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1 first Car Door LED Light Projector Ghost Shadow Lights Welcome Lamp for Lexus RX/ES/GX/LS/LX/IS Series (4 Pack) Car Door LED Light Projector Ghost Shadow Lights Welcome Lamp for Lexus RX/ES/GX/LS/LX/IS Series (4 Pack) By biukpci
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2 Alla Lighting Xtreme Super Bright 168 194 LED Lights Bulbs T10 Wedge 3014 18-SMD 12V W5W 2825 LED Bulbs Replacement for Cars Trucks Interior Dome Map Trunk Courtesy License Plate Lights, Pure Red Alla Lighting Xtreme Super Bright 168 194 LED Lights Bulbs T10 Wedge 3014 18-SMD 12V W5W 2825 LED Bulbs Replacement for Cars Trucks Interior Dome Map Trunk Courtesy License Plate Lights, Pure Red By Alla Lighting
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3 best iJDMTOY (1) 18-SMD-5050 LED Strip Light For Car Trunk Cargo Area or Interior Illumination, Ultra Blue iJDMTOY (1) 18-SMD-5050 LED Strip Light For Car Trunk Cargo Area or Interior Illumination, Ultra Blue By iJDMTOY
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4 SiriusLED Extremely Bright 3030 Chipset LED Bulbs for Car Interior Dome Map Door Courtesy License Plate Lights Compact Wedge T10 168 194 2825 Xenon White Pack of 10 SiriusLED Extremely Bright 3030 Chipset LED Bulbs for Car Interior Dome Map Door Courtesy License Plate Lights Compact Wedge T10 168 194 2825 Xenon White Pack of 10 By SiriusLED
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5 XtremeVision Interior LED for Honda Accord 2003-2012 (12 Pieces) Cool White Interior LED Kit + Installation Tool XtremeVision Interior LED for Honda Accord 2003-2012 (12 Pieces) Cool White Interior LED Kit + Installation Tool By XtremeVision
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6 TURBO SII 50" LED Light Bar Curved Triple Row 684W Flood Spot Combo Beam Led Bar W/ 2Pcs 4in Off Road Driving Fog Lights with Wiring Harness-3 Leads for Jeep Trucks Polaris ATV Boats Lighting TURBO SII 50" LED Light Bar Curved Triple Row 684W Flood Spot Combo Beam Led Bar W/ 2Pcs 4in Off Road Driving Fog Lights with Wiring Harness-3 Leads for Jeep Trucks Polaris ATV Boats Lighting By TURBO SII
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7 LX-LIGHT Pair 2'' Bullet Style Front LED Turn Signal Light Running Light Kit with 1157 Base for Honda Yamaha Motorcycles LX-LIGHT Pair 2'' Bullet Style Front LED Turn Signal Light Running Light Kit with 1157 Base for Honda Yamaha Motorcycles By LX-LIGHT
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8 Aviator TIR Emergency 3 watt Low Profile Magnetic Roof Mount Mini LED Light Bar 27 in (Amber) Aviator TIR Emergency 3 watt Low Profile Magnetic Roof Mount Mini LED Light Bar 27 in (Amber) By LEDQUSA
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9 Yorkim 194 LED Bulbs Xenon White 6000k Super Bright Newest 5th Generation, T10 LED Bulbs, 168 LED Bulb, LED Bulbs for Car Interior Dome Map Door Courtesy License Plate Lights W5W 2825, Pack of 10 Yorkim 194 LED Bulbs Xenon White 6000k Super Bright Newest 5th Generation, T10 LED Bulbs, 168 LED Bulb, LED Bulbs for Car Interior Dome Map Door Courtesy License Plate Lights W5W 2825, Pack of 10 By Yorkim
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10 Philips 9003 Standard Halogen Headlight Bulb (Pack of 1) Philips 9003 Standard Halogen Headlight Bulb (Pack of 1) By PHILIPS
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Top Customer Reviews: Car Door LED Light ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Karon
In the first place it go. Seldom I write descriptions. Secondly, when Shabby parts and of the things partorisca my Audios, the amazon is not my first election. They are the believer in firm raisin mote money partorisca the product of better quality.

Has been concerned these would be blurry and look terrible, and has to that admit that it was bad. An installation is nsanely simple, and gives the orderly touch when opening doors at night. I am surprised absolutely with quell'credit this work and I reccommend the to any one looking for something has amused partorisca add to your car!
5 / 5 By Oretha
It wins these so much has bought my dad look it and there is so only has taken the question partorisca take my daughter roughly too much :-)
Has to that 2015 LEXUS RX 350 FSPORT

Unfortunately his wont work in the 2019 Lexus ES350 or would have my dad some. You look fir the reasons love him too much.
5 / 5 By Valene
This look exactly as they do in a picture and is returned my Q5 so only well. One of some holes in a door have required the tiny bit of sanding first but then explosions in. Another 3 any sanding has required. One of them is coming partorisca avert while trying instalarprpers because it take the well has bitten partorisca press in the to take he in, this in spite of was able of the place behind joints easily without ailing effects. Really it does not look partorisca be an inferior product at all, is so only that it has dipped you the load lateralmente in the while it tries to press he when situating can open on, but does not break . Calm so only has to that be mechanically bent to some terracing I supposition to king-gather some pieces. Shopping these again partorisca another car.
5 / 5 By Arron
It likes quota of some other descriptions have said, these were sper easy to install in 12 A4. Used the small flathead like suggested partorisca burst some originals out of a door, and a new some have been installed less than 5 minutes. To the Another thing liked on these is that while some Audios the text in an image is always in an inferior left, CAN rotate a whole projection to the yours to to that likes (sees of some images). Originally, I had Him perpendicular to a period of a car when a door is opened fully, but in fact likes them to of me parallel to a period of a car when some doors are opened to a second the last hinge... Anyways, In general, die very happy a price, facilitated of installation, and a brightness of a light
5 / 5 By Kittie
These are utmost! It was in a process partorisca buy some Audios Q3, where a model I test has driven has had some Audios the already installed beams. Of course, it was not the regular characteristic and a Q3 bought has not had this characteristic.
A lot of upgrade and a lot of classy. You will take compliments. The calm desire could see him in a daylight also because it is such the fresh characteristic !
5 / 5 By Else
They are awesome!! They look so only like a factory some But much less!! ! I smile every time I open my car door and look down!! Looks Like this fresh!! It avenges with 4 and have the two spend so it has had 2 extras, happy I , one of is not gone in like this easily like another, and When I try takes it has finalised partorisca destroy the I so that there is felizmente has had two extra ! As it takes your time when installing them ! ,And it has to that take an out of , use the extreme precaution need all four
2 / 5 By Johnathan
It buys this partorisca a price but I has not been happy with this product is the dim,, need to be more brilliant and a quality is not very good... Any HAPPY AT ALL
2 / 5 By Allena
A very disappointing product, no the good option partorisca Benz E350! Lame fooled for some 160+ descriptions. There are some subjects of entities with this product: 1-the red part of some light looks very economic, a colour is to somewhere among red and rose and for far less brilliant that a OEM light. Not Liking he in your car. 2- it is easy to install, but because a part is easy to take, this in spite of, some does not separate any click in a door and calm always feel that it is free and close a door firmly, the explosions was. 3- A subject that the import is in some rear doors, some have projected Benz looks of the logo deformed like light is not perfectly parallel for earth. Has thinks that that these types are quite ready that for some rear doors, consider a corner of a light in a door and deign a location and a logo projected in a way a result of final does not look pleasant and economic. 4- they have announced him me like the 4-5 to separate by heart, but everything sees is the logo black and aim. I do not have any idea where is a rest of some colours. I will add some photos later tonight. Not to buy it
5 / 5 By Arnoldo
When in the first place it take my car was in some Audios put web that looks for to add all the classes partorisca stuff to a cart. Imagined will take a light the time of then was likes 2-300 bucks each one lol the mine has come with a working light passenger but a side of engine is exited. It was like this happy to find these on Amazon. I have wanted 2 for a rear chair. They are like this economic and look like this amazing like original Audios a. The photos of estaca. A one with a circle around Audios is an original and one some without a circle is a one of Amazon. I have read all some descriptions and was bit it nervous but the mine is quite brilliant. You owe that expect until it darkens, a day time you will not see it . Still with an original $ 300 Audios some do not aim a time of day neither like this idk reason some ppl is tripping roughly that. Any way, highly recommends these! Sper Economic and a lot easy to install even for the girly to to the daughter likes.
5 / 5 By Olevia
I have bought 4 bands of these partorisca 3 of Lexus vehicles, because a prime minister near has treated was my expectations; to the equal that have bought more. It has given the partner in acting the together of these partorisca free (his) like the present, and he and his woman want to the one who brilliant, classy, effective, and effective these are! I have installed to 4 band in the mamma of Football of my woman RX350 and does the ENORMOUS difference at night; especially when dipping ours little minions in a vehicle lol. Partorisca IS350s, calm only need 2 reason some the rear doors do not have lights of factory of installed door :(
Then , loves a little extra fashion and more efficiency to Lexus vehicle for when you plough your doors, especially to do sure calm does not go to give an on something crazy like the stray animal dono gift (for example), then these are that it is looking for all to the long of!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Alla Lighting ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Marna
Tundra 2015 - This light is used likes 3rd brake.
After long investigation partorisca comprise the number of model corresponds with that light in a Tundra, was finally able to locate a 3rd light of brake like the model 921 R. Although this 'bulb' the light is small, dips out of the plot of light and abundance like light of brake of the centre on a taxi.
This light is extremely brilliant. A lumens is very better that an old incandescents.
Like this far am very pleased. You recommend these lights. In a calm Tundra only need 1 although.
A thing partorisca comprise roughly all these lights are a lumens has projected partorisca each type FOCUSED. One 3014 type FOCUSED is big lumen start.
5 / 5 By Edith
I have selected this red 921 bulb reason another reviewer has said has bought an amber and he was almost too brilliant to look in. Of of the this is gone in mine 3rd light of brake, has imagined more brilliant is better.
How is, can see of a photo that in fact a halogen looks slightly more brilliant that one Has been DIRECTED when coffins. This in spite of, when compared inside a house for behind a red diffuser, a difference in brightness to a large extent disappears; an only thing could remark is that one Was the red has DIRECTED is noticeably more red; although this would not owe that be the surprise has treated has has DIRECTED bulbs before. (Also it remarks that there is at present three bulbs in this light of brake; a photo is for purpose of comparison so only.)

In general, gives this the described 'would recommend' as the light of brake. I will inform behind in this description if these bulbs die anytime punctual.
4 / 5 By Shantelle
I have ordered these for mine 2012 VW GTI. Taillights Is controlled of DC WIDTH of modulation of wrist in 150Hz, like these emit the faint buzz when on.

The installation was simple. These are no main that has regulated 124 bulbs; they are not polarised, as they will do to all the cost that the calm way dipped them in a socket. They look to be CANBUS compatible, as I do not take the bulb was error .

Pros: Relatively economic, the free error (any resistor required), any polarity, factor of forms a lot compact.

Gilipollas: Electronic noise, taking quite hot when those careers in full 12V.

