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Top Customer Reviews: LotFancy 7-Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Carita
Measure: 7' to the wool Cushions These tampons would do exceptionally a lot was buffing the flat surface, unfortunately more the cars are not flat!! The better tampons have has gone flanges, this produces no. If any exceptionally careful you quickly cut to a product of cars. Unfortunately, many times it has cut it my work of new product to a metal.😡😢
4 / 5 Libbie
Measure: 6' the tampons of Lana are Fall averts first day . Tried partorisca return but in planting to leave me form to the focus of turn has been said partorisca take to the UPS the drop was. Any lovely pipe 30 miles.
5 / 5 Dottie
Measure: 6' Tampons of Lana when this tampon to polish has been used with the hook-the 3M component, an annex was way too aggressive, and has had the very hard time that takes a tampon of a Hook-the dish.
4 / 5 Myrtis
Measure: 5' the tampons of Lana have Bought these the buff out of scratches of a tank of acrylic fish that use Novus. Returned my sander (5') correctly and remained in place but easy to peel was. With which 1/2 now partorisca use any sign of wear. Wash out of a compound to polish and new appearance.
5 / 5 Ashly
Measure: 6' the tampons of Lana Return Electrical Chicago 6 GIVES polisher. I used him the buff wax with which applied with the tampon of foam.
5 / 5 Glenda
Measure: 6' the tampons of Lana Perfect partorisca buffing out of the work of wax of any class. I use him partorisca buffing carnauba wax in surfaces of forests and would be equally useful to polish car wax.
4 / 5 Margarett
Measure: 6' the Cushions of wool partorisca have to that Very light and the fall averts quickly
5 / 5 Jennie
Measures: 6' to the wool Cushions Any one mentions flanges a lot when being pas gone and sewed - could have a potential of a wool that leaves a tampon - has not spent still bet be advised.
4 / 5 Louetta
Measure: 5' to the wool Cushions This product is easy to use and the work adds. It is of good quality and looks durable.
4 / 5 Jinny
Measure: 7' to the wool Cushions These have done well on way of grinder búfer.

Top Customer Reviews: LotFancy 6-Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Cynthia
Measure: 3PCS 6' to the wool Cushions+1 PCS Backing Tampons A mountain that has dipped you in the hammer is coming free after using for the short time. It is the threaded stud protruding of the disk and he have broken loose doing an useless disk. Everything is not partorisca transfer like this use a hammer. Very disturbed with product.
5 / 5 Sandee
Measure: 3PCS 6' to the wool Cushions+1 PCS Backing Tampons Quite sure is not wool, quite fleece or the synthetic material. They look to do well this in spite of. Utilisation some cushions for fiberglass cleansing, another for fiberglass polish, and a third partorisca topcoat wax in mine bounce. I had him deteriorate below prolonged frictional load. A tampon to back looks to resist up over time. While any one almost like this very like this more tampons of quality, a prize has not beaten can be.
4 / 5 Edra
Measure: 3PCS 5' to the wool Cushions+1 PCS Backing Tampon Awesome produced, backing the dish is a perfect access and measure, the flexibility adds and some tampons that come with the paralizaciones amazing east have composed to cut. Spent roughly 5 hours that use 1 tampon and a tampon resisted on better that some tampons of wool of big final, ossia the shot and the definite BUY before and with which square of tampon Measured
4 / 5 Dianna
resupplied: 3PCS 6' to the wool Cushions+1 PCS Backing Cushion All look like this exactly that it love but has not had an occasion to use a product still. I will update my description when has more information.
4 / 5 Rheba
Measure: 3PCS 6' to the wool Cushions+1 PCS Backing the tampons that the Rear dish/of the law of tampon adds, the tampons of wool are rubbishes . Probably well for light buffing/waxing but to good sure a lot quite hard for the main works.
4 / 5 Yulanda
Measure: 3PCS 5' to the wool Cushions+1 PCS Backing the tampon has Used he with the wireless hammer to polish the king-sprayed fender but a disk is free result in a spindle and has has had to that the reparation. Some hats of the wool of the agnelli is durable and wash easily.
4 / 5 Lanie
Measure: 3PCS 6' to the wool Cushions+1 PCS Backing the tampons does like this announced, has not flown was down transfer.
4 / 5 Megan
Measure: 3PCS 5' to the wool Cushions+1 PCS Backing works of Tampon in mine portor boss, will buy again
4 / 5 James
Measure: 3PCS 6' to the wool Cushions+1 PCS Backing the FANTASTIC tampons
4 / 5 Barbie
Measure: 3PCS 5' to the wool Cushions+1 PCS Backing Tampon Like this announced and the law adds

