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Top Customer Reviews: Universal Remote ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Eden
I admit - it was sceptical. But, a far has been rid this morning; it has installed two AAA stacks and has pressed a button to Be able in. This was. All some characteristic of one Samsung far concealed is coming with our television for less than $ 10. The value adds.
5 / 5 Ginette
I want to this far. Us All cual the things was familiar with and what pointed, is a same creation of my older unit, elder Illuminates the million to time more brilliantly that my original. I am so happy!

Has bought this to substitute a small or for my new television so that the hate a bit the Literally posed unit in some stacks, has signalled he in a television and immediately law. This was an easy plus 'universal' anything has not used never.
5 / 5 Marylou
I have ordered yesterday, it has been rid today. We unplug Of cape that meant no longer has had the far cape like any road to control volume. Opened a box, pose in 2 AAA stacks, the power pressed and was on!!
5 / 5 Robbin
The original has not done while it require. It orders this one and in 2 days or less was in my hand, easy to pose up, and still mecer. Thank you.
5 / 5 Branda
These far works 100% out of a box for mine 55' NU8000, Model: UN55NU8000FXZA. Only I have some negative commentaries. Has the picture with the light bulb that bad backlighting but only lights a volume and buttons of change of the canal. All the buttons are shining white so probably any one the problem to use in the quite dark room. Very better that a Samsung far this is coming with a television.
5 / 5 Augusta
Turned the on and law to substitute my a lot of beaten in Samsung the far curve. Also it has more than buttons that some cual the originals have trusted an indicator to nettle characteristic to compensate for him is minimalist creation. Also it has more zone of contact and so slips out of pieces of furniture very less often that a twisted far has done. Far fault - that has thought!
3 / 5 Devon
The element as it describes, work well out of a box. The only complaint is is not very durable, has two toddlers and has crossed enough 4 or 5 of this far only of typical every day use.. The little of them have done for the few days and then only left for any reason at all and the little has prendido working after taking the tumble.
5 / 5 Ashlee
It see it adds. Only posed stacks in and law immediately, not programming necessary. It IS in fact better that a far this is coming with a television so that he illuminates the so much can see some buttons in a darkness. Very happy with purchase of mine.
5 / 5 Kirsten
I thought that it that it was necessary to program this far. I have posed in a AAA the stacks has pressed a button to be able in and my television has ignited all the functions do more substitution of the far control never had and for low $ 10 does not take any better that this.
3 / 5 Bettye
These works of product but is difficult to operate. Has buttons very small and has to extra of law do not operate with Samsung Ready. Any compraventa this far but spend the little more dollars and take a fact for Samsung.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung BN59-01178W ...

Rating: 1 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5
My dog has eaten my far. As I have required to take the nine a, but an original far cost $ 90. As it take it this instead. This far enters the box of goleada small without instructions. I have imagined this was any problem so that he well out of a box, since has the Samsung the ready television and this are the Samsung far. I have posed in fresco stacks (this tried). He at all the work. It can not use a built-in characteristic in a television for 'Universal Far Setup,' since has not had any idea what one GOES the capes were, and where can have the stored. I will try to return this and I do not recommend it at all. It opens I am buying a $ 6 far that is to say guaranteed to do with each Samsung right television out of a box. I bond an update in 2 days : - )
1 / 5
He no I so that it has decided to take stacks , to see yes has been planted erroneously. Still the has not done. Quan Change some stacks. Illuminate Has not ignited. Any compraventa this. He junk!!!!!!. In the first place an original is of Mexico, this one east of China!!!!
1 / 5
My Samsung original the far control there has been buttons that each illuminated. Like this I characteristic when television to look late at night, which are typically when television of look. Alas this far only has 2 buttons that illuminates, like finishings to require to turn in my bedside light.
1 / 5
Wail to purchase this cheap control,so that it is very very acting at all. Any sure can take my money behind or the not.it only be wasting my time...
1 / 5
Work but is sure this is not OEM in spite of a logotype of Samsung. It researches to be the Chinese knockoff.
1 / 5
I have ordered this cual the new far and took the filthy, broken, any OEM far. It IS so soiled and have it lined could not think that taken, has thinks that was the joke .
1 / 5
It purchase this far 3 times and he maintain to break. A last a has bought lasted only the few weeks. Suddenly prender to do. They have not fallen or fractions in any subjects.
1 / 5
It is not Samsung real what turbulent has similar swipes offs for less on here, this experiences a so that said Samsung and is generic likes some another.
1 / 5
This is not the Samsung far! Cheap and flimsy! I can that is to say or he no so that a backside will not exit to pose stacks in!! ANY happy!!! Returning immediately!!!
1 / 5
It does not act. I have tried an integer 8 group of stacks. A lot disappoint.