Am using these like outboard pair of rows, like this in fact look more brilliant that one 45 SMD the forms am using in some inner houses.
5 / 5 By Antonietta
Bought these for 2015 Deep suit lights of the rear parking on done two years. Brilliant and easy transmission era. This in spite of, after the pair of look of years to require that they substitute. Flashing Was and on and some diode is not lighting. Ossia A question with all has DIRECTED lights of Cina or elsewhere. A longevity is not never that declares. You see in of the tents of hardware like some have DIRECTED the bulbs are estimated for 15 years or even more. As they Know?? Until some processes of manufacture am perfected and these can withstand all different class of half outside means. Alive in AZ. The longevity is a subject .
4 / 5 By Kory
Installed for taillights in mine 2006 Prius. To good sure much more brilliant that an old. And a red has directed was a right election, included with red film in a house of bulb.
You in fact overpower my reverse lights when backing up.

Update 3/23/18
With which roughly 3 1/2 month one of some bulbs has the data was. Still brilliant lights, but the life the scarce has caused an indication to fall 2 stars.
4 / 5 By Freida
I have installed these in a light of bookmark dipped in some lights of row of mine 2016 GMC Invernadero. They have burst well in (although it can have required the 180 adjustment of terracing for polarity). The light intensity was perfect - more brilliant that stock but any glaring. Unfortunately, after the few months to use one of some bulbs has developed the flicker and need to be substituted. This so only would not owe that spend with LEDs and indicates the defect to draw or faulty component that would owe state taken first of a product has been sold to an audience - for this some three stars.
5 / 5 By Summer
Doing my interior lights all red. Required these two for my lights under an engine and zone of pinch of the passenger that luzca a paving in your feet, these plugged right in and is good and brilliant, more Brilliant that some the clear lights have had but does not think is Too Brilliant. A paving has the same glow well, has not looked the only light one something like the flash light , extends a light was amiably like zone of lights to walk integer equally. The money is very displaced.
Shipper Has taken an element of mine in 2 days to the equal that have prime of amazon. It have installed the in both sides in just in the minute or so much. Very happy with them. Always the nervous volume that buys the on-line electronic sakes like this there is such the casualidades big to take crap, uselessness and counterfeit merchandise. You recommend this to friends, included could be spent roughly for some members familiarised, but probably a clear brilliant aim for them.
5 / 5 By Janetta
This element has arrived quickly. There is 2 in a container, and while has 3 lights in my light of centre on my vehicle, I simply dipped on these in the each one like this of some external lights, leaving a centre in clear. This was so only enough of a red lighting to do a vehicle a lot quite inner, this in spite of a rest some lights have left for the bit more than a capacity to in fact still see something. If you have dipped everything of this colour in a car, calm to good sure not being able to read the thing. BUT, so only I love it. It is like this quite inner now; emitting the soft red glow throughout. I recommend that these lights to any to to which would like me the little colour inside his vehicle. You do not recommend substituting all some lights with a colour like calm to good sure not being able to read the yes calm thing that.
4 / 5 By Miguelina
Nizza And red. I have used these for my lights of bookmark and is perfect for just concealed. Left aim me out of this just reason a fitment can 'transmission ' with diverse another socket of types of bulb in your vehicle does not mean will be like this brilliant.
Ex: these are 194 type of bulbs of socket, but how is in plot of another automotive bulbs in yours automobiles and your interior 194 will not give you a plenary 500 lumens these are estimated in. So many when buying the sure mark looks specifically so that some bulbs are has meant stops.
4 / 5 By Shu
Bought two of these to dip in mine third light of brake. I have bought also two of another quell'offered of Amazon. These are slightly more brilliant but also $ 2 more. So many, will order four more in yellow for my turn signals (and also some electronic flasher relay).
Has purchased these for my light to brake reasons in 60 MPH a time that takes for an old incandescent lights to turn in a type in backside of me has travelled 15 feet. Some time is good to have other 15 feet.

Top Customer Reviews: iJDMTOY (1) ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Vilma
Colour: the White xenon Pros: Súper economic. Much more brilliant that has expected. Not drilling necessary partorisca the mine installs (rear hatch in the 2016 Subaru Crosstrek). It comes with two types of bulb-spent of substitution-ins partorisca installation.

Gilipollas: LEDs Is not protected by any class partorisca house. It is lasted like this far, but to good sure not watering resistant. Smaller that expected (but more than shines also, as this does not import ).

Installation: I look for and Rescue, as it has loved the brilliant light in a hatchback lid to the equal that can see the train was grabbing during the load-was. This band comes with discharges he that substitutes a bulb to exist (like any transmission or the fuses are required) is really fresh, reason some functions read exactly like a light of factory: coming on when some ploughs of hatch, and that the turn was once is closed.

A boss in one covers, and in a light, is roughly three thumbs long, as I undressed those and has added my own 16 ga. I have run he until a hatch, and has used a glue backing in a light of the do clave.

Has been on there the month now without subjects. And a lot so only resupply the plot of light for a backside, lights a surrounding zone also, which are to add when have the crew that requires to rig in rough terrain.

(When) this dies, will substitute with something more robust, but like the test of concept, and for $ 10, has been impressed!

UPDATE: it is been the year purchased it of then, and a continuous thing to do. He rasgué Was the little time for incident, but survive and, with the new band of sticky tape, still works!
4 / 5 By Rodrick
Colour: the White xenon I really like this light band. I have installed in a trunk of mine 2016 Touched and a difference is really noticeable. I posted the picture and the video, which clearly tip a trunk is very very lit on, but neither really the do justice. It is súper brilliant. A light a band emits is the pure white light with just a slightest clues of blue. If you know anything roughly temperature to paint then would compare a light to 6000K. A light band has comprised the universal festoon connection, which is basically the press to apt connector. I took less than the minute to take a band to light and took then roughly 5 minutes to locate a band to a ceiling of my trunk A band comes with glue in a backside but of a band is rigid and a ceiling of my trunk is not perfectly the paving has decided trace it using touches them of pair of velcro and the start adds. Highly it recommends this light band. It is a less expensive I expósito and has done to good sure a work.
4 / 5 By Nannie
Colour: the White xenon A band focused is brilliant and good ..For a quantity of light dips was , would give it the 5 front partorisca star a start ..But I have decided to give so only 1 star because a quality of some bosses that feeds a light with being able to is one the economic plus can locate this there is prendido a light properly, are the professional . At all the has not touched never some bosses ..With which few days some bosses have come or sime of a band ..Enough Mich now is broken was .. It require to use the gun to solder to conect his together backside ..And do my own magic to last ...But of a start some bosses have eaten like this well ,lean and brittle , can brake agaun and cant believe draw such the good light with such the economic any concealed is not techy or handyman taste , can be of an end of a product ..Horrible !
Has seen another description on here saying some bosses that feeds a band focused has eaten flimsy but I thiughbtits so only an isolated chance ..Any way,ossia very common..
So he love the band focused that it do for the few days and that expect some bosses to come waste or pause of a joint to solder of a joint of circuit ,compraventa is one ..His the headache to solder them behind on and does not have to that be in this way
4 / 5 By Fawn
Colour: it White xenon Some works of light band perfect in 2006 Audios a4 convertible. I took less than 15 minuted to imagine it was, without instructions. Just pop out of a headline of bulb, take a bulb, uses an adapter corrected for a type of bulb, and then connect a band in another end of an adapter of bulb. Highly it recommends that you come from if some the light turns was when the trunk is closed. I so only dipped my camera of telephone officially in a trunk, has then touched some images behind to confirm an on/was. A car would owe that supply cut of power to a light when the trunk in firm. A light accionaría is really bad in my car, his dim, and is gone in some corners. I have used to pull out of my light of telephone to find material. This light is really brilliant, could see everything in a trunk. I recommend to buy some boss to the equal that can reposition a light. A boss that coming with a bar is really short, likes 3 thumbs, cant takes to far.
4 / 5 By Kristofer
Colour: it White xenon I really liked a light extra this the band FOCUSED resupplied in my trunk. This in spite of him finally the electrical questions have caused with mine 2016 Deep Agreement.

A connector is extremely economic and has had questions installing the. A main question that is that a boss a lot consistently contact of mark with a Deep receptacle. But after pulling a boss out of the little further that a house, bending he to the Or form, which more contact of surface for a boss to contact a receptacle. He suddenly done consistently. It was happy.

For 2 month has not had any questions and I was happy. This in spite of, a day in mine commute wife a TRUNK OPENS to warn the indicator has maintained to come on. It pull of a street and open and close a trunk and a light of indicator would go era. But then 10 minutes later avenges on again.

Later, as it was compraventa in the tent, a car alarm has begun to go was. I am exited and enclosed went it. I have then closed a car and is there be for the pocolos small to look. Early a car alarm has begun to go was again. The person had touched the.

Has take this 18-SMD-5050-Luz of the band FOCUSED and reinstalled an original OEM bulb. Everything of my electrical demons is immediately be he was and everything is returned the normal. I have expected the plenary 7 days before that writes this description so only to do sure no active more questions. And have takes once one 18-SMD-5050-the band FOCUSED Light all is remained well.
5 / 5 By Lurlene
Colour: it first White xenon to Install this band has DIRECTED, has tried he with a 12V battery distributed with a Alpena the launches have DIRECTED.

Really are that it grows tired of this absurd angel-bosses of hair and fashionable toy electrical connections. A wiring and the connectors look some interiors of one of these $ Syma RC HELICOPTERS, and ossia entirely inappropriate partorisca automotive applications, if I ask.

My light of band was in fact grounding is gone in a car organism by means of a micron-thin insulation in these absurd bosses... There is remedied a grounding question for sandwiching a flimsy bosses among two pieces of electrical tape. And I have ensured all the bosses (after the insulators the with electrical tape) to the organism of a car with Tape of Gorilla.

I also Gorilla Taped one has distributed the together connectors, among a band FOCUSED and a OEM connector of socket of the bulb, and there is nailed these to a car organism with Tape of Gorilla also. Reason? Reason 'braided bosses' is used in of the cars and of the motorcycles for good reason. Some vibrations have committed any vehicle causes olid understood to @@tiredness and fail. And I do not have any a lot of faith in a bit those that wisps of angel-the hair that bosses these products are returned with!

A Chevy OEM the light of trunk uses the 912 push-in bulb, and a push-in the connection distributed with this light of the band FOCUSED ( comes with two different fashions of connectors have drawn to do besides OEM light sockets) gave intermittent contact and he flickering light. So much, using mine fingernails, undressed some bosses back the little further (my real-world-wide boss strippers work very same in this flimsy material), and that uses a leaf of the knife, bent some bosses on on his, apparently doing them fatter. This there is remedied entirely a twitchy contact, although I will maintain that a costruttore would have to has resupplied the most substantial connector.

This band FOCUSED is nowhere near of like this sturdily built likes has said a Alpena has DIRECTED the sale is. It looks enough it likes that bookcase has Headed to the light can buy you for a foot in Imposición of House. With a Alpena sale, a LEDs and the connections are sealed inside half-round account of silicone, while these are exposed enough. This look grieves suitable for automotive use in my opinion.

A beam of transversal steel that comprises a cup of my trunk is angled in an interior to some rear chairs, as I have stuck a band FOCUSED there, where is invisible of an outside, and will be except any impacts with any loaded east to a trunk (this in spite of has had to grieve enough boss to do this). A result is that a light of some resplandores of the band has DIRECTED deeply to a Impala enormous trunk, and is the definite--this in spite of less than thrilling--improvement in a OEM light of trunk. Ossia That bluish-the target FOCUSED light has all grown familiar with.

A a more real is that a tape of two ways in this light of the games in fact has stuck! Although I still tacked down some finals with two games of Tape of Gorilla.

Is a unsightly install ask me (I hate cobbled material), but literally has to that crawl inside a trunk for the see, as I am living with him for now. And lighting-wise, is an improvement .

