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5 / 5
Well, perhaps very still.

Mina, Hori has been a king of third-controllers of party. Has an advantage of time and presence. Of all a way behind to a SNES was, Hori has been doing controllers partorisca all (or at least almost all) systems of entities. His material tin a lot always be careers of house (heck, some of his materials very included the fact the first basic), but his material is usually an option after better with which first-controllers of party. Sometimes, they have included controllers of better mark that one first-option of party (I nod yours, Hori Tampon Mini for a N64), and has done a better third-controller of party of all the times ( will take you punctual Controller , Digital for a GameCube).
Lately, very third-the costruttrici of party have been narrowing of the empty among Hori and a rest. Have PowerA To give the graces for his excellent GameCube-controllers of Transmission of the fashion, and Retro-the bit has been giving a no on his game lately with a phenomenal Sega and Hori Tampon Mini controllers. And maintaining has arrived recently strong like Retro Struggling and, of course, 8BitDo.

Has mentioned in of the leading descriptions that has refused 8BitDo up to now another sub-third pair-manufacturer of party. It was not until my Equivalent Nt mini has arrived with one that has tried one and has swallowed my words. Like an owner now of eight different 8BitDo controllers, can say that I am engredo, and now dare to say that this can be his more a closing; it is probably a strong plus contends to a Pro the controller has.

I pre-has ordered an Edition of G a day was possible, and arrive last night. I have touched the pocolos play, mostly CTR:NF. Here it is my initial impressions .

Out of a box, immediately felt this was a version of Transmission of a DualShock 4. Of course, it conceal it is not to say this controller is so only for a Transmission, likes work with a lot of other systems, but more the people probably are taking he for a Transmission--comprising yours for real. A main thing has loved to know is like a d--of tampon, especially in an Edition of G as he mimics a d-cushion found in a DMG with some pocolos grips. Ossia For far a better d-tampon 8BitDo has produced. A plastic is sturdy, but is also a softer material included would find on Nintendo first-party d tampons; there is rounded also -corners- so that they are not acute. A lot of companies' way to cross d-the tampons look for to be facts of the plsticoes the hard plus or have too-acute flanges, which can do for the session of sore widespread game. This d-the tampon is easier in a thumb, and some pocolos grips in fact have some grittier the surface to them concealed the easiest fact to maintain a thumb on. There it has although odd, scratchy his plastic that looks to be on all 8BitDo controllers when pressing a d-tampon, although it does not affect to feel or gameplay. Any the one who possesses a 8BitDo the controller probably will know that I am speaking roughly; when I press my d-cushion down, listens this unpleasant, hard 'thock.' Otherwise, Ossia probably a better no-Nintendo d-the cushions at present have for a Transmission. In this zone, 8BitDo is spent.

My thing preferred prjima in a controller is a L /R and ABXY keys. Has some same, to the soft tactile feedback Likes L/R keys in a Pro Controller. I love it. I prefer these ABXY keys in a Pro Controller. My preferred ABXY the keys were probably those in a Wii Classical Controller/Pro, but now thinks that these can be my preferred . Has optimum distance of travesa (any too much, no too little), and resupply one same, exerts to feel when pressed like this of the keys of shoulder. Divine.
This in spite of, chair that a L2/R2 keys have also travesa. You can use a Definite Software has separated to customise a register of entrance, but all so only takes an entrance besides the sure point. I prefer a L2/R2 keys in a Pro Controller and DualShock 4. There is too many travesas here for my flavours.

Has no really fiddled with some claves many, but the almost identical look to one some in a DualShock 4, albeit slightly more tightened in girth. A travesa for some real doors is well, but some claves are so only the bit in a side a small plus.

Some sleeves are utmost. It seats any discomfort while touching for two hours directly of CTR:NF. I find a controller to be the width of has bitten for me, and a L/R the keys are quell'has bitten too much advance and far of my indications of toes that would like me, but gives can have of the smallest hands that half. A whole house of a controller is fact of the well, the robust plastic to these looks likes him last for decades.

Has read revises previously to receive the mine that mentions a feeble vibration, and has to that it has spent. Still after regulating a vibration with a Definite Software (which have to that download for separate), leaves a lot to be wished. There is any HD vibration, but included a vibration regulates here is the bit in a feeble side.

Regarding lag, has relieved any one. Has update to a current firmware so much of this writing () and an entrance is snappy. When Touching Golf History, my press prendera a metre to change precisely when I have feigned, and in CTR:NF my slides to be able to era easier that control that with other controllers.

Finally, to give a Definite Software his own paragraph, I fiddled with him the bit to see that it is likes. As of this writing (Needle. 9, 2019), it is available so only for cars of Windows. I have had to take loaned the car of Windows momentarily. You grieve I plugged in a controller, a software relieved it and included upgraded my controller to a late plus firmware--orderly. It is everything AM YACIDO, how is a lot of user-friendly. In spite of, some the only modifications was to shorten a register of entrance of a L2/R2 keys so that it takes an entrance halfway, and create a vibration. It does not think I really domestic the so much was already in a maximum, but am gone down and the created in all the chance so only to do sure a feeble vibration was really physical and no adjustable besides his force. Alas, he no really the a lot of helps.
Has the tab in a software to add macros, but now included could very really think of any to add.

So much, in the chance has not been evident, are the defender . They are the enormous defender , enormous . This controller will be in my cup three controllers to use for a Transmission, and probably will be my sure games excluyentes (like CTR:NF). Ossia 8BitDo answered to a DualShock 4, and in some sure zones surpasses his inspiration (like a d-tampon and ABXY keys).
4 / 5
I seat kinda bad writing this description, like this certainly can say 8BitDo was really aiming partorisca perfection with east a. And he almost east.

My prime minister an arrived with a sinister equivalent bit it absurd. That there is remarked immediately with which conceal, was that to press a d-tampon, have of then there was quite the bit of spatial among a cutout in a plastic for a d-tampon and a real d-key of tampon. This leaves the empty where a d-cushion loosely slides around an extra space in all the directions. This in turn, causes a plastic of a d-cushion to rub against some wall of a cutout of a controller when when be pressed, doing faint, but unpleasant squeaking and plasticky scratchy noises. A embrague of a rubbing sometimes can be felt also. It is pronounced more and noticeable when that presses a direction 'right'.

Also, some four keys of face felt the bit wonky in this particular unit. They felt loose in a controller, too clicky (unrefined and economic) and felt inconsistent with each another. In general it seats bad together place. Deciding can not have any of that, am returned he for the substitution that attended was so only the bad unit.

A second one has arrived to feel very better in general, leaving me has impressed initially. Both equivalents were directly, and some keys of face felt better, but no utmost. Some keys of the shoulder together with some triggers was perfect is a (triggers in a prime minister one felt uneven).

A glaring the question was still a d-tampon. This an in fact touched stronger that a forward. Also it seats noticeably less undertaken. It seats the bit squishy and less refined. It has not had so much of the clear distinction, concise when pressing down in the any/to all the directions like to last one has done. It seats the bit muddled, soft and walk. This was clearly far less than ideal, then , again, is returned.

A third a, sigh....Again arrived with the analog clave raven left slightly. Some four keys of face felt meh, some keys of shoulder and triggers well. A d-tampon, this in spite of, has done although embrague same/squeaky noise to rub against some wall of a cutout, still slid around freely inside a cutout.

Are thoroughly convinced for now that this question is partly owed to the defect to draw, and partly been due to manufacture incongruences. This in spite of, at least this time, a d-the tampon there has been the good, soft, but click in bylines and concise that felt far better that a last two I has had. But still considered defective, as he rattled and has done that scratchy/squeaky noise. Returned.

This chamber an east one one would have to that it has taken a first time. This unit is PERFECTA . D-the tampon is flawless, minus a (far less) rubbing and an accompanying noise, albeit Much calmer that any of a last three. It is a more is not never, as some light 'rubbing' is intrinsic and unavoidable with this creation.

A two recent worse some have had to has mentioned on, has had still on me he so that it can take him all the UPS in some travesas. This gave he casualidad to inspect them side for side, and also to verify that these things have not gone so only in my boss.

That it is different with this very one east that there looks to be some class of soft, grippy the hule that retreated in a backside of a d-cushions to maintain he of sliding around so inner a cutout. He still movements, but Much less like this, reducing 80 of a rattling has been listening in a forward some. And of then he slides around less, also rubs less, those results less squeaks. Also only escome' better in the each way.

Some four keys to face also feel a lot, very improved of all some forwards some felt. Celery properly he cushioned to give some keys the comparatively more 'prevailed to feel his. It was not if this improvement goes hand manually, but his rattle to plot less also deleting a rest 20 of some leading controllers' rattles.

To clear that I bad thus 'rattling' is this:

resist mine 4th (a lot) one in my sinister hand, and a lot/both of some bad some I still had in my right hand and shook them to the to both like am using of the salt and pepper shaker in of the variable intensities, a controller in my sinister hand would be silent, minus some sounds grieve audible of some keys to face that shake in place, which is entirely normal and really so only be listened when shaken quite hard.

Another two , for comparison, to his likes the creature rattles in enough any intensity. Calm pranks the no. is as if some keys were so only kinda 'tossed inner' and has very called. I can not say as or reason there is like this variac. Among just this small sample of four controllers, but mine this indicates the QC department that attention of need. So only I can have the had the series of bad regime, but reading other descriptions, know this d-sew-of the tampon is not an isolated chance. His d-the tampons have improved in fact leading models, but still require the little more refinement when it comes to some subjects have declared on.

