Ue MEGABLAST . It is an Explosion of EU . A description of the product clearly says Megablast. It is not
4 / 5 Clarita
A speaker was in looks and form a lot basically new. Unfortunately, it does not look the Megablast and ossia that has ordered. A comprised touching the boss is the boss of generic USB and no a way of ORIGINAL EU.

A firmware will not update I so that I am unable able to pair he with my current Explosion. Like this now I have two identical speakers that no together . I probably turn. Disappointed that I have not received that has ordered.
5 / 5 Marjorie
No a right product has received the explosion any one the megablast
5 / 5 Numbers
has seen descriptions roughly taking the Explosion and no a Megablast. I recieved a Megablast. It is Amazon has renewed like this all have to that do is amazon of the contact and they calm hook up with a correct speaker. Easy breezy. Ossia partorisca A Megablast so that it is not taking scammed. If they send bad a so only have them send you a lot one.

Has bought numerous speakers the few months behind. Bose Soundlink, Bose SoundTouch 10, Bose So only 5, Sony SRS-XB41, Pill of Beaten+, Klipsch the surca Portable, & Sleeps PLay1, Definite Ears Megblast and Explosion. It was in fact he has impacted a quality of his out of some Definite Ears Megablast. I thought that it that it was a better touching speaker out of everything of them EXCEPTS some Sleeps Game 1. Game of sleeps 1 although it is corded and the cords annoy my woman big time. A Sony SRS-XB41 has had the pocolos grave better but has not been like this crisp like Megablast. It could not believe a Megablast has touched better that a Bose Only 5 soundbar neither. All concealed partorisca say has loved the speaker that could fill my living room up with his of quality. Megablast Has won. I think a prize that details for a Megablast is empinado and any value he. But finding it has renewed on-line by means of stops of Amazon around $ 100 mine was to win it. It is one the lovely majority in this row of prize for a quality. Here it is that I amour in Megablast:

1. Simple creation
2. Life of battery (18 hrs) is awesome and can be situated anywhere around a house without CORDS. Total wins.
3. Games bluetooth by means of your devices anywhere wants to be in ( has taken mine to a beach little time)
4. You play road WiFi for same of qualities of his better and any disruption if any one calls your telephone.
5. Alexa Does well on on a voice quite well, but also can be muted if I do not love your girls that shout 'Alexa!' All the prejudices he long
6. Some works of application a lot enough to change the bow loves more bases, or more the option of voice depends that you are listening to. It is good to listen to a radio instantly so only to speak to a speaker
7. Two speakers and calm can dip on stereo way or game until 9 (I think) Explosion and Megablast around a house so that the music fill a room.
8. These things are WATERPROOF! Calm can the leave external although it rains to listen external. (I in fact think is supposes to float but does not go to try this)

in all the chance, buying this renewed is a way to go and value of the money. It does not think cost $ 250 retailers but think around $ 100 renewed is the shot. Amur Mina Megablasts!
5 / 5 Kellye
Commanded a diverse horn of a different version Any arrival my crew megablast that bad that they this writes of the frauds bronzed chafas.
4 / 5 Latricia
A lot of descriptions have said here has not been a MegaBlast.. A prize is so only too a lot I so that it bought it still in all the chance while it takes a real MegaBlast. My surprise is a real an although it is not new, one load is new. It has taken of Amazing Distribution II VENDOR. I am not sure it has chosen a right vendor.

Are the JBL Bluetooth the type and I have the pair of those... All can say is this Ue MegaBlast the swipes was a JBL Toe 4 and Load 2. More Bassy and still crispy. They are by train of the master.. And that he the sweetest fact is is more economic in this $ 109 prize has renewed. I think that that I go to buy another.
5 / 5 Janita
The product adds better speaker for biking . Battery so only last around 3:30-4 hrs . Still one of a better there for a prize. We have had a MegaBoom but there is remarked this one has better fact for pairing another mega explosions .
4 / 5 Hoa
Has purchased this speaker, 5 month later no longer is doing. Looked in descriptions and found a question to be more common that had expected. A speaker there is prendido to take the load and would not answer to the hard reset. Light blinks and static noise once when it tries hard reset. If anything, does not buy a version has renewed.
5 / 5 Pamala
Ossia A definite megablast... Has come this in spite of with scuffed the frames and a coverage of failure of hule inferior. I am looking for to imagine quell'has been likes the only order this a part and without him am not sure in the piece of the water is yes at all without a coverage.
5 / 5 Rigoberto
It does not leave some descriptions prenden calm to order this element. We take exactly that is to be describe. I have read some descriptions and has thought “ there is not any way goes partorisca order this” could not be more wrong. They looked new mark and the sound that has surprised! Thank you Amazon! We take exactly that order.
5 / 5 Clarine
Has expected the little more boom with a soyegaBlast' but is that it is. I have had already a boom and touch quite alike. The product is coming minus a base to touch but the vendor was quickly the remediate which is very honourable.
5 / 5 Merrill
Loves this thing. His best ive has listened in one this measure.
5 / 5 Chere
Has done client any help is is returned bought the doss very happy with him .
5 / 5 Kirstie
Produced very good. Incredible audio. But piece of mine arrived parks to Sin to upload so it was announced
5 / 5 Tana
the speaker Adds but buying renewed, looks that a battery is to an end of his life. A speaker will interrupt music to give the ‘critical battery' look. This will spend inside an hour of use with the full battery And while in a cradle to touch
5 / 5 Mandy
has received a version renewed of EU Megablast. Has thinks that that a product would look new, but looks quite spent with the number of scratches. It would not have purchased this version renewed has known the one who bad in shape would look.