This 18-SMD-5050 Band FOCUSED Light for automotive the trunks is the good idea that it is weakly has executed. And that knows as it knows now, would not have purchased it, and would not recommend it . A Alpena the band FOCUSED with the connections of better quality would be better, IMO. I can finalise rig a Alpena the launches DIRECTED or two in place of east a (this in spite of those have his subjects also).

Please notes that has given another !JDMTOY Produced five descriptions of star, and has found his service of client to be excellent, when I contacted him. I did not contact him in this chance, reason, well, is that it is...

Easily would give the reception to the $ version of this idea, with quality and hardware of serious wiring. Yes, steps that in the $ 34,+ car!

5 / 5 By Xavier
Colour: the aim of Xenon has ordered this light for him Mazda 3, and after the few hiccups a result is surprising. In the first place, a quality of the construction is not very good. A boss is very thin and some connectors a lot of flimsy. I have received a unit with the free terminal (sees photo 1) Any one the big question is somehow handy. As, some needs of adapter of the bulb some work to be able to returned in a socket. I have had to that reduce a measure that uses it cutter and to file of metal so that it can be insert all a way. Cela There was so only initially angry with this product, but after seeing a difference has finalised to give the 4 starts. An attacker and with which pics is taken with a camera still, dipped included with flashing disabled. If you are not able to fix the possible defect, reports help in planting to go thru a hassle of the turn. Well an extra 15 mins it fixing.
5 / 5 By Tressa
Colour: it White xenon A Flimsy litte the adapter was the pleasant idea but his the flexible. It likes him the substitute to light bulb with the slinky. It is that it shines it like seen in a photo is. I have had to that take my own 3m double sided highland tape and trim the to a period of a light bar. It likes and like skirt. I have chosen to maintain my original light also, to maintain a mountain of a tight light band informative. This light band is extremely delicate so that Im happy a highland tape has bought was quite fat to help with accident.
5 / 5 By Leanne
Colour: it White xenon A light is very easy to install, just claves to a ceiling of a trunk, and propiciada a trunk light socket. This in spite of, a connector is a lot of finicky and no really work. You would owe that it covers jt in correctly and have some bosses have bent in a perfect corner for him to turn on, but have grieve left to go, probably the turns was again. I have behind changed to mine stock bulbs that at least works.

Update: I desoldered some bosses and connector, and rewired a light to a socket that use of the old ethernet the bosses of the boss, and finally is of confidence and usable. Now, some the works read are. If you are it has had to that to dip an endeavour to resolder and upgrade a boss, this will do amazing. But you do not expect it to exit of a Colour
4 / 5 By Franklyn
of boxes: it White xenon Really really really really enjoys it this band FOCUSED of JDM is built a lot properly and sturdy for FOCUSED and calm band simply just pop out of your light of trunk and substitute he with the little light looking thing that distributes calm with a band FOCUSED and then peel one he material red of a glue 3M tape and clave he wherever wants to was so only able to stick it roughly 3 to 4 in out your original light been due to wire but this to good sure like your whole trunk arrives and then some concealed is calm sure will have the question that sees no an alone thing in your trunk ossia the fact but has given so only this element 4 stars been due to he when be resisted shabby joint 3M calm tape loves it his permanently remains there and not falling off to be paste with grocery stock exchanges or other stock exchanges that launch to your trunk then will owe that súper paste he unless metal of the as it opens or aiming in your trunk and ossia where calm go it to stick. But I do not have all the carpet in my trunk so that it does not have any metal for me to stick it to in mine Acura TL 2012 but to the I still amour likes has said of two little dabs of superglue in the each final and is a lot of for life so only does not dip too on in the calm chance does not have to that that never substitute that to good sure has to that no reason has DIRECTED the lights are done to last for ever

Top Customer Reviews: SiriusLED Extremely ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 By Clifton
It has had these leds lights in my cart for enough 3 week and the I taken to say that these are probably a plus focused calm to ignite you will find in amazon like the does not think enough the, only take them cost each penny. They are sper that shine, I defenitly buys this again.
5 / 5 By Mei
Excellent! That the difference these have done in of the regular light bulbs in my truck, has done to well sure an improvement. These are brilliant and accesses in an accommodation of lentils of courtesy of door in mine 2004 Silverado where another would not return , taking of more work of bit to take an assembly jointed for some lights of the map but has done there also. The photos aim regular light bulbs and DIRECTED is, the photos have been taken during a day.
5 / 5 By Cedric
These few have DIRECTED "light bulbs" work very good. They return closely in a socket of light bulb, and the far better look that some incandescent the substitute of light bulbs. They provide to save brilliance for the light of dish of the licence or light of trunk, even so they could be the little more than uses of arrest of the shines in a light of dome in a cieling. They provide quite clear, but for the cart with the zone of look of big cabin the small bit dim. In mine 2001 Crown Victria could look for the most brilliant light bulb for a light of dome even so this good law. Whats Adds in these is an a lot of clear temperature fresher compared in incandescent light bulbs. The only desire has sold the 5 group of these as well as one 10 group. I have finished with the plot of extra ones afterwards, and since has DIRECTED THERE they more probably will not burn era.

UPDATE 2/8/17:
has discovered recently this FOCUSED is also will substitute the slightly big 906 or 912 light bulb of measure. A base is a same among 168, 194, 906 and 912 light bulbs. This am to add so that it tops is Victria uses to 912/906 light bulb for a 3 light of brake, as well as some lights sideways of bookmark for advancing sideways. These some carts that look of light only the small bit better. This also resolves my subject with having the east plot FOCUSED extra.
5 / 5 By Hanh
It uses the for a trunk, directing lights, lights of puddle (melts doors), and reverse lights in our 2016 Subaru Outback and 2017 Subaru Crosstrek. These are SPER that shine, and after quite a lot of two weeks are lining up well!
1 / 5 By Jenine
The May has purchased 31, 2017
the description that rests 9-28-18

A bit the year later and only 2 out of 6 still work .

Was very impressed at the beginning. Then after 6 month some exited and then very very time another. In the low end in two concealed has not had to substitute.

Will not purchase again
5 / 5 By Werner
I have installed this one the same day has taken the in! Take my container in front of a date of the delivery wanted to so that it have excited me. It has wanted to to complete it FOCUSED to update in 2016 fusion. Has update a trunk, dish and estacionando lights. I am supremely happy with purchase of mine. These do not look cheap at all and the look will last some time. Very well it buys!
5 / 5 By Lavinia
These are light bulbs add . I have installed these in Lexus of so that my woman CT200H and my Hummer H2. Has the a lot of pleasing colour of daylight in them, which illuminate a spatial very good. Lexus IS come with soiled 2700k light bulbs of halogen, that a lot cheapened some automobiles but after I exchange these in, the boot in a luxury when being big time . Two people of things can be interested in. 1. They NO flicker ( has had light bulbs of daylight in my H2 before flickered like madman) and 2. They are dimmable so your cart has the sake dimming the characteristic when come on and was, these still laws with these.

Will attach pictures later, but take my council these are quite well for a prize. Oh, And or another thing almost has forgotten to mention. Some contacts in these is solid metal, in difference of some light bulbs some cheap plus in that I use only likes them... The small thin piece of metal flopping enough. They are sper robust also, as it can press the in and is gone without dreading to break them. The light bulbs add for the interior these lights.

P.D. These are more than shining that some light bulbs of interior of the factory but has used I also these for my lights of backup. They do except him it could you buy some this has DIRECTED more for this purpose.
4 / 5 By Mica
Pleasantly Pleased with these lights so far. Has some another has DIRECTED light bulbs in some bookmarks/marcadors sideways of the row by side ignites of our GMC has Since begins to die and flicker after the pair of years; these have been bought to substitute these lights. For this application, a brilliance is totally in of the parties and is the adherent of a fact that these particular light bulbs will ignite in any direction the difference of the plot of light bulbs has DIRECTED in a piece.
5 / 5 By Harley
These light bulbs of substitution are perfect. Aim and brilliant. They are so brilliant, resplandor through my dyes at night when is on he does not return a back dome or fire of trunk in 2011 Is250 even so. I need the different light bulb for that. Updated Some lights of door, front of lights of the dome and behind, lights of vanity and lights of puddle.
1 / 5 By Bunny
I have installed these recently in mine 2012 Camry V6 and is satisfied highly with them. They are much more brilliant and look for when being very has built. It does not experience any fitment subject or flickering during one installs. I have used the to substitute everything of my cabin and lights of dish of the licence. It looks time in the daytime when turns the each which on at night!


has remarked is beginning in flicker very hurriedly. They use to to remain in solid but now voice a flickering and any one to resolve after readjusting
4 / 5 By Heath
I have had these leds lights in my car partorisca roughly 3 week and the I taken partorisca say that these are probably a plus focused the calm light will find on amazon as it does not think roughly the, so only take them cost each penny. They are súper brilliant, I defenitly buys this again.
5 / 5 By Sharyl
Has purchased May 31, 2017
the description that remain 9-28-18

A bit the year later and so only 2 out of 6 still work .

Was very impressed at the beginning. Then with which 6 month one is exited and then very long another. Finally down to two that there is not had to that substitute.

Will not purchase again
4 / 5 By Shalonda
Excellent! That the difference these have done in regular bulbs inside my truck, has done to good sure an improvement. These are brilliant and turn in a house of lentil of courtesy of door in mine 2004 Silverado where another would not return , take bit it more work to take an assembly jointed for some lights of map but has done there also. The photos aim regular bulbs and CONCENTRATED is, the photos have been taken during a day.
5 / 5 By Malissa
These pocolos 'bulbs' FOCUSED a lot well. They return closely to a socket of bulb, and the far better look that a incandescent the substitute of bulbs. They resupply to spare brightness for the light of dish of the licence or light of trunk, this in spite of could be the little more brilliant for use in a light of dome in a cieling. They resupply quite a lot of light, but for the car with the zone of big cabin looks the little bit dim. In mine 2001 Crown Victoria I could look for the most brilliant bulb for a light of dome this in spite of this law well. Whats Adds in these is an a lot of light temperature fresher has compared to incandescent bulbs. The only desire has sold to 5 band of these as well as a 10 band. I have finalised with the plot of extra some after, and of then has DIRECTED THERE they more probably will not burn era.

UPDATE 2/8/17:
has discovered recently east FOCUSED is also will substitute the slightly big 906 or 912 bulb of measure. A base is one same among 168, 194, 906 & 912 bulbs. This are to add reasons my Crown Victoria uses the 912/906 bulb for a 3rd light of brake, as well as some lights of bookmark lateralmente advance. These some cars that light look so only the little has bitten better. This also solves my subject with having the plot of this extra FOCUSED.
5 / 5 By Maxwell
Used him for a trunk, driving lights, lights of puddle (found doors), and reverse lights in ours 2016 Subaru Outback and 2017 Subaru Crosstrek. These are SÚPER brilliant, and with which roughly two weeks are resisting on well!
4 / 5 By Diedre
I installed these recently in mine 2012 Camry V6 and am satisfied highly with them. They are much more brilliant and look to be a lot has built. I have not experienced any fitment subject or flickering during one installs. I used him to substitute everything of my cabin and lights of dish of the licence. It looks time of the day when calm turns him everything on at night!


there is remarked is beginning the flicker a lot quickly. They use to remain in solid but now see a flickering and any to solve after readjusting
4 / 5 By Estrella
has installed these a day still took him in! It take my first container of a date of the delivery estimated so that had has excited. Has has wanted to do complete it CONCENTRATED upgrade to mine 2016 fusion. Has update a trunk, dish and estacionando lights. They are extremely happy with cost of mine. These do not look economic at all and the look will last some time. A lot very shabby !
4 / 5 By Jane
These are utmost bulbs . I have installed these in Lexus of both my woman CT200H and my Hummer H2. Has the a lot of pleasing colour of daylight to them, which lights a space a lot well. Lexus has come with gross 2700k halogen bulbs, which really cheapened a car but with which exchange these in, the falls on a luxury feels big times . Two people of things can be interested in. 1. His NO flicker ( has has had bulbs of daylight in mine H2 first of flickered like crazy) and 2. They are dimmable like this if your car has the very dimming characteristic when they come on and was, the still laws concealed with these.