Top Customer Reviews: Loutoc Universal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Maragret
So far also, the decent substitution for our Sony Blu player of far Ray. It poses stacks in him and has done immediately, any code or synchronising has required. All of some buttons are some same likes function and far originals properly. It do not take 5 stars only so that it spends of compartment of the stack does not break down easily and has to he around before the fence properly. It is done of plastic and looks the fragile bit but a far original has not been the big robust piece of squad anyways so that it breaks when accidentally stepped in the. Works while it expect.
5 / 5 Rebbecca
Oh If it only have found this before and can count what happy and well this element is , is better that my original and and experience had 4 that has not done never that it is in a drawer , taking this far and controls each in my sony 3d player yes im happy thank you for the element adds.
5 / 5 Eryn
Perfecto! The works add for my player of Sony of DVD this there has been the far to go down because of harm of acid of the stack. It do not have to program a far or anything, has posed only the he stacks and was magic! Also, my DVDs scrapes blues the player has not been listed in a 'compatible with' section. I have taken it casualidad on he in all the case even so and the laws add.
5 / 5 Nenita
We have lost some far originals that is coming with out of player of blue ray, as we choose in easterly the unit IS identical in a one has had, 100% compatible and the laws add. Still it does not find never another unit
5 / 5 Ayako
Element very well, work well, the value adds for quality of far
5 / 5 Sharda
Works while it describe. Idiot-cheap to purchase. The dog has eaten he and has bought another
5 / 5 Marcella
I have bought this far so that I have lost mine. It looks to do only well with my Blu player of Ray, A service and far was adds of this vendor, so to well sure recommend buy of MIRACALS.
5 / 5 Lynda
Awesome. I left me to update my blu-ray and works only like my Sony far.
5 / 5 Gonzalo
These far works are and was easy to program. Since it have no the real programming has involved.
5 / 5 Lynna
The flight. As he the a puppy. It has to buy another.

Top Customer Reviews: Loutoc New RC-LTL ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Pilar
Our Samsung original television spent far to do. Mostly we use our Fire of far Amazon in all the case, has wanted only the basic substitution for our television far. This far done with our right television out of a box without programming necessity. I have not tried all some functions, but all some the basic functions do very - on/was, volume, canal, source of entrance. To Looks Only like them some far originals, slightly looks cheaper and listen. Hopefully Last!
5 / 5 Ada
I have lost my far control for my Samsung this Ready or and is very well has pleased!! I am so excited these laws and that will be to annul cape ! This far the programming has required!! Only it attaches your stacks and enjoys!! The prize adds and look a real far!!
5 / 5 Seymour
Has the cheapish Samsung the television of ready allocution. The dogs have eaten some far. I am not technology savvy at all but imagined to give this tries it since was so cheap. Work! Attraction he out of a packaging posed in some stacks and sake to go! Any one synchronising the or anything! Yes it is clearer that a far original. I preoccupy me? Nope! Work! It estimates each cent. At all any person of technology that is to say!
5 / 5 Charolette
Works well with my Samsung QLED television. Has all some characteristic at present need 2 far for, a one with a television and a one for a company of Satellite. This far combines a two far characteristic and works well and a prize was excellent! Arrived so scheduled, perfectly bundled and the vendor was supremely useful during a process in mandate
5 / 5 Tomoko
We think that that we have lost our far television during our movements to house so ordered the substitution. Of course a day after it arrives an original has looked, but pode any said does not avert them, so that is to say truly a OEM substitution. It wanted to have my own far to change a sound for once, included if any volume to direct a television.
5 / 5 Jake
Some buttons look harder, but is almost identical in the controller of Samsung.
The desire there was the version of neon of of the one of the east or one this is coming with orange or yellow lines he so that it can be localised easier, but and takes it that the would not go with a decor of all other appliances.
The controller Adds, and'goes been using he for the few months now and any subject. Some look of buttons to be more durable, where one of start of ink like a OEM controllers.
5 / 5 Dulcie
This far done well out of a programming of any class. It does not have a be robust like original, but that it is the smallest detail . A compraventa of the main reason was so that our Hub of far original Loan the button no longer fact. Some Boys and of the woman is happy.
5 / 5 Eugenie
A far original for my Samsung television , has been chewed up for my dog , that is to say an exact substitution , only burst some stacks in and law exactly what original and in the very good prize, very pleased
5 / 5 Willard
I have bought this for my Samsung of television fiance so that the does not have a (somehow) and some controls in some television has done hardly. I tried it on so much of my Samsungs in the house and he perfectly and looks very similar in a Samsung true far. Casually, my far decree suitable for doing a still his day is has taken drawee in me, as it look will have to order other alone names. So far, my critic is that there is not an option for clear-in of the buttons, but that he very problem me so much so that seldom never uses that characteristic.
4 / 5 Bobbi
Some works of product like the substitution in an original samsung controller of television. His no the a lot of-built but which expect for a prize. It can have paid more for a samsung a but he also in him desglosa final. (Some of some buttons in my original decrees to do regarding the example could any paste in '11' to take in canal 11 and owe trace or down all some canals to take in him (or punch in 9 and then traces in 11).

