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1 first Unlocked Smartphone OUKITEL C17 Pro with Triple Camera, 6.35 Inch HD+ Full Screen, 64GB + 4GB RAM, Global 4G LTE Cell Phones, Dual SIM, Android 9.0 Mobile Phone, Face ID, Type-C Unlocked Smartphone OUKITEL C17 Pro with Triple Camera, 6.35 Inch HD+ Full Screen, 64GB + 4GB RAM, Global 4G LTE Cell Phones, Dual SIM, Android 9.0 Mobile Phone, Face ID, Type-C By Blackview
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2 Unlocked Cell Phones 4g LTE, VMOBILE A9+, 6 inch 18:9 Full Screen 16GB ROM Android Unlocked Smartphones Dual Sim 2 + 1 Card Slots Smartphone Dual Camera 5 MP +8 MP (Gold) Unlocked Cell Phones 4g LTE, VMOBILE A9+, 6 inch 18:9 Full Screen 16GB ROM Android Unlocked Smartphones Dual Sim 2 + 1 Card Slots Smartphone Dual Camera 5 MP +8 MP (Gold) By v mobile
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3 best Original Oppo Reno Ace 4G LTE Mobile Phone 8G+256GB 65W VOOC 6.5" AMOLED 90HZ Screen Snapdragon 855 Plus 48.0MP OTG NFC Cellphone Support Google by-(Real Star Technology) (Gundam Version 8+256GB) Original Oppo Reno Ace 4G LTE Mobile Phone 8G+256GB 65W VOOC 6.5" AMOLED 90HZ Screen Snapdragon 855 Plus 48.0MP OTG NFC Cellphone Support Google by-(Real Star Technology) (Gundam Version 8+256GB) By OPPO Dealer
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4 ZTE BLADE Z MAX Z982 (32GB, 2GB RAM) 6.0" Full HD Display, Dual Rear Camera, 4080 mAh Battery, 4G LTE GSM Unlocked Smartphone w/ US Warranty (Black) ZTE BLADE Z MAX Z982 (32GB, 2GB RAM) 6.0" Full HD Display, Dual Rear Camera, 4080 mAh Battery, 4G LTE GSM Unlocked Smartphone w/ US Warranty (Black) By ZTE
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5 UMIDIGI F1 Play with 6GB+64GB Memory Android 9.0 48MP+8MP+16MP Cameras 5150mAh 6.3" FHD+ Global Version Smartphone Dual 4G LTE Cell Phone Unlocked (Black) UMIDIGI F1 Play with 6GB+64GB Memory Android 9.0 48MP+8MP+16MP Cameras 5150mAh 6.3" FHD+ Global Version Smartphone Dual 4G LTE Cell Phone Unlocked (Black) By UMIDIGI
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6 Motorola Moto E5 (16GB, 2GB) 5.7" Display, 4000 mAh All Day Battery, FM radio - (GSM+AT&T+Tmobile + Verizon) Factory Unlocked 4G LTE Smartphone - XT1920DL (US Warranty) (Gray) Motorola Moto E5 (16GB, 2GB) 5.7" Display, 4000 mAh All Day Battery, FM radio - (GSM+AT&T+Tmobile + Verizon) Factory Unlocked 4G LTE Smartphone - XT1920DL (US Warranty) (Gray) By motorola
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7 Samsung Galaxy J2 Core 2018 International Version, No Warranty Factory Unlocked 4G LTE (USA Latin Caribbean) Android Oreo SM-J260M Dual Sim 8MP 8GB (Black) Samsung Galaxy J2 Core 2018 International Version, No Warranty Factory Unlocked 4G LTE (USA Latin Caribbean) Android Oreo SM-J260M Dual Sim 8MP 8GB (Black) By Samsung
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8 UMIDIGI A5 Pro 6.3'' FHD+ Unlocked Smartphone with Triple Main Camera(16MP+8MP+5MP), 32GB+4GB Ram GSM Cell Phones International Version, Dual 4G LTE, Android 9.0 - US Warranty(Breathing Crystal) UMIDIGI A5 Pro 6.3'' FHD+ Unlocked Smartphone with Triple Main Camera(16MP+8MP+5MP), 32GB+4GB Ram GSM Cell Phones International Version, Dual 4G LTE, Android 9.0 - US Warranty(Breathing Crystal) By UMIDIGI
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9 Kyocera DuraXV LTE E4610 Verizon Wireless Rugged Waterproof Flip Phone (Renewed) Kyocera DuraXV LTE E4610 Verizon Wireless Rugged Waterproof Flip Phone (Renewed) By Kyocera
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10 Google Pixel 2 XL Unlocked 64gb GSM/CDMA - 4G LTE 6in P-OLED Display 4GB RAM 12.2MP Camera Phone - Black & White (Renewed) (Black & White, 64 GB) Google Pixel 2 XL Unlocked 64gb GSM/CDMA - 4G LTE 6in P-OLED Display 4GB RAM 12.2MP Camera Phone - Black & White (Renewed) (Black & White, 64 GB) By Google
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Top Customer Reviews: Unlocked Smartphone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Boris
The container has received quickly and packaged attentively. I have bought this telephone partorisca my dad like his present navideño. Love the quite big smartphone. Everything in the estimativa.
Has had ATT and some 4works of good g for my service. A telephone is flowed and fast thanks to his 4GB of RAM, has included an application that leaves to clean memory.
Sustains 2 nano yes or the nano yes + the micro SD that knows that has an inner memory of 64goes.
Down 4000 mAh, looks to be a lot has directed. With which 5 hours to read on screen, goes of 100 to 48 comprising video and games. Standby Consumption to be able to is extremely down.
Some photos are a lot of the one who photo of leaves more technical with the bohek effect.
Little more, has the transparent shell has resupplied. (Look: Type -C headphone the adapter is not inlcuded)
My dad is very satisfied with him.
5 / 5 By Clarinda
Ossia The telephone adds for a prize. They are careless and my telephone has been broken several times . I do not want to spend a lot of money in smartphone. I have found this on-line. The works add in Att or cricket. A 4G LTE connection and has abundance of room. It comes with the chance of telephone. A camera takes good pictures. A facial unlock and fingerprint Scalia add. The hard battery all day a lot the time that touches video,music, and game. A build and feel of a fantastic telephone. A lot characteristic. You love it!
5 / 5 By Mercy
I really like this telephone, and I like a red chance
  OUKITEL C17 Pro the telephone has been thumbs HD + full screen, 4G LTE telephone, 64GB ROM + 4GB RAM, dual HE paper, 3900 mAh battery, triple camera 13MP, Android 9.0 telephone, facial recognition, type C

  OUKITEL C17 Pro is an economic smartphone 4g, which is ideal value for all the boys, adolescent, seniors, friends, parents and people that there is has not used never the smartphone.