Will add pictures later, but take my joint these are quite well for a prize. Oh, And one another thing almost has forgotten to mention. Some contacts in these is solid metal, different some more economic bulbs to use it just likes... The little thin piece of metal flopping roughly. They are súper sturdy also, as I can press him in and has gone without dreading to break them. Utmost bulbs For the interior that lights.

P.D. These are more brilliant that some bulbs of interior of the factory but has used I also these for my lights of backup. They do except you it could buy some this has more LEDs thus purpose.
4 / 5 By Drema
BEWARE When I Purchase these. I have purchased these in the believers that would do to substitute my lights of dome in mine 2016 @Titán XD. As for a description and the vehicle of the amazon that split the characteristic declares that it returns my truck, my surprised has found that he no.

has contacted a company/of vendor and has explained to have and has been said that his so only laws for one of some listings of characteristic automobiles (i.et. Any light of dome, light of courtesy, @@@glove compartment, light of dish of the licence) and a lot everything.

A description of product was a lot of misleading and need to be regulated. Ossia Many the deceptive needs and business practices to be treaties consistently for Amazon.

4 / 5 By Susana
Pleasantly Pleased with these lights like this far. I have had some another has has DIRECTED bulbs in some bookmarks to row/marcadors lateralmente light of the ours GMC Invernadero concealed has begun to die and flicker after the pair of years; these have been bought to substitute these lights. For this application, a brightness is entirely in pair and are the defender of a fact that these particular bulbs will light in any direction the difference of the plot of has has DIRECTED bulbs in a phase.
5 / 5 By Janee
These bulbs of substitution are perfect. Aim and brilliant. They are like this brilliant, shine by means of my tints at night when they are on You does not return a rear dome or light of trunk on 2011 Is250 this in spite of. I need the different bulb partorisca that. Upgraded Some lights of door, front of lights of the dome and behind, lights of vanities and lights of puddle.
5 / 5 By Colene
2016 Toyota 4Corridor SR5 Prize. Installed this get dark as it update accolades if these lights are a test of time (will expect to see if any flickering takes place). First impression is positive - is Much more brilliant with the clean white light has compared to this of a OEM bulbs. A container of TEN [10] bulbs (or chipsets) looks partorisca be the solid value, that comprises bulbs that will return / work with:

side of Passenger & of forward of Engine luzco of map [2 bulbs]
side of Passenger & of forward of Engine luzco of vanity. These are one of concealed them is changed on when sliding opened one will aim of sun / of mirror of vanity in any D or P side [2 bulbs]
side of Passenger & of forward of Engine luzco of door. These are some lights that is to build to a more next door to some pockets of door of the interior (any partorisca have confused with a 'the puddle lights' that is fixed to a side of Passenger & of advance of Engine rearview mirrors) [2 bulbs]
side of Passenger & of lights of Rear Engine of door (still like this on so only in a 2nd row) [2 bulbs]
illumination of dish of Rear licence [2 bulbs]

was initially under an impression that would be to take quite a lot of bulbs (chipsets) to cover a entirety of an interior that lights but was deceived. To complete the interior that luzca you also need a [1] 2nd bulb of row (chipset) for a light of dome and two [2] backside liftgate / bulbs of hatch (chipsets). This / would have to that be available by means of Amazon for a same and calm company probably wind on having an extra 31MM bulb (chipset).

Hope This helps any 5th Gene Toyota 4owners of Corridor
5 / 5 By Ivonne
Bad packaged, these lights look home done and is like this brilliant likes Michael Blackson. Any value a compraventa. Desire could take them the repayment.
5 / 5 By Tilda
Launches code of error of rear light with these LEDs installed. They light white just fine (normal brightness). They are not súper brilliant.

Does not do like this announced on 2011 Porsche Cayenne Disturb (Porsche 958).

If your car is ready, likes mine, will require 'Beat-Drunk' the free error LEDs. Otherwise, will finalise to take errors of light anywhere install these. This look to have build/of quality of drop of half note also. Other pertinent substitutions have found gazes to have quality to build better far.
4 / 5 By Leonard
Has to that say a global construction of these is good and return it properly of then is a same measure like halogen 168 and 194 bulbs were to substitute. Having enough the bit of experience of photograph, would say that they resupply lights very bluish and no white light as it looks in a description. A lot some photographs of description owe that it has used automatic white balance to correct for a bluish colour has launched this product of bulbs to do a bit light looks more than the pure aim. A lumen the start is in pair with traditional halogen bulbs and to good sure any two times a light start as in a description. Our eyes are more sensitive the bluish light, like these bulbs damage an illusion to be more brilliant that halogen bulbs that produced yellowish light. Still although these are not more brilliant, find a bluish light to be hard and a lot pulling to join it to him to eye likes that of of the camera flashes. I will return these and try find something concealed is in fact more brilliant and produces the less hard light ossia more afterwards to the temperature by heart of 3500 Kelvin.
5 / 5 By Chadwick
Any one mentions anywhere in a description of product in a light appearance. Calm ensure you these are not to to the pure aim likes a bit the photos is describing! I am comprising the photo with this bulb in a legislation and the TRUE 6500k bulb in an accident. If you are looking for a pure aim 6500k look, this is not a bulb loves!
5 / 5 By Angila
These were the perfect apt substitution for a stock 194 bulbs in mine 72 Chevy Truck. Much more brilliant - calm so much can see in some photos. A sinister side of a pinch has a new has has DIRECTED bulbs - a right side an old incandescent bulbs. A truck takes 9 bulbs, of this measure, for a pinch. This container contains 10 (his all has done also). Also, another there is remarked that some of these new has has DIRECTED bulbs (other frames?) It is directional and no unless they are insertos in a correct direction - in the calm chance has to turn him around if his no initially. It conceal it is not a chance with these - unless I so only taken lucky 9 times in the row that inserts them/inserts in a socket :-)
4 / 5 By Lesley
Ford F-150 - 2013. Very Brilliant but a lot overwhelms it . Clean Bluish aim.
Is returned my lights of map. Lights of Dish of the licence. I upload Lights in a bed (pic) Reverse lights (tho substituted them w more brilliant LEDs still resupplies lighter that some lights accionarías). Lights of bookmark of the side (behind lentil of amber) inside a boss light assembly. Shopping again.
4 / 5 By Berneice
These bulbs do not return well or have the sure connection. You owe that it touches with them to take them the securely contact of mark and work. It looks for something more.

UPDATE: as I have read some descriptions to comprise a description a late plus there is rid well after the mine are sure some the positive critiques are fake . The grammar is not very written. There is the a lot of seen of sprain and frankly a reviewer resupplies gone in on “like this to” that mine is the red flag . Inferior line. These do not do like this announced that. An access is terrible. In planting to try to do the quickly this work of things and more than confidence.
5 / 5 By Thomasena
Really do a brilliant cabin. My only question is a wheel well lights neither flash, any on , or stay on after a car is closed. There is not any rhyme or reason like this to reason this is spending. A light of Dome, reading the lights and the lights of trunk are well. If it can take a wheel well lights to the law would be the happy to camp.
The vendor gave so only confusing answered to the equal that to that it could be it wrong. I do not comprise that to do for the fix..
4 / 5 By Shane
I recently chosen on the 2010 Deep Pilot and has 20 wedge lights in a darn what. They are all yellow and dim, has has had to that so only find the better bulb! The some research and has chosen these, all can say is 'WOW!'.

Amiably white, no too fresh, abundance of light but no too brilliant. You the vehicle of 7 years feels like new and cut down of consumption partorisca be able to take partorisca kick. Better part? A prize partorisca these is in fact Less than a bulb of old glass 168 or 194 bulbs.
5 / 5 By Michaele
Like this far, like this good. Bought these partorisca substitute an old plus has directed the bulbs had used in of the multiple places in the 2015 Deep Apt hatchback. Like this far I installed him in some lights of dish of the licence and some lights of the inner map and they are doing utmost. It has dipped out of the light aims concealed is noticeably more brilliant that one some have substituted. They are happy woth this purchases like this far!
4 / 5 By Von
So that first I remained tak in a pros, is brilliant likes announced (although no a brilliant plus) is covers it true and play it and calm take the band of them partorisca beautiful economic.
That so only will be quite well for more, but is A lot of COLOUR picky taste this is a big plus (any one like this big extracted he for probably the majority) subject, has purchased a lot of LEDs and this “aim” has one the majority of blue maintained to them that any one another LEDs has used.
Personally does not like me A lot of blue maintained anything, would say them these are more than the aim of Iceberg (inferior half of an iceberg) more than the aim of true glass.

I like my lights to be the prójimos to the aim of True Glass like possible. Quell'Conceals can not annoy some but another can.
Like this yes is looking for the true pure aim WHOSE spent these, goes with a LASFIT has DIRECTED 194 those are white of PURE crystal and is in fact more BRILLIANT. But gone in in around 5 times a prize.

The well for the estimativa compraventa, class of next to aim with light blue has maintained.

Bad for any one has had to peel out of the cash that looks for true aim.

Expects This help

thinks that will be to return his for the best LEDs of to the chair likes of these has not been that is to be announce.
5 / 5 By Jacquelynn
2008 Camry XLE. Works for each light inside a car. Look no turns been due to an odd form has compared to a OEM the bulb but the work and the turn adds I desire avenges with a more DIRECTED bulb. It avenges with ten and has required eleven. It is also so only he tad dimmer that a yellowish OEM bulb, but ossia partially reason is white and looks more diffused. Any the import , does not like me some lights of interior to be too brilliant anyways.