Has Had the problem during a 2 week that does to think me was defective. That raisin was when pressing an of some buttons (says for example a button of pause), a button has taken bonded in a low place and never returned up. So far constantly routed this signal in a television. So while looking Netflix pause of film and look to hang. It can not exit Netflix of any another the button done of a button of pause has been depressed. ( I have used an original unit to exit of Netflix). Also it go it his the road behind when remarked a button was bonded. Once I 'disloged' he, a far was a lot. As considering was one of some less expensive substitutions would say that it costs cual paid for him. Only conscious when being that since some buttons are not so hard and in firm those in a Samsung far and there is some 'game in a movement', the button could take bonded (like the tone in your keyboard of computer that is bonded and constantly that writes a same card in your screen). It does not spend often, only seldom.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung BN59-01266A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Bernadette
Bought the substitution so that my dog has eaten the majority of an original ( is well!). A walnut one is arrived last week . It synchronises immediately and it do to add while hard. It chews that or this morning too so now buying another lol.
4 / 5 Fae
Some orders of voices are some of a more has experimented with the far. Some works of order of the same voice when has has drunk 1 or 2 white wine bounced and my words are slurring IN mine a bit southerly emphasis. I any one that develops this technology but a nailed. Ergonomics: they Are very good and has MORE hands of the half man does not slip out of my hands. The life of stack is sum. Change once the year perhaps once each which how two years. I have not changed he still and the have pound for almost two years, the plus blinks sporadically when a stack is down, or a television will notify you.
5 / 5 Carmine
I misplaced a far in a television of Samsung has taken my husband for Navidad and was frantic for the substitution. I have found this or easily and all owe the mark in the receipt has been posed in some stacks and law immediately! Maintaining the next eye in easterly a moment hate pay another $ 60 goes to lose, but would not doubt for the second.
5 / 5 Tawnya
My daughter has tried to substitute with universal far so that it was cheaper that an original of factory. Any pair all a road. I have purchased an original of the factory and he have matched immediately. It does not try in skimp. Taken exactly which decrees of paid.
4 / 5 Noreen
This is not exactly the far to substitute your Samsung Ready Far, more as the substitution for a far control hideous change that inexplicably still comes with some TVs. Some advantages in some dumb far those ships with these TVs is that this one is more ergonomic, and uncluttered with tones, that does the easiest navigation. Even so, this is not the Far Loan. Work with infrared in place of Bluetooth, and when being cheap and plasticky. Still, I see it likes him to him an improvement in this far.
5 / 5 Echo
Fast delivery, Far is so announced, and the laws add and fully functional with mine 2017 Samsung 65 inch 4k punctual television, mine 1 yr old lost my original, as we have to order easterly unit
1 / 5 Roderick
No the compraventa. Samsung IS having the big subject with his the far connection in television. A far tin very when being pas matched with a television and there is not any road for the fix, unless you want to spend the uncountable the hours try the fix and call Samsung. A prize of a far is issue too big for a frustration has to cross for the use.
5 / 5 Laquanda
After harm of water in my far, this substitution was utmost to create. He what new! So that it is!
5 / 5 Bernita
Quan Ours far was AWOL sooner this month, has thought only would buy the cheap universal substitution. Desprs Digs through dozens of listings and descriptions, listened enough sure this has required to buy a real substitution of Samsung. I have not had any one that model of idea my television was, has known only was the 4 k Ready television. This far fact attaches immediately. I have had of the pair has robbed far fact 20 years, and they each what so costs $ 50, like this the prize looked in right. It is not to soften like my old a, has the odd bumpy texture, but has bought also the coverage of far/sling for in $ 8, as it does not import . Also it recommends to take a coverage so that this far is sper taking to see, very small, and easily broke. Perhaps a cheap far would have done , but this has to classify of patience? There it is that it imports television to look right now, can not be expecting in the turn and situation of new sending!
5 / 5 Carly
Expensive madman. But it arrives in timing add and what necessities. Kinda Estrany Had fallen only in an in tho? There is not the box or container. Only it was in there loosely goosey with some suran around he lol. But salvation. It perfects.