  Memory: 4 GB; ROM: 64 GB
  Expansion: Support until 128GB TF / Micro SD paper
  CPU: MT6763, HELIO P23 ; GPU: Mali to ARM G71 MP2 700 MHz

  WIFI: / b / g / n / ac, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
  Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2
  USB: 2.0 Type C
  support of Sensor

  sensor of Acceleration, giróscopo, geomagnetism
  GPS: GPS + Glonass + Beidou
  OTG: support
  Fines-touch: Support
  OUKITEL C17 Pro Thumb HD +, 90 proportion of organism,
5 / 5 By Pauline
has substituted mine another telephone of the work and he have broken. It likes-me the android, is economic, and the looks adds. A photo is average and I like his colour, which is a main reason bought it. A signal comunicacional is stable and a outgoing the call is faster that mine oneplus 6t. It is a lot suitable for work.
4 / 5 By Emerita
Telephones very good ‘easy to use and have some system of android of characteristic adds. Has a Atnt the carrier does like this far well with him ‘
4 / 5 By Rodney
has had a telephone for the week now and am very impressed. Interface a lot smooth, lustrous creation, the resolution of screen adds, well for gaming and the powerful battery. Any one daunts, his battery is a better thing roughly the, and is in fact reason has bought a telephone. Besides, a camera is another better part in a telephone. Screen fingerprint works of sensor perfectly. Setup Is easy, fully touch a telephone, insert the HE and a comprised SD paper, then pode on, choose your tongue and expect the pocolos small. A Bluetooth is awesome. Connected with my wireless earbud without subjects.
4 / 5 By Kevin
Has looked for the new telephone reason my old telephone there has been the screen broken. Absolutely I love a measure of the screen of this telephone, software of facial recognition and fingerprint scanner.
A system is a lot fast and can easily run each application and game, and a 4G the cellular data that receives the function is a lot of gain for travelling United States and Europe.
Has taken thousands of photo and video in some gone, and each one which so one has surprised,
thinks that this telephone is economic and practical, like this highly recommend it!
5 / 5 By Venus
A product arrives in time. Has a box that contains a telephone, instructions and some another paper, a 2A load and a Type of USB C boss. A chance of silicone is comprised also  ( type C headphone, adapter and protect is not comprised.
Commentaries that although a manual of instruction indicates that it comprise the Type of USB C adapter to headphone jack, is not comprised. I have contacted a vendor and she say me that it is the error of instruction of manual press. In spite of of the this, the factory has not modified a book of instruction, and continuous indicate that it is has comprised. This in spite of, have had the commercial deference with me and answered timely.
in to the this section would like to underline that it is the elder of mobile screen that an average ”, this in spite of his surface is a lot very used and is smaller that other telephones with the smallest screens. A camera forward is comprised in a screen (upper sinister corner), which calm cause to lose view of him in this hole. A mobile phone handset hardly occupies spatial, when be located in a flange of a telephone he and a connector of USB is type C, not comprising headphone jack.
A telephone aesthetically is a lot beautiful. This in spite of, because of his lustrous arrival, the toe has dipped in leaves his mark in a form of the fingerprint like iphone or SAMSUNG because of his material.
At the beginning does not look the good idea in a part of a costruttore to comprise a HD screen for the measure of ”of these causes the density of low pixel. In another hand, has to resist import that a processor incorporates (Helio P35) is mid-row. In my opinion, this processor hardly would have been able to run current mobile games sure smoothly to Full HD,  which the probably will do in HD resolution. In another hand, indicates that in spite of a density of low pixel, a quality of the image of a telephone is a lot good. Like this finally I consider it although a costruttore has comprised HD screen in this device. This also will help a life of battery, which will speak later.
Has tried a telephone alfresco and with a Sun that paste a mobile face, a screen is still visible, like this brightness is well.
has the very big volume and speaker a lot enough to look video and perhaps was for some film.
This in spite of, listens the music, prefers to use professional headphones with basses and treble.
has believed initially that this battery in this mobile of big screen with an intense use of a telephone would cost you to create to date, but was bad. Probably that a screen is HD and that a processor is modest has helped that with an intense use.
Fluidity and speed
has not tried a telephone in of the games, but to use joined the majority of common applications and also have many of them opened in a fund would not owe that be questions. Some rolls of screen smoothly and the applications plough quite quickly.
Photograph and video
One the rear camera caused the very good feeling (especially to be the mobile in this row). I tried it so much the sunny day and in the cloudy day and, with his logical differences, a camera has taken good photos at all times ( will try to leave the photo that accompanies this description).
An advance of camera in the conditions read good does a lot of selfies, this in spite of, in of the decreases of conditions read, would prefer use professional camera.
Expect that this description was useful
5 / 5 By Tambra
has had this telephone for the few days and is the capacity of battery adds. There days for cariche. A speaker is quite strong that can listen some songs in mine playlist while I am driving. Some other characteristic to to that likes is of expensive unlock. His very leading telephone has not had quite a lot of memory partorisca to do the plot of extra things but this an east awesome. If you are in the estimativa limited and calm love the beautiful telephone with a lot of characteristic, calm promote to buy this telephone.
4 / 5 By Deane
Am loving my Oukitel C17 so only has characteristic glorious that fulfils and still surpasses my daily use. I so only like a 'BASIC SERVICE' believe me is more than just a course of an interview of mill and 'booster' characteristic of spatial saving you included in this version! Kudos To a software and of the engineers... Ossia In fact my second Oukitel telephone!

Top Customer Reviews: Unlocked Cell ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 By Arianne
According to friends those who have bought this, a fingerprint the sensor are adds!A sensor is very quickly, touch a sensor and a hand unlock when the humidity is big or your toes are wetted, can not say old telephones.
4 / 5 By Kandy
Pixel Of the photo also fulfils my needs, and a capacity of durable battery is one of some people of reasons want to buy this telephone.
4 / 5 By Jacinto
Need the economic telephone partorisca take a do one while while to my good telephone partorisca be ready, then he the good work.

Top Customer Reviews: Original Oppo Reno ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 By Buck
Telephone adds global to know like the mod telephones.. Ossia The Chinese telephone , so the averages of a telephone is in the Mandarin and some imagine/the applications no with the United States.
BUT, in general, is the telephone quite that surprises - I enjoys to use... But there is any lag and glitches because of a be of system for Chinese
4 / 5 By Garnet
A telephone law adds like this far, load like fast as announced and a 90hz refresh the tax done a telephone feels fast and smooth. The real accident also a lot of supportive during a shipment process as has some subjects of nave, definately buys they again if the future occasion arises.
4 / 5 By Shira
Has received a telephone! It likes of a lot. Of then they are that alive in UAE, has asked a vendor to install Services of Google for me. Any harm at all. Gaming Is smooth and any lag. The video is conclusive reason there is FEELS. Support of good client, will do sure that everything is well.
5 / 5 By Maryjane
I like this produced and has shipped quickly enough for me

Top Customer Reviews: ZTE BLADE Z MAX ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Mozelle
Remained with one same Zmax z982 with which last a there is shattered. It has not bought Never the on-line telephone, and has been concerned roughly he no when being pas able to actuate or possibly having subject after reading descriptions of third vendors of party. Value of the extras few dollars partorisca buy directly of ZTE, has not had any subject any one taking this actuated in tent. Although I have not been conscious I has had to that buy the new he paper further of a cost of limit, as it was $ 27 for takes it has turned on.
Loves this telephone and am happy found that here.
5 / 5 By Larraine
Enormous screen. It looks partorisca be the battery adds like this far. Any craahing or poor software partorisca comment on. Cameras Abonos like this front and behind. In general the subject complete in this price.
1 / 5 By Kamilah
It does not buy this no with MetroPCS
5 / 5 By Louella
I have not had my telephone very long. Like this far I love it. It is very easy the setup and does not know any one a lot in telephones or like partorisca do them. My Leaf all that my fellow $ telephone , and in a same speed. I love it.
5 / 5 By Cherie
Works of good telephone a lot my husband has included a( well the year) can has not beaten he partorisca a price. Work with metre pcs also.
5 / 5 By Shay
My ATT the telephone has had the micro he paper. I have taken a he and a telephone to the venue ATT tent. A loaded has used the hand-held tool and trimmed a he paper so that it returns perfectly in a new telephone. It dip in and an immediately connected telephone my account of telephone. Works perfectly. Also it does quite well with Car of Android in mine sync 3 Ford F-150. I can easily transmission among Wase and Maps of Google.