Some four doors, two mirrors of will aim in front of, two dish of licence, and three in a console of dome to centre forward is that it has loved to substitute. I have decided to substitute everything of them excepts a light of dome of door of centre in a front reason usually leaves concealed ' Was' anyways. But in a scarce occasion that would require to turn the on was a lot has been ready . I do not want to buy another together of ten just to use a so only will leave to like east.
4 / 5 By Teena
A FOCUSED looks to be a right measure to return, but looks impossible to insert an assembly FOCUSED to a light assembly. You try to substitute a light in a light tall dome fixture in mine 1999 Ford Browser. An assembly FOCUSED is a lot tight and according to impossible look to insert. Appearances some snugness, but this has surpassed snugness.
5 / 5 By Graciela
Left preface this to say are the woman a lot so only are I the woman are the woman of 53 years , the youngster 53 :), and I have changed 10 bulbs in 3 different types of houses with small-to-no slowdowns. I possess the 2005 Toyota 4Corridor has Limited V8. I have changed 2 light bulbs of map, 4 light bulbs of puddle, and 4 running light bulbs of joint. An only slow down when being a 4 outside in common bulbs of joint for obvious reasons that they have to dip the towel in an earth and create down the to turn a bulb to close that it houses to release a bulb and then vary one covers to build behind to a hole a pertinent way and twist it behind in his place to close. I have looked a video of Youtube and basically all precise knows is uses it screwdriver of tiny flat boss the attentively release some coverages read and in some lights of puddle where has to that take everything of a house -just maintains import that there little is closing clips as it does not force a house, attentively laws around the until libertas a clip of pressure. A light of dome of the interior and a backside liftgate the light in my vehicle uses the festoon bulb of type (a type to melt the bulb of looks that connects in both ends) that will order later. And I have used of then all 10 of mine bulbs have not verified to see which write a stuffs of licence or some lights of vanities have used, but will substitute & those also. All can say is the time will say. I know some have DIRECTED the bulbs have the question with flickering but of then finalised to install these today has not been will have this question, but has read that they no in some first descriptions to purchase. They return tight and will say this- that everything of some bulbs of Inner that has has changed snapped when they were fully in place but one 4 out of those careers the lights do not snap you so only press them all a way to a subordinated closely.
Will update / to modify my description has to that career to any questions. I expect that this was useful!
4 / 5 By Klara
Shining , brilliant , brilliant. Utilisation these for my light of trunk and the reverse lights and am very pleased. Calm can no to lose by me the night when I am backing out of the something in the plot of estacionar.
5 / 5 By Bess
These could be utmost can the install. But in spite of guarantee of the amazon concealed 'This record your 2005 Deep Pilot', they the no. has comprised the picture of one of some bulbs that arrived, seating afterwards to one of some bulbs has take of the light of dome of my car.
4 / 5 By Dortha
This container of LEDs is a awesome extracted and is the addition adds to your vehicle. I have compared a prize in Walmart and for two bulbs, loves $ 9. Can ensure you that these are a lot of main quality and takings more. 5x more to be esatti. I have been to Youtube/of Youtube and has written a mark, year and model of my vehicle. After looking the video of fast installation, is a lot easy to go in and do a substitution. I will warn you that some bulbs of heat of factory on a lot quickly. You leave the quota down period of at least 3 to 4 minutes before you achieve up and grab ahold of a bulb of slowly of factory on substituting. They are very pleased with a new light inside a vehicle. I have substituted a front teo lights of map, a light of dome, some lights of dish of the licence and a light interior of my trunk. Everything of some lights uses a measure of same light bulb. In general I took 10 minutes less.
5 / 5 By Zachariah
Has ordered the together of some 194 substitutions to use in of the lights of bookmark of the side, poster of instrument, and lights of dish of the licence for mine 1997 Nissan D21 truck. These things slip well in where an old bulb has taken more brilliant. A picture any one the justice. Previously to one this substitution FOCUSED so only, this light of the bookmark of the side was bondadoso of dim. Now it shines almost like this running it light to a front, and a yellow is the most brilliant way.

For a dashboard, these substitute yours yours move big plus-in bulbs, a 194s. One moves a small plus ins there is behind there is substituted by a type 74. I have not done a small plus some still, which are mostly indicators of turn signal and some lights of opinions.

NOTE: When tuerces was one of some bulbs of poster of the instrument and a incandescent the bulb A lot ossia red or a substitution CONCENTRATED in a same colour like original bulb. If white utilisations, your lights of opinions will turn the white/rose. As his aim for aim (clear), Red for red bulb. Green for green incandescent bulb, etc.

has tried to do the picture of dashboard, but the mine flashes maintained flooding out of some results. But to good sure look more brilliant and no TOO BRILLIANT to blind you. Look In this picture of bookmark of the real side prójimo. It does not look so only the only incandescent bulb in there anymore, he? It is more brilliant that a picture. I will buy a small plus 74 substitutions afterwards.
4 / 5 By Corrina
Has the 1999 Ford Rilascio and looked for lights more brilliant partorisca my dishes of licence and lights of interior. These Sirius has directed the bulbs do perfectly. A light gives was is clear, brilliant, and no misty. It can remain on partorisca long periods of time and remain frescos. Easy to install. Highly you recommend these.
5 / 5 By Jeffrey
Has tried to substitute lights of bookmark of the side in mine 2013 Fiat 500. Installed one in a side of passenger of the front, light on brightly. Installed a second an in a side of engine of the front, but then both have been a lot of dim. If it was not dark outside, would have think that was was. Turned of a headlights but both LEDs is remained dimly has lit. Turned of a car, both LEDs still remained dimly has lit. There is has not wanted the take a casualidad of the drain of constant battery, as have take these and substituted with levels incandescent bulbs the one who read well.
Any sure was a LEDs or if a car so only has not known like partorisca manage a low wattage, but these have not done for my car.
5 / 5 By Jonie
These have DIRECTED the lights are for far some worse lights have has not tried never. Lights of infomercials preform far better that these.
Is not brilliant in a less bit and look better feigned for the introduction of 6 years to electronic.
4 / 5 By Devin
I installed these in mine Toyota Sequoia. A temperature by heart is much whiter, but has not been if it is in fact that much more brilliant. It say of another way, a colour is more than the true aim but I do not think is that much more lumens. Quite had to do everything of some lights of map and some lights of door. The class to desire was light more is exited. The so that it likes is that of these is a lot of use of the low energy then traditional bulbs. My girls have maintained to leave some lights on I so that it follows while these that prevents my battery that goes died. I also really like that more modern feels with the whitest light. It suggest to take that the little metal chooses to take of a lenses. Had some very useful video on Youtube for my vehicle. So only rings your name of vehicle and lights of the interior FOCUSED and am sure something would come up. I have comprised some before and with which pictures.
4 / 5 By Bertha
For deception there are them not reading a car manual and is my failure for any when doing , but is not less true of when you see a description and see you car compatibility checkmark in the amazon thinks that that you are good to go. This box does not have the dome or lights of compatible map with an infinity g20, which he compatible with east a reverse and lights of dish of the licence.

Now a ligths he, never seen this class of first lights, like this compact and different.
Easy to install easy to take. Be sure to use first glove to touch a device he because you organism the natural oil is residual and can do your investment do not last a lot much more.

Roughly the durability does not have any idea, the so only installed today.

Looks well ? He to good sure done your different car look and bit it more modern.

He the To good sure would recommend.
4 / 5 By Ngoc
These leds is some of some calm more can buy. Quality very good and crisp light start. This description is semi-detached mine 2018 order of these but has ordered them in fact these in Oct 2016 also for my old 2008 Tundra and another car has had them at the same time. It has had 4 rest focused on this order to use in 2017 Tundra. Has has had to that still order another box to complete a work of course. It is now He Leaves 2020 and one 4 this is to remain in STILL work!!! Of 2016!! Has the total of 6 his in an interior of the mine Tundra 2 in a light of row of the centre and 2 leds in a dish to authorise light house. Of then 2016 ive has had one begins flickering in a zone of dish of the licence but he have done still the so only could not treat a flickering. If these lights remain a same quality will buy them to them for ever when the require them. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 By Hunter
Has required this type of bulb for mine 12v RV light system. I have loved to go DIRECTED and my local Wally was too expensive. I have purchased four (4) different frames to compare. These were third more brilliant and each one that like this in of the bands of ten (10). They are returned closely and was slightly dimmer that AMAZENAR 30-Pack White each one that like this in of the bands of thirty (30). A 194 Light bulb FOCUSED, Yorkim® 6th Generation, Any-Polarity,12V Lights were a brilliant plus and also so only each one that like this in of the bands of ten (10). This in spite of a SiriusLED was more than quite brilliant for a purpose declared of lights of car seal, lights of boxes of the glove, and lights of dome of the vanity.
5 / 5 By Danette
Has bought 10 of these for my light of interior of the Jaguar and bookmarks/marcadors lateralmente external. Access well in without question. They are much more brilliant that a OEM 5W5 bulbs and eats less can. Law alot of descriptions and decided to try Serius 3030. Some descriptions have mentioned DIRECT to fail with which 6 mine or the year. Cela Could owe the too much current for a LEDs so that has no heatsink. I have not loved to risk any casualidad of them failing and that they have to change the year later. There is 3 LEDs serious with two 24 ohm resistors for the total of 48 ohm. I have changed one of one 24 resistor of ohm to 51 ohm for the total of 75 ohms. This drop a current for roughly 30 which would have to that extend a lamplife significantly. In , calm hardly can say a difference in brightness but the power is gone down for roughly 30. Current decreased of 50mine to 36mine. A W5W the bulb was 330mine and looks a lot of dimmer. I have taken the picture of all 3 for comparison. It see how long they will last.
5 / 5 By Delma
A title of this listing direct to believe you can substitute several different bulbs in your interior with these LEDs. The amazon goes one gives a no further and specifically declares that these bulbs am returned my escion TC' inner, lights of map, lights of trunk, plan of licence. These LEDs done for my advance of ONLY light dome and is not compatible for other lights.
Has achieved was to a costruttore and has answered ' sad to listen that calm perhaps would be interested in these other listings of product' . It is basically the misleading the further sustained to list for the product of automobile of the amazon that details of parties. The solution of a company? It maintains to buy more boxes of bulb until I take them everything. I have paid already 15 bucks for just my light of the dome and I have 8 bulbs have left on. I have done usually my investigation but a listing convinced me to us have taken all have required.
5 / 5 By Reynaldo
An easy upgrade to brighten on an interior. Easy install and the law adds. The only odd thing there is remarked was, while installing turning a light on does not turn on. Closed a car and opened it again and a light has begun to answer. It has not had the question of one installs.
4 / 5 By Leif
I so only installed these LEDs in all the locations of an interior of mine 2015 Prius Four.
Initially: they are exceptional with the aim a lot shine it lights—a massive improvement in a stock dulls the bulbs of yellowish factory regulate.
Some looks of the radically different and far interior better with these LEDs.
Some say that these have the partly blue maintained to them. Perhaps; they look only mine a lot of targets.
Some have not had good longevity. If these last diverse years—-at least like this long the the stock bulbs will be the happy to camp. The time will say.
One of some reasons has transmission to LEDs is a current draw lower. I so only installed the new AGM the battery and I have read that it is not well to leave drain all a way down. So much, this could be less likely using LEDs.
4 / 5 By Jeanice
I like a temperature by heart and a brightness, but a question is everything emit the tiny quantity of light same when it was. It is not too brilliant, so only the soft glow, but is class of annoying. Installed in 2013 Infinites G37.

Update 3 month later: it likes-me this plus of liked initially. You still glow at night, but any the import . In general they look really well in mine car and loves it every time come on. My car has aluminium and blacks of peel brushed trim, as some lights of the inner aim really creates the abonos full contemporary big-the end feels to a car (in place of stupid dim yellow lights).
4 / 5 By Lavenia
Has bought 2 of a 10 band of this CONCENTRATED is partorisca my X3, and WOW! They are like this more brilliant that some original lights. The installation was bit it difficult, but this was to be due to the creation of a car and any one some bulbs, which was a lot of easy to install. These bulbs dipped out of the a lot of crisp, clean white light, which look adds in my car, much better that an original halogen bulbs. If you are considering taking these, absolutely would take him, is a lot brilliant, fast of ship, dipped out of the clean white light, and the stay cools to a touch also. I will update prenden to do or dysfunction.