But that a d-cushion in fact treat now that has a concealed is not defective? Extracted enough well, in fact. They do not move around almost like this like this a defective some. If they have deleted a rubbing totally, he , in my humble opinion, marks a controller perfects in the each way. But same how is, consider it a better controller there at present. A better for 2nd platformers, a better for 2nd struggling games, and a period of better global controller.

To the ergonomics of a controller feels perfect in some hands. It feels it likes a dualshock4 in of the terms of form, measure, and hanged. Any chance to spend fact for a DS4 will do with east. Some the real parts have used to feel qualities. I also like a plastic used for a d-tampon in a G-Classical Edition. A smooth plastic with games the ones of the texture of grip feels like this good and price to a touch. Some four convex keys celery the big quality to one touches also, and have the good, soft, cushioned, but the click has pronounced to them. Some keys of shoulder celery exactly likes to agree a OG snes some to feel like, and some triggers have the smooth, compatible feels to them throughout his whole row.

Does not take any endeavour to pair the to a Transmission, and a Definite software is ordered enough also. He seamlessly updated a firmware to a current for me and had on my way any time.

A d-the tampon in this thing is like this well that in fact that has not seen my attractive of brother of like this damned shoryukens like this easily in the row of a SNES days. Material in fact can me give the challenge now.

In general, ossia the almost perfect controller that will substitute a Pro controller like my daily engine. So only they require to take rid of the rubbing and improve his control of quality. They are sure his , as I remark the walk to be of this company a better in his class, disposal to listen the feedback of client and things to mark well with clients when the accidents arise with his exceptional support. Thank you, 8BitDo. Calm expect you iron of types out of these small subjects in the near future. Thanks to Amazon to do all this so much less painful that has to that be. If it have taken this perfect of the unit a first time, has given undoubtedly a SN30 Pro+ five
stars, this in spite of, because of my experiences and realisations, precise to deduct a stars.
5 / 5
This controller is now my controller of election partorisca games that I perfer partorisca use a D-Tampon partorisca like this games of fight, 2nd side scrollers, etc. A quality of build is a lot very partorisca a price. A controller is one the majority of comfortable partorisca me partorisca use, included in a Xbox and PS4 controllers. These looks of controllers partorisca be slightly main that the PS4 controller and that in fact done the big difference in my hand-held placing and consolation. For example in a PS4 controller a D-tampon centerpoint chairs in my thumbs mid point, as I owe that bend my thumb partorisca the use so that it prefers to use a tip of my thumb. In this controller a D-the tampon is centred perfectly in mine thumbtip like any need to bend. As compared to a Xbox A controller, so only can not be an I was-centre D-Tampon, but also this controller has the big plus, more pronounced d-cushion that it finds more comftorable and more attentive. Neither I can be a mushiness of a PS4 D-tampon, and this controller feels more very precise/clicky with each press. I also like a navigation and feel of four facing keys. Has the abonos, crisp the click feels. Other parts of to him some controllers like him some the analog claves and the triggers are well. No celery also builds like him to him those in a xbox or PS4, but functionally does not remark the difference. Setup And the software is also very easy and I like a capacity to customise in a PC. Pair Well with my Galaxy S10 and the work adds. I have been breaking in this controller with some MK11 on PC and feels utmost. It has been it bit it hesitant to buy this controller given some of a material I bed in his subjects with leading controllers, but looks a company has improved based in his feedback. In general highly it recommends.
4 / 5
Ossia The spectacular controller , to the left is taking that out of a way. Still partorisca any with small hands, is very comfortable. I have possessed already a N30 Pro 2, and there is wanted that a quite the plot, so that it was my point of comparison. My hands are quite small that a N30 Pro 2 was in fact a right measure esatta, and my main complaint in this controller was a small equivalent sticks my thumbs have maintained to slip out of, as seeing a SN30 Pro+, with his claves his big plus, was so only really while it anchors it would be the good measure for my hands. And in fact, when receiving, one feels manually is excellent! Some claves of equivalents is much smoother that a N30 Pro 2, although it is unclear if ossia so only because of wear in an old controller. A d-planting of the tampon is perfect, and a clickiness of some keys of face is utmost- I has been concerned that a rhombus of style plus the fixed would be more question that a square arrangement of a ABYX keys in a N30 Pro 2, but is in fact quite comfortable.

Now, has to resist a controller the little different that normal to take a better grip in some claves- in place of having some grips of controllers nestled to my palmeras owe that have my mostly open hands, and some grips of controllers that is resisted for only my toes, so that I can have my thumbs more directly on some claves of equivalent this in spite of achieves a d-tampon and keys of face. Otherwise, Is the bit more than the piece that is with a N30 Pro 2. (Still reference, my hands are roughly 6 thumbs of yolk to base of palmera, roughly 3 wide thumbs not comprising thumbs, and to the long of an interior among my thumb and the hand is likes 2 thumbs long.) There it has no really any tension in my hands or of the toes to resist in this way, rests in my very good toes, is so only bit it odd. And still I can resist a controller usually when I am touching with mostly a d-tampon; it is situated perfectly for that. Any with same hands so only the little main that the mine probably would have zero question at all.

Speaking of a d-tampon. It has to that scratchiness that see other people have mentioned, which are quite annoying, but is looking likes is taking bit it better like the utilisations more, as I am expecting an inner flange of a cutout the smoothest wears with time. A thing that annoy the little more is that it is more rigid that a d-tampon in a N30 Pro 2. No for too- but enough that have remark immediately when I chose it on, and quite that there is remarked my thumb in fact that the wheels have been the using too long, which is the thing that has not experienced never before that in my life so that kinda lacking. It is the little disappointing, of then has expected a d-the tampon would be more as this N30 Pro 2 which have to him legustado the plot, but this also can take the little better with time, like this here is while.

In all the chance, in general is the controller adds . I have not had any subject using he with my Transmission or my telephone of Android (has not tried the on anything stiller). Still they are while partorisca 8bitdo to exit with the firmware the update that the leaves wake a Transmission of sleep, and also for a Definite Software to have the Mac emission, but slope that, still a lot recommends this controller.
5 / 5
I have had mediocre experiences with 8BitDo is other controllers, as has everything there is less be of stellar d tampons. A SN30 Pro+ does not look partorisca share this subject.

In fact, ossia easily one of some better controllers has used partorisca any one fixes. To good sure recommend this thing, especially partorisca games like Downwell, Hollowknight, or another 2nd platformers.
5 / 5
Seriously. This substituted it so only. More economic, feels the better WAY, the INCREDIBLY BETTER work. Also it packs the heck of the load. The money of better controller can buy on Transmission, he so only works partorisca all precise.

Him him The SN30 Pro and is considering this, he. It is such the quality of improvement of life partorisca have this big ol' grips.
4 / 5
First of all, ossia my prime minister 8bit does controller NEVER.
Has to that say that it was always skeptical partorisca 3rd material of party but PowerA wireless gamecube has changed my alcohol to the equal that have given this the shot after expecting month partorisca a 'pro edition.'

A controller is phenomenal. A Dpad is well, big, and responsive together with a quality of triggers, the keys of face is a quality of nintendo he. I have tried it stirs it of the mine fav 2nd platformers (rayman legends, DK tropical freezing, celestial, mario costruttore 2 and megaman x collection (1st an of course). Some results of this experimentation were all positive. I have listened diagonal entrances accidentelles and there is Not having any those. One a thing that surprised roughly this controller is a quality of a noise. His no HD sure noise, but his still quality very big and does his best to emulate HD noise. A better example of of the this is by train partorisca touch mario costruttore 2, a noise takes partorisca run, grabbing coins, and landing the May stomp is all the little different.

Has tried mario odyssey that reads perfectly also. It was able to paste everything of some complex jumps can do in a game together with some controls of discharges of the motion. Partorisca gyro Has tried splatoon the one who read quite attentive when compared to pro controllers. Like the commentary that a R2 L2 the keys have more distance to the quality like the key presses which can do the difference but calm can take used his or so only use a software to compensate.

A Subject only has had with this device is a band of battery . When in the first place it take a controller, a battery had died that directed covers it he in still he to do. I have had so only the brick of power with the usbC boss that done! But then everything of the paralizaciones sudden! I have required perhaps give time to leave copper so that I that. 2 hours later no in spite of one touching be light on. As I have changed to bend One east with which prying a band of battery out of a controller that use eyeglasses screwdriver lol. After face to add where I all testing of mine. It has after dipped a band of battery behind in again and the discharges have left at night to use a IQ anker load. In an Is has not done. I have contacted service of client the one who said to contact amazon to take the substitution. I concealed but it has been offered the paper of present for the band of battery of the substitution. But they do not sell it still. As I have taken so only a paper of present and used it to take his retro auricular instead so much can use this with mine modded SNES Mini.

In general am pleased really in this controller and looking in another description, looks to be a black sheep to have this subject of band of the battery. If I can leave the 4.5 or description, I totally ! But I can any one like this alas, are a jerk to has given this the any one 5/5 star informs. A lot it appreciates that 8bit is doing and hope to see the improvement continued in his products. If it was not for some subjects of band of the battery, this 100 be to 5/5 description.

- Amazing dpad
- triggers and utmost key
- attentive gyro
- good noise (more need of people to give 8bit rule)
- service of Good client
- the texture adds in thumbsticks

- the boxes was hard to open! lol Does not take this with seriously
- the software is windows so only at present. They will be to release it mac emission something in future
- subject of band of the battery to the equal that have mentioned on
- can not wake a transmission (but so only have the pro controller in prjimo likes on duty transmission on and then turns that has been)
5 / 5
I have purchased this in concrete partorisca touch Sper Mario Fabbricante 2, but also partorisca touch another 2nd platformers, and this controller has been awesome partorisca possess! I bought it reason a pro the directional tampon of the controller is quite bad. A directional tampon in this controller is jumps and bounds better that a joycons or pro controller. It can be a better D-the cushions has has not used never.