There is remarked the reviewer the one who noisily there is complained that a screen timed was and has been black in just the pocolos second. This person can not be quite ready to possess the smartphone like this is controlled in some settings of android down the screen creates. It remains on until several minutes.
2 / 5 By Brian
I have called ZTE and has spoken with them partorisca do sure that comprises correctly - a bar of the investigation of the Google is stuck on all the main screens and is not something that is able to take. Have has does not have to that never with any one another device, comprising my ZTE is.

Mina another subject is that this telephone is coming with the cord to cover/target and clearly is not fact partorisca this telephone. When it Is plugged in, take a notification that would have to use one correct load. They are sper has annoyed that now I owe that return this telephone after active purchased all partorisca he.

Has had ZTE telephones partorisca the years and I will not be buying another.
5 / 5 By Mina
Fast shipping hard to beat for 105 bucks
5 / 5 By Lupita
Very pleased with him everything
5 / 5 By Fred
Like this far, like this good. Really the good telephone partorisca a price. I have paid more partorisca telephone of the smallest quality!!

Top Customer Reviews: UMIDIGI F1 Play ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Delicia
Initially, I have had a subject with a vendor not sending a telephone in time and has had also a subject with actuating the (new) HE paper with this telephone (partorisca Verizon). After researching for 3 days was finally able to take this on and that careers. Basically, work with Verizon while; 1. A HE had been used with another telephone, 2. tweak A setting of coverage in a telephone. In all the chance, has had now this telephone partorisca roughly 4 days. Interior a moment, love this telephone. Of my leading telephone was Notes 4, taste to him the sense has had the shot adds. I am spent under $ 200 (a prize of telephone of the estimativa) for the mid-telephone of row. No appearance this to be as late more Samsung Commentaries or iPhone, but am happy with his action like this far. Works of camera well at night, has meant is better that my old Note 4. Also, for real I love a measure of battery. They are not the gamer, but can look video and listen the music all day without touching. LOVE IT.... In all the chance, will owe attended and see if this will last more than the month or like this, but like this far like this good. After all, that has to that expect of the telephone of estimativa?....Perhaps some longevity and the good durability would be well, also. Again, it has to attended and see....

Update: I have been using he partorisca the month now. They are still happy with everything in this telephone, with an exception of a camera and video zooming functionality. Without zooming, the work adds. This in spite of, once zoomed, a quality of pics and the clips results unrecognizable and unusable. Besides this subject, the applications do well. A volume of telephone is quite strong, life of battery ... They are not the heavy user like hard telephone almost three days without touching. Amur He in general. (I also there is F1 for my woman to the equal that has a same description with this telephone also)
4 / 5 By Anissa
Very happy with this compraventa. The value adds for a prize. Using with T-Mobile (more in that down). An only ding against the, and this could have me been, is a Wi-Fi those calls. Law to like go to do. A person in another end could see tried to call, but after an initial connection has been done, a call has been fallen. The any needs of Wi-Fi that called like this I so only disabled the.
When it Read some other descriptions was happy to see that it does with Verizon ... But he the no. has been using Verizon for on 12 years and has had any plan to change carriers, but no with Verizon. Some people in a Verizon the tent tried for 20 minutes or like this to take his system to do with him but simply could no. Verizon will not leave this telephone in his coverage this time.
Has been to a T-Mobile tent. They were very useful, included to a point that has taken a HE paper out of one of his personal telephones and places he in mine so only to do sure laws. Fact. I have finalised to go with his 'on 55' plan which saved almost $ 30 for month in Verizon version of a same plan. As this has finalised to be win he-win.
4 / 5 By Yukiko
Are to write it the one who inevitably spends $ 800 for my boys' iPhone XR (otherwise his life is miserable according to his) but never never give such fortune the Apple for my own telephone. In this consideration ossia the telephone a lot well that the mine looks no the different of my boys' iPhone expensive but slope much less. Sturdy, big Quality, Android 9, any fanky applications of device or concrete settings. I upgraded of Motorola 5g that has aimed his age and can not maintain up with modern applications. This telephone manages everything of mine a lot of faster applications that Motorcycle 5g. They are not the adolescent the one who concerns for my account appearance in photo - but quality of look of reasonable photo. Number of bars of antenna for the signal of cell is less than in my leading telephone. I guess I will imagine it it was reason plus late. I wish everything of my boys loves this telephone and has to that .

Update after a first day of the quality of a Speaker of Ear is very poor. Transmission my description of 5 star to 4.
5 / 5 By Cary
Daily use, in amazing product, clear map, easy to use, quickly YOU, abundance of artilugio available for him. That The camera is highly competitive with $ 1,000 telephones. Abundance of the memory and I have 7,000 pictures and of the hundreds of the songs and the abundance of applications has downloaded. A value for prize is a better. Drop your tendency of iPhone stupid and do the pocola researches, will adapt too much.
4 / 5 By Constance
Has there is enjoyed really use this Umidigi F1 Touch this week. I possess and use a lot of telephones of telephones of the Android. I use telephones of Android to follow the stocks and the information read for my work. It possesses on 10 telephones of Android. My experience with a Umidigi F1 the game has been stands out like this far. A telephone no lag or experience any questions of action with means it comunicacionales that touch, operations of application, or multitasking. A helium p60, 6 actions of RAM, that the stock android is fast and effective experience . An action is upper notch for a prize I payed.

A short eleven quality of some telephone
1) reception of telephone is better that any of the mine others telephones for T mobile. Quality of call of the telephone a lot very also. I do not lose signal unless in edifice of metal very big. The signal for everything leaves city.
2) The screen is big and detailed and vibrant. 1080p I video are the delight .
Photo of the also burst camera on screen.
3) the life of Battery is very good. Fast touching also. Volume 14 screen of hours punctually now was. Near max brilliant.
4) One 48 mega that the camera of pixel is noticable. It resupplies the clarity and the quality add. You can pinch to zoom very deep the photos. The details in photos are big quality. Open camera and a umidigi the application of camera operates very good to take photo of quality. The front that expensive the camera is also good quality for selfie is.
5) Stock Android 9.0 Is my experience of Android has preferred. Any bloatware in telephone and little cup of storage taken on of one 64 gb inner storage. The experience is resembled Essential telephone or he Nexus software of wise device. There is abundance of free ram for multitasking or big ram intense applications. 6 gb Of the ram is the plus .
6) octacore processor Helio P60 Extracted all the tasks without lag for me. Circle a lot of entrances accionarías immediately. Power efficiency is also well.
7) A telephone is comes with the screen of protective good quality and chance. The good value has added to a global container of a telephone. It does not take a protective screen , is good quality .
8) Cara unlock is fast and also has an option to max brightness a screen to light your face in of the decreases of zones read. A lot handy when it traces in car and behaviour.
9) the quality of Build is sturdy, the telephone is not the heavy or bulky for a battery massively 5150 mAh battery. Some accesses of telephone well in a delivery. The red colour is attractive. A chance has comprised has the good grip and texture.
10) NFC The compatibility is handy to use paid of Google in of the tents, and to transfer the files has required .
11) Expandable Micro SD paper until 256 gb is the utmost characteristic. This option for more the storage is required because of a measure of big file of a big quality 48 mega photo of pixel.