Top Customer Reviews: LOUTOC Universal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Yasmin
I have not been sure this would do so that has one of a Samsung the newest loan TVs (UN40JU7500) those uses the far indicator. Surprised, surprised. . . As Informed for another, each button done without any adjustments. Some arrows leave me to us movement through options without requiring an indicator, but maintain a handy far original, in case perhaps can require. A far indicator can be the ache when all wants the mark is to change a canal or does the minor tweak of a Tan of happy card has taken it casualidad in of the this.
5 / 5 Opal
I have been convinced the has not been to do and lamented that the did not have bought a Samsung more expensive far, BUT, in fact is doing well. All has to has been posed in stacks. Any one setup or anything. One Smarthub works while it declares. I attack it does not break right after I write this. My television is UNES6500 the series creates, and the pair of the old years. We have lost some far in the movement and a far for ours another Samsung newer the television no by so television, also to be able to use a Ready part of a television again.
5 / 5 Cristina
Excellent substitution. Among a clave hurriedly, inserted stacks and explode! All was all poses up for my television. I have not had to program Anything
(like a far original that is coming with a television). The same works like my Samsung has done. The note of the only difference is using some buttons of inferior arrow for applications like Hulu and Netflix. It has to press the the small more take for left/right etc. The canal and the buttons of volume are perfect.

A 2 far is similar in both looks and functionality. I will try to comprise the identical look.
At the end found my Samsung has lost far but has wanted to to maintain is one that the backup or far second. Too much well to spend up. . .
5 / 5 Virgen
The works perfect with our Samsung UN65KU6290FXZA 65' 4k the television included even so Samsung the backwards of the technology has said a OE far for no. Of the oldest models
same works with INVIDENTES Anynet + and controls my television of Shield.
5 / 5 Stefan
Prpers Having used some universal far with my television with the plot of frustration and loss of functionality, at the end found this far. No, it does not connect in any another device that a Samsung, but is of entity to remark that a OEM far for my Samsung was $ 80.

This far is universal so that it is programmed concretely for the group of TVs and honestly offers almost creation and the identical buttons when compared in a OEM far.

What easy is to take this to do in a television mentioned is? I have pulled only he out of a wrapper, stacks installed, has aimed then he in my television and diverse paste buttons to try for subjects. It handles perfectly with at all additional to do.
2 / 5 Iona
This element is the perfect example of the cheap knockoff. Yes, it looks exactly like a Samsung far. Yes, law without programming has required.... So that it is a problem says. It IS cheap. When being cheap... heck IS cheap. Quan Using a far some buttons are difficult to press and that sper cheap clicking sound of plastic in plastic. Opened admit It... It IS 14 bucks... As it is cheap. But, you are substituting a Samsung the original far is a same in looks only. He stacks Is difficult to insert. It IS like a mass the compartment is wee bit small. A far coverage in my no apt unit properly after the stacks has been inserted. If it is for the room of the boys or that isolates of guest these guests of houses that you very the desire has not been guests:) Then it is well. But since tea to use in your living or isolates it very short a proverbial mustard for me.
The buttons are difficult to press and can require the second push to actuate. It want to want to it... But sadly I will be to purchase it Samsung genuine far to substitute easterly unit
5 / 5 Loni
The better works that some cual the originals think had the problem. Drawee When Says. It looks OEM. Any problem so far.
5 / 5 Jill
Somehow it lose it our far in a deep dark crevices of our far eats sofa. This was the substitution adds . Arrived in 2 days with my first affiliation. Any same required to synchronise a far in my samsung ready television. Only it insert it/ it inserts the stacks and was well to go!
4 / 5 Kaila
I have bought this far so that my far original is fallen averts, literally. I have not been it has had to to pay $ 80, as it was to look for other options and stumbled in these far. I have read some descriptions and decided to try it. Once take it a far in a clave all have to has been posed some stacks in.... It IS pre-programed and everything. Has data only 4 stars so that sometimes it has to paste a button two times to take my television to record. My far original has does not have to never, and has all an included wise distance in a house so before, as I fulfil it would not have to have this subject. BUT it is not enough for me to be turbulent or give the bad description at all. I want to this far and will buy it again if a time is gone in him. Thank you So many!!
5 / 5 Mable
Works exactly like the far originals have done.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung BN59-01241A ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Leanna
I have bought this far to substitute my old plus a (only a year), so that have had to to maintain take some stacks and press a button of power during 30 bren in reset and then matches again with mine 65' Samsung S8000 television. This new far has an exact same problem. Every time it hastens one IN button, is ready for him in any acting and to have that reset and re-pair. Sometimes a reset no in or far, likes change in an another far to repeat an integer spiel until one of them returns.