The quality of build is very solid, no too heavy and no too light. All of some keys are crisp and the response adds. Entrance of zero lag during trying in both PC and Transmission. The equivalents are answering some same like my XB360 the controller used in my PC previously.

If it anchors it the sweet interest in of the games that use a directional tampon, and think a transmission pro the controller is a lot enough, is bad. This controller so only handedly change your alcohol. It is that well. Extra perks That read by means of multiple program.
5 / 5
Once again, 8BitDo does another controller that can compete with a Transmission Pro Controller. While an original SN30 Pro the controllers were more than agreement with a SNES controllers, has had some small subjects with them that this fixed controller.

In the first place is a boss, which a controller bit it more modern and gives the comfortable plus feels. Any only that, but has compared the Nintendo Pro Controller, some sleeves were long enough to where my pinky the toe has not gone so only grieve in his, and is also bit it more chunkier, doing them perfect for the main hands.

Another subject fijamente was some triggers . A subject was that both a L and R keys and L2/R2 the triggers were squished to the tiny frame, maintaining a measure of travesa of the controller but has limited that the hands of measure can use it. A SN30 Pro Book L and R keys more resembled that it was in a SNES controllers while adding triggers of full measure down him. Another price is that some triggers am equivalent in place of digital. Now, you could ask like this would benefit players of Transmission, and a response is that he no. Where the profits is when that goes of a Transmission to the PC, where more games are likely to use analog triggers and it doing the better election to run games and GameCube emulation. (A GameCube the controller was a controller of Nintendo only to look triggers of Dual Phase, which can leave you to treat different functions for when they were pressed partially or has pressed fully. An example of this can be seen in Mario Sole where the partial press leaves a career of player and water of spray while the full press extracted the Spray to Be, leaving a player aims a jet of water in any direction. Ossia Reason comprise GameCube emulation.)

In spite of these subjects, there is also some have has added profits to this controller. One is a removable, rechargeable battery. No this calm leaves you for the substitute when it goes bad (and also hides some combinations of key for each program), but you so it chooses, calm included can use so only regulate EA battery, doing this essentially the Xbox controller with controls of motion and a Game comprised-and-boxes of Cariche. Also, calm included can dip profiles to some controllers that use 8BitDo Definite Software, leaving you to dip deadzones for some analog claves, triggers, mark of the macros, and change a creation of key. Any characteristic investigation having limited on Transmission, at least know a Disturb the function is, but is still a price added to a controller already adds. (Now to the left it is to see emission a 8BitDo SN30 Elite with changeable thumbsticks, funky but usable d-tampon, and additional keys in a boss.) Considering so it embezzles of a controller, work so only well. D-the tampon is adds for 2-D games, the keys and the claves are responsive, and for the third controller of party, there is roughly everything except a NFC reader and GO Camera, figure that absolutely precise person and can use Joy With the controllers yes do. Included this in spite of has the most economic options that this, this controller is worth it is seal of price and then some, and will not doubt to recommend this, or any of 8BitDo is other products, to any in a phase for the new controller.
5 / 5
Ossia A better 3rd controller of the party has not managed never, and quite all some controllers have managed for the decade and the transmission are third party, of companies of big time like Crazy Catz and Hori to the different dozen a lot of-frames to appoint that sells on Amazon.

- Can say is the sincerely big quality piece so only for a way seats your hands. It feels really solid and has the good weight.

- Spent-and-game... ish. He automatically installed by means of USB the plugging he in, but take the minute or two of syncing shenanigans for the take working right.

- I claves and the triggers could use some control of plus, but is totally a lot he like this-east.

- A d-tampon. My god, a d-tampon. It is flawless. When Trying a controller in of the Properties of Controllers of the Windows, has has had to that in fact be like this fast and sloppy like possible to see any involuntary entrances while mashing out of lefts to legislations like the madman (a question concealed apparently is affecting the official transmission of Nintendo Pro controller). If you are really to old and modern platformers, side-the vertical/scrolling shooters, or 2nd struggling games, take this controller so only for a d-tampon. Really it is that well.

- I has any use for him, but a space of band of removable battery that also can take AAs is the nifty pocola characteristic.

Top Customer Reviews: 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5
In general I am quite happy with this controller. It feels he adds in some hands and has the a lot of heft his, and works with enough everything. Calm can not ask much more.

A reason takes was some stars is that a soyoda' some uses of controllers ( emulating the controller for the Transmission, Xbox, etc.) The controller is determined to resist one of some keys of expensive likes him the controller is powered on. These are not intuitive and is documented so only in a manual. It would have preferred the transmission of the selector consecrated or key in a backside or something. I guarantee if paralización to use this for enough along, will be to rack my brain that looks for to imagine was regarding the take to do again when I choose it behind up.
5 / 5
Am loving this controller. I have it quell'has used mainly he to touch Pokémon shield/of Sword and Animal crossing New Horizons on Transmission of Nintendo. I have used this for PC once so only after my entrance of macros. Some macros the function does too quickly to do for the plot of functions but otherwise all other functions for this work of controller excellently. A disturb the functions are easy to involve/disengage in a fly while touching on Transmission of Nintendo. Has no really dipped a life of battery to a full test reason are in a habit to situate a controller in one uploads at night, this in spite of can say; I have touched 12+ hours a day during this lockdown and a hard controller all day. Calm also can take a rechargeable the sale of battery and use rule EA battery (x2) which I a day has arrived. This controller not being able to in the Transmission of Nintendo as he 1st controller of party excepts the real leaves that take here: we are in the pandemic lockdown... Walk to a cradle and press a key.

If you are a player of Animal intersection of New Horizons, here is the pro tip: during a chance of shower of the meteor, involves disturb function for a ‘One key and situate the electrical guitar boss in a key whilst looking in a heaven (and a lot that resists tools) and so only dipped lucido down. AFK Agriculture of meteor that use this controller and the electrical guitar boss has resupplied to spare fragments to star to act anything for the long time. It would want to add the picture of as has a Boss situated in a controller but looks the amazon has take a section of photo of the client of a process of description. It would suggest to use a cradle-type boss and no an old fashion snap-on or type of the tension of the boss likes these can break a controller.
5 / 5
Ossia One of some better controllers that has has not had never a common sense to purchase.

After a lot of recommendations of varied web of places and video, has decided to take submerge it on one of 8BitDo Bluetooth offerings.

This was a correct decision .

Go to maintain this controller for a rest of my life, really adores everything in this controller.

Is in a period of another controller to the equal that can see, but a pro grips that the clave was chair fatter. So only a legislation roughly of thickness for the controller of game. The difference of a PS4 controller, tone with the USB-C boss, doing it more modern and in-line with the yours half comunicacionales mesos the device can touch with, for this sharing cords and any needs to buy an extra a. Also it has the removable battery like this, cut out of cycles of cariche, calm assume can order another battery of 8BitDo of the proprietary looks.

A d-the tampon are adds. Any complaint here, and some attacks subtiles to do feels that much more like the DMG the boy of game is the touch adds . 8BitDo has not required to do that, but has done and seats more like the work of amour. I have listened that 8BitDo d-the tampons can spend down faster that usual, but am buying mine in 2020 and am sure if ossia still a subject.

Some keys are key and a global colour of some keys and controllers really like the DMG the boy of game has on grown in a possible better way. Some triggers celery like this excellent. Better that a PS4 L2 and R2 triggers.

There is also characteristic extras, like the Macro key, the key of native house for a Transmission, and has with downloadable software to use joint with Disturb and or the key that programs which there is still to use.

I bad, a BOX this thing has come feels more professional and more sturdy that the majority of 1,000 smartphone of boxes of dollar.

In general, highly suggests this controller. For your PC, for your Transmission of Nintendo, for your smartphone... Anything! 8BitDo He again! Highly it suggests this for all your gaming need!
5 / 5
The controller Adds for a prize, a lot of sturdy and the good key feels. A black colour also looks better that some other options by heart. A customization the program also is the awesome addition to use, to the left is customises trigger and died of sensibilities of zones and add macros. There are failures this in spite of, likes a lot when being pas able to customise in a fly while in-game, also some macros resembles not being able to be used in some keys of trigger for some reason.

A boss has distributed is way the short blunder , real on that one for 8bitdo. Also in a right trigger there looks to be some creaking but goes was with which use, can be annoying. Finally having subject with a Bluetooth that remain synced, tends the disconnect. Bluetooth Need more testing.

In general, for a prize he stacks until Microsoft and Sony controllers. It would recommend to any one looking for the new controller.
4 / 5
This controller is surprising, better that a Pro Controller in my opinion. It feels like the Ps4 controller and no like this bulky like Pro controller. A quality of build is upper tier.

Mina a critic is so only that when the press an analog clave a lot he doesnt feel like this smooth. So only it can be mine but can say them a difference of a legislation and has left. It averts of this all the law adds and any complaint. Utilisation with my PC also. So only the tip is using with Steam, precise goes to some options to control on steam and enable this controller, will do well of there that.
5 / 5
This controller is easily a awesome substitution for an official Pro Controller. It could not having NFC but some keys and the movement celery well. I took the minute to take used to where a thumbstick is located for my hands of daughter, but is still comfy in general. When being able to dip disturb on and has gone for any key(s) in a fly like this easily is the God-send when choosing on stirs it of material or when wishing in of the stars.

A material and the build of a controller feels a lot solid. Out of the access, has launched my controller in a couch which has done one of some cause the explosions was. But ot was still totally functional... It could not find a missing piece to the equal that have achieved was the company directly. His mine gone back representative promptly and was patient in taking my information. And I warned included it could take the long time to arrive because of Covid. It has taken that slow boat of china, but that the finally arrived course mine roughly 2 month later, free of load. And a course snapped behind in any question! Service of excellent client!!