Have experinced So only a smaller question with a Umidigi F1 play it and ossia a sensor of impression of the toe will not relieve well sometimes. This subject is remedied to enrol my toe different time to take a better image of the mine form of toe. Now an impression of toe 8.5/10. Cara unlock can be used in tandem with fingerprint also to avert questions.

A Umidigi F1 the game is now my main telephone for use of data and calls of telephone. I think that that it is the value a lot well so that shabby. My favourite quality of this telephone is is reception a lot well of LTE and 4g. I experinced 0 questions with subjects of connection in a country, in a city, or any questions that maps of use of Google.
5 / 5 By Galen
Am using this of 2 weeks and are not that it sees any box of @@subject now. The battery is awesome and is coming for 2 days with minimum use. That The camera are add, am able to take some clear pictures in low light also included selfies is likes to plot. The exposure is clear and screen of the drop of the water is good able to look video without empty. The processor is well am touching games also with out the delays do not see a lot of lag. It is running a late plus you Android 9 and is doing with T-Mobile in EUA. It gives the graces for the action adds in this prize.
5 / 5 By Sanford
Remarkable telephone. Measure of the screen adds, awesome time of battery without messing with anything, fingerprint the scanner is practically instant, that surprises proportion of screen and awesome picture, a lot quickly accusing can, and much more. I am impacted in that quality these offers of telephone for such an outstandingly economic prize seal. Any much more can ask of the telephone.
4 / 5 By Skye
Looks Of telephone and feels prize. Has prevail specs minus a mediatek p60 processor. It is pertinent and does not see any lag or the action issues like this far. You can still it touches in the but does not expect it to maintain no with flagships. Psp Works of emulation but does not add for each game. Killzone The emission has had some subjects but I have not annoyed to tweak a lot. GTA And murderous create it has touched well on 2x king. The battery is sum . The moderate use and are in 62 in an end of a day. Tried an application of open camera but there have been mixed results. Directing is a subject feels likes. The low light is well for this row of prize. Wine with chance and pre-protective installed screen and or.S. Load. In general, happy. Ossia A better telephone in this row of prize if you are in T-Mobile (using mention). The supports go back and 5ghz wifi.
5 / 5 By Temple
Has loved so only revise this because need of people to know in this awesome telephone! It is lustrous, comes with his own súper sturdy chance and protective screen and has The BETTER BATTERY has not had never in the mobile phone and I have had many. A prize is fantastic and how is this telephone ! My husband has bought this good telephone with which have bought the mine of then sees that the times take a battery to die and reason is so only a mobile device adds global. To good sure the value that takes!
4 / 5 By Aletha
Wow. This telephone is quickly! And a life of battery is FOR FAR a more has not had never in the telephone! I can go two solid days without the load, and ossia with using quite heavy. I love it! An only downside: a fingerprint the reader is absolute craps. They are hopi g is so only my device. Probably I will be to send the behind for a transmission, and expect a prójimo a does not have this subject. It acts 1 it was 4 or 5 trys, and is EXTREMELY retard when it operates. It is almost unbearable. Felizmente Some works of facial recognition well. If any calm worry you in a fingerprint reader, this telephone is the no-brainer. Otherwise, Raisin in a Umidigi.

Top Customer Reviews: Motorola Moto E5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Caitlyn
It has given this telephone to my brother today partorisca his anniversary. Shipped like this announced and unlocked and the new mark.. I have chosen conversation directly like the wireless carrier changed of Verizon pre the plan and the telephone have paid. Transferred Verizon mobil numbers on without questions, has spent converses it directly YES BOX of LIMIT . On and running a lot easy ready in 20 minutes .. Highly it recommends this basic loan very driod telephone... It is the GSM works of carrier telephone with GSM carriers as AT&T of habladuría straight T-Mobil very limited in Verizon coverages. Hope This help left partorisca know me or other questions. The THANKSGIVING DAY Is HAPPY
4 / 5 By Carie
Mina $ 8millions LG6 this was quite worthless in his lifetime has broken when a telephone was out of the agreement and I am pulled a he the paper was to substitute he with the new a. An economic plastic tray has broken inner and without mortgaging a house, has not had any way can be fixed.

So much, more than going everything in and fall another glorious in the stupid telephone, has bought is one. I owe that say, for a prize, is the darn good telephone. It take the moment to dip on, all some updates of software and whatnot, but take to mine he paper of AT&T like the fish to water. Has the look cleaned well, Motorola there is a bit nifty the characteristic has built in, and partorisca to to the the type likes of the that really any a lot of but listen the music, email of control, and surf a coverage, these works like the charm.

I powered on a telephone in the evening of Thursday. It is now late of Saturday and have 42 battery has left. Admitted, did not use it the tonne, but still, any complaint there dates my LG6 can down in roughly 14 nanoseconds with which paste 100.

Maintains in alcohol, does not have the tonne by heart here, but has dipped in a SD paper and store all my photos, music and downloads to film there. It conceal also it is easy to do and maintains your inner walk in good working mandate.

Considering a camera, full disclosure, are Ansel Adams or Annie Liebovitz, but finds more than pertinent. I will owe that give one nods to a LG6 in of the terms of better quality, but yes begin to break down a prize for photo, LG has it around $ the pic, and a Motorola is in $ .0000001. So that it is the quite good savings .