Top Customer Reviews: LotFancy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
This goes to be the long description for my husband: I am the novice of car mechanic , and decided to update my cart of 17 years AC after filter R134a during a winter, and has had any tone that the like this existed device until that consults some forums. This the low cost of device saved me to launch $ 300 of new parts out of a window.

After posing AC the together system and that ensures that all was torqued in of the specifications (walnuts Or-points, compressor, accumulator, valve of expansion of the orifice), has pulled the void in a system. A lot in my dismay, the leak has existed in a system (-28 psi would result -2 psi in an hour). After 2 hours to verify each 100 garage of heat of title, decided to purchase the universal AC box of dye and dye. A cost was slightly more than this sniffer device. I have injected the few ounces through a manifold (likes him the a lot of videos of Youtube describes) and has had quite a lot of pressure to kick a new compressor on during 20 minutes. I have researched then in a darkness for leaks... After an hour of angling the mirror in taking he-find- place (graces GM, a Buick Regal 1999 decided to the goes a substitution of orifice under a brake booster and module of brake -- would like me know so that it spends of a committee to draw), still could not find a leak.

Tried to use the stethoscope to listen to filter sounds, but a bubble in a system has done taking to have sense of some sounds.

A day later, has tried again, while it listens a cloak of the ozone opens above my house while I am fallen another expensive 12-can he of ounce of Suva in my cart. Again, any sign of a dye. My theory is that the has not had quite a lot of circulation through a system to do he in an another side.

Was then goes down an ultimatum -- has been to pose my car by behind together and walks he without AC, and considers my inversion in the void, compressor, and new tools like the lesson. It was less although the mechanic would touch.

Has seen then the video quite using the sniffer tool and has decided that resolving a mystery of leak would be better that leaving, as I have ordered (and included paid for the night that ships). After reading several descriptions for this element, has learnt a following: mark sure to pose 4 (four) AAA stacks in him; some people any one gives has required 4. Afterwards, it knows that freon/Suva/134a/R12 tanks -- is heavier that air. Based in this physicist, necessity to run a sniffer prob dulcemente to the long of your road, without the follower these races. It costs a puddle to sweat left in a fund in a hot garage.

To pose stacks in a device, has turned a device on and walked in a garage, and a beeping headed to augments frequency. I have had any same goes it apropar a car, but has discovered then that one of my valves has not been to complete enclosed was, and a device had chosen up in a small leak. Wow!

Has lined then an a lot of device under some connections, and in 2 minutes, has discovered a leak in a last place would expect -- an easy plus, location more accessible. I have filled the few ounces of Suva (R134a) in a system without turning a car on, and has jumped for joy. The dye could not have found this leak so that it was further of a point of the dye and a compressor had not spent the quite far. As it Results, one of a mark-new Or-the points was insufficient to seal a leak.

Based in that easy this device was to use, and which small gradient compared with the detection of dye, highly recommends in your toolbox, especially yes is the novice . Also it does for another type of bromine/of fluorine/of the gases of chlorine, but all preoccupied me quite was a R134a detection. I have not substituted one Or-clean still, but has been quite excited to write this description been due to as it was easy to locates. My boys there is AC in my car once again. First world-wide problems....