Highly recommend this to any concealed is looking for the main wireless controller for his Transmission. It prevails that it does for PC/iOS/Android also. The service of client is excellent.
4 / 5
A lot 8bitdo Do again, has been the enormous defender of this company for the while now. Way behind to days of emulator, these works of controllers perfectly in mine nintendo transmission, and telephone of android. Some keys are prize , some triggers are looked to the dual accident 4. The life of battery is surprising, can use fold Some battery if a band dies, which is the a lot added characteristic in a sn30 pro. Another look of controllers to be missing movements refinados of a joystick, but 8bitdo is something on. It is of particular use with to to the games like to breathe he of a wild, with shooting a bond and arrow, or that use stasis in of the small objects. Also it sustains control of motion, a lack of what only of in the Nintendo pro the controller is amiibo scanning, but of then have a joycons, is not to treat it big of then scanning so only takes the second. He still a lot quickly, and mapping of key of the offers with the computer.

Big quality, highly recommended this controller, and a lot another concealed 8bitdo frames.
4 / 5
The controller Adds in general. Have Exactly a quibble. A sticker under a battery that calm give you a power in of the shortcuts would owe that be in a door of battery instead. I moved it there, it returns well, and it is the very better experience when I forget one and has to that I control, in planting that has to pull it a battery.
5 / 5
This produced are enough adds. It was the defender of a SN30 Pro and ossia to good sure a upgrade. Support and setup is easy. A subject only has is that I have not imagined was like this to turn in a transmission with him.

Mainly use it to touch my transmission when it is docked.

So only agree to download a 8bitdo program and control for updates each once in the moment.
5 / 5
Well, My old controller, economic has broken finally, how was time for the new a. I have known already 8BitDo of his controllers smaller (the without analog claves), which uses for Mario Kart parties, and is of quality very big, like this has imagined them this a probably will be too much.

And was a lot. A quality of the build of this thing is easily in pair with that of official PS4 and Xbox Some controllers. So only it feels solid, the difference of these economic controllers that has used to use on PC, and all some keys have a perfect quantity of firmness to them. And another thing I amour roughly that: USB-C! It is like this good to finally have the good controller that does not trust micro usb.

Has not tried out of a bluetooth connection still (probably will reserve that for pill of mine of Android,) but was recognised instantly on boss for my computer. Also, you are concerned in the support of Linux of a controller, is exited of boxes in Arch, and imagine he in another distros also.

Shadow (a service of PC of the cloud) the support was also perfect. I have run a client in the arch and a controller was recognised instantly and usable.

Probably will maintain it wired on PC and use a bluetooth for Android, so that I can run Shadow in both devices with a same controller.

Like this yeah, this thing is surprising. Has has had so only he for the day, but today was my first lazy day in month, as they are in fact has spent 10 hours (does not judge me lol) touching Final Fantasy XV, and a controller has done fantastically a whole time. And they are to good sure very concerned roughly longevity, of a small plus some still are doing utmost.

To good sure are in that remain with this mark from now on, know his .

Top Customer Reviews: 8Bitdo SN30 Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Sincerely I apology for my last edit. In the principle, has think that my controller was fatality and would not take the load. It results some covers in my floor was fatality, and my micro usb load no . Desprs Trying my another 8bitdo controller (has a FC30 Pro like mine 1 controller and tried it since, both would not touch ) does not act.

In all the case; as my FC30 Pro, that is to say my favourite controller for a pasador of Raspberry. Works in smartphones also and could be chooses in a cradle for him punctual.

After this hang-up, will be to take extra precautions when touching my controllers. Felizmente Has another load of my first pasador of raspberry those looks to do wonderfully.
5 / 5
I the plot of retro gaming in of the numerous devices as well as cheek in several different systems. A N30 pro and SN30 Pro is two of my favourite controllers. They are compact, versatile (can operate in of the numerous devices), and good game to say a less. If you are debating among a two here is a desglosa. A N30 is supremely compact and very thin. He mimics the a lot of of the main controller but easily can return in your pocket for gaming in your telephone, tablet, etc. In a vain. A SN30 is still compact but a bit main that a N30 especially a thickness. Even so with this measure has attached takes one that is still in a N30; control of motion, group of noise, and buttons stacked vertically of shoulder (the N30s is lining horizontally). Although I want both controllers, a one maintains in my briefcase or trip with east a N30 so that it is slender, clear, and a compact plus of a two. It maintains that it imports cual necessity also. With the majority of my retro games, controls of motion and groups of the noise is not usually an available characteristic, like a SN30 is not necessary.
5 / 5
As I have bought this controller because of aesthetic reason, yes, but also to see if he inability me in of the Accidents against my friends for more than the challenge. It Likes him can'of the voice has done an opposite. The controls are tight, a LT and RT is easily paste as well as a L1 and R1 (which are obviously a lot of entity), and can be used by the wide variety of games comfortably. A one very inconvenient of minute of this controller, which in the sense are also the characteristic frescos, is a vibration. Automatically it leaves alloys in any Change, which are better that a predecessor in this road, and is in general cool to listen some vibrations in that is such the small controller -- but sometimes when being that it suffices also 'rumbly'. He no left that it is something to deter you to take this controller even so, still the give one 11/10. Bought the reason has lost my old one of marks the year or so, but explicit goes for the use so that it is awesome with a new 2019 updates in him. I bad And controls of motion in the small shell? Yes please.
2 / 5
That is to say the small plus bit that anticipated, which are perfect. I have feigned to him it goes it this in my pocket in of the works. So that is to say exactly that need. In general I very want to one when being of some buttons, is very clicky but no strong. A D-the tampon is only the little in a soft side, but that it is forgivable so that it is well and big.

An only kink for me is a smooth plastic this is done of. It IS too smooth, causes my toes to bond in some buttons only the small bit. Which are the problem very smaller for me. I resolve the cover some buttons with my shirt. That, help me sneak on he in acting even more.


Mark that that imports kinks, is fallen he once besides or 3 feet less in cements. Big L and R the buttons left immediately, constantly closing down. In fact I have to take these buttons and layer an exposed circuit with tape for prender he of messing with my cards of emulators.

At all would expect such quality of tez down of something concealed is 40 dollars .
4 / 5
It takes this for my tlphonique and for fire of Amazon-clave. Work on everything with the bluetooth signal, apparently. Stars or only volume for a lack of intuition to change roads and no obvious 'be of tones'. You maintain some handy instructions and has posed perhaps the cloak of cheat in a fund of him, since adapt that to change roads and learning some states of loads. Honestly, An addition of the change of three place, in a fund, would have been better to change roads. Instead, you have to button of game-control and timing games, to change roads and can on and has been.
4 / 5
That is to say exactly which and has wanted and a controller is a perfect measure . I have seen the plot of the descriptions that says was in small but that is to say exactly that has looked for. The only problem has is my right trigger is broken. Any sure why sounds no clicky and doesnt looks to do. He isnt the problem since is using a controller for emulators that of the that the precise. Only the same for a side that the didnt avenges perfect. I am sure he took it only a shit on of a bouquet and another wise am adds.
4 / 5
Nostalgic, But class to take to line. A house of this controller obviously is not ergonomics, and would have to take that in the consideration wants the comfortable gaming experience. It does not have some main hands, but hardly can line he without him slip out of my hands. This has said, want to this small thing for short-period gaming sessions. It IS solidly built, and some buttons and the clave listen perfect. I use with mine Oculus Vain and only launch he in rucksack of mine in a morning. It IS a perfect little controller for these retro gaming sessions.
4 / 5
Controllers Very fresh and goes well to have the NES Retroflag case for your Respberry Pi. A subject is that they are very small and is uncomfortable in the hands of an adult. They result uncomfortable after quite a lot of 20 minutes or so also. The quota that controllers of looks, law very especially with pasador of raspberry, but yes is the gamer in that likes him the touch for of the long periods of time would look for something with better agronomics.
5 / 5
I have bought the fellow a SNES version of easterly, and wants the so tez the new system to emulate all his old favourite games. I have bought then two of these for my niece and nephew, these touches in the Change with his dad. His bosses exploded when opened these for Christmass, and again when gives could bluetooth these in of the telephones and his tablets. My brother say me that these presents bested Saint.
4 / 5
State using this controller of Bluetooth with the bouquet of emulators in the PC of Windows 10 and so many has been far the acting perfectly. It IS very easy to match, and was to arrive and current down the minute. There is not very perceivable lag in some games have been touching with him. It is not one the majority of controller of comfortable game to use, but is smaller and easier to store that more conventional ones.

Top Customer Reviews: 4 Trigger Mobile ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
4 / 5
They are the heavy call partorisca owe mobile player and to the left say this controller here included is like a definite investment. The frames that the touch called of mobile to owe the breeze
Some would call it deceiving but the call when being effective, a creation of a controller are partorisca add and I amour like a defender maintains my telephone cools when it is taking heat. A control has adds the seat and some triggers are easy to use. Has negative commentary partorisca say in this controller.
Included can touch your telephone with him but I in fact spend the portable load but although this controller is the backup to this load. It does not think two times roughly the and go advance and the cost, the calm promise will not complain it
4 / 5
First of all, GAMR+ is the vendor adds! One of one much more! So much, calm to good sure can buy with confidence. Real people for behind the real products.

Originally has received the controller with the smallest defect in a sinister trigger that causes the light difference in sensibility of pressure of a right trigger, annoying, but still functional. I have contacted a vendor has imagined once out of a cause, the week or like this later. They have answered immediately inside a same day. Three days later, has received marks it controller of new perfect substitution. Thank you GAMR+ Partorisca A awesome and immediate service.