Top Customer Reviews: Ultimate Ears ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
5 / 5
Absolutely I love this speaker. No really I think that that I have required this in my life, but my partner has better purchased the together of two partorisca we partorisca the Christmas and I have fallen feet the enamoured boss with him. These bands of tiny speaker to powerful punch partorisca a prize. It is resistant water and use it at least once the day in a shower. A fun apple-frames of chairs to measure well in a palmera, lap, contadora, cup of table, and anywhere more would have to that choose use the. My telephone connects with him anywhere in my paving. Syncing Two of these together bad boys is defying at the beginning, but there is the pair of video in youtube that do the work adds partorisca explain. A present of the defect of only drawing is that be any indicator of battery. I know he the way to verify a level of battery and determine he for your, but has not imagined this was still.
5 / 5
After buying the dozen poolside speakers, has found finally a perfect a. And he syncs up with to the to another likes. Quality of his phenomenal.
4 / 5
The one who is saying there is not very grave?!?!? Ossia A awesome mini speaker of basses!!!!! I have bought another of another mark that the volume was on and down besides saying all a time “your Bluetooth has been connected felizmente “ ossia the bad speaker !!!!
5 / 5
In $ 60 is a more has not spent never in the speaker that am not sure will be partorisca use that a lot, but like this far is state adds. A pocola what can take really strong love the to be, but mostly use it partorisca connect to the mine telephone or laptop partorisca maintain these speakers of busting. A quality is quite well although there is the little bit of something for music that the touch concealed has the really heavy tomb when a volume is strong, but is not to treat it big. A speaker is as to beat of fat but short soda, but probably would be the little uncomfortable to spend has planned in emotional around with him to plot. Has the little bit of his weight, as I am not sure that would be it to attach a speaker to with his loop.
5 / 5
Ossia The I adds little speaker for the class of aerobics of the byline of waters. The Really tapes out of a music. And want a portability And that will float it. It has not tried that still but the believe .
4 / 5
Uses this like my radio of shower. A loop in a cup is perfect for sliding around the hook of curtain! Some looks of battery to last for ever. It has taken two of his reason a pair like this well and stereo the sound is always better. The unit operates so only well without any one subjects because of watering like this far and he mostly stays in a shower another that when touching.
5 / 5
Has had a Bose among another. Ossia My preferred . Easier one to pair, the sound is well, is form and measured the fact the winner. More looks to be in indestructible, is very portable, and cost less too.
5 / 5
According to wonderboom has bought. I produce it adds. It would recommend. This in spite of, a packaging this an arrived in unacceptable era. It had been taped behind with scotch tape during an inner box and was entirely atrocious. This was unfortunate how has been feigned to be the present. We endow the after taking a box of him as a bit it is embarrassing...
5 / 5
This little type rid his very rich with decent bass. Only negative is that be any indicator of life of the battery, another that in resistant key of volume and receiving beeps. This in spite of, a battery last for awhile.
4 / 5
Loves a measure, his and portability of this bluetooth speaker.
5 / 5
Very impressed, of packaging to touch. I really like a byline of his of a Wonderbooms. EU The work adds! I have listened to the this prójimo to a Bose SoundLink Micro and JBL Toe. A Wonderbooms place out of the sound the strong plus and I love a life of long battery. They are to good sure happy that has bought these.
5 / 5
This thing is tiny but powerful. Laptop a waterproof speaker with the long durable battery and the sound adds. It loves it!
5 / 5
An east for far a speaker has better purchased still. It is it adds for everything: hiking, swimming, relaxing, or has included to have take he together with friends. A portability, functionality, and global apperance the together work seamlessly. A hard battery the long time, is easy to pair, and easy to use. Some sounds of qualities to surprise when I look you another Wonderboom with him and is perfectly synced. A waterproof capacity is awesome still although I so only really uses in a shower. It touches good and looks well!
4 / 5
I often pair this speaker with another, and when there both have connected, this one any disconnects or the turn was entirely. This in spite of him well for him. He no last while another has. As it takes that the consideration.
4 / 5
No like this strong to the equal that have expected but still cool that I can Bluetooth to 2 of them immediately
4 / 5
really really love this little speaker. They are not really the techie but found the easy to dip up and a sound are adds. More, is fresh looking.
4 / 5
Will not use never another bluetooth speaker again. It is big quality , easy to use and pair, and the hard battery LIKE THIS LONG. They are the professor and use these in my room. Perfecto and can move it around.
4 / 5
Shabby! It took it so only today and I love it! Compact, stylish, the sound ADDS (especially for a measure), and basically any colour wants. It is like this pleasant and endearing! That more could want to?
4 / 5
His add. But my battery so only last 1 1/2. The one who more last short east
4 / 5
Ossia that the speaker adds . His add. Has 2 and can included the pair joints him!
5 / 5
The sound adds, life of long battery, withstands some elements of the place of commercial construction. That The portable speaker has better listened to.
4 / 5
The tomb of desire was the little better but utmost partorisca me partorisca use work.
4 / 5
Tiny but massive! A perfect little type partorisca travelling with. :-)
5 / 5
Amur A portability,the sound adds and a period of touch to time before it has to that recharge.
5 / 5
Absolutely love this speaker. A colour looks better in person.
5 / 5
Awesome Present partorisca my sister, loves it. Quality of his very and looks a lot also.
5 / 5
A quality of a sound is a lot neatly, especially some bass. Besides, it has resisted all some situations that is gone through half of.
5 / 5
Has the plot of skipping / buffering while it has connected the Bluetooth. Which are more annoying to say a less.