Edit: next viewing some other descriptions, would like me the signal was that my no come unit with stacks. I have used fresh AAA stacks (alcaline). Also, a manual of instruction was very detailed, and has not remarked any glaring errors of grammar ( was skimming), but listened some instructions was perfect (the guide of fast beginning is bonded in a device with 5 mere). A case to spend is cushioned and will store my sniffer and protects a tip for my prjimo AC adventure, but will take some stacks so that they do not degrade . Also it would like him his of the signal was that some results were compatible with a location... Mina 9-year-olds has tried included he and has thought surprises.
5 / 5
Hello All the world, only the fyi,work with all the classes of freon, has had the leak in could not find, used all the classes of dye and at all, has bought this unit and has had the good laugh is small and kinda cheap looking, but to the left say was. Injustice.
Has posed stacks the change , and turned it on, has gazed to verify lines, Bamb, had, is not joking, taken less than the minute to find.
Recommends this in any these laws with freon.
Quan You First beginning, gone back he up and like beeping the beginning gives it the sweep in an air to give you an ideal where a leak is,while takings to start with closely to turn of low field and begin to reduce your investigation, and in my case I wend down some stain dulcemente,and then a beeping beginning to take hurriedly, the bang had it, the small hole rubbed in a line, paid for him self some first time used it, give tries it, will not listen .
5 / 5
Work. My mechanic has wanted to $ 1000 to change a condenser. It says that since it can not find the anywhere more leak, this was what a problem has to when being. Using a detector of leak, and expsito that freon filtered of one of some valves that has the habit of to touch a system. ( They air nicknamed Schrader Valves.) Only a filtered but has changed both of them. I have changed also some points of rubber in some plastic of cover that has taken some valves. Some valves were two dollars and change each what what. A box of the points of sides of rubber $ 15 on-line. I the change there is also a system with freon. The total cost of reparation was down $ 50. A freon had been filtering has been in a point of AC not doing besides or two days less. It IS 6 weeks now and AC is doing well.

Was the small delicate adjusting a frbovr a first time and has used the. But once taken used his, is not the problem.
3 / 5
Purchased this unit behind in Sep 2016, has Used he hardly, just pair of time. It take it was again today of packaging, and has not ignited never. The control And he has substituted some stacks, but has spent at all. Like this the tool died only on me in 1.5 years of bare use.