A controller is inventive. It is really easy to install and use. My only flu is that he no with my iPhone X skin of apple marries on. Now, I can not say that a controller has has improved really my PUBG the a lot of Mobile bookmark (I follows so only the crappy random), but has has done really a game more enjoyable.
4 / 5
These accesses of product comfortably in my hands, with an iPhone XS MAX, has the main hands and some grips am very situated. Some triggers are reactive contact and solid with a screen. They come on forming that to any subject likes the width your telephone is slides in easy and stays in the place with hule small cushions dipped in a controller he. He a lot of side of slide at the side and is not wobbly anything. A characteristic of defender is good and maintains a good telephone and fresco, kinda cold same in a rear side. A life of hard battery the long time. It can take at least the full load and the half while touching a game and that runs a defender. Taken roughly 6 hours to fully touch a controller he. In general it is the solid product well , light and comes opportunely in the little stock exchange that can store you he in and travesía with. I recommended it to mine fellow and has left I his cheek PUBG Mobile in the and his all are by train partorisca buy them too much. Not to try it on any one another game but I know Fortnite the mobile is has run a same way to the equal that perfects partorisca the too.
5 / 5
Has taken this partorisca my edges because it likes him the touch PUBG the mobiles and loves it. Basically it turns your telephone to a real controller resembled one some partorisca a Playstation 4. It does partorisca aim and shooting while navigating a way of the easiest game and his accuracy has improved enough bit it of then using it. A controller also laws like the bank to be able to and has the defender to maintain a telephone of in those hot that half can touch for the longest periods of time. They are like this happy has taken this for him and I think it would do the present to add for any gamer, so only could has to that buy another for my husband.
4 / 5
Are the blogger for mobile phones/artilugios and electronic. When I have seen this produces on Amazon, has owed for the take. I have tried this controller with the a lot of games that comprises PUBG, Fortnite, Modern Fight 5, Guns of Booms, and another a vendor had mentioned. They are happy to say that this controller done like the charm with each game. A L1R1 the triggers were was responsive, a defender to cool the fresco has helped to good sure down my S8 More, and a bank to be able to comprised is gone in a lot handy. A vendor was a lot quickly to answer my question. A prize is very reasonable also. In general it give this purchases the 10/10👌
5 / 5
Like a lot of people, was skeptical purchasing the mobile controller, but am like this happy has done! I have been using this controller for Mobile touch of COD for almost two month now and has done without the hitch. A defender to cool, bank to be able to, and spend pouch is a lot added benefits that very other vendors do not offer . These triggers are situated a lot near of a screen, that a lot reduce a time of reaction to aim and shoot. A prize of this also compared controller to another is very reasonable. It was to good sure taking more like this present navideños for my friends/of boys.
4 / 5
Is not never be the person of girl, but has fulfilled this little type and is enamoured. I do not have ANY EXPERIENCE in buying presents for boys, but the mamma knows said likes them the video games and of anything associated with them. So many, this has looked a perfect judge to start with gives (judge of start for me, no a boy). It is easy to use, which was to add when I have helped with him (that means has had to interact with almost has done never). Some slides of telephone in hardly develop some clips. A defender is wonderful reason really maintains a fresh telephone. It is a lot of sturdy. It has touched with him for days now and a life of battery has a lot of be very and has not had any question at all. I have bought so only a RC transports (I has had to learn that RC has meant!) To the equal that feign to continue learning to spoil him. Honradamente, This was the election adds and is VERY VERY RECEIVED for my little partner! If I need the mobile phone gaming control, this one is 'the boy tried and the mother estada in consonance'!
5 / 5
Has taken this to touch call of mobile to owe in mine iPhone 8 More. I think that it that he better in the telephone slightly smaller that my telephone is wider that a real controller. Still he perfectly very this in spite of. The help pays a game a fast plus and with more the accuracy and my toe is not blocking a screen so much. I think that well a prize so only for a function of controller, like a defender and built in the battery is the quite awesome first. It says it that that can be more comfortable, but again for a prize and characteristic comprised no attended consolation of big final. It is the quite produced of niche, but if tones shooter the games in your telephone is quite useful
4 / 5
has bought this controller to touch pubg. It is quite easy to dip up. A controller is not does like this well. A R and L triggers is that it has required these stops. It is quell'has bitten bulky and some another characteristic like a battery and a defender am not very useful. A defender is strong and does not cool a overheated iPhone a lot. He maintaining would have been well with everything of some other elements not doing if some triggers have done well. But a fact is snaps out of a plastic frame often. As if yours touching the game certainly ray on a party. I need one takes a telephone and press a metal behind to a plastic frame. It is an easy to fix but is frustrating.
4 / 5
Can not expect give a fortnite mobile controller my daughter. It was excited to use it.
Has been impacted when I have explored and has seen this. It has had any one follows this is to be do.
Genious For all these gamers in his telephones amenos a controller of video to them.
Like this easy to touch USB. And some slips of telephone in with the mechanism to close to protect your telephone. And you press on and gone

Top Customer Reviews: Retro-Bit Official ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
3 / 5
Perhaps I live in which mediocrity of society of embraces, or perhaps other buyers have not used never some original (the originals could vary in fashioning region and quality); this be of controller 'third-party'. A plastic and presses he of button, buttons of shoulder, and doubts a longevity, esp. Cela Of D-tampon, which, in difference of an original, can mash directly for down.

Can say to listen some differences among these and my MK-1653 east (Does in Japan), SJ-6000, or MK-80116/HSS-0101 - a Model of Saturn 2 east. Some originals are, subjectively, some of some better controllers for 2nd gaming products, as it do not expect these to be truly comparable in this prize. For casual players, can see the when being some controllers of USB of better Origins for a money.

A thing that take me enough this particular product is that very press he as 'Original Quality', which are not . It IS (still another) third-controller of party what excels to be officially-lumbered with with and taking a right of aesthetics. That very SEGA has done the quality of boxes in his products some years, clave-Saturn/of Gnesis/DC?

IS compatible with an Origin of SEGA next Mini, and has to be coincidence that a Mini has any controller of 6 buttons has comprised.

The 'a lot of Looks' and is quite functional, but no a same likes him use an original, can use which with the adapter of USB.
Expect that a SEGA Gnesis Mini included the controllers of 3 buttons line more in an original quality roughly used to to know, and some still mark.
3 / 5
Any troubling the touch Against the organism Takes so that his impossible to shoot up without moving left wing or right. If tests in calm duck only movement and is up, which will do to lose your prone has posed. It was bobo of me to buy an USB or for practice of emulator after a version of the console of this controller there has been a same exact problem.

The utmost looks and his still the controller of good backup. Some buttons all listen well and of the works well, and a d-the tampon is well for some games that does not require sper precision.
5 / 5
This controller that is only like my controllers of original Origins, but better because of buttons of the semi-detached shoulder and a button of the road moved in a centre. A d-the tampon is incredibly responsive, and all some buttons have the be very solid in them. I am very impressed and very happy after it is crusader very swipe of inferior Origin of creations. The happy tan an officially authorised the chairs marked the version is now available!
5 / 5
Like The collector of original hardware, is always the hesitant bit of third-controllers of party that alleges to be only like some originals. Desprs Listening other descriptions, decided to take one submerges and give this or the flavour even so. The era has said that that feels had the hand in easterly that took one coming the piece (of here, a seal of approval in a box).

This absolutely looks for to be a case, so that these controllers listen supremely accurate compared in some originals and do very well in his own right. It can have the difference of light weight, but is almost imperceptible. It recommends these controllers in any concealed wants to have an accurate representation of an original hardware in USB.
5 / 5
It take this controller to do with my Raspberry Pi is Mega-Pi if, and this controller does not disappoint .
Ploughed, to be fair, has grown up with a controller of 3 buttons like the boy, as I have not had a 6 version of button. Even so, this listens very very done and was able to touch my games of origin like the boy again once there is all has posed up.

Remarce: You will require to pose on some buttons the bit differently in recalbox/retropie/batocera/Lakka or anything elect uses.

Retropie HAS the guide in that necessity of buttons so that be wants to do sure these games to touch of origin properly.
4 / 5
You are the hesitant bit to buy this controller at the beginning because of Retro-Bit to be a manufacturer (left only says usually any a material of better quality), but after spending some time with easterly, has to say that I am impressed. Some buttons and a D-the tampon is well and responsive.
My only real nitpicks is a cord of USB that it is bit it also long mine in pleasant (is quite ten long feet, personally would have been very be six feet ) and that some buttons of new shoulder have attached is the also sensitive bit but your millage can vary.
5 / 5
I have bought this controller fof use with my Steam Mega Collection and of Origin of the Walk and works perfectly. A quality was good and some buttons are responsive. My first reason vanamente purchase the pair is for use with a next Chair Genesis Mini and touch some games to battle that it requires the six controller of button. An international sending was hurriedly.
4 / 5
It IS almost perfect, but very enough. Some the main buttons are well, a movement of a road under a button to start with am add, one 10' the cape is awesome and an addition of a R and L the buttons of shoulder are given the reception to. An only place this touches to lose is a d-tampon. Although it is the sake d tampon, when the be bit it also 'floaty' compared in Gnesis is an original .