Update 3/4/19:
These bulbs have not failed. They continue to do utmost. Unfortunately, I have found the place the fact of brilliant plus for Lasfit that am changing. These bulbs are decently brilliant, but is at all has compared to a Lasfit bulbs. These bulbs are to good sure fiabais this in spite of, like masters a FOCUSED upgrade concealed is not extremely brilliant, then go for these reasons are the value adds for a money.
5 / 5 By Shizue
Our Deep 2006 has required the map light substitution. To to my woman liked a focused has used for light of first map, as I have decided to change like this more lights ( light of door and dish of licence ) and do a more visible van at night. No too sure in a dish to authorise this in spite of. It does not know it takes wetted inside a compartment of bulb. I will update in the pair of month. But, for now, it looks he adds! This light also returns mine 2013 CR-V. It was able to change All some lights of interior but no a light of dish of the licence. It does not return right - too tight. It was fearful to bake a socket ( a light was too much wide for a socket) but any one less mine CR-V inner looks adds.

has Tried to substitute some lights of map of the front in a Acura RDX 2008, these really any one is returned. It was fearful the a lot of force and a socket would break.
4 / 5 By Angel
Works to the equal that has expected. It has to that 2017 touched and these return it perfectly. They will not return a light in a @@@glove compartment. You utmost for a light of dishes of the licence, and both lights of dome of the interior. I have not tried to install them anywhere more still. I will update once it discovers everything of some lights paralización of law and addiction-extracted. Richard Lloyd in youtube done the work adds to aim you like this to install them without lining your interior. I have had this installed for almost two month now.
4 / 5 By Nancy
Has gone always the parts of local car tents to take bulbs for interior and external lights. I have decided to go with these has had to then quite go the descriptions and do really utmost!

While it feigns to dip them in sockets that use he 168 or 192 bulb, will do utmost. I will admit that they are the little harder that dip to a socket that a normal halogens but probably so only has to that that once for a life of your vehicle! These are surprisingly brilliant. I can see everything in my truck likes time at night with these, and is external can see you anything inside a car if some lights are on (if it does not like that, then maintained of some windows). Now it does not imagine a lot of cop will be still to pull me on partorisca bulbs of dish of bad licence neither, real brilliant shine!

More economic that that cost in your venue autozone, or esilly, or Napa and much more brilliant and long that last.

Highly recommended to any one looking for substitution or brightness upgrade.
4 / 5 By Trudy
Returns perfectly to both lights of dome, cariche rear, box of glove and dish of licence in mine 2014 Cherokee. Still I take the opinion that says that some lights of the dish of the licence is was, but is not .

Much better that stock bulbs. These are around 5000k colour, compared to a be original roughly 3000k. A lot BRILLIANT. More each one the alone unit was functional and have 1 has left on in chance some burns was.

This in spite of, does not think is quite brilliant for reverse lights. I have ordered a canbus LEDs for those of this vendor to avert that it warns message. As seeing like my vehicle takes 2 bulbs in the each side, I def does not see having a subject with visibility.
4 / 5 By Lynnette
To the equal that have decided to expect the few years to write this description, more than immediately like more. Reason? The one of truth give these bulbs the career of test.

And am a lot happy with some results. For those looking in some pictures, is so only like concealed. A visible difference is a lot well, and a lot brilliant. These am a lot better that traditional bulbs.

These have been installed to mine 2007 Toyota Highlander this in spite of are going strong, after daily use.

The installation can look scary, but look it YT video or two on like this to install in your vehicle and he will do it a lot easy.

In general am happy with this product in my vehicle and to good sure would recommend to any one thinking of upgrading of traditional bulbs.
5 / 5 By Marnie
Would not call these extremely brilliant. It say that they are well, but it depends on to
Yours application. I used him to substitute 2017 F150 lights of bookmark. Had roughly like this brilliant, perhaps included the little less than original bulbs. I have sent him almost behind, but it will find uses for them.

Depends on like slowly to use them. If you are not using in of the places want to alot of light likes lights/of interior of the dome, can be happy with them.
4 / 5 By Fredda
Has dipped 3 of these in mine 2016 Maxima SV. One for each side under a pinch and one in a trunk. I think that that they will return a light of dish of the licence and a light of courtesy in a door also. (Almost sure in fact) they are to good sure more brilliant that a incandescent the lights concealed is coming with my Maxima and much whiter. (The stock some were the pocolos yellowish in colour) was quite easy to change. Has abundance of extra bulbs for vehicles or of the future applications.

Has dipped these in a light of dome and some 2 lights of map in the 1999 Dodge Ram. He really done an old Dodge the ram looks more modern with these bulbs in place.

Top Customer Reviews: XtremeVision ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Tammie
When being a aftermarket installer of part for trade, was extremely sceptic in any one any mark of band of Amazon of the name FOCUSED. Especially under $20 .
But, has taken lucky. First election was these and are to good sure impressed with a brightness level. Any dim for any piece, and no too brilliant. Look Very cleaned.
This saying his didnt to beat of work or can not comprise to the polarity has has directed systems. If he no a way, tries to turn the around another way. His typical to all the systems, and all the fashionable bulbs focused. Simply that explosions in and saying 'oh to does not act', advantages to your own stress. The retreats of appeal was, movement he 180°, and reinsert a bulb.
4 / 5 By Alethea
Has the 2006 Deep Agreement Calm. I have decided to substitute some lights of interior with THIS CONCENTRATED. Some lights of factory were the yellowish colour , some new DIRECTED is is the soft white light and much more brilliant. Taking roughly 20 minutes to change out of some lights of map, light of dome, lights of door and light bulbs of vanities. A comprised pry the tool was…good no very useful. This was one of some reasons have purchased this vendor. A tool was very flexible and was unable to take some discharge of lentil. I have had to that appeal to that uses the engine of small ray to take some discharge of lentil. A tool was useful to take some old bulbs to avert the spark\short circuit this in spite of. One has DIRECTED the bulbs look well, am unable to comment in global quality of a product this time. They are happy in general, has given 4 stars been due to any ineffective pry tool. Attached some pictures…
4 / 5 By Ward
have had these lights for two weeks now. These lights are enough of sound for a prize. I so only dipped the in mine 2009 Deep Agreement that has bought so only. The installation was quite simple and quickly has @to @give once that no yes calm dipped the in a wrong way lol sweats the dipped in and does not act , just toe his around and would have to that be good. Also, to install, tries to look it youtube video of any lights to install of interior in your concrete vehicle.

These lights are not SÚPER brilliant but was so only that looked for reason have not loved SÚPER LIGHTS of to brilliant interior where likes me to him the chair are in the stadium every night lol This in spite of, these lights are quite brilliant to where falls something in foreigner of mine to walk, can it to them see clearly. Has good illumination, is so only very súper brilliant. Besides, I like a class of albiazul-ish maintained to them, add the random look well to my car.
4 / 5 By Alfredo
All the world loves a glow of these lights. To good sure an improvement in a mark of yellow hard factory takings. It is in fact clearer and easier that see things in an interior when these are on. Quite easy to install is some directions . So only of they concealed them it was slightly difficult to the substitute was some lights of the vanity but this is to be due to Deep creation of some coverages. It goes in of a centre outermost side and slide down and will burst free. Be careful reason some lights of vanity will be HOT!!!
4 / 5 By Mariam
I add upgrade for my Agreement 2011. They are very easy to install, took roughly 10 min to substitute all the lights of interior in my whole car. It is the easy to do your car look like this well of interior.
5 / 5 By Refugio
Perfecto for 2007 Deep agreement 4 door calms
5 / 5 By Meggan
the Good regime that installs these for your account. You resupply the tool but absolutely any instruction or guidance on regarding the use. I have broken two of the mine light fixtures trying tomarprpers was like this while these are priced relatively down now will owe that substitute these also. Be any 24/7 support as it has announced has called neither around 8pm is time and has been dipped on control for the robot for 5 minutes and then envoys to the voicemail. Some lights law well but another concealed it to be careful or calm will cause you more questions.
4 / 5 By Brittanie
It is good product , the light is excellent clarity . They are happy for the cost. The Only that I fault to the product to give mine 5 stars is that the plásticoes that comprises to change the lights no servants . It bends very fast. All he demas this a lot
4 / 5 By April
has had him so only for the pair of days, but like this far do a lot well. Importing to remark that these are not white of crystal. Has the bit of the blue maintained to them, but concealed them very better that clear aim, IMHO. They look very better that a stock yellowish colour that the level come with a car. For a prize, is at least value to try it.
5 / 5 By Alessandra
I have found that it is the good idea to bend verify a polarity of some lights of dome. All has been smoothly and now have brilliant white lights. Good prize and excellent value.

Top Customer Reviews: TURBO SII 50" ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 By Micheal
A rocker the no sinister transmission chooses fog or lights of light bar. It is any of or on. I have had to that order another rocker transmission and wiring harness to separate some lights.
5 / 5 By Jennette
My look of sexy truck now, very happy with a light bar headed to well sure will recommend. Awesome
5 / 5 By Elliott
The light bar was perfect for our General! Some few lights have been missing of our box, but a vendor communicated with me and sent him was immediately. To to The My husband likes him his present of anniversary.
4 / 5 By Wanetta
No like this brilliant but value of the money

Top Customer Reviews: LX-LIGHT Pair 2'' ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Natalia
Colour: red/redSize: 1157 I has purchased one 1157 has directed taillights because some the intermittent advance was like this awesome. It was not trim down return perfect. A lot of snug with OEM red coverage. I have not been lentil of smoke partorisca a taillight to the equal that was brilliant red brilliant and sure is! Any flicker. All leds on and working. I took 2 minutes and I am Harley happy type. No the switchback like halo is the light to run. When Or it presses a brake all leds light. Good labour crew. These are the must !! They return well against a stock inner house and reflector. Has has had to that really press a red coverage on but is on partorisca remain . The prizes add and 2 prime of day. Yay! Spent these with an advance of signal switchbacks and will be the happy biker sure.
Installed on: 2015 Harley Irons XL883N
5 / 5 By Winifred
Colour: red/redSize: 1157 Installed a front and behind 1157 is in 2015 Harley Iron 883 with some have smoked lenses of another vendor on Amazon. The installation was the breeze , everything returns well on substituting fully signals accionarías. @@Subject So only has had imagined was before installation that was a front and that it was a backside. Installed some fronts in some first backsides and change it have had to those were. Included still, it was an easy to install with less-of intuitive (dumba$ $ ) lack of marcación simple. I can live with that. The only time will say how long has had to. You update much more late.