&60;Until it QUOTES 04/13/2018&62; I have taken it averts a device, and found a cradle has lost his tension, required to complete a circuit. Pried Some pieces of the metal the next plus in the each another, and now gone back of system on. Little video in fact here for other buyers, while I see to conspire another goes to complain too enough the unit has not ignited. Created of 1 star in 3 star, while it is still the defect to draw.
1 / 5
I am writing this description after taking the second that unit does not act. Quan An in the first place one is arrived, I the new stacks installed and turned it on. It has not had very of the lights of indicator so described in some instructions, which would have to aim green if some stacks is well. Amber Yes Thinks the no. Can have comprised bad a function of a clear, I toke a unit was and posed it the the few feet of the tank of Freon and is fallen the small quantity of refrigerant. Any signal. The thought can has taken the defective unit has accused a turn and has ordered the second unit arrives today and does not do or. It goes it when being preoccupied data a prize and a fact a plus after another detector of leak was $ 150, as this one east $ 21. I am returning both units and will look for the most respectable mark in the very big prize is sure.
5 / 5
I have bought this for my husband the little the mark of days, and arrive today. Sper The fast nave and a better prize could find anywhere! I have seen some revise that it say that this sniffer has not done. Almost the no for us, until my husband imagined out of the few things. 1) it Takes it 4 (four) stacks, any one 2. Quan Has opened the up, the look only the semence 2, but has to pull it was and has posed 2 more stacks in a back side of a headline. 2) he sure was posing some stacks in properly. My uses of husband Kirkland stacks, which look has 2 positive ends. It imagines it was that one of some stacks was in the reverse and now these works of thing like the charm! It says that it surprises what this sensitive! That is to say the compraventa adds , folks!
5 / 5
Tried this out of a day took it, during a compartment of the engine for a cart bought it to diagnose. He no beep a bit. But that it is so that it result it a leak was Inner a firewall, by behind a compartment of glove in a pinch. Quan Took it around in a cabin of passenger, has signalled immediately in a box of the open glove. Works exactly while it feign.
5 / 5
Desprs Reading a lot of descriptions in this detector, was hesitant to buy it. For a thought to price this would give tries it.
Has required the detector of mere freon of the leak and this looked the sper roads.
Has used this 3 times so far and has had very subject. I am using rechargeable the stacks and does not have any subject.
Records so designed for me and and is happy took it. Some works of adjustment of the sensibility only well for me.
5 / 5
Very easy to use. My fridge had been filtering freon dulcemente during month, and have to it touch up quite once for month. With this tool, took me quite 15 minutes to find a leak. Filter of the schrader valve that had installed the mark of years. There is a thing, even so, and thinks that this applies in the each detectors of gas of the halogen: it reads the dud positive around waters. If it plants a condensation of tip prjima or glacial lines, can think that is the leak of freon. Any a lot of the big roads. The just mark sure dry of a zone is looking for. Also, when being very sure no in accidentally put a tip in of waters he. This can break a sensor. As any just probe around in the places can not see.
5 / 5
After reading some instructions was to do finding the freon the leak and finds a quite a lot of zone hurriedly. I am not sure that time a tip can last but cost a prize. Btw, Yes has or-the grandson freon that filters of uses of problems NILOG RT-201B to cure these woes very effectively.

Top Customer Reviews: LotFancy 6-Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Leonie
Measure: 6' Backing the tampon There are are small plastic iron partorisca a hammer or polisher partorisca resist firmly before using. You can a lot really squeeze a lot before a plastic distorts. If there is a lot hold the rotary motion a dish partorisca back so only partorisca turn while a polisher continuous turn rasgando on a plastic iron. An iron is also extremely cut like calm do not actuate a lot partorisca attach to in all the chance.
5 / 5 Senaida
Measure: 6' Backing Tampon At all really partorisca disturb. Considering a prize of @@subject partorisca a 2 band, these backplates done as well as much more units of mark of expensive name. Partorisca Our use like the hook and the loop have based scrubbing tampons. A lot happy with this Measure
5 / 5 Wilton
of tool: 5' Backing the tampon the Economic plus that the star that tampon of backs this has on shot in pricing lately, and volume two!
5 / 5 Sherill
Measure: 6' Backing the tampon has not used still but has characteristic of good quality. The durability will be determined when used. When be used in Boss of old heavy Porters 8' polisher. It have to that be I adds.
4 / 5 Mireille
Measure: 5' Backing the tampon Attaches Simple and fast
4 / 5 Rosina
Measure: 6' Backing Tampon 6 in. sanding Disk - the works add and built partorisca last!6-Thumb Velcro Backing Flat for LotFancy - GIVES the Orbital Random air Sander/Polisher Backing Tampon partorisca Sanding Polishing partorisca Finalise Buffing, 5/16"-24 Edges, Band of 2
4 / 5 Lilliam
Measure: 6' Backing Tampon Ossia the must has partorisca the GIVE Orbital Polisher. A dish to behind is sturdy and ensures a tampon quite well!
4 / 5 Jeff
Measure: 6' Backing Tampon One of some dishes to behind has broken inside a prime minister 30 dry of use. The alleged threaded has broken free of a tampon and just transfers independently of a tampon. The same what is spent to a second a a next day. These are junk!
4 / 5 Kortney
Measure: 6' Backing law of Tampon well, using them on my boss of porters polisher/sander. His grip well,to some tampons I use. Any subject with them like this far, havent has required a second a has taken still.
4 / 5 Merry
Measure: 5' Backing the tampon that Does a work, very pleased