If a d-the tampon has been improved, this easily would be the controller of 5 stars.
5 / 5
I actuate Never the used Seats it controller of origin in my life. I have bought only MK 11 and thought it would be funny to learn a game with the controller of Gnesis. Even so, that is to say probably one of some the majority of the comfortable controllers have not lined never. After the while calm form he only in your hand. A creation of button is simplistic and easy to achieve. A controller is very clear and a period of cord is very very time; leaving since tea to touch in the distance. The better controller has not used never.
5 / 5
I have read it revises on here that says that this controller is not a same like original, but is lining an original Origin of 6 controller of buttons right now and averts of a fact that an original is not never-so-slightly heavier (any enough to do the difference), when being exactly a same. Some buttons, d tampon, measure, and the form is each what so well so before, and some buttons of the shoulder have attached is the good touch (even so it is very on the way intrusive, while they very bond out of a controller). Probably my controller of FAVOURITE PC, this controller is the must for classical-the beaten of way-me-ups likes him Subterranean of Rescue of City of Remachar.

Top Customer Reviews: GameSir X2 Type-C ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5
If this has not been announced partorisca services of cloud, would estimate these 5 stars. The majority of one 4 and 5 descriptions of star are attentive. It is comfortable, albeit in a side a small plus, and well has built. It is inspired strongly of a Transmission and a D-the tampon is functional, but no my preference. This in spite of, a an and B, and X and And is revoked without any good ways the remap or profiles of neighbours. If you are buying this for retro games and emulators, can recommend this. If you are buying Microsoft of paralización, Google, or Nvidia, can no. To be just, in the open program likes the android, everything of three players of entities would have you that leave remap gamepads has dipped. This in spite of, this product is announced for these services, and probably would owe that it has done x orientation/of entrance a incumplimiento.
4 / 5
A controller is light but feels solid. It would not say has the build of prize but does not feel economic neither. Some keys are all satisfyingly clicky without soft feel - comprising a joysticks. Global shorter that upper the inferior that the transmission of Nintendo to the equal that can feel has bitten fill the the to the big hands like .

A X2 are to add and is exactly that looked for with an exception... A X and And the keys are dipped up like a Transmission of Nintendo. X is in an upper and And is in an accident. This can really muck with your memory of the muscle yes is using paralizaciones east Xbox to raisin of Game likes are.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. +Solid quality. A controller is quite solid global and a plastic that is to do was feels fat and sturdy enough to resist up against reasonable daily abuse. This be has said, ossia my third element purchased of this mark and feels them that it is the way down below in of the terms of qualities of another two. Still a lot that feels economic any, this in spite of.

+Easy to use. This controller is spent entirely and game. Any engine or any one downloads have required. So only pull a controller averts, slide your telephone to a type-C port, emission, and is good to go.

+A movable type-C is the very characteristic in this device for one the majority of part, but curves further down to a device more than up out of a device. I seat that this would have to that be revoked to the equal that need an extra flexibility when you insert/to insert and take your telephone.

+In general ossia the good controller for gaming in your telephone. It is quite durable to resist until daily use, is easy to dip on, and is not too bulky to the equal that feels quite comfortable in your hand.
4 / 5
When A product has announced has images of Halo and a fact that is compatible with X Cloud has not thought roughly looking in a creation of key. They are like this disappointed can you any remap some keys to match the levels Xbox controllers. Calm instead has to that use a Transmission of Nintendo ABXY creation of key. Although you can remap some keys to the yours that like the links of steam was unable to do like this in X Cloud or GeForce Now like this Steam in GeForce Now goes back to a leading screen when trying remap some keys. Given a fact there is not any a lot of controllers that apt to Galaxy z curves 2 this incredibly is in disappointing.

No spent if any love a creation of key of Transmission of Nintendo.
4 / 5
This has to that be a mobile controller has used better. It covers so only he in and your good to go, and has the descendant that faces to touch port to the equal that can touch and load. More work perfectly for a N64 emulator. After it stirs it of rubbish bluetooth controllers, this some the keeper. An only thing that sucks is has to that take he out of my chance of telephone, but can treat it.
5 / 5
-I keys are good and clicky, active analog claves very answered
-Flexible USB-C boss is the quite orderly creation and minimises lag
-the access Telephones main (looking in you Samsung Remarks 20)

-All is really smooshed near to take this factor of compact form. My hands cramped on quickly.
-D-the tampon is individual keys . I have planned on using this for game of emulator and struggling games. You COULD take used his but is so only any ideal in any way. Also it is in the something very bad ergonomically.
-Absolutely has to that take your chance was to use this thing (breaker to treat main for me)
-A bit pricey
5 / 5
Extremely comfortable to touch games with, his thickness is very pertinent to do feels ergonomic. Usually it uses a xbox controller, like this nintendo the keys felt bit it different, but surprisingly natural for a creation. A right side A key was surprisingly natural feeling reason my thumb of course rests in some legislations A key in place of an inferior key like a xbox creation that accustoms. An only negative that possibly can imagine thus controller is that of a usb c the connector is in a sinister side, a screen goes the orientation of reverse landscape, which some games are hardcoded to be in landscape so only so that it is to the rovescio. It would consider that one with more in the subject of a developer of application, and easily can be remedied with an application that force a screen the orientation of reverse landscape.
5 / 5
Has bought stirs it of these telescoping controllers now. And one a thing there is in common is that they are everything terrible. Ossia A prime minister and so only one of these has has not bought never that in fact it likes. His like this near to add, shortcomings almost harrowing

Some people of obvious defect will remark immediately is a lack of the real d-tampon. Instead trying tear of a look of transmission. Ossia To good sure unfortunate, but yes is a bondadoso to not importing touching 2.os games with the clave instead, his really any question. One sticks him is very solid. A bit More the free that usually would like me, but of miles at the head of those calm usually find in this class so much of things. Another question is is touching a FPS, your right hand probably will take bit it crampy while it tries to do a right clave and some keys of shoulder. This could be be fix of any one doing of the discharges of hule in a clave a big plus for the better grip, or revoking a place of a right clave and keys. If you are touching something where a right clave is really so only for emotional a camera around, and no heavy precision this in spite of, then theres really any question at all. And still for the precision takes a work done, but could take some taking used too

Besides these 2 real defects, this thing is excellent. All some keys utmost celery, all some games and emulators the esees has looked for to use he with has had any complaint with bindings of key, and his compact. A really easy device to spend around. And reason he atascamos the usb-c theres any fear to forget for the touch.

In another tentativa for rasgar of a transmission, also has the consecrated screenshot key. Which is in fact bondadoso of good, and has been that uses it the fair has bitten

All and everything, yes love a controller of android that on terrible and is not like this bulky like the plenary fledged controller with the clip of telephone, this is likely one absolute calm more can do.
5 / 5
The controller Adds. So only two questions, a a joysticks is so only 2 corns kernels width and perhaps three corn kernels in circumference. All some components of controllers would owe that be main keys , main , main joysticks, and the big plus and more connected D-tampon. To Like this no it likes me to him a calm way dipped it on. With a kishi I disconnected some sides then extends a rest of a way. With this controller has it that extends a whole way and his no those smooth and easy. In all although it is the controller adds theres zero lag in entrance while touching gamepass(not even the millisecond). He also the turn adds in a hand and a creation is fully compatible for xbox the players so only owe that take use to some small components and a lack of colored keys and the big has connected D-tampon.
5 / 5
Left beginning was to say the this is the decent control for a prize. I have been using he for roughly 4 month now and is very built, uses the flexible USB-C boss that the better fact that using the Bluetooth controller. Also it is very easy to use and requires basically a lot near on any one.

This in spite of, has some annoyances that initiates out of small, but beginning to build up over time. A small plus for me is a D -tampon. It is well for one the majority of part, but is not all that add to use to struggle games or games that use a D-tampon. Another smaller thing is that a passthrough touching no for my Fold of Galaxy 2. I have tried several bricks of different/bosses but at all looks to do. No the enormous shot but could impact more along gaming sessions. A @@subject a big plus is that a an and B and X and And is revoked for any reason. This results the big ache when that looks for to use memory of muscle to touch games in a Xbox spends of game. And there is not any way the remap any of these keys, which yes are changing to touch in Xbox to perceive in your telephone, rays really calm up.

A main thing for me was that it was the little too small. When Touching shooters like Train of War or Halo, is really hard to be still the averages like this as well as you would be with the regular controller. You could think that my internet there would be something to do with him of then Xbox raisin of game is the streaming service, but same when touching mobile shooters for games that is installed in my telephone, some claves feel clunky and way harder to use that I paired my Playstation controller.

If you are not touching games to shoot or games that requires some precision of plus, then this controller probably will be adds for you. But I need something more precise, I probably look in the different controller.