A worse part of this skipping is concealed is arrive intermittently.

Looks a lot good and quality of his east also well. But there is the technical question of data skipping which does not think can be solved.

Does not buy this speaker!
4 / 5
A quality of his of of the this is really a lot some bass in a very good speaker but if yours looking for the extra bass go partorisca a Sony xrs 11
But this speaker has all big and lows and bass in quality very big
5 / 5
Like this sound in such the small container, really impressive. I will be partorisca buy another punctual I so that it can use him in stereo.
4 / 5
The woman has loved that. It uses partorisca practical of dance and in a chamber. It is small, with his well.
4 / 5
A measure is a lot convenient: to good sure will spend with me partorisca my travesía next. I use it partorisca listen the music in my paving.
5 / 5
Our grandson has loved this present and uses it all a time. Thank you.
5 / 5
Likes a lot, compact , transportable and touch excellent.

Top Customer Reviews: Ultimate Ears ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 Lourie
Ossia A perfect speaker partorisca everything! Utilisation partorisca my group when they are around a house or working, this speaker really is all More the expected and dreamed more highly recommends this mark of speaker forgets a side wants to something well takes this!
4 / 5 Dillon
LOVES this speaker! Volume and his utmost that it is more than entity. Also I love a look and feel and colour of him and some controls are easy to use.
4 / 5 Sharilyn
Has shipped fast and is gone in the box cushioned well. Mark of new looks and has all some bosses .

Top Customer Reviews: Ultimate Ears Boom ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5 Joann
1 it Was 10 ita10so partorisca speak is paid very well partorisca everything of will live to like the Bluetooth the speakers are neither one of some better
4 / 5 Jessia
4 / 5 Lavonne
has not had the occasion partorisca spend for the cycle of battery still but this thing is awesome like this far. His add, easy to use, unit partorisca have that has weighed.
4 / 5 Harmony
A quality of his east orders & has long row. It likes that I can launch of him in my stock exchange of beach & enjoys music wherever goes.
4 / 5 Thomasena
Has had it Bose Colorlink partorisca a past four years and required to upgrade the bit (more a never remained battery). This Ue has been that surprised and has quality of the his wonderful!
5 / 5 Darron
So only like the new mark could does not say has been renewed. So only it does not have a packaging,
5 / 5 Melida
Adds partorisca touch speaker and life of battery, but misleading waterproof description. It can be waterproof, but partorisca touch when paste a water, and same Bluetooth the connectivity partorisca do. Im Sure can manage splashes of water and rain, but you cant launch he in the group has it music of still game, as it has announced.

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