Seriously, are not never buying another telephone for more than $ 100 again. It feels he like mine dipped basically whole retreat in jeopardy buying these frames to conclude and big dollar I to schedules of payment in pair with the new car.
5 / 5 By Ozie
This was the substitution for a telephone my edges fallen in the tank and ruined with water, and is better that those telephone! Reason?! Reason have washed accidentally this telephone in a washer and there is @@give halfway by means of... To the Work likes in of absolute is spent. We didnt laughed included of use. Have there was felizmente the protective screen in the reason take has clashed/broken in a washer.
5 / 5 By Melodee
Is the new telephone , as we have not had long to experience any one subjects, but like this far, like this well for the simple smartphone.
4 / 5 By Brady
There is verizon HE paper, plugged in, call them have done immediately. It likes him the signal out of a camera of telephone the rear resolution is 8MP likes declared in a description of telephone and to the equal that have verified telephone. Somehow a spent that has spent a face at the head of the telephone has said esar 13MP' as in a semi-detached photo. Confusing. It likes 3 stars.
4 / 5 By Mitsue
4 / 5 By Anja
has Bought this economic telephone to substitute my iphone . They are to good sure happy with him. It is quickly, a hard battery the very long time, and a camera is solid. It is the simple telephone that does a work. 2 GB Of the ram is enough for me to does not remark never lag when using common applications.
This is not concrete to a E5, but a transmission of iOS to the android is kinda rough. Little accessibility and characteristic of the movement of the hand is lost to good sure and a lot sufficiently compensated on Android YOU. Another subject: I am a lot conscious of the collection of heavy/implication of Google of all my activity in a telephone. I recommend to look on like this to 'of-google' yours telephone so so it was possible. In the note has related, bloatware takes on enough the bit of spatial of a bat. Roughly 11GB was available for use out of a box; a system and preloaded the applications take on roughly 5GB.
In general, am happy with a telephone and has surprised that a telephone of Android extracted in this point of prize. I recommend.
PS: Careful when buying chance! Mark sure is for your number of concrete model, and no for a cruise/of game.
5 / 5 By Jesusita
My woman loves it. It is not technically savey but suitable his purposes.
5 / 5 By Bryant
No the bad telephone at all. Screen the clear measure was utmost. Little I last to see in light of alone but hey for a prize and specs excellent. There is no full used it reason has been sent like the present. But the control was before telephone I so that it adds. Especially for any the one who any one to alot of technology.
4 / 5 By Letitia

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy J2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Rachele
Update: a telephone has fallen few days and concealed was an end of him. Any happy

has has has had questions with this telephone of day an and any one has been solved on til now

quality partorisca Call very poor: drop of Call, any transmission, it turn was, etc all that spends with each call. Literally.
Application of telephone there is prendido partorisca do multiple time for day, retarding a dialing process.
Has the metre pcs pop-on that maintains partorisca look that the so only can not take touched of of. They are not the metre pcs subscriber.
Has to that restart a telephone multiple time for day to refresh a telephone like this can them take some basic functions and the internet that read
An application of telephone hangs multiple time for day rendering all call them have blocked
Widgets (irrelevant mine) is preloaded and the could not add my own
Personalizing a homescreen and some settings has been blocked
Touch-screen shaky

Dual HE
is the smallest measure big telephone
the quality of Picture is good
life of excellent Battery (only 2 use of month)
Lovely colour

has tried to contact a vendor then Amazon multiple time regarding these subjects but any response. 🤔😕☹️
5 / 5 By Percy
Has MODIFIED on Oct. 3, 2019: I have bought 2 Samsung Galaxy J2 Core 2018 Factory Unlocked 4G LTE (USA the Latin Caribbean) Android Oreo SM-J260M telephones.
- I has bought to to some telephones likes him to him the option of low cost for access/of internet/of text of interior of voice EUA and for travesía international. It give some telephones 4 stars.
-Is gone in original Samsung packaging
-Unlocked - I has used yes the papers have purchased
-I has bought some telephones to use in EUA and travesías out of some the EUA.
Has MODIFIED: Used these two telephones on 2 travesía of week out of some the EUA. I have purchased yes papers of the service of world-wide telephone. They have done well in of the multiple states in EUA, and in United Kingdom (Inghilterra, Scozia, Northern Ireland), Republic of Ireland, Guernsey Island of canal (United Kingdom), and in Normandy, France. So much, bands of the available frequency in a telephone is sufficient for these countries. They are very satisfied.
-My main uses are voices , text messaging, and access of internet. These characteristics of telephone law well.
-Some telephones are marketed for Latin America. To find a manual of user of the English tongue thus model could print, have gone to Samsung put for Bermuda. A manual of full period was useful mine like the user of telephone of new Android. Useful, but leaves the plot of information was. (A manual can be accessed invernadero a telephone.)
-Main limitation: MODIFIED: Any one. A software of system the up to date question has seen when have in the first place bought some telephones (sees down) has been solved. A telephone informed that the update of software of the system (Android) has been ready to download and install. Law properly and updated to an August 2019 software. In another telephone has used an option of software of system of update in of the settings and concealed resulted in the update of the software of system has achieved. A question has mentioned in an original description has been solved.
FIXED: 'updating a software of system 'in an air' ( Update) no for both telephone. It results in esgistration Failed' message. I think that that this arrives reason is an International (Latin America) telephone and Samsung sustains EUA is not gister' any-telephones of EUA. (Some telephones can not be recorded in Samsung place of web of them the EUA, neither.) Has update felizmente a software of system of my PC of Windows to use Samsung software of Ready Transmission. This has update a software of system of Part 2019 - that was it in a has boxed telephones - in June 2019. Contact with Samsung cat and support of telephone has not solved this question. I lean it recommended volume some telephones to local service. I go to do some updates of system manually with my computer.
- Installation of the application and the updates do well. It is a system of updates of Android that has to be it fact manually.'--FIJAMENTE
5 / 5 By Nieves
The work adds in CUBA, thank you
4 / 5 By Dudley
The telephone is 8GB, the description was 16 GB
5 / 5 By Leoma
Practically deceived in the announcing of the crew is of 16gb and in reality edges of 8 gb
4 / 5 By Isaac
This telephone is a worse telephone never. When The people call you, does not spend never for or say that a telephone is was when in fact it is on. I have lost so many labour occasions because of this telephone. I will not recommend any for the buy. L I waste of money. Another has been mine sent when I have contacted service of client of the Amazon and ossia also like this bad as first a.
4 / 5 By Tenisha
Does not have fingerprint, or sense to touch. You owe that press the key to take opens it. My leading telephone has done thing for him in my pocket. This telephones all my on three times like expensive telephone has done. One that touches microUSB the connector was a component fracasado in my leading telephone, will see like this a fact.
5 / 5 By Neta
My woman was very happy with this telephone.
5 / 5 By Retta
Very a lot of
4 / 5 By Tonisha
Is a lot very still tub

Top Customer Reviews: UMIDIGI A5 Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Nadene
When I in the first place found this telephone, has not gone still on Amazon, and has had... The plot of wrong information. Memory partorisca read a lot that says that that has USB-C (He no, USB of use Micro), and that has wireless touching (He also any).

A @@subject a big plus that has not seen was that it does not have CDMA. It was in Verizon at the same time, and... Well, yeah. Some works of telephone! You can he llamas was. You can receive calls. You can take on-line. You can send messages of text. But, here it is one @subjects a big plus: you can a lot of recieve messages of text. Verizon Uses that CDMA coverage partorisca send messages of text, as this telephones never recieves him. Lame to plot more esforzo that really have to that it has to that take the majority of this information out of his, and has not been some better in communication, but concealed is in Verizon, no this telephone. The short long history: it has been due to you take my own line in all the chance and now are in T-Cellular where a telephone law adds.

I amour that a telephone comes with the simple chance. These 'was-mark' the telephones often do not have the available chances, like some come with a telephone are adds. As it results, there is the good chance also available to the equal that has taken (code of Product B07T6CYDZ2 ), so that the chances are available for a A5 which is the enormous plus .

Action-wise, is well. I any one anything weighed in my telephone, generally just texting and the internet that explores, and he that so only well. There is remarked that occasionally it take odd and not uploading things, likes video of Youtube or images of Twitter. This spends in both mobile die and in wifi, but is fixed immediately turn a wifi/the mobile data was and behind on. It is a telephone , or a coverage? Honradamente Have any idea, as I am not marking this telephone down for him.