Update Abril 29, 2019: it looks I can have received the defective light with one of some signals forward reason a failure of white coverage the little LEDs in esclarecedor. I have contacted LX-LIGHT and has been súper useful like this far. I am honoring his guarantee and taking me fixed up. The defects spend, am so only happy is not difficult to treat.
4 / 5 By Catherin
Colour: red/redSize: 1157 I want to give these 5 like this bad stars. Reason any one? It has had to that take the dremel to an outside never like this slightly to take them to return in a lenses in mine 2017 king of special street. Another that looks it sum! Light in a legislation is a lx-light
5 / 5 By Nguyet
Colour: aim/yellowSize: 1157 Of the that waste your money that goes Harley for $ 102. Ossia Like this well if any better. It covers n Game!
5 / 5 By Lois
Colour: red/redSize: 1157 In the first place, it has had any the real questions that installs...
To the equal that installs = 5
the lenses has (smoke aftermarket) will not leave a light together round to return inside his, but the turn perfects inside a house of ball, some tabs of the lentil so only presses them to a ball that marries the little further 't looks to be the question at all with that. To A thing really likes vs a crappy the cheapo ebay some has is that has the longest base with the @@@knob of small transfer that the frames install really easy compared to some economic some.
Value = 4
b/c has a lot of more economic options (which have tried, this in spite of this economic plus LEDs has crapped was after only roughly 60 days) but these are to good sure the good value IF in fact they have the decent lifespan - the jury is still is gone in lifespan, like there are them so only so only now installed him.
Brightness = 4
...These are not quite like this brilliant like the cheapo some the left of ebay... They look to be more brilliant likes takings directly behind some bulbs, oddly does not shine brightly for a part or still in the 45 corner of terracing, but still light quite well, especially when the brake is applied
Another material = 5
like me a bit tabs of transfer added for installation. It likes that some bases are a lot to time enough and sturdy and accesses to a socket that marries a lot well the difference of a cheapos. A neighbour focused looks a lot of @fare and of good quality; hopefully has had to that longer that some economic crappy some have substituted!
In general am giving the 4.5 a lot has had to that for any significant lifespan, will update, if no, will look for to update.
4 / 5 By Santiago
Colour: aim/yellowSize: 1157 see it the youtube video in these lights. They are for mine 2018 HD the Slips of street and the one who the difference , the majority of brilliant way that a OEM lights that goes in a bicycle. I have purchased both front and behind has DIRECTED the lights together with the lentil of smoke covers all a way around for roughly $90 on Amazon. It has not had any subjects with them dipped the ones of then he on done the week.
5 / 5 By Kerrie
Colour: red/redSize: 1157 Perfecto for mine 2016 Harley Davidson Iron 883. Extremely easy to install. It was slightly main that to a coverage the taste sanded some flanges down for the contingents. Any worry, discharges and game and has the 2013 and on Harley, will not take a hyper flashes. This in spite of, light of the tachometer of green signal will experience hyper flash and an easy way to fix ossia to run your hazards for 45 seconds. Then no more hyper flash.
4 / 5 By Cindy
Colour: redSize: 1156 2004 FSD Like another description, the to has had to that use the Dremel of mine for a backside. The front does not have to that for some reason. It has known the going in, has used an interior of a lentil to smoke the also bought like the type. Seated and has finalised before mine first beer. As some other gentlemen have declared luv to give 5 Stars but for me is well, for another can be the question .
4 / 5 By Clarice
Colour: aim/yellowSize: 1157 A esew' so only can them say roughly is that you have to that shave of a hule inside a house to be able to return an interior of lights. Another concealed it. If it conceal that apresamiento to save hundreds of dollars, then will shave 'in era. Good quality. Looks And flawless work... It agrees to reset to your bicycle like them some works of good indicator.
4 / 5 By Youlanda
Colour: red/redSize: 1157 These produced is like this well like last an I experience for two times a prize. The works add, Brite and easy to install. I have been concerned in an installation after reading several descriptions but I have had any of those issues anything. Burst the good in the coverage has been in without the question. 3 small installs.

Top Customer Reviews: Aviator TIR ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Laronda
Colour: Amber sweep Utmost light. Very brilliant and easily seen, a camera any one the justice. Has dual colored lights of alley and also traffic advisor functions. A lot slender also. Highly you recommend.
5 / 5 By Hannelore
Colour: the red was a lot please with this light bar roughly all until it decides to exit my car oncoming traffic and paste in speed lateralmente and normal behaviour me thousands of dollars in breaking to other vehicles. I have possessed the bars read multiple and I have has not had never this spends before and has had another lightbars in a same vehicle and has had 0 questions now are money down a drain with this lightbar more the entrance that cost more than a lightbar and my insurance that traces been due to a harm done of this light bar. Further disappointed love the light bar that falls off in speed of the normal behaviour then neither takes new magnets or find the different light bar. Some pictures is the one who remain of a lightbar with which exit my car. They are not in screwing people because I of to those who likes the product I of the that really never give the bad descriptions but I am past alot of the money is and finalise worse in an integer after like this yea any one the happy
4 / 5 By Della
Colour: the Brilliant/of Green and good amber. So only you wish it it have built in of the keys of the model of traffic has consecrated. It has not been compatible with his other controllers that owes characteristic. Probably it take a more characteristic rich light bar and dip this in ours another vehicle of company. I am doing in the video of a light in action. Included that can be seen during a day. It has had to that answer to the MVA Rollover incident in our edifice of the office and he have moved a traffic efficiently. It has had to that take the mountain of magnet for a controller as I do not want permanently locate a controller in my car with a groups comprised.
5 / 5 By Olen
Colour: Amber there has been a subject with a controller. LEDQUSA Has sent the new a legislation was. Still have intermittent questions but a lot usable. Be conscious, calm once ploughs a box, some kicks of guarantee in. Calm can not try a bar and return it to him calm to of to the that likes. They will accept returns to repair so only down have guaranteeed.
5 / 5 By Santina
Colour: Amber/Blanca Impressive with like this brilliant a light is.. Súper Easy to install. A downside is a box of control. Sometimes it do not go to another flashes ways. It likes-me a fact can change to a front or for behind only. Súper Brilliant súper effective
4 / 5 By Chung
Colour: Amber I walk the pilot car, as some characteristic better is changing a model. It do not trade he for a world.
4 / 5 By Vicenta
Colour: light bar Blue Sum very brilliant same during a day. It likes-me a fact can maintain a front was and a backside on
4 / 5 By Rosalind
Colour: Red Awesome light for a money. The cord looks very durable. Very brilliant and easy to see. I plan to upgrade some magnets, and a so only another thing would suggest is to locate a still harness wire in a subordinated or he optional discharges he in in any lateralmente to do that it locate easier. Another that that (as far, he so only arrived today) is awesome!
5 / 5 By Takako
Colour: Red/Blue That can be too prompt for the description been due to received it so only but that sees is has it that has weighed the light bar has built good quality. For a prize is a lot of value of the money. Any economic at all.
4 / 5 By Vida
Colour: the aim has bought 2 of these this year. Both filtered in some discharge to finalise

Top Customer Reviews: Yorkim 194 LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Herb
Desprs Ordering the set of has DIRECTED to ignite cual looked to add but was far too very time to return, has come behind in Amazon with the only idea: it measures an available room! WOW! This has known?

Like the problem was a depth that is available among a base of socket of the light bulb and an end of a clear enclosure, which for one 2007 Gene 2 Prius and an old plus 2002 Camry, is quite superficial. It results. Heh.

A charming thing in these two vehicles is concealed or one has a door to access that can be it opened easily and closed to maintain some lights of dish of the licence. An owe attraction of a whole coverage of a cave or a lid of trunk, respectively.

Then once that is pulled was and take in some sockets of the light bulb then discovers that some lights bought that has been described like espend, dome, and dish of lights to authorise' in fact does not mean YOUR LIGHTS of dish of the licence... There they go it to be awhile before it can the yours pose all together retreated or go to have the part of a cart has pulled to eschew awhile. Hilarious!

Enters a Yorkim 194 has DIRECTED Light bulbs in a rescue! Packed In the sake five-for-side of tray by side, this small access of gems and is the brilliant of pure aim, has done a first time in a Prius without that has to hassle polarity. In a Camry has taking 2 of 2 wrong, as we are same. As Another has remarked, the just turn soye 180 titles and you will be well. Of course he sure is doing right before posing all back together. :)

Has run recently calm in the 'is light is-also-long-for my-Prius and-Camry' problem, or desire to eschew the altogether, just scoop in the 10-group of these Yorkim 194 Light bulbs have DIRECTED, confidently that knows that early you will be glowing felizmente in tonight well, and doing he without a worry of the decree of traffic to have any lights of dish of the operation, which are the moving rape in these parts!

orry, Agent, has Yorkim 194 Light bulbs have DIRECTED, as any likely cause since you!'
5 / 5 By Zina
I have purchased the generic mark has DIRECTED light bulbs for an interior of mine 2007 Pontiac Glorious Prize. They have lasted the year and a flickering has begun. I shopped around and found these Yorkim light bulbs and decided to give them shot it. It IS instantly impressed with a quality of components of these light bulbs, semi-detached picture to compare afterwards in my old light bulbs. It IS it issues more than it shines these expected and has given my car the crisp clean look. It IS to install these light bulbs in mine 2005 GMC yukon lights of map. I will write clues he up descriptions in the year with a progress of these light bulbs.
5 / 5 By Ehtel
Wow These is brilliant! NORAD Only nicknamed, has thinks that has spied the nuclear explosion! Seriously even so, they are to good sure brilliants! An interior of my truck is illuminates likes him is enough to be hijacked by men of small green. Opened Can see it things in my truck that has had problem with with some normal lights. The May HAS KNOWN my carpets were that soiled, and that is where that piece> is fallen behind in '10 era..... IF you want to illuminate your cart, these are some lights to take . The just mark sure is spending the mask of welding when inserting them! It opens.... On to find the cleaner of good carpet.....
5 / 5 By Kayce
I will begin it it go it to say some lights take 5 stars... They are a perfect brilliance for some lights substituted in my picture of mandate. These are no-dimmable and the dependent polarity, the meaning has the right and wrong subjects to pose these in. So many in any one concealed says the averages of no necessity to burst them behind was and situate them behind in 180 titles. This be says does not have prendido attention before posing my joint of back of the pinch and give some of some lights have not done so easily enough has said for the have only around and no any problem.
A reason mentions some lights take 5 star is so that it can estimate a probability of them the looks in your door would give 0 stars. A first order planted with the first nave has not looked never..Still until these months in the daytime later. Amazon refunded And and has purchased again with the next day these those ships was coated by amazon, very still with the next day these ships have taken he the week for these to look. It was not that or where a problem is but would like me more than of these in some futures even so I am very hesitant while they can in fact does not look never. The good class
5 / 5 By Jeffie
2002 Tahoe. While some substitutions have DIRECTED by one 168s used in some lights of map, and some lights of dish of the licence, etc., will return in a same socket, remarked in some side of turn signals by originals of before the side, some light bulbs were p194 and has had the money glazes. I am not the car type, but imagined if a factory has used the different light bulb in a same socket, had the reason for him. As I have bought these 194 concrete light bulbs. Much more they are that they shine, probably because of 5 big emitters versus 3 small ones in some another.

Researches the furthest is a lot of confusing so Sylvania list a 168 likes him 3 cp and the 194 likes him 2 cp (of east is, one 168 is supposed to be 50% more than shine). But that does not match what my eyes say me.

In all the case, is pleased with an additional brilliance of these 194 substitutions, for my turn signal. For lights of map of the interior, lights of dish of the licence, etc., Goes to be personal preference . I prefer very it clear light brilliant - roughly could find the too brilliant. But to arrive to this point of prize, has not had any problem that buys the 10 group of the each (still although it has required only 2 of one 194s), to experience with them.
4 / 5 By Hortensia
I have bought these to substitute a light of dish of the licence and he estacionando launch light in mine 2015 Agreement. So far 1 of 5 light bulbs that has tried has had the fatality has DIRECTED in the. No the big roads in me since takes enough the few light bulbs for any one very money. It sees pictures for results. A camera has done looks them the bluest weaves that really it is in person. In my opinion, is the pure aim with the tone PETIT of blue. It says in the some place in a 5000k-6000k the field conceals to give you an idea. One of a dish of the beaks of licence aims the normal light bulb in a right and a FOCUSED in a left wing. I have taken also beaks of one of a 'futility' the light bulbs apresamientos eschew so many can compare some interiors in that show for tock photos in a page of amazon. In general, very satisfied. It recommends.
4 / 5 By Cecil
For those of you that comes from/comes from the 194, 168, or 192 light bulb, these are quite 4x brilliant and draw quite 1/4 a power. They are the by heart clean sake temp, doing a look of interior awesome! It attaches 360 title clear coverage. No of these light bulbs are fallen out of a socket. All some diodes in these LEDs illuminate a same time with the tiny quantity of voltage, as these are DIRECTED of quality.