I marvel yes is the problem of software with a television he, perhaps caused for the update of firmware, this knows. If so, still it was until Samsung to communicate a problem in his clients and any one to have them buy far substitution instead...
4 / 5 Blake
It IS that it says that it is, A Samsung new far.

Records only like a one this is coming with a television, which are utmost, but bad the also has some same problems that directed me to require the nine an in a first place: virtually explode it when is fallen or attacked was anything in knee-thorough date, Some covers of stack, which are some means of culo whole of a far, the explosions was and explosions through a room, some stacks the cradle was and final by behind dressers and under beds.

Really wishes that some people that creations These far could design one with the best stack
system of covers. Please.
5 / 5 Kristine
It inserts/ it inserts two double EA the stacks and that is. I have begun hardly to press the buttons has been connected in my Samsung UN55MU8000FXZA television of model.
My only subject comes with apresamiento and that substitutes a back coverage when changes out of stacks. It IS class of delicate. Felizmente You Very precise to do that very often.
CONCLUSION - If yours look to substitute your far for your Samsung television then that is to say a far since you. As Seen in a video can control your television as well as another streaming devices and applications. It is not the universal far but when needs the far to control your parameters require the factory an and this will compete this task.
Has found this useful to please click a low nexus. Thank you.
5 / 5 Lily
Exactly that has ordered. It is ready to go and take everything of 15 bren for the take going so much was preprogrammed for our television. With 5 dogs are hard to maintain the far and his awesome to know have access in of the substitutions.
3 / 5 Danuta
Work well but necessity to be done clear that a Samsung TVs only laws with Or far the time.
5 / 5 Tori
In fact better that a far original that my dog has chewed up. An original to be able to far on was the button was to the long of an integer of upper verge of far. Easy in accidentally of tower of television while look. New updated the button of verge to be able to far left up. Small improvement but television any visit was every time choose in far. Fast nave.
5 / 5 Madlyn
It was the substitution adds . It was squad of original Factory . Even so I lasted me only enough the month so that my dog has chewed this an also. Quan Has bought this one was around $ 30 which are the value adds . But now they are around $ 80 of a same vendor. I reordered the nine an of so that I rebuff to pay $ 80 of one when the vendor paid $ 30 any mark so long. I thought that it that it pose an extensive guarantee but apparently I no. Then again am not sure he that has it coated sweats a dog that chews it. Oh Well
1 / 5 Mellissa
A far has taken is not a one in a picture. A one in a picture is for one 2017 Samsung TVs this has control of voice and buttons of money. This one has any control to express and when being cheaper.
1 / 5 Modesta
Ordered this of the provider of the amazon and my television has been listed like laws with this far but when and took it he no the work does not know why some numbers in some far was different but a looked an envoy included the backside
5 / 5 Eun
Omg Perfects only like a one this is coming with our television has matched up in second all was to attach stacks the paste to be able to presses a button of tower and an extra button a same time then the television that matches toe and has done then that mere. To well sure buy it again need .

Top Customer Reviews: Loutoc AKB73975711 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 4 ratings
1 / 5 Bonny
Last less than the month before pause to do
5 / 5 Clark
Easy trace with our television
1 / 5 Jude
I have bought this and when tried to the use does not act. Among fraction. Very dissapointed.
5 / 5 Tora
In in to to the Works only like them to them the in has to. It has Had he during the week and has had any problem. Very seldom, it have to press the button the second time to transmit signal. Good value to price even so!

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Ramon
More than perfect, is EXACTLY a same like SONY original far. (And when the peels of one focuses, said SONY.) It IS it has wanted with this far.
5 / 5 Tanja
He so that it go it far very happy with this far. It looks to have a same functionality how Sony original far.
5 / 5 Debby
While any one feeling so refined which Sony far original, all some look of buttons to do perfectly. Any setup has required, only posed in some stacks and use a far. It can not take very better.
5 / 5 Merlyn
It Likes him that it is of compatible with my Blue ray.
5 / 5 Latonia
This was a cheaper solution and more effective in my far problem has lost.
5 / 5 Georgann
The works add!
3 / 5 Marianne
In difference of an original controller, was unable to program some controls of television in my Panasonic television. Some work that control a player of Blue Ray all has done well. I am returned a control .
5 / 5 Danny
Taken a far in front of a date of the delivery has scheduled. Explosion stacks in and has done. Thank you And highly it recommends this vendor.
5 / 5 Lillia
Works like a one concealed is coming with our television.
4 / 5 Rubi
Exited of a box

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