To summarize:
- Decent prize
- Very built
- USB-C is better that blue tooth
- No too fat

- D-Tampon
- Goes through half of any of work, at least for my telephone
- creation of Odd key
- does not feel precise

Top Customer Reviews: PC Steam Game ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
4 / 5
Like this far like this good. The controller has his decent weight. It does not feel economic. It is packaged amiably. You are recognised automatically (discharges and game) for my Windows 10 gaming PC. Some the analog claves were responsive and has had the rubbery coating partorisca easy gripping. Some keys have not stuck and the law adds. A colour that change the zone is not súper brilliant but colours of transmissions. A half key in a fund ameno on a Xbox paper of type in my pc and other functions partorisca leave you video records/grab screenshots. You recommend in this point of prize.
4 / 5
Can on your game with this Lustrous responsive gamepad. I have seen the people take 42 swipe combos using the keyboard in struggling games, but to my toes no the like that. Like this it wants to touch the game to struggle, game of program, cut down game, or really any game that is not the FPS, need the Gamepad, or go to lose more constantly. Recently my Gamepad of two years there is broken, like rings the new a, and this one east awesome. Russia Of mother Bleeds is like this entertainment with a gamepads time of fast response, and having disturb it the key can turn on during upper down shooters likes Wally and a FANTASTIC PREDATORS is really convenient. Has so many keys, transmissions, and toggles facts reasociar tones the Breeze. Seldom I owe that touch a keyboard when that interprets the function that play of touches, or the on duty games of strategy have based, which are to add reasons when I am using my projector with my computer to touch the games uses a gamepad period of considerable cord partorisca relax in the next sofa. I love a function of vibration! My leading Gamepad has not had one, and am enjoying replaying the plot of my games that has support for this characteristic. I can feel some explosions, some attacks like this clash my car the things, or my virtual heartbeat in of the games of horror. It is quite fresh! Another utmost characteristic is his compatibility & of Game of discharges he that leave his easily uses with my PC, mobile phone, pill, or included go home of the fellow and the connect to his console. It is state add took it of then!:-)
4 / 5
Ossia The alternative sum to a real Xbox controller. Has the good quality seats his and a same look and feel like a Xbox controller, with an addition of the very light-arrive centre. Still it has a vibration has built his. Has well rubbery feel grips, and a joysticks and the keys have the solid adds feels to them. It does not feel cheaply to to fact like him to him some. To good sure enhances a capacity to touch in a PC, in planting to use the keyboard. Calm give you an experience of same game as touching in a Xbox, or PS4. I add compraventa!
5 / 5
Has taken this like the substitution for the xbox 360 controller ossia in his way was for my PC. While all the keys do well in some games I tried (SF4, BlazeBlue, and Golds and a Blind Forest) there is remarked a L2/R2 is quite sensitive. This can be well in the FPS but yes is touching in the calm PC probably would use the keyboard / of mouse.

That the be has said that this can be used like an alternative like the PS3 controller although it would like to see the PS4 variac. Wireless.
5 / 5
Uses this to touch GTAV in a PC. It likes him-me the controllers in a keyboard and mouse and finally decided to order one for my PC. These laws of controller add and looks very too much.
4 / 5
Controller Very a lot some funds are quell'has bitten rigid in a front but once take his use is well and is feels light and comfortable has feedback of vibration and calm also can change some paints sides n a front simbol and some claves also the click but a precision is not like this as well as a Xbox a controller of course but still rids well and for a prize and the looks are happy with this compraventa
4 / 5
has tried to dip a mapping of key for a steamlink. Everything does keys except a 'key of house.' D tampon has had also the slippery and hard chair his. Disappointed. Sending it behind.
4 / 5
Some keys, thumbsticks, and cause all utmost celery; memory of the PS controller that prefers. I have used he for the PS2 emulator in my PC and he have done immediately without subjects.
4 / 5
I keys celery well, the tactile feedback is well. The lowest triggers are variable and have add seat, but a d-the tampon is an only thing that lacks.. Hard to touch struggling games with a d-tampon. I imagine it it adds for just roughly anything more, except fast acting and combo movements in a d-tampon.
4 / 5
In the first place of this controller feels the plot more sturdy that other controllers in a phase. An ergonomics feels sum in some hands and is very comfortable. Smooth control and awesome gameplay. Offered of controllers quickly and crisp movements of response. You love it!

Top Customer Reviews: SF30 Pro Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
5 / 5
This controller are adds except a small but in fact enormous question, a dpad. It has taken this controller while a dpad partorisca be that it surprises likes some the a lot of descriptions have read but unfortunately his in fact terrible. Constant of diagonal entrances when pressing so only a direction. Included I can do it registers on when pressing immediately centre. Really it wishes this controller lived until a hype but sadly has to that do necessary mods and spend more money. Of the that Spent this if you are to 2nd gaming or so only wants to add dpad will frustrate you to any end.
5 / 5
Been using he for the week, was skeptical because of some revise has read roughly that.
Controller Quite solid no flex or feel likes is done of economic plastic, all some keys celery quite solid also. It has taken taking used to as to pair he with a transmission and in mine Samsung S10 telephone and a computer, but once has taken that has imagined was does not have any @@subject that like this never, but would recommend to Update a firmware once the take. Updating a firmware is quite easy and simple, downloads a firmware updater of a 8Bitdo put web very easy and game and update and covers simple of click and has finalised. One a thing that has not seen mentioned in some instructions is regarding the turn was, which if your question to have pairing the to the device can be bothersome, but in any point can turn a controller has gone by simply that resists a key/+ to start with and in firm of interior 2-3 times of as sound in way of pairing or paird with the device. Life of the battery and the time of load is that it says 1-2 hrs and 16hrs of time of game. Regarding any lag time perhaps he 1/10 of the second was at the beginning but has update once a firmware there is not remarked a lot of lag in a controller at all.

I amour this controller Súper Nintendo is finally my favourite system and to have this for a transmission and the computer is for far a fresher controller never, but thats so only me. Regarding working with one changes it, work almost so only like a joy accionaría with controllers, there is not founding the game that no on, has all some Joy of keys Gilipollas have together with some controls of motion also which also does like this well like joy gilipollas, so only down the side is does not have a NFC has built in, which are totally well with. If you want to NES and SNES 8Bitdo has done the quite damn good work with these controllers. The must has thus Nostalgic feel in the new system.
4 / 5
Loving his like this far. It has had so only he for the days of pair he so that it could change my description unless it remains surprised. Quality & of the build of the look is sum, and was incredibly easy to pair. Calm only paste a key to start with and And for the pocolos then the paste seconds a key of pair up. Boom, Is connected. Oh, And be in a screen of controller in your transmission (in a paper of house). Begun do immediately without subjects. A noise is not súper strong, but is enough to maintain you immersed in a game of game. So only I love the bc the look adds, the law adds, and is quite compact for travesía but still quite big for comfortable game.
4 / 5
Has tried a lot bluetooth wireless controllers and this one east for far a better. It is quite small to return in your still durable pocket and feels big quality any to mention is compatible with more than devices that any one another bluetooth the controllers have tried. It is joysticks and the keys celery very good and responsive. It touches quickly and the stays have touched for 8-10 hours of playtime. I am spent the days on finalise to change among touching respite of a wild in my PC and my android preferred and games of emulator in my telephone. Easily changing among a two for paste the pair of keys. It could buy another in chance that anything does not spend never to the east an I amour he like this.
5 / 5
Has taken this for my PC ;)

is like a next evolution of a legendary SNES controller. The majority of Bluetooth the controllers have subject with time of response of the entrance, but this controller there is not had to that question still. Also it remains connected with some systems chooses after the time sync on, included when a console has been closed was.

Any of some keys feels spongy and some the analog claves have the abonos stick to them (for now, the wear and the tear could change this). My subject only is a R2 and L2 is quell'has bitten sensitive but perhaps ossia for creation.

HAS the good weight and feels well has done. Probably a better wireless controller can take for any first emulator of PS2/Xbox.
5 / 5
Has been expecting to hate some claves of Equivalents, but does not go in a way during gameplay. A R+L 1+2 is could be to be bit it fatter this in spite of.

A rotation of some claves is quite that satisfies, so only the rotate and fiddle with. A quality of some claves feels likes to surpass a feeling of a XBOX 360 claves. Some keys are utmost, and a d the tampon is good to use.
Some real soft keys so only is a R2 and L2 keys, has the bit to travel first of calm seats him click in.
4 / 5
If you have not touched never History of Grotto, then a final phase, Blood Stained Sanctuary, is VIOLENTLY difficult.

Has directed down 6 minutes, using this controller, right out of a box, in the practically ancient bluetooth adapter. It would call that wins it. Rid punctually, and a type of Delivery was educated also, and heeded my instructions of delivery to a paper.

Call a proverbial happy camp. Time to go game something easier, as Mega Collection of Legacy of the Man, hehe.
5 / 5
Wants to use this with all some the different program sustains but a syncing loves me pull my hair was.

Another that this feels the plot like the SNES controller if ossia your jam . Some claves are in a same plan horizontally which feels uncomfortable.

A quality of build feels well. The Chair and the good weight likes him will maintain in of feet to enough the pocolos use. A life of battery is very better that has expected.
5 / 5
Was skeptical, but a weight and feel of this perfect . It is probably better that the classical SNES controller. Touching for 8+ hours and so only feels utmost in some hands.
4 / 5
Has been using this for the months of pair now in a Transmission of Nintendo and utmost! It resists the load amiably and master that is USB -C. He really the chair adds in some hands!

Top Customer Reviews: 4 Pack Gamecube ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
If you are looking for EXTRA controllers and the adapter, ossia that requires. Originally I have bought this reason there is on 4 people that has an accident of touch in my house all a time partorisca our video of Youtube and in the mostly use GameCube controllers. Originally I Have come here partorisca an economic prize of like this controllers, an adapter and the extensions were the perfect addition. Some controllers are almost some esatti was. Calm this in spite of can say that some claves are pocolos unsteady when neutral/any when the be has not moved. But this has little effect. Some do any quite perfect for any when being any one some original $ 50 controllers of Nintendo. More some controllers have the utmost creations and I use still a clear green a when I compete in accident. They are not the enormous judge in of the products like controllers, partorisca to to the people like to of them, ossia.
4 / 5
Modification: a company sent the controller of substitution after the few days and he have done well. Highly you recommend testing all 4 was calm as soon as I receive him.

Decent controllers and economic prize. @@Subject Main has with some controllers is that a Z key (the key lived in right shoulder ) is class of hard to click.