I amour a life of battery. He outstrips a Pixel 2 I has had previously (Which has had everything of his paralización of sensors to do entirely, this was annoying), and ossia with touching music by means of bluetooth all day in work.

Some looks of cameras to be quite well, although I have not taken the big variety of pictures with him.

Now, partorisca to the things do not like . A lot these is personal opinions to the equal that maintains that in alcohol.
In the first place on, a screen. It is the good screen ! This in spite of, some the upper corners are wry, and is twisted enough that one first enciphers of a time, and a mark of percentage for a power of battery, is cut sometimes of the little. Ossia More obvious when an upper bar is white, like when using Chrome, and usually looks well when it is darker.

Besides for a screen, a notch of the camera in an annoying upper centre. With that taking arrive some space in a half, and a simple fact that has the big number of icons that is always there, almost does not see never the majority of some icons of notifications in an upper bar.

I also disturbed a measure of a telephone. It likes to maintain my telephone in my pocket of trousers of the front, but this telephone, especially with a chance has taken, is so only too big for that. Turn in my rear pocket? Sure, but it is really uncomfortable to seat on.

In everything, enough the telephone a lot - Quite all I aversion roughly is subjective, or does not use he for things where the would not treat also. To good sure recommend it, while it calms is not in the CDMA coverage.
4 / 5 By Ricardo
Telephone of quality for a row of prize with the little gilipollas that is acceptable data a prize.

Likes another has said that a camera is like this-as (typical of telephones where external is well, but inner lighting challenges of pose). A bokeh is just class of an effect. It can it does not solve mine DSLR with inaugural lentil still, apparently.

A speaker of ear is quite feeble (I use speakerphone in all the chance, but ossia almost necessary now). A speaker in a fund is to good sure the way down below of the mine last telephone (motorcycle G4), but again uses an external speaker for music/of podcast that listens usually in to all the chance likes any of these speakers of telephone can come remotely afterwards to the real speaker (goes to settings of his advanced and disable 'BesLoundness' to help spend some basses and mid row behind to a speaker).

My main complaint is that it have it lag when opening some applications, usually 2 or 3 according to that is probably one annoying a big how is in fact bit it slower of my motorcycle G4 in fact 3 years that so only has 2RAM of actions. Inaugural gmail taken 5-6 seconds for some reason. I think that has a hardware to be faster (8 cores, 4RAM of actions), like this ossia probably the subject of software. Hopefully Updates over time quicken one opening of applications.

An exposure is clear and that shines (to good insurances tun in nightlight characteristic to reduce blue light at night).

A fingerprint the reader 100 while my toe is dipped on correctly (program like this toes the calm indications so much can use any hand).

A chair of glass adds to a touch. Taken of a protective plastic screen and enjoy (unless you are rough with telephones, suppose). I find it odd a protective chance has comprised is not transparent, especially for a model of crystal of the respite that I also purchased for my woman ( has ordered a spatial ash). Has some the clear chances that come from another vendor.

A battery is pertinent. If running you a lot of youtube and maintain a screen in 100 taste , he to good sure drains first of finals of days (to the equal that has done a motorcycle G4). For random use, has to easily last a whole day.

In general, am impressed enough for a prize. I will consider UMIDIGI telephones of main finals in a future. I ask the one who this mark could do in 400 row?

In all the chance, appreciates value-has imported the mark has taken. The people that spends the glorious or more in of the telephones of big name am taken up in mark and atrocity of image that simply can not relate to ( is unavoidable these things take outdated and/or stop the few years, like reasons spends that it classifies of money? The apple could touch very included that him him them people there is not lined on like this of the sheep and rid the on, but I digress).
4 / 5 By Roxane
Has used to buy each generation of Telephone of the galaxy concealed is exited. Im Always breaking or wetting my telephone is. Still with sure it takes expensive. Now it refuses to spend of the hundreds of dollars in the telephone. This telephone was the little more than that I usually to paid for my telephone is now, but was a lot of value he! Ossia One of some better telephones has has not possessed never! And for a prize, can has not beaten the. A screen has an amazing picture. A camera is surprising! It is very fast. Has all I need and more. Highly Highly Recommended!
5 / 5 By Jade
Has taken this telephone for my woman to substitute Blue Lived XL4 that has had the screen has broken. Everything of a specs of a A5 looked well and, of some of some descriptions of video have looked, looks the quite good value. As they are class to compare this telephone to an action of one a lot-less-priced Blue Alive XL4...
A Good:
Still in person a telephone has looked & prize of felt . Had the a lot of his weight & has loved a colour of one rear. An exposure was very brilliant & & a telephone is coming packaged a lot amiably. It comes with the black, TPU chance that classifies of hides a beauty of a backside of a telephone thinks & is quell'has bitten difficult to take entirely around a telephone because of a thinness of a material of chance. Also it comes with the HE tool, touching blockade, & micro boss of USB. So much, enough, it comes with everything in a box that need to create you & that careers.
A No-Like this-Well:
SETUP: As it dip on a telephone for one 1st time has found one 1st I tried to go the cellular coverages in of the settings so many could enter a APN for our carrier an application of telephone would die Every time. Included I look it reboots has not relieved this error. I finally taken around the this somehow(the error not having prendido coming on this in spite of) & was able to enter & save a APN.
CAMERA: I can have had some wrong settings or something, but when that tries to take the picture of some boys inside a house a telephone has taken for ever to in fact snap a picture, as it can not take the clear picture of some boys( tends to move around the plot & is not patient in ). I have not tried taking any external pictures in a sun.
SIGNAL of CELL: According to my woman a telephone signal of cell has lost periodically, included in of the locations where his leading telephones have had no. When it Take the signal a quality of call was well, but a earpiece volume in a cup of a telephone was bondadoso of low has thought & can be potentially be last to listen was in the bit of the noisy situation.
TOUCHSCREEN: A screen looked to the order has thought, but my woman has informed that a course to touch of him was bondadoso of finicky the time & has required more than the touch it hard plus sometimes(this could be attributed possibly to a fact that has left a thin plastic screen protective has applied in a protective glass on that this in spite of).
Has SEEN of BATTERY: Still although a telephone has the battery of big capacity, felt that one beats the telephone sucked in general tax that has expected & classifies taken besides animate that has the habit of . Perhaps this was partly been due to everything of an activity to download the updates that & restores his settings in some initials setup of a telephone, but uses it on the few days & have informed still that thinks life of the battery has not been while it have expected.
All-in-all guesses this telephone is the decent value if you are not too picky and has the quality of the look & of the prize feels his, but thinks does better offerings there for some same or more economic prizes that extracted better in general. If Umidigi could spend was some of these questions this telephone would be a A1 the value & goes & the solution. In an end, some of some questions have mentioned was so only too much for my woman to treat, of uses his telephone for his work as well as for personal things, as we return & spent he Blue G9 for one same has a lot of state impressed with a value, pricing, & action of the ours Blue Alive XL4 are & am expecting that a G9 also will live until this same expectation.
4 / 5 By Consuela
Has bought this telephone for a member familiarised older any one the telephone of big screen and a Umidigi A5 pro there is not disappointed! A telephone is abordable, has the big 6'3' screen, almost a lot bezel (my personal favourite), big battery, and has done well on AT&T. To take 4G on AT&T a APN the precise settings are additions . Lame 3G so only until I have followed some on-line steps and has taken 4G immediately!