Like Other descriptions, and warn that these are the small longer that the regular light bulb, so that it is why and takes a star. Has had to the angle/modifies some of some clear fixtures in the 02 Lincoln LS concealed and installed these in. But and it take the each in. They are polarised, said only the around if they no a road. Also any bus of CAN in a light of interior in this cart, as any compatibility of CAN in these is well. They turn in/out with some lights of courtesy of the gradient amiably. Some of this glow of lights during several minutes after they are turned was because of the Solid-State change that control these lights, and will aim included the tiny quantity of current. Each which FOCUSED without the condensers is very sensitive in of the fluctuations of voltage, and these flicker/dim when doing different functions in a cart that has posed for the upload against an electrical system. Normal. I have used 9 of these in or car, as and has one saves. Perfecto.
5 / 5 By Verline
For $ 10, now have: 2 front has directed these lights of races(2825), 2 back side focused-lights of bookmark(2825), 1 licence has directed light of dish(168), and although a packaging says at all quite when being compatible with 921, has given he the shot and these utmost light bulbs and any sake for mine 2 reverse / lights of backup(921). More than it shines that factory in all the applications so far in mine 1997 Deep CR-V.

Occasionally has has had to has said the light bulb around while installing, but very does not import to take for the try before posing the back together things. Used 7 out of a group of 10, has not founding the defective light bulb or has had a cream has entered a bouquet, and still has 3 changes. They are cheap, but decently robust, and plasma well in the accommodations have designed for light bulbs of factory.

Once tried to install or in a light of dish of the licence in the 2009 impala, and while it returns one covers well, an accommodation has been designed for an even more light bulb lowercase and like any access. The only time there has been a subject
4 / 5 By Berry
So much, some light bulbs have been rid hurriedly so usual and so read a box and at all in installation. Beginning to verify each which or and the half of a box is died. Well beginning to take the small turbulent when give and recheck one ones concealed was bad. Basses and behold revokes a polarity and law.
SO, if limits or in and he no the work does not take crazy turn, Only the around and there go that shines what clear !!! Moralities in a history, taking concealed has DIRECTED only work if a positive and negative is connected properly. Your welcome.
5 / 5 By Tamie
I have bought in fact so much an Only Directed and a Yorkim has Directed. While both recovery that is estimated in 6000k, a Yorkim is more the accurate colour while an Only gives of the plus purplish/pinkish dye. In both picture, an Only focused is in a left side and a Yorkim has directed is in a right side. In a picture, a focused in a right(Yorkim) gives of the bit of the yellow dye and a focused in a left(Only) is not the rose/lived. But in real life, an Only focused is very tinted and one Yorkim has directed is very white and accurate in a 6000k indication. Yorkim IS a road to go wants an accurate 6000k white.

Top Customer Reviews: Philips 9003 ...

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4 / 5 By
Way: H1 / 12258 I has the 2006 Deep CR-V, which looks partorisca blow headlights frequently (3-6 month in meso). This could be related to a fact that I constantly the bulbs experiences more brilliant (that tries to compensate for severe lentil hazing) and a fact that has not used fat dielectric 'til maintaining (in spite of the friends that says it would help bulbs of stop soufflés). I have decided to change the few things with this bulb install. In the first place, I have restored and there is sealed my lenses. As, it has used a dielectric fat. Like this always, has has used gloves of latex like any oil of my toes is trace some bulbs; and, it was a lot careful when inserting some bulbs in some houses a lot partorisca leave some bulbs touch anything. A Philips the bulbs have been installed partorisca on five months now, without signs of question. A pics has resupplied enough speak for them. Some simply have done bulbs and has launched out of a regular quantity of yellow light would expect of the typical H1 bulb. If we take me to us by means of 8 month to the year, to good sure will buy these bulbs again. If has any reason to change my description, will do like this ASAP. 'Til Then, to continuation well.
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Way: 9011 I tried for two years to find the together of has DIRECTED 9005 big beams that the value the crap. Everything of them there has been some question or another (some have not sustained DRL functionalities, included although it think that would be material basic; some have not launched light in the way that was included remotely pertinent, some flickered any @@subject that harness or the adapter or the resistor have used), and finally has broken so only down and has bought to the to these like has known probably would owe that it has to that of a start.

And a difference is real. Among these and a cup of a line 9005s (light more brilliant and light whiter that GE Nighthawk Platniums) and a more DIRECT drop ins can take (they so only laws, for juezas of start. Any fiddling with adjustments to try and control a scatter) is crazy that considers that looked a prize is and the one who better an action is. Not Writing was reason do not have some the blue tips usually seen a slightly whiten light in 9005s (these are much whiter that a Nighthawks was), and no shy was reason need changes him to return (a pair of clippers of big nail roughly roughly 30 seconds the bulb was all the taking to take to the fir perfects in mine car).
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Way: 9003 I has analysed all a same measure car headlights this is selling on Amazon. Read all some descriptions of all a 5 star headlights and has determined that these bulbs have had for far some better indications with a better prize. It is the no brainer.

With respecting my personal experience, these bulbs am lasted several years and I so that there is recently has bought 2 new some to substitute them.

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Way: 12361 / H9 I trimmed some tabs in a H9s to use these like this of the substitutions for my H11 bulbs in my House ST to launch lighter down a street without blinding another engine. They are more brilliant that a H11s, but is short of the factory has HID. But at least a bulb aim it focal is one same different a lot of aftermarket has HID boxes. Has no discolored a chrome house or a lentil in mine headlights because of a time of big plus.
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Way: 9003 / B1 am impressed like this far. They are by train to use it To the mine Nissan extracted 2014. These am far more brilliant that that has had, when have paste some big beams on, can see almost bends that it saws before. If it have it retainer to coverage likes the mine lenses , need to take a with the. One or-the coverage takes easily. If podes, pay attention to the side some notch is on, has had of then two 180 terracing points of neighbours. Also, pay attention to the yours headlight lenses! Some of them have the corridors have drawn to return in some grooves of collars. You OWE THAT vary these collars and some orientations of light to take some collars to twist lock-in. They look the And, the control returns a model in a with the versus a mountain of lentil! As the one who some defenders go, has verified some first lights to install. To do sure a LEDs and the defenders are doing. Some defenders... Well, I am a lot calm. Calm will not listen them on mine 3' band of glass. LOL. If your car was the car of luxury of big final , could listen these, but I the doubt. The time will say has had to that . But for an almost a same cost like upper 9007 insiemi available locally, these are the ones of entities upgrade. The desire was roughly 3,000 lumens more brilliant.

Has not had any subject warned light, any flickering, not closing was. I will update this the time there would owe that be the need to. Like this far, 24 hrs of behaviour at night, the master!
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Way: 9008 / H13 a bulb is a lot of - spend some gloves and utmost. A PROCESS is given to take his.

At all can do 2011 Yukon Denali has been chosen by my woman and is paid another that a creaky is the vehicle adds. It is possessed Tahoe/Yukon versions for on 20 years. I have been able to do simple things like this on everything of the this thing. lol.

Took it in fact roughly 45 mins. This has comprised to go back and advance him prenden all the classes of different pliers and straps (to resist waters of boat behind). Some video on Youtube is WAY would locate thru a fund like GM just easier that a cup. Well, it is not it is doable. One 45 mins has comprised also clean on tools and dipping them was. Material in ours 2000 model taken 5 mins with these 2 pins to pull and easy access. Sadly, it has planned probably to drive to a trafficante for maint.
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Way: H11 / 12362 Good quality light bulb. I have had to purchase two of these to substitute both of a headlights in ours Acadia a last year. Ossia The giant ache , but concealed is not one the fault of a light. This light bulb is returned so only like factory and has produced the good light. Really there is not a lot much more to say that it conceal. A light start is a lot resembled a bulb of factory and am satisfied with a level these have and is not outrageously expensive likes some of some another. So only attended have to that partorisca while a factory any reason are like this difficult to change. Like this far like this well in this front with a prime minister a (that goes in the year now).

To good sure would recommend like the bulb of factory of substitution of alike quality.
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Way: H11 / 12362 Gtes 4 stars because when the said the dind't is returned a headlight Amazon of socket refunded the total cost without that has to that ship behind. I have chosen an on locally this is to return mine headlight. Nave of amazon woul dhave do more convinient the does not have to that stop for one and was the few more economic dollars that it simialr one.

A point of having my car specs saved in the amazon is to suggest produced that it is compatible and this has not been. Felizmente Sound the common and available substitution elsewhere but if this was something toyota specfic and urgent would be more be annoyed roughly he not returning . Please do a bit few necessary corrections or of the chances as to the access. Some bulbs prongs has been spaced too much far for them to connect to a headlight the socket and he have has had tabs that would not leave it to snap to plant. This was my first time that substitutes it headlight after driving 10+ years (two cars) and has imagined this was the basic and the level installs. It is, with a right part.
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Way: 12361 / H9 has bought these for mine 3rd Gene Prius.
A Prius taking H11 bulbs for a drop-beam for incumplimiento, but a H9 the bulb is quite easy to modify to apt and is the big improvement . A stock H11 the bulbs am a lot of underwhelming.
Has tried some have has DIRECTED bulbs. Had the hard time that his fact gone in properly and so only has not launched a beam far enough. Really acute cutoff and felt to like it was too short downroad to be sure.
Has looked for to install some a lot of aftermarket HIDs. These were really utmost - clean white light, súper brilliant, projected a lot far down a street. But of course HIDs is expensive - a setup is pricey and some bulbs are expensive and IMO a aftermarket has HID setup present only to plot of additional points of failure. I have not had a lot of subjects, but when it was always quell'hassle to follow down where a subject was. Bulbs? Igniter? Ballast? Relay? One of some connections of harness of the boss? In an end results too big the headache for me. They are sure he operates for some, but has grown tired of him.

Anyways. These bulbs. They are certainly a lot like this bluish/targets as CONCENTRATED or HID, but some the same times are not almost like this yellow like stock H11s. A lot of temperature to paint whiter that those. They project further down a street that a LEDs and like this far or further that a HIDs. Súper Simple installs, so only dipped the in a light, transfer to close, discharges he in. You know like this it goes. Easy. Of course, for my application there is the bit of modification to be done, but in general a whole work that takes 10 minutes, cups.

And of course - on that - is economic muck. Right around $ 8 for bulb. LEDs Was in $ 50 for the together of two and the whole has HID setup cost in $ 150. And some bulbs are $ 40-50 requires substituted. These types are $ 16 for the together - in this calm prize even can resupply to have it handful of the available transmissions. In general, they are lights of the quality adds in an unbeatable prize (is included more economic that stock of mine H11s!). It can not recommend enough.
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Way: 12361 / H9 has used these like the substitution to some H-7 bulbs in mine WRX. Have shaved of a plastic piece in an interior and plugged his well in. A light is like this more brilliant without that has to that pay an enormous quantity for the bulb 'elegant'. I have been concerned in a start of extra/of electrical heat that these bulbs would produce since it is not soyade' for a outlet used partorisca, this in spite of, with which 8 month there was any subject. If calm whose alcohol that spends the little bit of time with the knife to shave down a @plastic of @@knob in an interior, ossia the estimativa upgrade in H7 bulbs.