Looks like this the shot adds, and has done immediately in my transmission of Nintendo for accident. This in spite of, a controller lived does not act. A yellow C clave no when it has moved down. It comes from and take the substitution and update consistently.
5 / 5
I have bought these like the cost effective option to touch gamecube games in mine Wii Or with friends, and of course Wii games that leaves he gamecube controller. Plugging An adapter and the controller to the PC has done if it marvels to configure says, an emulator of dolphin, all was responsive to the equal that has expected. THIS In spite of, plugging an adapter and controllers to a Wii Or, swimming, as in any key has done at all, any included feigns has had the controller plugged in. I have tried for days with several programs, all a usb ports, etc. At all. Bought the new adapter, a Mayflash branded one, and looked, a work of controllers in a Wii Or now without hassle. No the think was a be of adapter faulty or anything, as all look clean, (more work on PC a lot of), so only does not believe is compatible with a Wii Or console, or at least mine in all the chance (somehow). Considering quality, is been the minute has resisted of the gamecube controller, but feels well, the keys are has bitten it clicky, but some claves and all otherwise is so only very like this far one first week to possess them/using them. In general, for a prize is paying, this a lot probably will adapt your needs, as that loves for, and calm is not the perfectionist in a true potential feels of something concealed can be the little different that am not conscious of. This does a lot of calms so only love the effective cost multiplayer buyer beware is taking this for a Wii Or, in my chance, cost one extra $ 20, but still would say cost the, likes 2 of these official controllers and bosses of the extension so only would dip you behind further that this seal of prize for him, and takings more. Also adivinos that a regulate Wii comforts it would have the question with these, of calm would not require an adapter, which was my element of only question .
4 / 5
It was very skeptical in a prize, but these are surprising. Spent this maintaining!

Well, Included is reading here is my sincere description with a good, a bad, and an ugly. In the first place it was, it calms HE volume 4, calms HE volume 4 agreements of extension , and YES a hub works with a Transmission. It prevails, these all does perfectly with a Cube of original Game, also - or a controller of the cube of original Game can be plugged to this hub. A transparent green is especially fresh.

With some agreements of the extension there is abundance of period for my family of 4 to touch Mario Kart in a Transmission comfortably of a couch. A thumbsticks are in fact adds! The majority of economic thumbsticks is the rubbishes but this really amazing celery. Has control and is sensitive the small entrances - mine main pet peeve in economic controllers.

Now, has a complaint, although it is not quite enough to fall 5 stars to 4... A Z key. This Z the key is like this rigid could have it confused for the no emotional piece of a frame. It is terrible and would not use never these controllers for the game that requires it. Also some triggers are the little rigid. As any the one who touches Mario Kart and taking ultra-competitive, a stiffness starts to tire my toes with which in the races of dozen. They are also súper clicky which does not annoy me , but think that is class of ape because I can listen my woman when it initialises drfits ;)

In general have the few complaints but for more than games on Cube of Game or Change these are fantastic. They are WAY on a quality expected them to be and utmost. Especially I love some few agreements of the extension and a fact can use this on Cube of Game or controllers of Cube of original Game in this hub.
4 / 5
Honradamente, have thought some other descriptions are quell'has bitten dramatic but has to that say that ossia the really good quality has produced, my surprised an only thing could complain roughly is a d-cushion when it press down and sometimes press some sides in an of some controllers, but my surprised and so only for the giggles have decided to test does in mine real GameCube oh, has done and my surprise feels almost identical to the GameCube frames of new controller, when you break some bad boys in you literally will not be able to say a difference. 10 Out of 10 it would recommend it to it to any especially is taking this for accident. This honradamente does to better plot that has anticipated his big quality and am impressed, especially of then roughly another third-controllers of the party cost a same quantity for A controller or perhaps two. This honradamente is an amazing container in a shot that the surprises highly recommend is taking the far to touch the calm accident on takes this container
4 / 5
has ordered this for a Canal of Emulation has built, and also reason touch to plot to Break Definite. It was able to take all some controllers have connected so only well to my PC. To try them was and configuring them, has discovered at least 2 to touch the little wonky. A blue, money, and especially a green controller there is extremely triggers sensitive legislations. It is almost impossible to do the averages presses on him. Touching games like Súper Mario Sole and Melee was any impossible or a lot hard because I need to do the averages presses with some triggers. A backside of a green controller also looks to be the little fraction near of a boss, or a plastic any ray quite near. There is enough the little empty big where something can easily inner of fall, he already to to the sounds like to them something is rattling around inside

A sensibility of the triggers is not like this of entity to break definite, as it acts well in my transmission.

07/14/19 Modification : after using these controllers for the moment, some deserts looked less and less obvious to the equal that have taken used to them, but in general still has not been happy with my neighbour up. I have loved connectivity more native with Emulator of Dolphin, and with an adapter has comprised with this box is so only very possible. You owe way of PC of the use and manually attribute each key, equivalent, and triggers. I have decided to take a MayFlash GameCube adapter with which reading that that the dolphin has sustained the only like an official Wii or adapter. After taking he in a topmast today and it dipping up in my computer with zadig, am happy to say concealed a lot so only take the vibration that , but has included some triggers in the each one far has begun to do perfectly. This direct to think that is an adapter has comprised with this band ossia crappy, any one some controllers. Of then it results some controllers have not been faulty, am clashing my description until 4 stars.

To all the world-wide the one who loves this for emulation of PC : the sure taken mark the pertinent game, the data endures adapter of cube. MayFlash Is so only $ 20 and maintains .
5 / 5
These are not of the officials nintendo gamecube controllers, but his to good sure laws and is certainly value of the money. If calm uses them for a transmission, calm so only will owe that look the one who the calm games use with like this obviously does not have keys like this a lot of like both transmission joycons together place. Still Breathes of a Wild, calm will not be able to use a function of telescope of a sheikah slate, and neither think can pull on a map. I can not any attack was for any in that has quite a lot of keys this in spite of: it is the gamecube controller that comes with an adapter to use in other consoles.
5 / 5
Easily a better value to take Gamecube the controllers in any one classifies of bulk. While hardly anything compares to an original feels controllers of premiers of party, is taking to PLOT for your money here.
An adapter and the utmost controllers in both PC and of the consoles. A quality of build is roughly in pair with some thirds controllers of generic party can take these days that individually, as where calm would take them, could run you $ 20-$ 30. That goes in here is easily value one $ 50 seal of prize and would run you roughly $ 150 buying everything for separate.
My only flu is that calm any volume to choose the dye takings but honradamente ossia the smallest complaint for all the volume here. If has the big accident that takes- hover coming up and need some controllers quickly, can do to worse plot that this.
5 / 5
Ossia The add little container to cure here. A packaging is minimum and an external box has the look/of boxes of present question.

Comprises 4 GameCube controllers, 4 extension of controller, and he Wii or/adapter of transmission. This adds 4 extra controllers. And there is abundance of cord in both some controllers and a GameCube adapter of controller. I have left my adapter with a bond of bread on reason I do not require it .

Black volume, money, blue, and guess his still to take on atomic green. Some controllers are serviceable. If any one wants to be the snob and asks so only first controllers of the party in my house can spend him of house. This whole container is a cost of a transmission of Nintendo pro controller like this for a prize these controllers are fantastic.
4 / 5
This band has come punctually and has comprised a GameCube adapter, four offbrand(but decent) GameCube controllers, and four bosses of extension. A packaging is surprising, very brilliant and well has packed. A packaging is applied to everything of some elements and his all look new mark . Any semence, dents, stains or wears. A GameCube works of adapter without any question, any delay among a controller and a screen. There is the transmission in a backside the transmission is use of Wii Or to PC, any to the left trick you, sure mark to verify yes is to change to a right option for you. This GameCube works of adapter of the controller in both Wii Or and PC(certificate) verified it to me. It is the prize adds for a whole container. Lame that have bought and is well. To good sure recommend this loves it buy GameCube adapter and take some good extra tools with him. Hope These helps!

Top Customer Reviews: 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
5 / 5
The controller Adds partorisca a prize, a lot of sturdy and the good key feels. A black colour also looks in fact better that some other options by heart. A customization the program also is the awesome addition partorisca use, to the left is customises trigger and died of sensibilities of zones and add macros. There are failures this in spite of, likes a lot when being pas able to customise in a fly while in-game, also some macros resembles not being able to be used in some keys of trigger partorisca some reason.

A boss has distributed is way the short blunder , real on that one for 8bitdo. Also in a right trigger there looks partorisca be some creaking but goes was with which use, can be annoying. Finally having subject with a Bluetooth that remain synced, tends the disconnect. Bluetooth Needs more testing.

In general, partorisca a prize he stacks until Microsoft and Sony controllers. You recommend to any one looking for the new controller.
4 / 5
Machinery of game of the mobile phone, attentive navigation, thinks a product workmanship and the weight is use handier. A bit more expensive, any obvious pros and gilipollas, stable, easy to use.
4 / 5
The controller and all some keys feels solid. It connects wirelessly the transmission of Nintendo easily. My only flu is a joysticks the seats bit it too far in of some grips.
4 / 5
10/10. It was unsure when it has seen them is 3rd party but 100 better that a normal pro controller partorisca me also although ps4 claves of the thumb of fashionable drawing is really utmost, all some keys are súper responsive also.
5 / 5
Better that a transmission pro controller, and more economic
5 / 5
A very well gamepad this had connected felizmente my transmission. One feels of each key is a lot well, all of its own partorisca struggle games.
5 / 5
Very happy with cost of mine. Taken the to touch Incident Bros with my boys and like so much has had to that take the 2nd a to maintain them to struggle on that.
5 / 5
Want this 8Bitdo. The law adds with my transmission. This material is surprising, holding very comfortable! You love touch Mario even more with him! Highly recommended!
4 / 5
The controller Adds. Dpad And the keys feels utmost and responsive. A dpad very good to struggle games any question that does special movements. My new favourite controller.
4 / 5
Very comfortable and works to the equal that has announced.

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