Would recommend this telephones the people those who are looking for big screens.
4 / 5 By Peggie
Any one the work has to send it to a costruttore
4 / 5 By Chana
Very telephone built well. A subject only has had is a apn settings. I think that that ossia the subject of software but no sure. I finally imagined out of a apn settings (which are not that it is recommended). At least with habladuría directly has to that choose ip4/ip6. A recommended setttings is to choose ip4. You do not act yes calm that. Also east times a apn the settings are not when being salvos has thought included save them. When The telephone has to that reboot a apn the settings disappear and has to that be place again.
4 / 5 By Bonnie
Has purchased this to substitute my forward Umidigi A1 Pro which have used like the Wi-Fi Hotspot on AT&T. Unfortunately, a Hotspot no of any clients that connects his can not access an Internet. Antutu benchmark Is 74907 (CPU 30969, GPU 16102, UX 22260, MEM 5576). It take a lot of errors of application when that tries to configure a device as you frame of Coverage. I am not impressed with this telephone. But a prize is well.

Update (10 Oct 2019): has Update firmware to with some same results. Hotspot Does not sustain the internet that accione and errors of application on changing APN settings.
4 / 5 By Thea
For a prize takes a lot of specs but no short wait teir specs like a flagship telephones. To start with it was, has stock android, as any not remarking bloatware to bog down a software. Has the micro port of USB to touch and die sync. I admit, enough there it is USB C in a telephone but no the big of the shot. Also it has to them that mention does not have wireless qi touching capacity. Has 4 actions of ram and 32 gb of spatial of storage ( is expandable with the micro sd paper). Ossia More than the GSM to telephone likes work a lot on AT&T and T-cellular and other carriers that requires the he. They arrest Verizon but so only limitedly and so only has some compatibility. A screen is to 1080 p exposure, sweats crisp and brilliant and has good colours. So only downside is is not Amoled but would not owe that expect that of the telephone in this point of prize. It looks class of big but slender has had to that try explain a proportion of screen. It looks the notch of drop of small tear in an upper centre of a telephone. His unnoticeable like this he doesnt prevents in an experience of user. A camera in a front is 16 megapixels and a backside has the triple camera setup. A rear upper camera is16 megapixels and one 2nd camera in a half is a depth that camera of commentaries in 5mp and a camera in a fund is a lentil of wide corner. A processor is the helium mediatek p23 and can say that it is quite well reason meditek is coming the long way. Has the 4,150 mAh inner battery how is more besides another upper spec telephones. A material in a telephone is well, does not feel economic and feels durable. You are able to record video in 1080p but in 30 fps. I have tried a speaker and he has not been all that adds. It is more utilisations your own headphones or earphones. In general, this the good but half telephone but there is some engaged of his point of prize is in 100-$ 130 row. If you are looking for all some bells and whistles that upper flagship the telephones are due to offer that this is not for you but is looking for the basic telephone to take a work done and does not want to spend an arm and to leg by other telephones of upper mark, then considers to the look is one .
5 / 5 By Chanelle
Has bought already 3 UMIDIGI for a family, 2 of A5 and 1 of F1.

Has had a subject with a A5 (the failures spends); like this after little transmission of email UMIDIGI decide to the repayment one money, easy, any question.
The question solves for me, and tip that want to maintain my subject, As I so only bought in pre-orderings a Power 3 model.

For me is the good mark for a prize and some characteristic perks, that loves one the majority is a battery , can last around 2 days with one touch, use a 2 he papers all a time.

Am estimating 5 start because UMIDIGI solve my questions, the failures spends, as they deserve.

The TECHNOLOGY adds and Support of Disguise.

Top Customer Reviews: Kyocera DuraXV LTE ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
Like a telephone. Questions transfering contact or adding contacts. Verizon transfered Contacts and now takes partorisca always partorisca find them. Alphabetic order a way but has entered also another way adds new contact, what same. Never know where partorisca look or where the contact is in. It duplicates everything of them. I will look for to go to another Verizon tend another that the company possessed and the take straightened was. Partorisca The chance looks for Bob Smith, enters like BOB Smith under B. It looks for it and it can be low S or B or down the initial average . So only not liking has had. I want to enter Bob Smith, goes to B and would have to that have Bob Smith, nowhere more. It can not hang with toe yes on 't goes to contacts while in telephone. Any llama and need a number of one of my contacts, has to hang and call behind. Telephone of old toe all of of the this. Probably just need to speak with specialist.
4 / 5 By
Verizon Would not sustain !
4 / 5 By
Has purchased two of these telephones like replacments for my grandparents that the age telephones that has been due to still to be unsupported in an end of 2019. These new telephones were almost identical to that has had, and has had question of zero that take Verizon to actuate them with HIM papers I also purchased out of Amazon, and Verizon left him maintain his ancient plan was grandfathered to, and has not touched any class lateralmente of limit.
5 / 5 By
Kyocera Manufactures different versions of this indestructible telephone for several providers of big cell. But this a, a Hard XV LTE believes is a so only a ossia WIFI able. At least ossia that I expósito in my investigation. So much, it likes of you it explores where the coverage of cell is spotty but access of the to WIFI, this little telephone of toe will do a work. If you are tethered to Verizons cheapo, $ 30, prepay slowly with only 500data of MB then that there is WIFI the capacity is the utmost characteristic . Any that would be you surfing a web with him is controls and raw browser, but yes absolutely precise verifies email, lookup maps, etc., Then calms can any he a lot of question.
Inferior line, if that mytself, your patient and tired to substitute the ready telephone each one that 12-18 month because of drops, water, or paranoia of any one spending while you are enjoying an add alfresco then ossia a telephone loves. And if your patient and tired of having the world-wide complicated in your yolks and wants to rid you of a ready telephone but access of web of still need then this too that. Calm so only he a lot, much less reason is not like this easy! These are all some things that there is wanted. They are happy to be rockin' the telephone of toe once again!
4 / 5 By
While a telephone is tuff, is an a lot of overpriced telephone that the just years does has been given was for free. The global creation are to add and I like a fact that has spent in some ports to maintain them good and cleaned. A camera is horrible.
4 / 5 By
Ossia The way adds to take one of these telephones without requiring to pay $ 300 or more. An only thing there is remarked is that a ray that control a @@@back cover on is too small. In planting to turn and then clicking, like a new some , can turn a ray all day and at all spends. Calm in fact can snap a @@@back cover was without doing anything to a ray. It is a vendor that substitutes this @@@back cover and using a wrong ray, or reason is this? I do not have a response, but hopefully a vendor hanged in is.
4 / 5 By
This telephone is coming defective and has had to that be returned. Amazon First honored a turn without questions. A third vendor of need of party to verify his merchandise better before advertizing the like this refurbised- new. He wasnt.
4 / 5 By
A lot sturdy telephone for my main parents. They are happy with them. It require to purchase YES paper, better prize in any Verizon tent, or free in the corporate tent.
5 / 5 By
Some works of telephone b'h a lot good
but send any @@@back cover a lot
the @@@back cover does not come with the robber
also take refurbished battery
4 / 5 By
A lot durable.

Top Customer Reviews: Google Pixel 2 XL ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Fritz
That The rear camera there is prendido partorisca do after 6 weeks. The support of Google has called - has been the sound has said the subject of hardware. At present the few weeks to hell of guarantee - Google says a IMEI is the Verizon device originally - Verizon any one honour a guarantee, Google will not give me anything but the Verizon telephones - this in spite of, is entirely out of Verizon telephones. Like this now I have the really expensive telephone with the camera More adds them of a world-wide that will not begin .
5 / 5 By Steffanie
A fingerprint the software has not been in a telephone. Called google has said to be defective. Has has had to that the send behind.
4 / 5 By Gertha
Element to the equal that has described. Fully functional and unlocked Pixel 2 XL. Kicked the On, is gone through place on, installed my AT&T HE paper and was was and that careers. Any scratch or dings that can see.

Remarks that it comes with the generic load. A description says so much, this in spite of, and has had already the USB-C able load that touch quickly a telephone. Still, something partorisca consider spent of slowly. Also, any USB-C to adapter but again, been of description exactly that is taking.
4 / 5 By Temika
Has possessed already this telephone, concealed I purchsed by means of Google in the fact of half year and has loved that. When My woman has fallen his telephone and has broken a screen has known has wanted to take the Pixel 2 XL, but has not wanted to pay the tonne, as I have ordered is one.

Ships inside a 2 window of day and was very protected in a box among, any only of Amazon, but a vendor.

A telephone has maintained in of the perfect conditions. There is not any scratch to a glass or a backside or sides of a telephone, basically like this as well as it was new. Also it avenges with all some original accessories for a telephone, which match one some concealed is coming with mine: USB C to headphone adapter, brick to be able to, USB C to C boss, and the micro USB to C adapter.

The telephone was clear for limit and has not been blacklisted. We dipped it to us on AT&T and he have connected without @@subject.

In general are súper happy with this telephone and will update this begins to have any one subjects with him.
5 / 5 By Neva
At the beginning looked, this refurbished Pixel 2XL of MobiSpree was mint and looked to be marks new condition. A backside has not had the scratch or smudge in the and a screen initially asestada flawless. To the majority of next inspection there was 2 or 3 TINY surface scratches in a screen that was still to grieve noticeable with a screen was and to good sure a lot of noticeable with a screen on. Some grills of speaker (both) was quite dirty, as if the worker of the construction there has been this telephone for the day or two in the really dusty half, but does not affect the operation of a telephone at all and was in fact able of the clean on the little bit. A telephone he according to which all more and the operation is PERFECTA . The hard battery all day and then some with half use. Has Have the little time already where was lighter in my use of telephone that day and I around 7 or 8pm I look in mine telephone and is still in 60 or 70 (and ossia to coach to create and it taking was one uploads in 5FOLLOW). There are ZEROS DREADS FUNCTIONAL with this telephone and would buy it again in the heartbeat... Felizmente Does not think will require to me so I am sure this thing will last enough the few years!

A subject ONLY is not the refurb or subject of vendor, but the Pixel 2XL @@subject and has thought would spill some light on that. Mina the inferior speaker has touched muffled/metallic and blown was with a volume on 50, especially with which 75. I have contacted MobiSpree and was more than ready to repayment me (the service adds!), But I some fast investigation and has discovered apparently is a result of the grill of free speaker and was a lot of common among Pixel 2XL devices. Following instruction in another website, has taken the paper of rewards of the tent (hard but pliable plastic) and has used a corner of him to press softly down in a grill of a half to the each bordos (be sure any to press TOO HARD, as you read can listened the POP and is in fact a waterproofing focus that pauses, as it do not conceal). I this 2 or 3 times and he entirely fixed my subject. Now I can have my telephone in 100 volume and touches the better tonnes that my last telephone in max volume.

In general, vendor and compraventas EXCELLENT adds in MobiSpree!
4 / 5 By Annalisa
Handset Is gone in how has been expected in the box of reform. A unit looked excellent and good works .

These devices are Verizon builds like an Average-loader can not be ...
5 / 5 By Shavon
Has taken the esfurbished' telephone, thinks that was of a vendor 'woot' and is not refurbished. A battery was to grieve able to touch. It takes 4-5 hours to take it to 100 percent. I arrest it and he would not progress for long periods of time during a process to touch. Some speakers buzz horribly that does to look video unbearable. Ossia The known question like calm can find it listing in Reddit. A telephone was dirty too much. One has had for behind gunk on that. So only an absolute joke. Google has called and has said that a telephone had been flagged like the turn and has been known to have @@subject. It looks at all he has been done to fix it. It touches it likes him a bit the people have taken well some on here but does not think well a hassle. Probably so only that goes to solve for the Motorcycle g6 for now.
4 / 5 By Pearle
First to buy it, was in the Torsion reason have not known never was compatible in South Africa. I have taken a jump and clicked a key of compraventa. When I took It the week later, has been hailed with mixed feelings. A Box has not been an original, neither was a boss to touch and adapter. I have purchased immediately the boss of substitution and touching blockade to dip commanded this subject. Still it uploads a lot quickly this in spite of, which is the bit of the bummer, but the supposition will imagine my way around that. Coming from my Mate 10 Pro which has life of exceptional battery and fast load My worry of entity was a condition of a device, life of battery and a fear that a Screen is like this bad to the equal that inform has read and has looked.

Has to that say the initial inspection, there is remarked the semence and the smallest chips, the bit of the humid plus in cost of mine because some descriptions allege to receive spotless units. Because of a prize has paid, accepted it, and comprise that it is refurbished unit and is spent for big some scratches and chips. In this calm prize can not expect mark it new device. With this said, sound an only thing this has been really a subject for me. Besides, a Pixel 2 XL is all that expected it to be. A screen is not like this punchy and to the brilliant likes him the mate 10 or my leading Note 8, is not bad neither. A battery is exceptional, some times to the touch is so only 'NORMAL' except a snappy software,updates of regular software, that surprises camera, stereo quality of his of the speaker, characteristic of software and all this comes with a PIXEL seat to add in cost of mine.

Supposition my emotion could be because his no sold in our country, but does not concern me ! PROUD PIXEL 2 XL OWNER!
5 / 5 By Rogelio
Is not unlocked and does not have to that it has been sold in this condition. Any a lot of the savings for a hassle to try to take it unlocked.
5 / 5 By Kay

Received a device 100 to the equal that has described.

After reading by means of some descriptions, has discovered that one ' esnewed'' Pixels 2 XL will be in an of some basses struck (all go in goleada generic tip & ANY 3.5 adapter):

1- A device maintains in of the perfect conditions with his original upload and boss (5-10 of buyers).

2- A device maintains in of the perfect conditions with generic low quality upload and boss (40-50 of buyers).

3- A device is in good been (wear of minor & scratches) with generic low quality upload and boss (20-25 of buyers).

4- A device is in bad condition (scratches of entity , faulty) with generic low quality upload and boss(15-20 of buyers).

Felizmente, the mine was in condition 2 which maintains in of the perfect conditions but with the load of generic & boss.

Thank you,